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The Ideal Tennis Training And Academic Study Environment

“Our academy graduates go to Harvard, they go to Duke, they go to Columbia… but they also go to Wimbledon.”

More than two decades ago, tennis greats Emilio Sanchez opened Emilio Sánchez Academy (ES Academy) in Barcelona, Spain. The mission was to provide serious tennis players with a base academy that featured a custom-designed academic curriculum, combined with advanced tennis and athletic performance training, to enable them to achieve maximum success both on and off the court.

Today, ES Academy has two world-renowned school and training destination academies located in Barcelona, Spain and , as well as a third one in , Naples, Florida Dubai, UAE offering only the tennis program. Its alumni have ascended to the top of every level of competitive tennis, from junior national and international rankings and titles, to Collegiate AllAmerican status and NCAA titles, to Olympic medals, to ATP/WTA titles, top 10 ATP/WTA rankings and Major Championship titles.

Additionally, ES Academy is proud of how over the past 23 years its has College Planning and Placement Program consistently guided academy graduates into excellent collegiate programs while receiving some form of athletic and/or academic scholarship assistance. In fact, on average:



§ The ES Academy system delivers a proven combination of tennis development, strategic technical and tactical p r o g r a m m i n g , a n d t o p - n o t c h competition.

§ ES Academy emphasizes the importance of elite athlete performance (meaning physical and mental, as well as nutritional) development, customized for each player.

§ ES Academy’s tremendous coaches and performance specialists have successfully developed Andy Murray, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Daniela Hantuchova, Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Monaco and many other professionals... as well as literally hundreds of top collegiate players.


§ ES Academy owns the dually accredited, ES American School, which delivers a college preparatory curriculum in accordance with the American education system. The Barcelona school is also authorized to issue invitation letters to allow international students to apply for student visas.

§ Its talented, dedicated teachers work in intimate classroom setting with ideal student-teacher ratios ESL and SAT programs are offered onsite.

§ Unlike many academies, the tennis facilities, school and residences are all located within one property, thereby creating a safe, healthy, family environment.




§ Tennis + School (SeptemberDecember and January-June, plus 4 weeks during the summer holidays with boarding and non-boarding options.

§ Tennis Top 6/11 (SeptemberDecember and January-June.

§ Tour Prep

§ International Exchange Program

§ Traveling Teams Program


§ Summer Camps (June–August)

§ Year-round training weeks

§ Holiday Camps

§ Competition camp

§ Weekend Shot Development

§ Pre-Tournament Camp

§ Tennis Training Membership Program

For more information on Weekly Programs, please contact Admissions at +34 93 479 16 16 or



ES Academy is the only residential tennis academy owned in the world to have whollycampuses in the United States, Spain, and United Arab Emirates. In Naples, Florida and in Barcelona, Spain tennis, performance and the ES American School academy programs are seamlessly integrated, allowing ES Academy to offer this exclusive Exchange Program. ES Academy High school students are provided with the opportunity to pursue their college preparatory studies on both continents while training within the highperformance tennis academy programs for one semester in Naples and one semester in Barcelona Last but not least, it is also possible to train without the School program at ES Academy Dubai (UAE), which has its own school (Repton School). 3 continents, 3 venues, 1 system: the ES Academy 360 Tennis System©.

Traveling Teams

Barcelona (Spain)

ATLANTA (Gerogia, USA)

Naples (Florida, USA)


ES Academy provides highly skilled traveling teams to accompany and guide ES Academy student-athletes while they compete The customized in tournaments. competition calendar created for each player is designed to be compatible with his/her academic year.

There is no better athletic, academic and cultural preparation for college and/or tour life available anywhere in the world today.

Sign up now for the Perfect Program! Contact Admissions at +34 93 479 16 16 or via for registration details.

Applications are being accepted for Fall and Spring semesters.

nanjing (China)

Annual Programs

Tennis + School

Program Description

Emilio Sánchez Academy (ES Academy) is a high performance tennis academy that combines world-class tennis training with exceptional college preparatory academics. ES Academy's goal is to help its student-athletes achieve their full potential both on and off the court, and in and out of the classroom. The unique ES Academy Training System has been developed over a 22-year period and is one of the most well respected systems in the world. Throughout its history, the elite ES Academy coaching staff has sent hundreds of graduates on to leading college tennis programs, and has produced top ATP and WTA professionals like Murray, Kuznetsova, Dimitrov, Hantuchova, Ivanovic, Mónaco, Bovina and many others.

As noted, the ES Academy Annual “Tennis + School” Program combines a education complete college prep with intensive tennis and athletic performance training. The Sports program includes daily high performance tennis training featuring technical drills, tactical strategy, court mobility and top competition, as well as customized physical training through its , paired with ES Academy Athlete Body System mental skills training via the ES Academy Athlete Mind System The highly regarded, dually accredited ES American School is located directly on the ES Academy campus and provides the opportunity to follow the American education system and earn a high school diploma.

Duration: Academic year + 4 weeks in summer

Physical Training: 5h. / week

Video Analysis: 1 / semester

Tennis Program: 15h. / week

Mental Training: on court: daily group session: 1,5h. / month

Academic Classes: 25-30h. / week

Recreational Activities: supervised Study Hall: three times / week

Upon request, packages of tennis clinics, private lessons, physical and/or mental sessions are also available.

Tennis Top 6/11

Program Description

The annual Program reflects the spirit of the Academy: Tennis Top 6/11 creating opportunities in tennis, in education, and in life. This program emphasize the sport educational aspects of the student-athlete between 6 and 11 years old, while keeping a global attention to the development of all athletic, academic and personal qualities.

In the Tennis Top 6/11 Program we offer the best high performance physical and tennis training combined with an outstanding academic , ES American education in our own school School, located inside the Emilio Sánchez Academy facilities.

The program gets more intensive physical and tennis training as children grow up. It goes from st th 9h/weekly in 1 grade to 15,5h/weekly in 5 grade.

Our elementary school is comprised of 1st to 5th grade classes. During these important years of development, our main goal is to prepare our young students to become active participants in a lifelong journey of learning.

Our curriculum is offered within the framework of The International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). It is designed to be internationally-minded, conceptdriven, purposeful and challenging, focusing on the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and the outside world. Our classes are inquiry-based, with an engaging, thematic approach through which we learn essential skills and gain knowledge of math, language, science, social studies, physical education (PE), and the arts. We also offer Spanish and Catalan language classes at both native and non-native levels.


More about the annual programs

Competition Calendar

Each player will have a personalized competition calendar developed for his/her age and ability level The student’s athletic tutor, in conjunction with the ES Academy Tennis Director, will plan this calendar. It may include local, regional, national and/or international tournaments, based on the individual needs and circumstances of the particular player. ES Academy’s Traveling Teams, led by its top coaches, provide the best guidance and assistance to the student-athletes as they prepare before, during and after tournaments. Coaches travel with the student-athletes and accompany them at all times.

Check-out the ES Academy website to see how many great events are held on the ES Academy campus throughout the year.

Video Analysis

ES Academy athletic tutors will conduct one comprehensive video analysis with each student every semester. The player will be recorded while performing on-court drills and exercises, as well as during actual matches. The tutor will perform a complete technical and tactical analysis of the player’s game. In addition, other video analysis sessions may be scheduled if necessary, in order to help a player struggling within a particular aspect of his/her game.

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florida· nanjing· atlanta· dubai
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The ES Academy 360 Tennis System ®


The tennis program includes 3 hours of daily training Monday-Friday Students work on technical and tactical aspects of their game, as well as on-court mobility and positioning. The ES Academy System develops one s all-court game, and concentrates on offense, defense and transition. It focuses on drills to develop patterns of play, the creation of positive habits through lots of repetition, and the ability to adjust to different styles of play. Each student is assigned a athletic tutor, who is responsible for monitoring the development of that player. All ES Academy technical coaches have RPT and USPTA certifications.

The ES Academy System develops ones all-court game, and concentrates on the defensive, offensive and transitional areas. It emphasizes repetition of strokes through drills, controls and match play situations. This system has developed chains of drills and exercises that cover all the areas and help develop patterns through repetition of predetermined plays to create positive habits. In addition to live competition, ES Academy students practice match play situations to recognize different patterns from their opponents, as they learn to devise their own patterns and develop personal court strategies.


ES Academy’s daily physical training (Monday to Friday) is comprised of 1 hour of athlete-specific performance training. ES Academy Athlete Body programs are designed for the tennis athlete; they work on all aspects of speed, power, agility, quickness, coordination, balance, core and recovery, with injury prevention in m i n d a t a l l t i m e s . E S A c a d e m y performance specialists design each session based on the level of each tennis athlete, and where the player stands relative to preparing for key tournaments. Every student-athlete is assigned a physical training “tutor” .

Nutrition is a key factor within a player’s training regimen because it directly influences the performance/development of each athlete. The ES Academy Food & Beverage Department provides each player with the opportunity to develop healthy nutritional habits. The ES Academy Nutritional Guide shows athletes the importance of a complete nutrition and hydration plan.

Sport Psychologists handle all the mind components of the ES Academy training program: “ES Academy Athlete Mind System”. They work daily with players on court, following the mental goals set for that specific period The ultimate objective is to provide all players with the tools, strategies and techniques to make them mentally tougher, on and off the court Key focus areas include:

Concentration, Activation Level, Stress Control and Confidence. A key tool in the Athlete Mind System is the ES Academy diary compiled by each player and his/her coach. It enables the player and coach to set goals and track progress via regular evaluation.

Off court, ES Academy delivers 1,5h. of mental training per month. ES Academy emphasizes integrated communication between the tennis coaches and the school teachers to help coordinate the development of its students-athletes as much as possible.

The primary goal is create the best motivational climate and provide the right mental tools to help all ES Academy players be the best they can be, in tennis and in life.


School and Tennis Calendar

ES Academy Tennis + School programs are comprised of two semesters: The , starting in September, with a Fall Semester Spring enrollment, and the , starting in Winter Semester January,withaFallenrollment,

Below please find a typical daily schedule (subject to change):

primary school

middle school


tour prep.

st nd 1 and 2 Grade

09:00-11:15 School

11:15-11:45 Energy Point

11:45-12:45 School

12:45-13:45 School

13:45-14:45 Lunch & Break

14:45-15:45 School / Tennis*

15:45-16:45 Tennis / PSPE**

16:45-18:15 Tennis Top***

rd th 3 and 4 Grade

09:00-11:15 School

11:15-11:45 Energy Point

11:45-12:45 PSPE / School*

12:45-13:45 Tennis Training

13:45-14:45 Shower & Lunch

14:45-15:45 School

15:45-16:45 School

16:45-18:15 Tennis Top**

* School: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Tennis: Wednesday

** Tennis: Monday

PSPE: Tuesday to Friday

*** Tuesday & Thursday

* PSPE: Monday, Wednesday & Friday School: Tuesday & Thursday

** Tuesday & Thursday

th5 Grade

09:00-11:15 School

11:15-11:45 Energy Point

11:45-12:45 PSPE / School /Tennis*

12:45-13:45 Tennis Training

13:45-14:45 Shower & Lunch

14:45-15:45 School

15:45-16:45 School

16:45-18:15 Tennis Top**

th th 6 to 8 Grade

07:00 - 07:45 Breakfast *

08:00-10:55 School 11:00-11:05 Energy Point 11:05-12:05 Tennis Training 12:10-13:10 Physical Training 13:10-13:30 Shower

13:30-14:10 Lunch 14:10-16:05 School 16:15-18:15 Tennis Training 18:15-18:45 Shower

th th 9 to 12 Grade

07:00-07:45 Breakfast *

07:45-07:50 Energy Point

08:00-09:30 Tennis Training

09:35-10:35 Physical Training

10:35-11:20 Shower & Break

11:20-12:15 School

12:15-12:55 Lunch

12:55-13:50 School

13:55-15:25 Tennis Training

15:25-15:50 Shower

15:50-18:30 School

07:00-07:45 Breakfast *

07:45-07:50 Energy Point

08:00-10:00 Tennis Training

10:00-10:35 Break

10:35-11:50 Physical Training 11:50-12:15 Shower

12:15-12:55 Lunch

12:55-13:55 Break

13:55-15:55 Tennis Training

15:55-16:05 Break

* PSPE: Monday & Friday School: Tuesday & Thursday Tennis: Wednesday

** Tuesday & Thursday

19:00-20:00 Dinner *

20:00 - 22:00 Time Off *

22:00 - 22:30 Presence Check *

* Only applies to the boarding students

18:30-19:00 Time Off *

19:00-20:00 Dinner *

20:00-22:00 Time Off *

22:00-22:30 Presence Check *

16:05-16:50 Physical Training

16:50-17:15 Shower

17:15-18:15 Language Classes**

18:15-19:00 Time Off *

19:00-20:00 Dinner *

20:00-22:00 Time Off *

Note: All our Annual Programs include daily Mental Training on court and 1.5hr per month mental training in a group session

22:00-22:30 Presence Check * 13

The Membership Program

An increasing number of top junior tennis players from throughout the world are training in larger numbers over multiple visits, with the world class tennis coaches and performance specialists at Emilio Sánchez Academy in Naples (Florida, USA), Barcelona (Spain), Nanjing (China), Atlanta (Georgia, USA), and Dubai (UAE).

Emilio Sánchez Academy does not exist merely to give lessons, tweak technique, make someone look good, or hit the ball better. ES Academy is a TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT facility Its mission is to produce smarter, tougher, highly skilled players who learn to

embrace adversity and thrive under the pressure of competition.

ES Academy encourages repeated training visits from its athletes, because it’s the only way the ES Academy team can truly raise the performance level of its players and monitor their ongoing development.

ES Academy is also dedicated to long-term athletic development Its performance specialists are committed to helping each ES Academy player reach their full athletic potential both physically and mentally, and from a healthy, nutritional perspective as well.


2 free weeks or 20% off

Book 10 weekly programs and pay only 8 or get 20% Off.

The 10 weekly programs can be used by one player or can be shared between siblings of one family or members of a tennis team/club/competition group. The programs can be used at ES Academy NAPLES and/or ES Academy BARCELONA within a 12-month period.


1 free week or 15% off

Book 6 weekly programs and pay only 5 or get 15% Off.

The 6 weekly programs can be used by one player or can be shared between siblings of one family or members of a tennis team/club/competition group.

The programs can be used at ES Academy NAPLES and/or ES Academy BARCELONA within a 6-month period.

ES Academy players, coaches and performance specialists are waiting on site in Naples, Barcelona, Nanjing, Atlanta and Dubai to push you to the max and help you reach your full potential as a player, as an athlete, and as a competitor

Emilio Sánchez

ES Academy Traveling Teams Program

ES Academy prepares its student-athletes to compete in the main tournaments in the US, Latin America and Europe, like Little Mo, Orange Bowl, National USTA, ProCircuit ITF and ITF Junior, ATP and WTA tournaments. Traveling teams run by skilled ASC coaches accompany, train and provide support to ASC student-athletes before, during and after tournaments Furthermore, the top-notch education system at ES Academy permits its students to compete in tournaments without falling behind in their classes.

A is created to personalized program include local, regional, national and international tournaments throughout the year.

Assistance from ES Academy coaches or the Traveling Team is offered during all stages of the tournament experience, from travel planning, tournament inscription, training and competition.

The Academy also hosts several international tournaments throughout the year, both in Florida and in Barcelona, as International Winter Junior Cup (Florida), ITF Junior Cup U18 (Barcelona), ITF Senior Tournaments (Florida and Barcelona), Tennis Europe U16, U14 and U12 (Barcelona), ATP Challenger Tour among others.

Tour Prep

No one knows how to for life on the prepare players professional tennis circuit better than Spanish tennis greats Emilio Sánchez and his handpicked, personally trained staff of international tennis coaches and performance specialists This is why many aspiring pros attend for customized “Tour Prep” training programs ES Academy geared toward getting them ready for the rigors of tournament competition Technical, tactical, physical, mental training ( 360 Tennis System®), nutritional ES Academy guidance, sports medicine access, and excellent on-site competition and coaching are available year round at . Current touring pros also use ES Academy ES Academy locations as their home-away-from-home training base both in season and during the off season Contact Admissions for information customizing Tour Prep programs for an individual player’s needs and scheduling demands.

©Balby Photography

Customized Program Options

Push program

Emilio Sánchez Academy has the ability to customize a program for a player as necessary For example, if an individual requests an extra intensive program to work on particular aspects of his/her game, or on particular physical or mental areas of his/her athletic performance training, or both, such customized program options can typically be designed and accommodated The expanded training schedule and additional tuition fees involved will be coordinated on an individual basis.

Monthly Program

Likewise, the duration of one’s training stay may need to vary depending upon the age and circumstances of the particular player involved. Training for a full semester may not work for everyone. Training for may shorter blocks of time be more accommodating for someone on tour, or for someone with extended h o l i d a y o r s c h o o l b r e a k s . To accommodate such needs, ES Academy offers special rates for month-long t r a i n i n g s t a y s . S u c h t r a i n i n g p e r i o d s / p r o g r a m s c a n a l s o b e customized, as appropriate. Please contact Admissions at +34 93 479 16 16 or info@emiliosanchezacademy com for more details.

Add Language Study

ES Academy is fortunate to have the highly regarded, dually accredited ES American School located directly on its campus ES American School offers excellent ESL programs to its international students wanting to work on their English language skills while training on site. Certified instructors can also deliver Spanish and English language courses.

ES Academy highly encourages its tennis players to enroll in language classes while training on campus In today s global environment, it is a tremendous advantage in business, and in life itself, to at least be bilingual!



Emilio Sánchez Academy & American School is proud to announce its International Student Exchange Program featuring dual ES Academy campuses in Naples, Florida and Barcelona, Spain.

The International Exchange Program New

ES Academy is the only residential tennis academy in the world to have wholly-owned campus headquarters located in both Europe and the United States. Its Exchange Program offers high and middle school students the exclusive opportunity to pursue college preparatory academic studies while training within high-performance tennis academy programs, one semester in Naples and one semester in Barcelona

The academics offered in each location are seamless, because ES Academy owns the accredited college preparatory school, ES American School, which delivers the academic curriculum at each site. The Naples school also can issue I-20s for F-1 visas. There is complete compatibility at the two campuses in both academics and tennis training. And unlike many academies, each ES Academy campus has its tennis facilities, school and residences within one property creating a safe, fun, healthy, family environment for all student athletes.

“The exchange program helped me in tennis but also in life. Thanks to this program I lived a year in the United States before going to college. This allowed me to get used to the environment, lifestyle of the american culture and I became more independent since I was away from home. The program also helped me with tennis because I was able to practice with a different tennis system and I was able to compete and play with people from everywhere in the world."


ES Academy gives students the chance to train and study in the U.S. and Spain

Intercontinental Program

The International Exchange Program

Over the years, the ES Academy method has successfully developed top players such as Svetlana Kuznetsova, Andy Murray, Daniela Hantuchova, Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Monaco and many other professionals, in addition to the hundreds of ES Academy graduates who have gone on to play collegiate tennis with some type of scholarship assistance.

ES Academy Exchange Program students will have the opportunity to play a wider array of international tournaments, and compete against a much broader spectrum of players, while living in two different countries during one school year.

Emilio Sánchez is based in Naples and Stefan Ortega is based in Barcelona This ensures that the respective programs they direct and the world class coaching staffs

unique in the world

they manage will deliver consistent training experiences to their Exchange Program athletes at both academies.

In addition, the cultural enrichment to be realized from this program, via its international array of students, coaches and teachers, is unparalleled in the industry. There’s no better way than this Exchange Program, to prepare a tennis player for the collegiate athletic and academic experience.

Additionally, Emilio Sánchez Academy & American School staff, in both locations, will work together to provide the hands-on college placement guidance required to match its student athletes with the appropriate colleges or universities.


Take Your Tennis to the Next Level

The ES Academy 360 Tennis System®

Emilio Sánchez Academy uses its own training method which is universally effective in helping its students-athletes achieve their best tennis level.

This High Performance training method is closely linked to the players’ academic development, provided by ES American School, located within the ES Academy sport campus.

This successful system helps ES Academy graduates obtain scholarships to universities across the United States, and has been used by such as professional ATP tennis players Andy Murray (ATP #1, Wimbledon and London Olympics Champion), Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Monaco, and WTA players such as Svetlana Kuznetsova (U.S Open and Roland Garros Champion), Daniela Hantuchova, Tamira Paszek and more.

The ES Academy 360 Tennis System® operates within four theoretical pillars (technical, tactical, physical and mental) and makes them work in a coordinated fashion with one ultimate objective: to push all ES Academy players to achieve maximum performance by reaching their ideal competitive state in both training and competition.


The Tennis Pyramid® of the ES Academy Players

Based on the Emilio Sánchez Academy training system (ES Academy 360 Tennis System®) used at its Academies, Emilio Sánchez Vicario has created a pyramid to describe the as they evolution of players progress in their athletic development, by age and level of play

Each stage of this evolution has its own general specific objectives for each and pillar of training (technical, tactical, physical and mental)

The system works by phases Modules can adjust to any age level to train in any phase of the pyramid The goal is that every ES Academy player, within the year of his/her training stay, fulfills the goals designed personally for him/her to evolve into the next phase and grow as a player.

ES Academy will find the best competitor residing in each player. It will strengthen a player’s 4 pillars and improve the integration between all 4 areas, thereby allowing the player to create the best energy possible for competing at a High Performance level, w hi l e seeki ng t he p er fec t st at e o f

Competitive Motivation



ES American School

ES American School is an independent, coeducational, American , st th Elementary School (1 -5 grade) Middle School th th th th (6 -8 grade) Senior High School (9 -12 grade) and Its objective is to provide its students with an excellent academic experience that prepares them for future university studies. All students receive individual attention, close academic guidance and personal counseling, in order to ensure both the acquisition of academic competencies and the development of individual strengths and talents. Students follow an American academic program, but also benefit from the multitude of cultures offered by their teachers and fellow students.

ES American School students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses in High School. The AP curriculum consists of standardized high school courses that are roughly equivalent to undergraduate college courses. Students take AP exams, for which they can earn credits and accelerated placement in college, as well as an internationally recognized qualification in that subject area.

ES American School is also recognized as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) World School. The PYP programme offers inquiry-based learning in an international environment for first through fifth grade students.

ES American School is located directly on the world-class campus of the Emilio Sánchez Academy, with its emphasis on intensive tennis training and physical/mental conditioning. Sports are an essential part of the curriculum. The total education experience of the is not only student-athlete based on technical, tactical, and physical and mental training, but also includes a . solid academic and social foundation The combined ES Academy & American School curriculum encourages active participation, a healthy lifestyle, and an enjoyable athletic and academic atmosphere.


The Emilio Sánchez Academy & American School, offers players who dream of playing either college or professional tennis the possibility of completing an American educational program, while engaging in intensive training on campus.

The school program is offered in a format that makes it fully compatible with a student's tennis training without undermining academic quality. For further information about which universities ES Academy & American School graduates have attended, see College Tennis.

Students at the ES American School s Barcelona campus experience the following benefits:

§ A highly qualified, dedicated faculty

§ 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio. A

§ A nurturing academic environment, where plenty of is individual attention given to each student, and where students, as active learners, are engaged in frequent subject-related and crosscurricular individual and team projects.

§ ES American School is also recognized as an (IB) International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) World School.

§ Advanced Placement The prestigious (AP) program, which permits students to demonstrate academic excellence to universities.

Contact Information

For more information about the school, please contact


International students, in particular, further benefit from:

§ anguage skills

The curricular emphasis on strengthening students’ oral and written , l including a focus on the acquisition of skills through frequently assigned critical reading readings from major literary works.

§ diversity and individuality

A school culture that promotes and celebrates .

§ experienced faculty An , who understand the unique challenges international students face in the American school system, and who know how to meet those students’ unique academic needs.

§ Different AP classes available, which can lead to College Credit

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

School is in session from Monday through Friday, with five class sessions per day. An energy point (where healthy snacks are provided) is incorporated into the daily school schedule to help student athletes maintain their energy levels throughout the day.


Generalitat de Catalunya and the Spanish Ministry of Education.

ES American School holds accreditation from the Middle
of Colleges and Schools—Commissions
s ed 35 1-12 Grade Levels 100+ Sta 30 ES American School Profile 23
States Association
on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA—CESS).
recognized in Spain as a Centro Extranjero (foreign school) by the


The Elementary school program encompasses grades 1-5. Promotion from Elementary school to Middle school requires that a student successfully meets the academic requirements in the six IB PYP subject areas of Language (English, Spanish, and Catalan), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts (Visual Art, Music, and Drama), and Physical Education. These six subject areas are taught in an inquiry-based classroom setting, and related together in a transdisciplinary way The IB learner profile values are integrated throughout the curriculum, with the ultimate goal to encourage internationally minded, life-long learners.


The middle school program encompasses grades 6–8. Promotion from middle school to high school requires that a student successfully earn a minimum of 17 credits, which must include the following:

§ Three middle school or higher courses in English,

§ Three middle school or higher courses in Mathematics,

§ Three middle school or higher courses in Science,

§ Three middle school or higher courses in Social Studies,

§ Two middle school or higher courses in Foreign languages,

§ One and a half middle school or higher courses in Physical Education,

§ One and a half middle school or higher electives.


The high school program encompasses grades 9–12. Receipt of a high school diploma requires successful completion of 24 credits and a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. The 24 credits required for high school graduation must include the following:

§ Four credits in English,

§ Four credits in Mathematics (Algebra 1 required),

§ Four credits in Science (Biology with Lab required)

§ Four credits in Social Science (American History required),

§ Two credits in Foreign Languages (2 years of one foreign language required),

§ Two credits in Physical Education,

§ Four credits in Electives.


Language Program

(for Programs Without School)

The Language Program offers the possibility of combining weekly, monthly, and annual tennis programs with Spanish or English as a Second Language (ESL) courses on the ASC campus. The language program is perfectly designed for athletes wishing to train in their sport at the Academy while learning Spanish or English. It involves students in a process of linguistic communication and intensive practice of the four basic elements of language education: oral, comprehension, written, and reading proficiency. With a total of 5 classes per week, the language courses take place Monday through Friday, making them fully compatible with sport training at Es Academy

Private Tutorials

Students requiring additional help in a subject area may sign up for private one-on-one tutorials. The availability of private tutorials depends on teacher availability. For information about tutorial fees, please contact ES American School.

Contact Information

For more information about the school, please contact


College Planning & Placement

The Emilio Sánchez Academy & American School College Planning & Placement works with full-time ES Academy and ES American School student-athletes and families to create an individualized roadmap for studying and playing tennis at the appropriate collegiate level. This work begins when a student enters high school (grade 9) and incorporates families and coaches, as well as university admissions and athletic staff, within an integrated game plan.

The ES Academy & American School team provides the following College Planning and Placement program for student-athletes who are enrolled in our full-time tennis program and are full-time students at ES American School:

§ Development of a clear, long-term game plan for the recruiting process.

§ A calendar of major guidelines for recruiting, financial aid, academic testing and admissions.

§ Workshops on the college recruiting process.

§ SAT guidance starting with the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT NMSQT

§ A dedicated SAT preparation program in th11 grade.

§ Guidance in working with our tennis agent

§ Individual, honest assessments of the student-athlete’s academic and tennis abilities.

§ Assistance with college searches for “best fit” schools based on academics and tennis.

§ Creation of contacts with college coaches.

§ Guidance in written communication with coaches and universities

§ Preparation for interviews with coaches

§ Guidance with university applications and essays.

§ Professional video of game play to send to college coaches.

§ Guidance with NCAA & NAIA eligibility

§ Support with student visas and university registration.

ES Academy & American School alumni from both Barcelona and Naples, Florida have ascended to the top of every level of competitive tennis, from junior national and international rankings and titles, to Collegiate All-American status and NCAA titles, to Olympic medals, to ATP / WTA titles, top 10 ATP / WTA rankings and Major Championship titles.

ES Academy & American School are proud of how over the past 18 years its College Planning and Placement Program has consistently guided academy graduates into excellent collegiate programs while receiving some form of athletic and/or academic scholarship. In fact, on average:

§ 95% of ES Academy & American School graduates have gone on to play collegiate tennis.

§ 83% of ES Academy & American School graduates have received collegiate financial scholarship assistance.


The Emilio Sánchez Academy & American School college planning and placement program works. It guides all parents and students through every step of the college selection, application and admission process. We have excellent relationships with collegiate coaches at all levels. Here are just some notable universities that ES Academy & American school graduates have attended:


Campus Life


ES Academy’s beautiful campus is situated close to all the major attractions in Barcelona, Spain With 27 tennis courts (clay, hard, grass), a Tennis Club with a restaurant and cafeteria, its own School, several accommodation options, an outdoor pool, a great Performance Training Center and other sports facilities as football, basketball and volleyball, ASC student-athletes have everything they need located directly on campus.


Our main concern is the welfare and safety of all our student-athletes. So, our Supervisory Team takes care of them and tries to create a family atmosphere in our small community They welcome every student-athlete, explain them the operating and behavior rules in campus ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Supervisors are responsible for the good running of campus life and to solve small daily incidents: visits to d o c t o r s , a u t h o r i z e d o u t i n g s , supervision of daily meals, support for activities conducted off campus. They usually are in direct contact whit the students family as often as it’s needed.


Nutrition is a key factor within a players training regimen because it directly i n f l u e n c e s t h e p e r f o r m a n c e / development of each athlete. All meals are prepared in house and provide a balanced intake of all the necessary nutrients for the health and maximum performance of our student-athletes.


Various activities are organized by the Academy staff during free time to allow moments for relaxation and fun (i e paddle, tennis wall, football/soccer, basketball, ping-pong, beach volleyball, hockey, swimming pool, handicraft, etc ) We also organize external activities to discover the local environment, the beaches, and to enjoy the amazing Barcelonas cultural and entertainment offer; as well as excursions to local tourist attractions, emblematic amusements parks and shopping trips.



Emilio Sánchez Academy will provide airport pick up for all students registered in the boarding tennis program as long as they notify ES Academy with their flight information (airline, flight number and arrival time) a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival. Pick-ups and drop-offs are only provided from and to the Barcelona Airport “El Prat” (not Girona or Reus). This service will only be offered for flights landing no later than 18h. and taking off no earlier than 9h.

Unaccompanied Minors

For those who have contracted a “UM” (Unaccompanied Minor) service with their airline, the Academy offers support by arranging for a staff member to accompany the student, at all times, until he/she is picked up by the airline company and taken to the gate. This service has a charge of 35€ (each way). In order to request this service, the Academy must be informed that the student has an “UM” service booked with the airline, and the flight information must be provided. The name of the ES Academy person who will accompany the student will be provided by the Academy the week before the program begins Students flying in on their own, or not staying on campus, need to inform the Academy of their arrival time in order to arrange for their on-site check-in.


Students may reside on campus at Emilio Sánchez Academy A residence building and a bungalow area are provided for boys and girls and for all age groups. Supervisory staff lives with the students 24 hours per day. Each room has a study area, AC and WiFi.

Services included in “accommodation”

§ Lodging in a double or single room

§ Breakfast, lunch and dinner

§ Laundry Service

§ Wireless Internet Access

§ Weekly activities

The students get their welcome kit at arrival from the Admissions Office.


§ Rackets

§ Training and Running Shoes

§ Sportswear

§ Tennis Strings and Grips

§ School Supplies (specified by ES American School)

§ Bathrobe, hand and shower towels, sandals

§ Toiletry Bag

§ Alarm Clock

§ Swimsuit

§ Sun Screen Cream

§ Hats or Visors

§ Casual Clothes for Trips or Excursions


Laundry Service is available to those students staying on campus for the year These students will receive a laundry bag after the payment of a 10€ deposit, which will be refunded once the laundry bag is returned at the end of their stay. Laundry service is provided every Monday, Wednesday and Friday It is recommended that students’ clothes are marked with their name to prevent mix-ups.



The registration to any program of the Academy includes Comprehensive Medical Care underwritten by Seguro Caja Salud Mapfre, a leading insurance company in Spain. This policy covers the player against illness or injuries and collaborates with the best specialists in the world The specific coverage information is described in the contract signed with the insurer.


Emilio Sánchez Academy, via the Medical Insurance Policy taken out by the student, and in coordination with the physiotherapist and/or medical team involved, will treat players’ injuries through a personalized, comprehensive rehabilitation program.


While staying/training at the Academy, students are expected to treat every individual with dignity and respect. The Academy provides a safe, healthy environment within which young men and women have the opportunity to grow and develop as players, athletes, students, and individuals. Each and every person attending ES Academy is expected to work hard and be honest and courteous, while engaging in and enjoying every aspect of Academy life.


Each student has a virtual account in the Academy, where parents or tutors may deposit money, either in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card (credit card charges have a surcharge of 3%) No other deposit method is allowed. The students may withdraw money from Monday to Friday from 11h. to 16h. through the Reception.


Coaches and Faculty

Emilio Sánchez Academy knows that to train and develop High Performance TennisAthletes, it must have High Performance Coaches on staff. ES Academy tennis coaches are certified by both the RPT (Registro Profesional de Tenis) and the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association). B e s i d e s i t s A t h l e t i c P e r f o r m a n c e Development experts are equally well credentialed. ES Academy Directors include:

Certifications: Member of USPTA and RPT

Certified International Coaches Institute


I C I ) C o m p e t i t i v e & P ro f e s s i o n a l

Certifications. Mental Coach Course by Jim Loehr.

Qualifications: Coach of S. Kuznetsova (WTA #2), M. Navratilova (WTA #1), M. Serna (WTA Top 20), I. Tulyaganova (WTA Top 20) and R. de los Rios (WTA Top 50). Coach at ES Academy, Barcelona since 1999.

Ángel Giménez



Certifications: USPTA Master Professional Elite Certified. RPT Master Professional Certified. International Coaches Institute (ICI) Competitive & Professional Certifications. Qualifications: Ex ATP player; #7 Singles, #1 Doubles ranking. 5 Grand Slams doubles titles. Men's doubles silver medal at the 1988 Olympic Games. 15 ATP mens singles titles and 50 men's doubles titles. Davis Cup Champion, 2008 - Spain Team Captain. Coach of Fernando Verdasco.


Certifications: Member of USPTA and RPT

Certified International Coaches Institute

( I C I ) C o m p e t i t i v e & P ro f e s s i o n a l


Qualifications: Former #42 ATP, Davis Cup player for 7 years (Spain), Coach of G. Sabatini (WTA #3), M. Pierce (WTA #3), D Hantuchova (WTA #5), T Paszek (WTA Top 25) and Carles Costa (ATP Top 10). Coach at ES Academy, Barcelona since 1999.

Certifications: Member of USPTA and RPT

Certified International Coaches Institute ( I C I ) C o m p e t i t i v e & P ro f e s s i o n a l


Degree: Direction and Management of Sports Business in Kernaba Institute.

Qualifications: Coach of E. Bovina (WTA Top 20), N. Llagostera (WTA Top 50), C. Martinez Granados (WTA Top 100), S. Kloesel (WTA Top 100) and R Andrés (WTA Top 100)

Coach at ES Academy, Barcelona since 1999.


Qualifications: B. Mus (Hons) and Post Graduate in Education, University of London. NPQH in Leadership. Master Practitioner in NLP

Experience: Mel Rose has over 25 years experience of successful educational leadership: She has led several schools, been an Executive Principal for a Multi Academy Trust and has also been one of Her Majestys Inspectors for Education (HMI) in the UK.

Stefan Ortega






Thetransitionfromjuniortoprofessional. AndymovedtoESAcademy,Barcelonawhenhe was 15 years old and just beginningin ITF tournaments. Four years later, he reached the ATP top 400. His tenniscareerafterthatiswellknowntoall!

ESAcademyAlumni EmilioSánchezAcademy


guest players

Top pros who have trained at ES Academy for shorter stints:

§ Marina Erakovic

§ Yanko Tipsavevic

§ Feliciano López

§ Anna Ivanovic

§ Nicolás Almagro

§ Shahar Peer

§ Justine Henin

§ Martina Navratilova.



Svetlana Kuznetsova, US OPEN and FRENCH OPEN Champion, spent a decade training at ES Academy, Barcelona under the direction of Emilio Sánchez andSergioCasal.

Alumni *Ranking as of January 2017

ESAcademyAlumni EmilioSánchezAcademy





ATP #65

Argentine tennis player Juan Mónaco grew into a professional player at ES Academy He was the finalist at the 2001 Orange Bowl during his ES Academytrainingdays.

ESAcademyAlumni EmilioSánchezAcademy



While Daniela trained at the Academy in 2007-2008 with Head Coach Angel Giménez, she reached the top ten of the WTA and qualified for the Madrid Masters.


Career high #14 WTA ranking

Elena trained at ES Academy for three seasons (2004-2007). She won 3 WTA singles titles, 5 WTA doubles titles and played on 3 Russian Fed Cup teams.


Career high #19 WTA ranking

The best victories on Magui’s resume include Steffi Graf, Jana Novotna, Mary Pierce, Patty Schnyder and Justine Henin.


Career high #27 ATP ranking Luxembourgian Gilles Muller, worked and trained at ES Academy from 2003 to 2005, when he first made it into the ATP Top 100.

ESAcademyAlumni EmilioSánchezAcademy




Grigor Dimitrov, spent the 2007-2008 season training at ES Academy, before his successful jump

fromtheITFtotheATPCircuit,wheretodatehehas won4ATPsinglestitles.


Career high #26 WTA ranking

This talented Austrian player won 3 WTA titles as a professional after training as an amateur at ES Academy


Career high #35 WTA ranking

Nuria spent 5 years training at ES Academy (19992004). She won 2 WTA singles titles, played on 2 Spanish Olympic Teams and 8 Fed Cup Teams.


Career high #48 ATP ranking.

2007 was Oscars best professional season, as he broke into the ATP top 50. After a solid clay court career, Oscar announced his retirement in Barcelona in July 2011.


How to Apply

Apply Online

Students who are interested in the Annual Programs should apply early as ES Academy has a limited number of openings for each program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis allowing students to start an Academy program at nearly any time of the year.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis allowing students to start an Academy program at nearly any time of the year.

Visit and Take a Tour

International Admissions

Let’s Talk

Admissions advisors are available to discuss options and help student athletes to find the right fit at both ES Academy and ES American School.

Once the Academy receives an application, it will be reviewed within one week, and the parents of the student applicant will be advised of admission once the ES American School sends the acceptance letter. Upon acceptance, students and parents will be sent an acceptance package.

A deposit is due immediately to secure a spot, with the remaining balance due prior to their first day of arrival.

The best way to get to know ES Academy is to visit its beautiful campus located in Barcelona, Spain. Come and experience the people and programs that make ES Academy such an exciting and fulfilling place to spend one’s school years. An onsite tour will be arranged with the Admissions Department.

Our Admissions Department team will provide the invitation letters and other necessary documentation for those students who are not citizens of a country of the European Union, and who consequently will need a Visa (Visa D) to live and study in Spain.

For more detailed information, contact Admissions at +34 93 479 16 16 or via

This service is available once the reservation for the program has been formalized, after the registration form has been sent and the registration fee and the corresponding deposit amount has been paid It is the student’s parents responsibility to contact and get an appointment in the Spanish Consulate / Embassy in the country of residence in order to obtain the visa.

As this process requires the services of a lawyer, it has an extra charge. The Admissions Department will be in charge of the initial and renovation process of the residence cards for the Academy students.

The students that are citizens of a member state of the European Union need to be registered in the EU Community Registry and obtain the identity number for foreigners (NIE). That process is mandatory for students that stay in Spain for more than 90 days.


Academia Sánchez-Casal is just 15 minutes from the amazing city of Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of Spains leading cities for business, tourism, and culture, and is home to a thriving community of approximately 1.6 million people.

Filled with charm, and nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona and its history are waiting to be discovered, with many artistic public parks boasting works from famed Modernist artists and architects like Dalí, Gaudí, Miro, and Picasso. And of course, you can live the Camp Nou Experience


by visiting the famed facilities of FC Barcelona. You will also find fantastic beaches, and plenty of cultural and amusement attractions nearby



For contact and information

Tel. + 34 93 479 16 16 Email. barcelona

Emilio Sánchez Academy, Barcelona Autovía de Castelldefels (C-31), km 191 08820 El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) SPAIN



For contact and information

Ph. +1 (239) 263 1818 Email. florida

Emilio Sánchez Academy, Naples 2035 Sánchez Casal way NAPLES, Florida, 34105 USA

For contact and information

Ph. +971 58 583 6647 Email. dubai

Emilio Sánchez Academy, Dubai Nad Al Sheba 3 P.O.Box 300331 Dubai, UAE



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