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Issue 3 SPRING 2011

"For Your International Career"


ncreasing the diversity and number of exchange students at EMU is an honor for the International Office. We are now receiving students from various corners of the world. We had a busy semester with new exchanges and interns added to our list in the Spring Semester. Alyssa Youngquist, Courtney Kolovos and Lauren Wright joined us from California State Long Beach University, Evan Abrahamson from North Dakota State University, a group of ten from Alatoo Ataturk University, Andrii Omilin and Anastasia Kostikova from Kherson State University, and Nadia Mjabber, Salma Benguarhou and Leila Nouij from the Institute of Leadership and Communication Studies, Morocco were all on an exchange program for Spring 2011.

Our new collaboration partner Koln University, Germany whom we are initiating cooperation with sent us their student Timo Klein on an internship for six weeks. The Second internship program of the semester was the EMU and AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean joint internship program of “How to promote EMU and North Cyprus in my Country?” We also had a group of Indian, Chinese and Serbian interns participate in the program. We hope that they all enjoyed their time here at EMU.

TIMO KLEIN Beach, sun and the ocean!! This was the first phrase that came to my mind, when I thought about the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. However, I discovered it is more than just an island with pleasant weather, a Mediterranean ambiance and a holiday feeling. It has turned out to be one of the best experiences up until now. I have not traveled to a place with such friendly, helpful people with such a diverse background until my stay at Eastern Mediterranean University. Although I did not know a single word of Turkish, the people received me cordially. At the first dinner, a Turkish student sat in front of me and started to speak in Turkish. Regrettably I could not understand him, so I started to speak in English which he could not understand. However we communicated with hand gestures and he proceeded to show me around campus. Having a student whom I could not verbally communicate with put so much effort into making me feel welcome was a great experience. So it was not me who took the first step in meeting other people, it was the students familiar with EMU that approached me. They were always interested in where I was from and wanted to know all about the reasons for my visit… Also other international students assisted me while I was acclimatizing to Cypriot culture. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to call these people my friends. North Cyprus and EMU is much more than just the beach, sun and ocean! It is a wonderful country with lovely people who appreciate life around tavla and çay, which I have a new found passion for. Teşekkür ederim to EMU for all of these wonderful experiences!

BEGIMAI ISMAILOVA From the first day of our arrival, we started to get to know many students from different parts of the world and became friends with them while learning and understanding their cultures. EMU has a great campus. There I’ve experienced many things which have enriched my point of view and my world knowledge. Many people believe University is not only a place to study but also somewhere to enhance oneself, especially when you’re away from home and studying in another country. In my case, EMU in Northern Cyprus has provided me an opportunity to improve many of my qualities for the profession of translation and interpreting, a wonderful environment of cross-cultural exchange, where I have improved my communicational skills. So, through my experience as an exchange student at EMU I’ve gained lifelong friends, social contacts, and most importantly, this experience has triggered my love for learning.

MALIK BARBUGULOV North Cyprus is a beautiful place with excellent weather, kind people and many interesting historical places. EMU’s educational program is very rich and interesting, it motivates to study more. Many great professors are ready to help you at any time. Here you can learn many things about different nations. I’ve met many interesting people from many countries; they’ve shared experience of their countries and cultures with me. EMU organizes many events, so there is no time to be bored; it is the experience of living by myself and organizing myself. The essence of exchange is going to another country where no one knows anything about you; and this is something that can be truly frightening, but also at the same time very exciting.

AYSEL KALYBEKOVA Could something be more enjoyable?! EMU is nowhere close to what you expect it to be, because it goes so beyond your expectations! Cypriot sun wakes you up in the morning, so that you are guaranteed to have a great day. The atmosphere of learning fills you with every breath of salty Mediterranean air. It’s a place where group mates become friends and teachers become inspirers. One can never be alone at EMU. There’s always helpful staff that are certainly the nicest people of all. I only regret that the time passes by so fast, and it’s already time for me to pack up and leave. The first one to go into my luggage of EMU memories will be memory of dynamic learning. Whatever, you do here, you are expected to do more and it helps you discover new possibilities within yourself and encourages you to push your limits; in fact you will find out that there are no limits to knowledge. Of course the priceless friendships that you are going to build will take the biggest space in your luggage of EMU memories.

ARAVIND I am Aravind from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I am pursuing my MBA at National Institute of Management Excellence. My specialization is Human Resources. I have come to Eastern Mediterranean University for internship through AIESEC as it is part of University Curriculum. As I entered The EMU campus I was really surprised by the reception I got from AIESEC and my fellow teammates. I also got the opportunity to attend lectures of some professors. I was very impressed with their style of teaching. It was a great privilege for me to meet the professors and I am very thankful to EMU for providing such great opportunities. I was surprised to see the website which has complete information of all courses and modules and also the question papers provided. Through this, there is a transparency between students, parents and EMU. Cyprus is a wonderful country with lots of scenic places and beaches to enjoy. I am really excited to see the famous places at Cyprus during my stay. I am interested in knowing the history and culture of Cyprus. I am really looking forward to promoting EMU in India and do my best to bring Indian students to EMU. I had not seen any university so big and I am hoping to take a full glimpse of it before I go back to India!

SHASHANK I am Shashank from Bangalore,India. I am an exchange participant through AIESEC. First day when I landed in North Cyprus and was heading towards Eastern Mediterranean University, I was wondering how students, faculties and AIESECERS in the campus would accept us. But when I reached EMU campus, I was stunned to see the response and I could diversify with all of them here; as there are thousands of students who come from 68 nations. It is very important for me to know their culture and traditions. I met many students from different countries like China, Nigeria and Turkey, and got to know a few things about them. As I am from India and like many Indians I am very open minded and think of everything in a positive way, it will be very helpful for me to market EMU (Eastern Mediterranean University) in India.

EMU Students

Ready to go on an Exchange Program Tamer Tunali

Students who are going on an exchange program for Fall 2011 are selected after going through selection criteria and interviews. California State Long Beach, Central Connecticut State and Eastern Illinois from United States, as well as Mount Royal from Canada, and Poznan University from

Aidin Tajbakhsh

Poland will be hosting EMU students for a semester. We asked our students how they feel about spending a semester abroad about having the opportunity to pay for their home university and study in another prestigious university. The feedback we got was fantastic!

Hurkan Bolel

Ibrahim Emre Gokoglu

Ebru Ertan

Kadir Oguz Balaban

Pouyan Rahnamay



Our students who were on exchange in Fall 2010 came back and told us about their experiences at the exchange universities.

ZHAKSHYLYK SHAIMBETOV The landing of the quite usual Istanbul – Paris – Boston flight marked the beginning of a very special experience for me. My plane took off from Istanbul, then landed in the city of Lights, Paris and continued to my destination which was Boston. The fact that I managed to visit so many spectacular places within one day got me really excited. On August 27th my studies at CCSU started with the usual course selection procedure. I found myself in the spirit of an American student. Within a month, I had found a job in a nearby cafeteria on campus. Following a nice American tradition of diversity, I have made many friends from different parts of the World. Tall skyscrapers, towering buildings, streets full of busy people; all this was new for me and I was very impressed with what I saw. I was fascinated by the famous Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, 5th Avenue, the Empire State Building. The memory of the city that never sleeps is one to remember for the rest of my life I’d like to say that once visiting another country, one will always be in search for more impressions. I highly advice everyone to live my experience and immerse him/herself into the American youth spirit. Also, I would like to thank my university for giving me such an opportunity.

DERYA ILERI My name is Derya Ileri. I went to America as an exchange student to San Diego State University (California/San Diego). It was a very nice experience for me. I met different people from different countries, I always had hobbies such as recognizing different cultures and it was amazing for me to see lots of different cultures in the same place. I went on field trips and I had lots of fun. I went to visit the best cities in California and it was extremely nice. Now I want to give brief information about San Diego State University and its system. I always followed my lessons, studied and did my homework. San Diego State University has a very good education system. Homework, quizzes, exams and other tasks were done via the internet and this system was amazing. Every single week I had quizzes from all courses and teachers were pushing us to study. So, we had to study but not memorize. Also, there were lots of activities such as international culture days, festivals, bonfire nights, parties, sport activities, short trips and games. Studying in America was a great opportunity for me to develop myself. I think I used this opportunity very well. My professors used to say that I’m successful. Also, I was going on trips, parties, famous places, festivals and enjoying the time. I would like to thank Eastern Mediterranean University for providing me with this opportunity. I’m so happy that I have been to America.


I am Alper and I achieved my dream to go to the USA via an exchange program. I am grateful to the International Office who helped me during the long stressful process consisting of getting a visa, finding courses, and housing. This program helped me a lot, you go to a place where no one knows you, and you start to learn about yourself more. You get more self confidence. You meet with lots of friends and different cultures, and improve your English a little bit more.

I am also thankful to the people that accepted me in this program because it completely changed my ideas about the world, Turkey –my country, Cyprus and of course the USA. We try to learn everything about the world; on the other hand they don’t know us. Everything is systematic here and you don’t have to worry about anything. That led me to think how I can change the things that are wrong in my country and improve society by raising awareness… I am sure that this is a nice thing because the thing we young people to do is to make the society we live in better.

SARA AFSHAR Competitive nature of my undergraduate studies, and my passion for learning about other cultures encouraged me to find an institution to acquire deeper knowledge of architecture and other cultures in the world. So I came to NDSU as an exchange student, which has students from more than 80 countries around the world and from all 50 states of the United States, now it’s been about 3 and half months that I’m living here in Fargo, North Dakota. I found many different friends with completely different cultures, even the North Dakota’s cold weather and the heavy snow was an amazing and new experience for me, I went to some other cities around here and plan to go to the other states for the rest of the time I have. I really enjoyed my life here and tried to make the most of American education system which is really unique and different. This semester is going to finish soon and I’m coming back to Cyprus with lots of experiences and the best memories I ever had.

KIVANC KOSE I’m Kıvanç KOSE. I applied as an Exchange Student for California State University, Long Beach. I came to the USA on 24 August. Until 28 August we stayed in a hotel because of the Residence Housing Policies, and then moved into the dormitory. On 27 August we participated in the orientation. We met new people who came from other countries. There were two people at the orientation who explained to us about the USA and university policies. They explained some rules about the USA and as to what we should do, and what we should not do. We went to some places which

are the most famous in California State such as Hollywood, Universal Studios, West Hollywood, Six Flags, Disneyland and Big Bear. All of these places were worth seeing. Classes started on 30th of August and we attended all of the classes. The first day was really awesome. We were worried about understanding the professors and lecturers but we had no problems understanding, or attending classes. All lecturers and professors were very considerate towards us. I am grateful to International Office of EMU who helped us to go to Long Beach.

GIZEM KAYA I spent one semester studying at Mount Royal University in Canada. I went to Canada with the help of EMU International Office which worked very hard to develop this program even though it was the first exchange program between EMU and Mount Royal University. They have a strong tie now .Living in Calgary approximately for 5 months at first seemed like a dream but if you are an exchange student, it is just real. When you live abroad you not only get to learn the culture of that specific country but also the features from other countries because there are many students from all over the world. Also, to be an exchange student in Canada is an exclusive opportunity to improve your English. I realized that everybody knows and speaks English and they use it in their daily lives. It has been a perfect experience because I felt freedom in Canada. Being an exchange student is not only about schools, classes and exams; you get to visit America and different places as well. At the same time you are studying in a university in Canada. You can learn their education system. I am happy I went there because it gave me so many benefits. I believe that it was a very significant experience for me. If you decide to be an exchange student, this is an important step in your self-development.

ONUR EREN Being an exchange student is probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. You get a chance to learn about different cultures and to stand on your own two feet. In the US, there are a lot of people from many different countries so you learn about people, also you meet other exchange students from different countries as I did. Furthermore, you get a chance to see the US education system and their campus life, and activities. There’s a lot to do in the US, especially in California. Lastly, being away from home helps you to find yourself and will put one more brick in your personal growth. This is a lifetime experience! Thank you everyone in our university and Long Beach who gave us this opportunity.

Our Exchange Partners for 2011-2012 Academic Year Each year an increasing number of students are benefitting from the opportunity to gain new experiences and broaden their educational horizons by living and studying in a brand new environment abroad. In this issue, our exchange partners introduce themselves. For further details of how to apply for an exchange place, please contact the International Center.

Eastern Illinois University

A Productive Visit from Eastern Illinois University One of the exchange partners of EMU, Eastern Illinois University paid a visit to EMU to discuss our collaboration further. Office of Study Abroad Director, Wendy Williamson, wrote a thorough report of how two institutions can collaborate further besides exchanging students. The result of the visit was to increase the number of exchange students going to Eastern Illinois from EMU and vice versa, to promote EMU better at Eastern Illinois and to have possible joint degree programs. After being in touch through technology for such a long time, it feels great to meet the person physically. Wendy Williamson is always prompt in exchanging information with us; so we welcomed Wendy and did our best to make her feel at home. Hopefully all our partners will come and visit us too!

is a university that offers superior, accessible undergraduate and graduate education. Students learn the methods and results of free and rigorous inquiry in the arts, humanities, sciences, and professions, guided by a faculty known for its excellence in teaching, research, creative activity, and service. The University community is committed to diversity and inclusion and fosters opportunities for applied learning experiences within a student-centered campus culture. Throughout their education, students refine their abilities to reason and to communicate clearly so as to become responsible citizens and leaders.

San Diego State University The mission of San Diego State University is to provide well-balanced, high quality education for undergraduate and graduate students and to contribute to knowledge and the solution of problems through excellence and distinction in teaching, research and service. The university imparts an appreciation and broad understanding of human experience throughout the world and the ages.

The Pennsylvania State University (New)

The Pennsylvania State University, commonly referred to as Penn State or PSU, is a public research university with campuses and facilities throughout the state of Pennsylvania, United States. Founded in 1855, the university has a threefold mission of teaching, research, and public service. Its instructional mission includes undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing education offered through resident instruction and online delivery. Its University Park campus, the flagship campus, lies within the Borough of State College and College Township, Pennsylvania. The Penn State Dickinson School of Law has facilities located in both Carlisle and University Park and the College of Medicine is located in Hershey. Penn State has 19 other commonwealth campuses and 5 special-mission campuses located across the state.

Central Connecticut State University

Kherson State University Deans Visit to EMU Four deans from Kherson State University of Ukraine visited us in April to discuss opportunities for 2 by 2 programs amongst several departments. They got along with our deans and worked so well that they came to an agreement about students studying two years at their home university and two years at the exchange partner university in the specified departments.

CCSU is a regional, comprehensive public university dedicated to learning in the liberal arts and sciences and to education for the professions. Comprising five schools – Arts and Sciences, Business Education & Professional Studies, Engineering & Technology, and Graduate Studies-CCSU offers undergraduate and graduate programs through the Master’s and sixth-year levels and the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. Committed to offering Connecticut citizens access to distinctive academic programs of high quality, the University is also a responsive and creative intellectual and economic resource for the people and institutions of our state’s Capitol Region. More than 85 percent of CCSU graduates remain in Connecticut, contributing to the intellectual, cultural, and economic health of the state.

California State University Long Beach is a diverse, student-centered, globally-engaged public university committed to providing highlyvalued undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities through superior teaching, research, creative activity and service for the people of California and the world. California State University Long Beach envisions changing lives by expanding educational opportunities, championing creativity, and preparing leaders for a changing world.

North Dakota State University

With energy and momentum, North Dakota State University addresses the needs and aspirations of people in a changing world. We derive strength and vitality from each other and from the diverse communities we serve. We envision an academic and social environment that is conducive to intellectual and personal development by promoting the safety and welfare of all members of the university community. We promote excellence through individuals participating in decisions and value cooperation for the common good. We envision a vibrant university that will be globally identified as a contemporary metropolitan institution.

Trier University of Applied Sciences About 6,100 students are enrolled at our three campuses in Trier, Idar-Oberstein and Birkenfeld making Trier University of Applied Sciences the largest in Rhineland-Palatinate. Thanks to our international location in the region of southwestern Germany where three countries meet, conditions here are ideal for preparing students for careers not just in Germany, but also in Luxemburg, France or Belgium. Regarding this international employment market on our doorstep, we offer a wide range of courses of study in technology, business, law, design and computer science, while the Environmental Campus of the FH Trier is concentrating on topics related to environmental issues.

Mount Royal University We are a learning community that focuses on instruction and is informed by scholarship. We are committed to individual learning, the principles of general education, the value of experiential learning and the achievement of program outcomes. Diverse by design, Mount Royal welcomes, supports and celebrates all its communities. Recognizing that diversity strengthens us all, we work in an environment of respect and inclusion. At Mount Royal we deliver high-quality programs that are relevant to our students’ needs. Dynamic in our thinking, we adapt quickly to changing environments and are making Mount Royal the place of choice for students at all stages of their lives.

International Alatoo Ataturk University With spacious classrooms, modern computer and language laboratories, a rich library and social facilities, the university is designed to answer all the needs of students. Academic research is given a high priority in the university. Every year many seminars, international and national conferences are being held. Within the last three years alone 13 international conferences have been held in Ataturk-Alatoo University.

Kherson State University

Kherson State University is the oldest in the Southern Ukraine. There are qualified specialists in 34 specialties. There are teachers of all subjects which are taught at school, teachers for preschool child care centers, engineer teachers, lawyers, economists, environmentalists, psychologists, social workers, journalists, translators and others. Our tight-knit teaching staff comprises 56 professors, doctors of sciences; 228 associate professors, candidates of sciences; 105 senior teachers, assistants.

University of Incarnate Word

The university is committed to educational excellence. It promotes life-long learning and fosters the development of the whole person. The faculty and students support one another in the search for and the communication of truth. The university is open to thoughtful innovation that serves ever more effectively the spiritual and material needs of people. The curriculum offers students an integrated program of liberal arts and professional studies that includes a global perspective and an emphasis on social justice and community service.

Salerno University

The University of Salerno is one of the most important universities in southern Italy. Today over 40.000 students study at the Fisciano and Baronissi Campuses in one of the University’s ten faculties: Science, Medicine and Surgery, Economy, Law, Engineering, Arts and Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Education Science, and Political Science. During the academic year many cultural and artistic events take place involving both students and staff, adding life to the Campus.

Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences The Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences. We offer an internationally recognized, well-established, practice-oriented education at university level at four locations in the central region of Upper Austria. Our second area of competence is to provide the economy with cutting-edge products from our research and development centers.

Zheijang Gongshang Univeristy ZJSU has a good reputation in teaching and research, especially in business, administration, law and other humanities and social sciences. As ZJSU is entering its second century, our goal is to become a truly global university, educating professionals and advanced the frontiers of knowledge not simply for Zhejiang, for China, but for the entire world. We are working together for a determined mission: “To speed up development and prosper through innovation.”

Tambov State Technical University

Tambov State Technical University is one of the best higher education establishments in Russia. It contributes remarkably to the country’s development and prepares qualified specialists in more than 100 specializations in the fields of medicine, economics, nanotechnologies, IT, industry, culture and arts. The University comprises of 15 academic departments: 3 Academies, 11 Institutions and 1 Faculty. Around 15000 students from different countries of the world are currently studying in the University. 90% of the University staff have got academic degrees and ranks.

Ukranian Academy of Banking

The academy has already excelled itself in science and education. The academy has been placed into the best 10 economic higher educational institutions in the Ukraine. At the International exhibition of educational institutions “Modern education in Ukraine - 2002” the academy received a silver medal and diploma “For considerable contribution in the development of the national educational system”. At the VII International exhibition “Modern education – 2004” the Ukrainian academy of banking took an honourable third place and bronze medal in the “Innovative pedagogical methods in educational process” category.

Poznan University

Poznan University College of Business offers an English language Bachelor of Arts in Business Management in response to the changing needs of employers and markets in the European Union (EU) and the world. Our international student body in the heart of Europe reflects trends toward a globalized intercultural business environment where English has become the language of choice. Our curriculum is focused on the skills and knowledge you need for success.

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EMU’s Summer International Programs continue to develop. This year we hosted nearly 200 students and teach in our language education programs. The AIESEC Internship Program involved 120 students from 25 different countries. We also hosted Loyola Law School from Los Angeles and many university and government officials from a variety of countries. The international character of EMU is at no time more marked than in summer months.

Exchange Bulletin 3  

Exchange Bulletin 3

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