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A number of activities and events will mark Snow College’s 125th Anniversary.


t’s finally here! Snow College is 125 years old and proud of every wrinkle! When Principal Alma Greenwood and Mrs. Kerri Henry Payne first organized what is now known as Snow College back in 1888, they likely had no idea just how much their small academy would blossom into what Snow College is now. To grow from a starting class of 120 students to the nearly 4,500 who attend today, to be the oldest two-year college west of the Mississippi River, and to be recognized by multiple organizations as one of the nation’s top two-year colleges is truly remarkable. With a rich and diverse group of active alumni dating back several decades, Snow College is poised and ready to celebrate the 125th anniversary, and all of the planning for this year’s special events is finally coming to fruition. The kickoff began the night before the 2013 commencement, and the celebration continued in August with seminars and events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. In the upcoming months, Snow College will gather everyone’s great “Snow Experiences” for StoryCorps, host a special Homecoming that you won’t forget, and let you take Buster Badger on your road trips with you as part of this year’s events.

Snow College Baccalaureate 125th Anniversary Kickoff a Success On May 3, 2013, hundreds of students and alumni surrounded Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, both immortalized in bronze statue, joined by confetti cannons, beautiful music, and plenty of cupcakes, to kick off the full year of celebrations commemorating Snow College’s 125th birthday. The Snow College Baccalaureate 125th Anniversary Celebration was a magnificent display of history and culture, with incredible performances by various groups from Snow College’s own Julliard-infused music program. Attendees enjoyed an auditory feast of music and storytelling, where they learned of Snow College’s Scandinavian roots and humble beginnings, as well as the many changes the College faced through the uncertainty of iconic times like the early 20th century, the Great Depression, and two


world wars. All who were present left with a renewed sense of pride for Snow College and a feeling of gratitude for the many sacrifices that were made to keep it vibrant and alive.

New Banners Display Badger Pride The baccalaureate kickoff is only the beginning of many great events that will commemorate Snow’s “Big 125” this year. All over both campuses and all along Ephraim’s and Richfield’s main streets, beautiful, bold banners, with Snow College’s own blue and orange, proudly display the milestone achievement of 125 years of excellence. Local businesses already display their Badger Pride and support with similar banners mounted in storefront windows and elsewhere, in an effort to maintain community awareness, interest, and involvement with the college. If you ever have felt the need to “drag main” in Ephraim or Richfield, now is the perfect time to do so and feel your Badger Pride renewed once again.

Snow College Joins with Gettysburg to Commemorate 150 Years This August, Snow College held its first annual American History War Era Seminar. This year’s seminar focused on the Civil War, in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Emancipation Proclamation. Three published, highly regarded scholars gave presentations about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War over four days of celebration. Music students performed in a concert, and the highlight of the week was a special dinner, where Dr. Allen Guelzo from Gettysburg College spoke about Abraham Lincoln’s religion.

Take Buster Badger on Your Next Road Trip Buster Badger, at least in miniature form, is spreading the joy of being 125 throughout the world, with the help of many alumni friends. If you’re going to make a trip, take Buster with you! Snow College has several small “Buster Badgers” that can be taken anywhere by those who are interested, 20 1 3 | S N O W CO L L EG E M AG A ZI N E

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