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Foreword Publisher Present Press B.V. Nijverheidsweg 7 4104 AN Culemborg Postbus 57 4100 AB Culemborg T 0345 - 750 200 F 0345 - 750 249 E I Board of Management Rob Kriegsman Barry Reede Traffic Yolande Deuss Account Management Henriette van Leipsig Jos van der Gun

Throughout the world the renewable energy industry continues to grow, both in importance and in size. Enfinity, founded only in 2005, specialises in solar energy, and has quickly grown to become a significant player in the renewable energy field. Enfinity develops, finances, constructs, operates, sells and maintains renewable energy projects across the globe. We are the largest independent company focused exclusively on solar energy, and among the world’s six largest developers and owners of solar installations. Enfinity’s goal is is to become a major leader in solar energy development and distribution; we know this can only be achieved by working in full partnership with our customers and partners. Accordingly, we will further strengthen Enfinity’s position in the coming years by continuing to expand our activities in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our recent continental organisation will enable us to

Editor Karin Jongkind

focus intently on that expansion - we are now a company of more than 200

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this mission.

Photography Herman van der Veer

employees with the knowledge, passion and commitment required to complete

Enfinity is also profoundly aware of its social responsibilities; we support sustainability projects at home and abroad that contribute to a safe and healthy environment.

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This magazine has been produced to celebrate Enfinity’s fifth anniversary. In the following pages we want to give you a glimpse into our world – our people, operations and history. I hope you enjoy reading our story. Steven De Tollenaere CEO Enfinity Group

Copyrights Without the prior written conf irmation from the publisher, the contents of this magazine may not be copied in whole or in part. The editor is not responsible for any imperfections.

This magazine is made of less environmentally harmful paper.

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About Enfinity Core business: - To finance, develop, build and operate ground or rooftop based solar power installations for the investors and business market.

-P  V Power Worldwide >230 MW, constructed and distributed in 8 countries in 3 continents -R  anked as 6th PV developer worldwide (source: PHOTON Consulting, 2011)

- To deliver PV systems (solar panels, inverters and assembly systems) for the private market via a


network of professional dealers.

- Group Headquarters in Waregem – Belgium -R  egional Headquarters in Atlanta – US and


Hong Kong - Asia

Enfinity is active in the downstream part of the photovoltaic value chain and covers all clients



Creating the best solutions for renewable energy to make it accessible and affordable to everyone

Key figures:

around the world

- Turnover 227 mio Euro in 2010 - Workforce of > 200 employees with highly qualified and experienced people

Structure: Enfinity has 5 business units: Invest, Develop, Technics, Trade and Power.

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Patrick Decuyper and Gino Van Neer - founders Enfinity

The beginning... an interview with Enfinity’s founders Gino Van Neer and Patrick Decuyper. Founded in 2005, Enfinity was the brainchild of

operation. I was in a good place - I had ten employees,

Gino Van Neer and Patrick Decuyper. The two

and there was a successful management team to run

entrepreneurs, friends since their student days, had

the day-to-day operations. But the dream of a

long been contemplating creating a joint venture.

collaborative venture with Gino still appealed to me.

By the end of the 1990s, Decuyper had completed

We saw each other often, and after one of our

his industrial engineering degree in electro-

evening sport get-togethers we wound up in an

mechanics and earned a post-graduate degree in

intense conversation about sustainable energy.

business economics. Gino Van Neer graduated as an agricultural engineer and earned an MBA in marketing at the Vlerick Management School.

“Back then our idea was to start a café, but ultimately we shelved that plan.”

Decuyper: “Back then our idea was to start a café, but ultimately we shelved that plan. After finishing

Through my work with the contracting company I

my studies, I first spent two years working for a

had a number of contacts in the sunshade sector and

construction contractor. When I was twenty-seven

knew that solar energy had a lot of potential. At that

I decided it was finally time to start a company of my

time a number of foreign suppliers were working on

own, and spent ten years building a successful

systems to convert solar energy into electricity.” >>

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Opportunities with solar energy During the same period, Gino Van Neer also had his own company – a successful marketing organisation. Via an exhibition center he met a solar cell manufacturer. Van Neer: “Patrick and I brainstormed intensively about renewable energy; we both believed that solar power had great potential. In 2005, there were virtually no Belgian companies involved in the solar business. We decided to make our dream a reality and looked into starting a business in the environmental field.” Decuyper: “There was a real gap in the market, so we drafted a business plan for the development of solar power stations and solar panels.”

seemed to be favourable, so we decided to take the gamble and start a new company. We chose the name

Van Neer: “We began with thorough market research

Enfinity, which combines the idea of ‘energy’ with the

and made many calculation models. The conditions

‘infinite possibilities’ of sustainable solar energy.” >>

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Residential installation by an Enfinity dealer

An enthusiastic start – and dealing with early challenges Decuyper: “In the beginning it was hard to get the

Van Neer: “In 2006, Enfinity began selling solar

business off the ground. People were positive about

panels. We had high expectations, but our first year

sustainable energy, but investors were hard to find.

was a disaster. We were operating out of our homes

Everyone saw the potential of tapping the sun as a

and hardly sold a thing.”

new energy source, but doubts ran high concerning the success of the technology. Help arrived from an

Development: A different business model

unexpected quarter. Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient

Enfinity quickly discovered that companies were

Truth’ helped increase awareness of the advantages

unwilling to make long-term investments in solar

and necessity of utilising renewable energy.”

energy. Prospects were only interested in short-term returns. Van Neer: “We decided to change our business model. Solar panels simply do not generate a return in the short term. These kinds of investments can only be written off after eight years. We therefore began looking for people who were willing and able to make longer-term investments. This quickly brought us in contact with Marc Dewaele of Lomat, a company >>

8 / enfinity

“With effective marketing support, we showed that solar energy is a long term investment with great benefits.”

located in Waregem (Belgium) specialising in yarn, polyester staple fibre, latex, etc. Marc Dewaele saw the potential in Enfinity and decided to risk investing in the young company. With his support we developed a simple yet very effective concept that enabled Enfinity to grow exponentially in a short period of time. Simply put, a company leased its building rights on the roof to Enfinity in exchange for payment. We then covered the entire roof with solar panels.

Marc Dewaele - business angel

The company then purchased the produced electricity from us for a price that was far more attractive than that offered by the regular energy producers. With effective marketing support, our marketplace began to see that while the purchase of solar panels is indeed expensive, it would be an investment with great benefits over the long term. Maintenance is minimal - and the sunshine is free!”

Villarrobledo - Spain - 2.268 MWp

Global player - Enfinity begins a period of accelerated growth Decuyper: “At the end of 2006, we had the opportunity to develop projects in Spain. Several of them were ground-mounted installations, rather than the rooftop arrays that we were used to; that was a valuable learning experience. By investing in solar, Spanish companies were able to “lock in” a fairly stable electricity price for 20 years, certainly lower than their regular rates. Furthermore, it allowed those companies to promote themselves as being ‘green’, which was good for their image.” >>

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Pillars of success In 2007, Enfinity found additional opportunities

Van Neer: “Our success rests on various pillars.

throughout Europe and became more active abroad.

First and foremost, we are active in sustainable

Solar installations were built in Italy, Spain, France and

economic solutions and we deliver those solutions

Germany in rapid succession.

internationally. The core of our philosophy is the conviction that solar energy is less expensive than

Decuyper: “We then crossed the ocean to establish

fossil fuels in the long-term. We work towards a

operations in the United States and Canada. To

cleaner environment and that not only gives us, but

finance these North American solar energy projects,

also all employees, an enormous kick.”

Enfinity worked with individual project funds, comprising investors and banks.”

“Today Enfinity is a global, professional organisation that is also an attractive employer for young, talented people with a background in IT, telecom and engineering.” Decuyper: “But that must never come at the cost of quality and the working environment. In the early years we learned the importance of enjoying running the business, and it must be enjoyable for the >>

10 / enfinity

employees as well. Without their efforts, this growth

solar energy. In recent years it has gathered extensive

and development would never have been possible. In

knowledge about solar energy, and closely follows the

those early years it was quite difficult to find the right

technological evolution of photovoltaics.

people for Enfinity - there were precious few who

‘Enfinity Invest’ is a leader in sustainable energy

believed in the new technology as much as we did.”

project financing. Thanks to its international network and solid reputation among financial institutions and

Van Neer: “We’ve come a long way since then. Today

investors, it is considered a professional and reliable

Enfinity is a global, professional organisation that is

player in the green industry. ‘Enfinity Technics’ installs,

also an attractive employer for young, talented people

maintains and inspects solar energy installations for

with a background in IT, telecom and engineering.

the business market. ‘Enfinity Trade’ delivers ready-

They are now more willing to make the move to a

made solar energy installations for the private market,

green sector company like Enfinity.”

offering a wide range of efficient solar panels and assembly systems. ‘Enfinity Trade’ collaborates with

Business units

an extensive network of authorised professional dealers.

Enfinity now has 5 business units: Develop, Invest,

‘Enfinity Power’ manages those solar installations

Technics, Trade and Power. ‘Enfinity Develop’

owned by Enfinity, competing with incumbent

develops renewable energy projects, with a focus on

electricity producers in the commercial market. >>




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The Future While Van Neer and Decuyper look back with pride on what they have achieved, they prefer to keep their eyes looking ahead. Van Neer: “We have always invested heavily in geographic growth, and that takes a constant stream of new capital. During the global economic crisis, it was not always easy to get projects funded. A capital injection of €50 million by investment company Waterland in 2009 gave us the financial resources to continue Enfinity’s international expansion. A surprising development is that Asian governments are ever more willing to provide financial support for renewable energy projects, while in Western Europe the subsidy stream is slowly drying up.” >>

12 / enfinity

Pioneer - Hanford (CA), US - 788 kWp

The fruits of a unique collaboration new challenges and a new direction.

and have many plans for the future. We want to grow into more regions like Africa, South America and Asia. We also want to continue to grow in parallel with renewable technologies. Solar panels are currently the stars on the renewable stage, but that will certainly change within the next ten years. We foresee that by then the world will mainly be running on green energy. Moreover, we have a number of business objectives for Enfinity, such as defending and

Decuyper: “Our rapid growth has been fantastic, but

strengthening our position by achieving greater

it also has a downside. I am an entrepreneur at heart,

cost-efficiency and cost-awareness, for example.

less so a manager. A responsible manager of a large

The latter is necessary because several government

company like Enfinity should focus more on risk

subsidies for renewable energy will be reduced or

management and business processes rather than pure

terminated in the near future. Furthermore, Enfinity is

innovation. Accordingly, we made some constructive

an important employer. The company currently

management changes; I am now chairman of the

employs over 200 people, but indirectly we are

Board of Management and will continue my

responsible for many more jobs. That responsibility

involvement in new projects in Romania and

is one we will gladly continue to bear in the future as

Bulgaria. Such a move has enabled me to become

Enfinity continues its journey.”

more involved with my community - I am now also general manager of first division football club Zulte

Gino Van Neer is still active at Enfinity today as CEO


for Asia; Patrick Decuyper was involved until March 2011 as CEO for Europe. Today he is chairman of


Enfinity’s Board of Management and general manager

Van Neer: “We are still far from finished with Enfinity

of Belgian First Division football club Zulte Waregem. VGP - Czech Republic - 2.9 MWp

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Milestones 1


3 1. Villarrobledo - Spain - 2.268 MWp 2007 - First PV installations outside Belgium 2. Residential - Belgium - 4.32 kWp 2007 - Launch of Enfinity Trade 3. Lidl - Gullegem, Belgium - 939.06 kWp 2009 - Signing of a pan-European deal with Lidl 4. Mc Bride - Ypres, Belgium - 1.2 MWp 2006 - First PV installation over 1 MWp


14 / enfinity



Picture: Dunhuang - 10,0 MWp



5. Verhelst - Oudenburg, Belgium - 4.2 MWp 2009 - A green makeover for landfill site.

Dunhuang Dunhuang

6. Dunhuang - China - 10 MWp 2010 - First Asian project 7. Artexis - Ghent, Belgium - 1.87 MWp 2010 - First Belgian exhibition centre operating on solar energy using thin film technology

About the project


Dunhuang, Gansu, Chine

The project site is located in QILI town of

• Location:Dunhuang,China

Dunhuang city of Jiuquan region in Gansu

• Installed capacity:10,0 MWp

province,which is a wide and flat Gobifield

• Irradiation:2.574 kWh/m

approx.13 Km away from Dunhuang city.The

• Performance ratio:79,50%


enfinity / 15

Milestones 8


9 8. Luciani - Puglia, Italy - 285.12 kWp 2010 - First ground-based Italian installation 9. Balta - Sint-Baafs-Vijve, Belgium - 4.385 MWp 2009 - Largest rooftop PV installation in the Benelux 10. VGP - Czech Republic - 2.9 MWp 2010 - Opening of first Enfinity Czech PV installation 11. Cardif - Buccinasco, Italy - 498 kWp 2011 - Enfinity full speed ahead as EPC-contractor


16 / enfinity

Verhelst, Oudenburg, XXX MWp




15 12. Pioneer - Hanford (CA), US - 788 kWp 2010 - Three school campuses cut energy costs by 77% 13. Solar Tunnel - Belgium - 4 MWp 2011 - Unique PV project over a high-speed rail tunnel 14. BIPV - residential - Belgium - 6.2 kWp 2011 - Launch of Enfinity integrated PV systems 15. Les MĂŠes - Les MĂŠes, France - 18.2 MWp 2011 - Largest Enfinity ground installation in Europe

enfinity / 17

Supply chain management – why logistics processes are a vital part of Enfinity’s business operations Vanderhaeghen: “Control over the flow of goods, based on supply chain management, is essential to our operations. Only then can we complete our projects on time, within budget and with the promised level of quality. Everything revolves around good planning: the amount of stock we must maintain, the volume and type of production capacity we must reserve, and the optimal sequence of the production steps. The purchase of the required materials is a critical factor in maintaining the established planning. Our purchasing professionals must obtain the highest quality parts for solar energy installations with the best possible terms.” Those who are familiar with supply chain management know that this market revolves around communication Henk Vanderhaeghen - COO Enfinity Group

and information technology. There are many software packages available to support these logistical processes. At Enfinity the focus is primarily on the

Logistics & Quality

planning systems. Vanderhaeghen: “The professionalism of our employees is also a critical success factor. Take for example the challenging negotiation process for the many different parts of the panels and the installations.

Henk Vanderhaeghen is Enfinity’s Head of Operations,

The entire team works continuously to achieve one

and his responsibilities in that role include logistics

goal: the best possible result for the customer.

processes. Along with Marc Wilmotte, Henk also

Enfinity has shown that with expertise, team spirit and

shares responsibility for ensuring the quality and

sound collaboration, it’s possible to be tremendously

continuity of the provision of Enfinity’s services.

successful.” >>

Enfinity’s European distribution center - Assenede, Belgium

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Guaranteed service life through quality assurance Quality is an important aspect of Enfinity’s products. That goes without saying, as the power installations and solar panels have to last more than 20 years. To guarantee such a long service life, a precise

and are therefore less of a burden on the environment.

production process is required. Numerous inspections

The ISO 14001 certification shows that environmental

throughout the production process are essential to

considerations are an important aspect of our

ensuring a long-lasting, high-quality product.

decision-making processes, even when it comes to

The subcontractors must also adhere to strict quality

energy consumption and waste management. Enfinity

assurance procedures.

follows the EMAS guidelines (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) in this regard. The EMAS declaration

Wilmotte: “For a company like Enfinity, environmental

is an independent assessment of the environmental

management is an important part of the quality

report, which details the organisation’s environmental

processes. Enfinity is certified in accordance with

performance. The EMAS scheme is intended to stimulate

ISO 14001. A good environmental management

organisations to implement an environmental

system helps improve both the business processes

management system and continuously measure and

and the everyday environment. It all revolves around

improve their environmental performance.”

having the vision to look ahead and make thoroughly considered decisions. For Enfinity, good environmental


ISO 14001

management also means we purchase new machines



that may be more expensive but consume less energy Enfinity 18 De Maele:pp

20 / enfinity



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Enfinity 13 3E:pp



Enfinity 14 KBC Lease:Enfinity

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Enfinity around the world

Americas Enfinity America Corporation Head Office 2 Concourse Parkway Suite 505 Atlanta, GA 30328 United States

2010 – The Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ontario goes green, with plans for a PV rooftop installation.



2011 – Start of the ambitious Stardale project, over 30 MWp. Atlanta

2011 – Enfinity partners with Carleton University in Ottawa for PV research. 2010 – Launch of three ‘solar schools’ in Hanford, California.

enfinity enfinity / 23/ 23

Enfinity around the world

Europe Enfinity Group Head Office Enfinity Group Henri Lebbestraat 188 8790 Waregem Belgium

2011 of awith newsocial UK 2010––Opening First deals housing offi ce in providers the UK.




Milan Aix-en-Provence

Madrid 2011 – Inauguration of Enfinity’s largest ground PV project to date.

2008 – Inauguration of first Spanish projects in Villarrobledo.

24 24 / / enfinity enfinity

2010 – Inauguration of VGP PV installation.

2011 – Official launch of the Enfinity inverter.


Tel Aviv 2011 – Inauguration of several Italian plants.

enfinity enfinity / / 25 25

Enfinity around the world

Asia Enfinity Asia-Pacific Head Office Enfinity Asia Pacific Limited 1705-06 Office Tower, Convention Plaza 1, Harbour Road Wanchai Hong Kong

2009 – Start of the Dunhuang project.




Hong Kong

Manila Chennai

2010 – His Royal Highness Prince Philippe of Belgium visits the Enfinity office in India.

26 26 / / enfinity enfinity


2008 – Signing ceremony of first Vietnamese contracts.

Canada Aviation Museum – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – 295 kWp.

USA Both the United States and the province of Ontario in Canada are fast becoming a focal point of global photovoltaic (PV) industry attention. As PV system costs fall, electricity prices rise and project financing becomes more available, this market is inching closer

The growing investments in the US and Canada in PV projects naturally became areas of interest for Enfinity.

to reaching its potential as a major centre of global PV demand. The U.S., with its growing list of states

We brought together Rafael Dobrzynski (Enfinity

investing in PV projects, and the province of Ontario

Americas CEO), Wim Goethals (Enfinity Americas

with its aggressive feed-in tariff (FIT) programme,

Chief Financial Officer) and Martin Gavin (Senior

naturally became areas of interest for Enfinity; offices

Project Manager). We asked them for their thoughts

were established in the Americas in 2008 and

about the PV market in the Americas.

successful PV projects followed in Ontario and California.

Can the PV industry really expand and thrive outside of the ‘sunshine state’ California? Dobrzynski: “California was the first state to implement financial incentives to support PV development, and the U.S. PV market has grown from that foundation. Now we’re seeing a more mature and expanded PV market, with the focus of activity shifting slightly away from California, and that’s a crucial change of perspective; it means that it won’t be alone in supporting market growth over the next few years. >>

28 / enfinity

“Obviously, maintaining a good working relationship with the local utility company is essential for PV projects to succeed.” The growth of secondary markets such as New Jersey,

Pioneer - Hanford (CA), US - 788 kWp

Arizona, and Colorado has energized the PV marketplace. There’s a great deal of development activity and we’re part of that environment. This trend will continue which can only mean a successful, thriving PV market outside of California. Nevertheless, California will remain the bedrock of PV activity and demand, especially in utility-scale installations. It’s going to be an exciting time, filled with opportunities and challenges such as dealing with individual states, each with its own unique regulatory structure and approach to incentives. Our Enfinity Americas team is flexible and capable enough to handle those demands.” What are the key drivers in the successful completion of Enfinity Canada’s biggest project ‘the 30 MW Stardale installation in East Hawkesbury, Ontario’? Gavin: “It’s all in the details. Getting a design firm with relevant PV system experience involved early, is an important factor. Then we ensure that the design package is not only buildable, but also includes functionality for operating the PV generation plant. Site development - clearing, grading, drainage work, road construction – is critical and performing this work early can avoid problems further down the road. Obviously, having a clear path to interconnection with the local utility company is important, and utility interconnection requirements need to be understood, addressed and resolved very early in the design and engineering process. When it comes to equipment and services procurement, having those supply agreements in place early helps us to move the project along smoothly. We retain contractors that have relevant PV experience so that we can deliver a safe, high >>

enfinity / 29

quality and on-schedule project. All this cannot happen without a high quality project and construction management team, comprising the owner, prime contractor, major contractors and subcontractors. With such a team working together, a solar PV project like Stardale stays on course, overcomes challenges and is completed successfully.”

“The Enfinity model, where we add value at multiple downstream points, sets us apart from the crowd and will help establish Enfinity as a market leader.” How has the structure of PV financing changed since Enfinity first entered North America? Goethals: “We entered this market at the peak of the credit crisis, when there was clearly a dearth of capital ready to invest in Solar PV, especially on the

Rafael Dobrzynski

US tax credit equity side. Since then, the situation has almost reversed itself, with money (debt and equity) now in search of quality projects. After a brief hiatus,

Looking beyond 2011, how will Enfinity fit into the

almost all of the traditional players returned to the

Americas PV market?

market and we are seeing some interesting new

Dobrzynski: “I think we are very well positioned to

entrants as well. Compared to some other geographical

become a key player in the Americas PV market. We

markets, these investors are sophisticated and

have been able to demonstrate an impressive range of

experienced, and know exactly what to look for in

projects and experience in Europe, and that has been

a project, a developer or EPC-contractor. There is a

a valuable asset when we are meeting with potential

strong focus on proven track-record, a robust pipeline

customers here. As we have grown, our Americas

and a healthy balance sheet, all factors that help us to

projects with municipalities, school districts,

further solidify our competitive position here in North

commercial buildings and utilities have shown that


we can deliver real results in an environment where financing has been hard to find. I think the Enfinity model, where we add value at multiple downstream points such as financing, development, EPC or asset management, sets us apart from the crowd and will help establish Enfinity as a market leader.” What is the key to Enfinity’s continued success in the Americas? Dobrzynski: “Having the right team, making the right connections and then executing with precision.”

30 / enfinity

enfinity 04 Waak 2:pp



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WAAK Metaal & Assemblage 1700 enthousiaste medewerkers, een flexibele organisatie, 45 jaar ervaring en know-how, een integrale aanpak, 80 000 m² productieruimte en vooral meedenken met Enfinity als partner.


Heirweg 125 BE-8520 Kuurne


We give you a gebruik maken van onze diensten draagt bij tot duurzame tewerkstelling van personen met een arbeidshandicap Enfinity 20 Trino Solar:Enfinity



Pagina 1

Volledig geïntegreerde productiefaciliteiten. Co-engineering op maat. Grote flexibiliteit en efficiëntie. Sterk gestructureerd met oog voor kwaliteit.

Top quality at an attractive price When it comes to sales, Enfinity distinguishes between consumer-oriented activities and commercial/ industrial projects. Although the final objectives are the same - the installation of solar panels and installations to generate electricity - each requires a different approach. Rik Missault is Head of Trade business unit, which focuses on the sale of panels and network distribution for the residential market. Missault: “Those sales take place via authorised dealers and installers. They work almost exclusively for Enfinity, and in Belgium alone we have more than 60 dealers. This makes us the market leader for retail sales in Belgium. These dealers receive the products from Enfinity’s central warehouse. We are also an important player in many other European countries, such as France, Italy and the UK. Every country has its own particular requirements and therefore demands a specific approach. In France, for instance, the panels must be integrated into the roofs, so we adapt the products accordingly. In the UK it is the inverters that Rik Missault - Head of Enfinity Trade

require a technical modification. We have a sales office in each country, which is responsible for both the product management and technical support. For every country, though, reliable delivery of the solar panels and installations is the most important criterion: customers demand stable supply levels and top quality at an attractive price, with optimal technical and marketing support. Our business unit is continuously committed to, and focused on, delivering this promise.”

Adding significant value to Enfinity products through an exceptional warranty Missault: “Our solar panels and inverters come with a 10 year warranty as standard, whereas our competitors don’t go over 5 years. We’re able to offer this warranty because we maintain such strict quality parameters.” >> 32 / enfinity

Enfinity 19 Fronius:Enfinity



Pagina 1

Products under private label

Enfinity has the right economy of scale to be able to deliver its products at a highly competitive price. The company is also able to maintain sufficient stock in its own warehouses to meet customer demand. To further strengthen its market position, Enfinity began offering a complete line of private-label products in early 2011. European quality controls are stringent, and that adds extra value to the Enfinity brand name. Enfinity has extensive marketing knowledge and expertise and is therefore able to provide its dealers with effective and timely support.

Product development Enfinity strives towards continuous innovation and quality. This can be seen in the development and launch of new products, such as our own product line of solar panels and inverters. Moreover, we always use the latest technology available.

enfinity / 33

Enfinity solar systems Our own extensive range of high performance monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules is fully accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Enfinity modules come with a 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty as standard.

Vallediaccio - Puglia, Italy - 313.92 kWp

A chat with... Francesco Zorgno, Head of Enfinity Italy What are Enfinity Italy’s strengths?

players in our sector. Some of them may change

Zorgno: “We share the passion and energy that you

their core business, some will resize and others will

see throughout Enfinity; we are a young and fast

disappear. This is to be expected in a country where

growing company, and I think our customers and

we had huge growth and plenty of opportunities

partners appreciate that level of enthusiasm. Our

for many players in the PV value chain. Most of

most important strength is certainly our employees -

these players will follow the same strategy as us and

they thrive on working in a changing and competitive

concentrate on rooftops and medium-sized projects

environment. We are an integrated player, so we can

throughout Italy. We will certainly also see a reduction of

handle every phase of a PV project. In Italy not all our

profit margins, and this could cause some problems

competitors can offer such a broad range of services.

for those players less integrated as Enfinity. We are in

We enjoy good name recognition everywhere and

the position to decide where and how much margin

Enfinity Italy is in a much better position than a few

we include in a PV project.”

years ago. We can still select our partners and that is very fortunate.”

How will the new feed-in tariff scheme impact the Enfinity strategy in Italy?

What do you believe will happen in the PV sector in

Zorgno: “In Italy we still have one of the most

the coming months?

attractive feed-in tariff schemes in Europe. There

Zorgno: “In Italy we will see a redefinition of the

were some important changes made in August 2010 >>

36 / enfinity

(the Third Conto Energia) so we started working on a different strategy at the end of last year: more focus on medium-sized projects, and principally rooftops. We are bringing the experience we gained in Northern Europe back to Italy. The latest draft of the legislative decree issued in April of this year (the Fourth Conto Energia) confirmed this trend. So these are the projects that show the highest potential in terms of return, and that can assure a long and profitable future for Enfinity Italy.” Which is the most important characteristic for survival in the new European scenario? Zorgno: “You need to have the flexibility to respond quickly. Integration will certainly also be a key success factor in the coming months and years. This enables us to choose the phase at which we enter a project, as we are able to handle any or all of them.

Francesco Zorgno - Head of Enfinity Italy

Consequently, we can also decide which step will generate our margin. This is very important: nonintegrated companies can face great difficulties reaching their profit objectives in this new scenario.” Enfinity 5 - Chignolo (PV), Italy - 3.3 MWp

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Bert Bernolet is the director of Solar Without Borders. He says “It’s a fantastic organisation, which together with other Belgian and international charitable organisations works to improve the living conditions in developing nations. I came into contact with Solar Without Borders during college. My school sponsored a project in Togo that involved placing a single solar panel and control system in a small village to provide the hospital with electricity. It was a very small project, but the impact on the entire village community was enormous. I continued to be involved with the foundation, and during my internship at Enfinity I was also able to interest Patrick and Gino in these development activities. In 2008 I decided to focus all

Socially responsible

my energy on Solar Without Borders. Enfinity supported my decision and by that time had become an important sponsor. With the support of Enfinity and other companies, Solar Without Borders has now installed 18 projects in eight countries. The foundation supports these projects by providing the knowledge

Enfinity supports Solar Without Borders

and experience to perform the necessary calculations,

There are nearly a billion and a half people in the

by purchasing and delivering the materials, and by

world without electricity, mainly in central Africa,

arranging the transport and installation of the panels

India and Eastern Asia. Solar Without Borders is a

and control systems. In total, 140 solar panels have

non-profit organisation that intends to help improve

been installed in countries such as Mongolia, Senegal,

this situation. The organisation provides assistance

Kenya, Togo, Benin, Guatemala and Tajikistan. These

in these developing countries for the installation of

solar installations represent a total production

solar panels to establish vital supplies of electricity.

capacity of approximately 14,000 kWh of electricity

The solar energy is primarily intended for community

and have helped improve the living conditions of

purposes, such as hospitals, schools, orphanages and

around 40,000 people.”

community water systems. This is of real importance, as the development of health care facilities is directly

In Togo the work of Solar Without Borders even goes

dependent on a working supply of power.

a step further. “We recently established our own

Hospitals require electricity for light, sterilisation and

production unit for solar panels. The local population has

refrigeration for the storage of medicines. Electricity

been trained to build and install solar panels themselves,

is also essential for schools and water pumps.

and these are sold to the villages in Togo.”

38 / enfinity

Solar sponsorship for sport Enfinity is also active in sponsoring sporting clubs:

Sport is also an integral part of Enfinity’s culture.

in Belgium we are the shirt sponsor of football club

Company employees compete annually for the

Zulte Waregem (where, since early 2011, Patrick

Enfinity Cup – primarily a football competition

Decuyper has been responsible for the daily athletic

developed to strengthen team spirit and serve as an

and commercial management operations of the

enjoyable social event. Traditionally, the Enfinity

Jupiler Pro League team).

Cup day always ends with everyone watching a Zulte Waregem game together.

Zulte Waregem plays at a highly-competitive level and receives a lot of media attention. Through its sponsorship, Enfinity contributes to the growth of the football club. This also allows the company to promote its activities and increase its brand awareness among the public at large and in the corporate world. This also holds true for the

Winner Amstel Gold Race / Liège - Bastogne - Liège / Flèche Wallonne / Flèche Brabançonne - Philippe Gilbert

company’s co-sponsoring of professional cycling team Omega Pharma-Lotto, which is active throughout Europe. Philippe Gilbert, one of the racers in the Omega Pharma-Lotto team, has since won a considerable number of important cycling Spring Classics races (2011).

enfinity / 39

Win solar gadgets Solar Biker

A super kit for all bike lovers. As soon as light reaches the solar cell he starts pedalling, just watch him go. A high-performance solar cell provides the power. Loads of fun for all ages.

Solar Led Lantern

Ideal for walking, camping and travelling. You’ll never get stuck in the dark with this rechargeable LED light. Fully charged, good for over 9 hours of light! As a backup it also operates on batteries.

Solar Battery Charger

Perfect for adventurers who like the open air and the comfort of having their small electrical appliances close with them. Charges up to 4 AA or AAA batteries with solar energy or with USB.

‹ Universal Solar Changer

Great if you really want lots of connectivity. You can charge your iPod, PDA, cell phone, MP4 player, camera,... All commonly used sockets are provided for.

WANT TO WIN ONE OF THESE GREAT GADGETS? All gadgets were kindly provided for by the Solar Shop. More information: De Solar Shop – Haverhegge 10, 6225 JN Maastricht, +31 43 3111370,,

40 40 / / enfinity enfinity

Send an e-mail to and answer this question correctly: “Who’s the Enfinity Group CEO?”

Integrated solar systems Enfinity’s three new complete integrated PV systems, offering important architectural benefits, are suitable for the residential and semi-commercial market, and come with a 10 year warranty as standard. All three systems are available in ‘full black’ or standard aluminium.

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Re-inventing the inverter We supply a wide range of inverters to suit all types and sizes of residential PV installations and offer our products at highly competitive prices, with excellent efficiency ratings and a 10 year warranty as standard.

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Enfinity's 5th year celebration magazine  
Enfinity's 5th year celebration magazine  

In its short 5 years, Enfinity managed to become the 6th largest PV developer worldwide. To celebrate this, Enfinity created a celebratory...