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Our mission


The mission of Emilio Sánchez American School is to be an exemplary learning and athletic community. We challenge ourselves to be better through an emphasis on critical thinking, and intellectual and social awareness. Students develop a passion for learning through individualized support in a nurturing environment. Our success is founded on effective communication and an engaging academic curriculum.

Emilio sánchez american SCHOOL

Established in 1999, and with locations in Barcelona, Spain and Naples, Florida, Emilio Sánchez American School in Barcelona, Spain offers an American Elementary, Middle, and High School program for 6 to 18 year olds (1st through 12th grades). Our Elementary School is now an IB PYP World School. We provide our students with an international experience that broadens their horizons, creates a positive learning experience, and affords each student the opportunity to excel both academically and athletically. All students receive individual attention, close academic guidance and personal counseling. With students from 40 different countries, our school is highly international, and the common language on campus is English.


Rigorous academic curriculum

All graduates of Emilio Sánchez American School earn a recognized American High School Diploma.

Barcelona students who choose to complete both the American education curricular requirements and the Catalan Department of Education curricular requirements can also obtain a homologated 4o ESO diploma upon successful completion of 10th grade.

ES American Elementary School is an IB PYP World School in 1st-5th grades, offering a dynamic learning environment focused on inquiry and agency, in an effort to create lifelong, international-minded learners.

In Middle School, rotating enrichment

classes are offered to give students practical introductions to topics such as nutrition, touch typing, entrepreneurship, and philosophy, in addition to their core curricular subjects of social studies, language arts, math and science. Students enroll in full-immersion language classes and have the opportunity

to participate in art and music workshops throughout the year.

The Advanced Placement (AP) program in High School offers students the opportunity to engage in academically rigorous university level courses which are recognized

in the US and in many other countries. American colleges and universities may grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the AP exams.



We ensure a high level of both academic and emotional support for all students. Students are assigned an advisor, as well as having access to our psychologist and learning support specialist. Small student-centred classes enable our teachers to cater to each student’s individual needs. The learning is personalized and students thrive in an environment where they feel supported and nurtured.


Assignments are posted on our comprehensive educational software platform, Microsoft Teams, enabling students to keep up with their studies when they are unable to attend classes due to tournament travel. Parents and students alike have access to a platform called Sycamore. Here, they can check all of their grades as well as their attendance records.

Our values


Our weekly advisory program provides social and emotional support to students. It is also a forum used to deepen students’ understanding of key social issues, including the appropriate use of social media and technology, making healthy life choices, and forming positive relationships. We also use advisory to discuss our values.

Important work around university placement also takes place in these sessions. Guest speakers are invited to address relevant topics; for example, former students currently in university provide panel discussions for 11th and 12th graders, and university reps from US and UK present and conduct workshops about university placement.


We show RESPECT by treating others how we would want to be treated.

We listen attentively and are OPENMINDED

We show humility and seek fairness

We are effective COMMUNICATORS and are REFECTIVE of our actions.

We choose kindness, are CARING, and show empathy.


We are determined to give our best EFFORT

We have a growth mindset and strive to be creative, critical THINKERS.

We develop our autonomy, try new things, and are RISK-TAKERS.

We collaborate and are curious INQUIRERS.


We are well-mannered and have DISCIPLINE

We are educated and KNOWLEDGABLE about the world.

We are PRINCIPLED and act with honesty and integrity.

We are dedicated, work hard everyday, and show perseverance.

We are BALANCED and understand what it means to be healthy.

Elementary School


In the primary years, students have a natural curiosity and desire to explore. Our elementary school is set in a unique natural environment within a safe campus. Surrounded by trees and ample green spaces, students

have access to diverse areas that provide opportunities to learn, explore, and play. This fosters natural inquiry, healthy habits, and unique learning experiences.


Our elementary school is comprised of 1st to 5th grade classes. During these important years of development, our main goal is to prepare our young students to become active participants in a lifelong journey of learning.

Our curriculum is offered within the framework of The International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). It is designed to be internationally-minded, conceptdriven, purposeful and challenging, focusing on the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and the outside world. Our classes are inquiry-based, with an engaging, thematic approach through which we learn essential skills and gain knowledge of math, language, science, social studies, physical education (PE), and the arts. We also offer Spanish and Catalan language classes at both native and non-native levels.


Our methodology and curricular framework are designed to help children have a voice, make choices and take ownership and responsibility for their own learning. We empower students to take action. This can be individual or collective action, through which the students understand responsibility and appreciate the benefits of working with others for a shared purpose. Examples of action in the PYP are: a change of attitude; a plan to take action in the future; involvement in school, local or global decisionmaking; or a positive contribution to the community.


Our teachers work together with the families to support each child’s learning. As a learning community, we organize multiple meetings and forums with our families. The objective of our parent forums is to give parents a voice, foster collaborative decision making, organize events, and discuss all aspects of the students’ development. As a community of IB learners, we strive to be good communicators, collaborate

effectively, and listen carefully to the opinions of others. Our learning community models this through regular communication, newsletters, and reports. We also have our own elementary webpage ( which informs parents regularly about the learning that is happening in school, and provides suggestions on how they can connect this learning with life at home.

Social, Emotional, and Athletic development in Elementary School


We approach teaching and learning with core values in mind. We create a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment, and develops students’ social and emotional development, building relationship skills to last throughout their lives.

The PYP highlights attitudes as one of the essential elements of the programme. Knowledge and skills alone do not make an internationally minded person; therefore, it is vital that we focus on the development of attitudes and emotions that contribute to the well-being of the individual student and of the learning community.

The profile aims to develop learners who are:

ƒ Inquirers

ƒ Knowledgeable

ƒ Thinkers

ƒ Communicators

ƒ Principled

ƒ Open-minded

ƒ Caring

ƒ Risk-takers

ƒ Balanced

ƒ Reflective


The PE program is integrated within the regular academic curriculum for all elementary school students and provides opportunities for young students to explore their passion for sports in an environment that will permit maximum exploration of their interests, talents and physical abilities. The program is offered in conjunction with

the Emilio Sánchez Academy, and students use the excellent facilities of our highperformance campus. All elementary school students participate in at least five hours of sport and physical education per week, with the option to increase the number of hours through the Tennis Top Program.


The annual Tennis Top Program reflects the spirit of the Emilio Sánchez Academy: creating opportunities in tennis, education, and life. The program is especially tailored for our youngest student-athletes between six and 11 years old by providing a 3600

approach to athletic, academic and personal development. In the Tennis Top Program we offer the best high-performance physical and tennis training. The training becomes more intensive as our student-athletes grow and develop.

Middle School


From 6th through 8th grade, our middle school program actively prepares students for the rigors of high school. Our nurturing environment helps students feel part of a community and fosters relationships between peers from all parts of the globe.

The middle school curriculum goes beyond the textbook as students explore the four core subjects of language, math, science, and social studies through investigative research, critical-thinking projects, and team building activities. Teachers encourage students to be active learners in and out of the classroom, making connections between their academics and the world around them. Our curriculum is designed to be academic, practical, innovative, and relevant to life in the twenty-first century. Students engage in cross-curricular projects throughout the year, and participate in events with other local schools such as the Model UN and The Kids Lit Quiz.


Our schedule offers middle school students the unique opportunity to grow academically, athletically and personally. While our tennis players train for four hours every day, our non-tennis players participate in a diverse PE program and a Change Makers class. All students alternate between academics and athletics at key moments in order to optimize performance in both areas.


All students take immersive Spanish classes for four hours per week. Students may additionally choose to take the Catalan curriculum classes in order to homologate their studies in Spain. Students not taking the Catalan curriculum classes will be enrolled in the enrichment program, which provides exciting and practical modules in entrepreneurship, touch typing, drama, philosophy, music, art, and nutrition. Enrichment modules typically last for nine weeks, and assessments are often student driven. Some examples of successful student driven initiatives are: initiating a small business; completing a touch typing marathon; organizing a healthy salad fair, and putting on a musical performance.

Beyond the middle school curriculum


Each individual needs to feel valued, and feel a sense of belonging to a community. Here at ES American School, we support and nurture every child’s growth mentally, socially, emotionally, and ethically. Our students not only strive for academic excellence but also gain a strong understanding of what it means to be a considerate, thoughtful, and productive member of a community.


In middle school, through advisory sessions and assemblies we celebrate excellent student performance and personal growth, discuss our school values, and address some of the issues that all middle school students face, such as peer pressure, bullying, and how to resolve conflicts. Advisory and assemblies foster community and help to guide our middle schoolers through the process of growing up, becoming more self-assured, responsible, kind and confident young adults.


Through Change Makers, our non tennis playing students are celebrated and integrated into the Emilio Sánchez Academy community, as they initiate, plan and prepare community focused projects. They learn about brainstorming, collaborating and project management as they develop their passion projects from an initial idea to a measurable final product. Change Makers passion projects have included: a series of instructional videos on ‘How To Survive Middle School’; an overnight middle school nature excursion; a charity padel tournament to raise money to plant trees; and a charity festive bake sale. Change Makers is a class that inspires students to develop agency and altruism.

High School


The university preparatory program for 9th through 12th grades (14-18 year olds) provides an academically challenging curriculum. Alongside core literature, math, science and social studies classes, students also take two elective courses each academic year. These courses include creative writing, journalism, marine biology and theatre, as well as our fully immersive Spanish and Catalan language classes. Students may also choose to take rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) classes if they wish to achieve further academic excellence. Students graduate with the American High School Diploma upon successful completion of 12th grade.

Up to the end of 10th grade, students can choose to follow both the American and Spanish/Catalan curricula simultaneously, enabling them to homologate their 10th grade studies with 4o ESO and later access Spanish universities.


The schedule of classes is carefully aligned with the students’ training schedules for both tennis and waterpolo. Other students combine their academics with sports such as football and horse riding. The schedule can also facilitate participation in extracurricular pursuits at outside institutions, such as music or dance lessons. This schedule optimizes academic, athletic and personal performance for all students.


We offer a physical education (PE) program of one hour per day for students who do not practice high-performance sports. The PE program includes an hour of tennis twice a week, and an hour of physical education three times a week. PE students can make use of the excellent sports facilities on campus, like the gym, basketball courts or football fields.

Additional academic and testing programs


Our emerging scholars program is designed to inspire and encourage high-achieving high school students to further their research skills, harness their creativity, and develop independent learning skills. Students who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher in the previous academic year are invited to participate in the program. Recent student-driven initiatives include a community-wide multicultural fair, a pen-pal program with at-risk eldery in our local community, and a series of student-led workshops on study skills for younger students.


Students from 2nd to 8th grade complete Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing twice a year. MAP is a growth oriented test which measures academic performance and knowledge, as well as overall growth throughout the year. Students are given access to an online Edmentum account, linked to their personal MAP data, allowing them to work through their own individualized learning pathways, and see areas of mastery and areas for growth and improvement.


The Advanced Placement (AP) program in High School offers students the opportunity to engage in academically rigorous university level courses which are recognized in the US and in many other countries. American colleges and universities may grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the AP exams. We currently offer AP classes in Spanish Language and Culture, Calculus AB, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Comparative Politics and Government, and Computer Science Principles.


The SAT is the official entrance test for colleges and universities in the United States, and is required of any student wishing to attend a college or university in the United States. The SAT test is also required by most universities world-wide, from students who have graduated from an American High School.

We are an official testing center for the PSAT and SAT. All 9th and 10th grade students take the PSAT, which is a practice version of the SAT that provides feedback to students on areas of strength and areas for improvement. We also offer preparation classes for 11th and 12th grade students in the SAT, and students typically take the SAT exam in 11th grade, and again in 12th grade if necessary. The SAT preparation course aids students in achieving the best possible results on this important university entrance test.

University planning & placement

ES American School provides a comprehensive guidance program for all full-time students. Our focus is on the individual and their needs throughout high school and the transition to the next phase of their lives. Each student receives significant one-on-one time with our Guidance Counselor, and the majority (98%) of our students go on to attend universities around the globe, including the US, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, and other countries.

Our goal is to help students discover the best fit for them: academically, athletically (when applicable), and financially.


ƒ Development of a clear, individualized strategy for the university placement process

ƒ Workshops on the university placement process

ƒ PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT NMSQT and a dedicated SAT preparation program in 11th grade

ƒ Guidance with university searches for “best fit” schools

ƒ Interview preparation

ƒ Guidance with university applications and essays

ƒ Support with student visas and university registration


The ES American School University Planning & Placement works with student-athletes and families to create an individualized roadmap for studying and playing varsity sports at university, whether it be tennis, water polo or another sport. This work incorporates the players, families and coaches, as well as university admissions and athletic staff.

ƒ Development of a clear, long-term game plan for the recruiting process

ƒ Guidance working with our tennis agent (ES Academy tennis players only)

ƒ Guidance finding and working with a suitable sports agent (athletes of other sports)

ƒ Individual, honest assessments of the student-athlete’s athletic abilities (ES Academy tennis players only)

ƒ Guidance in written communication with coaches and universities

ƒ Preparation for interviews with coaches

ƒ Professional video of game play to send to university coaches (ES Academy tennis players only)

ƒ Guidance with NCAA & NAIA eligibility and registration


ƒ ES American School is proud of how over the past 18 years it has consistently guided its graduates into excellent collegiate programs while receiving some form of athletic and/or academic scholarship.

ƒ approx. 95% of Emilio Sánchez Academy & School graduates have gone on to play collegiate varsity tennis in the US

ƒ approx. 4% of Emilio Sánchez Academy & School graduates play the professional tennis tour

ƒ approx. 90% of Emilio Sánchez Academy & School graduates have received collegiate scholarships

Student life


Every student in our school is placed in one of eight Spirit Houses. Spirit Houses provide a monthly opportunity for students to mix with other age groups and engage in a variety of team building and community projects. Students are celebrated for positive attitudes and upholding school values, such as empathy, helping others, effort and sincerity. Monthly spirit points are awarded to students who have achieved something in an area which is worthy of recognition. Spirit Houses projects have included environmental initiatives (such as implementing a recycling system, a ‘Meat-free Monday’, and a litter pick-up project) or fun team-building projects (such as a Spirit House lip-dub, the recording of our 20-year anniversary song, and implementing new activities during Spirit Day).

The culmination of the Spirit House system is Spirit Day and Mental Mania where the houses compete in a trivia game show and a full day of sporting activities


The Student Council comprises a group of students, elected by their peers, who address issues of concern and organize student events and activities. They reflect the views of the student body and act as a consultative council to the faculty and administration of the school. Elections are regulated by the Student Council Constitution and are held at the beginning of each academic year. Each year, Student Council organizes charitable initiatives and school events, such as school excursions, and the Thanksgiving and Calcotada lunches.


Each semester, students will participate in excursions to places of local interest such as museums, historical and cultural sites, and activity centers. These excursions help students to connect with the local community and enjoy the treasures of Barcelona and its surroundings.

Perfect combination of athletics and academics

ES American School shares a campus with the world-renowned Emilio Sánchez Academy, and this affiliation is best represented by our combined mottos:

Emilio Sánchez Academy: Creating opportunities in tennis, education and life.

ES american School: Creating opportunities in education, sports and life.

We are also affiliated with Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA), working together to provide the best opportunities to students who wish to pursue water polo at a collegiate level.

MULTIPLE Emilio Sánchez Academy PROGRAMS

ES Academy offers its students a wide variety of program options to best suit their individual needs.

Tennis Top 6/11 Program: designed for student-athletes from 6 to 11 years of age, this program emphasizes the educational qualities of sport for younger players. The physical and tennis training becomes more intensive as the children grow and develop. Players progress from 9h/ week during first grade to 20h/week during 5th grade.

Tennis + School Annual Program: from 12 to 18 years old, this program is offered in a format that makes a student-athlete’s tennis training fully compatible with academic studies without compromising quality in either. The combined ES Academy & American School curriculum allows student-athletes to continue their academic studies while training at a high performance level.

Each student is assigned an Athletic Tutor, who is responsible for overseeing the athletestudent’s development, welfare and progress. The athletic tutor coordinates with each student’s Academic Advisor so that the academic and athletic needs of every student are aligned.


Emilio Sánchez Academy is a successful tennis academy created by Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Sergio Casal in 1998 and is considered a world renowned institution for its unique tennis training system and for developing elite players such as Murray, Kuznetsova, Dimitrov, and Hantuchova, among others. Nowadays, it is the only tennis academy in the world with 4 campuses on 3 continents (Barcelona, Spain; Naples, FL, USA; Atlanta, GA, USA; and Nanjing, China).


The unique Emilio Sánchez 360 Tennis System©, designed by Emilio Sánchez and Sergio Casal, delivers a proven combination of tennis development training, with strategic, technical and tactical programming, alongside access to high quality competition. The ES Academy 360 Tennis System© works in phases according to the ES Academy Tennis Pyramid©. Modules can adjust to any age and level, so players can train at any stage of the pyramid.


Players train and learn in one of the most prestigious academies in the world, with the best services and sports installations which include tennis courts, a swimming pool, gym, physiotherapy center, and much more.


In the Sports Science department, all services that the player may need are included on site, such as physical training, nutrition, sports psychology, and physiotherapy.


Students who are also registered for an ES annual tennis program can reside on campus at Emilio Sánchez Academy. Separate residential areas are provided for boys and girls, from 12 years old and up, and supervisory staff live with the students 24 hours a day. Each room has a study area, air conditioning and wifi.


We also have student-athletes who compete in other sports like equestrian sports/dressage, football, basketball, rowing, motorcycling racing, and swimming. On campus, students can participate not only in tennis, but also in equestrian sports through the Open Sports Club horse-riding facility. Players of other sports train at local clubs with teams appropriate to their athletic level.

CONTACT DETAILS: Emilio Sánchez Academy / +34 934 79 16 16 / / / Contact: Mr. Andrey Neyman Open Sports Club / +34 655 10 24 79 / / / Contact: Mr. Roma Galimany

Transcontinental program Florida and Barcelona

Emilio Sánchez Academy & American School provide an International Student Exchange Program featuring dual ES Academy campuses in Naples, Florida and Barcelona, Spain.

ES Academy is the only residential tennis academy in the world to have wholly-owned campus headquarters located in both Europe and the United States. Its Exchange Program offers high school and middle school students the exclusive opportunity to pursue college preparatory academic studies while training within high-performance tennis academy programs, completing one semester in Naples and one semester in Barcelona.

The academics offered in each location are compatible from one semester to the next, so

students can move seamlessly between the two campuses in both academics and tennis training. The Naples school can also issue I-20s for F-1 visas. Unlike other academies, each ES Academy campus has its tennis facilities, school and residences within the same property creating a safe, fun, and healthy family environment for all student athletes.

Emilio Sánchez is based in Naples. This ensures that the respective programs they direct and the world class coaching staff they manage will deliver consistent training experiences to their Exchange Program athletes at both academies.

ES Exchange Program students will have the opportunity to play a wider array of

international tournaments, and compete against a much broader spectrum of players, while living in two different countries during one school year.

The cultural enrichment to be realized from this program, via its international array of students, coaches and teachers, is unparalleled in the industry. There’s no better way than this Exchange Program, to prepare a tennis player for the collegiate athletic and academic experience. Additionally, Emilio Sánchez Academy & School staff in both locations will work together to provide the hands-on university placement guidance required to match its student athletes with the appropriate colleges or universities.


The campus of ES American School is located within the world-class sports facilities of the Emilio Sánchez Academy, which provides high-performance tennis training and physical conditioning. The beautiful campus is situated close to all the major attractions in Barcelona, Spain.

Academic Facilities:

ƒ 13 Classrooms

ƒ 1 Elementary School Library

ƒ 1 Middle and High School Library

ƒ 1 Science Laboratory

Sports Facilities:

ƒ 27 tennis courts

ƒ 8 padel courts

ƒ A gymnasium

ƒ An outside pool (used during summer months)

ƒ 3 mini-tennis courts

ƒ 3 fronton courts

ƒ 2 football fields

ƒ 1 basketball court

Multipurpose Facilities:

ƒ Conference facilities for school events

ƒ A restaurant and student cafeteria

ƒ A common room for high school students

ƒ Student accommodation options (provided by ES Academy)



Nutrition is a key factor within a students’ day as it directly influences their performance, both athletically and academically. All meals are prepared on site and provide a balanced intake of all the necessary nutrients for the

health and maximum performance of both students and athletes. A nutritionist service is available for students who require further support.


A bus service is provided by ES Academy for ES American School students in the morning before their classes begin, and also in the evening. Bus routes service the Gava Playa, Castelldefels and Barcelona areas. It is recommended that new parents moving to the area for the first time consult with the most up-to-date maps of the bus routes before choosing where to live.


Students of ES American School can optionally contract medical insurance through the Emilio Sánchez Academy (annual tennis players have medical insurance already included in their program) with MAPFRE, a leading international insurance company in Spain. The specific coverage information is described in the contract with the insurer. While on campus, students who have MAPFRE health insurance can benefit from the medical services provided by our on-site physiotherapist office which is open Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 17:00.


Laura Lopez Giese - Boston College + Tennis. “ES American School taught me a sense of community. I developed lifelong relationships with friends and teachers. It will always be my second home.”

Caterina Rokke – Bryant University Tennis player. “At ES American School I learned time management and hard work, which have been key factors to my success at Bryant as a student-athlete.”

Marc Feliu - Steven’s Institute of Technology & Tennis – “ES American School helped me develop my creativity, and they were always supportive of my dreams and goals, helping me choose the university where I would continue to grow.”

Sharon De Carli – Skidmore College . “ ES American School taught me that there is not only one way of doing things, but that there are always other options and solutions, you just have to create them.”

Aswin Lizen - University of Virginia + Tennis “ES American School taught me how to manage my time effectively and made my transition to college as a student-athlete a lot easier.”

Alice McGinty - NYU + Tennis “I appreciate the friendships I built during my time at ES American School. It truly gives you a family for life!”

Sam Benchegib - LeHigh + Tennis + Make a Change World “ES American School was the best of both worlds: I was able to pursue great academics as well as high-level tennis in the Mecca of the tennis world, Barcelona. I’m so happy I made the decision to attend ESIS for 3 years!”

Andy Murray - ATP No. 1 “I learned to work hard at ES American Academy, and I learned about discipline. I never expected to get to number one in the world, but it happened, and a lot of it started here.”

Adam Van Uden - Dartmouth College + Waterpolo “At ES American School I took AP Comparative Politics and discovered a subject that I loved. The teaching staff at ES American School is incredible - they are talented, qualified, friendly, and make classes fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this experience: it will change your perspective of the world.”

Sergi Ferrer – ESADE, Barcelona: “ES American School taught me how to manage my time well. I appreciate the staff and coaches, and being able to meet people from all around the world, with whom I’ve become great friends.”

Arantxa Montero - Bath University , UK. “I learned to push myself every day at ES American School and I appreciate the love and care I received from the teachers and coaches.”

Mike Vermeer – Columbia University (Ivy League) NCAA D1 Tennis. “Competing in tennis at the highest level and achieving in the classroom would not have been possible without the unbelievable support of the academy and school.”

How to apply

Our school welcomes all students who decide to continue further studies within the American system, and are prepared to work with us purposefully on their academic studies and their social development.

Students may join our school in either the fall or spring semester, although full-year applicants will have priority in the admission process. Twelfth grade students, in order to fulfill our graduation requirements, must attend at least one full year during 12th grade, or spend the last two semesters at our school.

Students seeking admission must complete the Application for Admission, which can be downloaded through the links on our web page. Students must also provide official certified school records (transcripts) from the last three academic years, prior to entering our school. An official certified translation into English of the school records is required (when applicable). There is a one-time non-refundable application fee of €175, or €275 after May 31st. Early application is strongly encouraged, especially if the applicant also requires a student visa.

Once the Application for Admission is completed, applicants may email or send by registered post the application to the Admissions Office. No admission decision will be made until all of the application requirements are submitted and the application fee has been paid.


To complete the application process, parents will need to provide the following documents, which should be signed in blue ink:

ƒ Completed Application for Admission (must be signed by a parent or guardian)

ƒ Completed Attendance Commitment Form

ƒ Completed Waiver of Liability Form

ƒ Completed Access to Spanish Universities Form or Homologation of 4o ESO Form

ƒ Certified copy of original transcripts, (1) in the original language and, (2) with an official certified English translation, if not already in English. Original transcripts must be sent directly from the former school’s administration to the Director of Admissions by email or regular post. Transcripts will become property of ES International School and will not be returned

ƒ Application fee of €175 before May 31st, or €275 after May 31st (non-refundable)

ƒ Copy of student’s passport and parents’ passports. Copies of DNI (for parents and students who are Spanish nationals) or NIE (for parents and students with a registered residency document for Spain)

ƒ Passport size photograph (optional)

ƒ Information about any medication student takes on a regular basis. Please provide the reason for medication in a separate document.

ƒ Report with any diagnosed learning difference, classroom accommodations or modifications provided in former school, when applicable. Please explain this in full detail in a separate letter to the admissions office.

Our international community


Our student population is very international. The predominant language on campus is English. All subjects are taught in English, with the exception of the Spanish and Catalan language classes, and some tennis or physical training classes.


International-mindedness is a view of the world in which we see ourselves as connected to the global community. With a student community from approximately 40 different countries, ES American School students have many opportunities to share experiences with each other and become aware of others’ points of view. An awareness of the inter-relatedness of all nations and peoples is encouraged, and students learn to recognize the complexity of these relationships. Internationalmindedness is about assuming a sense of responsibility to the global community and understanding how what we learn on a daily basis connects to life in school, at home, and in the world.


ES American School is located in sunny Barcelona, Spain. It is situated within the campus of the prestigious Emilio Sánchez Academy, which offers high performance tennis training to an international community. Our school is located 10 minutes by car from the international EL Prat airport and 15 minutes from downtown Barcelona by car.

Barcelona is one of Spain’s leading cities for business, tourism, and culture and is home to a thriving community of approximately 1.6 million people. You will find a variety of highly artistic parks, impressive architecture, fantastic beaches, and plenty of cultural and tourist attractions nearby.

Autovía de Castelldefels, C-31, km. 191 | 08820 El Prat de LLobregat (Barcelona) | Spain T. +34 93 479 16 11 | F. +34 93 479 16 22 | | EMILIO SÁNCHEZ American School
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