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The beautiful resort of Kalesma, Mykonos. Take a look at luxury defined. Sarah Stone Travel Review - Mexico

Festive Decor, with Hannah Thomas Stately Kitchen


Manjit Minhas

We meet Suzi Quatro


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Luxury Greek Real Estate.

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I am Emma Lindsey, Founder and Editor in Chief at Stately Magazine. I am so very proud of this brand and in particular this issue. Stately has come a long way in a year and we continue to grow from strength to strength. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope that you love this issue as much as I do. I am joined in this edition by several contributors: Manjit Minhas, Hannah Thomas, Sarah Stone, Tony McGrath, Preetika Prasad, and Angela Sara West - not to mention many many incredible brands. From my family to yours, Happy Holidays. Enjoy!

Emma Lindsey CEO & Founder Meet Hannah, our Resident Interior Stylist! Hannah Thomas, aka @hannahthomas_stylist, brings her natural design flair to commercial and residential projects across the Okanagan and virtually around the world. Hannah is skilled at showcasing the natural beauty of any space through design elements and combining function with beauty regardless of your budget. A child of the 70’s growing up in a small mining village in Wales, Hannah credits the start of her career with hanging wallpaper with her dad and she strives to bring that same playful and creative element to all of her projects. Today, Hannah’s work combines function with beauty. She helps her clients maximize the potential and appeal of every square inch, every room and every occasion. Check out Hannah’s Interior Design Feature on pages 44-49.

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KALESMA IS A LUXURIOUS MYKONIAN HIDEAWAY SET AMIDST IDYLLIC NATURAL SURROUNDINGS. A LUXURY L IFES T Y LE H OT EL I N MY K ON OS The Mykonian region of Aleomandra is named after the sacred Delian stables that, according to myth, provided shelter to the horses of the Olympic god Apollo. Centuries later, Kalesma Mykonos rises out of that same Mykonian earth to become one with the legends. ‘Kalesma’ means ‘inviting’ in Greek, a word that best expresses the ethos of our privately owned luxury boutique hotel. We welcome travelers into our exclusive hideaway to share in our special slice of the Mediterranean 6 Stately Magazine

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Luxury Boutique Hotel in Mykonos The whitewashed, thoughtfully designed collection of houses that make up Kalesma have been created to resemble a charming Mykonian village. The property tumbles down a slope to Ornos Bay, and it’s just a short walk from Ornos beach. Kalesma’s outstanding location provides 360 vistas, affording guests the unique opportunity to enjoy both sunrise and sunset from the same spot.


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A 5-star boutique hotel, Kalesma is spread out on a generous 5-acre property with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Kalesma features 13 one-bedroom suites, 12 one-bedroom villas and the two grand villas, Apollon and Artemis which blend local flair with high aesthetics, giving guests the feeling of being in an authentic Mykonian neighborhood. Inspired by Cycladic architecture, Kalesma combines tradition with contemporary elements, offering sleek and minimalist interiors that are created using locally sourced materials. Full of beautiful contradictions, Kalesma is modern, yet influenced by ritual and tradition, It’s luxurious, but with a comfortable, unpretentious grace, and the attention to detail is meticulous, yet guests can still delight in the spontaneity of a Mykonian vacation. Stately Magazine 9

LUXURY ACCOMMODATION IN MYKONOS. Kalesma’s overall aesthetic effortlessly blurs the line between indoors and out, as the open-air concept allows guests to constantly interact with the surrounding scenery and to take in the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Both the architecture and design of Kalesma were inspired by the laid-back glamour of Mykonos, with its whitewashed walls, neutral, earthy color palette and Cycladic aesthetic. Kalesma features 13 one-bedroom suites, 12 one-bedroom villas and the two grand villas, Apollon and Artemis. This is the only hotel in Mykonos where all the suites come with their own private, heated pool, as well as unobstructed sea views, private terraces with al fresco dining areas, poolside sun loungers, 10 Stately outdoor showersMagazine and SONOS sound systems.

Embracing the notion of luxurious minimalism and Cycladic charm, all the accommodations are serene hideaways outfitted with world-class comforts and conveniences. Gracious and large living spaces welcome guests to relax and unwind in style. Enjoy the view of the sea and the sky from your freestanding tub. Bask in the sun or cheers to the sunset on your private terrace. Cool off in your personal heated pool. Guests of Kalesma can arrange in-room spa treatments, private yoga and Pilates, as well as personal training sessions. Stately Magazine


Top Wellness Trends to look out for in 2023 With It is predicted that there will be a huge surge in growth in the wellness movement in 2023 and we have the wonderful Sarah Stone, Intentional Living Expert, Creator of ‘The Happier You’ and Co-Founder of The Wellbeing Concierge, sharing with us her top wellness trends to look out for next year. Sarah is currently based between Cheshire and New York, helping her international portfolio of clients to harness wellbeing and wellness trends to cultivate healthier, happier people and homes. Sarah said; “With over 20 years experience, I’m sure you can imagine, I’m not a believer in fads or quick fixes; the reality is, in order to have real impact on your wellness and wellbeing, it’s important to take a more whole-istic (looking at your life as a whole) as well as an holistic, intentional and sustainable approach. According to Global Wellness Institute Research Director, Beth McGroarty; 2023 will see a radical shift in the way that consumers are viewing wellness, with attitudes becoming more reflective and holistic, focusing more on collective rather than just individual wellbeing. So, rather than focusing on specific parts of a person’s body, we also need to consider the person’s thoughts, soul, emotions, spirit and interaction with others and with the environment. I believe that true wellness and happiness comes from a diverse mix of holistic lifestyle modalities and I’m super excited to share with you the following wellness trends and therapies that I predict will boom and make major waves in 2023… Creative Feng Shui and Intentional Living With celebrities including; Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Tommy Hilfiger, Steven Spielberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Khloe Kardashian and many many more… all said to be fans of the age-old Chinese system; Creative Feng Shui is the modern way to use this ancient art to attract positive energy and happiness. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that harmonises the energy flow in your space, within you and around you. Creative Feng Shui is a simplified modern-day, intention-based modality of the more traditional Feng Shui technique. Empowering you to intentionally create a life filled with fortune, purpose, fulfilment and flow. When we change what’s happening around us in a positive way, we reconfigure what happens in our lives as well. When we start paying attention to and being more selective about what energies we allow into our space, our home and our relationships, we begin to treat our entire space and lives with more gratitude and fresh perspective. You can read more about this approach in my book ‘Live What You Love: The Definitive Guide to Intentionally Improving Your Life, Home, Business and Finances Using Creative Feng Shui’ available on Amazon:


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Sarah Stone

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Wellness Retreats and Retreat Clubs Think ‘Eat, Pray, Love’… this year, I believe we will see a real uptake of more people dedicating time for wellbeing and wellness. A retreat is a fab way of doing this, whether you want to meditate for a week, get in touch with your spiritual side or have a detox from life; wellness retreats and luxe club retreats are a great way for us all to; focus, recharge and reboot in a safe space, with other people - benefiting from connection and community spirit. The club idea has been brought to life by Natalia Edelmann & Ruth A Hargrave, Founders of Luxe Club Retreats where community, wellbeing and travel come together. Emerging retreat clubs offer a private space for those with common interests to connect, prioritize their well-being, and share global adventures. Going beyond an average yoga retreat, these clubs are daring to create the impossible with members, sustainability and philanthropy in mind. With more and more people are wanting to ‘escape life to find life’, traveling alone while forming unbreakable bonds, experiencing the extraordinary, and connecting in powerful ways we haven’t been able to before is quickly becoming a highly desired priority for those who love to explore and discover the wonders of the world.. Happiness Programmes and Laughter Therapy Laughter really is contagious… I love to smile and laugh and recently took part in a laughter therapy session ( sometimes known as Laughter Yoga), this is a modern exercise involving prolonged voluntary laughter and trust me the room was in uproar! This type of yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides similar physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. It is usually done in groups, with eye contact and much playfulness. In her recent TikTok video, American actress and businesswoman, Kate Hudson duets a clip from Linda Leclerc, who’s recently become popular for sharing how you can use laughter to boost your mood. They say laughter is the best medicine…so, this is definitely one technique to try. Audio Hypnotherapy and Theta Meditation


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If you’ve been on board a Virgin Atlantic flight you may have come across the hypnotherapy audios from The House of Wellbeing, who I am proud to be collaborating with as part of our forthcoming ‘The Wellbeing Concierge’ service. The House of Wellbeing’s digital platform hosts a suite of over 140+ hypnotherapy and guided meditation audios to help people change the way they think and feel about an existing behaviour, belief, phobia, fear or thought that they no longer want or need. Some of their audios cover topics such as; Stop waking up in the night, conquering anxiety, positive thinking, cutting down on alcohol through to fear of spiders, weight loss and happiness. Each audio is rooted in research and designed by highly qualified hypnotherapists meaning the results are powerful and long lasting. The audios work by helping you reach a deep state of relaxation activating the subconscious mind through the theta brainwaves – a very deep and slow brainwave state which facilitates changing behaviour and healing, thus protecting you from burnout and stress. Over 90% of people who have used the platform say they feel an immediate positive impact. Research has also shown that just 30 minutes a day of theta meditation can dramatically improve your health and well-being. Energy Alignment Energy Alignment combines a powerful blend of transformational and healing modalities alongside the potent power of vibration, which in turn will reconnect you to your intuition, reignite your inner glow and allow you to master your mind and emotions to experience and live true fulfilment, joy and abundance. Bringing about life changing results and experiences, Lucy Crane is one of the most incredible Executive Energy Alignment Master Coaches I have come across, she is also the Co-Founder of Glow Society, a community helping women to reignite their inner glow, re-balance, re-align, and re-fill their cup up so full that it’s overflowing. From this place, you can truly create a life that is full of Joy, Abundance, Fulfillment, Love, Connection, Purpose and Freedom. To find out more, please visit: Breathwork When many of us go on a health kick we spend money on workouts, new supplements and equipment, what we often don’t think of is the tools that come naturally with our body, one of those tools being the power of our breath. By learning to master your breath you can boost your energy, improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. You could try the Wim Hoff breathing method, or check out Stuart Sandeman, Founder of Breathpod, and his Sunday Times best-seller, ‘Breathe In. Breathe Out’ where he reveals the hidden power of breathing, and how, by changing the way you breathe, you can transform the way you think and feel. Red Light Therapy Yes… rumor has it, that by simply sitting under lights, it can boost our body and brain. Red light therapy (RLT) is an emerging complementary treatment that utilises light of different wavelengths to treat various health conditions. Certain wavelengths of light trigger changes in cells that affect how they function for the better. Research is still underway to prove its benefits, but many have said it has helped with; wrinkles, acne, scars, pain, joint pain relief, sports performance, wound healing, brain health and much more. Sound Therapies, Bowls and Baths ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) has been popular on YouTube since the mid-2000s, but has recently seen a surge in popularity on TikTok, ASMR is the triggering of a euphoric tingling sensation in response to different sounds. Texan 25-year-old ‘Fluidity ASMR’ says her hushed tones on TikTok have won her a staggering 14 million likes. ASMR elicits a soothing, tingly response in some individuals that can calm anxiety and promote better sleep - but not all people experience it. Sarah Stone - Intentional Living

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Another sound therapy that I believe will boom in popularity in 2023, is the use of Tuning Fork - a very gentle yet powerful modality to treat the mind, body, and soul, and home, to restore balance and happiness. Tuning forks vibrate at a set frequency after being struck on the heel of the hand. I have had sound therapy with tuning forks with my soul sista, Nicky Sproson, this improved my energy flow, re-connected me to myself and dis-connected me from a lot of the drama, this was a real significant personal transformation and growth for me. When I’m over in New York, my sessions continue online via Zoom and they are just as effective as when I’ve had them in person in the UK. Sound Bowls and Baths - A relaxing bubble bath isn’t the only kind of bath that can have huge health benefits… try a sound bath and immerse yourself in waves of soothing, echoing sound from traditional wind and percussion instruments, studies have shown that these can help with stress, fatigue, and depression symptoms. This Morning TV presenter, Holly Willoughby, has turned to alternative therapies after launching her lifestyle business Wylde Moon, Holly recently shared a video of her looking peaceful as she used selenite wands to create a calming sound from sound bowls. The presenter wrote: “Self Care Sundays. There is no better way to start a relaxing Sunday off than with the soothing energy from sound bowls and healing crystals.” Sleep Sleep Expert, Lucy Shrimpton has been ending unnecessary sleep deprivation and its detrimental effects for years. Lucy says; “I believe that a healthy and happy life starts with sleep! When I was returning home from hospital with our first baby, I was making calls from the car and running a business. I quickly realised how vital sleep is when this bundle of joy came along. To me, there is nothing more important than using all the potential you were blessed with and to squeeze every last drop of joy and fulfilment out of the one life you’ve got. To do that means getting the sleep you need so that you can also give your children the opportunity to become the very best of what they were born for and help them to get the sleep they need too!” To find out more please visit: Whatever wellness or wellbeing trend or therapy you try in 2023; may you all enjoy an abundance of love, every happiness, great levels of health and vitality, good luck, and continued success and prosperity, next year and every New Year.


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Sarah Stone is the founder of Creative Feng Shui, Intentional Living Columnist for Stately Magazine and #1 Best Selling Author of “Live What You Love”; Launched in the summer of 2018, Sarah focuses on the alluring people to live with more intention and she’s on a mission to help others pursue their version of success in life, home and everything in between. With over two decades of experience within the luxury wellbeing and personal development space, Sarah is a trusted and highly sought after Intentional Living Expert. Her vast experience and perspective working with clients in a variety of ways over the years has helped position herself as an established, proven go-to expert in her field. Sarah resides in New York with her husband, Andy Stone and her Miniature Golden, Cooper. To contact Sarah Stone please email: To find out more about me please visit: or connect with me via Instagram: Sarah Stone - Intentional Living

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Failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of success.


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Manjit Minhas

CALGARY’S OWN BEER BARONESS MANJIT MINHAS Manjit Minhas is the one-time Petroleum Engineering student turned Beer Baroness who is now a Dragon on the hit CBC TV Show ‘Dragons’ Den’. Alongside her brother, Ravinder, and at the tender age of nineteen, Manjit founded the Minhas Brewery, Distillery and Winery which now boasts ninety different brands of beer, wines and spirits generating revenue in excess of $220 million and finding a home in stores across much of Canada as well as in forty seven states in the United States and sixteen other countries. STATELY had the privilege of sitting down with Manjit recently to talk to her about business, beer and family. STATELY; You have reached such incredible heights both personally and professionally. How on earth do you manage to maintain your motivation? I would say that primarily I am motivated by my family – in particular my daughters as I try to show them what, and who, they can be if they choose. In addition to that I do love investing in others and their dreams because, whilst I was very lucky, not all entrepreneurs have mentors to look to when they are starting out. By that I don’t just mean writing a cheque to somebody – I want to share some of the mistakes that I have made along the way, and which ones actually set me back quite a bit, in the hope that others don’t make the same mistakes. Essentially, I enjoy providing that sounding board to someone and can help show where to focus time and energy when starting or running a business and, more importantly, to make clear that you are not alone because being an entrepreneur can be a really lonely career choice! I do tend to invest in women a lot – particularly when they have had other careers and then find something in their life that they become passionate about either out of necessity or because they have developed a product. My background has, for 23 years has been in Consumer Packaged Products and so I have that knowledge base to show them how to build, manufacture, distribute and then sell a product including all of the pieces in between fromhaving the idea and getting the product onto the shelves. When you are just starting out if can be intimidating and so if I can help by showing what a Distributor Contract or a Sales Agreement should look like, or I can provide some advice when negotiating, then I feel privileged to do so. Within my own business it is not hard to keep that motivation to keep going although I don’t think to myself that if I wake up in the morning without the fire in my belly I will necessarily retire but it is one of those things where sometimes you just need to ask yourself ‘what am I going to tackle today?’ We are always open to new ideas, products and partnerships even though we know that some of our initial products will always be our bread and butter. Even though it was Mountain Crest

Lager that started things for us twenty three years ago, and we can be incredibly proud of the fact that our products are now carried by Costco, Co-Op, Sobeys and Trader Joes as their house brands, we still continue to dabble with other fun, innovative things as well. One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is that you can look to put products out into the world that you think other people are looking for, even if half of them don’t succeed. The point is that you can experiment and do some interesting things whilst meeting some fun people along the way. We are very much in the business of ‘fun’ because whilst we absolutely understand that for some it can have a less positive side but, in general, liquor is what people often celebrate with when they gather with family and friends or when they are networking or connecting in business. Another huge motivator for us is the responsibility that we feel not only towards the consumer but also to the hundreds of families that work for us as part of our team. We are currently the ninth largest brewery and distillery in North America and, like most entrepreneurs, we are always looking at the next opportunity and driving for what’s next. STATELY; Where do you think that your work ethic comes from? Without question from my parents. My parents came to Canada when my mom was nine and my dad was twenty-one. At the time my dad had a Mechanical Engineering degree from India that wasn’t recognised here and so he started working with my grandfather at a sawmill in BC. Two weeks later he decided that that wasn’t the path for him and set about doing whatever it took to become an Engineer in Canada, enrolling in the Engineering program at the University of Calgary. This meant that my parents moved from BC to Calgary without knowing anyone or anything about the city. Whilst dad was at U of C he studied during the day and then worked security at night whilst my mom held down two jobs of her own to help pay my tuition and mortgage. Eventually dad graduated in 1980 and immediately got a job at Pan Canadian which, at the time, was one of the biggest oil companies. I was actually born later that year and we lived a typical middle class lifestyle until, in 1994, there was a downturn in the oil patch and my dad was laid off. Whilst many of his friends and colleagues left the country to find jobs in oil and gas in Russia and the Middle East my dad didn’t want to move and decided that he would become an entrepreneur. By coincidence this was around the time that Ralph Klein

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privatised the retail liquor industry in Alberta and so, unlike every other province in the country, the government was giving licences to Albertans to open a liquor store. My dad took them up on this offer and opened a store in the North East of Calgary even though he didn’t have any experience in retail, as an entrepreneur or any knowledge of liquor! However, he knew that the cornerstone to any good business was; great service, great selection and a low everyday fair price. His idea was based on volume and it clearly worked because he soon opened more stores which meant that my brother and I, by helping out in those stores at evenings and at the weekend, started our journey in the liquor industry. STATELY; Wow. Manjit, let’s take that further – so where did things go from there? My brother and I realised that most bars and restaurants would just buy the cheapest vodka and rum for example because they were just pumping it out as bar stock. So we thought that we could come up with a house brand for our parents’ stores which, back then, was completely unheard of. Whilst we were working in the stores, and without realising it, we were listening to our dad dealing with all kinds of things that an entrepreneur does so when we pitched our idea to dad he thought it would be interesting but he didn’t know how we were going to make it. My strategy at the time was that we would ‘figure it out’. And that is exactly what we did because by that time we knew almost every liquor company and we understood that they didn’t always make their product themselves so we just started making calls. Being young we weren’t particularly self-conscious and we were happy to ask what might have seemed dumb questions. The main thing is that this attitude seemed to resonate with the people that we spoke with who were keen to give us what was great guidance.

and would have to pick a path. I don’t think anybody thought that we would do very well out of the liquor business and so we decided to give it some time and had specific KPI’s at which point, if things weren’t going well, we would go back to engineering. The rest is history and we have never looked back. Just like anything, when you pour all of your attention and energy into something, it flourishes. STATELY; That was obviously a huge decision – how do you know that the decisions you make in business are the right ones? I have been very fortunate in my life to have people around me, my family, friends, and mentors who thankfully are not just ‘Yes’ people and who will be brutally honest with me and invite me to consider all of the alternatives. Without this you can spend too much time going down a path that is not going to be fruitful – if you can build a team around you that will challenge you and make you stop and look at yourself it gives that sense of accountability and helps you sleep easier.

The only issue that we had was that in Canada nobody wanted to be our co-packer and so we looked to the US which was a very different ballgame. We ended up approaching a family owned distillery in Kentucky, one of the largest in the country, who were really excited to help us with the production and the logistics. The owner of the company, Max, was a great mentor and remains a real friend to this day. STATELY; It sounds like something of an unstoppable force once you got started? The thing was that my brother and I were both dreaming of being engineers and my mum had always dreamed for us the corner office, the nine to five job and the healthcare plan before we got married and had babies. As I say, both my brother and I had interned with large energy companies in downtown Calgary, and worked in the field, and so the liquor business was something of a hobby at the start. We reached the point where we were thinking that we would soon be in our mid-twenties


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Manjit Minhas

STATELY; Let’s talk a little bit about Dragon’s Den. You have been on the show for eight seasons and, being in the media industry ourselves, we know that it is so easy to offend or to be cancelled. Is that something that you have had to work around on the show? I think that in this day and age nobody wants to offend anybody. I have been on Dragon’s Den for 8 years and 8 seasons and there has always been a fine line between being mean and being honest although I don’t think that my buddy Kevin (O’Leary) knows that!

PHOTO SHOOT CREDIT Luke Toner Photography

There have been storylines on the show that suggest that we don’t get along but the reality is that the show is factual entertainment. I know that they exaggerate my eye rolls and things like that but it doesn’t mean that we don’t get along. We eat dinner together almost every day but the point is that we all have different success rates and experiences in business and so we all see things differently and that is quite okay. I have often joked to Michelle (Romanow) that we should record the conversations that we have in hair and makeup about our lives which, whilst we are pretty close in age, are so very different. The point is that we all challenge each other and I think that is good for everyone – to have people question you. The reality is that people and businesses change as very few people have the same business that lasts forever. The same thing is true with our home lives which are not the same as they were when we were growing up. I just want to show my daughters that I can be a mom and a wife but also that I started out as an engineering student but ended up doing something like liquor which is completely different and certainly something that most people wouldn’t have imagined a young Indian person to be doing, never mind a woman. STATELY; With all of this do you ever think ‘right, I have too much on my plate right now?’ I am a true believer in taking an opportunity when it comes even if you don’t know where it is going to take you. I like to say ‘Yes’ more than I say ‘No’ when it comes to new opportunities. I said ‘Yes’ to becoming co-chair of the United Way without really knowing what I was getting into. I remember my dad saying that once you have said ‘Yes’ you will figure out a way to find the time to do it right and build it from there. With United Way I was at breakfast meetings with potential donors at 6.30am because I knew that I wanted to not only reach our financial goal but to blow it out of the park and we did that – our goal had been to raise $52million and we ended up raising $60million. After we did that, and after I had taken a deep breath, I then went to the Board and proposed some changes. One of the most important of these was the need to open up the charity to different people and adopt the mindset that having a donor write a cheque for $1million was a good thing but that it was far better to have ten people write cheques for $100,000.00 so that we have that increased engagement to build upon long term.

Throughout my time at United Way, and in terms of the other boards that I sit on for both for profit public and private companies, I look to learn from the others involved as they learn from me because I think that is so important to our development as businesspeople. That being said I do believe that there should be an expiry date when it comes to individual projects and so I don’t like to sit around a table for more than a few years before I look to the next challenge. I also think that it is important that we learn to (i) ask for help and (ii) take it! A lot of people think that they have to do it all on their own, and whilst I think that you should try everything once or twice, to put everything on one person’s shoulders is unfair. I do find that people, particularly women, are getting better at communicating so that the dividing and conquering can happen. The main thing is that we focus on what is really important – if I don’t have a clean house or the ironing isn’t done the world is not going to fall apart! STATELY; So with such a full plate how did you find the time to do a poscast n the early stages of the pandemic when the world closed down? I remember being at a party at Conrad Black’s house and

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Manjit Minhas

everybody was talking about podcasts and somebody said to me that perhaps with my network it might be something that I would consider doing. This wasn’t the first time that the idea had been presented to me – a great friend of mine, Jon Davids, had told me that I am ‘really good at talking’ and had suggested that I should get on a different stage. Jon was the first person to show me that there is a whole world out there when it comes to podcasts. Of course, the pandemic hits and we are three or four months in and I am with my husband and I said to him ‘you are boring’ to which he responded that he thought that I was boring too! We were both very aware that we weren’t doing anything anymore and I wanted to just talk to people. My husband was very supportive and suggested that I look into podcasts in more detail but that I would have to think about who I would interview. I produced a list of 40 people, in Canada, that I thought would make great podcast guests. I told my management team that I wanted to focus on Canadian CEO’s, leaders and entrepreneurs and the stories of people that you wouldn’t normally hear. Two weeks later I received a microphone and a setup……..I started practising with friends of mine and discovered allsorts of things about them that I didn’t know before, particularly about some of their failures. As close as we all can be as friends, as entrepreneurs we all too often don’t want to talk about our failures because we just want to be known for our successes. During my podcasts I talk about failure a lot to let people know, particularly up and coming entrepreneurs, that it is not a smooth ride for anybody and you often don’t get the platform to talk about failures. I think that to do so makes strong people – we all have a bumpy journey, particularly when you are an entrepreneur. If you don’t find success as an entrepreneur in the first six months it does not mean that you have failed! Failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of success. STATELY; What do you think are the top 5 most important things that a business owner should know; 1. You need to be resilient because part of being resilient is being an optimist and the two very much go hand in hand. I think that we all have to look at the glass as being half full. Being an optimist means asking yourself ‘what can I control in this situation’ and then looking to execute on that. We often like to control a lot of the things around us but we are also in charge of our reactions and what we can learn from them and the decisions we make moving forward. 2. Drive and ambition - because being an entrepreneur is tough because nobody is lighting a fire under you to get things done or giving you deadlines. You have to do that yourself because you are your own boss and so you need the drive to understand when that might be fizzling out or asking yourself ‘what can I do today to be most effective?’ to keep that motivation. 3. Delegate – it is important, if you can, to hand off some of the day to day tasks so that you can do some strategic bigger-picture thinking.

4. Continous Learning - Not everything about being an entrepreneur is exciting but there does have to be a time everyday where you say to yourself ‘okay i’m going to be 1% smarter today’ because I believe that continual learning is really important. For example, I have been taking courses and listening to podcasts, reading books about negotiation and I also like to read other people’s stories. I love biopics. I love debating books and theories with different groups of people because otherwise how do you push yourself? Right now I am pushing myself to try and meditate because I am not exactly the calmest person! 5. Set Goals - I am a big goal setter both personally and for the business. These goals are short-term and long term but I am always looking and re-looking at them as things change. Everybody likes to think about having that first $1million in the bank but when that happens then what? I work with a lot of female entrepreneurs and I encourage them to think about what their talents and skills are, what they want to become and what they want to learn. I believe that a lot of people just need to be shown that there isn’t just one path for an entrepreneur to look at. STATELY; You speak really passionately about your daughters. What are some of the things that you try and instill in them given that their parents are both highly successful individuals with a hectic lifestyle? It is really important for my daughters to understand how much work goes into all of this – be it our business or our life at home. At the moment they don’t have ‘phones and they aren’t on social media although I don’t know how much longer we can hold out on this. The point is that today there are so many people establishing really great careers using social media but the world needs to know that TikTok and YouTube success takes a lot of work too. It takes a lot of planning and lot of commitment, editing and working behind the scenes. Nobody just turns on their channel and becomes an instant success. Funnily enough one of the girls that my daughter went to school with has had a YouTube channel since Grade 1 – she opens up gifts and reviews them. I remember talking to her mom about the channel and I couldn’t get over the amount of effort that is needed to produce a show that captivates and brings in followers and subscribers. It was exhausting! Her mum gave up a successful career to manage her and they now have a studio in their house but my daughters are very relaxed and just say ‘oh mom she just, you know, opens gifts’ and so I really want to show them just how much work and dedication goes into this and almost every other business venture. STATELY; Finally, when you manage to take some time away from the business what is your favourite vacation spot and why? That is an easy one. I might be biased for a lot of reasons but it is

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Barbados. I have a beach home there and there are a lot of similarities to Canada because, until recently, it was also part of the commonwealth. Obviously the weather is a little better than here but it is also a safe beautiful place to be as well as being the birthplace of rum. Barbados to me means less worrying and more family time. It means just literally letting the hair out and just doing a lot of reading and swimming…..I used to be a lifeguard as a teenager and so I find the pool to be my happy place and I think sometimes we need our physical


Stately Magazine

surrounding to change. I know that I can do that on a nice sunny day in Calgary but there is just too much else happening whereas in Barbados it is my alone time. Compared to my usual pace of life which is ‘go, go, go’ I find that when I am in Barbados everyone there knows that I am present. You can catch Manjit on Dragons’ Den Season 17 on CBC For more information on Photo Credit: Luke Toner Photography Photo Shoot location: Ferrari of Alberta Manjit Minhas

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Photo Credit: Marcy Kraft

Sitting above the stunning bay of Zihuantanejo on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, nestled next to Playa la Ropa, considered one of the most sought-after beaches in Mexico. there is hidden the entry gates of what feels like a quiet monastery. La Casa Que Canta – it feels like an upscale meditational retreat the moment the valet swings open the gate for you. “The house that sings.” lives up to that image in every way. You can’t help but sigh with contentment as you walk through the cool cloisters to the smiles awaiting you at the receptions desk. The soft, humid ocean breeze enveloped us as we were guided into the inner courtyard. This boutique resort is breathtaking in every possible way: architecture, setting, ambience, staff attitude, cuisine, breathtaking grand suites, and a spa and fitness center. It has recently been described as “the most romantic hotel in the world.” and truly livers up to that reputation.


Stately Magazine

By Tony McGrath

A secluded salt-water pool and whirlpool sits just above crashing waves, and the main pool perfectly sits next to the open-air cantina, and literally hangs over a cliff edge above the sea. The 1994 Hollywood movie ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ starring Meg Ryan and Andy García, has a scene filmed at the resort's legendary infinity pool resulting in thousands of romantic couples scrolling through the film credits trying to figure out where it was. 32 Stately Magazine

Named after traditional Mexican songs, the guest suites appear like your own personal piece of paradise with hand-painted tiles and furnishings, filled with colorful tropical flowers, and artistic accents that introduces you to renowned Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. The buildings’ exteriors simply melt into the landscape finished with rough-textured burnt-siennacolored stucco. Stately Magazine


It takes a moment to realize that the embroidered bed linen is actually a creation of fresh-picked flower petals placed there by the maids. Just one of the many thoughtful touches that truly make you feel special. Custom-crafted furnishings include wrought-iron tables and luxurious lounge chairs on the completely private deck leave you with a feeling of not even wanting to leave your suite to eat or walk the gorgeous beach at sunset. The founders of La Casa Que Canta are Jacques Baldassari and his wife Yvonne. Jacques, as a former LOréal executive, and his wife obviously brought all their romantic creativity to life here in Zihuantanejo. There is a true attention to detail in every aspect of the resort, and the staff seem to consider nothing too much trouble to pleaseMagazine the guests. 34 Stately

There are 25 suites and two private villas, with a curated atmosphere to ensure that you truly feel that you are a privileged guest staying at an exclusive private estate rather than a boutique hotel with the guest suites designed so seductively that you could easily experience never leaving your suite. Undoubtedly the most popular suites (and our personal choice) are the grand suites that comes equipped with private swimming pools perched on secluded cliff-hanging decks overlooking the bay and yet totally insulated from the neighbors. We have been blessed to stay at many upscale resorts in the world, but very few meet the truly Mexican, firstclass, indulgently romantic atmosphere found hidden away in Zihautenejo.. For more details, visit: @lacasaquecanta –

Stately Magazine


Wellness With Kaavish Spa 36

Stately Magazine

Stately Magazine


Wellness in 2023 With

We faced an unprecedented challenge to our mental health and wellbeing in 2020.

Sure, for the first two weeks of our indoor quarantine, we were optimistic. That provided us time to experiment with various sourdough recipes, rediscover (or rekindle) our love of plants and apply face masks on a daily basis. We are all still navigating the pandemic a year and a half later, attempting to find equilibrium amidst everything that is happening that is out of our control. Even though this might be a delicate and sensitive process—your coping mechanisms may differ from others’—there are some things we can all agree on: spa therapy is beneficial. Let’s discuss the benefits of treating yourself to a day or two at the spa. WHO NEEDS SPA THERAPY? Whenever you engage in even a brief social encounter, do you feel exhausted? Are you working less and sleeping less effectively than ever? Do you have ongoing anxiety? Spa therapy may be the missing piece to achieving your mental health and wellness objectives if you’ve tried other methods to keep happy and healthy. Spa treatments have been used for millennia to help people unwind physically and mentally. Furthermore, spa treatments are being viewed in a completely new light with good reason


Stately Magazine

now that stress levels are at an all-time high. Spa therapy includes all of the spa’s services and treatments. Consider body wraps, cleanses, facials, and massages! In addition to many other ailments, they offer relief from stress, headaches, back pain, and weariness. Numerous research has been conducted on the benefits of spa treatments for our mental health. Spa treatments, in particular, aid in lowering stress and anxiety levels in the body which might be a game-changer if you want to avoid future difficulties. According to a recent study spa treatments can help with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder’s depressed symptoms (PTSD). A different study found that spa treatments can support our circadian rhythm which is the body’s natural clock that controls our sleep-wake cycles. Spa therapy is believed to minimise mood swings and depressed symptoms linked to conditions like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia by assisting us in maintaining a regular circadian cycle. You may be asking how spa treatments accomplish all of this. Spa treatments work by raising the body’s levels of

serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that control our moods. Another explanation is that spa treatments can aid in improving blood flow. Although it may not seem so at first, poor circulation can cause the body to get out of balance, which has a significant impact on mental health. There is still much to learn about how spa treatments effect our mental health, but there is no denying that spa therapy has made a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. It can also make your life happier and healthier! HOW CAN SPA THERAPY CAN IMPROVE YOUR WELLNESS AND MENTAL HEALTH? Clay masks and scented candles probably aren’t quite cutting it anymore at this stage in the pandemic for all of us. You’re in for a treat if you’re eager to relax under someone else’s skilled hands and release tension. A spa day is more than just a luxury; it may also be your path to mental health rehabilitation. HOW? You can gain from it in the following ways, for example: decreases stress. Nothing can bring you back to reality and assist with releasing the stress that accumulates in your body over time like a deep tissue massage. Spa treatments are always the best method to relieve tension and anxiety, whether it be a spa day or a morning massage at home.

SPA THERAPY The spa provides a variety of therapies meant to improve your energy levels, so it’s not just for unwinding. Kaavish Spa. Reiki, acupuncture, and spinal realignment all assist in removing the cloud that prevents mental clarity, physical stamina, and emotional equilibrium. IMPROVEMENTS TO SKIN HEALTH We’ve been trained to believe that spa services are just for unwinding and forgetting about your troubles, but they also improve the health of your skin. Acne treatment, facials, body wraps and scrubs can increase your confidence in your skin while keeping it nourished and healthy, whether you want a deep cleanse or need some extra moisture for dry regions on your face. Indulge Your Body And Mind At Kaavish Spa KAAVISH SPA: HOW SPA THERAPY IMPROVES WELLNESS AND MENTAL HEALTH Everyone has a different idea of what relaxing or de-stressing looks like. Kaavish Spa offers a variety of services, including a relaxing or deep tissue massage, a glass of wine or cocktail with a pedicure, or shopping for one of the spa’s distinctive and boutique collections of skin care items. But the best part of it all is that everyone is welcome at Kaavish and will be treated with the utmost respect and kindness to brighten their day no matter what — because everyone deserves it. The spa provides a variety of spa therapies meant to improve your energy levels, so it’s not just for unwinding.

SAFEGUARDS YOU FROM ANXIETY ATTACKS The best way to unwind your body, mind, and spirit is with a spa day. That entails removing variables that can cause anxiety such as being overworked or continually exposed to noise that stimulates your nervous system. Additionally, when customised to your needs, spa treatments may be the most effective method to manage anxiety. You already know that stress plays a significant role in mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, and spa therapy can help prevent these problems from developing in the first place. Who says spa treatment can’t help you fall asleep? A day spent at the spa will do wonders for helping you get the much-needed rest you require each night, whether it is through the use of aromatherapy and spa therapies or oneon-one time with a professional who specialises in various spa services. INCREASES YOUR SELF-BELIEF When we are continuously exposed to images of people who appear to be more successful than us in life, it is easy for self-doubt to creep in. If you’re already exhausted, this could compound things.. The ideal method to indulge yourself and remind your body that it deserves care is with spa services. YOUR ENERGY LEVELS WILL RISE THANKS TO SPECIALIZED

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Stately Magazine

Kaavish exists so people can tap into their best selves inside and out. We offer premium spa and medical aesthetic treatments, rejuvenating people from head to toe. Need us to come to you? No problem. We offer both mobile and on-site experiences in Edmonton, and we’ve also launched mobile experiences in Calgary. So, if you’d rather stay in and just focus on you, we’ve got you. For us, your wellbeing comes first. Whether it’s designing custom treatments, taking the time to build strong interpersonal relationships, or choosing our product partners, we’re always thinking about our clients. We don’t do ordinary — and neither should you. Our list of luxury treatments is extensive, from facials and dermablading to massages and laser body hair removal. We work with you to find the perfect treatments so that you can give the world the best version of you. What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Indulge.

Preetika Meet Preetika Prasard, shes revolutionising the world of self care. Preetika Prasard’s biography as the CEO and Founder of Kaavish Spa KAVISH = REJUVENATION Preetika has always worked in the beauty sector, is a certified cosmetic nurse injector, and throughout the years, she has fostered her passions for individual wellness and beauty and allowed them to come to fruition in the form of Kaavish. Kaavish views skincare as a meditative ritual of self-care, and she decided to use only Tatcha products on their customers because of their superior quality and purity. Preetika sought to improve the luxury spa experience in Alberta by introducing the first holistic head-to-toe relaxing experience as a proponent and lover of routine self-care. To book Kaavish Spa Services please visit or call 07809533273

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Interior Stylist

Hannah Thomas It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Get ready to deck the halls, jingle those bells and rock around the Christmas Tree! Now that I’ve got your attention let’s talk all things Christmas decorating. As an interior stylist for over a decade I have some great suggestions to make your home holiday ready so you can have yourself a very merry Christmas. A simple Christmas If you want to keep things simple this Christmas just stick to the greenery! Be it fake or real, there are some great options out there. Christmas trees are so beautiful just as they are, especially if they are real. All you will need to do is add some warm white lights and let the tree speak for itself. If you decide to use an artificial tree, think about buying a flocked tree or a noble fir. For extra impact (if you have the space) you could even have 3 different sizes huddled together. Tip! Add a neutral fur throw for a tree skirt! Style the rest of your home using green garland on your mantle and as a runner on your dining table with some candles. Place little sprigs of cedar here and there on your shelves to give your home some extra Christmas love. Try incorporating some copper wire lights - they are so versatile and looks so pretty in garland. Tip! If you are using fake garland, try to find the real touch ones. They are usually more expensive but trust me it’ll be worth the extra pennies!

Collaboration with Ariel home interiors. Florist & stylist

Let’s talk fresh greenery inside. A common question asked is “how long will fresh greens last over the holiday?” Well friends, it is not long unless you have them in vases in water. Cooler months means dryer air because of our furnaces constantly running. This dries out the greens quickly. A couple suggestions if you are going the fresh route. 1. bring your fresh garland and sprigs of greens inside only a week before the festivities. 2. Mist your greens every second day - Ariel local florist and stylist.

Stately Magazine


You can elevate this look even further with simple touches of gold. It will instantly transform into elegant and chic! Think about gold candelabras, plate chargers and cutlery! Sometimes we dream of more than just a white Christmas…. And in that cast let’s go the Traditional route. Yep, you’ve got it! Let’s bring in the red! It’s joyful and vibrant! if you want to use red in your home this is the season to use it. I feel like everyone knows how to decorate the traditional way…so here are some of my tips to give a red Christmas a new lease of life! Instead of red and green try doubling this bright colour up with something else! How about pink? This combination is so fun and believe it or not works well together, especially by incorporating greenery and gold. This will be a showstopper! For a more subdued look try different tones of red together on the tree. It will look timeless and classic. For extra pizazz instead of hanging one bauble at a time on the tree take three of the same size and wire them together, at the hanger. This will create a cluster with impact! When placing on the tree add some extra ornament hooks for stability! Top tips for Christmas styling! Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon! This is by far the easiest way to bring it all together. It’s all in the details. Using the same ribbon throughout the home will tie everything together. You can use the ribbon for your garland, your wreaths, on your tree or even around gift boxes for under the tree! Wreaths! Use mini wreaths on the backs of your dining chairs! This is such a cute touch especially with that ribbon I mentioned… Oh and how about hanging two wreaths together instead of just the one? Use your ribbon to produce a stacked look! Tree filler Using large ornaments and lots of tulle helps to bring the tree to life. Think outside the box-greeting cards, gift boxes, word ornaments. All these things can go on the tree, just use that floral wire.


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Stately Magazine

Finally…when it’s cold outside nothing is better than a hot chocolate station! Incorporating your colour scheme and adding some gorgeous mugs will make the children love you forever! Add a few jars on the side, in a tray with your favourite toppings! Of course, you can always switch out the hot choc bar for a gin bar - grab some ornate glasses with your favourite toppers in some jars alongside your gin bottles and you will definitely have yourself a very merry Christmas! Photo Credit: Lindsey Thompson

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Pork Tenderloin The Star of Your Holiday Dinner Table BY THE MODERN PROPER




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Stately Magazine



Chef Lim Fang Tat is affectionately known as Uncle Lim by all at Pangkor Laut Resort by YTL Hotels. Sharing his name with the restaurant, Uncle Lim’s Kitchen has been a staple since the resort opened in 1985, with Uncle Lim at the helm. Uncle Lim cultivated his culinary knowledge and cooking techniques from his father. As he honed the skills taught to him by his dad, he wielded his talents and built his reputation in Penang before being personally recommended to YTL Hotels. Uncle Lim’s focus throughout his childhood and into his career was Nyonya cuisine, which is a blending of Chinese ingredients with the distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay and Indonesian community. Today, guests at Uncle Lim’s namesake restaurant have the opportunity take part in a delightful meal, courtesy of his dedication to high quality, fresh ingredients that elevate his cuisine – with the same techniques he learned from his father that left an impact on the YTL Hotels team nearly 40 years ago. 54 Stately Magazine


ingredients 1.2kg boneless chicken 180g corn four 30g sesame seeds 100ml calamansi juice

directions Method 1. Slice the chicken legs and coat with cornflower and sesame seeds, then deeply fry until they are golden in colour and crispy in texture (approx. 4 minutes)

130g plum juice

2. Heat the oil in the wok, pour in the lime juice,

120g chilli sauce

plum juice and chilli sauce then add the crispy

600ml cooking oil


Salt & pepper to taste

3. Toss together in the pan for about 20 seconds. Season to taste, then serve with hot, steamed Jasmine rice

Stately Magazine



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Stately Magazine


Herb Crusted Pork Roast with Port Wine Sauce ingredients Pork Roast 4garlic cloves 2 tbspfresh rosemary 2 tbspfresh thyme 2 tbspwhole peppercorns

directions 1. Heat oven to 375° F. Using a mortar and pestle grind the garlic, rosemary, thyme and peppercorns into a thick paste. If you don't have a mortar and pestle you can use a small food processor to pulse these ingredients together until a thick paste is achieved. 2. Trim any excess fat from the pork with a small knife and pat it dry with a paper towel. Rub the garlic-herb paste on all sides of the pork and then generously season with salt. 3. In an oven proof skillet or braiser, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil over high until

2 lbspork tenderloin

shimmering. Sear the tenderloin until browned on all sides, about 3 minutes per side

kosher salt

(12 minutes total). Transfer the skillet to the center rack in the oven and cook until

2 tbspolive oil Port Wine Sauce 1 tbspolive oil 1medium shallot, finely chopped 1 cupport wine 4-5whole peppercorns 1rosemary sprig 4 tbspcold butter

the internal temperature of the pork reads 140°F with a meat thermometer, about 1520 minutes. Transfer the pork from the skillet onto a cutting board and tent loosely with foil. 4. Set the skillet, over medium high heat, add 1 tablespoon olive oil and sauté the shallots until just tender. 5. Pour the port wine into skillet along with the peppercorns and rosemary. Bring the liquid to a low boil and allow it to reduce to about half while scrapping up brown bits with a wooden spoon. Once the liquid has reduced, turn off the heat and whisk in the butter. 6. Strain the sauce and allow to cool. The port wine sauce can be kept for up to 36 hours and is fantastic as a gravy on mashed potatoes. 7. Thinly slice the pork roast and serve with port wine sauce on the side. Serve over


Stately Magazinemashed potatoes.

Pork Tenderloin

The Star of Your Holiday Dinner Table THE MODERN PROPER

Scented with garlic and rosemary, this tender, juicy herb-crusted pork tenderloin is the ultimate holiday centerpiece. Paired with garnet-hued port wine sauce, it’s elegant, festive and delicious. In this herb-crusted roasted pork tenderloin recipe, the tenderloin is rubbed with a heady blend of fresh garlic cloves, rosemary, thyme, and peppercorns. Removed from the oven and elegantly carved into generous slices, this pork roast brings the celebration to your holiday dinner table. Served with a classic port wine sauce that’s savory and complex with notes of cinnamon, it’s a festive meal that’s sure to please every guest at your table. Stately Magazine


Executive Chef Marnus Scholly TSWALU

Holiday In the Kitchen Pistachios This Holiday season, Tswalu is inviting guests into the Northern Cape kitchen. Notable for some of the world’s best pistachios, the hot and dry climate of South Africa allows the tree nuts to flourish and perfect delicious recipes and dishes. Tswalu executive chef Marnus Scholly sources Senqu River pistachios directly from the exclusive Coetzee family farm along the banks of the Orange River. A female team leads the treeto-shelf process, overseeing each kernel is dried and baked to utmost freshness. Recently, Motse pastry chefs have been experimenting with new dessert concepts, utilizing the local pistachios. In effort to make this Northern Cape superfood more than a salty snack, chefs have crafted a pistachio frangipane tart - paired perfectly with Chantilly cream.


Stately Magazine


ingredients Crust:

directions CRUST

500g cake flour

1. Rub together the flour, sugar and butter until it resembles breadcrumbs.

100g icing sugar

2. Add the eggs, one at a time, working them into the mixture just until it

250g butter 2 large eggs 1Tbs milk 2ml salt Filling: 115g ground pistachios 15g cake flour

comes together and starts to form dough. 3. Moisten with the milk, working lightly to form a ball of dough. 4. Rest the dough for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. 5. Line a tart tin with the pastry, and blind bake for 20 minutes at 160°C. 6. Leave the tart crust to cool completely while preparing the filling. FILLING 1. Gently fold the flour through the ground pistachios and set aside. 2. Cream the sugar and butter very well until fluffy and light in colour. 3. Add the eggs one at a time and mix well.

115g butter

4. Add vanilla extract.

115g sugar

5. Gently fold in the dry ingredients.

3 large eggs

6. Carefully pour mixture into the tart case and bake at 170°C for 30

1tsp vanilla extract 15ml runny honey

minutes. 7. Brush the surface of the tart with honey when you remove it from the oven.

Stately Magazine


Panna cotta with Rhubarb & Raspberries directions

ingredients Panna cotta

1. Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water.

500 g mascarpone

2. Heat the milk, sugar and vanilla until the sugar has melted. Then add the gelatin sheets.

250 g milk

3. Pour everything into a bowl together with the mascarpone and mix everything

80 g sugar 3 sheets of gelatine

carefully with a whisk. 4. You can freeze the mass in a silicone mold (it must be thawed before serving on

1 vanilla bean

the plate) or, the simpler version, store it directly in a dessert glass in the fridge.

Poached Rhubarb

5. Peel the rhubarb and set the peel aside. Cut the rhubarb into 3 cm pieces

500 g rhubarb

6. Bring the water, sugar and vanilla to a boil. Add the rhubarb peels and the frozen raspberries. Leave everything together for about 10 minutes and then

1 l water

filter so that only the juice remains.

200 g sugar

7. Bring the juice to a boil and add the previously chopped rhubarb. Reduce the

5 g vanilla extract or

heat and simmer, covered, until the rhubarb is slightly tender (al dente). Let

vanilla sugar


50 g frozen raspberries

8. Mix all the ingredients together until they are small crumbles. Scatter onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in the oven at 180°C for 15-20

sprinkles 125g butter

minutes. 9. Mix the flour with the icing sugar and the egg white with a whisk. Bring the

125g sugar

water with the raspberry juice to a boil, then pour over the previous mixture

125g flour

and whisk immediately so that the egg whites do not curdle. Let cool down.

raspberry shavings

10. Spread everything together thinly on baking paper and bake for 10-15 minutes at

Magazine 62 120 mlStately water

180°C. Let cool and then break into desired size.


The 370 acres of cultivated land called Terreni alla Maggia is unique agricultural estate – and home to the northernmost rice fields in Europe – that surrounds Castello del Sol, a member of Swiss Deluxe Hotels, in Ascona. Known for its true farm-to-table meals, from rice, vegetables, fruit, and wine, Locanda Barbarossa at Castello del Sol is run by Chef de Cuisine Mattias Roock. A third generation chef, Mattias’ love of and passion for cooking were passed down from his grandfather and father. To put it simply, cooking is in his blood. His cuisine is inspired by his culinary journey and he is known for his classic French cooking and Mediterranean lightness. Each of his dishes promote products sourced directly from the property’s vegetable garden, which is why he has the title of “Mr. Farm to Table” among the area’s top chefs. Stately Magazine


St James Hot london


Stately Magazine

tel and club

Greece Stately Magazine


The Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historical significance, the most famous being the Parthenon. The word acropolis is from the Greek words Aκρον (akron, “highest point, extremity”) and πόλις (polis, “city”). The term acropolis is generic and there are many other acropoleis in Greece. During ancient times the Acropolis of Athens was known also more properly as Cecropia, after the legendary serpent-man, Cecrops, the supposed first Athenian king. While there is evidence that the hill was inhabited as far back as the fourth millennium BC, it was Pericles (c. 495–429 BC) in the fifth century BC who coordinated the construction of the buildings whose present remains are the site’s most important ones, including the Parthenon, the Propylaea, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike.The Parthenon and the other buildings were seriously damaged during the 1687 siege by the Venetians during the Morean War when gunpowder being stored in the Parthenon by the Ottomans was hit by a cannonball and exploded.


Stately Magazine

“MANY ADMIRE, FEW KNOW” *HIPPOCRATES Imagine a place where everything can be found. Α land that has given birth to mythical heroes, legendary warriors, epic poets and ancient Gods. Α country that is considered to be the cradle of democracy, philosophy, hospitality, science and art. Α landscape where imposing mountains embrace picturesque villages, the sun kisses the sea every day and islands of amazing beauty emerge among the waves. This place exists. Located on the southeastern edge of Europe by the Mediterranean, Greece adjoins Europe with Asia and Africa, thus combining Western with Eastern civilization into a unique cultural mosaic. Ancient historical sites, a remarkable architectural heritage, cordial people and luscious gastronomic traditions invite the visitor to experience a distinct journey of self-awareness, framed by nature of exceptional beauty. A journey meant to be remembered for a lifetime and shared with friends and family. Being the birthplace of Zeus, Plato and Hercules, the land of Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and Parthenon and the battlefield of Leonidas, Greece is an inspiring and challenging amalgam of ancient spirit and modern era. The Greek mentality of conviviality entrances the visitor to join in and seize the day, while both urban and rural areas offer a diversity of opportunities for exploration. Interesting museums, outdoor athletic activities, daily excursions, wildlife observation as well as local customs are present almost everywhere in Greece, waiting patiently for the right time to reveal themselves in front of the eyes of a visitor or resident. As from antiquity, Greece is widely known for its very healthy climate. Bathed in sunlight, a variety of amazing landscapes attract not only occasional visitors but also couples and families looking for a second home, or more permanent relocation. Accessibility of the country from all over the world, along with properties being offered at enticing prices, makes it a place to treasure.

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Rattlestick handcrafts tools that connect users to their inner wild. We create shaving razors, brushes, stands and all natural apothecary from unique, ethically and primarily locally sourced materials. Each piece being inspirational having a story with a unique life experience. Discerning users recognize the importance of self-care and see shaving as a moment of relaxation, introspection and enjoyment. They appreciate values, craftsmanship, uniqueness and exclusivity. They spend time and resources enriching their lives with experiences. Outstanding shaving experience: We know that shaving is a ritual and involves displaying, cleaning and cherishing the tools that make it more enjoyable. Our products are hand made using traditional techniques and quality products to give the best grip, sharp shave and smooth skin. Our all natural ingredients in soaps, tonics, lotions and creams are made to bring out the best use of our razors and brushes to give the closest shave possible. Handcrafted by skilled artisans: The quality of craftsmanship makes every piece one of its kind but also a piece with the quality that endures. Our family cherishes the tradition of this craftsmanship and enjoys bringing our unique creations to others.

Our tools can be passed from generation to generation and still perform just like the first day. The level of detail and beauty of every piece make them easy to be displayed and admired. Fiercely Canadian: Based in the Foothills of Alberta, our team works in the studio inspired by the beauty of the surroundings. We have established relationships with our local suppliers who bring us not only the raw material but the stories behind them. The raw material we use is from trees and animals of the surroundings, either from Alberta, BC, SK or MB. Our family has deep roots in Canada and embraces its love and passion for nature and outdoor living.

(587) 580-7618 Stately Magazine



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We created Rviita Energy Tea out of a need for a healthy and refreshing energy boost on the go that won’t leave you feeling jittery and provide long lasting clarity. Rviita is a delicious blend of tea, golden organic honey, mouth-watering fruit juice, and vitamins that will leave you feeling revitalized without the crash. What makes us different is the natural ingredients, low sugar and durable low carbon footprint packaging (the first of its kind on the market). Rviita does not contain any of the chemicals, taurine, artificial sweeteners, or extreme levels of vitamins that conventional energy drinks have and is non-carbonated. We contain energy from natural sources and are a healthy alternative to energy drinks and coffee. Perfect for the back 9 or as a refreshing replacement for your afternoon coffee, Rviita is going to leave you feeling alert and amazing, so you have the energy to live an active life. Rviita is available in over 700 retailers in Canada or online with international shipping, try one of our five flavours today!


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HOW IT ALL BEGAN Rviita’s humble beginnings began in the summer of 2017. Parked on the side of a dirt road in the middle of a forested area of western Alberta, founder Mitch Jacobsen had pulled over to rest. He had several more hours of driving to get home from his trip to the field as a water sustainability engineer, and nightfall was quickly approaching. Already having consumed two energy drinks, Mitch was feeling the crash, the heartburn, and the exhaustion that eventually came from drinking these products. With several more hours to drive on dirt roads to get home, he wished he didn’t have to rely on these beverages to power him through the day. But you can only drink so much coffee. And tea, well it just wasn’t enough. Energy drinks are okay in moderation, but can they really be that good for you? Mitch, just years before watched his best friend suffer a heart attack, one that was partially attributed to too many energy drinks. And then it dawned on him. Right there on that dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Why wasn’t there a more refreshing, natural, alternative to coffee? Something that packed as much punch but was more enjoyable to drink? A NEW GENERATION OF ENERGY Using his nutrition background from competing in men’s physique, Mitch teamed up with Rob and Karly and began formulating a healthier, natural, coffee alternative that tastes amazing. For months on end the team went through iteration after iteration of drink formulas, experimenting with all sorts of different ingredients. Most were a failure. For nearly two years they went back and forth before finally landing on the energy tea formula we are bringing to you.

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Uno, Dos, Tres… Quatro! Happy Days for Rocker Suzi Quatro Celebrity Journalist Angela Sara West @angela_sara_west chats exclusively with the leather-clad American Rock legend, who has clocked up nearly six decades in the music business, about her relentless rock’n’roll life on the road, the highlights of her incredible career, Happy Days with The Fonz, turning down Elvis, being admired by the King of England, and why travel ROCKS! Elvis wanted to meet her, she’s lived it up with Led Zeppelin and rocked along with the Rolling Stones… Legendary singer, actress and author Suzi Quatro started touring at the tender age of 14 and, at 72, is still on the road today. As a music business stalwart, Suzi’s showing no signs of slowing down… She still plays around 80 gigs a year and is just as fit as she was in her 1970’s heyday. When it comes to a rockin’ show, Suzi Q never fails to deliver. The Detroit-born, Britain-based charttopper, whose smash hits ‘Can The Can’, ‘Devilgate Drive’ and ‘48 Crash’ made her famous, is still giving fans what they want and working her rock’n’roll magic all around the world… Rock’n’Roll Royalty Donning her trademark leather suit for sell-out solo gigs a-go-go, belting out a combination of hits and favourite album tracks, Suzi also headlines festival-afterfestival, where she unswervingly steals the show. As an iconic rock star for over 55 years, her world tours have seen Suzi play concerts in Canada, taking in Toronto and Edmonton, plus she’s performed alongside other music royalty, including The Osmonds, Paul Young, David Essex, Bonnie Tyler and Hot Chocolate on her Legends Live tours and more. “I’m a gigging artist...” she tells me. “I LOVE going out there and doing my shows.” Her fave songs to perform? So many! ‘Devil Gate Drive’… LOVE it!, ‘If You Can’t Give Me Love’, ‘Sometimes Love is Letting Go’, ‘I Don’t Do Gentle’… I sometimes end the show with my version of ‘Desperado’, just me on vocals and piano. It’s always a wonderful moment.

Pleasure-seeking Suzi So, where did it all begin? Suzi’s Italian father worked at General Motors by day, playing in a jazz band by night, while her Hungarian mother was a staunch Catholic who instilled a strong sense of morality into her children. Discovering her passion for music at a very young age, multi-talented musician/actress/author/broadcaster Suzi made her stage debut aged just seven, playing bongos in her father’s band, The Art Quatro Trio, before graduating to go-go dancing in a pop series on local TV. Her father taught her and her siblings to read music and play instruments. “I came from a musical family, and we’d do family shows. But as a tiny girl, one of five kids, I never really fitted in… I always felt like the square peg in a round hole… Family’s important to me and I love them all very much, but I was always over here,” she gesticulates. “And that’s hard to live with.” She joined two of her sisters in 60’s girl group The Pleasure Seekers (renamed Cradle in 1969),Stately teaching Magazine herself bass guitar. 85

In her early teens, the group was offered a recording contract and Suzi left home for life on the road with older sister, Patti, and their all-girl band. “So, I was out working at 14, while everyone else was dating and going to dances… but I knew I was born to entertain,” she explains. “I always knew I could hold an audience, so I had to leave…” The Big Break - Meeting Mickie! Her big break came when the famous British record producer, Mickie Most, saw star potential in Michigan-born Suzi at one of the girl band’s gigs. “I wasn’t the main singer in the band for about 18 months, so I only did two songs, but Mickie came and said to guitarist, Jeff Beck, who was with him, That girl playing bass is a star!’ He offered Suzi a solo recording contract, snapped up on the spot by the steadfast go-getting singer – a pivotal moment which saw Suzi cross the Atlantic to London in 1971 to pursue a solo career managed by Mickie. At first, she lived in a cramped hotel in the UK capital, while Mickie contemplated how to market his new protegee… ‘I was on my own, with no family, money or success… and it was hard. But I’m a strong girl, and never considered going home. I knew where I was going...’ And so began Suzi’s incredible journey to fame… The World’s Female Pioneer of Rock Music The American rocker has since clocked up an impressive 58 years in the music business, and continues to write, perform and record her own material. Patting bongos for her dad, did she ever dream she would be the world-renowned rock star she is today? I always had a feeling I would be famous, yes. I didn’t know how exactly, but I really wanted to be Elvis!” Having sold over 55 million records worldwide, multi-instrumentalist Suzi’s also broken down barriers by being a woman fronting a rock band, and being a woman doing Rock in that way during an era when sexism was rife, seeing Suzi rip up and rewrite the rule book for women in rock’n’roll. “It wasn’t easy,” she says, but she’s not only achieved it… Suzi’s SMASHED it. And this multi-talented musician’s not only made her mark on the music world…


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Ab Fab Fun & Happy Days with The Fonz! Suzi has also found fame as a Hollywood actress. Already known for her leather-clad look, she starred alongside The Fonz (played by Henry Winkler) in ‘Happy Days’ as the female equivalent, Leather Tuscadero. Her happiest ‘Happy Days’ memories? I love Henry…” she tells me. “We’re still in contact now. My best memory was when he purposely sent me out on the set for my big entrance… first show, live audience… and he sent me out a page early!!! I wasn’t nervous after that. She also landed the lead in ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ in London’s West End and wrote and appeared in her own musical, ‘Talullah Bankhead’. Suzi’s also starred in high-profile British TV shows ‘Minder’, ‘Midsomer Murders’ (for which she was ‘electrocuted’ in her rock star role), ‘Dempsey and Makepeace’ and ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. “’Ab Fab’ was a riot!” she reveals. “Jennifer Saunders let me have fun with the script, so I created a little, and Joanna Lumley is such a gracious lady. Novel Advice from Jackie Collins What’s more, she has another creative string to her bow… Suzi is also an author, and released her first novel, ‘The Hurricane’, for which she’ll be forever grateful to Jackie Collins. After reading my autobiography, ‘Unzipped’, Jackie told me, ‘You can write, so yes, do a novel, but stick with what you know to begin with. So, I did. Sound advice, it appears. “Everyone seems to really enjoy reading it. It has a twist at the end…” Suzi teases, and reveals she is considering another autobiography. “I’ve been offered to do Unzipped - Part 2.” Through My Heart… And that’s not all - the legendary singer-songwriter/actress/author/ broadcaster is also a poet. Suzi has penned two poetry books, too. “The first was ‘Through Her Eyes’, and I recently brought out another illustrated poetry book, Volume Two, ‘Through My Heart’. I’ve heard from a lot of people how this has affected them,” she discloses. “It is deep, deep, deep… from the bottom of my soul…” Royal Admiration An Invitation from The King She’s met, interviewed, or played on stage with most of her musical heroes, although the Queen of Rock declined an invitation from her biggest idol, The King. “Elvis has been my music icon since I was six years old… I had a feeling when I first saw him that I would do what he did… I really wanted to be him!” “He heard my version of ‘All Shook Up’ and called me, when I was in Memphis touring the USA in 1974, to invite me to Graceland,” she continues. “But I wasn’t ready to meet him at the time, so I turned him down. But I believe everything happens for a reason, and I wrote the tribute song ‘Singing with Angels’. If I had met him, this song would not exist.” Suzi visited Graceland 35 years later to record a radio show marking 75 years since Elvis’ birth. It was very emotional indeed, and I have been told by the powers at BBC Radio 2 that this documentary was one of the ‘golden’ ones, among their most moving. But Elvis isn’t the only King who’s expressed his admiration of Suzi - she’s also struck a chord with UK royalty – the newly-crowned King Charles of England once told Suzi she had the best legs since Tina Turner. “Yep, he sure did - and I turned into a giggling idiot!” she admits to me. Home life Previously hitched to ex-guitarist Len Tuckey, with whom she has two children, Suzi married second husband, concert promoter Rainer Haas, in 1993. I proposed to him and three months later, we flew to Las Vegas on Concorde with the kids, a couple of friends and family members, and got married.

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The only way is Essex… and Germany! Home for Suzi is her moated manor house in Essex, England, that she bought in 1980. “It’s a very large Elizabethan manor house,” she reveals.

Express… love it, love it! Giggling Squid, too… My top fave is The Green Man pub... fantastic food in Howe Street. I am a part of this community… an Essex girl from Detroit!”

Although Essex hit the right note for Suzi, she and husband Rainer Haas live apart – he in his Hamburg home in his native Germany, and Suzi in Chelmsford. “We’re together most of the time, though. We go back and forth, and that works for us!”

Back at home, she also enjoys a very special “essential” space. “I have an ‘Ego’ room on the third floor,” she discloses. “It has a plaque on the door which says, ‘Ego room, mind your head!’ It’s a really peaceful room, with old stage outfits, bass guitars, pictures, posters, scrapbooks, videos, CDs… my entire career! On the table, there’s the big red This is Your Life book, which the BBC did for me in 1999…”

Rainer purchased his Hamburg home, boasting three bedrooms over three floors, in 1998. For Suzi, however, her moated Elizabethan manor house in the UK fits the bill nicely as her home. “I bought it back in 1980. It’s a very large, with three floors, nine bedrooms and 3 1/2 half acres of land.” An Elizabethan Manor House Home – Complete with an Ego Room! What drew her to Essex? “My ex-husband was raised in Romford, so when we purchased a home, it was in this area. I love the ruralness of Essex… it’s so peaceful.” Her magnificent manor house property is listed. “I keep true to the age of the house, and respect that. You start repairing at one end… and when that’s done, you start again… We are only the caretakers. I respect the history.” “I spend most of my time on the road,” she tells me. “So, home and downtime are precious to me… I love to relax, watch a movie with a nice wine... I’m pretty solitary.” As for local gigs, “I headlined the Chelmsford Spectacular when it was running and would love to do more...” Her favourite things to do in the county? “I love Bluewater and Lakeside for shopping and go to the excellent Everyday Cinema in Chelmsford, and Pizza


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And it’s certainly been quite the life… Travelling rocks! With a relentless Rock’n’Roll life on the road, where are Suzi’s top spots around the world? “I’ve been going to Miami since I was eight and have never stopped loving it. I particularly love Bal Harbour… beautiful beaches, great weather, great restaurants whatever your wallet, concerts, wonderful shopping, especially at Sawgrass Mills (I’m a shopaholic… Actually, I’m a mallaholic!!) I adore South Beach, Lincoln Road and all that wonderful Art Deco. Not so crazy about Downtown…” A few far-flung performances have al struck a chord. “I love playing in Tokyo, and have done since 1974, and of course, in my second home, Australia, which has the best audiences in the world...” Back in Blighty, the Isle of Wight, just off the southern English coast, scores highly, too. “I headlined the festival there some years ago, which was a really nice one to do.”

Destinations still on the rock chick’s bucket list include Greece and China. Her top travel tip? “I’ve been travelling all my life for my work and have learned the secret is to pack light, especially shoes; one walking pair, one going-out-to-dinner pair, one beach pair… and that is it. You never wear everything you take on a trip - that is a fact.” And her No.1 recommendation for great music on the road? “Either head to a known jamming bar where you can get up and have a little play, which I love doing, or see who is in town and get tickets... easy as that.” Hit hotels include Sea View in Miami’s Bal Harbour, Crown Casino in Melbourne, MotorCity Casino in Detroit and The Beverly Hills Hotel in LA, while her favourite airlines are Qantas, Emirates and British Airways. Suzi never boards a plane without her noise-reduction headphones. “There’s nothing more off-putting than noise when you’re trying to catch a few winks of sleep. I always have some Valium, too, in case it gets crazy and I need to calm down. I’ve only actually used it for long-haul to Australia… you need to chill out and disengage. I also travel with a small flask of brandy for the hotel.” Her big travel bugbear? “Lines at the passport counter, at customs, at baggage reclaim... And why does the turbulence happen when you are finally able to get some sleep?!!”

From A&R to Spanish R&R Every rocker needs a place in the sun to escape to and swapping UK A&R for Spanish R&R, so Suzi heads to her holiday hideaway, a Balearic bolthole which she and her husband Rainer have owned together since 2003. The first woman of Rock’n’Roll heads to her holiday hideaway in Mallorca several times a year for a much-needed break. “We go around four times a year, whenever we have a space..We get to relax, get the sun, go to restaurants and shop. It’s a place to unwind...” The island is just the ticket for time out for this top trailblazer for women, and also serves as a source of inspiration for the rock chick. For a well-earned rest, whenever she craves some rays, her inspiring holiday haven awaits. “It’s a small place, just for two, which is ideal for us since we have two big homes in England and Germany. It’s a place to unwind.” “My husband visited Mallorca before me and recommended the island for a family vacation.” The Spanish isle hit the right note for Suzi, too. “I fell in love with it the first time I visited. I liked the pace of it… that you could be loud at the disco and quiet on the beach.” “Before we bought our apartment, we’d been visiting for around six years. We’d been thinking about buying for a couple of years and always had our eyes open. Finding our home was purely by chance… I was jogging past one day and spotted a ‘for sale’ sign. Our property was, basically, the first one we saw once we’d made up our minds to buy!” The couple purchased the show flat. “This was perfect for us because we already had two big homes and we just wanted ‘easy’ on our holiday place… somewhere small and low maintenance. The two-bedroom apartment blew them away. “We agreed no guests. Only my granddaughter has visited.” Happy Days at Suzi’s Rockin’ Spanish Haven Her Balearic bolthole on the largest of the Balearic islands sits on the highest point in Bendinat on the luxury estate of Sa Vinya in the south-west of the island. Adjacent to the 18-hole Real Golf de Bendinat course, the exclusive estate forms part of a luxury community and the modern development features stylish residences, several large communal pools, plus immaculately-manicured gardens. Suzi’s two balconies boast not only sensational sea and mountain views, but an enviable vista of the fairway. “You can see the water and the mountains, as well as the beautiful golf course. It’s fabulous!” She cites the island’s natural beauty, tranquillity and low crime rate among her reasons for buying on the island. “The main things we love are the peace and the weather. Mallorca’s very pretty and peaceful, and it’s always felt safe to me. You also have a choice of noise or total quiet. It was more the place we found than the area, but we do like it in Bendinat.” An Art-loving Music Artist Suzi was keen to put her personal stamp on her Balearic pad. “It was typically Spanish, having been decorated by a Spanish firm, but we’ve changed it around, thrown out some of the furniture and personalised it, especially with art, statues, photos, and big-screen TVs. Once we started living what didn’t work for us.” Stately Magazine 89 07 in it, we saw what worked and

As an avid art collector, she’s added a few statement pieces. “We brought in all the art on the walls and threw away anything that was there already. We now have lots of personal photos, miniature cars and shoes, wine racks… it really is very much us, but still Spanish in texture.” The feng shui fan quickly put her organisational skills into action, too. “I think it does some good to de-clutter - in a room, in your life, in your mind.” A few lessons were learned along the way… “It’s the first house my husband and I have bought together, i.e. sharing every cost. So, being new at this, we argued about every pot and pan! It was very funny, and a lesson well learned on how to ‘share’!” Her favourite things to do at her holiday haven? “I like to swim, jog, sunbathe and read a little before heading to the port, Puerto Portals in Portals Nous, which, I think, is the nicest harbour on the island. I love drinking my coffee whilst reading the newspaper and doing the crosswords there. This is my ritual!” Preferred hangouts? “I don’t cook, so it’s restaurants. We particularly love the port area, Puerto Portals. The Japanese restaurant there, Tahini, in is one of my favourites and we also go to Flanigan, which is always packed and has a small, but excellent, menu.” As for recommended restaurants further afield, “There’s a great place in Deià we always go to - Josef Sauerschell’s Es Racó d’es Teix. We also love Olivera at Castell Son Claret (a restored castle) in Calvià.” Known for her trademark leather suit, she’s yet to visit Inca, known as Mallorca’s ‘Leather Town’, but Puerto Portals and the capital, Palma, hit the right note for retail therapy. “I sometimes wish I spoke the language… I spoke Spanish in school and although I don’t speak it now, I know that if I tried it would all come back. Sometimes, when you shop it can take forever to get something as simple as a hairdryer, just because you don’t know the Spanish word for it!” Suzi’s enjoyed doing most of the island’s “touristy” things, including visiting Palma’s imposing Gothic cathedral, taking the train ride from the city to Sóller through the mountains, and watching the sound and light show at the magical Cuevas del Drach in Porto Cristo. She says the idyllic island serves as a source of inspiration. “Especially when I am writing my books and when I used to prepare for my ‘Quatrophonic’ radio shows on BBC Radio 2, themed each week.” Does she feel fully integrated? “We’ve gradually grown to feel very at home here. I’m not a local; this takes many, many years… It’s a vacation place. We have some friends here and our next-door neighbours are great people.” Does Suzi socialise with other big names in this playground for the rich’n’famous? “I’m not really


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a mingler… although we do run into each other. Comedian Stan Boardman and his wife Viv are friends we dine with.” Suzi’s property purchase on the magical island of Mallorca was problem free and, refreshingly, she says the island’s changed very little over the years she’s owned a home there. Her ideal day in the playground of the rich’n’famous? “Up at 7am for a jog down the hill and back up again, then cool down and stop sweating! The temperature should not be too hot; I prefer spring. Then off to Puerto Portals, where I religiously buy my English newspaper. I then have my quiet couple of cups of coffee and do the crosswords. I stop at the grocery store and pick up a few things before heading back to the house. I sunbathe while reading or playing Yahtzee (I can’t just lay there) interrupted by some swimming. Early evening, we watch ‘The Weakest Link’ on TV, then go out somewhere to eat. A couple of glasses of wine or Champagne while we watch a movie, then sleep time. A perfect day…” Suzi’s also performed on the island in the past and hopes to be belting out more of her hits on Mallorca soon. “I once played in the bullring… I’d LOVE to do another gig there!” She’s also ventured elsewhere in Spain. “I’ve been to Ibiza and the mainland, too, touring there in the 70’s and visiting in the 90’s. I like Barcelona very much.” Would she consider retiring to Mallorca? “No, I would always keep my home here in the UK, as my children are here… “But Mallorca means escape, peace and quiet, and the best thing about it is that it’s easy to get to from the UK, so no jet lag. I’ve had enough of that for a lifetime in my profession!” Lockdown creativity With nearly 100 of her shows cancelled in Spring 2020 due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdowns brought tough times for musicians… However, Suzi made the most of her free time and got creative, collaborating with her music-minded son, Richard Tuckey (who should also have been on tour with his band) on a critically-acclaimed album. “It was INCREDIBLE, because it wasn’t expected,” she explains. “We thought we were making demos, having fun… It was organic, and one of the best albums of my career. He pushed my Suzi Quatro buttons!” Richard told his musical mum that he wanted this album to be as important and groundbreaking as her first. “So that is how we approached this project, and that is what we accomplished,” she says. “We decided we should write new material and allow ourselves to be inspired by the things that were going on in the world... I already knew that Richard and I make a brilliant team - after all, our first collaborative album, ‘No Control’, had been a very special recording for us and a major success, charting around the world. And critics loved it.”

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“Every song has its own voice, and we’re now on our second album as a team,” Suzi continues. “Now, with The Devil In Me... and again, that’s charted around the world, too… I have received the best album reviews of my entire career - something neither of us expected. And we also now have a production company - Butterfly Productions.” But despite all the lockdown creativity, as a gigging artist, during that downtime Suzi was yearning to get back on stage. “When you have been doing something since the age of 14, it’s more than an itch; it’s the air that you breathe… I missed it with every bone in my body…” Back on the Road… So, how did it feel to finally be back on stage again big time with her sell-out gig at the Royal Albert Hall in London in April? “This was my first gig in 2022… the last one was in Sept 2021 - a huge gap. So, it was just incredible… I was high for four days… And again, I’d never had such good reviews from a gig in my entire life... it was amazing!” Honours & Highlights She says there have been numerous highlights and proud moments throughout her melodic career. My first No.1, first big gig in Germany, first massive tour of Australia (that was crazy!!), my 50th birthday in front of 22,000 people in Berlin. I also loved performing in Philadelphia to 60,000... I’d like to say I haven’t done my favourite gig yet!! And that’s not all that’s stood out for Suzi. “Also, my first acting job, first musical, my own TV chat show, my autobiography, my first poetry book, first novel… and last, but not least, receiving my award in cap and gown at Cambridge University Dr Quatro In 2016, legendary Suzi received an honorary doctorate from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, in recognition for her services to music. “I’m always busy, always creating… and I’m now Doctor Quatro! It’s a great honour… I do lectures and everything! I take it seriously… I’ve always wanted to ‘teach’ my profession. She also made it into the ‘Music Docs To Watch’ list in the prestigious Forbes list for 2020, for the ‘no-holds-barred’ doc about her life, which was a full four years in the making. “I’m very proud of my documentary ‘Suzi Q’… It stayed top of the Amazon charts for ages, and it’s now being made into a movie! “I told the director I wanted honesty, and it features Henry Winkler and other stars, all speaking from their hearts... and that affects me.” QSP ESP!

Irrepressible Suzi’s also formed a supergroup. “Quatro, Scott and Powell (QSP) comprises me, Andy Scott (Sweet’s guitarist) and Don Powell (Slade’s drummer),” she explains. “We released our album, ‘QSP’, in Australia for my January/ February tour a few years ago, and it got to No. 16!! We were my support group, so I supported myself, and we went down a storm!” Any future plans for the QSP band? “We may do another album, once we’re all available…” she says. “They are my friends, and it was an honour to work with them.” The Rock Box, ‘Uncovered’ She recently released ‘The Rock Box’, a complete history from 1973-1981. “It’s been very well put together… I worked hand-in-hand with the company (Blue Raincoat music) to make it very special, with a good booklet, good bonus tracks… wonderful stuff. It debuted at No.1 as a presale!” While September saw the release of her EP Uncovered “Six of my favourite rock tracks!” Rock the Boat! Last month saw Suzi set sail on her second Rock The Boat cruise. Aboard Royal Caribbean’s majestic mega ship Ovation of the Seas, ‘The ‘Wild One’ again headlined the ‘festival at sea’, performing along with 20 fellow rock acts. “It was excellent! An evening of hits… what could be better?!!” Although there was one watery aspect Suzi wasn’t too excited about. “Although I love headlining these shows, I get seasick in port! So I need a wristband,” she reveals. “I don’t have sea legs, so I always hope it’s NOT a rock and roll trip… if you get my drift!” laughs Suzi. Hot-off-the-plane back from her tour of Oz, energetic Suzi’s back on track with her full-on schedules and enjoyed gigging again Down Under. “This was my 38th tour of Australia, which is hard to believe…” Up Next for Suzi? With a gruelling schedule set for next year, spring 2023 sees her drop a duet album with one of her famous friends. “I’m working with KT Tunstall at the moment... I just love her. I’m also working on film music, on the story of my life, and with other artists,” she divulges. Rock’n’roll Stories As for those coveted rock’n’roll tales, There are too many stories to tell!” she says, and reveals she once had to kick an inebriated Iggy Pop off stage. “Another time, I was doing a 10-minute goodbye, real diva-like, walking side-to-side, bowing, waving... the whole thing... Then I fell over on the monitor, bass on, legs waving in the air! This was in Finland, and the band called it my big finish. She also discloses a ‘mystical matter’ involving Sir Paul McCartney. “I had a crazy dream about him


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that didn’t make sense, conveyed it to him by letter, and the next thing you know he called me and old me every single detail was true! Amazing… Success secrets The secret to Suzi’s phenomenal success? Believing in myself, stamina, luck, and keeping my feet firmly on the ground at all times. Music means absolutely everything to me... it is my heart, my soul and my gift to the world.” Now in her early 70s, her fitness regime keeps her on top form: “I jog and go to the gym and practise yoga everywhere I travel!” Suzi is the real deal and has some sound tips for readers thinking about going into the music business. “Take it seriously… do the work, learn at least one instrument properly and always be professional. Also, play, play and play...” The music maestro’s motto in life? “My cup is ALWAYS half full.” Still Going Hell For Leather! This go-getter of a girl from Detroit had a dream, and all these years later, she continues to live that dream…

FACTBOX For further information, visit Suzi’s website: www. © Angela Sara West 2022 Follow Angela on Insta: @ angela_sara_west

“The most rewarding aspect is making people smile… becoming part of their memories,” she tells me. “I feel honoured to have been doing my job for so many years.. Having famously said, “I will retire when I go on stage, shake my ass, and there is silence,” what motivates this relentless rocker to keep working and touring so ceaselessly? “Simple,” she says. “I love what I do. I was put on this earth to entertain and communicate… and will do so until my dying day!”

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