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O’Brien Luxury Homes

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O’Brien Luxury Homes Arizona We are an architectural design and construction firm in one, dedicated to timeless quality designs that are beautiful, efficient and sustainable. With over 35 years of experience and a synergistic extensive network of reliable sources we have designed and constructed many award winning dream homes. Our state of the art process sets OLH apart from our competitors and begins with designing your home in a photo realistic 3D Software allowing you to virtually experience your new home before your blueprints are even created. This saves disappointments and regrets that happen so often once the actual construction of your home begins but most of all it saves our clients the endless costly change order fees that occur in the field. We work out all of our clients concerns on the photo realistic model rather than the old way; in the field under construction with tens of thousands of dollars in additional fees. Our design process ensures that all of our client’s expectations are met prior to even breaking ground. Not only do our clients love their homes, they have no regrets and that alone is priceless when taking on such an endeavor. Our entire design process breaks with the old approach of sketching designs and transferring them to a 2-D model that no one could possibly interpret. Instead we design in reverse and take our clients ideas and create the home of your dreams, work out any design concerns and only when that has been accomplished we proceed with your construction blueprints. This also saves thousands of dollars in design change extras, what is there to change when you have seen your home completed already?

Featured on these pages is an 8,100 square foot residence that received more awards than any other residence at the 2021 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) awards. Every aspect of this residence was custom designed to our clients’ specification from the ground up. The result is the ultimate resort destination that they so desired. A home with every entertainment option possible perched on one of the most breath taking building sites in all of Scottsdale, Arizona. OLH spent countless hours into the design of this home, every angle of this open plan has an intersection where wood, steel, stone and glass harmonize flawlessly into the environment. It is a home that will stand the test of time. To view more of our state of the art design process and award winning finished homes please visit us on Instagram @obrienluxuryhomes


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O’Brien Luxury Homes

So how does OLH allow our clients to completely view their home even prior to creating blueprints or better yet breaking ground? We utilize our state of the art design software and create our clients dreams into a photo realistic model. The days of sketching floor plans on paper and then transferring that to a 2-D Cad program are a thing of the past. We incorporate all of our client’s ideas and specifications into a photo realistic model they can actually see and understand. This also allows us to design remotely and have design meetings via web portals. The majority of our clients do not reside in Arizona so most of our projects are designed this way including the featured project. Utilizing this technology allows us to have more effective design review meetings as we review the model and make changes immediately rather than having to redraft changes. The entire process is so much more efficient and once again everyone has a clear understanding of the desired goal. We fine tune and make changes from everything ranging from exterior materials, colors, to cabinetry, stone, steel and even lighting design point and shoot to highlight our clients art collections, etc. The possibilities are endless and the result is our clients are beyond pleased and most of all have a complete understanding of their design. Once we have completed the model of your design we then proceed with the creation of your blueprints that will be in accordance to your model. This eliminates the usual disappointment that occurs after the home has been designed, and under construction resulting in endless change order costs and clients that do not have a complete understanding of their design. Having designed and built homes for over 35 years we have had this situation on every single project, we have utilized technology to eliminate this by creating a better way. Not only do we eliminate those surprise disappointments, our models are an excellent tool during the bidding process. Having the ability to view the model of your home ensures subcontractors and building associates miss no details therefore eliminating field price increase for their phase of construction due to the standard “we missed it, as it was not on the plans”. This alone is an enormous savings of the endless change orders that occur throughout the entire project. Above all, we have very happy clients that love their homes and most importantly have no regrets with the investment made toward this endeavor. From a photo realistic model, to your dream home as seen here.

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Stately Magazine

O’Brien Luxury Homes

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O’Brien Luxury Homes

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Answering natures call of the wild

St James Hotel and Club Food and Drink Feature Whitewater Cooks Fall Decor, with Hello Mrs Thomas Etiquette with Ms Modern Manners Gift Guide


London Fashion Week


Obrien Luxury Homes


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Radium Brewery Radium, British Columbia A boutique brewery

Emma Lindsey CEO & Founder

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Golden Acre Gardens Little Sugar Snaps Re-vive the Tee

Mollie Woodhouse Marketing Director

Angela Sara West Journalist

WELCOME TO STATELY Welcome to the Fall edition of Stately Magazine. A publication aimed at affluent retirees, a luxury lifestyle magazine that does not apologise for showing you the very best the world has to offer from exclusive resorts to perfect local hangouts. Sit back, relax and enjoy the newest staple in luxury canadian publishing.

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Adventure has always been in my DNA 12 12


bear grylls obe

Born Survivor Bear Grylls Thrills Around the World… Angela Sara West chats with the world’s leading survival expert, Bear Grylls OBE, about his awe-inspiring adventures, peak escapades, and surviving celebs on Wild Weekends! He’s survived everything from flash floods and sky falls, to tsunamis, sharks and quicksand in some of the most hostile environments on Earth. Jungles, deserts, mountains and mangroves… paragliding, ice climbing, base jumping, wrestling alligators, running through forest fires, freeclimbing waterfalls … the quest-list is endless. Eager to push his boundaries in new places and follow the path less trodden, he’s pushed himself to the limits planetwide, and with apparent ease. Wherever’s on your travel wish-list, you name it, he’s been there and got the t-shirt, overcoming hazardous hurdles along the way. This multi-award-winning adventurer sure knows a thing or two about staying alive’n’kicking… he’s even managed to ‘Escape From Hell’! Boundless Bear Grylls has proudly led record-breaking expeditions, from Antarctica to the Arctic, and conquered challenges for countless charities worldwide. It’s more a case of where HASN’T he been in the name of adventure, be it for TV, good causes or his global ambassadorial roles for brands such as Craghoppers, Revo, Gerber and Landrover. His familiar face embodies the ‘Above and Beyond’ spirit, with travels for the latter taking him to the world’s first designated wilderness area, New Mexico’s protected Gila National Forest, and beyond. Bear gears up to rise to the challenge wherever he goes. “Adventure has always been in my DNA...” he says. Wild Thing

galore. Not only is this living legend a top TV host, but also an Honorary Colonel to the Royal Marine Commandos and the youngest-ever UK Chief Scout, and the first-ever Chief Ambassador to the World Scout Organization, too, representing a global family of some 57 million Scouts. The series that spawned an entire adventure industry, Bear first hosted the hit Discovery Channel series ‘Man vs. Wild, which has witnessed him revel in wild times with big names including Jake Gyllenhall, seeing it become one of the most-watched programmes on the planet, reaching an estimated 1.2 billion viewers. He has gone on to host more extreme adventure TV shows across more global networks than anyone else in history, including his Emmy Award-nominated shows Running Wild with Bear Grylls and the interactive You vs. Wild for Netflix. Hosting the hit adventure show ‘Running Wild’ on NBC sees him take some of the world’s biggest movie stars on incredible adventures, including a cool Kate Winslett and Michelle Rodriguez. With his trademark energy and enthusiasm, this avid adventurer thrives on living life on the edge, shooting action-packed pursuits, empowering household names on epic escapades and entertaining and educating us at home as he goes, teaching us how to tackle our fears. Instilling resilience and encouraging self-belief, he inspires awestruck onlookers worldwide to push their boundaries and live life to the full.

Having fronted numerous extreme adventure TV shows, Bear is globally lauded as the face of survival and outdoor adventure. On the course of his international journey as a survival expert, he’s enlisted and empowered adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts from across the globe.

The Celebrity survival expert is a champion of environmentalism, conservation, sustainability and wilderness education, offering huge value to our planet. With special permissions, a trek last year took him to Utah to film ‘Running Wild’ in the USA. “I’m always grateful for the chance to show how amazing our world is, plus the power of the wild to heal, restore and inspire,” he says.

From the Discovery Channel and National Geographic, to Channel 4, NBC and ITV, global adventurer Bear has hosted more extreme adventure TV shows across more global networks than you can shake a snake at, garnering gongs and accolades

He also produces and hosts the BAFTA-winning reality TV show ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’, seeing castaway contestants abandoned on remote islands by Bear, which has sold as a format all around the world.

Stately Magazine


While the world’s leading survival expert’s off shooting action-packed pursuits, his familiar face fills billboards, graces our screens, and the covers of magazines like GQ, who voted this ardent adventurer among their 2020 heroes. Grylls has also been a guest on numerous talk shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Never Give Up Bear’s appetite for adventure began at early age. “My biggest inspiration is my dad, a former royal marine commando and politician, and always an adventurer at heart,” he tells me. “My earliest adventure memories are of climbing with him on the sea cliffs and sailing around the Isle of Wight, where he taught me the fundamentals of adventure; keep moving towards the mountain before you, even it is scares you, respect and humility mean more than wealth and status, and above all, Never Give Up.” The foundations established, by 18, he’d helped develop mountaineering and martial arts clubs at Eton College, learnt to skydive and mastered the martial art of Karate. After leaving school, and a spot of train surfing in India and hiking in the Himalayan mountains, the ardent adventurer studied languages at uni (Spanish and German) before becoming a soldier in the British Special Forces, serving with 21 SAS and honing his skills. Being made a survival instructor saw him twice posted to North Africa, with awe-inspiring around-the-world adventures since seeing the fearless survivalist’s incredible career reach dizzying heights, as he succeeds at seemingly-impossible feat-after-feat. Along with the triumphs, there have, of course, been failures, with lessons learned from a fair few narrow escapes and near-death experiences, yet he keeps going, in constant search of adventure, enjoying friendships made along the way.

and maintain our edge. Wherever we are in the world, no matter how remote the location, we always do all we can to make it work.” “I have failed so much in my life it is insane,” he continues. “In fact, out of the 26 different TV shows that I have fronted, 18 of those formats have been cancelled. I don’t think anyone else in TV history has had so many series failures… Yet our current shows (‘Running Wild’, ‘You Vs Wild’ and ‘Into the Wild’) reach audiences of over 1.2 billion people around the world and win awards and break records. The lesson is simple; it’s because I have failed so much more than I have succeeded, that I am strong.” The seasoned traveller says his years surviving some of Mother Nature’s toughest challenges have taught him of the world’s unpredictability. “You can’t take the wild for granted, and it’s that volatility that’s the magic. Respect the wild and never forget, Earth does not belong to us... we belong to Earth.”

What lights the fire in Bear’s belly? “Life is all about that tenacity and dogged determination to keep going despite the overwhelming odds. This is the key for any survival situation, as well as for life in general,” he says. “I’ve had to work hard all my life at goals, “Some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the years and that has kept my inside ‘effort’ muscle strong and include how to embrace failures, strengthen your trained. It was my late father who inspired me to keep inner resilience and to always show kindness. going, have big dreams, and to see failure as stepping Embracing the difficult stuff. It’s how we grow stones to success.”


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bear grylls obe

Bear Thrills!


Welcoming fans to his world of high-energy, risk-taking exploits, his YouTube series ‘Bear Thrills’ focuses on the fearless daredevil’s notable adrenalin-fuelled adventures, from flying like the real-life Iron Man, to island hopping on a motorised paraglider and paramotoring over Venezuela’s Angel Falls. A recent record-breaking attempt to undertake the world’s first skydive from a SkyCar (AKA Parajet Xplorer), saw engine failure over Wiltshire in an exhilarating episode, followed by weather woes, with mission accomplished on the third attempt. And his eldest son appears to be following in his famous footsteps… Filming with his father for YouTube tutorials, alongside teaching how to rappel off cliffs, Jesse showcases his superb skydiving skills, hangs off a helicopter and meets his dad mid-air! “With parenting, the gloves are always off! But Jesse is 18 now, he’s amazing, I’m incredibly proud of him and the adventure begins...” Married to Shara, Bear says he has encouraged their three boys, Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry, to be daring and adventurous. “We’ve always said, ‘Life is full of risk,’ and if you try to strip risk out of kids’ lives, you’re doing them a disservice. Our job as parents, as volunteers with Scouting and so on, is to empower young people on how to manage risk, and do it safely and be smart and make good decisions.” Surviving celebs! From surviving the lockdowns to surviving celebs… Despite declaring celebs make him “more nervous than snakes”, the TV adventurer’s helped copious famous faces face their fears and conquer concerns on his hit survival shows. Memorable missions have taken a former US President trekking through the Alaskan wilderness whilst still in office to highlight climate change (requested by Obama, who described the experience as “one of the best days of my presidency!”) and Indian PM Modi on a jungle jaunt in Jim Corbett National Park (India’s oldest and home to the endangered Bengal tiger) in Uttarakhand’s rainforest, to promote peace and protection of the planet.

‘Running Wild’ in the world’s wildernesses with Hollywood heavyweights, the “incredible” Julia Roberts, the “indomitable” Kate Hudson and Britain’s own Kate Winslet have graced Grylls with their go-getting company, along with comedy actor Ben Stiller, a spicy Mel B and a candid Cara Delevingne, who says, “Bear is mad, bad and dangerous…But I love him!” “Key principles they learn include trust, courage and resilience, along with a sense of wonder and gratitude for the world,” he says. Having also devoured all sorts of creepy crawlies and delivered vaccines in Africa with Bear on a special Red Nose USA episode of ‘Running Wild’, Julia Roberts says of her sidekick. “At the intersection of great adventure and deep compassion waiting with open arms (and perhaps some goat brain to snack on) is Bear Grylls.” Time spent with other legends has seen him running wild with Zac Efron (seen above), Lindsey Vonn, Michael B. Jordan, Julianne and Derek Hough, Nick Jonas and James Marsden, and teaching Ryan Seacrest and Katie Lowes lessons in how to always ‘Be prepared’. Surviving natural disasters Filming in Fiji, Bears’ ‘World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge’, aired on Amazon Prime, involved worldwide teams competing in an adventure race. Other notable travels include being caught up in a natural disaster… Shaken whilst filming wilderness adventures in New Zealand, he experienced

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“My new autobiography has been ten years in the making, and covers behind-the-scenes stories from ‘Man Vs Wild’ to ‘Running Wild’, to the Royal Marines and the Scouts and so much more… It feels so good to be able to share these stories at last. I’ve wanted to share them for so long!”


first-hand the force of 2011’s Christchurch earthquake. “I was on a traverse, a huge river with a wire across it, and the whole thing was wobbling…” Bear describes “exhilarating” New Zealand as “the playground of the world”, and has appeared in Air New Zealand ‘Bear Essentials of Safety’ video, filmed against the backdrop of the Routeburn Track on the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. The globally-famous survivalist’s ‘Get Out Alive’ show shot there showcases the dramatic landscapes, where he’s not only jumped off waterfalls, but tasted one of the worst things he’s ever eaten…”The tree wētā, one of biggest insects on Earth.” New autobiography With best-selling books to boot, he’s now the author of nearly 100 titles, selling over 20 million copies worldwide, and has also guest edited ‘Lonely Planet’. Bear’s extraordinary new autobiography, aptly-named ‘Never Give Up’, is the eagerly-awaited sequel to his global phenomenon ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears’, which spent no fewer than 15 weeks at Number 1 on the Sunday Times bestseller list.

Described as “A rocket-fuelled adventure,” by real-life rocket man, British astronaut Tim Peake, tennis ace Roger Federer says “so many positive messages are wrapped up in Bear’s many incredible adventures,” while rugby champ Jonny Wilkinson says “Bear is someone who truly grabs life with both hands.” The enthusiastic adventurer chronicles his extraordinary life and career since stepping on to screen, immersing readers in a few of his most remarkable adventures, and giving insight into some of his toughest expeditions, capturing the exhilarating reality behind some Bear’s hairiest survival missions. The unstoppable adventurer talks Royal Marines, shares Scouts’ stories, and takes readers on his behind-the-scenes adventures, revealing a unique insight into what it’s really like to go ‘Running Wild’ with a few of his global superstar guests. Opening up about his most personal challenges, he discovers the true value of adventure, and embodies the enduring power of courage, kindness and a never-give-up spirit. “I often think how lucky I’ve been able to spend time with some of the greatest leaders and entertainers on the planet. To me though, the wild is always the real star… It’s about sharing simple moments, seeing behind the curtain and in turn, gaining a unique snapshot into some of the world’s most inspirational people.” BecomingX Next up for this itchy-footed adventurer? “We’ve recently set up BecomingX, a learning and development company helping people to realise their potential..” Big names already on board include legendary ‘Friend’ Courteney Cox and Channing Tatum (see right).


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been and thank you to so many schools and companies (including Amazon) for supporting us to help empower young people with REAL life skills! If we can help millions of people to get out there and achieve great things, then the world will be a better place for everyone.”

“BecomingX is all about re-thinking how we educate and inspire young people,” Bear explains. “I’m so proud of the work we’re doing to shed light on what it REALLY takes for people to succeed in life. This is our ‘X model’, the result of over four years of research that shows the attributes of high performers,” he says. “Skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships. It’s these things that we really want to help young people learn and it’s why we have launched BecomingX Education – our digital platform to help schools teach personal development., to help teachers deliver the life lessons we know will help students to succeed. I’m so proud that the education company I co-founded has been recognised as ‘Best for the World’ status by B Corporation – achieving the very highest standards of social and environmental impact.” “We’ve always had one goal at the forefront of every decision - to help create a world where everyone can realise their potential, no matter what their starting point in life is,” he continues. “We’re right at the start of our journey and I’m so proud of who we are and what we stand for. You really can achieve extraordinary things. But it’s not going to be easy - great things never are.” “We’ve made some truly incredible films with some of the most inspirational and iconic people alive, and they all say the same thing – that it’s things like resilience, courage, kindness, humility and building winning teams that have really made a difference to them,” Bear tells me. He says the truth is that none of these attributes are consistently taught in schools and rarely even in businesses. “Success isn’t just about your school grades or whether you make the sports team; it’s about building the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships to thrive in life. It’s about being proud of the person you become. You’ve got this! What a journey this has

He’s also recently made the move onto TikTok. “I can’t promise any silly dancing, but l will be sharing lots of behind-the-scenes clips from my adventures, survival tips and tricks and some exciting challenges, too!” A message of hope… With his optimistic mindset and motto, “Courage, Kindness and Never Give Up!”, what’s Bear message of hope and positivity in these changing and uncertain times? “I think lockdown has been so difficult for so many, and I do feel lucky that I’ve been able to spend quiet time together as a family and listening to the world as we reset globally. I hope we emerge as a kinder, humbler, more united world.” FACTBOX Bear’s new autobiography ‘Never Give Up’, published by Penguin, is out on 28th October 2021. BecomingX Education: To find out more, visit © Angela Sara West 2021   Insta: @angela_sara_west A very experienced BBC-trained Freelance Journalist covering luxury travel & lifestyle, property & interiors and arts & crafts, I specialise in celebrity interviews, and have worked with everyone from Michael Douglas, Ivana Trump and Sir Richard Branson, to Suzi Quatro, Sir Cliff Richard, Matthew Knowles and Martha Stewart.

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Kim Wyatt and her model husband Max Rogers


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London Fashion Week Pussycat Kim Among Stars Supporting Sustainability Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt kicked off promotion for a sensational star-studded London Fashion Week charity show organised by Celebrity Journalist Angela Sara West @angela_sara_west in partnership with LFW designer V @vzperfection & Angela’s star photographer Earl (Stephen Santos) @wackpaper17photography, all pictures credited to Earl. On Fri 17th Sept, Angela, V & Earl, plus a whole host of famous faces, brought London Fashion Week to Surrey, with V’s showstopping new Vz Perfection collection gracing a glittering runway at the stunning De Vere Horsley Estate. The perfect fairy-tale castle setting for this fabulous high-fashion event, the estate’s eye-catching spiralling towers have starred in ‘The Crown’. Showcasing sustainable pieces by Vz Perfection, the star-studded show not only raised awareness of the issues caused by ‘fast fashion’ and the importance of shopping sustainably, but also raised funds for the charity Cool Earth, for which Dame Vivienne Westwood is Patron and Surreyites Kim and her model husband Max Rogers are ambassadors.

”Say ‘no’ to fast fashion, shop sustainably and enjoy London Fashion Week in Surrey!” says Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt. The exclusive celebrity catwalk event featured famous faces and pro models a-go-go, including Hollywood & Bollywood actress Sofia Hayat, 'Made In Chelsea' star Amelia Mist, 2021 Love Islander Amy Day, actor & singer Matt Lapinskas and singer/songwriters Cassa Jackson & Stacey Jackson, along with breath-taking performances by Sofia, Cassa & Justine Afante, spectacular winner of The Voice Kids 2020. Hosted by actress Debbie Arnold, the high-profile show, sponsored by Ajmal Perfumes, continues to raise funds for charity through a star-studded silent auction at VIP guests getting their fashion fix on that all-important front row included fashionistas from the ‘Made In Chelsea’ cast, soap legend ‘Nasty Nick’ (John Altman) and glamorous model and author Alex Best. Established LFW designer V created luxury sustainable gift bags for all attendees, filled with gorgeous goodies from sustainable Surrey businesses and singer Ellie Goulding, who gave her SERVED seltzer to guests. V says the night was “truly dynamic”. “It was a wonderful feeling to see models on the runway walking in my designs so comfortably and appreciating the work behind it. They all looked so beautiful and our guests were full of compliments!” With many of the event’s celebrity and pro models boasting Surrey roots, Angela also sourced assistance for the show from Surrey businesses as far as possible… From hairstylists and balloon-wall creators, to a Frank Sinatra singer and SocialMix DJ, she reached out to the very best that our county can offer when it comes to events. Watch this space for news on their sparkling Winter Fashion Show!

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INNOVATION, LEADERSHIP, TRADITION AND VISION SINCE 1891 130TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE RANCHMEN’S CLUB CALGARY The Ranchmen’s Club is Alberta’s only Platinum-ranked private club. As a business and social club for members and guests, the Club is the place to connect with other leaders and innovators in diverse sectors. We’ve been a proud second home for business and community innovation and leadership, tradition, and vision since 1891. Through elegant and vibrant events and meeting spaces, business and community leaders happily report The Ranchmen’s Club has become their second home. Benefits include abundant fun and networking opportunities in both formal and informal settings. Dozens of programs, leagues and clubs are offered in arts, culture, sports, games, and outdoor pursuits, along with daily and special event dining options. From billiards lessons to our annual lobster night, black tie galas, wine dinners, and Mother’s Day brunch for the whole family, there’s something for everyone. Your business and social interests are also well supported by our renowned culinary and professional catering and event planning teams. With over 53,000 square feet of meeting, reception, and dining spaces. Enjoy elegant, vibrant events at competitive prices guaranteed to dazzle parties from two to 400 people. For those with Canada-wide and international interests, The Ranchmen’s Club boasts an exclusive reciprocal club program that ensures you will feel at home wherever your travels may take you. We look forward to welcoming you soon at The Ranchmen’s Club!

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Holidays at the Ranchmen’s The holiday season is a very special time at The Ranchmen’s Club! We host many events for our members to celebrate this special time of the year with their family, friends, and business associates. Our Family Holiday Buffet has become such an important and popular tradition for our Club. Our team goes above and beyond to create memorable holiday experiences for you and your loved ones.

This year to keep Santa and the Elves safe after many centuries of hard work, their visit will look a little different. Santa and the Elves will travel around the Club and visit each table while delivering Christmas gifts to our little members. Holiday craft kits will also be available for children to enjoy while seated at their table.

The menu will include special “child-friendly” items, as well as plenty of excellent holiday inspired dishes for adults! In addition, we have lots of other holiday celebrations happening at the Club including: • • • • •

Weekly Christmas Luncheons Small Company Christmas Party Christmas Fair featuring local businesses. New Year’s Eve Candlelight Dinner New Year’s Day Brunch


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Stately Magazine



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THE PERFECT PAIRING When the Ranchmen’s started a search for the perfect General Manager and Head Chef they couldn’t have imagined a better fit than Will Trow and Douglas King (seen above)

Will and his family moved to Calgary in 2016 and opened Von Der Fels. The following year he was recognised within the the Air Canada Enroute as well as many other accolades.

Will Trow, born and raised on the West Island of Montreal, has worked at some of Canada’s most prestigious golf courses working his way up through the ranks. Having second thoughts about a profession that had such a short Canadian season led him back to Montreal where he graduated in Business and Marketing.

Trow’s Head chef since 2018,Douglas King, elevated the cuisine at Von Der Fels by relying on high-quality locally sourced ingredients and he has been appointed as the new Head Chef at The Ranchmen’s Club.

Trow began his career at a health food bar within a fitness centre before diversifying into catering and meal planning, discovering a passion for wine in the process which led to him becoming a certified sommelier.

King will bring his experience from fine kitchens such as; the Lumiere, Hawksworth and Kissa Tanto in Vancouver. As industry experts, Will and Chef Douglas will work with the current team to achieve even higher levels of service and deliver members and guest the kind of Club experience that only The Ranchmen’s Club has to offer.

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St James Hot london


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tel and club

Stately Magazine


When History and luxury collide in the most incredible way Follow in the footsteps of film stars, celebrities, authors and diplomats and stay at St. James’s Hotel & Club. Discover for yourself why they love our location, enjoy our cuisine and relax in one of our 60 sumptuous guest rooms and suites. Our 5-star boutique hotel in London is located in a quiet culde-sac in the heart of Mayfair, moments from Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Palace, the exclusive shops of Jermyn Street, the Burlington Arcade, Bond Street, The Royal Academy of Arts, and only a short stroll from the theatres and nightlife of London’s West End. Here you’ll discover luxurious, beautifully furnished and superbly comfortable bedrooms, some with private balconies. Choose one of our Deluxe Suites or, for the ultimate in luxury, our exquisitely designed Penthouse with its private rooftop terrace. Our award winning restaurant, Seven Park Place, takes you on a true culinary journey, and was awarded a Michelin star for the eleventh time in 2020, where well known English chef William Drabble’s cuisine reflects his love of modern French style food made using the best British seasonal produce.


Stately Magazine

The newest addition to the Alexander Hotels family, Great Fosters boasts a rich and celebrated history spanning more than 400 years. From the beautiful gardens and parkland to the unique decoration of our historic suites, the hotel is a majestic beauty that serves as the perfect backdrop for any occasion, a wonderful destination for dining and the perfect location for a romantic escape.

The best of both worlds

Introducing the Queen & Country Staycation An exciting collaboration between Great Fosters and St James’s Hotel & Club Mayfair Spend 48 hours being treated like royalty with our regal two-night town & country escape, offering a quintessentially British experience. Your stay combines 1 night in the British capital experiencing St James’s Hotel & Club in Mayfair, a luxury 5-star boutique hotel offering the intimacy of a private club with 5-star service, ideally situated with direct access into the tranquillity of Green Park, and walking distance from the finest array of shopping, attractions and monuments, which is perfectly complemented with a 1 night stay at the historic and captivating Great Fosters Estate near Windsor. Rich in Tudor history and bearing the personal insignia of Queen Elizabeth I, at Great Fosters you can expect the finest service, stunning architecture and superb cuisine from your stay. Both properties enjoy a 1 Michelin-starred restaurant, Seven Park Place by William Drabble at St James’s and Tony Parkin at The Tudor Room at Great Fosters, and your royal progression through the properties will include degustation menus in both*

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Food & Drink Fall Edition Stately Magazine




BC – A new brewery and tap-

room focused on offering a “welcoming, cozy environment to enjoy locally crafted beer” is now open in Radium Hot Springs, a village in British Columbia’s East Kootenay region. Radium Brewing has been established by brewers Jacob Houghton and Stephen Gale, and opened its doors in mid-June, almost exactly a year after it was first announced. Beers tapped at the bar include Powerwagon Pilsner (5% abv), Foggy Valley Brown Ale (5.2% abv), Mad Angler IPA (6.4% abv), Purcell Pilsner (5.5% abv), Long Cast Saison (6.4% abv), Carver’s Kölsch (5% abv), and Kootenay Park Pale Ale (6% abv). In-house food options are limited to light snacks, but customers are welcome to order or bring in food from neighbouring restaurants, including Wildside Pizzeria and The Snack Bar. Radium Brewing is located at 7537 Main Street West in Radium Hot Springs. For more details including current business hours, see the brewery’s Facebook page. They can also connect us to people we may have lost and help their memories shine on.


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SHELLEY ADAMS ON HER SIXTH COOKBOOK “Food for me is all about sharing. Sharing ambience, flavors, ingredients, conversation, wine, laughter, and of course, recipes.” A Western Canadian fan favorite, and an icon in the heart of the Kootenay’s, Shelley Adams has created her sixth cookbook, Whitewater Cooks Together Again. As the past owner of Whitewater Ski Resort in Nelson, British Columbia and a force in the Fresh Tracks Café, Shelley had skiers begging for recipes. The kitchen doors finally opened, allowing the locals (and beyond) the opportunity to re-create more fabulous, healthy, and delicious food. The Whitewater cookbook series has sold over 250,000 copies in Canada and the U.S. – a testament to Shelley’s incredible skill set and the legion of fans who have followed her recipes for their reliability, ease of preparation and mouth watering results. The gorgeous photographs in these books perfectly balance visual elements with luscious dishes – and lend inspiration to the creation of a whole new set of successful home cooks. Whitewater Cooks Together Again was released at a time when many of us will be closer than ever to being truly together again. With Canadian Thanksgiving quickly approaching, Shelley shares the perfect side dish that will elevate your upcoming gathering. The Roasted Butternut Squash with Pumpkin Seed Spiced Butter is like eating desert with dinner…a warm, cozy recipe for the perfect fall evening with family or friends. Says Shelley: “I was inspired by cooking at home over the past months and thinking with anticipation about being able to get together again. I was also inspired by my son, Conner, who stayed with us in Nelson for a time - his creativity and cooking techniques were impressive. I am super excited about the recipes for this new book and believe they are my best collection yet!”


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For more information on Whitewater cookbooks, and original sauces visit at Follow along for more inspiration @whitewatercooks on Instagram and Facebook.

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ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH WITH PUMPKIN SEED SPICED BUTTER Eating this squash reminds me of eating dessert with dinner! Serve it with something plain like roasted chicken or lamb chops and you’ll see what I mean. You could use any kind of squash and switch up the seeds, but the main thing is the browned butter with the spices and the bed of yogurt it’s nestled into. The combination of the flavourful butter and yogurt is to die for! Serves 4-6 1 Butternut squash (skin on is fine), cut into 1-inch chunks 3

tbsp olive oil

Maldon salt and freshly ground black pepper ½

cup unsalted butter


cup pumpkin seeds, toasted


tsp cumin


tsp turmeric


tsp cinnamon


tsp red pepper flakes


tsp Maldon salt

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 425°F. 2. Toss squash with olive oil and salt and pepper and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Roast until squash is totally tender and slightly caramelized, about 40–50 minutes.

Melt the butter in a small pot over medium heat and cook, swirling the pan occasionally, until butter has browned and started to foam (about 3–5 minutes). Remove from heat and add pumpkin seeds, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, red pepper flakes and ½ tsp salt. Set aside. Combine yogurt and lemon juice in a small bowl and season with a bit of salt. Spoon the yogurt sauce onto the bottom of a large serving platter or bowl.

1 cup full-fat Greek yogurt

Arrange squash chunks nestled into each other and drizzle with the pumpkin seed butter.

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

Top with a bit more flaky salt and freshly ground black pepper. _______________ You can roast the squash several hours ahead of time and keep it loosely wrapped at room temperature. It doesn’t need to be reheated because the warm butter will heat it up.


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“A squeeze of fresh lemon would be really good too! Prawns would also be amazing with this risotto if scallops aren’t your thing.” W H I T E W AT E R C O O K S


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BROWN BUTTER SCALLOP RISOTTO WITH GARLICKY KALE, PRESERVED LEMON AND CRISPY SAGE LEAVES This bowl of goodness is just the right decadent dinner for a romantic date or when you need to feel pampered. Make the risotto first, then the kale, brown butter, and crispy sage leaves, saving the scallops for last so they’re super fresh! SERVES 4 Ingredients


Risotto 4 cups chicken stock 1 tbsp butter 1 garlic clove, minced 1 shallot, minced 1 cup arborio rice ½ cup white wine ½ cup Parmesan salt and pepper to taste

Risotto Place the chicken stock in a saucepan and heat until just barely simmering. Melt the butter over medium heat in a large non-stick pan or wok. Add the garlic and shallot and sauté for a minute or two until soft. Add rice and stir until coated with the butter. Add the white wine and let it sizzle for a bit. Stir until absorbed into the rice. Ladle in the warm chicken stock, ½ cup at a time, and cook over a lively simmer, stirring after each addition until absorbed into the rice. Continue until the rice is soft and creamy, but al dente. Add more stock if you like your risotto creamier. Turn off the heat. Add the Parmesan and mix until combined. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and cover.

1 2 4

Garlicky Kale tbsp olive oil garlic cloves, thinly sliced cups kale or spinach, torn into bite-size pieces


Brown Butter tbsp butter

Garnish 12 sage leaves 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp preserved lemon, finely chopped Scallops 1 lb large scallops salt 1 tbsp vegetable oil

Garlicky Kale Heat the olive oil over medium-low heat. Add the garlic and cook for a minute until a bit crispy. Add the kale or spinach and cook until wilted. Turn off heat. Brown Butter Place the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat and stir until golden and foamy, about 5 minutes. Turn off heat. Garnish Sauté whole sage leaves in olive oil until just crisp, about 30 seconds. Drain on paper towels. Scallops Pat the scallops dry with paper towels. Sprinkle with a little bit of salt. Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium-high until hot. Add scallops and cook 2–3 minutes per side until golden brown and opaque in the centre. Transfer to a plate and cover gently until needed. To assemble Divide risotto among four bowls or plates. Place scallops and kale on top and drizzle with the brown butter. Garnish with crispy sage leaves and chopped preserved lemon if desired.

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Ms Modern Manners INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 cup fresh cherries , stemmed, halved, and pitted (about 250 g) 1/3 cup granulated sugar 3 eggs 1 cup homogenized milk 2/3 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons unsalted butter , melted 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons unsalted butter , softened icing sugar (optional) NUTRITIONAL FACTS PER SERVING: Fibre 1g Sodium114 mg Protein5 g Calories185 Total fat9 g Cholesterol88 mg Saturated fat5 g Total carbohydrate23 g


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METHOD Pat cherries dry with paper towel; in bowl, toss with 1 tbsp sugar. Freeze for 35 minutes. Meanwhile, in blender, purée eggs, milk, flour, melted butter, salt and remaining sugar until smooth. Let rest at room temperature for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 400°F. Grease 9-inch pie plate or cast-iron pan with softened butter. Pour egg mixture into prepared pan, then scatter evenly with cherries, cut side up. Bake until just set and top is golden brown, 30 to 35 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes. Dust with icing sugar (if using); cut into wedges to serve. Tip: Substitute 1/3 cup ground almonds for half of the all-purpose flour and add 1⁄4 teaspoon almond extract, if desired.

WINTER APEROL SPRITZ RECIPE WITH SLOE GIN This Winter Aperol Spritz recipe with Sloe Gin is a great seasonal take on the much loved Italian classic. Serve over ice with rosemary, a slice of orange and a few raspberries or blackberries.

Ingredients 40 ml Aperol 20 ml Sloe Gin 60 ml Soda water (club soda) 60 ml Prosecco Garnish Ice 1 Rosemary sprig 5 Raspberries 1 Orange slice Nutrition Per Serving (Approximate) Calories:210kcal Carbohydrates:21g Protein:1g Fat:1g Saturated Fat:1g Sodium:19mg Potassium:53mg Fiber:1g Sugar:9g Vitamin C:10mg Iron:1mg

This Winter Aperol Spritz recipe with Sloe Gin is a great seasonal take on the much loved Italian classic. Serve over ice with rosemary, a slice of orange and a few raspberries or blackberries. Instructions 1. Put the ice into a large glass - a balloon wine glass or a Copa glass is ideal 2. Pour in the Aperol and sloe gin 3. Top with the soda water and Prosecco 4. Put the rosemary sprig in the palm of one hand and clap the other hand down sharply on it. This helps release the aroma. Drop into the glass 5. Add the orange slice and raspberries 6. Serve immediately

Recipe from @jane_littlesugarsnaps from Pinterest for more details and wonderful recipes visit

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Home Décor Fall Edition Stately Magazine




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FALL IS IN THE AIR! Let’s talk Pumpkins! Instead of going for the traditional bright orange pumpkins try some of the more muted tones or even white ones. All sizes work so grab a selection. Not only are they a great addition to any front door but by placing them around your living room and kitchen you have your own sophisticated pumpkin patch to admire for a few weeks. One or two look great simply on your kitchen countertop. Maybe place a chopping board behind it and put against your backsplash? Instead of just putting them outside your front door have you ever thought of putting them in your entryway? Yep…just pop them on your floor each side of your door. You’ll be feeling that thanksgiving love instantly! My favourite use for pumpkin at thanksgiving isn’t’s way more meaningful…. Have everyone write what they are thankful for on it. Place it in the middle of the dining table as a centrepiece and viola! A table fit for a Turkey! Be sure to take a picture each year to capture those thankful thoughts. (Tip) when you buy your pumpkins give them a bath by removing all the dirt and dry them well. Let them breath outside in a dry space for a few days. This will ensure minimum mold and will keep them fresh for longer)

WREATHS ARE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS…. We all love to see a beautiful fall wreath as we ring the doorbell but they can be used for so much more! Try leaning one on your mantle or hutch. Add a candle by the side. Nothing else will be needed. For larger mantles you could use two and place one infront of another. Be creative….this is your time to shine! For a show stopping centrepiece. Place a plate filled with mini pumpkins and candles in the centre of the wreath. This will take table decor to a whole new dimension! (Tip) if your wreath contains dried grasses spray it will a little hairspray. This helps it stop shedding everywhere.

Showstopper This is my favourite thing to do when switching up my seasonal decor and one which has the most impact for me. Cushions cushions and more cushions. By choosing autumnal tones and incorporating some cozy textures will instantly change the space. It’ll warm up that couch, make

Hannah Thomas of Hello Mrs Thomas

you want to light that fire, put the kettle on and cozy on down with a good book. Enjoy! (Tip) keep it simple. Olive and green moss are big colours this season. Add in a pop of muted orange or red and this will make your living room a showstopper.

More than coffee Yes! That coffee table does more than hold drinks. Add a neutral coloured vase, pampass grass and a candle inside a wicker or wood tray. This small addition will help bring everything together. (Tip) If your table has a bottom shelf add a few neutral coloured books stacked on top. Of each other. Place a small pumpkin on top.

Last but not least Or maybe this should have been first….The front porch. Nothing says fall more than good old mums! Or is it moms? Y’all know what I mean, the really pretty flowers that are out in abundance this time of year. I love the white ones each side of my front door but chose whatever colour makes you feel happy! Add an outdoor rug that fits your space, (I love a good buffalo check in black and white) with a smaller welcome mat on-top. Hang your wreath, put out a few pumpkins and you are good to go! (Tip)Try finding a local company that makes signs. Place the sign by your front door for best of welcomes.

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Ms Modern Manners

presents holiday season etiquette HOW TO SET A TABLE This is an example of a Semi-formal table setting.

This table setting indicates:• We will be having soup & salad. • We will have dessert & wine will be served. Important things to know. 1- Napkin is always on left or on top of plate 2 - Knife is on your right ( Sharp edge facing the plate. ) 3 - Water Glass is on the right above the knife with water filled, wine glass beside. 4 - The bread plate & knife are on the left above the forks.


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Clink your Drink? It’s party season! We will be cheering and clinking. Instead of clinking glasses with the people around you, an alternative is to simply raise your glass. Clinking glasses is a European tradition centuries old, which formed part of the effort to drive off evil spirits. In addition, in medieval times, clinking cups was poison prevention. It would cause the liquor to spill over into the other cups and mix to prove that it was not poisoned. If you do wish to clink glasses, never clink the rims, clink the bell of the glass instead. The bell of the glass is the middle, rounded part and the strongest portion of the glass. Use a gentle hand and make sure to look the other person in the eye and smile as you toast.

I love serving soup, salad & desserts in my tea cups!

Top Party Host Tips Here are my tips for effortless and fun entertaining: 1 • TIDY UP - The day of the party, get the public areas of the house tidied up and don’t forget that bathroom. It will need to be well-stocked with fresh hand towels and the like. 2 • MAKE A PARTY NIGHT CHEAT SHEETThat way you can know at a glance what you have to do. KEEP IT SIMPLE • Shop for delicious pre-made appetizers at fancy grocery stores or even warehouse stores.

PREPARE A BAR CART: You will want to have some wine, bubbly and a few cocktail mixes on the cart. I also like to make sure that I have some cocktail napkins, fancy stir sticks and a dish full of candy or nuts. Place an extra glass of herbs like rosemary, thyme alongside your bar for a wonderful smell and green accent!

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Ms Modern Manners Top 7 Table Manners

Top 7 table manners 1- Place your napkin on your lap. 2- Keep personal items (including cell phone) off the table. 3- Wait until all guests are served and the host/hostess begins eating before you begin eating. 4- Place setting is like a roadmap to your meal. Start on the outside and work your way inward towards the centre. 5- Chew with your mouth closed. 6- When finished eating, position your silverware to tell the server you are done. 7- Fold your used napkin and place it to the left of your place setting.


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Bubbles or Champagne? Champagne & sparkling wine are beverages that awaken pleasant memories of celebration, success, love & romance. Only the sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France may legally called Champagne. Others must be called sparkling wine, prosecco or cava. Make sure the Champagne has been chilled correctly in the fridge for few hours. You can also place an unopened bottle in an ice bucket half ice & half water for 2030 minutes. The best way to open a bottle is as follows 1. Remove foil. 2. Loosen the wire cage. 3. Keep hand over the cork so I’d doesn’t unexpectedly fly off 4. Twist the bottle not the cork till it eases out. - Traditionally, Champagne is poured into a flute that is standing upright on the table. The trick to reducing the foam is to ‘wet’ the glass and to pour slowly. To do this, pour a splash of wine into the glass and allow the bubbles to settle, then proceed to slowly pour more wine until the glass is (at most) threequarters full. Dream Guests • RSVP, always respond to an invitation within three days. • Don’t show up early or more than fifteen minutes late. • Bring an hostess gift • Put your cell phone away. • Talk to the person on your left and on your right. Listen thoughtfully and ask questions. • Sit at the table at the same time as most of the other guests. • Pass dishes counterclockwise (to your right). Unless everyone is already going left. • Ask if anyone would like the last piece before you take it. • Make sure to thank your hosts the next day. • A thank you card is always nice, but you can call, email, txt or instagram. With technology these days it makes it easier to thank. Removing Shoes at the Door It’s a matter of respecting the host. Look for signals, if there’s a pile of shoes in the hall you offer to remove yours. Some people feel uncomfortable about taking their shoes off and being barefoot. The host should let their guest know in advance the “no shoe” policy, so that guests may plan ahead ( bring other shoes to change into). It would also be nice for hosts to offer slippers for guests when they arrive, which they keep by the front door. You can also have hotel slippers that they can take home if they like. However if you’re hosting a party where the guests will be wearing suits and dresses, then shoes should be allowed. For parties with a guest list that includes people who are not close friends, it is inconsiderate to ask guest to remove their shoes before coming inside the house. However, in our Canadian winters, where there is slush and salt on our boots we should definitely remove them when entering someone’s home.

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Gift Guide Fall Edition Stately Magazine



Holiday Gift Guide For


The holidays are fast approaching! The pressure to find the perfect gift can be nerveracking, check out our gift guides for ideas for your loved ones this holiday season.

Jo Malone Purfume

Chantecaille Botanical Essentials

Field Tote 30 In Colorblock With Coach Badge


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Glamour: 30 Women That Reshaped the World


Butter London Guilty Pleasures Ultimate Lacquer Stash

KÉRASTASE Holiday trio - Chronologiste

Holiday Gift Guide For


UGG Scuff Fur-Lined Mule Slippers

Yamazaki 12 Year Old

MÜHLE Vivo Plumwood 4-Piece Pure Badger & Fusion Shaving Set

Stanley - Classic Easy-Pour Growler

Hario - Cold Brew Bottle Gucci Guilty by Gucci for Men - 3 oz EDT Spray

Wood Phone Docking Station

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Holiday Gift Guide For

The Home

Insprarti, based in Calgary, stocks the finest range of luxury gifts for the home. Check out their online store for more incredible finds.

Margo Selby Cushions Suki Large Square

LE JACQUARD FRANCAIS Limited Edition Canada Tea Towel supporting Indspire

MARIO LUCA GIUSTI Synthetic Crystal Pitchers

LE JACQUARD FRANCAIS Limited-Edition - 2022 Calendar

Gift Card LE JACQUARD FRANCAIS Hiver En Ecosse Tablecloth, Placemats, Napkins & Runners


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LE JACQUARD FRANCAIS Hacienda Tablecloth, Placemats, Napkins & Runners

FOXFORD THROWS - Foxford Extra Fine Merino Throws

Holiday Gift Guide For

Children Our top picks for presents for the children this year.


CoComelon Official Musical Yellow School

Barbie Signature @ BarbieStyle Fully Poseable Fashion Doll

Madame Alexander Dolls My First Baby, Powder Pink


Space Jam Lebron James Dunks Playset

Batman, All-Terrain Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle

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R e


Preserve preloved clothing and the memories they hold for years, and even generations to come. If you’ve had one of those days cleaning out your closet and found a bunch of clothes you no longer wear, but hold too many memories to part with… you’re not alone! It’s happened to us so many times, we were determined to find a solution, and we did. Now, you can RE-Vive those TEES into a brand new keepsake quilt! Whether you collect shirts from running races, playing for sports teams, attending concerts, travelling around the world, academics, or just growing through your phases of life - our memory and memorial t-shirts, quilts and pillows are the ultimate way to honour your life, achievements, and adventures. Our specialty is creating beautiful handcrafted T-shirt quilts that are made right here in Canada. It is our hope to put a smile on every T-shirt Quilt owners face, and that they’ll snuggle up and enjoy a trip down memory lane. Breathing life back into old clothing that holds sentimental value in a product you can not only see, but feel and smell too can truly bring you back into a single moment.


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It has been said that memory quilts have been around since the nineteenth century and that people all around the world have celebrated major life events through the creation of special and meaningful textiles. We all have those meaningful t-shirts hanging in our closets or sitting in our drawers that we just don’t want to get rid of - so there’s no better time to upcycle and create a one of a kind unique gift for yourself, your family, or your friends. USE CODE ‘STATELY10’ at checkout for 10% off of your order!

They can also connect us to people we may have lost and help their memories shine on. A Canadian and affordable way to upcycle old clothing - Hold your quilt close, and your memories even closer! Tell your story with a custom T-Shirt quilt created from YOUR tees that are collecting dust, in just three simple steps, you could be snuggling up with your favourite memories.

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ounded in 1967, Golden Acre Home & Garden is still in the same location, minutes from downtown, in the heart of the North part of the city. It has long been the premier destination for gardeners in Southern Alberta. Large, bright greenhouses, full stock, and knowledgeable and friendly staff ensure that this greenhouse becomes a destination for your gardening needs and not just a place to shop. Open year round, Golden Acre offers a variety of items from high-end patio furniture, Calgary’s largest selection of indoor and outdoor pottery, and Alberta’s greatest variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. During the winter months, shop from an enchanting display of Christmas decor and trees, both live and artificial. You will also find Calgary’s dreamiest houseplant department. Golden Acre is in style any season. Add in that they are dog friendly, and it truly becomes a place for the whole family. Easily connect with Golden Acre online through their website and online store which features convenient pick up and delivery options. Follow, comment, and seek gardening advice on social media. Appearing on CTV, Global and partnering with the Libin Cardiovascular Institute, City of Calgary, Calgary Board of Education, the University of Calgary, and many others, Golden Acre has cemented its place as the premier location for garden knowledge,


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advice, and inspiration. As a long-standing member of the community, Golden Acre proudly offers discounts of 15 per cent to seniors and members of the horticultural society seven (7) days a week, 362 days a year. If you have visited before, you know Golden Acre constantly brings in new stock. If this is all brand-new to you, visit to see for yourself; ample free parking, an easy to find location, great selection, expert staff, and more will make this a firm favourite for years to come.

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iki Rozema is the founder of Canada’s best selling tanks for women, Smoothies Tank Tops.

In 2019, after searching everywhere for a tank that didn’t ride up, she gave up and created her own company. While she had no clue about fabric or manufacturing, she did know one thing: she wanted to make a difference in how all women felt about who they were and what they wore. As a plus size entrepreneur, she wanted clothing that not only flattered her figure, but also had soft and comfortable fabrics. As a former junior high teacher, she knew girls also faced struggles with body image, their identity and how to navigate being female. Smoothies are size inclusive (tanks are sized Small4XL) and are manufactured in Canada. With free shipping across North America, you’re getting high quality clothing with a purpose. How do the tanks stay put? The fabric and design. The outer fabric is smooth, while the inner fabric is a brushed cotton-like feel. They are fitted; so they feel like a hug all day, and you feel put together. They are long enough to cover your bum, and when you bend over, Laverne and Shirley don’t go popping out.


Rat pore aut inctoreped quo modipie nduciliberae namus solores sedi aut exero officti squatem ipsam aut unt adi cus, tent ut et aut velitionsed modions.

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Kiki is now 52, and wears a tank underneath everything: “I literally wear a tank every single day. I feel exposed and somewhat vulnerable, if I don’t. My tanks aren’t see-through, either, so you can’t see the cellulite around my midsection. I am more and more comfortable in my own body, but after years of losing and gaining a small village, I feel most confident when I am wearing a Smoothies tank.” Kiki expanded her store by adding athleisure wear: “My customers started asking about sweats, tops and leggings, so I designed some phenomenal capris and leggings with the same fabric as the tanks and we also have a new eco-friendly fabric that’s breathable, moisture wicking, antibacterial, non-odor, non-pilling, fast dry, and they have a gusset, in case you’d rather forgo panties. Our newest designs are LEAKPROOF Capris and Leggings. They are eco-friendly (as is the leak proof panel sewn inside the gusset) And they can hold up to 4 teaspoons of liquid. We all know it, but rarely talk about it - as we age, a simple laugh, cough or sneeze can cause us to tinkle! And menopause plays some evil trocks on us, and brings about unexpected period leaks. We want you to feel confident and comfortable all the time. Simply wear and wash.”

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FA L L I N L OV E W I T H COOKIES BY BITE ME COOKIE! The pandemic saw many businesses diversify and many people turn their hobbies into their main money makers. For one Ontario Entrepreneur and Mom the transition was sweet! Pulling inspiration from the cookies she’s made for her children and their friends for years Cindy Wahler was very quickly the local go to for homemade gourmet cookies in Toronto! The eclectic mix of ingredients met with the beautiful presentation cements Cindy’s place in Toronto Cookie Royalty. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Follow Cindy on Instagram




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real estate Fall Edition Stately Magazine



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422 Brookside Court-Watermark Rocky View County Alberta

Fully finished executive home in the prestigious community of Watermark in Bearspaw! Custom built modified bungalow by Albi Homes. Stunning attention to detail and amazing upgrades throughout this home. Extremely well thought out floor plan that flows from room to room. Bright & open! 4 car attached garage with tandem parking, stone & stucco exterior, hardwood floors throughout main level, AMAZING enclosed outdoor retreat with wood burning fireplace & 16ft vaulted ceilings. Gourmet chefs kitchen with two tone cabinetry, high end stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, large center island, walk through pantry & extended built ins into eating area. Cozy living room with gas fireplace that opens up to the outdoor retreat. Covered deck spans around the back of the home with an outdoor built in BBQ & beverage center. 10.8 ft ceilings throughout main floor. Spacious office with barn door, large laundry/mudroom & master retreat complete the main level. (see additional remarks) Master retreat is a great size with cozy gas fireplace & boasts a gorgeous 5 pc spa like ensuite with walk in closet, Steam shower, soaker tub & duel sinks. Upper loft features a bonus room with mountain views & additional bedroom with 4 pc ensuite, perfect for guests! Fully developed basement with a functional layout. Large recreation room,den/flex room, exercise room with cork flooring & great natural light, 2 additional bedrooms, one with an ensuite & another additional 4 pc bathroom. Exquisite detail throughout this home. Luxury living


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The Neustaedter Team

#2904 930 16 Ave SW-The Royal Calgary Alberta

Welcome to this outstanding unit with top of the world views in Calgary’s most sophisticated residential tower-THE ROYAL. Situated in the heart of Mount Royal you will enjoy 200 degree views from this stunning 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit on the 29th floor. Floor to ceiling windows capture incredible mountain and city views with gorgeous, sunny south exposure flooding the space with natural light. This complex captures the essence of convenience & comfortability with luxury downtown living at its best. Many building amenities include a sprawling outdoor patio with BBQ’s & firepit, gym, steam room, sauna, squash court, 24 hour concierge & executive owner’s lounge with kitchen. The building itself is connected to the renowned grocer Urban Fare and is within walking distance of shops, restaurants and vibrant 17 avenue! The unit itself boasts 1053 sqft of living space featuring an open concept floor plan with a spacious living & dining area that are open to the gourmet kitchen. The kitchen is a chef’s dream with a sleek minimalistic design finished with water fall quartz counter tops, island/eating bar, custom cabinetry, hidden extras including a retractable pot & pan holder, double spice rack & a stainless steel appliance package – this a perfect area for entertaining. The primary retreat showcases a walk-in closet with new upgraded closet built ins & a spa-inspired 5 piece ensuite with dual sinks, in floor heat, stunning mirrors with light surround, oversized glass shower and soaker tub. 2nd bedroom with views of the SaddleDome and another 4 pc bathroom! Additional amenities include a private balcony, central A/C, in-suite laundry, 1 assigned underground parking stall & a storage locker. Inner city living at its absolute finest!

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Jeff Neustaedter, Ray Neustaedter, Rod Burriss & Zoe Saraceni

WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. We’ve always likened our business model to operating the ‘Family Farm’. We all get involved in the day-to-day operations to ensure that the work is getting done — and more importantly, that each and every customer is satisfied. Different than most other real estate teams, we all take part in and benefit from each and every transaction.

When you hire one of us — you get the family! Four licensed, hard-working and dedicated Realtors, all working together to get your property sold or find you your Dream Home. Contact The Team Jeff Neustaedter Ray Neustaedter Rod Burriss Zoe Saraceni

Office: 403-208-0555 Instagram: @neustaedterteam website:

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Sell My Stuff Canada

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We know that dealing with the disposal of an entire estate or contents of a home can feel like an insurmountable task. At Sell My Stuff Canada we employ a highly efficient and organized process that reduces the challenges for everyone involved. We have the best appraisers in the industry and we operate in collaboration with antique stores, used furniture companies, vintage clothing stores, coin, art, jewelry and stamp dealers to make sure your items are properly priced. Our company has the largest and most extensive email list of buyers of anyone in the industry. We invite tens of thousands of potential buyers across the country who are ready with cash (or credit card) in hand to come to your sale or bid online to purchase your items. We are fully insured and have a reputation for being honest and trustworthy. Sell My Stuff Canada specializes in making your estate sale, content sale, moving sale, garage sale and junk removal as easy and stress free as possible by offering a ghyjn9customized experience for each individual client. Find out why you should choose Sell My Stuff Canada over any other company in the industry or contact us today for more information or a free consultation.


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Sell my stuff canada

What is our Online Content Sale service? Our online content sale service was designed for clients who need to liquidate household items in quantity, but wish to avoid the risks of having a public estate sale or rolling the dice with an online auctioneer. In basic terms: You decide which items in your home you would like to sell, we document them & publish your items on our online store, our regular buyers frantically purchase your items for set prices, and we host a customer pickup after the online sale is over… We handle everything regarding the preparation and hosting of your event! We will sell anything (furniture, décor, electronics, appliances, rugs, art, tools, equipment, clothing, accessories, jewellery, china, collectibles, garage & outdoor item, kitchen & storage items, etc.) We are the only company that covers all upfront costs and charges by commission only (rates starting as low as 35%). We do not apply lot/buyer fees, advertising expenses, or any fee other than our commission, so you know we are highly motivated to maximize your financial outcome. Our online content sale service takes as little as 8-days from start to finish. We are fully insured, so you can rest easy that your property is protected when in our charge. What are the first steps? 1. Decide what you want to sell & when you want it all gone. 2. Call 1-855-55-STUFF to inquire about your nearest Sell My Stuff Canada location’s availability & qualification requirements 3. Exchange our single-page contract by email… and you’re off to the races! Trusted by Fortune 500 CEOs, Celebrities, Athletes and your next door neighbour. Stately Magazine


Independence given back to milions of tremors sufferers thanks to innovative Canadian medical device company Steadiwear!

Steadiwear’s flagship product is the Steadi-One, a battery-free glove that stabilizes the wrist joint for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor. The Steadi-One technology was inspired by leading-edge earthquake dampers used in buildings. The Steadi-Two, a miniaturized version, is currently under development with very promising results. It is based on magnetic tuned damping technology, a novel class of stabilization systems. It consists of a counterbalancing flywheel in between programmable magnets. The system naturally adapts to different tremor severities. The Steadi-One and Steadi-Two are FDA & Health Canada registered Class I medical devices. Despite the familiarity with Parkinson’s disease, awareness in the essential tremor space is less, although ET is eight times more common. Essential tremor is also referred to as benign tremor, familial tremor, or idiopathic tremor. Around 7 million Americans alone have ET, with an incidence of more than 4% of the population over the age of 40. Although the disorder is most common in older adults, it can affect individuals of any age, including middle-aged or young adults and children. The economic burden of Parkinson’s Disease on the healthcare system totals about $52 billion annually, growing to $79.1 billion by 2037. Over the past 12 months, Steadiwear, a Canadian medical device start-up, has developed and refined their flagship tremor stabilization device, the Steadi-One, to come up with the Steadi-Two. This new iteration of the Steadi-Series device is the world’s first to use advanced magnetic stabilization technology designed to reduce hand tremors. The Steadi-Two has shown significant tremor reduction in benchtop tests with over 80% reduction in tremor amplitude. The most exciting part of the implemented customer feedback is the reduction in weight and size. The Steadi-Two is also ambidextrous. For more information, visit


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iscover the wild within at Nimmo Bay, an intimate family owned and operated resort far from the everyday. Nestled in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, this ninecabin and floating lodge luxury retreat offers customized wilderness, wildlife, culinary, and wellness experiences. In our busy modern lives, true nature can feel out of reach. The team at Nimmo Bay invites guests to leave it all behind and welcome reconnection – with the wild, with each other, and with themselves. As guests step onto the dock and find themselves amongst true West Coast wilderness, surrounded by cedar giants and shimmering ocean, they start to slow down to the resounding rhythms of nature. Here, wellness is naturally woven into every aspect of the guest journey with opportunities for mindfulness combined with wilderness adventures, nourishing meals, and transformative treatments designed to bring the mind and body into balance. At Nimmo Bay, guests are greeted with the time and space to reflect, reconnect, and relax deeply. After a day of exhilarating adventure, they can paddle out to the floating sauna for a meditative steam before diving into clarifying Pacific waters or enjoy a warming soak in the cedar hot tubs at the base of the cascading waterfall. Guests can choose to indulge in a personalized massage treatment as skilled wellness practitioners offer both therapeutic and relaxation techniques, along with Shiatsu and Ayurvedic head massage. Instinctively, we are drawn to the forest as it refreshes the mind, heightens awareness, and rejuvenates our internal sources of energy. Nimmo Bay offers guided walking meditations and hikes, deep in the tranquil silence and beauty of the woods. Guests are invited to awaken their senses and allow the peace of the rainforest to resonate long after their stay. Inspired by the surrounding wilderness, every experience at Nimmo Bay is deeply rooted in nature as wellness is unearthed from within.


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A Journey with Purpose Whether it’s tracking rhino or elephant on foot, scuba diving on exquisite coral reefs, canoeing on shimmering lakes or sipping sundowners beneath an inky sky studded with a million stars, with Isibindi Africa Lodges, you will be part of our vision to protect the wild, care for its people and educate, so that future generations can enjoy Africa’s wild and untamed splendour. From Kosi Forest Lodge and Thonga Beach Lodge, in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge, the only privately-owned lodge in the Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park and Tsowa Safari Island, 40km upstream from the world famous Victoria Falls in the Zambezi National Park, Isibindi Africa Lodges owns and operates four uniquely different properties in Kwazulu-Natal(KZN) and Zimbabwe. Is distinguishing factor, is that all the Lodges are run as joint ventures with the communities, in which they operate. The Isibindi Africa family is distinctive by the nature of its people. With a team, dedicated to making your stay as exceptional as possible, we have created a collection of exclusive lodges to celebrate the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the areas in which they operate, whilst at the same time ensuring that in establishing these elegant lodges, we “tread lightly on the earth” and that local communities share fully in our commitment to protect and promote the planet. The Isibindi Foundation was established to consolidate and further 23 years of community and conservation projects, and to also create a purpose-driven entity to assist these initiatives.


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The Foundation allows guests to be philanthropic travelers and to journey with purpose. All funds are administered by the Foundation, in collaboration with local communities and conservation authorities on all projects.

OUR LODGES...... * Surrounded by ancient sand forests, Kosi Forest Lodge is situated within the iSimangaliso World Heritage Park, South Africa’s last unexplored wetland wilderness. The lodge is privately tucked away within a unique wetland world of lakes and forests. Kosi Forest Lodge’s eight thatched forest rooms are raised on wooden decks, and the open-air, reed-enclosed bathrooms with baths and showers sunk into white forest sand are a highlight with guests. The rustic – yet comfortable - room aesthetic provides an authentic ‘back to nature’ experience. Guests can wake up in the morning surrounded by the sounds of the forest’s prolific bird life. Explore the pristine wetland environment by vehicle, guided canoes and boats and be rewarded by an abundance of birdlife, plentiful hippo and crocodile sightings and breathtakingly peaceful scenery. Or enjoy your privacy, as you relax by the pool or go on a Raffia forest walk. No matter what ...that ‘get-away-from-it-all’ experience is guaranteed to bring you back in touch with nature.

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“Tsowa” means ‘new beginnings’, which is what you will find on

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge is the only private lodge in the Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park, providing guests with an exclusive luxury holiday and outstanding service within South Africa’s oldest national park. Each luxury room or villa is stylishly decorated and includes a spacious bedroom with impressive views from the bathroom, outdoor shower and outdoor deck. From each carefully considered space, you can watch the wildlife below, uninterrupted in their natural habitat - as they have been for decades in this protected area.

this pristine island in the middle of the mighty Zambezi River near Victoria Falls. A surreal place, the whispers of this majestic river are broken only by occasional calls of the African fish eagle. In this luxury tented camp fringed by a beautiful forest, a soft path leads to a cluster of century old baobabs. This is our safari island Tsowa, sensitively situated within the Zambezi National Park.



Thonga Beach Lodge, the unspoilt gem of KwaZulu-Natal’s

Surrounded by ancient sand forests, Kosi Forest Lodge is situated within the iSimangaliso World Heritage Park, one of the last unexplored wetland wildernesses. This South African safari lodge is privately tucked within a unique wetland world of lakes and forests. Kosi Forest Lodge’s eight thatched forest rooms are raised on wooden decks, and the open-air, reed-enclosed bathrooms with baths and showers sunk into white forest sand are a highlight with guests. The rustic - yet comfortable - room aesthetic provides an authentic ‘back to nature’ holiday experience. You’ll wake up in the morning surrounded by the sounds of the forest’s prolific bird life.

Maputaland coast. Situated in South Africa’s first World Heritage Site, the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, this safari bush lodge is mere metres away from the sparkling Indian Ocean. Beneath the breakers lies a treasure trove of marine life, from vivid reef fish to schools of dolphins, and even turtles returning to the beach to lay their eggs. Thonga’s 12 thatched eco-sensitive rooms are positioned for maximum privacy and minimal environmental impact. The rooms are built on raised platforms among the indigenous forest and undulating dunes with expansive glass windows and doors to let in the ocean breeze and sounds.


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