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School of Health Sciences: doing well by doing good

President's Message

... Doing well & doing good Many of you remember, with fondness and even nostalgia, the red brick, white columned college on the hill that overlooked a sweeping campus green and narrow creek that fed a peaceful duck pond. It was a college comprised of employees and students committed to fostering a superb liberal arts education with an imperative to serve middle Appalachia and the world beyond. Knowing that this image of the past is still reflected in the mission of this College should be a source of pride and gratification for all of us who love Emory & Henry. However, a world in which a liberal arts education is not as sought after or admired as it once was provides Emory & Henry with some daunting, long-term challenges. There is a serious sense of urgency to find ways to strengthen our core mission while we strive to relate to a world that is focused on jobs, power politics and fame. We must find a way to help our graduates realize that the liberating education they receive at Emory & Henry will surely help them to do well in life and, yet, to also do some good for others.

Nothing could be more American than this concept.

Our country has been built on the twin pillars of entrepreneurship and generosity. The two go hand in hand. The success of the risk-taker and the innovator has been matched by a desire throughout our history to provide opportunities for others to have the same success. Together, these two impulses have helped America become a beacon of light for the world. As a College we too must be focused on “doing well and doing good.” To do well we must be strong financially. To do good, we must be committed to serving others throughout the world, beginning with our home in middle Appalachia. That’s why our School of Health Sciences, featured in this issue, is such a perfect example of what our future must look like. The graduates of our professional programs in physical therapy,

occupational therapy, and, starting next fall, physician’s assistant education, will graduate, obtain good jobs, and by virtue of their chosen career, do some good as they serve the increasingly difficult medical challenges of people in this region.

We will always value the past and will preserve the traditions that make us happy when we

return to our alma mater. In addition, we will continually seek new ways to foster a rich educational experience while serving the common good.


Emory & Henry College Executive Council President: Jake B. Schrum Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty: Melissa P. Taverner Vice President for Business and Finance: Rick Gaumer Interim Director of Admissions: Matt Crisman Vice President for Advancement: Joseph P. Taylor

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The School of Health Sciences M

promotes doing well by doing good

ost any discussion these days about the Emory & Henry School of Health Sciences on its new campus in Marion leads inevitably to a consideration of numbers related to the enrollment and financial impact of the school on the fiscal future of the College. To be sure, both the reality and the projections related to those numbers tell a very positive story about the wisdom of investing in graduate programs in the health sciences. Enrollment for the two programs launched so far at the site, physical therapy and occupational therapy, has reached capacity and waiting lists of prospective students are forming. The College expects to have more than 120 health science graduate students enrolled on its Marion campus by May 2017, when the Physician Assistant program is slated to begin. After the last cohort of this third health science discipline is added, by 2020, the school will contribute more than 300 students annually to the overall E&H student enrollment. By 2025, the College expects to have graduated more than 680 healthcare professionals. What is often forgotten, however, in the discussion of enrollment numbers is the primary motivation for Emory & Henry in the development of the School: service to the community. From the very beginning chief administrators, including former President Rosalind Reichard and former Vice President for Academic Affairs Chris Qualls, talked of the impact such a school would have on health care delivery in the region. With assistance from a consultant and from the Mountain States Health Alliance, Emory & Henry conducted research into the health care needs of the region. “We spent a great deal of time researching the need and impact of this school,” said Qualls, a professor of psychology with experience in the allied health professions, those that are distinct from primary healthcare professions, such as medicine or dentistry. “It quickly became clear to us that there was a great shortage of healthcare professionals, especially in the allied healthcare field, including physical therapists and physician assistants.”

What also became clear was that without a significant population of allied healthcare and advanced practice care professionals, Southwest Virginia would continue to struggle with attracting quality physicians who rely on a network of regional healthcare providers to ensure that they can make adequate referrals and thus deliver a more reliable and comprehensive healthcare service to patients. “Healthcare professionals today are very dependent upon one another,” Qualls said. “Those who genuinely have the best interests of their patients at heart know that if they can’t provide proper referrals their work becomes very frustrating.” Through its School of Health Sciences Emory & Henry intentionally provides an educational focus on rural health care, both in the classroom and in the students’ clinical experiences. The vast majority of students’ clinical work experiences are located in Southwest Virginia. This focus is aimed at increasing the chances that students who graduate from its programs will remain in the area to practice.

Rene Trudeau reviews data with students in a modern patient simulation lab.


This emphasis on rural healthcare laboratories, a large lecture hall, offices delivery also enhances the School’s and the Falls Prevention and Obesity “We are walking the walk. commitment to engage students in Research centers. Our faculty and students are directly providing services to the Among the more impressive features serving the region and helping of the facility is the Interprofessional public through community-based to improve the health of the clinic programs located on the Marion Clinical Simulation Lab, which consists of people in Southwest Virginia. campus, including a free clinic for computerized manikins and standardized uninsured and under-insured area patient experiences. The simulated — Dr. Lou Fincher residents, a falls prevention center patient scenarios allow students to apply SHS Founding Dean and an obesity research center. and practice what they have learned in In this regard, the Emory & Henry the classroom to patient cases in a safe School of Health Sciences is unique and controlled learning environment. The and highly attractive, according to Dr. Lou Fincher, dean of manikins are especially helpful in simulating emergency the School. “I don’t know of any other such school that cases that involve dangerous changes in vital signs, such as provides these types of experiential learning opportunities pulse, blood pressure and respiration. while also providing the level of community-based direct A smaller, renovated building nearby, known as Smyth rehabilitation and healthcare programs that we provide Hall, is now the home of the Mel Leaman Free Clinic at here.” Emory & Henry, which serves uninsured and under-insured E&H graduate students, who always work under the patients from a wide swath of Southwest Virginia. The clinic, supervision of licensed healthcare providers, are enhancing which in the past year treated some 1,200 patients, is their education in distinct ways while helping to provide expected to triple its patient load over the next few years as it quality care in the region. “We are walking the walk,” Fincher draws from a growing geographic area. said. “Our faculty and students are serving the region and The director of the clinic, Michael Armbrister (’99), said helping to improve the health of the people in Southwest Emory & Henry students will be crucial to helping meet this Virginia. We believe that through their work with patients growing demand. “Until now, a lot of patients have gone here, our focus on rural health and community engagement without occupational and physical therapy services, and this will increase the likelihood that our students will choose to is a challenge for these patients, because without these stay here in this region after they receive their degrees.” services often times it is difficult for many of them to return Over the summer, construction crews completed to their jobs.” renovations to the first two stories of a five-story building Students in the allied health sciences also will be able to that is now the centerpiece of the School of Health Sciences contribute to the care of free clinic patients in other service and once served as the Smyth County Community Hospital. areas, including women’s health services and dental care, The renovated facility provides more than 70,000 square feet where integrated health care is important. of space and up-to-date technology for classrooms, Emory & Henry health care students also will play an

Students collaborate in state-of-the-art facilities in Marion, Va.


important role in the work of the Falls Prevention Center, which is located on the first floor of the main campus building. This Center is the first of its kind in the region and seeks to address not just the needs of an increasingly older Southwest Virginia population, but also raise awareness about the serious health dangers, immobility and fall risk factors for people of all ages. Emory & Henry students will work with patients to both address the risk factors of falls and to develop strategies to overcome challenges placing individuals at risk for fall and injury, said Julia Castleberry, the director of the center. Students will practice a holistic care approach that considers the patient’s needs, goals and lifestyle as well as physical factors that contribute to falls, such as poor vision, weakness, decreased mobility and environmental barriers across the life span. A long-term perspective to fall prevention includes education with community outreach. The center will offer programs and services free of charge that will include continued on next page

continued from previous page successful living strategies for conditions such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, osteoporosis, stroke and Parkinson’s disease. “The facilities and students provided by the School of Health Sciences will make enormous contributions to a health care need that to this point has largely gone unmet in this region,” Castleberry said. “The potential of this Center to improve the quality of life for patients in Southwest Virginia is enormous.” Through the School of Health Sciences, Emory & Henry has extended its commitment to service in ways that have immediate impact on the human condition. Fincher said for professors at the School of Health Sciences, who are by the nature of their professions dedicated to the health care of individuals, are drawn to the E&H program because it places their commitment within the context of a regional transformation in health care. “We have been able to attract professors of high quality to this school, and we fully expect that because of this quality and their commitment, Emory & Henry’s School of Health Science will be among the best in the nation,” Fincher said. “And we have been able to accomplish this because of our determination to not only be a quality learning environment, but to contribute greatly to the well-being of this region and its people.”

Inside the W.L. Lemmon Lecture Hall

That transformation in health care delivery can eventually, according to both Qualls and Fincher, lead to tremendous economic growth for communities in the area. As more allied health and advanced practice care professionals go to work in the region, they create the networks that will attract physicians and, hence, contribute to a team-based approach to higher quality overall health care. If economic development strategies in other areas are any indication, as health care improves, business expansion, higher wages and population growth follow. “I believe it can happen,” Qualls said. “The first questions that businesses ask when they consider relocating to an area are, ‘What are your schools like and what is your health care like?’” Emory & Henry, through both quality education and a School of Health Sciences that may well transform health care in the Appalachian Highlands of Southwest Virginia, is providing some persuasive answers to those questions. And as it improves the health of the region, it is managing to maintain the health of the institution. In short, the College is realizing what it has long believed possible: Emory & Henry can do well by doing good. w

Dr. Scott Richards, above with students, directs the new physician assistant program.

More than 200 attend SHS ribbon cutting The ribbon cutting for the School of Health Sciences was held Oct. 7, followed by guided tours given by students from the inaugural Doctor of Physical Therapy cohort. Speakers for the event included Jake Schrum, Lou Fincher, Rosalind Reichard (former E&H president), John Graham (Smyth County circuit court clerk, and chair of the Smyth County Community Foundation) and Betsy Sayers ‘73 (daughter of W.L. “Bill” Lemmon). The ceremony included a dedication of the Smyth County Community Academic Pavilion and the W.L. Lemmon Lecture Hall. The ceremony was attended by more than 200 people including local legislators and representatives from Emory & Henry, the Town of Marion, Smyth County, Mountain States Health Alliance, Branch & Associates, and RRMM Architects. Appreciation was expressed to Smyth County Community Foundation for its principal gift, to Mountain States Health Alliance for donation of the building and campus and to members of the Lemmon family for their major support. The standing-room-only crowd of supporters from Emory & Henry and the Smyth County community demonstrated what Left to right: Jake Schrum, Lou Fincher, John Graham, Betsy Reichard stated, “Community partnerships are the heart and soul of Sayers and Rosalind Reichard Emory & Henry.” w 6 / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE

E&H Receives $771,000 in Support of Health Sciences Labs and Classrooms The Virginia Tobacco Regional Revitalization and Indemnification Commission has awarded Emory & Henry $221,500 in support of equipment for an inter-professional clinical simulation lab at the School of Health Sciences (SHS). A key component of the lab are manikins, known as high-fidelity patient simulators, which can manifest the signs of illness as well as other vital signs, such as blood pressure, temperature, breathing and heart rate. The grant will be matched by money from the Smyth County Community Foundation. In addition, the Appalachian Regional Commission awarded the SHS a $500,000 grant to equip classrooms and labs for students of the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy programs and the Physician Assistant Program slated to begin in 2018. w

Leaman Free Clinic: giving back to the community Collaboration between Emory & Henry College and Mel Leaman Free Clinic is making it possible for patients in Southwest Virginia to receive a level of services possibly beyond what other free clinics throughout the country are able to offer. Michael Armbrister (’99), executive director of the free clinic in Marion, Virginia, said instead of being just a primary care provider, the clinic will be able to meet more needs of its patients. “So many things we’ve been in need of for so long— physical therapy, dental care, and women’s health—will be services we can provide in the near future. That means we’ll have a healthier community,” he said. Mel Leaman Free Clinic provides high-quality health care to patients who qualify. The clinic operates as a private, not-for-profit medical facility and does not receive reimbursement from patients or insurers for services. All operating funds come from donations or grants. Since partnering with Emory & Henry College, the free clinic has relocated to Smyth Hall on the campus of the Emory & Henry School of Health Sciences. The collaboration has allowed the free clinic to expand from three to nine examination and procedure rooms. Additional services include women’s health care, behavioral medicine, genetic counseling, physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT). An additional collaboration with Wytheville Community College’s Dental Hygiene program will enable the clinic to offer dental hygiene services for free to clinic patients. “We’re excited to be offering dental services because there is a great need for those services The waiting room, left, and, below, new lab at the Mel Leaman Free Clinic.


in the region. We typically have not provided many women’s health services, but now we can increase access to those services,” he said. Armbrister said the clinic will offer PT and OT care that traditionally have been hard to find as a low-cost or free service. “Most of our patients are employed and many of them need therapy to get back to work when they are sick or injured. Being able to offer these services will allow them to get back to work quicker and easier.”

“The free clinic is a win-win for the community, the patients of Southwest Virginia, and the Emory & Henry faculty and students.” — Dr. Lou Fincher Faculty of the health science programs will volunteer their professional services in the clinic, and Emory & Henry students will have opportunities to shadow those providers as an extension of their education. “The clinic provides the services to the community free of charge, and our students get to work with patients and providers,” said Fincher. Fincher says the vision started with Dr. Scott Richards, associate professor, chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies and Physician Assistant Program director. “His hard work and persistence and collaboration with Michael Armbrister is what led to the relocation of the clinic.” “Our students get the benefits of the free clinic practice and seeing how the clinicians volunteer in those settings. As a result, the students are more likely to volunteer in free clinics at other times in their lives. “And, that’s one of our goals,” she said. “Our program focuses on giving back to the community. That’s what sets us apart from other health sciences programs.” w

Dr. Lou Fincher: a builder and collaborator


Dr. Lou Fincher was hired in June 2014 as founding dean of the college’s new School of Health Sciences. “Once I learned about the institution, the region, and the vision for the School of Health Sciences, I was sold,” said Dr. Fincher. The Texas native is calling Southwest Virginia her new home­—a place she can put down roots. Her first visit to Emory & Henry was in the fall of 2013. “It was during peak foliage. I fell in love with the mountains, but mostly I fell in love with the college, its mission, and what it stood for.” The opportunity to be the school’s founding dean and to start at ground zero is a pretty exciting opportunity and not one that comes around often. It’s what Dr. Lou Fincher drew me here.” Dr. Fincher has worked tirelessly to develop and move ahead on a strategic initiative by Emory & Henry to improve health care education and health care in Southwest Virginia, a plan that includes developing the School of Health Sciences in Marion, Va., now located in the former Smyth County Hospital building. “When people come in the front door they say, ‘wow.’ It doesn’t look like an old hospital. With the support of several grants, we’ve been able to equip the spaces,” she said. “The school has a highly interactive and hands-on environment. It also will provide much-needed health care to underserved people in Southwest Virginia.”

She brings more than 30 years of teaching, leadership and health care experience to her current role at Emory & Henry. Before beginning work at the SHS, Fincher served as chair of the Department of Kinesiology at The University of Texas at Arlington from 2009 to 2014; founding program director for UT Arlington's CAATE accredited Athletic Training Education Program from 2000 to 2009; and president and CEO of the Joe W. King Orthopedic Institute at the Texas Orthopedic Hospital in Houston, Texas from 1998 to 2000.

Developing a standard of excellence Dr. Fincher sees her job as not only building a program but

developing a reputation of excellence. “Actually, I strive for a level of excellence that’s beyond what anyone would expect.” She admitted she’s not good at keeping a balance between her personal life and her professional career. But, when she does get away from the challenges of being a college dean, she finds herself fly fishing in the middle of a local stream. “To me, being in the water where your cell phone doesn’t work and you can see the birds and the sky, there’s nothing more peaceful.” She’s also an avid gardener. “I love the mountains and the people in Southwest Virginia. I’m very happy to be here and excited about what we’re doing on campus. “I think we’re in the position to make a meaningful impact on health care in the community.” u

Building a program

In addition to describing herself as very loyal and committed to doing things right, Dr. Fincher said she is a builder. “I like to build programs and develop teams of faculty. I love we are building the reputation of health sciences for Emory & Henry,” she said. Part of her work as founding dean is building a culture that is very intentionally collaborative and missionfocused. “I don’t want our faculty or our programs to operate within silos,” she said. “My vision is to build a culture that provides strong opportunities and experiences for our students and a collaborative environment for our faculty.”

Fincher speaking at the SHS dedication ceremony.



Dawsey Encourages Students to Take Ownership of Future As the sun set on the first full day of classes for the 2016-17 academic year, Dr. James M. Dawsey challenged the student body to strive for a life of service in a world full of challenges. Dawsey, who serves as the Wolfe chair and a professor of religious studies, spoke of “a time of place and consequences” as he delivered the 2016 academic convocation on the south lawn of Memorial Chapel. During his speech, Dawsey invited the students in the audience to take ownership of their education and future. He encouraged them to enjoy their time at the college, to grow in knowledge and ability and to capture a high-paying job once they graduate — promising them the college community will do everything it can to help them succeed. Dr. Jim Dawsey Convocation ceremonies included awards for members of the faculty and staff, including the college travel grant, given to Patty Greany, public service librarian in the Kelly Library. Other award recipients included Joy Scruggs, professor of health and human performance, who was honored with the Exemplary Teaching Award given by the General Board of Higher Education Ministry of the United Methodist Church. Dr. Kathleen Chamberlain, professor of English, Dr. Chris Qualls, professor of psychology and pre-health director, Jane Caldwell, interim director for Kelly Library, and Iris Worley, general accountant in the business office, each of whom won the Earnest E. and Elizabeth C. Maiden Award. u

Drewitz-Crockett Honored with VFIC Award Dr. Nicole Drewitz-Crockett has been awarded the 2016 H. Hiter Harris Rising Star Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by the Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges (VFIC). Her teaching emphasizes to students the intersection between their inquiry and their personal world view. “I want my students to see that who they are and how they see the world matters: they may ask important questions that others may not even consider. Those questions, their answers, and the wrestling in between have revolutionary potential.” As students delve into their personal relationships with their world, she asks students to see themselves as members of the community surrounding the E&H campus.

“Whether this area is home to them or not, living here even for a season of life will help shape them, especially if they see a connection between what they are learning in class and servicelearning projects they are involved in off campus,” said Drewitz-Crockett. Since coming to Emory & Henry in 2012 has assumed directorship of the Emory & Henry Literary Festival and has taken on the editorship of The Iron Mountain Review, which is a publication of the proceedings of the Festival. She also has published extensively and presented at numerous conferences. This award to Drewitz-Crockett represents the 18th state or national award given to an E&H professor in the last 29 years. She is the third E&H professor to be honored by the Dr. Nicole Drewitz-Crockett VFIC. u


Outstanding Faculty Award Goes to Bremner Dr. Kelly Bremner, E&H theatre professor, has been honored with the 2017 Outstanding Faculty Award given by the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia. Bremner, who was honored in February 2017 during a ceremony in Richmond, has been repeatedly recognized for her success as a theatre director and producer and for her mentorship of students who have won major regional and national theatre competitions. According to E&H President Jake Schrum, Bremner not only teaches theatre students how to act; she teaches them how to break down the invisible walls between the stage and the audience and between audiences and the outside world. “She encourages her students to understand that they have the power to move audiences Dr. Kelly Bremner to not only reflect on what they see on stage, but to help those audiences relate to a play’s message and even to act upon it.” Her award represents the 19th state or national award given to an E&H professor in the last 29 years, including nine awards in the last 10 years. A member of the E&H faculty since 2010, Bremner has directed numerous plays that have enjoyed large audiences and critical acclaim, including numerous Meritorius Achievement awards from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, and also done extensive work with the Washington County Public Schools. In much of her work, Bremner seeks to connect theatre productions to audiences in ways that will lead to positive social action. u


Center Opens on Campus A familiar building has been repurposed as the Ampersand Center, which houses key staff who assist students as they explore the new student experience at Emory & Henry which is Ampersand. “Our college excels in making critical connections and getting students working on projects from the first day they step on campus,” said Dr. Tracy Lauder, Ampersand director. Within the bright and casual atmosphere of the new Ampersand Center—featuring reclaimed barn-wood floors, factory window walls, and open ceilings—students will find comfortable spaces to meet with welcoming staff. Students may drop in or make appointments; the staff will guide students toward answers and direct them to essential resources on and off campus. Staff housed at the center are Lauder, Joe Vess, Ampersand advisor and programs coordinator, and Amanda Gardner, director of career services. Student grants assist in project development Ampersand grants funded 23 students during the 2015-16 academic year in support of project-based work. Approximately half of the $10,235 awarded funded undergraduate research, while the remaining grants supported conference travel and service or co-curricular projects.

“We want students to go into job interviews excited to tell future employers about the projects they worked on at E&H—and how that work connects across disciplines, co-curricular activities, personal experiences, and the broader world. The Ampersand Center will help students make those connections.” - Dr. Lauder

Students Ellie Hogg (’17), and Colin Foley (’19).

Above, left to right: Ampersand director Tracy Lauder; donors to the center Kyra Bishop (‘77), and Tom Bishop (‘75); Carolee Bondurant (‘74) with Noah Hix Bondurant; Ben, Brandy and Sam Bondurant; Kathryn B., Elsie and Ryan Smith.

Made possible by... The remarkable transformation of the interior of the Ampersand Center was underwritten in its entirety by the following donors: the family of Hix C. Bondurant (’43) and Lil Kessler Bondurant (’46), Kyra Kegley Bishop (’77) and Thomas B. Bishop (’75) and Hon. Joseph Tate (’64) and Jerilyn Tate (’63).

Ampersand Day: Mark the Date Ampersand Day 2017: Friday, April 21 Presentations 9 am to 4:30 pm followed by campus celebration

“Ampersand Day is a showcase and celebration of the good work that our students do,” said Tracy Lauder, Ampersand director. Some 400 students, college employees, alumni and community members attended the first Ampersand Day held in April 2016 to celebrate the accomplishments of students engaged in projects intended to solve problems and contribute to the common good. Presentations were given by students during morning sessions on topics that ranged from Earth Day poetry to the Holocaust to weighing the local atmosphere. This year, there will be additional venues as many sessions were standing room only last year.

Check out the Ampersand website,, for more information.

Above: Kyra Bishop speaking to the group during the dedication; the Bondurant family inside the new center. Standing room only crowds of students, employees, community members and alumni participated in last year’s Ampersand Day. Friday, April 21, 2017 will be the second annual celebration of the College’s student experience.





t Co Projec

After nearly five years of work, Emory & Henry students completed a major regional project in the summer of 2016 focused on the holdings of the Wilderness Road Regional Museum in Newbern, Va. Nearly 100 students logged thousands of hours organizing museum documents and records into an accessible physical and online database archive to preserve the history of Newbern, Pulaski County and the region. Nathan Fishell ’16 created a webpage dedicated to the museum as part of his capstone work in civic innovation. “Through this project, we are prototyping a new approach to civic engagement at Emory & Henry,” said Tal Stanley, director of the Appalachian Center for Civic Life. “The project marks a significant milestone in joining education and civic work, at the same time providing a rare resource to the people of Pulaski County and Southwest Virginia.” The Newbern Project was supported by the Corella and Bertram Bonner Foundation in Princeton, New Jersey, the Appalachian College Association, and Emory & Henry. u

ONU Law School Formalizes Relationship with E&H Emory & Henry students hoping to become lawyers will have a faster path to completion of their degrees following an agreement with Ohio Northern University (ONU) by allowing students to complete their undergraduate education and their law degree training in six years instead of the normally required seven years of study. Students must major in political science (B.A.), political science—law and politics (B.A.) or sociology—crime and society (B.A.) while at Emory & Henry. If they have the appropriate test scores and GPA they will be guaranteed admission to Ohio Northern University’s Pettit College of Law. “Emory & Henry students enjoy the familiarity of Ohio Northern Law School as the two schools are in rural communities, have Methodist affiliations and trace their history back to the 19th century,” said David Crago, university provost, vice-president of academic affairs and professor of law at Ohio Northern University. Dr. Joe Lane, an E&H political science professor and prelaw advisor, says over his 16 years of teaching at the College, he has watched 16 students succeed at ONU. “We’ve had an assistant attorney general of Virginia, an associate U.S. attorney, and an associate Commonwealth attorney graduate from ONU after attending Emory & Henry.” u


Online Reading Specialist Program Emory & Henry College has created an online option

for its successful master of education program in reading (reading specialist, M.A.Ed.) so that teachers who live beyond a reasonable driving distance to campus can realize their professional goals and earn both a master’s degree in education and a second licensure as a reading specialist. The online Reading Specialist program will have the same content and learning objectives as the current

I.D. Center Opens As part of ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts at Emory & Henry, a new Inclusion & Dialogue (I.D.) Center has opened on the central campus, marked by a ribbon cutting on Sept. 22. The vision of the I.D. Center is “to create, engage, encourage and empower a community inclusive of all.” “This will be a space where student groups can meet and come together to talk about different identities and different experiences and ways that we can make our college better,” said Josh von Castle, Office of Student Life. The opening of the center highlights a number of measures that Emory & Henry is taking to enhance diversity,

classroom program and is approved by the Virginia Department of Education and nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council. Development of the program is being underwritten through the philanthropic support of Dr. Martha G. Rowlett ’57. According to the program’s director, Dr. Janet Justice Crickmer, more than 250 students have completed the College’s face-to-face reading program since 2001. u

inclusion and equity. These initiatives grew out of the work of a task force comprised of students, staff, faculty and trustees co-chaired by Brooklyn Sawyers ‘02, assistant United States attorney from Knoxville, Tenn., and a member of the E&H Board of Trustees; and Dr. Mark Finney, assistant professor of mass communications and an expert in conflict resolution. Located in the Scarbrough House, the center also will host a Student Inclusive Excellence Institute in the spring semester to help educate students and train student leaders on topics of diversity, inclusion and equity similar to an institute provided for employees during the summer. u

The I.D. Center, located in the Scarbrough House; student Safa Farhoumand (’18), with the center’s vision statement; common space inside the center. EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / 11

Please Welcome

A New VP for Student Affairs Joins the E&H Community John M. Holloway, Emory & Henry’s new vice president for student affairs and student success and dean of inclusion, began work on Jan. 1. Holloway brings with him many years of professional experience as a student affairs practitioner and leader. He also brings a personal background, including his years as a first-generation college student and his long devotion to helping students on the margins find success, that contribute significantly to his readiness to serve Emory & Henry. Holloway comes to Emory & Henry from Lehman College at the City University of New York, where he served as dean of student affairs since 2004. While at CUNY-Lehman he developed an innovative approach to the campus’s orientation and transition

faculty news National Bonner Fellow: Travis Proffitt

Travis Proffitt, associate director of the Appalachian Center for Civic Life at Emory & Henry, has been recognized as a National Bonner Fellow for the Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation. The fellowship seeks to leverage and support leadership for civic engagement and campuscommunity partnerships. Proffitt has shared ideas and resources, including the model for the Civic Innovations Institute from Emory & Henry College, with the Bonner Foundation’s national network of colleges and universities. “I will have the opportunity to connect to a diverse and gifted network of service-learning and civic engagement professionals,” said Proffitt. Selected from a competitive pool of applicants, Proffitt will serve in this role for two years.

Francis Asbury Award: David St. Clair

Professor of religion and former chaplain at Emory & Henry College, Rev. David St. Clair, received the Francis Asbury Award at the Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church’s Holston Conference in summer 2016 in Lake Junaluska, N.C. The award honors a person who has made a significant contribution to the fields of higher education and

programs, created a peer-educator program focused on developing employment opportunities for students, and assembled a team in the development of on-going support for the LGBTQA community. He also founded, developed and launched the Urban Male Leadership Program, which is focused on providing support services for Black and Latino males. And he appointed a divisional team tasked with designing, developing and implementing strategic campus-wide Title IX educational efforts. John is expecting to complete his studies in January toward a Ph.D. in education (cultural development) from the University of California in Santa Barbara. He holds a master of

for more: campus ministry at the local, district or annual conference level of the United Methodist Church. “I think of the honor to have the opportunity to be in the classroom and on the campus with some of the best people anywhere—students at Emory & Henry—and that is the highest honor I will ever enjoy!” said St. Clair.

High Museum of Art: Charles Goolsby

Dr. Charles Goolsby, E&H art professor was one of a select group of faculty members nationwide chosen by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) to participate in a special weeklong seminar on Teaching Pre-Modern European Art in Context, hosted by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Ga., this summer. The seminar is designed for full-time faculty members who regularly teach art history at smaller colleges and universities and aims to strengthen the teaching of art history to undergraduates at these institutions.

Historical Society: Jerry Jones

Dr. Jerry L. Jones presented a program in October 2016 to the Holston Conference Historical Society highlighting his recent book, Go and Come: Segregation, Tolerance and Reflection: A four-Generation AfricanAmerican Educational Struggle.

John Holloway

arts degree in counseling and human services from Montclair State University and a bachelor of arts degree in politics, economics and society from SUNY College at Old Westbury. u

Obermann Welcomed to Center for Civic Life

The Appalachian Center for Civic Life welcomes Maggie Obermann of Ft. Collins, Colo., as the new civic engagement coordinator. Obermann works to support students, faculty and community partners in developing short and long-term civic engagement projects. She holds master’s degrees from Loyola University and the University of Leeds and has a range of professional service-learning experience from the education and nonprofit fields. The Civic Engagement Coordinator is a grant-funded position. u

­—LITERARY FESTIVAL— The 35th Annual Emory & Henry Literary Festival was held in October 2016 on the subject of “Appalachian Literature and the Natural World.” The featured speaker was poet and writer Jim Minick from Augusta University. He was joined by a number of Appalachian writers and scholars, including Kevin O’Donnell, Tom Hansell, Theresa Burriss, Dana Wildsmith, Mark Powell, Rick Van Noy, Charles Dodd White, Darnell Arnoult, Erica Abrams Locklear and Thorpe Moeckel. The Festival is organized by English professor Nicole DrewitzCrockett. The proceedings of the Festival will be documented in The Iron Mountain Review. u


Barn Allows College Horses to Spend Golden Years at Home With the creation of the Intermont Equestrian Retirement Barn at Exit 26 on the main E&H campus, the equine “athletes” and “teachers” that have served the college so well can now live out their golden years on a farm near the college’s alumni house just off Interstate 81. The barn can house five to seven horses at any given time. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in October 2016 for the retirement barn which is supported by the generosity of the Calvin and Marisa Allen Foundation. Their support provides funding for the care of the horses as well as the establishment of the barn and fencing. The care of these senior horses is placed on the upperclass students in the equine studies degree program, so they learn stewardship of the horses and the care requirements of aged horses. u

Anne Cheatham, who facilitated the philanthropic support through her parents’ foundation, was on hand to officially cut the ribbon for the retirement barn.

Marching Band Steps Into New Practice Hall The Emory & Henry College Marching Band is playing a happy tune after cutting the ribbon on a new home in October 2016. The newly constructed band building, located across from the Brooks Field House, features nearly 5,400 square feet of rehearsal space, as well as a storage area, restrooms, dressing rooms and office space. In just two years, the marching band has nearly doubled in size from the inaugural season for a total of 74 members this fall. The band performs during the pre-game and halftime of all Emory & Henry College home football games. It is the only marching band in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. The band is comprised of music majors and non-music majors. u

College Breaks Ground on Residential Community A groundbreaking ceremony took place in October 2016 for eight new residence halls, including six apartmentstyle halls, and a community center being added to two existing residence halls in an area known as The Village. The design and layout of the facilities, which provide 197-beds, will be a first for the college in its design and layout. The $12.5 million project will be organized around a central quad with the community center as the focal point. The college will also create additional parking for Village residents. “Our campus residence halls are near capacity,” said Lacey Southwick, director of residence life for Emory & Henry College. “With the continued

trend of growth in our undergraduate student body, we need to add more on-campus housing in order to accommodate the demand.” Each apartment unit will include a shared living room and kitchen along with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The community building is designed to accommodate 300 students and house laundry facilities, a mailroom, a fitness center, a recreation area, a community kitchen and a collaborative meeting space. The community building also will include three various-sized classrooms and an apartment for the resident director. The new structures will incorporate

Construction begins as renderings are revealed. USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender. Emory & Henry College is an equal opportunity provider. EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / 13

design and finishes that closely match other buildings on the historic campus. Completion of the project is scheduled for fall 2017. The project is being built with environmental sustainability in mind. Buildings will include an insulated exterior wall design, a highly efficient mechanical design, LED light fixtures, and an innovative storm water management design. Funding is made available in part through the USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program, which provides affordable funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas. u

Above: Kyra Bishop ‘77, board of trustees vice chair; Clint Waddell, project manager, Partners; Jim Street, president, J. A. Street and Assoc; E&H student Ally Pollard; Rick Gaumer, VP for business and finance; Jake B. Schrum, president; Mike Keller, architect, Studio Four Design

A quest to study identity and belonging in Northern Ireland leads to research award Emory & Henry College honor student Jackson Feezell was awarded the top prize for undergraduate research at the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) in Seattle, Wash., in October 2016. Feezell’s innovative work on identity and belonging in Northern Ireland was selected as the top poster presentation in the social and behavioral sciences, the largest research section of the NCHC. His research focused on cross-border relations in North-West Ulster, and featured 34 interviews with young people aged 1828 on both sides of the Irish Border. Feezell conducted the interviews while studying abroad in Northern Ireland in Spring 2016. His research set out to understand how the collective memory of a conflict for civil rights in Northern Ireland that took place from October 1968 to April 1998, known as the Troubles, was passed down. He also explored how the Irish border acted as a variable in this transmission of knowledge. Feezell says he views his research as especially pertinent in the wake of the “Brexit,” the United Kingdom’s withdrawal

from the European Union in the impact that the separation is currently having on political and economic changes for the UK and other countries. English department chair Scott Boltwood supervised the research. Boltwood is currently working on his own research titled “Northern Irish Drama from the Second World War to the Troubles.” Great Surprise The annual meeting of the NCHC is one of the largest venues for the presentation of high quality undergraduate research projects, and this year’s 71 presentations featured projects from colleges and universities all over the United States. “I was quite shocked, but incredibly honored to be given this award. This honor just goes to show the quality of the E&H Honors Program. I could not have won this award without the intellectual environment that Honors Program director Dr. Joseph Lane and other faculty have fostered,” said Feezell. He hopes to continue his research in graduate school in the United Kingdom. “He has worked hard on this for three years, and he will one day be among the leading researchers in the field,” said Lane. u

“These young people are the first to grow up without the violence of the Troubles highlighting the background of their daily lives.”


- Jackson Feezell

Dr. Joe Lane, director of the E&H Honors Program, with Jackson Feezell as he receives his award.

Photo: Mussenden Temple, in Castlerock, Northern Ireland, is located about 30 miles east of Derry City and was built as a private library for the 4th Earl of Bristol in 1785.


E&H Awarded $300,000 Grant to Fight Violence

MLK Speaker Challenges E&H Community to Plant Seeds of Change

Emory & Henry was one of 45 higher education institutions to receive one of 61 grants totaling $25 million from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women. Only one of two awarded in Virginia, the nearly $300,000 grant will assist the College in working against sexual assault by improving offender accountability, promoting victim services and enhancing prevention activities to make the campus safer for students. The grant enables the College to hire a full-time project coordinator whose work will include the implementation of mandatory prevention and education training for all incoming students, including first-year and transfer students. As part of this work, Emory & Henry will continue its partnerships with regional leaders in the field including the Bristol Crisis Center and Abuse Alternatives. u

John Holloway, vice president of student life and student success and dean of inclusion at Emory & Henry, delivered the keynote address for the college’s 2017 celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He challenged the E&H community to embrace the opportunity to plant the seeds of change to heal from the wounds that divisiveness across the country has created. Holloway discussed his plans to assemble an exploratory group of students, faculty and staff on the E&H campus which, over the next six months to one year, will research, study, propose and possibly implement an intensive effort called the Intergroup Dialogues Project (IDP). The IDP is a social justice education program that was developed at the University of Michigan in the lates 1980s that helps students develop intergroup relations skills, and to aid them in preparing to live and work in an increasingly diverse world. The program places a strong emphasis on the sharing of personal stories. IDP’s peer-led model allows participants to teach and learn from each other’s lived experiences of privilege, oppression Ampersand director and professor, Tracy and difference. Lauder, talks with students during a “This is tough work breakout session on MLK Day at E&H. that won’t necessarily result in differing sides finding agreement, but at the least understanding,” said Holloway. MLK Day is coordinated by a planning team made up of students, staff and faculty and sponsored by the Office of Spiritual Life. This year’s theme focused on the idea of home by asking what it would take for Emory & Henry to become a community in Southwest Virginia that is truly welcoming, a place where everyone can find “home.” u

McGlothlin Center for the Arts Creating Buzz Insect Creations

Theatre and Music

In their 45th season, the Canadian Brass was also on campus in January to entertain and inspire with their game-changing performance (partially funded by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and Conn-Selmer). The five-member group has performed in virtually every major concert hall in the world and sold 2 million of its approximately 100 albums worldwide. Other internationally known groups who graced the Main Stage this fall are Tim Miller and New York Polyphony (partially funded by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foudation). Pig Iron Theatre Company performs Gentleman Volunteers, set during World War 1, March 2-4. For ticket information and to learn more about the McGlothlin Center programming, go to u EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / 15

Photos by Rachael Wilbur Studios

Emory & Henry art students helped to set up an art exhibit in the MCA Gallery at the Woodrow W. McGlothlin Center for the Arts during fall semester—­ an exhibit created with insects, titled “A Wing and A Prayer,” by nationally renowned artist Jennifer Angus, held Sept. 14 through Nov. 5, 2016. Angus, who recently exhibited at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, creates intricate and impressive floorto-ceiling patterns from grasshoppers, cicadas, moths, beetles and other exotic insects. She also explores the importance of insects to the natural world and the ethics of utilizing them in works of art. Theresa Pfarr also exhibited during fall semester. Spring semester artists include Micah Bloom (Jan.13-Feb. 11) and George Lorio (Feb. 20-March 25).

Student Danielle Wilkening helps set up Jennifer Angus’ exhibit, “A Wing and a Prayer” this fall in the McGlothlin Center for the Arts. Left is a detail of the work.

ADVANCEMENT Hawkins Family Scholarship to Support Teacher Education When legendary Emory & Henry athlete and hall of famer Earl Hawkins was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he made two important decisions – who was going to get his beloved golf clubs and that he wanted to find a way to help more people attend his treasured alma mater. One half of that dream came true on Oct. 14, 2016 with the formal establishment of the Hawkins Family Scholarship in a packed room on the second floor of the Brooks Field House overlooking Fred Selfe Stadium. The scholarship will be awarded to junior or senior education majors with financial need. The fund honors members of the Hawkins family who attended Emory & Henry College: Earl W. Hawkins, ’69 (dec.); Lynda Jones Hawkins, ’66; Charles W. “Chuck” Hawkins, ’91; and JudiAnn Hawkins, ’92. “I think Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins chose to provide scholarship funds to teacher preparation students because they themselves spent lifetimes of service in the field of education. They knew first hand how important it is that pre-service teachers are well prepared for their future classrooms,” said Janet Crickmer, associate professor in the Education Department. Earl Hawkins was a retired educator having taught and coached in Dinwiddie, Hanover and King & Queen counties. Lynda Hawkins spent 30 years in education as a classroom teacher, moving into school counseling, focusing on career education, business partnerships and the scholarship program for the Hanover County School System. u Lynda Hawkins and Pres. Schrum make the

Historic Structure Reopens

On a rainy Saturday in October 2016, the Tobias Smyth House (above) was rededicated following a move made necessary by the building of the McGlothlin Center for the Arts. Thanks to generous grants from the following, the house also received some much needed upgrades: Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation, The Roller Bottimore Foundation, Richard and Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust, Helen S. and Charles G. Patterson, Jr. Charitable Foundation. The house was the site of the first conversations between Tobias Smyth and Creed Fulton (two of the four College founders) in 1835 that resulted in the establishment of Emory & Henry in its current location. Following a ribbon cutting, Mary-Margaret Justice (’69), (below) president of the College-Community Club, spoke to attendees. The College-Community Club was responsible for the relocation of the house from its original site to the College campus in 1927 and still assists in maintenance of the historic structure. The house serves as a meeting place for groups both on campus and from the community. u

endowment official.

Claudia Duffy’s Legacy Continues

A memorial fund established by friends and family members of former administrative assistant to the Dean of Students Claudia Duffy provides emergency assistance to Emory & Henry undergraduate students during times of personal crises. Claudia was adored by students for her wisdom and care. “Claudia would've been proud to have had this (endowment) in her name,” said Dr. Michael Duffy, Claudia's husband and former E&H professor of physics. “Claudia’s Fund” was established to provide financial support where a clear need exists and students’ personal funding is inadequate. Typical applications of the fund might include financial help for bereavement travel, a medical emergency, food, essential personal items or other acute needs as determined by the College. u

Go to to learn more about the Save the Duck Pond effort.

Or see inside back cover of this magazine. 16 / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE

Donors and Special Guests Recognized Significant donors to the College and special guests enjoyed the 32nd annual Patrick Henry Society dinner which was held Oct. 28, 2016 at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, Virginia. A live and silent auction was conducted generating over $40,000 in support of the institution’s WEHC radio station. u

Delighting in the festivities were (left to right) Mack Lovelace, Dr. Glynn Baugher (’64) and Trustee, Jennie Pruner Smith (’67).

Dr. Aaron Rodocker (’03) and Dr. January Haile (’04) enjoy dinner with David Taverner. Left to right: Guest speaker, former U.S. Congressman, Rick Boucher; WEHC manager and professor, Teresa Keller; auctioneer Ken Farmer (’72).

Two endowed scholarships recently established The Buchanan Memorial Endowed Awards in Biology and Chemistry, an endowed award for outstanding students majoring in biology and chemistry, honor Matthew Hay and Elizabeth Goode Buchanan, Benjamin Keys Buchanan and Rachel Goode Buchanan – early settlers of Washington County, Va. – and their descendants.The awards are made possible through the generosity of Bob B. Buchanan (’58) and Melinda S. Buchanan.

With a gift of $50,000.00, Ed (’53) and June Thomas recently established The Thomas Family Endowed Scholarship at Emory & Henry College for students with financial need. The scholarship recognizes three Thomas brothers, all of whom graduated from Emory & Henry: Edward R. Thomas (’53), William J. Thomas (’52 dec.) and Charles Franklin Thomas (’55 dec.). u

Sustaining Springs Club Emory & Henry has established a new club just for monthly contributors. The Sustaining Springs Club is named for the everlasting springs that provided the College’s drinking water for over a century. Today, the springs are the main water source for Emory & Henry’s beloved Duck Pond. “Especially in light of the current effort to revive the Duck Pond, we felt it was appropriate to recognize the spring that started it all,” said Ronan King, director of annual giving. “We appreciate our loyal monthly donors whose consistent giving generates substantial support for the College that is both reliable and dependable,” she said. Monthly givers will receive a keychain in the shape of the College’s mascot, the wasp (shown right). To join the Sustaining Springs Club, go to u


MMR puts Emory & Henry on the track The excitement is running high after Martin-McClure Racing, owned by NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers Eric McClure (’00) and Hal Martin, announced at a media event on Jan. 11 the team would field a second entry in the Pitt Lite 125 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event at Bristol Motor Speedway. The entry, to be showcased at the April 22, 2017 event, will carry the name of Emory & Henry and WEHC 90.7, the college radio station.


This is part of a larger fundraising effort to support the College’s radio station, WEHC, which was an important part of McClure’s Emory & Henry experience. McClure credits the college, his degree in mass communications and his time at 90.7 WEHC with giving him the skills it takes to be a driver and team owner. “To have the opportunity to represent Emory & Henry College and WEHC 90.7 FM in this capacity, with our race team on the national stage, is an extreme source of pride for me both professionally and personally,” McClure said. Besides the national publicity that comes with being on a race car, McClure will also be donating all profits from the race to the college’s radio station, as well as proceeds from sale of limited edition clothing and other merchandise his team has designed and made available through a link on the E&H website: www. Leading up to the race, fans also will have the opportunity to bid on several racing related items.

President Jake Schrum, Eric McClure, Hal Martin, and Teresa Keller, station manager and mass communications professor.

“The college gave me so much and I’m honored to have the chance to give something back. I am hoping this campaign through 2017 is the start to ensuring the future of WEHC 90.7 for years to come.” Returning to MMR to drive the #39 Emory & Henry College race car will be Chad Finchum, who scored the first win in MMR team history in a dominating performance in last season’s Bristol event. Bristol, Va, native Chris Carrier (father to 2015 E&H graduate Emily Carrier Dennison), who guided the team’s effort in each of the three victories in 2016, will oversee the effort for Finchum. E&H Alumni Director Monica Hoel is organizing an alumni gathering at the April 22 race and has reserved tickets for alumni who want to attend. Go to the website ( for more information. u

Photo compliments of MMR Racing, Josh Wilson 18 / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE

President Honors E&H for Service Learning The Corporation for National and Community Service has once again recognized Emory & Henry as one of the top service-minded educational institutions in the nation. Emory & Henry was honored in two categories, general community service and education community service. This recognition marks the sixth consecutive year that Emory & Henry College has been named to the Honor Roll. The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll recognizes schools that reflect the values of exemplary community service and achieve meaningful outcomes in their communities. Emory & Henry’s selection to the Honor Roll is recognition from the highest levels of the federal government of its commitment to service and civic engagement. In the education category, Emory & Henry was honored as a finalist, placing it among the top five schools or colleges in the nation on the Honor Roll.

The college was recognized “with distinction” in the category of general community service. This category recognizes institutions that have made a commitment to improving the quality of life of off-campus community residents, particularly low-income individual, and are engaged in service that addresses education, health, economic opportunity, the environment, disaster preparedness or other human needs including support for veterans and military families. In 2010, Emory & Henry was named one of only six institutions from the national Honor Roll to receive the President’s Award, the highest national recognition for service learning. In 2011, Emory & Henry was recognized as one of 11 finalists for the President’s Award. Emory & Henry is the only college or university in Virginia to ever win the President’s Award and one of only a few institutions nationwide to win the award or be named a finalist for multiple years. u

E&H Receives Outdoor Adventure and Energy Conservation Honors The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored Emory & Henry College as the Individual Conference Champion of the 2015-16 College & University Green Power Challenge for using more green power than any other school in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC). Emory & Henry beat its conference rivals by using nearly 8 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power, representing 100 percent of

the school’s annual electricity usage. The College is procuring a utility green power product from Collegiate Clean Energy and generating green power from an on-site renewable energy system using solar resources.

Top Adventure School

Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine also named Emory & Henry a top outdoor adventure college following its success in the annual top adventure school challenge.

E&H’s Historic Value Recognized

The independent ranking group Best College Reviews has chosen Emory & Henry College as one of 50 most historically notable colleges in America, in large part because of the college’s experience during the Civil War and its place on the National Historic Register. The College closed its doors in April 1861 during the Civil War, and operated as a hospital from 1862-1865 by the Confederate States.The college reopened after the Civil War ended. Information for the ranking came from the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places. u

E&H Magazine Honored with Top Awards

The Emory & Henry magazine was honored with top awards given in Spring 2016 by the Tri-Cities Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, claiming two of the six Award of Excellence honors given out of more than 90 entries from organizations, businesses, universities and marketing companies from throughout Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. The creative use of graphics and organization of information were two of the areas praised by the awards committee. u

New members and officers on E&H Board of Trustees New board officers for 2016-17 include: Gary Reedy (’78), CEO of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta as board chair, Kyra Kegley Bishop (’77), CFO of Berry Home Centers in Chilhowie, Virginia, as vice chair; Dr. L. Carole Wharton from Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, retired director of planning, management and budget at the Smithsonian Institution as secretary; and Peter Walters, (’70), of Milford, Michigan, retired board chair for Guardian Industries as treasurer. Incoming trustees include Katy Copenhaver Davidson (’91), musician, teacher and choir director in Greenville, South Carolina; Henri Lee Fitzgerald (’00), natinal philanthropic planning director for Wells Fargo in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Erick H. Long (’91), senior vice president for operations and events at the Academy of Country Music in Encino, California; and George A. Whitley (’77), attorney in Abingdon, Virginia. Outgoing board members, whose terms concluded at the end of the fall board meeting on Oct. 29, were Jeoffrey B. Bodenhorst (’75), Donna Proffit Vaughn (’68), Donald R. Youell, Jr. (’56), and board chair William B. Pendleton (’72). “We heartily welcome our new trustees as we express our gratitude to outgoing members for their years of passionate service and dedication to Emory & Henry,” said Jake B. Schrum, college president. u


Chrisley works hard for the hit Name Sport Class Major From

Jordan Chrisley Softball Senior Sport Management Dublin, Va./Pulaski County HS

What made you choose Emory & Henry? I chose Emory & Henry because of a great welcoming atmosphere, small class size for the best educational experience, and for athletics. Emory & Henry is truly a special place, and becomes home in no time. What is it like to be a college student-athlete and how is it different from what you imagined? Being a college athlete is definitely a rewarding experience that I will cherish and be able to use every day. You learn how to use time management skills and discipline. You learn to adapt to make sure to get your academic work done, even if that means you get up early to study. How has your experience as a student-athlete enhanced your academic experience? Being a student-athlete makes you become a more well-rounded individual. I think that it has enhanced my academics, and our coaches stay on us about our academics.


What do you do to successfully balance your academic and athletic schedules? In season it’s a little trickier because we are so busy with class, eating, treatment, workouts, practice, trying to get our homework in, and some of us work on campus. Each person’s schedule are different, so really finding what works for you is important in a college setting. What is it like to be a member of the Emory & Henry community outside of class and athletics? Emory & Henry is so special and being a part of this community is so rewarding. I know with softball we do community projects that involve athletics, and some that don’t. We have softball camps for all ages, and we also volunteer at animal shelters, send packages to armed forces, and feed the homeless nearby. It’s so important to give back to a community that you call home and does so much for you. How has the strength & conditioning program helped you become a better player? I have really enjoyed the workout experience here because I do think that it makes our teams better and prepares us to go up against teams in the ODAC. I think it has personally made me a better player by pushing me to do what I think that I can’t, and become a better teammate because I get to work out with my team and push them just as hard as they’re pushing me. What is your most memorable athletic moment at Emory & Henry? I have so many memories with softball! I love all of our double plays, diving catches, and the team atmosphere in the dugout. My personal memory that I will never forget was my sophomore year in the ODAC tournament. I was in a batting slump, but I kept working hard on it and I got the hit that tied the game against Virginia Wesleyan (#1 in ODAC) which then led us to winning that game. k


sports highlights Football

After going 1-4 in the first half of the season, the Emory & Henry College football team finished the year with five straight victories for a 6-4 record and a second-place finish in the ODAC (5-2). Despite fielding one of the youngest teams in the conference, the Wasps saw nine players named to the All-ODAC Teams, three of whom were named to the All-South Region Third Team. Seniors Tre’von Lightfoot (Big Island, Va.) and McFarland Murph (West Columbia, S.C.) and sophomore Davon Keith (Columbia, S.C.) were E&H’s all-region honorees.

Men’s Soccer

The Emory & Henry men’s soccer team put together its best season in 20 years with a 10-8-1 overall record. The team posted four shutouts on the season and scored three or more goals nine times. Junior Jordan Couch (Abingdon, Va.) earned All-ODAC Second Team accolades for the second-straight year and was named to the VaSID All-State First Team after leading the league with 21 goals. Sophomore Tyequis Stallins (Chesapeake, Va.) brought home all-conference third-team recognition.

Jordan Couch

Women’s Soccer

The Emory & Henry women’s soccer team battled through several major injuries this past fall. The Wasps picked up wins against Ferrum College, Sweet Briar College, Eastern Mennonite University and Hollins University during the season. The program will be under the direction of a new head coach next year as Linda Schirmeister-Gess resigned following the season to assume the position of director of leadership with Strive (formerly the SportsChallenge Leadership Academy).


Led by record-breaking performances by seniors Tristen Pennington (Kingsport, Tenn.) and Emily Hinshaw (Boone, N.C.), the Emory & Henry volleyball team went 16-13 (6-5 ODAC) to tie for fifth place in the ODAC. Pennington earned her fourth-straight all-conference recognition and broke the E&H record for career kills (1,003). Hinshaw now holds the program record for service aces (155) and is third all-time in digs with 1,368 as she was named All-ODAC Third Team. Junior Ali Singleton (Mount Jackson, Va.) and senior Kennady Thomason (Chattanooga, Tenn.) were tabbed to the all-league second and third teams, respectively.

Erica Grupp

Cross Country

The Emory & Henry men’s and women’s cross country teams both turned in eighth-place finishes at the 2016 ODAC Championships this fall. The men were led by a trio of seniors in Alex Cooper (Christiansburg, Va.), Jackson Feezell (Gastonia, N.C.) and Kevin Watts (Stafford, Va.), while the women were paced by senior Elizabeth Wilson (Roanoke, Va.) and first-year runner Erica Grupp (Charlottesville, Va.). Both squads won their respective divisions at the Greensboro Cross Country Invitational in September. Davon Keith EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / 21

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Message from the Alumni Board President I want to express our gratitude to Allison Mays for her leadership over the past two years as she served as president of the E&H Alumni Association. Now, as I begin my own term as president, I am excited and humbled by the opportunity to serve in this role. Emory & Henry alumni represent a wide range of personalities, careers, viewpoints and influences. You are leaders and servants in your community and in your work. You seek daily to live out the values imparted to us as students here. You are determined to give something back, and I know that you do, in so many astounding ways. No matter where you are now, because of the things you learned, the experiences you had, and the questions you considered during your time at E&H, you continue to think of how you can make the world a better place. For these reasons, I am delighted and proud to represent you as the president of the Alumni Association. This publication will show you a variety of events and headlines that we hope will increase your excitement about our alma mater. More importantly, we hope you see something that inspires you to join us for an alumni gathering in your region, to come to a performance on campus, a sporting event, a choir performance, or a studentnetworking event – there are so many ways for you to continue to be connected to Emory & Henry. Please visit to see all the volunteer opportunities and upcoming events. Perhaps you can join us this year for More Than A Vacation. Or, maybe there’s a lyceum lecture you are interested in attending. And, if you want to see some of the incredible things our current students are doing, I strongly encourage you to come to Ampersand Day. In the meantime, make plans to join us for an opportunity to meet other alumni in your neighborhood; E&H in the City is March 31 – and I’ll bet there will be a happy hour near you! Thank you for being an important member of our E&H alumni community. Please plan to be with us somewhere soon. Scott Sikes President E&H Alumni Board

E&H Alumni Association Board of Directors Scott Sikes ’99, President Andy Zimmerman ’90, Vice-President Kari Kemper Tudor ’82, Second Vice-President Allison Mays ’95, Immediate Past President Paul Phillips ’64, Gold Club Bill Shanks ’67, 1960s Betty Lackey McMichael ’70, 1970s Cindy Barker Blevins ’84, 1980s Thomas Nelson ’98, 1990s Bobbie Frentz ’03, 2000s Will Garrison ’10, 2010s Doug “Chase” Edwards ’12, Smyth County Elizabeth “Speedy” Williams McClure ’95, Washington County Beth Holding Hagan ’83, Mountain Empire Beth Deskins ’85, New River Valley Blaine Elliott ’98, Roanoke Valley Catie Neal ’10, Shenandoah Valley Ann Rector Shupe ’69, Piedmont Beau Blevins ’05, Richmond Chris Kolakowski ’99, Tidewater Pam Buchanan ’90, Northern Virginia Emily Cockerham Lee ’09, Tri-Cities Elizabeth Stone ’10, Tennessee Eric Scott ’88, DC/Maryland Emily Wallace ’04, North Carolina Stewart Whitmore Plein ’83, West Virginia Kevin Rogers ’97, At-Large Rep Art Scott ’07, At-Large Rep Susannah Davis ’92, At-Large Rep Mike and Karen Griffey Todd ’84 and ’84, At-Large Rep Shalonda Carter ’09, At-Large Rep Jessi Turner Son ’07, At-Large Rep


E&H in the City...By the Numbers

29 ocations. 68 volunteers. 500 participants. l

That’s how it added up for our 2016 E&H in the City event. If you haven’t participated yet, plan to find an event this year. Happy hour gatherings are held all over the country so alumni can meet other grads who live in their area. One group (Raleigh) toured a museum and threw in E&H trivia! Thank you for making this event such a huge success! Consider helping with an event in your city: contact the alumni office: The next one is March 31, 2017. u

Barley’s Taproom, Knoxville, TN

Yellowhammer Brewing, Huntsville, AL

Five, Chattanooga, TN

Wolf Hills Brewing, Abingdon, VA EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / 23

Oceans and Ale, Williamsburg, VA

Sweetwater Brewery, Atlanta, GA

2016: Were You There? Top row: Basketball season gave us regional pregame events, ODAC receptions and great fans like Kay Turner Poindexter (’85) and Beth Booth (’99). In May, Tiffany Hawley (’10) volunteered at Robe-n-Ready. Middle row: In January, current Women’s basketball team members traveled with alumni to UT Knoxville to see the Lady Vols play Florida, where Shellie Greenman (’88, center) is on the coaching staff; former E&H basketball coach Joy Scruggs and her former player Marty Lay Gray (’85) were there, too. Bottom Row: In March, Cary Alvanas Kidd (’04) chatted with students on campus at the Speed Networking event. In April, Jaclyn Dickens (’99) and Tracy Ross (’97) caught up at the Women’s Athletics alumni event where Tracy was a panelist. And Dr. Charles Sydnor (’65) did three separate private tours of the Virginia Holocaust Museum because so many people wished to attend. u


Joe Copenhaver (’71) came to E&H Homecoming in October riding a 1967 BMW motorcycle­—the same one he rode to Emory & Henry as a student in the late 1960s, every day, from Marion, even when the temperature was four degrees (the car wouldn’t start!). Below: David Christian (’88), Danny Foster (’86), and Nathan O’Dell (’89) were among players who returned for the ODAC 40th anniversary. Pat (’87), Jackson and Lynn (’87) Jacobson Critzer could be found tailgating at home and away this fall. Trey White (’98) and family won an E&H phone charger at Bristol’s Rhythm & Roots for being spotted wearing E&H gear.

Above: Wasps at the Tennessee Smokies game took a moment to send good wishes to Jimmy Brooks’ (’92) son, JT. Martha Kreszok (’72) toured the salt mines in Saltville at the 23rd annual More Than A Vacation event. Left: E&H Alumni Board members greeted new students on their first day of college. Debbie Canty Grubb (’75) and Pat Bear Huber (’76) cheered the Yankees and the Wasps at an event in Calfee Park in August. EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / 25

From Holston to Liffey

Developing an alumni travel experience that interacted with students wasn’t easy. But that was the challenge set forth to the E&H Alumni Association. Thanks to faculty members who oversee study abroad experiences, alumni had the opportunity for a trip that took us from the Holston Rivers area of Virginia to the Liffey River in Dublin, Ireland. In November of 2015, 17 E&Hers (faculty, staff, alumni) spent a week in Dublin with side trips to area towns. Alumni interacted with students who were spending the semester at Dublin City University and also performing community service during their semester abroad. They had a personal tour guide who shared history at every stop, and students and alumni cherished the chance to meet. From pubs to ancient cemeteries, the experiences of the trip gave everyone something to remember. u Photos clockwise: Group photo at Dublin City University with the three E&H students who were studying there. Getting history at Trinity University. Dr. Mike Duffy enjoying the green of Powerscourt. Alumni Scotty Delius Zimmerman (’63) and son Andy Zimmerman (’90) with current student Leah Elswick after our final meal together. Tour guide Joe Darcy sharing facts at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. 26 // FALL FALL 2016-WINTER 2016-WINTER 2017 2017 // EMORY EMORY && HENRY HENRY MAGAZINE MAGAZINE 26

Class of 1950

Paul Gates and his wife Nannie Lawrence Gates were married Dec. 30, 1942, and they recently celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Brenda Gates Spielman, is a 1969 graduate.

Class of 1957

The Rev. Dr. Martha G. Rowlett was recently honored by Rolling Hills United Methodist Church in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., for her exemplary service to the church as senior pastor from 1988 to 1998. She was named the church’s Senior Pastor Emeritus and was further honored by having a room in the church named for her. For the full story, go to Frank Settle authored a book entitled General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb. The book details the evolution of General George Marshall’s relationship with the atomic bomb – including the Manhattan Project and the use of atomic weapons on Japan – as it emerged as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. The book is available through Amazon.

Class of 1962

Bill Kilday has “re-retired” after having retired in 2004 (from 41 years as a pastor) and then taking a position with the Holston Conference Foundation. He has been working as director of stewardship and church relations for the Foundation for 11 years, offering training and continuing education to pastors and laity across Holston Conference in the area of church financial management. He has led dozens of local church consultations and has co-authored a manual, Making Disciples Through the Ministry of Church Finance, with Roger Redding, the director of the Holston Conference Foundation. More than 20,000 copies of the manual have been distributed. He and his wife celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary in 2016; they have three children and eight grandchildren (one of whom is a current student at Emory & Henry).

Class of 1965

Charlie Sydnor was awarded the Rule of Law award for his distinguished service to the Virginia Holocaust Museum and his years of service to world Jewry in bringing Nazi War Criminals to justice. He is a highly respected historian of the Holocaust

Class of 1966

Sylvia Jenkins Harlow is retiring from a career as a special education teacher in Augusta, Ga.

Class of 1969

Stuart “Moon” Gibbs turned 70 years old on Dec. 16, 2015, and celebrated by running a 31.07-mile Ultra Marathon. He began training in August at Beaverdam Park in Gloucester for the off-road Seashore Nature Trail 50K, which was held at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. The time allotted to finish was eight hours, and Gibb’s time was seven hours, one minute. Nelda Gibbs said her husband was the oldest participant “and was very happy to say he did not finish last.” Bill Kidd was elected president of the Virginia School Board Association. He has been involved in education for four decades, working as a teacher, coach, school administrator and school board member. He retired in 2002 as principal of Speedwell Elementary and currently works as an administrative assistant at St. Paul United Methodist Church. He has served as both vice-chair and chair of the Wythe County School Board.

Class of 1970

Tom Crawford recently won the gold medal in tennis singles (65-69 age bracket) in the Arkansas Senior Olympics. He lives on Wimbledon Lane. Dr. Tony Newberry has retired following a career of nearly 40 years as a faculty member and administrator in Kentucky’s public community colleges. Fresh out of graduate school he began as a history instructor at Jefferson Community College in 1976 and subsequently served as academic dean at Southeast Community College, president at Ashland Community College, chief academic officer of the University of Kentucky Community


College System and the first chancellor for community colleges in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. He returned to Jefferson in 2002, serving for 13 years as president of a multi-campus college with more than 10,000 students.

Class of 1971

Pat Burns was featured in the April 22, 2016, issue of the Bristol Herald Courier. At 67, the veteran coach led the George Wythe High School boys’ basketball team to a 25-4 record and VHSL state semis and was named the 2015-16 Boys Basketball Coach of the Year by the Bristol Herald Courier. Margaret Jackson Martin has been named the recipient of the Dr. Franci Stavropoulos Outstanding Dental Hygiene Alumnus Award, which was presented at the Dental Hygiene Reunion Alumni celebration of the VCU School of Dentistry in April 2016. She lives in Hillsville, Va.

Class of 1972

Bob “Rocky” Gregory has written a novel entitled One Groovy Summer. It is a summer adventure story from 1968, and it is available through Amazon. He lives with his wife and daughter on the coast in San Diego County, Calif.

Class of 1973

Phil McCall was elected to a fifth term on the Washington County (Va.) Board of Supervisors. David St. Clair received the 2016 Francis Asbury Award from the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. The award honors a person who has made a significant contribution to the fields of higher education and campus ministry at the local, district or conference level of the United Methodist Church.

Class of 1974

Richard Haynes is retiring this year with 34 years in the nuclear weapons complex. He worked for three years at the Chemistry Department of the University of Virginia (UVA) in cancer research. He then received a master’s in chemical engineering from UVA in 1997 and started to work for DuPont at the Savannah River Plant (SRP) near Aiken, S.C. He worked for DuPont at SRP for 10 years before moving to commercial DuPont. He later went to work for the Department of Energy at the Savannah River Site before moving to Amarillo, Texas, and working at the Pantex Plant (the nation’s primary facility for the final assembly, dismantlement and maintenance of nuclear weapons) for more than 21 years. He retires as the federal training manager for the Pantex and Y-12 sites.


Class of 1960

and World War II, and provided the U.S. Department of Justice and its Office of Special Investigations with expert testimony in 21 court cases involving former SS concentration camp guards and Nazi death camp collaborators. Most notably, in the case of Ukrainian guard John Demjanjuk, who was found guilty of being an accessory to the murder of 28,060 Jews at the Sobibór extermination camp. He has also served as the Virginia Holocaust Museum’s executive director from 2013-2015, and is still on staff as their senior historian.

Lazaro finds success through graciousness

Amanda Lazaro (’14) learned some great lessons in graduate school at Winston-Salem State University: “The most helpful life lesson that I have learned is to always treat others with love and respect. Everyone is doing their best and fighting their own battles. If you can make their day better by being a gracious person, then why not? It will also almost always result in more positive and productive interactions and relationships.” Amanda graduated from an occupational therapy program in December 2016, and she is a school-based occupational therapist (OT) in Guilford County, North Carolina, working primarily with children who have disabilities. Her goal is to increase their independence and success in all academic endeavors. “Many of the students have diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism or a learning disability. Together with the educational team the OT will modify the environment to accommodate his/her needs, work with the child to develop coping strategies, and strengthen skill areas (such as fine motor/visual motor deficits) that are limiting their success in school.” Amanda knew a long time ago that this would be her path. During a class her first year at Emory & Henry with career services director, Amanda Gardner, she took a personality inventory and discovered her love for occupational therapy. She says she “began passionately pursuing it by that afternoon!” and established a major in psychology and a minor in biology. Amanda also credits the service learning model at Emory & Henry for giving her a career boost. “It afforded me many pediatric experiences with a variety of camps and child development centers that I would not have sought out on my own. It is rare to have such a breadth of opportunities and experience as an undergraduate, and I still have prospective employers comment on it as a strength.” ■

Class of 1975

Byron Breedlove recently moved to Lilburn, Ga., where he continues to work for the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal which “continues having a high impact factor and overall strong 2016 Google Scholar h-Index ranking.”

Class of 1976

Thomas J. Bondurant, Jr., a partner with Gentry Locke law firm in Roanoke, and his wife, former assistant public defender Roberta Motherway Bondurant, have been named to Virginia Lawyers Media’s 2016 class of “Leaders in the Law” for their work to free a wrongly convicted man. For the full story, go to

Class of 1977

Priscilla Florkowski Danielson recently passed the defense of her doctoral dissertation for her Ph.D. and was awarded

the Excellence in Teaching Award for adjunct professors from the College of Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, Penn. Jane Glenn Hicks was featured in the April 2016 issue of A! Magazine. She is an award-winning poet and an accomplished quilter. She creates “literary quilts” that illustrate the works of playwright Jo Carson and novelists Sharyn McCrumb and Silas House. The art quilts have toured with the authors and were the subject of a feature in Blue Ridge Country magazine in an issue devoted to regional arts. She retired from Sullivan County Tennessee schools after 30 years of teaching.

Class of 1978

Howard Owen recently received the University of Mary Washington Philharmonic Orchestra’s prestigious Citizen Salute Award. The Fredericksburg

businessman started Stafford Printing 29 years ago, growing from one employee and a single offset press to a company that now employs 15 people. The award was given based on his active participation in the community. Howard volunteers for Friends of the Rappahannock, Jazz for Justice, Empowerhouse, and Mary’s Shelter, has served on the Stafford County Economic Development Authority, and is a member of the Rappahannock Rotary and the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the University of Mary Washington Philharmonic Board and participates as a trustee on the Stafford Hospital Foundation. He lives in Falmouth, Va., with his wife, Mary, and their son, John.

Class of 1980

Debbie Robinson was recognized with


Ohio’s highest travel industry honor, the Paul Sherlock Lifetime Achievement Award in Tourism. The award was made in October of 2016 during the Ohio Conference on Travel. For more, go to

Class of 1981

Phil and Christina Braudaway-Bauman (’83) have moved from Arlington, Mass., to Colorado, where Chris is the new senior minister of First Congregational Church of Boulder, United Church of Christ. They spent 32 years in Boston and they now “love their new home, new church, and the view of the Rocky Mountains from their living room windows!” Phil is leaving a job of 19 years as director of administration and finance at Mount Pleasant Home, a residential care home for elders, in Boston. After a dozen years developing mentoring programs for new pastors and peer learning communities of practice for seasoned clergy in the United Church of Christ in Massachusetts, across New England, and ecumenically across the country, Christina is now serving as a local church pastor for First Congregational Church, UCC – the oldest continuing Congregational Church in the state of Colorado. In 2017, members of this church will celebrate their 30th anniversary of being an Open and Affirming (GLBTQ) congregation, and they are also known for their commitments to the arts and music, to mental health, and ministry with the homeless community. Their children are in college: Sam at the College of Wooster and Nicki at Wheaton College. Kathy Claytor, vice president of human resources for Delta Dental of Virginia, was recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals sponsored by Times Ascent and CHRO Asia. Kathy received the recognition at the Global HR Awards ceremony during the 24th World HRD Congress held in Mumbai, India. For more, go to

Class of 1982

Carolyn Rosenbaum Wilson works for the Washington County News and won first place for business and financial writing for “Barns at Chip Ridge,” “Raw Milk” and “Fishing Stop” from the Virginia Press Association. Rev. Myron Wingfield has been named executive director of Connectional Ministries for the California-Pacific Annual Conference. He has served as the associate general secretary for the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry’s Division of Ordained Ministry since 2012.

Volk keeps an open mind Mandy Hite Volk (’89) can relate to what the new Emory & Henry Doctor of Physical Therapy students are facing. Mandy was in the first DPT class at Shenandoah University so she knows what it’s like to go through a new program that isn’t formally accredited until the first class has graduated. “Knowing I was in the first class was exciting and a little nerve-wracking. I had to have faith that after years of hard work and a lot of studying that the program would be accredited. Thankfully it was. I think being part of the first graduating class really bonded the students and the faculty; we all wanted the program to succeed.” These days, Mandy is a sought-after physical therapist serving at Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore. This isn’t the job on which she initially planned. She was a business and economics major at Emory & Henry. Because she was unsure of her career plans she thought “a business degree couldn’t be a bad thing to have.” But as a cheerleader and a volleyball player, she found that she spent rather a lot of her college time in the PT department at Johnston Memorial Hospital. The director of the PT department at that time was Ed Hill, and he suggested that this might be a good career path for her. Once she made the decision to go to graduate school for physical therapy, faculty and staff at Emory & Henry worked with Mandy to complete the necessary prerequisites to get her moving in the right direction. “Emory & Henry helped shape me into a better student and a better person.” Mandy says physical therapy is a great professional field to be in. “It is diverse and allows you opportunities to work with everything from pediatrics to animals to professional athletes to geriatrics and a lot in between. There are so many subspecialties—like women’s health, lymphedema, wound care, vestibular issues­—you can really make your career what you want.” Her advice to students going into the field now is to stay open to possibilities. “You should keep your minds open and not just pigeon hole yourselves into one avenue. Allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and take opportunities to learn new skills and be open to new ideas. It may open your eyes to something unexpected.” ■


Class of 1983

Howard “Boo” Chafin has recently retired from a 33-year teaching career. He and his wife, Rhonda, live in Bristol, Tenn. Pam Kestner has been appointed Secretary of Health and Human Resources by Gov. Terry McAuliffe for the Commonwealth of Virginia. She previously served as special advisor on families, children and poverty within the Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Resources since April 2014. Prior to that she served as homeless outcomes coordinator, a position she was appointed to in July 2012. Her work has focused on early childhood, nutrition and poverty issues with a specific focus on addressing homelessness in Virginia. Prior to joining state government, Pam served as president and CEO of the Council of Community Services in Roanoke, Va., where she worked for more than 26 years. For more, go to Becky Grinstead Pierce was featured in the March 12, 2016, issue of the Smyth

County News. She teaches sixth grade math at Chilhowie Middle School. In 2015 she was presented with the Southwest Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics Emmet F. Low, Jr. Excellence in Teaching Award on a regional level and this year she has been honored by the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics with the William C. Lowry Mathematics Educator of the Year Award for Middle School Level. Karen Broyles Swiney was promoted to director of auxiliary and business services at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP). She is responsible for the oversight of the bookstore, post office, food services, ID card services, asset and surplus management, ZipCar, central receiving and vending. Prior to this assignment, she served as the bookstore director at UNCP for 21 years. Mary Katherine “Kit” Tate is working as a chaplain at the Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Va.

Class of 1985

Jim Cox has published his second novel, The Altar Call. He is writing under the name J. Butler Cox. The book is available at Amazon. Karen Moore works at Highlands Ski and Outdoor Center in Abingdon, Va.

Class of 1986

David McGlothlin was named by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History as the 2015 Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year. This placed him among finalists for the National History Teacher of the Year, and an archive of books will be placed in his school’s library in his name.

Class of 1987

Steve Cross has been working for the last three years as an imaging sales specialist for Guerbet LLC, a French company dedicated solely to diagnostic imaging. Covering Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Tennessee and South Alabama, he has

Handy known for compassionate care

Dr. Mark Handy (’86) won the 2015 Carl and Ruth Looney Humanitarian Award from the E&H Alumni Association for his commitment to treating patients with care and individual concern. He finished at Emory & Henry with a bachelor of science degree in biology and graduated from East Carolina School of Medicine and the ETSU Family Residency Program. He is a family medicine practitioner and CEO of William M. Handy, MD, PC in Abingdon, Va., with countless board memberships that oversee hospice and emergency medical care. He is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Virginia. He also is well known for his work as a musician – playing the banjo and clogging competitively. He was in a Zach Galifianakis video that covered a Kanye West song. But all accolades aside, he is beloved for his bedside manner. His southern charm is present in every interaction, and older patients feel particularly special as he calls them “Honey” and “Sweetie.” He makes sure they’ve had a good breakfast and he double checks to make sure they have adequate help at home. He’s been known to make house calls, is tireless when it comes to checking on patients, and shares his own joy for life with every person he meets and treats. If you ask Mark what led him to be in medicine you understand why he approaches his job with a huge smile and plenty of heart: “I chose medicine to help provide compassionate and loving care to those who are in need.” ■


Armbrister facilitates groundbreaking collaboration

In August 2001, three nurse practitioners started a free health clinic in Marion, Va., to aid in the access of primary health care to uninsured, low-income individuals. Fifteen years later the clinic is thriving – serving nearly 2,000 patients­—and just recently achieved a new level of energy that is likely to make it one-of-a-kind in the country. The director of the Mel Leaman Free Clinic (MLFC) is Michael Armbrister (’99). When you talk with Michael about the clinic he has a lot to share. Michael says he is enthusiastic because of a new relationship with Emory & Henry’s School of Health Sciences (SHS). The clinic is now located in the building that formerly housed the E&H Doctor of Physical Therapy program, which is now in the renovated Smyth County Community Hospital building (see cover story). “The clinic was able to relocate to this much larger facility, which increases our patient capacity and allows us to develop dental services. We will also benefit from the E&H Physician Assistant Program faculty who will all volunteer to treat patients. The MLFC board has expanded our service area to include Smyth, Grayson and Washington counties. And we are working with the school’s faculty to develop physical therapy and occupational therapy services for the clinic’s patients.” Michael says the idea for the clinic to collaborate with Emory & Henry began with Dr. Scott Richards, chair of the Master of Physician Assistant Program. With a big smile on his face, Michael says, “He serves as a clinical consultant, and his enthusiasm is contagious.” This collaboration is more than convenient; it is groundbreaking. Michael says many physician assistant (PA) programs don’t provide for hands-on experience until completion of the program. “Being located on the SHS campus in Marion means the MLFC will provide clinical experiences for PA students beginning the first week of the program. We are also working with faculty to develop research ideas for future PA students that will have a direct community benefit.” Michael majored in geography and environmental studies at Emory & Henry, but he gives credit to his student days and his time as a part-time instructor for the Geography Department and the Appalachian Center for Civic Engagement for influencing his interest in making a difference. “I could not be more excited about our collaboration with Emory & Henry. This creates so many new opportunities for us as well as for the college.” ■

finished all three years with a sales ranking in the top five nationally as well as ranking number one in his region for two of the three years. Phil Hoskins is the head track coach at McEachem High School in Powder Springs, Ga. The girl’s track team was crowned the 2016 Georgia 6A Girls State Track Champions. Coach Hoskins was named the 2016 MDJ Coach of the Year for the second year in a row. For more, go to alumni.ehc. edu. Jo Marie Woodward Johnson has been working as a scientist and manager for

Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) at the U.S. Department of Energy’s 222-S Laboratory at the Hanford site in southeastern Washington State. The lab is a full-service analytical facility that handles highly radioactive samples for purposes of organic, inorganic, and radiochemical analyses. She also serves on the executive committee of the Richland section of the American Chemical Society and was elected chair of the section in 2014. For more, go to


Class of 1988

Robin Picariello Correnti is at Phillips in Atlanta serving as their billing and collections manager. Jim Taylor was married to his long-time partner, Doug Alderfer, on July 22, 2016, in Wyncote, Penn. After many years of teaching fourth and first grades, Jim has been teaching kindergarten at Wyncote Elementary School for the past 10 years. He is also a certified reading specialist.

Class of 1989

Laurel Polly has moved to Florida and is

still a defense contractor with ASM Research in Northern Virginia.

Class of 1991

Melissa Hale Bentley is a doctoral candidate after recently completing doctoral coursework, residency and comprehensive exams in educational policy, planning and leadership at The College of William and Mary. She is currently the division coordinator of accountability and assessment for Williamsburg James City County Schools in Williamsburg, Va. Jon Crutchfield, is the principal at Franklin County High School in Rocky Mount, Va. Katy Copenhaver Davidson was recently the DAR American Heritage First Place winner of the National Award for music composition.

Class of 1992

Will Mullins has recently had his poetry appear in California Quarterly, Cyclamens and Swords, Scrittura Magazine, and Orange Coast Review. He has completed a rewrite of his Pilot script, and is pitching his feature screenplays at every available opportunity. As a product development business analyst, he was a key team member in the launch of a national, foundational product in 2015, oriented towards the college and university market.

Class of 1993

Jimmy Allen has been named as Army West Point’s head men’s basketball coach. He became the 31st head coach in the program’s 114-year history and spent the previous six seasons as an assistant to Army head coach Zach Spiker. Rachel Giesy Chesser is development associate for the ETV Endowment of South Carolina, working with public radio and television supporters throughout the South Carolina low country. For more, go to (“Small World”). Luke Sampson has launched Well Below Zero, LLC, a cryotherapy studio focused on inflammation reduction, wellness, sport/ fitness recovery and anti-aging. WBZ currently offers full body cryotherapy and facial cryotherapy. His website is www.

Class of 1994

Karla Allison, announces the birth of a son, Vincent Joseph III, born March 29, 2016.

Class of 1995

Ruth Wilson Blankenship has been promoted to vice president for finance, administration and advancement at Bluefield College. She has hired a fellow

E&H alumnus, Chris Catron (’99), to serve in the role of director of development. Darren Reed was featured in the Jan. 29, 2016, issue of the Bristol Herald Courier. He is the head football coach at Abingdon High School and was named the 2015 Bristol Herald Courier Football Coach of the Year. He lives in Gate City, Va. Tim Ward, announces the birth of a daughter Cora Grace, born March 26, 2016. Talena Cox Williams is the practice manager and physician assistant for Dr. Marc Philippon at The Steadman Clinic. Dr. Philippon is one of the world’s leading orthopedic surgeons and is recognized by his peers in U.S. News and World Report as being among the top one percent in the nation in his specialty. Talena’s medical career consists of treating athletes from the recreational to Olympic and professional levels. She lives in Vail, Colo. with her husband and son.

Class of 1996

E. Ethelbert Miller has written of book of poetry titled The Collected Poems of E. Ethelbert Miller, edited by Kirsten Porter and published by Willow Books. Kevin Rowe is in facilities management for CGI in Lebanon, Va. He also oversees the company’s facilities in Troy, Ala. CGI provides IT systems development, maintenance and integration services to federal, state and local governments as well as telecom, financial services, insurance, retail and manufacturing firms.

Class of 1997

Wendy McGlohn Green has been named a Top Ten Teacher in Hampton Roads by Costal Virginia magazine. She has been a teacher for 17 years and is currently a reading specialist at Poquoson Primary School. Michael Turner began a new position as associate professor of Wesleyan Studies at Memphis Theological Seminary in August 2016.

Class of 1998

Deidrea Booher Pavlin announces the birth of a daughter, Drew Elyse, born May 29, 2015. Brandy Burnette has joined the Tennessee office of Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagle, P.C. She is an associate in the Johnson City office where she defends medical malpractice cases, and provides healthcare advice and representation in Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Class of 1999

James McCracken is a flow sorting global training lead for Beckman-Coulter, a medical and research device manufacturer.

He and Jennifer Jones have relocated to Fort Collins, Colo. Jason White has been appointed the principal of Lylburn Downing Middle School in Lexington, Ky. He and Amanda Lotts White (’01) live in Natural Bridge, Va., with children: Jackson (11), Madeline (7), and Preston (3).

Class of 2000

Brook Hall Lambert was named to the 40 Under Forty list by The Business Journal of Tri-Cities, TN/VA. She rose from a start in television to excel in marketing. She moved from WCYB-TV to Johnston Memorial Hospital, where she became marketing director and eventually held that title for three hospitals. She is now marketing director to The Leverage Group, an ad agency where she helps clients develop marketing strategies. Outside the workplace she assists with travel sports teams.

Class of 2001

Tripp and Amelia Manson Byrd announce the birth of a son, Emerson Neil, born May 23, 2016. Dusty Whiteside announces the birth of a son, Clarence Michael, born April 27, 2016. Richard and Rachel Helvey Rhodes announce the birth of a son, Everette Miller Rhodes, born Oct. 15, 2016.

Class of 2002

Tommy Britt presented a new essay at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. He participated in the “Horror” seminar at this literature-focused conference, and his paper, entitled “Shared Monsters of Page and Screen,” was about the influence of gothic literature on films. Aaron Cox is a personal admissions liaison for K12, Inc., the nation’s number one provider of virtual public school. He and Amanda Coates Cox celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in 2016 and their son, Silas, turned 3. Teaka Wright Coleman announces the birth of a son, Chandler Todd, born May 27, 2016.

Class of 2003

Brian and Jessi Johnson Deal announce the birth of a son, Preston and daughter Claire, born Feb. 22, 2016. Roberta “Bobbie” Frentz and David Larkins were married Sept. 3, 2016. Will Gibbons was recently promoted to associate professor of musicology and was named associate dean of the College of Fine Arts at Texas Christian University.


Rinehart pairs nursing with servant leadership

If you ask Holly Childress Rinehart if the new E&H School of Health Sciences is a good idea she bounces back cheerily, saying, “I wish we had had that when we were there!” Holly finished at Emory & Henry with a double-major in psychology and management and took a healthy dose of biology as she had plans for heading off to physical therapy school. But along about the time she graduated she lost a family member after a prolonged illness. “After spending so much time in the ICU watching what nurses do, I was hooked.” Holly ended up in nursing school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and got an MBA from King University. “Nursing is a very flexible field; you can do anything from home health to school nursing to bedside. And because treatments and processes are always changing, and because no two patients are the same, the job is different every day. It is a constant adventure.” She did bedside nursing for 12 years, and now she is the clinical resource manager for Wellmont’s corporate supply chain office. She travels to all the Wellmont facilities (from Bristol to Big Stone Gap to Sneedville, Tennessee) and works with buyers, contracting managers and analytics personnel to determine what supplies are needed at each hospital. She’s the only nurse in her office of 15, so that insider knowledge paired with a business degree give her a special edge in the field, and those who work with Holly give her credit for saving the hospital thousands of dollars. But as much as she loves this work she admits that her heart is still with bedside nursing. “It is a field that allows us to give back to the community. Any career that gives us the chance to give to others is a great opportunity for servant leadership.” ■

Brook Zirkle Justus announces the birth of a daughter, Savannah Blayke, born May 3, 2015. Sheena Moyers and Alex Johnson were married on Oct. 3, 2015. They announce a son, Charles Augustus “August,” born September 21, 2016. Bambi Osborne has joined the firm of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C. in Chattanooga. She is an attorney and government affairs professional and will assist clients with government relations and public policy matters. She brings nearly ten years of experience to the firm and will assist clients with various strategic governmental, economic and public policy matters. Sarah Consentino Rees announces the birth of a daughter, Lorelai Elisha, born Dec. 8, 2015. Oksana Vassiouta announces the birth of a son, Michael, born July 25, 2016. Kelley Dasovich Wolff announces the birth of a daughter, Maura Grace, born Feb. 15, 2016.

Melissa Keller Foster announces the birth of a son, Cameron James, born Dec. 6, 2015. Jonathan Ledger is at the University of the Ozarks in a

Class of 2005

Sunni Blevins Brown announces sons, Sullivan “Sully” Hayes and Cooper Wright, born April 9, 2016. Lindsay Rogich DeVerna announces a daughter, Charlotte Anne, born June 12, 2016. Holly Halstead Fitzwater and Marc Fitzwater announce a daughter, Isabelle Marie,



Class of 2004

tenure-track position as assistant professor of music and choral director. Morgan Thompson Metke announces the birth of a son, Nash Thompson, born June 4, 2016. Erica Parish and Brendan Roche (’05) announce a son Grady “Gray” Edward, born April 26, 2016. Travis Proffitt, associate director of the Appalachian Center for Civic Life at Emory & Henry College, has been recognized as a National Bonner Fellow for the campuscommunity partnerships. He has already shared ideas and resources, including the model for the Civic Innovations Institute from Emory & Henry, with the Bonner Foundation’s national network of colleges and universities. Sara Childers Williams announces the birth of a son, Maxton Brian, born June 9, 2016.

born July 30, 2014. They recently moved from Eglin AFB in Florida to Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs, Colo. He works at Special Operations Command (SOC) – North. Ali Flinchum announces the birth of a daughter, Leonora, born January 2016. Drew Hembree was named to the 40 Under Forty list by The Business Journal of Tri-Cities, TN/VA. He has learned the grocery business from the bottom up at K-VA-T Food Stores, parent company of Food City. He started as a courtesy clerk in the summer of 1998 while attending Abingdon High School. He interned in merchandising and marketing, completed assistant training, became an assistant manager, then social media manager, site analyst and category manager. He currently holds the role of director of advertising. Chris Luper announces the birth of a daughter, Anistyn Pace born January 14, 2016. Sarah Beth Blackwell Mathesius and Wes Mathesius (’02) announce the birth of a son, Carter Evan Mathesius, born April 25, 2016. Megan Wickersham Merrill announces a daughter, Madison Mae Merrill, born June 6, 2016. Will Reisinger has joined the energy law practice of GreeneHurlocker. They are a Virginia-based law firm that provides a broad range of energy law, administrative/

regulatory law, and business law services. He sits on the governing board of the Virginia State Bar’s Administrative Law Section and serves as a distinguished visitor in Natural Resources Law at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Va., where he teaches a course on energy regulation. In 2015, he was appointed by Gov. McAuliffe to serve on Virginia’s first Executive Committee on Energy Efficiency. He was named Young Alumnus of the Year by the E&H Alumni Association in 2016.

Class of 2006

Erin Alford is a paralegal at the Street Law Firm, LLP, in Grundy, Va. In March of 2016 she completed the National Association of Legal Assistants paralegal certification exam. Hillary Crowder and Raymond Smith (’07) were married Jan. 2, 2016. They live in Alexandria, Va. Anne Ryan Driscoll was one of four Virginia Tech faculty with the College of Science and College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences who have received the 2016 Dr. Carroll B. Shannon Excellence in Teaching Award. Anne is an assistant professor of practice in the Department of Statistics. She also has collaborated on projects for the U.S. Department of Defense and with NASA, and she chairs the department’s corporate partners program. To see the full story, go to Ryan Hankins has taken a job as a real estate attorney with Norfolk and Southern. Adam Parks is releasing a book one chapter at a time. The book is entitled, Unemotional: An American Boy Story, and chapters can be found at his blog called, “Man, ALL the feels.” For more, go to Alicia Phelps has been selected as executive director of the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association. She previously served for six years as the director of tourism and marketing for the Town of Jonesborough, with responsibilities of social media accounts, creation of marketing and communications materials, organization of fundraising, community and tourism-related events, and supervision of the Tourism Department including the Visitors Center and gift shop staff. Katie Summers and Jennifer Bondurant (’07) announce the birth of a son, Paul Hix, born May 14, 2016. Whitney White Vaughn and her husband William announce the birth of a son, William Lewis Vaughn, III, born April 7, 2016. He joins a sister, Emerson. Ashlee Johnson Wesner is the sales and marketing director for Capital Home Health

Care. She and her husband, Franz, have new baby, Tristan, born November 2015.

Class of 2007

Colby Fleming works for Pilot/Flying J and in October 2015 left the Planning and Analysis (Finance) department for a leadership development program. This is a new two year program where he will rotate through different parts of the organization to learn about the overall business. His title is executive development designate. Justin Foster and his wife Laura announce a daughter, Ronli Elizabeth, born Oct. 7, 2016. Julie Bondurant Herman and Mitch Herman (’04) announce a son Blake William, born Feb. 19, 2016. Shannon Carroll Houff has published her third novel in her urban fantasy series, From the Files of the Department of the Arcane. She is appearing as a guest at numerous popular culture conventions throughout the Eastern United States. You may reach her at Katie Carey Humphries and David Humphries (’04) announce a daughter, Anna Grace, born May 2, 2016. Katie Gray Hundley announces a son, William Carter, born April 19, 2016. Jessica Jernigan Johnson obtained her master’s degree from the University of Exeter in 2008, and then graduated in 2013 from the University of Tennessee College of Law. She is currently an associate attorney at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings in Nashville. She and her husband recently welcomed twin daughters, Julie and Anna in 2015. Frank and Molly Metke Luton announce a son, Wells Henry Luton, born Sept. 25, 2016. Dr. Rebecca Madill is a research scientist in early childhood development at Child Trends, a non-profit, non-partisan policy research organization in Chapel Hill. Eva Harrison Sunstein is a graphic designer for Investor Relations for Jamestown, an investment and management company in Atlanta, Ga. Ryan and Kathryn Bondurant Smith, announce the birth of a daughter Elsie McCrary, June 16, 2016.

Class of 2008

Amanda Chaplin graduated from Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law with her Juris Doctorate degree in 2012. She was admitted to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bar and the Federal District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania Bar. She was working as the judicial law clerk for the Hon. Daniel P. Wallace of the Mercer County Court of Common Pleas, but now

has accepted a position at the Centre County Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office as an assistant district attorney. She and Thomas Aaron Burkhart were married on Sept. 20, 2014. For more, go to alumni. LeRae Edwards Collins and Benjamin Collins (’06) announce the birth of a daughter, Fallon Rae, born July 12, 2015. Ryan Davenport graduated in May 2011 from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ill. He was ordained an elder in the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church in June 2015, having served at a two-point charge in Grainger Co., Tenn., Central UMC, Bean Station and Rutledge. In January 2016, he entered active duty Army Chaplain Corps. Since April 18, 2016, he and his family have been stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., for his first duty assignment. Sarah Fitzgerald was named the Culpeper County Teacher of the Year. Courtney Fridley is a licensed photographer. She can be found at Courtney Fridley Photography on Facebook. Nate and Megan Kelleher (’07) Griffith announce the birth of a son, Andrew Irish Griffith, born May 9, 2016.

Class of 2009

Jarell Christian announces the birth of a son, Jayden Emory, born Feb. 24, 2016. Laura Cook married Adam Rowles on June 6, 2015. They welcomed a daughter on May 18, 2016, named Adalynn Marie Rowles. Whitney Copenhaver was featured in the Nov. 12, 2015, issue of the Bristol Herald Courier. She is a photographer and sells her work on consignment. She offers prints of her photos, as well as note cards, drink coasters, bookmarks, gift bags, calendars, magnets and ornaments. Find her at Photos By Whitney on Facebook. She works for Bookkeeping Plus in Abingdon, Va. Emily Cockerham Lee and her husband announce the birth of a son, Connor J Lee, born Sept. 22, 2016. Evin O’Sullivan is an account analyst for Hays Companies in Dallas, Texas.

Class of 2010

Rachel Preston and Josh Nelson (’09) were married May 21, 2016. They live in Waco, Texas. Alex Veatch has accepted a position with Highlands Community Services as their creative communications and events manager.

Class of 2011

Rev. Richard Aylor has been hired for the second year as a chaplain resident at


New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, N.C. Shelley Hindmon is an educational consultant for Blackbaud in Berkeley, Calif. Elizabeth Schweitzer Kirkland announces a son, Benjamin Noah, born July 14, 2016. He joins a brother, Ethan Riley. Caroline Lawless was promoted to leasing manager at an Aspen Square Management property near Carrboro, N.C. Sarah Petty has accepted a teaching position with Renton School District in Washington State. Katie McLaren Yount is the director of engagement at the Valley Pike Farm Market in Weyers Cave, Va. Spencer Yount was promoted to field supervisor and sales rep for Star Heating & Cooling in Harrisonburg, Va. Annelise Shelton and Gabe Ward (’10) were married on July 18, 2015, in Virginia Beach with a bevy of alumni in the wedding party including: Jack Morgan, Taulby Edmondson, Trey Angle, E.J. Watkins, Whitney Manning, Ashley Nelson Childress, Amanda Earp Lester, Lauren Payne Bunn and Kate Sigety.

Class of 2012

Devin Adkins and Matt Ogburn (’13) were married April 30, 2016. Devin is a foster care and adoption social worker for Russell County Department of Social Services. Matt is the legislative assistant for state Sen. A. Benton Chafin, Jr. Tim Best and Christina Lahn (’11) Best announce the birth of a daughter, Katherine, born April 21, 2016. Chase Edwards is a student at the Emory & Henry College School of Health Sciences in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Paul “P.J.” Henson is in medical school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso. Cathy Castle Lowe has been appointed by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to serve on the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission. She is executive director of the Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator, and was recently elected Mayor of Abingdon, Va. Eric Tilson is the football recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach for Emory & Henry College. Daron Vaught is the executive producer of the David Glenn Sports Show. The show, which focuses on ACC sports, is syndicated throughout North Carolina. Nick Windom teaches sixth grade social studies at Elizabeth Davis Middle School and is a coach for football and baseball at

Meadowbrook High School. He and his wife Kristin have a son Landon James.

Class of 2013

Kayla Clark has been promoted to lead of marketing with SAM’s Club in Bristol. Jocelyn Cox is a substitute teacher for the Bristol Tennessee City Schools and is planning to enroll in a master’s program. Fallon Walker Grinstead is the health and physical education teacher at Chilhowie Middle School and was named CMS Teacher of the Year. Erika Hill just bought her home and is starting her fourth year of teaching. She is teaching Math 8 at Carroll County Middle School. Kristin Kachel obtained a master’s degree in history from Millersville University. Rayce Lamb has graduated from Wake Forest with a master of divinity degree and is now working at Wake Forest as an assistant dean of admissions. Michael Shipley has completed working three years in Special Operations with 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, at Ft. Benning, Ga., during which time he successfully passed the U.S Army Ranger School, while deploying four times (twice to Afghanistan). In May 2016 he was accepted as part of the Army’s Green to Gold Active Duty Program and will be earning his master’s in public administration at Virginia

Warrens’ legacy honored with naming of city building George M. Warren, Sr., finished at Emory & Henry in 1904. George M. Warren, Jr., finished at Emory & Henry in 1943. And in 2016, both men were honored for their legal careers at an unveiling of the new George M. Warren Justice Center in Bristol, Va. The building which houses the city’s courtrooms was named in honor of both men, honoring father and son who, between the two of them, offered 101 years of legal service to the community of Bristol. George Sr. (1879-1956, practiced law for 46 years) and George Jr. (1922-2010, practiced law for 55 years) each went on to the University of Virginia for their law degrees. George Warren, Sr., served as mayor of Bristol and in the Virginia House of Delegates and Virginia State Senate. George Warren, Jr., also served in the Virginia State Senate and was the Commonwealth’s attorney in Bristol, Va., for 25 years. ◗


Tech while pursuing his commission as an Army officer. Brian Stanley was promoted this past May from a site director to the middle school director for MHC After 3, a 21st century learning community center that provides after school programming for Martinsville and Henry County middleschoolers. It is sponsored by Patrick Henry Community College. Brian works directly with students at the middle school he once attended, and from 3-6 pm he leads programs in STEAM, Art, Creative Writing and Career and College Readiness. He also works alongside daytime teachers to ensure that students are on track with their academics. In 2016, he assisted with a six-week summer program for middle school students and taught graphic design for the high school’s five-week Summer Discovery Institute (a group that recently toured E&H). Caitlin Stroupe has transitioned from therapeutic day treatment counseling and is working as an emergency services clinician for the local community services board. She says, “I also recently eloped – surprise!” Caitlin and Gregory Capps II were married in a private service in Virginia Beach on August 12, 2016. Victor Trussell has been performing with a variety of different professional theatre companies. He has toured the country multiple times with companies like Bright Star Touring Theatre and The National Theatre for Children, both listed by Backstage as “12 Touring Theater Companies That Make a Difference.” For more, go to

Rev. Rachel Witt has graduated from Duke Divinity School and is serving as the associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Class of 2014

Elizabeth Gentry has accepted a doctoral offer at Marshall University, pursuing a Psy.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis on rural mental health and underserved populations. Anna Blydenburgh Smallwood graduated from Syracuse University with an M.A. in museum studies and M.S. in library and information science. David Smallwood (’13) has graduated with his J.D. degree from Syracuse University College of Law.

Class of 2015

Beth Breeding married Ira Eads on June 25, 2016. Kaylan Brickey won second place honors from the Virginia Press Association for Business and Financial Writing. She won for a series of stories she wrote for the Washington County News regarding the county’s new Walmart, the truck stop in Meadowview, and the addition of barbecue to the Old Glade Brewery. She currently is the marketing director for Black Bear Harley Davidson in Wytheville, Va. Austin Breed works for the public accounting firm of Montgomery Coscia Greilich. He lives in Garland, Texas. Sarah Denton and David Agron were married Oct. 3, 2015. They live in Chilhowie, Va. Laura Dowell is the administrative assistant for the Department of Physician

Assistant Studies at the Emory & Henry College School of Health Sciences in Marion, Va. Harrison Austin graduated in December from The University of Manchester School of Medicine with a First Class Master of Science in Medical Virology. Jake McNabb works for Duke University as a development research analyst, doing prospect research and management and analytics. Devan Sproles was hired in the summer of 2016 as an assistant football coach at Ferrum College.

Class of 2016

Chris Bingham is in Atlanta, working on a master’s in accounting at Georgia State University. Haleigh Cole is a research technician in the Moody Lab at Duke Human Vaccine Institute in Durham. For more, go to Belen Tamarit Couk is a community guide for a non-profit organization called Arc of North Carolina. The Arc provides services and advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and Belen will be connecting people with community resources. John Duggins is employed by the Mecklenburg Police Department and is currently a police trainee. Marika Katanuma is working as an editor for Yahoo! Japan. Read more at alumni.ehc. edu under News. Kaitlyn Pruitt is the digital advertising specialist for First Bank and Trust Company in Abingdon. ■

IN MEMORIAM Miss JeanRuth Christy diedFreeman in May of(’34), Harriet Halsey 2016 justVa., a few months shy2015. of her 112th Dobson, died Oct. 18, Among birthday. had only recently survivors She are sons William “Bill”been Freeman verified as the 10th oldest and Robert A. Freeman III. person in the Mabel White (’34), Scottsboro, country, andCox as the oldest citizen of North Ala., diedIfOct. 12,how 2015. She taught school Carolina. asked she managed to live in Virginia and Alabama. After retiring from so long, she would tell people, “It’s because fulltime teaching, she spenthad her children!” retirement I never married and I never years servingMethodist, as a schoolshe volunteer at A lifelong called her Scottsboro Junior Among survivors minister when sheHigh. was 105 to say she are herthink daughter, Norma Watkins; son didn’t she was doingJean enough for the Bill White; sister Winnie Cox Elliott (re-’34); church. He put her in charge of a birthday and nephew (re-’69). ministry, andFred everyCox church member got a J. Craft “Lefty” Akard Jr., (’38), phone call from Miss Christy on his or her Bristol, Tenn., died March 27, 2015. He special day. played baseball during summers with the Kingsport Cherokees and went 20-1 in one season winning 18 consecutive games as a pitcher. He was a teacher and coach at Bluff City High School and teacher, coach and principal at Sullivan High School. In 1948 he was elected superintendent of Sullivan County Schools, where he served

author ofpursuing Cold Mountain, Miss Christy She attended Emory & Henry before students a careerhad in full-time Mary Sue Pierce Boesinger (’43), it as a teacher. And so of E&H was co-ed, and to study at Christian service. Hedid andthe hisfather wife faithfully Greenville, S.C.,was diedonly Julyable 22, 2015. geography professor Dr. Ed Davis. the College because family lived served United Methodist Churches During the 1940s, sheher was proud of in the In 2008, Dr. visited Miss Christy community of Emory andwar sheeffort couldaslive throughout theDavis Holston Conference. Among her contributions to the a at when sheare washis 102 to make special survivors wife, Betty;adaughter home. Her worker father ran a printing business laboratory at the Hercules Powderin Carol Hurlock He Chamberlain (’69); Company She continued her presentation. had learned thatson herDavid good their homein–Radford, a house Va. on Hillman Highway Hurlock;inand grandson career as high as school andHouse.” middle school grades geography at Chad EmoryChamberlain & Henry known to amany “Yellow (re-’02). Memorials can be to The in teacher of gifted students in the earned her the right tomade be inducted A native of Andrews, N.C., Misssubjects Christy of had Charles & Betty Hurlock Scholarship at English and Mathematics. Among survivors graduated from Emory & Henry in 1928 and the international geography honor society, Emory &Theta HenryUpsilon. College.He had submitted are her daughters, Margaret Sjoberg Gamma became a teacher, first in Virginia andand then Gloriafor Schuette Farquharson (’44), Emily Holloway; nephew Buddy Pierce (reher name membership and presented in North Carolina. She taught high school Virginia Beach, Va. and formerly of ’79); and niece Jane Pierce Lewis (’81). her official certificate in person. He thought English and social studies, retired in 1970, Bluefield, Va., Julyher 7, 2015. Sheat was Hix C. Bondurant it would be fundied to test memory 102, and continued to go to(’43), classRadford, reunionsVa., well preceded in backfired. death by her John died May100th 20, 2015. He was a recipient the jest He husband asked if she past her birthday. Charles Frazier,ofthe but C. (Cam) Farquharson (NV-12). Among an honorary doctorate of Humane Letters survivors are daughters Mildred (Punkie) from Emory & Henry College and served Little and Julia Etheridge. on the Board of Trustees for many years. Mary Alice Moore Merchant (’49), He served in the U.S. Army during World Fredericksburg, Va., died June 23, 2015. War II and then opened Bondurant Mutual She taught school in four Virginia districts, Insurance Agency in 1947. Ten years later 2016-WINTER 2017 / EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE Bristol, Chilhowie, Charlottesville and he branched into real estate, eventually 36 / FALL Fredericksburg. She retired in 1993 after creating Bondurant Realty Corporation, serving as director of guidance at James with an emphasis on land development.

remembered that her professor Dr. Ray Casto (who taught at the College from 1920-1948) was nicknamed “The Penguin.” She smiled and corrected him saying, “Well, actually, his nickname was Duckie.” Mildred “Mickey” Rush Mason (’38), Martinsburg, W. Va., died April 7, 2016. She taught school in Virginia and New York. She was preceded in death by her husband David H. Mason, Sr. (’38) and sister Elizabeth Rush Wiley (’34). Among survivors are children David Mason, Jr., John Mason and Martha M. Semmes. Genave E. Montgomery (’38), Meadowview, Va., died April 10, 2016. She retired as an educator after teaching at Meadowview Elementary School for over 50 years. She was preceded in death by sisters Nannie Montgomery Rowland (MWC), Lake Montgomery Preston (MWC) and May Janet Montgomery (’39). Mary Canada (’40), Durham, N.C., died Jan. 23, 2016. She earned an M.A. in English from Duke University and a degree in library science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She was on the staff of the Duke University Library for 42 years, and retired as head of the Reference Department and coordinator of exhibits for the Perkins Library Gallery. She was active in the American Library Association, the Southeastern Library Association, and the North Carolina Library Association. She served as president of the Alumni Association of the School of Information and Library Science of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She was also a life-member of the Virginia Historical Society. She taught a children’s Sunday school class at Duke Memorial United Methodist Church for more than 60 years. She is survived by her Godchildren, Sherry Sliwa and Melissa Knight. Harry Thomas “Doug” Craig (’40), Roanoke, Va., died July 13, 2016. He served in the Pacific Theatre in World War II with the Army Air Corps. He was a top turret gunner on a B-24 Liberator airplane and flew 47 combat missions, and two more volunteer missions. For heroic service, he was highly decorated with medals that included the Air Medal, the Asiatic Pacific Medal with two Battle Stars, the Victory Medal, two Bronze Stars, and the Good Conduct Medal. After he returned home he was stationed near White Sands, N.M., and while there witnessed the first test of the atomic bomb. He had a successful career in sales, was an avid bird hunter, and loved to play tennis. He is survived by two sons, Harry T. Craig III and Glen A. Craig. Nancy Menefee Gibbs (’40), Mathews, Va., died Aug. 20, 2016. She grew up in Rocky Mount, Va., and after earning her

E&H degree she did coursework in library science at the University of Virginia. She organized the opening of the Rocky Mount Memorial Library which continues to serve the community today. She was a member of Central United Methodist Church. Among survivors are children Leslie Stuart “Moon” Gibbs, Jr. (’69), John Gibbs, and Lee Thompson. Phyllis Frye Copeland (’41), Newton, N.C., died Sept. 28, 2016. She was only 16 when she started at Emory & Henry, and graduated with a degree in Latin and English. She was on the debate team and a member of ABX sorority. She interrupted her education during World War II in order to join the American Red Cross and served as a social worker at Ashford General Hospital located at the Greenbrier Resort. After the war she earned a master’s in English from Auburn University. She taught English at Lenoir Rhyne College, and studied Shakespeare at Stratfordon-Avon, England. She was a devout United Methodist, a member of the DAR, involved in Delta Kappa Gamma, and an avid traveler. Survivors include her children Carson Copeland and Debra Sizemore (’73). Margaret “Peggy” Stewart Smith (’42), Fernandina Beach, Fla., died Sept. 4, 2016. She was a Master Gardener and a member of the Rose Garden Club. She loved to cook, was a voracious reader, a devout bridge player, and helped spearhead the revitalization of the Newcomer’s Club of Fernandina Beach. She was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Charles “Denny” Smith (’40) and is survived by children Margaret Tassey, Charles Smith Jr., and Michael Smith. William E. Curl (re-’43), Pensacola, Fla., died March 19, 2016. He served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. After receiving his divinity degree he served churches throughout the North Alabama Conference and retired from Canterbury in 1987. He served in other capacities including district superintendent of the Florence District, chair of the Board of Ministries of the Methodist Church and chair of the Committee on Rules. He received an honorary doctorate from Birmingham Southern College where he served as the chair of the executive committee of the board of trustees. Among survivors are his wife Faye and daughter Andrea Edgar. Helen Sawyers Matthews (’43), Orinda, Cal., died Oct. 8, 2015. After college she worked as a bank teller and English teacher before moving to Washington, D.C. She worked as secretary to the U.S. Indonesian Ambassador. She became a successful realtor with Fletcher Real Estate in East Grand Rapids, Mich. and retired in 1984.


Among survivors are children Gordon Matthews, Anne Collette, Susan Reinhart and Amy Matthews. Virginia Leidig Sutherland (re-’44), Abingdon, Va., died Feb. 13, 2016. According to her obituary, “she will be remembered for her stories, her laugh, and her kindness to all. She was a gardener, cook, seamstress, and a storyteller.” Among survivors are her husband William L. Sutherland; daughters Jane Sutherland Chinault (’73) and Mary Sutherland (’77); and nephew Bill Leidig (’77). Memorial contributions may be made to the Daniel G. Leidig Lectureship at Emory & Henry. Thomas Jack Bondurant, Sr. (’48), Atlanta, Ga., died Feb. 20, 2016. He served his country with distinction during World War II, earning several medals and commendations including the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He was severely wounded in combat in France, and then spent a long recovery at hospitals in England and California. He graduated law school in 1950 and returned to Lebanon, Va., where he established a law practice. He was appointed General District Court Judge and spent most of his career riding the circuit between Russell, Giles and Bland counties. He was named chair of the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission. Jack and Peggy were world travelers and visited every state in the United States, every province and territory in Canada, and, most of the countries in Western Europe, Scandinavia, Central and South America, and Northern Africa. According to his obituary, “Jack was known to all for his quick wit, great sense of humor and his interest in all things large and small.” Among survivors are his wife Margaret “Peggy” Starr Bondurant; sister Rebecca Bondurant Lynch (’41); daughter and son-in-law Elizabeth “Betsy” Bondurant Moreland (’77) and James Moreland (’79); son Thomas J. Bondurant, Jr. (’76); granddaughter Mary “Molly” Moreland Knowles (’07) and her husband Eric Knowles (’06); nephews Jim Bondurant (’80); niece Nancy Bondurant-Couch (’81); great-nephew Ben Bondurant (’02); and great-nieces Kathryn Bondurant Smith (’07) and Julia Bondurant (’07) and Jennifer Bondurant Herman (’07). Contributions may be made to the Bondurant Family Scholarship Fund or the I-HEY Athletic Fund at Emory & Henry College. Dr. John T. Kelly (’49), Bristol, Va., died April 3, 2016. He served in the Army Air Corp during World War II. He was the first director of The Collegians, a men’s choral group at E&H. He retired from dentistry in 1995. Among survivors are his wife Kitty, and children David Kelly (’76), Rick Kelly, Mike Kelly (’81) and Kathy Kelly Dunagan

Herbert J. “Jim” McClelland (re-’49), Winter Haven, Fla., died April 25, 2016. He was a World War II veteran, having served as an official Army photographer. After the war he served in the National Guard as both administrative assistant and First Sergeant. He was co-founder of Sterling Mining Company and an original member of the board of the Virginia Surface Mine Reclamation Association. Among survivors are his wife Clara McClelland and sons Dennis (’75) and Herbert. Memorial donations may be made to the Rufus M. McClelland Scholarship Fund at Emory & Henry College. Eleanor Talbert Williams (’49), Glade Spring, Va., died Sept. 28, 2016. She received master’s degrees from Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and Virginia Tech. Eleanor was a retired teacher, having served the Washington County, Va., school system, Roanoke City Schools, and Virginia Highlands Community College. She was chair of the English Department at Patrick Henry High School and served with Washington County English Teachers. She was a member of Old Glade Presbyterian Church. Survivors include children Stan Williams (’77) and wife Sharon Echols Williams (’86); David Williams (’83) and wife Pam Sykes Williams (’83); and Jo Ellen Williams; a sister and brother-in-law Becky Talbert (’60) and George Gumm (’52) and sister Eva Talbert Edmondson (’55). Wendell Leier (’50), of Rutherford, N.J., died July 9, 2016. He served in the U.S. Navy Air Corps and in World War II was a gunner on a B-24 Liberator. He received the Air Medal, Ribbon bar for the Navy, Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon. He also received several commendations from the Secretary of the Navy, and from President Harry Truman. He was employed as a chemist for Stevens Paint in Stoney Point, N.Y. for 40 years. He was a member of the American Legion Post 0139 Lyndhurst, and was an avid fan of the Cardinals and Giants. Among survivors are his children, Thomas and Catherine. Thomas “Mac” Deadmore (’51), North Chesterfield, Va., died Nov. 1, 2016. Mac served in the U.S. Army before a 25-year career with the Virginia Department of Health. He joined the Virginia Department of General Services in 1979 and served as state procurement manager until his retirement in 1991. He served on a variety of state and local boards, including the Virginia Industries for the Blind Advisory Board, and the Chesterfield County Community Services Board. He is survived by his wife Delores “Jerry” Deadmore; his children Jana Carter, Jane Chaffin and Thomas Deadmore; and a brother John

Deadmore (’50). James. E. “Buddy” Earp, Sr. (’51), Christiansburg, Va., died Feb. 24, 2016. He played football for Emory & Henry during the Tangerine Bowl era. He was a team captain and Little All American Honorable Mention. He is a charter member of the Emory & Henry Sports Hall of Fame. He was a lifelong educator and a retired colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. Among survivors are his children Jim Earp (’79) and Lisa Earp; grandson Andrew Earp (E&H student); nephew David Earp (’84) and great-niece Amanda Earp Lester (’11). Contributions may be made to the Tangerine Bowl Era Memorial Endowment at Emory & Henry College. Marvin Goodman (re’51), Kingsport, Tenn., died July 24, 2013. He served with the Army Reserves during the Korean conflict. He was employed at Eastman Chemical for over 12 years before moving his career to the University of Tennessee (UT). He coordinated the development of UT’s center in Kingsport, Tenn. He is survived by his wife, Angela Banks Goodman, and children and step-children Mary Goodman Scott, William Goodman, Tom Banks, Burt Banks, Lee Banks, and Carrie Banks. Dr. William K. Orr (’51), Fishersville, Va., died April 20, 2016. He played with the Emory & Henry football team in the Burley and Tangerine Bowls. He served as a captain in the U.S. Air Force. Dr. Bill practiced family medicine for 38 years, caring for patients from birth to death. He volunteered as the Wilson Memorial football team physician and was inducted into the WMHS Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. He was active at Fishersville United Methodist Church, volunteered for the Augusta Regional Free Clinic, and was a member of the local Ruritan Club. He was known for his beard and pipe, and dressed annually as Santa for visits to the local hospital. Among survivors are his wife Lois Glover Orr (’52); daughters Cynthia Brookhouse, Merribeth Orr Neal (’80) and husband Danny Neal (’80), Cherry Steffen and Penny Bowles; granddaughter Catie Neal (’10); nephew Jerry Orr (’84); and nieces Jane Orr (’71) and Betty Orr (’64). Richard L. Smith (’51), Kingsport, Tenn., died May 6, 2016. He retired from Eastman Chemical Company after 37 years as a senior chemist. Among survivors are his wife Phyllis M. Smith and children Brenda Smith Kilgore, Gary Smith and Sandra Smith Colombo. Wanda M. Faust (’52), Kingsport, Tenn., died Feb. 24, 2016. During her four years at Emory & Henry, Wanda was on the Wasps basketball team. After graduating in 1952, she went on to a career with the FBI in Washington D.C. When she moved

back to Kingsport she took a job with the Kingsport Press, where she faithfully worked for 38 years. She was an active member of Salem United Methodist Church and Kingsley United Methodist Church. Wanda was frequently seen in bright orange traveling a great distance to cheer on her team. According to her obituary, Wanda’s “dedication and devotion to the UT Vols was only overshadowed by three things -- her great love for God, her family, and her friends. Wanda’s joyful chuckle, her easy going demeanor, and the light that she provided to everyone she met will be missed by her friends and her family.” She was a philanthropist who set a fine example for others, and recently established a memorial scholarship at her alma mater in memory of Wanda’s sister Helen J. Faust (’54) and Ruth E. Williamson (’51), Wanda’s dear friend. The fund will benefit E&H students who plan to be educators. Rev. William H. (Bill) Horner, Sr. (re-’52), Knoxville, Tenn., died April 2, 2016. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. He was a Methodist pastor in churches in Tennessee and Virginia. He was appointed by the Holston Conference as district superintendent for the Cleveland District of Tennessee in 1982 and retired in 1992. Rev. Horner was called into further church service at Beymer UMC in Winter Haven, Fla.. for nine years until his second retirement in 2001. Among survivors are children Cynthia Jones, Jackie Early, Jewel Henry, and Bill Horner, Jr. Mary Neblett Hankins (’52), Smithfield, Va., died Nov. 19, 2016. At Emory & Henry she was a member of Alpha Beta Chi sorority and was chosen Homecoming Queen. She operated an antique shop in Wise, Va., for many years, and served Emory & Henry as a volunteer on the Alumni House Committee. Her husband Dr. Walter Hankins (’53) died May 18, 2016. She is survived by children Walter “Hank” Hankins III (’86), Cindy Stone, Melinda Mullins, and Martha Hunt; and granddaughter Jamie Minor Hall (’02). James Edwin Booth, Jr. (’53), Virginia Beach, Va., died Dec. 11, 2015. He was a long-time and sought-after football coach and educator in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. He played football at University of Virginia, and earned a master’s degree at Old Dominion University. He was a consultant and participant in the acclaimed feature documentary Bedford: The Town They Left Behind. Among survivors are children William F. Booth, Sr., Blackburn J. Booth, and step-daughter Kimberly Cassidy. Dr. Walter H. Hankins Jr. (’53), Smithfield, Va., died May 18, 2016. He was a native of Wise County, Va., and was a longtime dentist who graduated from the


Dentistry. He was a former member of the Norton Presbyterian Church, was active in the Norton Kiwanis Club, and was an avid booster of J.I. Burton High School sports. He loved tennis and golf and was a life member of the Lonesome Pine Country Club. His favorite expression was, “Look on the sunny side.” His wife, Mary Neblett Hankins (’52) died Nov. 19, 2016. He is survived by children Walter “Hank” Hankins III (’86), Cindy Stone, Melinda Mullins, and Martha Hunt; and granddaughter Jamie Minor Hall (’02). Joan Harrison Nelms (re-’53), Suffolk, Va., died April 19, 2016. She and her late husband founded Driver Contractors, Inc., Teach’s Lair Marina in Hatteras, N.C. and Joan Corp., a land development company. They were two of the founders of Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Suffolk First Bank (Xenith), and were major owners in Western Branch Metals. Among survivors are her children Jonie N. Mansfield, Lois Nelms, Frank B. “Brink” Nelms, Jr. and Robert E. Nelms. John M. Yeago (’53), Summerfield, N.C., died Jan. 30, 2016. His career was in sales and marketing for the Schering-Plough Foundation. He was predeceased by his wife, Sue Cole Yeago (’51). Among survivors are his son John Yeago; sisters-in-law Betty Hillman Cole (’51), Sallie Cole Hood (’45) and Helen Cole Campbell (’50); and nephew Weaver Cole (’78). Doris Wampler Adair (’54), Richmond, Va., died April 30, 2016. She taught for two decades in the Bristol, Va. school system. Among survivors is a son Tom Adair. Dr. Brownie Edward Polly (’54), Big Stone Gap, Va., died Aug. 4, 2016. As a young man, he was valedictorian and football quarterback at Big Stone Gap High School. At Emory & Henry he was a member of one of the famed Tangerine Bowl football teams. He completed dental school at the Medical College of Virginia and practiced in Appalachia before moving his office to Big Stone where he practiced for more than 42 years. Extremely active in the community, his volunteer service included being a founding board member of the Lonesome Pine Hospital, an appointment by Linwood Holton to serve on the Board of Visitors for University of Virginia, and service on the governing boards of Clinch Valley College (UVA-Wise) and Mountain Empire Community College. He was predeceased by his wife Barbara Creasy Polly (’56). Survivors include sons Brownie Polly III, Wes Polly (’87) and John Polly; grandson Wesley Polly II (’15); and brother George Polly (’66). Dr. John William “Bill” Cline (’54), Graham, N.C., died May 27, 2016. He served four years as a U.S. Air Force medical officer. He completed a residency in ophthalmology

at McPherson Hospital in Durham and at University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill. He then received a fellowship in neuro-ophthalmology at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and later returned to McPherson Hospital (North Carolina Eye and Ear Hospital) where he practiced until his retirement in 2003. Among survivors are his wife Sally Ann Brown Cline; and his children Steven Cline, Kimberly Callahan, David Cline and Todd Cline. Mildred Gilliam Moore (’54), Orlando, Fla., died Sept. 28, 2016. At Emory & Henry she was active in the college choir, the Alethian Literary Society, intramural softball and volleyball, and was a member of Kappa Delta Epsilon. She taught at Big Stone Gap High School, in Merritt Island, Fla., at East Colonial High School, and at Valencia Community College. She was an active member of Quest Church. She is survived by children Richard Moore Jr. and April Adams. Dr. John M. Appling (’55), Cleveland, Tenn., died June 23, 2016. In addition to his E&H degree, he also held degrees from West Virginia University and the Medical College of Virginia. He did a year of internship in surgery at Bowman Gray School of Medicine. He practiced pediatrics in the Cleveland community for more than 40 years, and worked tirelessly as an advocate for abused or neglected children. He was a founding member of the Child Shelter Home in Cleveland, and was instrumental in changing child abuse laws in Tennessee after the Melisha Gibson case. He was a Sunday school teacher and active member at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, and was a friend to every stray dog or cat that crossed his path. Survivors include children Suzanne Wood and Jay Appling. C. W. “Pete” Booher (re-’55), Bristol, Tenn., died May 22, 2016. He retired as a captain with the Bristol Tennessee Police Department where he served for 37 years. Among survivors is his daughter Sheila Duncan. Walter O. Lauter, Jr. (re-’55), Hixson, Tenn., died Sept. 4, 2015. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He began his business career in textile engineering with Peerless Mill in Rossville, Ga., before joining Magic Chef in Cleveland, Tenn., which would later become General Motors (GM), refrigeration division. Following his retirement from GM, he moved to medical software sales, working with both HCA and Ross Perot Systems prior to his retirement in 2001. Among survivors are his wife of 15 years Kathleen “Kathy” Lauter; and sons Mark Lauter, Evan Crane and Christian Crane. Charles F. Thomas (’55), Bristol, Va., died in Nov. 2015. He earned a Bachelor of


Science degree at Emory & Henry majoring in chemistry with a minor in biology. While a student, he was a member of the Phi Pi Alpha social fraternity. He served in the U. S. Army as Army intelligencephoto interpreter. He served one year in Japan and was discharged in August 1957. Frank retired from Strongwell Corporation (formerly Morrison Molded Fiber Glass). Among survivors is a brother, Ed Thomas (’53). Charlie Higgins (’56), Richmond, Va., died Sept. 26, 2016. Charlie was a senior insurance specialist. He was active in local civic and business organizations as well as Chester United Methodist Church. Among survivors are his wife Diane Brown Higgins (re-’56) and daughters Kathy, Kim and Kendra. Rev. Charles Lippse (’56), Chattanooga, Tenn., died Sept. 2, 2016. He earned his masters of divinity from Emory University, and served the Holston Conference as a United Methodist minister for more than 43 years. He served churches throughout Virginia and Tennessee including Munsey Memorial, First Broad Street, Dublin and Tyner. In 1979 he was appointed as a superintendent for the Chattanooga District. Survivors include his daughters, Jill Brown, Gwen Guthrie and Hilda Sullivan. Lynn Pecktal (’56), New York City, N.Y., died Aug. 28, 2016. He was a famed set and costume designer and author of three books on stage design that are still referenced today. In 2012 he was named the recipient of the Irene Sharaff Artisan Award given by the Theatre Development Fund (TDF). He began designing scenery professionally at the Barter Theatre while still an undergraduate, and did graduate work in stage design at the Yale School of Drama. He was associated with Nolan’s Scenery Studios in New York and taught stage design at Carnegie Mellon University and the North Carolina School of the Arts. His costumes were featured in the world premiere of Tennessee Williams’s Tiger Tail at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. He is survived by a son, Scott, and his sister, Rita Pecktal Pew (’59). Barbara Creasy Polly (’56), Big Stone Gap, Va., died March 18, 2016. She was the first female president of the E&H Alumni Association and was a member of the Emory & Henry Board of Trustees. She taught elementary school in Richmond while her husband attended dental school. After moving to Big Stone Gap she became involved in the Big Stone Gap Music Study Club’s annual productions of Broadway musicals, playing the lead role in over 16 productions. In 1964 when the outdoor musical drama “Trail of the Lonesome Pine” began, she played the lead role of

June Tolliver for the first five seasons. That began a lifelong relationship with the outdoor drama and Lonesome Pine Arts & Crafts, where she served as president. In 1970 she helped the organization purchase the John Fox Jr. House & Museum. She was instrumental in chartering a Cub Scout Pack in Big Stone Gap, and she remained involved in scouting for 18 years, eventually receiving the Silver Beaver Award. She later returned to teaching at Powell Valley High School for two years, before joining Don Wax Realty and eventually becoming a broker. She bought the firm, and reorganized it as Lonesome Pine Realty, which became the largest real estate company serving four counties. Her husband, Brownie Polly (’54) died Aug. 4, 2016. Among survivors are sons Brownie Polly III, Wes Polly (’87) and John Polly; grandson Wesley Polly II (’15); and brotherin-law George Polly (’66). James Hutton (’57), Blacksburg, Va., died Nov. 3, 2016. He was a veteran of the Korean War. He earned his law degree from T.C. Williams Law School in Richmond, and joined Gilmer, Sadler, Ingram, Sutherland, and Hutton where he served for 39 years. He was also a municipal judge for five years. He was listed in the publication Best Lawyers in America and was chosen as a fellow of the Virginia Law Foundation. He was an active community servant, spending time on the E&H Board of Visitors, the advisory board for First National Bank (now Union), was a church trustee for Blacksburg Baptist Church, chairman for the Kiwanis Club and the Chamber of Commerce. Among survivors are his wife, Phyllis; his children Chris Hutton (’88) and Vicki Hutton; and a sister-in-law, Betty Orr Hutton (’57). Charles L. Ross (’57), Stone Mountain, Ga., died May 23, 2016. He served in the U.S. Army for two years. His long and distinguished career began at Trust Company of Georgia. He transitioned to selling financial software packages to Fortune 500 companies. After retirement, he worked as a financial advisor. Among survivors are his wife Betty Dillman Ross (re-’59); and daughters Angela Ross and Allison Ross Mitchamore. Rochelle Harrison Seberg (’58), Middletown, R.I., died March 16, 2016. She received her master’s in social work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1964 and had a lifelong career in social work. She was a volunteer in civil rights, women’s issues, environmental concerns, the library, and seniors. She was proud to be a member and past local president of the National Organization of Women. Dr. Melvin Ott Davis (’59), Chester, Va., died Jan. 28, 2015. He graduated from

Duke Divinity School and Union Theological Seminary. He served more than 42 years as a United Methodist pastor in the Holston Conference and the Virginia Conference. He is survived by his wife Betty Thomas Davis and his children, Susan Payne, Karren Streagle, and Richard Davis. James Wayne Goodman (’59), Abingdon, Va., died May 26, 2016. From 1952-1956 he served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War aboard the U.S.S. Wisconsin. He spent his career in management in the textile industry working for Burlington Industries and then Kayser-Roth. He was a member of the Abingdon Baptist Church, serving as deacon, treasurer and greeter. Among survivors are his wife of 60 years Sue Goodman, and sons, David Goodman and Leon Goodman. Glenn Lee Adams (re-’60), Scottsdale, Ariz., died July 28, 2016. He was originally from Damascus, Va., and worked for many years for Appalachian Power in Roanoke. Among survivors is a daughter, Melissa McKinney. Arlene Brown Buchanan (’60), Cedar Bluff, Va., died Dec. 24, 2015. She earned her master’s degree from Vanderbilt, and was a teacher in Russell County from 1962 until 1999. She was a member of the Community Heights Baptist Church, and was a charter member of the Russell County Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Among survivors are her husband Preston Taylor Buchanan; children Laura Buchanan Hess, Sarah Preston Buchanan Taylor (’91), Ira Buchanan; and cousin Kay Mitchell Reedy (’61). Marilyn Frye Hardin (re-’60), Mt. Juliet, Tenn., died Jan. 13, 2016. She was employed as a legal secretary and teacher’s aide, and her last employment was as director of development for the New Community School in Richmond, Va. It was in this position that she earned a number of professional awards for her ability to raise funds for the building of campus classroom facilities. Among survivors are her husband Jim and sons Greg Hardin (re-’91) and David Hardin. Memorial donations may be made to Emory & Henry College. Charles L. Patterson (’60), Wytheville, Va., died April 24, 2016. He was a longtime administrator with Wythe County (Va.) schools. He was preceded in death by his wife Janie Gates Patterson (’77) and daughter Karen P. Hudson (’80). Among survivors are children Charles Derek Patterson and daughter Susan Jones. Elizabeth “Libby” Ann Thompson Wolfe (re-’60), Virginia Beach, Va., died Aug. 27, 2016. Originally from Marion, Va., she taught elementary school in Norfolk, Va., then worked for Virginia Beach Parks and

Recreation for more than 27 years as a budget unit manager and coordinator of senior citizen services. She was a lifelong member of the Virginia Recreation and Park Society and a founder of the James K. Cole Memorial Scholarship Fund. She was best known for organizing the annual folk arts festival at Princess Anne Park and the Little Miss Virginia Beach pageant. Survivors include children R.K. Wolfe and Patti Robinson. Kenneth D. Smith (’61), Chilhowie, Va., died June 11, 2016. His passion was helping those who were physically and mentally impaired, training them to be independent, productive citizens. His career with the Department of Rehabilitative Services enabled him to train paraplegics, quadriplegics, and those who were deaf and blind. Among survivors are his wife Joyce Doss Smith and children Cindy Smith Surface (’91), Greg Smith, Keith Smith and Tim Smith. Barbara Brooks Boice (’62), Bristol, Va., died Jan. 1, 2016. She retired from Control Data Systems in Louisville, Ken., before moving to Bristol. Among survivors are children Gary Boice, Janet Boice, and Mary Boice Blair. Marcus King (’62), Blountville, Tenn., died Aug. 18, 2016. He was a researcher, collector, and dealer of antiques, and was a field researcher for the Cultural Heritage Project at the William King Museum of Arts for more than three years. He was a consultant for numerous exhibits, articles and books, and was considered by some to be the expert on Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee decorative arts. He was preceded in death by his wife, Elinor Rollins King (’59). He is survived by his children Gregory King, Gretchen Neal, Mary Katherine Winters (’87), and Sharon Clingan. Donald “Don” E. Ripley (’62), Bumpass, Va., died Aug. 7, 2016. Originally from Buchanan, Va., Mr. Ripley was also an alumnus of Greenbrier Military Academy. He was retired from the Virginia Department of Transportation as a resident engineer in Luray, Va. He served in the U.S. Army, was a member of the Louisa Lions Club, and was an elder of Louisa Presbyterian Church. Among survivors is his wife, Ann Harper Ripley. Joe K. Stanley (’62), Wytheville, Va., died Jan. 30, 2016. He was a life-long educator having served as administrator, teacher, coach and counselor for 50 years in Smyth and Wythe counties. After retirement from public schools he served as adjunct professor and received the Outstanding Adjunct Professor Award in 2009. He was inducted into the Wythe County Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. He received


a commendation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, was an active member of St. Paul United Methodist Church, and an active member of the Wythe County Kiwanis Club. He was one of 16 family members who received degrees from Emory & Henry. Among survivors are his wife Sue Worley Stanley (’64); daughter Tracey Stanley Crigger (’92); brother and sister-in-law Jim (’67) and Pres Hutton Stanley (’67); and cousins Matt Reedy (’00) and Buddy Reedy (’66). Contributions may be made to the Joe and Sue Stanley Scholarship for Teachers at Emory & Henry. Col. Jack A. Thomas (’62), Lenoir, N.C., died Jan. 14, 2016. He was commissioned in the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant. He served for the next 24 years and two months of his life. He excelled as a weapons system officer with the 497th TAC Squadron and was proud to serve 1 ½ combat tours in the F-4 in the skies over Vietnam. His combat medals include the Distinguished Flying Cross with three Oakleaf Clusters, Meritorious Service Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and the Air Medal with twenty-seven Oak Leaf Clusters. Jack retired from the Air Force in 1991. Among survivors are his wife Maj. Sharon Thomas, USAF, retired, and children Andy Thomas and Annette Thomas Stopar. Donations may be made to the I-HEY Club of Emory & Henry College. Betty Bane Worley Stanley (’63), Roanoke, Va., died March 14, 2016. As an Air Force wife, she lived in Guam, Washington, North Dakota, Texas and Salem, Va. Among survivors are her brother Dr. Eugene M. Bane (’63); children Kathryn Michelle Worley Foss, Phillip Michael Worley and Elizabeth “Beth” Bane Worley; and niece Rylie Bane Elliott (’97) and her husband Blaine Elliott (’98). Priscilla Lord Oakes (’64) died Sept. 13, 2016. A lifelong member of the Methodist Church, Priscilla sang in the choir and was active with the United Methodist Women. She was a dedicated mother and grandmother who attended ballgames, concerts, and cheerleading events with regularity and enthusiasm. She worked as a librarian at the Corryton Library before joining the family nursery business, Oakes Daylilies. Among survivors are her husband Stewart (’64) and children Jennifer Estes, Ken Oakes, and Bill Oakes. Dianna Nelson Sturgill (re-’66), Hartsville, S.C., died Jan. 16, 2016. She had a long and dedicated career with the State of South Carolina, serving the Department of Social Services in child protection and adoptions, where she worked to help children find places in safe and loving homes. Among survivors are her husband Wayne Sturgill, and sons Stephen Sturgill,

David Sturgill and Chris Sturgill. Dr. Marvin Wilson Tabor (’66), Cincinnati, Ohio, died Jan. 27, 2016. He received the William and Martha DeFriece Award in 1995 from Emory & Henry College for distinguished service to humanity. He was a world-renowned scientist. His international accolades include the Miguel Alemán Award, the highest civilian award given in Mexico for contributions to medical science to improve the health and quality of life of Mexican citizens. He was the author of more than 300 papers, abstracts and reports. Ellen Spraker Robinson (re-’67), Warrenton, Va., died September 16, 2016. She was born in Smyth County, Va., and both parents (now deceased) were E&H alumni: James Henry Spraker (’40) and Nell Emma Taylor Spraker (’41). She attended high school in Richmond, Va. She played an integral role in her husband’s real estate appraisal business, and was a big fan of Emory & Henry and Virginia Tech. Ellen was instrumental in organizing the first student send-off picnic of the Fauquier VT Alumni Association chapter which has now become an annual event. She is survived by her husband Walter Robinson, sons Matthew True and Andrew True, stepdaughters Melissa Wolfe and Dana Robinson and two grandchildren. Cynthia “Cindy” Keeble Rawlings (re-’68), Sevierville, Tenn., died June 27, 2016. She was a member of Kappa Phi Alpha sorority, studied at the University of Tennessee, and served for a time as the records clerk at the Pigeon Forge Police Department. Survivors include two sons, Christopher and Lynn, three grandchildren, and a cousin Susan Keeble (’72). Jeane Tatum Philpott (’69), Kyle, Texas, died July 3, 2016. She grew up in Tazewell County, Va., and became a registered nurse, earning an associate of applied science degree in nursing from Pace University in New York City, and an M.Ed. degree from UT Chattanooga. Her career as a nurse led to work in cardiac, critical care, hospice, oncology and more. At one time, she was a licensed local pastor, and she was a devoted member of the United Methodist Church. Among survivors are her husband, Dr. Jim Philpott (’70); children Ben Philpott and Sarah Philpott; and sister Jane Tatum Farmer (’74) and husband Ken Farmer (’72). Woodrow E. “Woody” Herndon (’71), Saltville, Va., died March 28, 2016. He was a special education teacher for 33 years. Among survivors are his companion of 10 years Alice Samaniego and son Cameron Kalin. Robert “Bobby” Hill III (’73), New York, N.Y., died Feb. 28, 2016. At Emory & Henry he majored in art and history, and he was


passionate about social justice and equality issues for marginalized people. He once served as director of the Emory-Glade Community Center where he encouraged young African American students to be their best, introducing them to jazz and chess and taking them on field trips around the community. In the mid-1970s he was invited to Hawaii where he connected with native Hawaiians working to reclaim their cultural heritage. His devotion to the plight of those who were set apart was evidenced in his career as he taught in alternative high schools for at-risk students, and was often involved in social activism in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and New York. Among survivors are his wife Lynn Montoya; mother Elizabeth Hill; and siblings Dennis Hill (’72), Jerry Hill (’75), Ann Hill (’81), Maurice Hill and Sheila Hill. Joyce Gentry Henderlite (’73), Marion, Va., died July 8, 2016. In addition to her E&H degree, she earned a master’s from Radford University, and taught school in Smyth County for more than 32 years. She was a member of Elizabeth United Methodist Church in Teas, Va. Survivors include her husband, Doug; son Michael Henderlite (’04); several sisters including Sandra Scott Haga (’80); and a nephew Jonathan Hawkins (’10). Michael S. Rouse (’73), Glade Spring, Va., died May 8, 2016. He worked for the Virginia Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services in Marion. He was preceded in death by his father Charles Rouse (re-’53). Among survivors are children Jessica Hill and Josh Rouse; and nephews Alan Rouse (’94) and Dustin Rhea (’06). Bradley LuVerne Swanson (’73), Abingdon, Va., died October 28, 2016. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1969 to 1972 and was a veteran of the Vietnam War. He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnamese Campaign Medal with device, Vietnamese Service Medal with 1 star, Combat Action Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Unit Award, and Rifle Sharpshooter Badge. He worked as a bank examiner, a restauranteur, and worked in the natural gas industry. His is survived by siblings, including Christine Kolling Hipolito (’78). Kenneth D. Fritz (’74), Damascus, Va., died May 20, 2016. He was best known as an owner and manager of Cowboys General Store, Inc. in Damascus. He was a former teacher, employee of Campbell Ford in Abingdon, and was a farmer. Among survivors are children Jesse Fritz and Alesia Sexton; and niece Pam Fritz Allen (’96). S. Keith Drumwright (’77), North Chesterfield, Va., died Jan. 26, 2016.

He retired from Phillip Morris, USA/ International after more than 30 years. Among survivors are his wife Debbie B. Drumwright; sons Justin Drumwright and Joseph Drumwright; and stepchildren Christy Schott, Eric Autry and Justin Autry. Dr. Eric M. Peck (’78), Olathe, Kan., died June 3, 2016. He completed his four-year obstetrics/gynecology residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 1986, where he was given the Jayhawker M.D. resident teaching award. From 1986 to 1990 he practiced medicine at Crusader Central Clinic in Rockford, Ill. In 1990 he began his 25 years of practice at Olathe Medical Center. Among survivors are his wife Susanna; sons Andrew, Daniel and Michael; father David W. Peck (’49); and sister Lorna Peck Charles (re-‘75). Gregory T. Sholes (’81), Glade Spring, Va., died March 30, 2016. He spent most of his career as a teacher and coach at Holston High School. He was a civic-minded individual who served on the town council of Glade Spring, Va. Among survivors are children Blake Sholes and Mary Virginia Sholes; and a brother Tim Sholes (’78). Ora Buford Stallard III, (’81), Bristol, Va., died Feb. 24, 2016. He proudly served his country in the U.S. Army. Among survivors are his wife Julia Stallard and children James Carter, Stephen Carter and Deborah Carter. Lynne Rader Alger (’82), New Market, Va., died April 22, 2016. She was a project accountant for M.C. Dean in Harrisonburg, Va. Among survivors are her husband Bruce Alger; sons Christian Trey Rader Alger and Calvin Bruce Alger II; step-children Amanda Renee Alger and Calvin Gregory Bruce Alger. Paul Haywood (’85), King George, Va., died Oct. 10, 2016. He earned his master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Southern California, was a U.S. Army veteran and had retired from the Department of Energy. He enjoyed historic restoration and travel. He is survived by his wife Katie Mohr Haywood (’85) and a son Sam Haywood. Sherry Evans DeBord Nipper (’90), Abingdon, Va., died Feb. 28, 2016. She retired after serving 24 years as an educator with Washington County and Smyth County Public Schools. Among survivors are her husband Roger Nipper and step-daughter Laura Weiss. Ian Fiorino (’99) died August 30, 2016. Ian was a graduate of George Wythe High School. He and his wife formerly owned Tree Hugger’s Outdoor, and Ian went on to own his own oil field consulting company

working as a directional driller. He loved all things outdoors including biking, rock climbing and snowboarding. According to his obituary, “he was a voracious reader and a full-time thinker. He had an answer for every question, and if he didn’t he made one up.” Survivors include his wife, Jody, and son, Roman; his mother, Ruth Bryant and her partner Raymont Gordon (’80).

Martha Washington College

Martha Helen List Athens, Jacksonville, Fla., died March 8, 2016. Among survivors are her children James Athens, Robert Athens, William Athens and Julie Athens Read.

Navy V-12

Harry L. Cohn, Richmond, Va., died March 24, 2016. He served in the Navy in World War II, seeing action from the Philippines to Okinawa, where his ship was hit by a kamikaze boat. He practiced law in Richmond for 64 years. Among survivors are a son Jeff Cohn and daughter Wendy Miller.

Former Employees

Carl Bolt, Charlotte, N.C., died Oct. 27, 2016. Carl was a running back at Southern Mississippi University in Hattiesburg before being recruited to the Green Bay Packers, and after a season with Green Bay he played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Canadian Football League. He later coached football and baseball at the University of Richmond and at Emory & Henry. He was an alumnus of Washington and Lee University. He is survived by his wife Charleen Toolin Bolt and daughters Anna Widdowson and Tara Little. Marvin Casey, Abingdon, Va., died Aug. 6, 2016. He served for many years on the E&H campus security force. He is survived by his wife Helen Casey, children John and Jeff, and a brother John who also served on the security staff. Dorothy Price “Dot” Culberson, Emory, Va., died Jan. 9, 2016. She served E&H for many years as the administrative assistant to the dean of students and secretary to the dean of the college among other roles. She worked as a bookkeeper at Highlands Nursing Home, Royster-Hayter Company, Holston Furniture and the Krystal Hamburger Company. She was a longstanding member of the Emory United Methodist Church, a sponsor for Kappa Phi Alpha sorority, and a chaperone for Girl Scouts. Her obituary failed to mention that she was rarely not found in fits of laughter, cheated at cards, never passed a Krispy

Kreme donut shop without stopping to pay respects, was a cherished, if raucous, friend to students who visited the dean’s office, had a lifelong devotion to chocolate, and was the subject of at least two to three stories that could be told by every single person she ever knew. She was preceded in death by her husband Connie Culberson (’49). Among survivors are her children David Culberson (’70), Susan Elaine (’72), Jane Culberson Bryant (’74) and Ron Culberson; grandson Adam Bryant (’00) and his wife Carrie Shifflett Bryant (’02); and daughter-in-law Edie Allen Culberson (’72). Donations may be made to the Dot and Connie Culberson Scholarship Fund at Emory & Henry College. Dr. Terry R. Griffin, Bedford, Va., died May 7, 2016. He retired after 42 years as a German language professor at Emory & Henry. He was preceded in death by his wife Nancy Griffin who was retired from E&H; daughter Kristin Griffin Palmer; and grandson Griffin Lane Palmer. In a tribute written by his former student, Dr. Toby Applegate (’92) talked of how Dr. Griffin’s often gruff manner pushed him to be a better thinker, a better student, and, now, a better professor (at University of Massachusetts-Amherst). “I was an acolyte of Dr. Griffin. I learned that once you made it through the Sturm und Drang of the character he played for freshmen you found a rather nice, gentle man with a titanic sense of humor, a massive taste for hard to taste things, and a tremendous capacity to forgive. If I did not understand something in my chosen major, philosophy, I would ask Ben Letson or Ed Damer. If I still needed another perspective, I would ask Griffin and he would know where to push me. While I took several courses with him, including German language courses, I learned as much outside of class from him as I did in class.” He is survived by a daughter Barbara Griffin Harrington. Hildegard Maria Bartels Roth, Heidelberg, Germany, died Aug. 28, 2013. She was a former assistant professor for the German Department at Emory & Henry. She received the 1970 Excellence in Teaching Award from the student body of Emory & Henry. During her tenure, she was a pioneer for study abroad at Emory & Henry, and initiated the first recorded student trips to Europe for E&H students. Among survivors are her children Dr. Hans Joachim Roth (’64), Wolfgang Martin Roth (re-’66), Dr. Kornelius Roth (re-’72), and Dr. Annette Roth Lamprecht (re-’65). ■


in appreciation...

Honor Roll of Donors 2015-16

Emory & Henry College


Honor Roll of Donors Emory & Henry College takes pride in publishing this Honor Roll of Donors, honoring those generous individuals and organizations that made gifts to the College during its fiscal year which ran from July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016.

Table of Contents

Patrick Henry Society 43 Board of Trustees 44 The Society of 1836 44 Alumni 45 Undergraduate Students 53 Graduate Students Navy Specials Virginia Intermont College Faculty, Staff & Retirees Friends 54 Businesses & Organizations 55 Foundations 56 Religious Organizations

In the following listings, (D) indicates the donor is deceased. Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the lists, but any person who finds an error or omission should contact the Office of Advancement at Emory & Henry, 276-944-6119.

Gift Clubs Emory & Henry has been blessed by remarkable generosity on the part of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends. To honor that generosity, E&H recognizes its donors at varied levels. The College community extends a hearty word of thanks to every person who has become a member of one of these gift clubs. Names of members are included in the pages that follow. Patrick Henry Society The Society takes its name from Patrick Henry, noted Virginia patriot and orator of the American Revolution. Emory & Henry’s founders chose to incorporate his name into that of the College because of his role as a statesman and his commitment to democratic ideals. The Patrick Henry Society is composed of those individuals and couples who contributed $1,500 or more to Emory & Henry during fiscal year 2015-2016. Alumni who have graduated within the past 15 years become Patrick Henry Society Associate members with a fiscal year gift of $100 times the number of years since their graduation date. This year, the 1775 Club was instituted for donors of $1,775 and higher. The 1775 Club recalls the year Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Liberty or Death” speech. Tobias Smyth Club The name honors Tobias Smyth, a founder of the College. A devout, hard-working Methodist layman, Smyth made the first cash donation of $500 in 1835. Membership is open to persons or couples who contribute from $500 to $1,499 during the fiscal year. Byars Club The name honors Colonel William Byars, a founder of the College, trustee, and architect of early campus buildings. Membership is open to persons or couples who contribute from $250 to $499 during the fiscal year. Spire Club The name pays tribute to Memorial Chapel, a handsome structure central to the life of the College. Membership is open to persons or couples who contribute from $100 to $249 during the fiscal year.


Patrick Henry Society Named in honor of Patrick Henry, a renowned patriot of the American Revolution & Virginia’s first governor, the Society consists of members of annual giving circles beginning with a minimum contribution of $1,500. Donors who gave $1,775 or more are included in this club that recalls the year Patrick Henry delivered his “Liberty or Death” speech. 1775 Club donors are noted in bold. Following is a list of members of the Patrick Henry Society during 2015-2016:

President’s Circle ($25,000 & Above ) Dr. Bob B. Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. John Burns Ms. Anne Cheatham Mrs. Preston Copenhaver Mrs. Suzanne Gibbs Ellis Fields Dr. & Mrs. Earl Stephen Hunt Mrs. Rosa R. Lemmon Mr. Thomas D. McGlothlin Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Powell, Jr. Mr. Gary M. Reedy & Dr. Cynthia K. Reedy Dr. Martha G. Rowlett Mr. & Mrs. Danford Sawyer Mrs. Barbara M. Scott Miss Suzanne Steele Mr. Edward R. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Walters Mr. Jerry W. Wharton Mr. George A. Whitley Ms. Christine Wilmanns

Gold Circle ($10,000-$24,999) Dr. Eugene M. Bane, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Bartlett, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Bryant Mr. Walt Crickmer & Dr. Janet Justice-Crickmer Mr. Joseph F. Ellis, Jr. Mr. James Hubert Fern Mr. Joseph McGowen Hamil K. Ramsey McGowen & William J. Hamil Mrs. Lynda Jones Hawkins Dr. & Mrs. Neil D. Hollyfield DDS Mr. & Mrs. T. Rick Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Johnson Dr. Anita Susan Keene Margaret Turman Kidd & Tyler Kidd Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. Leonard Mr. William B. Pendleton

Mr. H. C. Pratt Mr. & Mrs. Leslie I. Prillaman, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Quillin Mr. Timothy E. Rizer Mr. & Mrs. Jake B. Schrum Drs. Frank & Cathy Crowe Schubert James Gooch & Jennie Pruner Smith Mr. & Mrs. C. K. Stickley Judge & Mrs. Joseph S. Tate Dr. & Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood Steve & Donna Proffit Vaughn Dr. L. Carole Wharton Mr. & Mrs. John King Williams Silver Circle

($5,000 - $9,999 )

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn H. Birkitt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Jeoffrey B. Bodenhorst Mr. Stephen H. Carter, Jr. Ms. Sarah M. Copenhaver Dr. Lee Ray Crowe, Jr. Mr. Henry C. Dawson, Jr. Mr. George E. Dobbs Dr. Michael G. Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fachilla Mr. Tim L. Fields Mr. & Mrs. J. Brent Foster Mr. Peter Gerry Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Gilliam Ms. Jane Hicks Harter Mr. Paul N. Hubble, Jr. The Reverend Philip & Mrs. Shirley Hunsicker Mr. & Mrs. John C. King Mr. F. Winton Lackey & Ms. Donna M. Fanelli Mr. & Mrs. William R. Mink Mr. William Louis Naehle Ms. Betty Jo Pate Mr. Paul F. Proffit Drs. Rosalind & Don Reichard Ms. Vicki Smith Ms. Courtney Stewart Mr. Samuel Thomas Terry, Jr. Mr. William J. Thomas, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Thompson Mr. Robert D. Tucker Mr. Mark W. Walling Mrs. Louella Hawkins Woodward Bronze Circle

($2,500 - $4,999)

Mr. David S. Allen & Ms. Lorri A. Stone Dr. & Mrs. Mark W. Alley Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Beck Ms. Lynne Kimberly Bishop Dr. Evan J. Blaney Mrs. Carolee Jackson Bondurant Mr. Ronald L. Burnop Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Burton, Jr. Bishop & Mrs. Kenneth L. Carder Mrs. Barbara Hicks Cecil Dr. Mary B. Cox Mr. & Mrs. William Todd Creasy Mr. Stephen Alan Cross


Mr. David W. Driver Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Ely Ms. Jill L. Fachilla Mrs. Kathryn John Gardner The Honorable & Mrs. Paul D. Greer Mrs. Mary Wilson Grindstaff Mr. Greg Hagee & Ms. Gretchen Carlson-Hagee Mr. & Mrs. Charles Henderson Dr. Miriam Macfarlan Herin Mr. Curtis E. Hollins Mr. & Mrs. W. Douglas Hounshell Mr. & Mrs. Derek A. Jones Rev. & Mrs. Douglas W. Kanney Mrs. Nancy Saunders Kidd Mr. Hugh C. Larkey Ms. Jessica Mashburn Mrs. Laura Frederick Mason Mr. Dale Franklin McGlothlin Mr. Eugene J. Meyung Captain Lee C. Miles Mr. John Michael Moore Mr. & Mrs. Dennis G. Nickle Mr. Gary L. Peacock Mr. J. Richard Peery Mr. Charles B. Phillips Mr. Stephen R. Sage Mr. Christopher A. Sanchez Mr. Skip Showker Drs. Walter E. Smalley, Jr. & K. Louise Hanson Mr. Sid A. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Todd Dr. Richard W. & Ms. Patsi B. Trollinger Rev. Dr. Frank E. Trotter Jr. Mrs. Bettye H. Van Dyke Dr. George B. Vaughan Mr. Paul Tyler Vaughn Mr. Stephen F. Walker Mr. Robert White Dr. James Ronald Willoughby Mr. & Mrs. Harry H. Yost Dr. & Mrs. Dan H. Zimmerman Contributors Circle

($1,500 - $2,499)

Mrs. Ti Alley Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Allison Ms. Emily Blesi Anderson Dr. Douglas K. Armbrister Mr. & Mrs. G. Craig Baker Rev. William R. Ballance, Jr. Mrs. Virginia Rowland Barker Dr. Glynn R. Baugher Mr. & Mrs. Bill G. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Berry Dr. Rebecca Moore Bigoney Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Blackburn Drs. Paul & Nancy T. Blaney Mr. & Mrs. David Allen Blevins Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Boggess Mr. Gary P. Bolt Mr. Benjamin T. Bondurant Mr. Samuel Bratton, Jr. Mr. Rob & Rev. Mary K. Pope Briggs Dr. Thomas H. Brigham, Jr. Mr. Arthur Theron Broady Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lee Brooks Mr. Joshua B. Bullock

Ms. Maria Carrera Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Carter, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Hobart G. Cawood Mrs. Barbara P. Chavatel Mr. & Mrs. Marty A. Childress Dr. & Mrs. David Ware Christian Dr. Clyde Christmas III Mrs. Sue G. Clark Mr. Henry P. Clabaugh Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Cline Mr. Bob F. Coulthard Ms. V. Kathy Cox Mr. Jon L. Crittenden, Jr. Mr. Terence H. Crowgey Dr. T. Edward Damer & Ms. Nancyjean Bradford Kathryn C. & Michael R. Davidson Dr. & Mrs. James M. Dawsey Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Denham Mr. Gene W. Denton Mr. David C. Dix Mrs. Pixie Kelly Dozier Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Drinkard Mrs. Sarah Blakemore Drummond-Schell Ms. Lynlee Smith Dutton Mr. & Mrs. John E. Eldridge Mr. James W. Elliott, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Elliott IV Mr. & Mrs. Bradford J. Fellows Mr. & Mrs. Baldwin G. Fitzgerald Mr. W. Ronald Fowler Mr. Douglas C. Fullman Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Garnand III Mr. & Mrs. Rick Gaumer Rev. & Mrs. Richard J. Geoghegan Mr. Joshua W. Gilman Mr. Mark Russell Graham Ms. Mimi Graham Mike & Terry Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Groves Ms. Barbara L. Hale Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Hall Rev. Ronald Hammond Dr. David Haney & Ms. Lisa Baldwin Ms. Barbara Newton Hargroves Ms. Mary Elizabeth Harkleroad Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Hicks Dr. Paul P. Hicks, Jr. Mr. E. Edwin Hill Dr. Robert Hillman & Ms. Sheila McElwee Ms. Monica S. Hoel Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert W. Holmes III Rev. & Mrs. John N. Howard Mrs. Eleanor H. Hutton Mr. & Mrs. Ben H. Jennings Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lee Johnson Mrs. Jane Compton Johnson Hon. & Mrs. Joe P. Johnson, Jr. Ms. Kimberly N. Johnson Mr. James M. Johnston Dr. & Mrs. Chester I. Jordan Dr. John O. Joyce

Mr. & Mrs. David T. Kendall Dr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Lamb Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Lane Mr. B. David Lee Mr. & Mrs. C. Donald Lenhart Mr. Larry John Lenhart Mr. David Lester Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Lester Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. LoGrande Bishop Richard C. Looney Rev. & Mrs. Eugene H. Lovell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Mahaffey Mrs. Mary McCormick Maxwell Mr. Charles McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Hal P. McHorris Mr. Greg McMillan & Mr. Dirk Moore Dr. & Mrs. James B. McNeer Richard & Suzanne Miller Mr. Walter Phillip Miller, Jr. Ms. Ellen H. Moore Mr. Donald G. Morrell Mrs. Geraldine Grubbs Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Josh N. Myers Dr. & Mrs. Todd R. Nairn Dr. James L. Nave Mr. Wally J. Nelson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Don Nicewonder Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Nicewonder Mr. J. Kevin Nicewonder Mr. Howard C. Owen Dr. David W. Peck Mr. Paul L. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Waid B. Powell Ms. Nancy P. Price Mrs. Carolyn Foard Prillaman Mrs. Carol Ward Pruner Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Puckett Dr. R. Christopher Qualls Mr. C. R. Quesenberry Ms. Patricia H. Quillen Mr. & Mrs. John C. Retinger, Jr. Dr. John Marvin Reynolds Dr. Emmett V. Richardson, Jr. Dr. Aaron Rodocker & Dr. January Haile Mr. & Mrs. B. Fielding Rolston Mr. Omar G. Ross Mr. G. Michael Ruble & Dr. Karen Miller Ruble Mr. & Mrs. David G. Ryan, Sr. Ms. Brooklyn D. Sawyers Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Secord, Jr. Mr. Michael Sheffield & Mrs. Susan Sheffield Judge William R. Shelton Mr. Rufus A. Shull, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Gerald P. Sierchio Mr. & Mrs. E. Scott Sikes Mr. & Mrs. Billy E. Sluder Mr. Emmett Chapman Snead III Dr. Gregory W. Snodgrass Dr. & Mrs. H. Merritt Sparger, Jr. Mr. Michael A. Spiegler Dr. Patrick O. Spurgeon Mrs. Ella Sue Worley Stanley Mrs. Nancy M. Stone Mrs. Lynda S. Stuart Dr. Clarence W. Taylor, Jr. Mr. Joseph P. Taylor Mr. Robert W. Thomas Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. T. Michael Todd Mr. Paul R. Tuell Mr. Roderick O. Uveges Dr. William H. Van Dyke, Jr. Dr. J. Neil Varnell Mrs. Judith Varnell Mr. & Mrs. David J. Voskuil Mr. Louis Wacker & Mrs. Patty W. Bales Mr. & Mrs. James Giles Wallace Drs. James A. Warden & Alexandra Skidmore Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Wechsler Mr. Hal A. Weeden Mr. Andrew E. Willson Dr. Brian D. Wolfe Ms. Bethany R. Worrell Mr. Donald R. Youell Mr. Michael Kent Young Mr. G. Andrew Zirkle Patrick Henry Associates Mr. Robert Carter Aylor Mr. & Mrs. Allen P. Childress Ms. Denise Renae Gobble Mr. Adam Whitley Henderson Mr. Samuel David Line Mr. Jake McNabb Mr. Stephen Robert Rainey Mr. Mark Diefenderfer Robertson Mr. Kenton Roger Williams Mr. & Mrs. Spencer B. Yount

Board of Trustees Following is a list of the individuals who were members of the Board of Trustees and who provided charitable supported to the college during its fiscal year 2015-2016. The members in bold also supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time period: Glenn H. Birkitt Kyra Kegley Bishop Jeoffrey B. Bodenhorst Carolee Jackson Bondurant Theron Broady Joseph F. Ellis James H. Fern Tim Lee Fields Peter Gerry Vaughn Groves Jane Hicks Harter Lynda Jones Hawkins Paul N. Hubble Earl Stephen Hunt Eric S. Johnson Sandra J. Johnson Jonathan B. Jonas Anita S. Keene Tyler Garrett Kidd Lyle Kraft F. Winton Lackey Beth Maiden Mahaffey John P. McClave William L. Naehle William B. Pendleton Paul A. Powell, Jr.

Gary M. Reedy B. Fielding Rolston Christopher Sanchez Brooklyn Danielle Sawyers Jake B. Schrum Cathy Crowe Schubert Jennie Pruner Smith Ann Grim Sparger Mary Virginia Taylor Samuel Thomas Terry Donna Proffit Vaughn Peter S. Walters L. Carole Wharton Donald R. Youell

Society of 1836 The Society of 1836 embraces donors whose gifts, arranged through their estates, will benefit the College in the future. Following are those who are members as of June 30, 2016. Ms. Lorraine N. Abraham Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Adams Mrs. Ti Alley Virginia F. Alley Mrs. Katherine G. Andrew G. Craig Baker and Deborah M. Baker Jean Harvell Baker William R. Ballance, Jr. Eugene M. Bane, Jr., O. D. & Rebecca F. Bane R. M. “Tommy” Barber & Mrs. Shelia Greever Barber Mrs. Virginia Rowland Barker Keith A. Baumgardner R. Jerry Beck Mrs. Barbara-lyn Belcher Bill G. and Cathy Massey Bennett Samuel C. & Margaret S. Berry Sandy Bolling Carolee Bondurant Dr. Edward L. Boye Mr. A. Kennard Brewster Mrs. Anne Hubble Britton Elizabeth Ann Ehlshlager Brown Norma J. & G. Vincent Brown, Jr. George William and Reba Dowdy Burkett Diann Cramer Butler John W. Butler, Jr. Mrs. James W. Carrier Mr. Michael L. Carter Dr. William J. Carter David N. Castle Hobart G. & Addie-Lou Cawood Barbara P. Chavatel D. Jeffrey Coale Sally Cook F. Joseph Copenhaver, Jr. & Karen L. Copenhaver Mrs. Preston Copenhaver Mr. Harry T. Craig, Jr. Dr. Janet L. Culbertson S. I. Daily, Sr. Carol Davis Mr. Henry C. Dawson, Jr. William H. Dillon & Jean Elliott Dillon H. Phillip Dingus

Stephanie Balarzs Douglas Mr. David W. Driver Mrs. Sarah Kent Blakemore Drummond-Schell Mrs. Frances M. Dulaney A. Karl Ehlshlager John E. Eldridge Mr. Joseph F. Ellis, Jr. Ms. Barbara Mann Emison Wanda Johnson Epps Philip & Linda Greenig Ernst Ms. Jill L. Fachilla Mrs. Suzanne Gibbs Ellis Fields Tim L. Fields Dr. Stephen L. Fisher & Ms. Nancy Garretson Ms. Anne Christina Fleming Mr. Steven F. Galyean Wilson A and Kaycy Conley Gay Elizabeth A. McClanahan Geisler Pamela Roberts Coale Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Goss, Jr. Mark Russell Graham Mr. Robert A. Graham Dr. Rosemary Gray Mrs. Anne Young Graybeal David M. Graybeal J. Patrick and Jill L. Graybeal Bobby F. Griffin Faye Louise Grindstaff Mary Wilson Grindstaff Dr. James Ronald Groseclose Margaret Y. Haley Gary W. & Elizabeth Mansell Hall Mr. Wayne Hamilton Betty Looney Hampton Ray Hancock Mr. Matthew Charles Hankins Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Harman Mrs. Harold W. Harris Barbara Young Harrison Jane Vernon Harter & Edward R. Harter Thomas E. & Cynthia Whittaker Haskins Ms. Daphney A. Haynes James A. Helm, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. H. Kirk Henry, Jr. Mr. P. William Herald, Jr. Buddy O. & Susan Herring Rev. Harry W. Hight, Jr. Monica S. Hoel Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert W. Holmes III Ms. Jane Strate Hopson J. N. Howard and Ella Portis Howard Mrs. Kyoko Ushio Huber Hugh W. Huff, Jr. Joe Huff III Sara Rowan Huggins Elizabeth Farris Hulcher & Gregory P. Hulcher Dr. E. Stephen Hunt & Mrs. Edeltraut Gilgan-Hunt Mrs. Mary Ann Kyker Hunt Betty Hurlock Mrs. Eleanor Hall Hutton James L. Hutton Mr. Bradley W. Jessup Daniel Lee Johnson & Kathie Baker Johnson David A. Johnson Jane C. Johnson Joe & Mary A. Johnson Dr. & Ms. A. Heath Jones III Dr. & Mrs. R. Martin Jones

John Owen Joyce Douglas W. and Penny F. Kanney Robbie Kaselitz Dr. Teresa D. Keller Frederic R. & Jeannette Boykin Kellogg Andrew D. Key Dr. Doris Kilgore Marsha Madrano Killam Ms. Ronan D. King Mrs. Janice McClellan Kuenning F. Winton Lackey & Donna M. Fanelli June Bostic Lane & Edward S. Lane, Jr. Wayne Reed and Linda Aker Lane Mrs. Rosa R. Lemmon Dr. James F. Litton Mrs. Sarah McCain Lomax Rev. David B. Looney Bishop Richard C. Looney Eugene H. Lovell and Frances C. Lovell J. Thomas & Cindy Fairburn Lundy Mrs. Rebecca Bondurant Lynch Sallie Walls Malinak Mr. & Mrs. John Markey John Markey II Anna Buchanan Martin Laura Lee Mason Mr. & Mrs. Jackson B. McCarty, Jr. John McClave Jack & Mary Ellen McConnell Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Beth Perkinson McCoy Mr. Thomas D. McGlothlin Mrs. Verna B. McLain Gregory C. McMillan & Dirk S. Moore Mrs. Jane T. McPherson Eugene J. Meyung William C., Jr. and Sylvia O. Mooney James D., Jr. & Judith S. Moore Dr. Thomas R. Morris Mrs. Geraldine Grubbs Murphy William Louis Naehle Rev. Charles T. and Mrs. Brenda N. Neal Dr. Cecil M. Nelson Karl & Ellen Netting Mr. Jim and Mrs. Diane Olmstead Mr. O. Wayland Overstreet David W. Peck J. Richard Peery William B. Pendleton Captain Thomas A. Phillips III Patricia Pensworth Pollard Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Pollard III Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Powell, Jr. Carol W. Pruner Daniel L. Puckett Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Quillin, Jr. Donald & Loyce Raber Eugene L. Rasor & Claire Franklin Rasor Mrs. Margaret Reasor Mrs. C. W. Reed Gary and Cindy Reedy Mrs. Josie Reid Dr. John Marvin Reynolds Mr. Bill S. Rhudy Emmett V. Richardson, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Carroll Richardson Mrs. Bok Jum Chun Rim Dr. William S. Rodgers & Mary Beth Sikkelee Rodgers Fielding and Joyce Rolston Jack & Rita Roper Susan Jones Ross Mrs. Agnes T. Rowlett Martha G. Rowlett Mr. Mark Alan Samples Edith Schermerhorn Henry F. and Kaye Pope Schwarzmann Ms. Joy Scruggs Scott & Donna Seagle Mary Lou James Sewell Madison E. Shamburger III & Elizabeth Strader Shamburger Judge William R. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sink John R. Sisson Mr. and Mrs. Billy E. Sluder Mr. Robin & Ms. Jill Smeltzer Mr. Jack T. Smith Mrs. Jennie Pruner Smith Mr. Sid A. Smith Trevor Dangerfield Smith Dr. Gregory W. Snodgrass Michael Snow Eve S. Solomon John W. Sparger Mr. Curtis D. Spriggs Edward S. Sproles, Jr. The Rev. David T. & Mrs. Marcia St. Clair Mr. W. Edward Stafford Helen M. Stallard Elizabeth S. Bane Stanley Charles W. Starks C. Kenneth and Margaret Mustard Stickley Mrs. Lynda S. Stuart Mrs. Mary B. Stuart Mr. Charles L. Sult Dr. Charles W. Sydnor, Jr. B. B. Taylor, Jr. & Hilda R. Taylor Dr. Clarence Taylor Mr. Joseph P. Taylor Mr. R. Larry Taylor Mr. Burl W. Thomas Mr. Michael L. Thomas III & Jennifer L. Thomas Mrs. Susan Tickle Thompson & Mr. Robert D. Thompson Mr. Roderick O. Uveges Donna Proffit Vaughn & Stephen Vaughn John Rex Vencill & Pauline Fitzgerald Vencill Carolyn and Bernard Via Mr. Harold A. “Hal” Weeden Marc and Bookie West L. Carole Wharton R. Kenneth Wheeler James & Charlyne Raines White Robert White Mr. George A. Whitley Dr. & Mrs. John Willis Ramona Peters Witzgall Louella Hawkins Woodward Lucile A. Wright Mrs. Elizabeth C. Young Mr. Roy P. Young Dr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Zimmerman 11 anonymous members


Alumni Donors


The following is a list of alumni who made contributions during the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 fiscal year. Those in bold also supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. (Note: Estate Gifts are not included in class totals.)


1935 Patrick Henry Society Louella Hawkins Woodward 1 donor, $6,615.86 100% participation

1938 Byars Club Rachel Littleton Jones Spire Club Genave Erma Montgomery (D) Estate William J. Wallis 2 donors, $450.00 100% participation

1939 Tobias Smyth Club Susie Quarles Allison Byars Club Edward R. Hawkins Contributor Louisa C. Littleton 3 donors, $1,500.00 100% participation


Estate Hix C. Bondurant

Byars Club James W. Hart

Spire Club Ann Tucker Seay Virginia L. Wright

Spire Club Samuel C. Berry William J. Carter Larkin Deel Roy Deel Wanda Johnson Epps Cora Lawson Lauderback J. K. Lauderback Herbert J. McClelland (D) Polly Reynolds McFarlane Robert L. Simpson

Contributor Edith Gusler Jones Estate C. Douglas Mayo 4 donors, $2,050.00 50% participation

1945 Spire Club Sallie Cole Hood Contributor Lois Candler Hill 2 donors, $200.00 40% participation

1946 Spire Club Ruth Hurley Howe Contributors Edith Kidd Davison 2 donors, $150.00 67% participation


Tobias Smyth Club Helen Nave Monroe Grills Chimer Davis Moore, Jr. Spire Club Charles P. Cullop Paul Gates Mary Munsey Musick Ann Bond Powers Charles L. Sult Annell Bell Winbery

Contributors Billy Reed Wickline William A. Coleman


Patrick Henry Society Eugene J. Meyung Lee C. Miles

1 donor, $100.00 33% participation

Patrick Henry Society Bob F. Coulthard

12 donors, $4,630.00 32% participation


Spire Club Margaret Stewart Smith


Spire Club Dorothy Schrader LaVanche Wiley L. Neal



19 donors, $6,846.00 53% participation

Contributors Lon L. Cooke John J. Deadmore, Jr. David R. Jones

1 donor, $100.00 33% participation

2 donors, $225.00 33% participation

Contributors Donald L. Brown June Rice Brown Elizabeth Quillin Pobst

Patrick Henry Society Laura Frederick Mason

5 donors, $4,720.00 100% participation

Contributor Phyllis Frye Copeland

Tobias Smyth Club Jack R. Minton Katherine Ryburn Minton

Patrick Henry Society John Marvin Reynolds

Spire Club Inez Wood Buis

Spire Club David M. Graybeal

David W. Peck Clarence W. Taylor, Jr.

Byars Club M. Irene Elrod Howard O. Sullins Spire Club Frances Perkins Hines 5 donors, $7,750.00 63% participation

1949 Patrick Henry Society Sarah Blakemore Drummond-Schell


Tobias Smyth Club Shirley Albright Graham Joseph T. Hart Jack T. Smith R. Larry Taylor Nelson C. Woody Byars Club Thomas M. Deadmore James E. Earp (D) Roy L. Howard Robert A. Shelley Spire Club Anne Sutherland Adkins Edmond L. Alley (D) James R. Baker June Bentley Becraft Margaret Smith Berry Betty Hillman Cole Sue Fulton Dobson Donald Farren Edith Northrop Hildebrand Fred S. Hurt C. Judson Kilgore, Jr. Margaret Jones Reasor Nancy Hillman Sokol David L. Via

Contributors W. Ray Bailey J. Monroe Ball, Jr. J. D. Cantrell, Jr. Millard M. Crumley Betty Jane Hollady Ellis Kinney R. Ellis Frances Fischer Howe Joseph E. McGahey Ailene Goodwin Mizell Claude Reed, Jr. Thomas A. Turley, Jr. 34 donors, $5,655.00 69% participation

1952 Patrick Henry Society Gene W. Denton Hugh C. Larkey Gerald P. Sierchio Patrick O. Spurgeon Paul R. Tuell Tobias Smyth Club Mary K. Steffey Boye G. Wayne Cummings Byars Club Sullins M. Lamb Spire Club Winfred A. Dougherty Suzanne Summers Farren James P. Gardner, Jr. Jane Williams Gilliam

1954 Patrick Henry Society Richard C. Looney Omar G. Ross William R. Shelton Jean Diggs Williams Tobias Smyth Club Sally Sprinkle Bentley D. Reed Garrett Emily Whisnant Wier Kenneth Wier Byars Club Jerry Glenn Brewster Philip J. Long Nancy Ball Ward John R. Wright Spire Club Ross J. Beavers, Jr. J. William Cline (D) Joyce Wellborn Cox Robert B. Dail Earnest Eugene Dixon Marilyn Jones Fantino Sarah Porterfield Frazier Wilmer Frazier Carl E. Hanks, Sr. Sara Rowan Huggins Billy Van Hunter Gladys Hurley Moore Dorothy Jessee Powers William F. Thomas, Jr.

Estate Wanda M. Faust

Contributors Peter L. Combs Bobby Joe Dotson Haynes A. Lee, Jr. Robert G. Moore Franklin D. Robinson Ervin M. Schaffer, Jr. David M. Trayer Jean Bailey Walk

14 donors, $10,425.00 33% participation

34 Donors, $29,656.00 65% participation



Contributors Kenneth D. Argenbright Annette Glover Davis

Patrick Henry Society Barbara Latture Sierchio Edward R. Thomas Tobias Smyth Club Billy F. Hobbs John R. Talbert Mary Grimaud Talbert Byars Club Sidney G. Gilbreath III Jack A. Minnick Lois Woody Revie Charles M. Shortridge Davis F. Ward Spire Club Betty Hagy Bishop John D. Fletcher Julian Givens Oliver L. Law Paul Allen Loudy Miriam Starnes Palmore Stephen Russell Contributors Mary Roller McFarland Ralph D. Posey Billy G. Vestal 20 donors, $55,900.00 44% participation

Patrick Henry Society Douglas K. Armbrister Samuel E. Bratton, Jr. Mary Wilson Grindstaff F. Winton Lackey C. Donald Lenhart Geraldine Grubbs Murphy Tobias Smyth Club Bruce Bentley, Sr. Doris Cochran Holt Ann Roberts Minton William A. Orr Byars Club Jean Harvell Baker Patricia Preston Blackwell Harold G. Estep Virginia Barnett Rogers Spire Club Margaret Wagner Allen L. Reaves Bingham, Jr. Robert L. Blevins, Jr. Evelyn Lenoir Chandler Ernest K. Geisler, Jr. Faye Keaton Hanks G. Larry McReynolds Margaret Atkins Phillips Luther T. Stewart Edgar V. Wheeler Contributors Jack R. Blacka

Eva Talbert Edmondson Steve W. Farmer, Jr. Robert O. Goff Vera Burkett Mottesheard Nickie Gillenwater Trayer 30 Donors, $20,796.00 52% participation

1956 Patrick Henry Society Emmett V. Richardson, Jr. Donald R. Youell Byars Club Marion Allen Alderman Peggy Sherfey Keaton Marisue Skeen Smith Frances Booker West Marcus F. West, Jr. Spire Club Jane Reynolds Bellamy Margaret Ann Brown Audrey Arnold Burnett William Leon Burnett James E. Dotson Jane Ledbetter Ernst Edward D. Gibson, Jr. Richard W. Gillespie Shirley Cox Gordon Kenneth G. McGlothlin S. Virginia Miller George E. Puckett Elvin B. Richards Edward L. Roberts, Jr. Jimmy R. Stanley Contributors George F. Austin Earldeane Anderson Bergeron Nancy A. Cantrell Bill G. Clark Moss M. Clingenpeel Jimmy A. Dexter Roy H. Edmondson James Ray Fletcher Robert M. Green R. Kenneth Holmes Charles E. Jones Charles E. Mercer James S. Riddle G. Larry Stallard 36 Donors, $6,042.50 41% participation

1957 Patrick Henry Society Bill G. Bennett Cathy Massey Bennett Hobie G. Cawood Joe P. Johnson, Jr. Martha G. Rowlett C. K. Stickley Margaret Mustard Stickley Tobias Smyth Club David E. Couk Paul Glenn Gott Robert A. Graham Robert F. Harman Byars Club John H. Gregory Paul W. Keaton Eva McDonald Martin Wilbur G. Maxwell Edgar D. Smith, Jr.

Spire Club Lawrence E. Barker, Jr.Ausley B. Carraway, Jr. Peggy Bellamy Dotson Margaret Crabtree Eldreth Shirley Murray Howard Avis Cline Hunt Betty Orr Hutton Betty King Leatherwood Jack B. Porter John B. Roberts, Sr. Charles L. Ross (D) Georgeann Sharp Sanders Contributors Reba Lake Branham Dwane M. Broyles Betty Stamper Carbary Evelyn Price Jones Charles D. Kidd 33 donors, $92,659.40 49% participation

1958 Patrick Henry Society Bob B. Buchanan Mary Yost Greer Paul D. Greer Gilbert W. Holmes III John N. Howard Shirley Macfarlan Hunsicker J. Richard Peery Tobias Smyth Club Donald A. Nance Peyton L. Rowlett, Jr. Ruth Smith Woody Robert R. Young Byars Club Sally Allen Crockett Vernell Woodard Dodson Jeremy Q. Galloway William C. Mooney, Jr. Carolyn Shinault O’Conner R. Gale Wilson Spire Club Willie Pugh Bilancio Lois Patrick Dobyns Garnett P. Gilliam Frances Horton Gress Betty Looney Hampton Bernard Howard William D. Jessee Patricia Hoover Kay Jeff N. Keyes William Allen Leatherwood L. Baker Martin Ralph C. Scott Shelva Blevins Stroud Balfour R. Sutton Sally Wilson Webb Ronald R. Weber Contributors Claude C. Barnett Patricia Woods Dobbins Harold S. Lambert Allen E. Long Anderson E. Shumate III Martha Sue Thompson Charles B. Turpin 40 donors, $46,399.99 50% participation

1959 Patrick Henry Society Virginia Rowland Barker

Ronald Hammond George B. Vaughan James Ronald Willoughby Tobias Smyth Club Franklin E. Lewis Martha Daily Looney Glenn E. Roberts, Jr. Byars Club Harry W. Gilmer Sylvia Ottinger Mooney Spire Club Mary Hunt Barker Alvin Ciccone Howard R. Dunbar Marion Jack Dutton, Jr. Elizabeth Turner Jondahl James C. Kannon, Jr. Barbara Jones Kelly Larry J. Leasure Steve M. Lloyd Barbara Miller Markham Carolyn Stamper Martin Donald J. Progar John E. Ripley Peggy Martin Roberts Ruth A. Roberts William S. Rodgers Annie Mae Dowdy Rose Betty Dillman Ross Ann Millirons Rudisill Frank T. Seese, Jr. Evelyn Box Willey Contributor Raymond W. Dobbins Harry W. Hight, Jr. Clydes B. Kiser Douglas M. Lester Harold C. Lester Rodger S. Lewis 36 Donors, $14,173.00 43% participation

1960 Patrick Henry Society Charles B. Phillips Tobias Smyth Club Thomas E. Merrihue Janice Ohman Williams Byars Club David R. Jonas Alma Dutton LeNoir Spire Club Janice Ward Carter George P. Cawood, Jr. Paul R. Chambers Theola Bear Clarke Dan T. Cross Henry Russell Davis Helene Ritenour Elias Hilda Arnold Fletcher Carol Osborne Golden Donald G. Hill, Sr. Jerry H. Jones Vivian Hudson Kannon Ruth Barker Porter J. Robert Rose Frank A. Settle, Jr. James A. Webb Contributors John P. Cock Donald C. DeBusk Ann Disney Lambert Robert D. Lindsay, Jr. Stella Dutton Lindsey Robert F. Looney

Anne Shanks Miller Dunward B. Monroe Phyllis Murray Moore Frank W. Pannell Henry C. Snyder 32 donors, $7,468.00 43% participation

1961 Patrick Henry Society Linda Miller Carder Ella Portis Howard Chester I. Jordan Marla Johnson Jordan James B. McNeer Thomas W. Todd Tobias Smyth Club David B. Looney Kay Mitchell Reedy Keith Tutterow Byars Club Judith Harry Lallmang Robert L. LeNoir, Jr. William E. Lovell Sylvia Lou White Spire Club Harold Absher, Jr. Bobbye Green Au Thomas Au James A. Bishop Albert J. Bowles, Jr. Den C. Boyd, Jr. Joe H. Bryant James Bundrant James E. Caldwell Mary Seymour Davidson Mary Louise Garris Deel James C. Harris Polly Cox Harrison Warren C. Hastings William L. Helton Carolyn Fugate Hobson William B. Jones Barbara Bailey Linkous Delores Testerman McBirney John V. Morgan, Jr. W. Max Rhea Mary Beth Sikkelee Rodgers Ben Barton Rudisill Aubrey A. Smith Frederick D. Stump Marlin D. Weaver Contributors Robert Q. Barker Gloria Totten Burleigh Robert F. Cale Margaret Hylton Crawford Claudine Brown Daniel William E. Lane, Jr. Patsy Ann Newman William Nickle Shirley Breeding Owens 48 donors; $12,700.77 47% participation

1962 Patrick Henry Society William R. Ballance, Jr. Henry C. Dawson, Jr. Eugene H. Lovell, Jr. Clara Cox McHorris Hal P. McHorris Nancy Wilkinson McNeer Harry H. Yost Scott Delius Zimmerman

Tobias Smyth Club Nelldean Foster Bragg C. Douglas Carson Barbara Phipps Hughes G. William Kilday, Jr. Ralph Dean Newman O. M. Porterfield, Jr. D. Edward Ramsey, Jr. Susan Mahan Ramsey Joe K. Stanley (D) Jack A. Thomas (D) Byars Club James E. Cheek II SharrLee Kesting Jonas Charles W. Lockerby Shirley Creasy Lockerby Judith Copenhaver McFarlane Walter A. McFarlane Spire Club Carla Bradshaw Brown G. Stanley Brown Thomas C. Daily Dorothy Cleasby Davis William R. Davis James A. Dougherty David M. Farris Mary Sanders Fuller Charles E. Gray, Jr. C. Ronald Keirsey Kenneth A. Mink Marilyn Ross Mink Patricia Pensworth Pollard James William Rhine Donald E. Ripley (D) Richard L. Stone Carel H. Thompson, Jr. Jane Holder Weaver Billy J. Wright V. Blake Yost Philip Ross Young Contributors Thyra Yates Biggs Lynda Lippard Cock Alice Wilson Hoffstatter Lee Scott Horne Judith Breneman Knight Glenda Wigginton Scott Priscilla Shafer Thompson Marvin E. Winters 53 donors, $25,992.19 46% participation

1963 Patrick Henry Society Eugene M. Bane, Jr. Pixie Kelly Dozier Miriam Macfarlan Herin Curtis E. Hollins James L. Nave Sid A. Smith Jerilyn Boye Tate Vivian Humphreys Todd L. Carole Wharton Daniel H. Zimmerman Tobias Smyth Club William Harold Coulthard Wilmer L. Davis Cynthia Whittaker Haskins Thomas E. Haskins James R. Hughes Eugene H. Hurst, Jr. G. Winston Whitmore Sarah Martin Whitmore Byars Club Daniel Adams, Jr. Martha Douglas Adams John M. Anderson, Jr.


A. Kennard Brewster Lynn Raines Carter Glenna Gilbert Jenkins O. Wayland Overstreet Elizabeth Sullivan Riley John D. Speidel Gordon Y. Tate Spire Club Linda Faris Absher E. Mahan Archer Paul D. Blevins Al L. Bolt Christene Blessing Bowles Don L. Bradley Robert E. Brown Joyce Robinson Carter Bobby L. Compton Sandra Beane Cushman William P. Cushman Joyce Bellamy Dean Betty Sterling Dougherty John V. Draper Lee Powell Draper Charles Goodman, Jr. William W. Jonas Maurice Maxwell, Jr. Henry G. Pratt III Mary Buchanan Pratt Elbert E. St. Clair John William Troy Ronald D. Via Rachel Porterfield Worrell Frank B. Young, Jr. Contributors Norman R. Biggs Larry G. Clevinger Nancy Lindsey Eckhart Harriet Frye Brenda Graves Goslee Phyllis Kidd Herron George R. Hutchins Jewel Cutlip Kelley Patricia Arnold Lester Eblen Miller Charles W. Nagle A. Jack Neighbors James C. Rayne Phyllis Quesenberry Robinson Judy Smith Smith James B. Summitt Joan Brown Swift Donald C. Thayer Charles W. Troup 72 donors, $73,045.62 46% participation

1964 Patrick Henry Society Glynn R. Baugher C. A. Burton, Jr. Clyde J. Christmas III W. Ronald Fowler Paul L. Phillips Carolyn Foard Prillaman Ella Sue Worley Stanley Joseph S. Tate Robert D. Tucker Becky Hurst Yost Tobias Smyth Club Curtis L. Campbell Gayle S. Christian John W. Cummings Larry A. Dye James W. Elliott, Jr. Lynn H. Groseclose Samuel S. Hall Johnny D. Moore Glenda Miller Nance Hans J. Roth

Joseph G. Savinsky Patricia Graybeal Tutterow Charlyne Raines White John M. Woertz Byars Club Betty Jo Maddux Basham G. W. Catron William E. Jelf III Donald L. McDaniel Frances Milton McDaniel Karen Renegar Wortman Spire Club James O. Catron, Jr. Virginia Arington Coffindaffer Carole Simons Cohen Alvin E. Crowder A. Karl Ehlshlager Donald N. Guthrie Barry L. Hall Fred P. Herndon Beverly D. Laing John Robert Ledford Charles W. McRee Carole McNeil Phillips James David Ritchie Annette McDonald Scott James D. Scott Gwendolyn Johnson Shaffer Glen A. Styles Richard F. Thomas Sue Shaulis Thomas Bonnie Fallesen Via Sara Reynolds Wendling

Charles W. Sydnor, Jr. H. Douglas Watson Carolyn Steadman Watts Byars Club Raymond H. Blake, Jr. Gail Satterfield Catron W. Vernon Hicks, Jr. Robert Edward Magill Robert B. Reynolds George W. Taylor, Jr. Stanley G. Watts, Jr. Myra Webb Yancey Spire Club Gloria Bailey Armfield Frank M. Berman John S. Bundy R. Gerald Burke Joseph R. Chambers Delilah Church Copenhaver Frances Williams Entrekin Dianne Young Foster Margaret Howell Gissendanner Frances Dunn Givens James S. Givens Daniel B. Good Larry G. Hale Robert W. Hughes Ann McCay Munson Rebecca Burton Peery Donald W. Rhea Ann Newman Robinson S. Crump Robinson Dennis B. Shaw

Estate Janice Brugh Connett

Contributors R. Jerry Beck Thelma Vannoy Blake Judith Graham Blevins William P. Cahill Roger Callis Carl D. Chandler, Jr. Linda R. Edwards Mary Smull Farris Robert S. Francisco Kenneth L. Hampton Pat Berryman Hendrick Dianna Snyder Hopson June Coulthard Johnston Gail Chase Joyner Sarah King Pemberton Emma Smithers Rotenizer Fay Ann Anderson Sebaly C. Eugene Self Mary Albright Shelley Nancy Harman Stephens James O. Troy James C. Weaver James C. Wright

70 donors, $46,964.50 43% participation

Estate Beth Little Olson

Contributors Elizabeth Porterfield Barker Jack C. Barrow Howard O. Beeth, Jr. Anne Kendrick Coulthard Parker Parker Deal Martha Ward Duane Laurel Bird Eason Carolyn Richardson Erwin Bettie Barnes Galliher David Gregory Jane Umberger Gregory E. Kendrick Hurt, Jr. Elliot D. Jackson Gerald C. Kidd John J. Martin Mary Mustard Monroe Sam P. Price, Jr. Warren C. Sanders John M. Turner


Ronald L. Burnop Thomas A. Ely Beth Maiden Mahaffey Leslie I. Prillaman, Jr. Carol Scott Secord Harold L. Secord, Jr. Donald M. Wechsler Tobias Smyth Club John W. Ashbury James L. Burns Lynda Eaton Burns Billie Woodward Cummings Ronald E. Dean C. Edward Deyton Charles P. Folsom (D) John C. McElroy Thomas W. Spraker


70 donors, $47,041.67 44% participation

1966 Patrick Henry Society Maureen Aul Burton Barbara Hicks Cecil Lynda Jones Hawkins Jane Compton Johnson Nancy Saunders Kidd Mary McCormick Maxwell Suzanne Steele Linda Snider Wechsler Robert White Tobias Smyth Club G. Vincent Brown, Jr. Linda Sheets Huber Christine Arthur Myers

William L. Myers Carolyn Wade Savinsky William Bailey Skinner Susie Billingsley Spraker Byars Club Susan May Collins Wesley W. Jargowsky Laura Roberts Lucas Raymond Mattes, Jr. David E. Mullins Vivian Moberg Reynolds Spire Club Michael A. Adams Audrey Smith Bailey R. Ronald Bales Preston L. Brockman Sarah Estill Good Vicki Wilson Hunnicutt Charles Hunt, Jr. Carolyn Cooper Hyland Dan M. Johnson Mary Smith Manoogian Carol Klepser McKenzie David W. Partington, Jr. Claudia Sturtevant Pugh Stephen B. Robinson Richard Allen Rollins Elizabeth Swann Steffanic Charles T. Sturgill Claude B. Swanson Mary Lynwood Thaxton Marvin B. Thompson Harry M. Ward John E. West Louise Williams Wey D. Robley Wood, Jr. Contributors Betty Boyd Bell John E. Byron Martha Hynes Correll Bill B. Farris J. Emory Hedgepeth Ann Brown Hodge Harrison T. Hoyle John E. Keen Margaret Allred Kidd Martha Kiser Moore Charlotte Edwards Reedy J. Phil Robbins Janet Swingle Sciscioli John A. Siegle Edward Tomlinson Estate Marvin Wilson Tabor 61 donors, $68,675.94 36% participation

1967 Patrick Henry Society Robert K. Boggess Jon L. Crittenden, Jr. David C. Dix Bradford J. Fellows Douglas C. Fullman Paul P. Hicks, Jr. E. Edwin Hill John C. King Patricia H. Quillen Jennie Pruner Smith Roderick O. Uveges J. Neil Varnell Tobias Smyth Club Sandra Clements Ashworth Alice Bradley Porterfield Ellen Spraker Robinson Ronald K. Shamblin William R. Shanks James L. Sink

Annette Cooley Watson R. Rives Webb Jr. Joe W. Williams Byars Club Victoria Roberts Anderson David Bellamy Debborah Powell Bellamy Robert E. Claytor John G. Crawford, Jr. Dennis W. Florence Thomas E. Goodfellow Eddie B. Jonas James H. Perry Foye W. Webb Spire Club George William Burkett Roger A. Dittman David M. Fitzgerald Earl Ralph Gieseman III Betty Jane Simms Hagan Craig C. Harris Patricia Wilson Hatfield John V. Highfill Bradley W. Jessup Sherry Long O’Leary Arlene Miller Roberts Charlene Boyd Silvis Pres Hutton Stanley Russell Street Carol Fryer Swanson Katherine Orr Trail Joellen Wagner Wilcox Contributors Richard R. Bennington Ronald E. Bew Garry Bogan Diane Erb Clayton J. Stevens Cox Susan St. Clair Cox Betty Elsberg Hubbard Louis F. Illi, Jr. Marilyn Sheeley Kavanaugh Zeta Louise King George W. McCall, Jr. Gail Westhaver Newman Harry B. Rhett Patricia Phillips Robbins George L. Roberts Barbara Bennett Sedia Charles B. Smith Suzanne Francis Sprenger Patricia Peerce Stoppi Thomas S. Turner III Betsy Smith Valentini Richard L. Ward Richard B. Waters Mary Virginia Wilkinson Karen Webster Wright 73 donors, $36,981.02 42% participation

1968 Patrick Henry Society G. Craig Baker Eugene Beck Norma Nuckolls Beck Maria Carrera Lee Ray Crowe, Jr. Betsy Taylor Ely Patricia Rodgers Fellows Baldwin G. Fitzgerald Paul N. Hubble, Jr. Ben H. Jennings James M. Johnston Douglas W. Kanney Pennelope Faris Kanney Thomas D. McGlothlin Paul A. Powell, Jr. Nancy P. Price

Susan Benedict Sheffield Ann Grim Sparger H. Merritt Sparger, Jr. Robert D. Thompson Susan Tickle Thompson Donna Proffit Vaughn G. Andrew Zirkle Tobias Smyth Club Galen W. Conner Ruth Anne Farley Davis Kathleen Conley Gay Elizabeth Farris Hulcher R. Gregory McMorrow Ellis Ann Sasser Andrea Seagle Shamblin Teddy J. Taylor Lynn Soper West Byars Club Joseph G. Bailey, Jr. Robert M. Barber Shelia Greever Barber Jerry B. Bullington Davie Haga Jackson Don V. Jackson Thomas L. Joyce Johanna Teilmann Perry Joseph D. Reed Charles B. Sherwood Suzanne A. Smith David R. Wolfe Spire Club Elizabeth Hill Adams Carole Landis Bowyer Larry D. Buelow Reba Dowdy Burkett Charles L. Cox Joyce Haney Dittman Ronald G. Fields Robert E. Goss, Jr. Margaret Kane Hansen O. Jerry Hatfield James W. Holt Judith Spangenberg Holt Richard Cary Horner III Martha McLeod Johnson Michael C. Kucsma Jerry W. Mays William W. Nease Karl A. Netting Joan Bradley O’Hanley Karen Evola Smith Maria Evola Spada Flo Flannagan Tallman James A. Thompson Vincent E. Walkup Ronald J. Wilcox Contributors Timothy J. Bell Dianne Baldwin Brewer Tom Brewer Gary L. Burleigh Danny Lee Calhoun Linda Addison Catron Paul G. Cummings Rachel McEwen Cummings Thomas C. Galyon Donn G. Giammarco Gail Sue Hicks Judy Carol Matheny A. David Muddiman II Dianne Crowgey Roberts Mary Jagger Stehman Michael B. Sullivan W. Aaron Wilburn 86 donors, $184,661.95 40% participation

1969 Patrick Henry Society Patty Weems Bales Susan Scott Boggess Valerie Cox Carter Henry P. Clabaugh Diane Hayward Cline Robert L. Cline Phyllis Washburn Geoghegan Richard J. Geoghegan Gary W. Hall Mary Elizabeth Harkleroad Sandra Halsey King Stephen R. Sage Frank E. Trotter, Jr. William H. Van Dyke, Jr. Tobias Smyth Club Larry L. Bales C. Curtis Copenhaver Charles R. Fyke Barbara Young Harrison A. Heath Jones III Mary-Margaret Justis William S. Kidd Harry M. Leist Beth Perkinson McCoy Henry F. Schwarzmann Ann Rector Shupe Mark Harrison Smith Bruce A. Wankel Byars Club Margaret McMillan Bailey Robert F. Buchanan Robert H. Campbell Leslie Stuart Gibbs, Jr. Linda Aker Lane Suzanne Christmas Miller Ida Dawson Newsom Irene Mathieson Wolfe Spire Club Hobart Kelly Adams Keith A. Baumgardner James Michael Clark Linda Yoder Clark Michael L. Coomes Larry V. Creswell Gary L. Cron George W. Crump III Jean Spears Faris George H. Freeman Virginia Potts Freeman Barbara Baldwin Highfill Sue Thompson Hubble C. Elgene Johnson Ernest R. Landes II John D. Lentz William H. Pugh Charles E. Shepherd III Anita Beville Slaughter W. Stafford Stephenson Henry L. Troy Bill Williams Christian L. Wittwer Contributors Patricia Pierce Alvis Ellen Campbell Barker Martha George Burton Avis Neal Cox James D. Cox Susan Mason Ewald Malinda Georges Gilbert Sherrill E. Griffin Wayne Hamilton Ronald Harmon Sandra Bohart Miller Robert R. Moore Jeane Tatum Philpott (D) Vicki Jan Rasmussen Jewel A. Rhea

James Gail Rutledge Dana Whiteman Sherwood Brenda Gates Spielman Joseph S. Staley, Jr. Samuel Vernon

Fred L. Wagner Gary G. Woodson

78 donors, $32,764.55 39% participation


1970 Patrick Henry Society Deborah McKinney Baker Timothy B. Berry Arthur Broady David W. Driver John E. Eldridge J. Michael Griffith Elizabeth Mansell Hall Merry Johnson Jennings William Ronald Mink Donald G. Morrell Charles M. Quillin, Jr. Rufus A. Shull, Jr. Peter S. Walters Tobias Smyth Club Debbie Brewster Bates Robert W. Bates Thomas C. Crawford Lynda Dyson Elmore James E. Hensley Martha Bain Leist David W. Lovelace Anthony L. Newberry Kaye Pope Schwarzmann Elizabeth Dixon Smith Patrick L. Smith, Jr. Ronald H. Tallman Byars Club Jennifer Harper Bullington David G. Culberson William H. Dyer James A. Helm, Jr. Sandra Blair Jonas Patricia Fitts Reed Spire Club Larry Dell Akers Jeffrey H. Bailey Dona Van Dreser Bradish Cheryl Shaffer Campbell Douglas F. DePuy Shirley Forbes Fultz John L. Harris III Janis Wechsler Kurtz Kathryn DeFelice Large Nancy Dinkins Mays Lucian H. Peery David E. Robertson John M. Rosenbaum Kay Kinser Senter Amy Bivens Shoemaker Faye Ann Ward Contributors Jean Hoback Allen Ruth Young Barton Elizabeth Charlton Benson Elizabeth Rosen Bosley Robert R. De Boskey Teresa Edgerton-Scott Gordon A. Ewald Kenneth R. Freeny Don R. Hagy Brenda Newman Hall Anne Munsey Harmon Janet Brown Hilten Martha Bethea Horn Harvey W. Perkins James L. Philpott Cynthia Jo Robertson Sara Hutchinson Staley

66 donors, $345,905.06 36% participation

Patrick Henry Society Linda Blank Berry Katherine Zebley Fitzgerald Earl Stephen Hunt B. David Lee Philip A. Puckett Skip Showker Richard W. Trollinger Tobias Smyth Club Carroll Huggins Andrews C. Curtis Burkett James N. Butcher John K. Henderson, Jr. Sheryl Rawls Paul Thomas W. Reynolds Linda Kibler Smith Ray T. Smith Ann Helm Smoot Byars Club Betty K. Cauley C. Berkley Clear, Jr. Barry A. Compton Jan L. Culbertson Laura Bondurant Elliott Audrey H. Huthwaite Joyce Wells Jenkins- Wimmer Bruce Johannessen John J. Mahood Spire Club C. Quentin Bondurant Kathryn Cole Richard S. Groover Judy Hubble Hannah Robert M. Helvey Gayle Carr Hester Marvin George Hevener Sally R. Hicks Allan B. Howerton Daniel L. Large John Jeffry Link C. Eugene Meek James C. Morton Ellen Daniel Netting John J. Pilversack Madlynn Stevenson Pilversack Jeannie Spice Plumley Betty McKinney Rosenbaum Vicki Hatcher Snead Robert B. St. Clair C. Carlton Walker, Jr. Contributors Larry W. Allen Loretta Sue Arnn Samuel B. Belew Anna Rietze Burns L. Patrick Burns Jessie Lu Stull Burton Nancy Kegley Firebaugh Charles C. Garnett Norma Milam Garrett Steven A. Hicks John B. Jarema John D. Johnson III Joseph B. Kahle Madison Duke Kegley Richard A. Krauth Anne E. Lawton Margaret Jackson Martin Marjorie Dougherty Mayo A. Edward Moorer III Edward B. Morgan

Wayne E. Neese Gail Weaver Norwood Kennith A. Osborne E. Dean Rowe Ann Adams Shively Kaye Keith Tice Pierre L. Williams, Jr. 73 donors, $63,589.58 40% participation

1972 Patrick Henry Society Emily Blesi Anderson Henry C. Carter, Jr. Michael R. Hicks John O. Joyce William B. Pendleton Beth Varnell Puckett Heda Jones Quillin Patsi Barnes Trollinger Stephen F. Walker Tobias Smyth Club Carlton A. Andrews Gretchen Hill Davis Larry Q. Kaylor Robert J. Shupe Reba R. Taylor R. Edward Woodward, Jr. Byars Club Edith Allen Culberson Marsha Madrano Killam John P. McClave John R. Smith Richard L. Vickers Spire Club Jerome C. Campbell Charline Ann Davidson Herbert Gengler, Jr. Eleanor D. Griffin Michael Lionel Hagy Adolph H. Humphreys, Jr. Jeanne Jackson Kiger Brenda Chamberlain Martin Diannah Georges Pennington Mark W. Phillips Robert J. Ray James M. Snead Stephen Lynn Watts John Robert Young Contributors Joseph J. Beard Mark E. Best William E. Douglas Kenneth W. Farmer, Jr. Mary Beth Collins Floyd Linda Cox Garnett C. Eugene Gupton II Kitty S. Hylton Susan M. Keeble Nancy Porterfield Kiser Martha Hudson Kreszock Larry W. Neal Mary Ella Helvey Poteat Elaine Clay Ray Ray Smoot Kenneth L. Sprinkle Teresa Green Sprinkle 51 donors, $35,002.86 31% participation

1973 Patrick Henry Society Jane Hicks Harter David T. Kendall Emmett Chapman Snead


Tobias Smyth Club Lynn Osborne Butcher James Lockhart Dickinson Karen Anne Ford David J. John Marjorie Hoffman John Lyle Stanley Wimmer Byars Club Thomas L. Bateman, Jr. Kay Hessey Dickerson Stephen S. Oliver J. Andrew Walker Larry Allan Ward Spire Club Mary Sue Gilmer Adams Susan Hiler Butterworth Gary Q. Casey Jane Sutherland Chinault Robert A. Ellis, Jr. R. Edward Fifer Kenneth E. Fulp, Jr. Sharon Blevins Humphreys David B. Johnson G. Michael Lester Fred W. Parker Sandra Harris Peery Thomas S. Rector Frederick M. Shields David Thomas St. Clair Cynthia McAboy Wall Forrest B. Wall, Jr. Carol Gore Wheeler Fred Wheeler, Jr. Terri Lynn Yearwood Contributors Dan Phillips Abbott Mary Holmes Akers Lynne Jeffreys Allen Linda Mason Davis Rebekah Lundy Emmerson Ruth H.E. Grubb Charles S. Haynes J. Wesley Kern, Jr. Janice L. Lemaster John E. Mercer, Jr. Rhonda Duncan Neese James Benjamin Orcutt, Jr. David M. Phillips Jane Woolwine Rutledge Elizabeth Lemmon Sayers James T. Scruggs 50 Donors, $14,276.66 30% participation

1974 Patrick Henry Society Carolee Jackson Bondurant Thomas H. Brigham, Jr. Jeannette Reynolds Kendall John C. Retinger, Jr. Tobias Smyth Club Isabelle Sterrett Chewning Dan M. Grubb Christopher Thomas Horner Martha Trice Reynolds Joanne Gonzales Rodewald Kenneth S. Shuman S. Lee Wheeler J. Thomas Wilson III Byars Club Jane Culberson Bryant J. Michael Eades Steven Dean Johnston Mary Susan Sewell Melinda Craft Walker Bob Murray Whetsel R. Douglas Wingate Luci Agee Wright

Spire Club Jay Erwin Archer James B. Ballard Lewanna Perigen Bankston Steven K. Berry Yvonne C. Cyphers L. George Dubois R. Martin Jones Dan G. Mathews Phillip Marc Payne J. William Reynolds III Deborah Donnell Shields Wayne H. Smith William L. Strong Harry A. Trautmann III

Contributors Vera Lee Austin Edward M. Bagby, Jr. William Byron Breedlove Keith R. Brown Diann Cramer Butler Gary W. Catron Martha Combs Bea Callahan Jones Carol Janette Luther Dennis M. McClelland Susie Rife Mullins Judy Laird Price Renie L. Price Maria Ely Warren

Contributors L. Carlin Abbott Bruce R. Beahm Strader E. Blankenship Mack Sanders Blevins Wesley Carter, Jr. Wesley E. Driskill, Jr. Sue Statzer Hall Anne Karison Lomax Vickie Mitchell Neely William F. Neely Dudley M. Pattie Thomas C. Shank Anne St. Clair Travis Joyce Kay Wagg

53 donors, $36,197.45 28% participation

48 donors, $14,080.72 29% participation


Patrick Henry Society Rebecca Moore Bigoney Thomas B. Bishop Jeoff B. Bodenhorst Mary Alice Thornhill Bodenhorst Nancyjean Bradford Rachel Kanipe Denham Barbara Newton Hargroves Gary D. Lester Timothy E. Rizer David G. Ryan, Sr. Ellen Smith Ryan James Giles Wallace Tobias Smyth Club J. Robert Buchanan Vicki Starnes Burkett Deborah Canty Grubb Robert N. Hatch, Jr. Jeffrey D. Williams Mary Sjostrom Williams Jean Gilbert Wimmer Linda Neff Woodward Byars Club Carlos J. Blattner Lorna Peck Charles Edward L. Long, Jr. Nancy Graham Metcalfe Susan Miller Ward Janet Lee Warman Spire Club Stephen C. Best Elizabeth Bowen Cannon Bruce M. Culmer P. Ray Dollins Karen Williams Donnelly Kathryn Jewett Hogenson Ned Pierce Johnson Karen Tilley Jones Raymond Gregory Lowe Cassandra Barnes Rector Dawn E. Reid Rebecca Salyer Selfe Ann Fox Trautmann


1976 Patrick Henry Society T. Rick Hughes Margaret Hathaway Retinger Mark W. Walling Tobias Smyth Club Robert Edward Ackley P. William Herald, Jr. Teddy R. Johnson Mary Meyerhoff Rosenbaum Byars Club Thomas Jack Bondurant, Jr. Elizabeth Farley Hester Cynthia Ringley Hintze Spire Club Ernest M. Allen Jan Holt Allen Macie Ann Boggess Randy L. Campbell Anne Gerard Carty Reza Dabestani Charles R. Dickerson Dianne Harrison DiMeo Elizabeth White Dubois Mindy Davis Duncan Timothy R. Gangaware A. Cameron Hall Greiwe Phillip Mitchell Herndon Cynthia Martin Jackson Bruce P. Kitchens Christopher H. Lane Kelly W. Lawson Mary Lynn Dinkins Lawson Myra Worsham Martin Randy Pennington Patricia Buddin Rodocker Thomas R. Ruscher Katherine Richardson Smith Eva Sue Dye Tilson Karen Westerfield Tucker Elizabeth Shamburger Vaughn John W. Whitney Contributors John Ben Bauman Diane LaVoie Carmack Sally Cook Robert L. Coughlin Cynthia Legard Cunningham Jeffrey B. DeBord Ellen Woods Herrin William S. Mercer John W. Sparger Deborah Afflerbach White 47 donors, $22,593.97 27% participation

1977 Patrick Henry Society Kyra Kegley Bishop Lina Altom Drinkard Stephen J. Drinkard Kathryn John Gardner George A. Whitley Tobias Smyth Club Kathy Kemper Buchanan Christopher L. Clark Cynthia L. Coleman Byars Club S. Keith Drumwright (D) K. Nelson Green Jane Glenn Hicks Susan Cobble Johnston Reelia Ryan Watson James M. Weigand Spire Club Robert Wayne Austin Harriet L. Berrier Mary Beth Turkington Blinn Thomas E. Byerly W. Thomas Gentry, Jr. James B. Jackson, Jr. Mark A. Martin Donovan Boyd Rawlings, Jr. Contributors Katherine Greer Andrew Edith Spell Bobko Ronald F. Bobko Anna Leigh Jones DeBord Anne Wier Eason Charles W. Maynard Janice Scott Maynard Joyce Hedrick McGhee W. Terry Richardson Walter W. Westbrook Linda Donnelly Wieland 33 donors, $59,701.57 20% participation

1978 Patrick Henry Society Marty A. Childress Sue Ryan Childress Marsha Musselwhite Hicks Patrick D. Lamb Margaret Crafts Lester Blair Warman Nickle Dennis G. Nickle Howard C. Owen Gary M. Reedy Tobias Smyth Club Deborah J. Jessee Doris Clendenen Shuman William D. Smith Byars Club Leon Weaver Cole, Jr. John C. Flaugher Lynne Fleenor Flaugher David W. Harless Randall L. Lucas Mark E. Mantiply H. T. Newman, Jr. Brad W. Simmons Spire Club Howard C. Bartholomay Holly Barksdale Bennett Robert C. Blinn David N. Castle W. Thomas Green N. Al Hammer III Douglas G. Jackman Joseph H. Jessee, Jr.

C. Randall Lowe Cathy Singleton Nacrelli Robert A. Nacrelli, Jr. James Michael Nidiffer Kyle Nevin Rhodes Beth Oxford Shamburger Madison E. Shamburger IV Contributors Richard A. Burton John D. Crewey Ann Harris Litton Glenna Blevins McFadden Sallie M. Moss Jeffrey T. Richardson Jennifer Addington Starnes 42 donors, $66,363.34 27% participation

1979 Patrick Henry Society Michael L. Blackburn Joseph F. Ellis, Jr. Eric S. Johnson Beth Johnson Lamb Courtney Stewart Tobias Smyth Club David W. Charlton J. Michael Moyer Clifford O. Myers Gloria Wagner Surber Byars Club Martha Winquist Emrey Ben H. Letson Walter L. Pierce, Jr. Dan G. Whitmire Spire Club Stephen M. Archibald Beth Weikel Bauman Briggs Bauman Mary Henry Bolt James E. Earp, Jr. Linda Utz Koranek Laura A. Majors Denise Irvin Nidiffer Karen L. Royer Dennis A. Vaught Contributors Carl R. Bowles, Jr. Anne E. Butler Douglas E. Crockett Mary Beth Bauman Graham Carole Kilby Greer Chip E. Hill, Jr. P. Arnold Humphreys Jimmy L. Lawrence Catherine Ellis Mullins Kenneth W. Noe Janet Stocking O’Connell Alben J. Sellers, Jr. Diane Crawley Tomlinson Steven R. White Stephen G. Wright 38 donors, $37,111.21 23% participation

1980 Patrick Henry Society Gary Paul Bolt Wally J. Nelson, Jr. Cynthia Kennedy Reedy Tobias Smyth Club Michael A. Chitwood Phoebe Wood Conway

Nancy M. Johnson J. Timothy Largen Byars Club Donna Hall Musselwhite Ellen Givens Urbanski Spire Club Laura Riley Adame John Owen Alderman Christopher L. Ames Steven Dale Irvin David N. Lee Kathryn Spiller Morris Elizabeth Lamb Nichols Richard W. Reese, Jr. Sally A. Simpson Eve S. Solomon Contributors Gerald A. Bruce Steven L. Butt Rita Looney Crockett Gail Goins Evans Jo Ann Leonard Foster Lynne Morefield Humphreys David Alan Keely Anne Huff Mays Bunny Medeiros Jeffrey Morgan Kathryn Carico Musick Debra Ann Robinson William B. Rosser-Devine Donna Royer Whitehead 33 donors, $59,306.40 21% participation

1981 Patrick Henry Society Glenn H. Birkitt, Jr. Carolyn Anderson Foster J. Brent Foster Walter Phillip Miller, Jr. John Michael Moore Walter E. Smalley, Jr. Tobias Smyth Club David Allen Carter Kathleen Forand Kimball Nancy Alderman McDaniel Douglas M. Mitchell Ann Elizabeth Sluder Byars Club Ginger Gail Bush Byron D. Cantrell Kenneth R. Holmes Frances Peters Inge Patricia Ann Lay Leigh Anderson Romans Spire Club Nancy Bondurant-Couch Phil Braudaway-Bauman Katharine Draney Claytor Ryland G. Craft III Dennis W. Ellis Kenneth Michael Flinchum Leslie Street Grace Richard S. Gregory Anne R. Harris Michael M. Hayter Elizabeth Ann Hill Rose Neese Houk Susan Taylor Leathers Brenda Newbold Neal Deborah Farmer Samples David S. Shaw, Jr. Contributors Rhonda Hall Bowen Charles W. Flanagan

Lawrence R. Foster III Gail Webb Owings Sylvia Allison Ratliff Pamela Shore Shore Davis Debra Davis Sydnor 40 donors, $22,264.63 22% participation

1982 Patrick Henry Society Mark W. Alley Pamela Kelly Blackburn George Edward Dobbs Martha Via Harrison Paul D. Harrison William Louis Naehle Karen Miller Ruble Gregory W. Snodgrass Harold A. Weeden Tobias Smyth Club Sarah Walls Malinak Curtis W. Newsome, Jr. Stewart Whitmore Plein Byars Club Cynthia L. Craighead Steven F. Galyean David A. Johnson Lea Thomas Olson Joseph Baxter Platt Jeffrey P. Tewksbury Judith Kelly Tewksbury Kari Kemper Tudor Linda Gale Willis Spire Club Estela Maria Aizcorbe William W. Boylan Phillip Edmond Garrett Lisa Ann McConnell Ann Williamson Swartz William H. Wheeler, Jr. Contributors Kendall Brent Calvert Kelly T. Carnahan Frederick V. Copenhaver Sharon ReMine Edwards Bruce Edward Hatch, Jr. Michael K. Mabe Sylvia Huff Trimmier 34 donors, $27,709.99 24% participation

1983 Patrick Henry Society James Hubert Fern Daniel Lee Johnson Kathie Baker Johnson Tobias Smyth Club Nancy Jean Adams Benita Kestner Bare Bill Gene Brooks Dana Taylor Brooks Debra McVey King Leigh Bales Lewis Melinda Shepherd Newsome Angela Shipwash Shelton William Rhea Shelton, Jr. Mary Sue Maiden Smith Byars Club Drew Johnson Laney Michael F. McCormick Emmett V. Ric Richardson III Deborah Williamson Smith Talmage A. Stanley John Myron Wright

Spire Club Christina Braudaway- Bauman Stephen M. Claytor Lora Lenhart Gayle Pamela G. Kestner J. Lee McChesney Robin Robinson McChesney Terri Howard Pritchard Contributors George Ed Barker, Jr. Teresa Randolph Brown Kevin Glenn Coker Dana Edward Gray Sandra D. Guy-Kolina Mark Randall Hanks Ann Robinson Leatherwood Mark Leon McClanahan Stephen Andrew Rhodes Mary Katherine Katherine Tate 36 donors, $19,695.50 20% participation

1984 Patrick Henry Society Cynthia Barker Blevins Richard M. Miller Michael A. Spiegler Karen Griffey Todd T. Michael Todd Tobias Smyth Club L. Christopher Plein Donald K. Reedy Ronald Warren Thompson, Jr. Carol E. Wilson Byars Club Laura Craven Duncan Mollie Rorrer Gore R. Bronwyn Reynolds Spire Club Ricky W. Barker Christen W. Burkholder Terry Davidson Hess Becky Ann Kurtz Mark William Simcox Curtis D. Spriggs Jonathan R. Wells Contributors L. Frederick Clements, Jr. Phillip N. Henley, Jr. Charles W. Kiser Beverly Carol Sheddan David Martin Van Horn Jerry D. York 25 donors, $9,433.50 19% participation

1985 Patrick Henry Society David Allen Blevins B. Robert S. Briggs II Mark Russell Graham Harold Gregory Hagee Monica S. Hoel Larry John Lenhart Suzanne Rogers Miller Gary Michael Ruble Byars Club Michael George Abbott Jeffrey Rudy Hancock J. Sanders Henderson III Steven Wayne Smith

Spire Club Glenn Alan Hardwick Tracie Grove Macke

Babette Holder Nuckolls David Orman Rhea Beverly Carol Robinette

Contributors Sandra Wilson Blevins Dana Gentry Boyd Nancy Hockett Castillo Bob Dendy Elizabeth Jane Deskins Marty Lay Gray Melody Majors Johnson Ray Edwin Lester III Cynthia Yates Norris Elizabeth Howe Ratcliffe Brent Gentry Richardson Gregory Parker Woolwine

Contributors Richard Evans Bardusch Jennifer Susan Butler Teresa Ferrell Frazier Kathy Meredith Funkhouser

26 donors, $12,460.80 16% participation

1986 Patrick Henry Society Mary K. Pope Briggs Anita Susan Keene Michael Kent Young Tobias Smyth Club David Carroll McGlothlin, Jr. Margie Rowlett Mark Phillip Spires Byars Club Scott Frazier Earehart Daniel Lavelle Foster Anna Buchanan Martin Robert Lynn McMillen Ralph Benton Tudor Spire Club Karen L. Bishop Suzy Copeland Burke Jeffrey Dirk Cassell Timothy Dean Deel Tammy S. Martin Mark Edward Meeks Donald Edward Sparks Contributors Peter John Barrett Denzil Morris Carter Melissa Litton Harris John F. Heil, Jr. Robert Daniel Holland Jeffrey Blaine Huffman Pamela Porter Leonard Renee Buckles Roberts Sara Jean Robinson Bradley Howard Scott 28 donors, $21,540.00 18% participation


Patrick Henry Society David Stuart Allen Stephen Alan Cross Suzanne Gibbs Ellis Fields Dale Franklin McGlothlin Lorri Anne Stone Samuel Thomas Terry, Jr. Byars Club David Wayne Davis Wanda Ann Dotson Wayne Matthew Largen Spire Club Pamela White Barton Lynne Jacobson Critzer Patrick Lee Critzer Philip Eugene Hoskins David D. Meadors

21 donors, $30,727.51 14% participation

1988 Patrick Henry Society David Ware Christian Tim Lee Fields Todd Harris Nairn Tobias Smyth Club Derwin Lee Hall Charles Allen Hougland, Jr. Kenneth A. Lawrence Sharon Hatfield Lawrence Taylor D. Lyne Spire Club Glenn Whitten Abbott Stephanie Balarzs Douglas Charles Walker Hart Bruce Reid MacCallum Christopher Russell Musser Contributors Sandra Gardner Arrington Gene Kegley Baumgardner, Jr. Randy Scott Dixon Robert Daniel Johnston Ernest Eugene Rogers 18 donors, $12,742.86 12% participation

1989 Patrick Henry Society Ramona Dunn Christian Gretchen Carlson-Hagee Tobias Smyth Club Charles Edward Alexander Byars Club James Benjamin Benton Anne Wright Crutchfield Todd Wythe Hull Ginger Jonas Largen Spire Club Robert William Beauchamp Sherry Hyde Beauchamp Robert Hayes Brown, Jr. Raymond R. Higgins, Jr. Patrick Roland Houghton Keith Jackson Meredith Henry Gilbert Pratt IV Virginia Gibson Pratt Anne P. Thomas-Abbott Amanda Hite Volk Beth Weaver Weber David Sheldon Wettack Contributors Jill Bundy Beville Rodney Dean Beville Scott Lloyd Casey Linda Ann Coutant Kelly Leigh Graham Julie Dawn Jones 25 donors, $5,722.77 16% participation



Patrick Henry Society Gregory Charles McMillan Ann Kirk Nairn Tobias Smyth Club Julie Jordan Carter Timothy Wade Carter Byars Club Pamela Lynn Buchanan Margaret Rooney McMillen David Anders Zimmerman Spire Club Charles Ernest Cox III Randi Preston Rhoten Allen Lee Walters Contributors Kevin Matthew Fox Douglas Park Reavis Pamela Hendrickson Wimmer Jeffrey Todd Yates 14 donors, $4,460.99 9% participation

1991 Patrick Henry Society Lynne Kimberly Bishop Sarah Margaret Copenhaver Kathryn Copenhaver Davidson Tobias Smyth Club Robert Higgs Feagins Timothy Robert McDaniel Byars Club Richard Wayne Carroll, Jr. Jonathan David Crutchfield Jason L. Horne Spire Club James D. Adkins William Kirkpatrick Candler Cynthia Dawn Jennings Cynthia Smith Surface Barton Allen Thrasher Sara Yost Thrasher Amy Haskins Wettack Lois Hicks Williams Contributors Melissa Hale Bentley Fred Milton Catron III John Scott Deacon Joy Phillips Dixon Brian Pierce Dunaway William Lyman Grose Erick H. Long Janet Diane Mullins Leslie Paige Newman Sarah Via Powers David Ray Turpin Rhonda Smith Turpin 28 donors, $11,836.20 17% participation

1992 Patrick Henry Society V. Kathy Cox Paul Tyler Vaughn Byars Club Susannah Mildred Davis Deborah Lynn Martin Tracy Sink Martin

Spire Club William Dudley Allen IV Donald Ray Blackburn Scott Reynolds Buchanan Jennifer Nunnally Hux Sherri Lynn Jessee Contributors Laurie Stacy Adams Scott David Arnold Leigh Anne Cook Bracher Duane Lee Burks Mark Rogers Hagy Charles Wilber Lafon Kimberly Sliger Nagy Cynthia Jo Pruitt Poore Denita Blazer Reavis Virginia Briggs Smith Christopher Luke Woodring 21 donors, $6,292.50 11% participation

1993 Patrick Henry Society Diane Mallett Birkitt Tobias Smyth Club Jody Petersen Cametas Christopher Todd Carter David R. Jackson Byars Club Andrea Lawson Carroll David William Farmer Jonathan Baine Jonas Spire Club Theodore Chandler Gibson James Dustin Hux Gary Lynn Lilly Michael Joseph McGinn Robert Charles Ramsey, Jr. James Moody Williams

Karen Sigmon Anderson John Edward Copenhaver Rachel Corbin Lafon Catherine Durham Moore Sherri Hensley Perry Frank William Woodward Sharon Wiley Wright 20 donors, $5,781.00 12% participation

1995 Patrick Henry Society Debbie Henderson Creasy Cathy Crowe Schubert Tobias Smyth Club April Denise Bragg John Stefan Cametas Cassandra Howell Latimer

19 donors, $5,705.00 11% participation

Byars Club Shannon L. Archer Whitney Edward Bowe Karen Secord Mason Ryan Kelly Mason Spire Club Jeffrey Scott Bary Alyson Bundy Dillow David Whiting Graybeal Jack Buckland Johnson, Jr. Tamara Taylor Moore Jon Wesley Snead Eric Robert Stickle Contributors Dennis Craig Cobler Allison Mays Elizabeth Williams McClure 19 donors, $15,302.00 11% participation


21 donors, $5,795.00 12% participation

Byars Club Melissa Mitchell Bowe Keiko Suzuki


Spire Club Vanessa Sturgill Fant Leslie Anne Wolburg

Tobias Smyth Club William DeLashmutt Chamberlin Robyn Beck Dietter Marshall Reid Ebert, Jr. Cynthia Reichelt Jackson David Eric Montgomery Byars Club Kathleen Crockett Archer Spire Club Terri Smith Kiesenhofer Ernest Preston Maddy Daryle Page Kelly Espy Page Jeff Cormell Shearin Contributors Alfred Charles Anderson, Jr.


Spire Club Brian Bradford Baker Bradford Allen Butler Carey Dooley Fellows Wendy McGlohn Green Sundi Smith Herring Michael Julian Meadows Erin McCrory Ruble Rebecca Corbin Stickle Contributors Kevin Andre Rogers Shannon Marie Turner David Allen Wells

Contributors Douglas Andrew Bishop Jennifer Poston Bishop Betsy Piedmont Campbell Rachel Giesy Chesser Heather Michele Conley Betsy Hurt Ogle Stephen Andrew Royer Charity Rooney Taylor

Patrick Henry Society William Todd Creasy

Ginger Gail Hudson Gregory Wayne Vannoy

Patrick Henry Society Bethany Ruth Worrell Tobias Smyth Club Betty Rosenbaum Jessee John Austin Latimer IV Jamie Glen McMinn

Contributors Gertrude Stone Cobler Robert Darden Freeman 10 donors, $4,230.00 6% participation

1997 Patrick Henry Society Rylie Bane Elliott Derek Allan Jones Brian David Wolfe Tobias Smyth Club William Chadwick Peters Rebecca Bunn Pittman Byars Club Bradley Scott Dulaney

1998 Patrick Henry Society Thomas Lee Brooks Walter Blaine Elliott IV Margaret Turman Kidd Tyler Garrett Kidd Tobias Smyth Club Tracey Reed Armbrister Melissa Leake Peters Jason Blaine Pittman

18 donors, $4,545.00 10% participation

2000 Patrick Henry Society Anna Newman Jones Laura Kidd Powell Waid Burnett Powell Felicia Lowman Sikes Spire Club John Allen Deskins Amanda Dye Melniczek Jennifer Gordon Shafer Contributors Margaret Wood Autry Stephanie Bramble Beeken Amy Fletcher Farris John Gabriel Fuller Ann Pickett Smith Ryan Kenneth Walker 13 donors, $4,302.50 7% participation

2001 Patrick Henry Society Robert Warren Thomas- Garcia

Spire Club Alison Marie Baker Brook Belcher Baker Brian Patrick Fellows David Bradford Herring Amy Runyon Meadows Rebecca Yvonne Mumpower Barbara Woodward Stamberg Walter Ira White III

Tobias Smyth Club Adam McKinley Breeding Monica Faith Jacobe Brianne Fariss Kilbourne Susan Wechsler Smith

Contributors Brittani Clarke Clayman John Christopher Eddy Monica Milagros Gonzalez Gary Ray Pattison

Contributors Robert Wilson Cantrell Lee Ann Heaton Fuller Tracy Morse Lewis Michael Patrick Mitchell Darion Anthony Morgan Kristi Stiltner Pell Rachel Helvey Rhodes Richard Glascock Rhodes Alison Osborne Scanlan Fred Logan Somervell II Pamela McGhee Somervell Jonathan Brentwood Wilson Annie C. Zorn

19 donors, $14,766.63 10% participation

1999 Patrick Henry Society Hollie Rhoton Brooks Everette Scott Sikes

Spire Club Robert Edmund Combs Daniel Lee Ruble John Randolph Sisson Brent Joseph Treash

Tobias Smyth Club Michael Robin Armbrister Jaclyn Rose Dickens Emily Lyle Peters Jeremy Richard Peters

22 donors, $5,045.00 13% participation

Byars Club Jeremiah O’Dell Johnson Karen Simpson Johnson John Michael Mason

Patrick Henry Society Benjamin Thomas Bondurant Joshua Walton Gilman Brooklyn Danielle Sawyers

Spire Club Joel Thomas Coffman Sara Buntin Coffman Jennifer Jones James Patrick McCracken Ava Kel-la Quick

Tobias Smyth Club Mahlon G. Funk III Karen McWhorter Gilmer

Contributors Jason Matthew Clayman Laura Blair Plaster Andrea Deal Powell Patrick McRae Smith


Byars Club Laura Gotschall Giardino Jennifer Belcher Munsey Israel Dean O’Quinn Jason Wayne Walton Spire Club Rachel Bundy Bales

Jeffrey Steven Blackwell, Jr. Kellie Smith Blackwell Brian Randolph Calhoun James Eric Sutherland Kathryn Dowe Treash Contributors Adam James Beeken Olivia White Combs Beth Alison Funkhouser Chadrick Jody Hanshew Joseph Adam Kennedy Kristen Larrowe Quesenberry Stephanie Armbrister Strutner 22 donors, $8,764.81 12% participation

2003 Patrick Henry Society Stephen Henson Carter, Jr. Aaron Rodocker Tobias Smyth Club William James Gibbons

Candace Danielle Starnes

Gabriel Franklin Ward

18 donors, $2,810.50 11% participation

19 donors, $816.00 12% participation



Byars Club Buford R. Blevins III

Patrick Henry Society Catherine Reynolds Myers Josh Neal Myers

Spire Club Scott Wesley Sutton William Brett Whitt

Tobias Smyth Club Lori Bruce Cutshaw

Patrick Henry Associate Allen Pierce Childress Ashley Nelson Childress Stephen Robert Rainey Katelyn McLaren Yount Spencer Baker Yount

Amy Herrin Wahlquist Emily Elizabeth Wallace 20 donors, $3,413.59 10% participation


Contributors Jaime R. Argandona Dustin Gene Bays Kathi Elizabeth Boatright Ann Timberlake Burnette Kevin Richard Burnette Ashley Varney DeBusk Holly Halstead Fitzwater Derek McKinley Kestner Brendan Erich Roche Paige Leslie Sholes Cecille Lawson Skeens Javier Soriano

Byars Club Richard Alexander Johnson Aubrey Jones Rosser III

15 donors, $761.89 8% participation

Spire Club Brian Preston Deal Jessica Johnson Deal Derrick Howard Dye Roberta Marlene Frentz Alan John Jones Jennifer Richmond Sisson Lindsey Guynn Utt


Contributors Crystal Michele Hall Gregory Chadwick Pennington Laura Clifton Smith Matthew Sean Strutner 16 donors, $8,695.00 9% participation

2004 Patrick Henry Society January Dendi Haile Tobias Smyth Club Thomas Randall Forrester Byars Club Rachel Catherine Dunne Kira Sparks Lammers Spire Club John Wilson Altice Eric Thomas Coley Sam Ryan Driscoll Alison Inman Hicks Joshua Daniel Kilbourne Liliya Olegovna Shevchenko Joshua Christian Wellenhoffer Sarah Caldwell Wellenhoffer Contributions Vernard Edward Arrington III Christie LeAnn Maloyed Christine Greene McCallum-Randalls Justin Lee Oliverio Brenda Kiekhefer Pottinger Valerie Taylor Roth

Spire Club Lauren Musick Calhoun Justin Levi Hoover Ashley Lauren Rudolph Contributors Candice McFadden Anderson Meredith Ledford Boyd Amanda Kathleen Chaplin Christopher Michael Chappell Alexander Richard Craig Meaghan Louise Funk Richard Augustus Graves IV Timothy David Kilbourne Michael Jeremy McMillan Sarah Brooksbank McMillan Robin Leigh Phelps Ashley Linkous Thomas

Byars Meredith Anne Keyse Kurt Matthew Vollmer

18 donors, $2,292.50 10% participation

Spire Club Anne Ryan Driscoll Whitney Elizabeth Henderson Callie Breeding Kilbourne Brennan Clay Stewart Katherine Childress Stewart


Contributors Judd Bradford Adams Bradley Michael Deal Kenneth Marc Fitzwater Ryan M. Hankins Jessica Lynn Hawks Wesley Terry Heims Julianna Vaughn Kirby 14 donors, $1,087.50 8% participation

2007 Tobias Smyth Club Kyle Allen Cutshaw Rebecca Boney Dole Rebecca Anne Madill Jessica Turner Son Byars Club Raymond Marion Smith Spire Club Stacy Keen Altice Laura Monk Bishop Neil R. Bishop Justin Robert Foster Ryan Daniel Roorda Arthur Bruce Scott Joshua E. von Castle Contributors Katherine Maria Burner Anthony Presley Leonard Frank Cundell Luton Molly Metke Luton Katie Joan Riesbeck

Patrick Henry Society Joseph McGowen Hamil Spire Club Sarah Rebecca Childress Emily Cockerham Lee

Byars Club Richard Hargrave Aylor Thomas Molina Smith Spire Club Michelle N. Hindmon Sarah Haley McGlothlin Contributors Frederick Lorenzo George Charles Caleb Jennings James Hawver McVey II Dava Marie Napier Cory Michael Payne Annelise Shelton Ward 15 donors, $2,312.50 10% participation

2012 Byars Club Margaret Elizabeth Wassum Spire Club Rachel LeighAnn Fogg Catherine Castle Lowe

10 donors, $6,665.00 6% participation

Contributors Andrea Nancy Behrer Brian Chester Butler Christopher John Caruana Michael R. Farris II Sarah Triplett Farris Kellie Lyn Flaherty Cody B. Foglesong Erin Meghan Gallagher Elizabeth Lee Hurley Brianne M. McGhee Collin Andrew Metz Patrick Heath Smith Selena Jeri Trichel Kristen Blevins White Ryan S. Wiehl


18 donors, $706.00 12% participation

Contributions Brian Sanford Bland-Clark Shalonda N. Carter Matthew Philip Clayton Erica DeNea Hess Christopher Thomas Mickno Abigail Roush Quintong Carrie Elizabeth Winship

Spire Club Cody Glenn Jackson Leanne Nicole Mahoy Rachel Preston Nelson Christopher Scott Poore Contributions Katelyn Elizabeth Bland- Clark Eileen April Casterline William Thomas Garrison Daniel Carrick Guinn Tessa Pulaski Guinn Tiffany Paige Hawley Joanna McGrath Heims Catherine Abigail Neal Laken Rhea Price Watson Jacob Rea Dustin Lee Rexrode Jonathan E. Schmidt Zachary Paul Triplett Alexandra Dawn Veatch

2013 Patrick Henry Associate Adam Whitley Henderson Mark Diefenderfer Robertson Spire Club Robert Ked Byrd Matthew Smith Castle D. Ross Ellis Alexandra Mae Firebaugh Anne Catherine Saville Rachel Elizabeth Witt Contributors Melinda Dawn Adams William James Bodfish Brandon Jonathan Brodkin Kelsey Shannon Burke

Heath Theodore Culbreth Hannah Caroline Foster Renss Havens Greene Timothy Paul Grunstra Robert Earl Hawkins Tyler Neese Houk Lauren Trotman Kilbourne Meghan Amelia Kitten Meagan Abbi McMillian Philip John Post Mary Beth Tignor Madison Alden Williams 24 donors, $2,276.50 14% participation

2014 Patrick Henry Associate Robert Carter Aylor Samuel David Line Kenton Roger Williams Contributors Katherine Marie Briggs William Coleman Conley II Nicholas Michael Dowdle Gentry Caroline Hamrick Blaine Morgan Hancock Katherine Bassler Hanshew Sarah Michelle Jenkins Sarah Catherine Jerome Sarah Lynn Knight John Tyler Mullins Sylvia Marie Robbins Olutosin Tosin Sanusi Leroy Anthony Strickland II 16 donors, $1,022.34 10% participation

2015 Patrick Henry Associate Denise Renae Gobble Jake Zachary McNabb Contributors Sarah Denton Agron Kaylan Jewel Brickey Stephanie Ann Buescher Jarrett Payne Dunning Anna Elise Dye Kristan Meredith Funkhouser Maria Alejandra Gomez Rebecca Ann Hansen Courtney Jana Hay Jacqueline Jo-Lynn Ison Jean Ann Jamison Dylan Kristopher Johnson Lucas Martell Kirby Kourtnee Chantel Lewis Spencer Charles Mathis Isaac Mitchel Short Joshua Andrew Smith Ethan Rogers Taylor Jessica Lynn Turpin 21 donors, $327.00 10% participation

2016 Contributors Emily J. Belanger Christopher M. Bingham Alison J. Brooks Maria C. Byrd Devon M. Carter Holli N. Chaney Haleigh E. Cole Jasmine Dent Stephanie L. Edwards


Reed L. Esposito Taylor J. Evans Scott R. Greene Madeline L. Guzman Mikayla L. Hilt Ryan L. Hubbard Kelsey E. Marrs Adrian M. Myer Tory Benjamin G. Schneider Stephanie L. Shepherd Greg Slagle Morgan M. Sollenberger Aaron Christian Taylor Stephanie L. Taylor Blair E. Vaughn 24 donors, $159.58 % participation

Undergraduate Students The following is a list of current students who made contributions during the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 fiscal year. Those in bold also supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. Byars Club Katherine Kelsey Meyers Contributors Emily Elizabeth Ballard Leila MacKenzie Bellimam Jordan Wallace Bennett Derrick Lee Boardwine Ashley Lynn Bostian Bradley Scott Bowers Chad Jeremy Brink, Jr. Connor Carrigan Kenneth Mitchell Carter II Morgan Elizabeth Carter Tyler Davis Clark Brode Harden Corns Emily Warrington Crutchfield Evan Michael DiLauro Hannah B. Doss Baylee Briana Dozark Madeline Alexandra Earl Ruthann Hope Froberg Luke Jackson Funkhouser Christopher Bernard Gannon Katherine Sidney Ginn Michael Andre’ Gravely Lukas Todd Hart Roth Patrick Healey Samuel Jarrett Healey Taylor Lynn Helms Grayson Elizabeth Hicks Emily Jordan Hinshaw Gillian Thyme Hogg Haley Marie Huffman Miranda Gayle King Erin Marie Kirk Tremain Kenderic Knox Anne Ellison Lenhart Sarah Katherine Leonard Taylor Nicole Locke Samuel James Lewis Martin Nick Martino Laura Hope Mister Ryan Mitchell Mullins

Cody Melvin Neal Margaret Elizabeth Onken Tristen Abigayle Pennington Adelaide Compton Plemmons Jade Nicole Ritterbusch Roman James Roberts Jonathan Paul Romano Korey Gregory Shortt Skyler Lee Simcox Allison Kara Singleton Andrew Thomas Siva Jessie Smith John Morgan Smith Jordan Javon Smith Zachery Taylor Smith Reid Goodman Sturgill Caroline Hamilton Taylor Madison Eleanor Vaughn Katrina Wagner Breanna Rachelle Wallen Maxime Pierre Weatherly Catherine Alexandra Wiedman 64 donors, $707.97

Graduate Students The following is a list of graduate students who made contributions during the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 fiscal year. Those in bold also supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time.

Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. Patrick Henry Society Jerry W. Wharton Byars Club Beverly Bookout Lovell Spire Club Rosamond Calhoun McCarty Ida G. Pugh Contributors Donald W. Coulthard Lillian R. Goff

Virginia Intermont College In 2013, Emory & Henry College acquired the equestrian program from Virginia Intermont College. The following is a list of graduates from Virginia Intermont who now pledge their support to Emory & Henry. Those in bold also support the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time.

Jordan K. Graham Joseph F. Preston

Patrick Henry Society Lynlee Smith Dutton


Contributors Anna Gondo Megan McDonald Michelle Wynn

The following is a list of the Navy alumni who made contributions during the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 fiscal year. Those in bold also support the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. Spire Club Frank W. Mobley Contributor William A. Magee

Special The following is a list of special contributors who made donations during the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 fiscal year. Those in bold also supported the


Faculty, Staff & Retirees The following is a list of the faculty, staff and retirees who made contributions during the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 fiscal year. Those in bold also support the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. Patrick Henry Society Dr. Paul H. Blaney Rev. Mary K. Pope Briggs Mr. Joshua B. Bullock Dr. Mary B. Cox Dr. T. Edward Damer Dr. James M. Dawsey Mr. Henry C. Dawson Dr. Michael G. Duffy Mr. Rick Gaumer Mr. Mark Russell Graham Dr. David Haney Ms. Monica S. Hoel

Mrs. Eleanor H. Hutton Dr. Janet L. Justice-Crickmer Mr. Gregory Charles McMillan Mr. Dirk S. Moore Dr. R. Christopher Qualls Mr. Jake B. Schrum Dr. Alexandra Skidmore Mr. Joseph P. Taylor Mr. David J. Voskuil Mr. Louis A. Wacker Mr. James Giles Wallace Tobias Smyth Club Dr. Douglas E. Arnold Ms. Benita Kestner Bare Mr. Kyle Allen Cutshaw Ms. Jaclyn Rose Dickens Dr. Lou L. Fincher Dr. Stephen L. Fisher Mr. Thomas Randall Forrester Ms. Pamela L. Gourley Dr. Teresa D. Keller Mrs. Brianne Fariss Kilbourne Ms. Ronan D. King Dr. Joseph H. McCoy Dr. John Thomas Morgan Mr. Curtis W. Newsome Dr. Joseph T. Reiff Dr. Samir N. Saliba Ms. Myra Sims Mr. Gregory G. Steiner Mrs. Kim Steiner Mrs. Faye Stevens Mrs. Gloria Wagner Surber Dr. Melissa P. Taverner Byars Club Mr. Robert Carter Aylor Mrs. Anne Wright Crutchfield Dr. Ronald E. Diss Ms. Lynn Elliott Dr. V. Ray Hancock Dr. Margaret F. Hutson Mr. Taylor Jefferson Mr. W. Joseph King Dr. Joseph H. Lane Dr. Ben H. Letson Ms. Jolie Lynee Lewis Ms. Valerie G. Lewis Mr. Joseph Matthews Dr. Michael Puglisi Dr. Eugene L. Rasor Dr. John H. Roper Ms. Joy Scruggs Ms. Susan M. Stanley Dr. Talmage A. Stanley Dr. Julia Wilson Spire Club Ms. Lorraine N. Abraham Mrs. Mary Henry Bolt Dr. Rebecca Buchanan Ms. Maureen Buescher Mr. Billy L. Caldwell Dr. Eric Thomas Coley Ms. Allyson Sunny Crisp Dr. Edward H. Davis Mrs. Talmage Dobbins Ms. Jamie Ferguson Ms. Rachel LeighAnn Fogg Dr. Ameera Celeste Gaia Dr. Laura J. Hainsworth Mr. Mark Hainsworth Dr. Glenn Irion Ms. Jean Irion Mrs. Judith Ann Jarnes Dr. Jerry Jones Ms. Jennifer T. Ketchum Dr. John D. Lang Dr. Tracy Lauder Mr. Ernest Preston Maddy

Mr. Jake Zachary McNabb Mr. Christopher Scott Poore Ms. Leah Prater Mr. Brett Sample Ms. Tammy D. Sheets Ms. Jill Smeltzer Ms. Deborah Spencer Mr. Craig K. Stutzmann Ms. Judith R. Sweat Mr. Brent Joseph Treash Mr. Joshua E. von Castle Mr. Joshua Christian Wellenhoffer Mrs. Iris M. Worley Dr. Philip Ross Young Mrs. Suzanna Zhang Contributors Dr. Kimberly Reed Baranowsky Ms. Bence Bays Mr. Andrew M. Blasenak Ms. Kathi Elizabeth Boatright Mrs. Dana Gentry Boyd Mrs. Jane Brinkman Mr. Steven Brooks Mr. Kevin Call Ms. Lisa Campbell Dr. Dennis Craig Cobler Mr. Matthew R. Crisman Mrs. Claudine Brown Daniel Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Davenport Mrs. Diedre Davis Mr. James Franklin Featherston Mr. Lawrence R. Foster Ms. Beth Alison Funkhouser Ms. Amanda Gardner Mr. Frederick Lorenzo George Ms. Anna Gondo Mr. Anthony Graham Dr. John H. Graham Mr. Richard Augustus Graves Mrs. Lisa Green Mr. David Griffore Ms. Erin Hadary Ms. Crystal Michele Hall Mr. Chadrick Jody Hanshew Ms. Katherine Bassler Hanshew Ms. Norma Jean Hart Ms. Jessica Lynn Hawks Dr. John F. Heil Mrs. Carol H. Henry Ms. Laree Hinshelwood Mrs. Claribel H. Hockett Mrs. Patty F. Hunt Mrs. Lauren Trotman Kilbourne Mrs. Janet R. Kirby Dr. Shelley Koch Dr. Thomas J. Little Dr. Maurice S. Luker Ms. Heather Minnick Meek Ms. Danielle Morel Ms. Zetta Nicely Ms. Caroline Norris Mrs. Janet Pippin Ms. Denise O. Posey Ms. Laura O. Pruitt Dr. Manda Remmen Mr. W. Terry Richardson Ms. Beverly Carol Sheddan Ms. Jamie Smyth Mr. Todd Stanley Dr. Edgar Herbert Thompson Ms. Mary Beth Tignor

Ms. Alexandra Dawn Veatch Dr. Brynn Welch Mrs. Angela R. Werth Mrs. Beth H. White Ms. Rhonda D. Widener Mr. David A. Willson Mr. Ronald E. Woodward

Friends The following is a list of friends who made contributions during the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 fiscal year. Those in bold also supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. Patrick Henry Society Mrs. Ti Alley Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Allison Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Bartlett, Jr. Dr. Evan J. Blaney Drs. Paul & Nancy T. Blaney Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Bryant Mr. Joshua B. Bullock Mr. & Mrs. John Burns Bishop & Mrs. Kenneth L. Carder Mrs. Barbara P. Chavatel Mrs. Sue G. Clark Mrs. Preston Copenhaver Dr. Mary B. Cox Mr. Terence H. Crowgey Dr. T. Edward Damer & Ms. Nancyjean Bradford Dr. & Mrs. James M. Dawsey Dr. Michael G. Duffy Mr. James W. Elliott IV Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fachilla Ms. Jill L. Fachilla Ms. Donna M. Fanelli Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Garnand III Mr. & Mrs. Rick Gaumer Mr. Peter Gerry Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Gilliam Ms. Mimi Graham Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Groves Mrs. Barbara L. Hale K. Ramsey McGowen & William J. Hamil Dr. David Haney & Ms. Lisa Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Charles Henderson Dr. Robert Hillman & Ms. Sheila McElwee Dr. & Mrs. Neil D. Hollyfield DDS Mr. & Mrs. W. Douglas Hounshell The Reverend Philip Hunsicker Mrs. Eleanor H. Hutton Ms. Kimberly N. Johnson Dr. Janet Justice-Crickmer & Mr. Walt Crickmer Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Lane Mrs. Rosa R. Lemmon Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. Leonard Mr. David Lester Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. LoGrande Ms. Jessica Mashburn Mr. Dirk Moore

Ms. Ellen H. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Don Nicewonder Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Nicewonder Mr. J. Kevin Nicewonder Ms. Betty Jo Pate Mr. Gary L. Peacock Mr. H. C. Pratt Mr. Paul F. Proffit Mrs. Carol Ward Pruner Dr. R. Christopher Qualls Mr. C. R. Quesenberry Drs. Rosalind & Don Reichard Mr. & Mrs. B. Fielding Rolston Mr. Christopher A. Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Danford Sawyer Mr. & Mrs. Jake B. Schrum Mrs. Barbara M. Scott Mr. Michael Sheffield Mr. & Mrs. Billy E. Sluder Ms. Vicki Smith Mrs. Nancy M. Stone Mrs. Lynda S. Stuart Mr. Joseph P. Taylor Mr. William J. Thomas, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood Mrs. Bettye H. Van Dyke Mrs. Judith Varnell Mr. & Mrs. David J. Voskuil Mr. Louis Wacker Drs. James A. Warden & Alexandra Skidmore Mr. Andrew E. Willson Ms. Christine Wilmanns Tobias Smyth Club Dr. Douglas E. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ball Mr. & Mrs. William Horace Bates Mr. & Mrs. Dan H. Begley Mr. & Mrs. John V. Blake III Mr. Eugene Bragg Mr. Keith Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Burkey Mr. & Mrs. William C. Burriss, Jr. Ms. Billie Jo Caudill Mr. John Chinault Mrs. Anita Coulthard Ms. Jeanne Crowgey Mr. & Mrs. William D. Demarest Dr. Lou L. Fincher Dr. Stephen L. Fisher & Ms. Nancy Garretson Ms. Nancy C. Forrester Dr. Rachel D. Fowlkes Ms. Virginia Gibson Ms. Pamela L. Gourley Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Graves III Mrs. Sadie Bolton Hillman Mr. & Mrs. Frances X. Jacoby III Hon. & Mrs. James P. Jones Dr. Teresa D. Keller Mr. & Mrs. Martin Kent Ms. Ronan D. King Ms. Tracy Koleber Mr. Lyle Kraft Mr. John Markey II Mr. Richard McKelvey Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Carl Moore Dr. John T. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. William N. Powell Ms. Karen Ramey Mr. & Mrs. David Rampy Dr. Joseph T. & Betty C. Reiff Mr. & Mrs. M. Ervin Rich, Jr.

Mr. Neel Rich Mr. & Mrs. James S. Richardson Ms. Ellen P. Rippeto Dr. & Mrs. Samir N. Saliba Mrs. Ann P. Schmitt Mr. Everett C. Schrum Ms. Myra Sims Mr. Wilbur Smith & Ms. Karen M. Macon Dr. George H. Stainback Mr. & Mrs. Gregory G. Steiner Mrs. Faye Stevens Dr. Melissa P. Taverner Mr. James Taylor & Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor Dr. John Taylor Dr. Kevan E. VanLandingham & Dr. Debra L. Tucci Byars Club Mr. W. Robert Abbot Mr. Chris Blackburn Rev. & Mrs. Frank M. Bostick Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Brown Ms. Faye Carter Dana H. Chamberlain D.D.S. Mr. & Mrs. Randall Clark Mr. & Mrs. John L. Cooper Mr. Ronald P. Culberson Ms. Carolyn W. Dando Dr. Merrill F. Dickson Dr. Ronald E. Diss Ms. Patricia A. Duffy Ms. Carolyn Earp Ms. Lynn Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Travis Feezell Mr. Chuck Hamilton Dr. V. Ray Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Hankal Dr. Todd Hannula Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Hinkle Mr. Robert Hinkle Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hodge Mr. & Mrs. Dana Lee Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Tony Houff Dr. Margaret F. Hutson Ms. Cheryl A. Hyatt Mr. & Mrs. David T. Inge Mr. Taylor Jefferson Rev. Sandra J. Johnson Mr. W. Joseph King Dr. Joseph H. Lane & Dr. Julia Wilson Ms. Jolie L. Lewis Ms. Valerie G. Lewis Mrs. Sarah McCain Lomax Mr. Joseph Matthews Mr. Hank McCarthy Ms. Tracy Meyers Dr. P. D. Miller III Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pudney III Dr. & Ms. Michael Puglisi Dr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Rasor Mr. & Mrs. William Rendleman Dr. & Mrs. John H. Roper Ms. Betty Saulpaugh Ms. Joy Scruggs Mrs. Susan Stanley Rev. Richard H. Timberlake Ms. Heidi Vaught Mr. & Mrs. Brian Weaver Mr. Richard Weaver Dr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Williams Dr. Hunter K. Woods Dr. & Mrs. Donald R. Yent

Spire Club Mr. & Mrs. William I. Abernathy Ms. Lorraine N. Abraham Alice & Jim Aiken Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Armstrong Dr. & Mrs. Halbert Ashworth Dr. Deborah A. Bassham Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Beck Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Belanger Mr. Steve Belcher Mr. & Mrs. Dan Bieger Ms. Greta Blanford Mr. & Mrs. Bobby J. Blevins Mr. & Mrs. Clyde J. Blizzard Mr. & Mrs. David C. Bondurant Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bordwine Dr. & Mrs. James H. Bowden, Jr. Bob & Gay Breakfield Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Brewster Toni Bridges Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Britt Dr. Rebecca Buchanan Ms. Maureen Buescher Ms. Tiffany Bui Mr. John F. Burns Mr. Billy L. Caldwell Ms. Lynda Campbell Mr. William A. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Carson Mr. James W. Cartwright Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Cawood Mr. & Mrs. James S. Colclough Ms. Betty R. Cole Mr. James M. Cole Dr. David A. Copeland Dr. & Mrs. Richard G. Copenhaver Ms. Elaine Lang Cornett Ms. Patsy T. Cox Ms. Allyson Sunny Crisp Dr. Claude H. Crockett, Jr. Ms. Carolyn P. Cummins Mr. & Mrs. John E. Dahlquist Dr. Edward H. Davis Mr. John D. Demarest Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dew Mr. & Mrs. Todd Dewar Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Dininger Mrs. Talmage Dobbins Ms. Aileen Duffy Mr. Conley Edwards III Mr. Pierce Elliott, Jr. Mr. David Epperley Mr. & Mrs. William W. Eskridge Chris Farabaugh Elaine Farrington Mr. E. R. Federwisch Ms. Jamie Ferguson Mrs. Erma J. Fielden Ms. Christine Filipski Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Fishell Dr. Celeste Gaia Ms. Anna M. Graham Mr. & Mrs. John H. Graham Mrs. Carol Miller Graybeal Mr. & Mrs. John E. Green, Jr Mr. Mark Hainsworth & Dr. Laura J. Hainsworth Mr. Roy B. Hand Mr. & Mrs. Chris B. Harrell Al & Joyce Harris Mr. & Mrs. Mark Harris, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. David Hartness Mr. & Mrs. James R. Harvey

Mr. William H. Hayter Mr. Eric L. Hein Mr. & Mrs. H. Kirk Henry, Jr. Kim & Steven Heraly Ms. Rachel Hill Ms. Calista L. Hillman Jimmie Hinkle Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hodge Anne Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Mike D. Hogg Ms. Emily B. Holloway Mr. & Mrs. Bobby L. Hurd Drs. Glenn Irion & Jean Irion FX Jacoby Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Jarnes Mr. Richard C. Jennell Mr. Brian Johnson Ms. Michelle Johnston Dr. Jerry Jones Mr. & Mrs. John W. Jones, Jr. Mr. Robert C. Jones Mr. David Jun Mrs. Nancy E. Kegley Dr. Frederic R. & Mrs. Jeannette Boykin Kellogg Ms. Jennifer T. Ketchum Eddie & Nancy King Mr. & Mrs. Evans L. King, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Kormis Dr. & Mrs. John D. Lang Ms. Catherine C. Larmore Dr. Tracy Lauder Dr. & Mrs. Michael B. Lenhart Mr. & Mrs. Michael Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Mark Line Mrs. Nita A. Little Mr. & Mrs. Larry Locke Ronnie & Kit Lowe Ms. Jane S. Lyon Mr. Edward W. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Martin Bill & Allison Maselli Mr. Bruce E. Mathews Mr. & Mrs. William Mathis Mr. Jackson B. (D) & Mrs. Rosamond C. McCarty Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. McClanahan Mrs. Martha Helen McFarland Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Mengel Mr. & Mrs. David L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Moore Dr. Thomas R. Morris Mr. Steven M. Nolte Mr. & Mrs. Curtis E. Odell Jim & Emily Dungan Paine Paul Pedersen Ms. Dorothy C. Peters Mr. William J. Pierce Mr. & Mrs. Greg Pleasants Mr. Donald W. Pollard, Jr. & Dr. Nicolle Parsons-Pollard Tracey A. Powell Ms. Leah Prater Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Pruitt Mr. Timothy Ramsdell Keith Rhymer Mr. Keith Rickoff Mrs. Evelyn Rudisill Deborah & David Russell Mr. Brett Sample Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Schreiter Martha Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Rees Shearer Ms. Tammy D. Sheets Mr. & Mrs. David D. Shoemaker


Mr. & Mrs. Bert Simpson Dr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Singer Judy Jo & Tom Small Ms. Jill Smeltzer Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Sollenberger Mr. & Mrs. Danny J. Sowers Mr. & Mrs. John Speight Deborah Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Glen E. Stallard Dr. Gail L. Stanley Mr. Christopher Stapko & Ms. Michelle Jarrett Mr. Gregory Still Mr. Richard Straw Mr. & Mrs. Austin P. Stubblefield Mr. Craig & Mrs. Briana Stutzman Dr. & Mrs. Vincent F. Sukle Ms. Judith R. Sweat Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Wilson Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. David G. Thomas Carol, Craig, & Gary Tomlinson Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Towers Ms. Gretchen Tucker Mr. & Mrs. D. J. Turner Mr. Brian Utt Ms. Elizabeth M. Vellines Ms. Jennifer Wagner Bud & Debbie Wallace Mr. Jimmy L. Watt Mr. & Mrs. Clarke Whitfield Dr. & Mrs. John Willis Mrs. Iris M. Worley Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wray Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Wright Mrs. Barbara N. Young Mrs. Suzanna Zhang & Mr. Chao Lu Contributors Mr. Kevin W. Abel Mr. & Mrs. Hal Absher Ms. Sandra Adams Mr. & Mrs. Franklin L. Aker Ms. Mary S. Allen Ms. Lisa Alther Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Anderson Ms. Arletta Armstrong Ms. Elizabeth R. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Derek J. Baker Dr. Kimberly Reed Baranowsky Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Bassemier Ms. Bence Bays Ms. Kathy G. Blackwell Mr. Andrew M. Blasenak Mr. & Mrs. Mike Blevins Jeff & Gigi Blose Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Bobal Ms. Linda Bowery Ms. Barbara Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. S. Briggs Mrs. Jane Brinkman Steven Brooks Mr. & Mrs. M. R. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Browning Ms. Sheila J. Buchanan Ms. Susan Buckner Ms. Candace V. Butler Mr. Kevin Call Ms. Ellen Campbell Ms. Lisa Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carson Ms. Phyllis D. Carswell Ms. Barbara Carter

Mr. Robert Chamberlain, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Chaney Mr. & Mrs. E. Owen Clary Ms. June Collie R. A. & Betty Cook Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Robert Copeland Mrs. Karen Cox Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cox Terry L. Cox Mr. & Mrs. Delmar L. Crigger Mr. Matthew R. Crisman Mr. & Mrs. Bob Crowder Mr. & Mrs. John H. Dammeyer Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Davenport Mrs. Diedre Davis Mr. Paul Dellinger Mr. John B. Dellis, Jr. Jason & Judy Diggs Mrs. Deborah H. Dolan Ms. Wanda J. Doss Ms. Marjorie W. Doty Mr. & Mrs. John Dubose Tom & Becky Dugan Mr. & Mrs. Myrl G. Dunham Ms. Karen K. Dunkley Mr. & Mrs. James W. Dunn Dr. Douglas O. Eason Mr. & Mrs. Robin W. Ebersole Mr. & Mrs. Junior G. Edwards Mr. Johnny Engleby Mr. James F. Featherston Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Fleenor Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Flick Sally & Bruce Foulkrod Mr. Fred France Mrs. Mildred J. Francisco Mr. & Mrs. Fred Gallagher, Jr. Ms. Amanda Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Gestewitz, Jr. Dr. John H. Graham Mr. Rob Graham Mr. & Mrs. David K. Grant Ms. Katie W. Green Mrs. Lisa Green Mr. David Griffore Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Guest Ms. Erin Hadary Mr. James F. Hale Ms. Wendy Halsey- Richardson Mr. Charles D. Hamm Ms. Mary L. Hammer Ms. Charlotte Harkleroad Mr. & Mrs. Jay W. Harper Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Fenton F. Harrison, Jr. Mrs. Norma J. Hart Mr. Justin Harvey Mr. Richard H. Hawkins Mrs. Carol Henry Mrs. Helen C. Hensley Ms. Gay K. Hillman Mr. Rolfe L. Hillman III Ms. Jeanie Hinkle Ms. Laree Hinshelwood Mrs. Claribel H. Hockett Ms. Carol Holler Mr. & Mrs. Jakie Holmes Ms. Elizabeth Holtkamp Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hughes Mrs. Patty F. Hunt Mr. Brian C. Jacoby Ms. Patty Jackson


Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Johnson, Jr. Mrs. Sherry Johnson Ms. Patricia K. Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Karl R. Kalber Ms. Carol Kardos Ms. Gilda Keller Mr. & Mrs. Coy L. King Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Kinser Mrs. Janet R. Kirby Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Knight Dr. Shelley Koch & Mr. Gary Foulke Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Korth Mr. & Mrs. R. K. Kramer Ms. Ann M. Ladd Ms. Toni Lawson Ms. Debbie Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Donnie W. Lester Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Lewis Mr. Tony R. Lindsay Mr. Edward M. Linker Dr. Thomas J. Little Bob & Sharon Long Mr. & Mrs. RW Lovett Dr. & Mrs. Maurice S. Luker Mr. Milton Maiden Ms. Cheryl K. Mangum Mr. Steven W. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Maselli III Mrs. Langhorne S. Mauck Mr. Bob Mays Mr. & Mrs. George W. McCall III Dr. & Mrs. John McCann Mr. & Mrs. Henry McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Greg McClanahan Ms. Stephanie J. McCutcheon Mr. Sean McMurray Ms. Heather M. Meek Ms. Judith M. Millen Ms. Whitney G. Miller Pete & Sydne Montague Ms. Sesha Moon Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Moore Mr. James Moore Ms. Danielle Morel Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Mosrie Marty & Shirley Munoz Mr. & Mrs. Terence Murphy Mr. Garland Myers Mr. & Mrs. William A. Nash Ms. Diane T. Neuls Ms. Zetta Nicely Ms. Caroline Norris Mr. & Mrs. Jim Olmstead Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. O’Malley Mr. & Mrs. Arnold E. Ottinger Mr. Peter Palestina Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Pattison Ms. Margaret H. Peel Ms. Peggy F. Peery Ms. Ina M. Peters Mr. & Mrs. O. H. Peters Ms. Vera M. Peters Mr. Robert S. Pierz Mrs. Janet Pippin Ms. Rebecca Plummer Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Poff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. B. B. Porter Ms. Denise O. Posey Mr. David L. Prasnicki Ms. Laura O. Pruitt Ms. Jennifer L. Pudney Mr. Joel G. Pugh Mrs. Laura Hurt Quesenberry Mr. & Mrs. John C. Quigley, Jr. Mr. William P. Randolph

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Ratliff Dr. Manda Remmen Mr. John M. Rigby Mr. & Mrs. Juan A. Rivas Ms. Kathy Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Tony Samuel Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Steve A. Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Marty Rock Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Romanow Mr. Richard D. Rouse Mr. Raymond Roy Mr. & Mrs. John Rupe Mr. & Mrs. David Rutherford Ms. Jeanmarie Santomassimo Ms. Diane J. Schneller Mr. & Mrs. Terry R. Schoeni Mr. Brett Schrader Ms. Libby Schrum Mrs. Jean Settle Ms. Melanie Sherwood Ms. Jolene Simmons Mr. Lee Slusher Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Smiley Ms. Wilma M. Smith Bill & Jane Smoot Ms. Mary James Smyth Ms. Karen Snyder Mrs. Linda W. Souza Mr. Bob Sparks Mr. Todd Stanley Mr. & Mrs. John N. Starnes Ms. Laura E. Stevenson Mr. Walter M. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. David A. Stout Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas D. Street Mr. William L. Sutherland Mr. Joe Taborn Mr. & Mrs. Fred Taras Mrs. Janice Tedford Mrs. Ellen Thacker Mr. & Mrs. Allan D. Thompson Dr. & Mrs. Edgar Herbert Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Trivette Ms. Martha D. Tucker Ms. Betty L. Vail Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Vail Mr. Sean Vandergriff Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Vanella Mr. Roger L. Vanover Ms. LaDonna H. Varner Ron & Edy Vergauwen James & Linda Waldron Mr. Sam Walker Ms. Judy Walsh Ms. Mary L. Ward Ms. Shirley W. Watkins Dr. Brynn Welch Mrs. Angela R. Werth Mrs. Beth H. White Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Y. Whitley, Jr Mrs. Ellen G. Wicht Ms. Rhonda D. Widener Mr. & Mrs. C. Steven Wilkinson Mr. & Mrs. James B. Williams Mr. John Williams Mr. Stephen Williams Mrs. Veda Hanks Williams Jerry & Judy Willis Mr. David A. Willson Mr. James T. Wilson Rev. & Mrs. Jeffrey Wilson Mr. Dave Winship

Mr. & Mrs. Morris W. Witten Mr. & Mrs. William S. Woerner Mr. Ronald E. Woodward Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Yarbrough Mr. Kenneth Yeager Ms. Dayle Zanzinger Estate Mrs. Lucia Theresa Soucy Bowman Mrs. Dorothy Price Culberson Mrs. Dorothy H. Powers

Business & Organizations The following businesses and organizations made donation to the College during 2015-2016 fiscal year. Those in bold also supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. This list includes matching gift companies. 3B Consulting Services, LLC 620 Restaurant A-Z Office Resource Inc Abingdon Civitan Club, Inc. Abingdon Rotary Foundation, Inc. AEP American Electric Power Agee, Inc. Albano & Associates, P.L.C. Alda, Inc. Allstate Corporation American Electric Power Co, Inc. Amsted Industries, Inc. Appalachian Broadcasting Appalachian College Association, Inc. Appalachian Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, LTD. Appalachian Orthopedic Associates Appalachian Power Appalachian Realty Co., Inc. Association Works Atlantic Host, LLC B&J Embroidery Inc. BAE Systems Baker Hughes Foundation Ball Corporation Bank of America The Bank Of Marion Barter Theatre Battelle BCS Wealth Management, LLC Beard’s Enterprises, Inc. Bella’s Berry Enterprises, Inc. Beta Lambda Zeta Alumni Association Big A Mountain Farms Biogen Bizzack Construction, LLC Bland County School Board Blue & Gold Tournament Blue Key National Honor Society

BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina BME Communications, Inc. Bondurant Realty Corporation Bradley’s Funeral Home Branch & Associates, Inc Branch Banking and Trust Bristol Lube LLC Tom Burkett for Treasurer Burness Communications BurWil Construction Co., Inc. Capital Automotive, Inc. Capital One Services, Inc. Capital Processing Systems, Inc. The CarMax Foundation Karin Carlson Designs S H Carter Development Inc. Cherokee Construction Co. College-Community Club County of Washington Virginia Craig, Gaulden & Davis, Inc. The Crooked Road Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail Dan H. Surface Insurance Agency Inc. Datadot Dealer Services, LLC Deck Designs of Brentwood Delta Omicron Pi Dominion Foundation Downtown Garage, Inc. East Tennessee State University Eastman Credit Union Eaton Corporation Ecological Energy Systems, LLC Edward Jones Elliott, Lawson & Minor Ellis Historical Properties Ellis Soda Shoppe Ely Financial Network Emory & Henry College, Women’s Basketball Empire Ford Envision Eye Care Express Scripts Foundation Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. The First Bank & Trust Company First Community Bank First Tennessee Foundation Food Country, U.S.A. Frost Funeral Home, Inc. Gates Dentistry GE Foundation Gentry Locke Glade Construction Company, Inc. Glade Spring Pharmacy, LLC The Glass Peacock Goodman Jewelers of Abingdon Greer Jewelers Hagy Insurance Services, Inc. Harris Office Furniture Co., Inc. Highlands Union Bank Holiday Inn Express Tammy Holsclaw-Jones, OD, PLLC William Huber Architect, P.C. Hutton Electric Co., Inc. HVAC, Inc. IBM Corporation Industrial Process Technologies, Inc. Inheritors Ministries

J & J Entertainment Group, LLC J. Alexander’s Corp. Jerry B. Peters Sales, Inc. Jewell Smokeless Coal Corp. Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Johnston Memorial Hospital K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc. Kimberly-Clark Loyal Order of the Moose Washington County Moose Lodge 1966 LRAP Association Macado’s Inc. Macy’s, Inc. Majestic Acres LLC Marion Automotive Group Martinsville Bulldog Booster Club Mazda North American Operations McDonald’s #6378 Mink & Company Montverde Academy Dr. H. G. Moore III Office Morrell’s Shoe Store, Inc. Mountain States Health Alliance National Christian Foundation Alabama National Collegiate Athletic Association National Risk Management Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Nease Holding Company LLC Network For Good Norfolk Southern Foundation W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. Old Dominion Athletic Conference Past Time Antique Emporium The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. Pfizer, Inc. Pratt Investments Pulaski County High School Red Oak Construction Regent Allied Carbon Energy, Inc. Regions Financial Corporation The Rensselaerville Institute Richmond Lions Rugby Football Club Royal Mouldings, LTD Royal Oak of Marion LLC Royal Oak Realty RRMM Architects, P.C. Scott County Schools Scyphers & Austin, P.C. Seachange Global, LLC Sherri’s Hair Salon Shults, Kiser & Associates, P. C. Doris C. Shuman, CPA PC Slemp Brant Saunders & Associates, Inc. Smyth County Board of Supervisors Smyth County Community Hospital Smyth County School Board Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates Southernsun Asset Management LLC Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems, Inc. Southwest Virginia Public Education Consortium

State Farm Insurance Companies Stone, Houston & Associates SystemsPlus Team Sports Outfitters Thompson & Litton, Inc. TIAA-CREF Town of Marion Town Square Center for the Arts Universal Leaf Tobacco Company Verizon Foundation Virginia Association of Broadcasters Virginia Commission for the Arts Virginia Department of Education Virginia Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization The Virginian Golf Club Virtual Shutters W-L Construction & Paving, Inc. Wallace Brothers Construction Walling Distributing Wells Fargo Wildcat Imagining, Inc. William King High School, Class of 1959 Wise County School Board The Women’s Club at DWLP Woolwine Insurance Agency

Richard & Caroline T. Gwathmey Trust The Holmes Family Fund The Leonard Family Foundation Massengill-DeFriece Foundation The McGlothlin Foundation Alma Elizabeth Morelock Trust National Christian Foundation Kentucky Helen S. & Charles G. Patterson, Jr. Charitable Foundation Powell Charitable Foundation Gary M. Reedy Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Smyth County Community Foundation The Spartanburg County Foundation Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges Virginia Herpetological Society Virginia Horse Industry Board Virginia Native Plant Society Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc. Walters Family Fund Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation Trust The Winston-Salem Foundation


Religious Organizations

The following foundations made grants to Emory & Henry during the 2015-16 fiscal year. Those in bold also supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. (Additional business-related foundations that made gifts are listed in the business category of this report.) Martha & William Adams Scholarship Trust Calvin and Marisa Allen Foundation, Inc. Elizabeth R. Bane Trust Eugene M. Bane Trust The Bartlett Family Charitable Foundation Myrtle C. Chaley Trust Community Foundation Charlottesville Area Community Foundation of North Florida The Dougherty Family Charitable Fund DuBose Family Foundation Jessie Ball duPont Fund Ellis Family Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The Flippin Fund Foundation for the Carolinas

The following religious organizations made donations to the College during the 2015-16 fiscal year. Those in bold also supported the Emory & Henry Fund with a gift during that time. Alley’s Chapel United Methodist Church Emory United Methodist Church Fall Branch United Methodist Church, Fall Branch, TN First United Methodist Church, Galax, VA First United Methodist Church, Knoxville, TN First United Methodist Church, Longview, TX General Board of Higher Education & Ministry of the United Methodist Church Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church Holston Conference United Methodist Church Foundation Hope Christian Community Foundation Mt. Zion Baptist Church Reynolds Memorial United Methodist Church Bristol, VA 58 / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE

Save the Duck Pond The goal is in sight and we need your support! Emory & Henry’s iconic Duck Pond must be rebuilt to ensure it will endure as a space for quiet reflection, a gathering spot for events and festivities, and the campus place that recalls the historic founding of the College. We’re already two-thirds of the way to our fundraising goal of $600,000! With your help today we can get there! — Henry C. Dawson, Jr. ’62

We’ve listened to your suggestions for improving the Duck Pond’s design to reflect a smaller profile for the gazebo and founders plaza, thereby ensuring a compatibility of beauty, history, access and utility for alumni

Make a Gift and Leave Your Mark! In recognition of various levels of support, the College is offering naming options and personalized inscribed brick pavers. For complete information go to:




Picture your inscription forever as part of the Duck Pond.

For more information, contact: • 276-944-6125 Office of Advancement, Emory & Henry College, P.O. Box 950, Emory, VA 24327 EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE / FALL 2016-WINTER 2017 / 59

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2016-WINTER 2017 / EMORY & HENRY MAGAZINE Emory & Henry Doctor of Physical Therapy students study60in/ FALL the lobby of the School of Health Sciences on the Marion Campus.

2016 Fall & Winter E&H Alumni Magazine  

Emory & Henry College Alumni Magazine for the Fall & Winter seasons of 2016

2016 Fall & Winter E&H Alumni Magazine  

Emory & Henry College Alumni Magazine for the Fall & Winter seasons of 2016