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One of our aims was to get the students together from different cultures, to make them friends. Summer in EMU was expected to be very crowded, with students from many different countries coming with many different aims and goals. Our expectation was correct. We had guests from Kazakhstan, Kosovo, China, Ukraine and Azerbaijan as well as a large group of students from the AIESEC organization. Our group of assistants and staff were ready to meet all the guests and make sure that they had a great time in our university and around Cyprus. Students were taking English language classes, and departmental courses as well. To ensure our students would leave with many fond memories, we organized plenty of trips, activities, parties, celebrations and beach events. One of our aims was to bring students together from different cultures, to make them friends. The aim was achieved! From the first day of their arrival, the students started to get to know each other better, becoming friends and learning about each other’s cultures. The dance and music performances they put on were unbelievable!!!


OLGA BETYAK I am from Hungary. We are here for the AIESEC Program and I am a manager trainer. We have been to many places in North Cyprus and there were many seminars at the university to inform us about EMU. EMU is a great campus where I am planning to continue my studies.

MARYNA STADVA I am from Ukraine and I am on an exchange program from the Ukrainian Academy of Banking. We are at the summer school in the Banking and Finance Department and we will return back to our university at the end of summer school. We met the students who are going on exchange program to our university and became friends. We told them about our university and what is waiting for them and they orientated us in EMU.

VIOLET CHUN YANG I am from China and we are here on a seminar from Zhejiang Gongshang University. EMU and my university have a collaboration agreement and EMU is hosting us here for two weeks. I must say EMU has a spectacular campus. I would like to thank both of the institutions for giving us this opportunity to be here.

IRINA SUKHANOVA I am from Russia and I am a manager trainer of the AIESEC program. I think EMU is the safest place for all students to come and study. The atmosphere and this international atmosphere here is amazing.

IULIIA PROKOPCHUK I am from Ukraine and I am on the AIESEC program. I’m leading a group of international students in AIESEC. This project is a good way to bring different cultures together. I am sure all these trainers will go back to their country and promote EMU in the best way possible.


“For Your International Career”

ANASTASIA ONUCHINA I am from Russia and I am with the AIESEC program. We are learning more and more about North Cyprus and EMU every day. When I go back, it will not be difficult for me to talk about the facilities of this university.

HOKUMA MAHMUDZADE I am from Azerbaijan and I am here on the residential summer courses to improve my English. It has not been long since I met the assistants of International Office of EMU but they have helped us so much that our adaptation period to EMU and Cyprus passed like the wind.

ALI IBRAHIMOV I am from Azerbaijan. What I like about EMU and the international office is how big it is and how small they make it at the same time. Mr. John Eldridge organized our program so smoothly and the International office was always there for the logistics of the program that we did not have any problem in finding our way around.

SARA ASHRAFI I am from Iran and we are here for a seminar on Tourism. In such a short time EMU organized such a nice program for us that we had both academic and social activities fit into our tight schedule.

MARYAM RAHMANIZADEH I am from Iran. I would like to thank the international office and the seminar organizers for delivering us such crucial information about tourism in North Cyprus. Our social activities were the missing pieces of the puzzles for this trip.

Ukrainian Academy of Banking It's been marvellous to be able to host students from the Ukrainian Institute of Banking this summer. During their extended stay in Northern Cyprus, they have enlivened numerous events and added color to our summer program. Here they are making friends with our Azerbaijani students at the Beach Club party, where they brought the house down with a performance of verve, charisma and dynamism. How about that Bougainvillea garland?


Azeri students on the English language summer school had dinner with two Azeri members of parliament on 21st July, Wednesday joined by our rector, vice rectors, academics and administrative officers. Member of Parliament Ganira Pashayeva and Aynur Guliyeva informed the Azeri students of the importance their education at Eastern Mediterranean University and how the Azerbaijani government and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus government are working to strengthen the bond between the two countries. They added that studying at Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the ways to accomplish this target.

BAKU STATE UNIVERSITY ON RESIDENTIAL COURSES AT EMU Collaboration with Baku State University started to bear fruit this summer with students coming to the residential summer program to take English classes. Their one month stay included classes, tutorials, trips, beach activities such as scuba diving, sand sculp-ture, beach parties, beach volleyball, turtle-hatch watc-hing and many more that our guests invented for themselves on the sands.

Exchange partner students from Ukraine are at EMU

After the collaboration agreement was signed between EMU and the Ukrainian Academy of Banking, it was agreed to exchange students in the Banking and Finance Departments of both institutions for summer school. Accordingly, there were Ukrainian students on exchange at EMU for the whole summer. They have been on trips and summer activities as well as practising water sports at the EMU Beach Club.


COLLABORATION PARTNER FROM CHINA IS AT EMU FOR A SEMINAR A group of Chinese students from Zhejiang Gongshang University attended a two week workshop in the Banking and Finance Department entitled “Investment Appraisal” and received their certificates on 22nd July, Thursday from the lecturers who delivered the course. The group enjoyed many excursions and trips and made use of the EMU Beach Club facilities during their stay.



“For Your International Career”


A record number of trainees from 12 different countries came to EMU to discover “How to Promote EMU and North Cyprus in my country”. It is the first time in AIESEC’s 20 year history that such a project has been organized here. 85 trainees participated in faculty orientation seminars, specific workshops in departments, trips to different cities and historical places and social activities discovering a different aspect of EMU with each activity.

TELEVISION PROGRAM It's not all study, trips and Beach Club. Part of the purpose of such programs is to share experiences with a wider audience, and for the international students to introduce their countries and cultures to us here in Northern Cyprus. For a group of AISEC, Chinese and Azerbaijani students this led to a night under the bright lights of the TV studio, and the chance to broadcast their views to the entire community here.


W E L C O M E C O C K TA I L A welcoming cocktail was held in EMU Beach Club for newly arrived Summer School students from China and Azerbaijan, exchange students from the Ukrainian Academy of Banking and Finance and interns from AIESEC. Students were greeted by EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah Öztoprak and Vice-Rector for International Affairs Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour. During the cocktail, students performed traditional dances and songs. An EMU International Center assistant, David, taught everyone the Cha-Cha dance, and another assistant, Izu, performed a few songs. It was an unforgettable evening by the Mediterranean sea! MAKING NEW FRIENDS A joint welcome dinner was held at the Beach Club for our visitors from China and Azerbaijan. Also in attendance was our group from the Ukrainian Institute of Banking. It was a special international evening and a great chance for all the summer school students to get to know each other.


“For Your International Career”

There was a Beach Party held on Monday night on 26th of July, which international students on summer courses attended and performed. Chinese, Ukrainian, Estonian, Russian, Romanian, and Azerbaijan groups put on dance shows and singing performances. Along with our rector, vice rectors, academics, and administrative officers, the Minister of Education, Nazim Cavusoglu, attended and greeted our international students with a thoughtful speech, declaring that “Eastern Mediterranean University is graduating students who can lead the world!� The AIESEC group of trainees from twelve different countries, exchange students from Ukraine, the Azerbaijani students from Baku State University and our Iranian group of guests attending the Tourism and Archaeology seminar all joined in and enjoyed the night.


Gala Night was held at EMU Beach Club with 90 trainees from 14 different countries along with 8 trainer managers. EMU Rector’s Office, the AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean board of executives, and international embassies were all in attendance and enjoyed the slide shows of each country, cultural dances and traditional costume shows. During the night, the positive relations developed between different cultures was hard to miss. The collaboration between AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Mediterranean Univer-sity to generate the project all came to fruit with all the trainees delighted with the EMU facilities.


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EMU International Center Summer Magazine

EMU International Center Summer Magazine  

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