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All new iPods

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Experinces of an Apple Fan: Buying a Mac and Book Reviews


Final Cut Studio 2: Modifying your workflow


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Mac Models 101


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A Word from the Editor

Comic Corner

Movies, movies, movies Last month I wrote “see you at GITEX” and indeed we saw many of you at GITEX. Shuffle was flying out of the stands and many came back and told us they really liked it. That’s exciting and all of GITEX, even if it was really hard work, was also exciting. It was fun talking to people there about Apple, Macs, iPhone and more. When we’ve had various activities in stores and other places I’ve always thought it was very good for me to talk to existing and potential Apple customers. Having a chance to talk to them gives some insight into the problems they face, they issues they deal with. And we need to understand what they want in order to do a better job in our User Group and with Shuffle. Looking forward, the Middle East International Film Festival will start just after this issue has come out. The Hayah Film Competition, a section within the festival, arranged by EmiratesMac and Abu Dhabi Women’s College, is an exciting opportunity to try something new with the latest technology. We hope we get a lot of submissions from all over the Middle East. If the plans come together EmiratesMac will be at Emirates Palace during the festival so come see us then if you can. In the Apple world a lot of exciting things have happened, and I’m sure there will be a lot more before this year ends. We’ve been treated to two Special Events lately, one for the new iMacs, iLife and iWork, and one for new iPods. All of that was very exciting but most excitement I think was around the $200 pricedrop for iPhone. Now it’s within reach of millions of more people and could end up being the number one gift this holiday season, closely followed by iPod Nano or Touch, I guess. But we still don’t know when the iPhone will be officially on sale in the Middle East, which is a shame. Here’s a huge market for it that is right now just being wasted. has generously given their permission for EMUG to reprint their comic strip in our newsletter. Go to www.geekculture. com/joyoftech/ to see a new comic strip every day. Make sure you also check out all the other features on the web site.

Abu Dhabi is host to the first Middle East International Film Festival October 14-19, 2007. The festival takes place at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and you can find more information about movies, tickets to go see the movies, and anything else on their web site at

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First Spots on the Leopard by Magnus (EmiratesMac) Some time ago we got the chance to try the latest beta release from Apple of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. It was the version released to developers at WWDC, which is supposed to be “feature complete”, according to Apple. Since then a more recent version has been released by Apple, but we’ve not had a change to check it out yet. We won’t be showing you any screen shots, because we don’t want to get into trouble with Apple, but we wanted to share our first reflections. Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is due to be released this month (October) and we know that many are waiting with great anticipation for this new version of Apple’s operating system. It’s been delayed and although we officially don’t exactly know why, Apple said that the iPhone and Apple TV had consumed so much resources in terms of software engineering that something had to suffer. Dock The Dock is new, mostly it seems in appearance. Now it looks like the glass floor of a room, where the room reflects in it’s shiny surface. So windows and other things on the screen reflect in it. Personally I don’t like this as much as the old Dock, I find it even annoying. It’s also really hard to tell whether an applica-

tion is running. What used to be a small black triangle is now a small shiny blue and blurry dot. This dot, depending on the application’s icon, can be hard to see. Stacks This seems like a feature I would use a lot. I don’t like a cluttered desktop but I often end up with one anyway. With Stacks I can put related files that normally are on the desktop in a sort of folder in the Dock and with one click, the files “slide” out of the Stack and I can select the one I want. This should make organizing files much easer and I look forward to using Stacks on a daily basis. Menu bar The menu bar is now translucent, so the background shines through. This takes some getting used to and I’ll see what I really think about it after using Leopard for an extensive period. My initial reaction is I don’t particularly like it. Related to the menu bar is that there is no more brushed metal look. Apple has decided to unify the Mac OS X look and it’s now all void of the brushed metal look we’ve grown so used to. All windows are now of the smooth gray type that we’ve seen in some recent Apple software. This is a change for the better I think. I like this look better and it’s good that Apple is trying to unify the interface.

Quick Look and PDF improvements A new functionality is Quick Look which makes it easy to preview a wide range of file types, including Word. You right-click on a document, select “Quick look”, and you can preview document in a floating palette window. This promises to be a really useful addition to Leopard. There are new options when creating PDF files. In Leopard you can enter title, subject, keyword, and also set security options, like password for opening the PDF. Icons of documents can have a live preview of the actual content Mail and iChat Both Mail and iChat are getting updated. In iChat the big news are effects and remote presentations. You can show a KeyNote presentation or show photos to a remote Mac via iChat. In Mail the main news are personalized stationary, to-do lists and memos. Mail in Leopard promises to be a good PIM (Personal Information Management) tool. Time Machine Time Machine is a great new feature and arguably the one with the most potential to affect regular users in a positive way. Apple could have done it easier though. Let’s say you could right-click on a hard disk’s icon on the desktop, then choose “Enable Time Machine for this volume” or something. And then pick a destination. Now it’s an icon in the Dock that leads to a System Preference panel, which in itself is a bit confusing. I’ve never liked the mix of applications an preference panels in the Dock. Spaces This is cool and one feature that I predict I’ll use all the time. For me I see me setting up one space for web development, one for web browsing, one for email, etc. Keep related windows and applications in one space and switch easily between them. This functionality is not really something new and you can already before Leopard get it with third-party applications, but Apple’s implementation of Spaces is nicer than the other ones I’ve tried. Final word I’m excited about the upcoming Leopard release, but after trying the early version I’m a bit disappointed. It’s not as dramatically new as I would have anticipated. But I reserve to give my final judgement obviously until it’s officially out. Look out for a future review in Shuffle once the Leopard has been let out of its cage. | | EmiratesMac shuffle 5

Sm rgasDashB rd by Yasir (EmiratesMac)

FLVPlayer You might not fancy this much probably because you won’t have many Flash video files or maybe you might not have any at all. And if you did I don’t think it might be much use having it played on your Dashboard, if it worked that is. This Widget is so pointless that we won’t even show a screenshot of it. RANKING: LINK:

downloads/dashboard/ movie_tv/flvplayer.html

Chuck Norris Facts Be warned, while reading this review always think positive or else you will face the consequences which will be a round house kick in the face! Chuck Norris himself will entertain you with some wise words... but don’t get him angry. RANKING: LINK:


TomatoMeter Another Widget that gives of ratings for any movie, but this time in a different and a simpler way. You can search for your movie and see the rating in percentage. Itss pretty simple and you get a buy button after you have searched. But the problem with the ratings is that it seems the people who write the reviews seem to be very negative. RANKING: LINK:


Punk This Widget is very useful for those frequent movie watchers that like to see which movies are worth watching. This Widget gets all its information from, it’s very fast and its size is perfect. They should change the name to something that has to do with the Widget itself. It gives you a rating out of 10. Unfortunately our highest rating is 5. RANKING: LINK:

For an explanation of “SmorgasDashBord” go to:

board/movie_tv/punk.html forums/newsletter/3424smorgasdashbord-explanation.html

“Chuck Norris himself will entertain you with some wise words... but don’t get him angry.”

YouTube About time we have something like this. You can now watch any video available on YouTube right on your Dashboard. But it needs alot of improvements for somethings such as the play/pause button. It seems to have a bug and it would be nice if you can also rate the video from the same window. RANKING: LINK:


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All new iPods

by Magnus (EmiratesMac)

At Apple’s Special Event on September 5th 2007 Steve Jobs announced that the company was redoing the entire iPod product line and he wasn’t lying. Jobs first announced that Apple had sold over 3 billion songs through the iTunes Store, and that it’s the number 1 online music store in all of the 22 countries that have such a store. Unfortunately that does not include the Middle East since we still have no iTunes Store here. Arguably the most interesting and perhaps important statistic revealed by Jobs was that 32% of all music released in the US is digital-only meaning there is no CD

released. Steve then moved on to talk about a new version of iTunes which supports Ringtones for the iPhone. Some 500,000 songs on the iTunes Store can now be made into Ringtones for 99 cents in addition to the price of the song (also 99 cents). This of course again requires an iTunes Store account which may be difficult for users in the Middle East to get and to use. In terms of iPods Jobs told us that Apple has sold over 110 million iPods since the start.

So let’s get to what’s new with the iPods. First, and the smallest, is of course the iPod Shuffle. It was only refreshed and now comes in colors: silver, blue, purple, teal, and green. There’s also now a (Product) Red Shuffle, but as before we’re not sure if it’ll make it to the Middle East market. As far as I know the Red Nano was never officially sold her. The Shuffle has the same 1GB configuration as before and sells at $79. The iPod Nano received a much more substantial update. Now Nanos can play video. To support this Apple has put a bigger and brighter 2.0-inch display on the Nano and they’ve redone the design of the Nano. It’s now almost square, with rounded corners, and an all-metal case. It’s very thin and the display takes up most of the front of the iPod. The Nano is also colorful and comes in black, red, silver, blue, and green. In addition to video, there’s now also Cover Flow and games for the iPod nano, all packed into a new and improved user interface, making better use of the small screen. The new Nano comes in a 4GB version for $149 and a 8GB version for $249. What was previously just called iPod is now iPod Classic. They come in a similar case to the nano with all metal-casing and rounded corner. Starting out at 80GB and going up to 160GB the Classic is now even more powerful and has the same improved interface as the nano. Battery life has been improved. It now plays 40 hours of audio and 7 hours of video on one charge. The 80GB will sell for $249 and the 160GB for $349. But the big news at the Special Event was as I’m sure you know already the brand new iPod Touch. The iPhone Steve called “the best iPod Apple had ever made”, that is until September 5th. The iPod Touch looks and operates just like an iPhone, with a similar casing and multi-touch interface. It’s thinner than the iPhone and at 8mm thin it should be amazing to use. But what’s different compared to iPhone? The iPod Touch does not have any phone functions obviously, but it also doesn’t have Bluetooth. It does have Wi-Fi though and since it comes with Safari you can browse the web as long as you have a wireless connection. Some applications are missing on the iPod Touch,

such as Mail and Google Maps, but you can play YouTube videos. The new iPod Touch comes in an 8GB model which cost $299 and an 16GB version for $399. Among other news at the Special Event were a new collaboration between Apple and Starbucks. With the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store customers at Starbucks stores will be able to browse songs, download and purchase then via Wi-Fi. These songs later sync up with the customer’s iTunes library. Obviously it’s only available in the 22 countries that have iTunes Store, so again not for the Middle East. Apple also added a Starbucks button to the iPod Touch which will show when browsing the Wi-Fi network at a Starbucks shop and it will show the user what song is currently playing in the store. And the very last thing was a real bombshell going off. Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone got a lower price at $399, and that there is now only an 8GB version, thereby discontinuing the 4GB version. | | EmiratesMac shuffle 7 offers non-DRM MP3 downloads by Magnus (EmiratesMac)

On September 25 launched a new music download service. So what’s so special about that, you may wonder, and rightly so. Amazon has followed in Apple’s footsteps and offer music files for purchase and download that are without DRM (Digital Rights Management). You probably know that when you previously bought music from the iTunes Store - and this still applies to most music on iTunes - you were restricted in what you could do with that music. You could only put it on certain number of Macs and iPods, for example. Apple had basically encrypted the files so they could control what you can and cannot do with the files. Now Apple sells select songs on iTunes that are not DRM’d and now Amazon is as well. This is good news for consumers because we don’t want to get locked into a particular service. You may be happy with Apple and iTunes today, but tomorrow you may want to go to some other service. If your music is then DRM’d, you’re obviously

restricted in what you can do. The selection on Amazon seems pretty limited for now, but I’m sure it’ll grow eventually. You can play a short clip of songs before buying. Most albums cost around $9 but there are albums at $4 and even lower. I tried Amazon’s service and it worked well. You pick what you want to buy, put in your credit card details (UAE credit card added to an Aramex Shop & Ship PO Box in the US worked well) and then you have to download and install a small application, the “Amazon MP3 Downloader”. When your purchase is complete, you download a small “.AMZ” file from Then you open that file in their downloader application and your music is downloaded to your hard drive. Once finished it can be automatically added to iTunes. And

the files are regular, unprotected MP3-files, so you can take them to any other software or service. In conclusion, Amazon’s new music download service is not as smooth and integrated as iTunes, that’s for sure. But it’s also not too bad, and perhaps it’ll improve in the future. Something to be excited about is that it’s non-DRM’d music and you can purchase it with your Middle East-based credit card. I hope Apple is listening and taking notes.

Photo by Sumaya Al Marzooqi (EmiratesMac)

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Experiences of an Apple Fan

Buying a Mac and Book Reviews by Senthil (EmiratesMac)

Now that I have covered my experiences of being an Apple fan and an Apple explorer in Dubai, India, Thailand and Hong Kong, I wanted to take a break and write about something different but I also have more places to cover. I still did not cover my experience in Sydney and Brisbane as well as Barcelona. As usual, I had great difficulty in picking up where I left my piece last time. What I felt would be better is to share would be my experience with the Apple world between the articles. That way I can share, review, write, criticize and praise everything about Apple and what happened in the Apple world in the last month or so. First and foremost, I got myself a new Macbook, a purchase which I had been postponing for almost a year. The price and the scheme offered on the Macbook in Calcutta was too good to not take it. The 2.16Ghz, 120GB HDD, 1GB RAM, MS Office for Mac and Windows at just AED 6,250 ($1700). I still can’t figure out why there is such a huge difference in price between UAE and India. One of the reasons for such competitive pricing could be that the current Apple dealers don’t want to lose their customers with the imminent tie-up of Reliance Group to set up Apple stores all over the country. Reliance is rumored to be investing almost Rs.100 crores, approx $25 million in this business, hence the desperation of the current dealers to sell at practically nil margins and throw in the MS Office and Windows free to ensure they don’t loose customers. That’s what competition does to prices. All that matters to me is that I got a great deal on my MacBook. New product launches from Apple, new iMac. Normally I would be tracking these launches on various Apple related sites and also our own EMUG and would have shared the excitement with other Apple fans. I was eagerly waiting for iLife’08 since the beginning of the second quarter of ’07. Now I can’t wait

to lay my hands on iLife’08. By the time you read this article, there would have been enough reviews about iLife and iMac though I would add my thoughts on these products later on. Another great thing about being an Apple fan in UAE is that you can share the same passion for Apple with other fans at the monthly Mac user group meetings. This month’s meeting as usual was great fun to attend. Rumors and other Apple related stuff were discussed to keep the excitement flowing. In the last one month, I have read two books related to Apple. One being iCon and the other being iWoz. To me, both of them were a big disappointment. I would say iWoz by Steve Wozniack was a better read than iCon. iCon is a big con on the readers who would buy this book with great expectations of knowing more about the ‘greatest second act in the history of business’. Instead of ‘the greatest second act in the history of business’ one gets to read a diatribe against Steve Jobs. The potrait of Steve in this book is akin to ‘Big Brother’ of 1984. Nothing he does seem to please the authors. All products designed by Steve are either by accident or by some one else. Every decision of Steve is supposed to have taken Apple to brink of disaster in his first avtar as a founder/ Chairman of the company. Only do they grudgingly give credit to Steve for the iPod, even here he is supposed to have crushed the team to get what he wanted. Credit for launch of iMac is given to Gil Amelio, who incidentally is the only person who comes out without escaping the wrath of the authors. Pixar is entirely the baby of John Lassister and all credit is given to John and Steve is portrayed as the destroyer and who is supposed to have taken credit where it is not due. I don’t mind reading books that critique Apple and Steve but am completely against those who seem to have a one point agenda of destroying others reputation.

According to the authors, Steve is supposedly ruthless, insensitive and ungreatful to all including friends and employees. He is supposed to be a micromanager and puts tremendous pressure on his employees to get them to do what he wants. All others views are either ignored or rehashed and again presented as Steve’s views. He is also supposed to have denied stock options to all deserving employees since they don’t belong to the so-called coterie of Steve’s men. I bought this book with great anticipation since reading iWoz, I thought there could be insight into how Steve managed this greatest comeback of all times. This book is a big disappointment to me not because it is a anti-Steve book but because it did not live up to the expectations of the title. There was nothing new in this book other than what is available in public. No new information, no new insight or the palace intrigues that must have gone through when Steve was bought back to head Apple once again. In this book with the exception of Gil Amelio and to some extent John Lasseter, every one is painted black. John Sculley is described as a wimp, Micheal Spindler as a bad dream which needs to be erased. Not a single character is spared. I can’t understand how one can have only shades of black and lead an admired organization like Apple. If what the authors write is true then it would be difficult to, leave alone admire Steve but even like him. One of my favorite on Apple is “Pepsi to Apple” by John Sculley. I really liked this book. I also plan to pick up “On the firing line” by Gil Amelio where he is written about his Apple experience. This would be a nice read to understand what circumstances made him take the decision to bring back Steve. Another book which I intend to pick up is Steve Jobs – “The journey is the reward” by one of the authors of iCon. | | EmiratesMac shuffle 9

Final Cut Studio 2 Modifying Your Workflow by Stephen Bennett (EmiratesMac) Initially I was going to write about how well FCS 2 handled round-tripping (going from FCP to Motion and back as well as the other components of Final Cut Studio). I assumed the upgrade would be painless and the transition minimal. Like me, you probably read all the ?first look? articles online and in the Mac magazines and read Apple’s press release. It?s all very impressive, but when it came to actually implementing the upgrade and modifying my workflows to accommodate the changes, well that’s where the problems came in. You will hear about round-tripping another time. Perhaps, with a fresh install of Mac OS X and a new installation of FCS2, the potential for problems would be minimal, but in the real world not every video editor has extra Macs available to do this. I do have a laptop I use for other purposes, and it had the original FCS on it, so I began by upgrading that system to FCS2 to experiment with after first receiving it. I was completing a project in FCS 1 and I needed the new 3D capability of Motion 3 so I did a stand-alone sequence and exported it out using the animation lossless codec with an Alpha channel and imported the file into the older version of FCP without a problem. I did not have a set deadline for my next project, so I decided to go ahead and upgrade my desktop edit bay (a Dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac) to FCS2. I then started going through the preferences settings to make sure I had everything the way I like it. One common complaint from users about FCP6 is that on larger monitors,

you can’t read the window tabs and file browser contents without lowering the resolution on your monitor. Apple added the ability to change the font size settings in FCP6, including it’s browser and timeline film clip titles, but you still can’t change the size of the font for tabs and timecode settings (see Figure 1).

able to use. Next, I use my fastest hard drive array to capture uncompressed video, render files, and other temporary files. If disaster strikes, I can recapture from tape, and put it on the replacement drive. Only files that are hard to find, like specific graphics files, special exported rendered animations, etc. go in the project folder. I put the AutoSave folder in

Get organized A word of advice: get organized BEFORE you begin importing and capturing clips into your project. Looking at the items in the browser bin in Figure 1, you will see that I have created several folders, marked AUDIO, BACKGROUNDS, CAPTURE, CLOSE, EFFECTS, etc. This is FIGURE 2: It’s best to put capture files and other how my project folder is orga“restorable” files on a separate hard drive than nized on the hard drive. What is your project...and backup, backup, backup!. in my FCP clip bin mimics the file structure on my hard drive. I can find logo elements, imported audio, stills, etc. I can keep track of the names the Project hard drive, not with the capture I give to multiple versions of the same exported files. See FIGURE 2. Another new decision to vdo clip, by simply “cleaning up” at the end of make is in what format and codec do you want each session and putting appropriate sequences to edited sequence to render in. If what you or imported files into each “bin” I can go back choose in the Easy Setup menu doesn’t match later and quickly find what I am looking for. the clip you are dragging into the timeline, The other half of “getting organized” is telling FCP offers to change the timeline settings to FCP where to put your capture files, autosave match the clip. IF THAT’S NOT WHAT files, thumbnails, etc. I put my project files YOU WANT, you have to say no and let FCP on one hard drive that is RAID3. It is slower, render your footage to match. In my opinion, but if one drive fails, a mirror of it is availyou may want to export your multiple format footage into one codec, just to have all your footage the same. Wait a minute, you say. Isn’t it one of the new features of FCP 6 is to drop anything in there and work with it in the timeline? Well, yes and no. If you don’t have one of the newest Macs there will be a limit as to how much real time previewing you will get as you add filters, transitions, etc. This means your Mac will get bogged down as you do your edit, and if it isn’t a minor difference, you won’t be able to view that portion of your timeline without rendering. Gotcha! You see, unless you have one of the newest Macs, don’t plan to have realtime edit preview capability of HD footage, even if converted to Apple’s ProRes HQ setting. This is a machine intensive version of the codec that really needs the newer machines to be able to play back video that’s been changed without having to render. Apple’s in the business of selling hardware and this has always been the best way to “move” people along into upgrading to new hardware, right? Apple’s ProRes codec for SD does work FIGURE 1: Some font sizes can be increased in Final Cut Pro 6, but most cannot.

10 EmiratesMac shuffle | |

fine on my Dual 2.7GHz PowerMac, however. It’s best to put capture files and other “restorable” files on a separate hard drive than your project and backup, backup, backup! Not just work in DV Because ProRes 422 for SD gives me the greater colorspace of 4:2:2 than DV for SD which is usually 4:1:1. This means greater control of color correction, less jaggies when using greensreen chromakey effects, etc. Now, back to actually doing a project with FCS2. Log and capture My first challenge was when I started to log and capture video. There is a new option for logging and capturing video that is already in digital form. Examples include the new Panasonic P2 media, Firestore capture drives, and other hard drive media. This option allows you

FIGURE 3: The original log and capture option is still there and you can bring up the video scopes to monitor your material for potential problems as you log it for capture. to log portions of these files to bring into FCP6 rather than importing the entire file. If you are using Apple’s new ProRes codec, for example, you can render your logged portions to that codec and then your original files can go offline and you can work with the rendered files until you are ready for your final render. Then, you will need your original files online again. The original log and capture option is still there and you can bring up the video scopes to monitor your material for potential problems (See Figure 4). Many production workflows don’t bother with logging before capture. They capture the whole tape before logging. There’s a good reason now, though, to log only the portions you intend to use. Apple’s new SmoothCam filter feature must analyze the entire clip that is imported into FCP 6, so if you import an hour long mini-DV tape, it could take up to

18 hours to analyze! (at least that’s how long it took on my PowerPC dual 2.7ghz desktopSee FIGURE 5). By pulling in only the portions you are likely to use, your clips will be smaller. SmoothCam enlarges the video and attempts to stabilize any shaking or moving. The first clip I tried failed to work. Apparently SmoothCam is a bit picky about how a clip is imported into FCP before it “agrees” to analyze the video. There are two ways to analyze the clip. You can apply the filter to a video clip in your timeline (NOT a nested clip) or you can tell FCP to analyze FIGURE 4: Log & Capture has the video scopes option to it in background. This is preview your footage before capture. less straightforward, but allows the Mac to grind away on the calculations 3. For tape, use the regular Log & Capture when you are away from the computer or not feature. It is suggested to Log before capture using it for other “heavy lifting”. After capturif you plan to take advantage of Apple’s new ing a vdo clip, you can find it in the browser SmoothCam filter because it analyzes the entire window. Right click in the column headings clip before you can use this feature and that at the top of the browser and select “Show can take a long time. Otherwise, be prepared SmoothCam” to see that column heading. to export those shaky portions of your video Scroll your FCP browser window until you and reimport them in order to let SmoothCam see the SmoothCam column and right click in analyze the smaller clip. the same row as your vdo clip. You will have 4. Import remaining media files, or add as the option to “Run Analysis”. If you stop the needed. analysis before it is finished, you lose ALL of it, there is no resuming. This is why it’s a good Next article idea to run this analysis only on the shaky part In my next article, we’ll explore any problems of your video. Or export the portion of video encountered with the actual editing experience you want to apply this effect and import it as a when compared with the previous version of smaller, separate clip. After importing my vdo FCS. clips, I import my other files as needed, like my still photos, photoshop files, and additional audio soundtracks (I have up to six sound Credits tracks synchronized with my video shoot using Stephen Bennett is an independent film a separate digital recorder connected to the director living in Oman and is Managing camera). Director of Captivate Media FZ LLC in Dubai Media City, a media project manageRecap ment consultancy. You may contact him at To recap, I have covered the following gested steps for FCS 2 workflow: 1. Establish your browser clip bin scheme and mimic it in your hard drive project folder. 2. Log your existing digital (like Panasonic P2 media) files using the Log FIGURE 5: SmoothCam analysis takes 18 hours for a one hour & Transfer SD format vdo clip. feature. | | EmiratesMac shuffle 11

Green my App by Magnus (EmiratesMac)

Apple, for all its amazing products and good reputation for design excellence and creativity, has also come under criticism in different areas. One such area is the environment. In 2006 Greenpeace International published a document entitled “Guide to greener electronics” ( press/reports/greener-electronicsapple-rank), which gave Apple a ranking of 2.7 out of 10 on “global policies and practice on eliminating harmful chemicals and on taking responsibility for their products once they are discarded by consumers”. In the lead are Nokia and Dell. Among the worst offenders, according to Greenpeace, are Apple, Motorola, Lenovo, and Acer. Greenpeace’s report states about Apple, for example, “No voluntary takeback for every country where Apple has sales of its products and not for every type of product.” Apple CEO Steve Jobs

announced in May 2007 that Apple Inc. were changing their policy (www. Jobs wrote: “Apple has been criticized by some environmental organizations for not being a leader in removing toxic chemicals from its new products, and for not aggressively or properly recycling its old products. Upon investigating Apple’s current practices and progress towards these goals, I was surprised to learn that in many cases Apple is ahead of, or will soon be ahead of, most of its competitors in these areas. Whatever other improvements we need to make, it is certainly clear that we have failed to communicate the things that we are doing well.” He outlines what Apple is doing in terms of making the company and its products more environmentally friendly, including minimizing the use of lead and restricting other toxic substances

Q: Tell us about your “Green my Apple” campaign. Why did you start it and what is your goal?

piece. What kind of impact do you think your campaign has had on Apple and other electronics companies?

A: This is part of the campaign to “green” the electronics industry. The objective is to push the industry to produce and put on the market products that contain less hazardous chemicals, last longer and for companies to take responsibility for their products when they become waste. Apple being a leader in innovation and design within the industry was our choice to drive a change within this sector cause if Apple do go green others will follow.

A: We believe the announcement of Steve was a direct response to our campaign and what the thousand of Apple users have been demanding Apple to do. The campaign has driven lots of participation from Apple fans asking the same questions we were asking for Apple “why a leader like Apple is not green”. In our campaign (www., we have been assessing the companies’ environmental policies and within a year of campaigning we have witnessed a huge change in transparency, access to information, and commitment to the elimination of hazardous component.

Q: On your site it says that nine months after you started “Green my Apple”, Steve Jobs posted his “A greener Apple”

in products, and Greenpeace seems to agree that Apple is improving. To look at this issue a bit more in depth, we asked a few questions of Zeina Al Hajj, Greenpeace International Toxics Campaign. You can read that interview below. We also contacted Apple IMC ME about this issue and they told us “Arab Business Machine Ltd. does not have a recycling program in the Middle East”. That is a bit disappointing and we would like to urge Apple IMC ME as well as other electronics sellers and distributors in the region to take a more active role in protecting our environment. In the early stages it may cost a bit of money, but in the long run the positive PR will be more than worth it, as well as the good feeling from knowing that you’re doing the right thing. Let’s hope for a greener Apple future.

This can be measured in the quarterly ranking guide that we use to monitor companies’ performance ( toxics/electronics/how-the-companiesline-up). Q: What responsibility, if any, in terms of taking care of our environment, do you think individual retailers or resellers should take, and what is the responsibility of a manufacturer like Apple? A: We believe the corporation that designs the product have a bigger responsibility because if they amend or improve their design, then we will have better and greener products. Retailers and resellers have a responsibility for the consumers to provide them with

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The mosaic appears courtesy of Greenpeace. the best available products not just in term of technology but as well on the environmental impact.

hope that Apple soon will put on the market a green product.

Q: Is Apple doing better lately? Is there anything in particular you would like to see them improve in the future?

Q: In your campaign you’ve targeted Apple Inc. Do you have any plans to expand the campaign to markets covered by IMCs?

A: Steve jobs in his annoucement said this is a first step and more should be expected in the future. Apple has made a positive step by becoming more transparent about their environmental policies and their plans in the future, but Apple is still far away form being a green company. Their products still contains some of the worst hazardous chemicals like BFRS (brominated flame retardant) and they still use the plastic PVC. We still expect improvements, and

A: Our campaign aimed to move the electronics industry to produce “greener” product. The brands have the tools for change and we will keep pressuring them. Resellers/franchises of brand products should follow the guidance of these brands and promote the policies of the brands. We are not targeting resellers currently but we want to see changes in corporate policies and practices and we will act where and when needed to get that to happen.

Q: What is your suggestion to an individual who is thinking about getting rid of their iPod or Mac, in terms of disposing it in an environmentally friendly way? A: We believe it is Apple’s responsibility to secure that a proper disposal if the products is taking place in an environmentally sound way. This is why we are demanding from Apple and the other companies to provide a global take-back of their products wherever they are sold. We expect customers to demand the same. so once your iPod/ iPhone/Mac or any Apple products is dead please return it to the same place your bought it from or an Apple reseller and ask them to deal with it. It is the brands’ responsibility. | | EmiratesMac shuffle 13

A biography of the co-founder and CEO of Apple

All about Steve Jobs Part 4 Photograph by Graham Parker appears courtesy of Apple, Inc.

by Romain Moisescot

The Cube Progress on the NeXT computer was slow, for the good reason that Steve wanted his perfect company to build a perfect computer. And it wasn’t just about the computer: its operating system, NeXTSTEP, was also a real breakthrough in computing. It was based on object-oriented programming, a revolutionary technology that had once again been invented at Xerox’s PARC, which allowed programmers to write software in record time. But writing an easy-to-use and powerful OS using such technology, and from scratch, wasn’t an easy task. Steve’s idea for the NeXT computer design was that of a cube. Not an approximate cube, a perfect cube whose edges would measure exactly one foot. He hired the design firm that had conceived Macintosh, frogdesign, to work out the details of the Cube’s appearance. And indeed, the NeXT Cube was of striking elegance, yet the design choices had some terrible effects on its manufacturing as well as its production costs. The use of magnesium, the black color, even the shape of a cube with perfectly right angles were as much factors that led the manufacturing cost of the Cube to be ten times as high as originally expected. Talking about manufacturing, one decision that Steve made and was very costly to the success of the NeXT computer was to build it in an in-house automated factory, the same way Apple had done it with Macintosh. Just like the computer it would produce, the factory had to be perfect:

it had to be as fully automated as any factory in the world, and based on American soil (which was not to be disapproved by patriotic Ross Perot). Steve insisted that his computer would have to be manufactured “untouched by human hands”. In addition to the assurance of a high-quality product, in-house production was a way for him to make sure there would be no breach in NeXT’s secrecy policy - about which he cared more than anything. The NeXT factory was built in Fremont, the same town that hosted the Macintosh factory. Finally, one of the NeXT Cube’s major flaws was its storage technology. It used a magnetooptical drive, an unfinished technology being developed by Canon. Steve hated floppy disks, and he bet everything on this drive, by making it the only way to move data in and out of the Cube and to store data within. This would prove to be a very expensive choice. The result of all this is that the Cube’s unveiling date was constantly being put off, and its price was constantly climbing. By the fall of 1987, there was still no working prototype to be shown to the academic world, which was starting to get impatient. And the more it waited, the more it would be tough for NeXT to release a successful product: unlike the Macintosh’s release in 1984, in 1988, most universities and students already owned a personal computer. Right before the unveiling of the Cube, there were two major “sugar highs” in the history of NeXT, that made the company feel very

self-confident about its future whereas it should have been worried in a big way. First, a deal was signed with Steve’s former arch-rival, IBM, for a possible future licensing of NeXT’s software, NeXTSTEP, for PCs (IBM had started to get concerned by Microsoft’s emerging monopoly due to the sucess of PC clones). Secondly, a new investment worth $20 million from Canon, for the privilege of selling NeXT computers in Asia. Then, finally, came the day of the unveiling: October 12, 1988. It seemed like the whole world was looking at NeXT, impatient to finally learn about the new creation from Steve Jobs. The excitement had built up to such a level that an East Coast reporter went as far as saying: “Missing this would be like missing Thomas Edison unveil the phonograph. I don’t want to tell my grandchildren I was invited but didn’t go” (“The NeXT Generation: Stars Trek to SF”, San Jose Mercury News, October 1988) The media hype was so high that when a NeXT marketing person called the Wall Street Journal to purchase an ad, the person on the other end replied “Why bother?” The show took place at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Concert Hall. Steve, who stayed on stage for nearly three hours, started his speech by the words: “I think I speak for everybody at NeXT, saying it’s great to be back.” (Applause) “I think together we’re going to experience one of those times that occur once or twice in a decade of computing, a time when a new architecture is rolled

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All about Steve Jobs out that is really going to change the future of computing. And we’ve worked on this for three years. It’s turned out in-cre-di-bly great...” (quoted in Randal E. Stross’ “Steve Jobs and the NeXT Big Thing”) The show ended by a duet between the NeXT computer (to show off its astounding sound capabilities that were made possible by its breakthrough DSP -digital signal processor-chip) and a violinist from the SF Symphony Orchestra, who played together Bach’s A Minor Violin Concerto. The show was so well orchestrated that the audience, filled with experts and industry analysts, didn’t even realize how bad some of the news Steve had delivered were. First, the software that the Cube would use, NeXTSTEP, was very far from release and would not be ready before another six months. Secondly, the price of the Cube was a lot higher than expected, a whopping $6,500, more than twice the maximum universities had agreed to pay! Altogether with the $2,000 laser printer and an additional $2,000 to $4,000 for using a traditional hard disk (which would turn out necessary because the optical drive was so slow), the total cost of the NeXT system was above $10,000!

sales to the non-education market. The base price of the NeXT computer that Businessland sold was $9,995, even higher than the price for higher education. Although Businessland tried as hard as it could to sell NeXT Cubes, it failed. The funny thing about NeXT is that despite its catastrophic results, since it was a privately-owned company, it didn’t have to release its numbers. Therefore, very few people had an accurate idea of how bad the company was doing. They were also misguided by the optimism of investors, like Canon who purchased a 16.67% share of the venture for $100 million in June 1989, making NeXT’s nominal market value raise to $600 million! However at the time the company only had some 200 employees and no revenue to speak of. Businessland’s estimate was that it would sell $150 million worth of NeXT Cubes, i.e. from 10,000 to 15,000 machines. By the end of 1989, however, it had sold a grand total of 360. The numbers were so painful that NeXT’s employees joked they were expressed in units of thousands and had had three zeros lopped off. The NeXT factory was now running at... fewer than 100 Cubes a month, 100 times fewer than it was capable of. However NeXT kept on spending money. In 1989, the company moved to new quarters in Redwood City, along the San Francisco Bay. The construction of these greatly expanded facilities was as extravagant as their predecessor’s. Steve ordered the elevators to be removed entirely to be able to build wide staircases, including one designed by worldfamous architect I.M. Pei that appeared to float by invisible means. The furniture included marble in the dining area, $2,200 chairs and $10,000 sofas in the common areas, and $450 phones in every offices, each connected to a T1 line.

The NeXT slab In January 1990, Steve decided to react to the Cube’s miserable sales. He asked his senior staff whether it was the right product, to which Dan’l Lewin replied they had to build a new, $3,000 machine. This was the start of Warp 9, a crash program to redesign the Cube and have a new machine ready for Fall ‘90. The following month, the same Dan’l Lewin was the first of the 5 cofounders to leave NeXT. Steve Jobs had replaced him as the head of marketing in July ‘89, and he had got tired of the so-called Hero-Shithead Roller Coaster. This was an expression NeXT’s employees used to describe their boss’s way of treating them. He would first use flattery to hire them, and once he succeeded, call their work “shit” (Susan Barnes called this the “seduce-and-abandon mode”). Steve supposedly alternated praise and humiliation all the time. It was his way to make employees give the best they could to the company, because once they had been congratulated, they would do anything they could to make it happen again. This highlycriticized method did prove effective, however, because, in what seems a remarkable achievement in high technology, NeXT did release its new computer in September 1990.

Disappointments Given this figure, it is no wonder that the NeXT Cube was a commercial disaster. By The NeXT Station the time NeXT salesmen tried to sell it to “This is it, the future of NeXT” said Steve universities, students had taken the habit of to the Davies Symphony Hall audience as studying in their dorm room, with their own he showed off four black computers: a faster personal computer (most often a Macintosh). Cube, an even faster Cube with enhanced color It was out of the question for them to get back capabilities, and two of its new “slab” comto computer labs or libraries, to use public puters - a monochrome NeXT Station which computers. So universities saw no reason to sold for $5,000 and a NeXT Station Color, buy a lot of NeXTs. As for the students, it was for $8,000. The master showman also shared no question for them to pay such a large price the spotlight with Lotus’s president, whose for a monochrome computer that had almost company had decided to release their new no useful software, whereas spreadsheet program exclusively the Mac and its hundreds of on the NeXT platform. This educational programs sold for program, called Lotus Improv, almost ten times less. Very was supposed to be a so-called few colleges bought NeXT killer app (an app that in itself Cubes, and they bought them was worth buying the computer in small numbers. To give you that would run it): it was a new an idea, in 1988, the biggest spreadsheet on which you could sales in higher ed were made use plain English in formulas at Cornell University - with instead of cell numbers (e.g. 30+ machines, Allegheny in A2=B3-C3 could be replaced by Pennsylvania - 22 (but 138 Profits = Receipts - Expenses). more would follow), and Lotus Improv, Steve decided, MIT, with 20 computers. would be bundled with any new The NeXT factory, which NeXT machine. The partnership could produce up to 10,000 with Businessland soon ended, Cubes a months, was turning as the giant retailer collapsed them out at the rate of 400 in 1991. The new marketing a month! It became quickly strategy was to use 100 small apparent that NeXT had to independent computer dealers broaden its target market to all over the United States, each make money. So in March selling NeXT’s machines with 1989, the company ana measure of exclusivity in their nounced it had completed immediate environment. NeXT Steve Jobs with Scott McNealy, Former CEO of SUN a deal with Businessland, at also started expanding internathe time the nation’s largest tionally: it made its European decomputer retailer, to allow but at the 1991 CeBit trade show | | EmiratesMac shuffle 15

All about Steve Jobs in Hanover, Germany, the largest trade show in the world. Soon, the company signed up 100 separate European dealers, each pledging to invest $1,000,000 setting up sales, training and support. There was also an increase in Japanese sales through the deal with Canon. By mid-1991, 50% of NeXT’s sales were made outside the US. The new computers and the new strategy brought hope to the company, whose revenues for year 1990 were only $28 million. There were also big changes in Steve’s personal life. On March 18, 1991, he married Laurene Powell, a Stanford MBA student, at Yosemite. The plain ceremony was conducted by Zen buddhist Kobin Chino, Steve’s guru whom he met with in the early 1970s (and who was the one who encouraged him to start Apple

instead of becoming a Zen monk). Laurene gave birth to Steve’s son in September of that same year, that the couple named Reed Paul (in remembrance of Steve’s alma mater). The initial birth announcement read: “Laurene and I were blessed with a child, a boy, as yet unnamed; new product names are hard...” Steve also started to make his now-teenage daughter Lisa part of his new family. According to everyone at NeXT, Steve’s new fatherhood changed him in profound ways, including some positive effects on his behavior towards employees. As far as the relationship with IBM was concerned, things quickly turned bitter. Remember, in 1988, when the Cube was unveiled, Jobs had promised he would cooperate with IBM to have his NeXTSTEP software running on an IBM-compatible machine. In 1990, the partnership was officially cancelled. There were many reasons for it to end, including: 1) NeXTSTEP was hard to adapt to IBM’s own version of Unix because it was technologically far ahead of it

2) NeXT didn’t prove very cooperative because it refused to let IBM engineers use the latest versions of their software. Steve was still suspicious of the giant IBM: “I’m not stupid enough to give you everything I have, when you have 27,000 salespeople” (quoted in “Steve Jobs and the NeXT Big Thing”). As a consequence of this, IBM turned to Apple and signed an agreement for developing a new object-oriented operating system, based on the same principles as NeXTSTEP. 1991 turned out to be another disappointing year. After the Q1 results, which showed NeXT had once again failed to achieve profitability, Ross Perot and Canon started to get more involved in the company and to criticize some of Steve’s decisions, like the inhouse manufacturing. In May ‘91, Jobs hired Mike Slade, a former Microsoft executive, to take charge of the Marketing Dpt. He pointed out that NeXT should position itself in the workstation market, not the personal computer market, and that therefore its main competitor was Sun Microsystems. NeXT Software, Inc. NeXT’s revenues did increase in Q2 1991, reaching $46 million. The problem was that NeXT kept losing money as much as ever, in part because of its distribution via boutique dealers. By the end of the third quarter of ‘91, NeXT’s sales fell almost by 50%. This was enough for Perot who discretely left the very small club of NeXT’s investors. His departure, along with the cancelled agreement with IBM, made Canon the one and only remaining possible savior of a company that was bleeding money. The Japanese accepted to put in $10 million, than another $10 million, then another $20 million... afraid they might lose all of their original $100+ million investment. In all, NeXT had blown through $250 million of investment capital and was still financially very unhealthy. But of course, no-one knew about it. Because of Steve’s optimistic announcements, Wall Street investors thought NeXT was a success and they were begging Steve to let them invest in it. On October 31, the news of NeXT’s initial public offering was made. It let NeXT’s employees dream of better tomorows once again. However the IPO never materialized. None of this proved sufficient in making NeXT a lucrative business. Increasing pressure from many executives in the company was put on Steve Jobs to abandon NeXT’s hardware operations. It was obvious to many that the only way NeXT could possibly succeed was by licensing its software to other manufacturers. The era of proprietary technology, where a single company provided both hardware and software - the way Apple had always done it - was thought to be over. Steve, who delighted in designing beautiful computers, who loved spending time in NeXT’s high-tech factory,

who called himself a “product guy”, refused to give up hardware. However, he did accept to license NeXT STEP. The announcement was made in January ‘92, at NeXTWORLD Expo, in San Francisco. During the keynote, Steve talked about the development of NeXTSTEP 486, a version of NeXTSTEP that would run on Intel’s 486 IBM-compatible chips. However the OS wouldn’t be ready before another nine months. He also announced NeXT’s total sales in 1991, which were worth $127.5 million. Two months later, Steve hired a new COO, Peter van Cuylenburg, as part of a deal with Canon. Van Cuylenburg had to deal with the many problems the company had to face, like the delay in the progress on NeXTSTEP 486 which would not be ready until 1993, forcing potential customers to buy NeXT’s expensive hardware to run NeXTSTEP, and the constant bleeding of money, which was compensated by an ultimate investment from Canon, which put in $55 million (and forced Steve to invest $10 million). The company was doing so bad that it kept losing its most precious executives: Mike Slade left, followed by cofounder Bud Tribble (who in the meantime had married cofounder Susan Barnes, who herself had resigned one year earlier). The exodus continued with the VP of sales Todd Rulon-Miller, quickly followed by early cofounder and hardware manager Rich Page. George Crow was the only original cofounder remaining. Steve with Sun Microsystems’ boss Scott McNealy. The cubes they are holding represent their support of object-oriented software. Then came the greatest outrage: Van Cuylenburg betrayed Steve. Exactly the way it had happened at Apple with John Sculley 7 years earlier, the COO contacted Sun’s Scott McNealy and proposed that Sun should buy NeXT, kick out Steve and install him, Peter, as head of the company. McNealy’s sense of honor had him make a phone call to Steve to inform him of the perfidy. Van Cuylenburg was promptly escorted to the door, but this episode put Steve even further into depression. On February 11, 1993, Steve Jobs officially confirmed he had given up and shut down NeXT’s efforts in hardware. The company had morphed into a software business, NeXT Software, Inc. 300+ of NeXT’s 530 employees lost their job on that day, and the high-tech factory was inherited by Canon, which sold all of its content - Herman Miller chairs, NeXT Cubes and other unused laser printers - in a memorable auction sale in September ‘93.

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Credits This biography of Steve Jobs is published with the permission of Romain Moisescot. You can find the original online at www. You will find the next part of the biography in the next issue of shuffle.

GITEX 2007

by Magnus (EmiratesMac)

“EmiratesMac Apple User Group today concluded their first participation at the premiere IT and telecommunications tradeshow in the Middle East, GITEX 2007 in Dubai. Staffed by members of the user group, EmiratesMac was present at the stand of Apple IMC ME during the whole GITEX week. Talking and interacting with the public, as well as giving presentations, the members showed passion about Apple and their products, and raised the bar for future GITEX participation. “

“At GITEX, EmiratesMac distributed a total of around 4000 copies of their newsletter Shuffle Middle East. Shuffle is the only Apple-focused publication in the Middle East and it’s currently produced in Arabic as well as English. It’s written, designed, and produced by members of the user group. Members of other Apple User Groups in the Middle East are welcome to submit articles for publication in Shuffle.”

“This has been a wonderful experience for us. Our volunteering members have talked to so many companies and individuals about the concerns they have, and how we could work together to help Apple fans across the region. One of the best thing has been that we’ve been able to spread our newsletter Shuffle to so many new readers, that’s really exciting”, said Magnus Nystedt, President of EmiratesMac Apple User Group. | | EmiratesMac shuffle 17

Mac Models 101 by Magnus (EmiratesMac) Selecting what Mac to buy can sometimes be daunting, especially if you’re new to Macs. Therefore we put together this short guide to the different models of Macintosh computers currently on offer from Apple. This guide only offers some brief pointers. To evaluate what you should buy, we advice you spend some time with the Mac in a store. iMac The ultimate home desktop computer, the iMac is the all-in-one that packs a punch. You can get 20 or 24-inch screen, up to 4GB of RAM, and 1TB of hard drive. The iMac’s selling point is the integrated package, which also happens to look really awesome. Price from AED6199.

Mac mini The introductory model, petite as it is, still packs quite a punch. Don’t take it’s small size as a sign that it’s slow. It comes with Core2Duo processor of up to 2.0GHz, which is plenty for most things you’d want to do. It can also take up to 2GB RAM and 160GB hard drive as well as a SuperDrive. It’s limitation lies in that it’s very hard to upgrade, and it has integrated Intel graphics, so don’t expect to play the latest 3D games on a mini. Price from AED2699

Mac Pro For the ultimate in power and flexibility, you can’t beat Mac Pro but it’s not cheap. You can get it up to an eight-core configuration, 16GB RAM, four 750GB hard drives, and two optical drives. You also have a selection when it comes to graphics card. Price from AED10599.

MacBook Pro For the technology you can find inside them, the MacBook Pros are surprisingly compact. But no one can say that the 17-inch model is light and easy to transport. The 15-inch model is slightly smaller, and the both sport gorgeous, large display, up to 2.4GHz Core2Duo processors, 4GB or RAM, and 250GB of hard drive. If its power and large screens you want, MacBook Pro is your choice. Price from AED8999. MacBook The main attraction of the MacBook is obviously its size. It has a 13.3-inch display which has enough resolution for most things, but is limited for tasks such as design. Core2Duo processor of up to 2.16GHz, RAM up to 2GB, and hard drive up to 200GB. The MacBook is a lot of power in a small package. If mobility is your primary concern, this is your choice. Price from AED5299.

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Tip: Your JPG not showing in the web browser? by Magnus (EmiratesMac)

This may be a tip that only a few of you can really benefit from, but if it can help at least someone then it’s worth sharing. If you’re developing web pages and use the JPG picture format it may happen that the picture doesn’t show up on the web page. You check the HTML code, the picture’s location on the server, and all those usual things, but still it doesn’t display. So what to do? The problem can be that your JPG is saved in the CMYK color-space rather than in RGB. CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) and RGB (Red Green Blue) are two different ways of defining and specifying colors. We’re not going to go in to that in any more detail, perhaps another time, but a color defined in CMYK is not necessarily the same as a color in RGB, and that’s just

the start of the problem. Computers think in RGB so when you do web graphics you should use RGB. In print CMYK is the choice so when we design Shuffle, for example, all the pictures have to be in CMYK. Now, to add to this interesting mixture, Apple’s web browser Safari is capable of displaying JPG pictures in CMYK, but Firefox is not. So the picture will show up great in Safari but Firefox will not show it at all or give you an error message. It may say something like “ whatever.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors”. So all pictures that you put on your web pages should be saved as RGB. The Sheridan Group has a brief but good article about CMYK and RGB ( cmyk_color.html).

EmiratesMac Training Courses EmiratesMac’s course offerings start off with Introduction to Mac OS X and iLife. In the Mac OS X course you will learn the basics of how to log in and get going with your Mac, find your way around the interface, open and save files, do some simple maintenance, get online, and more. In the iLife course we cover how to manage and edit photos, create movies, burn DVDs, create web pages, and put together a music masterpiece, all with the iLife applications. We charge 250Dhs for each threehour course, which includes a one-year membership in EmiratesMac User Group. If you are already a member you pay 100Dhs per course. You can pay online with a credit card.

For more information and to sign up: | | EmiratesMac shuffle 19

Shuffle Reviews In this issue of shuffle, we review two of Apple’s latest software offerings, iWork 08 and iLife 08. They were both released in an Apple Special Event in August. We also take a look at MacOffice Professional, a newcomer to the office-suite market for Mac.

FIND MORE ONLINE. You can find more information online and share your views about the items we tested in this issue or anything else on our web site at

MacOffice Professional by Magnus (EmiratesMac) Price $47.95 From MacOffice Professional Inc. Distributor MacOffice Professional Inc. Web

MacOffice Professional is sold as “the most powerful and compatible office suite for OS X”. I doubt either of those claims are true, but it is a nice alternative to other more established Office suites as Microsoft Office. MacOffice Professional consist of modules for word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, relational database, equation editing, charting and drawing. Each module looks and works much like what you are used to from Microsoft Office. By all accounts MacOffice Professional is a packaged version of NeoOffice ( NeoOffice which builds on (, is a free an open source office suite. This means it’s free for you to download and use. As far as I can tell MacOffice plays nicely with the open source licenses that it falls under, and you can even download the source code (www., even though this is not noted on their web site that I can see. If you unzip the archive it even says “Intructions for Building NeoOffice” in the “Readme.txt” text file. Mac Office Professional comes with “unlimited tech support” which is good, but it seems to be only via email which makes it’s usefulness limited. On the DVD you can find “336 vector clip art pieces”. There are also “1298 high resolution photos” on the disk. But if you consider that 218 of them are of “cacti” and 95 of “roses”, you question how useful this collection would be unless you’re into gardening. Honestly, I wold like to be able to recommend MacOffice Professional to you, but it’s hard. Since you can download the same thing for free (NeoOffice), or pay a little bit more to get iWork, it’s hard to justify almost $50 for this application.

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iWork 08 by Magnus (EmiratesMac) Price AED329 From Apple Inc. Distributor Apple IMC ME Web software/iwork/

When Apple finally released iWork 08 we had been waiting for about eight months after the expected launch which never happened at MacWorld Expo 2007. Now finally iWork 08 is here and with the usual price tag of $79 (AED329), is it worth upgrading? Let’s take a look. Pages received some not so noticeable but yet very important updates. The one that’s going to affect your work with Pages is the dual mode. You can work with Pages in word processor mode, which is good for when you enter text. The pages follow after one another with breaks and you can concentrate on writing the text. In Layout mode you see the design of the pages, can place and move around graphics, etc. The Layout mode is much what previous versions of Pages was like. Now they’ve strengthened the word processing capabilities. Another new thing is the contextually aware format tool bar. It sits at the top of the document window and changes its content depending on in which mode you work and what is selected. Here you have access to commonly used features like setting text as bold, etc. This format bar exists in all three iWork applications. Apple also built in tracking into Pages, which is a welcome addition. With the few Word documents I tried, tracking information seemed to carry over just fine. But Pages tracks just changes in text. If you add or edit a picture or something, that doesn’t appear in the tracking information. Apple still only allow mail-merge with Mac OS X’s Address Book, so those who mail-merge a lot will want to keep Word around for a bit longer. KeyNote is the oldest application in the collection so perhaps it’s understandable that it’s not getting as much new things as the other applications. One new feature which is in all three applications is a new alpha-channel editor. With it you can with a few clicks set transparent areas on any graphics you import. This will probably be more useful in KeyNote than in the other applications. The Smart Build function makes it easier to position a series of pictures and make them into a sort of animation on one slide. Previously you had to use many slides to accomplish the same. Animation has finally arrived in KeyNote and now there’s support for what’s called path-based animation. You basically draw a path on which you want to animate something, specify a start point and an end point and how the animation should look, then KeyNote does everything in between. If you’ve ever done motion tween in Flash you get the idea. Last but certainly not least we come to Numbers. Including a spreadsheet application in iWork has arguably been one of the most popular requests since iWork made its debut. Apple has taken a novel approach to spreadsheets and that’s good so Numbers can be set apart from Excel more. Numbers is like an empty canvas on which you can place any number of independent grids. In Excel each worksheet is an entire grid on its own. It’s hard to explain without you seeing it, but trust me, it brings a whole new dimension to spreadsheets. The most common functions you’ve come to expect are there in Numbers and you can also write formulas, construct graphs, etc. For the casual spreadsheet user Numbers is easier to use yet more flexible than Excel. For the more advanced user it can be limiting, especially if you depend on macros. One thing I personally miss in all three applications is the ability to work directly with Office files. I mean you can, for example, open a Word file in Pages, but then you can’t just hit save, and it saves back to that Word file. You have to go to Export. This adds an extra step which could be avoided. But other than that I’m very happy using iWork in an Windows and Office environment. In the weeks I’ve been using iWork 08 there has been a few times when Office documents have not converted correctly. iWork 08 is a very solid upgrade and I’d say it’s a must have for anyone using it on a regular basis. And if you want a spreadsheet application it’s a no-brainer to upgrade. | | EmiratesMac shuffle 21

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iLife 08 by Magnus (EmiratesMac) Price AED329 From Apple Inc. Distributor Apple IMC ME Web software/ilife/

iLife 08 is the much-anticipated upgrade to the iLife suite and it comes with some surprises as well as a few disappointments. Let’s start with iPhoto. In iLife 08, iPhoto gets a pretty extensive face lift in terms of the interface and many new functions are introduced. Moving away from focusing on rolls of photos, iPhoto 08 introduced the concept of Events. And frankly it makes sense since most of our photography focuses on some kind of event, like a birthday, a wedding, a party, or something. One feature I really welcome is what’s called “Lift” and “Stamp” in Aperture. When you’ve done adjustments to a photo you can apply the same adjustments to other photos. Also borrowed from Aperture is that iPhoto now saves any number of versions of photos that you edit. Previously it only saved one copy. Tied in to new features in .Mac is the new Web Gallery. It’s more fully-featured and makes albums look much better than before. Albums can be password protected, but they can also be opened up so other users can submit photos. New additions to the Adjustment panel and the Retouch tool should make it easier for users to touch-up their photos. iMovie is the other major application in the suite and it has for 08 been completely rewritten. It’s basically a new application inside and out. The focus has shifted from editing and making movies to capturing and organizing movies. Those who have become used to the editing in earlier iMovies will probably be disappointed with the new version. On the other hand those who love iPhoto will probably also like the new iMovie. Like others have said, iMovie 08 is iPhoto for movies. I think Apple is trying to make more of a difference between iMovie and the higher-end applications Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro. Skimming is probably the coolest feature in iMovie. When you have your clips in iMovie you can seamlessly scroll through them and it plays them live. It makes editing much easier than before, trying to find what to cut. An improved Adjustments panel gives users more control over how they movies turn out, and support for more video formats are all good news. Something else that was strongly promoted by Apple is that you can now publish directly to YouTube from iMovie, and to the new .Mac Web Gallery. There’s also pre-set export formats for Apple TV and iPhone. Something that will disappoint many is that plug-ins from previous iMovie versions will not work in 08. In fact there is no plug-in support at all in iMovie 08. iDVD was almost ignored in iLife 08 and is virtually the same as in 06 so there’s not much to say about it. The new iDVD comes with 10 new good-looking themes and it now includes professional level encoding through two-pass variable bit rate (VBR) encoding. Garageband has always been a fun and easy application to use, with which anyone could create a podcast or even compose some music. The previous version of Garageband was all about podcasting, now Apple turns their attention back to music. The most noticeable news in Garageband 08 is Magic Garageband. It works like a virtual orchestra, where you can pick instruments that play together, in a simple interface. There are also other news like multi-take recording which should be of value if you record live music, an arrangement feature which helps in the editing process, and 24-bit recording and export. iWeb is like the black sheep of the family and the newest addition. The new iWeb still produces the same heavy-coded web pages as the old version. It does produce very nice looking pages though. iWeb 08 focuses on improving the photo gallery functionality by letting users subscribe to RSS feeds for photos and leave comments. One cool addition is that you can now use your own domain for you iWeb site, but it’s rather complicated to set up and not something that most users will bother with, I think. You can also use widgets for Google Adsense and Maps on your iWeb site by just a few clicks. In conclusion, iLife 08 is a worthy upgrade to the suite of applications we’ve come to love and depend on. Is it an upgrade that you should run out and buy? Not necessarily. It’s not a must-have upgrade, but a good upgrade nonetheless.

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Profile of a Mac Seller by Magnus (EmiratesMac)

Name: Title: Store:

Ali Al Juneidi Senior Sales Executive iStyle Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

Q: When did you start working for iStyle? A: July 2006

Q: What’s the best part of your job? A: Getting more people to use Mac especially those who really never seen one.

Q: What did you do before working at iStyle? A: I studied for a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at Yarmuk university in Jordan.

Q: What is your favorite Apple product and why? A: 12-inch Powerbook because it’s so small I can take it everywhere and it does everything.

Q: When was the first time you used a Mac and what was your first impression? A: That was in July 2066 when I joined iStyle. I remember I was really impressed by the ease of use and the performance of operating system.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job? A: Trying to convince someone who used Windows for all their life.

Q: Do you have a funny story about something that has happened in your job? A: One time a group of guys came into the store. They started looking at the MacBooks. One of them looked at the Apple logo in the display and said “So iPod is making notebooks now?” Q: Is there any particular product you wish Apple would release? A: That’s easy a 12-inch MacBook Pro.

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Peel The Apple Get answers to your Apple tech support questions. Email

Q: I like Safari but I use Firefox most of the time. It just seems to make pages look and work better. I have a .Mac account so bookmarks in Safari sync okay, but how can I make my bookmarks in Firefox sync between my Macs? A: It’s actually really easy and works well with something called FoxMarks (www. FoxMarks is an Add-on (formerly called Extension) to Firefox and with it you set up a free account on their servers to which your bookmarks are synchronized. You can select if it should be done automatically on a schedule or manually when you choose to. Recently, FoxMarks introduced a mobile service for phones, PDAs, and other devices. You can find it at You can log in to your FoxMarks account on the mobile device and get access to all your bookmarks. That’s a very nice addition to the service. Q: I am a PC user but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Macs so I’m considering buying one. What I wanted to ask is if all Macs play HD movies? I travel a lot and bring movies with me on the hard disk and I want good quality video. A: No problem, all Macs can play HD video in any resolution. You may want to get a player that can handle any video codec. VLC is a great choice ( vlc/). If you are really concerned about getting the very best quality it may be worth considering that it is currently only the top-of-the-line 17-inch MacBook Pro that can play 1080i at native resolution. It goes up to 1920x1200 which means it can pixelfor-pixel play 1080i movies in full resolution (which would be 1920x1080).

Q: Sometimes when I try to get a file off of my external hard drive, my Mac seems to just freeze. I can force quit applications, and even restart the Finder, but it won’t be okay again until I restart. If I don’t have the external drive attached and don’t use files on it everything is okay. The drive is a MyBook 500GB. A: I would be very careful about using that external drive. You should try to copy as much information from it as you can and then try to reformat it. You do that with Disk Utility (in the Applications > Utilities folder). If the formatting fails then there’s not much you can do to save it. If formatting works you can still use the drive but don’t rely on it for anything critical as the problem may be a sign of it going bad. If copying files from the drive or formatting fails then you can try something like DiskWarrior (www. or TechTool Pro ( n=content&task=view&id=31). They are rather expensive and in my experience they rarely work, but if you have really important data on the disk it may be worth it. Q: Recently I’ve been working with some colleagues on a project where we need to share documents. We’d like to do this online so we don’t have to email them to each other all the time. We’re mostly Mac users but there are some Windows people too. What’s your suggestion? A: You have many options from commercial solutions to building your own web site. The solution I would recommend, and it’s free, is Google Docs ( It’s an online storage, editing, and sharing facility for word processing and spreadsheet documents. You only need a GMail

address to get going and you can get that for free ( Once you start creating documents in Google Docs, they are all stored in your account online. For each document you can share it with others. You can decide if the other users should be able to view a document or edit it. You can even publish the documents as web pages for even easier sharing of information. If you have MS Office documents already you can import them into Google Docs and from Google Docs you can export back to files on your hard drive.

Send your Apple tech support questions to Your questions are answered by Magnus Nystedt, a Certified Apple Help Desk Specialist, with experience of Macs going back to the Mac Plus. Also with over ten years of teaching IT at college and university, he’s in a perfect position to help you sort out your problems. You can reach Magnus at magnus@ or at

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Recipe: Apple Cobbler

Weaving The Web

by Crystal (EmiratesMac)

With the temps outside getting cooler, it is nice to have something that will warm your tummy. The Apple Cobbler is one of the best ways that I know how to do that. The only thing that would be better is to add a big scoop of ice cream or whipped cream to that Cobbler. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do. Serves 6-8. From



Filling ingredients: 1/4 cup sugar (or more, up to 1/2 cup, to taste) 1 1/2 Tbsp four 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 4 Tbsp (1/4 cup) unsalted butter 3 lbs. tart apples (such as granny smith), peeled, cored, and sliced (about 6 large apples) 3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Filling directions: Melt the butter in a large sauté pan over medium heat. Stir in apple slices, lemon juice, cinnamon, sugar and flour. Cover partially and cook until just tender, about 10 minutes. Stir in vanilla. Transfer to buttered 10” pie dish. (This recipe has the crust only on the top). 2. Crust directions: In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Cut in butter with a pastry blender or your fingertips until mixture resembles fine crumbs. Stir in ginger. Stir orange zest into cream; then, using a fork, stir cream into flour until the doug holds together. Gather dough into a ball; knead briefly then roll out to a little larger than pie dish. Transfer to dish; trim off excess. Score the center so the steam can escape while baking. Brush with cream. 3. Bake 10 minutes in a 450º oven. Reduce heat to 375º and bake 20-25 minutes. Serve warm with whipped cream.

Crust ingredients: 2 cups flour 1/4 cup sugar 2 tsp. baking powder 1/4 tsp. salt 2 Tbsp unsalted butter, chilled and cut into small pieces 2 Tbsp coarsely chopped crystallized ginger Zest of one orange 1 cup heavy cream, plus more for glaze

Crystal is the founder and editor of She writes about various kinds of issues of interest to parents in the UAE. Crystal will be bringing us a new recipie based on apples in each edition of the newsletter. She promises it will be an exciting and mouth-watering mix of dessert, main courses, snacks, and more. Kuwait Mac Community UAE Community Blog Inside Mac Games Google Adsense | | EmiratesMac shuffle 25

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Some time in the future, when we look back at this time, we’ll probably think something like “remember when the iPhone was launched, how it changed everything?” Perhaps it was the same way when the iPod first arrived, but I doubt it, because I’m guessing it would have started selling here officially not too long after it was out in the US. And there would have been none of this unlocking stuff going on. The iPod obviously changed a lot of things for Apple. It gave Apple a product that could be sold in a lot of places that would not have thought about selling Apple products before that, and it brought a whole new set of customers to Apple. The famous - or infamous - “halo effect”, whether it’s real or not, at least is an interesting concept to consider, meaning whether by selling iPods to customers, the same customers may also be interested in buying Macs. Now a similar thing is happening, where new customers are being brought to Apple and this time it’s the iPhone. The iPhone is a different beast than the iPod though. For one, it’s in most customers’ minds a mobile phone. This means that a lot of people who would not care about an iPod are interested in iPhone. It also means that Apple is now playing in an industry that they’ve not been in before, and some people would argue, an industry that they don’t understand. With the iPod, Apple depended to some degree on the music and movie industries, but with the iPhone, at least the way Apple has gone about it, they depend on mobile phone operators like AT&T, O2, T-Mobile, and Orange. What that means in terms of bringing iPhone here,

How the iPhone changed (almost) everything by Magnus (EmiratesMac) we still don’t know. So far iPhone has been launched in countries where most mobile phone customers have monthly contracts and handsets are subsidised by operators. Not so in the Middle East, where most users are on pre-paid and there are no subsidised handsets. On we’ve seen a direct effect of the iPhone arriving, albeit unofficially, in our region. A lot of users are interested in the iPhone and many have bought it and unlocked it. We’ve also had issues with people wanting to sell iPhones. In terms of these sellers, many individuals and companies that would never have sold Apple products before are now selling iPhones. This means that a lot of people who have not been around Apple, Apple culture, and Apple users, are now exposed to those very things. And I think it can be a bit of a culture shock sometimes, for someone who’s not been around Apple fans, to get exposure to group of Appleholics. And I think we’ve seen examples of that right here on our site. I would say, and I may be wrong, that Apple fans are generally well-informed users, who have made a conscious choice to buy from Apple. It’s more likely that someone actively chooses a Mac over a PC, than someone choosing a PC over a Mac. The PC is kind of like the default or the standard, and to go away from that requires an active choice on the part of the user. And that’s a good think, I think. It forces the user to make a decision, which in turn means they should consider their situation more carefully. If the PC is the default choice, making that choice requires little or no thought put into it. This would then mean, arguably, that Mac users, since they’ve made a choice, are more conscious of their situation, what they have in terms of a computer, etc. Some in our community

blindly accept anything out of 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, but by and large Apple fans are really not the easiest customers to satisfy. We demand a lot from “our” company and their products they bring out, but we are also loyal. I am a long-time Mac user, going back to the late 1980’s. So I’ve been around through most operating system versions from Apple even way before Mac OS X, through the transitions from 68k to PowerPC to Intel, through Steve returning to Apple, etc. So it’s with that perspective I now look at what’s happening. And to me the iPhone is exciting, and it’s a remarkable product, but Apple to me is still at the core all about Mac, and I think the financial figures from Apple still backs this up. It’s the Mac that started it all and it’s still at the center of what they do. Most other products still require a Mac (or a Windows box) to perform certain functions. Publicly I’m not sure that’s the view Apple portrays anymore though, intentionally or not. They are doing great things with Macs still, but the big launches are iPhone, AppleTV, new iPods, etc. What changes this brings for Apple in the future we obviously don’t know, but my bet is that we’ll keep seeing Macs playing a critical role in Apple’s strategy. There will be other big launches like the iPhone, but Mac will always be there, at the heart of the whole ecosystem of devices that Apple is building up. So do you think that some day we’ll look back at what’s happening now and say that the iPhone changed everything? In the TV show “Heroes” there’s a character called Hiro. He can travel through time, and even stop time. From some point in the future, you travel back to today by using some of Hiro’s capabilities, what do you think your impressions would be of what’s happening? | | EmiratesMac shuffle 29

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‫• ﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ »ﻣﺎﻙ ﺍﻻﻣﺎﺭﺍﺕ« ﻫﻲ ﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﺍﺟﺘﻤﺎﻋﻴﺔ ﻏﻴﺮ ﻫﺎﺩﻓﺔ ﻟﻠﺮﺑﺢ‬ ‫ﻫﺪﻓﻬﺎ ﻧﺸﺮ ﺍﻟﻮﻋﻲ ﺍﳌﻌﻠﻮﻣﺎﺗﻲ ﺣﻮﻝ ﻣﻨﺘﺠﺎﺕ ﺃﭘﻞ ﻓﻲ ﺩﻭﻟﺔ ﺍﻻﻣﺎﺭﺍﺕ‬ ‫ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺑﻴﺔ ﺍﳌﺘﺤﺪﺓ ﻭﺍﳌﻨﻄﻘﺔ‪ ،‬ﻭﺯﻳﺎﺩﺓ ﻭﻋﻲ ﻭﻣﻬﺎﺭﺍﺕ ﺍﻋﻀﺎﺀ ﺍﺠﻤﻟﻤﻮﻋﺔ‪.‬‬ ‫• ﺭﺳﻢ ﻋﻀﻮﻳﺔ »ﻣﺎﻙ ﺍﻻﻣﺎﺭﺍﺕ« ﺍﻟﺴﻨﻮﻳﺔ ﻫﻲ ‪ ١٥٠‬ﺩﺭﻫﻢ ﺇﻣﺎﺭﺍﺗﻲ‪.‬‬

‫• ﻣﺰﺍﻳﺎ ﺍﻟﻌﻀﻮﻳﺔ ﺍﻭ ﻋﺮﻭﺿﻬﺎ ﺍﳋﺎﺻﺔ ﺧﺎﺿﻌﺔ ﻟﻠﺘﻐﻴﻴﺮ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻱ ﻭﻗﺖ‪،‬‬ ‫ﻭﺗﻘﻮﻡ ﺍﺠﻤﻟﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﻣﻊ ﺍﻋﻀﺎﺀﻫﺎ ﻭﺍﳌﺆﺳﺴﺎﺕ ﺍﳌﺴﺎﻧﺪﺓ ﻟﻬﺎ ﲟﺮﺍﺟﻌﺔ ﻫﺬﻩ‬ ‫ﺍﳌﺰﺍﻳﺎ ﺳﻨﻮﻳﺎﹰ‪ .‬ﺭﺍﺟﻊ ﺍﻟﺼﻔﺤﺔ ﺍﳋﺎﺻﺔ ﺑﺎﻟﻌﻀﻮﻳﺔ ‪:‬‬ ‫‪.‬‬

‫• ﺑﻌﺪ ﺗﻘﺪﱘ ﻃﻠﺐ ﺍﻟﻌﻀﻮﻳﺔ ﻭﺩﻓﻊ ﺭﺳﻤﻬﺎ‪ ،‬ﺳﻴﻜﻮﻥ ﲟﻘﺪﻭﺭﻙ ﺍﺳﺘﻼﻡ‬ ‫ﺑﻄﺎﻗﺔ ﻋﻀﻮﻳﺘﻚ ﻓﻲ ﺍﺣﺪ ﺍﺟﺘﻤﺎﻋﺎﺕ ﺍﺠﻤﻟﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﺍﻭ ﻓﻲ ﺃﻱ ﻣﻨﺎﺳﺒﺔ ﺍﺧﺮﻯ‪.‬‬ ‫‬

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wwwÆ t½«uMŽË «—U�ù« „U� WŽuL−� l�u0 —«u×K� hB�²� Èb²M� qHA� ‰ušb�«Ë  UŠd²I*«Ë  UIOKF²�« ÕdÞ rJMJ1 emiratesmacÆcomØforums vKŽ WŽu³D*UÐ ‰UBðô« sJ1 UL� Æs¹dšü« l�u*« w�b�²�� l�  UA�UM� w� nðU¼ ¨…bײ*« WOÐdF�«  «—U�ù« ¨w³þuÐ√ ¨ ∑∞≤∂≥ ∫» ’ vKŽ Íb¹d³�« UN½«uMŽ w½Ëd²JO�_« l�u*« …—U¹“ Ë√ ´π∑±≤∂∂∂¥≤∏π ∫ f�U� ´ π∑±µ∞∏±∑±±∂¥ ∫ r�— wwwÆemiratesmacÆcom

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tłu²�« «– …bײ*« WOÐdF�«  «—U�ù« W�Ëœ w� …bOŠu�« WŽu³D*« w¼ …—«b�ù« Ác¼ w� sKFÔð U�bMŽ ÆœuÄ Í¬Ë ‘u²M�U�  U³ÝUŠ …eNł√ q¦� ¨qÄ√  U−²M� u×½ ’U)« ¨WIDM*« w� œuÐ Í¬Ë ‘u²M�U� w�b�²�� s� WFÝ«Ë W×¹dý ·bN²�²Ý p½S� “qHý” U¼¡UM²�ô ’U�ý_« lKD²¹ Èu²�*« WO�UŽ …—«b�≈ “qHý” qF' UÎ ¦O¦Š vF�½ UM½≈ ô√ Æ «—U�ù« „U� WŽuL−� ¡UCŽ√ U¼—bB¹Ë UN³²J¹ …—«b�ù« Ác¼ ÆrOÒ I�« U¼«u×H� ¡«dý Ë√ “qHý” W¹UŽd� lKD²ð XM� Ê≈ øp�– qJÐ pLÝ« j³ðd¹ Ê√ w� Êü« Vždð π∑±µ∞∏±∑±±∂¥ nðU¼ vKŽ UMÐ qBð« ¨…eO2 …—«b�≈ «cJ¼ w� WO½öŽ≈ WŠU�� crystal@emiratesmacÆcom Æw½Ëd²JO�ù« b¹d³�« Ê«uMŽ vKŽ Ë√ ©‰U²�¹d�® ÆWO�öŽù« œ«u*«  U³KD²� vKŽ ‰uB×K�

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:‫ﻧﺸﺮة ﺷﻔﻞ ﺗﺼﺪر ﺑﺮﻋﺎﻳﺔ‬ ٣

‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬

‫ﻃﺮﻳﻘﺔ ﺧﺎﺻﺔ ﺑـ‬

‫ﲢﻮﻳﺮ ﺷﺎﺷﺔ‬ OSX ‫اﻟﻔﺘﺢ او اﳊﻔﻆ ﻓﻲ‬ ‫ﻣﺎﻏﻨﻮس ﻧﻴﺴﺘﻴﺪ‬ ‫ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات‬

ÆW¹bOKIð W¹—«uŠ WýUý Èdð bM²�� `²Hð Ê« b¹dðË Mac OSX ÂUE½ w� qLFð U�bMŽ …œUŽ ÍbOKI²�« ·dB²�« ÆUÎ ³¹dIð Z�«d³�« lOLł w� tÐUA²ðËË …dOG� …c�U½ qJý vKŽ …œUŽ ÊuJð ©qHÝô« w� åq³�ò …—uB�« dE½«® pKð W¹—«u(« WýUAK� …dGB� W��½ —UNþSÐ ÊuJ¹ ÂUEMK� Æ©qHÝô« w� åbFÐò …—uB�« dE½«® WOFO³D�« WýUAK� f³J�UÐ UOzUIKð Âu�« WýUA�« vKŽ w�U�√ …dGB*« W��M�« —uNþ œd−0Ë ¨q�ô« vKŽ w� W³�M�UÐ qJAÐ tð«– ¡wA�« ÊuKFH¹ s2 XM� «–S� ÆwFO³D�« UNL−( …c�UM�« dO³J²� ‰“UM�« rN��« vKŽ ÂUEM�« UM� dNEOÔ � …dOGB�« …c�UM�« …d¼Uþ dOOG²� ÊUŠ b� X�u�« Ê« È—Q� ¨X�u�« ‰«uÞ —dJ²� q� w� …c�UM�« dO³J²� dL²�*« UMKšbð ÊËœ wzUIKð qJAÐ d³�ô« r−(« «– WOFO³D�« …c�UM�« …b½U�*« Z�«d³�« nK� s� Terminal qÓM�dOð Z�U½dÐ `²� rJOKŽ ¨qJA�« «cNÐ d�ô« r²O� Æ…d� Ò ∫w�U²�« d�ô« WÐU²�Ë Applications Z�«d³�« nK� w� œułu*« Utilities defaults write ≠g NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode ≠bool TRUE

kH(«Ë `²H�« WýUý —UNþ« w� t�dBð ÂUEM�« dOÒ GO� `OðUH*« WŠu� vKŽ Enter —“ jG{« rŁ «–≈ Æ…d� Ò q� w� …c�UM�« dO³J²� ”ËU*« —“ jGCÐ X�u�« rJOKŽ d�uÒ ¹ U2 ¨wFO³D�« r−(UÐ WLK� ‰«b³²Ý« l� ÁöŽ« …—U³F�« fH½ qšœ« jI� ¨UÎ IÐUÝ tOKŽ ÊU�U� v�≈ l{u�« ŸUł—SÐ r²³ž— ÆFALSE WLKJÐ TRUE

‫ﻗَ ﺒﻞ‬


‫ﻛﻠﻤﺔ‬ ‫اﶈﺮر‬ ‫أﻓﻼم… أﻓﻼم… أﻓﻼم‬ ÷dF� w� r�«d½ò œuLF�« «c¼ w� X³²� XzUH�« dNA�« ÍœU¹_« XHIKð Æ„UM¼ rJM� dO¦J�« UM¹√— b�Ë åfJ²¹Uł «ËbÐ√ ¡«dI�« s� b¹bF�«Ë ¨q¼c� qJAÐ qHý …—«b�≈ W¹Už w� UMKFł tð«– b×Ð «c¼ Æ…—«b�ùUÐ rNÐU−Ž« w� qLF�« s� ržd�UÐ ¨p�c� fJ²¹Uł u¼ UL� …—UŁù« ÆUC¹« U�uÒ A� ÊU� t½√ ô≈ ¨U½UM{« b� fJ²¹Uł U−²M� sŽ ÷dF*« Ídz«“ UM²³ÞU�* WF²*UÐ U½dFý Ær¼dOžË œuá¹ô«Ë ¨Êu� Íü«Ë ¨‘u²M�U*« q¦� qÄ√ lOÐ  ö×� w� WŽuM²*« UMðUO�UF� iFÐ rEM½ UM� U�bMŽ ÊuJ� ”UL(UÐ dFý« XM� ¨UÎ IÐUÝ Èdš« s�U�√Ë qÄ√ Æ5OK³I²�� Ë« 5O�UŠ qÄ√ w�b�²�* w²³ÞU��Ë wzUI� W×{«Ë …—u� wMODF¹ rNF� Y¹b(« ·«dÞ« ‰œU³²� h�¹ ULO� Íd²A*«Ë Âb�²�*« ÂuL¼Ë q�UA� sŽ w� `O²¹ UL� ¨UNKŠË UNF� q�UF²�« WOHO�Ë qÄ√  U−²M� vKŽ UMF�u� ‰öš s� UMKLŽ 5�% WOHOJ� UÎ ILŽ« UÎ LN� p�c� qHý …—«b�« ‰öš s�Ë UMðUŽUL²ł«Ë ¨X½d²½ô« ÆqC�« qJAÐ ÂuLN�«Ë q�UA*« Ác¼ l� wÞUF²K� Âö�ú� w�Ëb�« ÊUłdN*«ò ÂœUI�« Àb×K� Êü« lKDð« wM½≈ —Ëb� bFÐ …dýU³� oKDMOÝ Íc�« åjÝË_« ‚dA�« w� dOBI�« rKHK� å…UOŠò WIÐU�� „UM¼ p�c� ¨œbF�« «c¼ UN�bIð w²�«Ë Âö�ô« ÊUłdN� g�U¼ vKŽ WIÐU�� w¼Ë WOMI²�« WOK�ò l� å «—U�ù« „U�ò UM²ŽuL−� s� öÎ � WOð«R� W�d� Ác¼ Æåw³þ uÐQÐ wzU�M�« r�I�« ≠ UOKF�« 5Ð w²�«  UOMI²�« ÀbŠ« l� b¹bł ¡wý WÐd−²� «Î bł ŸuЗ dzUÝ s� …b¹bŽ  U�—UA� W¹ƒ— vML²½ ÆUM¹b¹√ wN²A½U� vKŽ —u�ô« dOÝ ‰UŠ w� ÆjÝË_« ‚dA�« W�Ë—« w� …d{UŠ ÊuJ²Ý å «—U�ù« „U�ò WŽuL−� ÊS� „UM¼ UM²¹ƒd� «uLÒ K¼ «c� ¨ «—U�ù« dB� w� ÊUłdN*« ÆsJ�√ YOŠ Âeł« œU�√Ë …dO¦� …b¹bŽ —u�«  bÒ −²Ý« qÄ√ r�UŽ w� bI� ÆÂUF�« W¹UN½ q³� o¹dD�« w� ‰«“U� b¹bF�« ÊQÐ iMac …eNł« sŽ ÊU� UL¼bŠ« ¨«Î dšR� 5ŁbŠ UM³�«Ë Àb(« U�√ ÆiWork Ë iLife Z�«dÐË …b¹b'« p�– q� Æ…b¹b'« iPod WKOJAð h�¹ ÊUJ� dšü« dFÝ iOH�ð u¼ «c¼ vKŽ œ«“U� sJ�Ë UÎ IŠ «dO¦� ÊU� ‰ËUM²� w� `³BO� —ôËœ w²zU� —«bI0 iPhone rÝu� w� W¹b¼ qC�« `³BOÝ U2 5JKN²�*« 5¹ö� …b¹b'« iPod Ÿ«u½QÐ UÎ Žu³²� l³D�UÐ V�d²*«  öDF�« ÕdDOÔ Ý v²� rKŽ vKŽ UM�� nÝ_« l� ÆbI²Ž√ U� vKŽ ‚u²ð ‚u��« ÁcN� ¨UM²IDM� w� wLÝ— qJAÐ ÊuH¹ü« —bB� Í√ s� ÊuH¹ü« nIK²� UO�UŠ Ì ÊQÐ œUI²Žû� œuI¹ U2 ¨ÊU� ‚u��« «c¼ d��ð qÄ√ ÆbŽ«u�« ‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬٤


‫ﻣﻦ ﻛﻞ ﺻﻨﻒ‬

…‫ ﻓﻬﻞ ﺗﻌﺮف أﻳﻦ وﺟﻬﺘﻚ؟ اﺳﺄل ﺑﺎﺣﺚ اﻟﻮﺟﺖ‬،‫ﻓﻀﺎء اﻟﻮﻳﺠﺖ ﻟﻴﺲ ﻟﻪ ﺣﺪود‬

‫ﻳﺎﺳﺮ اﻟﻬﻼﻟﻲ‬ ‫ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات‬

‫ﻧﻮرس ﻋﻨﺪه اﻟﻌﻠﻢ اﻟﻴﻘﲔ‬ ِ ‫ﭼﻚ‬ َ ChuckNorrisFacts

Chuck w³−F� s� sJð r� Ê≈ ÆÆÆ—cŠ≈ «–≈ Ë ¨Xłœu�« Ác¼ qOL% w� dJHð ö� Norris<

Chuck Norris ‚UÝ s� W¹dz«œ WK�— Ë√ tMŽ …¡«dI�« U�≈ „dOBL� ¨dÞU�ð Ê√ œ—√

Æt³CGð Ê√ ‰ËU% ö� °…dOD)« ∫rOOIð


‫ﻣﺸﻐﻞ ﳕﻂ ﻓﻼش‬

UÒM� dO¦J�« Ê√ sþ√ ö� ¨X¹√—U� ¡uÝ« s� Xłu�« «c¼ Ædashboard vKŽ ULOÝ ôË «dO¦� ‘ö� Âö�√ ÊËb¼UA¹ ÊuJð …—uB�« Ê√ nA²J²�� ‘ö� rK� p¹b� ÊU� «–≈ v²Š l{uÐ œË√ ô Æ¡Íœ— uB�« Ê√Ë UL� «bł dOG� r−Š w� °v²Š Xłu�« «cN� …—u� ∫rOOIð ∫jЫ— ie_tv/chucknorrisfacts.html

Youtube ∫jЫ— downloads/dashboard/ movie_tv/youtube.html



‫َﭘ ْﻨﻚ‬

XM�Ë√ ULMO��« Âö�√ w³×� s� XM� «–≈ b¹dð XM�Ë «dO¦� “UHK²�« vKŽ Âö�_« b¼UAð ¨tðb¼UA� q³� rKH�« sŽ ”UM�« Í√— ·dFð Ê√ lOLł wI²�¹ Xłu�« ÆXłu�« «c¼ p³ÝUMO�� rÝ≈ V²�« jI� ¨imbdÆcom s� tðU�uKF� ”UM�« Í√— Èd²� tðb¼UA� V% Ò Íc�« rKH�« rÝ« «ËdOG¹ u� vM9« Æ Uł—œ±∞ ”UOI� s� Æt²OB�ý fJFO� Xłu�« ∫rOOIð ∫jЫ— dashboard/movie_tv/punk.html


X−¹Ë vKŽ UMKBŠ —UE²½« ‰uÞ bFÐ rŁ s�Ë Y׳�« Êü« UMMJ1 °»uOðuO� l�u*« w� pðUDI� …b¼UA� youtubeÆcom dONA�« Æ…dýU³� œ—u³ý«b�« vKŽ —«—“√ ·UCð u� «c³ŠU¹ sJ�Ë ·UI¹«Ë qOGAð q¦� rJ% UDIK�« ∫rOOIð



‫ﻣﺆﺷﺮ ﻃﻤﺎﻃﻤﻲ‬

Í√— WOŠU½ s� s¹dšü« t³A¹ Xłu�« «c¼ dýR*« ¨dG�√Ë vKŠ√ tKJý sJ�Ë ”UM�« ULKJ� ¨W¹u¾� W³�½ qJý vKŽ rOOI²�« dNE¹ v�≈ ÊuK�« »dI¹U� q� TOÝ ”UM�« Í√— ÊU� «–≈ rKH�« ¡«dA� —“ p�UM¼ UL� ÆsHF�« Êu� ÆÆÆr²³ž— ∫rOOIð ∫jЫ— board/movie_tv/tomatometer.html

‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬

‫ ﺗﺸﻜﻴﻠﺔ‬iPod ً‫ﺟﺪﻳﺪة ﻛﻠﻴﺎ‬ WF��« b¹eðË 80GB s� √b³ð pOÝö� œuṬ WFÝ t�Ë oÐU��« s� Èu�« Êü« pOÝöJ�« Æ160GB v²Š ‰uÞ« `³�« “UN−K� W¹—UD³�« dLŽ Æu½UM�« WNł«Ë fH½ UHK� qOGAð bMŽ WŽUÝ 5FЗ_ qLFð W¹—UD³�U� qJAÐ Âö�√ qOGAð bMŽ  UŽUÝ WF³��Ë ¨WOðu� U�√ ¨—ôËœ≤¥π?Ð 80GB Ë– pOÝöJ�« ŸU³¹Ô Æq�«u²� Æ—ôËœ≥¥π?Ð ŸU³OÔ � 160GB WFÝ Ë– w�UFH�« w� eÐuł íO²Ý tMKŽ« Íc�« r¼ô« d³)« fLÚ ? Ó� œuṬ rÝSÐ b¹bł œuṬ ÕdÞ u¼ pKð W�U)« vKŽ eÐuł íO²Ý oKÞ√ bI� ÆiPod Touch êÓð Ë√ vKŽ qÄ√ t²FM� œuṬ “UNł qC�«ò ÊuH¹¬ nðU¼ Æd³L²³Ý؉uK¹√ µ a¹—Uð v²Š q�_« vKŽ å‚öÞô« nOKGð ¨ÊuH¹ü« UL� qLF¹Ë Ëb³¹ f* œuṬ “UN−� WýUA�« w� ”ËdG*« œbF²*« fLK�« WNł«ËË tÐUA²� t²�UL�� ÊuH¹ü« s� n×½« œuá¹ü« «c¼ sJ�Ë ¨p�c� øÊuH¹ü« l� W½—UI*UÐ ·ö²šô«U� «–≈ Æ «d²LK�∏ WHÓðUN� ’«uš wKŽ Íu×¹ô f* œuá¹ü« “UNł UÎ ON¹bÐ WO�Uš tO� sJ�Ë ¨ÀËuðuKÐ …eO� pK1ô UC¹« tMJ�Ë Í—UHÝ `HB²� vKŽ Èu×¹ t½√ U0Ë ÍU�≠Í«Ë …—Uý« jI²Kð X�œU� X½d²½ô« `HBð ÊUJ�ôU³� œuá¹ü« «c¼ w� …œuIH� Z�«d³�« iFÐ ÆWOJKÝô WJ³ý pMJ�Ë q�u� jz«dš Ë√ Íb¹dÐ Z�U½dÐ „UM¼ fOK� f* œuĬ “UNł ÆtOKŽ »uOðu¹  UDI� qOGAð lOD²�ð dF�Ð 8GB UL¼«bŠ« 5²F�Ð wðQ¹ b¹b'« ©êð® Æ—ôËœ≥ππ dF�Ð 16GB Èdšô«Ë —ôËœ≤ππ ‚öÞ« ÊU� WO�UFH�« w� Èdšô« —U³šô« 5Ð s� szUГ lOD²�¹ ÊüU� ÆfJЗU²ÝË qÄ√ 5Ð ÊËUF²�« ÊuFL²�¹ w²�« WOMžô« qOL%Ë ¡«dý s� fJЗU²Ý o¹dÞ sŽ w½Užú� e½uO²¹¬ d−²� s� vNI*« w� UNO�≈ Ê« `{«u�« s� ÆUNMŽ Y׳K� WłU(« ÊËœ ÍU� Í«Ë W�bš d�uð w²�« «Î bKÐ ≤≤ ?�« w� …d�u²� W�b)« Ác¼ X�U� ÆjÝËô« ‚dAK� X�O� w¼ «c� ¨e½uO²¹¬ d−²� bMŽ ¨f* œuá¹x� fJЗU²Ý rÝSÐ —“ W�U{SÐ qÄ√ w½Užô« lOLł dNE²Ý fJЗU²Ý vNI� w� tDG{ s� ÊuÐe�« sJL²O� X�u�« p�– w� vNI*« UNKGA¹ w²�« pKð w� íO²Ý Ád�–U� dš¬ U�√ ÆUNM� t³−F¹U� ¡«dý iOH�ð u¼ UN�uŠ …dO³� W−{  —UŁ w²�«Ë W³ÝUM*« ÁdFÝ `³BO� —ôËœ ≤∞∞ —«bI0 ÊuH¹¬ nðU¼ dFÝ lM� «uH�Ë« b�Ë 8GB WFÝ Ë– nðUN� —ôËœ≥ππ Æ4GB WFÝ Ë– nðUN�« lOÐË

ÆUNM� …œUH²Ýû� jÝËô« ‚dA�« íO²Ý Õd� Ò bI� iPods …eNł« h�¹ ULO� “UNł 5¹ö� ±±∞ s� d¦�√ XŽUÐ b� qÄ√ ÊQÐ ÆÊü« b( ‰Ë« Æœuá¹ü« …eNł« w� b¹bł u¼U� v�≈ qI²MM� qHý u¼ œuá¹ü« WŽuL−� w� dBMŽ dG�«Ë wDŽ«Ë UMO�ײ�« iFÐ qHý vKŽ qšœ ¨Shuffle ¨w³AŽ dCš√Ë ‚—“√Ë wC� w¼Ë …b¹bł Ê«u�« d³²F¹Ô Íc�«Ë dLŠô« ÊuK�« p�c� „UM¼ Æ#U� dCš√Ë “b¹ô« W×�UJ� WKL( tF¹— iFÐ V¼c¹ tð«cÐ Z²M� ‚dA�« ‚uÝ w� ÕdDOÔ Ý ÊU� Ê« Í—b½ôË UOI¹d�« w� r−×Ð …d�«– w¼ qHý  UH�«u� Æô Â√ jÝËô« Æ—ôËœ ∑π dF�Ð ŸU³¹Ô Ë1GB …—bI�« t¹b� `³�« bI� Nano u½U½ œuṬ “UNł U�Ò √ d³�√ WýUAÐ qÄ√ t²FM� bI� p�c�Ë ¨Âö�« ÷dFÐ tKJý «ËdOžË oÐU��« u½UM�« s� `{Ë«Ë ©ÊU²�uЮ U¹«Ë“ l� W¾ON�« lÐd� U³¹dIð Êü« uN� ¨`{«Ë —«bI0 cšQðË n×½« t½« UL� Æq�UJ�UÐ w½bF� qJONÐË WOM×� wðQð u½UM�« Ê«u�« Æt²�bI� s� «Î dO³� «Î eOŠ t²ýUý  «eO*« s� ÆdCš_«Ë ‚—“ô«Ë wCH�«Ë œuÝ_UÐ Ó WHKž√ `HBð WO�Uš „UM¼ u½UMK� Èdšô« W�UC*« ÂUE½ w� WFL²−� U¹«e*« Ác¼ q� Æ»UF�«Ë  U�u³�ô« …b¹b'« WýUA�« ‰öG²Ýô oÐU��« sŽ d¹UG� ÷dŽ ÁdFÝË 4GB WF�Ð wðQ¹ b¹b'« u½UM�« ÆqC�« qJAÐ Æ—ôËœ≤¥π ?Ð 8GB WF�Ð dš¬Ë —ôËœ±¥π

jI� iPod œuṬ UÎ IÐUÝ vL�¹Ô ÊU�U� u¼ dšü« Z²M*« ‰«“U�Ë ¨iPod Classic pOÝö� œuṬ tLÝ« `³�« ÆWOM×� U¹«Ë“ Ë–Ë u½UM�« qJON� tÐUA� qJONÐ wðQ¹

‫ﻣﺎﻏﻨﻮس ﻧﻴﺴ ِﺘﺪ‬ ‫ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات‬

d³L²³Ý؉uK¹« s� f�U)« Âu¹ W�U)« qÄ√ WO�UF� w� q¹bFð √bÐ W�dA�« ÊQÐ eÐuł íO²Ý sKŽ« ≤∞∞∑ íO²Ý ôÎ Ë√ Æ»–UJÐ fO� u¼Ë tKL�QÐ iPod ÃU²½≈ jš WOMž√  «—UOK� ÀöŁ s� d¦�« XŽUÐ b� qÄ√ ÊQÐ sKŽ√ bŠ«Ë r�— o�d*« u¼Ë iTunes Store o¹dÞ sŽ W�Ëœ ≤≤ ?�« q� w� X½d²½ô« vKŽ vIOÝu*« lOÐ w� «c¼ k(« ¡u�� Æo�d*« «c¼ W�bš rN¹b� d�u²¹ w²�« iTunes q×� UM¹b� fO� –≈ jÝËô« ‚dA�« qLA¹ô ÆÊô« v�« nA� w²�«  «¡UBŠô« r¼« s� Ê« ‰b−K� dO¦*« s� s� •≥≤ ÊQÐ 5³ð W�uKF� ‰uŠ X½U� íO²Ý UNMŽ  UHK� X½U� …bײ*«  U¹ôu�« w� WŠËdD*« vIOÝu*« Àb% ÆWÞuGC� ’«d�« qJAÐ —bBð r�Ë ¨WOL�— V½U'« w� iPhone  ULG½ W�bš sŽ p�c� íO²Ý »—UI¹U� „UMN� ¨iTunes v�« ·UC*« b¹b'« ‰uײ�« UN½UJ�SÐ iTunes vKŽ WOMž« ÊuOK� nBM�« W�U{≈® XMÝππ qÐUI� b¹b'« qÄ√ nðUN� WLGM�

s� VKD²ð W�b)« Ác¼ UÎ F³Þ Æ©XMÝππ WOMž_« dF�� w� Êx� d�u²¹ôU� u¼Ë iTunes w� „«d²ý« Í—UA�« ‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬٦

‫اﳉﺎﻣﻌﺔ اﻻﻣﻴﺮﻛﻴﺔ‬ ‫ﻓﻲ اﻟﺸﺎرﻗﺔ‬ ‫ﻣﻨﺘﺠﻊ ﳌﺴﺘﺨﺪﻣﻲ اﳌﺎﻛﻨﺘﻮش‬

vKŽ WOKJ�« Íu% ¡wý vKŽ ¡wý Æ uBK� ‘u²M�U�≥∞∞Ë ¨ÍbCM� ‘u²M�U� “UNł±≤∞ W¾ON� ‘u²M�U� ∏∞ w�«uŠË ¨W³KDK� ‰uL×� r�� ÊS� qJA�« «cNÐ ÆWOKJ�« w� f¹—b²�« “UNłµ∞∞ Âb�¹ WOKJ�« w�  U�uKF*« WOMIð WÝbMN�«Ë rOLB²�« WOK� d³²FÔð «cNÐË ‘u²M�U� W�—UA�« w� WO�dO�ô« WF�U'« w� W¹—ULF*« d³�√ qFH�UÐ w¼ sJð r� Ê≈ d³�√ s� …bŠ«Ë WOÐdF�«  «—U�ô« w� ‘u²M�ULK� Âb�²�� ∑ w�«u×Ð s¹e�ð W�UÞ WOKJ�« Èb� Æ…bײ*« vKŽ WŽ“u� Âœ«u)« …eNł« vKŽ X¹UЫdOð l� ˜dOÝ f�≈Ë ¨G4 ‘u²M�U�—ËUÄ …eNł« ÆÈdš« Ÿ«u½«Ë ËdÄ „U� „“UNł ¨bÚ ¹—Ó f�≈ b� W¹—ULF*« WÝbMN�«Ë rOLB²�« WOK� X½U� w� W³�UÞË V�UÞ±∞∞ w�«uŠ XK³I²Ý« Vłuð Ò U2 rN� W¦�U¦�« WOÝ«—b�« WM��« W¹«bÐ ÆW�uL;« ËdÄ „uÐ „U� …eNł« ¡«dý rNOKŽ wLz«œ cHM� Êü«  «—U�ô« „U� WŽuL−� Èb� W�—UA* WOKJ�« w� qHý …—«b�≈ l¹“u²� s� b¹e* Æ‘u²M�ULK� rN�«b�²Ý« w� W³KD�« ÆwwwÆausÆeduØarcdes  U�uKF*«


lOLł …b¼UA� p� vM�²O� oЫuD�« wKH��« oÐUD�« rC¹ Æqš«b�« s� oЫuD�« ÊuÒI³D¹ô rNMJ�Ë ¨s¹b−²�*« W³KD�« ÊuLLB¹ qÐ ¨VÝ«u(« vKŽ rNKLŽ vKŽ W¹ËbO�« WI¹dD�UÐ rNðUłu²M�Ë rN�ULŽ« WOð«c�« «—UNLK� W�dH�« ÕU²¹ù W¹bOKI²�« wIðd¹ WO½U¦�« WM��« w� ÆqJA²�«Ë “Ëd³�UÐ ÆVÝ«u(« vKŽ ÊuKLFO� vKŽú� UÎ IÐUÞ W³KD�« G5 „U�—ËUÄ ‘u²M�U� s� VÝ«u(« qJA²ð Õu²H� u×½ vKŽ WŽ“u� UNFOLłË iMacË 5Ý—b*« VðUJ� œułË l� eł«uŠ ÊËœ w� rN�¹ o�M�« «c¼ ¨ UŽUI�« V½«uł vKŽ W¾?O¼Ë W³KD�« 5Ð dýU³*« „UJ²Šô«Ë wÞUF²�« ÆWOLOKFð …—Ëd{ d³²F¹Ô Íc�«Ë ¨f¹—b²�«

«u½uJO� dš¬ UÎ IÐUÞ wIðd¹ W¦�U¦�« WM��« w� rNOKŽ Vłu²�¹ UM¼ Æp�c� nK²�� jO×� w� MacBook Pro …eNł« vKŽ ‰uB(« Æ…bŠ«Ë WŽUIÐ «u�—UA²¹Ë rN²�Uš W�uL;« w�ü« VÝU×K� W¹bOKIð qLŽ UŽU� „UM¼ p�c� WHK²�*« …eNłô« Ÿ«u½« vKŽ Íu% WOKJ�« w� ‰“UFÐ wðu� ÃU²½u�Ë qO−�ð ·dž UNO� U0

‫ﻣﺎﻏﻨﻮس ﻧﻴﺴ ِﺘﺪ‬ ‫ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات‬

Ò «—U�ù« w� UF�u� „UM¼ Ê√ u� ‚UAF� WÝbMN�«Ë rOLB²�« WOK� u¼ ÊUJ� ‘u²M�U*« ÆW�—UA�« w� WO�dO�ô« WF�U'« w� W¹—ULF*« ‰uŠ W�uł w�  UŽUÝ …bŽ UMOC�« b� UÒM� WOMIð d¹b� w½UÝ rOJ(«b³Ž l� WOKJ�« œułuÐ UMGKЫ b� ÊU� bI� ¨WOKJ�« w�  U�uKF*« W³KD�« vKŽ WŽ“Ò u� ‘u²M�U� “UNł µ∞∞ s� …eNłô« ÊuJ²ð Æf¹—b²�« W¾O¼ ¡UCŽ√Ë iMac G4 q¦� W1bI�«  U³ÝU(« iFÐ „dײ� Ÿ«—– vKŽ W³�d*« WýUA�«  «– s� œbŽË ¨q²½« W×¹dAÐ iMac Èdš«Ë  UŽU� ÆËdÄ „U� …eNł« s� œbŽË ¨ËdÄ „u³�U� rCð wN� ¨«bł WO�– WI¹dDÐ WI�M� qLF�« nB²M� w� nI�� Õu²H� uN³Ð oЫuÞ ÀöŁ

‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬

‫أﺑﻞ ﻧﺤﻮ ﻣﺰﻳﺪ ﻣﻦ اﻹﺧﻀﺮار‬ ‰öš w�Ë ¨ U�dAK� W¹u¾O³�«  UÝUO��« rOÒ I½ w� öÎ zU¼ «Î dOÒ Gð UM�* WKL(« ‚öD½« s� WMÝ Â«e²�ô«Ë  U�uKFLK� ‰u�u�« d�¹Ë WO�UHA�« `C²¹ «c¼Ë Æ…—uD)«  «–  U½uÒ J*« W�«“SÐ tKLF²�½ Íc�« wLOOI²�« ×b²�« qO�œ s� wwwÆgreenpeaceÆ®  U�dA�« rOOI²�

orgØinternationalØcampaignsØtoxicsØ electronicsØhow≠the≠companies≠line≠ Æ©up

ÊuKLײ¹ WKL'«Ë œdH*« WŽUÐ Ê√ s¹bI²Fð√ ∫” øUM²¾OÐ vKŽ WE�U;« h�¹ ULO� WO�ËR�� W¹√ q¦� ¨WF½UB�« WN'« WO�ËR��U�Ë øw¼U�Ë øqÄ√ qLײð ZÓ²MLK� WLLB*« W�dA�« Ê√ bI²F½ ∫à XM�Š Ò Ë√ X�bÒ Ž u� UN½_ ¨d³�_« WO�ËR�*« d¦�√Ë qC�√ ZÓ²M� UM¹b� ÊuJO�� UNLOLBð

bI� WŽUMB�« Ác¼ qš«œ 5LLB*«Ë s¹œb−*« YOŠ ¨WŽUMB�« sL{ s� UNOKŽ U½—UO²š« l�Ë dOÝ v�≈ ÍœROÝ dCš_« u×½ qÄ√ ÁU&« Ê√ ÆÁU&ô« fHMÐ 5�U³�« s� —uNý WF�ð bFÐ t½≈ ‰uI¹ rJF�u� ∫” e½uł nO²Ý ÊS� åqÄ√ dOC�ðò WKLŠ ‚öD½« —«bI�U� Æå…dCš d¦�√ qÄ√ò —UFý oKÞ√ U�dA�« s� U¼dOžË qÄ√ vKŽ rJ²KLŠ dOŁQð øp¹√— w� WO½Ëd²J�_« WÐU−²Ý« ÊU� nO²Ý ÊöŽ≈ Ê√ bI²F½ ∫à s� ·ôü« ÊU�U� UÎ C¹√ u¼Ë ¨UM²KL( …dýU³� XF�œ WKL(« Ê≈ ÆtÐ Êu³�UD¹ qÄ√ wKLF²�� fH½ «u�Q�O� qÄ√ wF−A� s� s¹dO¦J�« W�dý X½U� rÓ � ò ∫qÄ√ ‰Q�½ UM� Íc�« ‰«R��« UM²KLŠ w�Ë Æåø¡«dCš dOž qÄ√ q¦� …bz«— UM� ©wwwÆgreenpeaceÆorgØelectronic®

‫ﻣﺎﻏﻨﻮس ﻧﻴﺴ ِﺘﺪ‬ ‫ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات‬

Ò ¢ rJ²KLŠ sŽ UM¹d³š√ ∫” rÓ � Æ¢qÄ√ «ËdCš øUN²¹Už w¼ U�Ë WKL(« -√bÐ dCš_« dOŁQ²K� W�UŽ WKLŠ s� ¡eł Ác¼ ∫à ÃU²½ù WO½Ëd²J�_« UŽUMB�« ‰U−� w� v½œ√ Èu²�� Íu%  U−²M� o¹u�ðË w� ‰uÞ√ ÂËbðË ¨…dD)«  U¹ËUOLOJ�« s�  U�dA�« qLÒ % qł_ p�c�Ë Æ‰ULF²Ýô« ‰uײð ULMOŠ UNðU−²M� sŽ d³�√  UO�ËR�� œ«Ëd�« s� w¼ qÄ√ Ê√ U0Ë Æ U¹UH½ v�≈ ‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬٨

UM¹“ò UM�QÝ d¦�√ oLFÐ WOCI�« Ác¼ w� dEMK�Ë b{ WO*UF�« WKL(« sL{ qLFð w¼Ë ¨åÃU(« ÆWK¾Ý_« iFÐ ©dCš_« Âö��«® w� ÂuL��« p�c�Ë ÆÁU½œ√ WKÐUI*« vKŽ ŸöÞ« rJMJ1Ë ‰uŠ jÝË_« ‚dA�« w� qÄ√ WOK¦L0 UMKBð« fÐeÐ »«—√ W�dýò Ê√ U½Ëd³š√ b�Ë Ÿu{u*« d¹Ëbð …œUŽ≈ Z�U½dÐ UN¹b� fO� …œËb;« 5ýU� VOÒ �� p�– Ê≈ ÆåjÝË_« ‚dA�« w� U−²M*« ‚dA�« qÄ√ V²J� Y×½ Ê√ V×½Ë öÎ OK� ‰U�x�  UO½Ëd²J�_« wFzUÐ s� r¼dOž p�c�Ë ¨jÝË_« WO�UF� d¦�√ «Î —Ëœ VFKð Ê√ WIDM*« w� UNOŽ“u�Ë ÆUM²¾OÐ W¹ULŠ w� qŠ«d*« w� ‰U*« iFÐ pKN²�²Ý WOKLF�« Ê≈ —Ëb�« ÊuJOÝ bOF³�« Èb*« vKŽ sJ�Ë ¨v�Ë_« W�UF�«  U�öF�« w� «bOH� s� d¦�√ wÐU−¹ù« qLF�« W¹œQð s� Z²MOÝ Íc�« VOD�« —uFA�«Ë Æ`O×B�« tłu�« vKŽ «Î —«dCš« d¦�√ öÎ ³I²�� qÄ_ ułd½ U½uŽœ

w� dJH¹Ë å„U�ò Ë√ åœu³¹¬ò t¹b� h�ý ∫” qJAÐ p�– qLF� pŠ«d²�« u¼ U� ¨tM� hK�²�« øW¾O³�« dC¹ô WI¹dÞ ¡wNð Ê√ qÄ√ WO�ËR�� s� t½√ bI²F½ ∫à «Ëœ_« Ác¼ q¦� s� hK�²K� UÎ OÒ ¾OÐ W×O×� WKŁUL*«  U�dA�«Ë qÄ√ s� UM³KÞ ÊU� p�c�Ë ¨r�UF�« Èu²�� vKŽ UNŽUłd²Ý« sLCð Ê√ Ê√ ¡öLF�« s� l�u²½ s×½Ë ÆUNFOÐ - UL¦OŠË åœu³¹¬ò „bMŽ ÊU� v²L� Ætð«– ¡wA�UÐ «u³�UD¹ ułd½ ÁdLŽ vN²½« b� å„U�ò Ë√ åÊuH¹¬ò Ë√ ¨tM� t²¹d²ý« Íc�« ÊUJ*« fH½ v�≈ tðœUŽ≈ ÆtF� q�UF²�« rNM� VKÞ«Ë qÄ√ qO�Ë v�≈ Ë√ W�öF�« W³ŠU� W�dA�« vKŽ w¼ WO�ËR�*«Ë ÆW¹—U−²�« dCšô« Âö��« WLEM� h�ð ∫ÁöŽ« …—uB�« ٩

Æå U−²M*« UNM� bOF²�ð w²�« —UD�_« s� v²Š w� ©eÐuł íO²Ý® qÄ_ ÍcOHM²�« d¹b*« sKŽ√ wwwÆappleÆcomØ® ≤∞∞∑ u¹U�Øf¹U� qÄ√ W�dý Ê√ ©hotnewsØagrenerapple ©eÐuł® V²� bI� ÆUN²ÝUOÝ dOOGð WKŠd� w� W¾O³�«  ULEM� iFÐ s� qÄ√  bIÔ²½« bI�ò ∫ÎözU� œ«u*« W�«“≈ ‰U−� w� —bB²� l�u0 X�O� UN½_ UN½_Ë ¨…b¹b'« UNðU−²M� s� W�U��« W¹ËUOLOJ�« UNðU−²M� d¹uD²� `O×� qJAÐË ◊UAMÐ qLFð ô WO�U(« UMðUÝ—U2 s� oIײ�« bFÐË ÆW1bI�« ÊQÐ X¾łu� ·«b¼_« pK²� ‰u�u�« u×½ UM�bIðË vKŽ ¨UÎ ³¹d� ÂbI²ð Ê√ pýË vKŽ Ë√ ¨Êü« ÂbI²ð qÄ√ X½U� ULN�Ë Æ ôU(« rEF� w� UNO��UM� rEF� ¨UN�Ušœ≈ v�≈ ÃU²×½ w²�« Èdš_«  UMO�ײ�« ULŽ  U�uKF*« ‰UB¹ù `−M½ r� UM½√ b�R*« ÊS� qÄ√ tÐ ÂuIðU� œbŠ b�Ë ÆåbOł qJAÐ tÐ ÂuI½ W¾O³K� W�«b� d¦�√ UNðU−²M� qFł ‰U−� w� b¹b%Ë ¨’U�d�« ‰ULF²Ý« s� qOKI²�« q¦� ¨ U−²M*« w� Èdš_« W�U��« œ«u*« ‰ULF²Ý« Æs�ײð qÄ√ Ê√ b¹Rð ©dCš_« Âö��«® Ê√ Ëb³¹Ë

UMO�% l�u²½ ‰«e½ ô s×M� ÆWOJO²Ýö³�« dCš√ Z²M� ÷dFÐ öÎ łUŽ qÄ√ ÂuIð Ê√ q�Q½Ë Æ‚«uÝ_« w� q¼ ÆqÄ√ W�dý r²�bN²Ý« rJ²KLŠ w� ∫” ‚«uÝ√ u×½ WKL(« lOÝu²� jDš W¹√ rJ¹b� øwÝ Â√ ͬ  U�dý UNODGð  UŽUMB�« p¹d% X�bN²Ý« UM²KLŠ Ê≈ ∫à Æå…dCš d¦�√ò  U−²M� ëdšù WO½Ëd²J�_« dOOG²�«  «Ëœ√ pK²9 WLLB*«  U�dA�« Ê≈ ¡ö�u�«Ë —U−²�« U�√ ÆUNOKŽ jGC�« .bMÝË  ULOKFð ŸU³ð« UNOKF�  U�dA�« pK²� s×½Ë ÆUNðUÝUOÝ cOHMðË WOK�_«  U�dA�« b¹d½ UMJ�Ë WŽU³�«Ë —U−²�« ·bN²�½ô UÎ O�UŠ  UÝ—U2Ë  UÝUOÝ w� «Î dOOGð Èd½ Ê√ X�u�« w� qLFMÝË WOK�_«  U�ÝR*« Æp�– ‰uBŠ s� b�Q²M� 5³ÝUM*« ÊUJ*«Ë

ržd�UÐ ¨WHK²�� ôU−� w� bIMK� qÄ√ X{dFð w� WO�UF�« UN²FLÝË WK¼c*« UNðUłu²M� q� s� bIM�«  ôU−� ÈbŠ≈ ÆŸb³*« rOLB²�UÐ eOÒ L²�« Âö��« WK−�  dA½ bI� ÆW¾O³�« ‰U−� w� ÊU� qO�b�«ò Ê«uMFÐ WIOŁË ≤∞∞∂ ÂUŽ WO�Ëb�« dCš_« ådC Ôš  UO½Ëd²J�≈ v�≈ wwwÆgreenpeaceÆorgØ internationalØpressØreportsØ greener≠electronics≠apple≠rank ±∞ s� ≤¨∑ Èu²�� qÄ√ W�dA� XDŽ√  UÝ—UL*«Ë WO*UF�«  UÝUO��« ’uB�Ð …—UC�«  U¹ËUOLOJ�« s� hK�²�« ‰U−� w� ULMOŠ UNðU−²M� WO�ËR�� qL% ‰U−� w� p�c�Ë ©q¹œ® Ë ©UO�u½® X½U� ÆpKN²�*« UNM� hK�²¹ Âö��«® V�×ÐË Æ‰U−*« p�– w� W�bI*« w� Ë ©uÑuMO�® Ë ©ôË—uðu�® Ë ©qÄ√® ÊS� ©dCš_« ÆW¾O³�UÐ s¹dC*« √uÝ√ sL{ X½U� ©d�¹√® öÎ ¦� ©qÄ√® Ê√ ©dCš_« Âö��«® d¹dIð ÍËd¹ —UD�_« q� s� UNðUłu²M� UÎ OŽuÞ lłd²�ðôò ¡wý q� lłd²�ð ô UN½√ UL� ¨UNO� lO³ð w²�«

Ê√ w¼ —U−²�«Ë WŽU³�« WO�ËR�� Ê≈ Æ…dCš jI� fO� ¨ U−²M*« œułQÐ s¹d²A*« «ËœËe¹ dOŁQ²�« YOŠ s� UÎ C¹√ qÐ WOMI²�« YOŠ s� ÆW¾O³�« vKŽ Î øUNz«œ√ 5�ײР«dšR� qÄ√ X�U� q¼ ∫” qÄ√ «Ëdð Ê√ ÊËœuð œb×� ¡wý „UM¼ q¼ øq³I²�*« w� tMO�% vKŽ qLFð w¼ Ác¼ Ê√ t½öŽ≈ w� eÐuł íO²Ý ‰U� ∫à ÆöÎ ³I²�� b¹e*« l�uð V−¹Ë v�Ë_« …uD)« u×½ UN�uײРWOÐU−¹≈ …uDš qÄ√  c�ð« bI� UNDDšË WO¾O³�« UNðUÝUOÝ w� d³�√ WO�UHý ÊuJð Ê√ sŽ …bOFÐ ‰«eð ô UNMJ�Ë ¨WOK³I²�*« Íu% X�«“ ô UNðU−²M� Ê≈ Æ¡«dCš W�dý q¦� …—uDš  U¹ËUOLOJ�« d¦�√ s� UÎ CFÐ l³A*« VNK�« œ—UÞ w¼Ë ©”√ —¬ ·√ wЮ wÝ wÑ wÄ …œU� qLF²�𠉫eð ôË ¨ÂËd³�UÐ

‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬

CINEMA 4D ‫ﺑﺮﻧﺎﻣﺞ‬ ‫ﻏﻴﺮ ﺣﻴﺎة‬ ّ !!‫اﳌﺼﻤﻤﲔ‬

‫ﻋﺒﺪاﻟﻠﻪ اﻟﺴﻠﻴﻄﻲ‬

‫ ﻣﺎك أراﺑﻴﺎ‬- ‫اﳌﺸﺮف اﻟﻌﺎم‬

¨dðuO³LJ�« w�b�²�� s� s¹dO¦J�« …UOŠ dOž …b¹bŽ «Î —u�√ b& WOL�d�« WOMI²�« r�UŽ w� Flash dOž nO�Ë ¨—uB�« rO�dðË rO�UB²�« r�UŽ Photoshop dOž nO� rKF¹ UMFOL−�  «dŁR*« WŽUM� r�UŽ Maya ?�« dOž nO�Ë ¨X½d²½û� …œbF²*« jzUÝu�« rO�UBð r�UŽ Ê√ X³³Š√ ¨„U*UÐ WOMF� Shuffle …—«b�≈ Ê√ U0Ë® ¨WOzULMO��« Ÿb)« WŽUM�Ë W¹dB³�« ¨«Î dOš√Ë ¨wB�A�« dðuO³LJ�« w�b�²�� s� s¹dOO¦J�« …UOŠ ‘u²M�U*« dOž nO� ©nO{√ ‰ušb�« w� «u½UŽ s2 s¹dO¦J�« …UOŠ ©«c¼ UM¦¹bŠ —u×�® Cinema 4D Z�U½dÐ dOž nO� ÆœUFÐ_« WOŁö¦�« rO�UB²�« ‰U−� rKFðË

X½U� w²�« W¹uI�« «Ëœ_« iFÐ d�Ë ¨X�u�« p�– Maya ¶ q¦� „«c½√ W�öLF�« Z�«d³�« vKŽ «Î dJŠ Z�U½d³�« «c¼ Ê√ d¦�√ g¼b*« sJ� ¨Softimage qLF¹ ÊU� bIK� ¨Â1996 WMÝ q³� œułu� ÊU� ¨ UOMOF�²�« W¹«bÐ w� Amega  «dðuO³L� vKŽ X½U� UN½QÐ  «dðuO³LJ�« Ác¼ sŽ ·ËdF*«Ë dF�Ð l²L²ð fJO�«d'« WŽUM� w� W¹u�  «dðuO³L� WOB�A�«  «dðuO³LJ�« qz«Ë√ s� d³²FðË ¨VÝUM� sJ� ¨W¹dB³�«  «dŁR*« WŽUM� w� X�b�²Ý« w²�« qJA�UÐ U¼—UA²½≈ ÂbF�  «dðuO³LJ�« Ác¼ XH�uð p�– dŁ√ vKŽ ÊU� ¨t²×Ð WOI¹u�ð »U³Ý_ »uKD*« r�UF�« v�≈ Cinema 4D Z�U½d³�« «c¼ ÃËdš qFł W�dA�«  —d� U�bMŽ ¨lÝË√Ë d³�√ qJAÐ ÊU�Ë Æ“ËbM¹u�«Ë ‘u²M�U*« l� o�«u²� UN−�U½dÐ —«b�ù« u¼ X�u�« p�– w� ”UMK� Ãdš —«b�« ‰Ë√ WŽUM� e²Nð r� uK� ¨ÎöF� WF�U½ …—U{ »—Ë ¨f�U)« v²� l�u²�« lOD²�¹ bŠ√ ö� ¨Amega  «dðuO³L� Èdš_«  UBM*« vKŽ qLF�UÐ Z�U½d³K� `L�OÝ ÊU� Æ…eNł_« pKð WBM� w� ÁdJŠ s� ôÎ bÐ

ø Cinema 4D Z�U½dÐ u¼U� œUFÐ_« WOŁöŁ rO�UBðË Ã–U/ qLF� Z�U½dÐ u¼ fH½ w� ×bM¹ ¨UNJ¹d%Ë UNzU��≈ v�≈ W�U{ùUÐ 3D Studio MAX¨ Lightwave ¶ nOMBð ÆMaya „UM¼ sJ� ¨…b¹bŽ «eO2 tÐ ¨Cinema 4D sŽ V�«d¹ Z�U½dÐ tM� XKFł W�U¼ Èdš√  «eO2 ’UB²šô« ÍË– s� 5KK;«Ë 5³�«d*« q³� s� V¦� w� tðu�Ë t²�uN�� «Î dE½ ¨r�UF�« w� wJO�«d'« dOOB²�« w� …œułË WŽdÝ p� d�u¹Ë WłcLM�«  UOKLŽ w� Z�«d³�« ŸdÝ√ s� d³²F¹Ë ©Rendering® Æ©Electricimage dONA�« Z�U½d³�« bFЮ dOOB²�«  «dðuO³LJ�«  UBM� vKŽ …d� ‰Ë√ Z�U½d³�« «c¼ dNþ W�dA�« ÃU²½≈ s� ¨Â1996 WMÝ WOB�A�« bMŽ W−{ V³Ò ÝË g¼b� ÊU� ¨Maxon WO½U*_« ¨W�Uš fOJ�«d'« wLLB�Ë dðuO³LJ�« w�b�²�� w� WA¼b�  «eOL0Ë …uIÐ ‚u��« qšœ t½_ «Î dE½

wKK×� rEF� Í√—Ë wB�A�« w¹√— «c¼Ë WIOIŠ Ác¼ iF³�« l�uð Wł—b� ¨œUFÐ_« WOŁö¦�« rO�UB²�« Z�«dÐ U� UÎ �u¹ `³B¹ Ê√ Cinema 4D Z�U½d³�« «cN� °»uýuðuH�U� wÝUO� Z�U½dÐ rO�UB²�« Z�«dÐ WL� vKŽ »uýuðuH�« lÐdð U*UD� ÁdOž Èdš√ Z�«dÐ „UMN� ¨—uB�« d¹d%Ë WOMH�« »uýuðuH�« UN¹œR¹ w²�« nzUþu�« fH½ p� ÍœRð »uýuðuH�« Z�«d³�« Ác¼ ŸeMð Ê√ UNO¼ sJ�Ë Z�U½d³�« `³�√ WÞU�Ð qJÐ t½_ ¨5�b�²�*« s� Í√ `³�√Ë ¨‰ULŽ_« s� ŸuM�« «c¼ q¦* wÝUOI�« rOLB²�« ‰ULŽ√ ÍœR¹ ‚u�K� ‰eM¹ b¹bł Z�U½dÐ t²½—UI0 ¨«Î —u� ¡«d³)« ÂuI¹ ¨—uB�« `O×BðË `³�√ »uýuðuH�« Ê√ vKŽ ‰b¹ «c¼Ë ¨»uýuðuH�UÐ d{U(« X�u�« w� l�«u�« «c¼Ë ¨ÎöF� UÎ OÝUO� Ác¼ dOG¹Ë dš¬ Z�U½dÐ wðQ¹ r�U� V¹dI�« q³I²�*«Ë ÆW¹dEM�« Z�U½dÐ sŽ qÐ ÆÆ »uýuðuH�« sŽ rKJð√ s� UM¼ U½√ ° Cinema 4D ‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬١٠

Ác¼ U¼U²� v�≈ ‰ušb�« Ë√ ÷u)« w� ·u)« iFÐ t� V³�¹ U2 ¨UNO�≈ Wł—œ v�≈ XK�Ë Z�«d³�« Ác¼ s� ◊U³Šù« tÐU�√ iF³�«Ë ¨ «Ëœ_«Ë  «—UÞù« Cinema 4D sJ� ¨ÎöF� WIOIŠ Ác¼Ë ¨dš¬ Z�U½dÐ WÐd& s� …bIF�«Ë ·u)« rEF� …œUNAЮ …bIF�« Ác¼ q²� w�b�²��Ë ¡«d³)«Ë 5KK;« WNł«Ë œułu� ©Z�«d³�« Ác¼  U½uI¹_UÐ …“eF� WKNÝ W×¹d� ¨UN²HOþuÐ wŠuð w²�« W³ÝUM*«  «Ëœ_« v�≈ ‰u�u�« W�uNÝË Cinema 4D Z�U½dÐ XKFł Æ5zb²³LK� Z�U½dÐ qC�√

ø ÁdOž sŽ ÁeO1 Íc�U� ÆÆ Cinema 4D ÆW�uN�Ð rDײ¹ ô XÐUŁ Z�U½dÐ ≠ ± ÂUE½ ÊU� «–≈ UÎ F³Þ ¨XÐUŁË nOE½ pKOGAð r²ð pŽËdA� UOKLŽË WOIDM�  «uDšË oÝUM²Ð Cinema ¨W×O×�Ë ¨ŸËdA*« pF� qLJOÝ 4D Z�«d³�« iFÐ rD% WOKLF� TłUH*« UNH�uðË WNO³A�« iFÐ w� qB% qLF�« sŽ ¨5�b�²�LK� ÊUOŠ_« V³�Ð UNH�uð bB�√ ôË Ê_ qÐ ¨Âb�²�*« QDš WKOIŁ Z�«d³�« Ác¼ iFÐ  UH�«u* ÃU²%Ë «Î bł UNÐ cHMð v²Š U� UÎ Žu½ W¹u� Z�U½d³� «c� ¨WOMF� l¹—UA� eOL²¹ Cinema 4D —«dI²Ýô«Ë  U³¦�UÐ öÎ F� l¹—UA*« vKŽ qLF�« w� ÆWHK²�*«

Z�U½d³�« Ê√ wMF¹ ô «c¼ UÎ F³Þ UO½UJ�≈ tÐ fO� Ë√ nOF{ ¨fJF�« vKŽ qÐ ¨W¹u�Ë …dO¦� ¨W¹u� WO�«d²Š«  «Ëœ≈ tÐ 5zb²³LK� Z�U½d³�« «c¼ d³²FO� ¨X�u�« fH½ w� 5�d²;«Ë W−²M� Maxon W�dA�U� ¨ —«b�≈ ÀöŁ  d�Ë Z�U½d³�« WNłu*« …dO³J�« …—«b�ù« UNM� ÆWL�C�« l¹—UA*«Ë 5�d²×LK� 5KK;« Áu�b�²Ý« sJ� 5zb²³LK� W�UF� …«œQ� ¡«d³)«Ë 5KK;« iFÐ  błË qÐ ¨œUFÐ_« WOŁö¦�« rO�UB²�« l� qLF�« W�uNÝ sŽ 5¦ŠU³�« rO�UB²�« vMF� „—b¹Ë rNHO� Z�U½d³�« «cNÐ s¹√b²³*« √b³¹ Ê√Ë ”QÐô t½QÐ ÊËd�c¹ °WHK²�*« Z�«d³�« 5Ð —UO²šô« w� —«dI�« t� „d²¹ rŁ ¨œUFÐ_« WOŁö¦�« ÆdOOB²�« w� WŽdÝË …œuł d�u¹ ≠ µ ¨Z�U½d³�« «c¼ l� qLFK� qI²½√ Ê√ w� UÎ OB�ý U½√ w� w�Oz— V³Ý u¼ ¨WIOI(« w� vKŽ UNO� ‚uHð Íc�«Ë® dOOB²�« w� Z�U½d³�« U¼d�u¹ w²�« WŽd��« vKŽ …ËöŽ b� Z�«d³�« rEF� UÎ F³Þ ¨WA¼b� UNłd�¹ w²�« …œu'U� ¨©Èdš_« Z�«d³�« WO³Kž√ w�b�²�� iFÐ Ê≈ qÐ ¨UNOKŽ ‰uB(« w� WÐuF� UNÐ sJ� …œu'« pKð p� d�uð U¼d�uð U* ¨rNKLŽ ëdšù WOł—Uš  «dOB� vKŽ ÊËbL²F¹ œUFÐ_« WOŁö¦�« Z�«d³�« ëdšô« s� sJ1 U� œuł√ vKŽ ‰uB(« UNL¼√  «eO2 s�  «dOB*« pKð rN� ÊuJ¹ Ê√ vÐQ¹ rK� Cinema 4D U�√ ¨ŸUD²�*« —b�  «uD)« qNÝQÐ wzUNM�« —U³łË Íu� „d×� p� d�Ë qÐ ¨ÂUŽ qJAÐ 3D ?�« l¹—UA� w� q�UF²�« qNÝ jI� p� d�Ë p�– q� ‚u�Ë ¨Wł—œ bFÐ√ v�≈ WO�U)« Ác¼ l� q�UF²�« qNÒ ÝË ¨dOOB²K� WE×K�« Ác¼ v²Š nOMB²�« fH½ w� lI¹ Z�U½dÐ Í√ tOKŽ ‚uH²¹ r� ¨WŽd��« UÎ C¹√ tðd�– Íc�« Electricimage Animation System Z�U½dÐ ¡UM¦²ÝUЮ p½√ vMF0 ¨° jI� WOL�d�« W�d(« WŽUMB� Z�U½dÐ u¼ dOš_« «c¼ Ê√ ôÒ ≈ ¨UÎ IÐUÝ rŁ tO� UNzU��≈Ë Èdš_« Z�«d³�« s� ÖULM�« VKł qÐ ¨tO� rÝd�« lOD²�ð ô s� Z�U½d³�« «c¼ U½bF³²Ý« uK� ¨wzUNM�« ëdšù« rŁ UNO�dײРÂUOI�« Ë√ dOOB²�« dOOB²�« w� Z�U½dÐ ŸdÝ√ `³BO�� Cinema 4D tO�≈ wL²M¹ Íc�« nOMB²�« Æ©°Ÿ“UM� ÊËœ UN½√ s� ržd�U³� ¨Maxon W�dA� »U²Ž w¼ ¨U¼d�–√ Ê√ V−¹ …dOš√ WDI½ XOIÐ fJO�«d'« ‚uÝ w� WŠËdD*« Z�«d³�« qC�√Ë Èu�√ s� d³²F¹ Z�U½dÐ X−²½√ f�UM¹ rN−�U½dÐ Ê√ s� ržd�UÐË ¨œUFÐ_« WOŁö¦�« rO�UB²�« ‰U−� w� W�UšË v²Š WKOK� t� WOLOKF²�« —œUB*« Ê√ ô≈ ¨wKF� ÕU$ v�ôË ¨…bAÐ Èdš_« Z�«d³�« oKF²¹ ULO� W�Uš ·«d²Šô« sŽ Y׳¹ s* WO�U� X�O� sJ� öÎ F� …œułu� ¨Êü« —œUB*« s� Áb$ U0 W½—UI� ¨ UOB�A�« p¹d% ’«uš «b�²Ý«Ë W�d(UÐ ¨Íbł qJAÐ WDIM�« ÁcNÐ ÂUL²¼ô« rNM� uł—√ wM½S� «c� ¨f�U*«Ë U¹ULK� WOLOKF²�« ÆW��UM*« Èdš_«  U�dA�« q³� s� XL²¼« UL�


ÃU²×¹ ô ¨nOHš Z�U½dÐ ≠ ≤ ÆqLF¹ v²Š W¹u� UH�«u� v�≈ WDO�³�«  «dðuO³LJ�« rEF� vKŽ qLF¹Ë ¨nOHš öÎ F� uN� ¨WDIM�« ÁcN� t³²MM� qIð ô WŽd�ÐË PowerPC G4 „U� vKŽ Z�U½d³�« XO³¦²Ð XL� uK� ¨WÝö�Ð Z�U½d³�« qOGAð lOD²�ð ¨512MB RAM sŽ qIð ô …d�«–Ë ¨1Ghz sŽ ÆÆ °sJ� ¨nOHš öÎ F� Z�U½d³�« «c¼ r� b−²ÝË ¨tÐ WHOH)« rO�UB²�« qLFÐ ÂUOI�«Ë rO�UB²�UÐ l²L²�²� WO�U� …d�«– tÐË Íu�Ë bOł dðuO³L� p¹b� ÊuJ¹ Ê√ lM1 ô «c¼ Æd³�√ W¹d×Ð Ò …dO³� l¹—UA� cHMð Ë√ W³ÝUM*« ‰u�u�« WKNÝË W×¹d� WNł«Ë t¹b�Ë ¨Z�U½d³�« l� q�UF²�« qNÝË ¨rKF²�« qNÝ ≠ ≥ ÆUNð«Ëœ√ v�≈ œuBI*« sJ� ¨°`O×� rF½ ¨°ÎöNÝ `³BOÝ tLKF²ð Z�U½dÐ Í√ h�ý ‰uI¹ b� w� Z�U½d³�« Ê√ qÐ ¨jI� Z�U½d³�«  «Ëœ√ «b�²Ý« WOHO� W�dF� fO� ¨UM¼ W�uN��UÐ rJײ�«Ë U¼d¹d%Ë d�UMF�« l� q�UF²�« WI¹dÞ ÊuJO� rL� ¨q�UF²�« qNÝ q�_« Ë√ U� dBMŽ rÝdÐ ÂUOIK� rLB*« ÃU²×¹ ÊUOŠ_« iFÐ wH� ¨W¹UGK� WKNÝ UNÐ UÎ ³�Už ¨…b¹bŽ  «uD) œUFÐ_« WOŁö¦�« rOLB²�« Z�«dÐ w� ÖuLM�« q¹bFð W�ËU×� °Cinema 4D Z�U½dÐ w� WKNÝË …dB²�� U¼b−²Ý «c¼ qB×¹ nO� ·dF²� WO*UF�«  U¹b²M*« WFÐU²� WO�U)« Ác¼ ‚bB²� wHJ¹ Èdš_« Z�«d³�« w�b�²�� ·«d²ŽUÐË ¨t²�uNÝ ‰uŠ WIKD*« WO³Kž_« vKŽ Z�U½d³�« Æp�c� W��UM*« w� W�uN��« ÂuNH� Èb� sŽ UNO� d³Ž√ ¨ U¹b²M*« ÈbŠ√ w� …—U³Ž XK� ¨UÎ OB�ý ∫XKI� Cinema 4D Âb�²�ð nO�Ë ÆÆ Z�«d³�« Ác¼ qLFð nO� W�dF* ÃU²% ÆÆ ÂUŽ qJAÐ 3D ?�« Z�«dÐ qB²� UNOKŽ q¹UײK� UÎ ½UOŠ√ dDCð b�Ë ÆÆ U¼b¹dð w²�« W−O²M�« v�≈ ‰u�uK� UNð«Ëœ√ pLNH¹ Íc�« u¼ ÆÆ UÎ ³¹dIð fJF�« Cinema 4D ULMOÐ ÆÆ œuAM*« ·bN�« v�≈ °Áb¹dð U� rNH¹Ë Æ 5zb²³*« bMŽ ·u)« …bIŽ vKŽ wCI¹ ≠ ¥ qzUN�« rJ�UÐ TłUH²¹Ë °3D ?�« Z�«dÐ WNł«Ë WÐuF� s� ∆b²³*« ÂbBM¹ U� UÎ ³�UG� ‰u�u�« Ë√ UN�«b�²Ý« Ë√ ¨W¹«b³�« w� UNLN� WÐuF�Ë  «—UÞù«Ë  «Ëœ_« s�

‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬

‫ﻣﺆﺳﺲ ﻟﺸﺮاﻛﺔ‬ ‫رأﺳﻤﺎﻟﻴﺔ ﻓﻮق اﻟﻌﺎدة‬ ‫ﺟﺮﭬﻴﺴﺘﻮن‬ ُ ‫ﻣﻘﺎﺑﻠﺔ ﻣﻊ ﺳﺘﻴﭫ‬

‫ﻓﺎﻃﻤﺔ ﻫﺎدي‬ wB�A�« dðuO³LJ�« u¼ nðUN�« ÊuJOÝ ∫à ◊U/√ Ê≈ ¨V�uJ�« «c¼ w� dA³�« rEF* ÂUF�« —UÞù« Ê√ ô≈ ¨UÎ �U9 WHK²�� «b�²Ýô« WD³ðd*« U�uKF*« ëdš«Ë ‰Ušœ« …eNł_ o�b²� UÎ �“ô «Î d�√ ÊuJOÝ  U�b)« WJ³AÐ Æq³I²�*« w� Z²ML� Êu� Íü«  UŽuL−� l� rJ²Ðd& w¼ nO� ∫” Ác¼ ÂbIð Ê√ sJ1 «–U�Ë øqÄ√ w�b�²�� øqÄ√ W�dA�  UŽuL−*« «uCŽ XM� c� öÎ ¹uÞ UÎ M�“ d� Ò bI� ∫à WKŠd�® qÄ√ w�b�²�� WŽuL−� w� UDA½ X³¼– Ê√ cM� b¹bײ�UÐ Ë√ ©WÝ«—b�« ¨π¥ ÂUŽ UOłu�uMJ²�« ÷dF* …d� ‰Ë_ WŽuL−� Ê√ bI²Ž√ wM½S� «c¼ s� ržd�UÐ WOL�— W¾OÐ ¡UM³� Í—Ëd{ dBMŽ 5�Lײ*« ÆW¹—U−²�« W�öFK� ¡ôu�«Ë  U−²M*« ‰uŠ 5�b�²�*«  UŽuL−� W¹uCŽ  √bÐ ∫” X½d²½ô« W��UM* W−O²½ œ«dD{UÐ hKI²ð Íc�« U� Æ…UO(«  U³ł«uÐ ”UM�« ‰UGA½«Ë …œUF²Ýô  UŽuL−*« Ác¼ tKFHð Ê√ sJ1 øp¹√— w� W¹uO(«Ë rše�« illuminoÆcom l�u� v�≈ ‰ušb�« rNMJ1 ∫à Ê≈ Æ¡UCŽ_« 5Ð  «d³)« »U�²�«Ë ‰œU³²� bOFð Ê√ sJ1 l�u*« «c¼ q¦� W¦¹bŠ  «Ëœ√ X�uK� —b¼ ÊËbÐ WŽuL−*« …u� ÊU¼–_« v�≈ ÆWO�U{≈  UIH½ Ë√

ÊU� U�bMŽ ¨ eÐuł …œuŽ q³� p�– ÊU� ÆUÎ ł«Ë— d¦�_« b¹b'« Z²M*« u¼ sðuO½

‫ﻣﺎك اﻹﻣﺎرات‬

UN�bIð Ê√ sJ1 w²�« `zUBM�« w¼ U� ∫” «–U� ¨ÂuO�« qÄ√ Èb� qLF�« w� Vžd¹ h�A� ø`zUBM�« Ác¼ ÊuJ²Ý ¨v¼UC¹ô ‰uFH� t� qÄ√ U−²M� oAŽ ∫à dOOG²� W�—UŽ W³ž— pKš«Ëœ w� nA²Jð pKF−¹ Ær�UF�«

øXÝ—œ «–U� øX½√ s� ¨pMŽ U¾Oý U½d³š« ∫” XDDš nO�Ë v�Ë_« p²HOþË X½U� nO�Ë øpK³I²�* »UF�√ Z�«dÐ WÐU²JÐ WOKLF�« wðUOŠ √bÐ ∫à WKŠd*UÐ w²Ý«—œ ‰öš «c¼ ÊU� ¨±qÄ_ WHOþË ‰Ë√ w� ≥qÄ√ X−�dÐ U¼bFÐ ¨W¹u½U¦�« WF�Uł w� ¡UOLOJ�« r��® WOHO� XIײ�« XÝ—œ bI� œ—uH½U²Ý w� U�√ Æ©”ô«œ ‫ﺟﺮﻳﭭﺘﺴﻮن‬ ُ ‫ﺳﺘﻴﭫ‬ w� XBB�ðË WOzUÐdNJ�« WÝbMN�« ‫اﻟﺼﺪق ﻣﻊ اﻟﺬات واﻟﻨﺰاﻫﺔ ﻣﻔﺘﺎﺣﺎ‬ Ê« bFÐË ÆW−�d³�«Ë dðuO³LJ�« rOLBð w� dO²�łU*«Ë ”u¹—u�UJ³�« w²ł—œ XK½ .‫اﻟﻨﺠﺎح ﻓﻲ دﻧﻴﺎ اﻟﺘﻘﻨﻴﺔ‬ Èdš√ …d�  bŽ ¨ WOzUÐdNJ�« WÝbMN�« …œUNý XK½ YOŠ ¨‰ULŽ_« …—«œ≈ WÝ«—b� ÆdO²�łU*« ¨Êu� ͬ nðU¼ ÕdÞ ÕU−MÐË - Ê√ bFÐ ∫” øqFHð XM� «–U� ¨…d²H� qÄ√ Èb� XKLŽ ∫” ÊuJð Ê√ —uB²ð nO� øqÄ√ q³I²�� u¼ U� ÂUF�« ¡UMŁ√ WOHO� WHOþË X½U� bI� ∫à øq³I²�*« w� UN²O−Oð«d²Ý«  U−²M*« qOK% ‰U−� w� XKLŽË ÆwÝ«—b�« UOłu�uMJ²K� ‚öLŽ v�≈ ‰uײð Ê√ ∫à “„uЗËUÄ”  U−²M� o¹u�ð w� W��UM*« ÆUOMIð jЫd²*« r�UF�« W�uEM� w� WO�öN²Ýô« „U³�u�  U³ÝUŠ l� q�UFð√ Ê√ wKŽ ÊU�Ë  b¼Uý Ê√ bFÐ dJHð XM� «–U� w� ∫” …d²� bFÐ f²OłË eÐuł XFLł w²�« WKÐUI*« ø WK¹uÞ t³Cž `³JO� UÎ �—Uš «Î bNł íO²Ý ‰cÐ bI� ∫à X�uÝËdJ¹U� s� t{UF²�« sŽ d³F¹ ô w�

‚dA�« ‚uÝ w� qÄ√ l�u� sŽ ·dFð «–U� ∫” øjÝË_« XKšœ ¨Êu� ͬ nðU¼ qÄ√ XŠdÞ Ê√ bFÐ ∫” w� dEMð nO� ¨q³� s� t�dDð r� UÎ �uÝ qÄ√ rNF�u� sŽ ¡wý Í√ ·dŽ√ ô U½≈ ¨«Î —cŽ ∫à øqÄ√ vKŽ dOOG²�« «c¼ dOŁQð ÆÊü« r�UF�« w� ÊUJ� Í√ w�

Èb� XKLŽ UL� ¨wKLŽ s� ¡e−� „uÐ u½ nNKð« XM�Ë ¨WNÐUA� WHOþË w� “X�JO½” bŠ«Ë q� Ê√ ô≈ qLF¹ u¼Ë eÐuł íO²Ý W¹ƒd� «Î b¼Uł vFÝ bI�Ë dš¬ o¹dÞ w� —UÝ UM� Æ—U�JOÄ w� wHOþu²� u¼ nO�Ë ¨qÄ√ l� p²Ðd& X½U� nO� ∫” ø„UM¼ qLF�« ŒUM� „UM¼ ÊU� t½√ ô≈ ¨ WFz«— WÐd& X½U� bI� ∫à ¨W×{«Ë W¹ƒ— v�≈ dI²H¹ lOL'« ÊQÐ ”U�Š≈ ‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬١٢

Ûu� XOMOH½« ± w� qÄ√ W�dý vM³�

ÕdÞ qÄ_ `O²OÝ U2 q³I²�*« w� ‘öH�« øt×BMð «–U0 ¨„d²A� ŸËdA� sŽ U¦×Ð dš¬ …eNł« œułË œbNð WI¹dDÐ œuá¹ô« Z²M� ¨s¹dšü« l� UÎ MO�√Ë ¨p�H½ l� UÎ �œU� s� ∫à œuI¹ —u� Êu½U� Ê≈ Æw½u�� “ÊUL�ËË” UÎ ½U�½≈ pM� qF& WI¹dDÐ pð—b� s� UÎ IŁ«Ë Ë u¼Ë VOÝ«u(«Ë ôUBðô«Ë ¨ UO½Ëd²J�_« sF²Ý« Æb¹e*« rKFð w� Vžd¹ UÎ F{«u²� ·UA²�« w� WO�Ozd�« WF�«b�« …uI�« Êü« WI¹dDÐ ‰ULŽ_« “U$ô  «—b� ÍË– 5Hþu0 Æ©WFýô«® w³D�« d¹uB²�«Ë ¨dO�UIF�« WKFýË «Î bzU� s� ÆX½√ qFHð U2 qC�√ ¨5Hþu*« ÍbF¹ Íc�« ÍbF*« ”UL(« s� XFÐUðË ¨ q³� s�  «—U�ô«  —“ bI� ∫” V−¹ Íc�« ÖuLM�« Ê≈ Æ¡öLF�«Ë ¡U�dA�«Ë UNðc�ð« w²�« WŠuLD�« W¹œUB²�ô«  «—«dI�« eÐuł íO²Ý u¼ jLM�« «c¼ w� Èc²×¹ Ê√ qB²¹ ULO� bK³�« «c¼ w� p¹√—U� ¨W�Ëb�«

ÆUOłu�uMJ²�«Ë œUB²�ôUÐ ‰ULŽ« ‚öÞô X�Ë „UM¼ ÊU� Ê√ o³�¹ r� ∫à W*uF�« «dOŁQð Ê≈ ÆÂuO�« s� qC�√ W¹—U& s� qF& …bŽU�� d�UMŽ X½d²½ô« WJ³ýË s� qO�  u¼ Ë« q³I*« V¹UJÝ ‚öÞ« sJL*« ‚öÞ« UO½u²Ý« W�Ëœ XŽUD²Ý« ÊS� ÆÊUJ� Í√ Ê« sJ1 U� dE²½« Ê« wMMJ1 ô t½S� V¹UJÝ Æ¡U�c�UÐ r�²¹ Íc�«  «—U�ù« VFý t−²M¹ ÍcOHM²�« d¹b*« u¼ Êu²��dOł nO²Ý w¼Ë ¨Êu²��dOł dAMO� dЫ—œ W�ÝR* d¹bð …bz«—  UŽËdA� q¹u9 W�ÝR� WOð«c�« tðdOÝ ÊËb& Ær�UF�« ‰uŠ UÎ ŽËd� l�u*« vKŽ wwwÆdfjÆcomØteamØsteve≠bioÆ shtiml


Ê√ ‰uIð ≤∞∞± ÂUŽ w� X³²� ∫” ÂU−Š√ .eIð s� UMMJL²Ý włu�uMJðu½UM�« XM�Ë q³� s� Àb% r� WI¹dDÐ U−²M*« vD�²ð ·uÝ włu�uMJðu½UM�« Ê√ s� UÎ IŁ«Ë WŽUM� vKŽ sLON¹ ÊU� Íc�« —u� Êu½U� v�≈ dEM�UÐË ¨WMÝ ≥∞ sŽ »dI¹ U* WOMI²�« Ê√ włu�uMJðu½UMK� sJ1 nO� ¨W¹œUF�« UMðUOŠ øUMOKŽ dŁRð q�«u¹ Ê√ —u� Êu½UI� W¹«bÐ `L�ð ·uÝ ∫à bO�uð UÎ C¹« s�×²Ý UL� ÆœdDC*« Á—uDð q� w�¨ „öN²Ýô«Ë s¹e�²�«Ë ¨W�UD�« ÂbIð ÊuJOÝ V¹dI�« Èb*« vKŽ  ôU(« o³Ý  U−²M� w� UÎ ÝËdG� włu�uMJðu½UM�« ZŽ“√ bI� Æ…d�«c�« W×¹dý q¦� ¨U¼UM�dŽ Ê√Ë ¨ U�dA�« W�UŽ —u� Êu½UI� œdDC*« ÂbI²�« p²O¦MOÝ W�dý v�« ö�Oð  «—UOÝ W�dý s� —UFÝ« W�bÐ Q³M²ð Ê√ qÄ_ sJ1 ÆfJ�uMOł …d�«–Ë ©W³KB�« …d�«c�«® pÝœ—UN�« …d�«–

«—U�ù« WŽuL−� `BMð «–U0 ∫” Ê√ sJ1 Íc�« U� ¨‘u²M�U� w�b�²�* w� qÄ√ l�u� 5�%Ë ¡UCŽ_« rŽb� tKFH½ øUM²IDM� ”UM�« bŽU�ð WKOÝË „UM¼ ÊuJð Ê√ V−¹∫à U2 ©ÁdOžË ÆÆdJOK�® WÐU�d�« wD�ð vKŽ q�«u²�« s� b¹e�Ë  U�uKF*« o�bð qF−OÝ ÆqC�√ UÎ ½UJ� r�UF�« 5Ð dЫ—œ w� „d²A� ŸËdA� w� Êü« qLFð ∫” U�Ë ¨ pKLŽ WFO³Þ w¼U� ¨ Êu²�O�dOł dAMO� ‰U−� w� qLF¹ ÊU�½ù hzUB)« “dÐ√ w¼ øW�d²A*«  UŽËdA*« «Ëb�« vKŽ °°WłU¼Ë W�UÞ »uKD*« ∫à W¹ƒ— ÊuKL×¹ ’U�ý√ WKÐUI� wKŽ Vłu²¹ bG�« eÐuł íO²Ý «u½uJ¹ b� ¨r�UF�« dOOG²� UMOKŽ Æ_ U0— Ë« q³I²�*« „UO½“Ë íO²Ý Ë« ¨rN²�öD½«  U¹«bÐ fOÝQð w� r¼bŽU�½ Ê√ q¦� WLOEŽ ¡UOý√ qF�Ë «Î bOFÐ rNCFÐ V¼–Ë ÆËb¹UÐË ¨qO�  u¼ ¨é¹UJÝ dJH¹ UM²ŽuL−� w� uCŽ `BMð «–U0 ∫” WŽUM� ‰U−� w� W�U)« t²�dý fOÝQð w� øUOłu�uMJ²�« q� wC� l� p�– vKŽ dÐUŁË p²L¼ c×ý« ∫à WO½UJ�≈ WO½Ëd²J�ô« …—U−²�« XÓKNÒ Ý bI� ¨WMÝ WJ³A�« ‰öš WOK³I²�� W�bš Í√ ‚öÞ« ÆV�uJ�« «c¼ w� ÊUJ� Í√ s� WLOEF�« h�ý Í√ Ë√ ¨„bBI¹ s� sŽ «–U�Ë ∫”

‫ إﺻﺪارة َﺷﻔﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎك اﻻﻣﺎرات اﻟﻌﺪد اﳊﺎدي ﻋﺸﺮ‬

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Shuffle Newsletter October 2007  

Shuffle is an independent, monthly newsletter, produced by the EmiratesMac Apple User Group and other Apple fans around the Middle East. It...

Shuffle Newsletter October 2007  

Shuffle is an independent, monthly newsletter, produced by the EmiratesMac Apple User Group and other Apple fans around the Middle East. It...