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João MODAS + Ricardo LUCAS architects House in Évora Évora (Portugal) Nª S.ra da Saúde district São João street Collaborator April_September 2009

The existing housing in Rua de S. Joao inescapable establishes a relationship with the main street, where the door step stone focuses directly on the tar road, but also by very narrow access that creates with the dwelling adjacent, emerging a careless backyard, where everything is guard, even that the plants have already completed, as well as our gaze. The lot features a clear longitudinality (4.20 x 18 m), which came to be one of the key factors for the development of the project idea. The intervention proposed meet the changing needs of the family, with the addition of a room in the existing typology, and the consequent spatial reorganization. In this way, the proposal develop a concept of a patio house, in which the the pateo arises as the epicentre of spatial, structural and hierarchical organization of the house, as well as the element generator of light and the proposed environments.

P01 A04 MODAS  

House in Évora