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Endeavor Jordan’s Guide to HIGH-IMPACT Mentoring


Impact Mentoring

About Endeavor

Established in 1997, Endeavor is a global non-profit organization headquartered in New York that supports high-impact entrepreneurs around the world by providing them with key ingredients to entrepreneurial success such as strategic advice and access to a world class mentorship network.













Through the guidance that Endeavor offers, entrepreneurs can tangibly impact their communities, generate new job opportunities, bolster their countries’ national wealth, inspire others to innovate, and contribute to private sector development. Endeavor now supports 917 high-impact entrepreneurs from 585 companies in 20 emerging and growth markets who created over 225,000 jobs and generated over $6.0 billion in revenues in 2012.

Endeavor launched its operations in Jordan in 2009 and is leading the way in supporting high-impact entrepeneurship. Today, Endeavor Jordan supports 19 Endeavor Entrepreneurs representing 13 companies from varying industries, and continues to search for more high-impact Jordanian entrepreneurs to support through our local and international networks.










Global Impact

$6.0BN 225K+ Revenues generated by Endeavor Entrepreneurs in 2012

High-quality jobs created by Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Local Impact

$103MN 1.8 K Revenues generated by Jordanian Endeavor Entrepreneurs in 2013

Jobs created by Jordanian Endeavor Entrepreneurs


High-impact Mentoring Endeavor’s mission is to accelerate High-impact Entrepreneurs; this is only possible through MENTORING

FACTS Our Mentors are a network of business leaders, industry experts, academics and entrepreneurs who help screen and mentor entrepreneurs. Mentors and Endeavor Entrepreneurs are very much interlinked. Over 2,500 business leaders and executives globally serve as Endeavor Mentors.

General ROLES of Endeavor Jordan Mentors Be a role model: Promote an entrepreneurial culture that ties into Endeavor’s model. Practice the highest ethical standards and be transparent in all actions. Be an advocate:

Between 2012/2013, Endeavor Mentors globally provided entrepreneurs with 50,000+ hours of mentoring.

Support Endeavor Entrepreneurs by providing strategic advice to assist Entrepreneurs with their business challenges.

Between 2012/2013, Endeavor Jordan Mentors provided entrepreneurs with 197 hours of mentoring.

Promote Entrepreneurship and Endeavor in media interviews and conferences. Participate in conferences, case studies, and other programs designed by Endeavor to reach the wider community. Refer companies to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Mentors Contribute to Endeavor Jordan’s Sustainability Model in Multiple Ways Each member has different interests and commitments – there is no single best engagement profile. The below are the different ways in which Mentors can contribute:

SELECT Second Opinion Review (SOR) Interviews with candidates who have passed the First Opinion Review in the selection process. Duration: 1 to 2 hour meeting; 4 to 6 meetings a year. Local Selection Panel (LSP) A panel composed of mentors who conduct group interviews with candidates and deliberate at the end who should advance to the International Selection Panel. Duration: full day event; up to 3 local panels a year.

SUPPORT AdHoc Coaching Provide support when an entrepreneur has questions about a specific topic. Duration: 1 to 2 hour meeting; 5 to 6 meetings a year. Advisory Board Member Advise Endeavor Entrepreneurs strategically and provide needed checks and balances for their business. Duration: 2 to 3 hour meeting; 4 to 6 meetings a year.

MULTIPLY Role Model & Advocacy Participation in the media and forums to share best practices and expertise to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture. Frequency: No interviews or scheduled events. Mentors will be consulted according to their availability.

SELECT Second Opinion Review (SOR) WHAT: Interviews with candidates who have passed the First Opinion Review (FOR) in the selection process. WHY: SOR is at the core of the selection process. It serves the dual objectives of mentoring and evaluating the candidates.

ROLES: Mentors will attend the interview with an Endeavor staff. The staff will lead the conversation and take notes. BEST PRACTICES: Prepare: Interviews are much more effective when mentors read the candidate profile and prepare questions before the session.

HOW: Each interview, in general, lasts for an hour. Mentors are expected to fill in the SOR Scoring Sheet. PRE WORK: A candidate package consisting of the candidate profile and Scoring Sheet will be sent at least 3 days prior to the interview. OUTCOME: Mentors recommend whether the candidate is fit for the Endeavor Selection process. Some mentors will also recommend another mentor whom he/she thinks will best suit the candidate for upcoming SORs.

“Truly a rewarding and fun experience. Thank you for including me.” Luay Abu Ghazaleh, Panelists – Local Selection Panel

Local Selection Panel (LSP) WHAT: A panel composed of mentors who conduct group interviews with candidates and deliberate at the end who should advance to the International Selection Panel (ISP). WHY: The LSP process serves the dual objectives of evaluating the candidates and providing candidates with feedback on how to improve their business model as well as how to perfect their business pitch. HOW: The LSP is typically held on a weekday from 8.30am to 4pm. There will be up to three local panels annually. Panelists are expected to fill in the LSP Scoring Sheet. PRE WORK: An info pack with agenda and detailed profile of candidates will be sent 3 to 5 days prior. A 30 min Panelist briefing will also be held at the start of the LSP.

OUTCOME: Mentors will provide feedback on candidate’s pitching, financial alignments, and future plans. Mentors also assess candidate’s qualifications to join the ISP. ROLES: Panelists will pair up with other panelists to conduct the interview. Panelists will lead a Q&A session and provide the candidates feedback after each session. Staff will act as time keeper and note taker. BEST PRACTICES: Prepare: Interviews are much more effective when panelists read the candidate profile and prepare questions before the session. Facilitate connections: As you read the profiles and go through the interview process, ask yourself if there is anybody you know that the candidates should meet.

SUPPORT AdHoc Coaching WHAT: Provide support when the entrepreneur has questions about a specific topic. WHY: At the heart of Endeavor’s model is the world-class network built to support entrepreneurs. Mentors provide entrepreneurs with advice, support and inspirations. HOW: Each session, in general, lasts for 2 hours. There are no specific templates to be filled in for mentoring sessions. PRE WORK: Mentors will be sent a brief about the company and entrepreneur’s questions. OUTCOME: Mentors will provide entrepreneurs with needed advice or facilitate connections to ensure entrepreneurs receive the support they need.

Panelists from Endeavor Jordan’s 1st Local Selection Panel – June 2009 From left:

Ali Al–Husry, Laith Al–Qasem Fadi Ghandour, Maher Kaddoura Safwan Masri

ROLES: Mentors will attend the mentoring session with a staff. The staff will provide all necessary background information regarding the entrepreneur. The mentor’s role is to advice and support the entrepreneur. BEST PRACTICES: Prepare: Mentoring sessions are much more effective when mentors familiarize themselves with the entrepreneur’s needs and challenges before the session.

Kharabeesh Advisory Board Members Ihab Hinnawi, Walid Tahabsem

Advisory Board WHAT: Provide in-depth counseling and guidance on strategy, industry and specific topics of interest to help entrepreneurs grow their business efficiently. WHY: These strategic sessions help entrepreneurs validate their ambitions, prioritize their problems, and build an action plan to address their strategic and operational priorities. HOW: Quarterly meeting, each lasting 2 to 3 hours. There are no specific templates to be filled in for these strategic sessions. PRE WORK: Mentors will be sent a presentation about the company, meeting agenda, and any materials from previous strategic meetings prior to each meeting. OUTCOME: Mentors collaboratively advise the entrepreneur on specific challenges and general strategies.

Challenge direction as the entrepreneurs consider pivoting the business model and provide outside perspective to help mitigate risk. Develop, refine, and review the growth strategy to link the entrepreneur needs to the menu of Endeavor services. ROLES: The roles of mentors are dependent on the needs of the Endeavor Entrepreneur; mentors can act as advisors, motivators or someone who holds the entrepreneur accountable for his/her goals and targets. BEST PRACTICES: The success of the session is very dependent on the Entrepreneur, as he/she will lead the discussion. However, mentors should still familiarize themselves with the Entrepreneur’s needs and past progress.

MULTIPLY Role Model & Advocacy WHAT: To inspire entrepreneurs to grow and multiply their impact and advocate high-impact Entrepreneurship. WHY: Mentors can be a source of inspiration not just through the knowledge they share but also a real-life example of giving back and multiplying impact beyond the business. HOW: Participating actively in Endeavor events, recommending potential entrepreneurs and mentors, advocating high-impact entrepreneurship through public speaking sessions (seminars, media interview, workshop, etc). PRE-WORK: Understanding and embracing the Endeavor mission and spirit of mentorship and building a community/ecosystem.

Mentors & Entrepreneurs DealMakers’ Weekend

OUTCOME: Building a mentorship culture among Endeavor Entrepreneurs and within the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan. ROLES: Mentors play an ambassadorial role for Endeavor and high-impact entrepreneurship. BEST PRACTICES: A vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is dependent on full engagement of all stakeholders. However, mentors play a key role by inspiring other entrepreneurs to give back to their community.

Meet Our Network Endeavor Jordan Board Members

Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Endeavor Jordan Mentors Abeer Qumsieh Founder & Director, Better Business

Luay Abu Ghazaleh CEO & Managing Partner, Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property

Akram Khreis Founder & CEO, International Beverages Consultancy

Majd Shweikeh Founder & President, Masharek 360

Alaa Rady Co-Founder & Managing Director, Enmaa Financial Services Amer Nasereddin Co-Founder & CMO, Primus Costandi Yaghnam Founder & Vice Chairman, ElZay Ready Wear Manufacturing Co. Emile Cubeisy Founder & Managing Partner, Silicon Badia Ennis Rimawi Chairman, Millennium Energy Industries Fadi Kawar Acting Chief Alliances & Partnerships Officer, Etihad Etisalat Haytham Kamhiyah General Manager, Capital Bank Humam Mufti Co-Founder & Chairman, STS Imad Ayoub CEO, Cyberia Group Imad Bukhari CEO, THE Group Imad Malhas Founder & CEO, IrisGuard Inc. Jumana Twal Founder & CEO, Bidaya Corporate Communications Karim Kawar President, Kawar Group Karina Haum Owner & Managing Director at Act and Echo Corporation Khaled Irani Founder & CEO, E2E Kim Abu Jaber CEO, Fuad Abujaber and Sons Laith Al-Qasem Chairman, Arabian Business Consultants for Development

Majda Al Labadi Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, Hikma Pharmaceuticals Majed Sifri CEO, Optimiza Majied Qasem Co-Founder & CEO, d1g.com Nabil Nazer Chief Investment Officer, Ghassan Ahmed Al Sulaiman Development Company Nadim Kayyali Partner, Eversheds Amman Nicola Billeh Human Resources Director, Nuqul Group Omar Hamarneh Executive Chairman, iPARK Omar Sati Managing Director, DASH Ventures Rami Adwan CEO, Electronic Health Solutions Saad Mouasher Senior Deputy CEO, Jordan Ahli Bank Samar Obaid Transaction Advisory Services Partner, Ernst & Young Jordan Sami Shalabi Head of Engineering, Google Digital Publishing Platform Samih Toukan Chairman & CEO, Jabbar Internet Group Taghreed Shunnar Founder & CEO, Professional Effective Solutions Walid Faza Investment Manager, Mena Venutre Investments Yousef Khalilieh Managing Partner, Rajai Dajani and Associates Law Office Zaid Ayoub Director, R TMZ Investments Inc

Endeavor Jordan Staff

Rasha Manna Managing Director Rayan Ghosheh Marketing & Events Manager Tamer Al-Salah Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager Leen Nabulsi Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Senior Associate

“if people aren’t calling you crazy, you aren’t thinking big enough” Linda Rottenberg Endeavor Co-Founder & CEO

Support the Cause


“We are seeing a robust start-up scene in Jordan, but if our target is to be creating more jobs, our focus needs to be on scale-ups� Ali Al-Husry Chairman Endeavor Jordan

info.jordan@endeavor.org endeavorjo endeavorjordan www.endeavorjordan.org

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