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Emory College


Emory’s tradition of doing well and doing good began with our founders in 1836, continued through our history, and thrives on our campus today. We think of it as learning with purpose. Our president James Wagner speaks of it as excellence that contributes. It’s taking your bold ideas and spirited inquiry and sharing them with the world.

Explore your ideas. Make your impact. The world awaits. Resources that strengthen, professors who encourage, and learning that changes the game. Imagine what you could do. Join us. Explore what inspires you, and make an impact with what you learn—at Emory and beyond.

Emory University’s nine schools will enrich your four years EMORY COLLEGE (1836) OXFORD COLLEGE (1836) SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (1854) NELL HODGSON WOODRUFF SCHOOL OF NURSING (1905)

Learning that challenges and also inspires


A path that’s all yours • You can customize your study at Emory. Explore our long


list of majors, minors, joint majors, and preprofessional options, and create an


education that fits you. After your first two years, if you’re interested in business

At Emory, classes are taught by professors— renowned scholars and scientists—who also love to teach. Classes are rich with challenging ideas and diverse points of view. And the way you learn is different here—interdisciplinary angles, global perspectives, and liberal arts deepened with real, roll-up-your-sleeves experience. You’ll gain the tools you need to make your impact.

or nursing, you can apply to Emory’s Goizueta Business School or transfer to our School of Nursing to earn a BBA or BSN.


Enrollment E M O R Y CO L L E G E : 5,703 E M O R Y U N I V E R S I T Y: 14,769

You can choose your major from many Emory has 70+ majors, 50+ minors, and a variety of preprofessional options.

A community that will be your new favorite place • Emory boasts a strong

Or combine majors to fit you

intellectual and social community. Two-

Some of our most popular majors are interdisciplinary ones that combine multiple fields of study, or joint programs of study.

thirds of our students live on campus, making it close, connected, and active. Here, learning and living overlap—as our professors are involved in the life of the college, and students benefit from easy access to the research, internships, and service opportunities in Atlanta.

A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U


Real-life learning is calling your name Emory graduates creative thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders. So you’ll be prepared for today’s world.

Great classes from day one • At Emory, learning is enriched by the T Y L E R L AT T I M O R E

resources and faculty of a top research university. Right away we introduce freshmen to our way of learning through Freshman

Political Science and Economics Double Major

Seminars. They’re small and interdisciplinary, and their topics

Gainesville, Florida

connect to the world around you.

Professors who will know what makes you tick • Our average class size is 25, and 79% of classes have fewer than 30 students. The student-faculty ratio is 8:1. And, our professors will advise you from your freshman year on.

Learning for life after college • Here, learning reflects thinking in the real world. For example, in interdisciplinary majors like our human health major, students use an integrated method to examine the human experience of health. And through experiential learning like internships, study abroad, leadership training, and

research, students gain practical experience to enhance learning.

Through study abroad in Berlin, challenging classes, and regular discussions with political science professor Merle Black, Tyler has fine-tuned his learning. And, he discovered that pairing his political science major with


economics was valuable, informing his understanding of politics. “These

• Philosophical Best Sellers • Advertising—the Magic System

experiences helped to broaden my view of politics and have helped me

• History of African American Education • Anthropology, Vaccines,

to realize the different paths there are to take when I graduate.”

and Society • Sex, Lies, and Politics in Ancient Rome

A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U

• The Economics of Sports • Jazz in 1959 • Acting Fundamentals

Favorite place in Atlanta: Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

• Polarization in American Politics • Zombies in Havana!

Favorite campus tradition: Songfest


Professors who make the hair stand up on the back of your neck

Faculty who guide and encourage At Emory, professors serve as academic advisers from your freshman year on, through our Pre-Major Advising Connections at Emory (PACE) program. With PACE, faculty and peer leaders will help you adjust to college life, find your passion, and plan for academic and career success.

At Emory, our professors—the ones who write the books, run the labs, and make discoveries—teach. They also advise students, cheer at games, and eat in the DUC with everyone else. They’ll teach you things that will surprise and inspire you, and you’ll connect with them for a lifetime. And, you just might find former US President Jimmy Carter or His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama leading your class.

FR ANS DE WAAL De Waal is the Charles H. Candler Professor of Primate Behavior in the Department of Psychology. He studies human evolution by investigating our similarities with great apes.

(Clockwise from top left) Michelle Lampl, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology and director of the Emory Center for the Study of Human Health, teaches in our interdisciplinary human health major, the only one of its kind in the nation. • Huw Davies, Asa Griggs Candler Professor, Department of Chemistry, and director of the NSF Center for Selective C-H Functionalization, works with students in his lab. “What this lab is good at is finding opportunities in unexpected results. That’s part of the fun.” • Daniel Reynolds, assistant professor of film and media studies and Humanistic Inquiry Program Fellow, probes the interdisciplinary connections between film theory and psychology literature, and asks what film and video games can tell us about people’s minds. • Former US Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey teaches and advises students at Emory as Robert W. Woodruff Professor of English and Creative Writing. “Emory is unique because, from the moment I got here, it was made clear to me the importance placed on poetry, that I was the practitioner of an art already valued at this place.” • Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Mathematics Ken Ono specializes in number theory and has unlocked breakthrough theories about partition numbers. • Andra Gillespie, associate professor of political science, specializes in political mobilization and race, as well as competition between minority groups. Here she’s teaching the political science class New Black Leadership.

In 2007, Time featured him as one of the world’s One Hundred Most Influential People. A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U


Explore what inspires you HUMANITIES Faculty in the humanities, including former US Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey and poet Kevin Young spark learning and strong writing as well as criticalthinking skills. LIFE SCIENCES If you like life sciences, you’ll be surrounded by resources—from the faculty and labs of Emory’s hospitals and clinics; our schools of medicine, public health, and nursing; the Winship Cancer Institute; and our neighbor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

PRE-HEALTH The PreHealth Mentoring Office can help you navigate the requirements and application processes for careers in the health professions, ensuring you graduate prepared for your next step. SOCIAL SCIENCES If you’re a social sciences fan, you’ll be inspired by Psychology Professor Frans de Waal at Yerkes National Primate Research Center as well as classes like Health and Humanities taught by Assistant Professor of History Elena Conis.

No need to stop at one

ARTS In addition to majors or co-majors in the arts, Emory’s Center for Creativity & Arts will encourage your artistic experimentation. Creative writing students, take note: USA Today named Emory the No. 1 school for budding writers.

Choose from 70+ majors, 50+ minors, and a variety of preprofessional options, and if you can’t decide on just one, you can double major, co-major, or try an interdisciplinary path. MAJORS African American Studies African Studies American Studies Ancient Mediterranean Studies Anthropology Anthropology and Human Biology Applied Mathematics (BA or BS) Arabic Art History Biology (BA or BS) Biophysics Business Administration (BBA)* Chemistry (BA or BS) Chinese Classical Civilization Classics Comparative Literature Computer Science (BA or BS) Dance and Movement Studies East Asian Studies

A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U

Economics Engineering Sciences Engineering (3-2 Program with Georgia Tech) English English and Creative Writing Environmental Sciences (BA or BS) Film Studies French German Studies Greek History Human Health Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture International Studies Italian Studies Japanese Jewish Studies Latin Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Linguistics Mathematics (BA or BS) Media Studies Medieval-Renaissance Studies Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies Music Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Nursing (BSN) Philosophy Physics (BA or BS) Physics and Astronomy (BA or BS) Physics for Life Sciences Playwriting (Creative Writing and Theater Studies) Political Science Psychology Quantitative Sciences Religion Russian Language, Literature, and Culture Russian and East European Studies Sociology

Spanish Spanish and Portuguese Theater Studies Visual Arts (Integrated Co-Major) Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies MINORS African American Studies African Studies American Studies Anthropology Applied Mathematics Arabic Architectural Studies Art History Astronomy Catholic Studies Chinese Studies Classical Civilization Community Building and Social Change Comparative Literature

Computer Informatics Computer Science Dance and Movement Studies Development Studies East Asian Studies Economics English Environmental Sciences Ethics Film Studies French German Studies Global Health, Culture, and Society Greek Hebrew Hindi History Irish Studies Italian Studies Japanese Jewish Studies Korean

Latin Latin American and Caribbean Studies Linguistics Lusophone Studies Mathematics Mediterranean Archaeology Music Nutrition Persian Language and Literature Philosophy Physics Political Science Predictive Health Religion Russian Russian and East European Studies Science, Culture, and Society Sociology Spanish Sustainability Sustainability Sciences

BUSINESS Goizueta Business School’s undergraduate program is ranked No. 7 in the nation. You can apply to spend your junior and senior years at Goizueta to earn a BBA. NURSING The many health science resources on and around campus offer powerful experience and training. You can transfer to spend your junior and senior years at Emory’s School of Nursing to earn a BSN. BEHAVIORAL STUDIES With Yerkes National Primate Research Center and the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience right on campus, you’ll have unmatched resources for study in behavioral sciences. ENGINEERING This 3-2 dual-degree program can allow you to study in either arts or science at Emory and engineering at Georgia Tech, and graduate with a BA + BS or BS + BS. PREPROFESSIONAL In each preprofessional track, (including pre-law, pre-dentistry, pre-med, and more) you can design your own curriculum, and with the help of the Career Center, prepare yourself with targeted guidance for the postgraduate application process.

Theater Studies Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies JOINT PROGRAMS Classics and English Classics and History Classics and Philosophy Economics and Mathematics English and History History and Art History Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics and Political Science Philosophy and Religion Psychology and Linguistics Religion and Anthropology Religion and Classical Civilization Religion and History Religion and Sociology PREPROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Business Administration Dentistry

Law Medicine Nursing Physical Therapy Physician Associate Theology Veterinary Medicine *BBA CURRICULUM Accounting Analytic Consulting Arts Management Business and Society Environment and Sustainability Film and Media Management Finance Information Systems and Operations Management International Business Marketing Real Estate Strategy and Management Consulting


So many ways to power up your experience Boost your marketability Through research, internships, and our diverse campus resources, Emory students deepen their liberal arts learning.

Most Emory students have an internship during their four years, and students can intern in the US or during study abroad. You can choose from 1,225 internships in Atlanta and 11,132 across the globe.

Contribute to a breakthrough Research even in the freshman year • 45% of students research with professors • Research in all disciplines, including the humanities, arts, sciences, and social and behavioral studies

Take advantage • Visit with Egyptian mummies at the Michael C. Carlos Museum.

SIRE (Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory) promotes undergraduate research in all fields through grants, facultystudent research partnerships, and summer research stipends. Students in the Emory University Scholars Program have access to exceptional programming experiences. The Robert W. Woodruff

• Perform at the Schwartz Center for

WE INTERN LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS • The Carter Center • Central Intelligence Agency • Ernst & Young • Google • Random House • NFL Players Association • The Coca-Cola Company • T. Rowe Price • Deloitte

Performing Arts. • Intern with policy researchers at The Carter Center.

and Goizueta Scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic achievement and clear potential for enriching the lives of others.

• S can the sky with the rooftop observatory telescope at the

Mathematics and Science Center. WE RESEARCH LIKE ROCK STARS • Physics: Jamming of Static Quasi-2D Emulsions at Various Surfactant Concentrations

• Examine Alice Walker’s archive in our

• Philosophy: Democratic Change: Normative Guidance to Political Actors on the Use of Violence • English: Representations

Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, one of seven libraries

of Charitable Relationships in Jane Eyre and Middlemarch •

on Emory’s campus.

Mathematics: 3F2-Hypergeometric Functions and Supersingular Elliptic Curves • Psychology: Do You Believe in Magic? The Use of Forces in Our Perception of the Occult • Economics: What

• Study chimp behavior at Yerkes

National Primate Research Center.

Happens to Marriage in China When Housing Prices Increase • Research with the experts at the

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U


Study math (or anything) on the other side of the world Or, gain a global outlook right here in Atlanta

International experience is an integral part of an Emory education, giving you a global perspective whether you study abroad or not.

Even when you’re on campus, an Emory education is a global one. Emory University is home to 3,500+ international students and scholars, and international research and teaching is woven into the curriculum in all nine schools. Plus, our Halle Institute for Global Learning offers international programming on campus Ecuador

and abroad.



BROADEN YOUR POINT OF VIEW • 36% of the Class of 2015 participated in study,


research, or service learning abroad • Study abroad for a semester, summer,

India • Costa Rica • Morocco

• Switzerland • Japan

or year • 100+ programs that span the globe • Study abroad in all majors

• Czech Republic • Ghana • France

• Austria • The Netherlands

• Integrated with on-campus curricula • Take your financial aid and merit

• Denmark • Argentina

• Tanzania • Mexico

scholarships with you • Language immersion, fieldwork in developing

• Brazil • Australia • Israel

• Turkey • Senegal

countries, research in labs, exposure to global business, and more

• Hungary • China • Russian

• South Africa • Botswana

Federation • England • Italy

• Spain • Republic of Korea

• Northern Ireland • Jordan

• Scotland • Singapore

• Mongolia • Germany • Vietnam

• Panama • Rwanda • Peru

Our Center for International Programs Abroad (CIPA) develops, promotes, and administers study abroad programming. Find out more at A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U


Make your impact, starting right here More than just recycling

At Emory, we think education should inspire you to make the world a better place, whichever corner of it you choose to tackle first.

Sustainability is a way of life here. Emory boasts environmentally conscious construction, energy and water conservation, sustainable food plans,

Serve across the globe or right at home

eco-curriculum, and alternatively fueled shuttles.

• More than 85% of the Class of 2015 volunteered • Weekly service trips in the greater-Atlanta community • Large-scale, university-wide service days (including alumni worldwide) • Alternative service breaks during fall, winter, and spring breaks

Engage for change Our Center for Community Partnerships promotes civic engagement through scholarship, learning, and service. Its Community Building and Social Change Fellows work to build community in the contemporary urban US. YIWEI GAO Computer Science Major Atlanta, Georgia

Yiwei, a computer science major, says he loves solving problems by creating software solutions. He’s made an impact doing just that working at Emory’s Student Technology Support, in a psychology research lab, and at an internship at “That internship was my first time seeing how my classroom experiences could be applied to real-life scenarios.”

Favorite spot on campus: the tower in Lullwater Preserve Favorite campus tradition: Dooley’s Week A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U

Geographic makeup of 2015 first-year class

Love our community like we do

25.9 %


23.9 %


9.9 %


7.5 %


Located in a historic neighborhood a few miles from downtown Atlanta, Emory is tree-lined with a nature preserve at its edge, and in its center has pink and gray marble buildings topped with red tile roofs. It’s movie-set beautiful, and it’s a real-life, active community: Two-thirds of students live on campus, making Emory vibrant and connected—there will be a lot going on right outside your room.



7 %


4.6 %


21.1 %

Take a closer look at our community:

Home is where your art is, or at least your posters

W E D N E S D AY I S H E L D ” • “ T H E W O O D E D A R E A B E H I N D T H E C A R LO S M U S E U M ” • “COX H A L L — N O B O DY W I L L J U D G E YO U I F YO U H E A D U P S TA I R S A N D PA S S O U T O N A B E A N B A G F O R A F E W H O U R S” • “ T H E Q UA D — I T ’ S L I K E WA L K I N G O N TO A M O V I E S E T A B O U T G O I N G TO CO L L E G E ” • “ T H E D U C — I T ’ S T H E H U B ” • “ S I T T I N G O N T H E G R A S S F O R A CO N C E R T AT M C D O N O U G H F I E L D ” • “ T H E H I L L I N T H E C E N T E R O F LU L LWAT E R P R E S E R V E ” • “A N Y W H E R E , W H E N I T ’ S D O O L E Y ’ S W E E K ”

• All freshmen and sophomores live on campus. • T he new freshman living complex is sustainability themed, encouraging green living. • Pick what housing fits you: theme halls, a single-sex hall, single and double rooms, or suites and full apartments for two, three, and four roommates. • Emory Dining makes campus feel even more like home. They take student suggestions and prepare a wide variety of tasty food in diverse settings, from smaller cafes to the DUC, Emory’s main spot to eat and connect with friends.

A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U

Make friends like you (or not like you at all) Emory students are from 50 states • From 100+ nations • From 100s of backgrounds • Share thousands of racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, political, academic, and geographic points of view • Have more than one way to add to our diversity • Bring countless perspectives to campus • Plus, Southern hospitality is alive and well here and makes our community friendly and inviting.


Atlanta, where the weather is warm and the city is cool There’s more to Atlanta than nice weather, beautiful neighborhoods, and people with manners. A progressive global city, Atlanta has lots to offer our students, from internships to entertainment and many places to explore.

Gain more experience than you ever thought possible

Connect with your future More than 37,600 Emory alumni call Atlanta home • Ranked among the top 10 American Cities of the Future

Take a break from studying Enjoy Piedmont Park’s 189 green acres, right in Midtown Atlanta. • Foodies beware: there are too many choices—from food trucks to fine dining, and don’t forget Southern cuisine. • Take the Atlanta BeltLine and explore the city by foot, bike, or skateboard. • Try a few of this legendary music city’s venues, ranging from big arenas to intimate listening rooms. • Go Hawks, Braves, Falcons, and now pro soccer, too.

• Business: 3rd largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the US

(fDi Magazine) • No. 1 city for minority entrepreneurs

• Film: 4th largest film industry in the nation (Georgia)

owned firms (American Express) • No. 2 socially

(Forbes) • No. 3 city for growth in number of womennetworked city (Men’s Health)

• Health Care: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Cancer Society, CARE, and booming health IT and biosciences industries • Media: Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, and Cox Communications • International: nearly 70 full and honorary consulates

A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U


Don’t just stand there With 400+ campus organizations and teams, Emory is the place for those who want to organize, lead, and get involved.

Put a fine point on it • Present the facts and be persuasive with the Barkley Forum, Emory’s debate team, which has a long history of competitive success. Since 1967, 40 Barkley Forum students have won 20+ national team championships or individual champion speaker awards.


Grab the spotlight • In addition to the many student-led and

Undeclared Major

university performing arts organizations on campus, Emory has

Fletcher, North Carolina

many ways to create. Arts at Emory hosts 300+ events in the performing, visual, and literary arts each year.

Lindsay still has a year to declare her major, but so far her favorite class is

Practice your victory dance • Emory’s 18 varsity teams compete

Philosophy of Art. “It challenged not

in NCAA Division III, and our Emory Eagles ranked No. 8 in

only my perspective on art, but also my

the Learfield Sports Directors Cup standings this past year. Since

perspective on life.” Outside class, you’ll

1988 Emory recorded 18 NCAA Championships and 176 UAA

see her behind a camera. For Emory

Championships. We’ve had 805 All-Americans since 1984. Go Eagles!

Television, she has helped shoot all kinds of videos, from a comedic short

Take the lead • Build your leadership skills, add to campus life, and

to an informational video for Emory

strengthen community through organizations including the Student

Center for Ethics.

Government Association, College Council, Student Programming Council, and Outdoor Emory.

Favorite spot in Atlanta: Virginia-Highland Favorite spot on campus: the Quad

A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U


You’ll try not to cry

Celebrate the weird and the wonderful

A few nights before graduation, seniors prepare to “cross over” to alumni status, symbolized by a candlelit walk over the bridge to the Miller-Ward Alumni House.

You’ll talk with a president Sometimes hard to describe but always fun, our traditions make for a lively and close community, and a lasting link between Emory folks young and old.

Every fall for almost 30 years, former President Jimmy Carter holds a town hall meeting for first-year students, where he speaks and then takes questions from the audience.

You’ll see how Wednesdays are wonderful Originating decades ago when Emory held no classes on Wednesdays, Wonderful Wednesday now is a way for the whole campus to celebrate on Wednesday afternoons.

You’ll sing and dance like crazy At Orientation, freshman dorms compete in Songfest, a song and dance contest, where the winners have bragging rights—yes— through graduation.

You’ll hope a skeleton cancels class Emory’s unofficial mascot is a skeleton, Dooley. Our “Lord of Misrule” (represented by select students in costume) makes appearances all year, but during Dooley’s Week in the spring he rules campus—dismissing classes and making mischief. E M O R Y CO L L E G E

Get out there and show them how it’s done At Emory, we know employers value a liberal arts education, as do graduate and professional schools. They want liberal arts graduates for their broad knowledge and exceptional abilities to reason and communicate across disciplines. Long story short, Emory students are prepared and in demand after graduation. JEWELEON JONES Goizueta Business School Class of 2014 Marketing and Strategy & Management Consulting Double Major Store Leadership Program Associate at Apple “Arriving at Emory College and getting accepted into the business program two years later, I knew that I had a specialized passion for marketing and a general desire for organizational

While at Emory, Jeweleon’s favorite


leadership. From there the rest

campus tradition was Songfest. “The

Emory College Class of 2014

is history.”

experience, the fun, the environment

Marketing and Journalism Double Major

is unrivaled.”

Reporter for Time Warner Cable News

“The most amazing part of my

POSITION YOURSELF AT THE CAREER CENTER • Mock interviews, resume planning, job fairs,

internship at CNN was gaining real-

graduate and professional school fairs • 100+ Career Center–sponsored workshops and pro-

life, hands-on experience. I worked

grams each year • 200+ companies and organizations attend Emory’s on-campus job fairs

with the executive producer for the weekend morning show and the

After Emory

entire show, and I was able to produce

Emory’s 133,000 alumni live worldwide and are engaged in their communities and a range

a segment on my own during

of careers. Yes, we have our share of superstar alumni, but no matter what fields our alumni

Superstorm Sandy.”

excel in, they are an eager resource for students looking for mentoring and advice in their careers and life after Emory.

While at Emory, Emily organized a

Less than three months after graduation, Class of 2015 Emory graduates are at work on careers.

microfinance brigade and traveled with other students to Ghana to provide micro-enterprise consulting and financial planning assistance. (June 1, 2015 statistics)

A P P LY. E M O R Y. E D U

How to apply You can apply to Emory College, Oxford College, or both schools with one application. Emory University accepts the Common Application, which can be found at To complete your admission file, the Emory University Office of Undergraduate Admission requires the following: • C  ommon Application

 uestions and Writing Supplement Section of •Q

• A  ll application materials are found online through the Common Application at:

the Emory University “My College” tab of the Common Application

• A  ll Emory application deadlines are for online submission or postmark.

• A $75 application fee or application fee waiver • Official high school transcripts

• If you are applying to Emory College,

• Official college transcripts, if applicable

Oxford College, or both, you need only

• Official scores from the SAT and/or the ACT;

submit one application and one set of • Any mailed application materials need to be sent to:

results from the TOEFL or IELTS • Testing Codes: SAT/TOEFL: 5187; ACT: 0810

Admitted First-year Class of 2019 Profile (25th–75th percentile) SAT Critical Reading 650–750 Math 670–770 Writing 660–760 Combined 2020–2260 30–34 ACT 3.7–3.97 GPA (unweighted) Applicants: Accepted: Enrolled:

20,462 4,830 1,393

supporting documents.

if English is your second language, it is highly recommended that you submit

Emory College

Emory University

Office of Admission – Undergraduate

3263-001-1AA (omit for UPS, FedEx)

1390 Oxford Road NE, Atlanta, GA

Oxford College Admitted First-year Class of 2019 Profile (25th–75th percentile)

our impact. The world awaits. • Secondary school report/counselor’s recommendation

• Two teacher letters of recommendation


• Mid-year report (due January 27 for EDII;

• Any mailed application materials should include the applicant’s full name and date

February 15 for RD applicants)

Application reminders

of birth. • Make a copy of ALL application materials

We know the college application process can


be complicated on top of all of your other senior • T  he Admission Committee is unable to year activities. We offer this helpful list of

return any part of your application.

reminders to streamline the process for you.

Important Dates


SAT Critical Reading 630–730 Math 640–760 Writing 640–750 1950–2200 Combined 29–33 ACT 3.55–3.92 GPA (unweighted) 9,723 3,643 488

Applicants: Accepted: Enrolled:

Date of record: June 2015



Early Decision I November 1 November 15 March 1 Scholars Program November 15

2014: November 15 2015: March 1

Early Decision II January 1 January 15 March 1 Regular Decision January 1 March 1 March 1

2014: January 15 2015: March 1 2015: March 1

Go to for full details about the financial aid process and for the Inside Emory Admission blog and regular updates and insight during the application cycle.

To learn about financial aid, turn to the Oxford side.


Emory University Admission: Emory College Viewbook 2015-2016