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AND WEDDING BELLS Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. It is the time of year for outdoor celebrations and gorgeous flowers. In this issue of ENGAGED!, we are so excited to show you some truly inspiring and personality-fueled weddings. It is our immense pleasure to see photoshoots like our mega one in French Lick and our High Tea shoot come together with such precision thanks to the hard work of each and every one of the participating vendors. With that being said, we love combing through real weddings to see how these same vendors bring an equally high level of service to you as brides and grooms. We hope that you realize how lucky you are as consumers to work with such professionals in this area. The talent pool in our TriState is second to none, from DIY to high end couples, there is a business or professional to fit most every need or purchase. So, enjoy jumping into this issue’s pages, and don’t forget to hop over to our social media platforms for additional behind the scenes content and additional photos and more. We certainly think you will enjoy our hard working, amazing Tri-State wedding businesses, too!

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ON OUR This fairytale moment was captured by Esther Bloom Photography. Shot at the private Evansville residence of the groom’s family, it is straight out of an old-world adventure novel! www.estherbloomphotography.com



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The Garden Of Venus is Evansville's Fire Cupping station. Tons of clients have experienced it and are loving the results.

Thanks to this lovely bride, who I also get to call a friend, for helping us out at the bridal show last week.

We’re so excited to announce our brand new website is live! Check it out if you have a minute. The desktop version is sexy, let us know what you think.

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Bling! Peek from this weekend’s wedding

#weddinggoals on #weddingwednesday When your wedding is planned to perfection, that leaves nothing but time for the bridal party to have some fun with the happy couple!

A sneak peek of a gorgeous LOVE LETTER styled shoot at 20 West. @20West @tracyburch photography @petalandpine @bauerhauspastry @houseofwhitebridal

purebarre evansville Had the best morning taking class from the woman who started it all!! Feeling inspired by so many amazing people, we love Pure Barre!

autumnbarn farmsgourmet popcorn Planning a rustic fall wedding? Come check out our wedding services! #evansvillepopcorn company



U kidding me??? This dude was just swimming in the Atlantic two days ago (the tuna, not zach) and now he’s in the branch ready for you to eat!

Just some #glitter to brighten your Friday!

dakyissa This company and foundation makes me happy! It can do the same for you.

wpt.wedding. tulle Make your day as beautiful as your Bride, with WPT Wedding Tulle


MY favorite part of my wedding almost 17 years ago was the fact that for the most part, I had the majority say in the creative rights to making it the event that it would ultimately become. Looking at that now as an event planner and as someone who loves to bring people and ideas together into a cohesive experience, I thought I’d lay out some knowledge about defining your style and finding your inspiration. COLOR For me, it was less about a theme and more about the color scheme, which in my case centered around cooler tones. My Watters & Watters bridesmaids’ dresses were a gorgeous shade of periwinkle with layers upon layers of tulle. I had silk roses, and my bridesmaids had hydrangeas all of which looked as close to real as you could get and were multi-tonal with lavender ribbons around their stem bases. Most everything else at my wedding ranged from blues to greens to purples. I created my own palette and ran with it. Coming right out of college, as a print media writer and designer even then, I had no fear mixing and matching what I wanted to create my vision. I also kept a binder of every scrap of magazine idea that I could find. Fortunately for you, Pinterest can do the palette mixing and matching for you. From pre-made color combos to folders that you create yourself, Pinterest can be your best friend to help you find the right mix of colors, tones, shades, or tints for you!

Photo by Goad Photo

LOOK & FEEL For others, the style of the wedding can be defined by the look and feel that you’re going for. Whether it’s black tie, and everyone is dressed up, or it’s comfy/casual, and you have kids running around barefoot, you can take that vibe and the feel of what you want your guests to experience and turn that into a concept that drives each aspect of your big day. Ask yourself questions like how dressed up do you want everyone to be? How formal do you plan to make the event? Will kids even be allowed? Use that criteria to lay out what the experience will look like for everyone, most especially you as you observe the fun that each and every guest has enjoying the hard work that you put into that special occasion.

Photo by Equinox Photography

Photo by Jordan Barclay Photography at Farmer and Frenchman


Photo by JoElle Elise Design

THEME Some couples share the story of how they met in their wedding day presentation. Other couples work their favorite movie genre into their big day. You might want to have a luau, a western themed event, or even work your favorite literary character or story into the event. Whatever your thing is, own it, share it, make it your own, and above all else, have fun with it! Take that idea, hop on Pinterest, do your research, and find out how you can spin that seed of a concept into a flower of theme that not just you and your spouse will enjoy, though. You want to turn it into something that the entire room of guests and party goers from the youngest to the oldest will be talking about for weeks to come! Photo by Goad Photo

TEXTURES From burlap and baby’s breath to linens and lace or cotton and organza, we all have varying opinions on what textures are beautiful versus what we don’t like. So don’t be afraid to hop over to a local fabric store or rental location to look and feel and shop. Educate yourself on the different fabric types, how they feel, and the colors they come in. Then stop by one of our local florists like Zeidler’s, who can create bouquets for you or sell you the materials to create your own arrangements. Talk to their experts about what will be in season at the time of your wedding. Ask yourself if you like thoseflowers. Are there filler florals that you need to consider as well for Photo by Rae Photography


your arrangements? Take detailed notes on ideas and combinations so that you can keep track of what you like and what you don’t so that at the end of the day you can also go back and do additional research if you need to. And always snap pics, too, so that you have them on hand for reference later in case you can’t remember what that one flower that you can’t remember its name looks like! Once you’ve defined your style and picked out your inspiration, then hammer those ideas home. Take the concepts and work those ideas into your invitations and into the little details like your reception décor. If you are creating a website for your guests to follow along with your planning or to provide them more details, carry the look and feel of the style or design into that, too! You don’t have to go overboard, but tying everything together gives a cohesion to your event that will be memorable, makes for better photographs, and will give you a sense of accomplishment that you pulled off what will probably be one of the biggest events/parties of your lifetime!

Photo by Equinox Photography

Photo by Esther Bloom Photography



CAKES & CONFECTIONS PICKING THE PERFECT FOR YOUR BUDGET HOW do you get the wedding cake of your dreams and stay within your budget? First you need to know how many guests you are anticipating at the reception. Next you will want to have an idea of what kind of cake design you are drawn to. Lastly, how much is your budget? What are you comfortable spending on your wedding cake? Sounds simple, doesn't it? Once you have your date set and have booked a venue, it is time to choose the bakery to make your wedding cake. Call and set up a wedding consultation with the bakeries you are interested in. Do your homework first and make sure the bakeries you are going to see have your date available to make your wedding cake. Check out their menu to see if there is any cake flavor that you are particularly interested in and request that flavor before you go in for your appointment. When you arrive at your consultation, try to have an idea of what you would like your wedding cake to look like. Feel free to bring examples of cakes that you are drawn to. If the bakery has a website, visit it to see what cakes they have made for other couples. Have pictures from Pinterest or other websites to show your consultant what appeals to you. Remember, a qualified bakery will be able to help you design a beautiful cake that is a good representation of what you are wanting. Absolutely try a sample of the cake! Make sure you like the taste of the cake from the bakery you have selected. Don't be afraid to talk budget with your consultant. If you need cake to serve 250 people, and have a budget of $500 you will get different options than if you have a $1000 budget. This does not necessarily mean you will not get what you want if your budget is less, it just means you may need to make some concessions and maybe get creative to get the cake of your dreams. Letting your consultant know how much you have to spend will help them design a cake to meet your expectations and stay within your budget.

encrusting the cake in nonpareils or dragees. These techniques are time consuming, some use expensive products and all take skill to master them properly. Watch out for the little things that can add up. Find out if there is a fee to deliver the wedding cake. There may be an extra charge for some of the cake flavors, or a filling inside the cake. Know what the basic price includes and what will be an extra charge. There are lots of ways to keep from going over your budget. One is to get a smaller cake and subsidize the rest of your servings with sheet cakes. This is most likely the most economical option. It is also a good way to ensure you have enough cake for all of your guests. Don't be tempted to not get enough servings hoping not everyone wants a piece. Getting the sheet cake from the same place that is making your wedding cake may be required by the bakery. Their name will be associated with all the cake at the reception, even if the sheet cakes did not come from them. If it is not required, I would recommend it. The sheet cakes will then be the same quality as the tiered wedding cake and should be delivered at the same time as the wedding cake. This will save you the trouble of finding someone to pick up the sheet cakes and deliver them to the reception. Cupcakes can be used instead of or in addition to a tiered cake. Cupcakes are usually less expensive than a decorated tiered cake. The other advantage to cupcakes is that you don't have to hire someone to cut the cake. Cupcakes can be a fun and less formal option that lots of couples are going with. Remember if you add a gumpaste or chocolate embellishment to the cupcakes the price will assuredly increase, though, maybe negating any savings cupcakes that maybe have been. If you really like something to adorn the cupcakes, may just add it to half of them to save money. Adding fresh flowers tucked in with the cupcakes is a beautiful way to dress up the cupcakes as well. Let me leave you with this bit of advice. Make sure you pick a reputable baker, someone who stands behind their cakes, someone you can see actual pictures of cakes they have made. It's seems like a great idea to have a friend of a friend make your cake for next to nothing, but how confident are you that the centerpiece of your reception will look and taste the way you envision it? Remember it's not a reception without cake!

Remember that the cost of cakes and wedding cakes specifically are predominately driven the design and size of the cake. A cake covered in fondant will cost more than a cake frosted in buttercream. Gumpaste flowers are more expensive than fresh flowers. Gumpaste flowers are handmade sugar flowers that are beautiful, but can really be a budget buster. Other things that can bring up the cost of a wedding cake is an intricate hand piped design, fondant details, gold leaf Cate Sisco is co-owner of Evansville's premier bakery Piece of Cake in downtown Evansville, IN. Cate and her sisters recently celebrated the award winning bakery's 18th year in business. Her passion for baking was passed down from her parents and grandparents. Many recipes used at the bakery are family recipes, though Cate enjoys making up new recipes for cookies, cakes and breakfast items. Her goals for the bakery are to continue making the highest quality products, while keeping up with current baking trends. Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography



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GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER Shillawna Ruffner Photography VENUE West Baden Springs Hotel, French Lick Resort, Pete Dye Pavilion DESIGNER/DÉCOR French Lick Resort DRESS Beth Carter Bridal MENSWEAR Beth Carter Bridal FLORAL French Lick Resort CAKE French Lick Resort HAIR Aerial DeVillez STATIONERY JoElle Elise Design HAIR ACCESSORY & JEWELRY Beth Carter Bridal




for your Jewelry

I’VE been fortunate my whole life to have a wonderful family. I’ve also been fortunate to have a family that works hard at our business, which is Turley Mfg. Jewelers. Recently my dad (Bryan) and I sat down, to talk about some tips that we could offer to our customers that may help them get the best quality and longest life out of their jewelry. I did quite a bit of asking, which left dad doing a fair amount of answering. We have this to offer. With any ring that has prongs and stones that is worn on a regular basis, you should have it checked at least twice a year. If the ring has small stones, like a lot of the modern halo settings do, it should be checked more frequently, as it has more opportunity to become damaged given the size and number of the prongs. We often see wedding sets that have the engagement ring and wedding band separate, and we encourage folks to have them soldered together, because when they can spin and move against one another, they cause wear and diminishing that isn’t necessary. Often times we see customers whose rings are a bit over or under sized. We recommend that to avoid losing the ring or causing damage, that you try your hardest to keep your ring properly sized (although we understand that doing so is harder during the holiday season…). We also understand that you and your ring do not like being separated, but would like to remind you that diamond rings weren’t made for laying stone or landscaping.



So while it may be hard to not wear it, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. My grandfather (Everett) often reminded customers with watches that need maintenance, to pick a date about 6 months apart and have their watch checked around those times. He would offer that if you pick your anniversary, and then a holiday or milestone around 6 months later, it can be more easily remembered. Dad and I hold the same true for jewelry. Another incentive to getting your jewelry checked is that when you bring it in, and we inspect it, we clean it so that we can see any flaws, or imperfections. If all is well, you leave the shop with a much brighter and eye catching ring. We appreciate our customers and know that you appreciate your jewelry, and if you can remember these tips we know that you’ll be pleased with your jewelry for a long, meaningful time. - Matt Turley Located in downtown Evansville, Turley Jewelers provides one-of-a-kind jewelry designs and is the oldest family jewelry store in the area. For more information go to www.turleymfgjewelers.com or visit their store at 12 NW 3rd St. Evansville, Indiana

GIFTS FOR YOUR THIS issue’s editor pick for best groomsmen gifts are the Corkcicle Chillsner and the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge sold at Thyme in the Kitchen, located at 2308 W Franklin Street in Evansville. The Corkcicle Chillsner is an in-bottle, drinkthrough beer chiller. You just freeze it and then insert it into any standard size bottled beer (9") bottle. The Whiskey Wedge is designed to melt much slower than smaller traditional ice cubes because who likes watered down whiskey? Keep your drink’s full flavor, and make those groomsmen happy with these thoughtful gifts!

Fresh & MODERN Produced by JoElle Knight



The happiest birthday cakes in town!

GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER Stephanie Susie Photography VENUE: Evansville Visitors Center Pagoda DESIGNER/DÉCOR OBJ Design FLORAL & RENTALS OBJ Design CAKE Piece of Cake Bakery DRESSES Dillard’s Evansville, Eastland Mall MENSWEAR Dillard’s Evansville, Eastland Mall JEWELRY Premier Jewelry, Julia Baker MAKEUP Bridal Beauty by Maria VIDEOAGRAPHER Eyenamics


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GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER Esther Bloom Photography DÉCOR/FLORAL DESIGNER JoElle Elise Design FLORAL & GREENERY SUPPLIES Zeidler’s Flowers CATERING Bauerhaus Catering CAKE Bauerhaus Pastry DESSERT BAR Daily’s Annex Bakery VINTAGE FURNITURE The Trousseau Collection TABLEWARE JoElle Elise Design STATIONERY 5 Pink Peonies TENT & LINENS Bauer’s Tents and Party Rentals CHAIRS & TABLE Bauer’s Tents and Party Rentals JEWELRY The Diamond Galleria DRESSES & MENSWEAR Ella Park Bridal HAIR Elissa Paulson & Rachel Goldsmith MAKEUP Bridal Beauty by Maria



PATOKA LAKE WINERY PATOKA Lake Marina (PLM) is a gem that’s been around for years that brides are just now finding out about. From a bridal shower in the Barrel Room, to a Silo Suite fit for a honeymoon, and everything in between, PLM has it covered. Just outside of the state park gate, adjoining Patoka Lake Winery’s tasting room, PLM offers a private party area for up to 36 in the Barrel Room and a brand new Event Center complete with chairs and tables for 250, a warming kitchen, fireplace and stage. The bride -to-be and friends can sip on wine slushies and award winning wines, then relax on the porch for an informal bachelorette party. PLM has multiple cabins to spend the night reminiscing about the single days in front of a fireplace, overlooking a pond, or around a charcoal grill. Love the water? Rehearsal dinners aboard the Patoka Voyager with unspoiled views of the 9,000 acre lake at sunset bring a unique calm to those pre-wedding jitters. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

For the wedding weekend, bridal parties can also rent PLM’s largest houseboat, the Admiral, which sleeps 12, or a floating cabin for smaller groups. While the ladies get prepped, guys can keep busy on the big day by fishing on one of PLM’s rental boats, hiking or biking trails inside the state park, or indulging in some friendly competition at the frisbee disc golf course. From 15 to 250 guests, PLM has beautiful venue options for your ceremony and reception on any budget. The Overlook Deck and Meeting Room allows a more intimate indoor/outdoor lakeside gathering surrounded by calm water and foliage. Brides can rent the adjacent Bunkhouse to dress and stay hidden before stepping right out into the ceremony. For larger events, the elegant-meets-rustic Event Center is perfect for celebrating into the evening. When the night winds down, the newlyweds can sink into a king sized bed in a Winery Suite or Silo Suite just upstairs from the reception, complete with Jacuzzi tub, fireplace and kitchenette. For more information visit http://patokalakemarina.com/index.html, http://www.patokalakewinery.com/ or call (812) 6852203.



FRIENDS WHO KNOW Each issue of ENGAGED! River Valley will feature four local culinary pros sharing their favorite dishes and most popular catering options. Owned by Roy and Diane Marx, Marx Barbecue & Catering shares, “Nothing is better than the whole roasted pig! Pair that with Au Gratin Potatoes and Green Beans and you have a great meal and an unforgettable presentation. [We] have people that come in to the restaurant and tell [us] that they had a pig at their wedding reception 15 years ago, and their guests will still talk about it! [We] always say, ‘No one ever takes pictures of fried chicken,’ but there will be pictures of your pig on the internet before you sit down to eat.” Their most popular wedding dish is the Fried Chicken / Sliced Pork & Pulled Chicken in their sweet & Sassy BBQ Sauce, and their most unique wedding dish: Whole Roasted Pig complete with apple in its mouth. They can also prepare assorted wraps, salads, ham and turkey trays, and cheese platters for the pre-wedding festivities ranging from the bridal shower to the day of wedding for the bridal party to enjoy. They also do much more than barbecue… and one more thing… Come try a pork grenade. It will change your life! A pork grenade is our homemade pork sausage with ground smoked pork rolled and wrapped with bacon, smothered in sweet & sassy sauce.

Marx Barbecue & Catering  3119 W Maryland St.  Evansville, IN 812-425-1616  www.marxbbq.com  facebook.com/marx.barbecue

Owned by Dan and Candy Yancey, R’z Café and Catering is casual in nature and big on flavor and fun. R’z Café is located in the Historic Swinney Printing Building in the heart of Fort Branch, IN, and it is was founded on faith, family, and community. Their most popular wedding reception dish is the smoked pork chops where they start with a smoked, bone in chop that is grilled and then topped with their house bourbon glaze. It pairs well with augratin potatoes, home style green beans, creamy cole slaw, apple waldorf salad, strawberry pretzel salad or marinated tomato salad. Their favorite wedding dish would be the tuscan chicken. It is a lightly pan fried chicken breast topped with their sun dried tomato cream sauce, feta cheese, and kalamata olives. It goes over garlic smashed potatoes. Great side dishes for this would be a pan roasted asparagus, or panzanella salad, or Italian cauliflower. They also love to recommend theme receptions where the food matches the décor. They have done a fairy tale wedding in the woods with a french cafe twist - garlic and herb roasted chicken, rosemary roasted red potatoes, asparagus, nicoise salad, caprese salad, and fresh fruit and brie. And Southern theme events: collard greens, pimento cheese, mac and cheese, fried pork chops, shrimp and grits, and grit fritters.

R’z Café and Catering Company  104 North Main Fort Branch, IN  812-615-0039 www.rzcafeandcatering.com  facebook.com/RzCafeAndCateringCompany ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

Owned by Angela Sutherland, Henderson KY’s Golden Corral offers a wide variety of meals. They share, “If you can dream it, we can serve it! From pick up service, to white linen 5 star table service, we allow you to create your menu according to your budget. Our food quality is second to none and our service is timely, friendly and personable. We pride ourselves in asking the right questions to help our couples navigate through this once in a lifetime special event. We proudly serve communities within 75 miles.” Their most popular wedding dishes include their baked lemon chicken, their pot roast, as well as their baked pork loin, and they share that no event is too large, with deliveries beginning with groups of 25 or larger.

Golden Corral Henderson  1320 N. Green Street  Henderson, KY 270-869-9310  www.cateringgcstylecom  facebook.com/GoldenCorralHendersonKY

Owned by Carla Harner, Carla’s Catering & Creations has been a full service catering company for the last seventeen years. Based out of Shoals, IN, Carla serves a surrounding 100-mile vicinity, and her company can also provide supplies including silver, china, linens, tables, and chairs. She can even do the decorations upon request! Carla’s menu ranges from Beef Brisket to Pork Roast to Alice Spring Chicken, Swiss Steak, Mexican Stuff Shells, Grilled Salmon, and Prime Rib. She has an extensive dessert and side dish menu, and she also offers a catering breakfast menu! Per Carla, "I strive to make your event as stress free as possible."

Carla’s Catering & Creations 12546 West River Road Shoals, IN  812-247-2176 (Shop) bile) www.carlascateringandcreations.com ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY


HOLLYWOOD BRING some classic Hollywood style to your hair with this hairstyle inspired by the glamour of movie stars in their hay day such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley. Impulse Salon & Spa owner Marc Hafele was going for timeless and classic with this look. Marc is a 3rd generation stylist and national educator for multiple companies as well as the artistic show director for BehindTheChair.com. For the hottest hair styles and to schedule an appointment for your bridal party hair session, contact Impulse Salon & Spa www.ImpulseHair.com 812.858.5554



CUSTOM GOWNS THE FOCAL point of any wedding is the bride, so obviously her dress needs to be the perfect complement to her look, style, and personality. Local brides are discovering that the best way to achieve that exact fit is at Katelyn's Alterations & Design. Many area dress shops send their customers to Katelyn Watson to have dresses fitted to each woman's precise measurements. Katelyn offers the highest quality at affordable pricing. Whether your event is a wedding, gala, formal dance, or lavish ball, Katelyn's will do what it takes to make their wardrobe fit perfectly for each event. According to Watson, "I want every woman to feel beautiful when she goes to her special event." Watson's unparalleled experience in the fashion and alteration field makes her shop the logical choice for any alteration or adjustment to a dress. She has been sewing for over 22 years, with 12 years in professional alterations. Her specialized experience began at Sew It Seams under Florence Ebenkamp, the well-respected former owner. Katelyn has personally altered more than 1,000 dresses, including wardrobe alterations for Taylor Swift's Fearless Tour.

"Some customers have been surprised at the quality work we do for them, as they have had their standards lowered by previous alterations done elsewhere," said Watson. "Perfection is all we expect for everything leaving the shop."

Find out for yourself how Katelyn and her team can help you look your best on your special day. For more information or an appointment, call (812) 204-9532 or check out their Facebook page. Katelyn's Alterations & Design is located in the Northfield Shopping Plaza next to IGA on U.S. Highway 41, just south of BoonvilleNew Harmony Road.

Katelyn's Alterations takes pride in providing the highest quality of alterations and custom sewing; this includes tailoring, hemming, and designed gowns. With a combined 100+ years of experience in the shop, there is no job too big or too small for these professionals. Their objective is to make you look your best by altering the dress to fit your body and not the other way around. Watson goes on to share, "[A client] shouldn't have to alter her body for the dress to fit; the dress should be altered to fit her unique shape."

The custom design experience is personalized to every client. Katelyn and her staff of professional designers will sit down with you to find out not just your measurements, but who you are. Your personality can be used as inspiration for the design. She goes on to share, "We take her personality and put it in the style of the dress." Rebekah Cage is a very talented designer featured at Katelyn's design studio. Rebekah's unique and passionate creativity helps Katelyn think outside the box for clients wanting to look beautiful and different. "I keep a close eye on the current trends, as well as pop culture. Often, I might implement a look inspired by a character from a popular movie," said Cage, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Indianapolis. "I try to offer a look that might be something you normally wouldn't see." Along with providing a wide range of ideas and talents to assist their client's needs, Katelyn's Alterations & Design remains the exemplary professional; they are not happy until their client is happy.


Photo by Makenzie Lynn Photography


GRENADA On Grenada, known as the Island of Spice, you’ll enjoy an authentic Caribbean experience. You’ll find hospitality, history, beautiful beaches, adventure, nature, and fun activities. At Sandals LaSource Grenada, you’ll find incredible innovations and true Caribbean luxury.

Sandals LaSource Grenada is the ultimate in chic and sophistication. Imagine pools in the sky, fire pits in swimming pools, cascading waterfalls, and meandering river pools. Thatched roof buildings will remind you of the South Pacific, and let’s talk about the rooms for a moment. Many of these sexy, romantic suites have features like outdoor tranquility soaking tubs complete with privacy curtains, and many come with private pool access. Just perfect for romantic nights on your honeymoon! AS a travel consultant who has visited all 15 of the Sandals Resorts, I was excited to get away for a few days to vacation to one of the newest resorts, Sandals LaSource Grenada, with my husband. I feel I have a unique perspective on each of the Sandals Resorts because of my partnership with Sandals, driving a Sandals-wrapped car, and visiting the resorts year after year. To my surprise, Sandals LaSource Grenada became one of my favorite resorts!

In addition to relaxing at this beautiful resort, you’ll enjoy the most amazing food. Café de Paris serves up delightful gourmet coffee, pastries, ice cream, and crepes, and offers a sidewalk cafe atmosphere for breakfast and light snacks throughout the day. For a quick lunch, you must try Doggies Hot Dog Stand, or one of the tasty gourmet pizzas prepared in a wood-fired oven. In the evening, Butch’s Chophouse is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious steak. This elegant steakhouse, a Sandals first, features the finest cuts of juicy beef made your way, seasoned to perfection,


and accompanied by exquisite sides and flavor-boosting sauces. You’ll feel like you are dining in a different country every night with the French, Italian, Japanese, and Caribbean cuisine. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, consider a Butler Suite at Sandals. Butler Elite service will exceed your wildest expectations, with the Butlers anticipating your every need, so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about any of the details. Besides simple things such as unpacking for you and making dining reservations, your Butler will also create those special, romantic touches throughout your stay to surprise you, such as preparing a romantic bubble bath, complete with candles, rose petals, and chilled champagne.

Sandals LaSource Grenada is made for romance and is couples only, so it’s a perfect choice for your Honeymoon or romantic vacation. You can relax, knowing everything is taken care of! Some of the amenities you will find at this amazing all-inclusive resort:         

4 Unique Villages 225 Rooms & Suites 6 Bars serving Premium Alcohol 9 Gourmet Restaurants Entertainment & Theme Nights Unlimited Land & Water Sports Unlimited Scuba Diving Red Lane Fitness Center Red Lane Spa (additional cost applies)

Sandals has really raised the bar with this resort. With beautiful beaches, themed entertainment, amazing food, and a romantic environment, there’s a reason this Sandals Resort is one of the most popular romantic getaways. Paradise is calling! Kelly Wanninger, Owner of Beautiful Beach Honeymoons & Vacations, is a Certified Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Planning Specialist, member of IATAN and CLIA, and holds many travel industry certifications. She is a Certified Sandals Specialist, Karisma Resorts GIVC, AM Resorts Master Agent, St. Lucia Specialist, Fiji Specialist, Certified Tahiti Specialist, and Hawaii Specialist.



it comes to weddings, paying for a top quality spray tan just makes sense! Whether you are a bride, part of the wedding party or a guest, the photographs taken will tell a story forever.

Here are six helpful hints to get the best spray tan for you:

1. Do a test spray tan before the big day Even though spray tanning has been around for years, many women may not be familiar with the process. Most brides want to make sure everything is perfect for their wedding day, including their tan. This is our #1 tip and recommendation for this reason. A test spray will show you exactly how the solution will set on your skin and also make sure the shade of the tan is just right. Adjusting the shade now is an easy fix, but the only way to know is by doing a test run.

2. Check your color against the dress During the week of the fitting, it’s a great idea to schedule a spray tanning test run. This way you can see your newly tanned skin against your white (or whatever color you choose) dress. Fittings are often stressful, so it’s best to do the spray tan 1-3 days prior. One less thing to worry to check off your list.

3. Show off your tan to your future husband Since you're making a commitment to your future life partner, it’s best to ask his thoughts and opinions of your spray tan. Show him before and after your test tan, this way he will see just how radiant and glowing you look! It’s also important to choose a color that won’t make him look like a ghost either. Your tan should complement his skin, so take a couple pictures with your man to make sure you don’t have “too much color.” We can even spray tan your fiancé for a perfectly tan couple.

4. Get your bridesmaids involved Tell your maid of honor and bridesmaids that you are getting a spray tan for your wedding. Hundreds of photos will be taken on your wedding day, and you’ll be standing side by side with your wedding party. Just like with your groom you do not want to have a tan that is too dark and makes you stick out from the rest of your party. We recommend getting your bridesmaids and maids of honor spray tanned as well. This way everyone will look their absolute best with a nice touch of color. Bridal Beauty By Maria offers discounted rates for wedding parties and even free spray tanning for the bride with groups of six or more.


5. Give your new spray tan a good workout Put your spray tan to the test to see how it reacts with your skin type and daily activities. Jump, run or go to the gym and work up a sweat to make sure everything is ok. Pay close attention to the color and how quickly it fades into the perfect bronze tan. If you like the color on a certain day let us know ahead of time. This way we can schedule you far enough in advance as needed for your wedding day.

6. Keep your glowing tan longer It’s a good idea to book your mobile spray tan weeks in advance. Your tan will usually look its very best two to four days after initial application. On the day of your spray tanning session your skin should be clean, dry and free of any products. This means do not to apply any lotion, makeup or deodorant which can prevent the tan from fully soaking in, leaving spots or streaks. The color will be the deepest during the first couple of days, especially when it hasn’t had significant exposure to sweat or beauty products. When your skin is hydrated it will keep the spray tan longer, so at minimum moisturize after every shower. Try to avoid lotions that contain alcohol or sulfates in the ingredients as they tend to dry out the skin. Lastly when on your honeymoon be aware that high amounts of chlorine will fade your spray tan quicker, so a touch up mousse is available to purchase. Bridal Beauty by Maria offers wedding packages tailored specifically to brides with customized color ranging from a natural glow to a deep rich tan! Bridal Beauty by Maria can also recommend products that will help maintain your beautiful glow long into your honeymoon. If you decide to host a spray tanning session for your bridal/bachelorette party (6 or more) we will bring the champagne and spray tan the bride for free! Spray tanning is quick and easy and can be an enjoyable experience, especially when done among a group of friends.

Maria Michelle is a Licensed Esthetician and Manicurist located in Evansville but does travel. She specializes in makeup artistry and spray tanning for weddings, editorial shoots and other special events. For more information please visit www.bridalbeautybymaria.info


MANICURE ADD SOME SPARKLE THIS nail style is defined with simple elegance with an added little extra sparkle to the ring fingers for some extra dazzle. This design was created by Kyle Miller, a Senior Designer at Impulse Salon & Spa and national educator. Kyle has been behind the chair for nine years. He strives to continually educate himself to be the most up to date as possible. For the hottest nail design and to schedule an appointment for your bridal party manicure session contact Impulse Salon & Spa www.ImpulseHair.com 812.858.5554



EVERY day you see more weddings embracing a modern day approach. Whether it's placing your brother as a bridesmaid or seeing the groom before a ceremony, times are changing. Your wedding stationery doesn't have to follow all the etiquette rules from the past in order to inform your guests. Let’s break some rules! INCLUDING PARENTS NAMES Traditionally, a couple will include their parents’ names on wedding invitations based on who is hosting. It is an acknowledgment to the parents, an “honor” of sorts. However, you can provide the same acknowledgment without listing every name. “Together with their families” or “along with their parents” can help cut out the confusion that comes from diverse families and not wanting to leave anyone out. It is best to talk this one over with everyone involved to make sure toes are not stepped on. SPELLING EVERYTHING OUT It has always been considered proper etiquette to spell out numbers, dates and times. But if you’re feeling like this is just too formal for your big day, don’t hesitate to mix it up. Go with your gut, and just make sure the who, what, when, and where are covered.



Photos courtesy of Bailey Marie Studio

Although it is thought to be in poor taste to include your wedding registry on invitations, it is still something guests like to know. By creating a wedding website, you are able to inform guests of all the extra questions they may still have. Just include your website address on an information card within your invitation. ADDRESSING ENVELOPES Does hand addressing all those envelopes seem slightly scary? One option could be to hire a calligrapher if your budget allows it. Another option is to talk with your stationery designer about addressing the envelopes for you. Having your addresses printed on your envelopes with a coordinating font from your invitations looks fantastic and really helps bring together the entire invitation suite. Just remember it is your special day, and it is always up to you which traditions you choose to follow or kick to the curb.

Bailey Rideout is a graphic designer and the owner of Bailey Marie Studio. With a primary focus on custom wedding stationery and invitation design, she has been sharing her passion for typography with brides in the Tristate area since 2011. For more information visit: www.baileymariestudio.com



WEDDING GOWN YOU CAN�T FIND YOUR DRESS AT THE KITCHEN TABLE WHEN planning a wedding there are inevitably a lot of what I call "kitchen table tasks"‌ tedious projects that take place at the kitchen table that can often be quite stressful and mundane. Some kitchen table tasks include planning your budget, going over vendor contracts, and finalizing the guest list. In order to prevent wedding planning from becoming stressful and losing its magic, it's important to relish in the wedding planning activities that take place away from the kitchen table. These are the moments where happy memories are made, so lean into them. Some examples include taking on-site tours of your venue, cake tasting, dance lessons, and of course, buying your wedding gown. Purchasing your wedding gown is the ultimate wedding planning experience that is most definitely not done at the kitchen table. It's a project that is guided by emotion, but a little bit of preparation helps to make it a memorable experience that a bride will always cherish. Here are a few tips on how to prepare to say 'yes' to your dress: Do a little research: Start by getting a feel for what kind of look you want to achieve. Gone are the days when all you need is a white dress and a veil. Nowadays bridal looks are incredibly varied, so take a few minutes to browse Pinterest to get some inspiration. That way you'll know if you want to be a boho bride, a classic bride, a sweetly southern bride, a glam bride, or a combination of styles that's unique to you. Select your location: Just like any other wedding vendor you select, it's important to book an appointment to shop for gowns somewhere that meets your expectations and fits your budget. Check out the designers they carry and see if there are pictures of their salon on their website or social media. And yes, you'll want to book an appointment. While most salons do their best to accommodate walk-ins, booking an appointment will ensure the best possible experience. Determine your budget: It's always best to have a frank and open conversation about your gown budget prior to your bridal appointment. You'll need to determine both who is paying for your gown, and how much you are willing to spend. Wedding downs can range from $500 to over $5,000, so it's best to be very clear about your financial parameters. That way you have the logistics established and can focus on the joy of the occasion.

Gather your squad: Think about who are the essential guests for purchasing your gown, and invite them along! Anyone in the wedding gown industry will tell you to keep your guests to a minimum...some brides heed this advice and some do not, and that's perfectly fine. Just make sure that you have all the essential guests present and accounted for so that when you have your moment where you slip on that perfect gown and are ready to say "YES!," they are there to witness that moment.

Grab your camera enjoy the experience! And even when you're planning your wedding at your kitchen table, sometimes a little champagne helps make even the most tedious tasks a little more festive.

Andrea Whitehead is the owner of House of White Bridal Boutique. Located in the quaint historic district of Newburgh, House of White provides area brides with designer and couture dresses in an intimate atmosphere that promotes relaxation as they choose their dream wedding attire.



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DESIGN AHHH, planning your wedding. Choosing colors, cake tasting, twirling in your wedding dress at the salon, picking your favorite flowers … so much FUN! Then come the details, so MANY details! How can you keep everything straight in your head for your special celebration? Create you very own, detailed wedding timeline! If you’ve hired a professional wedding planner, then you are all set. With some of our weddings, we have created 9-10 page master timelines that includes; production schedules, schematics, floor plans, vendor contacts, ceremony line-up and much more! A master timeline is created from an aerial perspective that includes all your vendors, special details and the natural flow of the wedding day. But not everyone hires a planner, so do yourself a favor and create your own timeline. This will help you when your family or wedding party asks you a thousand questions. Your timeline should start at the very beginning of the day and finish at the end of the evening when vendors are loading out of the venue. QUICK TIPS: 

Include load in/delivery/arrival times and load out/leaving times for every vendor.


Consider making a condensed wedding party timeline to handout before the wedding and have available at rehearsal.


Use increments of 15 minutes (10:15am, 10:30am). You don’t need to be exact, (10:11am) because it won’t happen.


Share your timeline with your vendors before the wedding.



Pad your timeline with extra time! Always.

Have extra printed copies on hand and a digital format on the wedding day.


Your ceremony start time and finish time is the epicenter of the wedding. Enter that first and work your way back to the beginning of the morning. Then finish with the end time of your ceremony and flow towards the end of the evening.


Google Map any times that you need to travel for accuracy, for instance, from the ceremony to the reception.


You must speak to your photographer, caterer, makeup artist and hair stylist to ask them how long it will take for each of their respective roles in the wedding. Their answers will depend on venue, the number of wedding party members and what services you have requested from them.


Remember to note how many hours you have contracted your photographer, videographer, DJ/Band so you don’t have a scheduled event after they are supposed to leave or quit.


Feel free to add personal elements such as announcements or just important details to remember, such as; “Bustle the wedding gown before Grand Entrance into reception.”


We find that after our timeline meeting with our clients, their minds are in such a better place, and they are excited because they see the reality of their upcoming wedding! Give yourself the same gift by scheduling your plans for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Saundra Hadley is owner of planning..forever events; a small, sweet, event planning company that has served the tristate for the past 14 years. She loves to network and learn from other event industry stars and has been a sought-after conference speaker with engagements in over 22 cities and across the world, including Australia! As the WEHT Local Lifestyles wedding planner with bi-monthly live television segments, her core-belief is to be absolutely real, serve the client and have fun while planning events. To find out more and check out her bountiful blog of wedding tips, go to planningforever.com.


FOR Jake and Ashley, their wedding was a day of celebration but most especially a day of everlasting commitment. Both have parents who have been married over 25 years and have given them beautiful examples of true abiding love. In fact, it was among their family on vacation that Jake popped the question, so when it came to their big day there was no question that it would be a family affair. Jake even had his Dad stand up with him as his best man, a tradition his Dad had done with his Grandfather 26 years before. When it came time to plan their perfect wedding day, their mothers, who both have an eye for design, helped them pull together the perfect blend of Ashley’s love of glam and Jake’s love of rustic. 20 West of Newburgh was the ideal setting for their Rustic Glam look with touches of beautiful antiques and wood elements. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY



MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Joma Studios VENUE 20 West, Newburgh, IN FLORAL Robins Nest & J’Petals DESIGN/DÉCOR 20 West CAKE Bauerhaus Pastry CATERING Bauerhaus Catering DRESSES House of White MENSWEAR Ella Park Bridal MAKEUP Fusion Spa and Boutique HAIR Logan Eastham & Maggie Henderson of Shannon Aleksandr’s Salon & Spa




Photo by Esther Bloom Photography WHEN it comes to variety, Zeidler’s Flowers delivers. Working hand in hand with Zeidler’s floral designers allows you access to a stunning variety of flowers whether we design your bouquets and arrangements or you take a DIY approach. Colorful, unique, romantic, unusual, traditional…we can source fresh flowers to inspire any desired look. You can create a foundation of color or style with fresh flowers like roses, peonies, hydrangea, or garden roses. Next, add height with more linear flowers like stock, snapdragons, larkspur, or delphinium. For a garden inspired style, try tulips, ranunculus, anemones, lisianthus or veronica. If traditional is more your style, you will find daisies, carnations, gerber daisies, spray roses and more available in an ever increasing variety of colors. 2017 Pantone color of the year….greenery, is a fresh hue of yellow green that reflects the beauty around us found in nature. You will find that the greens that we have available for wedding design are incredibly versatile. Bells of Ireland, Italian ruscus, seeded eucalyptus, succulents, silver dollar eucalyptus, baby blue eucalyptus, myrtle, boxwood, Israeli ruscus, flat fern, plumosa, sprengeri, lily grass, bear grass, green and variegated pittosporum, just to name a few. The list goes on, and so do the possibilities! With our own wholesale division, Zeidler’s Flowers has an incredible selection to offer our DIY clients. Do you enjoy the process of creating your own projects? Do you have a team of family and friends that want to put in the time and effort to help with the labor and effort of bouquet and arrangement creation? Then we have the variety to fit your need as well. Just make sure that you plan well enough in advance and give yourself and/or your team enough time


and storage room to design and execute your plan. Here are a few tips from our pros: 1.

2. 3. 4.

Set-up a time for your team, and have your inspiration photos on hand with ample copies for everyone. Once your flowers are done, don’t forget to run through a quick quality control because your idea of what the flowers should look like might differ from what your mom, sister, friend, or grandma might think they should look like! You can create your centerpieces two days out, but bouquets should be made no sooner than the day before. Same for boutonnières. While you should keep them in a cool, dark/shady place, don’t refrigerate your flowers. Food fridge temps and humidity are different than floral fridges, so just don’t do it! Make sure that you have ample transportation, and that you have planned ahead to safely package your arrangements and bouquets. Consider using items such as crates and packing foam. You might also empty out part of the water from the vase during transport as well.

Whichever route you choose, we would love to help be a part of your big day. Give us a call at 812-421-1234 or find us online at www.zeidlers.com for more information. Randi Gehlhausen is the Vice President of Zeidler's Flowers Retail Division. Gehlhausen began her career with Zeidler’s while in high school.


JOE and Bri had been acquaintances for years, crossing paths within their social circles, when a friend suggested they should get to know each other better. A short coffee date later, they both knew this was the beginning of something big. When it came time to plan their wedding day, Joe and Bri knew they wanted a natural setting for their celebration. A subdued color scheme of navy blues and deep greens was picked to blend with the beautiful background of their wedding at the Evansville home of a family member. With an old barn, tree house and woods, it was a gorgeous site for their laid back wedding. As the sun went down, the evening glowed with thousands of twinkle lights and the warm flicker of candlelight. A sparkler send-off was the perfect ending to their starry night.




MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Esther Bloom Photography DESIGN/DÉCOR JoElle Elise Design COORDINATOR Bailey McDaniel FLORAL JoElle Elise Design TABLE, CHAIRS & TENTS TRU Event Rental Inc. CAKE Piece of Cake Bakery CATERING Touch of Home Catering BRIDAL GOWN Beth Carter Bridal STATIONERY JoElle Elise Design



ACROPOLIS ACROPOLIS is located at 501 N. Green River Road in Evansville, Indiana. Formerly the building of the old Darryl’s 1820 restaurant, owner Doros and Ellada Hadjisavva made the decision to buy the building and after extensive renovations they opened their beautiful Greek restaurant in 2013. The restaurant comprises the main floor open for dining and the upper floor, available for rental for business meeting, celebrations and of course, wedding rehearsal dinners.

The staff at Acropolis are known for their exceptional customer service and catering. They offer a variety of dining options, which include everything from traditional Greek cuisine to fried chicken to amazing desserts.

Reservation of the upper room does not require a rental fee and instead has a minimum food purchase. Tables are set with linen, china and glassware at no extra charge and servers will be on hand to seat and wait on guests! The Acropolis team prides themselves on helping take the hassle out of planning and decorating a rehearsal dinner so you can focus on celebrating the upcoming wedding. Guests can simply come and enjoy a beautiful evening of delicious food and Greek hospitality. Call 812-475-9320 for more information about reserving the Acropolis for your next event. Photos Courtesy of Acropolis




NICK and Cass met while assigned to the 380th QM BN Army Reserves in Evansville, IN. An Evansville native, Cass enlisted in the AR in 2006 and served as a 88M Sergeant until her ETS in 2014. Originally from Michigan, Nick moved to Evansville in 2012 after accepting an engineering position. During this time, he was assigned as a Lieutenant to the 380th where the two Soldiers developed a mutual respect for one another. Over the years, their admiration and friendship grew to love. Nick proposed in February of 2016 before leaving for a two month Commanders Career Course in Ft. Lee, VA. They were married on Veterans Day, November 11, 2016, at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Evansville.

Both feel a strong calling and civic duty to serve their country, and honoring brave men and women Veterans on their wedding day seemed only fitting. Invitations encouraged Veterans to wear their dress uniforms and yellow boutonnières were provided. In lieu of the "Dollar Dance," the Bride and Groom participated in the "Dollar Push-up," whereas all money raised was donated to 22Kill- an organization committed to raising awareness of high risk and rate of Veteran suicide and the outreach available.




MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Progressive Image CEREMONY St. Anthony Catholic Church RECEPTION The Historic Ribeyre—New Harmony, IN FLORAL, DESIGN & DÉCOR JoElle Elise Design CUPCAKES The Pacetre CAKE Confections by Cate HAIR/MAKEUP Lindsay Dawn Jones CATERING Touch of Home Catering



MILITARY WEDDING PREPAREDNESS and research are key to any military wedding, and while there are no strict laws in their regard, proper etiquette is always appreciated and admired. So with the help of our real Veteran bride Cassandra Brusie who was featured on the previous pages, we bring you the following tips to help you plan your big day:

Your location is the first thing to consider. Having a wedding in a military chapel or at your sweetheart’s military academy/installation comes with a set of rules that may differ from that of a traditional house of worship or ceremony location. So be sure and discuss the ceremony do’s and don’ts with your chaplain. Find out what music is allowed. Make sure whether or not you can bring in your own floral arrangements. Assume nothing, including whether or not your photographer can take photos during the actual ceremony. If you or your fiancé are planning on marrying at a non-military location and one of you is still in service, be sure and run it by your installation, just in case, too. In terms of what to wear, service women have the option of wearing their dress uniform or a traditional wedding dress. Service men, on the other hand, are required to wear the dress uniform. Veterans are welcomed to wear the dress uniform representing their branch of service as long as it adheres to “military standards.” Rips, tears, stains, or size issues (too tight or too loose) are not acceptable. Proper presentation of military dress uniform ribbons and medals must also be considered. If the uniform is not up to standard, consider donning a yellow rose boutonniere or yellow ribbon on your civilian dress attire to signify veteran status. Men in dress uniform do not wear boutonnieres. Instead, they wear their military decorations. Typically blue uniforms are worn in winter and white ones are worn during the summer months. You will also see white gloves and swords at Navy and Coast Guard weddings as well as sabers used at Army and Marine Corp weddings. Unlike a non-military wedding, the bride will stand to the groom’s right in order to avoid the saber or cutlass on his side. The rest of your non-military bridal party can wear whatever dress attire they would normally traditionally wear, but we would recommend keeping it at a level formal and respectful to match the solemnity of the occasion.

rank and title. So you want to seat captains by captains and sergeants by sergeants, etc. All high ranking officials should be seated in positions of honor both at the ceremony and reception, and the commanding officer of the bride or groom should be reserved a special place at the reception as well. Not familiar with the ranks? Be sure and brush up on your military jargon so that you feel comfortable introducing your military guests to your civilian guests who attend your wedding. Some last words of advice… remember to be respectful of what the uniform stands for. Consult your Chain of Command, and thoroughly research Branch specific regulations concerning alcohol consumption, “dress down” policies, dancing, etc., for uniformed wedding party members. When in doubt, always consult your Chain of Command! You represent our Country’s finest. Do so with dignity and grace, and above all, keep your conduct in order and honor the guests, family, and friends who have come to see your big milestone event!

After the actual ceremony, there is a unique tradition that many military weddings include called the Arch of the Sabers or the Arch of the Rifles. This is where the couple exits the ceremony under an archway of sabers, swords, or rifles held by an honor guard holding the ceremonial weapons. It signifies the couple’s safe passage into the new life that they have joined together. It can be done with civilian ushers mixed in, but we recommended that you consult with your chaplain to discuss protocol for the specifics because protocol differs with each branch of the commissioned officer. Military receptions should be booked in a timely manner just like any other reception whether they are planned on the base or off. On base locations include officer clubs, meeting halls, and hotels. Whatever your location, though, military members should be seated by

Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography


HOW TO HELP YOUR PARTNER ANXIETY is unfortunately a common feeling for a lot of people, especially those in the throes of planning a wedding. But what if it’s not you? What if it’s your partner dealing with the anxiety? Some signs you might see are restlessness, difficulty sleeping, irritability, muscle tension, loss of appetite, and inability to focus. If you feel your partner is struggling, try these tips to have a productive conversation: Ask a caring open ended question to get the conversation rolling such as “You’ve seemed tenser lately. What’s going on?” or “I’ve been a little worried about you. Do you want to talk about anything?” If they have a negative response, just let it be for now. Simply bringing up the idea makes yourself a safe person to talk to, and they may come back at a later time when they are ready to open up. Then, give your partner room to talk without interruption. Resist the urge to jump in with solutions, which can make your partner defensive. Just listen for now. You might even ask, “Is there more?” to make sure they get everything off their minds. Next, give caring and validating statements such as “You have a lot on your shoulders” or “No wonder you’re anxious with all that going on.” One of these or something like it will show your partner you were listening and empathize with their emotional state. Sometimes feeling understood is all a person needs. Instead of offering solutions, offer your support. You might say “Is there any way I could help?” or “What would make things better for you?” If you have a really great idea you want to bring up, ask first. Say, “I might have an idea for the seating arrangement. Is now a good time to bring it up or should we wait for another time?” Your partner might be emotionally drained from your talk, and not ready to implement solutions at that time. Or, they may welcome new ideas to help with open arms.


End with a show of love. Ask “Can I give you a hug?” or “Thanks for talking to me” or “I love you for everything you do.” Don’t be afraid to bring up further help. Therapy has been shown to be helpful in reducing anxiety, however, it can feel awkward to bring it up. Try something like, “It sounds like you’re really struggling. Do you think talking to a professional would help?” or “I wish I could help more than I am. Do you think a counselor would have better ideas for you? We can find one.” The important thing to remember is that anxiety is treatable, and you can help your loved one by talking about the issues and being there to listen.

Anxiety is Treatable Help your loved one by talking about issues and being there to listen.

Jean Zelenko is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in communication skills, selfesteem and resolution of past traumas. Jean's purpose and meaning is doing therapy. She brings energy, excitement and a caring and loving nature to therapy. She has her own private practice, Confident Counseling Services.



CHELSEA and Nick were married on a gorgeous June day in Owensboro, Kentucky. Surrounded by family and friends, they said “I do” and celebrated with a reception held at the beautiful open air venue at Reid’s Orchard. The palette of natural earth tones, whites and natural greens blended perfectly with the all white backdrop of the interior. No visit is complete without one of Reid’s delicious slushies, and the bride and groom made a point to stop by the orchard store to enjoy a quiet moment for themselves. The day was a relaxed, casual celebration of their love as they began their lives together.




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SINCE 1961, Larry and Betty Hanselman have been the proprietors of the Schnitzelbank Restaurant, a well -known landmark in the predominantly German community of Jasper, Indiana. The Schnitzelbank Restaurant has gone through several transformations over the years and has evolved into a destination in itself, giving patrons an opportunity to dine in an “Olde World” ambiance. With the help of their six children, and now a new generation of grandchildren, the Hanselman’s businesses now include the Schnitzelbank Restaurant, Schnitzelbank Catering, the Schnitz Brewery & Pub, the Jasper Hampton Inn, and KlubHaus 61.

that adding the food aspect to his bar could help boost business. Larry and Betty moved the Schnitzelbank to the new location in 1971 and opened Schnitzelbank Restaurant. With the help of the local German community, old family recipes were gathered and added to the menu and are still used today for their traditional German menu items. In 1988, the Schnitzelbank was re-vamped, and the beautiful Glockenspiel was added to the front of the Restaurant.

Larry Hanselman’s great grandparents immigrated to the United States from Switzerland, and Betty Hanselman’s family emigrated from Bavaria, Germany around 1826.

After many years of hard work and dedication, Larry and Betty found themselves in charge of a booming business and six kids on top of it. The kids grew up in the restaurant. They learned early on the ins and outs of all the positions from bussing to keeping the world famous Salad Bar in tip - top shape. Larry and Betty’s oldest daughter Gail, and their youngest son Alan, are now Co-Owners of the Schnitzelbank Restaurant and its other companies.

Larry purchased the original Schnitzelbank in 1961 and ran it as a bar. It didn’t take long for him to realize

Their oldest son, Mark, saw the need for a catering addition in the community and helped start Schnitzelbank


Catering in the early 90s. Now run with the help of Larry and Betty’s daughter, Lori, The Schnitzelbank Catering is one of the most unique Catering services in the area, equipped with four mobile kitchens on wheels, allowing them to cook food hot on location for any type of event. Larry and Betty’s youngest daughter, Jill, is in charge of many of the day – to – day responsibilities of the Schnitzelbank Restaurant and keeps the Schnitzelbank’s unique gift shop flowing with everything from Cuckoo Clocks to German candies. After having helped with the Schnitzelbank for a number of years and having the catering up and running, Gail, Alan, and Larry decided it was time that they build the Hampton Inn right next door to the famed Schnitzelbank Restaurant. The Hampton Inn was opened in April of 1999. This would allow for guests to stay and enjoy the wonderful German Restaurant. The Hampton Inn is proud to boast that it’s the #1 Hampton Inn in the state of Indiana! In recent years, Gail and Alan saw their children returning home from college and decided it was time they expanded yet again. In 2013, they opened KlubHaus61, a large banquet facility used to host beautiful weddings and other events which is now run by Alan’s son, Nathan Hanselman, and, in 2015, opened the Schnitz Brewery & Pub which allows for the Hanselman clan to brew their own beer to serve at both the pub and the Schnitzelbank Restaurant. Alan’s oldest son DJ helps to run the Brewery and Gail’s daughter Shelby is helping to manage the restaurant part of the Schnitz Brewery & Pub and is also in charge of Sales & Marketing for the majority of the properties. To find out more, Like them on Facebook and visit their websites at:

www.schnitzelbank.com www.schnitzbrewery.com www.klubhaus61.com www.schnitzelbank.com/catering Photos courtesy of Schnitzelbank Restaurant



Stephanie Susie Photography

Photo by Equinox Photo

Shillawna Ruffner Photography Photo by Rae Photography


Photo by Equinox Photo

Photo by Equinox Photo

Photo by Rae Photography

Swarovski Bracelets Dillard’s Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography Fresh Floral Cuff Bracelet and Comb by Creative Touches

Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography Beaded Garter from House of White

Photo by Alisha Sims Photography Ring from Diamond Galleria

Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography Cake by Piece of Cake Bakery



OUTDOOR OUTDOOR weddings have their pros and their cons, but when you can make everything come together as planned, you can create one memorable event! So what are some of the factors that you need to take into account?

TIME OF YEAR In our region, couples start outdoor weddings as early as April and run them as late as November. Those early and late months, though, run the risk of severe low temperatures that could impact your big day. Severe high temperatures are also a risk during the mid-summer months, so a new normal that wedding vendors are seeing are couples choosing dates in May to early June and then again dates in September to October. These months have the most moderate temps for our area as well as a better chance for fairer weather.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Have a back-up plan in place. Weather is fickle around here, and while they say that rain on your wedding day is lucky, making your guests sit in a torrential storm isn’t exactly the best way to start off your new life together, so plan ahead. Think about alternatives where you could fit everyone in just in case you have to have a last minute change of plans. It might be an offsite location, or you might think about renting a tent from a vendor like Bauer’s Tents and Party Rentals, who can also supply your chair and table needs as well.

ADDITIONAL EXPENSES When you choose to have an outdoor wedding, you are starting from scratch, so you need to ask yourself, where do you plan to get your chairs from? If you are having the reception outdoors also, what about the tables? Will you go after hours that you need some sort of lighting? What about restrooms? Are you close enough to use the bathrooms at a facility close by, or will you need to rent portable ones? Make sure to line item out each thing that you will need and determine if you already own it, can borrow it, if you need to buy it, or if you can rent it. IS THE LOCATION WEDDING FRIENDLY FOR EVERYONE? Can your 90 year old grandmother manage to walk to her seat, or will she trip getting there? The site may have a rustic elegance that you love, but if the location starts to become a liability hazard to your guests, you may want to rethink the spot. The same consideration should be taken for any guests in wheelchairs. Think about accessibility for those who may need special consideration. REFRIDGERATION Outdoors = No indoor amenities, which means no fridge or freezer. So think ahead to how you are going to keep your drinks cold and your food safe. The FDA has a wonderful resource on outdoor food safety tips: https://www.fda.gov/Food/ ResourcesForYou/Consumers/ucm109899.htm GUEST COMFORT While an outdoor wedding might be your dream experience, having to wait while you get ready, and then after the ceremony, while you take pictures for an extended period of time, can be a taxing period of time for guests, especially if the weather or conditions are less than perfect. So think about providing small amenities like fans to make your guests comfortable while they wait.

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I COULDN’T tell you the exact date that I met Larry Hogan because he didn’t come into my life like the whirlwind style that some of my other vendor friends do. Instead, our friendship, my endearment for Larry, and my unwavering respect for him and his company grew over the years that I have worked side by side with him and his team at weddings, at tradeshows, and at other events. I have watched over the years as they have grown from DJ services to now beautiful uplights, a phenomenal photobooth service, and now additional video services, too. It is with sincere thanks to his son Nick Hogan, Rick Curry, and Brent Knight, that we share Larry’s story… Songbird Entertainment is one of the largest DJ/Entertainment companies in the Tri-State area offering a wide variety of services from their office located at 2751 US 41 North in Henderson, Kentucky. It began, though, as a home business operated from a single bedroom office started from the vision and drive of one man, Larry Hogan. At age 19, like many others in Western Kentucky, Larry went to work in the coal mines. He would remain there for the next 27 years. While working in the mines Larry made several attempts to start his own business like his father had done before him. Although he was unsuccessful, it did give him tools and experience that laid the groundwork for later success. The story of Songbird begins with karaoke. When Larry was laid off from the mine around 1994, he and his wife Becky, who loved to sing, liked to visit local karaoke nights. One of the places they frequented was Culley's Pub in Henderson, KY, where they met the karaoke host Walter Barron. Larry and Becky became regulars, but their acquaintance remained casual until Larry asked Walter for help to surprise Becky with a collection of karaoke music as a Christmas gift. Walter, who had already been running karaoke since 1990, and the Hogans formed a friendship that lasts to this day with Walter freely sharing the benefit of his experience and knowledge. This first Christmas gift also led to a continued drive to upgrade music and equipment, which led Larry and Becky to having a moderate PA and music collection of their own. They were often asked to bring their equipment to friends and neighbors’ get togethers. About this time Larry was also looking for a source of income for his son Nick, then a high school student. So he purchased a set of equipment and music for Nick to DJ parties for his friends. In 1997, when the job running karaoke once a month became available at the Morganfield Eagles where they were members, Becky came up with the name Songbird and the company was born with Nick, Larry, and Becky operating it out of their home. By 1999, Nick was staying busy, and Songbird was running four or more nights a week at The Eagles and The Depot in Morganfield and Hog Heaven on the outskirts of town. It was then that Larry stopped looking at Songbird as extra income, retired from the mines and made Songbird his


passion. Nick was later instrumental in convincing Larry to move into the digital age and replace cumbersome CD's with computers. From that point on, Songbird has continued to grow and expand. The main reason for this is Larry's ability to cultivate personal relationships into business relationships that benefit both parties much as Walter had with him. Larry's greatest talents include a vision and drive to be the best. He is also able to see the talents of others and put them in a situation that enables them to thrive. With an office staff of four and a DJ staff of 12, Songbird currently DJs for: wedding ceremonies and receptions, parties of all kinds, as well as school and corporate functions. They have two photobooths, and they also offer the following additional services: video slideshows, uplighting, videography, inflatable rental, and media transfer. For more information on Songbird, visit them online at: www.songbirddj.com or give them a call at: (270) 826-0722. Currently Songbird includes: 

An office staff of 4


12 DJ's that perform at - wedding ceremonies and receptions - parties of all kinds - both school and corporate functions


2 photobooths


Additional services include - Video Slideshows - Uplighting - Videography - Inflatable Rental


A Media Transfer Company

More than a successful Entertainment Company, Songbird is a group of friends who enable each other to use their gifts to benefit themselves but also make others’ special occasions even more so all because of the vision of Larry Hogan. Not content to rest on their laurels, Songbird continues to look for the next big thing and at the time of this writing have several projects in the works. Stay Tuned!!!

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NOT every bride wants to go out on the town for drinks and dancing for her bachelorette party. So consider a cooking class at Thyme in the Kitchen for your outing or next girls’ get together instead! Thyme in the Kitchen is located at 2308 W Franklin Street in Evansville, and you can contact them at (812) 437-2726 for more information or to schedule or to join a class. Photos: Rae Photography Location: Thyme in the Kitchen Styles: Schön Boutique Hair and Makeup: Emily Thiel




Lush Greenery Table Runner DIY DIY



SO YOU HAVE YOUR DJ TYPICALLY when you book a DJ company, they give you some type of paperwork or planner to fill out that kind of gives you an idea of how the night is going to go. This may be the end of the planning phase for some, but you want to make sure that whichever DJ you have chosen takes the time out to help you with all details of the reception. This may include song selection, placement of equipment at the venue, lighting, and order of events. Many of those details will be on the planner, but there is so much more than that to think about. You want to make sure that you and the DJ are on the same page. It is very difficult to accomplish that feeling through paperwork alone. We work with our brides in such a way that we feel like we get to know them on a personal level. After all, they have chosen to spend one of the most important days of their lives with us. Because that is so important, we meet with our couples at least two times before their reception to talk and go over the planner. We get to know subtle details about the couple through conversation such as where they met, what their hobbies and interests are, and of course, what their favorite types of music are. We feel that as DJs, we should be prepared to go in and speak as though we are friends with the couple. We don’t want a couple to feel like we are just hired help, because in all actuality, we are there to make sure that they have the

perfect day. So in continuation with the theme of doing your homework, fill out that planner. But most importantly, MEET with your DJ however many times you need to. They should be there for you along the way to help answer any questions you may have, help with song selections, and help make sure that your wedding is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. When it comes to deejaying, it’s not just about playing music. It’s about making certain that EVERY guest has a great time, and they have unforgettable memories to share for years to come. All About You DJ specializes in wedding receptions as well as private parties. We work with you to ensure that your entertainment is perfect for your reception. At All About You DJ, your wedding is not only important to you, but it is also important to us. We want to make your reception memorable for all those involved. We would be honored if you would consider allowing us to take part in making your big day special.

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DIY Moss Wall LOVE our moss wall from our Storybook Love inspiration shoot on page 23? Well, we are here to tell you how to make your own! You will need:

Instructions: We started by placing our plywood boards on sawhorses to get them off the ground and make it easier to adhere our moss sheets.

Tubes of Caulk (we used 6 tubes) or any type of heavy adhesive

Next we applied caulk to our board and adhered the sheet moss to it. Repeat with each sheet. Do not worry about lining the sheets up, they are not perfectly square so will not fit together exactly. Instead create a pattern and make sure that your board is mostly covered in the sheets.

A box of dried moss sheets (we purchased 3 boxes from Ziedlers Floral)

Then, fill in the gaps between the sheets by caulking in the assorted colored Spanish moss.

Bags of various green-colored Spanish moss (you can purchase these at any local craft and floral store)

Finally, allow the moss to completely dry before setting the board up.

A plywood board your desired height and width (we made 2 of them, each 5 ft wide by 8 ft high)

Photos by Esther Bloom Photography





MOST newly engaged couples have multiple decisions to make concerning the wedding location, guest list… and don’t forget the honeymoon! Another decision will include the purchase of your first home together. I have listed some basic tips below to help reduce the stress of this process. Review Your Credit: If you want to receive the best rates possible, you will need to have a credit score of 740 or higher. This is an excellent time to check your credit report to make sure it is in order. Your credit score can have a significant impact on your interest rate and your ability to be approved for a loan. Loans may be approved at lower credit scores, but may result in higher interest rates. Review Finances: Your housing payment will consume a large part of your income. It is very important to review how much money you have available for a down payment. I would suggest collecting information on funds available for down payment and income documentation. Lenders will normally expect your housing payment not to exceed 28% of your gross income and your total debt not to exceed more than 36%. Please keep in mind that you do not want to use all of your savings for a down payment. Obtain Prequalification from a Mortgage Lender: It is very advantageous when purchasing a new home to obtain a prequalification letter from a bank. This will indicate to your realtor and the sellers that you are approved and are serious about purchasing a home. A good loan officer will discuss what type of loans best fits your situation. It is important to seek out a knowledgeable lender to help you with the process.


Choose a Realtor: It is important to work with a qualified realtor. A realtor can give you valuable information on neighborhoods, market trends and will help with negotiating the best price and paperwork on the purchase of your home. Find a Home: Try to look at several homes that fit your needs and wants. Your realtor will help you with this process. It is important to remember that the purchase should be subject to a home and pest inspection. A home inspector will let you know if there are any major problems with home. The above tips are not an all-inclusive list, but it will help you start the process of finding a new home! With all of your upcoming wedding decisions it is easy to forget about finances. Newly engaged couples quite often do not think about finances until after they are married. Many couples have different perspectives on debt and money management. I would suggest that open and honest conversation concerning your current financial situation and how you want to manage your finances as a couple will provide strong foundation for your marriage. Dirk Danks, an Evansville native and Reitz High School graduate, attended Murray State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Dirk has over 30 years of banking experience in the Evansville area and has spent the last 27 years in the mortgage and consumer division helping individuals and families realize their dreams of owning a home. For the past nine years Dirk has served as the First Vice President of Retail Lending for United Fidelity Bank, headquartered in Downtown Evansville. Dirk and his wife of over 26 year, Shelly, have two children and currently reside on the Northeast side of Evansville.



Shillawna Ruffner Photography NuSoundz Entertainment Magic Mir ror Photobooth

House of White This Hayley Paige Occasions bridesmaid chiffon jumpsuit has a bloused bodice with curved V -neckline, side slits at hem, a gathered natural waist and is available in 18 different colors


Thyme in the Kitchen Mud Pie stamped cake serving set

Bauer’s Tents & Party Rentals Outdoor frame tent with tent liner



Brinker’s Jewelers We love this haloed pear shaped ring!

Haub Steak House Decadant Chocolate Cake

Donna Curry Esthetics The Norvell Arena is the ultimate spray tan equipment to help you achieve the most natural, just off the beach, customized spray tan you desire!

Nerium Age defying eye serum designed to target puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles

Mary Kay Facial cleansing cloths...because we should all be wiping off our makeup BEFORE we wash our faces!

Piece of Cake Cannoli Cake! After comparing several recipes and a little experimenting, they found the perfect combination and are excited for its debut.



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ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY Spring/Summer 2017  

Sharing the love in our beautiful River Valley Region! Check out ENGAGED! River Valley for inspiration and information as you plan your wedd...

ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY Spring/Summer 2017  

Sharing the love in our beautiful River Valley Region! Check out ENGAGED! River Valley for inspiration and information as you plan your wedd...