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A MILESTONE Facebook is such a wonderful tool. It lets us share photos and online content in addition to our magazine, but it is also such a fabulous reminder of milestones and memories. As we were putting together this issue, it was fun to see those flashbacks pop up in our feeds as a reminder of how far we have come in only a year. From inception to reality, we have brought you Engaged! River Valley out of brainstorms, sweat and tears. From pinched nerves from hand delivering boxes upon boxes of issues, photoshoots in below freezing temps, to hours of late night editing back and forth, this project has been a dream collaboration between the two of us that we have worked so hard to bring to life. That teamwork and vision extends way beyond just the two of us, though, to each and every advertiser, collaborator, and contributor who believed in us from the start and along the way and to those who joined in the fun by sharing their time and talents on our print and online stage. We are so blessed to be amongst such gracious and amazing colleagues, and we look forward to each and every page, post, and share that we have in store for you as we move forward. Thank you for joining us on this journey that we call Engaged! River Valley. We love being a part of your lives and big day!







ON OUR This ethereal photo took our breath away! Photographer, Shillawna Ruffner captured this gorgeous sunset shot on the Ohio Riverfront at the Edgewater Grille. Its unparalleled views, various decks and ornate railings provided the perfect backdrop to create this river beach look for all you brides craving some coastal inspiration. Thank you to the Zeidler’s floral team who knocked it out of the park with their textured flower arrangements and AnnaLe Bridal for providing us with the perfect dress. Huge props go to Managing Editor Nikki Davis who has dreamed of making this shoot come to life and even crafted the shell crown piece herself.



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Congratulations to Brian & Karey!! Thanks for having us!! We provided Ceremony Music, DJ Entertainment & Magic Mirror Photobooth for them on a beautiful wedding day at an amazing venue!

Its $1 cookie day! And this plate of happiness makes me smile when skies are gray! Come in today and have some $1 cookies

walkerstudio photo These 2 were AMAZING!!

nicktarnold Beautiful Pear diamond engagement ring only $1599



LipSense colors comes in 3 finishes. Matte, Frost and Shimmer. This is the best depiction/description of the differences between the LipSense color finishes. Our glosses can give you even more variety!

The Distillery bees sure have been busy this year! Stay tuned folks, because soon we'll be selling local, natural honey in the O.Z. Tyler Gift Shop! #visitowensboro #naturalhoney #shoplocal #kybourbon #savethebees

camelotjewelers Let your rings be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle #shoplocal #weddingsets

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oldnational eventsplaza We had a sweet time today hosting @womensequalityday

bonniebowman photography Bridal Party | Samantha & Tyler Grey | Wedding | Venue: @20west | Dress: @houseofwhitebridal

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millers barbecue

I love seeing people in love

Great barbecue. Great sides. Great catering. Let us take care of you!


WEDDINGS by Nikki Davis Photo by Walker Studios

MUCH like adding children, adding a beloved pet can be a wild card in your wedding planning. Oftentimes, though, our pets are our first children, and many couples like to give them a role of distinction whether it’s out of love or their never ending cute factor. Here are some tips and tricks to bear in mind, though:

2. Frequent bathroom breaks are key until your pet is returned home in order to avoid any embarrassing mid -aisle stop-and-go bathroom breaks for your pet. So make sure that your wrangler or wranglers are staying on top of this.

1. Assign your wrangler, and make sure that that person is someone who is comfortable around the animal. You will have dozens of other tasks and things on your mind that day, and with this only being one small aspect of your wedding, dictate it out to a trusted friend or family member to make sure that your pet is tended to.

3. Make sure your wrangler keeps your pet out of people food and all things that might look tempting to chew. You never know when a pup will go rogue and chew on something he or she shouldn’t. You don’t want it to be something critical to the day.


4. Keep your pet off of your clothes until you are ready for him or her. No photographer wants to edit out animal hair, nor do you want it showing up in your photos, so take every precaution to keep your pets away from your wedding day attire and/or bring your heavy duty lint brush to keep all animal hair to a minimum. 5. Don’t assume that your pet is people friendly. If you are bringing your pet out for the big day, remember that that many people may be stressful for your animal. Lead up to the event with outings to places like the pet store or other home improvement stores (many allow dogs as long as they behave themselves and you clean up after them) to acclimate him, her or them to being around crowds.

Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography

6. Have a conversation with your insurance agent to discuss if your insurance would cover in regards to any bite concerns. Better to be safe than sorry on your coverage in case you have to take out any sort of extra endorsement. As you can see, having a pet in a wedding can make for beautiful photos, and it definitely captures a moment in your life with a cherished loved one. Just be sure and think through the pros and the cons of adding that extra time and effort commitment to your day before setting your plans in stone!

Jordan Barclay Phtography

Esther Bloom Photography




Selecting the perfect wedding filmmaker can seem like a daunting task. There are so many variables to consider, such as budget, style, creativity, and personality. Here are a few tips we hope will help you make a more informed decision. If your budget allows for a more experienced videographer, that's great! Now it comes down to style, creativity and personality. Every videographer is going to be different on how they approach filming your wedding day, and you should take their style and creativity into consideration while ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

choosing. Some videographers are more involved on your wedding day than others. They want to craft a story based on you and your personality. They may want to set up posed shots, have you read letters you have written to each other, and take more control over things such as lighting. Your final product will be more like a beautifully crafted short film of your big day. There are also videographers who take a more fly on the wall approach. They tend to be more hands off and capture the day only as it unfolds. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. It all


comes down to the videographer’s style and the taste of the bride and groom. Couples should always request a meeting or consultation with their desired videographer even if the vendor doesn’t offer one. These meetings can be in person, over the phone or Skype for example. Short meetings will give you a good read on their personality, and give your vendor a chance to learn about you and your fiancé’s love story. Throughout the meeting ask yourself, does this videographer seem confident, share your excitement in the event, and most importantly, does it seem like you can be comfortable around him or her. You are going to be spending all day with that person on one of the biggest days of your life. You certainly want to make sure that you’re choosing someone that you can tolerate following you for up to 12 hours.

Alexander Francis Films is made up of Graphic Designer Cabrini Clark and Videographer Alexander Clark. They are beyond excited to showcase their talents in Owensboro, KY and the surrounding areas. Their professional experience includes working and interning with marketing companies, printers workshop experience, television, broadcasting and in the field of videography.

Lastly and very important, when choosing a videographer, make sure you take the time to watch several videos he or she has produced. You can even go as far as watching several different videographers. When comparing you’ll notice differences in styles, and from there you can make the best decision based on your personal tastes. Even things like audio. Notice some videographers are getting crisper speeches than others or some don’t include speeches at all. There’s nothing worse than just hiring “local videographer” because they do video and not liking their interpretation of a wedding film.



Produced by JoElle Knight & Nikki Davis




GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER Shillawna Ruffner Photography VENUE Edgewater Grille DESIGNER/DÉCOR JoElle Elise Design DRIFTWOOD FURNITURE Built on the Rock FLORAL Zeidler’s Flowers STATIONERY JoElle Elise Design DRESS AnnaLe’s Twice Chosen Bridal CAKE Piece of Cake PASTRIES Edgewater Grille MAKEUP Sammi Morrow HAIR Shannon Aleksandr's Salon & Spa HAIR ACCESSORY Nikki Davis VIDEOGRAPHY 3 Tree Films



Produced by JoElle Knight and Laura Rush




The happiest birthday cakes in town!

GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER Esther Bloom Photography VENUE: O.Z. Tyler Distillery - Owensboro, KY DÉCOR, FLORAL & RENTALS KD decor JEWELRY Nick T. Arnold Jewelers ARCHITECTURAL SALVAGE Fabulous Finds—Olney, IL STATIONERY KD decor CAKE Piece of Cake Bakery COOKIES & CHOCOLATES Colyer Coffee House DRESS Ella Park Bridal MENSWEAR Dillard’s Evansville HAIR & MAKEUP Natalie Joseph’s Salon VIDEOGRAPHY Eyenamics SMOKE EFFECTS All About You DJ



Produced by JoElle Knight




GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER Goad Photo VENUE Goebel Christmas Tree Farm FLORAL DESIGN OBJ Design RENTALS & DECOR OBJ Design CAKE Daily’s Annex Bakery STATIONERY 5 Pink Peonies DRESS Beth Carter Bridal JACKET Dillard’s Evansville VIDEOGRAPHY Walker Studio HAIR Kystal Luker of Illusions—Jasper IN MAKEUP Emily Seufert of Illusions—Jasper IN



MYSTIQUE WINERY A FAMILY with some land and a dream for a future family business is how Mystique Winery started. Mystique Winery is located in Lynnville, Indiana, which is 25 miles Northeast of Evansville. This small farm winery is owned by six family members of the Clutter family: Steve and Patti Clutter, Seth and Heather Clutter and Zebulah and Jennifer Clutter. The Clutter families all live on the same 40 beautiful acres as the winery. Everything from planting vines, harvesting grapes, fermentation, bottling and making the wine is all done onsite at Mystique Winery. The production area is always open to customers to come back and have live experiences with our winemaker while in action. There are two vineyards that are located just South of the winery where five varieties of grapes are grown. The varieties include Chambourcin, Steuben, Marquette, Vingoles and Niagra. The winery also buys grapes and juice from all types of regions including California, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Chile depending on what variety is needed at a particular time of year. Mystique Winery just celebrated their five year anniversary having opened in 2012. Through the years, Mystique

Winery has become a hotspot destination for bachelorette parties. It’s not uncommon for three to five bachelorette parties to stop by on the same day. Bachelorette parties show up by carpooling, small buses or limos, and they are always a delight to see. The winery is also known for surprise engagements that might pop up during any weekend, which is an instant hit with our customers. There is nothing better than sharing the experience of love with a newly engaged couple. It’s an experience and memories that our customers love to see and talk about when they return for another visit. Mystique Winery specializes in a selection of 18 wines and two flavors of wine slushies. There is a nice selection of dry, semi-sweet, sweet and dessert wines to accommodate all different wine palates. And our Red Sangria and Peach Bellini wine slushies are all the rage, especially on a warm day. The winery is also picnic friendly, which comes in handy for bachelorette parties and birthdays. Mystique Winery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00am to 6:00pm CST all year long. Visit us at or like us on Facebook to keep up with new wine offerings and our music schedule. Photos by Patti Clutter Photography





Photos by Shillawna Ruffner Photography

WHAT is the purpose of getting facials? As a bride, you want your skin to feel and look great on the big day! Facials are a great way to get your skin looking its best just in time to say “I do!� Facials are customized to your specific needs, and you can discuss any sort of concerns such as rosacea, acne, or sensitivity with an esthetician so he or she can determine what will work best with your skin type. When you come in for an appointment with Next Level Skin Care, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire so that I am able to choose the best plan of action for your skin type and concerns. The basic steps to a facial are cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask, tone, moisturize, and protect! A facial is not only good for your skin, but also for your soul and well-being. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

Taking time out of your day to relax and unwind is so important for your health. At Next Level Skin Care, you will experience scalp and neck massages, breathe in amazing essential oils, and clear your mind of the chaos that is life. HOW soon should I get a facial before the big day?

I recommend that brides who have never had a facial contact me 3-4 months out for a monthly facial. This will give the skin time to heal, recover, and change. During this time I will also make specific recommendations for products that the bride may want to incorporate in her regimen for glowing and radiant skin on the day of the wedding!

WHY are eyebrows so important? You can tell by looking at any beauty blog or magazine, eyebrows have been getting a lot of attention in recent years. And for good reason because wellgroomed brows maintained professionally can highlight your best features and frame the eyes and face. Brows that compliment your face can pull a look together and even make you look more done up on a makeup free day. If you want your eyebrows to look top notch for your wedding day, I recommend letting your eyebrows grow without touching them for 3 weeks and then come in the week of your wedding to have them done. When you come to Next Level Skin Care, I will evaluate what your natural eyebrow shape is and decide how I can best shape and groom your brows to compliment your face. I will also chat with you about ways to fill them in to complete the perfect brow on your wedding day. Lezlie Mathies is the owner of Next Level Skin Care located inside Sola Salons on Green River Road. She has been a licensed Esthetician for 5 years and offers customized facials, chemical peels, full body waxing, eyebrow tinting, and specializes in eyebrow shaping. To contact her about making an appointment, call (812) 661-8756.





year, Piece of Cake Bakery is celebrating our 19th year in business. In 19 years we have witnessed a transformation in wedding cakes and the wedding cake industry. Our very first wedding cake was actually for a friend of mine. They were both UK fans, so their heart shaped wedding cake was iced in royal blue and white frosting with coordinating butter cream roses... a sight to see for sure! The first few years many of our cakes sat on tall stands with fountains filled with colored water underneath them. Some even had plastic stairs connecting satellite cakes to the main cake. Bride and groom cake toppers were the most common adornment for the tops of our wedding cakes. Eventually the fountains fell out of favor and were replaced with silver cake stands. We began to see more and more fondant accents on our wedding cakes. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

Although we do not cover our cakes in fondant, we use our own made from scratch buttercream icing, sometimes with the addition of fondant swags attached to the sides of cakes and bows on top‌ and of course fondant flowers became ever present. For a while, our brides went wild, and we found ourselves creating wedding cakes safari themed with cheetah and zebra print - oh my! That trend lasted a hot minute, then brides reclaimed their senses.

Today's wedding cakes might be sitting on a gold stand and adorned with sparkly sugar with a customized wedding topper. Don't you just love Etsy? Another trend is a rustic wedding cake accented with burlap ribbon on a wood slab or better yet, a whiskey barrel. Fresh flowers are a perfect embellishment to almost any of today's wedding cake designs.

It is truly amazing the changes in our wedding cake designs that have taken place in the last two decades! This got me thinking about not just our history in cake design, but wedding cake history and how it all started. The original concept of the wedding cake can be traced back to ancient Rome. Unlike today's wedding cakes that are made from sweet batter and covered in delicious frosting or not so delicious fondant, cakes made in ancient Rome were made of whole wheat flour and were more like a heavy bread consistency. The tradition was to crumble a piece of the cake over the brides head, then guests would then eat the crumbs. This was considered good omen. In Medieval England, the first wedding cakes consisted of stacking sweet buns in a pile for the newlyweds to have their first kiss over. If they were successful it was considered a sign of fertility, and the couple would have many children. This tradition inspired a French pastry chef to create the Croquembouche, which has become the signature French wedding cake. The Croquembouche is made out of profiteroles filled with pastry cream, then stacked in pyramid and adorned with spun sugar. It is quite an elegant dessert. In the late 17th century, the wedding cakes were known as the bride's pie. These mince pies were made of mutton or sweet breads (which is not at all what you think it is!) and all of the guests were expected to eat a piece. It was considered rude and bad luck not to have a bite. In the 1800's, the wedding cake became more popular because sugar was more attainable. Sugar was still expensive, so only the wealthy families could afford white

icing on their cakes. Consequently, wedding cakes with white icing became a status symbol for the wealthy. Then became even more so when Queen Victoria used pure white icing on her wedding cake and the icing was dubbed royal icing. Modern wedding cakes originated from London pastry chef William Rich, who designed a cake based the steeple of St. Bride's church in London. St. Bride's, a perfect name for a church that inspired a wedding cake design! Wedding cakes have come a long way since their origination. What was first was a hope for fertility, has transformed into a cake that is a statement of style from the bride (and maybe a little input from the groom). Today's wedding cakes come in a variety of flavors and can be filled with delicious fillings, such as jam, fresh fruit, or custard. They are an artful statement as well as a decadent dessert. Your wedding cake will be the centerpiece of your reception and will be a part of your history. Your cake will be photographed for you to look back on and remember your special day. Photos by Shillawna Ruffner Photography Cakes by Piece of Cake Bakery Furniture by Blooming Hydrangea Co. Cate Sisco is co-owner of Evansville's premier bakery Piece of Cake in downtown Evansville, IN. Cate and her sisters recently celebrated the award winning bakery's 19th year in business. Her passion for baking was passed down from her parents and grandparents. Many recipes used at the bakery are family recipes, though Cate enjoys making up new recipes for cookies, cakes and breakfast items. Her goal for the bakery is to continue making the highest quality products, while keeping up with current baking trends.





ST. MARTIN AFTER WOW – what a hurricane season we have had this year! Officially, hurricane season spans from June 1 – November 30. We think of the Caribbean as paradise 365 days a year, but in one day, our favorite islands can be reduced to rubble. I have clients who are sailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico in December and who had four pre-cruise nights on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. I was recently notified by their cruise line that the airport is open, the cruise is sailing and only one of their ports was altered. The stop in St Maarten is being replaced with St Kitts. But, sadly, it doesn’t look like Vieques Island will be ready for tourists any time soon. As a travel consultant, I don’t necessarily warn clients who want to travel to the Caribbean during the months of June – November to be afraid of hurricane season. What I do is make sure that every client understands that during any season, weather can cause travel delays and cancellations. Their best protection is to always purchase travel insurance. When air travel is interrupted by severe weather, the airlines will issue exceptions, allowing clients to reschedule for another date or destination. When cruise itineraries are affected by severe weather, they can alter their course and head to safer ports. When these exceptions and alterations don’t match your schedule or your expectations, then you have your travel insurance plan waiting to reimburse you if you decide to cancel. Right now, clients are calling concerned about their future travel plans. The majority of the Caribbean is open for business. There are some destinations, such as St Maarten, that may take a while before they are accepting tourists again. Travel agencies are kept apprised regularly from the airlines, cruise lines, hotels/resorts and tourism boards on


New Hope MORTGAGE ST. MARTIN BEFORE the status of their condition. Take this opportunity to talk to your travel consultant and ensure you have the most up to date information to make informed travel decisions! Shelly Copeland has been with Haynie Travel Service for five years and is always excited to make travel memories for her clients! She is always learning about new travel trends and loves to share new ideas with her clients. Whether you are looking for an action packed adventure, lounging on quiet beaches or enjoying the amenities of a luxury hotel, she is here to serve you. You can stop in any week day from 8:30 – 5:00 at 641 S Hebron Ave or call 812.477.8833 for an appointment.


BOHEMIAN DESIGNER Brianna (Bri) Updike created a Woodland princess meets bohemian bride for our latest issue. She wanted to show off a chic and earthy look and loved including the winter berries on the crown. Bri has been in the hair industry for 3 years and this past year gained her esthetic license. She joined the Impulse Family in June 2017 and started her career as a double licensed professional. She shares that, “There's something about being a part of helping someone look and feel their absolute best that makes me feel like a superhero. I want my guests to know that it's all about them when they are in my chair, and here at Impulse, we don't let them forget it!� For the hottest hair styles and to schedule an appointment for your bridal party hair session, contact Impulse Salon & Spa 812.858.5554



MANICURE MARBLED NAILS MARBLING is the best way for you get a

trendy unique look for your special day. This look allows you to pick two or more colors to help tie your color scheme all together. Designer Brianna (Bri) Updike has been in the hair industry for 3 years and this past year gained her esthetic license. She joined the Impulse Family in June 2017 and started her career as a double licensed professional. For the hottest nail design and to schedule an appointment for your bridal party manicure session contact Impulse Salon & Spa 812.858.5554



ONE thing that is often overlooked with wedding invitations is how they are printed. The printing style can often completely change the look, feel and and price of your invitations. We frequently get caught up in the design of the invitation and forget about how it’s printed! Here are a few of the most common printing methods. DIGITAL Today, this is the most common type of printing, but it hasn’t always been! PROS: This is your most cost effective option. You have the option of customizing almost everything including unlimited colors, sizes, photos, paper types and fonts! Often times, it’s not any different to print a full color invite opposed to a one or two color invite. CONS: I have many brides wanting gold, silver and other metallic options, and that is very hard to imitate with digital printing. Also, many times, your paper may not be as thick as you want with digital printing.


SCREENPRINTING Screen-printing is one of my favorites! PROS: You can use super thick paper, colored paper, white ink and more! Also, this is a super affordable way to get that gold or silver metallic ink you’ve been looking for! CONS: Sometimes very small detail information is hard to print, and you’re usually limited to just a handful of colors. If you have a lot of accommodation information or lots of other details, you might steer clear of this printing method. LETTERPRESS The crème de la crème of the printing world! PROS: It’s highend, luxurious, and one of the oldest printing methods around. It has texture. You can print on a variety of paper stocks including very thick chipboard. You can even cut your invite to a custom shape, and print any color of metallic foils! CONS: You’re going to pay for it. It’s not unlikely to spend $8-20 per letterpress invitation set. You will pay more for additional colors, and remember it’s handmade! This means the turnaround time is likely to be at least 4 weeks just for printing.

Be sure you ask your stationery designer about what printing styles they offer! It can be the most beautiful design in the world, but if its printed on a low-quality, at-home printer, chances are you won’t be very happy with it. I always remind my brides that your invitation is the first picture into your wedding and it should convey to your guests exactly what to expect and how formal (or not formal) it might be! Ultimately, it’s one of the few keepsakes you and your family will always have from your wedding, and sometimes it’s worth the extra dollar to have it be exactly what you want. Heather Vaught is the owner of Steadfast Media in downtown Evansville, Indiana. Each wedding invitation she designs is uniquely made for each couple and their wedding. Heather has spent her whole life in the printing world and has been working with couples to create their perfect weeding invitations for over 10 years. Hours are by appointment only. You can book your free consultation at



Photo by Jessica Casebolt Photography

THE LACE trend has always existed, but when celebrities like Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, and Kelly Clarkson walked down the aisle in their trademark gowns, the fashion world took notice. However, with fashion trends slipping back into the 1990s, satin is back and better than ever! One of our favorite gowns for a sleek, sophisticated look is this Allure trumpet style gown featuring the classic sheath shape with beaded lace appliques to add that touch of vintage glamour. Why satin, you ask? Consider price, wedding photographs, and alterations. As far as price is concerned, satin is typically a budgetsaving option without giving up any elegance. Then you have one of the most important details of your wedding: The photographs. While lace is beautiful in person, the photographs may not always translate that detailed beauty. With a satin gown, there are no small details to overlook and lose in a distant photograph, but rather an overall feel that translates beautifully into the photographs you will have forever. Lastly, the alterations are far easier

on satin gowns when there is no trim detail. Lace gowns typically have appliques that must be taken off the dress when it is hemmed and then reattached to preserve the detail. A hem on a satin gown can take far less time, thus saving you money. For the classic bride on a budget, the choice is an obvious one. Whether you’re searching for a look like Miranda Kerr’s Grace Kellyinspired gown or Carolyn Kennedy’s sheath style, satin may be the answer. Keeping that in mind, we always encourage a bride to follow her heart when it comes to making her final decision. Trends and fads pushed aside, think about what kind of bride you have envisioned yourself to be. A bride comfortable with her own style, whether satin or lace, will always steal the show. Lauren Sergesketter has worked as a bridal consultant at Beth Carter Exquisite Bridal and Formal Wear and now works behind the scenes as their social media consultant. She has also worked as a wedding musician for fifteen years. Beth Carter Exquisite Bridal can be contacted at 812.683.3777 for more information, or you can find them online at:



GIFTS FOR YOUR THIS issue’s editor pick for best groomsmen gifts are the Men’s Best Friend I Give In To Beer Pressure Beer Mug sold at Thyme in the Kitchen, located at 2308 W Franklin Street in Evansville. The mug makes for a perfect, yet humorous head table drinking container that is a wonderful, reusable keepsake from your big day.




Photo by Peaductions

YOU said yes, the ring fits, you called your mom and your bff, now what do you do? As a wedding planner, it is my job to help guide you through this process. Here are a few things we all tend to forget when planning a wedding, even myself when we planned our wedding not too long ago. MYSTERY Keeping some details to yourself can be a wonderful idea. Surprises and mystery often excite guests and adds a dramatic effect. Also not giving away all the details cuts down on opinions from others, which equals less fighting and drama that you do not need during this process. INVOLVEMENT Remember this is his wedding too. He may not be thrilled about what centerpieces are on the table or what kind of napkins you use, but he will want to be involved. Include him on cake tasting, catering options, color schemes, theme of the wedding, and music choices. You never know… he may surprise you and pick out some really awesome colors. This special day is about you two, and you both need to be happy and enjoy this time together!

TRIBE Find your tribe. These people are the ones who support you through thick and thin. They answer the phone when you are about to have a panic attack about which this or that to choose from, ones who are going to answer your 4 am text message because you can’t sleep due to excitement over your big day. Your tribe will support you not only now but in the future. Your kindergarten bff that you haven’t talked to since 1 st grade is probably not the wisest choice to allow in this tribe. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are one of the hardest people to ask to stand with you for your big day. Take your time choosing these people. THREE THINGS Lastly I ask all my clients to pick their top three things they want out of their wedding day. This gives the engaged couple ideas to focus on so that the planning process doesn’t get overwhelming. Because at the end of the crazy planning and emotional roller coaster, you are going to be married, and that is all that matters. For better or worse, sickness and health, till death do you part. No amount of stress is worth a fight with your partner, family, or best friend, because these relationships are forever. Cheers to planning and your engagement!


Photo by Rae Photography River Top Event Coordinating allows Jena Eichler to pursue her passion of planning, organizing and executing weddings and other special events. She loves making your day memorable and customizing each wedding to the couple and their own quirks. She loves helping everyone have their “happily ever after� moment through her unique experience and personality. To learn more about River Top Event Coordinating, visit


DOWNTOWN Evansville was where Kelsey and Eric found each other. So, naturally, it provided a fitting place to celebrate their wedding. Kelsey was out with friends one night in December 2013 when she met Eric who was decked out in an atrocious Christmas sweater he had worn for a Christmas party earlier that evening. That ugly sweater sparked a conversation that continued through the night. After that first date, Kelsey knew this was the man for her. When it came time to pick a setting for their wedding they were so happy to be able to book their date with the still-under-construction DoubleTree in downtown Evansville. By their wedding day, the hotel was done, and they couldn’t have been happier with the sleek modern look of the dÊcor, convenience for guests and overall ambience of Downtown as they were provided with everything they could hope for. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY



MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Rachel Mathew Photography VENUE DoubleTree by Hilton — Evansville IN FLORAL & Decor J’Petals CAKE & CUPCAKES Pacetre BRIDAL GOWN Marie Gabriel Couture Bridal TUXES & BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES Ella Park Bridal MAKEUP Sylvia Mercer, Bella Vi Spa HAIR Alexandra Kingston VIDEOGRAPHER Peaductions




WHEN it’s time to decide on the flowers and color palette for your wedding, the design team at Flowers & More in Evansville strive to listen, inspire, and develop your vision. They will sit down for a complimentary consultation to discuss your wedding. Each wedding is different in style and taste, and their attention to detail will give your wedding that special touch. Many factors play a role in the development of the theme. The designers will collaborate with color, material, and flower selection. They will discuss with you the latest in wedding trends and help you enhance the theme you are trying to implement. During the meeting, the wedding consultants will narrow down and pinpoint the best flower choice using photographs and color swatches, and they will genuinely listen to the vision you have of your wedding day. After the overall theme for the wedding has been established, it is time for the detail work. This is the point in the planning process when the bride decides on bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres for the gentlemen, and corsages for some very special ladies. Florals for the ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

ceremony and reception table pieces are decided as well. After the bride and groom secure their deposit to hold the date, a second appointment is scheduled four to six weeks prior to the wedding. At this point, discussions include any changes such as additional boutonnieres or an extra table piece for the reception. During this second consultation, everything is finalized, and it is time to place the flower order with the wholesale florist or flower grower. Wedding designers will contact a wholesale florist or flower grower to discuss color options and what will work aesthetically with the bride and groom’s desires. They also decide which growers to buy from depending on the type of flowers that are being used. The wedding flower order is placed to be delivered three days prior to the date of the wedding. This allows time to ensure that quality and hues are on point. Flowers are cut and processed in water and a flower solution. Then the fun begins……Designers start stylizing the bridal and attendant bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages,

flower girl halos, ceremony florals, and reception table décor. These are then placed in a floral cooler for the next day. The wedding morning set-up runs smoothly when all lists are checked twice…maybe three times to ensure all the details are taken care of. Next is loading all vehicles and placing everything properly for each different venue. The ceremony and reception are usually at two different places. The trick is organization and going over all details for each location!!! All is delivered, placed, and set up!!! Now it is Time to RELAX and BREATHE and Enjoy the HAPPINESS of a SUCCESSFUL, BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DAY!!!!

Heidi Griese, owner of Flowers & More in Evansville, IN, uses her 20 years’ experience to specialize in making your wedding vision a reality!

Photos by Tessa Tillett Photography


FOR JORDAN and Chaney, choosing a venue for their wedding was a given. Not only did they restore their barn for their wedding day, they have now made it available for others to rent as well. The couple filled their day with personal touches and vintage finds. From the original barn key on the custom brooch bouquet, the unique china plates guests got to choose, to the vintage napkins for each person, the entire day was filled with beautiful details. One of the most stunning moments for the guests was the bridal entrance. Instead of walking in, Chaney arrived on horseback looking straight out of a novel. The beautiful rural landscape, rustic barn, and glamorous details made for a gorgeous day of down-to-earth ambience and fairytale moments. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY



MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Esther Bloom Photography VENUE The White Silo Barn FLORAL The Watering Can GOWNS Ella Park Bridal MENSWEAR Charleston’s Ink — Olney IL PLANNER Debbie Fearn & Beth Seals DESSERTS Three Chicks Catering CATERING Salt and Strings Butchery HAIR Sara Peavler, Uptown Girls DJ All About You DJ



BIAGGI’S The Biaggi’s Wine Room is designed for business meetings as well as special occasions. The space will accommodate up to 22 guests and is perfect for your next special occasion. They do not charge room rental fees. Instead, they have in place food and beverage minimums depending on the time and day of the week you would like to use the space. Their banquet and special event menus can be located at, or you can contact any manager or Candy Osburn, event coordinator at 812-421-0800. The Evansville Biaggi’s is located at 6401 East Lloyd Expressway, Suite #3, Evansville, Indiana 47715 ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY



KATIE and Jordan say they bonded and fell in love over their mutual passion for 90’s music and an Old Playstation 1 while attending the University of Evansville. What sprung as a friendship soon grew into a deep relationship, and on a road trip exploring Wisconsin and Minnesota they became engaged. When it came time to plan their wedding, they knew they wanted it to be a very personal, family affair filled with details that reflected their love for travel, vintage finds and the talents of their family and friends. Their love for travel took center stage with the eclectic décor they chose displaying vintage globes, books, old bottles, postcards, luggage and maps. The bride’s mother even made the bridesmaids dresses and hand-dyed all the gorgeous blue tablecloths. Hundreds of café lights were strung to evoke the feel of an outdoor café as guests danced the night away. A talented couple, Katie designed their unique stationery while Jordan handmade their wooden cake stand and cake topper. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY



MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Morgan Worley Photography VENUE Kokie’s Echo Valley CAKES Kate Kuban, Jackie Cobb & Donna Dewig HAIR Hanna Williams MAKEUP Kana Brown BRIDAL GOWN Ella Park Bridal BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS Ruth Goad GROOM ATTIRE Paul’s Menswear RING BEARER SHIRTS & DOG BOW Kathy Schmitt FLOWERS Ruth Goad DÉCOR & RENTALS JoElle Elise Design VIDEOGRAPHER Happy Camper Films DJ Marc Weinzapfel



MARRIAGE MADE Your wedding day will come, and everything will be beautiful. You will enjoy it much more if you have not stressed yourself out before hand. Take care of yourself, and you will find yourself dancing the night away with your new spouse loving the new life you are beginning together.

Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography

YOU’RE about to walk down the aisle and say you do to your soul mate. Why not? You’re in love and you’re both on the same page about everything. Or are you? What about money and finances? Who will handle the checkbook and pay the bills? Will you have one checking account or separate accounts? The answers to these questions may not be cause for concern during your honeymoon, but they could cause problems in a few years.

Marriage is a partnership, and that partnership is most important where finances are concerned. Learn to recognize the early signs that your marriage could be headed for a financial breakdown. We asked our friends Kevin Anslinger and Patrick Basset from New York Life for some tips. Here's what they had to share: ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

1. Keep the lines of communication open. Once a significant other shuts down or demands to control all things financial, that is obvious cause for concern. If you are required to hand your paycheck over, only to receive an allowance in return, that’s not a healthy marriage. And the only reason you should need to save a receipt is if you may need it for a return or if it’s for a tax deductible expense...not because your spouse demands to track and reconcile your spending. 2. Make sure assets are in both of your names. If your husband or wife is adamant that everything is in his or her name only, you could end up with nothing in the end. 3. Agree on a certain lifestyle level from the

beginning. If “one-sided” spending suddenly starts to exceed that level without an increase in income, it’s time to start asking questions. 4. Check bank and credit card statements monthly and credit reports yearly. When a husband or wife begins to spend beyond the agreed upon means, it’s usually on credit, and it’s probably a new account in your name. If this same spouse also pays the bills, chances are this payment is being missed...and consequently ruining your credit score. If caught in time, credit can be repaired, although it could take years, and you may still be obligated to pay any balances that are in your name. Making sure the two of you have the same financial goals before you become man and wife is essential for a healthy start to any marriage. So before you say you do...have the conversation now before you wish you said you didn’t. - Andrea Pollard


WHEN Amber and Zachary decided to tie the knot, they knew they wanted a small, simple, non-traditional wedding day. Having been together for over 15 years and raising 3 children, they craved a beautiful day filled with family and truly intimate moments. They chose New Harmony as the setting for their wedding because of the town’s rich history, close vicinity to their home town and the unique venues available. The roofless church was the perfect site for their ceremony with the ornate gates and breathtaking architecture of the parabola dome. For their reception, they chose the Red Geranium restaurant for a post-ceremony dinner with their closest family and friends. Amber wanted organic floral arrangements sprinkled throughout the tables to complement the lush bouquet created by her favorite floral designer. With its delicious food and natural scenery, the private room at the Red Geranium allowed them to celebrate their nuptials in a simple way fitting to their tastes.




MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Esther Bloom Photography CEREMONY New Harmony Roofless Church RECEPTION The Red Geranium FLORAL & DÉCOR KD decor CAKE Daily’s Annex Bakery BRIDAL GOWN House of White MENSWEAR Men’s Warehouse HAIR Jill Evans RINGS Kruckemeyer & Cohn





The Rapp-Owen Granary EXPERIENCE the Roofless Church, an interdenominational church with the concept of only one roof, the sky. Upon entering the Roofless Church, it is evident that you have chosen a place for your wedding that is significant and divine. The impressive beauty and spiritual devotion of this space must be interpreted by each individual through his or her own beliefs. Just around the corner from this award winning architectural landmark, you will find the historic Rapp-Owen Granary. This beautifully crafted building is an inspiring place to host your wedding ceremony, reception and/or both. The large sandstone, brick and wood building throughout the years was transformed from a corn and flour mill to a warehouse, a strongbox, a scientific laboratory and a museum. The massive stone walls, 10’ windows and the large timber framed hall on the second floor make for a unique yet magnificent setting for your event. The second floor can be transformed from a rustic to an elegant theme by adding a touch of lace and tulle, and the first floor is easily ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

transformed by wrapping the posts with lights. This can create your ambiance for a very romantic evening. Another historic venue sits one block from the center of town. The Thrall’s Opera House was originally built by the Harmonists as a communal dormitory, and the building was converted to a Victorian theatre in the mid-19th century. The Opera House features a raised stage and will accommodate up to 150 persons for a wedding and 80 persons for a formal reception. The east doors open out to a beautiful brick patio, perfect for a small outdoor wedding. Beautifully restored to its Victorian elegance, it is ideal for rehearsal dinners, small weddings and receptions. New Harmony is also home to The Ribeyre Center, formerly known as the Ribeyre Gymnasium, famous for its participation in the movie “A League of their Own.” This beautifully restored gymnasium sits in downtown New Harmony. This venue is the ideal place for the larger wedding reception or smaller wedding and reception

as it can easily accommodate 400 guests. It offers a full kitchen, free-standing bar, beautiful restrooms and a raised stage area. The restoration of the Ribeyre Center was designed for celebrations, and it will make the perfect location for your event. Among the many outdoor venues that New Harmony has to offer, the Fauntleroy Garden is certainly not one to count out when planning your special event. The lovely grounds situated near the Fauntleroy Home provides a picturesque setting for weddings. It features an arbor setting for smaller weddings and a nearby weathered barn for any size wedding. The barn is also a popular backdrop for photography. For more information on New Harmony venues call 812-682-3050 or contact

The Ribeyre Center

Thrall’s Opera House ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY


Photo by Esther Bloom Photography

Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography Hair & Makeup by The Hair Traveler Floral Crown by Emerald Design

Photo by Johnna Nedreberg Photography Hangers designed by Rah Marie Design

Rings by Camelot Jewelers


Photo by Rae Photography

Photo by Rae Photography

Photo by Johnna Nedreberg Photography Blue shoes designed by Rah Marie Design

Swarovski Bracelets Dillard’s

Photo by Esther Bloom Photography

Photo by Alisha Sims Photography Ring from Diamond Galleria

Photo by Esther Bloom Photography

Photo by Esther Bloom Photography



MONEY & MARRIAGE for the camera. The pictures also provide fun memories for years to come. Finding a DJ who fits your personality and can create your vision of the perfect day is extremely important when choosing your entertainment. Starting with the initial meeting, and ending with the last song, your DJ should provide entertainment for you and your guests, create an amazing atmosphere and coordinate with the other wedding professionals to create a flawless reception. Sure, professional entertainment companies can provide only a DJ, but you deserve a full experience at your reception. So, when searching for a DJ, be sure to ask if they can accommodate all of the services that ensure that your wedding will be fun, emotional, exciting and memorable.

WE RECENTLY had the opportunity to sit down with the Financial Team of Kevin Anslinger and Patrick Bassett. The team works with clients from Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee, while being based out of Evansville, IN. The primary topic of discuss was on the challenges facing newlyweds as they start their financial lives together. During our time with Kevin and Patrick, they brought up the importance of starting out your life together with a strong financial foundation. “Most newlyweds we see, often younger, do not discuss basic household finances before marriage. Sadly, its importance is simply overlooked. An individual’s money management and spending habits can have a dramatic effect on the longevity of a relationship,” Bassett stated. He explained “the main things we cover in a meeting are simply overENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

looked common subjects.” By helping facilitate this conversation, a recently engaged or married couple can be more prepared. This financial foundation can be started with knowledge before anything else. Kevin and Patrick’s process walks clients through different scenarios and ideas for financial wellbeing. Kevin explained some of the main topics are how to handle current and future debt. “Getting married and joining lives is not cheap. Often couples enter into some form of debt, whether it be deemed good debt or bad debt. This financial strain is important to consider before it can grow out of control.” The main steps they ask everyone to make when starting their lives together are listed below:

6 easy steps to start the conversation about your joint financial path: 1. Open a Joint Checking and Savings Account 2. Communicate routinely about Household Finances 3. Create a Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Budget Together 4. Protect Your Family’s Income and Assets with Life Insurance 5. Establish an Emergency Fund 6.

Work with a Trusted Financial Professional to Establish and Achieve your Goals

These six steps help newlyweds understand their personal and joint financial responsibilities and goals. By removing any financial surprises in marriage on the front end, it helps ensure a happier relationship. The American Journal of Sociology recently published a study that found a married couple facing financial difficulties is often under a lot of stress, which in turn can lead to constant arguing and lack of communication. Couples who don't see eye to eye on spending habits or that are in relationships where one spouse has and controls the finances, often face marital strain that culminates in divorce.

Kevin and Patrick strive to educate and inform as many newlyweds or engaged people as possible. They want to make sure people understand in this day and age getting married is more than just the next step. A strong financial foundation is a necessity for a long, stable relationship. Kevin Anslinger

Patrick Bassett





ten years ago when a handful of wedding vendors started meeting on a regular basis in what I named the Evansville Area Wedding Networking Association, which still goes strong today. I am proud and honored to call Nancy one of my wedding vendor friends, and her longevity in our area is true testament to her skill and her talent. She is a phenomenal businesswoman, her food is always delicious, and her attention to detail is always top notch. Nancy's business Touch of Home Catering was founded in 1997, and it has been providing delicious, reliable catering for corporate and private events ever since. Their main goal is to provide the Evansville area with the highest quality catering service possible through three main principles: 1) that their food is deliciously appealing to both your taste buds as well as your eyes, 2) that they are always punctual and prepared, and 3) that their staff will always deliver with a courteous, professional demeanor. From buffet/bars to box lunches to hors d'oeuvres and desserts, Nancy and her helpers can cater your perfect day! To find out more or to contact Nancy, find her online at: or call her at 812-480-0310 to schedule an appointment with her at her New Harmony office.



ANTI­GRAVITY is a full-service Healing/Fitness/Dance studio. Owner, Maigyn Renee Jackson opened the studio in an effort to address misconceptions we have about healing our bodies, break stereotypes of what “pole” is, and to encourage the growth of individuals as athletes and artists. With an exciting fitness alternative centered around defying gravity, exceeding limits, and discovering new ways to heal and move, this studio accommodates every shape, size, and gender. As Evansville's ONLY Pole Fitness and Holistic Healing studio, they offer a wide range of classes that improve strength, body awareness, and mobility, including: stretch, boot-camp, Acro, Pole Levels 1-5, and Chair Dance. In addition, there are multiple options for private parties including Bachelorette, Birthday, Divorce, or just a 'Girls Night Out.' Choose between a pole party, chair dance, striptease, or a combination with the NEW “Diva Special.” This package allows you to experience Pole & Chair OR Pole & Striptease, 2 hours of the most unique, sassy, fun, party of the year! To check into classes, view the schedule, and find out more about the staff and services available at AntiGravity, visit their website ( To book YOUR private party call or text 812-306-6290. Photos by The Progressive Image






TO CELEBRATE the Susan G. Komen Evansville Tri-State Affiliate’s mission of saving lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer, we wanted to raise awareness of their cause by our THINK PINK themed wedding shower photoshoot! Susan G. Komen’s goal is the reduction of the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the United States by the year 2026. For more information on Susan G. Komen Evansville Tri-State, find them at 4424 Vogel Road, Suite 205; Evansville, IN 47715 Office: 812.962.2202 Fax: 812.962.2204 The Susan G. Komen Evansville Tri-State Affiliate would like to thank everyone for their continued support! Over the last 20 years, their Affiliate has invested over $8.3 million in free breast health services such as mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, MRI’s, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. $3.2 million has been invested in research and more lives are being saved. With your help they can continue saving lives in the Tri-State by providing these services until we have the cure and funding the research to find the cure.


Photography: Stephanie Susie Photography Venue: YWCA Floral: It Can Be Arranged, LLC Balloons: Invitations By Design DBA Party Place Newburgh Linens: Bauer’s Tents & Party Rentals Cake: Piece of Cake Invitations/Signs: 5 Pink Peonies Strawberries & Pretzels: Cindy’s Sweet Treats Popcorn Bar: Pappy & Grammy’s Popcorn Cake Stands: Vintage Producer: Nikki Davis





Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography

THE DAYS of traditional and average weddings are over. Technology advancements have changed the entire landscape of the traditional wedding reception. From computer controlled intelligent lighting to making it snow inside your venue, the possibilities are truly limited only to your imagination. Talent is another huge thing to consider when planning your wedding. From mixing music together seamlessly to creating impactful bridal party introductions, hiring a team of talented professionals will enhance the outcome of a successful wedding reception. Technology, when combined with talent, can create something magical. TECHNOLOGY Lighting, computerized software, and other effects have opened the doors allowing entertainment companies to create a customized environment for couples like never before. For example, if you are wanting a rustic-styled wedding, select entertainment companies that have the ability to hang bistro lights at your venue. Let's say you are getting married on Fourth of July


weekend and you are wanting something unique for your guests to remember for years to come, flameless sparkler effects could be an enhancement that could literally bring the Fourth of July fireworks inside. It's all about listening to the needs of the couple and creating a personalized lighting landscape that will meet their expectations. TALENT It's safe to say that every DJ can pack a dance floor if they play the Cupid Shuffle. That being said, when you hire a talented DJ, many will cut the cheesy techniques of playing the "traditional and over-played" songs. A talented DJ will take you on a journey and base their music selection off of your vision. When you incorporate an experienced MC into the mix, you're adding a whole new level of energy to your wedding. TEAM From small and intimate weddings to nightlife inspired ragers, hiring a team of trained, talented professionals will

make it easier for your vision to come to life. A dedicated DJ, MC, and Lighting Tech provide a multidimensional focus on the overall production of your reception. Committed to creating mind-blowing events throughout the entire Midwest for the last 7 years, Clayton Nordhoff is the co-owner of Nordhoff Productions. To learn more about Clayton and his company, visit

Photo by Jeff Wollenmann Photography

Photo by Meghan Hochgesang Photo



Bloombooth Introducing the new alter native to photobooths at Esther Bloom Photogr aphy...instead of just still photos why not have fun gifs!!! Photo by Esther Bloom Photography

Horizontal Bouquets — This one by Leslie Hunter Photo by Rae Photography


Tote Bags by Rah Mar ie Design Photo by Johnna Nedreberg Photography

Naked Cake by Piece of Cake Baker y Photo by Rae Photography

Alternative Material Wedding Bands Alter native material wedding bands- Groom's ring is a silicone ring by Enso Rings. Silicone rings are stylish choice for safe, durable, flexible option that is engineered to take a beating and adapt to your active lifestyle. Enso Rings are made to be worn in circumstances where you normally take off your wedding ring or metal jewelry, and all Enso rings come with a Lifetime Guarantee ( Photo by Clark Photography

Le Creuset cookwar e available at Thyme In the Kitchen for purchase or as a registry item

Bejeweled Bouquets by Flower s & More Photo by Johnna Nedreberg Photography

Engraved Servingware Photo by Rae Photography




Photo by Sharin Shank Photography


JOYS of planning a wedding often overshadow the reality

that healthy relationships take work. The goal of getting married, however, is to join your life with someone who you enjoy being with and love. So how do you have a healthy relationship? There are several characteristics to remember. First, find out what makes your partner feel loved. People feel loved in different ways. Some like to be held and have affection. Some want to know you are spending time with them. Some like to know that you are going to bring roses. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a book that discusses these languages. It can be very helpful to understand how your partner feels love, and is a recommended read. Fair fighting is also a sign of a healthy relationship. Name calling should not be present in a relationship. Focusing on the issue of the argument instead of blaming each other will help bring about a resolution, which is the goal. Remember fighting is not to prove you are right. Taking time to cool down if you are too angry is also healthy. Be sure to come back and discuss the issue to get resolution once you have cooled down. You also want to make time for each other. Don’t stop dating just because you got married. Keep the romance alive by planning


activities together, which will bring you closer. Spend time dreaming together. Couples who have a common goal to move toward will be happier as they see themselves achieving them. Couples who are able to speak their minds without fear of retaliation are in a healthy relationship. No one in a relationship should be controlling. Compromise is important in a partnership and should go both ways. It is not healthy for one person to be doing all the compromising. Bringing up past issues does not make for a good relationship. Settling disagreements then dropping them will make everyone happier in the relationship. Failure to drop issues will lead to your partner wanting to shut down and not talk to you. Having a healthy relationship should be the goal of any marriage. Taking the time to work on steps to reach that goal will be worthwhile in the end. Marriage can last a lifetime when steps are taken to make it healthy. Vivian Cook is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Addiction Counselor. She has been practicing for 10 years.

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ENGAGED! River Valley Winter 2017  
ENGAGED! River Valley Winter 2017  

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