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4. The Wing Series By: Karl M Lee Models: Sasha Flerce, Kimberly Herrand & Azzarria La'Treece

Magnificent Maleficent: Dark Fashion By: Airen Miller Photography Models: Mel Young & Ryan Parker

20. Khloris: Legend of the Flower Nymph By: Angie Candell Model: Mary Gibson

60. Little Boy Blue By: Brandy Angel Photography Models: Jeris & Buck Farmer

36. Dark Sea Beauty: A Mermaid Tale BY: DB Photography Models: Heidi Anderson & Katie Haag 44. Alice in Winter Wonderland By: Cemorelis Photography Models: Leah LaRock, Brittini Pelczarski & Mekena Hodgkins 48. Frozen: Fire of Ice By: Jen Montgomery Model: Devika Richter



64. Maid Maleen by: Meera Fox Photography Model: Nina Baker 66 The Nave of Hearts By: Laylonna L Hurley Model: Anakin Acevedo 70. The Fairest of them All: Snow White By: Laylonna L Hurley Model: Aly Harris-Bevelle

Alice and her wonderland friends By: Laylonna L Hurley Models: Laney & Lily Simmons 78. The Mad Hatter by: Laylonna L Hurley Model: Emily Laurel Scwegmann 80. The Queens by Laylonna L Hurley Models: Abigail Addison & Autumn Kinkade 83. Comic Book Inspiration By: Stephanie Rice 84. A Cinderella Royal Wedding by: Brett Matthew Photography Models: @lae_theiss & @davidferrarinyc


Join us as we take a journey into the minds eye of our artist as they recreate some of their favorite fairy tales. s a young girl I always had a good book along with I, myself had fun with recreating Alice in Wonderland with my sketch book, note pad, lots of pens, markers and pencils. some talented tweens in New Orleans this past December I would create the characters I was reading about. I would at The Victoria Henley Magnifique Show. daydream about being part of the fairy tale... one of the characters. We hope you continue to enjoy our 2018 concepts as we reach for the "Next Level Fierce." ( yes huge ANTM fan, an Some of my favorite books are Alice in Wonderland and edition inspired on Tyra Banks' concept shoots coming in Grimm Brothers ( of course anything with Vampires too, but 2019) that is for a future conceptual theme edition! ) Please follow us on Pinterest for our upcoming themes & concepts In this Edition of "Twisted Tales" we let our imagination and creativity roam to new heights. We have opened the doors to extraordinary creativity and encouraged our contributing artist to step outside the box and explore a new way of conceptual photography.



The Wing Series

style and limitless creativity in the usage of he Transition, was a visionary project background shapes and color to draw the eye that came to fruition, back in early April of 2017. and mind into portraiture style photography, October 2017, the Transition begins, the period of changing from one state or condition to The journey tested the limits of sacred style geometry, using lines,while telling a story in another. Light transitions from one phase to another each model assembled piece, a wide range of phase, beauty to extreme beauty, rearranging talented makeup artist,joined in the mission to make this project something very special, and the viewers feelings, mood,and emotions. The models chosen for the project, I knew were I think each and everyone, it all came together able to Transition, and transform the many in amazing pieces from shoulder harness to looks to art, and something unique to match chokers to body chains, headdressing and etc. As the photographer,I wanted to give a fresh my style. The Transition, to undergo or cause to undergo and new look into my heart and mind, Let's Transition over together, to something new. I a process or period of transition. A metamorphosis, a caterpillar to butterfly welcome your eyes, to a feasting of the like effect moment all the while, enhancing the Transition. detail imagery of the work, creativity in the The Wing Series encompass beauty, the vision making of characters, and scenes centered was to bring beautiful birds together, The Wind Beneath my Wings, is the love to help one around fashion statements. Let's Transition together, and altercation another hence the photo of 2 women on the adding strange model behavior to poses, rocks together, matching strange lighting to capture the The Transition, encompass beauty as a central Overall look, while offering a eye of wonder to and focal point of every special piece, the give the viewer, something entertaining as well Models did a great job bringing everything into view, the use of Color toning in the images, and as something unique. The Transition was composed of pieces from Smoke bombs make every thing very dramatic, all over the world, France, Netherlands, Welcome to the Transition. England, etc showcasing

Photographer Karl M. Lee Team: Lead Makeup Artist: MariaMx, IG:MariaMxMoore Makeup Artist: Sha'niya Thompson ,IG:Nina_Reese Hair/Stylist: Tiffany Brown Models: Sasha Fierce: IG:Sasha.Bromfield Black Wings: Kimberly Herrand: IG: Rocket_head "you the wind Beneath wings series" Azzarria La'treece :IG:bombshell_azz Carisma Sorey Makeup by: Carisma Sorey Look Teal turquoise feather epaulettes BurningPlaya Sawley, United Kingdom










The Legend of the Flower Nymph

Photographer- Angie Candell Gown by Anya Dionne Hair by La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans Makeup by Lauren Malanosky (La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans) Floral Headdresses- Mt Lebanon Floral Accessories by Kata Banko Couture Model- Mary Gibson

Dark Sea Beauty A Mermaids Tale

Photography Captured By: DB Photography Model: Heidi Anderson: Katie Haag Dress Designer: Marlo Rawlings Mermaid Tail: Mertalior Mermaid Tail by Eric Ducharme Stylist: Details by Daysha Beauty: Hair by Daskaree Floral Designer: Jocelyn's Floral Location Washington, Utah


when I saw the request on for a dark, twisted fairy tale my heart leaped! I was torn between so many ideas: so many fairy tales and so many ways to twist them! I finally decided to take a twist on "The Little Mermaid." Katherine Haag was recommended to me by a colleague. My first phone call after securing a model was to Daskaree Bistline for Hair & Makeup. I had a seashell crown commissioned by Daysha Barlow for a shoot a few years back so I pulled it out of storage because it was perfect in every way. Amy Stufflebeam of Jocelyn's Floral jumped on board as excited as I was bout the theme for Embrace Beauty Magazine! She created a masterful top for our mermaid out of live flowers, real seashells and a fish net: it was spectacular ( and smelled amazing)! I purchased the tail from Mertailor Mermaid Tails by Eric Ducharme.

I thought we were ready to go for the shoot, but I kept thinking of the little mermaid at Tucahn Ampitheatre back in 2014. I was working for Tucahn in the props department at the time and I had become friends with serveral of the performers: one performer being Heidi Anderson who played the role of Ursula. ( and has since played the role of Ursula several times). I contacted Heidi and explained my vision to her, she immediately caught my vision and made it even BETTER! Heidi brought on designer Marlo Rawlings and together they brought high fashion "under the sea". Marlo designed Ursula's wardrobe and hair style while Heidi did her own makeup. Due to a few set backs in the day, the shoot ran late into the evening: but the dark didnt stop us and the sunset was just the cherry on top for a great shoot. Thank you Embrace Beauty Magazine, because no matter what happens with this publication, this was a lot of fun putting it together. We all hope you enjoy!

Alice in Winter Wonderland


Captured By: Cemoreis Photography Private Residence, New Hampshire Models: Alice Leah LaRock | IG: @princess_leigha83 Mad Hatter Brittni Pelczarski | IG: @brittpelcz March Hare Makena Hodgkins MUHA: Leah LaRock Costume Design and Creation by Jordan Cemorelis Shoot Styling by Leah LaRock and Jordan Cemorelis

Alice has always been a love of mine, but my friend Leah has a live of Alice like no other. This styled shoot is our brain child for a progressive series of Alice shoots yet to come. This shoot takes place in the woods of Chesterfield, NH during the most recent snow storm. While we were concerned the effect that the snow would have on the shoot it ended up being the creepiest blessing in disguise. I can’t wait to get Alice in front of the looking glass again.


Frozen: Fire of Ice


Captured by: Jen Montgomery Model| Devika Richter MUHA | Cristina Ziemer Beauty Wardrobe | Beauty by Design

Editorial Fashion Shoot showcasing Beauty by Design’s crushed Velvet Wedding gown. We had a darker, ice queen feels we wanted to create with this shoot. It did have the frozen idea behind it, where to start there is no ice or snow. Then slowly as in the story, everything turns to ice when her emotions get ahold of her and everything started to get bluer and darker. Photographed at the Ice Castles and along the river in Stillwater, Minnesota

Magnificent Maleficent: Dark Fashion


Captured by: Airen Miller Photography Models: Mel Young & Ryan Parker Society Room of Hartford, Connecticut Lighting: Audio Media Solutions Cinema & Video: MV Film Productions Floral Designers: Stylist Blooms Tuxedo & Mens Attire: Modern Formals MUHA: Dana Bartone & Co. Salon & Spa

Inspired by the story of Disney’s “Maleficent” character and the dramatic looks, we hatched our concept: Maleficent Deconstructed” not a virtual copy but rather a re-imaging of the edgy modern character. WE soon set out to create some visually dramatic, modern fashion image, with the concept in mind. We were joined by some of the most creative professionals in the wedding industry to create the final images, so sit back and enjoy this very different, dark world of Maleficent wedding, photographed at the Hartford Society Room and Pratt street: Hartford

Little Boy Blue:


Photographer: Brandy Angel Photography Models: Jeris & Buck Farmer Location: Bishop, Georgia @ The Farm at High Shoals Wardrobe: High Maintenance Dress Boutique MUHA: Bombshell Creations

Working with jeris on a regular basis in the wedding vendor world. She owns and operates a very busy, award winning hair and make up business called Bombshell Creations. She is always the one making women feel and look beautiful so when she me if I could help her bring her vision to life for portraits where she adorable son Buck I knew I had to return the favor.

the beautiful look and the photos are more amazing than either of us could have imagined. Even chasing after a sleepy boy could not stop me from capturing some of my favorite images I have ever shot. I hope I made Jeris half as happy as she makes her clients every day.

She had purchased the most adorable white shorts suit for Buck and we were dying to use it in photos before he outgrew them. She built her whole vision for the shoot around that outfit. Jeris is truly a beautiful person inside and out and I couldn’t wait to capture that for her and her son. We shared ideas on how to make this portrait session more glamorous and refined and we both got more and more excited about it. We decided on the Farm at high shoals as the venue because it has the refined look we were going for and then Jeris set about finding the perfect dress and she absolutely did. Her friends at High Maintenance Dress Boutique delivered with the most stunning Emerald Green gown I have ever seen. The team at Bombshells Creation came together and completed


Maid Malee A fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

Photographer: Meera Fox @meerafox Model: Nina Barker @ninabarker Makeup Artist: Yuya Tun @yuya_beauty. Hair Artists: Laura Zamora @glam_time and Olga Goncharova @olgagoncharova6 Dress: Adrianna Papell. @adriannapapell

The Nave of Hearts


Model: Anakin Acevedo MUA: Lisa Marie Seamen & Taylor Munro Hair Stylist: Renee Lemelin & Tyler Photographer: Laylonna L Hurley Location: Private Resident Orlando, Fl. Concept by: Renee Lemelin & Lisa Marie Seamen

Model: Aly Harris-Bevelle age 5 from Alabama Designer: Brandy Singer Photographer: laylonna L Hurley Location New Orleans Event: Victoria Henley Magnifique


The Fairest of them all: Snow White

Alice and her wonderland friends

Models: Alice | Laney Simmons White Rabbit | Lily Simmons IG: @LaneyandLily Designer Wardrobe: Brandy Singer MUHA: Brie Artistry Photographer: Laylonna L Hurley Location: New Orleans Event: Victoria Henley Magnifique




White Rabbit


Model: Emily Laurel Schwegmann Photographer: Laylonna L Hurley Location: New Orleans Event: Victoria Henley Magnifique

The MadHatter

The White Queen Model: Abigail Addison MUHA: Brie Artistry Head Jewelry: Charmed Magnolias Wardrobe: Provided by Model Location: New Orleans Event: Victoria Henley Magnifique Photographer: Laylonna L Hurley


The Queen of Hearts: Model Autumn Kinkade IG:@autumnblair21 Hat Designer: Brandy Singer MUHA:Brie Artistry Wardrobe provided by self Location: New Orleans Event: Victoria Henley Magnifique Photographer: Laylonna L Hurley

Models: Mad Hatter: Emily Laurel Schwegmann, White Queen: Abigail Anderson, Red Queen: Autumn Kinkade, White Rabbit: Lily Simmons and Alice: Laney Simmons


Comic Book Inspiration By: Stephanie Rice


the standard superheroes but had an exclusive line for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now they’re featuring Sailor Moon, allowing any girl to twirl around in an Usagi, or better known as Sailor Moon, look alike school uniform. Manga or American comics, the inspiration shows through so many designs.

e have reached 2018, a time where anybody can enjoy the comic books. No longer is it known as a faux pas for women to be seen with a comic book in their hands. A time where many movies have been released and dozens of television shows have been produced to please these fans. This isn’t just based off American media either. It’s global, and it’s showing. Whether it being Archie and his friends, or Captain America and the Avengers, the fashion world is acknowledging these comic book stories. Fashion lines have been created to accommodate the needs and requests of these genuine fans, preparing them for the first showing of the next up and coming comic book movie. Fashion today, wants to make everyone seem like a hero, and they’re not letting anyone down. Whether it is a crown hat, or a bright yellow utility belt, fashion designers have already gone ahead and came up with new fashion statements for their comic fans. Accessories, every hero has them, or needs them, and so can their readers. Some accessories have started subtle with Storm earrings or a Black Widow necklace, even a Batman belt buckle, but those few individuals that enjoy both fashion and comics have allowed accessories to advance. Loungefly is a company that has partnered with a few different people, but their partnership with Marvel has really stood out for a few comic book lovers. The company designed a line of handbags featuring several of our favorite superheroes such as Duffle bags sporting Spider-Man’s signature symbol, tote bags with floral designs and Groot. The line also includes wallets, mini backpacks, and coin bags. Loungefly even feature some super villains like Loki and Anti-Heroes like our favorite Deadpool. So what does one wear to match their Lasso of Truth?

The inspiration doesn’t just effect what you see in stores or buy online. It also affects those who work in different media such as movies, television shows, and even video games. We always want to see that original costume of our favorite characters but even doing that can come across silly sometimes. Its thanks to those who have that fashionable touch and imagination that our favorite characters look as awesome as they do in the comics. Superman originally wore an interesting look with his underwear over his pants back in his debut comic book, but costume designers are bold enough to pitch something different that’s even better, but still has a touch of originality. Even Catwoman has had so many different designs and looks in media, starting with a simple green dress, to a cat suit and goggles. Fans are able to recognize her because those designers still use key features to remind us, like gloves with claws or masks that have a feline touch. It’s not always easy fighting crime in tights. Fashion has evolved so much over time that comic book fans from different generations can recognize a sweater from an old comic book cover. Or a theme for a fashion show holds so many similar traits from the world of Black Panther, Wakanda. Comics inspire people to be better, and it inspires designers to create something different. They create a look to make anyone feel like their own hero, to help them feel like they’re the best they can be. One thing that has always stayed the same is that fashion designers want everyone to feel empowered, and comics have been the perfect inspiration for just that.

We’ve seen plenty of t-shirts with Wolverine making his trademark three claw mark entrance, but we needed something different. Her Universe has answered our call with not only designing dresses and jackets inspired by Wonder Woman but has continued to provide us with so many more options and just in time with the release of movies, such as Infinity War. With comic book inspiration, fashion designers have provided us with something edgier to slip into to become a super spy. It’s not just every day clothes but also workout clothes like leggings and hoodies. What better way to feel like a hero when you’re working out or running that marathon as if you were the Flash himself? This particular fashion line is featured in various stores such as Kohl’s, Hot Topic, ThinkGeek, and even Torrid. This allows fangirls of all sizes, curves or legs for days, to enjoy the many styles of Her Universe. The styles aren’t limited to

A Cinderella Royal Wedding


Planner: @llgevents Photographer: @brettmatthewsphotography Venue: @newyorkpalace Floral Design: @tantawanbloom Stationery: @cecinewyork Videography: @josephedwardsfilms Cake: @rbicakes Hair: @stylesonb Makeup: @staciefordweddings Jewelry: @verstolo Stylist: @thestylishbride Models: @lae_theiss @davideferrarinyc Bride’s Attire: @romonakeveza and @dennisbasso Groom’s Attire: @altonlaneweddings Tabletop & Dinnerware: @alchemyfinehome Rentals: @luxeeventrentals Lighting: @fushionlightingproductions



As no Royal Wedding has ever been unveiled before, LLG Events decided to conceptualize a styled photo shoot for the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Across the globe, people are eager to know more about what the royal couple will wear, the colors that will graze their reception, how many layers their cake will have—and LLG answered all of those questions with predictions for each detail of how a Royal Wedding in the United States would look.

Lotte New York Palace. The public will have to wait in anticipation to see how the imagined Royal Wedding compares to the real wedding in London this May (a builtin follow-up story for you during a week when everyone is going to want fresh Royal Wedding content!). Furthermore, LLG partnered with Alchemy Fine Home to make the styled shoot shoppable for couples who want to incorporate royal flairs in their upcoming weddings.

LLG Events teamed up with elite wedding vendors for this shoot—from royal invitations by Ceci New York, to floral design by Tantawan Bloom, to the venue of the

(after all - it’s the first time since 1937 that an American is marrying into the British Royal Family!).



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Model: Mary Gibson by: Angie Candell Photography Khloris: The Legend of the Flower Nymph

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Embrace Beauty Magazine Twisted Tales  

EBM goes on a journey into the artist mind as they recreate our childhood fairy tales with a wicked twist into a steampunk, dark and gothic...

Embrace Beauty Magazine Twisted Tales  

EBM goes on a journey into the artist mind as they recreate our childhood fairy tales with a wicked twist into a steampunk, dark and gothic...