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in-site Aug-Sep 2015


Does your business need a safety check-up?

• Full-brim hard hat features extended brim over the neck and ears • The brim is slightly shorter in the front, allowing good upward vision • 6 point Ratchet harness • Air vents and cotton sweatband prevents perspiration build up • Available in white, green, red, yellow, and orange • Lightweight

$13.50 inc GST


F$45.50 REE FIRST A UP FOR GRAB ID KIT Spend $275.00 in store and get the S inc GST


• R1 Vehicle 1-10 Persons • Complies with National WHS 2012 & State Regulations for Work Vehicles • Loaded with ARTG Registered quality extras like splinter probes, Hydrogel burn gel, heavy duty crepe bandage, instant ice pack & more.

R1 Vehicle Max Kit for FREE!!* *Conditions apply – see page 2

• AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 Standards Approved • Anti scratch coating to reduce marking and dirt build up • Superior Anti fog coating for use in humid environments • UV400 filter for 100% UV protection outdoors • Polarised Lens

$35.00 inc GST


Safety HQ

All about Safety HQ Stay safe and support local business and communities!


afety HQ members are the most experienced and knowledgeable providers of total workplace safety solutions that, via the Safety HQ network, can supply a consistent product and service offering to numerous locations. Now you can support local business and local communities who are all linked by a national network. The Safety HQ network reaches throughout Australia and allows our members experienced and knowledgeable employees to provide workplace safety solutions to all locations. Through the network, we can provide workers with the same solution in different locations.

If your business has branches on the East and the West of Australia, our members can provide you with a complete safety solution at both locations! The network allows them to communicate between members so as to provide the same solution. The same service, the same product and the same prices! You can rest assured that Safety HQ members will provide you with a suitable workplace safety solution based on their knowledge and years of experience within the industry. On average, each member has employees with over 40 years of experience in providing workplace safety solutions. So, when you consider purchasing a safety product, or require accurate

NOTES TO THE CONSUMER: Some products are subject to plus freight costs where applicable. Some items may not be stocked in all stores, but can be ordered as required. Prices are valid while stocks last and are subject to change without prior notice. Safety Headquarters Pty Ltd reserves the right to correct printing errors and omissions. All items include GST.


advice, don’t risk your safety by going anywhere else. Make the right choice and contact your nearest Safety HQ store. Our workplace safety specialists are always here to help. 

Safety Headquarters Pty Ltd Administration – Head Office 6 Broadfield Rd, Broadmeadows VIC 3047 Tel: (03) 8838 8760 Fax: (03) 8838 8710

CONDITIONS FOR PROMO: Customer purchase must be made in-store and include 1 (one) item of any value from the Aug/Sept 2015 Safety In-Site Flyer. Total invoice must be minimum $275.00 (inc GST). Limited stock per store available. Only 1 (one) free kit per customer. Promo runs from 1/08/15 to 30/09/15 or while stocks last.


All prices include GST


The Workplace Safety Specialists

MACK® FLYER • • • • •


Made to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010


Anti scratch coating to reduce marking and dirt build up Superior Anti fog coating for use in humid environments UV400 filter for 99.9% UV protection outdoors Polarised Lens






MACK® DUO • • • • • •

Made to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010

Ultra Lightweight 25gm


Anti scratch coating to reduce marking & dirt build up Superior Anti fog coating for use in humid environments UV400 filter for 99.9% UV protection outdoors Padded side arms for extra comfort around the temple Removable/Adjustable nose pads for comfort and reduced slipping All prices include GST




Mack Boots™ are sold under license from Mack Trucks, Inc. All rights reserved. AS/NZS 2210:3:2009, SI P SRA

Ask In-Store for your FREE* First Aid Kit

*conditions apply see page 2



e f a s r e t t e B than sorry

business How and why you should give your n and food manufacturing. Such workplaces a safety check-up, by Susanna Nelso


re your safety procedures up to date? Do they cover every possible contingency? It’s important to stay ahead of safety regulations and standards, and to make sure you’ve thought of everything that can possibly go wrong at your business. You don’t want to be caught short in a safety emergency. “When assessing your site you need to look at it with fresh eyes, as though you were looking at it for the first time,” says Linda Wilcox, Director of Wilcox Safety and Signs. “This is especially important if you have contractors or visitors or younger employees or apprentices as they have much less hands-on experience and often fail to recognise dangers. Over time, simple things like tripping hazards or slippery surfaces that regular staff are aware of get overlooked.” FIRST-AID KITS “The first question to consider is whether your business is a low- or high-risk business,” says a spokesperson at FastAid. A low-risk workplace is one where employees are not exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness—this might include offices, shops or libraries. Low-risk workplaces need one first-aid kit for every 50 workers. At a high-risk workplace, workers are exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness and would require first aid. Sectors in this category include mobile and manufacturing plants, construction, mining, trades, warehousing


need one first-aid kit for every 25 workers. “If you have a smaller number of workers at a separate location—in a different building or on a different level— they must have access to a first-aid kit too,” FastAid’s spokesperson says. “You need to factor in casual workers, volunteers and contractors in your total number of workers when you purchase your first-aid kits.” Work vehicles—from tractors to taxis— are considered a work place and must contain a compliant first-aid kit. The kit must be safely located and secured so as not to become a projectile in the case of an accident. FastAid stocks a compliant first aid kit that contains all required elements and comes in a soft-pack case that may reduce injury should it dislodge in a work vehicle and become a projectile. It also stocks a kit containing a snake and spider bite module for regional areas.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Fire extinguishers are required for every commercial premises and every place of work. Again, this includes commercial vehicles—buses, trucks, tradies’ utes, sales representatives’ cars— which are defined as places of work for this purpose. The number of fire extinguishers needed for a commercial building will depend on the number of square metres of building space and its function—hospitals, for example, have highly specific regulations regarding fire extinguishers. “Fire extinguishers must be properly maintained,” says David Smith from Megafire. “Every six months, your fire

The Workplace Safety Specialists

extinguisher needs to be serviced to ensure it retains adequate pressure. Every five years it must be replaced or pressure-tested—it is far cheaper to replace a fire extinguisher than to maintain it beyond this point, and that’s what most businesses opt to do. The Australian Standards—AS1851, specifically—govern when additional fireprevention requirements like fire alarm systems and sprinklers, fire hose reels and hydrants must also be considered. Fire blankets are essential for kitchen and other food-handling environments where the toxic powder released by a fire extinguisher could compromise exposed food. “A fire blanket in this situation makes good business sense,” says Smith. HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS All businesses store dangerous chemicals—a can of fly spray contains dangerous chemicals—but what you’re obliged to do about them will depend on what sort of quantities you’re keeping. If you’re storing more than a certain amount of a dangerous chemical, specified by regulation, you must store it in a fire-resistant cabinet. The Australian Standards contain specifications for the design and performance of these cabinets. Of course, HAZCHEM placarding goes hand-in-hand with any hazardous chemicals. Not only do the mandatory diamonds specifying the types of chemicals need to be clearly visible at entrance points to the property—if you store large amounts of these chemicals, you need a manifest, a list of all the dangerous chemicals on site, mounted in a box accessible to the fire brigade in the event that something goes wrong. “Some of the more common flammable


liquids—petrol, If disobeying a sign for example—are could cause death AS1319 Signage kept in buckets you need to have the AS1851 Fire prevention in workshops appropriate danger AS1940 Storage of dangerous goods while they’re sign. A warning sign is AS2243 Safety in laboratories being used,” says insufficient—warning (storage of chemicals) Clive Baker of signs are used when Safe Work Australia’s model Pratt Safety. “It’s a non-life-threatening code of practice easy to become injury could be caused. First Aid in the Workplace complacent “Often people trying about these to do the right thing products when request the wrong you are working with them every day. It’s wording because they’re simply unaware important that they are stowed away at of the workplace standards,” says Linda the end of the day.” Wilcox. And where there are dangerous Wilcox suggests some questions to chemicals stored at a workplace, there consider when it comes to signage: must be readily accessible safety showers Most places have a first-aid kit, but and eye wash stations nearby. does everyone know where it’s kept? Do “Regular taps flow at a rate of about you have adequate signage to where the 25L per minute,” says Baker. “The flow kit is located—is it visible from all angles? rate of a safety shower must be at least Do you need a double-sided off-wall sign? 75L per minute—you need a high volume In the case of a chemical getting into of water to flush away chemicals that someone’s eye, do you know where the have come into contact with skin where SDS (formerly called the MSDS) register PPE (personal protective equipment) has is? How long do you need to flush the eye failed as a first line of defence.” for? Do you have signs for this? Spill containment of non-hazardous Is the eyewash solution within its liquids in large amounts—lubricants and use-by date? Do you have a first-aid even water—is necessary to prevent falls, logbook to indicate when supplies have and injuries. But this is a tricky process been used? without the appropriate safety equipment. Do you have a high proportion “A bund or dam or absorbent material can of migrant workers? Have you help to contain the mess so it can then be thought about the need for signage in appropriately discarded,” says Clive. another language?  SIGNAGE It is an employer’s duty of care to make sure employees are advised of possible hazards. It’s also important that these measures, including safety signage, meet the Australian Standards—AS 1319 is the standard pertaining to signage.

For further information or advice please contact your nearest Safety HQ Member. Our Members are the most knowledgeable and experienced workplace safety specialists who can provide a total safety solution to keep you and your workers safe at their workplace.

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*conditions apply see page 2


Portable Fire Equipment Fire Blankets should be present in all kitchens with a stove top; residential, commercial or caravan

Implementing Industry Leading Practice in Lockout/Tagout Solutions

1M x 1M Fire Blanket (MF100)

$9.90 1.2M x 1.2M Fire Blanket

1.2M x 1.8M Fire Blanket

1.8M x 1.8M Fire Blanket







Contact your local branch for your free site assessment and health check today.

$34.90 All prices include GST

Profile2 ReadyPak



Profile2 Chemical ReadyPak A1B1E1K1P2 - Medium




Profile2 Spray Painting ReadyPak A2P2 - Medium


Profile2 Particulate ReadyPak P2 - Medium All prices include GST


n For Ready to Go convenience n Offered complete with half face respirator and a pair of Pro2 filters n Available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large n Suitable for industries such as Smelters, Automotive, Fibreglass, Spray Painting n Soft skin friendly TPE facepiece for maximum comfort n Comfortable soft pad head harness and neck buckle for efficient fit n Adjustable elastic threaded through front cover to ensure good stability and balance

$15.50 TA179

Balaclava for use under UniSafe Safety Helmet n Easy fitting to safety helmet harness and ensures balaclava rotates with head movements

n Integrated neckflap as a stand alone item design for added warmth n Compatible with the n Machine washable UniSafe safety helmet n Versatile - can be worn range

First Base Bump Cap 3 Reduced Peak Classic n Timeless look and appeal n Lightweight micro-fibre fabric reduces humidity & permits air circulation n High-visibility versions with 15mm reflective tape n Side mesh ventilation enhances breathability n High visibility option for enhanced user safety n Utilises a unique flexible shell design to provide an optimum fit $27.50



First Base Bump Cap 3 Navy Reduced Peak Classic


First Base Bump Cap 3 Hivis Yellow Reduced Peak Classic

The Workplace Safety Specialists

revolutionary comfort revolutionary safety All prices include GST

Did you know that nonconductive footwear provides the greatest protection against electrical hazards? Style 992


Style 140

Wheat nubuck zip/lace up safety boot


Brown water resistant leather safety boot

Did you know steel toe caps provide the greatest protection through superior cut and penetration resistance? Style


$60.50 Grey safety gumboot




Style 791

Crazy Horse water resistant leather lace up safety boot

Ask In-Store for your FREE* First Aid Kit


Black lightweight safety jogger.

*conditions apply see page 2


30.00 28.50

30.00 28.00

20.40 30.00

Ask us about our embroidery options!

30.00 34.65

39.65 30.00

All prices include GST

All prices include GST

l a c lo nds e g e l

Ask us about our embroidery options!

exclusive exclusive exclusive to: to: to: | SEAMLESS ||SEAMLESS SEAMLESS| Flexible ||Flexible Flexible | Never ||Never Never Peels Peels Peels | Breathable ||Breathable Breathable



CRAZE LACE Nubuck cow leather water-resistant upper with 4 metal eyelets/three metal hooks to lace up. Padded tongue. Heavy duty YKK zip with velcro closure. TPU scuff resistant toe cover. Composite toe cap 200J. Shock absorbing phylon midsole. Nitrile rubber outsole.

$42.50 $42.90



Buy 3 for $110


T M2331-YN M2331-ON M2331-ON M2331-ON M2331-ON M2331-ON M2331-YN M2331-YN M2331-YN M2331-YN T

$29.90 M8222N M8222N M8222N M8222N M8222N

M8222T M8222T M8222T M8222T M8222T M1131T-ON M1131T-ON M1131T-ON M1131T-ON M1131T-ON M1131T-YN M1131T-YN M1131T-YN M1131T-YN M1131T-YN All prices include GST AS/NZS 2210.3 AUS/NZ CERTIFIED FU1948CT sizes 40.5-48


Merv Hughes Chairman of Selectors

The Workplace Safety Specialists

Respiratory Protection

Fall Protection

Affinity 1200 and 2200 Series

Confined Space Workman® Winch Kit

Affinity 1200 P2 Cup Shaped Respirators


Affinity 1220 Box 15 10128881


Affinity 1221 Box 10 10128882


• • • • •

Lightweight & Comfortable Pre-shaped nose & nose clip Optional exhalation valve Latex free elastic headband Sealed tabs (no staples)

Affinity 2200 P2 Flat Folded Respirators

Confined Space Workman® Winch Kit 20.0M - 767939 Kit Consists of: • • • • • • •

10147296 - Workman® Winch, 20m, stainless steel cable, with carry bag. 10102002 - Workman® Tripod - 2.44m (8ft) working height. 10105656 - Workman® Tripod Duffle Bag. 10112902 - Workman® Premier Full Body Harness - Qwik-fit. 10112910 - Workman® Spreader Bar Steel Snaphook. 506222 - Split Mount Pulley. 765807 - Karabiner, Forged Steel, 15mm Screw Gate x 2

Affinity 2220 Box 20 10128888


Affinity 2221 Box 20 10128889


• • • • • • •

Lightweight & Comfortable Pre-shaped nose clip Optional exhalation valve Latex free elastic headband Sealed tabs (no staples) Inner face seal for a better fit Hygienic pocket-size packaging

Head Protection $9.90

V-Gard™ Cap • • • • •

Extended peak for greater visibility & Sun Protection. Glaregard® textured underside of peak. Earmuff and visor attachment slots. Custom printing & decaling available. Certified to AS/NZS 1801- Type 1

All prices include GST



All prices include GST

MSA – A World Leader in Head Protection Head protection is required in almost every industry, where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects, restricted headroom, or there is a risk of falling when working at height. In many workplaces head protection is mandatory and is the primary piece of personal protective equipment worn by millions of people everyday. To ensure that your head protection remains in top working order MSA recommends the following simple steps: 1. Keep it clean - Remove dirt and stains from the shell and suspension using a mild detergent. This will make inspection easier. 2. Inspect Daily - The shell should be inspected for dents, cracks, nicks, gouges or any damage that might reduce protection. Any hard hat that shows signs of worn or damaged parts should be removed from service immediately. 3. Replace Regularly - Hard hats should be replaced every 3 years from the in-service date or more frequently where there has been exposure to extreme conditions such as temperature extremes, sunlight or chemicals. Suspensions should be replaced every 2 years as these can degrade more quickly from contact with skin. Any hard hat which has sustained an impact must also be replaced even if the shell looks OK as the suspension will have stretched and will not fully protect the wearer from future impacts. MSA manufactures a range of hard hats for every situation such including Vented, Un-vented and Hi-Temp caps all Certified to AS/NZS 1801:1997. Did you know? MSA hard hats are certified to be worn in reverse (suspension in normal orientation) providing the best upward visibility whilst maintaining head protection.

Ask In-Store for your FREE* First Aid Kit

*conditions apply see page 2


Be Seen in Huski

Ask us about our embroidery options!

Huski use the finest materials and the latest fabric technologies available to produce quality garments that are hardwearing, durable, comfortable & look the part. We have a comprehensive offering, ranging from technical softshells to top of the line antistatic, flame retardant waterproof/breathable jackets & pants. To find out more – contact your nearest Safety Headquarters Member Store. TECHNICAL




NERO 918177





Breathable, water resistant, fully lined softshell jacket.

4 IN 1


Chassis 918074


Breathable, water resistant, high visibility, fully lined Softshell jacket with zip-off sleeves to form vest.

FIRE 918000


Waterproof, breathable, anti-static, flame retardant high visibility, fully lined jacket.


VENTURE 918106

Waterproof, breathable, high visibility 4 in 1 jacket with zip-out reversible high visibility vest.

All prices include GST


The Workplace Safety Specialists

50 $4c.G. ST


50 $3.G. ST

0 4.9ST $1 .G Inc


Buy 12 only $48

Buy 12 only $36

0 0.9ST $2 Inc.G

75 $2c.G. ST


3. T $1 Inc.GS 50

Buy 12 only $30

AS/NZS 1337 ID No 3090 Australian/ New Zealand Standards



90 $9c.G. ST

90 $2In4c.G5S.T


SAFE AS. Ask In-Store for your FREE* First Aid Kit

*conditions apply see page 2



3002 $49.90




Foldaway hood Zip front fastening with storm flap Internal zipped embroidery access Quilted lining FABRIC EW471 Reflective tape 300D Breathable PU coated polyester lined EN

2 internal pockets Cotton quilted lining Adjustable cuff with touch tape YKK zip front opening with storm flap FABRIC 100% Cotton Drill 310gsm Preshrunk 3MTM (8910) Reflective tape - hoop pattern




3003 $39.90


HI-VIS 2-TONE BOMBER JACKET Zip front fastening with storm flap Foldaway hood Quilted lining Internal zipped embroidery access FABRIC 300D Breathable PU coated polyester lined EN EW471 Reflective tape

HI-VIS 5-IN-1 NYLON OXFORD JACKET Zip out reversible padded warmer Detachable sleeves Chin guard for extra comfort Heavy duty two way zip High performance waterproof /breathable outer liner Hidden chest document pockets ID card holder inside & outside of jacket FABRIC SIZES (S-6XL) EW471 Reflective tape 300D Non – Breathable PU coated polyester Fleece lining


Ask us about our embroidery options! Wear Option 2

Wear Option 3

Wear Option 4

Wear Option 5

3500 $27.70 HI-VIS TWO TONE ½ ZIP POLAR FLEECE JUMPER 2 Sides Internal pockets with zips 2-tone front and back ½ Zip on front Elastic Cuff Elastic nylon drawstring on waistband FABRIC 300gsm100% polyester anti-pill polar fleece



HI-VIS REVERSIBLE VEST WITH 3MTM REFLECTIVE TAPE Seam sealed waterproof outer shell Internal zip for embroidery access Side angle pockets FABRIC 300D Oxford Breathable polyester/ PU with 280gm/2 Polar Fleece lining 3M 8906 Reflective Tape H pattern

*COLOURS (available in all styles) Orange / Navy Yellow / Navy



All prices include GST

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The Workplace Safety Specialists