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Pa sa den a Ha l f M a r a t ho n

"The Pasadena hal f mar at hon was r eal l y int er est ing. I r eal l y l iked how we get t o set up t abl es and being busy passing t he wat er and Gat or ade. We get t o pass out dr inks t o al l t he r unner s and t hey seem t o enj oy it . One t hing I disl iked was how we wast ed a l ot of wat er at t he end." Al an Wei |11| Member

El Mo nt e/So ut h El Mo nt e Pag eant

"It is pretty fun being able to see talented people all around when going to this pageant." Michelle Chau | 10 | Sophomore Rep

Reg io n 13 Co nc l ave "Conclave was a fun experience! It is interesting getting able to know what every lieutenant governor wanted to do for their club and the personality of our own LTG." Bryan Phung | 11 | Treasurer

Up c o mi n g E v e n t s You r Next St ep Is Th e Cu r e

SkechersPerformance LA Marathon 2018

Dat e: Sunday, Febr uar y 11, 2018 Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Cal l Time: TBA Locat ion: Bonel l i Par k Addr ess: 120 Via Ver de Dr ive San Dimas, CA 91773 Pur pose: To r aise awar eness and cr it ical f unds f or pat ient ser vices and cl inical r esear ch pr oj ect s t owar ds cur ing l ung cancer .

When: Mar ch 18 Time: 5:30am t o 11 :30am What : B1 Sat LA Big 5k Wher e: Dodger St adium, Lot G Regist er : ht t ps://www.mar at honvol unt eer s .com/m/225

Fir ecr acker Ru n

ELECTIONS FEB 28 Pl ease l et a cabinet member know if you ar e int er est ed, we wil l have a sign up sheet ver y

Dat e: Febr uar y 24t h and 25t h, 2018 Wher e: Chinat own Time: TBA Googl e For m Sign Up: ht t ps:// /f or ms/N6p8DpdgeFdJEnBh1

Dis t r ict Convent ion 2018 Th e 72n d An n u al Cali-Nev-Ha Dist r ict Con ven t ion w ill be h eld in Ren o, NV Apr il 13-15, 2018 PRICE: AVERAGE $300 We w ill f u n dr aise

Con t act s Pr esident Dennis Diep (626)442-4271 Vice Pr esident Derrick Huynh (626)863-4789 Vice Pr esident of Act ivit ies Dawson Pham (626)679-6442 Secr et ar y Dana Hua

Senior Repr esent at ive Peter Chac (626)720-7025 Junior Repr esent at ive Lance Luong (626)720-9263 Sophomor e Repr esent at ive Michelle Chau (626)582-2765 Fr eshman Repr esent at ive Julianne Muy (626)246-8581

(626)838-8202 Tr easur er Bryan Phung (626)341-8092 Hist or ian Lisa Zhou (626) 464-3764 Chair of Recognit ion Joan Tu (626)586-2688

Club Advisor Richard Douge (714)351-5451 Team Email

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