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1. SPEED Velocity is one of the most important aspects in the organization of the game. Keep in mind that relates to how quickly the team moves to attack and how to Buy

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and how maintaining possession. The most recommended would be to find a balance of speed between 50 and 55, if you intend to make a more aggressive game you can select a high speed, between 70 and 85. That will allow you to prepare the attack much faster, but dejerás space for the opponent to respond and will spend a significant amount of stamina. Slow If you choose a slow speed you have to have a serious obsession with poss ession. Players will be selective in their attacks intenterán forward and find a good place to go instead of running. Ideal if you win and want to risk the least. Fast If you choose a fast speed certainly prefer the attack, that will make the members of your team passes forward and expect more attacks carried forward. Ideal when you feel comfortable in defense and have players really fast. Two. PASSES Passes refer to the distance and the way the players on your team will seek space to receive it, which means that if the pass is long run before to receive it. If you have a particular play style is best to use something between 45 and 60. If preferes the psoesión and short, quick passes, put the score at 38. Short A quick, short pass characteristic of teams like Barca. Here are not used long passes but style is faster. If that's your style of play short passes choose, players who are near the ball look for space so you can make pretty plays one by one. Mixed If you opted not clearly none of the other and do not have a specific tactic in mind, choose this style of play. Maybe you like short passes but occasionally want to use some long, so this is your option. Players seek opportunities for short and long passes. FIFA

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Long As deduciréis, this option is for players who like long passes and high balls. Players who are closest to the ball will keep his position.

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