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Negotiations are an integral component of work life. In this one day negotiation training program, professionals of all levels gain negotiation skills for use in any career. You practice tactics with fellow participants in a variety of situations. We explore how real-world challenges can be solved through enhanced negotiation abilities.


Topics covered: • Personal negotiation styles. • Understanding alternatives and when to walk away from a deal. • The importance of relationships in negotiations. • The challenge of transforming competition into cooperation. • Dealing with emotional and irrational situations. • Building coalitions and getting around opposing parties. • Hidden biases and other psychological factors in negotiations.

Diana Buttu is a lawyer specializing in negotiations, international law and international human rights law. Buttu is an instructor at Harvard Extension School. Early in her career, Ms Buttu worked as a negotiator on the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, serving as the only female negotiator during her five year tenure. Ms Buttu was a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and at Harvard Law School. She also held a fellowship at the Stanford Center for Conflict Resolution and Negotiation.

Who should enroll: Anyone who negotiates with other employees or external parties and wants to learn how to work better with others. Professionals at all levels benefit from this program.

Buttu holds a BA from the University of Toronto, a JD from Queen’s University in Canada, an LLM from the University of Toronto, a JSM from Stanford University and an executive MBA from Kellogg Northwestern School of Management.

Tue. 6th of Feb. 2018 9:00–16:30 Standard registration fee: 119.900 ISK.


DO’S AND DON’TS IN NEGOTIATION SKILLS In this three hour negotiation lecture, professionals of all levels get insight into negotiation skills for use in any career.

Who should enroll: Anyone interested in negotiations. Professionals at all levels benefit from this lecture.

Topics covered: • Negotiation styles. • Understanding alternatives and when to walk away from a deal. • Examples of emotional and irrational situations. • Hidden biases in negotiations.

Wed. 7th of Feb. 2018 9:00–12:00 Early registration fee: 25.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 29.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 28th of January 2018


R.H.Y.T.H.M. SALES TRAINING PROGRAM At the heart of RHYTHM Sales training program is experience learning. This means the participants will be engaged in new learning strategies that they can play out within their allocated groups. This is a practical way of embedding the learning into the unconscious, so that new knowledge can be employed in real life situations.



The RHYTHM Sales Method is delivered using Peter Anderson’s “Pulse Learning System” which encourages analysing real-life experiences, selecting the appropriate areas for change, and finally, mentally defining the action needed for implementation.

Peter Anderson is director at R.H.Y.T.H.M. Sales in the United Kingdom and a Learning and Development consultant. He is a TEDx Speaker, author and workshop leader. Peter is passionate about helping people that need to sell, and enabling them to face their growing pains with confidence. With a background in the performing arts, education, and coaching he guides clients to strengthen their sales mind-set to achieve their targets.

The program starts by giving participants the foundation to feel comfortable in role-playing. This provides the opportunity to look at different sales scenarios, analyse behaviours and test out alternative approaches to the sales process. Not only will we be looking at the sales process that passes through building relationships, uncovering clients´ needs, and benefit selling and closing, but also the emotional resilience required to cope with the mentally demanding industry of sales.

Anderson lived in Iceland for ten years while working at the Iceland Dance Company, as a dancer and a choreographer. During his time in Iceland he worked for UNICEF on the Day of the Red Nose and worked extensively on other projects.

What will you learn: • How to analyze behaviors and test out alternative approaches to the sales process. • The importance of emotional resilience required to cope with the mentally demanding industry of sales. • Different techniques that help create and build physical, mental and knowledge-based rapports with your clients, which will improve sales results. • How to ask open ended questions, stay on subject and reduce erroneous assumptions that can prevent a potential deal. • Practices in placing yourself in a “Yes and” mind-set, so that you can increase your listening skills while adding value to the decision-making process. • Mental strategies to strengthen your thought process and emotional awareness while navigating through the demands for sales targets.

Wed. 7th and Thu. 8th of March 2018 12:30–16:30 Early registration fee: 99.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 119.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 21st of February 2018

Who should enroll: Sales managers and sales people who want to increase their sales targets while creating emotional resilience and well-being.


LEADING DIGITAL -STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT IN AN ERA OF DIGITAL DISRUPTION A two-day Executive Masterclass providing participants with highly practical tools and frameworks for leading in an era of turbulent digital change and disruption. Your organization does not need a digital strategy, it needs a better strategy for the digital age.


Digital enabled transformation has become the number one challenge facing organizations today. As we move from the ‘WHY’ to the ‘HOW’ of transformation, a new breed of senior executive is urgently required - ‘Leaders for the Digital Age’; senior executives who combine high level business knowledge, experience and understanding with the ability to implement transformation strategies fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives. Leaders who possess the confidence and personal skills to drive digital enabled organizational change.

With over 35 years International Management experience, Jim is widely recognized as a leading expert on digital disruption and digital business transformation. He has successfully delivered on a broad range of consultancy assignments around the World. Co-coordinator of the Digital Leadership module on the University of Edinburgh and University of Strathclyde MBA Programs, Jim has held Visiting Professorships or delivered Senior Executive Programs all around the world. Author of several books and numerous papers, he is Owner and Director of Hamill Associates Ltd, a leading digital transformation consultancy business.

Topics covered: Content is structured around five key themes: • The Digital Landscape. • Strategy Development for the Digital Era. • Key Actions and Initiatives. • Implementation and Performance Measurement. • Leading in a Digital Era.

Mon. 12th and Tue. 13th of March 2018

Who should enroll: CEOs and Senior Executives, from both the private and public sectors, business owners wishing to exploit the full potential of digital technology, middle managers responsible for developing and implementing digital strategies, junior managers and recent graduates wishing to develop careers as Digital Leaders and those already working in a digital sector, requiring to update their skills and knowledge.

9:00–16:00 Early registration fee: 195.000 ISK. Standard registration fee: 234.000 ISK. Last day of early registration: 12th of February 2018




Wed. 14th of March 2018

Wed. 14th of March 2018



Early registration fee: 34.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 41.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 12th of February 2018

Early registration fee: 34.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 41.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 12th of February 2018 4

ADVANCES IN STRATEGIC DECISIONMAKING Successful people are successful because they make better decisions. Fortunately, decision-making skills can be improved.


The course is designed to enhance decision-making and strategic thinking in the managerial, professional, financial and private sphere, and to help participants manage complex and turbulent environments.

Dr. Anna Gunnthorsdottir received her PhD from the University of Arizona under economics Nobel laureate Vernon Smith and senior game theorist Amnon Rapoport. She has been on the faculty of major universities world-wide and has among other things consulted regarding risk, identifying market bubbles, coalition building, national foreign strategy, and defense. She lives in Arizona.

The course applies recent discoveries in behavioral game theory, behavioral economics, behavioral finance, and strategic thought. The focus is practical: Improving participants‘ decisions for an immediate and broadly applicable competitive advantage in the managerial, financial, strategic and personal realm. This is achieved through increased awareness and personal insight. Topics include; identifying your personal decision-making style, genetically based decision-errors that are common to all humans but can be eliminated by knowing about them, using these decision-errors on others who are not aware of them, group decisions, understanding and navigating through mass phenomena such as political and economic turbulence, bubbles and crashes. The course concludes with a brand-new topic formerly considered unscientific but now reliably supported by research, namely developing one‘s intuition.

Who should enroll:

The course is designed to convey a broad personal and professional competitive advantage. It is therefore of interest to anyone who wishes to improve decision-making, strategic thinking, and leadership skills.

The course consists of seminars, guided discussions, and teamwork.

Thu. 15th and Tue. 20th of March 2018 8:30–12:30

Topics covered:

Early registration fee: 99.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 119.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 5th of March 2018

• Individual decisions - Common decision errors and how to avoid them. - Politics: Making use of the fact that others are prone to decision errors. - Your personal decision-making style. - Controlling own emotion and exploiting others‘ emotions. - Watching out for unproductive subconscious motives. • Making decisions as part of a collective - Madness and wisdom of crowds. - Resisting political manipulation and playing politics. - Keynesianism or free markets? - Market bubbles and crashes. - From supposed superstition to red-hot research topic: how to discover and leverage your intuition. 5

SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF - TWO DAY PROGRAM Please join the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) for two days of personal and professional development focused on building healthy mental habits for sustained high performance and wellbeing.


Developed at Google and based on the latest in neuroscience research, the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program teaches attention and mindfulness training that build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership.

Gabriele Andler is the founder of an Institute for Yoga and Mindfulness in Germany and works internationally as an executive coach and trainer. For the majority of her 24-years at SAP Software Solutions, she was a Global Consulting Director in Retail and personally understands the challenges of corporate environments. Her long-standing mindfulness practice has helped her lead herself and teams through an increasingly complex and fast-changing world. Gabriele is passionate about establishing mindfulness as a facilitator in the corporate world to increase well-being, success and leadership. She has taught numerous SIY-courses internationally and serves as a teacher and mentor with SAP Global Mindfulness Practice.

We help professionals at all levels adapt, management teams evolve and leaders optimize their impact and influence. Give us your attention for a few days, and we’ll show you how to focus it for the rest of your life. Curriculum:

The SIY curriculum includes: • Neuroscience • Mindfulness • Emotional Intelligence • Leadership We’ve implemented our programs in dozens of organizations across industries and around the world using highly practical and scientifically proven methods of mental conditioning and attention training that improve overall emotional intelligence and wellbeing, resilience, creativity, communication, productivity and personal and organizational leadership. Search Inside Yourself is now accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Coaches now receive 12.58 Continuing Coaching Education credits when attending SIY!


Tue. 24th and Wed. 25th of April 2018

Vasco Gaspar believes that a new world is possible in organizations, where wise and compassionate leaders are really able to lead towards the future as it emerges as well as to inspire people to flourish into their highest human potential, igniting a real (r)evolution in teams and organizations. With a toolbox filled with cutting-edge awareness-based technologies his dream is to co-create that future, something he has been doing in the last 12 years at several organizations around the world as a Facilitator and with the general public as a Social Entrepreneur.

9:00–17:00 Early registration fee: 195.000 ISK. Standard registration fee: 234.000 ISK. Last day of early registration: 27th of March 2018


THE ADVANCED TEAM SKILLS WORKSHOP Teams are increasingly used in business, and in the public and nonprofit sectors, to tackle more challenging issues that require a diverse set of skills. Teams can be a highly effective way to address complex challenges – and they are quite often a very challenging way to do work.


This program is intended for people who currently work on and lead teams and would like to learn strategies and tactics for improving team dynamics and performance - it focuses on managing the complexities of working in groups, including intact teams, work groups, project teams, task forces, and management teams.


Margaret Andrews is the managing director of Mind and Hand Associates, a management consulting firm. Margaret is the former Associate Dean for management programs at Harvard University Division of Continuing Education. She teaches Managing Yourself and Others and Management Consulting at Harvard Extension School. Earlier, Andrews was executive director at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where she managed the MBA program.

Topics covered: • Common team dysfunctions and how to manage/work through them. • Sources of conflict on teams. • How conflict can be beneficial (or destructive) to a team’s success. • Effective communication in teams. Who should enroll: This program is beneficial to anyone currently managing teams that understands the fundamentals of teamwork and wants to deepen their team skills. Intact, ongoing teams are highly encouraged to attend together.

Thu. 3rd of May 2018 9:00–16:30 Early registration fee: 99.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 119.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 4th of April 2018


LEADING OTHERS Who should enroll: This program is intended for practicing managers that are interested in becoming more effective in managing and leading others toward fulfilling organizational goals.

Leading others is a difficult endeavor. What often appear to be simple, straightforward principles can be deceptively difficult to implement. Designed to help practicing managers become more effective leaders, this one-day program delves into the fundamentals of leading others to accomplish an organization’s goals.

Wed. 2nd of May 2018

Topics covered: • Leadership principles • Power and influence • Leading for long-term results

9:00–16:30 Early registration fee: 99.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 119.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 4th of April 2018 7

RAPID SOFTWARE TESTING Rapid Software Testing (RST) is a mind-set and a skillset focused on performing testing more quickly and less expensively while still completely fulfilling the mission of testing. RST is a complete testing methodology, designed for a world of barely sufficient resources, information, and time. It’s an approach to testing that begins with developing personal skills and extends to the ultimate purpose of software testing: lighting the way of the project by evaluating the product.


How Is This Course Different: The Rapid Software Testing course is an intensive threeday, hands-on class, in which you spend much of the time actually testing, working on exercises, puzzles, thought experiments, and scenarios—some computer-based, some not. The goal of the course is to teach you how to test anything expertly, under extreme time pressure and conditions of uncertainty, in a way that will stand up to scrutiny.

Michael Bolton provides consulting, training, coaching and other services in software testing for companies, teams, and individuals world-wide. Since 1998, he has been providing training and consulting services in testing and quality to organizations in Canada, the United States, and around the world. Since 2006, he has been co-author (with James Bach) of Rapid Software Testing and Rapid Software Testing for Managers.

The philosophy presented in this class is not like traditional approaches to testing, which ignore the thinking part of testing and instead focus on narrow definitions for testing terms while advocating never-ending paperwork. Products have become too complex for that, time is too short, and testers are too expensive. RST uses fast feedback and heuristic approaches to re-optimize testing constantly and to fit the needs of its clients.

From 2006 through 2009, he was Program Chair of TASSQ, The Toronto Association of System and Software Quality. In 2008, he was the Conference Chair for the Conference for the Association for Software Testing. In 2013, he was Programme Chair for the EuroSTAR, Europe’s largest testing conference.

What you will learn: If you are an experienced tester, you’ll find out how to reframe and articulate those intellectual processes of testing that you already practice intuitively. If you’re a new tester, hands-on testing exercises will help you gain critical experience.

Tue. 10th, Wed. 11th and Thu. 12th of April 2018 8:30–16:30 Early registration fee: 259.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 299.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 13th of March 2018

Who should enroll: Anyone who feels driven to be an excellent software tester or software test manager.

Companies and organizations which register five or more participants per course get 20% discount of the registration fee


MASTERING DAX WORKSHOP This three-day workshop is a complete course about the DAX language. DAX is the native language of Power Pivot for Excel, Power BI Desktop and SSAS Tabular models in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012/2014/2016. The training is aimed at users of Power Pivot for Excel, Power BI Desktop and at Analysis Services developers that want to learn and master the DAX language.


The goal of the course is to teach all the features of the DAX language, providing the knowledge to write formulas for common and advanced business scenarios. All the attendees will receive a copy of the new book The Definitive Guide to DAX (publish date: July 2015).

Alberto Ferrari is a Business Intelligence consultant. His main interests lie in two areas: methodological approach to the BI development lifecycle and performance tuning of ETL and SQL code. His main activities are with SSIS and SSAS for the bank, manufacturing and statistical areas. He is also a speaker in international conferences such as the European PASS Conference and the PASS Summit. He has achieved the unique SSAS Maestro certification.

Prerequisite: Attendees need to have a basic knowledge of the data modelling in Power Pivot for Excel, or Power BI Desktop, or Analysis Services Tabular modelling. A prerequisite for the course can be the participation in a SSAS Tabular or PowerPivot Workshop, or having an equivalent real-world experience.

More info at www.sqlbi.com/alberto-ferrari

What you will learn: • Creating DAX expressions for measures and calculated columns. • Querying Tabular models, Power BI and Power Pivot workbooks by using DAX. • Creating advanced data models in Power Pivot and SSAS Tabular by leveraging on DAX features. • Practicing in hands-on lab sessions assisted by our teachers.

Mon. 7th, Tue. 8th and Wed. 9th of May 2018 9:00–17:00 Early registration fee: 259.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 299.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 26th of March 2018

Who should enroll: Power BI users with some experience in creating models in Power BI. Minimal knowledge of the DAX language is required.

UPCOMING • Hospitality courses in cooperation with Lausanne Hospitality Consulting • Design of Moisture Safe Buildings – Practical Building Physics


DevOps FOUNDATION In cooperation with Global Knowledge Denmark This course is an introduction to DevOps. The course emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, and automation to improve the workflow between developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows lead to more opportunities to design software and services in a more agile fashion which can only be good for customers. No previous knowledge of DevOps is required.


The course will leave you with the inspiration to be the advocate of change; the idea is that what you have learned about DevOps - and continue to learn – is shared with others so that you can guide them.

Duncan Anderson has been a Best Practice Training Consultant at Global Knowledge UK from the year 2009. Duncan was selected itSMF ITIL® Trainer of the Year at the itSMF conference in London in 2012. He first encountered ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) whilst managing branch technology for an insurance company in the 1990s. He joined the training industry in 1998 and has undertaken a number of roles and delivered courses in all sectors worldwide.

The course is followed by an examination leading to the award of the DevOps Institute “DevOps Foundation Certificate”. The exam will take place on Saturday the 28th of April from 11-12. Note that the exam is not included in the course price and those who are interested need to register separately. What you will learn: • Objectives and concepts. • Company benefits. • Performance criteria and results in the real world. • DevOps principles. • Concepts and methods. • Cultural and organizational considerations. • Methods of communication and collaboration. • Methods for automation and technology factors. • Considerations when changing. • Challenges, risks and critical success factors.

Thu. 26th and Fri. 27th of April 2018 9:00–17:00 Early registration fee: 195.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 234.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 24th of March 2018

Who should enroll: • Those engaged in IT development, IT operations and IT service management. • Individuals wishing to have detailed understanding of the principles of DevOps. • IT professionals working in an Agile environment or will do, and who need a detailed understanding of the interaction between Agile and DevOps. • Individuals who want to understand the cultural changes DevOps entails.


OCD IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS This workshop will focus on assessment and treatments of pediatric OCD, Obsessive-compulsive disorder. We will cover the main aspects of diagnosis and assessment, especially assessment of severity with the Children´s YaleBrown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale (CY-BOCS). However, the main focus will be on cognitive-behavioral treatment in the form of exposure and response prevention and how it was conducted in the Nordic Long-term OCD Treatment Study (NordLOTS).


Topics covered: • Important aspects of assessment and diagnosis, including differential diagnosis and severity assessment. • Using cognitive-behavioral treatment in the form of exposure and response prevention with children and adolescents. • Preparing exposure exercises. • Insight in handling complex cases of OCD. • Parental interventions to support ERP.


Who should enroll: Clinical psychologists, child psychiatrists and other mental health professionals at all levels will benefit from this workshop.


Mon. 11th and Tue. 12th of June 2018


9:00–16:00 Early registration fee: 124.900 ISK. Standard registration fee: 149.900 ISK. Last day of early registration: 11th of May 2018




Fri. 23rd and Sat. 24th of Feb. 2018

Fri. 16th and Sat. 17th of March 2018



Early registration fee: 76.000 ISK. Standard registration fee: 83.600 ISK. Last day of early registration: 13th of February 2018

Early registration fee: 76.000 ISK. Standard registration fee: 83.600 ISK. Last day of early registration: 6th of March 2018


The advantages of attending a masterclass at Continuing Education:




ENHANCES NETWORKING Masterclasses have received excellent reviews – on average a total of 9.3 points out of 10

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 – 17:00 Further information and registration at endurmenntun.is or tel. 525 4444

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Masterclasses in English  

Masterclasses in English in spring 2018 at Continuing Education University of Iceland.

Masterclasses in English  

Masterclasses in English in spring 2018 at Continuing Education University of Iceland.