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THIS IS HOW AIESEC EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN DOES IT! As a part of the Promoting Abroad Project, our 84 interns from 14 countries started the work for the Eastern Mediterranean University. The first week was the orientation week and the activities were based on team building. Besides this there have been tens of events and activities till the end of the month.

AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean

Reception Team had never been this strong before. Thank you Reception team, we are proud of you. 

July the 17th, Saturday

Famagusta and EMU Campus Tours

Before their work begins we wanted our visitors to feel at home in TRNC. They were supposed to know the city they were going to live in; therefore we wanted them to enjoy Famagusta and EMU





Famagusta tour the old town the “Castle” was chosen. And in the evening our interns and AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean Team enjoyed their supper at the Califorian Gold Restaurant. 

July the 24th, Saturday

Nicosia Tour

In the tour for Nicosia we spent time in the old city. Especially “Suriçi” and “Büyük Han” were the favorite places o our friends. The upper was eaten at Konak Restaurant which is owned by a member of AIESEC Eastern


Board of Advisors, Tuğçe Uz. The restaurant is located in an Armenian Estate from the 19th century and it is not possible not to




AIESEC WORLD AIESEC exists in more than1100 universities 107 Countries and provides00 6,500 leadership positions 4, 400 Interns 28,000 university students who are open to learning and taking responsibilities WHAT IS AIESEC? AIESEC, is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. The approach used in development of the youth includes steps like: proactiveness, self-awareness, development of individual vision and creation of network. For this purpose AIESEC organizes more 450 congresses annually; provides more than 4000 international experiences for its members, and presents more than 6000 leadership experiences Thousands of companies, organizations, intstutions and firms see AIESEC as an opportunity to reach and support young people with high potentials


breathtaking atmosphere. The Night was sponsored by the Prime Minister of TRNC.

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July the 31st, Saturday

Kyrenia Tour

In the Capital City of Tourism in TRNC, our interns had a chance to see the Magnificent St. Hillarion

OUR VISION To take the best of peace and human potential

Castle and Bella Pais Monastery. In this way they could see how rich our culture is in this part of the tours. The lunch was eaten in Eziç Premier


Restaurant and it was sponsored by the





Parliament. 

August the 1st, Sunday

Famagusta Boar Trip

Our international platform gives young people opportunity to explore and develop their potentials and gain leadership skills so as to make a positive impact on society

The boat trip started at 02:00 pm from the harbor. The first stop was the sea side of Maraş, the second one was the Glapsides Beach and the Palm Beach in the end. The Trip was finished at 08:00 pm. The interns who said they were on the boat trip in the most beautiful sea they saw in their lives enjoyed their meals of sea products while they were having chat.

EMU BEACH CLUB EMU gave us a big chance to use the Beach Club as many times as we want, therefore we used it in every chance we had. Here are some of the events we have done: 

Get to know people





AIESEC OFFER AIESEC; presents her members a whole improving experience made of leadership opportunities, international internships and global learning environment

WHAT IS CEED? This is a type of internship where a member goes to another local committee to take responsibilities while enjoying an exchange of culture

Representatives 

Bon Fire

The Surf School which was found by Prof. Dr. Süha Bayındır gave us free surfing classes whole month in EMU Beach Club

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The Project is going to be realized in Summer 2010 and it is based on 100 interns from 12 countries working for the Eastern Mediterranean University.

(July the 29th) In this meeting with the President of TRNC Dr. Derviş Eroğlu, he informed us about the state of TRNC




experience with us. And the President of our Board of Advisors





Kuran represent

AIESEC in the best way we can. The press representatives were present at the meeting.





authorities were not done with the visit of the President. We visited the Spokes Person of The Parliament, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Tourism to inform them about the project and to listen to their advises.

The interns who are going to be receiving sales, marketing and communication trainings from the representatives of EMU are going to work as representatives of the school when they are back in their homelands in the end of the Project and support the international student structure of the school. By the help of the Project which is the greatest Project of the history of our local committee, the number of international student studying in our school is going to increase.

Summer Camp Project, UKRAINE


Promoting Abroad Project

Summer Cam is a national project of AIESEC in Ukraine. This project represents the realization of an international internship program in children's health camps in the Donetsk region. During the project, foreign trainees are going to working with children in camps on the program of intercultural development. Thus, during the summer, every child resting in the camp are going to have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and national characteristics of several countries in the world.

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Our Values Activating Leadership:

AIESEC EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN ON MEDIA The project and the local committee works in this month returned us in a cheering way. Local Committee President Başyurt Çeçan and our management trainees were on “Kanal T” on the 23rd, Vice President of Marketing Yiğit Gedikoğlu and the Management Trainee Irina Sukhanova were on “Avrasya TV” on the 27th and Vice President of Out Going Exchange Bahar Cansu Kara and Management Trainee Ela Jurkiewicz and Development Trainee Zhanyl Saparbekova were on “Kıbrıs TV” on the 28th. Until the end of the month we appeared on 14 newspapers, 10 online newspapers and 7 television channels. Our external positioning has never been this good!

DIFFIRENT COUNTRIES, CHANGING LIVES Just a little time after our friends who went on an internship to Local Committee Donetsk in Ukraine three more chose to change their lives with an AIESEC internship. Esin Akınal and Eray Evren are











Committee for

Project” is


the and


Committee Karachi in Pakistan having her development traineeship. We wish unforgettable memories for our friends and good luck for them.

We lead by example and inspire leadership through actions and results. We take full responsibility for developing the potential of other people. Demonstrating Integrity: We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfil our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our ideals. Living Diversity: We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual. Enjoying Participation: We have a dynamic environment created by active and enthusiastic involvement of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC.

 Striving for Excellence: We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation we seek to continuously improve our results. Acting Sustainably: We act in a way that is sustainable for our organisation and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.


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