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Grand Opening of Prairie Pregnancy Support Centre

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May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


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On the cover Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on May 17, 2018 at the Prairie Pregnancy Support Centre in Portage la Prairie, MB. Board Members: Pat Hennan, Kathy Letkeman, Dawn Bell (administrative assistant), Mary Loewen (executive director), Mayor Irvine Ferris, Darseen Pryor, Lisa Enns and Tim Neufeld. ~ Lil Goertzen, Editor



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The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

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4 Anxiety, Depression and the Christian Life — Michael Krahn 8 Grand Opening for Prairie Pregnancy Support Centre

— compiled by Lil Goertzen

9 Dirk Willems statue for Mennonite Heritage Village — Abe Warkentin

Churches, Mission and Ministry 10 Window on the Regions 18 Ministries and Workers Bolivia Australia Saskatchewan Manitoba Papua New Guinea 27 In Search of …

Region 1 – Alberta / Saskatchewan Hague Gospel Church Hepburn Gospel Church Mennonite Gospel Church, Vauxhall AB Sutherland Evangelical Church, Saskatoon Warman Gospel Church Region 2 – Manitoba Central Austin Evangelical Fellowship Bagot Community Chapel Gospel Fellowship Church, Steinbach Lakeside Gospel Chapel, St. Laurent Morrow Gospel Church, Winnipeg Nassau Street Church, Winnipeg Niverville Community Fellowship Region 3 – Manitoba South Altona EMM Church Bergfeld Mennonite Church Glencross Mennonite Church Gospel Mission Church, Winkler Morden EMM Church Winkler EMM Church Region 4 – Ontario Aylmer EMMC Blenheim EMMC Deer Run Church, Leamington


Region 6 – Belize / Mexico South Blue Creek EMMC, Belize Colonia Del Valle EMMC, Mexico Gospel Fellowship Chapel, Shipyard Belize Spanish Lookout EMMC, Belize

7 Obituary – Ben Friesen Eidse

Partnerships and Connections 6 SBC Celebrates Graduating Class of 2018 24 Abundant Living: A new View of Nature

— Pamela Miles

25 Abundance Canada – Title Change for ED New National Director affirmed Canadian Conference of MB MC Canada Executive Director completes term 26 Just Thinking

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Anxiety, Depression, and the

Christian Life

But how can this be? I mean, isn’t joy like love? Isn’t it just a spontaneous feeling that comes over us at random times? Emotions can’t be commanded, can they? Don’t they just happen? Well, no… In fact, the Bible makes a regular habit out of commanding us to feel certain things (check out Psalm 42:5, Matthew 10:28, Romans 12:15, Ephesians 4:32, Ephesians 5:20, Colossians 3:15.) We are commanded to FEEL them, not given the OPTION to feel them. We are not to wait for these feelings to come or to wait until circumstances are right to feel them. In other words, the power of Christ must become greater in our lives than the power of circumstances. Anxiety

Have you noticed that a lot of people are struggling right now? Many seem to be facing more challenges than usual. Spiritual challenges like faith being tested and the questioning of long-held beliefs. Mental challenges such as struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide. Physical challenges like battling cancer or other serious illnesses. Financial challenges like wondering where the money will come from for this month’s bills. “In this world you will have trouble,” Jesus told us, so we should not be surprised at what the Apostle Peter called the “fiery trials” of life. They are not pleasant, but we should know that they are very normal and they are to be expected and accepted with faith. Even so, these circumstances can very quickly steal our joy and then lead to anxiety and depression. And yet we are instructed in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians to “rejoice in the Lord always” and to “not be anxious about anything.” These are not suggestions; they are commands. 4

The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

But we still experience feelings of anxiety from time to time, don’t we? The Bible tells us that the cure for anxiety is prayer. The cure for the feeling that something bad is going to happen that is beyond our ability to control is to call on the one who can actually do something about it! The cure for anxiety is faith in the mercy, sovereignty and absolute goodness of God. And you should know that you will not always be in a state of freedom from anxiety. Anxiety is not something you overcome once and then never have to deal with again. It will be a recurring challenge in our lives, so we must continue to pray and continue to trust. The Christian life is about constant, ongoing responses of faith to God and the degree to which you, as His child, will feel His peace and His joy is determined by your response to His goodness. Depression What about depression? Should we just, as many people suggest to those who suffer from depression, “get over it”? Should we just choose not to feel depressed anymore?

From my own experience I know that many people are very insensitive about the reality of depression. Because of this, those who struggle with it are often afraid to talk about it. And that is unfortunate because burying depression and being made to feel ashamed of it is exactly the opposite of what a depressed person NEEDS. Learning to deal with my own bouts of depression was a long journey of discovery for me. But over time I learned to determine which of my seasons of depression were caused by sin, which were caused by a lack of faith, and which seasons were just brain-related imbalances that were somehow part of God's good and mysterious plan for me at the time. I accepted those seasons in faith that God would somehow redeem them and I can testify that he has redeemed every one of them; none of that time was wasted. Medication What about medication? We know that depression is sometimes caused by a lack of faith, a failure to believe that God is who He says He is. And sometimes it is caused by anxiety, by worrying about things over which we have no control and don't trust God to work out for our good. All of us need to deal with these issues on a regular basis, but once you've honestly dealt with sin and faith issues, if the depression persists, it is not wrong to ask for and take medication. There is no shame in that! But please, please, please talk to God first, seek Him in prayer. Ask for help and prayer from a trusted brother or sister in Christ. Depression can be a spiritual problem but it is not always a spiritual problem. One thing is certain: the last thing you want to do is try to medicate a spiritual problem. This will not work and will likely leave you worse off. You Are Not Alone The power of Christ must become greater in our lives than the power of circumstances. We access His power by submitting our wills to His, by rejoicing regardless of our circumstances, and by praying in faith, believing that He is both sovereign and good. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression right now, choose to rejoice and choose to pray. If the depression persists, ask a pastor or a close friend to help you work through the possible spiritual causes. If depression still persists, talk to your doctor about medication. Do not be ashamed. You are not alone. I know it’s difficult - it was for me - but working though my depression and opening up about it turned out to be the best way through it. ~ Michael Krahn, Pastor Aylmer EMM Church, Ontario

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


SBC Celebrates Graduating Class of 2018 Family and friends gathered to celebrate with 51 graduating students from Steinbach Bible College over the April 27 and 28 weekend. Degrees were conferred upon 34 SBC graduates on Saturday, April 28 at Steinbach EMC. The graduation service included the recognition of 2-year Associate of Arts and 3- and 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree graduates. The commencement address was given by Kent Dueck, Founder and Executive Director of Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA), who encouraged the students, “As you keep on keeping-on, aligning with God’s will, God is going to go above and beyond what you can imagine in your lives.” Vova Shevchenko of Ukraine addressed the gathering as Class Valedictorian. The Bachelor of Christian Studies graduate prompted his peers to “not waste your time.” He continued, “Look to the interests of others and make an effort to make an impact on the lives of the people around you.”

Class Valedictorian, Vova Shevchenko.

Numerous awards were given out at the Graduation Banquet attended by the families and close supporters of graduating students

following the ceremony. The Timothy Award recipients were Megan Ens and Ron Babel. These students have shown evidence of a servant heart, excelled spiritually, academically, and socially during the year at SBC and were voted on by fellow students and staff. The previous evening held the Spring Concert, a musical celebration to mark the end of the year and culminated in the recognition of 11 1-year Certificate of Biblical Studies and six Pursuit Experiential Leadership graduates.

Kent Dueck, Founder and Executive Director of Inner City Youth Alive ( I C YA ) d e l i v e r e d t h e commencement address.

We at SBC celebrate the completion of another incredible year and look forward to seeing these graduates off into the world as servant leaders to follow Jesus, serve the church, and engage the world. ~ SBC 1 Year and Pursuit EMMC Grads not pictured: st

Alyssa Toews – Pursuit Certificate of Experiential Learning – Bagot Community Chapel, Manitoba Brett Zacharias – Pursuit Certificate of Experiential Learning – Niverville Community Fellowship/Winkler EMMC, Manitoba

EMMC Graduates

Valerie Thiessen – Certificate of Biblical Studies – Spanish Lookout EMMC, Belize

Congratulations to all SBC 2018 grads from EMMC!

Jason Friesen – Bachelor of Arts Christian Studies – Winkler EMMC; Teya Friesen – Bachelor of Arts Christian Studies – Winkler EMMC; Breanna Mantyka – Bachelor of Arts Ministry Leadership – Aylmer EMMC; Amy Dueck – Associate of Arts Bible-Theology – Spanish Lookout EMMC; Megan Ens – Bachelor of Arts Christian Studies – Winkler EMMC; Sherwin Thiessen – Bachelor of Arts Christian Studies – Spanish Lookout EMMC. Photos: SBC


The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

OBITUARY Ben Friesen Eidse October 12, 1928 to April 25, 2018 Ben Friesen Eidse completed his journey on April 25, 2018, in Niverville, MB. Born October 12, 1928, in Morris, MB, he was the 12th and last surviving of D.K and Elizabeth Eidse's 20 children. He served as first chancellor and three-term president of Steinbach Bible College, Bible translator, and missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is survived by Hope (Ben Wiebe), Faith (Philip Kuhns), Charity (John Schellenberg), and Grace Eidse, and their families. He was predeceased by his wife, Helen Reimer Eidse. Funeral service was held at Steinbach EMC, Sunday, April 29 at 2:30pm with viewing prior to the service. Interment followed at Steinbach Heritage Cemetery. Donations in memory of Ben may be made to 4C: Creating Capacity in Communities of Congo – Accountable Development Works, 1574 Erin St., Winnipeg MB R3E 2T1

From SBC:

We at Steinbach Bible College are deeply saddened with the passing of SBC Chancellor, Ben Eidse, this morning, Wednesday, April 25, 2018. Mr. Eidse was devoted to the SBC community for many years beginning when he graduated from Steinbach Bible Institute (SBI) in 1950. At a Missions Conference at the Bible Academy in the 1940s, Ben sensed God calling him to foreign missions. In November of 1953, the year after his marriage to Helen Reimer, Ben and Helen became the first missionaries of the newly formed Evangelical Mennonite Conference Board of Missions. They went to Zaire under the auspices of the Congo Inland Mission, now the Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission. Even while in Zaire, Ben kept close contact with SBC. During furloughs or leaves he was either studying elsewhere or teaching at SBC. When Eidse reflected on his involvement with SBC as president from 1983-1992, he stressed the importance of “having a vision, then seeing the steps for accomplishing that vision.” His vision was reflected in the mission statement then and emphasized the development of “mature and committed men and women for church-related ministries” and the provision of “foundational biblical and general courses for students interested in other vocations.” Eidse valued professional competence and ministry involvement and was committed to affirming and nurturing his faculty. He had a knack for “finding out what people were good at and encouraging them in it.” Cultivating

spiritual depth underlay his concern for each individual at the institution. Many faculty persons recall going to Eidse’s office for consultation and prayer when faced with a perplexing challenge. Eidse’s vision of an evaluation process to ensure a high level of teaching at SBC led him to the pursuit of accreditation. He thought that “to produce a better quality of work as a school we needed a gauge, so we pursued accreditation with AABC. There were a lot of negative feelings about accreditation by people who said, ‘We don’t want them to push us into a mold,’ but I didn’t see it that way. I thought we could use the evaluation process to help us improve the calibre of work we did at the school.” This vision carried the College through the application process, the attainment of candidate status in 1987, and to the eventual full accreditation status with the AABC (now the ABHE) in 1991 which SBC still holds today. Eidse was vital in the expansion and development of new college facilities, the implementation of major fundraising campaigns, a steady operating budget, and the incorporation of new technologies that became valuable assets. He surrounded himself with staff that he believed would push the college into excellence. The comments of one long-time employee Martha (Hiebert) Reimer express what many others felt. “Working with Ben Eidse was a great experience. I admired him for so many things: his exemplary life of faith, his positive attitude and optimism, his steadfast belief in the power of prayer, his enthusiasm as a teacher and keen interest he took in each student, his inexhaustible energy, and his open door policy – he always took time to listen and to give a word of encouragement and prayer.” Gord Penner, current SBC Professor of Old Testament and alumnus, reflects on the leadership of Eidse recalling that, “Ben was a president who modelled being a servant leader. I’ve shared often with students how on grad weekend, he’d be out cleaning up the SBC yard because he wanted it to be ready for our graduation guests. No job was beneath him.”

After his retirement from presidency, in 1995 Mr. Eidse was appointed as the first chancellor of SBC. As chancellor he was involved in ministry within the College and to the Constituency. This ministry included advice and counsel to the president, strengthening relationships with present and potential College supporters and in general representing the College to the Constituency. A role which he remained faithful to until today.

A full recount of Ben Eidse’s ministry at SBC can be found in Training Servant Leaders: A History of Steinbach Bible College (1997) by Jerry Hildebrand.

It is interesting to note that the funeral for Mr. Eidse was on the Sunday of SBC Grad weekend. ~ Editor May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Grand Opening for Prairie Pregnancy Support Centre Portage la Prairie, MB Prairie Pregnancy Support Centre in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba celebrated their grand opening on May 17, 2018 hosted by Executive Director Mary Loewen. “We have been waiting and preparing for many years for what you see here today. When we acquired this building in June 2016, we naively had no idea of all that had to be done in order to open a centre such as you see here today. At that time, I thought, let’s just open the doors and put on the coffee and love on people.”

Executive Director Mary Loewen (left) with Candice Bergen, Member of Parliament for Portage-Lisgar, was unable to attend the Grand Opening celebration, but took time out of her schedule to visit the day before to offer her support.

Mayor Irvine Ferris brought words of greeting from the City of Portage La Prairie. He provided a brief history of the building, citing that it was the former location of Décor Cabinets. Prior to that, it was Coca Cola bottling depot.

PPCP is housed in the building owned by Youth for Christ, and has coordinated their hours to match that of YF. When the young people need to talk, they literally go next door. Prairie Pregnancy Support Centre is affiliated with a larger body of about 70 centres across Canada. Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services mandate is to support, train, and equip crisis pregnancy centres. There a need to begin a crisis pregnancy centre in Central Plains. 60% of all pregnancies are unplanned. When a woman finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy, she often feels overwhelmed, panicked, fearful and desperate - even alone.

her a free pregnancy test. Should the test be positive, possible options will be shared with her. If her decision is to carry her baby to term, the staff and volunteers will talk about the reality of parenting that child noting the responsibility and magnitude of that decision and also talk about the option of placing her child for adoption. The adoption decision carries a weight and cost to both herself and her child. The third option she has is that of abortion - speaking also of its affect both on her and her child. In order to make an informed decision, she needs to have all the information available. PPSC is also committed to walking alongside her regardless of the decision she makes and will continue to support her.

Juergen Severloh, the Executive Director (left) from the Winnipeg Crisis Pregnancy Centre h a s o ff e r e d h i s support, wisdom, guidance and love — gifts that have been invaluable through the journey of making this centre a reality.

Thanks to God who has supplied every need! He has given wisdom and instruction through numerous people. He has brought together a team of volunteers and directors. He has generously provided the finances in order to offer these services free of charge. Without Him, the Prairie Pregnancy Support Centre would not be a reality. Many of the churches and individuals in Central Plains area have been a tremendous support for this ministry. ~ Compiled from files by Lil Goertzen Photos by Dawn Bell Photography

Dawn (PPSC admin assistant) and her husband Colin Bell are the pastoral couple at Austin Evangelical Fellowship, located in a neighbouring community. They have had significant involvement in the vision and creation of this centre.

Trained, compassionate volunteers desire to care for anyone facing a pregnancy-related decision. Their desire is to love and support not only the women, but also their partners. PPSC is not a medical facility. They do not refer for abortions. All services are free and confidential. When the individual comes to the centre, she will be supported by offering 8

The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

The counseling rooms (above) are a warm, inviting place which makes it easier to talk about the tough stuff. Much care has been given to detail in layout and decorating. The entire centre is bathed in prayer and love and you sense peace when you walk through the doors. It is a place of calm in the middle of the storm.

Dirk Willems statue commissioned for Mennonite Heritage Village (Steinbach, Manitoba) - A peace exhibit committee has commissioned Manitoba sculptor Peter Sawatzky to build a bronze statue of martyred Anabaptist Dirk Willems. The monument is expected to be a concrete way of recognizing the Anabaptist ideals of peacemaking. The life-size statue to be completed in 2018, will be the focal point of a new peace exhibit at Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach. The Mennonite Heritage Village is a world-class museum attracting 40,000 visitors per year from around the world.

The Willems monument was felt by the committee to be the perfect, iconic image of the spirit of the martyrs. Willems was imprisoned in a residential castle turned prison and escaped by letting himself out of a window with a rope made of knotted rags. Emaciated from his imprisonment, he did not break through the ice surrounding the castle but his heavier pursuer broke through.

Jan Luyken engraving of Dirk Willems saving his captor from drowning published in Martyrs’ Mirror, 1685.

Sawatzky is renowned for various sculptures, including the Seal River Crossing, a 29-foot-long sculpture of nine caribou in downtown Winnipeg as well as a 21-foot York boat in Selkirk. Willems was one of around 4,000 martyrs killed in Europe in the 1500s for their understanding of the practice of baptism (among other charges). Holding to the doctrine that one should only be baptized upon confession of faith, they re-baptized adult believers and refused to baptize infants. Willems became known for rescuing his captor after breaking out of prison and was burned at the stake near his home village of Asperen, The Netherlands on May 16, 1569. The commissioning of the bronze, life-size statue involves something of a leap of faith for the committee, according to Peace Exhibit Committee chair Elbert Toews. The sculpture and base alone will run over $100,000 and the completed peace exhibit, which will include an interpretive centre and cairn to recognize Mennonite conscientious objectors, will cost several hundred thousand dollars more. Donations are being solicited and can be sent directly to Peace Project, Mennonite Heritage Village, Attention Al Hamm, 231 PTH 12 North, Steinbach, Manitoba R5C 1T8. “In 2025 it will be 500 years since Anabaptist history started in Zurich, Switzerland,” says committee member and historian Harvey Plett. He notes the movement spread rapidly throughout Europe despite strong resistance from the established churches and states.

recapture and imprisonment.

Willems, hearing his guard’s call for help, turned back and rescued him. The guard wanted to release him but the mayor ordered his

Willems was sentenced to execution by fire on May 16, 1569, says Plett, but because a strong east wind blew that day, the kindled fire was driven away from the upper part of his body as he stood tied to the stake. People in the neighboring town of Leerdam heard him exclaim over and over: “O my Lord, my God!” The judge or bailiff, present at the execution, heard Willems and ordered the executioner to kill him quickly. A Mennonite delegation to the Vatican gave Pope Benedict XVl a framed picture of Willems saving his persecutor in October, 2007. Pope Benedict spoke of a common understanding of non-violence and active peacemaking at the heart of the gospel and a continuing search for unity. Anabaptists include Mennonites, Hutterites, Amish and various other Christian groups who believe in the separation of church and state, adult baptism and non-resistance. Today there is a renewed Anabaptist movement in Europe and other parts of the world. The Peace Exhibit Committee placed a monument honouring conscientious objectors on the Mennonite Heritage Village grounds in 2016. The MHV’s mission statement is: “to preserve, exhibit, for present and future generations, the experience and story of the Russian Mennonites and their contributions to Manitoba.” ~ Abe Warkentin

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Window on the Regions Region 1 - Alberta / Saskatchewan Hepburn Gospel Church, SK

It started with the Young Adults through this vibrant Youth ministry. Rejoice with us and pray with us as we claim our community for Jesus Christ and His glory. In Timothy 4:1 Paul writes, “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.” Please pray with us: • That we claim the Power of the Holy Spirit to guide us that we are not deceived but remain true and faithful. • That the leaders will be faithful, as good ministers of Christ Jesus. • That all believers, as well as the leaders will set an example in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. The first “New Believers” class at Hepburn Gospel Church that started on April 23. Carter Reddekopp and Robin Kohl (learning to instruct the course) Gerwin Werner, Mitchell Hamm, Amanda Hamm, Leanne Dyck. Missing (George Guenter, Caleb Friesen, Emily Hamm, Instructor Pastor Ray Sider). They are using the Billy Graham Evangelical Association study booklet “Living in Christ” from the Gospel of John. Four have made ‘first time commitments’ or significant recommitments to Christ in 2018 through our Young Adults ministry.

This ministry started last September with a kick off Car Show on the church yard. Everyone from Hepburn and the surrounding area were invited to bring their vehicles, vintage or new, for display. God blessed with perfect weather, a good turn out and many opportunities to connect with others in our community over cars, coffee and doughnuts. The Young Adults combines Senior Youth, College and Career and Young Married couples. It began with a core group of 12 to 15 growing to around 40. Their main focus is on growing their relationship with Jesus Christ, with each other, others at Hepburn Gospel Church and reaching out to the hurting in our community. The group is very intentional on building these relationships. They planned a Coffee House for May 4 inviting the congregation to come so we can get know each other. Pastor Ray Sider challenged the leaders to remain humble and to always remember that what is happening at Hepburn Gospel Church is the work of the Lord, and the congregation to pray for the leaders and the group. We rejoice, praise and thank God as we see our prayers to bless His witness in our community through Hepburn Gospel Church being answered 10

The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

• That we remember we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe and for this we labor and strive. • That all believers will fight the good fight of faith; keep the commandment unstained and free from reproach until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be honor and eternal dominion.

Hepburn Gospel Church, SK

Break Forth 2018 Experience Covered by prayer and financial support, ten of our Young Adults went to Break Forth 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta. While traveling they read and discussed Galatians 3 to 5. They arrived safely in spite of the poor weather and road conditions. They came home prepared to share their experience with the congregation which they did on the first 2 Sundays in February. Their worship teams lead music and each one shared openly of how God had challenged them. Carter Reddekopp, before singing “God of Mercy Sweet Love of Mine” a song of surrender and offering, prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for the work God is doing in the lives of the group. For continued openness, salvation for the lost, courage and strength to change and reach out to the hurting around us. Though the workshop topics varied many came away continued on page 11

to work out their problems. Not a place where everyone pretends to have it all together. • Church is not meant to be the main course in your faith; it should be your dessert. No wonder I was weak in my faith. I need to dig into God’s Word every day; feed on it, to be ready to face the enemy. • God will use us if we let Him. The weaker we are the more we rely on Him and He gets the glory. • The only way we can overcome sin is if we fall in love with God more than we love ourselves.

Hepburn youth that attended Break Forth 2018: Jacob Jackson, Katie Werner, Carter Reddekopp, Sam Penner, Robin Kohl, Brook Neufeld, Tyler Labrash, Meagan Fehr. (inset) Nick and Vanessa Hamm.

with a common theme, it was like God was directing their thoughts to what He wanted them to work on. “Themes” like: • Address conflict and struggles • Evangelism • The root of all sin and pride is “I” • I am free in Christ • We need Jesus to fix our brokenness • Reconciliation • Learning more about the Bible, God, hearing His voice and obeying • Open up to people • Understanding what holds us back Mark Clark, guest speaker at the EMMC Gathering 2017, spoke at one session. His main points were: • Church should be a place where struggling people feel they can share their struggles, hear about Jesus and get help

Pastor Albert Tate spoke on how Jesus was intentional in meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus breaks the barriers of society. He not only heals the body, but the spirit and the emotions.

When we left Friday morning everyone looked fine and all put together. Saturday evening, we decided to gather as a group over pizza and share how God was working in our lives. We laughed and cried and united that evening like a family. I have been praying for months for a godly friend and it was like God laughed and said, “Here have 9 friends”. God brought me someone who has the same struggles to keep me accountable! How amazing is that? God has big plans for our church and I’m excited to see them unfold before our eyes. The congregation was blessed and encouraged by the testimonies and commitment. Pray with us that we all continue to be faithful and grow in our relationship with Christ, each other and as we reach out to our community. ~ Linda Ens

Mennonite Gospel Church, Vauxhall, Alberta

Pastor resigns from position Willi and Agatha Wiebe have submitted their resignation as pastoral couple at the Mennonite Gospel Church in Vauxhall Alberta. Willi’s final time to preach in the Vauxhall church will be June 24, 2018. Wiebes expect to move back to Manitoba at the end of June. You are invited to pray for Wiebes as they complete their time with the Vauxhall church. Pray for the Vauxhall Church leadership as they consider how to move forward. Pray for Wiebes and their daughters as they make the adjustment back to Manitoba.

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Region 1 - Alberta / Saskatchewan Wynyard Gospel Church, SK

Passing the baton On Sunday morning, April 29, 2018, the Wynyard Gospel Church congregation invited EMMC and the Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren Conference (MB) to share in a special celebration, with the “passing of the baton” from EMMC to MB. When Anita and I began serving as Conference Pastor in 2004 conversations began with the congregation leaders and the Saskatchewan MB’s. The first formal meeting to combine our efforts happened in 2006. The church then had several years of interim-type pastors, but in 2008 the MB’s made Steve and Shirley Wiebe available to the Wynyard church as their pastor couple. Since that time the church has developed closer affiliation with other MB churches in the surrounding area. Dual affiliation came with some unnecessary stresses, so a year ago the Wynyard church council, for practical reasons, made the decision to become formally affiliated to the Saskatchewan MB conference. The Wynyard Gospel Church had its beginnings in 1953, through the outreach of Western Gospel Mission, and was formally organized in 1959 with Ben D. Reimer and Peter Martens as the founding leaders of this church. It was in 1961 that the relationship to EMMC was formalized. This church has been a training ground for numerous pastors, some of them still active in the pastorate. To mention some: Erwin Groening, Henry U. Dueck, Jake Froese, Dale Dueck, Peter Doerksen, Bill Lothian, Edwin Klippenstein, Eric Lee. April 29 marked a high-point, and an opportunity to offer our united praises to God for how He has, and continues to lead His church in Wynyard. The morning was dedicated

to giving attention to three aspects of the church – past, present and future. The two conference leaders and the local pastor shared together in a combined sermon. Allen Kehler focused on reflection, 1 Samuel 7:12 "Thus f a r h a s t h e L o rd helped us"; Phil Gunther, MB Director SK gave attention to the present, Joshua 24:15 "As for me and my household, we will Pastor Steve Wiebe serve the Lord"; and Pastor Steve Wiebe then moved us forward, Revelation 1:8 "the one who is, and who was, and who is to come." The service ended appropriately with a time of communion followed by a potluck dinner. There was a spirit of unity and joy throughout the day. As a grand finale a bunch of us reconvened later for “2nd church” at the local A&W. We pray that God will continue to bless the Wynyard church with a spirit of unity as they reach out into their community. ~ Allen Kehler EMMC Conference Pastor

Did you know ... about these pastoral changes?

Chris and Heather Marchand, lead pastor at the Niverville Community Fellowship, MB resigned from that role. Chris will be the director at Red Rock Bible Camp, Manitoba.

Allen Kehler (EMMC), Jerry Straker (Wynyard Gospel Church Board Chair), and Phil Gunther (Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren) . 12

The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

Henry and Tina Redekopp, pastor couple at Gospel Fellowship Chapel, Shipyard, Belize, and radio station manager for DeStemm will not be renewing their contract. The will complete their ministry in Shipyard in September.

Region 2- Manitoba Central Morrow Gospel Church, Winnipeg MB

Welcoming new members

Morrow Gospel Church added to their membership on March 25. After the service, everyone was invited to a fellowship lunch. Ed and Joy Loewen; Ashley Penner; Duane and Esther Harder; Tina and John Enns; Arlene Loewen; Ang Dueck; Gillian Hunt; Janice Kroeker; Margaret Giesbrecht; Caroline Toews.

Blanket Making Ministry The church Banquet Hall is a busy place! The blanket making season, which runs on Mondays, began in midJanuary and ended April 30. Usually there were 11 women at various work stations. Nearly all of them had done some homework, since most of the blanket tops are sewed at home (some came with a new creative pattern). We are pleased to report that we have been able to deliver 200 completed blankets (our previous high number was 160) to Mennonite Central Committee for distribution to refugee camps. In addition, we completed 40 MCC school or hygiene kits and sent $1,000.00 for student subsidies at the MEM school in Hacienda Verde, Bolivia. ~ Gladys Penner

Caroline Toews joined the blanket making ministry, and did a great job of doing some of the final steps in tying the blankets together. It was a great way for her to get to know other women and help in a very important ministry.

Dave and Deanna Dyck together with Gladys and Dave Penner give leadership to the Blanket Making M i n i s t r y. T h e men are a vital part in setting up the tables for the work day.

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Region 2- Manitoba Central Bagot Community Chapel, MB

Regions 2 and 3 sharing outreach ideas

Winter Youth Retreat

On April 23, a number of folks involved in missions in one way or the other, met at the Morrow Gospel Church in Winnipeg. We met to connect with each other and to share how God is using us in the various EMMC churches in Regions 2 and 3 in Manitoba.

The Bagot youth recently held their winter retreat. Their theme centered around God’s will in your life. We had a formal dinner (above), hay ride, skating and lots of different games. Thanks to Circle Square Ranch for hosting. As well, thank you to John and Melody Wieler and Dan Ingram for being our featured speakers. ~ Sara Wall

Gospel Fellowship Church, Steinbach

Celebrating baptism with youth

Our evening started out with a delicious pizza supper. During this time we had opportunity to get to know each other in a casual manner. It is uplifting to connect with the various mission committee members. The reports that were shared were encouraging. It is interesting to see how each church reaches out in a different way. Some may be more active within the community, reaching out to those who come to learn the English language, or even just to take part in local activities. Some of our conference churches do a mission trip every couple of years. Other churches hold regular missions conferences with special speakers and emphasis. In Morden, we are working towards making stronger connections between our church and the missionaries in the field. We have seen some positive results and are looking forward to continuing with this. Mission work is multi-faceted and each congregation can choose a different way to be involved, but the bottom line is that we are all working toward the same goal, reaching people for Christ. ~ Ruth Hiebert Morden EMMC Mission Chair

Did you know ... about these pastoral changes?

Willi and Agatha Wiebe, pastor at Mennonite Gospel Church, Vauxhall AB have resigned from that position and will be returning to Manitoba at the end of June.

April 15, 2018 was celebration time at Gospel Fellowship Church, Steinbach. Pastor Darrell Dyck, Mark Wiebe (transfer), Kaitlyn Koop (baptism), Marcella Penner (baptism) and Hannah Friesen (baptism) and Pastor Garry Blatz. 14

The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

Loren and Sylvia Guenther, Pastor of Young Families at Winkler EMM Church, Manitoba submitted their resignation effective July 20, 2018. “After much prayer and soul-searching Sylvia and I have concluded that a change in career is needed. With this in mind, the immediate future will involve me (Loren) being the office manager of a new dental office opening in Winkler in early September.”

Region 3 - Manitoba South Glencross Mennonite Church, MB

Congregation life

Gifted to Serve

Over 60 ladies enjoyed a weekend retreat at Glencross Church on March 2 and 3. It was a weekend of relaxation and encouragement in our faith with the theme being "Walk Deeper, Love Fully, Trust Completely".

This April and May, Glencross Church was privileged to be in on the ground floor of an EMMC seminar titled “Gifted to Serve”. Two leaders in our conference, Darrell Kehler, Leadership Development and Lyn Dyck, Executive Director led us through three evenings of learning. Spiritual gifts are divine abilities distributed by the Holy Spirit to every believer according to God’s design and grace for the common good of the Body of Christ. We are expected to use them and give account of what we do with our gifts.

Blankets made at the Womens Retreat will be sent off to Nicaragua.

We enjoyed times of worship, prayer and fellowship, making a craft for ourselves and sewing blankets for Nicaragua, as well as an abundance of good food.

Our speakers were Amanda Legault and her mother, Lisa Siemens. Amanda has written a book "In My Wake" about her recovery from an April 22, 2009 accident in which the vehicle she was driving T-boned a potato truck west of Altona, Manitoba. Emergency crews worked oneand-a-half hours to remove her Mother and daughter Lisa from her vehicle, after which she S i e m e n s a n d A m a n d a was flown to a Winnipeg hospital Legault were guest speakers by STARS Air Ambulance. She at the Womens retreat. spent several months recovering at Riverview Health Centre in Winnipeg. Amanda spoke about her journey to knowing God's love for her as her body and her soul healed. Her mother shared her own faith stretching experiences with her daughter before the accident and during the long and difficult road to recovery. We were blessed by their testimonies.

We studied spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible and each took a survey to help us understand what our own personal gifts are. We learned that spiritual gifts, given to an individual indicate in what area of ministry he will tend to serve, while our personal style determines how we will serve. This was especially clear to those that have taken the DISC assessment offered in a previous seminar “Leading with Vision”. It is helpful to recognise our own strengths and weaknesses in the way each one of us is uniquely wired and how God has called us to serve with the gifts He has entrusted to us. We also learned that there are dangers to avoid; for example expecting others to do what I am doing and in the way I do it. No one gift is more important than another and we should not reject or undervalue what God has given to each of us. Our correct motive should be to accept and use our spiritual gifts to glorify God and edify His body. “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” 1 Peter 4:10 ~ Martha Klassen

~ Martha Klassen

Baptism and membership were celebrated on April 29. Baptized and becoming members were Alex Giesbrecht and Adam Thiessen. Megan Peters was welcomed into the membership.

Lyn Dyck, Executive Director and Darrell Kehler, Leadership Development conducting the seminar “Gifted to Serve.. This is a follow-up to the “Leading with Vision” seminars that have been held in many of our EMMC churches.

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Region 3-Manitoba South Morden EMM Church, MB

Holding praise and prayer

Baptism and membership

We have a very creative and energetic missions committee in our church! Our desire is to create awareness of ministries and ministry needs in our congregation and to engage individuals of all ages. O n M o t h e r ’s Day we rolled out our Prayer Board. We are hoping to get more people praying for the needs of the church and also sharing in the praise items. One of the committee members built a free-standing board to hold our prayer requests and praise reports. People are encouraged to write their concern on a slip of paper, roll it up and stick it into one of the holes. Others can now come along and take home one or several of these requests and be in prayer for them. Folks may post anonymously or sign their name if they wish to. We are excited that the board is being used. Praise God! ~ Ruth Hiebert Missions Committee Chair

May 20, 2018 was an exciting morning at Morden EMMC with baptism and membership. Pastor Kelly Lesser had the privilege of baptising Alyson Hildebrand and William Penner. Following the service we all joined together in Communion.

Winkler EMM Church, MB

Spanning the generations with membership

Morden fun(d) raising a success! The Morden EMMC, Manitoba had their mission emphasis Sunday on April 29. Abe Giesbrecht, EMMC Missions Director did a presentation during the Sunday school time as well as during the worship service. The lunch and pie auction after the service was a wonderful time of fellowship. The pie auction raised over $9,000 with all of those funds directed towards missions. Thanks to Waldo for helping Abe secure an amazing Saskatoon berry pie. Abe was gracious and shared the pie with EMMC Home Office at staff meeting the following Tuesday morning.

Baptism and Membership, April 22, 2018

Good job, Morden EMMC for putting the “fun” in fund-raising!!

Back Row: Susi Friesen (B), Purity Heide (B), Caitlyn Hiebert (B), Tanya Hiebert (B), Anita Giesbrecht (M), Zipporah Peters (B). Middle Row: John Fehr (M), Nicole Klassen (B), Tristan Loewen (B), Pastor Loren Guenther, Amy Derksen (B), Jaden Giesbrecht (B). Front Row (R-L): Calvin and Hilda Giesbrecht (M), Henry Reimer and Waldina Reimer (M), John and Linda Funk (M), Tannis Wiebe (M), Heinrich Klassen (B).

ps: yes ... staff DID enjoy that pie!

B=Baptism, M=Membership


The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

Region 4-Ontario

Region 6-Belize / Mexico South

Blenheim EMM Church, ON

Blue Creek EMMC, Belize

‘Restart’ in Blenheim

Region 6 Youth Retreat

Conference Pastor Allen and Anita Kehler will be hosted by the Blenheim EMMC Church Ontario for three weeks (June 6th to 26th). This is an endeavour to "restart" the church, in cooperation with their sister churches in Region 4, Aylmer EMMC and Deer Run Church, Leamington. The church has undergone a Pastor Al and Anita Kehler time of prayer and instruction through "Leading with Vision". These three weeks will focus on examining the biblical foundation in order to implement their goal of "Loving God, Loving People, and Reaching the World". Please be in prayer for the congregation, the Kehlers and the Region 4 churches as they launch this restart.

The Blue Creek EMMC Belize hosted the Region 6 Youth Retreat on February 23-25. Youth from Spanish Lookout, Shipyard, and a drama team from Steinbach Bible College joined them for a weekend with guest speaker Herb Franz and his wife Joan. Activities included sports, water sliding, and learning to live “Real Life with Jesus”.

~ EMMC Office

Some of the highlights were the big water slide, playing volleyball, and a special prayer time after one of the sessions. It was very meaningful when Herb taught us that we live in the valleys and not on the mountain tops. The valleys are everyday life with all its frustrations, pain, and difficulties. The mountain tops are the moments when life is going wonderful and everything feels right. We learned that we generally live in the valleys and that we have an amazing God who guides us through them. Being together with so many youth from different parts of the region was exciting, mind opening to different ways of doing things, and a lot of fun. We already look forward to the next Regional Youth Retreat! ~ Stacey and Mikayla

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Purpose Statement EMMC exists to EQUIP and ENCOURAGE our churches for effective ministry, EMPOWERING them to participate in God’s work in the world.

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Ministries and workers Books serve a valuable role in education

We are very excited about our new school at Hacienda Verde. Even though enrollment is down a bit from last year, we love that we now have four students in grade nine. In need of more teachers, we have hired two young adults from Hacienda to fill in for Kindergarten, Plautdietsch classes, and Bible classes, and they are doing excellent work. This gives them an income and helps the families to realize that there are other ways to make a living besides milking cows. My passion is still books and our bookstore at the Casa and I’m not giving up even though we have had very minimal Mennonite customers. We are excited that we have found a store in Santa Cruz that is willing to sell newly printed Low German material. Mien Kjarpa - een Jeschenkj von Gott! is the Low German book “My Body - a gift from God!”

Author, Irene Marsch

Two boxes of books came at the end of the retreat. The retreaters, Mennonite women from many different colonies in Bolivia, wanted them so badly that they waited almost an hour for them to arrive, and all 88 copies were taken. One pastor’s wife even asked if she could order 50 more copies to distribute at their Bible studies. We praise God for answered prayer. Our prayer is that this book will be an instrument to educate families and protect girls and at risk persons in many of our colonies. ~ Caroline Krahn Ministry Centre Host Casa de la Amistad San Jose, Bolivia

This distributor is in an area of Santa Cruz called Seis Agosto where Mennonites from all colonies congregate and shop. Author Irene Marsch has written a book called My Body is a Gift from God (Mien Kjarpa een Jeschenkj von Gott) that is a great tool to educate parents on how to teach their children about God’s design and purpose for the human body. It is so well done and we wanted to supply it, but we were unsure of the best way to advertise it and get it into Mennonite peoples’ hands.

Slowly, word was getting out and our pastors were using it in their marriage classes. Then something happened that only God could do. I was going to a women’s retreat where the theme of the event was I’m a Worthwhile Rose (Ekj Wietvolle Roos). I had ordered more copies of this book from Canada, and, without knowing if they would arrive on time for the weekend, I asked the organizers if I could possibly advertise these books at the retreat and they agreed. I had only five books on hand that I brought with me. Well, miracle of miracles, the guest speaker was nurse Carla Wiens from Paraguay, and she was speaking on exactly the theme of this book. I got goosebumps all over when I heard her topics. 18

The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

Ministries and workers Villa Nueva Church, Bolivia

Villa Nueva Church, Bolivia

A Little Report about Big Happenings in Villa Nueva

Celebrating growth in the congregation

When Pastor Abe Harder asked my husband David and I if we would lead one of two small groups through the S.E.A.N. International Bible School this year, we didn’t exactly feel qualified. But his dream to see spiritual growth in the people of the Villa Nueva Church was something we wanted to be a part of so we signed up anyway; trusting that God knew what He was up to.

We h a d a wonderful day h e r e i n Vi l l a Nueva on April 22. We had been working toward this for some time and yesterday we commissioned the first ever Villa Nueva Church, Bolivia affirming church council leadership. Franz Doerksen and David in this church. Reimer with Pastor Abe Harder. Franz Doerksen and David Reimer were elected 2 weeks ago and commissioned for the work of giving leadership to this beautiful church.

Soon, we were twenty eager students excited to know God more. We dove in head first but it wasn’t long before the reality of reading and writing in Low German hit us – some harder than others. With Low German literacy proving difficult for most of us, minor panic set in as some of us quietly searched for a good enough reason to back out. At least, I know Dave and I did. We arrived home from our first few evenings after leading our group feeling like we’d failed miserably. “Who are we to lead these people? SURELY God, there MUST be someone more qualified” we would think. Fast forward a few months, and no one has given up, Hallelujah! Twenty students (including Dave and I) have successfully completed the first of this six-book journey (Life of Christ); much to our satisfaction and joy. Each week we worked through our lesson at home and then came together to discuss, study, and meet with God. Now, through good old ‘invite your neighbor’ and word of mouth, our little Bible school has grown from two groups to three, and next week we begin our studies again. The S.E.A.N. course is ‘prepared for ordinary people, without any need for higher education or advanced theology’ and is proving to be an enormous blessing and tool for discipleship in our church. What a privilege it’s been to be part of this group of people earnestly seeking after God. I’m truly excited to see what He has in store for this year and years to come. God has been up to big things in Villa Nueva Church. May you be encouraged. God doesn’t always call the most qualified, but He will always qualify those He calls.

It was also the time to celebrate the baptism of four youth. They had been taking the Christian Life class for the past 11 weeks, had done good work, and were now ready to be baptized and be received into the membership of this church. We are now challenging them to join the SETA Bible School in order to keep growing in their faith.

~ Whitney Belovicz Doerksen

~ Pastor Abe Harder

The group of students participating in the “Life of Christ” (Christus sien Lawen) study series. The six-workbook series has been translated into Low German, and is used in Bolivia, Belize, Canada and Mexico. Hilda Friesen of Winkler Manitoba has worked tirelessly to provide this resource for Low German speakers.

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Ministries and workers Arlie and Eva Peters

Director of Education / Low German Ministry MEM / EMMC Villa Nueva, Bolivia Home church: Aylmer EMMC, Ontario Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Joshua, Arlie and Eva Peters. Gabriela with the cat, and Naomi and the dog.

Proverbs 3:5-6

These verses are so much easier said than done! However, over the past several months, we have continued to remind ourselves to trust God. He is faithful, good, and all-knowing! He is already in our future, just as He has been with us in our past, and is with us now. But we tend to be so impatient, wanting to know all the answers NOW, until we are reminded also to “Be still, and know that I am God” from Psalm 46:10. The 2017 school year ended well, and the 2018 school year has begun, although not without its challenges. However, again we have seen God’s faithfulness in providing for all the needs of the staff and students! The Villa Nueva School now has the highest enrollment ever with more than 190 students and we are thrilled to have 5 alumni back as teachers this year! Please pray as this school year continues, that the staff and students of all 6 schools that we have been ministering to will continue to focus and rely on God’s faithfulness throughout the whole year. We were also pleasantly surprised to have 3 couples from the Aylmer EMMC come in March to replace our broken roof and repaint our guesthouse inside and outside, as well as the outside of our own house! This helped significantly in the process of selling our house. Well done to Abe and Margaret Harder, and Willy Fehr from Aylmer EMMC for organizing and planning this work team for us! We were truly blessed to have them here. These couples kept busy in the evenings with ministry events or colony visits. We pray that they were as blessed as we were with their time here in Bolivia! With regard to our move to Canada, we have so much for which to be thankful… our house in Villa Nueva is sold, our vehicle is sold, our tickets are booked, and one by one our responsibilities are being handed over to others! Pray for these people, whether they are our fellow missionaries or other local people, that they will understand and have confidence 20

The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

to do what is needed, trusting God to guide them instead of depending on us. All of these are answers to our prayers, but also come with mixed emotions. God is also preparing things for us in Canada. After much prayer and discernment, with advice from people who have been through a similar process, we have decided to make Aylmer, ON, our home, with the Aylmer EMMC as our home church again. Arrangements have been made for a house, a vehicle, and our children are registered for the next school year! At times it feels a bit overwhelming, but we see how God has His hand in this process. So, we have handed in our resignation to the mission, effective June 30, 2018, and have tickets to fly to Canada on July 10. Part of our plan in Canada is to help Eva’s parents move back to Aylmer, from Saskatchewan, in order to help take care of them. Eva does not plan to work outside of the home for at least the first year, but Arlie is still in need of a job – one where he can be at home more, particularly the evenings and weekends. We feel the need to be together more as a family, especially for our children transitioning to life in Canada. Once again, thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement as we aim to finish well in this phase of our lives! Without you, our many supporters, this ministry would not be possible.

EMMC Education and Training funds available Students making plans to continue with post-secondary education are encouraged to apply for funding assistance through the Education and Training Fund. Applications are on the EMMC website at and click on ‘Resources’ and select ‘Student Bursary’ in the drop-down box. Complete the application and follow the instructions. PASTORS AND MINISTRY WORKERS ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE FOR THESE FUNDS.

For further information, contact

Ministries and workers Dave and Cheri Bartsch Director YWAM Gold Coast Australia Home church, Aylmer EMMC Ontario Thank you for praying for our family and ministry. We have felt strengthened, and are excited about the future. We have been rallying around the vision and mandate of why our ministry exists on the Gold Coast. There are Cheri and Dave Bartsch with Verity many things that we and Elianna. could do but we are asking God what He would like us to impact on the Gold Coast of Australia! This process has been invigorating as we have once again brought God into the daily picture of what we are trying achieve. Instead of religiously going after something that He spoke 10 years ago, we want to hear in this season what we need to lay down and what we need to pick up. New ways of doing things, new ministry being birthed, new ways of discipling our young people has been the talk

of the office as we continue to “Empower young people” to follow Jesus and walk by faith. Another exciting adventure for our family is that we have just been offered the role of directorship of YWAM Gold Coast. We have been serving here for 16 years and have complete peace about accepting the baton to run the race with Jesus. We feel so blessed to have such amazing people in our corner that have championed us in YWAM and believed in us even when we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. We had an absolutely wonderful time during the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, April 4 to 15. We were able to connect with 85 plus churches and ministries and help host 250 to 300 YWAM staff and students do outreach in the streets and parks. We were able to hand out over 7000 Bibles, had in excess of 10,000 amazing God-conversations with tourists from all nations. It was amazing to see God at work! The committee had chosen the word “Legacy” for the games. The intention was that this would be a time where churches would come together for the common good to make Jesus known and that once the games were done, relationship would continue as we stand together for a move of God for our city.

Marsden and Mandy Giesbrecht Healing Hearts Ministry Church planting / mentoring, Nipawin, SK Home church: Sutherland Evangelical Church, Saskatoon, SK

Mandy and Marsden, Isaac, Naiomi and Kora Giesbrecht.

We are moving along as a community, a fellowship, and a family. Every day provides different challenges and blessings … and each new day is an opportunity for growth where we are challenged to trust in

Jesus to uphold the ones He has commissioned us to love. We are moving into a season of camps and talking about vision for the upcoming year in our little church. Our children, Isaac and Naiomi just recently celebrated birthdays with the wonderful friends God has provided for them. Kora (grade 7) had opportunity in a speech competition to talk to all three classes of grade 7’s about “God’s purpose for us”! Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers and we thank God for calling you to pray. May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Ministries and workers Gord and Beckie Klassen

Director, Gem Lake Wilderness Camp / Inner City Youth Alive Winnipeg, Manitoba Home church: Nassau Street Church, Winnipeg MB

I t ’s h a r d t o believe that I’m heading into my 10th year with Inner City Youth Alive as director of Gem Lake Wilderness Camp. Throughout this time God has truly been good and faithful and I have been blessed to have support through encouragement, financially, but most importantly through your prayers. Here are some answers to your prayers. Safety at camp and on the road – Probably my most repeated prayer over the years. It’s a 230 km drive to camp, 80 of which on a very poor gravel road, then 2 km through the bush and a 5 km boat or snowmobile ride to our island. We have seen many wild animals, had a few flat tires or breakdowns but have always been kept safe, even in some bad snow storms. We have never had to evacuate a camper or staff member from the camp due to injury. That is truly a God-thing in our remote area. Protection of our camp facilities – Our camp is unattended for long periods throughout the year. With the exception of some vehicle vandalism our camp has been untouched by intruders for years. Three years ago our camp was also miraculously spared from a forest fire that burned out of control to within five km of our camp and stopped. That the camper’s hearts are moved toward Christ – This is the reason that our camp even exists. We pray that we remain faithful in sharing Christ with each camper that comes to our island. Each summer we have a handful of first time decisions that are made and many others that are strengthened in their faith or moved farther along in their journey toward Christ. Favorable weather conditions – We need thick ice with no slush to get in during the winter. In summer it is challenging to run camp in the rain, but if we don’t have enough rain the wildfire risk becomes great. This spring we have very dry conditions again and ask for protection from wildfires. Camp equipment – we have boats, snowmobiles,


The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

fridges, stoves, water systems and solar power, but no Home Depot or repair technicians nearby. God has given me good mechanical skills, but often I have struggled with a broken piece of equipment and told God that my talent was exhausted and in order to get the problem fixed, substantial heavenly talent would have to be added to the mix. Many times my eyes were suddenly opened to the solution and I praised God! Camp Staff – this has been a prayer request every summer. Our counsellors need a unique blend of gifts and talents. They must be strong, committed Christians, have a love and burden for the youth we work with, enjoy, or at least have a strong tolerance for wilderness living in a remote setting and be willing to raise their own support. This year God amazingly first gave us two people for the hardest positions to fill - lifeguard, city/camp liaison - but we still need several summer counsellors, especially male ones. Holy Spirit to be at work – giving our counsellors wisdom as they deal with tough situations, giving Matt and me wisdom as we plan the summer and lead the staff team. Also pray for spiritual protection. We have many physical challenges at camp each day, but much of the battle is against the unseen forces of darkness. I especially ask for your prayers against them.

Correna Janzen

Wycliffe Bible Translators Bible Translation Sos Kundi language group Papua New Guinea Home church: Morden EMMC, MB I was starting to feel like we would never get any translation completed, but we did it! We got Genesis 1223 and Jonah checked by a consultant. For those of you who like statistics, that is 1.47% of the Old Testament. We are thankful that our first consultant check was a very positive learning experience. Please pray that this experience will encourage the translators to commit more of their time to doing translation. They are currently in their second

Ministries and workers Andrew and Amie Reimer

Community Minister Inner City Youth Alive Winnipeg, Manitoba Home church: Nassau Street Church / Altona EMMC Manitoba Over the past two or three years we have been hearing of more and more people we know and care about becoming hooked on crystal meth, commonly known on the streets as “jib.” In October 2016, in a story entitled, “Winnipeg: Andrew and Amie Reimer with Hannah, A City Wide Awake on Crystal Meth” Olivia and Miriam. the CBC learned that “addictions centres have seen a 600 per cent increase in meth users in the last five years.” Meth addiction overtakes people’s minds and lives. Meth is mentally and emotionally destructive often causing “druginduced psychosis characterized by paranoia, hallucinations and delusions.” Users are often awake and “flailing” for days. Loss of sleep, manic activity and loss of appetite lead to dramatic weight loss. Meth addiction impacts communities through increased property theft and armed robbery, women being trafficked and violence.

Prayer requests: • Pray against the power of meth addiction, and for Jesus' love and power to heal the roots of addiction and set people free. Also pray for more addictions resources to become available in the community (including beds in treatment centres). • Jessica, Shula and Andrew are all planning to take counsellor training in the Genesis Process, a Christ-centred model for helping people with addictions or any destructive behavior pattern in their lives to experience change and recovery. Please pray that God would use this to make a difference in the lives of our friends who are seeking change. • Pray for Andrew as he mentors young adults who are growing as leaders and pray that these leaders would grow in their sense of identity and calling from God. • The Monday night Young Adults drop in I help to lead has become a supportive community for many young adults and young families. Ask God to work in the lives of these young adults and families so they would experience God's love and healing and take further steps of trust in Jesus. • Pray for health and protection for Andrew and Amie and their daughters.

Correna Janzen, continued from page 22 Translation Training Course where they are learning how to translate poetry. They want to attend the third level of translation training next year, but before they can do that, they need to translate 400 verses of the Old Testament. • Praise that there has been more involvement by Sos Kundi community and church leaders in the translation project. Pray that this trend will continue. • Praise God for the increased commitment of the Sos Kundi translators. Pray that they will work out a plan to do more translation. • Give thanks to the LORD for He is good. Raymond is on the mend after his struggle with TB!

I had hoped to do a quick trip out to the language area this month to encourage the Ladies’ Literacy Class and to

talk with some men about starting a men’s reading group. Unfortunately, the airstrip did not get cut and so I was not able to go. This is becoming an ongoing problem. Please pray that those responsible for maintaining the airstrip will view this as a ministry to the communities they are serving. We can fly to another airstrip and then go by road; however, it is more expensive and much more dangerous. Sos Kundi Dictionary

The Sos Kundi Dictionary has been published online on a website called Webonary. Go to https://soskundi.webonary. org and have a look. The dictionary is still a work in progress, but it is exciting that it is now available for the world to see. I am hoping to make it available as an app for mobile phones soon. May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder



Pamela Miles

Director of Gift Planning

A New View of Nature

I am so glad that summer is on the horizon. Spending time outdoors was a huge part of my childhood. My family shared many weekends at a small one-room cabin on a river, fishing, swimming, canoeing and just enjoying the beauty around us. We would watch the beavers make their way up and down the river, hope to see a deer come out at dusk for a drink, and listen to the wolves howl at night. Through those long summer days at the cabin, my parents passed on their values of living contently and taught us to steward nature and share it generously with others. We learned to appreciate what the Lord had given to us, including the abundance of natural beauty. I have always found that enjoying God’s creation refreshes my soul and helps me keep a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Recently, several scientific studies have confirmed that spending time in nature is good for your overall wellbeing and mental health. A recent study1 by Holli-Anne Passmore of the University of British Columbia examined the connection between personal wellbeing and taking a moment to look at something from the natural environment. Passmore was ‘overwhelmed’ by the descriptions of emotions submitted by the study’s 395 participants’– their happiness, sense of elevation and their level of connectedness to other people. Another study2 by Dr. Andrea Mechelli of Kings College in London concluded that the positive effects of a single exposure to nature – for example, walking the dog, going for a run, or spending time in the garden – can last for seven hours after an individual has experienced it. The study also found that individuals at greater risk of developing mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, benefit even more from getting outdoors than others. This research is compelling, but you don’t have to be a scientist to understand the power of spending time in nature. From the very beginning, people have delighted in God’s wondrous handiwork. Countless songs and stories throughout history describe the beauty of the natural world. In Psalm


The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

photo: Darryn epp photography UseD wIth perMIssIon

19:1-3, David writes of how nature reveals God’s magnificent beauty and truth. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge”. My father once told me of bringing my ailing grandfather to our cabin to enjoy the pristine wilderness setting he loved for the last time. As they sat on the bench outside, taking in the serenity, a black bear swam by just a few hundred feet away. My father says he knew that this rare event was a gift from God – a demonstration of His love and generous ways. Framing my own experiences of nature as an extravagant gift that God freely gives has inspired me to deeply appreciate these gifts and to respond by giving generously from the resources God has entrusted to me. Rather than just sharing a snapshot of a pretty view, I am inspired to share the blessings that allowed me to experience that snapshot. Everyday, we’re surrounded by amazing displays of God’s creation: a sunset as we drive home from work, birds twittering in the neighbourhood trees, or a weekend hike in the woods. As the weather warms and we start to spend more time outdoors, I hope we all take more notice of these little gifts. Perhaps instead of just capturing a photo to share this summer, we’ll be inspired to respond with renewed gratitude and generosity. 1 Holli-Anne Passmore & Mark D. Holder (2016) Noticing nature: Individual and social benefits of a two-week intervention, The Journal of Positive Psychology,12:6, 537-546, DOI: 10.1080/17439760.2016.1221126 2 Bakolis, I., Hammoud, R., Smythe, M., Gibbons, J., Davidson, N., Tognin, S., & Mechelli, A. (2018). Urban Mind: Using Smartphone Technologies to Investigate the Impact of Nature on Mental Well-Being in Real Time. BIOSCIENCE, 68(2), 134-145. DOI: 10.1093/biosci/bix149

Pamela Miles is the Director of Gift Planning at Abundance Canada. For more than 40 years, Abundance Canada has effectively helped Canadians with their charitable giving in their lifetime and through their estate. To learn more, visit or call 1.800.772.3257 to arrange a no obligation free consultation. Abundance Canada office | p 1.800.772.3257

Title Change for Executive Director

New national director affirmed

Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches

Kitchener, Ontario: On May 11, 2018, Allister Penner, Board Chair at Abundance Canada (formerly Mennonite Foundation of Canada), announced a change in title of the Executive Director, Darren Pries-Klassen, to Chief Executive Officer. D a r r e n P r i e s - K l a s s e n , With the goal of positioning Chief Executive Officer of Abundance Canada more Abundance Canada. broadly within Canada, it was the consensus of the board that this new title change better reflects Abundance Canada’s organizational structure and is more consistent with other national foundations and their respective nomenclature. Penner states, “In 2016, the Board made a decision to rebrand the organization to Abundance Canada. Our goal was to position ourselves more broadly within and beyond the Christian community. Our exponential growth over the past 18-months is not only a testament to our continuously widening client base, but also to our values of living generously. Our vision of a world where everyone lives generously is certainly one that appeals to Canadians. Therefore, the title of our senior leader should reflect a strategic leadership role, which Darren has been doing successfully since 2009.” Darren Pries-Klassen joined Abundance Canada in 1998, as a Gift Planning Consultant. He was promoted to Executive Director in 2009. Darren is a thought-leader on planned-giving and generosity, and speaks regularly across Canada. In 2017 and on behalf of our clients, Abundance Canada distributed more than $19.72 million to 1,133 charities in Canada and issued charitable receipts for $39.46 million of donated funds. Abundance Canada is a faith-base, non-profit public foundation with regional offices across Canada. For more than 40 years, they have facilitated the charitable donations of Canadians during their lifetime and through their estate. Abundance Canada offers various gift-planning solutions to help individuals achieve their giving goals to the causes they care about most. Consultation is complimentary and confidential, without any obligations. Visit or call 1.800.772.3257 for more details.

The Executive Board of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches (CCMBC) unanimously affirmed Elton DaSilva as national director, May 3, 2018. He will be commissioned at Gathering 2018, July 11–14, in Saskatoon, SK. Born into a missionary family in Brazil, DaSilva planted Christian Family Centre, Winnipeg (2000– E l t o n D a S i l v a a ff i r m e d 10), and currently attends The as National Director for anadian Conference Meeting Place. His training from C of Mennonite Brethren post-secondary institutions in Churches. Alberta, Manitoba, and Brazil spans business administration, economics, and theology. He and Ana have two young adult daughters and a teenage son. During DaSilva’s tenure, MBCM focused on leadership development and resourcing churches – through services such as the 5C Focused Ministry discernment process and the Elevation apprenticeship program – and on building relationships in Manitoba’s Indigenous communities.

MC Canada Executive Director to complete term After careful consideration and prayer the Joint Council discerned with Willard Metzger, Executive Director, that this was the time to seek new leadership for Mennonite Church Canada. The announcement came on May 7 following the Joint Council meetings in Ontario on May 5 and 6. The Joint Council has appointed a Search Committee, chaired by Geraldine Balzer, to determine leadership needs and to find Metzger’s successor. In his eighth year of leadership, Metzger is the longest serving Executive Director in MC Canada. He is deeply respected for his ecumenical work, representing MC Canada well in the Canadian council of Churches and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Metzger will continue with MC Canada until October 31, 2018. “My time with MC Canada has marked me, and I am a better leader and stronger person because of it. I thank God for this gift,” stated Metzger. May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Just Thinking

The Sovereignty of Jesus Christ and suffering Missional Wear posted a quote by J.C. Ryle on social media, which prompted the following reflection. The Sovereignty of Jesus Christ and suffering. An incredibly deep and intimate subject... one that has been on my mind and heart for years now. What can I make of my first marriage dissolving?... my uncle living in a wheelchair or a bed for over 33 years?... my bride being afflicted with unspeakable pain? What sense can I make of these brutally painful experiences? In college I was tasked with writing an essay addressing suffering. If I recall correctly, my conclusion was... that I don’t know. I don’t know the “whys” of suffering, nor how to best make sense of it. What I can confidently do, though... is affirm the truth of Scripture, and cry to God for the mercy to believe wholeheartedly in Him and His promises. Isaiah 55.9 reads: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Citing such a verse as this is not a cop out. It is an act of humility — confessing my lack of understanding, and trusting my Creator. Friends... may we place our trust in Christ! He is the anchor of our souls. Amen. ~ used with permission “Just Thinking” is a new feature for The Recorder. You are invited to submit brief thoughts or reflections of maximum 200 words on any subject. Send the content together with your name, home church and contact information to

RESOURCES The following study resources are available at EMMC Home Office. To order, call 204.253.7929 or email Orders can also be placed through the website at www.

Living in God’s Kingdom A practical study guide on the Christian life. It is an introduction to the Christian faith, suitable for baptism / membership and other classes. This project was made possible by the combined efforts of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference, Christian Mennonite Conference and EMMC. This is the recommended study guide, replacing “The Christian Life” book.

Student Book Leader Guide

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The Confession of Faith EMMC’s Confession of Faith was adopted by congregations in 2001. This booklet provides the description of each statement together with the supporting scripture references. FREE

Living Truth Manual leads the reader through the EMMC Confession of Faith. Excellent for a Bible study group or any kind of group setting. Student book Leader Guide

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Daut Wuat Noforschen (Exploring the Word) by Dr. Jerry Hildebrand Translated into Low German. Workbook style study for personal or group study. Student book


Daut wieetvolle Lawen (The Abundant Life)

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The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

Translated into Low German. Workbook style study designed for group study. Student book


Christus sien Lawen (Life of Christ) workbook series Six workbooks translated into Low German. This in-depth study series is designed for group study especially for those who are unable to attend Bible college / further education. Student book


In Search of ... AYLMER EMMC, Ontario is prayerfully seeking a FULL-TIME YOUTH PASTOR. We are a multigenerational (EMMC) congregation with an average Sunday morning attendance of approximately 350 people across three services. If you are gifted with a love and compassion that will compel and enable you to minister to our youth, the parents of our youth and in the surrounding community, please apply. It would be an asset to have some post-secondary youth pastoral studies as well as some previous youth ministry experience, but all applicants will be considered. A full job description is available upon request. We are located in Aylmer, Ontario (population approx. 7000), about 40 minutes south of London. For further information or to submit a resume please send to: AEMMC Board of Elders Box 234 Aylmer, ON N5H 2R9 E-mail:

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY Concordia Hospital Spiritual Care The BEREAVEMENT CARE PROGRAM of Concordia Hospital in Winnipeg MB is urgently seeking VOLUNTEERS who are able to provide telephone grief support ministry, to family members of people who have died at the Hospital. This is an ideal opportunity for a person with a health care, ministry or counseling background. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Bob Milks at 204.661.7402 email: Matthew 5:4 – God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted. HEPBURN GOSPEL CHURCH is prayerfully seeking a FULL-TIME PASTOR. We are a multi-generational (EMMC) congregation with an average Sunday morning attendance of approximately 80 people. We at HGC are looking for a pastor who has the heart of a shepherd, is mature in his knowledge of the Word, is self-motivated with good communication skills, has a desire to see our church grow through reaching the lost and invests in the people of the church. He should have strong preaching and teaching skills. Some pastoral experience is preferred, but all applicants will be considered. He must be in agreement with our EMMC statement of faith. We are an evangelical church with a heart for missions. We are located in Hepburn, Saskatchewan, a small, friendly town just 25 minutes north of Saskatoon. For further information or to submit a resume please send to: Hepburn Gospel Church Attention Pastoral Search Committee Box 288 Hepburn, SK S0K 1Z0 E-mail:

VALLEY VIEW BIBLE CAMP is seeking MISSION TEAM MEMBERS for the 2018 Summer camp season. Valley View Bible Camp is a ministry point of One Hope Canada. Located just South of MacGregor, Manitoba, Valley View offers Summer Bible camp opportunities to children ages 5 to17 with the vision "To facilitate the transformation of people's lives through faith in Jesus Christ." Valley View is seeking Christ-centred individuals who have a passion to serve Christ and make Him known, especially to children and youth. A full list of positions available can be found on the website. For more information and to apply visit: or contact: Michael Bergen, Program Coordinator 204.685.2999

Counselling for children, adolescents, and their families is now available with experienced clinicians at Recovery of Hope, with offices in Winnipeg, Portage and Winkler. To learn more, call 204.477.4673, 866.493.6202 or visit Christian, not-for-profit counselling organization.

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Mennonite World Conference is looking for a North American Regional Representative (50%) who will carry relationships with member churches in Canada and the USA starting in 2018. Please email arliklassen@ for more information.

NIVERVILLE COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP, Manitoba (EMMC) is seeking an INTERIM PASTOR for a one year term. The Interim Pastor will be a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ with a commitment to Anabaptist faith and theology. The Interim Pastor will work together with our Board of Elders and ministry teams to provide spiritual leadership for our congregation and for those who come in contact with our church. The Interim Pastor will help us to prayerfully consider how to put our current vision statement “Making Disciples of Jesus as we Worship, Grow, and Serve in Love” into action. Position responsibilities include preaching and teaching God’s Word, providing pastoral care, collaborating in planning worship and administration. The Interim Pastor will assist in providing for smooth transition of congregational leadership and preparing for the welcoming of the new pastor. For more information or to apply, please contact EMC = Evangelical Mennonite Conference EMMC = Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference

May / June 2018, Volume 55, Number 3 The Recorder


Back P age Henry Rempel Retires from De Brigj after 15 Years of Service Henry (and Anna) R e m p e l o ff i c i a l l y retired on May 23, 2018 after 15 years of service to the community as Radio Manager and Host for Mennonite Community Services’ (MCS) Low German radio, De Brigj 105.9FM in Aylmer Ontario. On January 16, 2003 MCS received the news that the transmitter could be set up for the radio so Henry was hired in May 2003, pending a granting of a license by CRTC. Henry together with Abe Harms tested the sound for the first time in August 12, 2003. They were of course the only ones listening that day. One of them stayed by the microphone and the other listened in the car. And on the 13th De Brigj went live for the first time! It also happened to coincide with the major black out that hit Ontario August 14 so we like to humour ourselves and take credit for the tremendous impact we had. Henry was the first manager hired to run the radio station. In the beginning there were just a few Low German songs – mostly those from Sposs mott senn (There needs to be fun) CDs and Hank Neufeld’s CDs and songs. Of course now we have many, many songs not just in Low German but also, English, High German and Spanish. Since the beginning the CRTC license was granted to MCS as an ethnic station, as opposed to a Christian station. We abide by the regulations and play 82% German/Low German content to meet the ethnic standards. The remaining percentage is made up of English and Spanish. Henry was very intentional about promoting local talent and often invited young musicians to come in and record a song or two. He has had many interviews over the years, always drawing out the stories from people. He was a tireless promoter of De Brigj to the local businesses and to the aspiring musicians and singers who wanted to promote their CDs. These relationships with singers and others in the community helped the radio station to become what it is today. Henry implemented much of the programming and content. For example he recorded Bible verses so that we always begin the day with a few verses and a prayer. Initially we were on air from 7-8am and 5-8pm. The broadcast hours have slowly


The Recorder, May / June 2018 Volume 55, Number 3

increased, and since December 2017 we are on air 24/7. Henry has been the voice of the Waut Passieet (What’s Happening) program. This program like others are sent to various countries – in Canada to Altona, Belize, Paraguay, Mexico, Bolivia and Germany. In Paraguay this program was referred to as ‘Hello Henry’ because long time guest and local farmer Dan Froese greeted Henry with a “Hello Henry” each week. Again the relationships built with interview subjects contributed to the quality of the programming. Major recording projects that he’s produced include: the Catechism (in Low German) with the Questions and Answers and multiple books of the Bible. He and his brother George initiated the Onse Jeschicht (Our Story) project which is an audio series of the history of the Low German Mennonites’ move to Mexico. It is more recently also available in English as a book. Henry also spent countless hours, especially at the beginning hosting the live shows, sharing news, and promoting local events. He pushed for other Low German radio producers to share programming and was instrumental in making sure that the content was inclusive of the conservative branch of Low German Mennonites. He carried out the radio’s mandate of ‘Integration and Inclusion through Information and Education’ by bringing people together from various churches and various Mennonite experiences. People in the area have really come to appreciate both Henry and Anna. His work and travels before coming to Aylmer really helped him build up a rapport with the community and contributed to the overall success. Anna, Henry’s wife, frequently helped at the MCC Thrift Store. The workers will miss her presence, cheery disposition and her many hours of work. She has helped out with other things at MCS over the years and always supporting and in the background beside Henry. We wish Henry and Anna Rempel God’s blessing as they move from Ontario to Manitoba. He will be missed and we look forward to seeing them again when they visit. De Brigj programming Waut Passieet can be heard in the Altona station CFAM or online 24/7 at .

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