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“An Even Better Version of Snow College”

Dual Admission Degree Agreements Snow College is actively pursuing agreements with other schools to provide 2+2 Dual Admission Degree Programs, which are guaranteed transfer programs where students will, upon completion of a prescribed sequence of courses leading to an associate’s degree, be assured transfer to the university of their choice with full junior-year status. Students would be able to complete one application and pay only one application fee. If they meet and satisfy specific requirements, they can be concurrently admitted to Snow College and the 2+2 college or university of their choice. Snow is also reaching out to business owners to arrange for 14

collaborative partnerships that will “fast-track” students into applicable internships or employment after graduation.

Go to Snow and Study in China! The Snow College Center for Global Engagement has partnered with faculty to research and establish relationships with foreign universities that will provide students with an immersive study abroad experience. One such opportunity will enable Snow College education students to spend half of a semester in China. Students will observe teaching methods in China and return to Snow College to share what they observed as part of their “Global Badger” experience.

Strategically Set for the Future While current and former students, faculty, staff, and area residents have always known about Snow College’s success, the College has recently received national recognition, as well. The Aspen Institute has named Snow College among the top 10 percent of U.S. community colleges in its last two ranking cycles (2011 and 2013). In addition, CNN Money ranked Snow College sixth in the nation for two-year colleges that help students succeed with graduation or transfer. Snow College was recently ranked ninth in the nation by Washington Monthly magazine and eighth by The Best Schools, an Internet-based college and university ranking service. 20 1 3 | S N O W CO L L EG E M AG A ZI N E

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2013 snowcollegemag 8 29 final  

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