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How to defend a tactical defense? . The tutorial Xbox 360 shows how to defend our defense if we have FIFA 13 , released in 2012 Cheap FIFA 13 Coins delivery. PRESSURE One of the main functions of the tactical defense is the ability to pressure the opponent at a distance allowing the player freedom advocates and pressure the attacking play. To put pressure on an opponent to hold down the button (X / A). ENTRY Once the player defending and pressing the opponent, to try to snatch the ball you have to press the two Link Buttons of action. For a regular ticket you must press the button (O / B) and for an entry aggressive or "mowed" you have to press the button (square / X). DEFENSIVE HELP can be activated defensive help from other teammates.You can press with two players (the selected player and other AI handled FI FA 13) holding the button (R1/RB). LEGAL CHARGE If pressure is made on the run and during the dispute control of the ball, while holding down the run button (R2/RT) and push button (X / A) you can press the button normally entreda (O / B) and make a legal charge to rival. You can also press repeatedly to be more effective but runs the risk that the referee whistles foul FIFA 13 Coins. Youtube list Reviews of fifa 13 coins:

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