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A summer surpassing all expectations

Students and guests from all over the world spent their summer vacation at Eastern Mediterranean University this year. English language courses, trips, beach, parties, extra-curricular activities, official visits and much more took place during the three months of summer at EMU. We had Loyola Law School from Los Angeles come for a short term course with a group of students, "For Your International Career"

and hosting them was a great honor for us. AIESEC internship program interns also helped bring the campus to life with their multicultural diversity. In short, the summer of 2011 was a lot more international and a lot more colorful than we had expected. Congratulations to all the International Office staff for keeping up with all the logistics of this large operation!

What our summer guests have to say about EMU


Reti Zsofia (Hungary)

Aliya Myrzabayeva (Kazakistan)

Last year my friend was here and she came back to Hungary with so much praise about EMU that I decided to come and see it for myself. North Cyprus is very rich in terms of history and historical sights. EMU has a very big campus and everyone on campus is friendly. I think Summer Programs contribute to the promotion of EMU very much.

I liked North Cyprus very much. People are very friendly. The university has many good accreditations which is a good reason to choose EMU.

Katya Funderyaka (Ukraine)

Arina Tserkavnaya (Romania)

I came for the summer programs of EMU upon my friend’s recommendations and I think it was a great decision. EMU is a very nice university and its technical opportunities are a great compliment to the quality of education here at EMU.

This is my first time in North Cyprus. The weather is great. EMU is a good choice for further studies. This is the best place to be a student.

Arnav SONI (India)

Anastasia Polkovnichenko (Algeria)

I liked North Cyprus very much, especially EMU Beach Club and the beach. I have never seen a campus as big as EMU and I am so impressed.

North Cyprus is an ideal place for studying. EMU is great! It does not look like the universities in my country at all. The different atmosphere here attracted all of us. I am very happy to be here!

Aisha Malik (Pakistan)

Maarsa Legia (Estonia)

I did not know anything about North Cyprus before I came here. The island is small and nice. I know now that EMU is the best university in North Cyprus in terms of education. It is a very suitable campus for getting a quality education.

It has just been six days since I’ve come here. North Cyprus is a fantastic place. The nature and the people… EMU is a nice university. I would love to be a student here.

Vera Merkulova (Russia)

Sysoeva Anastasia (Russia)

North Cyprus is a great place. I would love to have my holiday here. Campuses in Russia are usually in different parts of the city unlike EMU. EMU is a real campus.

I think North Cyprus is very rich in terms of history. The campus has many facilities. Students will never get bored here. Summer Programs at EMU are great!

Summer teacher training and language school programs The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) International Office organized 2 week to 2 month English language courses for both individual students, and groups, as well as specialized teacher training courses.

The courses were offered to participants from many different countries, including Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Libya, Russia, Iran, Palestine, Turkmenistan and Ukraine. Some of the schools that participated were as follows: Ardahan University, Turkey; School 220, ASU, Baku State University, School 134, ATGTI, Azeta, and Friendship Force, all from Azerbaijan; Tambov State Technical University, Russia. We also had individuals from Iran, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Libya and China join the program

in summer. The groups were formed according to the age groups and levels of English, and to ensure a mix of nationalities in each class to help the learners to make friends and practise their English. The courses were given by EMU English instructors. Various social activities and excursions were also organized for participants’ leisure time.


AIESEC Summer 2011 AIESEC Summer 2011 started in mid-July and continued until the end of August. Interns from 25 different countries attended workshops, classes, seminars and completed many projects about EMU just so they can increase their knowledge about how they can promote EMU when they go back to their country to recruit students for EMU. 120 interns worked with eight

Succes of AIESEC Project

manager trainers who were also interns and came up with great ideas of how EMU can be promoted in their countries. They enjoyed themselves with the beach parties, pool parties, sport tournaments, festivals and the night life of Famagusta city. Meanwhile, they went on trips to different cities in North Cyprus, visited officials, made use of all the facilities of EMU, such as EMU Beach Club, the Sports Center, the Stadium, the Library… They all left very content and satisfied, with smiles on their faces about a summer that they will always remember as a time spent on an exotic island with people they would never have even dreamt of meeting anywhere else in the world.

The AIESEC internship project at EMU “How to Promote EMU in my country?” was named the best AISEC project in Turkey and the best leader development project in the world. It was an honor for EMU and AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean to run such a valuable project and thus spread the name of EMU in 130 countries. The North Cyprus media was informed of the awards and EMU received much positive feedback from many officials and bodies.


Creative students of EMU

The success of EMU students spreads and increases every day. We are proud to present the outstanding achievements of two such students in this bulletin:

Two and a half years of hard work has brought me to the final year Mechanical Engineering project – designing & manufacturing MP-UAV (Multi Purposes – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ), which is done by using smart and light materials as well as High-tech electronics components. Even though I knew that this project is not for an undergraduate student, my aim and efforts made me complete this enormous task. I wasn’t expecting my project to be number one in North Cyprus, but it made the aircraft more valuable. It’s one of those steps which each student should reach in order to show his/her knowledge, ambitions and ability to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. After completing my project and seeing the desired results, I realized that this level of education is completed successfully. Tamer Khaled Kamal Qaimari

It all started, when a group of people in a multicultural community looked into the possibility of how to connect, share cultural knowledge while having fun. We were on EMU campus that boasted of students from over 68 countries surely needed a medium to connect. Yes! We found the nexus – it was art. Art, especially the performing type, is something that breaks through all barriers that multicultural communities like ours possess – language, religion, beliefs, etc. We were students from different parts of the world, and we had arts as a common language Y.E.N.I. was born. As youths, especially since we were far away from home, we needed some sort of family. We needed means of putting our perception into expression, while participating in a much bigger community. “Our thinking affects our living, and our thoughts are shaped

Sea Turtle Protection & Monitoring Project on the Famagusta and Iskele Coastline

The sea turtles which frequent the shores of the island of Cyprus are as famous as the most famous Cypriots. Almost everyone knows that these sweet and charming creatures have been visiting the Cypriot beaches for centuries. You can speak with any person from any walk of life, and they can easily tell you when the turtles nesting season is, which beaches they like to lay their eggs on and how they should be protected.

This year, EMU Underwater Research and Imaging Center (EMU URIC) and Society of Nature and Culture will be conducting a joint project on the Famagusta and Iskele coast to protect and monitor the sea turtles (Chelonia mydas and Caretta caretta) of Cyprus.

Project activities are conducted by volunteer university students from Cyprus and abroad, who patrol the coastal zone every day and night to determine the location of nests and cage them against dogs, foxes and other negative impacts until the

by association and activities” – NubiKayode (Founder). Thus, the urge to always surround ourselves with people sharing this reasoning and find ways to get the most out of the rich association available in such a community evolved. Perhaps our philosophy is in one phrase – “Our Life is çokgüzel!”

hatchlings emerge. In addition, statistical data is recorded and other scientific measures taken by the volunteers.


Successful Alumni of EMU

It is the pride and honor of one institution to have so many thriving alumni spreading the name and quality of EMU in different parts of the world, with the high positions they manage to hold in prestigious companies.

Seminar for Loyola law school in Los Angeles

The success of our alumni becomes the success of EMU so our alumni are our ambassadors and our voice to the world. We therefore try to spare a page for our successful alumni in each of our magazines and bulletins. In this issue, we would like to highlight a Sudanese and a Turkish graduate who are inpositions which most of us can only

dream of. Our Sudanese graduate, Osama Hasan Abulbaki, is a Minister for Youth and Sport Ministry in his country; while Ali Emre Akguneshas is currently holding the position of StarragHeckert Director in Turkey.

EMU and Loyola Law School of Los Angeles became academic partners last summer.

EMU International Office, a group of students and three instructors were at EMU for conflict resolution courses. They will be coming to EMU every summer for the next four years for these courses and we will be delighted to host them.

With all the preparation for the summer of 2011, with Dr. Cesare Romano from Loyola Law School and


Thank you so much for all the efforts of our graduates.

Workshop for international journalists

EMU hosted the International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN) and European Center for Minority Issues (ECMI). The project “Media cooperation and peace journalism in the South Caucasus” is implemented by ICCN in cooperation with the European Centre for Minority Issues – Caucasus which aims to contribute towards a peace-enabling environment in the societies of the South Caucasus by strengthening the skills and

More guests and projects

capacities of regional media representatives. To achieve this outcome, they work with journalists from all regions of the South Caucasus to strengthen networking, cooperation, and information exchange between media professionals, and to further build their capacities with regard to peace-oriented and conflict-sensitive journalism. The ICCN and the ECMI organized a workshop titled “Conflict Journalism” at EMU and had 26 journalists from

various countries, such as Russian Federation, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the UK, Denmark, Armenia, Austria and the United States. The workshop was held from the 12th to 18th of September 2011. The project is financed by COBERM – Confidence Building and Early Response Mechanism, funded by the European Union, and administered by the United Nations Development Program and the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation Projects of the German Marshall Fund.

EMU hosted many guests from different countries during the summer of 2011.

Tourism organized Baku State University interns’ summer internship in various hotels, tourism institutions and Eastern Mediterranean University Beach Club. Azerbaijan University of Architecture sent a group of students for a seminar in Visual Arts and Communication Design as well. Students were happy with the course content as well as the facilities of EMU.

Baku State University and EMU are initiating their collaboration by assisting each other in the field of tourism for the Tourism School students’ summer internships. A group of Tourism students from Baku State University came to North Cyprus to do their summer internships. EMU School of


Residential courses continue during the academic year We have various groups coming for all kinds of courses and seminars during Fall 2011. As the International Office, with the help of EMU staff, we are busily organising their educational programmes, trips and the rest of the logistics so they can get the best out of EMU and North Cyprus while they are here.

Summer Bulletin 2  
Summer Bulletin 2  

Summer Bulletin 2