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Bachelor of Arts in Interiors: Planning / Strategy / Design Digital Media Minor University of Kentucky | UKCoD 2013-2017

2018 HKS Design Fellowship Midwest | March 23-26th | Chicago, IL Three day charette involving workshops, team design, tours and lectures. Final designs will be presented to a jury panel of educators, practicing architects, and community leaders.

2017 Maurice A. Clay Award University-wide award recognizing outstanding leadership skills.

Master of Arts in Interiors: Planning / Strategy / Design University of Kentucky | UKCoD 2017-2019


Graduate Assistant | Aug 2017 - present UKCoD Interiors | Lexington, KY Digital Media/Color Theory

2017 James S. Brown Graduate Student Award Award supplementing research towards the betterment of the Appalachian region.

Graphics Researcher | Jan 2017 - present UKCoD | ii | Lexington, KY Creating cover art, proofreading, and type-setting academic-journals for the International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design publication.

UK Student Sustainability Council Summer Fellowship Grantee Award supplementing research towards campus sustainability with a focus on graduate and family housing.

Graphic Designer | May 2016 - July 2017 Late Night Film Series | Lexington, KY Created promotional materials for the Late Night Film Series program hosted on the University of Kentucky Campus.


Graphic Design Intern | Aug 2016-Feb 2017 BLOC MKTG | Lexington, KY Promoted brands through the implementation of graphic design collateral materials.

2018 MAPP@50 UMD School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

ORGANIZATIONS UKCoD | Interiors Student Ambassador IDSA | Member + Representative IIDA | Student Member UKCoD | Interiors Head Ambassador

2017 Terry D. Rothgeb Endowed Scholarship Scholarship awarded to Interiors student pursuing higher education. 2017 UKCoD Diversity Challenge, 2nd Place Line, wire sculpture depicting variety of diversity. 2016 Oswald Research and Creativity Competition, 2nd Place: Design Project Flux: adaptable art retail store inspired by the art itself. 2016 LEED GA Training Scholarship Granted to students interested in receiving their LEED accreditation. Interiors Studio Award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year Dean's List 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year


Graphic Design Intern | Jan 2016-Jan 2017 Aramark / UK Dining | Lexington, KY Created, printed, and distributed marketing materials for over 20 restaurants campus wide.

Microsoft Office Suite Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Revit AutoCAD Sketchup

Graphic Designer | Jan 2015-May 2016 Office of Student Involvement | Lexington, KY Produced t-shirts, posters, pamphlets and more for organizations within the Office of Student Involvement.



portfolio | selected works

table of contents. INTERIOR URBANISM pg. 18-23 Aug. 2018 - Jan. 2018 Ohio River Valley Region

- a lesson on obsolescence and resilience in eastern Kentucky

COLLABORATION OF RESEARCH pg. 10-13 Jan. 2018 - present Studio Appalachia

- contextual research across the ARC defined Appalachian Region and Greater Appalachia

pg. 14-17 Jan. 2017 - present Thesis: The Forge

STUDIO APPALACHIA pg. 6-9 2018-present Williamsburg, KY

- senior thesis project focused on the adaptive reuse of an abandoned coal mine - currently pursuing grant funded research to continue this project as independent research

- ongoing project revitalizing towns in Eastern KY


graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

GRAPHIC DESIGN pg. 30-35 Aug. 2014 - Aug. 2018 Internships + Paid Work


- collection of solely graphic design projects created over the last four years

pg. 28-29 Aug. 2017 - May 2018 Hand Renders | Sketches - sketches and renders created on-site during observations

ft. F.L.W. Falling Water Philly Town Hall UKCoD Pence Hall + more

CONSUMPTIVE GEOGRAPHIES pg. 24-27 Aug. 2018 - Jan. 2018 Ohio River Valley Region

- retail past, present, and future in the Ohio River Valley | consumption mapping


portfolio | selected works

Studio Appalachia | Individual Projects Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Williamsburg, KY 448:241 vote to become a wet town -


RC Cola | Abandoned Factory University of Cumberland’s = dry university “We don’t need to make it any easier for our young people to die in automobile accidents. Or innocent people,” - Don Bunch, Williamsburg resident “I just felt it was time. You know, everyone around us has gone wet,” - Mayor Harrison

Tue 4:31 PM, Jun 28, 2016 448:241


graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

Site Analysis | Mapping highways | railroads | region | figure ground | terrain


portfolio | selected works

Site Plan | Figure Ground

Site Plan | Floor Plan

Elevation 8

graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

Site Analysis | Material Mapping drawn elevation with material specifications illustrator | photoshop


portfolio | selected works

Appalachian Mapping Large cale observation(s) + Mapping cad | illustrator | photoshop

ARC Appalachian Region Varietal Correlation Observations


Census Regions

Census Regions United States of America | Divisions

appalachian reg

graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

studio appalachia The Appalachian Region, as defined in ARC’s authorizing legislation, is a 205,000-square-mile region that follows the spine of the Appalachian Mountains from southern New York to northern Mississippi. It includes all of West Virginia and parts of 12 other states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Forty-two percent of the Region’s population is rural, compared with 20 percent of the national population. - Appalachian Regional Commission

Appalachian Regional Commission 420 Appalachian Counties | 13 States

gional commission

the american nations today, COLIN WOODARDGreater Appalachia Tufts | Colin Woodward Greater Appalachia


correlations arc + greater appalachia

Correlations ARC + Greater Appalchia

portfolio | selected works

Age _41.8 Poverty Rate _18% Unemployment_6.7% Degrees Awarded_ 34,985


57.7% - 75.2%


75.3% - 80.8%


80.9% - 86.0%


86.1% - 94.2%


county economic status 2018

us average = 86.7% Appalachian average = 85.5%

high school completion rate 2015

Map Key ARC Boundary Metropolitans Urban Density Rivers Highways

ARC Appalachian Map

5.1% - 14.3%


14.4% - 20.9%


21.0% - 31.3%


31.4% - 50.8%


us average = 29.8% Appalachian average = 22.6%

us average = $48,112 Appalachian average = $38,593

college completion rate 2015

Data collected from multiple online mapping sources illustrator | photoshop


per capita income rates 2015

graphics | interiors | planning | strategy



Age_ 40.5

Poverty Rate _22.5%

Poverty Rate_13.5%


Unemployment _5.1%

Degrees Awarded _42,318

Degrees Awarded_206,218



Poverty Rate_15.7%

Poverty Rate_17.9%

Unemployment_ 5.3%


Degrees Awarded_334,972

Degrees Awarded_57,552



Poverty Rate_18.9%


Poverty Rate_15.8%

Unemployment _5.4%

Poverty Rate _17.6%


Degrees Awarded _73,081


Degrees Awarded _170,897

Degrees Awarded _84,665


Age _38

Poverty Rate _ 10%

Poverty Rate_ 17.4%



Degrees Awarded_87,235

Degrees Awarded_142,854

Poverty Rate _18.8% Unemployment_ 6.1% Degrees Awarded _330,671

Age_35.9 Poverty Rate_18.4% Unemployment_5.9% Degrees Awarded_ 140,545


Age_37.6 Poverty Rate_11.5% Unemployment_4.4% Degrees Awarded_ 138,122

portfolio | selected works

The Forge: Senior Thesis Quantitative and qualitative research portrayed in the collage was collected through interviews, observations, ethnographies, oral history, case studies, documents and records illustrator | photoshop | revit | indesign


Table of contents

chapter one: project overview Pages 6-9 Chapter 2: research and programming Pages 12-15 chapter 3: schematic design Pages 18-23 Chapter 4: Design development Pages 26-31 Chapter 5: construction docume nts Pages 34-35 Chapter 6: final presentation docume nts Pages 38-47


Project Project Summary Summary


Conclusion Conclusion

In 2011, In 2011, there there were were nearly nearly 14,000 14,000 coal coal miners miners residing residing in Eastern in Eastern KY, today KY, today there there areare less less than than 4,000 4,000 remaining. remaining. In the In the rapid rapid decline decline of the of the coal coal mining, mining, counties counties in Eastern in Eastern KY have KY have lost lost 40 to 4050 topercent 50 percent of their of their workforce. workforce. Families Families with with decade decade long long lineages lineages have have been been forced forced outout of the of the area area duedue to the to the economic economic disparity. disparity. TheThe netnet migration migration in the in the area area hashas shifted shifted from from an an inflow inflow of approximately of approximately 1,300 1,300 people people a year a year on average on average from from 19951995 to 2011, to 2011, to an tooutflow an outflow of approximately of approximately 1,100 1,100 people people a year a year on average on average since. since. Efforts Efforts have have been been made made by organizations by organizations such such as the as the Appalachian Appalachian Regional Regional Commission, Commission, trying trying to retain to retain thethe remaining remaining population population with with thethe implementation implementation of broadband of broadband internet internet andand thethe resourcing resourcing of code of code based based education education to laid to laid offoff coal coal miners. miners. Despite Despite these these efforts, efforts, thethe area area remains remains in economic in economic despair, despair, resulting resulting in ain broken a broken community. community. My proposal My proposal entails entails a continuation a continuation of my ofInteriors my Interiors thesis thesis project, project, in which in which I amIexploring am exploring thethe revitalization revitalization of an ofabandoned an abandoned coal coal mining mining sitesite in Pilgrim, in Pilgrim, KY. The KY. The Martin Martin County County coal coal mine mine waswas shut shut down down in September in September 2013, 2013, leaving leaving 142 142 people people without without work, work, andand waswas only only oneone of many of many mines mines to close to close its doors. its doors. DueDue to the to the toxicity toxicity of the of the material material drawn drawn from from thethe mines, mines, thethe sitesite is considered is considered a a brownfield, brownfield, otherwise otherwise defined defined as “a asformer “a former industrial industrial or commercial or commercial sitesite where where future future useuse is affected is affected by real by real or perceived or perceived environmental environmental contamination.” contamination.” My research My research would would delve delve intointo thethe implementation implementation of amenities of amenities such such as an aseducation an education space, space, business business incubator, incubator, caFE, caFE, outdoor outdoor walking walking trail, trail, dogdog park, park, pond, pond, andand amphitheater, amphitheater, revitalizing revitalizing thisthis once once abandoned abandoned field field intointo a desirable a desirable destination destination andand sustainable sustainable hubhub forfor thethe surrounding surrounding area. area.

Through Through research research andand design design strategies, strategies, I will I will contribute contribute to eastern to eastern Kentucky Kentucky by exploring by exploring the the topic topic of sustainability of sustainability in anineconomically an economically despair despair community community affected affected by the by the pollution pollution of of burning burning fossil fossil fuels. fuels. I would I would apply apply my existing my existing knowledge knowledge of user of user experience experience to each to each individual individual space, space, both both interiors interiors andand exterior. exterior. The The existing existing demographic demographic of the of the area area willwill be considered, be considered, observing observing average average household household incomes, incomes, number number of persons of persons per per household household andand other other supplemental supplemental research research thatthat willwill allow allow me to meprovide to provide amenities amenities needed needed to revitalize to revitalize the the existing existing community. community. Upon Upon completion, completion, I will I will reach reach outout to organizations to organizations such such as the as the Appalachian Appalachian Regional Regional Commission Commission to share to share my research my research andand design design strategies, strategies, in hopes in hopes they they willwill see potential see potential in a “Revitalized in a “Revitalized Eastern Eastern Kentucky”. Kentucky”. On aOn personal a personal andand scholarly scholarly level, level, I expect I expect to gain to gain knowledge knowledge useful useful to future to future of my ofgraduate my graduate studies studies herehere at the at the University University of Kentucky of Kentucky andand other other opportunities. opportunities.

Goals Goals and and Objectives Objectives TheThe ideaidea of sustainability of sustainability is ais controversial a controversial topic topic forfor thethe area, area, duedue to its toreliance its reliance on the on the burning burning of fossil of fossil fuels fuels forfor energy, energy, creating creating environmentally environmentally toxic toxic fumes fumes andand waste waste product. product. In my Inproject, my project, I hope I hope to encourage to encourage sustainability sustainability through through thethe implementation implementation of the of the social social learning learning theory, theory, which which states states that that we learn we learn first first by observing by observing others others andand eventually eventually reproducing reproducing their their actions. actions. ThisThis would would be accomplished be accomplished through through thethe creation creation of aof LEED a LEED certified certified building building using using sustainable sustainable practices practices such such as green as green roofs, roofs, natural natural heating heating andand cooling cooling systems, systems, implementing implementing bikebike rakes rakes andand electric electric charging charging stations stations other green building practices. I hope to provide an additional branch to the Big Sandy Community technical College andand other green building practices. I hope to provide an additional branch to the Big Sandy Community andand technical College intointo thethe proposed proposed building building space space andand provide provide means means to garner to garner an education. an education. In the In the building, building, a business a business incubator incubator will will be implemented be implemented that that will will share share a fabrication a fabrication andand technological technological lablab with with thethe school school promoting promoting interactions interactions between between students students andand professionals. professionals. Access Access to these to these amenities amenities maymay also also encourage encourage students students to begin to begin businesses businesses of their of their ownown thus thus bringing bringing economic economic wealth wealth back back to the to the eastern eastern part part of the of the state. state. TheThe wider wider community community outreach outreach will will come come from from thethe implementation implementation of walking of walking trails, trails, a dog park, pond, amphitheater. overwhelming goal, through research, to prove these items tobeneficial be beneficial to the a dog park, pond, andand amphitheater. TheThe overwhelming goal, through research, is toisprove these items to be to the environmental, social, economic well-being of the poverty-stricken region. environmental, social, andand economic well-being of the poverty-stricken region.




HC 67, HC 67, BoxBox 615615 Pilgrim, Pilgrim, Kentucky, Kentucky, 41250 41250

once once a thriving a thriving coal coal mine, mine, the the pontiki pontikicoal coal mining mining site site is now is now anan abandoned abandoned brownfield. brownfield. THeTHe site site houses houses a large a large warehouse warehouse and and coal coal processing processing equipment. equipment. over over 500,000 500,000 brownfields brownfields are are abandoned abandoned inin the the united united states states currently, currently, with with more more than than 33 million million worldwide. worldwide.

BUILDING BUILDINGSHELL SHELL Reynolds Reynolds Building Building 349 Scott 349 Scott St, St, Lexington, Lexington, KY 40508 KY 40508




concept The Forge: revitalizing commun ity - creating opportunity for growth in eastern Kentucky My design is based on the history of coal and the communiti es supporting it, as well as their uncertain future. The space begins with a historic hall to present their past. Moving forward in this space the work of future entrepreneurs will be on display representing the revitalization and cultivation of this communi ty and sustainab le practices. Playing into this theme the brandin g scheme is a modern representation of this transition from past, to present, and then to the future. Coal black is met with confident yellow not onlyrepresenting a canary in a coal mine, but also the light to a bright er future in an area currently in social, economi c, and environmental misfortune.

virtual offices3

FirstFirst commercial commercial mine,mine, known known as as the "McLean the "McLean driftdrift bank" bank" opened opened in in Kentucky. Kentucky.

1837 1837

1860 1860

10,000 10,000 tonstons of of Kentucky Kentucky production. production.

Pre-Civil Pre-Civil War War Kentucky Kentucky production production record record of 285,760 of 285,760 tons.tons.

1877 1877

1879 1879

CoalCoal mined mined withwith steam-powered steam-powered shovel. shovel.

8% 9% 10%




first name of almost all cowo


first name of many coworkers rs

first name of some coworkers first name of almost no coworkers

*observed in incubat ator spaces with 25 or more desks*

FirstFirst pulverized pulverized coalcoal firing firing in in electric electric power power plants. plants.

1914 1914



1918 1918

One One million million tonstons of of Kentucky Kentucky production. production.


food & beverages

event spaces


1820 1820


tickets for events

meeting spaces

1969 1969

Federal Federal CoalCoal MineMine Health Health and and Safety Act. Act. Safety

1940 1940

World World War War I increases I increases demand demand for for coal;coal; Kentucky Kentucky production production 20.3 million 20.3 million tons.tons. Short-flame Short-flame explosives explosives developed. developed. MineMine Safety Safety Law. Law.

1980 1980


Federal Federal Clean Clean Air Act. Air Act.


1992 1992

Congress enacts the the Congress enacts National Acid Acid National Precipitation Precipitation Assessment Program Assessment Program (NAPAP) Study. (NAPAP) Study.

1970 1970

World II - coal World War War II - coal production production in in Kentucky to 72.4 Kentucky risesrises to 72.4 million million tonstons for for the the effort. war war effort. Auger surface mining Auger surface mining introduced. introduced.

80% OF start ups have two or less employess

1990 1990

U.S. Energy U.S. Energy Policy Act of Policy Act of 1992. 1992.

2005 2005

2015 2015

the first coal-fired the first coal-fired plant in over 15 15 plant in over years. Energy years. Energy Policy Act of Policy Act2005 of 2005 signed by President signed by President Bush.Bush.

1998 1998

Federal Federal Clean Clean Air Act Air Act Amendments Amendments of 1990. of 1990. Kentucky Kentucky record record production production - 179.4- 179.4 million million tonstons (1990).(1990). U.S. coal U.S. coal production production exceeds exceeds 1 billion 1 billion tons.tons.

Mountaintop Mountaintop mining mining comes comes under under attack. attack.


In 2015, 87 percent of of In 2015, 87 percent electricity in Kentucky electricity in Kentucky was was generated by a by a generated coal-based power coal-based power plant. plant.

2006 2006

Kentucky Kentucky CoalCoal Academy Academy founded founded to provide to provide training training for for coalcoal miners miners that that reflect reflect the the technological technological advancements advancements in the in the mining mining industry. industry.



graphics | interiors | planning | strategy


HC 67, Box 615 Pilgrim, Kentucky, 41250

once a thriving coal mine, the pontiki coal mining site is now an abandoned brownfield. THe site houses a large warehouse and coal processing equipment. over 500,000 brownfields are abandoned in the united states currently, with more than 3 million worldwide.

BUILDING SHELL Reynolds Building 349 Scott St, Lexington, KY 40508




Platform 53 is a coworking space, that allows you to rent one of two spaces: the loft or the den. Spaces can be rented out per hour, day, or month depending on the plan. amenities include wifi, coffee/tea, white boards/markers, tv display, and use of kitchen. optional extras include food, printing, etc.

The Forge: revitalizing community - creating opportunity for growth in eastern Kentucky My design is based on the history of coal and the communities supporting it, as well as their uncertain future. The space begins with a historic hall to present their past. Moving forward in this space the work of future entrepreneurs will be on display representing the revitalization and cultivation of this community and sustainable practices. Playing into this theme the branding scheme is a modern representation of this transition from past, to present, and then to the future. Coal black is met with confident yellow not only representing a canary in a coal mine, but also the light to a brighter future in an area currently in social, economic, and first name of almost all coworkers environmental misfortune. first name of many coworkers

virtual offices


tickets for events


food & beverages


other event spaces meeting spaces desks

awesome, inc. - lexington, ky

8% 9%

Mission statement: "We exist to create and grow high tech startups. We do this by hosting community events, leading technology education courses and offering a shared workspace environment." internships, classes, and other events are offered at awesome, inc.

10% 61%


80% first name of some coworkers first name of almost no coworkers

*observed in incubator spaces with 25 or more desks*

OF start ups have two or less employess

project 53 - covington, ky


idealab - pasadena, ca Idealab is the longest running technology incubator, founded in 1996. They have created over 150 companies with 45 IPOS and acquisitions.


"great ideas. great companies."


First commercial mine, known as the "McLean drift bank" opened in Kentucky.



10,000 tons of Kentucky production.

Pre-Civil War Kentucky production record of 285,760 tons.



Coal mined with steam-powered shovel.

One million tons of Kentucky production.



First pulverized coal firing in electric power plants.

World War I increases demand for coal; Kentucky production 20.3 million tons. Short-flame explosives developed. Mine Safety Law.



Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act.

World War II - coal production in Kentucky rises to 72.4 million tons for the war effort. Auger surface mining introduced.



1980 Federal Clean Air Act.

Congress enacts the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP) Study.



U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Federal Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. Kentucky record production - 179.4 million tons (1990). U.S. coal production exceeds 1 billion tons.


2005 Mountaintop mining comes under attack.

the first coal-fired plant in over 15 years. Energy Policy Act of 2005 signed by President Bush.



In 2015, 87 percent of electricity in Kentucky was generated by a coal-based power plant.

Kentucky Coal Academy founded to provide training for coal miners that reflect the technological advancements in the mining industry.

portfolio | selected works

Coal Mining Timeline 1820 - present day illustrator | photoshop


graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

Branded Environments Applying created brand to an interior space through graphics, colors, story-telling, and wayfinding revit | photoshop


portfolio | selected works

Interior Urbanism | Obsolescence of Malls Lexington, KY to Ashland, KY Derive inspired by the works of Guy Debord, French Marxist Theorist illustrator | photoshop




graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

ironton, oh


huntington, wv

kenova, wv



portfolio | selected works

Demographic Data

employment + income

Huntington | Ashland Metropolitan


poverty rate



unemployment <16% median age

number of employees



median household income

median property value

poverty rate <32.3%

poverty rate <32.3%

uninsured <22.7%

uninsured <22.7%




additional info

147th largest metro area in the country. The largest counties by population are Cabell County, WV; Lawrence County, OH; and Putnam County, WV. The largest places in Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH Metro Area by population are Huntington, WV; Ashland, KY; and Teays Valley, WV.

poor to fair health <25%


Building population Gray: Commercial Red: Residential

number of opioid prescriptions per 100 people


population <1.3 million

population <1.3 million




high school graduation rate <94%

some college <70%

some college <70%

HOUSING + Living

residential roads

drug overdose deaths per 100,000 people <35.6 single-parent household <38%

average travel time <25.3 minutes


average travel time <25.3 minutes

graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

Diagramming + Massing Models Research methodologies, diagramming, and massing exploration helped inform an idea to rehabilitate the area, as well as the dead mall, into transition home for those affected by opioid addiction. The homes will include a variety of housing, from townhomes to single units to encourage a variety of users - making the transition back into the bustling everyday life easier. Healing opportunities including a green house and horse stable will be implemented for hands on care and betterment of the user.


illustrator | photoshop | revit

portfolio | selected works

Proposed Low Income Housing Exterior Rendering | townhouse, flat, and three-person housing units revit / lumion


graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

Proposed Communal + Interior Spaces top left - horse rehabilitation, top right - single person apartment, bottom left - townhouse, bottom right - rehabilitating greenhouse lumion | revit


portfolio | selected works

regional connectivity interstates rivers state borders


graphics | interiors | planning | strategy


poverty rate

Rural Population


8.9% 10.8% 12.7% 15.2% 17.3% 18.8% 21%


Average salary $37.5k $39.9k $42.7k $46.6k







Lifestyle centers




average age





amazon fulfillment centers














60.1% 62.1% 64.1% 65.8%












portfolio | selected works

Dead malls are conventional, enclosed shopping environments that have been abandoned and decoupled from their intended functions and users. Victor Gruen— the father of the postwar shopping mall—would likely be surprised by the relatively rapid demise of his mid-twentieth century offspring. While American shopping malls have grown increasingly obsolete, they offer a vast territory of indoor spaces and suburban sites that can be revitalized and adapted to new needs. Sociologists, geographers, planners, and designers are debating the relevance of these spaces in an era of transformational change. As a large-scale interior infrastructure, reimagining the American shopping mall offers an opportunity to serve new programs and multi-generational users of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

Raleigh Mall

Towne Square Mall

southside mall

353,321 sf 1973

210,000 sf 1983

300,000 sf 1981

600,000 sf 1989

In recent years, the mid-continental United States has been hit particularly hard by retail obsolescence. In this graduate studio, students implemented a thorough documentation and analysis of dead and dying malls in the Ohio Valley region. Their research enabled a broad-based survey of mall culture identifying sites for intervention. Their inquiries provoked the potential for blended programs supporting mixed-use communities offering long-term resilience.

In 1973, Raleigh Mall opened as the first mall in southern West Virginia. It included anchors Montgomery Ward and Stone & Thomas as well as a mix of local and national retailers in the inline concourse. The interior concourse was spacious, skylit, and sheathed in rough-sawn wood panels and avocado ceramic tiles. Beginning in 1980, Raleigh Mall began a slow decline after the opening of Crossroads Mall—a regional mall over twice as large. By 2008, Stone & Thomas remained open, but nearly all of the inline shops had been shuttered. Today, Raleigh Mall holds a small number of independent merchants and dollar stores.

South Side Mall opened in 1981 with five anchors including R. H. Hobbs, Dawahares, Kroger, Super X Drugstore, and Kmart, as well as 37 inline stores. By 1983, R. H. Hobbs was converted into Watson’s and later Peebles in 1998. Kmart closed in 2002 and was replaced by Magic Mart. After Magic Mart closed in 2016, South Side Mall has become increasingly abandoned.

In 1989, Kyova Mall—originally called Cedar the site of a former golf course. The mall wa four anchors stores—Sears, Stone & Thomas Kmart—and a foundation pad intended for built. In its early years, the mall struggled to Town Center in downtown Ashland. After a opened roughly a mile away, the mall declin bankruptcy in 2002. Purchased by Egglesto Knoll Galleria took a new name—the Kyova modest revival. Today, Phoneix Theater and along with a few remaining inline stores.

beckley, wv


Parkersburg, WV


kyova mall

cannonsburg, ky

South williamson, Ky

In 1983, Towne Square Mall opened in downtown Parkersburg as a mixed-use complex that sought to revitalize the city center and compete with Grand Central Mall in suburban Vienna. Towne Square was modeled on the Charleston Town Center in downtown Charleston and included apartments, a three-screen movie theater, upscale restaurants, local merchants, and four-story structured parking. Although popular in its early years, Towne Square began declining by the late 1980s—vacancy rates escalated to near abandonment by the late 1990s. In the 2000s, Towne Square was re-purposed into a telemarketing center, and later, purchased by the City of Parkersburg to house property tax offices and family court rooms.




graphics | interiors | planning | strategy

turfland mall


Tower Place at Carew Tower 500,000 sf 1991

Cincinnati, oh

Turfland Mall opened in August 1967 as the first enclosed mall in Lexington. The mall’s original anchor stores included Montogomery Ward, Grant City, and McAplin’s. Grant City closed in 1976 and was replaced with JC Penney the same year. The Loews Theater closed in 1990 and JC Penney moved to Fayette Mall in 1993. In 1997, Rubloff Development Group acquired the Turfland Mall and began a $5-million-dollar renovation. A year later, Dillard’s replaced the McAplin’s, and later opened a Dillard’s home store in the former JCPenney anchor. Montogomery Ward closed in 2000 and was converted into Home Depot. Dillard’s closed both stores in July 2008 and Turfland Mall was shuttered by October 2008.

Built in 1969, Beechmont Mall was one of the first enclosed malls in Greater Cincinnati. It housed three anchor department stores— Shillito’s, Pogue’s, and Woolworth’s—56 inline stores, and a Thriftway supermarket that was attached to the complex, but inaccessible from the interior concourse. In 1980, the mall was expanded with a northern addition that included a Hills Department Store and additional retail space. Beechmont Mall began a rapid decline after 2000. In early 2003, bids were opened for demolition; twenty-five residents won a raffle for the chance to help maneuver the wrecking ball. Demolition of the complex—apart from the Lazarus department store and K-Mart— was completed in June 2003.

500,000 sf 1967

r Knoll Galleria—opened on as originally anchored by s, Phar-More, and theaters that were never o compete with Ashland a Walmart Supercenter ned rapidly and filed for on Associates in 2005, Cedar a Mall—and attempted a Rural King anchor the mall

Beechmont mall

600,000 sf 1969

lexington, ky



forest fair village

western woods mall


green tree mall



washington square mall 542,854 Sf 1974

Cincinnati, oh

Clarksville, IN

owensboro, ky

In 1991, Tower Place opened in downtown Cincinnati as an extension of the historic Carew Tower Arcade. The Carew Tower complex had long hosted two venerable department stores—Mabley & Carew and Pogue's that merged stores into Indianapolis-based L.S. Ayres by the mid-1980s. In 1988, the L.S. Ayres store and its iconic automatic parking structure were demolished. This led to the revitalization of the historic Art Deco Carew Tower Arcade and construction of a new, three-story shopping mall—Tower Place—with structured parking on the site of the former department store. Although popular in the early 1990s, Tower Place lost most stores by the mid-2000s. Today, only the food court remains partially active.

Forest Fair Mall opened in 1988 in phases to include four original anchors—Parisian, Elder-Beerman, Bonwit Teller, Bigg’s and B. Altman—and 200 inline shops. By 1991, however, store occupancy dipped to 56%. Continual repositioning plagued Forest Fair throughout the 1990s. Parisian left the mall in 1998, while a first-run multiplex movie theater opened. In 2000, Saks Off Fifth, Burlington Coat Factory, and Bass Pro Shops filled former anchors. An indoor children’s amusement park opened in 2001, followed by two parking garages in 2002. Vacancy rates, however, continued to climb. Today, Forest Fair Mall is largely abandoned and awaits redevelopment.

In 1966, two fully-enclosed shopping malls were completed in Greater Cincinnati—Kenwood Mall and Western Woods Mall. Constructed on a 15-acre site seven miles northwest of downtown Cincinnati, Western Woods Mall was developed by Cincinnati-based Federated Stores and designed by New York-based Robert W. Kahn Associates and Krei, Zepf, Freitag & Associates of Cincinnati. By the late 1980s, Kenwood Mall grew and Western Woods continued to decline as the vacant JC Penney department store was leased to discount retailer Zayre. In 1998, a de-malling plan demolished the inline shops, while the vacant Lazarus department store and Thriftway were released.

Built in 1968 on a site that had been a cornfield, Green Tree Mall became a catalyst for the growth of northern Clarksville. The location was selected due to its proximity to I-65 and Hwy 131 as an alternative to strip shopping centers in New Albany and Jeffersonville. JC Penney and Sears anchored a shopping concourse lined with 50 retail shops, Danner’s, and the ‘Five & Dime’ novelty retailer. In 1980, a new main entrance and 22,000 SF of new retail space were added. More recently, Green Tree Mall began declining due to store consolidations and online retailing. In October 2017, Sears closed and inline store vacancies began rising.

Lincoln Mall opened in 1971 was one of the first enclosed malls in the region with a Woolco discount department store and Mall Twin Cinema as primary anchors. The mall thrived for several years until Towne Square Mall opened in 1979 with four anchors and 90 inline stores. By 1982, Lincoln Mall began a rapid decline—Woolco closed and many of the inline national retailers relocated to Towne Square and were replaced by consignment shops, thrift stores, and antiques dealers. In 1994, the Owensboro Christian Church purchased the mall and built their sanctuary within the mall. In 1997, the Mall Twin Cinema closed and several remaining inline stores were shuttered. Today, the mall remains open but largely empty.




793,837 sf 1968




lincoln mall

Cincinnati, oh

320,000 Sf 1966


210,500 Sf 1971

Cincinnati, OH

1,300,000 sf 1989



evansville, in


Built in 1963, Washington Square Mall was the first enclosed shopping mall in Indiana. Developed by Erie Investments, it was originally anchored by Sears and an A&P supermarket. In 1969, the Stewart Dry Goods department store was added and later rebranded as L.S. Ayres in 1980. After Eastland Mall opened in 1982, Washington Square has struggled to compete and retain stores. In 1987, it was remodeled and expanded to address emerging competitors. L. S. Ayres closed in 1992 and was converted into an Elder-Beerman department store in 1993. In 2000, Elder-Beerman closed and inline store vacancy rates climbed. Today, only Sears and a small number of inline stores remain.



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On-Site Sketching Sketching done on site at each of the seperate locations, ranging from a daily frequented interior space to Frank Lloyd Wrightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s: Falling Water


Late Night Film Series left - t-shirt design, right - rebranding, next page - movie posters illustrator | photoshop



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Warrior Hunt April 18-20, 2017 - Warrior Adventure Turkey Hunt

September 7, 2017 - Warrior Adventure Dove Hunt November 17-19, 2017 - Warrior Adventure Deer Hunt

Save A Warrior (SAW) March 10-12, 2017 - Athenaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sisters (all women) May 7-11, 2017 - Athenaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sisters (all women) June 18-23, - 2017 SAW August 20-25 - SAW

Our participants report 53% average reduction in axiety symptoms, 31.5% average increase in resilience, 34% increase in feeling support, and a 100% average increase in self-confidence & self reporting benefit to participant healing

570 Milner Road Versailles, KY 40383 859-873-3271

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Recognizing the unique and powerful impact of equine activities, we have partnered with Team Red, White & Blue to introduce a 10-week pilot program exclusively focused on equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning. The program is designed to reach warriors who are unable to commit to a weeklong residential retreat.

Warrior Hunt Warrior hunts create an environment where injured service members and their families build relationships and interact as a part pf a healthy community. This program helps wounded veterans recover from the visible and invisible wounds of war by exposing them to the healing power of nature. Following the best practices of conservation management, our deer hunt also feeds impoverished families throughout Kentucky.

Military Teen and Family Camps (MTAC) MTAC camps offer military families a valuable opportunity to connect with each other using the power of the great outdoors. These camps are offered free to service members and their teenagers. Nationally recognized, these outdoor adventures reconnect families and rebuild relationships strained by multiple deployments.

Save A Warrior (SAW) We help veterans with PTS heal, military families reconnect, and wounded warriors recover from the physical and invisible wounds of war.

Aramark | UK Dining + Advocacy left - poster for UK Dining, right - advocacy pamphlets


We host this evidence based war detox program, which provides a powerful healing experience for veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress. This innovative healing process combines the very best research in neuroplasticity, Jungian psychology, and experiential education.

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Local Author Cover + BLOC MKTG left top - â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lessons We Paid Forâ&#x20AC;? by local author Sarah Caton, other - branding and advertising under internship at BLOC MKTG


portfolio | selected works


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IDSA + Logo Development far left - IDSA (Interior Design Student Association) posters , middle top - practice and logo development, middle bottom - vector representations of buidlings on the University of Kentucky campus, far right - logo development with BLOC MKTG dentistry


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2018 Graphic Design | Interior Design Portfolio  

2018 Graphic Design | Interior Design Portfolio