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"For Your International Career" Mission: To offer contemporary, sustainable and quality education at international standards, conduct research, contribute to the needs of the society, meet the needs of all stakeholders and graduate students in a multicultural environment having international knowledge and competences.


To become a preferred, participating, autonomous university open to change and development, producing science and technology and serving as a model with its multicultural diversity.

Opportunities: • An international state university, • Providing high quality English medium education for over 34 years, • 11 faculties and 5 schools offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, • 16000 students from 85 different countries, and about 1000 faculty members from 35 different countries, • Opportunity to learn English at EMU Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School, • Opportunity to learn Turkish and other major world languages, • Publications in more than one thousand international indexed journals, • Numerous international academic and cultural conferences/ workshops organized throughout the year, • More than 30 research centers, • A modern library housing more than 150,000 print books,thousands of e-books and more than 10,000 online academic journals with comfortable study areas and easy online access to international databases,

• Collaboration with more than 200 institutions of higher education around the world, • Easy and friendly contact with faculty members, • Strong university-parent-student collaboration, • Modern classrooms, laboratories and highly efficient computer and internet connections, • A magnificent campus university with 200.000 sq.m indoor areas stretching over 3000 acres of land, • Modern and comfortable dormitories that accommodate up to 5500 students, • More than 50 student clubs, • 3500 seat capacity indoor sports hall, 5000 seat capacity stadium with a tartan track and 66.500 sq.m outdoor sports area. • Private Beach club on the shores of the Mediterranean, • Largest conference and cultural center in the region.

Eastern Mediterranean University Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah Y. Ă–ztoprak

Dear Students and Parents,


hoosing a career path that will bring success and fulfillment in one’s future life is a serious matter. Receiving a quality education that will support young people in their future life and career is therefore not only essential for them today, but also their most natural right. In this regard, I would like to take this opportunity to give you some information about Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU). EMU was established in 1979 and immediately took its place amongst the best universities in the Mediterranean region. It is an international university with 16,000 students from 85 different countries, and 1000 instructors from 35 different countries. Numerous collaborations through student exchange programs with universities abroad add to the international dimension of the educational experience, enabling our students to meet young people from many different parts of the world and with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and perspectives. As a state university receiving government support, EMU has been fortunate to have been able to keep students fees at a very reasonable level. With a well-developed infrastructure, well-qualified academic staff and excellent student-instructor relationships, EMU students are educated to become self-confident, creative and competitive individuals within an environment that is modern, innovative and student-centered. I would like therefore to invite you to EMU, a university where you will experience a peaceful and privileged educational life in a multicultural community in which sensitivity to the society and the environment and academic excellence are premium values.


EMU’s modern campus is situated not far from the medieval city of Famagusta, North Cyprus. The history of the city and the region however stretches back to ancient times, and is rich in historical and archaeological sites that offer a flavor of the many different cultures and civilizations that the island has hosted. With such an inheritance, it is hardly surprising that today Famagusta is once more developing into a major cultural, artistic and educational center, and collaborating with EMU to host major international festivals and performers from around the world. Miles of sandy, unspoiled coastline meanwhile combine with the climate of the Eastern Mediterranean to enable swimming and an outdoor life to be pursued for around eight months of the year. The relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and the culture of hospitality for which the region is famous combine to provide students from abroad with an environment that is not only welcoming but extremely safe to live and study in. For those students who wish to experience more of what this beautiful region has to offer, the major cities and tourist centers of Turkey are readily accessible by both air and sea at

reasonable cost. Istanbul is just over an hour away by plane, whilst the coastal resorts of southern Turkey can be reached in just a few hours by sea. English is widely spoken across Northern Cyprus and there will always be somebody willing to help in the case of any difficulties. Local people are always delighted however to hear foreigners try out their Turkish, and as all students at EMU take Turkish language courses, there is plenty of support provided in this regard. And since Turkish is one of the top 20 most widely-spoken languages in the world, this indeed is yet another opportunity that living on the island presents.

this spirit of peaceful co-existence, EMU maintains facilities for religious practice on behalf of both its Moslem and Christian students. Furthermore, EMU positively encourages the diverse cultures and nationalities that make up our community to come together in a celebration of our multicultural character. The atmosphere of friendship that has resulted is one of the distinguishing features of our university. Transportation by Air: Flights to Ercan Airport, North Cyprus are only available from Turkey and usually take just over an hour.

North Cyprus is a country that welcomes all visitors regardless of their origins, nationalities or beliefs. In keeping with




Fa m a g u s t a

Historical Highlights Famagusta is believed to have been established by Philadelphus, one of the Ptolemus kings, who gave Arsinoe, his sister’s name, to the city in 285 BC. In 648, as a result of the gradual evacuation of Salamis due to the attacks by Arabs, it developed into a small port. With the hope that the city would remain undiscovered by the Arabs, the name of the city was changed to ‘Ammochostos’, meaning ‘hidden in sand’.

Namık Kemal Dungeon and Museum

Namik Kemal, a distinguished Turkish nationalist poet and novelist, and four of his friends were sent into exile by the Ottoman Sultan in 1873 soon after the first performance of his play ‘Vatan or Silistre’. Namık Kemal’s exile lasted for 38 months until he was forgiven by Murat V. Namik Kemal wrote the majority of his works during the period of exile he spent in Famagusta. Namik Kemal Dungeon and Museum have been restored and are open to visitors.

Ky r e n i a

Fa m a g u s t a Nicosia

Othello’s Castle

One of the most important historical treasures of Famagusta is Othello’s Castle, which was built in the 14th century during the Lusignan period to protect the harbour. In 1492 the Venetians transformed it into an artillery stronghold. The marble panel above the entrance shows the winged lion of Venice, and includes the name of Nicolo Foscarini who remodelled the castle. It is thought that when Leonardo da Vinci visited Cyprus in 1481, he advised the Venetians on the design of the defences of Famagusta. In the courtyard of the Othello’s Castle, there are some Ottoman and Spanish cannons and iron cannon balls. The surviving walls and bastions of Famagusta are from the Venetian period. The present day name of the tower, Othello’s Castle, came into use during the British colonial period. In Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, where the setting is a “seaport in Cyprus”, the character of Othello is a hero from Morocco. It is believed that the Castle is named after him.

“ Studying and living together with individuals from different cultures is completely different than learning about these cultures from books�

Kseniia Murzina

WHY EMU? Eastern Mediterranean University provides 91 undergraduate and school programs and 73 postgraduate and doctoral degree programs, all accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Board.

If you want to experience a multicultural campus university, EMU is the best place to be.


ducation at International Standards: EMU is a full member

of numerous prominent organizations. EMU is only one of five universities in the region to have been awarded the prestigious ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology) in the field of Engineering. The EMU Faculty of Tourism has been fully accredited by TEDQUAL (Teaching Education Quality in Tourism), the only organization throughout the world granting accreditation in this field. EMU is the only university throughout TRNC and Turkey holding TEDQUAL accreditation. The Computer Technologies and Information Systems Programs offered by The School

of Computing and Technology (SCT) have successfully passed the International European Accreditation process and been granted ASIIN and Euro Label Accreditation, making our University the first one to achieve this type of accreditation in the region. Our Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School is now fully accreditated by Edexcel, and our English Language Teaching Department has been fully accredited by AQAS. Our University also has collaboration agreements with over 200 universities throughout the world.


astern Mediterranean University in Turkey and throughout the World:

In 2014, EMU was ranked as 1167 in the

Webometrics Rankings. Out of 6000 universities in Europe, EMU was ranked as the 448th university. The university was recently granted a 3 star rating by the prestigious QS agency.


rovides Education for an International Career: With

its highly developed infrastructure, quality English medium programs, the opportunity to learn a second foreign language, student exchange programs, international learning environment, and a diploma recognized throughout the world, EMU provides an excellent preparation for an international career.

International Accreditations, Memberships and Recognitions

Uluslararası denetime büyük önem veren Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi’nin çok sayıda uluslararası kurumdan alınmış akreditasyon, denklik ve üyelikleri bulunmaktadır.

T.C. Yükseköğretim Kurulu


Whilst closely following national standards and rules and paying special attention to quality in education, our University also sees international accreditations and recognitions as a foundation for its development, and has gained remarkable success in this respect. The University is also involved in further ongoing accreditation and recognition projects.

• AACSB: The Association to Advance

Collegiate Schools of Business (in process) • ABET: Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, Engineering Accreditation Commission issued to the Faculty of Engineering • AEC: Association European des Conservatories Academies de Musique et Musikhochhulen • AENNEA: Nuclear Energy Agency, Data Bank Membership • ALTE: Association of Language Testers in Europe • AMFORTH: World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Training • AQAS: Issued to the English Language Teaching Department • ASEE: American Society for Engineering Education • ASIIN: Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics issued to the School of Computing and Technology • ASME: American Society for Mechanical Engineers • CIB: International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction • CMU: Community of Mediterranean Universities • CNAP: Cisco Network Academy Program • EAAE: European Association for Architectural Education • EAEEIE: The European Association for

Education in Electrical and Information Engineering • ECDL: European Computer Driving License Foundation • ECPR: European Consortium for Political Research • ECREA: European Communication Research and Education Association • EDEXCEL: Approved Edexcel Center. Edexcel quality assured status issued to Foreign Languages School and English Preparatory School • EDRA: Environmental Design Research Association • EESTEC: Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association • EFMD: European Foundation For Management Development • ENHR: European Network for Housing Research • EQANIE: European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education • ESTIEM: European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management • EUA: European University Association Institutional Evaluation Program • EUPRERA: The European Public Relations Education and Research Association • EUROPA NOSTRA: The pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage • FUIW: Federal Universities of the Islamic World • IAU: International Association of

Universities • ICOGRADA: International Council of Graphic Design Associations • IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Branch • IEN: Icograda Education Network • IFI: Interior Architects / Designers • IIDA: International Interior Design Association • INQAAHE: International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education • ISO 9001 -2000: International Organization for Standardization • IUC: International Universities Council • LCCI: London Chamber of Commmerce and Industry Qualifications • MIAK: Turkey Architectural Accreditation Board issued to the Faculty of Architecture • Microsoft: IT Academy Program • OECD: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Data Bank Membership • PROMETRIC: Prometric offers extensive, professional and secure testing network • TEDQUAL: World Tourism Organization, Quality Assurance for Tourism Education Training and Research Programmes issued to the Faculty of Tourism • UNESCO: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization • UK NARIC: The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS ASSOCIATE DEGREE (2 YEARS) SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND TECHNOLOGY Accounting and Taxation Applications (Turkish) Associate / A.C.A.A. Biomedical Equipment Technology (Turkish) Associate / A.B.E.T. Computer Programming (Turkish) Associate / A.C.P. Computer Programming and Information Technology Associate / A.C.P. Construction Technology (Turkish) Associate / A.C.T. Electrical and Electronics Technology (Turkish) Associate / A.E.E.T. Mapping and Cadastral Survey (Turkish) Associate / A.D.M.C.S Medical Documentation and Office Management (Turkish) Associate / A.D.M.D.O.M. Office Management (Turkish) Associate / A.D.O.M. SCHOOL OF JUSTICE Justice (Turkish) Associate / A.A.S. SCHOOL OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Culinary Arts (Turkish) Associate / A.A.S Tourism And Hospitality Associate / A.A.S. SCHOOL OF HEALTH SERVICES Anesthesia (Turkish) Associate / A.D. Dialysis (Turkish) Associate / A.D. Elder Care (Turkish) Associate / A.D. First And Emergency Aid (Turkish) Associate / A.D. Medical Imaging Techniques (Turkish) Associate / A.D. Oral and Dental Health (Turkish) Associate / A.D. Physiotherapy (Turkish) Associate / A.D.

TECHNICIAN ( 3 YEARS) SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND TECHNOLOGY Accounting and Taxation Applications (Turkish) Technician / H.D.C.A.A. Biomedical Equipment Technology (Turkish) Technician / H.B.E.T. Computer Programming (Turkish) Technician / H.D.C.P. Construction and Technical Drawing Technologies (Turkish) Technician / H.D.C.T.D.T. Electrical and Electronics Technology (Turkish) Technician / H.D.E.E.T.

UNDERGRADUATE FACULTY OF ARTS & SCIENCES Mathematics (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Mathematics and Computer Science Bachelor / BS Translation and Interpretation Bachelor / BA Turkish Language and Literature (Turkish) Bachelor / BA Molecular Biology and Genetics Bachelor / BS Psychology (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Psychology Bachelor / BS FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE Architecture Undergraduate Bachelor / B.Arch. Interior Architecture (Turkish) Bachelor / B.Intarch. Interior Architecture Bachelor / B.Int.Arch. SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCES Banking and Finance Bachelor / BS Banking and Insurance Bachelor / BS International Trade and Business (Turkish) Bachelor / BA International Trade and Business Bachelor / BA Management Information Systems Bachelor / BS Marketing Bachelor / BS Human Resources Management Bachelor / BS International Finance Bachelor / BS

FACULTY OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Business Administration (Turkish) Bachelor / B.BA Business Administration Economics Bachelor / BS Political Science Bachelor / BA Public Administration Bachelor / BA International Relations Bachelor / BA FACULTY OF ENGINEERING Civil Engineering (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Civil Engineering Bachelor / BS Computer Engineering (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Computer Engineering Bachelor / BS Electrical and Electronic Engineering Industrial Engineering Bachelor / BS Information Systems Engineering Bachelor / BS Management Engineering Bachelor / BS Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics Engineering Bachelor / BS Software Engineering Bachelor / BS FACULTY OF EDUCATION Computer And Instructional Technology Teacher Education Bachelor / BS Elementary School Mathematics Teacher Education (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Elementary School Teacher Education (Turkish) Bachelor / BA English Language Teaching Bachelor / BA Turkish Language & Literature Teacher Education (Turkish)* Bachelor / BA Turkish Language Teaching Bachelor / BA Mentally Handicapped Teaching (Turkish) Bachelor / BA Music Teaching (Turkish) Bachelor / BA Pre-School Teacher Education (Turkish) Bachelor / BA Psychological Counseling and Guidance (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Science Teacher Education (Turkish)* Bachelor / BS Secondary School Mathematics Teacher Education (Turkish)* Bachelor / BS Social Sciences Teacher Education (Turkish) Bachelor / BA FACULTY OF HEALTH & SCIENCES Health Management (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Nursing (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Nutrition & Dietetics (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish) Bachelor / BS Sports Sciences (Turkish) Bachelor / BS FACULTY OF PHARMACY Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) Bachelor / B.Pharm. Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Bachelor / Pharm.D. FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA STUDIES Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish) Bachelor / BA Public Relations and Advertising Bachelor / BA Radio-Tv and Film Studies (Turkish) Bachelor / BA Radio-Tv and Film Studies Bachelor / BA Information Technology Bachelor / BS Journalism (Turkish) Bachelor / BA Visual Art And Visual Communication Design Bachelor / BA FACULTY OF TOURISM Tourism and Hospitality Management Bachelor / BS FACULTY OF LAW Law (Turkish) Bachelor / LL.B. FACULTY OF MEDICINE Medicine PhD / Ph.D.

All programs are delivered in English , unless otherwise specified.

GRADUATE and PhD PROGRAMS If you wish to pursue your education at the postgraduate level, a number of options are available:

MASTER (Without Thesis) FACULTY OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Banking and Finance (Online) Master / M.S. Banking and Finance (Turkish) Master / M.S. Banking and Finance Master / M.S. Business Administration Master / M.B.A. Business Management (Turkish) Master / M.A. International Relations Master / M.A. Managerial Economics (Turkish) Master / M.S. Marketing Management Master / M.A. Economics (without Thesis) Master / M.S. Financial Economics (Turkish) Master / M.S. FACULTY OF EDUCATION Early Childhood Education (Turkish) Master / M.Ed. English Language Teaching Master / M.A. Information and Communication Technologies in Education (1 YEAR) Master / M.S. FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA STUDIES Digital Media and Film Master / M.A. Visual Art and Visual Communication Design Master / M.A. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING Computer Engineering Master / M.S. Engineering Management Master / M.S. Industrial Engineering Master / M.S. FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE

FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE Architecture Master / M.S. Interior Architecture Master / M.S. Urban Design Master / M.S. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Master / M.S. Computer Engineering Master / M.S. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Master / M.S. Industrial Engineering Master / M.S. Mechanical Engineering Master / M.S. FACULTY OF HEALTH & SCIENCES Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish) Master / M.S. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish ) Master / M.S. FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA STUDIES Communication and Media Studies Master / M.A. FACULTY OF LAW Law (Turkish) Master / LL.M. FACULTY OF TOURISM

Architecture Master / M.Arch.

Tourism Managemet Master / M.S.

Interior Architecture Master / M.Int.Arc.




Developmental Psychology Master / M.S. Information Systems Master / M.S. FACULTY OF TOURISM E-Hospitality Management (Online) Master / M.S. Tourism Managemet Master / M.S. SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND TECHNOLOGY Information Technology (1 YEAR) Master / M.Tech.

Tourism Management PhD / Ph.D. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING Civil Engineering PhD / Ph.D. Computer Engineering PhD / Ph.D. Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD / Ph.D. Industrial Engineering PhD / Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering PhD / Ph.D.

MASTER (With Thesis)



Architecture PhD / Ph.D.

Banking and Finance (Online) Master / M.S. Banking and Finance Master / M.S. Business Administration Master / M.B.A. Business Management (Turkish) Master / M.A. Economics Master / M.S. International Relations Master / M.A. Marketing Management Master / M.A. FACULTY OF ARTS & SCIENCES Applied Mathematics & Computer Science Master / M.S. Chemistry Master / M.S. Developmental Psychology Master / M.S. Turkish Language and Literature (Turkish) Master / M.A. Mathematics Master / M.S.

FACULTY OF EDUCATION English Language Teaching PhD / Ph.D. FACULTY OF ARTS & SCIENCES Applied Mathematics and Computer Science PhD / Ph.D. Chemistry PhD / Ph.D. Mathematics PhD / Ph.D. Physics PhD / Ph.D. FACULTY OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Business Administration PhD / Ph.D. Economics PhD / Ph.D. Finance PhD / Ph.D. International Relations PhD / Ph.D. FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA STUDIES

Physics Master / M.S.

Communication and Media Studies PhD / Ph.D.


University of Warwick at EMU

Curriculm and Instruction (Turkish) Master / M.Ed.

Engineering Business Management Master / M.S.C.

Early Childhood Education (Turkish) Master / M.Ed. English Language Teaching Master / M.A. Information and Communication Technologies in Education Master / M.S. Psychological Counseling and Guidance (Turkish) Master / M.A.

Supply chain and Logistics Management Master / M.S.C. All programs are delivered in English , unless otherwise specified.

Admissions & Scholarships

Foreign Languages & English Preparatory School (FLEPS) Students who pass or gain exemption from the English Proficiency test administered at the beginning of each semester may start their undergraduate studies right away. Those who have failed the English Proficiency test are required to study at the English Preparatory School. Students who prove their level of English by obtaining the relevant results from the TOEFL or IELTS exams are exempted from the English Preparatory School and gain the right to start their studies in their respective departments. Information regarding the minimum English Proficiency score requirements for each department may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office or The School of Foreign Languages.

The School of Foreign Languages is an official center for;

• City & Guilds: City and Guilds Approved International Examination

• University of Cambridge: Certified Course Center • IATEFL: International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

• IELTS: Approved Test Center • ETS TOEFL IBT: Official Test Center • TOLES: Test of Legal English Skills * All FLEPS courses are accredited by Edexcel

Applications to undergraduate & graduate programs are accepted twice a year, for Fall & Spring semester entry. Undergraduate Programs: A student who has a Higher Secondary School Certificate or similar is eligible to apply. The required documents for application are: Photocopy of Higher Secondary School Certificate and transcript, two letters of reference (one must be academic), evidence of financial support, photocopy of the passport (relevant page), a copy of proof of English Proficiency (if any), one passport-sized photograph. Graduate Programs: The Institute of Graduate Studies and Research offers all graduate programs at Eastern Mediterranean University. Prospective candidates are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree to be

eligible to apply to a Master’s Program or hold a Master’s Degree to apply to a Doctoral (Ph.D) program. Specific requirements vary from department to department, and may include written exams and/or interviews. The required documents for application are: an official transcript of all university-level courses taken; attested photocopies of diplomas received from a university or equivalent institutions. English translations of these documents are necessary if they are in any language other than English; documentation of scores received for English and academic proficiency exams/tests; three letters of reference (not required from EMU graduates).

Student International Scholarship System:

All undergraduate and master’s students registering to the Eastern Mediterranean University are able to apply for merit-based scholarships.

EMU High Honor Grant:

EMU awards a ‘high honor grant’ to successful undergraduate students whose GPA is between 3.50 and 4.00 with a CGPA minimum 3.00.

EMU Sports Grant:

EMU offers grants to students who have attained a first place either individually or as part of a team, in a sporting activity that is recognized by the University’s Executive Board as representing EMU, or to students who are national players for

their country and an active member of one of the EMU Sport Clubs. The grant covers full or partial reduction from the tuition fee and/or accommodation fee of EMU dormitories.


Studentship positions exist in various faculties and administrative departments in the university. They are open to all students. A student must have a GPA above 2.0. Vacancies for these positions are usually announced at the beginning of each semester by departments. The monthly stipend is based on hourly rates.


esearch Assistant: Every

semester each faculty allocates a number of research assistant positions. Full- time research assistants get

exemptions from tuition fees as long as assistantships continue and receive a salary. Part-time research assistants are exempted from one semester’s tuition fees, and receive a salary.

Government TRNC Scholarship:

Successful students are also entitled to apply for scholarships through Turkish Embassies abroad. Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site at for the closest Turkish Embassy to your area.


Siblings and couples studying at EMU receive a discount on their tuition fee payments.

International Summer School & Other Short Courses

Every summer, EMU welcomes over 1000 students of different ages and nationalities who travel to our island to participate in our international summer school. Some are prospective students at EMU wishing to get know our university and island further, others simply wish to spend a short period of time experiencing the Mediterranean climate and culture. A full range of courses is offered, including English language, business, management, and environmental and cultural studies. Short executive and training courses are also offered throughout the year, generally through our international partnerships. All our short courses have been accredited by Edexcel, which enables participants to be awarded international certificates at the end of their studies. Current courses include: English Programme for Young Learners • A1: Creative Kids • A2: Creative Kids English Programme for Teenagers • A1: Beginners English Communication Skills • A2: Elementary English Communication Skills • B1: Eco-Kids • B2: International Exam Preparation English Programme for Students • A1-A2: Elementary English for Study • B1-B2: English for Academic Purposes • B1-B2: English for Business Purposes • B2 : English for IELTS • B2-C1: Academic Writing & Presentation Skills

English Language & Management Courses for Adults (Age 16 & over)

• B2-C1: Organisational Behaviour & Motivation • B2-C1: English for Leadership Purposes • B2-C1: English for Instructional Purposes • C1 : Developing Small Businesses: Challenges and Opportunities. Foreign Language Courses • A1 : Basic Turkish • A1 : Basic German

The Environment • Marine Biology and Ecology • Environmental Management • Turtle Protection Project Arts and Culture • History of the Mediterranean • Archaeology of the Mediterranean Science and Engineering • Construction Project Management

Teacher Training • Curriculum Development & Technology in ELT • Creative Materials Development • Corpus, CLIL and Technology in ELT • Educational Technology



he exchange and collaboration program allows students to take courses in different universities for one semester. We have exchange agreements with various universities in the USA and Canada, Europe and Asia. By paying their semester fee to Eastern Mediterranean University, EMU students have the opportunity to study at a partner university. Our partner universities include; San Diego State University, Central Connecticut State University, California State Long Beach University, North Dakota State University, Eastern Illinois University, Mount Royal University, Trier University of Applied Sciences and Tambov State Technical University. There are also short-term courses that EMU students can attend in many universities such as Queens University and the Ukrainian Academy of Banking.

There are more than 200 academic collaborations and to some of the academic partners, EMU offers residential and summer courses in different fields. With our agreement with Warwick University, UK, students now have a unique opportunity to complete a master’s degree program with one of the UK’s premier universities on the EMU campus. Warwick University is one of the top-ranked universities in the UK, and the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) has a reputation for outstanding quality in delivering programs that provide a dynamic link between education and industry.



niversity of Warwick Master’s Degrees at EMU: Since 2011,

Eastern Mediterranean University has been an official overseas center for the University of Warwick WMG MSc programs in Engineering Business Management and Supply Chain and Logistics Management. This intensive one year master’s program is entirely delivered on EMU campus and comprises nine modules and a thesis. Students benefit from the expertise and experience of visiting lecturers from the UK, and have the option to take two of their modules at Warwick’s UK campus or at one of the other WMG’s other overseas centers. The University of Warwick is one of the UK’s top universities, consistently ranking amongst the top ten universities in the UK. The Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) was founded in 1980 by Kumar Bhattacharyya to develop collaboration between the education and research sectors and industry. As a reward for his outstanding work in this regard, he became, in 2004, ‘Lord Bhattacharyya’. WMG was also awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education in 2009. Current WMG Modules include: • Logistics & Operations Management • Supply Chain Management • Product Design & Development Management • Quality Management & Techniques • Procurement & Inventory Management • Operations Strategy for Industry • Financial Analysis & Controls Systems • Project Planning Control & Management • Organizations, People & Performance



EALTH Eastern Mediterranean

University houses a health center occupying an area of 1.400 m2 in a fully-equipped building on the campus. A total of 9 specialists provide free health services both to students and staff members in 9 different areas, namely internal diseases, dermatology, dentistry, ENT, gynecology, psychiatry, urology, pediatrics, and ophthalmology. In addition to these services, an emergency ward where small surgical operations are conducted and short-term bed-services are the complementary units of the Health Center.



time to time, at every stage of life, individuals may need professional psychological support. Experts of EMUPDRAM define the needs of individuals who apply for professional help according to research findings based on the information obtained from students, parents and staff. The experts, then, in the light of psychological science, provide an array of developed supportive services. The aim is to help individuals live a successful, peaceful and healthy life, both physically and mentally. The center also contributes to the students’ well-being in terms of developing self-confidence and self-respect. Psychiatrists in EMU-PDRAM provide support regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, national background, culture, language, religion, sects, disability, socio-economic status etc. As well as providing counseling services for individuals, EMU-PDRAM also provides support for groups. Various topics such as culture shock, healthy relationships, using time productively, studying productively, managing stress and anger management are focused on in these group support sessions.

Any application for EMU-PDRAM’s support is on a voluntary basis. EMUPDRAM strictly observes confidentiality as its guiding principle. The support services are delivered both in Turkish and English. Further information can be obtained at


AREER The Graduate Communications and Career Research Directorate (MİKA) provides support services both for EMU graduates and current students. After their graduation, MİKA directs students towards a successful and happy life, thanks to its career consultancy services and training programs. Always acting with the philosophy of life-long contact and ongoing development, MİKA keeps contact with EMU graduates and students through the “centralised graduate and student management system” and continuously improves itself in line with the feedback received. MIKA has established sectoral collaborations in the areas of career consultancy, internship, and employment services. MIKA also organizes annual Career Days and creates a platform for information exchange by bringing the students and the sector together. With the aim of bringing up creative graduates equipped with entrepreneurial and analytic thinking skills, MIKA has been involved in various projects in collaboration with T.R. KOSGEB (Turkish Republic Small & Medium- sized Enterprises Development Organisation), TRNC KOBIGEM (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Development Center) and the European Union Support Office.



35 cafeterias and canteens on EMU campus provide students with clean, good-quality food services at reasonable prices. Two table d’hote restaurants on the campus serve healthy meals at a reasonable

price, all prepared in accordance with the daily calorie needs of the students. All cafeterias and canteens on the campus are regularly inspected by the University Administration for their compliance with health standards and set prices. Apart from on-campus food facilities, there are a considerable number of restaurants, cafeterias and fast-food centers outside the campus.


IBRARY Eastern Mediterranean University houses one of the most developed libraries in the region. Every year, thousands of new books are added to the library collection which also provides computerized publication search services. Access to the library collection is possible through the computer network from any on-campus terminal. EMU library also houses a conference hall (auditorium) seating up to 250 people, used for conferences, recitals and other similar activities, an audio-visual hall for 60 people and 1 exhibition hall. About 2,500 people benefit from the library services daily. EMU library also houses The Serge Kaul Hall, used for book signing events and book, poster and photography exhibitions. library/c/1240


ANK SERVICES On the EMU campus, there is a branch of Koop Bank and a number of ATMs belonging to different banks such as Turkish İş Bank, HSBC, Ziraat Bank, Oyak Bank, Şeker Bank and Garanti Bank. banks/c/1239





Eastern Mediterranean University is fortunate indeed to have its own private Beach Club situated on the shores of one of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. Situated within walking distance of the EMU campus, the Beach Club provides students with the opportunities to engage in all types of beach and water sports.

It is the home of our annual sand sculpture festival, and turtle protection center and is used throughout the year for beach and pool parties and as a place of relaxation for both staff and students. A full restaurant service is available, and with a large swimming pool and family facilities, students are able to take full advantage of the Mediterranean climate in an exclusive high-class setting.



Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center is located in the north part of the university campus, 500 meters away from the beach and next to EMU Beach Club in Famagusta. The building was augurated on 18 February 2013, and houses 2 theatres, conference halls, seminar rooms, exhibition areas, a museum, art and dance studios.


At Eastern Mediterranean University, students can take advantage of the in-door sports hall, stadium with a tartan track, the cardio center, the spinning hall, TRX hall and outdoor sports area.

Sports Areas

66.500 m2 Outdoor Sports Area • 2 astro pitches • 7 tennis courts, 3 basketball courts • Turf football field at international standards • 1 cricket field Stadium • a 5,000-seat capacity stadium • Tartan track • Turf ground

Closed Sports Complex • a sports complex seating up to 3,500 people • 3 squash halls • a wrestling hall • Table tennis halls • Free weight hall • Body-building hall • Aerobics hall • Dance studio • Hall of honor • Club offices • Conference hall • Changing rooms • Cafeteria and kiosk

Student Clubs

With the aim of encouraging students to value their leisure time, expand their areas of interest, relax and have fun together, participate in fine arts activities and attend cultural and artsrelated events, an array of student clubs operate within the university. The Social and Cultural Activity Directorate organizes activities during the year to reinforce students’ social and cultural needs. These activities also aim to set up bridges between the local people and the university.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SOCIETIES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Abkhazian Students’ Society Association of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarrussian Students’ Society Azerbaijani Students’ Society Cameroonian Students’ Society Chadian Students’ Society Chinese Students’ Society Egyptian Students’ Society Eritrean Students’ Society Georgian Students’ Society Ghanaian Students’ Society Guinean Students’ Society Iranian Students’ Society Iraqi Students’ Society Iraq-Kurdish Students’ Society Jordanian Students’ Society Kazakh Students’ Society Kosovan Students’ Society Kyrgyz Students’ Society Lebanese Students’ Society Libyan Students’ Society Nigerian Students’ Society Pakistani Students’ Society Palestinian Students’ Society Sudanese Students’ Society Tajik Students’ Society Tanzanian Students’ Society Turkmen Students’ Society Zimbabwean Students’ Society

A CCO M M O D AT I O N EMU has 11 on-campus dormitory complexes that can accommodate up to 5500 students. Details about room specifications can be found at All new-coming students are given priority in placement. Students may also rent flats or rooms in private hostels in Famagusta. Frequent shuttle services are available between the campus and city center. For room reservations, registration and off campus accommodation, please see the Student Service Office at


The brand new EMU Guesthouse is situated within the heart of the EMU campus. Each two bedroom apartment sleeps up to four people. The spacious lounge and open plan kitchen area includes satellite tv, internet access, and telephone. Cleaning and change of bed linen and towels are also included.

Ca m p u s L i fe, Co s t o f L i v i n g & Tra n s p o r t


AMPUS LIFE Set in 2200 acres of land just outside Famagusta, EMU offers a pleasant and attractive environment in which to study. Its modern and well equipped educational facilities include conference rooms, activity centers, dedicated laboratories, and computer centers in all main buildings. An excellent library offers not only a wide range of educational resources but a superior study environment. EMU has its own fully-equipped health center, post-office and a wide choice of catering outlets and shops to serve students’ every need. A

thriving calendar of social and cultural activities enlivens the campus throughout the academic year and the university’s very own radio and television channels add further colour to life in the EMU community.


OST OF LIVING Depending on the

program students choose to enroll on, tuition fees range from 6500 USD to 8000 USD for one academic year. Accommodation and living expenses will vary according to choice of lifestyle. However, given current exchange rates,

students at EMU would normally need to budget for around 450 USD per month to support an economic but reasonable lifestyle during the course of their studies.


RANSPORT Regular bus-services

connect the major towns of Northern Cyprus. More locally, the university provides its own campus and city bus service. Many students choose to make use of bicycles, whilst others apply for TRNC driving licences. Traffic circulates on the left.

ORIENTATION Adapting to life in a new country is not always easy, but EMU’s services are designed to help overseas students from the very moment of their arrival on the island. Newly-registered students are met at Ercan Airport and transferred to EMU. A full program of orientation activities helps newly registered students to adapt to the environment both on and off campus. This program includes social and cultural activities as well as sightseeing tours around the island. During the orientation period, information desks are available not only on campus but also at the airport in order to provide help from the very outset. The International Office meanwhile is a home away from home for all overseas students, providing help and support at all times throughout our students’ stay on the island.


International Activities



Underwater photography

The International Office aims to meet the needs of international students. Staff at the Office are multilingual and multicultural and are more than happy to answer any questions that students may have about life at EMU and in North Cyprus. The office also coordinates the activities of International Societies. EMU has over 50 student clubs which students can join and enjoy. The Student Activity Center has well qualified staff to assist students. EMU works towards developing students’ social and cultural skills as well as offering them quality education.

Academic Post Office





Food Facilities

33 Department of Mechanical Engineering 34 Faculty of Communication & Media Studies 35 Restaurant 36 Faculty of Tourism 16 Faculty of Health Sciences

37 Graduate Communic. & Career Research Center

16 School of Health Services

37 Institute for Graduate Studies & Research

17 Eastern Mediterranean Doğa Primary School

38 Computer Center

18 Faculty of Medicine

39 Faculty of Architecture

1 Bank

19 Eastern Mediterranean Doğa College

40 Faculty of Civil Engineering

2 School of Computing & Technology

20 Sports Fields

41 Health Center

3 Restaurant

21 Stadium

42 Faculty of Computer Engineering

4 Administrative Services Building

22 Department of Industrial Engineering

43 Restaurant

5 Activity Center

23 Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

44 Technical Affairs Directorate

6 Library

24 Dep. of Visual Arts & Visual Communic. Design

45 Özok Dormitory

7 Faculty of Education – Post Office

24 Techno Park

46 Longson Dormitory

8 EMU 1 Dormitory

25 Personnel Office

47 Marmara Dormitory

9 Sabancı Dormitory

26 Rector’s Office

48 EMU IV Dormitory

27 Registrar’s Office

49 EMU III Dormitory

11/12 Faculty of Business & Economics

28 International Office

50 EMU Guest Houses 1 & 2

11/12 School of Applied Sciences

29 Student Services Office

51 Akdeniz Dormitory

13 Lala Mustafa Paşa Sports Complex

30 Faculty of Law - School of Applied Sciences

52 Uğursal Dormitory

14 Foreign Languages & English Preparatory School

31 Faculty of Arts & Sciences

15 Faculty of Pharmacy

32 Central Lecture Halls (CLA)

10 Continuing Education Center / EMU Coop Ltd.

53 EMU II Dormitory – EMU Dormitories Directorate 54/55 Alfam Dormitory

Design & Print: EMU Printing-house, (03.2014) T. No:529179-2

EMU General Brochure (2013-14)  

Eastern Mediterranean University General Brochure (2013-14)

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