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Mississippi State University has reached a pivotal time in its history.

Mississippi State University is an institution on the move, boldly investing resources to bring innovative areas of study to its students, encouraging its faculty to conduct research that will make a global impact, and stimulating the state with service activities. As Mississippi’s leading institution, the university is bringing innovation to the forefront of education. Since first established as Mississippi A&M College in 1878, the institution has made great strides to serve the people of Mississippi. For 135 years, Mississippi State University has become increasingly important to its home state. As time goes by, it has furthered its reach across the nation and around the globe, benefitting society along the way. In 2012, Mississippi State marked the land-grant heritage it was founded upon. MSU was among 18 institutions presented at the prestigious Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., in celebration of the historic Morrill Act leading to the establishment of land-grant colleges and universities. Some of MSU’s outstanding academic areas were featured because they illustrate the technologies, contributions and service of today’s land-grant. In recent years, Mississippi State University has evolved into a Carnegie “Very High Research Activity” institution that is using the tools of high-performance computing, biotechnology and materials science to continue the land-grant mission. MSU also has been perennially ranked above other Mississippi

institutions among America’s best colleges by Forbes magazine. Students from all 50 states and more than 70 countries comprise the university’s enrollment. MSU also encompasses top faculty in their fields who engage the diverse student population as teachers, researchers and mentors. Across the university, great students, esteemed faculty and groundbreaking programs are assisting MSU as it builds its reputation. Many of the university’s eight colleges and schools are featured in this MSU Foundation annual report publication for the innovative coursework, programs and areas of expertise they offer as a vast slate of continual knowledge for students. These focus areas are a “cut above” others in Mississippi and outside our state, and we proudly showcase them for you. Mississippi State is a changing university, and philanthropic support is moving it forward. Whether you are a parent, an alumnus or a friend of the institution, there are many reasons to take pride in the university. The strides we are making in our tri-fold mission of teaching, research and service are certainly among those reasons. The innovative areas accessible through our window into the university reflect MSU’s ability to capture interest as it competes to become an upper echelon national institution. By exploring Mississippi State, you will learn how Bulldogs are shaping our society and understand how your support is crucial as the university improves life across the world.


College of Agriculture & Life Sciences A PI C T UR E O F PRO GR ESS


MSU faculty improve animal health with thermography research.

What if Mississippi State University’s beloved mascot Bully exhibited symptoms of extreme fatigue? A handheld electronic thermal camera could do a noninvasive scan of the animal and determine if he shows any signs of environmental effects from the Mississippi heat. If Bully experienced heat stress, the proper care would quickly be administered within the university’s Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Scott Willard, professor and head of the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology and Plant Pathology, is using breakthroughs in Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) to care for Bully and many other animals on the MSU campus through his teaching and research endeavors. “We are blazing the trail at Mississippi State by finding out what DITI technology, or thermography as it is commonly known, can and can’t do to assist us in agriculture, medicine and other areas,” said Willard, a 13-year member of the university’s animal and life sciences faculty. The exploration of thermography at MSU is heating up with research conducted by faculty and students that benefits life on a daily basis. Thermal imaging can be used to diagnose a wide range of disease and developmental and injury-related conditions in humans, plants, livestock and other species. The MSU program has definitely set itself apart. The research was highlighted as an interactive display at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C., marking the 150th anniversary of the founding of land-grant colleges. The well-received exhibit demonstrated how this technology captures images that visualize temperature gradients or radiant

energy in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Thermography is a noninvasive technique that allows the examiner to quantify changes in surface temperature through the detection of the infrared emissions, creating a thermal map by remote sensing. Specialized cameras capture temperature gradients and produce images showing temperature variations across the skin of a human or coat surfaces of an animal. “When viewing thermography, hot doesn’t always mean ‘bad,’ so interpretation is key to using thermography productively and in the right manner,” said Willard, who has led MSU’s thermography research since 2001. “Abnormal or asymmetrical temperature distributions can be used as indicators of underlying problems with blood circulation or inflammatory responses.” There are many uses for this research within and outside of Mississippi State. Over a decade ago, MSU established one of the first facilities in the agricultural, animal and veterinary sciences and began a Biophotonics Initiative, funded by the USDA, which was a precursor for work with thermography. In other areas of the globe, sophisticated thermal imaging devices are used in medical, industrial and military applications. Thermal imaging research continues to move forward with Willard, who joined Mississippi State University in 1999 as a professor of reproductive and environmental physiology. He and his colleagues create and modify devices that use heat and light as indicators of animal physiology based on needs generated in their research program. “I started with a very low-end camera in the infancy stage of our program, and it has been exciting to see the technology


develop and use it in a much broader way. It is also surprising to see what more it can show us,” Willard said. MSU currently uses one of the most sophisticated cameras available for thermal imaging, and prices of cameras can reach around $60,000. Simply put, thermography works with digital interfaces on a computer generated from the infrared cameras, and the more sophisticated the camera the greater the resolution or definition of what can be seen, and the greater the potential for research progress. The Biophotonics Initiative, which has used thermography as a central technology to the program, has spawned other grants and initiatives for research. A Mississippi University Research Authority, or MURA, company was created to capitalize on some of the commercial applications, and few other programs can match the state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment that has been amassed at MSU. Thus far, the use of thermography as a research tool by Mississippi State has been funded by additional grants from the National Science Foundation, the USDA and others. The innovative research greatly benefits the university’s Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station. Thermal imaging is used on the university’s livestock—primarily cattle and horses. It is also used by MSU in environmental studies of wetland areas, wild bird studies, and in cooperation with regional zoological institutions where noninvasive technology has great value. The noninvasive nature of thermal imaging makes the technology well suited for studying farm animal welfare in particular. Willard and his team often conduct body surface scans for heat stress research in beef and dairy cattle and determine an animal’s heat load to assess welfare and comfort. They also perform scans for detection of mastitis in dairy cattle, which are infections of the mammary glands, and shoulder injuries in horses, among other types of ailments. Thermography is advantageous in the detection of injuries much earlier than conventional methods, allowing professionals to treat them sooner. For instance, cattle can be screened prior to entering the feedlot for detection of sick animals and


as a predictor of growth and feed efficiency since sick or ailing animals make poor producers, Willard said. MSU researchers aren’t alone in their need for devices that can be used to monitor large animals without having to physically handle the animal to acquire data. Some of the university’s external research partners are in need of thermal imaging for captive species. Willard and other MSU faculty and students collaborate with The Memphis Zoo in Tennessee, and SeaWorld theme parks. Whole body and foot scans are commonly used for diagnostics in elephants and limb assessments in giraffes. MSU also partners with companies in Tennessee and Texas to research tropically adapted beef cattle in the U.S. Virgin Islands to increase production from the area. “MSU strives to remain a front-runner in thermal imaging, and we have great opportunities in the Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine to lead this field in animal agriculture,” Willard said. Mississippi State’s push to create spin-off companies based on university research provided a strong catalyst for Willard and an associate, Anna Chromiak, manager of facilities and research for the Biophotonics Initiative, to start their own company. The Remote Animal Monitoring Solutions Co., founded by the pair, received a grant from the Thad Cochran Endowment for Entrepreneurship. Based at MSU, the endowment seeks to help potential companies grow to spark economic development in the region and state. The grant helped cover startup costs associated with the new company. Willard believes establishing the company is a win-win situation for the university because it allows him to explore innovations in research that he can transition into the classroom and the public eye. A great way to demonstrate the exciting technology of thermography, Willard said, is through engaging the use of the technology in all aspects of research, teaching and outreach. Following thermography application, there are always unanswered questions, and Willard continues to challenge his students and research partners to discover the answers.

College of Architecture, Art & Design A PL AN FO R TO MO R ROW


Architecture design center reaches out to Mississippi residents.

Monday, Aug. 29, 2005, will forever be a day etched into the memory of Mississippians. Hurricane Katrina hit the state with a force this country had never seen, leaving behind scars that will last for decades. In response to dire need, the Mississippi State University College of Architecture, Art and Design leaped to assistance and opened a base for rebuilding and reconstructing the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “We worked under a lot of urgency in the beginning to help rebuilding efforts in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties,” stated David Perkes, director of the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio (GCCDS), and faculty member for the School of Architecture. “We wanted to help create resilient and sustainable communities and be an effective part of the reconstruction process.” Perkes, who has been with MSU for nearly 20 years, was living in Jackson when the hurricane hit. At the time, he was managing the Jackson Community Design Center as part of the fifth-year program for architecture students that worked with inner city neighborhoods in the state’s capital. After Katrina, Perkes felt it was the duty of the state’s only architecture program to assist with restoration of the storm-ravaged coast. Mississippi State quickly formed a design studio that had a primary goal of rebuilding, but also constructing good, livable and desirable neighborhoods. Aligned with the MSU’s mission of learning, research and service, the GCCSD operates as a branch of the university that provides community outreach and design.

“We wanted to provide architectural solutions that were structurally sound, energy efficient, and made the best use of the surrounding environment,” added Perkes. “Our hope was to make good decisions in planning the reconstruction that will have long-term benefits for the region.” A team of architects, city planners and landscape architects make up the staff of the GCCDS. With numerous government and non-profit partners, the group is slowly helping families and communities restore their lives. Since its establishment in 2005, the GCCDS has worked on over 200 new homes and over 100 home renovations that are either completed or in progress. “Our work represents more than just a building,” stated Perkes. “Each home or structure carries a story and represents change in an area that has hurt for so long.” One of Perkes’ favorite projects is the Bayou Auguste Greenway Restoration in East Biloxi. The GCCDS partnered with the city, Biloxi Housing Authority, Biloxi Public Schools and others to begin a planning and implementation process that addresses habitat health, public access and science education. The GCCDS has leveraged funds from city and federal partnerships along with volunteer service to clean up pollution, restore natural tidal zones, and provide a nature park with educational and research opportunities. “This project is helping change the way the community thinks about their habitat,” Perkes commented. “It is amazing to see how everyone from city officials to residents to elementary school children have come together to restore this piece of land. We are providing the vision and continuity, but it is their


efforts that is making this plan a reality.” Another aspect of the work done by Mississippi State on the coast is research on the construction and sustainability of commercial and residential structures. The GCCSD is currently working on several projects with federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Department of Energy. For three years, the GCCDS has teamed up with DHS on flood proof construction. They designed and built a full-scale facility and flood tank to look at technical issues with construction, and also analyze the effect of flooding on insurance, cost, building inspections and building codes. The group has also worked closely with FEMA on researching temporary disaster housing, an issue that has national impact. “Our research will help reshape the temporary housing requirements, and help develop cost effective alternatives to FEMA trailers. This will not only affect how the government responds to a crisis in our area, but how they respond across the nation in the future,” explained Perkes. In addition to research and outreach, MSU is providing a unique learning opportunity for architecture graduates. The GCCDS offers a one-year internship with the College of Architecture, Art and Design that culminates in a certificate in public design. Young professionals with a specific interest in public design work alongside GCCDS staff to learn how to address design needs in the community. MSU is creating a model program that will take the notion of community service in public design to a new level. The internship is gaining a national reputation, and the group recently received over 150 applicants for one position. Support for the GCCDS comes from numerous public and private partners. The majority of the operational costs of the GCCDS are provided through government grants, which provide the structure and direction for specific projects undertaken by the group. Additional funding comes from MSU and private sources.


A gift from the Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation to the College of Architecture, Art and Design covers tuition and a salary stipend for participants in the internship program. “Gifts from private sources provide flexibility and allow us to go after projects that wouldn’t otherwise happen. They also help us maintain an ongoing effort so we don’t have to start and stop a project when the grant funding begins or ends,” said Perkes. However, additional funding is needed to sustain the progress made by the GCCDS over the last seven years. Support to this group not only propels Mississippi State as a leader in architectural education, but also affects the state of Mississippi as a whole. The benefits of the work of the GCCDS will be seen for generations to come on the Gulf Coast. The studio is providing a model and leadership for rebuilding and long-term planning, while restoring hope for the community. “Our goal is to take the programs and procedures that have been established, build them up, and provide a better quality of life for the coast communities,” Perkes stated. “We have a commitment to serving the local community and are involving them in our work. This will have long-term buy-in and lasting affects for the entire region.” The university’s commitment to developing and improving our state and region remains strong. Through the work of programs such as GCCDS, MSU’s reach is extended far beyond the boundaries of Starkville and Oktibbeha County. As the School of Architecture and GCCDS continue to provide innovative services to citizens of Mississippi and beyond, the reputation of the university will garner national recognition and respect. For more on the MSU Gulf Coast Community Design Studio or to read stories on their projects, please visit

College of Arts & Sciences A CHANGE I N T HE AI R


Bright skies in forecast for university meteorology program.

Weather forecasting was different before 1986, when Mississippi State University’s broadcast meteorology program was initiated. The Internet was not easily accessible for everyone, and fax machines were the most common way of receiving weather reports and maps. However, meteorology and climatology professor Dr. Charlie Wax didn’t see this as an excuse for the subpar weathercasts that he frequently observed on television. Many on-camera weather forecasters didn’t have meteorology degrees in the 1980s or even the early 1990s, but Wax wanted to change that. He’d been teaching climatology and meteorology at Mississippi State since 1979, but a degree program was not yet in place. With little money to start a meteorology program, Wax and others within the university decided to begin with distance education classes. This program granted meteorology certificates to people who were already on television providing weather forecasts, but typically lacked formal weather training. After receiving a $2,000 grant, Wax bought a video camera and a television so he could record his lectures and send them to his distance students. The distance learning program became a huge success and created revenue for an on-campus program that merged the science of meteorology with the art of broadcast communication. The first of its kind, the broadcast meteorology program began in 1988 with three students. “If you ask me, Mississippi State University not only adapted to the changes in meteorology in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but we were responsible for the changes,” said Wax. “After

we had granted certificates to hundreds of on-camera meteorologists, stations started to expect that level of education from their weathercasters.” The broadcast meteorology program started on the grounds of foresight and innovation, and has continued to excel because of its inventive and cutting-edge direction. Unlike many other meteorology programs, Mississippi State has a studio specifically for the broadcast meteorology students instead of sharing with other departments, and it is open for practice 24 hours a day. Students are also required to take four classes that focus on television forecasting where they work with the most up-to-date technology for weather graphics and radar. “Our climate lab really makes Mississippi State’s program unique,” said Renny Vandewege, instructor of broadcast meteorology. “Whether students want to use the computers to analyze the dynamics of a severe storm coming through the area, study for an upcoming test with fellow students, or make a resume tape at 3 a.m., it’s available to them.” One meteorology student taking advantage of the studio is senior Ryan Hoke of Louisville, Ky. “One way our broadcast meteorology program is cutting edge is our digital television training,” said Hoke. “We can record our broadcasts directly to a computer and immediately upload them to the Web. This allows us to get critiques and tips outside of the studio, and it gives prospective employers instant access to this video.” In addition to the already pioneering digital recordings, the broadcast meteorology department began using Hudl for the


first time this year. Long used for football programs to analyze games, MSU will now use it for students to upload their videos and professors can critique the performance over the Internet through voice-overs and digital illustration during the video. Because of these modern advancements, Mississippi State is attracting outstanding students and faculty to the broadcast meteorology program, all while creating a stellar reputation for itself. “Other schools reached out to me, even ones in my home state of Kentucky, but none could match the financial and academic incentives that Mississippi State University put forth,” said Hoke. “MSU became my first choice after visiting during my senior year of high school. I instantly fell in love with the well-organized meteorology program, the like-minded professors and instructors, and the beautiful campus.” A Presidential Endowed Scholarship also helped attract Hoke to Mississippi State. These scholarships allow MSU to recruit the best and brightest students, like Hoke, who is already working in television as a part-time meteorologist for WBBJ in Jackson, Tenn. The scholarship he receives is the James D. and Kay B. Bryan Presidential Endowed Scholarship. “Both the broadcast meteorology program and the Presidential Endowed Scholarship have made me want to give back to MSU after graduation,” said Hoke. “I feel like both of these programs have made a huge investment in me, and I’ll never be able to put a price tag on it. Mississippi State deserves commendation for having such great programs that provide so much to their students.” The success of Mississippi State’s broadcast meteorology program is evident through the accomplishments of the students and faculty. For the past 10 years, MSU has placed either first or second in the nationwide Wx Challenge, a weather forecast competition in which 40 schools and 17,000 forecasters participate to determine who is the most accurate at predicting the temperatures, wind speed and precipitation for various cities over 10 weeks. Another accomplishment for the program is sponsoring the Associated Press first and second place award winners for best weathercast in the collegiate division for Mississippi. In the


division’s inaugural year, MSU students beat out students from three other schools in the state to earn the top two awards. Signs of success of the program come in both quality and quantity. Over 50 percent of on-air meteorologists have some sort of degree or certificate from Mississippi State University. This number gives hope to current students, like Hoke, who want to find a full-time position in broadcast meteorology upon graduation. “The vast amount of skill I’ve already obtained at MSU is amazing, and I still have another year of learning to go,” said Hoke. “The great part about MSU’s program is that the courses provide students with the tools necessary to continue learning even after graduation. Since meteorology is constantly evolving, you have to continually educate yourself to stay at the top of the game.” Mississippi State University’s meteorology program was groundbreaking when it began in the 1980s. In order to maintain the excellent reputation of the program, constant advancements and changes are made. Weather graphics are updated continuously, faculty positions have grown, and as technology is created or updated, the students and faculty in the program stay abreast of the latest tools for the field. “When students come in and I can show them that we can turn their dreams into reality, that’s very attractive,” said Vandewege. “They are in good hands with our high-class MSU faculty, and they know they can receive the best meteorology education in the country.” The broadcast meteorology department is a popular area of study in MSU’s College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college at MSU with over 5,000 students and over 300 full-time faculty members. The college provides all the general education courses for MSU, and offers 23 degree programs in 14 departments. The faculty serves the people and the state of Mississippi through research that is innovative and internationally recognized and through award-winning teaching.

College of Business BY T HE NUMBER S


College of Business stock soars with financial lab.

In the heart of Mississippi State University, the Leo Seal Family Business Complex bustles with activity as students from across campus attend classes. Many of them walk past the facility’s prominently displayed ticker each day and note the highs and lows of the stock market. Further heightening the facility’s financial atmosphere this academic year is a new classroom that presents an energized environment similar to the trading floor of a Wall Street brokerage house. The College of Business’ latest offering of a strategic laboratory allows students and faculty to access the most up-to-date financial information throughout the day and engage in simulated security and commodity trading. The laboratory is giving business students a financial edge in their studies, and the experience will better position them to follow the footsteps of MSU alumni who are well-known in the financial industry. “The Strategic Finance Laboratory allows MSU students to experience the challenges of Wall Street in Starkville. Students gain real-word experience to accompany the financial concepts they are being taught—successfully bridging the gap between the learning experience and day-to-day activities of financial markets,” said Michael Highfield, head of the Finance and Economics Department and holder of the Robert W. Warren Chair in Real Estate. The McCool Hall laboratory is an advanced learning environment designed to integrate investment education, financial research and professional practice. Replicating a realworld trading experience, the state-of-the-art facility functions

both as classroom and laboratory. The room is equipped with stock tickers and television broadcasts of current news, and MSU administrators believe students will benefit greatly from the cutting-edge finance laboratory. All business students will have access to regular lab hours each academic year. Laboratories of this kind are part of a growing trend for finance programs nationwide. About half of all SEC universities have a similar room, but Mississippi State offers a more handson investment oriented experience. MSU boasts the largest strategic financial laboratory in the state. It accommodates up to 21 students for classes or simulations at any given period. The benefits of the financial laboratory will be numerous for the College of Business. The classroom will assist in recruitment of top performing students and esteemed faculty, provide opportunities for industry and outreach, and serve as a lab for financial market simulation experiments. Three academic disciplines will benefit from the lab—finance and real estate, accounting and agricultural economics. However, the impact of this unique room will extend to many areas around Mississippi State University. “With the Strategic Finance Lab, we are opening a new chapter in our already strong relationship with other university departments who will hold classes here exposing their students to sophisticated software for commodity and other derivative asset trading,” said Sharon Oswald, business college dean. For financially savvy students, the lab and accompanying stock tickers in the Leo Seal Family Business Complex will take their education to the next level. These tools will add yet


another dimension to the College of Business curriculum and better prepare them for professional certification exams. It will also serve as a priceless resource for the MSU Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Investment Team, a group of business students who compete with 24 other universities by managing a $400,000 trust account for TVA. “The Strategic Financial Laboratory allows professors to teach hands-on applications for investments, engage students in finding relevant information, and assist these students as they evaluate and act on the information observed,” Highfield explained. “Specialized software in the lab will allow students to make faux trades and see the outcome of those trades before the end of a class period.” The financial laboratory was designed with the assistance of Morgan Keegan & Co., a premier regional investment firm. The company was among many loyal contributors for the project, which included Jan L. Gwin and the Brumfield family. The largest gift for the financial laboratory was from Trading Technologies International Inc., which donated the state-of-the-art software. The software trading desks and information sources in the lab are almost identical to those in a brokerage house. “It has been a very rewarding experience to have this financial lab come to fruition, and it will truly give our students a competitive edge to have this practical experience as they graduate from MSU and enter the investment industry,” said Highfield, who initiated the effort as a faculty member five years ago. “This sends a message that MSU places great value on the financial and quantitative side of business education.” Oswald agrees, saying, “This lab is the latest edition to the growing strength of our finance and economics department— a department that has produced five straight Mississippi Young Bankers Orrin Swayze Scholars and two Mississippi Young Bankers Leadership Scholars.” Oswald said the lab is an example of engaged alumni contributing to the university to help current and future students attain the best possible educational experience. “We value our alumni for all they continue to add back to our university in the way they represent Mississippi State and


for the way they directly impact our students. They provide for resources that improve the educational experience and assist us in preparing our students for the professional challenges that await them after graduation,” Oswald said. On behalf of students and faculty across the university, Highfield expresses gratitude to contributors for the financial investments they make in Mississippi State. “These donors saw the value in the Strategic Financial Laboratory for the faculty and the students, and also from an employer’s perspective,” Highfield said. “The next step is to build an endowment with gifts to fund future upgrades and software enhancements to allow Mississippi State to keep pace with the demands of the global financial industry.” The Strategic Financial Laboratory further enhances the reputation of the College of Business, one of the oldest business schools in the Southeast. The college is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the world’s leading credentialing organization for business schools. Its graduates are found at the top levels of Fortune 500 businesses, as well as throughout state and regional commercial and industrial firms. The college is also known for the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy. The school prepares students for successful careers in accounting and business in a technologyoriented environment that promotes active learning, scholarly exploration and service. The Adkerson School of Accountancy is also accredited by the AACSB.

College of Education THE ART O F EXPR ESSI O N


T.K. Martin Center offers artistic opportunity to people with disabilities.

An artist is an individual who creatively expresses his or her imagination through a variety of mediums. A unique program at Mississippi State University has discovered talented, passionate artists in an unlikely category: people with significant physical disabilities. The T.K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability within the College of Education was founded to provide assistive technology evaluations to people with severe physical disabilities, specifically for vocational rehabilitation clients. The center’s focus has been assessing a client’s needs and helping find solutions for them to work and live independently. The center is named for Dr. T.K. Martin, a former professor and dean for the then-School of Education, whose leadership in the 1970s gained national recognition for MSU as an institution known for accommodating students with disabilities. The T.K. Martin Center continues Martin’s groundbreaking work under new leadership. Janie Cirlot-New joined the center in 1996 and has served as the director since 2000. She embraced the center’s original mission, but quickly realized the vision could expand to include more than just vocational rehabilitation. “Even before the doors opened, there was a great need for assistive technology evaluations and training for individuals of all ages,” Cirlot-New said. “Our main mission is to provide evaluations and training for individuals with disabilities who want to be able to complete simple life skills. We look at the abilities individuals already have and find technology to help them be able to do some of the things that are challenging.”

To meet this need, the College of Education researches innovative programs to provide new methods of training patients. In 2004, they partnered with the Department of Art to feature a series of lectures and workshops by Tim Lefens. Lefens is an artist who began working with physically disabled patients at a hospital in Princeton, N.J. One of the workshops he presented focused on techniques he created to provide people with a disability the opportunity to paint. According to Judy Duncan, the case manager for the T.K. Martin Center, this workshop led to a desire to bring the program to Mississippi. “We invited several T.K. Martin clients in the area to come and be artists for the day,” Duncan recalled. “We had three individuals who came from a group home and fell in love with it. They called the next week to say they wanted to keep painting.” With growing interest from their clients, the employees at the center realized they needed funds for supplies. Duncan submitted a grant proposal to the Mississippi Council on Developmental Disabilities and received a grant to start what is now called EXPRESS Yourself. EXPRESS is an acronym that stands for EXperiencing Painting as Recreation and Express the Spirit within YourSelf. The program utilizes the original techniques presented in Lefens’ workshop. “The whole project is about the artists, but the program really came about because of them,” Duncan said. “It was not some idea we had and said ‘let’s go find some people to do it.’ Our clients truly wanted it.” Due to the nature of their disabilities, the artists have a


difficult time using their hands, so trained trackers do the actual painting. Duncan serves as a tracker, as does Laurie Craig, one of the center’s speech pathologists. The third tracker is a volunteer. Even though someone else is holding the paintbrush, the artists have complete control over the execution of their work. “Everything is their choice,” said Cirlot-New, “from the size of the canvas, to the colors they select, to the consistency of the color, to what tools they want to use to place paint on the canvas.” Most of the artists are non-verbal, so they must first establish a ‘yes-no’ response with their tracker, such as a head movement, facial expression or a sound. The tracker and artist use this ‘yes-no’ framework to make every decision about the painting. To determine color choices, the trackers point to different swatches on a canvas until the artist gives a ‘yes’ response. The tracker then uses a dowel rod to determine where on the canvas the paint should be placed. The tracker holds the rod vertically and moves it side to side until the artist indicates ‘yes.’ Next, they hold the rod horizontally and move it up and down until the artist says to stop, establishing a point on the canvas. Through the use of various points, the tracker and the artist can work together to accurately express and represent the artist’s intentions. The T.K. Martin Center currently has 10 artists in the EXPRESS Yourself paint program, and Duncan estimates the program has impacted about 20 artists since its establishment. One of the current artists is Mark Jones, who wears a laser pointer attached to a headband and moves his head to show the tracker how to execute his idea on the canvas. “The program has been a great experience for me,” Jones wrote in an e-mail. “It has given myself and others like me a way to express what we have inside of us that would otherwise go unnoticed. Also, for me, painting is a great stress reliever.” All of the art created at the T.K. Martin Center is for sale and displayed in an art gallery within the facility. The gallery is named in memory of late MSU student Martha Lipsey, one of the three artists who experienced Lefens’ original workshop.


The proceeds from sales of the art are shared between the artist and the center, with the center’s portion immediately being reinvested into the paint program. The T.K. Martin Center also benefits from the support of generous donors. Gifts made to the center through the MSU Foundation help improve the services they offer to clients in the area and across the state, including EXPRESS Yourself. “The paint program gives someone who does not have a voice the opportunity to express themselves and be part of their community,” Duncan said. “It gives them the chance to have something to look forward to and do everyday. They get an opportunity they would most likely not have outside of EXPRESS Yourself.” The EXPRESS Yourself program honors the legacy of T.K. Martin as it makes a positive difference in the lives of individuals. The program continues the tradition of excellence set forth by the College of Education, as it prepares highly qualified professionals for the state and region to serve as teachers, administrators, supervisors, counsels and other professions in public schools, industry and human service agencies. The College of Education values outstanding teaching and is dedicated to offering nationally accredited programs that are based on essential knowledge, sound practice, relevant research and realistic clinical training. The college includes the departments of curriculum, instruction and special education; counseling and educational psychology; instructional systems and workforce development; leadership and foundations; kinesiology; music; and MSU-Meridian’s Division of Education.

James Worth Bagley College of Engineering A N ALT ER NAT I VE SO LUT I O N


Faculty research utilizes alternative fuel production methods.

No person is immune to the need for transportation. By foot, horseback, ship, train, automobile or aircraft, since the beginning of time the world has relied on a method to travel from “Point A” to “Point B.” As society developed, the world became dependent on the use of petroleum to fuel transportation. As a result, prices have fluctuated for oil in recent years as demand continues to increase worldwide. Two professors in the James Worth Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State University have tackled the issue of a lack of natural resources and are researching alternative methods of fuel production. Drs. Rafael Hernandez and Todd French are utilizing technology to derive renewable oils from wastewater treatment facilities that can be converted to clean diesel or jet fuel. In turn, their methods can help the United States become less dependent on foreign oil, while creating new ways to generate income. The relationship between these two professors dates back to 1998 when they met while working for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers in Vicksburg. Hernandez, in the environmental lab, and French, in the fate and effects lab, joined forces to develop methods of treating contaminated water and soil. Years later, they both migrated to Starkville to obtain a doctoral degree. French’s academic focus is traditionally in the field of microbiology, while Hernandez is a chemical engineer. As the issue of creating alternative fuels and energy conservation became a hot topic nationwide, the men discovered that by combining their areas of expertise they could provide a

possible solution to the worldwide fuel crisis. “While working at a wastewater treatment facility as part of a research project for MSU, I observed millions of pounds of microorganisms and sludge being discarded every day,” stated Hernandez. “At the same time, Todd began analyzing the profile of biodiesel, and discovered it had a similar chemical makeup of the discarded microorganisms. This is when we realized we had a unique research opportunity.” Biodisel is a fuel that blends well with petroleum, and is produced by combining vegetable oil or animal fats with alcohol and a base. By creating a blended fuel, producers are displacing some of the need for petroleum diesel on the market. The solution discovered by Hernandez and French converts municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities into biorefineries. The team developed methods of extraction and production to derive biocrude from sludge, which is then converted to biodiesel. The biocrude developed through this process can account for over 7 billion gallons of fuel a year, which is 10 percent of the U.S. diesel consumption. French and Hernandez created a cross-disciplinary team of researchers at Mississippi State to study the extraction, production and implementation of biodiesel created from the discarded wastewater. Faculty and students specializing in plant and soil sciences, mechanical and industrial engineering, agricultural economics, and environmental policy have all joined the efforts to move this project from idea to implementation. “Our work could not have been accomplished without the support of MSU’s administration,” commented French. “It took


a lot of forethought and planning to take this ‘out of the box’ concept and move it to where it is today. University leadership has been supportive of breaking traditional wisdom, and allowing scientists from different fields to be creative.” He added, “The benefit to the students is that they see the integration of the different pieces, and how each piece is providing a solution to a specific problem. Our students can truly visualize how their education is contributing to solutions that improve the quality of life for our state, nation and world.” The biofuels research team has recently built a pilot facility to demonstrate their work at the Thad Cochran Research Park on MSU’s campus. This facility offers a hands-on lab experience that is implementing the extraction, fermentation and production methods developed by Mississippi State. They also have the means to analyze and measure the quality of the biodiesel produced. “Our goal is to produce enough biodiesel in the pilot facility to run one of the shuttle buses at MSU, allowing us to put our methods into use and demonstrate what this technology is capable of producing,” stated Hernandez. Accomplishing this would bring the recognition and acknowledgement needed to move the work of Hernandez and French from the research to implementation level. None of the work being done by the biofuels team would be possible without help from external resources. Support from government agencies and elected officials have garnered grants to fund research. In addition, private gifts to the university allow flexibility and means to purchase equipment, employ students, and provide state-of-the-art facilities. Hernandez, who holds an endowed professorship from Texas Olefins, directly benefits from private gifts to the Bagley College of Engineering. Both he and French were also recipients of StatePride awards, which reward outstanding faculty members with monetary stipends. “Individuals such as Jim Bagley and Dave Swalm have changed the way we operate and educate at Mississippi State University. Their commitment to academics has taken a great engineering college and transformed it into a national leader,” said Hernandez.


Organizations such as the Jackson-based Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation have allowed Hernandez and French to hire high school, undergraduate and graduate students for their research endeavors. “We are providing real world learning opportunities to our students,” continued French. “Our team heavily relies on the work of student researchers, and, in turn, they are receiving educational benefits that will give them a greater advantage when seeking a job after graduation.” Private gifts make a tremendous impact on not only the teaching efforts at MSU, but the research endeavors as well. For Hernandez and French, the result from contributions extends far beyond the university level, and effects work that will impact the entire world. The impact of biofuels research at Mississippi State will have long-term affects on not only the education offered here, but also worldwide fuel production, industry, and overall health and stability. “Globally, this research and technology can help clean up water and promote health in communities that don’t currently treat water,” said French. “We can offer them an easier method of financing these projects because they can receive a self-generating return on their investment.” The work conducted by Hernandez, French and their team is one of many projects propelling the Bagley College onto the national forefront of engineering education and research. As the university moves into the future, professors and students will continually work to make advancements in technology, research and education. By doing so, MSU’s reach will leave a lasting imprint around the world.

College of Forest Resources A N EDUC AT I O NAL MI GR AT I O N


Students flock to MSU for waterfowl and wetlands study.

Mississippi State’s College of Forest Resources is turning out experienced graduates who are prepared to put their education in waterfowl and wetlands science and conservation into practice the minute they earn a degree. As MSU graduates, they immediately find success in careers in the federal, state and private sectors. Students in the waterfowl and wetlands conservation program learn the science for waterfowl management on public national wildlife refuges, forests and wildlife management areas, plus the application of conservation on private lands. A testament to the program’s success is its 100 percent employment rate for its graduates. Currently, three waterfowl biologists in the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks are alumni of the program. In addition, no other university sends more students to employment with Ducks Unlimited Inc. Throughout North America, university-based programs focusing on waterfowl and wetlands science and conservation are declining in number. At Mississippi State, these two areas are thriving and yielding cutting-edge research because of philanthropic support and dedicated faculty members who are determined to sustain and promote their endeavors globally. Mississippi State’s College of Forest Resources has earned a reputation of offering one of the premier waterfowl and wildlife ecology and conservation programs in North America, and it remains the only one of its kind at a Mississippi institution of higher learning. With nearly a dozen doctoral and master’s students from the United States and Canada currently pursuing

graduate degrees to specialize in waterfowl and wetlands, the university unfortunately turns away numerous applicants each year because the academic program is at capacity. “On average about 12 students are selected for these degree programs because they possess the expertise and have a deep passion for waterfowl and wetlands ecology and conservation,” said Dr. Richard M. Kaminski, professor of wildlife ecology and management in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture and associate dean for the College of Forest Resources. Longtime faculty member Kaminski, holder of the James C. Kennedy Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation, collaborates with Dr. J. Brian Davis, an assistant professor, who also specializes in waterfowl and wetlands ecology and management. Their program of study continues to garner global attention from prospective students, their colleagues and the conservation industry. Recently, Kaminski and Davis organized an international waterfowl symposium. Over 400 individuals from across North America and Europe attended the symposium, which was a forum for scientists and conservationists investigating and working to conserve migratory birds and their habitats. The two men are known for their expertise in many fields, and their work to initiate ecological and conservation efforts. As Kennedy Chair, Kaminski holds the distinction as the first endowed chair in the United States focusing distinctly on waterfowl and wetlands science and conservation. Other universities engage in similar research and education, but no


other endowed chairs currently exist despite the need to sustain these important natural resources. Since 2008, waterfowl- and wetlands-related teaching, research and service were greatly enhanced at Mississippi State through a significant gift for the endowed position from James C. Kennedy and wife, Sarah, of Atlanta, Ga. The Kennedy Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation, held by Kaminski, became the first chair in the College of Forest Resources. A decline in waterfowl and wetlands programs and professionals with this expertise in North American universities was a major reason for establishing the chair at Mississippi State and creating fellowships for students. Because of the endowed chair and fellowships, MSU can train future generations of students to become stewards of valuable natural resources. With the endowment, Kaminski can focus on instruction and research efforts specifically on these areas and greatly enhance the education he provides his students. “Because of support from the College of Forest Resources, the Forest and Wildlife Research Center and the Kennedy Chair, our MSU waterfowl and wetlands program is highly productive,” Kaminski said. “We are experiencing great success with educating current and future scientists and conservationists, and improving outreach on waterfowl and wetlands ecology and conservation for public and private stakeholders.” Students in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture are busy with a wide array of research. For example, one student has found that managing moist-soil wetlands for wintering ducks and waterfowl hunting also can result in economic harvests of crawfish for human consumption. Other students are estimating winter food abundance for waterfowl and other water- and shorebirds and their habitat use of wetlands across the Lower Mississippi Valley and Gulf Coast. These studies provide critical information for guiding habitat management by public and private conservation organizations. Still other students are conducting detailed studies of certain duck species important ecologically and to hunters, such as mallards, wood ducks, black ducks and mottled ducks. “Our hope is that our waterfowl and wetlands program and Kennedy Chair will become a model for other universities


to preserve this type of conservation-minded research for the decades to come,” Kaminski said. “We believe our niche is secure and our reputation can only grow globally from this point forward as we graduate students who will become dedicated professionals in their respective fields.” Responsible waterfowl management and wetlands conservation efforts are multi-fold benefits yielded by MSU’s College of Forest Resources. The college is the only nationally accredited educational program in the state for educating and developing future leaders in natural resources. The mission for the college is to promote, support and enable the management, conservation and utilization of forest and other natural resources to benefit the stakeholders of Mississippi, the nation and the world. The college includes the departments of forestry; wildlife, fisheries and aquaculture; and forest products. The academic unit offers two majors with eleven options and hundreds of careers. The research arm of the college is the Forest and Wildlife Research Center, which works closely with the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station. The outreach arm of the college is the MSU Extension Service.

College of Veterinary Medicine T HE R I GHT DI AGNO SI S


Veterinary clinic offers unique learning environment.

Mississippi State University takes pride in having the state’s only college for veterinary studies. Over the years, the College of Veterinary Medicine has developed innovative ways to educate its students and serve the community. In the past year, the veterinary program has offered clients a specialized service not often found in private practices. Pet owners in Mississippi and surrounding states can now turn to MSU’s veterinary college when their four-legged loved ones develop neurological problems. Veterinary Neurology and Imaging (VNI) is a satellite facility affiliated with the veterinary college where students gain hands-on experience with patients and clients. VNI provides advanced imaging to diagnose neurological disorders in clients’ pets by using MRI and CT scan machines. They also have the ability to use a state-of-the-art linear accelerator for radiation therapy in cancer patients. The need for such a service is great, as most private veterinary practices lack expensive imaging and therapy equipment. In 2011, VNI moved from the Wise Center on the MSU campus to a facility in Starkville. “CVM Dean Kent Hoblet and I realized that there was a need for more specialization, but that we lacked the physical facilities to house the growing program,” said Dr. Andy Shores, clinical professor and service chief of neurosurgery and neurology at VNI. “Additionally, there is such a connection between modern neurology and neurosurgery and advanced imaging that the off-campus site seemed to be an ideal location.”

Mississippi State purchased the MRI machine located in the facility in the mid-2000s. Previously, clients brought their pets to the Wise Center, and staff from the program transported the animal to the off-campus site for necessary imaging. Now, if a patient needs imaging or therapy, clients can bring their animal directly to the facility. “Our caseload is growing, and we are receiving referrals from as far away as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Memphis and Birmingham,” Shores said. “MSU is centrally located between other veterinary colleges with neurology programs.” Imaging provides doctors an internal view of the animal without invasive procedures. Through the use of the MRI and CT scan machines, the veterinarians are able to better predict and plan the next step in treatment. The ability to provide knowledge to clients is what fuels the passion of those who work at VNI because imaging eliminates much of the guesswork involved in pet care. “The theme that we try to project here, which is a strong part of our existence, is that we want to discover what is wrong with animals when they are brought in by clients,” Shores said. “They need a diagnosis, and finding a definitive answer to satisfy the client’s need is something that is going to require a lot of expertise and a lot of technology.” Veterinary Neurology and Imaging does not only benefit the clients and their pets, but it also provides a unique learning opportunity for MSU’s veterinary students. Students complete rotations at the clinic and observe neurosurgical procedures. VNI also employs resident physicians who act as


house managers, giving them further experience in learning the day-to-day operations of a veterinary clinic. “At VNI, we experience the environment of a private practice within the university setting,” said third-year veterinary student Samantha Vitale. “In addition, we have access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment. This, combined with the facilities and resources available at MSU, allows us to learn about the best methods for diagnosis and treatment of a variety of neurological diseases.” The environment of VNI is a unique asset for Mississippi State University and gives students an advantage in their future as practicing veterinarians. “This is an experience that students generally only get during an externship their senior year, but fortunately they get exposed to it earlier here,” Shores explained. “Even if these students do not choose to specialize in imaging, they can tell clients wherever they practice what to expect because they will know what services are available and will be familiar with them.” Shores continued, “The expansion in neurological services will provide pet owners better access to medical treatment of their animals, help future veterinarians gain experience, and offer practicing veterinarians second opinions on their more difficult cases.” The College of Veterinary Medicine captures a unique balance of world-class research in animal and public health, high quality learning experiences and leading medical care all with a family-like atmosphere. Mississippi State graduates excel in their careers whether their path leads to a small town practice, research laboratory or an international program. CVM faculty are national and international leaders in their fields and are committed to providing excellent veterinary education. By advancing research in veterinary medicine and biomedical fields, Mississippi State University serves the community through cutting-edge diagnostics, clinical care and shared learning.


Honor Roll of Donors JULY 1, 2011 ~ J U NE 30, 2012


Legacy of Leadership

membership is based on the donor’s cumulative lifetime giving to Mississippi State University. This program serves to recognize those generous donors who assist Mississippi State University in fulfilling its mission of providing the highest level of excellence in academic, research and service programs. Membership in the Old Main Society is available to those who include the university as a primary beneficiary in their wills or make other deferred gifts. Donors in both the Legacy of Leadership and the Old Main Society are recognized at their highest membership level. (Members from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012)

Donald W. Zacharias Roundtable $25,000,000 and Above Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bagley J.W. Bagley Foundation Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation The Riley Foundation *Leo and Susie Seal Leo Seal Family Foundation *Dave and Beth Swalm Swalm Foundation James D. McComas Benefactors $10,000,000 to $24,999,999 Mr. Richard C. Adkerson Richard C. Adkerson Family Foundation Anonymous (2) Bulldog Club Inc. *Mr. and *Mrs. Hunter W. Henry Jr. Mr. Louis A. Hurst Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lewis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leo William Seal III Mr. Wallace L. Seal Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Shackouls The Shackouls Family Foundation William L. Giles Partners $5,000,000 to $9,999,999 The Crosby Arboretum The Dupont Energy Co. Phil Hardin Foundation W.K. Kellogg Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm B. Lightsey Willis D. McGeary Estate Henry Mize Charitable Foundation Joe Frank Sanderson Foundation E.H. Sumners Foundation *Floyd D. Wade Sr.


Dean W. Colvard Founders $1,000,000 to $4,999,999 Alias Wavefront Dr. Lester Andrews Anonymous (7) Asbury Foundation William Thomas and Sue T. Austin Autodesk Inc. The Ayco Charitable Foundation BancorpSouth Mrs. Viola G. Bardsley Mr. and Mrs. William B. Berry Blanche J. Caviness Estate The Boeing Co. - Arlington, Va. The Bower Foundation Robert B. and Jeanne R. Boykin Tom Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Brooking Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bryan Sr. Burlington Resources Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Carl Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Carpenter ChevronTexaco Corp. Citicorp Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Clark Joel and Toni Clements Dr. and Mrs. William M. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Collum Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Kelly Gene Cook Sr. Charitable Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Crane The Day Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Earnest W. Deavenport Jr. Delta and Pine Land Co. Dow Chemical Co. Mr. and Mrs. John N. Dowdle Tommy and Rebecca Dulaney Eastman Chemical Co. Ergon Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Bill R. Foster Ms. Anita P. Franklin Mr. Hassell H. Franklin Mr. W. Bruce Franklin and Mrs. Donna B. Franklin Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William E. “Ted” French Furniture Brands International Mrs. Linda Martin Garrett E.M. “Hoot” and Doris Gipson Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Golding Joe and Carol Gordy Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Griffis Mr. and Mrs. John R. Grisham Jr. Mrs. Page J. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert V.M. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. A.P. “Jack” Hatcher Jr. Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Holliman Honda North America Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Billy W. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Howard HVJ Associates Inc. Jimmy Sanders Inc. Mrs. Alice G. Johnson Mr. Herbert V. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John M. Johnson Col. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Johnson Mark S. and Cindy P. Jordan Mark S. Jordan Family Foundation Mr. James C. Kennedy Ms. Marcia P. Lane Mr. Malcolm H. Mabry Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby P. Martin The MathWorks Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mike M. McDaniel Mississippi Power Co. Mr. and Mrs. Davis K. Mortensen Northrop Grumman Corp. - Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Nusz

Oracle Corp. Ottilie Schillig Trust PACCAR Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Palmeiro Mr. and Mrs. Hal Parker Jr. Craig and Pam Peterhansen Mr. John Player Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Puckett Dr. and Mrs. R.L. Qualls Tex and Carolyn Ritter Dr. M. Diane Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Robison Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James J. Rouse Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rula Mr. and Mrs. Mike W. Sanders Seismic Micro-Technology Inc. Shady Brook Angus Mr. W.C. Shoemaker *Mr. and Mrs. Percy E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Graham Somerville Southern Cattle Co. Southern Ionics Inc. Mr. J. Perry Stewart Mrs. Rose M. Stewart Structural Steel Services Inc. Milton and Christy Sundbeck The Taylor Foundation Charles D. and ZonaDale Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William A. Taylor III Tennessee Valley Authority - Knoxville, Tenn. Dr. and Mrs. Everett L. Tessmer Texas Petrochemicals Corp. Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Thompson Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Glover B. Triplett Jr. Viking Range Corp. Mr. Charles Cullis Wade Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Wade Jr. Mrs. Joe Ann W. Ward *Mr. and Mrs. James T. White Mr. Turner A. Wingo Stephen D. Lee Society $500,000 to $999,999 3M Corp. Anderson Companies The Annie E. Casey Foundation Anonymous (3) Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Ashford *Mr. A.L. Aydelott Barksdale Reading Institute Bayer Crop Science - Leland Hines and Linda Brannan Mr. and Mrs. Troy B. Browning Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Burke Mr. James H. Cannon Charitable Gift Fund Chevron Africa & Latin American Exploration & Production Co. Chevron Corp. - Houston, Texas Christ Is Our Salvation Columbus Orthopaedic Clinic Mrs. Barbara H. Criswell Mr. Steve Davenport Dr. and Mrs. P. Mikell Davis Design Integrations Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Dunlap Durward Dunn Inc. Mr. Ray B. English Entergy Mississippi ExxonMobil Global Services Co. F.L. Crane & Sons Inc. Federal Express Fidelity Investments Fore Systems Inc. General Dynamics Corp. - Falls Church, Va. Graphisoft US Inc. Mr. William C. Green III Mrs. Patricia H. Greer Ms. Gretchen Gulmon The Hall Foundation Inc. Dr. Donald L. Hall Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hammack Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Homan Drs. Karen and William Hulett The Humane Society of the United States ITT Industries Inc. Mr. Frank T. Jackson James A. Davis Estate Mr. and Mrs. Earle F. Jones Lam Research Corp. Dr. and Mrs. Rusty Linton Mr. and Mrs. E. Bruce Martin MBNA

Georgia G. McPherson Medline Industries Mississippi Cotton Inc. Mississippi Soybean Association Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board Dr. and Mrs. Niles R. Moseley The Oakwood Foundation PETSMART Charities Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Rader Dr. and Mrs. J.M. Randle Dr. William E. Reeves and Dr. Betty S. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. John H. Richards Jr. Mr. Michael J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. William R. Sanderson *Mrs. Helen A. Sawyer Mrs. Connie Seymour Dr. Kay R. Shirley Siemens NX Mr. and Mrs. Wilson D. Simmons Syngenta Crop Protection – Greenville Mr. and Mrs. Douglas T. Terreson Ms. Brenda D. Thornton Vicksburg Hospital Medical Foundation Drs. David and Elizabeth Waldorf Walton Family Foundation Inc. Dr. Cynthia Webster Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Whitehead Mrs. Laurie R. Williams J. Charles Lee Associates $250,000 to $499,999 2M Holdings LLC ADTRAN Inc. Albemarle Corp. Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Allen II Dr. and Mrs. Chad Altmyer American Heart Association Amoco Foundation Inc. Aurora Systems AviTech LLC Mr. and Mrs. Johnny H. Baker III The Barksdale Foundation BASF Corp. - Research Triangle, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert D. Batson BellSouth - Atlanta, Ga. BellSouth - Jackson BellSouth Communications Inc. Mrs. Stephanie A. Blaydes


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation Mr. Peter E. Blum Mr. Steve Brandon and Ms. Patsy Fowlkes Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Brantley James Graham Brown Foundation Inc. *Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Buchanan Jr. Mrs. Margene D. Bullock Burkhalter Rigging Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Burwell Cadence Bank - Starkville Will and Hellen Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Cary Childs The Chisholm Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William N. Clark Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John C. Clay Mr. and Mrs. Randy J. Cleveland *Dr. and *Mrs. Edward P. Coleman Community Foundation of Greater Jackson Mr. Lamar A. Conerly Dr. Fred G. Corley Jr. The Cotton Foundation Mr. Rubel P. Cowart Jr. Create Foundation C-Spire Mr. and Mrs. Danny E. Cupit Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Donahoo Mr. and Mrs. Jacky G. Dorsey Mrs. Rosemary C. Douglass Ms. Amy Driskill Dunlap and Kyle Company Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. Durward B. Dunn III Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Dunn DuPont - Pascagoula The Durward and Georgene Dunn Foundation Mr. Bobby T. Elmore Ethicon Endosurgery Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David W. Evers Jr. Exxon USA Foundation - New York, N.Y. Mrs. Jutta Karnstedt Ferretti Foil-Wyatt Architects & Planners PLLC Ford Foundation M. Cecile Foresman and Col. Edward G. Foresman Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Furr Mrs. Mary J. Gardner Mr. U. Edwin Garrison Gipson Steel Inc.


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Tommy Ramey Foundation Inc. Tower Loan of Mississippi Inc. Tuplagum Farms LLC U.S. Poultry and Egg Harold E. Ford Foundation Valent U.S.A. Corp. - Germantown, Tenn. Van Zyverden Inc. W.G. Yates and Sons Construction Co. Dr. and Mrs. Vance H. Watson Weyerhaeuser Co. - Federal Way, Wash. Ms. Gene Williams Dr. R.E. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wilt Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Windham Jr. Mr. Wallis Winegar Mr. Dean Wingo and Dr. Lauran Wingo Mr. and Mrs. Skip Wyatt Dr. David F. Young Jr. Eugene Butler Fellows $100,000 to $249,999 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Mr. and Mrs. David Abney Adam.Com A.K.C. C.A.R. Canine Support and Relief Fund ALCOA Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Alewine III Ms. Missy K. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Allison Jr. American Fisheries Society American International Group AmFed Companies LLC Mrs. Mary Jo M. Anderson Anderson-Tully Co. Ankony Land Inc. Applied Materials Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Turner Arant Argus Financial Software Mr. and Mrs. John R. Arnold Atmos Energy Corp. Aventis Aventis Pharmaceuticals - Madison Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bailey Ms. Marie Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Tony D. Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Baker Jr. BankPlus – Ridgeland Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Barker

Barlow-Eddy-Jenkins P.A. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barnes Robert G. Barnett Foundation Mr. John A. Barron Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Baumann Dr. and Mrs. James R. Beckham Mrs. Kaaren Biggs Dr. and Mrs. William S. Bell Robert R. Bellamy Memorial Foundation Inc. T. Daniel Belser and Rona Johnson-Belser Mr. and Mrs. Freddie H. Blackledge Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Blaine Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Blair Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Blakeslee III Mr. and Mrs. Aaron D. Blount Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Inc. Mississippi State Board of Contractors Mrs. Anita Bologna Mr. Mark A. Bolton Dr. and Mrs. Drayton D. Boozer Mr. Brad M. Bounds B-Quik Food Stores Mrs. Jean Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Bradway III The Holloway Family Broadhead Building Supplies Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Brooks Mrs. Lanelle B. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Brumfield Mr. and Mrs. Hardy T. Brumfield Harris C. Brumfield and Terry M. Brumfield Bryan Foods Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bryan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bryant Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Byrd C.C. Clark Inc. Mr. James R. Cabaniss Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Cain *Mr. John H. Caldwell Carbonic Industries Corp. Carl Hogan Chevrolet-Toyota-Mazda Mr. Charles T. “Chip” Carley III Mrs. Jo Ann Carson Mr. and Mrs. Sydney L. Cate Jr. Central Mississippi Alumni Chapter CFL Properties Mr. and Mrs. Hollis C. Cheek

Mrs. Dana P. Cherry Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Cisco Systems Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Howard D. Clark Mr. Tony Clark Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Clay Mrs. Grace C. Cliett Mr. and Mrs. Mike Colbert Ms. Myrna Colley-Lee Mr. and Mrs. Gus W. Colvin Jr. The Community Foundation of Louisville ConocoPhillips Cooke, Douglass, Farr, Lemons Ltd. Mr. Aubrey J. Corley Earnest and Carol Cosby Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Cowan Sr. Chip and Jennifer Crane Mrs. Hilda Crane Mr. and Mrs. John E. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. James W. Crook Crop Production Services Cypress Semiconductor Mr. Erick T. Dampier Lesley A. Davis and John D. Davis Mrs. Tammy L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Dawkins Michael P. Dean and Wanda Luther Dean Joy M. Deason and Douglas L. Deason Jr. Bob Deen and Lindy Deen Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Dees Jr. Delta Gamma Foundation Delta Lambda of Delta Gamma Delta Rice Services Inc. Delta Western DENSO North American Foundation Ms. Isabel M. Devine Deweese Enterprises Inc. Mrs. Janice Deweese Mr. Charles E. Donald Jr. and Mrs. Shelby J. Donald Joe and Rita Douglass Dow AgroSciences LLC - Indianapolis, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. S. Elliott Dubuisson Dr. and Mrs. Worth I. Dunn Dupont Ag Products Dupont Agriculture Products DuPont Crop Protection EADS Airbus North America Engineering Eastman Kodak Co.


Eat With Us Group Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Eaton Jr. Education Development Center Inc. Virginia Carron Eiland and Brent H. Eiland Dr. and Mrs. John P. Elliott Jr. England Motors Entergy Services Inc. Enterprise Community Partners Inc. Mrs. Maxine Cole Estess Eutaw Construction Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Ewing Falco Lime Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Faries Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Favreau John and Nora Beth Featherston Mr. and Mrs. Haley R. Fisackerly Dr. and Mrs. James L. Flanagan Daniel Flohr III Estate FMC Corp. – Louisville Mr. and Mrs. Jack Forbus Ford Motor Co. Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Ford Forestry Suppliers Inc. Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Mississippi Foundation of the Litton Industries The Fountain Family Foundation Mrs. Margaret Fountain Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Francis Mr. Harry M. Freeman Jr. Mr. Morgan Freeman Friede Goldman International The G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery Foundation Mr. James R. Gaines and Rev. Lynn M. Phillips-Gaines Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Gallaher Jr. Garden Clubs of Mississippi Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Warren Garrard Gas Research Institute The George B. Storer Foundation Georgia-Pacific Corp. Gertrude C. Ford Foundation Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Gibens Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gillon III Mrs. Esther S. Gober Golding Foundation Golightly Foundation Mr. Bob Graves


Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Grear Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Grice Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Chris Griffin Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. Grillot Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Grissom Ms. Rebecca Grissom Mr. Jan L. Gwin Mr. and Mrs. C. Fox Haas Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Hacskaylo Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Haigh Mr. and Mrs. Everett P. Hailey Jr. Ann and John Hairston Hancock Bank Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Hannon Sr. Harrell Contracting Group LLC Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harris Hartman Woods Enterprises Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heaster Helm Agro U.S. Inc. Mrs. Winafred M. Herndon Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hester Hill Brothers Construction Co. Inc. Mr. Tad A. Honsinger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hood Dr. and Mrs. Jack C. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Roland H. Hough Sr. Houston Endowment Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William D. Howell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley H. Hughes Mrs. Lena B. Hughes Dr. and Mrs. David R. Hunt Dr. Mary P. Huxford and Dr. Cameron S. Huxford Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hyland III Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Illanne Intel Corp. Elizabeth M. Irby Foundation Dr. and Mrs. David H. Irwin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Ishee Mrs. Jeane A. Iupe J.F. Day and Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Jacks Mr. Ernie Jacobson JBHM Architects P.A. Dr. and Mrs. Max E. Jobe The John and Mary Redwine Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. James C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Rodger L. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Austin Jones Mr. Larry W. Jones Ms. Pamela R. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Scott Jones Junior Bulldog Club Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kahlmus Mr. and Mrs. George P. Kappler Jr. KBH Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Jim W. Keasler Mr. and Mrs. Elton R. King Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kirkpatrick Lamar Life Insurance Mr. Bill Lampton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lauderdale Leaf River Forest Products Inc. Dr. and Mrs. J. Martin Lee Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sam H. Lee Lehn and Fink Products Mrs. Ida Mack K. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Lewis Mr. L.S. Lindamood Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Linder Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lindsay Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Little Lockheed Martin Corp. - Cherry Hill, N.J. Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Loden Jr. Mr. Bill Long Ms. Kim Long Mr. and Mrs. D.L. “Bubba” Lott Louisiana Pacific Corp. Lucky Star Industries Inc. The Luckyday Foundation The Lynde And Harry Bradley Foundation Inc. MSU IBSP Alumni Association Magnolia State School Products Co. Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Maholm Makhteshim-Agan of North America Mr. and Mrs. Lewis F. Mallory Jr. Mrs. Sara J. Malone Manugistics Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Marchant Dr. and Mrs. R. Andrew Martin Dr. and Mrs. W. Craig Martin Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. Martin Jr. Mrs. Dorothy W. Maxcy Mrs. June G. Mayo

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kyle McConnell McDaniel Timber Co. Inc. Mr. George O. McDaniel Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McEnany Mr. and Mrs. William T. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. McNeel McNeil Nutritionals Bill and Draughon McPherson Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Meiners Meridian Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Michael Bowen P.A. Mr. Robert B. Middleton Mrs. Valda Walker Miller Mrs. Edith D. Millsaps Mr. and Mrs. Paul Millsaps Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miner Mississippi Dairy Products Association Mississippi Association of Realtors Mississippi Forestry Foundation Inc. Mississippi Lumber Manufacturers Mississippi Manufacturers Association Mississippi Rural Rehabilitation Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association Inc. Mitchell Buick Mitchell Distributing Co. Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell Jr. Mr. Travis H. Mitchell Mobil Foundation Inc. Monsanto - Memphis, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Montgomery Ms. Ann J. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Moore Morgan Keegan Inc. Ms. Jane A. Moring Morris Animal Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Alton C. Morris Drs. Don and Sandra Morris Mr. and Mrs. William D. Mounger Mr. and Mrs. W. Carroll Murphy Ms. Janice L. Waits Murphy Mr. Jay E. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Murphy Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lester W. Myers Jr. National Association of Broadcasters Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Naylor Mr. C. Ken Nelson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Patrick Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Nester

The New York Community Trust The Mark Family Fund The New York Times Co. Foundation Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Jim Newsome Lt. Col. Fred A. Nichols Sr. and Lt. Col. Joni P. Nichols Eloise, Enoch and Margery Norton Foundation Novus International Inc. Omega Plantations Omnova Solutions Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Pace Drs. Samuel and Mary Pace Mr. David L. Page and Mrs. Lisa Miller Page Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Papasan Parker and Associates Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Parker Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Parsons Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor Paschal Mr. and Mrs. James E. Paxton Dr. and Mrs. John M. Pearson Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation Perry and Winfield P.A. Dr. D. Al Peyman Mr. Henry C. Pilkinton III Mr. Crymes G. Pittman Emily Jones Pointer Trust Mr. Ronald G. Polk Dr. and Mrs. Ron J. Ponder Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Portera Mr. and Mrs. Hunter D. Pratt Premier Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Inc. Mr. John R. Price III Mrs. Ruth D. Priester Mrs. Janelle W. Pritchard Pryor and Morrow Architects and Engineers P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Joffrey R. Pryor Mr. and Mrs. Ben Puckett Mr. David C. Puckett III Mr. and Mrs. W. David Purvis RW Distributors Inc. - Pearl Raytheon Co. - Waltham, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Reddell Reed Food Technology Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Reeves Regions Bank - Starkville Mr. Roy O. Rein Renasant Bank Reveal Imaging Technologies Inc.

Mr. Kermit Earl Reynolds Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rhea Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Rice Jr. RiceTec Inc. Mr. Bob G. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Roberts Mrs. Frances S. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. James M. Robinson Rock River Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Russ Rogers Rohm and Haas Co. - Tupelo *Mr. I. Alfred Rosenbaum Mr. Chadwick T. Royston *Dr. Robert Rundel and Ms. Joanne Gordon The Samuel Roberts Noble Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Steve W. Sanders Ms. Cynthia R. Sanderson Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Sanderson Jr. Sandoz Crop Protection - Leland Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Seago Severn Trent Environmental Services Inc. Dr. Stephen D. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shappley Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shaw III Mrs. Nancy B. Shaw Mr. Sherard R. Shaw III Bob and Anne Shearer Shell Oil Co. Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Allen K. Sills Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simmen Simmons Erosion Control Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sims Jr. Donna A. and Brian J. Sims Mr. Emery D. Skelton Mr. A.B. Smith Jr. Philip and Sandra Smith Smith, Reeves, and Yarborough PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Tommy E. Smith Jerry and Laura Solomon Southeast Chapter APCA Southern Agricultural Experiment Station Southern Co. Services Inc. Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Co. Southern Ginners Association Southern Motion Southern Natural Gas Southern Sociological Society Mr. and Mrs. D. Paul Sparks Jr.


The Spartanburg County Foundation Ms. D. Lynn Spruill Mr. and Mrs. Drew T. St. John II Staplcotn Starkville Ford-Lincoln-Mercury Inc. State Farm Companies Foundation Ms. Cynthia Stevens and Mr. Linwood Cotman Nancy Stricklin Estate Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Stringer Sullivan’s Office Supply Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Sumrall Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sumrall Dr. Martha H. Swain Tenneco Oil Co. Terral-Norris Seed Co. Mr. and Mrs. Denny A. Terry Texas Gas Transmission Inc. James M. and Luvie C. Thomas Foundation William L. Thomas Dolores and John Tilley The Pat Tillman Foundation Tippah County Alumni Chapter Tommy Brooks Oil Co. The Toro Co. Trading Technologies International Inc. Tri State Educational Foundation Mr. James M. Trimble Trowbridge Farms Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Trulove Trustmark National Bank - Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Tucker Jr. Twin Hills Farm Union Carbide Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart P. Vance Vandelay Industries W.G. Yates and Sons Construction Co. Waggoner Engineering Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Waggoner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Wakeman Walker Foundation Mrs. Myrna S. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Walker Walmart Stores Inc. Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William L. Walters Ms. Monica Watkins Mr. William R. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. David L. Watson


*Russell A. and Bettye W. Weathersby Mr. and *Mrs. Samuel B. Webb Mr. Jerry Welch and Mrs. Carol Welch Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Wells The Wesley A. Caldwell Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Westmoreland Dr. and Mrs. A. Randle White Mr. and Mrs. Jim White Charles R. Whitfield Charitable Foundation Mr. H. Lewis Whitfield Mr. and Mrs. Don Whitmire Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Gerald Wilbanks Mrs. Daphine Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Homer F. Wilson Jr. Windham Tractor Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy F. Wise Wiygul and Clayton Mr. Michael T. Wood Ms. Rebecca Woods Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Worthey Wyeth Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Yarber Jr. Zeneca Ag Products - Leland Ben F. Hilbun Torchbearers $50,000 to $99,999 Mr. Robert I. Abbay III Mr. and Mrs. James W. Abernethy Jr. Abvent 3D Design Accenture Mrs. Peggy M. Adams Agrevo Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Alexander Dr. and Mrs. Richmond L. Alexander III Mr. Benjamin W. Allen III and Mrs. Susie M. Allen ALZA Corp. American Cyanamid Co. - Collierville, Tenn. American EuroCopter American Eurocopter Corp. American Furniture Manufacturing Association American Glass Co. Inc. American Trucking Association Amvac Drs. James and Gail Anderson Scarvia B. Anderson Ph.D. Mr. William W. Anderton Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Andrzejewski ANEL Corp.

Anonymous (3) APAC-Mississippi Inc. API Warrior Basin Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Armstrong Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Arnold Arthur Andersen and Co. Dr. and Mrs. W. Pepper Ashford Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott Bailey Jr. Mr. C. Tyler Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel P. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. William O. “Billy” Ball Sr. Bank of Wiggins BankPlus - Meridian Mr. and Mrs. George M. Banzhaf Baptist Memorial Hospital Wiley and Patty Barbour Mr. and Mrs. Johnson N. Barrett II Dr. and Mrs. Vernon W. Barrow III Bayer Animal Health Care Bayer Corp. - Pineville, La. Maj. (ret.) and Mrs. Lawrence G. Beasley USAF Mr. James A. Bedenbaugh Chris and Bette Behr Mrs. Andrea L. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Bell III Ms. Susan Bell and Mr. Patrick Morris Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bell Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Dan Bennett Mr. Roger B. Bentinck-Smith Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Berry Dr. and Mrs. Todd R. Besselievre Joe E. Bickham Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stan R. Black Mr. and Mrs. Stevan L. Black Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Blakely Ms. Madrina D. Bokenkamp Mr. R. Dane Bokenkamp Mrs. Gail Boland and Dr. Michael Boland *Mr. Ralph C. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bowen Jr. Dr. Catherine R. Boyd Mr. Charles P. Boyd and Dr. Beverly Langford Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Braddock Sr. Dr. and Mrs. C. Glendon Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Brann Ms. Cindy M. Brantley Brasfield and Gorrie Contractors Inc. Mr. Joseph L. Breal Sr.

Dr. Tami Brooks and Mr. Carl Brooks Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brooks Mr. William M. Brooks Dr. and Mrs. James S. Brown III Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Brumfield Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Brumfield Jr. Daniel and Janet Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Buck Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. William W. Bunker Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Gary N. Bunner Mr. and Mrs. Billy W. Burkes Mr. and Mrs. Mouchette Burks Jr. Burlington Northern Foundation Burns Cooley Dennis Inc. Business Communications Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Cade Jr. Cadence Banking - Columbus Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Cain Mr. Winton B. Cain Cal/West Seeds Camgian Microsystems Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Camp Shannon Campbell Capitol Hardware Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Cardin Mrs. Leota P. Cardwell Mrs. Bettie B. Carr Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Carson Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Carty Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Carver Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Darron Case Catfish Farmers of America Champion International Corp. Mr. and Mrs. George F. Chandler III Mrs. Gail Harpole Cheek Cheminova Inc. Drs. Liza M. and Lung H. Chen Chick-fil-A Bowl Mr. and Mrs. Gene Childress Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank Chiles Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Christian Citgo Petroleum Corp. The Citizens Bank of Philadelphia Claiborne-Jefferson Alumni Chapter Mrs. Barbara B. Clark Ms. Crista S. Clark Mr. Fletcher T. Clark Jr.

Ms. Morgan E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Cobb Mrs. Marion P. Coggin Mr. and Mrs. Billy C. Coleman Dr. and Mrs. William H. Coltharp The Columbus Brick Co. Columbus Motor Co. Comer Packing Co. Inc. Communigroup of Jackson Inc. Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Conn Cook Coggin Engineers Inc. Mr. Eric S. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Cooley Dr. and Mrs. David Cornell Dr. Gloria Correro and Mr. John V. Correro Mr. and Mrs. James M. Coward III Dr. and Mrs. W. Boyce Craig Creative Windows and Doors LLC Mr. Sid Crigler and Dr. Amy Crigler Cullum Seeds LLC Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cumberland Mrs. Ida L. Cunetto Mr. and Mrs. Dan Curran Mr. and Mrs. Kyle W. Curran Mr. George P. Dampeer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Davis Mr. Joseph V. Dawsey III Ms. Betty K. Dean Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dean Jr. Delaney Foundation Inc. Deloitte LLP Delta Grow Seed Co. Inc. Delta King Seed Co. Mr. and Mrs. Page Dettor Jr. Mrs. J.J. Dillard Mr. and Mrs. William E. Doughty Dow - Greenville Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dowdle Mr. Richard Draudt Mr. and Mrs. James S. Dryden Mr. Eric L. Dubose Mr. and Mrs. John W. Duff Dulaney Seed Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Willis W. Dungan Dupont - Madison

Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dye E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co. Eastgroup/Parkway Foundation Dr. and Mrs. William P. Eastman Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Eldridge Electric Power Association of Mississippi Engineering Plus Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Enis Sr. Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc. Ernst & Young LLP Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Paul Estess Dr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Ethridge Mr. George Everett Mr. John H. Everett F and B Catering LLC Fannie Mae Foundation Farmers Grain Terminal Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Farrar Jr. Rodney and Patricia Faver Feed Haulers II Inc. John and Carole Ferguson Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fesmire Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fleming Jr. FMC Corp. - Bolton Follett College Stores Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fondren Jr. Trisha and James R. Forbes Mr. Robert M. Ford III Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Fortunato Foundation for the Mid-South Chris and Lynette Fountain Mrs. Esther M. Fowlkes Mr. Ronnie K. Frazier II The Furniture Foundation Gallagher Farm Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Galloway George Carr Buick Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gipson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Gladney Mr. and Mrs. J. Larry Goddard Mr. Stacey W. Goff Goodman Associates Mr. William F. Grady Mr. Hardy P. Graham Mr. Robert E. Graves Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Gray Mrs. Bettye D. Green Mr. P. Chris Grice Sr. and Mrs. Gay Bruns Grice


The Griffith Foundation for Insurance Education Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Guess Guild Hardy Associates Architects P.A. Gulf Coast Haz. Sub. Research Center Mrs. Mary A. Gunter The H.F. McCarty Jr. Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Clinton B. Hales Jr. Ms. Darlene Hall Mr. David B. Hall and Mrs. Isa B. Hall Dick and Jennifer Hall Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Hallberg Halliburton Co. Inc. Halltree Inc. Henry and Tanya Hamill Mr. Frederick W. Hamilton Mrs. Sarah Jo Hamilton Mr. Newton F. Hamlin Jr. and Dr. Judy C. Hamlin Mr. Robert Hammond Jr. Hancock County Community Development Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bobby F. Hannaford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hansberger Mr. and Mrs. William F. Harbison Mr. and Mrs. Brenton D. Harder The Hardy Poindexter Graham Foundation Dr. Sandra Harpole and Mr. Martin Harpole Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harris Sr. Thomas and Michele Harris Mr. Vincent P. Harris Dr. and Mrs. William J. Harris III Mr. and Mrs. Walt C. Harrison III Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hartlein Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. Hartsog Mr. and Mrs. Mack A. Hataway Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Hatcher Jr. Michael Hatcher Mrs. Carrie B. Hawkins Helena Chemical Co. - Collierville, Tenn. Helena Chemical Co. - Memphis, Tenn. Mr. Bill Henderson Ewin and Claudia Henson Dr. Dora R. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Hester Mrs. Bobbie S. Higgins Dr. and Mrs. Benton M. Hilbun Mrs. Rosanne Hilbun Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell B. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Hill


Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hobart III Mrs. Barbara Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Hodges Mr. Emil “Butch” Holiner Ms. Renee S. Holiner Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Holland Allen “Buster” Holloway Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Holloway Hol-Mac Corp. Hood Farms and Gin Mr. Jeffrey J. Hosford Hotel Chester Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hough Jr. Houston Bulldog Club Houston, Texas MSU Alumni Chapter Howmedica Inc. Hubbard Farms Charitable Foundation Dr. E.M. Huddleston Jr. and Dr. Flavia Huddleston Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Huff Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Huffman Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hughes III Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Hunter International Paper - De Ridder, La. Irby Corp. Isagro USA Inc. Mr. Jonathan N. Ishee J.E. Salsbury Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Jackson The Japan Foundation Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Drs. Ann and James Jarratt Jesco Inc. Jesco-A United Dominion Co. Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Job Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Tommy G. Johnson Johnson-McAdams Firm P.A. Johnsonville Foods Inc. Mrs. Barbara Hatcher Jones and Mr. Andrew E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. “Andy” Jones Jr. *Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Jones Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy J. Jones Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Jordan Jr. Mr. Max H. Jordan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Danny W. Jumper Mrs. Sherri Jurney

K & S Custom Warehousing Paul and Mary Jo Karre Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Kennedy Jr. Cozart Family Kettering Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kitchens Tony and Talina Knight KPMG LLP Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kyle L.D. Hancock Foundation Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Lafoe Mr. Bryan A. Lagg Mr. and Mrs. William W. Langston Bobby and Julia Helen Latham Hugh and Pequita Latimer La-Z-Boy Chair Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Brandon S. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Lewis Ms. Kay Lindamood Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lipscomb III Litco Petroleum Co. Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Lockheed Martin Corp. - Bethesda, Md. Dr. and Mrs. Justin R. Lohmeier Ms. Mary A. Long Mr. and Mrs. N. Bryan Lott Mr. B. Danny Lott Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lott III Mr. and Mrs. William D. Lott Ms. Anna G. Love Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Lowther Mrs. Emma N. Lundy John and Hayley Lundy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Lyons Mrs. Yvonne M. Mabry The Maddox Co. Makhteshim-Agan of North America Inc. Dr. Eugene F. Martin and Ms. Pandra Kay Evans Mr. and Mrs. Michael Massengill Art and Mary C. Massey Mr. James A. Matthews Jr. and Mrs. Angela Wilson-Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Mauldin Mr. Billy L. McBryde Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. McCann Mr. and Mrs. John G. McCord Richard and Sherry McCraw Mr. and Mrs. Rocky L. McGarity

Mr. and Mrs. Harold McGarrh Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William L. McGovern Mr. and Mrs. William H. McIntyre Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Horace L. McKay Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cody D. McKellar III Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. McKinion Mrs. Connie B. McMillin Mr. and Mrs. John T. McReynolds Dr. and Mrs. Russ McReynolds Mrs. Rebecca E. Melton Mental Health Association of Lauderdale County Merchants and Farmers Bank - Kosciusko Merchants and Farmers Bank - Starkville Merck and Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David F. Michael Microtek Medical Inc. Mrs. Laura S. Miller Mississippi Action for Progress Inc. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Mississippi Bottled Water Mississippi Concrete Industries Association Mississippi Export Railroad Co. Mississippi Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Mississippi Land Bank Mississippi Power Foundation Mississippi Properties Inc. Mississippi Rice Promotion Board Mississippi Tax Institute Mississippi Turfgrass Association Dr. Ann B. Mitchell MMC Materials Inc. Molitor Angus Ranch The Molpus Woodlands Group LLC Monroe Tractor Co. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Monroe Monsanto - Cleveland Monsanto - Collierville, Tenn. Dr. Charles W. Montgomery and Dr. Elizabeth M. Montgomery Mr. Luke C. Montgomery Mrs. Andra T. Mooney Dr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Moore Dr. and Mrs. Wells R. Moorehead Moorman Manufacturing Co. Mr. and Mrs. Terrill J. Moran Jr. Mr. James R. Moreton Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Dr. David B. Morgan and Dr. Jan Morgan Duke and Jane Morgan Mr. Stacy L. Morgan Ms. Bonnie W. Morris Mr. and Mrs. James L. Morris Mr. and Mrs. David L. Morrow Jr. Mortgage Insurance Companies of America Rodney and Ethlyn Mortimer Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Moses Mrs. Marjorie G. Mosley Mrs. Susan Y. Mosley Moss Point Insurance Agency Inc. Mississippi Agricultural Industry Council Mississippi Nurserymen’s Association Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Jim Murff Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Murphy Mycogen Seeds NAFCO Research Institute National 4-H Council National Federation of the Blind Inc. National Turfgrass Evaluation Program National Wild Turkey Federation Natural Resources Conservation Service Neel-Schaffer Inc. Dr. Lyle E. Nelson Nestle Purina PetCare Co. Mr. Rhyne E. Neubert Jr. Drs. Harold and Lisa Newcomb Newman Angus Dr. and Mrs. Walter B. Newsom Anthony and LeAnn Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Bobby G. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Nicholson Jr. Mr. Bogart E. Nomad Captain Richard T. Norman Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Northland Cable Television Northrop Grumman Corp. - Baltimore, Md. Northrop Grumman Corp. - Pascagoula Northrop Grumman - Integrated Systems - Irving, Texas Novartis Oktibbeha County Hospital Omni Packaging Corp. One Twenty Club Dr. and Mrs. Kelly R. O’Neal Jr. Mr. Steven B. Oswalt

P and R Metals Inc. Mrs. June W. Pace Dr. Raygene C. Paige and Mr. Eddie C. Butler Mr. and Mrs. James L. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pannell Panola Construction Co. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Claude Parker Mr. and Mrs. Peyton L. Passons Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Patton Mr. J.C. Patton Sr. Pavilion Technologies Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell R. Pearson Peco Farms Inc. The Peoples Bank Mrs. Kathy P. Pepper Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins The Petroleum Research Fund Pfizer Inc. PGA of America Phi Kappa Phi Philips Day-Brite Dr. Travis D. Phillips and Mrs. Carolyn W. Malone-Phillips Mr. and Mrs. William H. Phillips Pickering Inc. Ms. Nell Ann Pickett Ph.D Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. - Huntsville, Ala. Pittman Farms Pitts Farm Ms. Daria F. Pizzetta and Mr. Charles D. Brown Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Poindexter Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Powell Prairie Waters Inc. Premier Radiology Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Prentice Jr. PREPS Inc. Pres Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Price Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Price The R.C. Baker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Everette Ramage Mrs. Ruth S. Ramsay Dr. and Mrs. James Randall Ramsey Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Montie L. Ramsey


Raymond James Charitable Endowment Dr. and Mrs. John E. Reed Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David R. Reese Regional Medical Support Center Regions Bank - Jackson The Reily Foundation - New Orleans, La. Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. Revit Technology Corp. Ms. Angel Reynolds Rhone-Poulenc - Manteca, Calif. Rice Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Rigdon David B. and Janet I. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. James C. Robertson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Robertson Dr. George L. Robson Jr. Rogers Wood Sales Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Stan W. Ruffin Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Rushing Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Steven K. Rushing Mr. Bill Russell Mr. Robbie Russell Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Rust *Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Saino Jr. SAP America Mr. Manfred Saylors Mr. Ron J. Schneider Bob Scott Mr. John D. Scott John and Cindy Scott Mr. Lee B. Seago Ms. Sara J. Sears Dr. and Mrs. Scott T. Segrest Mr. and Mrs. Don F. Shanks Sharkey-Issaquena Alumni Chapter Mrs. Jaime M. Shaw Dr. Kenneth A. Shaw Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sheely Shell Companies Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Walter R. Shelton Dr. and Mrs. Ross K. Sherman Bobby and Faith Shumaker Drs. Timothy and Grace Shumaker Mr. and Mrs. Harry Simmons Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Simons Jack and Ruth Sistrunk


Sixth International Symposium Mrs. Hilah Skewes *Mr. and Mrs. Zachary L. Slaton Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Slaughter III Mr. and Mrs. Felix Smart Dr. James E. Smith Mrs. Helen G. Snider Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Solomon South Mississippi Forest Products of Mississippi Inc. Southern AgCredit Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Sparks Dr. John G. Sparrow Spirco Manufacturing Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Spring Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. John Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stacy III Mr. and Mrs. Leon F. Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Staples Starkville Area Arts Council Inc. Starkville Daily News Starkville Rotary Club Mr. and Mrs. Claude G. Steele III Mr. and Mrs. William C. Steen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Stennis Dr. Elisabeth J. Stojanovic Mr. Willie O. Stokes Jr. James E. Stone Jr. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Stricklin Mr. and Mrs. Alex H. Summerour SURA/Thomas Jefferson National Accel. Ms. Margaret E. Swain, LCSW Dr. Pamela O. Sykes and Mr. Gregory D. Sykes Syngenta Crop Protection - Leland Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. - Greensboro, N.C. Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. - Memphis, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tabor Mr. G. Steven Tate Mr. Craig B. Tatum Taylor Energy Co. George and Jo Taylor Mr. and Mrs. James A. Taylor Tellus Operating Group LLC Mr. and Mrs. Terrell W. Temple Terral International Inc. Texaco Foundation Texas Instruments Foundation Lee and Cheryl Thaggard Dr. Michael S. Thaggard

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Thames Mr. Bobby Thigpen The Thomas H. and Mayme P. Scott Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. E. Anthony Thomas Mr. and Mrs. H.S. “Tommy” Thompson III *Mr. and Mrs. Johnny M. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Thoms Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Wynn Threatt Three Trees Ranch Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Thurmond Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Tiffin Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Towles III Trim Joist Corp. Tri-State Brick and Tile Co. Inc. Ms. Cynthia A. Tucker and Mr. Clark B. Herring Mr. Larkin E. Tucker III Mr. and Mrs. Chris Turner Mr. and Mrs. David B. Turner Union Pacific Resources Valent - Cleveland Valent U.S.A. Corp. - San Ramon, Calif. Valent USA Chip and Susanna Vance Mr. and Mrs. Byron Vanlandingham Velsicol Chemical Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Vick Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Virden Vulcan Materials W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. W.W. Dungan Farms Waco Construction Co. Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Walden Mrs. Mildred Walden Ms. Rose M. Walden Dr. and Mrs. H. Carroll Walker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Walker III Dewitt Wallace - Reader’s Digest Mr. and Mrs. B.V. Walton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roderick D. Ward III Dr. and Mrs. William C. Warner Jr. Mr. Rudolph M. Warnock Jr. P.E. Warren County Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Javed A. Warsi Waste Management of Mississippi Inc. Billy and Diane Watson The Wax Co. Inc. Mr. Richard B. Wax

Waycaster Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Waycaster Drs. Richard and Patricia Weddle Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Weems III Mr. and Mrs. John C. Weihing Mr. and Mrs. David Welch *Dr. and *Mrs. Edwin B. Werkheiser Mr. and Mrs. Billy F. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. James H. White Mr. Robert C. Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Wile Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Wileman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wilson II Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Wilson Mr. Ben Wilt Windgate Charitable Trust Danny and Jill Windham Mr. and Mrs. Terrell E. Winstead Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Wise Mr. Barnett H. Wood Mrs. Mary B. Woodruff *Glade and Jo Woods Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Wright Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Wright Mrs. Voncile Wright Mr. John L. Wyatt Dr. and Mrs. D. Russell Young Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Younger Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Zacharias Mr. and Mrs. Kip B. Zacharias

Mr. Michael D. Miller Dr. Dennis S. Nordin Ms. Jan Odom Ms. Janis N. Peacock Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Peete Jr. Mrs. Betti B. Renshaw Mrs. Pauline S. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. R. Dunlap Rose Jr. Mr. Bobby Dale Sanford and Dr. Regina L. Sanford Mr. and Mrs. William D. Seagrove Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sisk Ms. Celia A. Thomason Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Triggs Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David P. Young *deceased

Old Main Society Members Up to $49,999 or undisclosed amount John F. Clifton and Jo Ann Davis Clifton Estate Mr. Jeffrey L. Cooper Joe and Rita Douglass Dr. Robert R. Erk Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fraiser Jr. Richard Arnold Harvey Estate Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones James C. Lamkin Estate Dr. Robert R. Lowe Jr. John F. and Jeanne A. Marszalek Mrs. Frances Reynolds McCarty Dr. J. Chester McKee Jr. and Rev. Barbara McKee Mr. Ralph W. McLain and Mrs. Judy McLain


The President’s Club recognizes donors’ cumulative lifetime giving to Mississippi State University for the following giving levels. (New members from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012)

President’s Partner $25,000 to $49,999 #8 Motors 3M Decatur Plant A.L. Laboratories Inc. Aberdeen Ford Dr. Albert K. Abide III Mr. and Mrs. George R. Abraham Ackerman Chevrolet Acme Realty of Meridian Inc. Daniel J. Adams J. Harry Adams Mr. and Mrs. James R. Adams Mr. and Mrs. John S. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Adcock Adisseo AgraQuest Inc. AgResearch (USA) Dr. and Mrs. Randy C. Ahlrich Mrs. Donna Ainsworth Ajinomoto Heartland LLC AKZO Nobel Surface Chemistry LLC AKZO Nobel Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Aldrich Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop W. Aldrich Mr. James B. Alinder Jr. Allen Beverages Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David B. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Allen Mrs. Ruth Horrell Allen Mr. and Mrs. William E. Allen Jr. ALPHARMA Alpharma NW Inc. Alply Inc. American Cellulose Corp. American Chemical Society American Cyanamid - McCarley American Cyanamid Co. - Cordova, Tenn. American Farm Bureau Federation American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture - Washington, D.C. American Gas Cooling Center American Greeting Card Co.


American Home Furnishings Alliance American Institute of Architects Mississippi Chapter The American Legion AmFed Employer Services LLC Amoco Production Co. Anco Construction Mr. David Anderson Andersons Management Corp. Dr. C. Hunter Andrews Mr. Frank J. Anger Anonymous (6) Mr. and Mrs. Marc Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Anthony APAC Mississippi Inc. Mrs. Hugh M. Arant Sr. The Architectural Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John C. Arledge III Col. and Mrs. Richard Armstrong Jim and Sharon Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie F. Ashley AT&T Austin & Webb Ltd. Mrs. Opal W. Austin Autodessys Inc. Mr. and Mrs. W. Stanley Ayres Mr. and Mrs. William M. Backstrom Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Breck Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Mac L. Baker Mrs. Stella Baker Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ballas Bank of Mississippi Bank of Yazoo City Barber Dairies Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David K. Barger Mr. H. Glen Barker Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Barnes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Marty D. Barnes Mr. Mike Barnes Mrs. Albert G. Barnett Mr. A. Gene Barnett

Mrs. Jene’ Barranco Mr. Hall Barrett Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Barrett Barry Howard Insurance Service Mr. and Mrs. George H. Barry Jr. Mr. Larry C. Barton Mr. Kevin Bates Bayer Corp. - Lakeland, Tenn. Bayer Crop Science - Durham, N.C. Mr. and Mrs. David M. Baylot Be-Bop Record Shop Inc. Drs. Oscar and Mary Jim Beck Mr. and Mrs. Walter Becker Jr. Pepper and Debi Beckman Bell and Sons Trucking Co. Inc. Bell Chevrolet Benefits Management Group James G. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Benson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bergin Mr. L. Forrest Berry Dr. and Mrs. Gus D. Berryhill Jr. Dr. Russell A. Betcher Mr. and Mrs. Howell Bingham Jr. Ms. Kathryn C. Black Mike and Betty Black Ron and Jan Black Mr. and Mrs. Stevan L. Black Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Blackledge Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Bland Mr. Thomas W. Bobbitt Jr. The Boeing Co. - Huntsville, Ala. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan W. Boggan Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Boggan Bonds Co. Inc. Book Mart Corp. Mr. James W. Boozer Boral Bricks - Hattiesburg Boral Bricks - Macon Drs. Grace and Dean Boswell Mrs. Martha W. Bourland Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research Mr. and Mrs. J. Durr Boyles

Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Bozeman Jr. Mrs. Mae Bozeman Mr. Eric Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Brandon Mr. and Mrs. Chris F. Brantley Mr. and Mrs. James P. Brantley Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Brent Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Briscoe Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brister Mr. and Mrs. Ray Britt Mr. Larry Broadhead Buddy and Peggy Broadway Mr. Louis B. Brock Mr. and Mrs. Larry O. Brooks Brown, Mitchell & Alexander Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brown Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donnie H. Brown Mrs. Robert L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Brown Cozart Family Mr. James L. Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Bryan Mr. M. Brooks Bryan Mr. William A. Buchanan Mrs. Jamie A. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Buckley Drs. Michael and Alison Buehler Ben and Liz Bufkin Mr. and Mrs. Frederick V. Buie Bureau of Standards Jamaica Mr. and Mrs. Delynn Burkhalter Mr. Douglas S. Burks Mr. and Mrs. Franklin T. Burns Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. “Joey” Burt Mr. W.E. Burt Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Bush III Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bush Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bushman Mr. and Mrs. Curtis T. Buskirk Mr. and Mrs. David C. Byars Mr. and Mrs. William V. Byars Jr. Bob and Donna Kaye Byrd Mr. James R. Byrd C and W Land Development Inc. C.R.E.A.T.E. Inc. Cache River Valley Seed LLC Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Calhoon Dr. and Mrs. Joel T. Callahan

Dr. Cooper E. Callaway Mr. and Mrs. William Callaway Dr. and Mrs. Mike C. Campbell Jr. Campus and City Mail Service Can-Am Industries Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Canizaro Cannon Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Nissan Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Louis M. Capella Mr. Eliot M. Capouya Capstone Properties Carl Hogan Honda Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Carley Jr. Carlock Toyota of Tupelo Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George R. “Bob” Carr III Mr. and Mrs. James W. Carr Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Carson III Carter Brothers Farms Inc. Benjamin and Melody Carter Claude and Janet Carter Mr. and Mrs. James R. Carter Mr. John A. Carter Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Carter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Carty Mr. Jeffrey N. Carver Charles A. Cascio Mr. William F. Caskey Jr. Caterpillar Catfish Farmers of Mississippi CCSL Partnership The Chalet Dr. and Mrs. Timothy N. Chamblee Mr. and Mrs. John W. Chapman Chemtura Corp. Dr. Ian Chen Mr. and Mrs. David G. Cherry Children’s Defense Fund Mr. and Mrs. Wesley S. Chiniche Dr. and Mrs. William C. Chisholm Jr. Choctaw Rails Construction Mr. and Mrs. Johnny B. Choo Chris Haynes Electric Supply CIBA Dr. Pasquale Cinnella Cisco Systems Inc. City Wholesale Inc. Dr. Roger C. Clapp Jr. Clark Farms Mr. and Mrs. Tal Clark

Mrs. Walter H. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. James H. Clayton Clearwater Consultants Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Clements Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Cleveland Cliff Colbert Chevrolet-Oldsmobile Inc. Clinical Electronics Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Tommy Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. James A. Coggin Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cohen *Joe D. Cole Jr. College of Agriculture & Home Economics Alumni Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Collins Mr. Robert E. Coltharp Sr. Columbus Gin Association Columbus KIA Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Columbus Community Bank - Brandon Community Counseling Services Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi Con Agra Foods Inc. Mr. James E. Conn Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Cook *Mrs. Rosemarie Cook Ms. Ruth J. Cook Scott and Mindi Cook Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Cook Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chad B. Cooley Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Cooper Copeland & Johns Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George E. Copeland Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sean Copeland Mr. Charles Dean Corbell Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Corley Drs. William and Linda Cornell Mr. and Mrs. W. Eric Cosby Country Club Systems Mr. and Mrs. James R. Covin Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cox Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cox Ms. Lora A. Cox Dr. David T. Cozart Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Cozart Mr. and Mrs. Mike Craft


Drs. Barbara S. Craft and Jason A. Craft Mr. and Mrs. Bob J. Craig Mr. Mike Crane Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Craven Mr. and Mrs. Scotty P. Crawford Douglas and Letitia Crawford Creek Run LLC Environmental Engineering Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crisler P.E. Mr. Michael W. Criswell Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Croom Jr. Mr. Thomas W. Crosby Jr. Crosthwait, Terney and Noble PLLC Crowson Auto World Mrs. Jacqueline S. Crudup Crumbley Paper Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Cumbaa Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Cummins Dr. and Mrs. James R. Cummins Mr. Christopher J. Curro Ms. Bobbye Curtis Cyanamid Dairy Fresh Corp. Dale and Associates Architects P.A. Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dale Jr. Becky Dalton Bill Dalton Mr. F.R. Daly Mr. and Mrs. James B. Daly Dr. and Mrs. John Shay Daly Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Daniel Mrs. Ann S. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Travis Davis Jr. Mrs. Margaret Davis Dr. and Mrs. Scotchie Davis Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt J. Davis Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Louis E. Dawkins Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Day Dr. and Mrs. Armando A. de la Cruz Dean and Dean Associates Architects P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Dean Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Dedeaux Dr. Jacquelyn Deeds The Del Rendon Foundation Delta Ag Expo Delta and Pine Land Delta Industries Foundation Inc. Delta Research Foundation Delta Wildlife


Mr. and Mrs. E. Harry Dendy Mr. and Mrs. Scott Denson DeSoto County MSU Alumni Mr. and Mrs. John J. Devine Jr. Mr. Robert B. Deweese Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Dews Mr. C. T. Dexter and Ms. Anna C. Furr Dickerson and Bowen Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James D. Dickerson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dickson Dr. Anna Dill and Mr. Kenneth Dill Dr. and Mrs. James G. Dillard Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dillard Mr. Mark L. Dillard Ray C. Dillon and Deborah C. Dillon Discover Life in America Inc. Dixie National Livestock Show DLF Trifolium USA Inc. Dan and Penny Donald Jeff Donald Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. Doolittle Mr. and Mrs. Rudy B. Dossett III Mr. and Mrs. Ruben T. Doty II Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Douglass Dowelanco Mrs. Helen H. Downer Mr. Chad A. Dozier Dromoland Farm Inc. Mr. Herbert T. Dubuisson Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Duke Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Dumas Mr. Levi J. Dunkin Dupont - Vicksburg Mr. and Mrs. J. Dwight Dyess Mrs. Lonnie S. Dyess Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dykes E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation The Earhart Foundation Mr. Ronnie Easley Mrs. Betty Eason East Mississippi Business Development Corp. East Mississippi Electric Power Association Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. East Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. Eckman Eden Biosciences Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Edge Mr. and Mrs. Randall A. Edmonson Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Edmonson

Mr. Macon T. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Eichelberger Sr. Eifling Farms Seed Co. Inc. Mr. Jeffery A. Ellington Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Ellis Elmo F. McClain Trust Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Enlow Sr. Entergy Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Entrekin Environmental Solutions Inc. Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. Environmental Technical Sales Inc. Dr. and Mrs. James W. Ervin Jr. Dr. and Mrs. H. Werner Essig Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Estel Ethyl Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Eubank Mrs. Perneatha Evans Ewing Kessler Mechanical Solutions Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Kendall G. Ezelle F C & A P Dailey Farmers Tractor Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George D. Farr Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Farr Mr. David N. Farrish Ms. Paige W. Farrish Fats and Proteins Research Foundation Inc. Mrs. Tina Faulkner Mr. L. Rodney Faver Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Ferguson Dr. and Mrs. Wesley M. Ferguson Mr. Wayne E. Ferrell Jr. First South Farm Credit First State Bank First Tennessee Foundation Flexsteel Industries Inc. - Starkville Fluent Inc. FMC Corp.-Agricultural Chemical Division Dr. and Mrs. R. Rodney Foil Mr. and Mrs. Ricky K. Follin Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Forbus Dr. and Mrs. Floyd N. Ford Forrest-Lamar Co. Forestry Mr. and Mrs. Lucius E. Fouche Foundation of Food Processing Suppliers Association Inc. Mr. Oscar C. Fowler

Fowlkes Contracting Co. Inc. James and Joy Foy Mr. and Mrs. John T. Foy Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Frank Franklin Corp. Mr. James J. Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Frederiksen Dr. and Mrs. Howard C. Friday Friends of Noxubee Refuge Dr. and Mrs. Marty J. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fulton Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Futch Mr. and Mrs. James C. Galloway Jr. Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Chi Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Gannaway Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Garner Mr. and Mrs. C. Gerald Garnett Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Garrett Mr. Andrew E. Gaston Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Gathings Jr. Jamie and Frances Gatlin Mr. and Mrs. Russell V. Gatlin Mr. and Mrs. Ricky P. Gault The GEM Consortium General Motors Corp. Mr. Grady H. Geno Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Geno Jr. Mr. Walter L. Gentry Mr. and Mrs. Paul George Georgia-Pacific - Raymond Dr. and Mrs. Randall M. German Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Gewin Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gibbons Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David T. Gibson Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William J. Gibson Jr. Gildea Foundation Dr. Samuel P. Gillis Dr. Sarah Morgan and Dr. Leslie Goff Goldkist - Atlanta, Ga. Goldkist – Inverness Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Goldner Mrs. Grace H. Goodman Mrs. Martha E. Gordon Mrs. Bobbie M. Gore Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Goudeau Gowan Co. - Yuma, Ariz. Dr. and Mrs. David L. Grady

Dr. Jeff Grady and Dr. Karen Collins Mr. Jimmy Grafe Mr. and Mrs. John F. Grafe Graham Roofing Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Graham Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Graves Ms. Ruby B. Graves Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Gray Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation Inc. Greater Houston Community Foundation Greater Jackson Bulldog Boosters Greater Jackson Chapter National Wild Turkey Federation The Greater Starkville Development Partnership Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Green Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Green Greenville Mississippi Kennel Club Greenwood-Leflore-Carroll Economic Development Foundation *Mrs. H.T. Greer Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Greer Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gregory Mrs. Lucile Leigh Grieder Griffin Motors Inc. Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Griffin Dr. and Mrs. John E. Griffin Jr. Mr. Raymond S. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grove Mr. and Mrs. Mansel C. Guerry Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Guest Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Daryl P. Guest Dr. and Mrs. R.P. Guest Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William M. Gulledge Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Curtis Gunn Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Guyton Hydro-Clean Services Inc. Robert L. Halford and Price W. Halford M.D. Hall Timberlands Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hall Halliburton Foundation Inc. Mr. Larry J. Hand Jr. Billy and Stephanie Hankins Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hankins Mr. Fred Hansford Ms. Mary L. Hansford Hanson Pipe and Products Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Harbor Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Harger

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Harkins Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harris Harry H. Bush and Jeanne C. Bush Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Hart Carol and Oscar Hartman Mr. Jerry D. Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hatmaker Jr. Mrs. Wilma Havens Hawkins Motor Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. J. Hoyt Hayes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hayes Jr. *Mr. and Mrs. Dewey C. Haynes Dr. and Mrs. John T. Hays III Hazelwood Farm Health Management Association Mr. and Mrs. John J. Healy III Mr. Walter W. Heigle III Heilman, Kennedy, Graham P.A. Helena Chemical Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. James K. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. James H. Henley Mrs. Kitty Henry Mr. and Mrs. Hunter W. Henry Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hensarling Henson Distributing Corp. Mr. and Mrs. James L. Henson Heritage Banking Group Dr. and Mrs. Barry W. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Nubbin Herring Mr. and Mrs. Jere Hess Jr. Mr. Charles W. Hester Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Hewes Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. Hicks Jr. John Hill Mrs. Mary Jo Hill Mr. Thomas D. Hill III Mr. and Mrs. William O. Hill Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hill Sr. Mr. William W. Hill Jr. Sara R. Hines Hitachi Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hodges Dr. Julia E. Hodges


Hoechst Celanese Mr. Charles B. Holder Holiday Inn Express Mr. and Mrs. Dave F. Holley Jr. Mr. Jonathan W. Hollingshead Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hollingsworth Dr. and Mrs. James W. Hollingsworth Dr. and Mrs. John J. Hollister Stevens and Laura Hollister Mr. Tom Hollomon Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Holmes Hope Christian Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David O. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hopper Horizon AG LLC Mr. and Mrs. David R. Horn Hornbeck Seed Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Hornyak Mr. and Mrs. Burton B. Hosch Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Hossley Mr. and Mrs. G. Edward Hough Louise Porter Howle Estate Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Howell Mr. and Mrs. John W. Howell Dr. and Mrs. Hsinhung J. Hsu Mr. and Mrs. Timothy V. Huffaker Hughes Electronics Corp. Dr. and Mrs. J. Stacy Hughes Jr. W. Kenneth Hughey Mr. and Mrs. W. Gaddis Hunt Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Hubert E. Hunter Sally Hunter Estate Dr. and Mrs. George A. Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Berkley N. Huskison Dr. and Mrs. Zachary M. Hutchens Sr. Doug and Mary Hutton Mr. Cliff Hyslop The IAMS Co. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Imes Ingalls Shipbuilding Inc. Interior Elements International Paper Intervet Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Irvan Mr. James G. Ishee ISK Biosciences, Concord TWP - Ohio Ms. Linda C. Iupe


JH Biotech Inc. J.R. Homes of South Carolina LLC Jackson Stone Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Noah R. Jackson III Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Jackson Jr. Mr. Paul W. Jackson Mr. Timothy L. Jackson James C. Lamkin Estate Keith and Amy James Mr. and Mrs. William M. Jamieson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George G. Jarman Michael and Rena Jaudon Mr. and Mrs. John D. Jefcoat Mr. and Mrs. Heath O. Jenkins Robbin and Peggy Jeter JH&H Architects/Planners/Interiors Shen Yi Jian JiCo Inc. Mrs. Clement Joe Mr. and Mrs. Edward Y. Joe Mr. and Mrs. Allen T. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Johnson Marilyn Johnston Dr. Brooke Johnston and Dr. Richard L. Johnston Dr. and Mrs. J. Felda Jones Jr. H. Read Jones Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wright Jones Mr. Robert F. Jones Mr. Robert L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Jones Ms. Verni Jones-Nabors Mr. Michael Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Journeay Julington Creek Animal Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Justice Kappler Protective Apparel and Fabrics Robert and Vicki Katz Mr. Luther W. Kea Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Keenum Mr. and Mrs. Ashley T. Kees Mr. and Mrs. David D. Kelley Mrs. Joyce T. Kellum and Dr. Mark Kellum Mr. Henry W. Kemp II Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Kennedy Mr. Mike Kenny Larry Y. Kerr and Jennifer L. Antrim Mr. David E. Ketchum Jr.

Key Constructors Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David A. Killingsworth Mrs. Kathryn Kimbrough Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. King Mrs. Angelina Griffin Kitchens Kiwanis Club of Starkville Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Knight Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Knight Koch Gateway Pipeline Co. Kohler Industries Inc. Korean Alumni Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kyle L and H Supply Co. Inc. L 3 Communications Corp. Ms. Lucy W. Lacoste Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Lamberth Mr. and Mrs. William O. Lancaster Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Land *Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Landrum Mrs. Nancy Landrum Dr. and Mrs. Larry G. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Langford Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David C. Langston Larry Clark Chevrolet Dr. and Mrs. James A. Lauderdale III Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Lavender Mr. and Mrs. Al M. Lawler III Mr. Steve Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Tim Lawrence Leading Edges LLC Learfield Sports Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Leclair Dr. and Mrs. Jan A. Leder Mr. and Mrs. David L. Lee Sr. John and Marie Lee Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Lee Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Lefoldt Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. LeGoff Edward and Johnnie Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Whit H. Lenoir Ms. Carol J. Levy Bolivar “Bo” Lewis Mr. Chuck Lewis Drs. Harvey and Di Ann Lewis Mr. James R. Lewis III Mrs. Sarah P. Lewis Capt. and Mrs. Frederick R. Lickfold III

Dr. and Mrs. William G. Lindley *Mr. and Mrs. Bobby T. Lindsey Larry, Kathy and Sabrina Lindsey Mr. H. Stennis Little Jr. Mr. Luke Little Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Little Mr. Travis L. Little Mr. and Mrs. Phil K. Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Lomenick Ms. Molly M. Lomenick Brandi and Gentry Long Mr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Lord Louisiana Pacific Corp. Mr. Joshua E. Luke Mrs. Linda C. Mabry Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Mabry Mr. James R. Madison Mrs. Ella Magee Mr. and Mrs. George F. Malouf Sr. Mandal’s Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Marchetti Marine Gears Inc. Mr. Neil Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Martin Wilbur and Ruby Mashburn Dr. J.L. Mason Jr. Masonite Mr. and Mrs. R. Todd Massey Dr. and Mrs. W. Boyd Massey Mrs. Peggy H. Matthews Dr. and Mrs. Joe K. Mauldin Ms. Theresa G. Maxwell Dr. and Mrs. W.M. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. May Frank and Sara May Dr. and Mrs. George W. May Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. May Dr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Mayfield Jerry and Cynthia McAlpin *Mr. and Mrs. Zollie B. McAlpin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. McBride Mr. Rocky McBride Mr. and Mrs. Chris R. McCall Mrs. Margaret E. McCann Mr. and Mrs. George McClain Mr. and Mrs. Carles F. McComb Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. McCoy Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. McCreary

Mr. William G. McCuiston *Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. McCullough Sr. Dr. J. Leonard McCullough Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McDade Mr. George O. McDaniel III McDermott Inc. Mr. James J. McDonald, Sr. Jesse and Anne McDonald Lamar and Betty McDonald McDonnell Douglas - Arlington, Va. Mr. Mike McGill Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. McGowan Vincent and Linda McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. McGrath III Mr. and Mrs. C.H. “Tally” McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Julius F. McIlwain Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. McKinney Dr. R.T. McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. McLain Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William C. McLean Jr. Mrs. Ruby McLellan Mrs. Evelyn McMullen Mr. Brian K. McNair Mr. and Mrs. David C. McPhail Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott McPherson Mrs. Joyce H. McPherson Mr. Kelly L. McQueen Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. McWhorter Jr. Lee and Linda Meeks Memphis Maroon Club Mendrop, Wages LLC Merck Co. Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Merkel Mid-South Forestry Equipment Show Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Miles Dr. and Mrs. James G. Miller Dr. Mark P. Miller Lee and Mary Miller Mr. Robert D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie D. Miller Millsaps Pontiac Miskelly Furniture Mississippi Agricultural Chemical Council Mississippi Council of Cooperatives Mississippi Extension Homemakers Council Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Inc. Mississippi Loggers Association Mississippi Pork Producers Association

Mississippi Poultry Association Mississippi Safari Club International Mississippi State Equine Association Mississippi State Kennel Club Inc. Mississippi Valley Electric Dr. and Mrs. Jesse R. Mitchell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mitchell Sr. Drs. Tara E. Mitchell and Michael B. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Mike W. Mitchell Mitsubishi International Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Mize Mobile Chapter of Mississippi State Alumni Association Mobile Telecommunication Mockbee Hall and Drake P.A. Honorable and Mrs. Thomas O. Moffatt Dr. Michael C. Molleston Mrs. J.H. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. William S. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Bobby G. Mooneyham Mr. and Mrs. Al B. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Moore Dr. and Mrs. Bill Moore Dr. and Mrs. James E. Moore Mr. Lewis M. Moore Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Stewart D. Moore Mr. and Mrs. William L. Moorer Morgan Keegan Mr. and Mrs. Blair Morgan Mr. and Mrs. William H. Morris Drs. Jimmy and Gisele Moss Duane and Maxine Motsenbocker Mississippi Lignite Mining Co. Mississippi Physicians Care Network MSD-AGVET MSU Student Dietetic Association Munro Petroleum and Terminal Co. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Murray Steve and Linda Murray Mycogen Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Myers Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Jasper M. Nail Mr. and Mrs. James D. Nanney Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Nash National Fish and Wildlife Foundation


National Philanthropic Trust National Starch and Chemical Natural Decorations Inc. Northeast Mississippi Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Needham Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Nelson New Albany OB/GYN Clinic Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Newell Jr. Walter and Johnnie Newell Mr. and Mrs. Steve Newman Mr. Fred Newman Jr. Dr. Janice I. Nicholson NK Brand - Syngenta Seeds Dr. and Mrs. John B. Noblin Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Norman Mrs. Joyce H. Norman Mr. Leland B. Norman Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Bev R. Norment Mr. and Mrs. John O. Norton Novartis Crop Protection Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Nowell Nucor O.J. Noer Research Foundation Inc. Dr. and Mrs. William T. Oakes Jr. Joe and Florence Oaks Mr. and Mrs. Don W. O’Bannon Mr. and Mrs. John Oglesby Sr. Oktibbeha County Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Adrain P. O’Neal Donald W. O’Neal Optimist Club of Starkville Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Orgler Mr. Charles H. Oswalt Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Oswalt Mr. and Mrs. John Gary Oswalt Drs. Matthew and Christy Oswalt Mr. Larry K. Otis and Ms. Sharon C. Fanning-Otis Mr. Michael C. Pace John N. Palmer Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Palmer Jr. Mr. Ken Parker/One Life America Randy H. and Virginia B. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Parks Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Parvin Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Patrick Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sam G. Patterson Dr. Arthur F. Patton Paul Moak Pontiac


Pavco Industries Inc. Dr. Michael F. Payment Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Pearson Jr. Peavey Electronics Mr. Jeffrey H. Peoples Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pepper Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Petty Jr. The Pew Charitable Trusts Pharmavite Phenix Technologies Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Phillips Mr. Rawlston D. Phillips Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Phillips Mr. James C. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pigott Ms. Carolyn Pilgreen Mr. Charles Pilkinton Mr. Henry Pilkinton Pioneer Hi-Bred International Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. Mr. A.J. Pitts Jr. Plywood Pioneers Association Poindexter Brothers Mr. L.R. Polen Mr. and Mrs. Hal M. Polk Mr. and Mrs. William L. Polk Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Poole Mr. Ted Trussell Porter Drs. Jonathan and Linda Pote Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Inc. Dennis A. and Ruth H. Prescott Mr. and Mrs. Ted Preuss Mrs. Theresa Priebatsch Dr. and Mrs. W.R. Priester III John and Ann Prince Producers Feed Co. Progeny Ag Products Progressive Solutions LLC Mr. Murray D. Provine Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Puckett Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Puckett Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Purnell Mrs. Jessie A. Puryear Irving and Carlene Pylate Andrew Queen Mr. and Mrs. Mike L. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. James B. Randall III

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rasberry Mr. Michael J. Ratliff Mrs. Clyde M. Rauch Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David G. Ray Mr. John W. Ray III Mr. and Mrs. Johnny F. Ray Dr. Carol M. Read and Mr. James Read Mr. Daniel J. Recker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Reed Mr. and Mrs. James M. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Roland N. Reeves Dr. and Mrs. William C. Reeves Regions Bank - Laurel Regions Financial Rehabilitation Inc. Dr. JoAnne Reid and Mr. Carlton M. Reid Renessen LLC Mr. and Mrs. Carey Revels Mr. and Mrs. H. Frank Rhea Dr. and Mrs. David L. Rice III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Rieves II Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation Mrs. Pamela Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Roberson Mr. Charles W. Robertson Cathy and Don Robertson Dr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. William T. Robertson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Robinson Jr. Roche Laboratories Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rodgers Mr. Christopher Rohman and Dr. Kristie Rohman Mr. Jim Rose Mrs. Rebecca M. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ross Sr. Mrs. Suzanne D. Ross Mr. and Mrs. James M. Rowcliff III Ms. Anne R. Rowles Mr. James S. Rowles Mr. and Mrs. Craig Royston Dr. and Mrs. Roy H. Ruby Dr. and Mrs. Enrique Ruiz-Fornells Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rush Mr. and Mrs. Alvin C. Russell S and K Door and Specialty Co. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Salter Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sampietro Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Mrs. Bobby J. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Sanders Phil and Shelia Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Sanderson Sandoz Crop Protection - Des Plaines, Ill. Dr. and Mrs. Ben Sanford Jr. Sara Lee Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony O. Sassone Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Savage Mr. and Mrs. David B. Sayle Mr. Donny Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schmalenberger Dr. and Mrs. Robert Scholtes Mr. Thomas R. Schwan Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Mr. Alton N. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Scott Mr. and Mrs. William B. Scott Jr. The Scotts Co. – Belden Col. Gerald A. Seaman USA (ret.) Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Seitz Selby and Richard McRae Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Sexton Mr. and Mrs. John T. Shannon Mr. Robert P. Shannon Jr. Shaw Industries Dr. and Mrs. W. Steve Shepard Sr. Ms. Debra H. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Shipman Dr. and Mrs. Rubin Shmulsky Mr. Josh Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Shurlds III Huel Sills Mr. and Mrs. Billy F. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Simmons Mrs. Cynthia West Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Sims Mrs. Ginny K. Sisk Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sisk Mr. and Mrs. W. Casey Skelton Skjerven, Morrill, MacPherson Mr. and Mrs. William A. Slack Jr. Slay Steel Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Sledge Sr. Jerry and Debe Slocum SME Education Foundation

Smith Barney Charitable Trust Inc. Mrs. Candice P. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Carley L. Smith Jr. Mrs. Frances A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. George S. Smith James T. and Sherry H. Smith Janet Marie Smith and Bart Harvey III Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Smith John and Delores Smith Mr. R.E. “Gene” Smith Mr. Robert A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith Smith-Richardson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Snipes Jr. Dr. Jean K. Snyder SOL Engineering Services LLC Mr. and Mrs. J. Tom Somers Mrs. W.T. Sorrells South Central MS Chapter Southard Financial Southern Wood Specialists Inc. Southland Oil Co. Mr. and Mrs. Dickey Sparks Specialty Roll Products Inc. Mrs. Ruth M. Spence Dr. and Mrs. William A. Spencer Ms. Kristen A. Spengler Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Squires Dr. and Mrs. T.D. Stacy Ms. Angela Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Darren Stafford Mr. James Lee Stafford Mr. Charles L. Stanford Jr. Star Enterprise Starkville Anesthesia Group Starkville Orthopedic Clinic Starkville Quarterback Club State of Mississippi Real Estate Commission Mr. Bobby Steele Glenn and Cherie Steele Mr. and Mrs. James O. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Steverson Jr. STION Corp. Mr. J. Paul Stockwell Mr. Michael C. Stoddard Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Stone Mr. and Mrs. John S. Stratton *Dr. and Mrs. Troy A. Street

Mrs. Geneva T. Strickland Mr. and Mrs. Mack Strider Ken and Hailye Stringer Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stringer Mr. Nathan Stringer Dr. J.B. Stroud Mrs. Carlene T. Strowd Stuart C. Irby Co. Mrs. Joyce Stuart Mr. Oscar M. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Stubbs Mr. and Mrs. Duff W. Sudduth Mr. and Mrs. William R. Sugg Jr. Lt. Col. (ret.) and Mrs. John P. Sullivan Dr. Rani Warsi Sullivan and Mr. Thomas D. Sullivan Mrs. Natalie M. Summerour Mr. Joe L. Sumrall Sun Microsystems Sunshine Mills Inc. Swoope Insurance Agency T.L. Wallace Construction Inc. Tabor Construction and Development Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Tabor Mr. and Mrs. Mat Tallent Tanner Construction Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Tarsi Mr. Arthur R. Taylor Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Taylor Jr. Mr. Charles R. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Taylor Mrs. Mitzie A. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Taylor Dr. Susanne Taylor Teledyne Brown Engineering Co. Mr. Brian Temple Templeton Motors Mr. and Mrs. E.O. Templeton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Forest D. Templeton Terry and Melissa Tenhet Tennessee Valley Authority - Starkville Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Terreson Jr. Thomas A. Plein Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Thomas Thomasson Lumber Co. Dr. Rebecca Thomasson and Mr. Bob L. Thomasson Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Thompson Mr. R. Hank Thoms Jr. Mr. James P. Thomson


Dr. and Mrs. John U. Thomson Dr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Thornton II Mr. Steve W. Threlkeld Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Thurmond Thyssenkrupp Elevator Manufacturing Tigrett Steel Mrs. Norma Tillman Mr. and Mrs. James I. Tims TimTek Australia Pty. Ltd. T-Mart Inc. Tommy Armour Golf Co. Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Torres Townsend and Sons Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William M. Tramel Jr. Travel First Inc. Mr. Hunter H. Travis Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Triplett Jr. Trustmark National Bank - Meridian Mr. and Mrs. C. Wayne Tubb Mrs. Dorothy M. Turnage Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Turner Jr. Twin Valley Farms LLC Tyson Foods Inc. - Magee U.A.P. Distribution Inc. U.S. Golf Association Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Umbdenstock III Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Umphlett Dr. and Mrs. Joe Ray Underwood Union Camp Charitable Trust Union Dentistry Uniroyal Chemical Co. Inc. UniSouth Genetics Inc. United Agri Products, Greeley, Colo. Dr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Usey UST Public Affairs Inc. Mrs. Mary M. Vance Mr. Robert Vasilyev Mr. Jack P. Vaughan Clinton and Lashell M. Vaughn Vector CANtech Inc. Very Special Arts Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Virginia Tech Foundation Vista Chemical Co. - Houston, Texas W.O. Spencer Charitable Trust W.E. Blain and Sons Inc. Dr. Charles A. Waggoner


Ms. Angela M. Walker Gene and Dianne Walker Mr. and Mrs. Marion R. Walker Jr. Frank and Bunny Wallace Mr. and Mrs. James D. (Jack) Wallace Mr. and Mrs. William L. Waller Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John Walrod Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Walters Kevin and Suzie Walters Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Walton Mrs. Pamela Ward Ward’s of America Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ware Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Waring Warner Ms. Amina F. Warsi Mr. and Mrs. Saif U. Warsi Dr. Shahab U. Warsi Drs. Chris and Rebecca Waterer Watkins Ward and Stafford PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Truett N. Watson Mr. and Mrs. James F. Watts W.R. “Randy” Watts Sr. and Deborah Watts Mr. Robert L. Weatherly Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weaver Mrs. Judy A. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Everett Webster III Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wedgworth Mr. and Mrs. Clay H. Weeks Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Weems Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Welch Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Wells Mr. Lee Roy Wells Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wells Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Coyt C. West Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. West Westvaco Corp. White Construction Co. Mr. and Mrs. Harold White Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. White Mr. Tom L. Wilburn Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wilkerson Mr. Howard D. Wilkerson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. James N. Wilkes

Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Billy D. Williams Mr. J. David Williams Mr. and Mrs. James M. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Williams Joe E. “Gene” and Wanda Williams Dr. and Mrs. Liles N. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Willson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Wilson *Mr. and Mrs. Clifton A. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Dalton I. Windham Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Windham Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Winfield Mr. and Mrs. Terrell E. Wise *Mr. and Mrs. William G. Wise Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Womack Gail D. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Wood Woody’s #3 Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wooley Mr. and Mrs. David Work Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Worthington Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Wray Mrs. Christine B. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Dee L. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Wright III Yancey Agricultural Networks Inc. Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell Yarborough Mr. and Mrs. Homer L. Yarbrough Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Yarbrough Yazoo County Alumni Chapter Joel and Cheryl Yelverton Mr. and Mrs. Clovis B. Young Mr. and Mrs. James B. Young Sr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Daniel Young Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Zachary Dr. Helen M. Currie and Mr. Dayne Zimmerman President’s Associate $10,000 to $24,999 3M A.E. Polysilicon Corp. AAA Sales and Engineering Inc. Dr. Jim Aanstoos and Dr. Sarah Rajala William and Elizabeth Abbay Abbott Laboratories

Abner’s of Starkville Inc. Mr. William N. Abraham Academy of Management Accenture Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Adair Mr. and Mrs. John P. Adair Dr. and Mrs. A.M. Adams Jr. Ms. Dolly D. Adams Mr. and Mrs. John W. Adams Mr. Lemuel S. Adams III Mr. Taylor V. Adams and Mrs. Phoenix Ma-Adams Mr. Whit Adams Mr. and Mrs. William A. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery M. Adcock Mr. William L. Adcock Adeppt Adjuvants Unlimited LLC Ad-Pak Systems Inc. AG 100 Club AgrEvo Agrigold Hybrids Agriscapes LLC Agrium Advanced Technologies Agrotain International LLC AgSouth Genetics, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Vastine C. Ahlrich Dr. Christopher R. Akers Mr. and Mrs. Rodney G. Akers Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Akin Judge Terry Q. Alarcon and Dr. Mollie M. Alarcon Albert and Associates Architects P.A. ALCON Labs Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alexander Dr. and Mrs. W. James Alexander Ms. Mandi D. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alford The Allbritton Foundation Allen & Griffin Animal Hosp. Allen and Hoshall Ltd. Allen Crouch Cutting Horses Mr. and Mrs. James B. Allen Mrs. Janice H. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Jim Allen Mrs. Margaret Allen Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Randy Allen Alltech

Mr. and Mrs. Rex Alman III Mr. Wendel C. Almond Dr. Twila L. Alpe and Mr. Robert J. Alpe Altria American Cyanamid - Townville, S.C. American Pulpwood Association The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Americot Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Amis Amite County Farm Bureau Amvac Chemical Corp. AMVACO Chemical Co. Mr. Justin Anders Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Anders Anderson Corp. Ms. Cassie B. Anderson G. Chris Anderson Mrs. Nicholas Anest Animal Care Clinic Inc. Anonymous (5) Ansell Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Antee Antler Ranch Inc. Aramark Argonne National Laboratory Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George T. Armistead Armor Seed Co. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Armour Mr. Mark L. Armstrong Dr. and Mrs. Kirk P. Arnett Arnold Industries Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Danny R. Arnold Arthur Anderson LLP Arysta LifeScience N.A. Corp. Mr. John H. Ashford Dr. and Mrs. James D. Ashmore Mrs. Billy Askew Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell M. Asmar Jr. Association of the United States Army Astro Ford of Mississippi Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Atkins Atlas Roofing Corp. Dr. Jesse W. Austin Jr. Dr. Melinda J. Austin Aventis Pharmaceuticals - Jackson, Tenn. B & S Seed Co. BP America

Babcock and Wilcox Bailsco Blades and Castings Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bain Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Baker Mr. and Mrs. James O. Baker Mr. Johnny Baker Mr. Samuel W. Baker Baldwin Piano Baldwin Piano and Organ Co. Dr. Brian S. Baldwin and Dr. Nancy A. Reichert Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bales Jr. Ms. Betsy M. Ball Dr. and Mrs. Billie J. Ball Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Ball Mr. Robert A. Ballew Bancorp South Bank of Anguilla Mrs. Mary C. Banwart The Barbara Gauntlett Foundation Barbara M. Lindstedt Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Barber Tim and Libby Barber Barenbrug USA Mr. and Mrs. Harris H. Barnes III Ms. Melanie B. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Heath Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. John R. Barr III Mr. and Mrs. James K. Barrentine Mr. Melvin W. Barrentine Col. (ret.) and Mrs. Robert W. Barrett Sr. Pamela Barr-Lenoir and Tony L. Lenoir Mr. James N. Barron Terry A. and Lynn Lott Barron Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Barron BASF Corp. - Coldwater Dr. and Mrs. William D. Batchelor Ms. Margaret S. Bateman Mr. and Mrs. Brax H. Batson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Batson Bay Springs United Methodist Church Bayer Environmental Science Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Bayley III *Ms. Evelyn Beamon Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bean III Beard and Riser Design


Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Bearden Mr. and Mrs. Ray Beasley Beauticontrol Cosmetics Inc. BeautyLawn Spray Inc. Mrs. Polly R. Beavers Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Beckham Mr. Louis K. Beene Ms. Diane M. Behr Belinda Stewart Architects P.A. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bell III Randy and Pat Bell Mr. Ross Bell Mr. and Mrs. W. Terrell Bell Mr. Ray L. Bellande Belle Southern Hybrids BellSouth - Meridian Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Benjamin Dr. and Mrs. A. Wayne Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Bennett Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Benoist Mr. and Mrs. Marvin B. Benson Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Benton Mrs. Fay V. Berentz Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Bernheim Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Berry Mr. and Mrs. P. Lamar Berryhill Dr. Krish Bhansali Mr. George Biggs Birmingham Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. David G. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. David N. Bishop Dr. Eugene H. Bishop Dr. and Mrs. Wade C. Bishop Black Bear Conservation Committee Black Hole Ranch Corp. Dr. and Mrs. E. Russell Black Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Irving B. Black Mr. and Mrs. Ricky J. Black Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Blaise Mr. H.H. Blakeney Ms. Judith K. Blalock Mr. Howard D. Bland Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Blanks III Mr. Kent M. Bloodworth BNB Development Co. Mrs. Mary R. Bodron Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. Boeing Co. Sally and Neill Bogan Mr. and Mrs. Johnny K. Bolen Ms. Lynette T. Bolen *Mr. and Mrs. Garland W. Boleware Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell G. Boleware Mrs. Muriel F. Bolls Ms. Ann Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Walt B. Boltwood Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Bonds Dr. John M. Boone Jr. Dr. Scott A. Boone Borden Foundation Inc. Mr. Terrell W. Boren Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Borromeo Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Bosarge Dr. and Mrs. Bryant R. Boswell Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K. Bounds Mrs. Virginia S. Bounds Mr. and Mrs. Woodie H. Bounds III Mr. Russ M. Bourne Congressman David R. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Box Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne H. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Marden B. Boyd Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Boyd Mrs. Winifred B. Boyd Mr. Dee Boykin Mr. and Mrs. Derwood R. Boyles Boyles, Moak, Brickell, Marchetti Insurance Inc. Mrs. Beth S. Bozeman Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Bozeman BP Corp. North America BP Oil Co. BPI Communications Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Braddock Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bradford Mr. Terry E. Bradford Dr. Gary Bradshaw and Dr. Stehanie Doane Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Brahan Sr. Brandon Petroleum Properties Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Brandon Mr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Brasell Mr. Leslie B. Brasell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Brasfield Mrs. Robert G. Brasfield

Mr. Larry C. Bratton Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Breakfield Dr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Bredemeier Ms. Sandra Bredemeier Breland Building Supply Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Breland Mr. Charles E. Brett Dr. James A. Brett Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Brewer Briar Lakes Ranch Brick Industry Association, Southeast Region Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bridges Sr. Drs. Philip and Susan Bridges Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bridgforth Dr. and Mrs. Roy S. Brigance Mr. Quinn F. Brislin Mr. and Mrs. John G. Brittingham Broadcast Media Group Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Broadfoot Jr. Mr. Paul Broadhead Sr. Mrs. Helen F. Brock Mr. William A. Brock Sr. Mrs. Carolyn G. Brooks Brotech Inc. Brown Development Co. Althea (B.B.) Brown Mr. and Mrs. Andy T. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Brett O. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Brown Ms. Kathy M. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Larry G. Brown Dr. Lewis R. Brown Mrs. Marilyn Brown Mrs. Mary B. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown II Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Perry S. Brown Mr. Richard S. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brown Mr. William L. Brown III Dr. and Mrs. W.D. Brown Browning Creek Development Browning Ferris Industries Waste Services LLC Mr. and Mrs. Maxie Bruce Jr. Mrs. Sarah Bruce Mr. and Mrs. William L. Brugmann Mr. George W. Bryan Jr.

Ms. Laura Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Bryan Maj. and Mrs. Walter A. Bryan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Bryant Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Bryson Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Bucci Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Malone Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Don Buckley Mr. and Mrs. James B. Buckley Jr. Mrs. Margaret B. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Buford Jr. Bulldog Club of Washington Bulldog Sports Network Mrs. Ozza S. Bullen Mr. and Mrs. Rob Bullock Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bullock Dr. and Mrs. Joe R. Bumgardner Dr. and Mrs. H. Dean Bunch Mrs. Nancy Burdine *Mr. Charles E. Burkhardt Mr. Jack S. Burks Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William D. Burnham Mr. Kenneth Burns Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Jackey O. Burrell Mr. Kenneth L. Burrell Burris, Wagnon Architects Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Busby Mr. and Mrs. Ely E. Busby III Mrs. Jodie Buse Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bush Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny R. Bush Mr. and Mrs. Vernon T. Bush Dr. and Mrs. William G. Bush Mrs. Sharon R. Bushman Mr. Robert Busick Business Interiors Mr. and Mrs. Phil C. Buteau Johnnie R. Butler and Cathy Butler Dr. and Mrs. Joel A. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Toby A. Butler Mr. Roger L. Byrd Mr. and Mrs. Tim Byrne Cadence Design Systems Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Caffey Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cagle Mr. and Mrs. David F. Caldwell

Mr. Jim Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Rufus W. Caldwell Jr. Mr. David O. Calhoun Cal-Maine Food Inc. Calyx Star Ranch Dr. Bonnie W. Camp Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Alan Camp Mr. Carlise Campbell Drs. Matthew W. and Nancy B. Campbell Campus Supply Mr. and Mrs. Randy T. Cannon Capital Center Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Carlisle Mr. and Mrs. Berny Carnathan Carothers Construction Inc. Mr. Reid Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Carr Mr. George R. Carr IV Dr. and Mrs. James H. Carr Mike and Janet Carraway Mr. and Mrs. Chance B. Carter Col. and Mrs. Donald I. Carter Mr. Geoffrey E. Carter Dr. and Mrs. William R. Carter Jr. Cash Distributing Co. Mr. and Mrs. Danny Cash Mr. and Mrs. John S. Castles Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Cates Catholic Charities Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Catledge Mr. Ronald L. Caulfield Mrs. Linnie Causey Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Caven Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Caves Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Cayson Thompson, Dunavant PLC CBP Resources Cerexagri Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Chadwick Champion International Paper Mr. and Mrs. Dwight L. Chance Mr. and Mrs. Danny P. Chancellor Honorable and Mrs. Michael J. Chaney Jim and Bonnie Chapman Mr. and Mrs. James W. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Chapman Checker Leasing Inc.

ChemGen Cheminova Corp. Cheminoval Chemtura U.S.A. Corp. Chevrolet Motor Division Chi Omega Sorority Chickasaw Equipment Co. Chick-Fil-A Inc. Mr. Roger N. Childs Mr. Allen B. Chittom Mr. and Mrs. Gilroy Chow Church and Dwight Co. Inc. Ciba-Geigy Claiborne County Alumni Clarion Ledger Clark Beverage Group Inc. Clark Equipment Co. Mr. and Mrs. Brad Clark Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Clark Mr. Kenneth M. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Clark Brad Clark Honorable and Mrs. Eugene S. Clarke IV Class of 2010 - College of Veterinary Medicine Mr. William B. Clay Ms. Ann R. Cleland Mr. Terrance M. Clem Dr. and Mrs. O. A. Cleveland Jr. Mr. Charles B. Cliett Jr. Mr. Jeffrey R. Clifton Climate Master Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cline Cloverleaf Animal Clinic Mrs. Homerline Clower Club Systems Group Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Clynch CMB Wireless Group LLC Coastal Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. R. Buck Coats Coca-Cola Co. Mr. and Mrs. Rex W. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cockrell Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Coggin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Coggin Sr.


Mrs. James Coggins Colbert Auto World Coldwell Banker/Alfa Insurance Dr. Avean W. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cole Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Cole Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Coleman Colgate-Palmolive Collegiate Funding Services Mrs. Linda Collins Mr. Michael C. Collins Drs. Robert K. and Pamela C. Collins Collins/Reisenbichler Architects Mr. John A. Colotta Columbus Scrap Material Co. Dr. and Mrs. Leon L. Combs Dr. and Mrs. Trey Combs Commercial Bank Community Bancshares of Mississippi Community Bank - Meridian Community Bank - North Mississippi Community Development Foundation Community Foundation of East Mississippi Mrs. Berenice Conerly Conoco Inc. Consolidated Catfish Companies LLC Continental Plumbing Contractors Material Co. Inc. Mr. Roger A. Cook Rick Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Johnie E. Cooks Sr. Mr. Christopher L. Cooley and Mrs. Jessica L. Adams *Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Cooper Mrs. Frank E. Cooper Dr. Krissten N. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cooper Mr. Tom Cooper Mr. and Mrs. William T. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Copeland Copolymer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank Corban Jr. Mr. Steven D. Corhern Mr. and Mrs. William W. Corhern Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Cornwell Coronet Industries Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Cosby Mr. T.E. Cotten Council for Chemical Research


Courtesy Chevrolet-Buick Timothy A. Courtney Covenant Presbyterian Church Covington County MSU Alumni Mr. and Mrs. David M. Cox Mrs. Janet M. Cox Dr. and Mrs. Lynn A. Cox Nancy M. Cox Dr. Sam J. Cox III Ms. Ginger S. Cozart Craft Land and Timber Inc. John Rimmer Craft Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Craft Mr. Jim Craig Mr. and Mrs. John Crecink Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Crenshaw Rev. and Mrs. A.S. Crigler III Mr. Jack S. Cristil Crompton Uniroyal Co. Mrs. Saramel R. Crooks Croplan Genetics Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Crosland III Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Croswell Dr. and Mrs. John A. Crow Mr. Richard H. Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Moody M. Culpepper Cultured Marble Association of the South Mr. and Mrs. Gery A. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Dominic J. Cunetto Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cunningham Mrs. Gloria Curran Ms. Katie C. Curran Mr. and Mrs. Tom Y. Curran Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Curry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Curry Mr. and Mrs. William W. Curtis Cynthia Cooper Consulting LLC DBM Farms Inc. Mr. Dustin D. Dabbs Ms. Kelly Dabbs Dacus Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Daily Dairy Farmers of America Dal Briar Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Dale Dallas Semiconductor Corp. Mrs. Billye H. Dallas

Mr. Timothy F. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dampeer Mrs. Loretta L. Daniel Dr. Anthony E. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Cluis C. Daniels Danisco USA Inc. Mr. Harvey C. Danner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. D’Arcy Mr. and Mrs. Bill Darnell Mr. and Mrs. Sim S. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Daves Mr. and Mrs. Marty Davidson Davis Enterprises Davis Stokes Collaborative P.C. Mr. Artis L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. David L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Davis Mr. Jack C. Davis *Mr. and Mrs. Joel Davis Mr. John P. Davis Mr. and Mrs. John P. Davis III Mr. Johnny R. Davis Jr. Mrs. Kathleen Davis Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Davis III Mrs. Ruby L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William O. Davis Mrs. Mary J. Daws Mr. and Mrs. Elbert J. Day Jr. Ms. Gerda DeAngelo Mr. Patrick O. DeAngelo Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. Deas Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Decell Deep South Equipment Dealers Service Co. Inc. Ms. Mary Helen Puckett DeFrance DEKA Medical Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. DeLashmet III *Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Delk Dell Inc. Mr. George Lake Deloach III Deloitte Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Marcus R. Delouche Delphi Packard Electric Delta Pride Catfish Inc. Delta Waterfowl Foundation Denbury Resources Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Dendy

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Dendy DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Denson Mr. Craig E. Denson Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Denson Ms. Sherre H. Denson Mr. Frank J. Derfler Desert King International LLC Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dew Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Deweese Mr. and Mrs. Tom G. Deweese Dickerson Construction Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Dickerson Mr. Walter L. Dickerson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jess H. Dickinson The Dickson Museum of Louisiana Drs. Susan and Walter Diehl Mr. Timothy N. Diggs Mr. Theo H. Dinkins II Ms. Mary C. DiNunzio Disabled American Veterans Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Dismukes Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Ditto Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP Mr. and Mrs. Andy Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Dixon Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Dixon Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Dodd Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Doiron David and Brenda Donald Donaldson Co. Inc. Donlar Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Devane C. Dorman Dossett Big 4 Mr. John D. Doty Double Wheel Ranch Inc. Mr. William E. Doughty Mr. William E. Doughty Jr. Mrs. A. J. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. James D. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Douglass III Mr. and Mrs. Spivey S. Douglass Dow - Little Rock, Ark. Dow AgroSciences LLC - Little Rock, Ark. Dow Chemical USA Dr. and Mrs. Donald N. Downer Mrs. Juanita P. Downing Mr. and Mrs. William C. Downing Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Drake III Mr. William A. Draper Mrs. Suzanne Simmons Dressel Dreyfus Health Foundation of the Rogosin Institute Steen - Hall Eye Institute DSM Nutritional Products Inc. Mrs. Bobbie F. Dubard Mrs. Kim R. DuBoise Ducks Unlimited Inc. Ms. Mary E. Duckworth Mrs. H.B. Duckworth Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Dugard Drs. Joe and Beth Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Duncan Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dungan Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Dunham Dupont - Bryon, Ga. DWC and Associates P.A. Mrs. Eula M. Dyar Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Dyess Jr. E.C. Styberg Inc. Earnest Machine Products *Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Easley East Mississippi State Hospital Mr. and Mrs. George H. East Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Easterling Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Easterwood Mrs. David M. Eastland Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Eaves Lt. Col. (ret.) Willam Echols and Mrs. Sandra Barton Echols Dr. and Mrs. David W. Eckman Eco Systems Eden Biosciences - Collierville, Tenn. Eden Bioscience Corp. - Little Rock, Ark. Edison Walthall Hotel Mr. and Mrs. David M. Edmonds Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Edwards Mr. Matthew C. Edwards Mr. Herbert C. Ehrhardt EI Dupont DeNemours & Co. Inc. EKA Chemical Inc. EKA Nobel Inc. Mr. Bruce W. Elder Eldridge and Associates P.A. Electric Power Research Institute Mr. and Mrs. Jim H. Eley

Elf Atochem North America Inc. Dr. Robert M. Ellard Mr. Chris Elliott Dr. and Mrs. Graydon E. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. A. Leslie Ellis Dr. Glenn T. Ellis Mr. Steve Ellis Embrex Inc. Donald W. Emerich Emerson Electric Emerson Elliott Williams and Co. Engineering-Educational Services ENTEX-Mississippi Division Mr. and Mrs. D. Pierce Epes Mr. E.C. Cookie Epperson Erwin Industries Inc. Erwin-Keith Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Evans Dr. and Mrs. S.R. Evans Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Everett Evonik Degussa Exxon - Baton Rouge, La. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Fair Jr. Fairchild Construction Mr. and Mrs. James K. Fairley Mr. Craig Fant Mr. William R. Fant III Farm Credit Banks of Jackson Farm Foundation Mr. Warren R. Farmer IV Jeff Farnham Mr. and Mrs. David E. Farris Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Farris Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Farris III Dr. and Mrs. Benton H. Fatherree Faucette Petroleum and Supply Mr. Rick Faucette Federal Solutions LLC Doug and Bonnie Feig Dr. Joe L. Ferguson and Mrs. Jean Walrath Ferguson FFR Seed Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Filgo Mr. and Mrs. Hal Finch Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge Finch Fine Americas Inc. Fink Beef Genetics Finnfeeds First Bank of Southwest Mississippi


Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fisackerly Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fisackerly II Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D. Fisher Mr. Jimmy Fisher Ms. Phyllis Fitzwater Dr. Geddes B. Flagg Mr. and Mrs. James H. Flanagan Mr. Brad Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Dolan C. Fleming Dr. Elizabeth C. Fleming and Mr. Robert L. Fleming III Flex 1 Club Fitness Inc. Flexsteel Industries Inc. - Dubuque, Iowa Mrs. Betty Flint Col. and Mrs. Billy H. Floore Florida Power and Light Co. Fluid Fertilizer Foundation The Fluor Foundation Mr. Phil G. Flynn FMC Corp. FMC Corp. - Tupelo FMC Corp. - Washington, D.C. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fondren Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Fonville Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Forbes Mr. Robert N. Forbes Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ford Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ford Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Ford Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy C. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Ford Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Wayne Forrest Mr. Rufus L. Forrset III Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Fortner Jr. Mr. Carlton P. Foster Dr. and Mrs. Jack B. Foster Jr. Mr. Karl G. Foster Mr. Mark Foster Sara M. Foster Fouche and Associates Foundation for Agronomic Research Foundation for Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Mr. Clayton G. Fowler Dr. and Mrs. William R. Fox Frank Jones Construction Fraternal Order of Police Dr. Sara Freedman and Mr. Glen Freedman The Freedom Forum


Mr. William H. French III Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Frye Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby E. Fryery Brian and Meg Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Fulton Mr. and Mrs. Nick Fulton Mr. and Mrs. Tom O. Fulton Dr. and Mrs. John W. Fuquay Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Furlow Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Furr Mike and Ruth Gaddis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Gaines Mr. Arthur J. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Ashland Gallman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gamberini Mrs. Bobbie B. Gamblin Gamma Beta Phi Society Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Gandy Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gannaway III Gannett Foundation Mr. Robert E. Ganss Garan Inc. *Mr. and Mrs. Alva C. Garner Jr. The Garrett Corp. Garst Seed Keith and Gaines Gaskin Dr. Glenn D. Gates Ms. Betty Gayso Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Gazaway Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Gelman Gem Chemical Inc. General Dynamics Corp. - St. Louis, Mo. General Electric General Motors Mississippi General Motors North America Mr. Frank Genzer Jr. The GEO Group Inc. George-Greene Alumni Chapter George Sherman Clothiers Dr. and Mrs. Clifford E. George Mr. and Mrs. E.T. George III Georgia-Pacific - Zachary, La. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Germany Jr. Getty Oil Co. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Geuder Ms. Lula B. Gholston Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio Inc. Mr. Joseph P. Giattina Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Gibbons Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Benny B. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Dink R. Gibson Jr. Mr. D. Randy Gibson III Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gibson Jr. Dr. and Mrs. James R. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Gilbert Jr. Mr. Malcolm E. Gillis Gillon and Co. Ltd. Mr. William A. Gillon and Ms. Adrienne M. Pakis-Gillon Mr. and Mrs. David H. Gilmer Gilmore Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ramsey Glass Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Glass Glen Jones and Associates Inc. Mr. Bobby D. Glover GNAS INC. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Godwin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Goff Golden Acres Genetics Mrs. Katherine H. Golden Goldilocks Enterprises Goldkist Research Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Goldman Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Gomel Good Samaritan Midtown Inc. Mr. John M. Goode Mr. and Mrs. Tom Goode Goose Hollow Furniture Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Gordon Mrs. Jerry Nell Gotliboski Jason and Nicole Goudelock Mr. William P. Gourlay Gowan Co. - Ridgeland Family of Jud Grace Mr. Stephen E. Graddy Grafe Auto Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Grafe Graham Angus Farm Dr. and Mrs. Philip R. Graham Mr. Terry P. Graham Grande Cheese Mr. and Mrs. Ron D. Grantham

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Graves Mr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Graves Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Graves Gray Ghost Productions Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin H. Gray Dr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gray Mr. and Mrs. James S. Green Mr. and Mrs. John W. Green Jr. Mrs. Mary E. Green Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Green Mr. and Mrs. Sammy M. Green Mr. and Mrs. Charlie K. Greer Dr. H. Thomas Greer Jr. Gregg Coker Co. Gresham, Smith and Partners Mr. James B. Grice Griffin Corp. - Brandon Griffin Corp. - Valdosta, Ga. Dr. and Mrs. James C. Griffin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Troy O. Griffin Mrs. Linda H. Griffis Mr. Gregory M. Grim Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Grisham Mr. and Mrs. Perrin H. Grissom Grocery Manufacturers of America Mr. Emile Guedon Mr. Charles B. Guess Ms. Mamie W. Guest Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Guest Gulf Coast TAPPI Gulf Oil Foundation of Delaware Gulf States Manufacturers Gulf States Section Mr. and Mrs. Marlon D. Gullette Gustafson - Grenada Gustafson Inc. - Dallas, Texas Mrs. Elizabeth Gwin Mrs. Howell H. Gwin Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Gwin III H.J. Baker H.M. Williams Construction Inc. Haas Outdoors Inc. Hach Scientific Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hale Mr. and Mrs. James B. Halford Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Hambrick Dr. R. Darryl Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. William C. Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. B.L. Hammack Mr. George “Bubba” Hampton Mr. Ronald T. Hampton Ms. Valerie Hampton Mr. Wildy R. Hancock Mr. Harold W. Hankins Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Hansberger Mr. Fred Hansen Mr. Teddy Harder Mr. and Mrs. Carey F. Hardin Mrs. Jane Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hardin Mr. Robert C. Hardin Mr. James A. Hardy Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Hare Dr. and Mrs. John Harper Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Harrell Ms. Dorothy E. Harrelson Mrs. Dott Harris Dr. Emilie C. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harris Marion and Bari Ann Harris Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Harris Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Harris Dr. and Mrs. Chad Harris Mr. Thomas E. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Hart Dr. and Mrs. Martin B. Harthcock Jr. Mrs. Oscar H. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Lucian A. Harvey Jr. Mr. James T. Hassell Mr. Rod Hastings and Dr. Shirley W. Hastings Dr. Elizabeth J. Hawkins Ms. Diane E. Hawks Mr. William T. Hawks Mr. and Mrs. C. Ray Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Chris P. Haynes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rickey L. Haynes Dr. and Mrs. M.G. Hazard Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Hazard III Hazlehurst Garden Club Health Management - Mississippi Division Health South Rehabilitation Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Heard Mr. George T. Heard Sammy and Susie Hedgepeth Mr. and Mrs. Eddie J. Helms Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Helton Dr. and Mrs. James V. Hemphill III Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hemphill Mr. and Mrs. Ryland H. Hemphill Ms. Leah N. Henderson Dr. and Mrs. Ose F. Henderson Mr. John M. Hendricks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hengst Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Henig Sr. Mr. James A. Henley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Henry Mr. David Henson Heritage Farms Dairy Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Herrick Checky and Chellie Herrington Mr. and Mrs. John A. Herrod Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hester Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hewlett Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie E. Hickman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Hicks Ms. Elfrieda H. Hiebert Higginbotham Automobiles Mrs. Sandra P. Higginbotham Hilbun Mineral LLC Mr. Coy Hill Drs. Donald and Caroline Hill Mrs. Joan W. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Hillen III Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Hilliard Dr. Joseph C. Hillman Jr. Hilton Hotels Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Hilton Mr. Warren B. Hinchcliff Jr. Mr. James V. Hines III Mr. and Mrs. Ty Hinson Mr. and Mrs. Kendall K. Hisaw Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hitt Dr. and Mrs. Kent H. Hoblet *Mrs. Dorothy C. Hobson Drs. B. Keith and Sandra Hodge Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hodge Mrs. Annie H. Hodges Mr. Bob Hodges


*Dr. and Mrs. John T. Hodges Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. HOLCIM Inc. Mr. Douglas R. Holden Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Holder Dusty Holeman Mr. Bill J. Holland Dr. V. Melissa “Lissa” Holland Mr. and Mrs. William G. Holliman Hollinger International Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hollis Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hollomon Jr. Mr. Carl M. Holloway Hollywood Premier Cinemas Mrs. Jimmie S. Holman Mr. and Mrs. Bob Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Holmes Drs. Richard and Judy Holmes Hood Industries Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Burrel S. Hood III Drs. Ken and Anna Hood Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Hood Jr. Charles Hooker/Offisource Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Hoover Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Darrel D. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Hoover Drs. George and Missy Hopper Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Hopton Jr. Horizon Ag-Products Horne CPA Group Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Horne Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Horne Horticultural Research Institute Mr. Creig B. Hoskins Mr. and Mrs. David Houpt Mrs. Jean K. House Dr. and Mrs. James W. Hover Howard Johnson’s Enterprises Howard Wilson Chrysler-Jeep Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Howard Mr. Terry W. Howard Lt. Col. (USAR/ret.) and Mrs. William E. Howard Jr. Mr. William H. Howard III Howell Foundation Mr. William L. Howell Howorth and Associates Architects Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Cully Hudspeth


Joe and Cindy I. Huerkamp Mr. and Mrs. William H. Huff, Sr. Mrs. Rosa C. Huff Mr. William H. Huff III Mr. and Mrs. Ben M. Huffman Mrs. Mary F. Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Hufford Kirk and Joy Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie D. Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Calvin T. Hull Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hull *Mr. and Mrs. Kent Hull Mr. Jim Humber III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Humble Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Hunt Jr. Mr. David R. Hunt Jr. Mrs. Jessica J. Hunt Mr. Jon E. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Shawn M. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hunter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Hurst Hutchison Equipment Systems Inc. Mr. John C. Hutchison Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Hutson Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Hutton Mr. William Doug Hutton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hydrick Hydro Agri North America Inc. I.C.I. Americas Inc. The Iams Co. - Cincinnati, Ohio ICC Ikon Office Solutions Ingram Cattle Co. Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Ingram Inn Serve Corp. Institute for Sustainable Communities Insurance Education Foundation Inter Fraternity Council International Paper - Savannah, Ga. International Paper Co. - Natchez International Paper Co. Foundation - Moss Point International Paper Co. Foundation - Purchase, N.Y. International Plant Nutrition Institute Internet Bulldog Boosters Club Mr. Stuart M. Irby ISK Biocides Inc. ISK Biosciences - Houston, Texas ISK Biotech Corp.

ITT Defense Technology Corp. Iuka Animal Clinic Ms. Lori Ivey Mr. and Mrs. Williard Jack Mr. and Mrs. Barney H. Jacks Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau Jackson Council of Garden Clubs Inc. Jackson Iron and Metal Co. Inc. Mr. James A. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jackson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Jackson Jacob Hartz Seed Co. Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. James Mr. Rodger D. James Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. James Mr. B. Frank Jarman Jr. Gerald Jasper Mrs. Mary A. Jasper Mr. and Mrs. Elton E. Jay Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jaynes Jr. Jefferson National Life Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Jenkins Coach John Jenkins Dr. and Mrs. Hal E. Jenkins II Mr. and Mrs. James E. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Jeter Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Jewell Jim Robinson Chrysler Jimmy and Hazel Sanders Charitable Trust Jitney Jungle Stores of America John Deere Des Moines Works John H. Baker Interests John Richard Collection Mrs. Katherine D. Johns Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects Mr. and Mrs. Andy Johnson Ms. Cynthia L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. David W. Johnson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John D. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. William L. Johnson Johnston Tombigbee Furniture Mr. William E. Johnston Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. David W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Jones Dr. E.W. Jones Mrs. Emily F. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Jones Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Jones Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jones Mr. Jeff Jones Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Jones Mrs. Louis I. Jones Mr. Neil Jones Mrs. Novis M. Jones Mr. Samuel B. Jones Drs. Robert and Shirley Jones Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Jones Mr. and Mrs. W.V. Jones Jones-Hamilton Co. Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Joorfetz Mr. Bernie Jordan Dr. Dinah G. Jordan and Mr. John K. Jordan Jr. Mr. Ed Jordan III Mrs. Jean C. Jordan Dr. and Mrs. John W. Jordan Mr. JonMark Jordan Ms. Mary Barron Jordan Judge Little Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Jue Kalo Inc. Kaman Corp. Kappa Sigma Fraternity Mr. and Mrs. George T. Karras Dr. Dwight S. Keady Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Kearney Jr. Harper and Beth Keeler Mr. and Mrs. Werner Keidel Mr. and Mrs. Grady Keith Ms. Edna M. Kelsall Mr. and Mrs. Terry N. Kemp Mrs. Edna Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Ted H. Kendall III Kennedy AG Supply Co. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Kennedy Mr. Austin F. Kenyon Mrs. Bettye J. Kerby Kerr-McGee Chemical Kerr-McGee Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Irving T. Kestenbaum Dr. Joe Khatena K-I Chemical USA Inc. Mr. Delton Killen Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kimbrough IV Dr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Kinard Dr. Dian Kinch Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. King Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. King Mrs. Ernestine R. King Mr. and Mrs. George W. King Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. King Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. King Mr. Nick King Mr. Owen D. King Paul Kinsey Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kirk Jr. Kitchens Brothers Manufacturing Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kitchens Mr. and Mrs. Kerry D. Kittrell Kline Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Mr. Matthew J. Kline Mr. and Mrs. Chad M. Knight Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Knight Mr. and Mrs. John H. Knight Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Koerber Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Kolka Dr. Chaiwat Kongsom Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kontio Mrs. Joann S. Koonce Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Kozisek The Kroger Co. - Cincinnati, Ohio The Kroger Co. - Winchester, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Kullman Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Jean A. Kuyrkendall Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lacey Mrs. Connie C. Ladner Mr. James M. Lafoe II Mr. John W. Lafoe Jr. Dr. Paul Lago Laher Law Firm Mrs. Marilyn J. Laird Mr. and Mrs. William H. Lamar Mr. Justin L. Lambert Mrs. Burlene Lamberth Mr. and Mrs. Randall M. Lancaster

Land O’Lakes Mr. Richard L. Land Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Termie Land Ms. Elizabeth Landers Mrs. Nancy J. Landreth Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Landrum Mr. and Mrs. John A. Landrum Mr. Leroy Langford The Larry and Celia Moh Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Sam B. Latham Dr. Sue C. Lauderdale Mrs. Fay B. Lawhon Dr. Angelique Lawrence and Mr. John Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Lawson Denny and Rachel Lea Mr. Keith S. Leach Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Leathers LeBonheur Ambulatory Services LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center Lee County Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Billy E. Leech Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Leff Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Leflore Leggett and Platt Inc. Mr. Cooper Martin Leggett Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Leikam Mr. and Mrs. Brad Lemon Ms. Cynthia Leonard Mr. Donald M. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Lewis Liberty Insurance Agency Life Insurance Co. of Mississippi Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Liggett Mrs. Nancy P. Lindley Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ling Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lipsey Dr. and Mrs. Marvin W. Lishman Little Bear Creek Millennium Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Little Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Litton Gregory and Lee Ann Livingston Mrs. Barbara S. Lober


Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. Lockhart Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Loden Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Logan II Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lomen Mr. and Mrs. Alvah C. Long Jr. Dr. James E. Long Longleaf Enterprises Lonza Group Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Lott Dr. Chester C. Lott Jr. Mr. Thomas E. Lott Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Love Mr. Philip H. Love Mrs. Carolyn H. Lovell Mr. Robert J. Lovern II Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation Lowndes County Quality Deer Management Dr. Mary K. Thomas and Dr. R. Andrew Luccasen III Mr. William S. Luckett Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lundy Jr. Bill and Wyeth Luter Mrs. Melissa Lutken Mr. Wesley C. Lutken Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Lutz MSU Food Science Club MSU ‘M’ Club Don and Paula Mabry Mr. John R. MacDonald MACES Mrs. Kathryn R. MacNeill Mr. and Mrs. David M. Maggio Mr. and Mrs. Jamie L. Mahne Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Mahoney Mail Managers-Division of Campus and City Mail Service Inc. Dr. Troy V. Majure Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Greg Malatesta Malden Independent Furniture Supply Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Malone Mr. Gardner C. Malouf Anthony S. Mancuso Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Mangum Mr. and Mrs. James W. Manuel Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Maples Mr. Allan H. Mapp Maria Hunt Walker & State Marrone Bio Innovations Mr. N. Charles Mars Jr.


Mr. Ted Marshall Dr. and Mrs. A.M. Martin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Martin Mr. Clinton L. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Danny B. Martin Dr. James M. Martin Ms. Lorene G. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Marcus E. Martin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie A. Martin Ms. Tawanna Martin Mr. Terry Martin Mr. and Mrs. John L. Mason Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Mason Jr. Master Dairies Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Matthes Jr. Mr. John S. Mattison Mrs. Barbara J. Mattox Mr. and Mrs. M.T. May Dr. and Mrs. Reuel May Jr. Ms. Leslie A. Mayeaux Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mayer Mrs. Rosalyn Mayes Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mays Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mazingo Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. McAlexander Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. McAlexander Dr. David McAlister Ms. Theressia D. McAlpin Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. McAndless Mr. Chris McBride Ms. Debby McCafferty Mr. and Mrs. William A. McCain Dr. David C. Lewis and Ms. Rachel E. McCann The McCarty Co. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. McCarty Jr. Mrs. Carolyn M. McCaughan Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. McClain Mr. and Mrs. Mike C. McClamroch Mr. D.S. McClanahan Mr. Patrick T. McClatchy Mrs. Hardin T. McClendon Ms. Kathryn R. McClendon Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McClure Mrs. Myra McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Donovan O. McComb Mr. John M. McCommon

Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. McCoy Mr. Jesse W. McCrary Jr. Mr. Jimmy McCrimon and Dr. Ellene McCrimon Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. McCubbins Glenn McCullough Jr. Mr. Mark L. McCullough *Mr. and Mrs. George C. McCully Rev. Robert P. McDonald McDonnell Douglas - Saint Louis, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McElroy Dr. and Mrs. John W. McFadden Mr. Leo G. McGee Mr. Marcus McGee Dr. and Mrs. John G. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. James W. McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Richard Y. McGraw Jr. Mr. David A. McGrew Mr. and Mrs. James M. McGuffie Mr. Michael W. McGuire Mr. William B. McIntosh Mr. Thomas B. McKee Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. D. Keith McKinion Mr. and Mrs. Archie P. McKinnis Mark P. McLain and Lisa Dismuke McLain Dr. Barbara and Mr. P.C. McLaurin Jr. Mr. James H. McMahon Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. McMahon Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William R. McMillan Mr. and Mrs. Billy Gene McNeel Mr. and Mrs. Durward D. McNeer Mrs. George McNeill Jimmy and Jennifer McPherson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff T. McPherson Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. McRae Dr. and Mrs. John T. McReynolds Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McRight Dr. and Mrs. John C. McWhorter III Mr. and Mrs. Clay McWilliams III Maj. and Mrs. Leon C. McWilliams Mr. H. Thomas McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. John A. Meador Mr. and Mrs. William S. Meadows Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Meek Jr. Mr. William R. Melichar Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mellen Mr. Howard I. Melton

Mr. Marty Melvin Memphis Alumni Chapter Memphis Chapter of the RIMS Inc. MEPAC Dr. and Mrs. H. Dwight Mercer Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Merkel Mrs. Chandlee A. Merrell Ms. Helen M. Messer Metro Mitsubishi Michael Baker Jr. Inc. Michael Hatcher and Associates Micro Flo Co. Microsoft Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Middleton *Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Middleton Sr. Mid-South Grain Inspection Service MightyGrow Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miles Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Ray Miles Ms. Pamela A. Miley Military Order of Purple Heart Miller Entomological Service Mr. and Mrs. James W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Miller Mr. Frank Millington Mr. and Mrs. David R. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Lowell P. Mills Millsaps Chevrolet-Pontiac-BU-GMC Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James L. Milner Mr. and Mrs. Chad J. Mims Lt. Col. and Mrs. Jack R. Mincher Mississippi Arts Commission Mississippi Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. Mississippi Association of Professional Surveyors Inc. Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association Mississippi Center for Education Innovation Mississippi Dairy Herd Improvement Association Inc. Mississippi EMU Association Mississippi Engineering Society Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation Mississippi Florist Association Mississippi Forestry Association Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Inc. Mississippi Municipal Service Co. Mississippi Network Mississippi Paving and Construction Mississippi School Supply Co. Mississippi Wildlife Federation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mitchell III Mr. and Mrs. George W. Mitchell CPA Jerry and Suzanne Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Mitchell Mitsubishi Electric Mr. and Mrs. David W. Mockbee Dr. and Mrs. David B. Moffett Jr. Mohasco Corp. Molpus Woodlands Resource Mgmt. Group Dr. and Mrs. William M. Molpus Monroe Investment Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Monroe Monsanto Co. Monsanto Corp. - Whiteville, Tenn. Monsanto - Glen Allen, Va. Monsanto - Morrisville, N.C. Monsanto - Stoneville Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Montfort Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Montgomery Jr. Jimmy L. Montgomery Mr. Al Moody Bernie Moore Mr. Ernest D. Moore Mr. James R. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Joey L. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Len O. Moore III Ms. Mary B. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Moore Mrs. Mildred Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Moorehead Jr. Moran, Seymour and Associates Mrs. Annie C. Morgan Dr. and Mrs. George W. Morgan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James D. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Morgan Mrs. Ann P. Morris Mr. and Mrs. James D. Morris Walter and Robin Morris Mr. Morris Morrison Mr. and Mrs. William W. Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Bertram S. Mortimer Mosaic Crop Nutrition Mosaic Fertilizer LLC Mr. Michael Mosby Lt. Col. and Mrs. Henry A. Moseley Mr. and Mrs. Jason E. Moses Dr. Donald C. Mosley Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy B. Moss Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Hushel L. Moss Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Moss Motech Industries Inc. Motorola Foundation Mr. William D. Motsenbocker II Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Moulder Mississippi Agricultural Consultant Association Mississippi State Architecture Board MS-LA Brick Manufacturers Association MSU Ag 100 Club MSU Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers MSU Roadrunners Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Mullins Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Mullins Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Murphree Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Danny Murphy Ms. Sonja L. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Murrah Mr. and Mrs. James D. Murray Mutual of Omaha Companies Dr. Beverly Myers Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Myrick Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Nabors Dr. and Mrs. James B. Nail Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nanney NAPFSC National Cottonseed Products National Guard Association of U.S. National Hardwood Lumber Association National Heritage Foundation National Marine Sanctuary Foundation National Rural Electric Cooperative Association National Rural Funders Collaborative National Writing Project Corp. National Council for Air and Stream Mrs. Sarah C. Naugher Mr. James D. Neaves Nelson and Charleen Kemp Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William F. Nelson Neptune Industries Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Nerren Neshoba County Chapter Alumni Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nesmith New York Cotton Exchange


Newman Oil Co. Inc. Newton County Bank Mrs. Sheila N. Massey Mr. and Mrs. Tim Nichols Nickles and Wells Construction Nissan North America Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus S. Nobles Mr. Jeffrey B. Noblin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nolan Mr. Lewis E. Nolan Norfolk Southern Corp. Mrs. Gale F. Norris Mr. and Mrs. William L. Norris North MS Extension Horticulture Center North Mississippi Medical Center Novartis Animal Health Novell Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Nowell Mr. and Mrs. Oran H. Nunley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gene G. Nunnery Nutramax Laboratories Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Oberkirch Offisource Old Rivers Farm of Mississippi Old South Brick and Supply Co. Omnova Solutions Mr. James O’Neal Oppenheimer Funds Services Ms. Susan W. O’Reilly Mr. Mark C. Orgler Rev. Jimmy V. Ormon Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Orr Mrs. Linda L. Ory Mr. and Mrs. Edmond M. Osborne III Otolaryngology Consultants of Memphis Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Mrs. Lorene Overcash Mr. and Mrs. Hal O. Overstreet Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Owen Mrs. Fred Owen Mr. Pat Owen Dr. and Mrs. John K. Owens Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Ozier Sr. Pabst Brewing Co. Packaging Corp. of America Ms. Judy T. Packer Mr. and Mrs. Tom Y. Page Mrs. Ruth G. Palmertree


Mr. Jonathan R. Papelbon Mr. Billy Parham Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Parham Mrs. June Parish Parker Fertilizer Co. Inc. Parker Hannifin Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Brock Parker Eric and Kathy Parker Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Parker Mr. Sam B. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Parrish Dr. and Mrs. William E. Parrish Parsons Strategies Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Parsons Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Parvin Mr. and Mrs. John D. Passons Mr. and Dr. Greg S. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. James C. Patton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Denny A. Paul Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Paxton Mr. Dan Payne Mr. and Mrs. Delmo R. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Percy A. Payne Mr. and Mrs. William K. Payne Pearl River Valley Electric LTC John E. Pearson Jr. USA (ret.) Drs. Rodney and Allison Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Hartley D. Peavey *Mr. James C. Peay Pecan Place Apartments Mrs. Dorothy L. Peden Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Peden Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Peebles II Pegasus Satellite Television Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Pegg Jr. Peggy Huff Harris Trust Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Pendley Pennzoil-Quaker State Co. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pepper Percy and Adeline Simpson Memorial Mr. and Mrs. David G. Perkins Dr. and Mrs. T. Fred Perkins *Mr. J.C. Perkins and Mrs. Margaret Perkins Mr. Donald G. Permenter Dr. Gary L. Permenter Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Perry Mr. Thomas G. Perry Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Person

Pet Care Center of Jackson South Dr. and Mrs. John F. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Petro Sr. Mr. Marc A. Petro Mr. Cameron B. Peyton Mr. Lockett L. Peyton Jr. Pfizer Animal Health Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Pharr Phelps Dodge Foundation Philip Morris Management Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Wiley R. Philley Chat Phillips Mrs. Dorothy N. Phillips Mr. Joe S. Phillips Mr. Leslie Phillips Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Phillips Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William P. Phillips Jr. Mr. Amelcar Picard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pierce Mr. Michael L. Pierce Ms. Suzanne R. Pierce Ms. Rebecca H. Pilgreen Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Pilgrim Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Pilkinton IV Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pinyan Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David C. Pippin Pittman Family Partnership Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Dan Plager Plair-Keefe Family Foundation Plant Bio Tech Inc. Planters Bank and Trust Co. Mr. William O. Plyler II Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Poindexter Ms. Martha Scott Poindexter Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Polk Mrs. Kathy M. Polk Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Pollard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Pompelia Dr. and Mrs. Martin M. Pomphrey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Pongetti Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Poole Pope and Young Club Mr. and Mrs. Elwin R. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Randal S. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Portera Portland Cement Association Education Foundation

Mr. Jeffrey G. Posey Potash and Phosphate Institute Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. Powell Mr. Tom Power PPG Industries Inc. Pre Veterinary Club Prince Agri Products Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. Prince Professional Arborist Association of Mississippi Professional Golf Management Club Progent Ag Products Progeny Systems LLC Dr. and Mrs. H. Sidney Prosser Proven Winners No America LLC Mr. and Mrs. Irvin “Buddy” Prude Sr. Mrs. Betty P. Pryor PSA Corp. Public Varieties of Mississippi Inc. Mr. Greg Puckett Mr. Richard H. Puckett Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Todd H. Puckett Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth E. Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pugh Sharon A. Pugh Ph.D. Purfresh Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk M. Purnell Purple Parrot Company Inc. Pursell Industries Pursell Technologies Mrs. Sue Pursell Ms. Alicia J. Putt Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Putt Mr. Larry O. Putt James L. Quinn and Edwina M. Quinn Jesse and Brenda Quinn Jim and Beverly Quinn RW Distributors Inc. - Brandon Rackley Oil Co. Radioactive Isotope Consortium Mr. and Mrs. William W. Rainer Drs. Sonny B. and Gita N. Ramaswamy Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ramsey Mr. Matthew N. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Rand Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Randall Jr. Dr. and Mrs. James S. Randle Mr. Pete Randle Mr. Bobby Rasco

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rawlings Mrs. Mary R. Ray Dr. Melvin C. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Ray Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ray Mrs. Paige Rayburn Raytheon Co. - Arlington. Va. RBI Inc. William J. and Kimberly D. Read Realtors Institute Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Rebsamen Mr. and Mrs. Skip Redmond Mrs. Claudice T. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Reed Mr. and Mrs. W. Ray Reed Drs. Robert and Donna Reese Mr. Bill Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. James M. Reeves Dr. Patsilu S. Reeves Regions Bank Regions Bank - Meridian Regions Bank - Starkville Dr. and Mrs. R. Kirk Reid Mr. and Mrs. Francis N. Reilly Dr. and Mrs. Lynn L. Reinschmiedt Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. Remy Drs. George and Clyda Rent Republic of South Korea Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. John V. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. William Reynolds Ms. Barbara B. Rhoades Rhone Poulenc AG Co. Rhone-Poulenc - Vicksburg Mrs. Dolores Rial *Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rial Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rice Jr. RiceCo LLC Mr. and Mrs. Davis A. Richards III Mrs. Coralie R. Richardson Mr. Michael E. Richardson Drs. Woodrow and Lynne Richardson Mr. Don C. Richmond Mr. William W. Ricketson, II Rick’s Cafe American Mr. and Mrs. John F. Riggins III Riley Memorial Hospital Mr. Paul A. Riley

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Riley Mr. Henry A. Riser Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rodger D. Riser LeAnn and R. Edward Rives Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Robbins Jr. Robert Lord Memorial Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. De Wayne Roberts Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roberts Mrs. Barbara K. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Blake R. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. John M. Robinson Ms. Lisa K. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. R. Don Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Robinson Mr. William J. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Robison Jr. Rockwell International Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie Rogers Dr. Bob Rogers Rogers-Dabbs Chevrolet Hummer Rohm and Haas Co. - Little Rock, Ark. Rohm and Haas Co. - Spring House, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Rohman Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Rohr Rolling M Ranch Mr. Robert H. Rone Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Rook Mrs. Mary E. Rooker Mr. George H. Rooks Mrs. Harriet Rooks Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Roper Mr. James H. Ross Jr. Mr. Knox W. Ross Jr. and Dr. Jamie Ross Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ross Rotex Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rothert Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rowell Roy Anderson Corp. Robert H. Ruby Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ruggles Dr. Jon Ruggles DVM Mr. and Mrs. David P. Rumbarger Jr. Mr. Roddy Rumbley Rush Foundation Hospital Mr. Andrew Rushing Mrs. John C. Rushing


Mr. and Mrs. Kyle W. Rushing LTC and Mrs. Laroy M. Rushing (ret.) Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Rushing Mr. and Mrs. Randal C. Russell Ms. Terri L. Russell Dr. and Mrs. James H. Rutland III Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Rutledge Ryan Milk Co. Inc. S.C. Association of Veterinarians Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. Saal Mr. John A. Saia Jr. Saint Sing and Associates Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Salmon Jr. Salomon Smith Barney Sam Mabry Lumber Co. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Sammons Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton K. Sample Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Samson Mr. and Mrs. Lewie F. Sandel Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sanderford Mr. Charlie V. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. David Sanders Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Keenan D. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Sanders Mr. Michael W. Sanders Jr. Mr. Brian H. Sartain Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Sasser Mr. William F. Sasser III Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Saul Mrs. Charles D. Saunders Mr. Monroe B. Savage Jr. Mrs. Hillen S. Savell Winston and Bonny Savelle Dr. F.H. Savoie Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Sawtelle Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Schaffner Mrs. Judy C. Schaper Mr. and Mrs. James L. Schepens Mr. Richard J. Scheuer Mr. and Mrs. David L. Schroeder Drs. Kirk and Noel Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Scoggins Mr. and Mrs. Allen Scott Dr. and Mrs. Charley Scott Mr. and Mrs. Denton O. Scott Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Scott


Mrs. Martha B. Scott The Scotts Co. - Apopka, Fla. The Scotts Co. SE Center for Electrical Engineering Education SE Universities Research Association Dr. and Mrs. Alton O. Seal Mr. Ben A. Seale Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Seaman III Mrs. Mamie R. Seitz Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Sellars Mr. David Sellers SemiSouth Laboratories LLC Sepro Corp. Mr. and *Mrs. Curtis L. Sessions *Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Shannon Dr. and Mrs. James W. Shannon Dr. Christopher A. Shapley Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Shapley Sharp Engineering Inc. Drs. Jason E. and Misty T. Sharp Col. Fred A. Shaw III Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw Sheldon Lab Systems Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss S. Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Shelton, II Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Shepard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Shepherd Mrs. Maggie N. Sherard Mr. David B. Sherer Mr. and Mrs. George D. Sherman Jr. Mrs. Joseph H. Sherrard Drs. Peter and Miriam Shillingsburg Bradley A. Shivers Ms. Bonnie T. Shoemake Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shofner Mr. Joel F. Shows and Dr. Mary A. Shows Mr. and Mrs. William T. Shows Shuqualak Lumber Co. Mr. Maury Shurlds Dr. Audrey H. Sidney Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Siedell Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sills Simmons & Associate Educational Trust Drs. Cecil and Sue Simmons Mr. Ryan Simmons Mr. and Mrs. William Simmons CPA

Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Simpson Percy and Adeline Simpson Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Newell B. Simrall Mr. J. Doyle Sims Mr. Rodney G. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sims Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sinclair Dr. Pritam Singh Ms. Stephanie Sinquefield Drs. Bangon and Ruth Sirisunyaluck Sistrunk Corp. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Skelton Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson P. Skelton *Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Skipper Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Slay Mrs. Hazel Sledge Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Sleeper Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Slover Mr. and Mrs. Dee W. Smelley Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Smith Dr. and Mrs. David B. Smith Mr. Dennis H. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Garry D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Smith Mrs. Gwendolyn G. Smith Mr. H. Stokes Smith Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton S. Smith Jr. Ms. Mildred P. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Phil Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ray K. Smith III Mr. Robert B. Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith Mr. Thomas C. Smith Jr. Mr. Timothy M. Smith Mrs. Undine B. Smith Mrs. W.T. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William O. Smith Jr. Mr. William R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. Emmett Smitherman Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Smyly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Sneed Ms. Robbie Snell

Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Snyder Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Inc. Society of Publication Designers Inc. Sod Solutions Mr. Glenn Sodd Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Solomon Mr. John E. Solomon Mr. and Mrs. John S. Somers South-East Marketing Southeast MS Alumni Chapter Southeastern Bollweevil Southeastern Home Furnishings Association Southern Cotton Growers Inc. Southern Research Institute Southern States Cooperative Southern Turfgrass Association Southland Development and Construction Southwest MS Forestry Association Southwest Mississippi Resource Conservation and Development Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Sowell Ms. Jacqueline G. Sparkman Mr. and Mrs. Leland R. Speed Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy F. Spencer Jr. Mr. J. Scott Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Spencer II Sperry Corp. Foundation Lt. Col. and Mrs. David E. Speyerer Mr. R.M. Spivak Mr. Jonny Spivey Dr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Spraberry Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Spradling Mr. John E. Spring Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. St. John St. Jude Medical CRMD Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Stacy Jr. Ms. Ann Stafford Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Staggers III *Mrs. Harolyn Staggers Mr. and Mrs. James D. Stanard Standard Life Insurance Co. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stanley IV Mrs. Dorothy T. Stanton Miss Betsy Stark Starkville BPW Starkville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Starkville Discount Drugs Starkville Shrine Club

Mr. Daryl P. Starling Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Steele Mr. and Mrs. Jay Stegall Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Steinle Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Stella Mr. and Mrs. Joey D. Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. William L. Stephenson Mr. Thomas N. Stevens Ms. Andrea M. Steverson Mr. and Dr. Joseph F. Steverson Mr. and Mrs. Kyle T. Steward Mr. Jeff Stewart Mr. Joe W. Stewart Sr. Stewart, Sneed, Hewes Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Stewart Mr. William Roy Stewart III Stewpot Community Services Inc. Mr. Russell W. Stigall III STO Industries - USA Stockton Enterprises Inc. Ms. Elizabeth M. Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Stone Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William O. Stone Jr. Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Co Mr. Howard E. Stover Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Strickland Mr. Johnny Stricklen Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stringer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stroble Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Strong Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mort Stroud Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Stubbe Jr. Ms. Mary J. Stubblefield Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Stubbs Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Studdard Mr. and Mrs. Reuben C. Stutts Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Sullivan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Summerford Mr. Robert D. Summers Mr. Samuel T. Sumrall Sun Machinery Co. Ms. Seon Soon Sun Super Lowe Ford Super Stop Inc. The Superior Oil Co. Robo Sutherland Mr. and Mrs. Cary L. Sutphin

Sweetbay Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Swindoll Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swords Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sykes Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sykes Syngenta - Fernandina Beach, Fla. Syngenta - Texas Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. - Sacramento, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Taggart Jr. Takeda Chemical Industries Tall Timbers Research Inc. Tanda Resources LLC Mr. and Mrs. Cass Tapley Dr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Tartt Tasker Capital Corp. Tatum’s Metal Buildings and Supply Mrs. Beth S. Taylor Dr. Clayborne D. Taylor Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Taylor Corey and Lee Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ester L. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. George M. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon P. Taylor Mrs. Rebecca Cartledge Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Taylor Drs. Ronald and Jan Taylor Mr. Terry L. Taylor Techno-Catch LLC Teel Business Systems Mr. and Mrs. Bryan W. Teel Telesouth Communications Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Larry O. Templeton Tenneco Packaging Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Tennyson Terra International Terry Martin Automotive Group Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Terry Texaco Textron Inc. Thad Green Enterprises Inc. Thames Family Foundation Thames Motor Co. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Thames Dr. Yvonne V. Thaxton Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Thomas Dr. Dan Thomas Dr. Eric L. Thomas Mrs. Helen P. Thomas


Mr. and Mrs. John F. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Thomas Mrs. Mildred K. Thomas Mrs. Nell P. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Thomas Lt. Col. Richard J. Thomas Jr. Stacy and Ginger Thomas Dr. and Mrs. David S. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. Phil D. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Thompson Warren and Marilyn Thompson Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Thornton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Thornton Doug and Michelle Thornton Thrasher Architectural Products Inc. Three Rivers Chapter of Quail Unlimited Thron Bioscience LLC Timber Hills Mental Health Services Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler T. Timbs III Mrs. Elizabeth W. Tipton The Tobacco Institute Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm D. Todd Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Tomkins Mr. and Mrs. Tommy M. Tomlinson Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Toms Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Toney Tooth-Acres Farm LLC Townhouse Home Furnishings LLC Mr. and Mrs. Ellis D. Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Lannie E. Townsend II Mr. Todd W. Traicoff Mrs. Pauline A. Tramel Mr. and Mrs. William S. Trammel Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Tribble Tri-County Bulldog Club Mrs. Lura C. Triplett Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Troskey Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Trotter Tru-Amp Corp. Dr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Truax Brent Trulove R. Brian Trulove Mr. Herbert Trulove Mr. and Mrs. James A. Trussell Mr. and Mrs. Ken M. Tse Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Tubby


Mr. Duane H. Tucker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Tucker Tupelo Rotary Club Tupelo Small Animal Hospital P.A. Bill and Maurica Turner Mr. and Mrs. John H. Turner III Mr. Maurice G. Turner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Turner Ms. Ashley W. Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Tuttle II Mr. William S. Twitty Tyson Foods Inc. - Forest Tyson Foods Inc. - Springdale, Ark. The Tyson Foundation Inc. U.S. Sugar Corp. UAP Mid-South Dyna Gro Seed Mr. and Mrs. Watts C. Ueltschey Mr. and Mrs. W. Eric Underwood Union Auto Services Inc. UNIROYAL Chemical Co. Unison Labs LLC United Agri Products - Tampa, Fla. United Phosphorus Inc. United Soybean Board United Technologies Corp. University of Southern Mississippi Foundation Universal Industries Corp. University of Mississippi USF&G Valca Investments L.P. Valent - Yazoo City Valent BioSciences Corp. Valley Construction Co. Valley Innovative Management Services Mr. Paul Van Zyverden Vance Auto Sales Mr. and Mrs. John W. VanHorn Mr. J.B. VanLandingham Dr. Alfalene J. Vardaman Mr. and Mrs. David L. Vaughan Dr. and Mrs. Rayford B. Vaughn Jr. The Veranda Verizon Communications Dr. and Mrs. George L. Verrall Mr. Michael E. Vick Mrs. Resa C. Vickers Mr. Joe E. Vickery Vicksburg Chemical Co.

Vicksburg Council of Garden Clubs Vicksburg Kennel Club Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Virden Vista Chemical Co. - Aberdeen Mr. Dick Vondran Vought Industries Inc. W.C.B.I. Television WAC Consulting Inc. Dr. Cherilyn H. Wade Mr. John E. Wade II Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Sammy R. Wade Mr. Clay Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wagner Mr. and Mrs. David W. Waide Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Waits Don and Mary Beth Walden Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Waldrop Mr. and Mrs. Lake W. Waldrop Walker Wildlife Conservation Mr. Ben B. Walker Walker Inc. Mr. J.J. Walker Jr. Pete Walker Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Walker Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Walker Mr. and Mrs. William H. Walker Jr. Mr. Lynn C. Wall Mr. and Mrs. Larry Waller Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Waller Dr. and Mrs. David L. Walt Mr. Stanley H. Walters Mr. Nathaniel D. Walton Dr. and Mrs. Billy C. Ward Dr. and Mrs. Brad Ward Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Ward Jr. Mr. Christopher J. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Ward Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Ware Mr. and Mrs. Marcus W. Ware Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Waring III Dr. William C. Warner Drs. James and Shannon Warnock Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Warren III Dr. and Mrs. David L. Warren M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Warren Washington County Alumni Chapter Washington County Conservation League

Dr. and Mrs. Alex G. Waterson Mr. and Mrs. R. Mark Watkins Watson Madison County Ford Dr. Henry D. Watson Jr. Mr. J. Kevin Watson Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Watson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney E. Watters Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Watts Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Waycaster Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Weatherly Mr. and Mrs. Robby Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Weaver II Weavexx Mr. and Mrs. Tom Webb Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Webster Mr. Sheldon B. Webster Mr. B.R. Weeks Mr. and Mrs. Bill Weeks Mrs. Mary A. Weems Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Weidie Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Welch Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Wells Mr. Thomas F. Wells III Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Wenzel Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Werner West Jackson Community Development Corp. Mr. Ronald B. West Mr. and Mrs. Wayne West Mr. and Mrs. William H. West Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Westby Western Veterinary Conference Westvaco Timberlands Division Weyerhaeuser Weyerhaeuser Co. - Columbus Weyerhauser Co. - Hot Springs, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wheeler White Construction Co. Mr. Andy White Mr. and Mrs. Bill G. White Mr. and Mrs. E.B. White III Mrs. E.F. White Mr. and Mrs. James R. White Mr. and Mrs. William W. White Victor and Sharon Whitehead Mrs. Sue K. Whitfield Mr. and Mrs. Shawn A. Whittemore Mr. and Mrs. Floyd F. Whitten

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan H. Whittington Mr. William E. Whittington Mr. Charles E. Wicks Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Wilbourn Wilbur-Ellis Co. Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Wilder Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Wiley Jr. Dr. Frank L. Wilhite Dr. Jerry V. Wilhite Mrs. Jeff Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Wilkerson Kim and Mary Jean Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Willcutt Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Bart Williams Mr. and Mrs. David V. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Williams Dr. Ed Williams Ms. Edwina R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. George W. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Williams Mr. James D. Williams Mr. James F. Williams Jr. Mr. John C. Williams III Mr. and Mrs. John H. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Williams Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Williams Mrs. Lori A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Norvell Williams Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Williams Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Williams Mr. Thomas A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. William R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Williford Ms. Mary M. Williford Mr. Phillip H. Willis Jeff and Cindy Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wilson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Teddy G. Wilson Windham Auto Sales Mr. Jerry E. Windham Mr. John C. Wineman Winn Feline Foundation Winrock International Mrs. Doris J. Wise Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wise Mrs. Elizabeth Wiseman

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Witcher Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling A. Withers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Witt Mr. Richard W. Wittmann Dr. F.B. Wiygul Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Womble Mrs. Margaret Stennis Womble Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Woo Mr. Stephen R. Woo Mrs. Kati Lewis Woodard Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Woods Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Woods Woodside Landfill Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Woodward Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Woody Jr. Dr. and Mrs. O.B. Wooley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Worley Jr. Mr. Bobby Worley Jr. Ms. Robin S. Worthey Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Wright Mr. Walter R. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby C. Wright Wrigley Manufacturing Co. LLC Dr. Peggy and Mr. John Wroten WTOK-TV Inc. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wynne Xilinx, Inc Dr. Michael Yates and Mrs. Karen Yates Yazoo Valley Oil Mill Inc. Mrs. Elsie L. Yeates Mrs. Marie R. Yeates Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Yonge Mr. and Mrs. Hansell N. York III Mr. and Mrs. John D. York Mr. Charles T. Yoste Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Young Mr. and Mrs. James F. Young Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Young Mr. Norman R. Young Mrs. Susan D. Younger Dr. Maude D. Yow Y-Tex Corp. Dr. Ming-Tong Yu Ms. Vonna L. Zellner Zeneca Ag Products - Richmond, Calif. Zinpro Corp. *deceased


The Patrons of Excellence program was the first major donor club established by the MSU Foundation. Donors qualify by making an annual gift at one of the listed gift levels for their contributions. (Annual members from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012)

Patrons Council $5,000 - $9,999 Ms. Dianne Baker Mr. and Mrs. Jack Christian Class of 2012 - College of Veterinary Medicine The Clay Firm Mr. and Mrs. Trey Crawford Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dennis Mr. Tony E. Foster Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Greg H. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. George Gasa Good Earth Development Inc. Mr. W. Laird Hamberlin Ms. Eva Hand Mr. Chester A. Holloway ISNATT Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Joel D. Josey Mr. Clarence A. Justice Mr. and Mrs. Straton E. Karatassos Kimberly-Clark Lesaffre Feed Additives Group LLOG Exploration Co. LLC McCullough Steel Products Co. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. Mitchell Family LLC Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Morgan Mr. Billy C. Mullican Mr. and Mrs. Travis M. Outlaw Mr. Albert A. Paxton Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pepper Drs. Ty and Amy Schmidt Mr. Joshua J. Shoemaker Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Del E. Tichnell Travis Lumber Co. LLC Mr. and Mrs. Willie F. Waterer Jr. Patrons Society $2,500 - $4,999 AgXplore International Inc. Alpha Tau Omega Arco Farms


AT&T - Meridian Dr. Frank W. Austin AVMA Professional Liability Insurance Trust Mr. and Mrs. Ray Balentine Dorsey J. Barefield Charitable Trust BASF Corp. Mr. Matthew E. Bedwell Beta Sigma Phi Epsilon Bomgar Corp. Dr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Bounds Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Max P. Bowman Mr. Christopher F. Brantley Mr. and Mrs. Phelan A. Bright Terry Bullock Toyota Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Burke Mr. Jason G. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. William A. Calloway Mr. and Mrs. John N. Canon Jr. Canton Public Schools Mr. C. Shaw Case and Mrs. Roxanne Penton Case Cave Research Foundation Central Flyway Council Inc. Mr. James P. Coleman II Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Cooper Corbett Legge and Associates PLLC CRC Insurance Services Inc. Crossgates Veterinary Clinic Donald H. and Janet A. Dempsey *Mr. and Mrs. John J. Devine Sr. Dow AgroServices Mr. Charles R. Downs Mr. David G. East and Dr. Deborah L. East Edwards Discount Drugs Mr. Patrick T. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. David M. Epps Drs. James and Nellie Epps Mr. Hollis L. Felts III Mr. Clinton D. Fortenberry Mr. and Mrs. Owen P. Francis Mr. Jeff Greenderg Mr. Perrin J. Griffing Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Hall Ms. Tammy Harden

Dr. and Mrs. Merrill D. Hardy Jr. Dr. and Mrs. W. Chase Henson Mr. Joe M. Higgins Jr. Honours Group LLC Dr. and Mrs. John G. Horecky Mr. Herbert H. Huddleston IV Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Kowerduck Lake Carolina Homes LLC Mr. Benton G. Landers Jr. Mr. Larry Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Learned Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. MacKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mahan Makamson Planting Co. Ms. Robin Martin Dr. D. Cameron May Mr. Bobby J. Monroe Jr. Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board Mississippi Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee National Association of State Approving Agencies Inc. Mr. Benjamin A. Needham Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Noe Mr. and Mrs. Erik D. Norsworthy Dr. and Mrs. Jack Nunnery Off Campus Partners LLC Oktibbeha County Rose Society Oliver Farms Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. M. Kane Overstreet Mr. and Mrs. David S. Pace Mr. Cameron L. Parker Mr. Paul D. Perry Dr. Katrina N. Poe-Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Polk Mr. and Mrs. John C. Puckett Mrs. Elizabeth L. Ramsey Mr. Doug Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Roundtree Mr. Zachary T. Rowell Mr. Evan J. Schaffer

Dr. James Howard Scheiner Dr. Lucy and Mr. David Senter Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sherard Mr. David Shirley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Shurden Simmons Education Fund Mr. Robert S. Simmons Jr. Mr. Daniel H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Louie A. Smith III Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Jr. Dr. W. Todd Smith Southern Co. Services Ms. Melanie J. Spradling Mr. David E. Stanley Jr. Dr. Joseph P. Sullivan Mr. James W. Thomason Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tigrett Mr. Joel Tipton Ms. Kieu-Anh T. Tran Mr. Thomas Turner Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Vaughn Mr. Greg T. Walsh Mr. Jeffrey B. Watson Dr. Janet M. Welter Tamra White Checker Leasing Willbrook Solutions Inc. Mr. Albert A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Murray L. Williams Sam E. and Burnice C. Wittel Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Louie G. Wright Jr. Patrons Associate $1,000 - $2,499 Mr. Calvin G. Abernathy Drs. Jimmy and Patti Abraham Mr. and Mrs. Boyce E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Adams Mr. Jerry L. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Adams Jr. Mr. H.M. Addkison Jr. Agilent Technologies Mr. Michael S. Aguirre Mr. Doug Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Alford Allen and Hoshall Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Gary K. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Allen Mr. Ryan M. Allen

Ms. Wendy J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Allison Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Alpha Psi Altec Industries Inc. American Architectural Foundation American Society of Landscape Architects Mr. Paul B. Ammerman Mr. David D. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Anderson Mr. Warren G. Anding Mr. and Mrs. John H. Arledge Mr. Clay Armstrong Mr. Larry Armstrong Mr. Michael W. Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ater Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Axton Mr. Steven S. Aycock Alan and Pat Backus Mrs. Connie P. Baddley Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Bailey Mr. Martin Baker *Mr. and Mrs. William Baker Banfield, the Pet Hospital BankPlus Mrs. Dorothy Barber Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Barger Jr. Mr. Danny Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Don Barnes Ms. Marlene H. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Steve Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barrett Mr. Jimmy K. Barron Mr. Scott Barrows Mr. Cary C. Bass Jr. Mr. Skip Batson Mr. and Mrs. Brad C. Bean Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Beatty Mr. Lee P. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Beeland Mr. Ricky J. Beggerly Nick Bell Mentoring Memorial Foundation Mr. Brad G. Belue Mr. Tommy Bennett Jim and Suzi Bentinck-Smith Mr. Fred Benz Mr. and Mrs. Brian Berch Mr. and Mrs. Curtis A. Berry Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Dennis Berry Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bigham Mr. Jonathon Blackburn Blackfriars Drama Society Mr. and Mrs. James A. Blakeney Mr. and Mrs. Keith T. Blakeney Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Murry B. Blankenship Jr. Mr. Carl N. Blocker Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Boatner Mr. Vic Boggs Mr. Chris Bond Mr. Thomas W. Bond Jr. Mr. Corey W. Bonds Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Boro Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. Bowie Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bowton Mr. Randy D. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Ollie D. Boykin Jr. Kyle and Trudy Boyles Mr. and Mrs. Tim Brantley Ms. Megan A. Bray Mr. Charles B. Brewer Mr. Barry Bridgeforth Mr. Brian T. Bridges Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brock Mr. John C. Brock Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Brooks Mr. Samuel P. Broom Mr. and Mrs. Clark Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brunson II Mr. Jeffery Bruton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Bryan Dr. Sonya G. Bryan Mr. Marcus C. Bryant Ms. Vickie Buchanan Mr. Keith A. Buck and Dr. Pamela R. Buck Mrs. Lois Bullock Mr. and Mrs. Wilee S. Buntin Mr. E.C. Burkhardt Mr. James D. Burnham Dr. and Mr. Bradley Burns Mr. and Mrs. Patrick P. Burns Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Burris Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Burt Mr. and Mrs. Joel B. Burwell Mr. Jeffry A. Bush


Mr. Joshua G. Byford Jim and Margaret Byram Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cadenhead Mr. Jason L. Caldwell Mr. Chris Campbell Mr. James B. Campbell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Campbell III Mr. Chris W. Canale Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Cannon Carbon Stock LLC Mr. and Mrs. William J. Carollo Jr. Mr. Dennis R. Carpenter Carr, Riggs, and Ingram LLC Mr. Philip J. Carroll Mr. Roger Carroll Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cater Mr. Philip A. Chamblee Mr. and Mrs. Todd L. Chancelor Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. William B. Cheek Chickasaw County Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Childs Frank Chiles State Farm Insurance The Gary Chittom/Kent Hull/Bob Higgins Annual Get-A-Way Mr. James L. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Clark Clay County MSU Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Mike K. Clayborne Mr. and Mrs. Herbie Clearman Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Clemmer Mr. and Mrs. James G. Clemmons Mr. and Mrs. James N. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm N. Cockerham Mr. Don H. Coe Dr. Deanna D. Coker and Mr. Jamie M. Coker Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Coleman College Park Limited Partnership Dr. Williard E. Collier and Dr. Pornpun Rattananakin Mr. David R. Collins Jr. Mr. William E. Collins Mr. Gus W. Colvin III Mr. T. Justin Comer Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Commarato Mr. and Mrs. John Compton


Mr. Oscar Connell Jr. Consulting Concepts LLC Ms. Sally R. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Cook Mr. and Mrs. William Cook Jr. Mr. Austin P. Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie P. Coombs Jr. Cooper Marine and Timberlands Corp. Mr. and Mrs. William G. Cope Copwood Hill Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gill F. Corban Cornerstone Government Affairs LLC Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Correro Couvillion/Design + Build LLC Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin F. Covington Mr. Wil Crawford Mr. Richard J. Crawley Ms. Elizabeth Creekmore Mr. James H. Creekmore Jr. Ms. Gloria J. Criddle Lt. Col. and Mrs. George R. Crosby Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Crosland IV Ms. Sara Cross Mr. Jason W. Crowder Ms. Jacqueline W. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Shelton G. Cunningham Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Alben B. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Curtis Mr. Reid H. Daniel Mr. Chad A. Davidson Dr. F. Keith Davis Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Davis Melanie Hartwig-Davis and Lance E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Dean Mr. and Mrs. David W. Dearing Delta Gamma Sorority Delta Strategy Group LLC Ms. Margaret Jock DeMoville Ms. Kirbi Leann Dendy Mrs. Catherine D. Denman Mr. Dave DeSalvo C.L. Dews & Sons Foundry & Machinery Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. DeYoung Susan Henry Dick Mrs. Page D. Dickerson Major and Mrs. Charles P. Dobson Mr. Justin E. Doggett Mr. John H. Dollarhide

Dr. and Mrs. Max L. Doolittle Mr. William G. Drane Mr. Roger E. Duke Dunavant Enterprises Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Dungan Ms. Camillia Dunkinson Mr. and Mrs. Pat M. Duran Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Durr Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Durr Mr. Donald O. Durst III Mr. and Dr. Kenneth Dye East Mississippi Master Gardeners East Texas Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. William G. Eastman BK Edwards Fabrication and Welding Inc. Mr. David B. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Edwards Dr. Matthew Egbe Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Ellard Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Ellington Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Elliott Mr. Justin G. Elliott Dr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Emison Mr. and Mrs. James M. Emory Dr. and Mrs. W.B. Epperson Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K. Epps Mr. Barry S. Eubanks Mr. and Mrs. Denis Everett Express Employment Professionals Mrs. Gina G. Exum Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Fandel Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Farr II Mr. George F. Farrish Jr. Dr. Kaysey A. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Faulkner Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Ferguson Fidelity National Loans Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Fields Mr. John W. Fisackerly III Mr. Steve C. Flanagan Mr. William C. Flowers Mr. and Mrs. William K. Flurry Mr. Richard A. Follis Mr. James Forbes Ms. Bettye L. Forbus Mr. and Mrs. William D. Forbus Mr. Jeremy G. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Shea M. Ford

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fornea Mr. Marlowe D. Fort Mrs. Kathy Foster-Ashley FoxSports South Mr. Peter H. Frantzis Dr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Fratesi Dr. and Mrs. P. Edward French Mr. and Mrs. Tony Frey Mr. Steve Frost Brigadier General and Mrs. Leslie L. Fuller Mr. Leon Fulton Mr. and Mrs. Temple L. Fulton Mr. James R. Gafford Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gallagher Mr. Tony Gardner Mr. and Mrs. John E. Garner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Garriga Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gatling Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gattas Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Geolot Ms. Melinda McMillan George Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. George Mr. William “Mike” George Georgia-Pacific Financial Management LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gholston Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gillam Mr. Mike Gipson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Gnemi Mrs. Sue Goasa Mr. Ronald C. Gober and Ms. Lindsay Hayes Golding Barge Line Inc. Dr. Leonard J. Goodgame Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Goolsby Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Wesley P. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy L. Grafton Mr. and Mrs. James Granier Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gravlee Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Gray Greater Chattanooga MSU Alumni Chapter Mr. Brandon C. Green Mr. Samuel R. Greer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard K. Griffin Mr. Kevin B. Griffin Mr. Terrence L. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Griffin Jr. Mrs. Anna Minor Grizzle

Growin’ Green Landscape Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Grubbs Mr. and Mrs. Barry V. Guynes Haddox, Reid, Burkes and Calhoun PLLC Suzanne Haggard Mr. Howard E. Hagwood Mr. Jon E. Haik Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hammond Mr. Kevin Hammons Mr. Michael C. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Reginald R. Hankins Dr. Richard C. Hann Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Dwight E. Harding Mr. William R. Harding Mr. David J. Hardy AIA Mr. James Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Hardy Dr. and Mrs. Donald Harlan Mr. Gary J. Harlan Mr. James H. Harper Mr. Odie D. Harrell Jr. Ms. Joan Harrelson Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Harrelson Harrington Industrial Plastics LLC Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Harrington Dr. Conwell R. Harris Jr. Mr. D.W. Harris Harris Farms Mr. and Mrs. James Harris Ms. Sharon Devine Harris Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hartness Sr. Ms. Lindsey M. Hatcher Dr. La’Joyce F. Hathorn Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy E. Hawk Ms. Cornelia H. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hazelwood Kevin and Jan Heering Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hegan Mr. and Mrs. John P. Helms Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hemphill Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Henderson Mr. Ronald J. Henderson Mr. Samuel A. Henderson Mr. James L. Hendricks III Mr. and Mrs. Dale B. Hendrix Mr. and Mrs. Thad P. Henley

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Henry Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Adam W. Herrington Mr. Charles H. Hester Jr. Dr. Robert L. Hester and Ms. Marion Wofford Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Highfield CFA Mr. Dustin J. Hill Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hill Mr. Timothy D. Hilton Mr. Leland W. Hinton Mr. Richard E. Hobgood Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy E. Holder Law Office of Emil Holiner Mr. Mitchum D. Holland Mr. and Mrs. William K. Holland Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Hollinger Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Holmes Ms. Donna L. Holton Mr. James M. Hood Mr. and Mrs. Johnny L. Hood Mr. David S. Horton Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Hotard Mr. and Mrs. Brent G. Howell Mr. James C. Hubbard Mr. Robert H. Huckaby Mr. David H. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Hudson Mr. Donald W. Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Hughes Mr. Calvin T. Hull Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hull Dr. and Mrs. James F. Humber IV Ms. Martha E. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hutchings Mr. and Mrs. Billy E. Hutto Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ingram Mr. and Mrs. William W. Iupe Mr. and Mrs. H. Wynne Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. David L. James Mr. and Mrs. John A. James Mr. and Mrs. Kerry K. James Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. James III Mr. Joseph E. Jarrett Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Jaudon Dr. and Mrs. Kirk R. Jeffreys III Mr. and Mrs. Phil Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Johns Dr. and Mrs. Billy H. Johnson


Fred L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Johnson Mr. Robert G. Johnson Mr. Samuel E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. T.M. “McKinley” Johnson II Ab and Connie Jones Jones and Co. P.A. Ms. Ann Reiley Jones Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Jones Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Jones Mr. Justin H. Jones Mr. Willie B. Jones Mr. and Mrs. William W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Jordan III Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Jon Josey Kappa Alpha Chapter of Phi Mu Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kearney Mrs. Julia McDaniel Kelley Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kemp III Mr. and Mrs. Ted H. Kendall IV Mr. Robert E. Kenison Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Keyes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chadwick A. Killebrew Ms. Mica Killough Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Kimbrell Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Kinard Ms. Mary Kirk King Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. King Mr. Owen D. King Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. King Dr. and Mrs. Stephen K. King Kior Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kitchens Mr. and Mrs. Wendell C. Knight Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Knox Dr. Edward Koronowski Dr. and Mrs. Dong-Hoa Lam Mr. Harry Lam Mr. and Mrs. Benton G. Landers Mr. Craig N. Landrum Mr. Kenneth T. Langley Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lanier Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Lanphere Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lawler


Mr. and Mrs. William R. Laws Sr. Mr. Jeff Lee Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Lee Jr. Mr. Stanley W. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Lee Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lennep Mr. Frank W. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Lesley Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Lewis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lewis Ms. Reatha K. Linley Dr. and Mrs. Dewey W. Lishman Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Little Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Little Mr. and Mrs. David L. Litton Mr. Carlos A. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Long Mr. John M. Looney Jr. T.E. Lott and Co. P.A. Mr. Michael B. Lott Mr. Charles J. Lovorn Mr. Frank Luke Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. MacEachern Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Magee Mahannah Area Hunting Association Main Street Developments Inc. Mr. Maxwell Mandell Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mann Jr. Marathon Oil Corp. Marcello Cranes Mr. John-Michael Marlin Mr. Charles Marshall Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall Mr. Alan Martin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Martin Mr. and Mrs. John Martin III Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Martin Mr. and Mrs. George R. Marx Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Mashburn Mr. and Mrs. Willis F. Mashburn Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Mason Mr. Allen S. Massingill Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Mathison Mr. Richard E. Mattiace Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kirby L. Mauldin Mr. and Mrs. William R. May

Mr. Phillip Mayberry Mr. Kevin Mayo Mr. and Mrs. John L. McAdams Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. McBride Jr. Ms. Michelle L. McBride Mr. and Mrs. Porter R. McCarley Mr. Thomas N. McCarter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. McCarty Mr. and Mrs. David M. McCleery Mr. Robert L. McClure Mr. Dwight McComb Dr. Bettina C. McConnell and Mr. John S. McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. McCool Jr. Mr. Jeffrey K. McCoy Dr. and Mrs. Randy D. McCoy McCrary Construction Services LLC Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. McCullough Lt. Col. and Mrs. Daniel P. McCutchon Mr. and Mrs. William R. McDade Mr. Patrick G. McDill Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Tabor A. McDowell III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McElroy Mr. Kenneth W. McGee Mr. Earl J. McGehee Dr. Keith C. McGregor Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. McKay Jr. Mr. Jay T. McKee Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. McKeough Mr. Jamie McMillin Mr. Shea E. McNease Mr. Jerry T. McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. McPhail Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. McQuirter Mr. and Mrs. John L. McRae Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. McRee Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Howard R. McWhirter Mr. and Mrs. Logan E. Meeks Mr. Virgil W. Melohn Sr. Mr. J. Carl Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Miller Mr. and Mrs. Johnny A. Miller Dr. Mary M. Miller Mr. Max H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Mills

Dr. John H. Mills Sr. Minact Inc. Mr. Marcus J. Minga Mississippi Child Support Association Mississippi Feed and Grain Association Mississippi Resources LLC Mississippi Transportation Institute Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Mitchell Mr. Robert Mitchell Ms. Sarah E. Mitchell Marilyn and Eric Moake Mr. Michael J. Mola Montgomery Enterprises Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Moore Mr. George H. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Moore Mr. Thomas C. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Moorehead Mr. and Mrs. Stan Moorehead Mr. and Mrs. David H. Moreau Mr. and Mrs. Hoyle D. Morgan Morgan Stanley Mr. David M. Morris Jr. Mr. Reed L. Mosher Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Mouledoux Jr. MSU College of Education Dr. James A. Mulvihill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Murphy Mr. Sridhar Murthy Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Myers Dr. and Mrs. John E. Mylroie Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Nail Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Nance Mr. James H. Nelson Mr. Milan E. Nelson New South Equipment Mats LLC New York Life Insurance Co. Mr. and Mrs. Ricky E. Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. James Newmon Mr. Andrew Nichols Jr. Mr. Austin C. Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Victor S. Nickels Jr. Ms. Alayne Novalany Dr. Douglas J. Nyman Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Odom Mr. Jessie C. Oldham Mr. Jimmie D. Oliver Mr. William N. Oliver Jr.

Mr. Kenneth W. Opiela Mr. and Mrs. Wesley K. Orick Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Otondo II Mr. W.M. Overstreet Mr. Joshua B. Owens Mr. Mark Owens Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Pace Ms. Judy Pace Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Palacios Mr. and Mrs. Hugh R. Parham Parker Hannifin Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Patrick Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Patrick Mr. Kevin Patterson Dr. Kimberly J. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. David W. Paul Mr. Daniel B. Peavey Mr. Jefferson E. Peay Mr. W. Charles Peel Jr. Mr. Lewis T. Peeples III Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Penrose Mr. Ben W. Pentecost Jr. Dr. William T. Pepper Mr. Marcus Perkins Mr. Ric Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Andy H. Perry Mr. and Mrs. David G. Perry PeterBilt of McComb Mr. and Mrs. Bland S. Peyton Mr. Bradley D. Phillips Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Pioneer Credit Company Mr. and Mrs. James L. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Pittman Mr. John Pitts Mr. Patrick M. Plourde Dr. Noel E. Polk Mr. Jay B. Pond Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Porter Mr. Brian D. Posey Mr. Allen Powell Dr. Laurri V. Powell Mr. Mark E. Power Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Prisock Mr. Brian A. Pund Mr. and Mrs. George R. Purnell Mr. and Mrs. Ottis J. Purvis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James K. Putnam

Quality Chekd Dairies Inc. Ms. Marlene Racey Mr. and Mrs. Shiar E. Rahaim Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Rainer Mr. and Mrs. Arlie C. Ramsey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Ramsey III Shirley A. Randle Mr. George G. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Jim D. Rankin Mr. David Ratcliff Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rea Mr. and Mrs. Gavin W. Rees Dr. Amanda Reeves and Mr. Bradley Reeves Regions Bank - Ridgeland Dr. and Mrs. William S. Reid Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Reiselt Mr. Steve E. Renegar Republic Finance Mr. and Mrs. Reuben S. Rhea Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rex Ricchetti Mr. Armando T. Ricci Jr. Mr. Robert E. Rice Sr. Mr. Matthew S. Ridenhour Ridgetowne Animal Hospital Risktek Solutions Mr. Rafael Rivas Mr. and Mrs. Luther D. Rives Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Roberson Jerry C. Roberts Mr. Jason R. Robinson Mr. Christopher J. Rogers Mrs. Jackie Rogers Mr. Preston J. Rogers Mr. Walt Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Roundtree Mr. Justen Rouse Mr. Jonathan B. Rowland Mr. and Mrs. James R. Roy Mr. and Mrs. James W. Rustin Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Al L. Sage III Mr. James Sampsell and Dr. Jacquelyn Sampsell Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Tommy G. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Sanford Mr. Kirk Satterfield Dr. Sharon H. Scates Mr. Robbie Scholtes and Dr. Tina Scholtes


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Mr. Jody B. Stroud Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Stuart Jr. Mr. Robert S. Stuart Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association Mr. and Mrs. Jay Stutts Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Sullivan Mr. Dennis R. Switzer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Tardy III Mr. W. Dale Tate and Mrs. Debbie K. Allen Tate Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Taylor Taylor Machine Works Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Taylor Ms. Christy Outlaw Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Templeton Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Thomas Mr. Phillip B. Thomas Thompson Holding LLC Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thompson Mr. and Dr. James R. Thomson III Mr. Thomas Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Larry Threadgill Mr. and Mrs. John T. Thrower Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Tice Mr. and Mrs. Logan S. Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Toney Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Topp Tri Star Mechanical Mr. Frank Troskey Mr. and Mrs. Troy Trousdale Ms. Amy Tuck Mr. Matt Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Tucker Mr. John A. Tutor Twins LLC Mr. and Mrs. T. Allen Usry Mr. Donald Vaccaro Mr. Michael T. Vanlandingham Mr. and Mrs. James T. Vinson Jr. Mrs. Jeanine D. Vivier Mr. Gene Waddell Mrs. Shirley L. Wadkins Mr. William F. Waits Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wall Mr. Thomas B. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Loyd A. Warnock Mr. Gary Warren

Waste Pro Mr. and Mrs. Marion L. Waters Watkins, Ward and Stafford Wayne Farms LLC Dr. Paul S. Weathersbee Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Webb Mr. Christopher S. Webster Mrs. Susan Wooten Wells Dr. Brett E. Weseli Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Whaley Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. White Mr. and Mrs. Tommy White Mr. Paul R. Whitmire Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Whittle Wier Boerner Architecture PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Joe Williams Mr. and Mrs. Lester Williams Mr. Robert K. Williams Ms. Sherry L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James B. Williamson Dr. James Williamson and Mrs. Linda Williamson Mr. Larry Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wilson Ph.D. Mrs. Valerie J. Wilson Kent Wingate Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Wiygul Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Wofford Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Wolverton Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Womack Mr. and Mrs. John Wood Ms. Jean W. Wooten Mr. John B. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Marion P. Wright Jr. Ms. Martha Wright Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wright II Mr. and Mrs. James Yale Mrs. Melissa L. Yarborough Mr. Kyle R. Yates Susan Baldwin Yeosock Mr. Jason J. Young Mr. and Mrs. Denny Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zito * deceased

Financial Statements JULY 1, 2011 ~ J U NE 30, 2012


A bold new trail lies before us.

There is no way to convey our appreciation for placing Mississippi State University at the top of your charitable giving list. Because of your support, fiscal year 2012 was definitely one for the record books. Over $86.4 million was raised in immediate and deferred gifts, making it the single largest giving year in Mississippi State’s 135-year history. At Mississippi State University, we are encouraged to “raise the bar,” reach that goal, and then raise it again. With that in mind, we are proud to highlight fiscal year 2012 with its record-breaking total. However, while it may be tempting to focus on this achievement, we realize that private gifts are becoming increasingly critical. We must pursue additional opportunities with individuals and corporate supporters to further the mission of Mississippi State University and balance lean years of state support. As you examine this publication, remember it is you, the alumni and friends that gave so generously, who enabled us to reach these numbers. Every donor listed in this annual report has honored Mississippi State with his or her commitment to support the university’s vision. You have placed education first by creating scholarships for talented students, funding faculty development opportunities, and furthering the university’s vital service and research activities. As proud graduates and contributors of this institution, we challenge you to continue your philanthropic journey with us. It is our hope to grow our endowment significantly through a future fundraising campaign. By working together, we will become stronger and continue to make progress toward our


goal of ensuring Mississippi State University takes its place among top-tier national institutions. This annual report has been prepared to provide you with additional confidence in how the MSU Foundation manages and stewards your gifts. In the coming years, we will strive to better serve you as we work to become the best university foundation in the Southeast. Investments in the future of Mississippi State University are in good hands with the MSU Foundation, and we hope you will continue your unwavering support. As always, we thank you for your loyalty, pride and passion for Mississippi State University. Sincerely,

James J. “Jim” Rouse (’62) President, MSU Foundation Board of Directors

John P. Rush (’94, ‘02) MSU Vice President for Development and Alumni and Chief Executive Officer, MSU Foundation

Consolidated Statements of Financial Position | Years ended June 30, 2012 and 2011


Assets Cash Restricted cash Accrued interest, other receivables and prepaid assets Receivable from Mississippi State University Receivable from MSU Alumni Foundation Receivable from MSU Alumni Association Note receivable Pledges receivable, net Investments Present value of amounts due from externally managed trusts Land, buildings and equipment Total assets




3,426,574 4,456,975 1,286,994 — 5,117 77,822 152,268 18,533,904 318,283,438 34,354,678 10,370,414 390,948,184

2,068,473 3,536,619 813,513 3,998 87,652 137,918 207,171 18,468,672 324,088,172 34,343,134 11,138,241 394,893,563

1,629,719 4,456,975 2,071,535 4,065,007 86,050 188,478 12,497,764

1,869,692 3,536,619 2,454,242 3,768,700 — 202,235 11,831,488

23,269,373 42,749,038 66,018,411

24,827,789 45,200,866 70,028,655

45,941,266 266,490,743 378,450,420

57,647,303 255,386,117 383,062,075



Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Agency payable Obligation under capital leases Liabilities under split interest agreements Payable to Mississippi State University Note payable Total liabilities


Net assets: Unrestricted: Net assets controlled by Foundation Net assets related to noncontrolling interests Total unrestricted net assets Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets Commitments Total liabilities and net assets


View complete audited financial statements online at


Consolidated Statement of Activities | Year ended June 30, 2012

Unrestricted Revenues and support: Contributions Net investment income (loss) Change in value of split interest agreements Other Change in restrictions by donor Net assets released from restrictions Total revenues and support


Temporarily restricted

Permanently restricted


8,240,931 (373,136) — 3,884,805 — 20,197,270

10,777,254 (2,270,199) 73,334 108,404 (197,560) (20,197,270)

10,696,945 790,874 (580,753) — 197,560 —

29,715,130 (1,852,461) (507,419) 3,993,209 — —





Expenditures: Program services: Contributions and support for Mississippi State University Contributions and support for Bulldog Club Contributions and support for Bulldog Foundation Contributions and support for MSU Alumni Association Total program services

27,461,690 144,190 21,375 560,691

— — — —

— — — —

27,461,690 144,190 21,375 560,691



Supporting services: General and administrative Fundraising Total supporting services Total expenditures Change in net assets

3,091,078 3,261,567 6,352,645 34,540,591 (2,590,721)

— — — — (11,706,037)

— — — — 11,104,626

3,091,078 3,261,567 6,352,645 34,540,591 (3,192,132)

1,032,305 (1,558,416)

— (11,706,037)

— 11,104,626

1,032,305 (2,159,827)

Change in net assets related to noncontrolling interests Change in net assets controlled by Foundation


View complete audited financial statements online at

10 0

Consolidated Statement of Activities | Year ended June 30, 2011

Unrestricted Revenues and support: Contributions Net investment income Change in value of split interest agreements Other Change in restrictions by donor Net assets released from restrictions Total revenues and support


Temporarily restricted

Permanently restricted


5,100,382 22,200,476 — 3,629,432 — 18,508,414

11,320,438 29,354,481 97,710 123,514 1,690,000 (18,508,414)

10,826,704 519,038 5,290,557 — (1,690,000) —

27,247,524 52,073,995 5,388,267 3,752,946 — —





Expenditures: Program services: Contributions and support for Mississippi State University Contributions and support for Bulldog Club Contributions and support for Bulldog Foundation Contributions and support for MSU Alumni Association Total program services

21,621,502 87,625 31,845 550,573

— — — —

— — — —

21,621,502 87,625 31,845 550,573



Supporting services: General and administrative Fundraising Total supporting services Total expenditures Change in net assets

2,725,692 3,030,248 5,755,940 28,047,485 21,391,219

— — — — 24,077,729

— — — — 14,946,299

2,725,692 3,030,248 5,755,940 28,047,485 60,415,247

(7,703,119) 13,688,100

— 24,077,729

— 14,946,299

Change in net assets related to noncontrolling interests Change in net assets controlled by Foundation


(7,703,119) 57,712,128

View complete audited financial statements online at


Total Assets | Fiscal Years 2003 through 2012

$ = M I LLI O N S

$400 375 350 325 300 275 250 225 200 175 0 2003










$207.7 $221.1 $243.5 $291.3 $309.5 $299.8 $268.9 $296.7 $394.9 $390.9

The above graph depicts the growth of the MSU Foundation’s total assets over a 10-year period.


Target Asset Allocation | Fiscal Year 2011-2012







Domestic Equity

Non-U.S. Equity

Real Estate

Hedge Funds

Natural Resources

Private Equity


Fixed Income


Investment Return | Fiscal Years 2003 through 2012

25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0 -5% -10% -15% -20% -25% 2003











-4.0% -15.7% 12.3%







We are optimistic that our returns will continue to move in a positive direction and that endowments will continue to strengthen.

10 4

Alumni Participation Rates | Fiscal Years 2003 through 2012

25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0 2003










15.5% 15.3% 10.3% 14.1% 13.8% 13.7% 14.7% 19.2% 17.8% 18.0%

The percentage of alumni who gave during fiscal year 2012 reached 18.0 percent. For the 10-year period between 2003-2012, the percentage of alumni who contributed averaged 15.2 percent.


MSU Foundation Board of Directors for 2011-2012

Officers President | James J. “Jim” Rouse | Vice President of ExxonMobil (retired), Houston, Texas Vice President | Bobby S. Shackouls | Chairman, President and CEO of Burlington Resources Inc. (retired), Houston, Texas Secretary | Jack R. McCarty | Executive Director of Development, Mississippi State University Treasurer | D. Hines Brannan Jr. | Partner with Accenture (retired), Atlanta, Ga. Chief Executive Officer | John P. Rush | Vice President for Development and Alumni, Mississippi State University Chief Financial Officer | David D. Easley | Executive Director of Finance, Mississippi State University Members Richard C. Adkerson | President and CEO of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., Phoenix, Ariz. James K. “Jim” Ashford | President and CEO of CASE International (retired), Charlotte, N.C. William B. “Bill” Berry | Executive Vice President of ConocoPhillips (retired), Katy, Texas Fred E. Carl Jr. | President and CEO of Viking Range Corp., Greenwood, Miss. Albert C. Clark | President of C.C. Clark Inc., Starkville, Miss. Johnny Crane | CEO of F.L. Crane & Sons Inc. (retired), Fulton, Miss. Earnest W. “Earnie” Deavenport Jr. | Chairman and CEO of Eastman Chemical Co. (retired), Kiawah Island, S.C. Tommy Dulaney | President and CEO of Structural Steel Services Inc., Meridian, Miss. Linda M. Garrett | Principal of Garrett Associates Inc., Atlanta, Ga. E.M. “Hoot” Gipson | CEO of Gipson Steel Inc., Meridian, Miss. Steve D. Golding | President of Golding Barge Line Inc., Vicksburg, Miss. Joe F. Gordy | Owner and Director of Gordy Development Inc., Brewton, Ala. S. Bryce Griffis | President of Sturgis Timber Co., Sturgis, Miss. Jan L. Gwin | Managing Director of Morgan Keegan Co., Memphis, Tenn. Karen D. Hulett | Medical Consultant, Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, Jackson, Miss. Herbert V. “Herb” Johnson | President of HVJ Associates Inc., Houston, Texas Mark S. Jordan | Real Estate Developer of Mark S. Jordan Companies, Canton, Miss. Rusty C. Linton | Surgeon with Columbus Orthopaedic Clinic P.A., Columbus, Miss. Lewis F. Mallory Jr. | Chairman and CEO of Cadence Bank (retired), Starkville, Miss. Bobby P. Martin | President and Chairman of The Peoples Bank, Ripley, Miss. Don E. Mason | Vice President of Mississippi Power Co. (retired), Gulfport, Miss. Mike M. McDaniel | CEO of M3 Resources LLC, Houston, Texas Richard H. Mills Jr. | Founder and Manager of Tellus Operating Group LLC, Ridgeland, Miss. William C. “Bill” Mitchell | Vice President of Brown, Mitchell & Alexander Inc., Gulfport, Miss.


C.R. “Bob” Montgomery | Partner with Montgomery, McGraw PLLC, Canton, Miss. Roderick A. “Rod” Moore | Executive Vice President and CEO, Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance (retired), Brandon, Miss. James E. “Jim” Newsome | Partner of Delta Strategy Group, Mendham, N.J. Thomas B. “Tommy” Nusz | President and CEO of Oasis Petroleum Inc., The Woodlands, Texas Richard H. Puckett Sr. | Chairman and CEO of Puckett Machinery Co., Jackson, Miss. Charles W. “Tex” Ritter Jr. | President and CEO of The Attala Co. (retired), Kosciusko, Miss. Michael W. “Mike” Sanders | Chairman of Jimmy Sanders Inc., Cleveland, Miss. Leo W. Seal III | President of the Leo Seal Family Foundation, Bay St. Louis, Miss. John W. “Walt” Starr Jr. | Periodontist, Golden Triangle Periodontal Center, Columbus, Miss. William A. “Lex” Taylor III | Chairman and CEO of The Taylor Group Inc., Louisville, Miss. Douglas T. “Doug” Terreson | Senior Managing Director of Energy Research for International Strategy & Investment, Point Clear, Ala. J.F. “Bud” Thompson Jr. | Partner of Thompson Limited Partnership, Meridian, Miss. Jerry L. Toney | Alumni Association President, Starkville, Miss. Beth Clay | Bulldog Club President, Meridian, Miss. James K. Dossett | Legal Counsel, Jackson, Miss.


Satisfaction is derived through giving.

It is by chance or intent that students come to Mississippi State University to pursue an education, but it is by purpose that they become valuable alumni and friends of the institution. The satisfaction derived by volunteering your time to MSU and becoming a financial contributor can be endless. At Mississippi State, every dollar you give helps the university’s more than 20,300 students on some level. From scholarships for undergraduate and graduate education to programs that strengthen the overall university, you are creating the best possible environment for these students to earn a degree and carry MSU’s traditions and values with them into the world. There is definitely no better measure of accountability for our university than the success of our graduates. Over the years, your gifts have taken the university to new heights and propelled it well beyond the basics. No single student, department or donor can boast responsibility for the achievements of Mississippi State University. That honor can be claimed only as a whole— with each person building on the commitment of others, layer upon layer. The next layer of greatness for Mississippi State is on the horizon, and the MSU Foundation remains committed to helping the university with its goals. With each passing year, we are better able to assist Mississippi State further its mission because of your ability to find areas of the university you connect with on a personal level. Whether it be a specific college or school within the university, or simply MSU in general, there is an opportunity for you to form a deeper, more lasting connection.


Your Mississippi State University is becoming the institution of choice for the next generation of leaders. The 135 year-old campus is growing as it follows a master plan for its infrastructure, which will allow the university to face the challenges that lie ahead. The university has also finalized a strategic plan it will pursue for the next five years that will position MSU to achieve its long-term goals. These goals include raising our average ACT score for incoming freshmen and raising our six-year graduation rate. Also, MSU seeks to improve its student-faculty ratio and increase faculty salaries to peer group averages. On the horizon is a new capital campaign, which will move Mississippi State University forward and provide the university with necessary funding to accomplish our goals. The best days for Mississippi State will come with unparalleled support from you and others like you who seek to make the university one of the best teaching and research universities in the nation. At the MSU Foundation, we want to help you make the most of your philanthropic decisions. Together, we can continue to move beyond the basics and help Mississippi State University take its place among the best institutions around the globe. This institution is a powerful force for improving lives, in Mississippi and around the world, and you help make that possible. Your gifts pave the way for our future.


MSU is an AA/EEO university.

A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 011 - 2 012

Post Office Box 6149 Mississippi State, MS 39762 662.325.7000

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