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Read the Do’s and Don't’s by Mr Larry fogg while your trip to Thailand, winter trends 2016 & 2017 you need to know, the beauty tip will keep your skin naturally flawless, some food recipes and list of upcoming movies. Happy Readings Regards Beenish Waqas EDITOR EMAL International Magazine

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Dear readers “The cover story of EMAL this month says Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Donald Trump The 45th President of United States unfold if He'll Take a Salary as US President. Buzz the world with wi-tribe, make free calls all over the world, just download BUZZ app and get started. Checkout Omar mansoor’s collection showcases in China “The Silk Road.” Leonardo DiCaprio Joins The World of Superheroes As He Signs Up To Captain Planet In our home & Decor section check out the pieces and ideas you need for your most comfortable, luxurious, and personal bedroom ever.

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She had already confessed her love of the game while on an official trip to Slovakia in August, during the peak of Pokémania, when she went hunting for the virtual monsters and walked some 10km to hatch some of her rare eggs — with her bodyguards in tow. The prime minister isn't the only Norwegian politician who love playing Pokémon. The leader of Norway's Liberal party Trine Skei Grande tweeted her amusement early Wednesday: "She heard what I said, we ladies can do two things at the same time you know,"


It was an unexpected outcome for the Republican candidate, who beat out not only a stacked GOP primary field but also an even more formidable opponent in Hillary Clinton, who was consistently ahead of him in the polls up and in a much stronger position on the electoral map. Donald Trump has won the key battleground state of Florida. Both candidates have spent an extraordinary amount of time in Florida, one of the most important prizes on the map. Trump calls Florida his "second home" and his campaign acknowledged that a win there is vital to his White House hopes.


Terming CPEC project a game changer, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif yesterday said that security of the project is Pakistan Army’s national undertaking. “(Pakistan) will leave no stone unturned to ensure its timely completion and uninterrupted success,” the ISPR quoted General Raheel as saying. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif along with COAS Gen Raheel Sharif inaugurated the western route of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) DG ISPR Asim Bajwa ,Federal Ministers Khawaja Asif, Ahsan Iqbal, and National Security Advisor Nasser Khan Janjua, and other officials were present on the occasion. The first mega trade cargo convoy which reached Gwadar from China departed for Middle East and African countries. Earlier addressing a ceremony regarding departure of the first mega pilot trade cargo at Gwadar Port, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan will leave no stone unturned to materialize the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in time. The people of pakistan thanked the Son of soils whose sacrificed metryal had made such achievement to be happened

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Omar Mansoor Showcases in China ‘’The Silk Road’’ Omar Mansoor debuts into the Chines fashion market with a grand showcasing of his trio collections including his latest Spring Summer 2017 collection in shades of navy, blue, grey and red. The show was well received by the Chinese Fashionistas along with the international press and buyers. Credits Photography: Shahid Malik

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Intelligent E-Scooter Crams Multi-Purpose Batteries into Highly Portable Package


mmotor, a California startup founded by Mophie founder Daniel Huang, offers a stylish, new urban transport solution. Its folding electric Go scooter rolls for up to 20 miles (32 km) around city centers and surrounding environs. The three-mode scooter also works as a power-assist trolley, and its swappable dual battery packs can travel away from the scooter, keeping yourlaptop,smartphone,blender,andothergadgets and appliances powered up. The Immotor Go comes powered by buyer's choice of 250- or 350- watt hub drive integrated into the front wheel. Dual rear wheels add stability and make it easy to hop on and ride, even in high heels, apparently, as a couple of the photos depict. Adjustable dual-spring front and rear suspension helpsthe rider turn and navigate over variableterrain.Allofthecontrols,includingacceleration, braking, horn, cruise control and front LED light are integrated neatly into the handlebar grips for easy operation.Inadditiontoa20-milemaximumrange,theGo hasatopspeedof20mph(32km/h). The Go transforms between three different modes in a matter of seconds. Fully deployed "ride" mode readies it for rolling you over the street, handlebars adjusting in height to accommodate riders between 4 and 6.7 feet (1.2 and 2m).The handlebarsalsofoldandretractdown into

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the body and the foot platform folds up to create a compact, fully folded package for storing and transporting. The third mode sees the foot platform folded but the rear wheels extended slightly and handlebars left up, creating a power-assist trolley designed to help you move a backpack or other hangable cargo. The multi-speed electric drive offers low speeds down to 1 mph (1.6 km), so it is capable of rolling along at walkingspeed. The scooter looks quite nice, but the Go's real selling point might be its multi functional lithium "Super Battery" system. The scooter is powered by one or two removable, swappable battery packs inside a compartment in the main front body. These batteries charge in a matter of three to four hours, either in the scooter or in the accompanying dock. Each battery includes a microchip and operating system that offers power management and safety protocols. The battery even lets you know (via an

app) if something is wrong and whenit needs replacing. Beyond being swappable and easy to removeandcharge,what'scoolabout the battery packs is that they're built to be used on their own, away from the Go. The battery cells are encased in a water-resistant rigid metal shell, with internal shock absorbers improving impact resistance.Thepacksarebuiltthisway so they can be used as large, modular portablepowersources. Immotor plans to offer plug-in accessories, including an inverter with AC outlet that allows the battery to power a small appliance, such as a hair dryer or blender, and charge up

everyday mobile gadgets like laptops, tablets and smart phones. A separate lighting kit will turn the battery pack into a portable flashlight or stationary desk light. Those are the only two modules mentioned, but it's easy to imagine Immotor expanding the line up in the future. This portable power capability makes the Immotor Go useful well beyond urban commuting and could be helpful foreverything fromtraveling, to working remotely in the field, to camping and more. Immotor offers the batteries in both 150 Wh size, providing 10 miles (16 km) of range

per battery (two batteries = the 20-mile max range) and 99 Wh size, which is designed to meet restrictions for flying with batteries. The 99 Wh batteries provide up to 7 miles (11 km) of range each. Back aboard the Go, the batteries powermorethan just thehub drive.The Go is packed with a variety of features, including a distinctive Y-shaped LED front light, LED brake light, weather proof 5 W Bluetooth speaker for music play,andablack-and-whitedisplay.The display runs a custom operating system thatImmotorplanstoofferover-the-air updates for and shows information like battery life, speed, distance, ride mode andmore. Like so many electric transporters out there, the Go includes a smart phone app, but it integrates it a little deeper than many other scooters. The smart phone works as the owner's key to unlock the Go, and the owner can use the app to transfer that capability to anotheruser'ssmartphone,likeifa

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friend or family member is going to borrow it for the day. The app also allows for GPS tracking, parental control, customization of the horn and lights, and more. And the scooter can also be used to control the smart phone in certain ways, including snapping a selfie with a docked smart phone via a dedicated button on the left grip, no need to fiddle around with the smart phone itself. Some app functions, like granting access to another user, require a data plan for the integrated SIM card. This card also allows the scooter to send GPS location information to the app, so the user can track the location remotely and set up security measures. In terms of basic specifications, the Go weighs 31 lb (14 kg) when loaded with two batteries, each of which weighs about 1.75 lb (0.8 kg). The scooter measures 9.4 x 12.4 x 31.5 in(24x32x 80 cm) when folded up completely. The 5.5-in wheels are wrapped in solid rubberno-flattires.It carries riders up to 265lb(120kg). Immotor is currently running an Indiegogo campaign. Because it's offering two sizes of batteries, two individual hub drives and a few other options, the campaign has more pledge levels than average, ranging between US$449 for a 250 W scooter with single 99 Wh battery to $1,099

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for a 350 W model with dual 150 Wh batteries and a variety of other options, including lighter carbon fiber/magnesium construction, dual battery charging dock, inverter module with AC plug, LED light conversion kit, accompanying backpack and more. All pledge levels include a one-year data plan (that's how they hook ya) and an AC charger. Retail pricing is estimated between $749and$1,749. The $399 pledge level already sold

out, and Immotor met its $45,000 goal just 18 hours after launching the campaign earlier this week. It's now closing in on double that goal. If all goes as planned, Immotor will start shipping fully assembled scooters in March 2017.


THINGS EVERY BEDROOM NEEDS These pieces and ideas you need for your most comfortable, luxurious, and personal bedroom ever. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, so why give it the short end of the stick when it comes to design? A few simple tweaks will leave you with a bedroom so dreamy you won't even want to fall asleep.

A COMFORTABLE RUG Nothing ruins a happy morning (or makes a crabby one worse) like stepping out of the bed onto a cold, hard floor. Do yourself a favor and make sure your first step into the day is cushy and comforting. Already have carpet in the bedroom? Consider layering a smaller rug by the bed, similar idea to this room by Adeeni Design Group.


A theme can be a powerful unifying device, not to mention calming. How to figure out this number: It should be enough pillows so that your bed looks sumptuous and inviting when properly made...yet not enough that getting in bed requires 10 minutes of excavating. The sweet spot is usually between 2-6, depending on the size of your bed. This example from designer Lindsey Coral Harper gets it just right.

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A THEME It's the first thing a child will consider when putting together their first bedroom, but adults tend to shy away from decorative themes. But even when it's not Spiderman or Princesspowered, a theme can be a powerful unifying device, not to mention calming. In this Southhampton cottage bedroom designed by Timothy Whealon, stripes are used throughout to create a streamlined yet funky touch.


(THAT'S NOT THE BED) This room, designed by Robert Passal, has more than a couple. A good spot to sit down will serve you well when you're reading or need to have a conversation with your partner. It's also great for putting on shoes, or checking email so you can leave tech out of your bed.

NO TECH IN SIGHT "The bedroom is about sleeping. What do you need when you're sleeping? Not a smartphone," says designer AurĂŠlien Gallet. And that goes for a television as well: It will keep you up later than necessary and consequently keep your minding churning longer before you can drift off to sleep. It's hard, especially in an increasingly-connected world, but if you leave your everything at the door you'll be happier. Another perk? More room for furniture and accessories you love.

A GREAT MATTRESS You could have every item on this list but your bedroom wouldn't be complete without a perfect mattress. After all, if you're not getting enough quality sleep, you can't fully appreciate a beautiful room. "You want a mattress that keeps you cool and gives you great lumbar support," says Ron Rudzin, CEO of Saatva Mattress. And of course, one that looks great in your room. He recommends choosing a mattress- and foundation-height based not just on your bed frame and headboard, but also the height of your night tables and window sills.

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DRAMA! Even the brightest, most cheerful bedrooms need an element of dark, sexy glamour. This bedroom by Windsor Decorating and Design has them in spades: The moody wall paint, the theatrical chandelier, even an oversized gray headboard does the trick. But notice how clean lines and touches of white keep it from looking like a bordello: That balance is key. Stick with one or two dramatic pieces and you'll be golden.

PHOTOGRAPHS – BUT NOT OF FAMILY You should have as many family photos as you wish in other rooms in the house, but it's best to keep the bedroom's artwork less emotionally loaded. Elegant and calming photographs in this room by designer Ryan White evoke good feelings much like family snaps do, without reminding you of specific people while you're trying to fall asleep.

A COLLECTION OF THINGS YOU LOVE You should have as many family photos as you wish in other rooms in the house, but it's best to keep the bedroom's artwork less emotionally loaded. Elegant and calming photographs in this room by designer Ryan White evoke good feelings much like family snaps do, without reminding you of specific people while you're trying to fall asleep.

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Photographer : Eddie Kavanagh Dress & headpiece designer : Kat O'strophic MUA : Svetlana Onofras Hair : Gabriel Tenorio Location : Charville Castle , Tullamore Model : Maksuda Akhter ( Ms. Earth International 2016 , Ms. Ireland 2014 )

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an and I booked an October 2016 Roof of the World China Tour by River Cruises which wanted to return to Viking the 2012 Annual Elephant included Shanghai, Yangtzeis River Roundup visiting at Surin, Thailand,a which held cruiseduring from the Wuhan Chongqing, visiting Tibet, thirdtoweekend of November. In visiting theI Terra Cotta at Xi’an, addition, wanted to Soldiers return to Nepaland to visiting spend Beijing. During doctor told herI that she additional time July, in theJan’s Kathmandu Valley. decided could not go Tibet to the high altitude. to combine theto two tripsdue and contacted Chiran and InsteadatofA1 cancelling the tour, we decided thatand we Ishwar Smile Travel to arrange for a car would during visit with friends in Chongqing while two the driver mymystay in Nepal and to book tour visited TibetI and re-joinpreviously. the tour at Xi’an. hotels where hadthen stayed I also We arrivedbooked at Chongqing early Thursday morning advanced a hotel at Surin for the Elephant on 29 October. After saying good-bye to our friends Roundup. theto Viking River tour, we disembarked Ion flew Katmandu on November 3rd andfrom met the up Emerald Viking a taxi with Chiran and cruise Ishwar ship who and weretook waiting forto methe at Chongqing Crown Plaza of Hotel. Later my friends – the airport with a garland flowers. Ponchalal, who Summer, and Peng’s – picked would be Peng, my driver for the husband, next week,Thong accompanied us up at hotel. Summer and Peng are Air China them to the drive us to the Fuji hotel where I would flight most attendants, and Thong is an Air spend of my nights in Kathmandu. TheyChina told mechanic. They took this us toyear visithad thebeen ThreesoGorges me that the weather much Museum theI People’s which are better thatand when was thereAuditorium, last year. I decided to both situated on the People’s I hadtemple), visited re-visit Swayambhunath (theSquare. monkey both in 2013, wantedSquare Jan to them. Boudanath, and but PatanI Durbar thesee following Unfortunately, the Three Gorges exhibit hall and was day since the weather forecast was for sunshine closed, butI also the told remainder of the museum had clear skies. Chiran that I wanted my driver wonderful The day People’s Auditorium is to eat lunchexhibits. with me every and that I would buy directly across the arriving square from the Three Gorges his lunch. Before at Kathmandu, I had Museum.that Both the lunch museum auditorium are decided eating with and my driver would not detailed my April but 2013also trip would to China. only be during more efficient generate a Our next stop was at the Hongya closer personal relationship with Cave him –Folk-Custom the lunches Scene Area we ate lunch and walked through worked out where very well. multiplemet floors a rooftop patio. Chiran meofatsmall the shops hotel and on the morning of Our last stop day wasthat Ciqikou (Porcelain November 5th of to the make sure Ponchalal and I Village), an ancient village situated on the of had agreement on my agenda for the Chiran the Jailing where we ate when dinnerI was andat explored would meetRiver me every morning the Fuji the village. Thewas history ofand Ciqikou beto traced back hotel. The sky clear I wascan able get some moresunny than 1,700 years and provides some insight nice photos of both Swayambhunath and into what Chongqing looked like in we theate distant past. Boudanath. After driving to Patan, lunch and On Friday, October, JanPatan and I took a tour with a then spent30time visiting Durbar Square,

30 32 EMAL MaGazine

private English-speaking UNESCO World Heritage site. guide to the Dazu Rock Carvings that had arranged for usstop in advance. The tour included a The Peng following day, the first for Ponchalal and me was stop at theDurbar Dazu Square, Haitangxiangguo Style World Historical and Kathmandu another UNESCO Heritage Cultural lunch China Dazu site. Last Center year myand guide did at notthe want to take theBest timeKitchen to visit Culture Museum before actually rock carvings. the museum at Kathmandu Durbarvisiting Square the so Ponchalal and I Haitangxiangguo is bestthe described a modern-day replica made a point of visiting museumas which was extensive and of aninteresting. ancient town, Kitchen MuseumPalace was a very Ourand nextthe stop was atCulture the Narayanhiti knife storewhich with some statues the lawn in front the store. Museum had been theon royal palace at theoftime of the massacre Dazu is famous of thefor Nepal the Dazu RoyalRock Family Carvings in 2001.that Thewere palace carved has since in thebeen late Tang turned Dynasty into a museum. (618-907 CE) and early Song dynasty (960-1279 CE)of and were included on the Kantha World Temple. Cultural Our last stop the day was at the Budhanil Heritagemy Listvisit, in 1999. had visited sites of Dazu Rock During I sawI a young girlmultiple watering flower garlands Carvings in April 2013 private cartime andI could driver,get butclose the and decided to take her by photo. By the Goddess Mercy statue at Baoding Mountain closedcan at enough toofher to take her photo, she had put thewas watering that awaytime. but agreed to stand by the flower stand for a photo. I The Baoding Cliff located in a U-shaped gave her 100 Mountain Rupees and, as Carving I walkedisaway, I noticed an older valley surrounded cliffs on three with athat 500-meter woman walk over tobythe young girl – Isides presumed the lady longthe religious art gallery carved on the at cliffs. Marvelous was young girl’s mother. After looking some souvenir statues are along thecar mountain with one stands, we carved returned to the and I decided togiant give niche the lady


THE DO'S & DON’TS: Ÿ Do respect all Buddha images.





my card so she could show the young girl her photo on my web site. It turned out that the lady was the owner of the flower stand. The lady’s younger sister, Sharmila, also came over and introduced herself. Sharmila gave me her E-mail address and said she would provide a copy of the photo to the young girl. Sharmila’s older sister then gave me a book of postcards as a present and Sharmila said that she also wanted to give me a present. I was scheduled to check out of the Fuji Hotel on the morning of November 6th and spend the night at the High View Resort hotel at Dulikel. When Chiran met me at the Fuji Hotel, we decided to keep my room at the Fuji Hotel in addition to my room at Dulikel. Although Chiran had a confirmed E-mail for the High View Resort, he received an Email the night before that the High View Hotel had suddenly

Buddha images are held sacred and sacrilegious acts are punishable by imprisonment even if committed by foreign visitors. Do dress properly when visiting a temple. Don’t cross your legs when you are in the presence of a monk. This applies whether you are sitting on the floor or in a chair. Don’t touch a Thai woman without consent. Despite the image portrayed in some bars and clubs, the majority of Thai women are conservative. Don’t place your feet on the table while sitting, don’t point to anything with your feet and don’t touch anybody with your feet. Don’t raise your voice or lose your temper; try and be jai yen.

become overbooked and consequently moved me to the Mirabel Resort and Hotel which was touted to be better that the High View Resort. With some trepidation about the Mirabel hotel, Ponchalal and I set off to Bhaktapur, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and then continued on to the old city of Panauti. While in Panauti, Ponchalal bought a large bag of assorted pastries for his wife’s mother who lived nearby. We made a stop at his mother-in-law’s new home which he had not seen before and then continued on to the Mirabel hotel. When I checked into the Mirabel, the person at the front desk had no record of the transfer from the High View Resort to the Mirabel hotel. After making a call, I was taken to my room in a building called “Cozy Rooms.” I had purposely requested the High View Resort because it was a very nice hotel complex with gorgeous views of the valley and- the Himalayas. Well, the “Cozy Room” was certainly an austere, tiny dingy room down a long hallway in a dilapidated building – no phone, two tiny beds, tiny bathroom, no view at all, and certainly a far cry from the High View Resort. The mobile phone service in Nepal works on occasion and fortunately my mobile phone connected when I called Chiran to complain about the “Cozy Room.” Within ten minutes a man appeared at my door and

31 EMAL MaGazine

moved me to a Deluxe Room with a gorgeous view of the Himalayas. Chiran sure came through like a champ in remedying the situation. The restaurant at the Mirabel was very nice and, although the WiFi in my room did not connect, I could get WiFi in the lobby area. When I checked my E-mail, I found an E-mail from Sharmila who said that she hoped to be able to see me again. I told her that she could go with Ponchalal and me to visit Kirutipur and Chobar if she was able to meet us at the Fuji hotel the following morning around 10:00 AM when we returned to Kathmandu from Dulikel. Ponchalal and I returned to Kathmandu on the morning of November 7th and arrived at the Fuji hotel shortly after 10:00 AM. Sharmila was waiting for us in the hotel lobby and went with us to visit Kirutipur and Chobar. I had been to both places during my 2011 trip, but had not visited the temple on the banks of the river at Chobar. We walked down to the temple and it had some of the most colorful wood carved roof support columns of any of the temples that I had previously seen in Nepal. After visiting Chobar we returned to Kathmandu, and Ponchalal drove us to one of his favorite restaurants. I really enjoy the Nepal set menu lunches and dinners. That evening, I went to the travel office, had coffee with Chiran and Ishwar, and picked up my ticket for the Mount Everest scenic flight that they booked for me for the following morning. In fact, every evening that I was in Kathmandu, I would go and have coffee with Chiran and Ishwar. My Mount Everest flight scenic flight was operated by Bhudda Air and departed very early from Kathmandu in order to hopefully see the sunrise over the Himalayas. I was scheduled on the first flight of the morning which required Ponchalal to pick me up at the Fuji hotel at about 5:00 AM. Ponchalal was right on time and delivered me at the Kathmandu Airport well in advance of the opening time of the Domestic Terminal. I was about number three in line waiting for the terminal to open. A short time later, several buses and minivans delivered many people and a long line of people rapidly formed behind me. Being near the front of the line definitely had its advantages as the security screening was a slow process. I quickly checked in for my flight and boarded the first airplane to depart for the mountains. During the flight, each passenger was invited to go up to the flight compartment to get a really good view of the Himalayas. When given a second opportunity to go to the cockpit, I gave my camera to the first officer who took several very good photos of Mount Everest through his windshield.

32 EMAL MaGazine

Ÿ Do try and keep calm no matter what the problem or

provocation may be. Ÿ Do eat with a spoon. Use the fork to load food on to Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

the spoon. Do lower your body slightly when passing between or in front of people. Do try and learn a few basic phrases in Thai, like ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. Do smile a lot. Do enjoy yourself. Thais like life to be sanuk. Don’t take Buddha images out of the country. Strictly speaking it is against the law to take or send Buddha images out of the country unless special permission has been granted. However, this doesn’t mean that stores won’t sell them to you. They will sell them to you, but won’t necessarily tell you about the regulations.

The weather was very good and the mountains from the plane were spectacular. Ponchalal had waited in the parking lot during my flight and greeted me upon my return. We drove back to the Fuji hotel and Ponchalal agreed to return to pick me up around 9:00 AM. I ate breakfast at the hotel and got ready to go to Bungmati and Khokana, two places where I had not been before. The day before, I told Sharmila that she could go with us to Bungmati and Khokana if she met us at the Fuji hotel around 9:00 AM. When Sharmila had not arrived by 9:30, I tried calling her but the Nepal phone system did not let my call go through to her. At 9:30 AM, Ponchalal and I departed for Bungmati. At about 11:00 AM, after visiting Bungmati and as we started driving to Khokana, I received an SMS text message from Sharmila that she was at the Fuji hotel. I tried to call her but could not get through. I sent her an SMS text telling her that we would return to the hotel in about one hour and to wait for us at the hotel. After visiting Khokana, we arrived back at the Fuji hotel around noon only to discover that Sharmila had left the hotel. The hotel owner said that she said that she received a message from me and would return at 1:00 – she misread one hour to be 1:00 PM. I told the hotel owner to tell her to meet us at the restaurant at the end of the block where we would wait for her. Ponchalal and I were sipping coffee when Sharmila arrived a little before 1:00. We went to another restaurant nearby and had a very nice lunch. Since Ponchalal would not be driving me to the airport the following morning, I said good-bye to him and we exchanged contact information. I was sorry to see Phonchal leave, and I hope to keep in touch with him and his daughter Renuka. Sharmila and I returned to the hotel where she looked at photos from some of my travels on my computer. Before leaving, she gave me a small plaque from her temple, a scarf, and a bracelet.

She also gave me a beautiful bracelet to take home to Jan. That evening, Chiran and Ishwar took me to dinner and gave me a beautiful replica of Swayambhunath encased in a glass display case which I managed to carefully pack into my small backpack to hand-carry for my flight to Bangkok. Dinner was wonderful, and I really enjoyed the time that I spent with Chiran and Ishwar while I was in Kathmandu, Chiran met me at the hotel on the morning of November 9th and accompanied me to the airport for my flight to Bangkok. After making sure that I was all set to check into my flight, we said good-bye and I proceeded on to Bangkok. After arriving at my hotel near Suvarnabhuimi Airport in Bangkok, I arranged for the hotel to carefully store my small backpack until I returned from my visit to Surin. The following day, I flew to the far north to visit Chiang Rai before continuing on to Surin to attend the annual Elephant Roundup Festival. I arrived at Surin on Friday, November 16th. The Elephant Roundup Festival main event is a performance at the stadium parade grounds. On Saturday morning, November 17th, I woke up to a huge thunderstorm with torrents of rain. Since the rain did not appear to be letting up and there would be a repeat performance on Sunday morning, I decided to go back to bed. The rain continued for most of Saturday but the weather was overcast with no rain on Sunday morning when I went to the performance. I had been to the festival about six years earlier and most of the open-air seating had been replaced with permanent concrete structures and permanent seating under a roof-like structure. The stadium grounds were still muddy and soggy from the rain the day before but that did not impact the show. People performed barefoot in the mud and soggy grass. The sun came out sporadically during the show and it was magnificent. I was particularly impressed by the elephant that painted a beautiful flower on a large poster sized paper on an easel. There were many performances by local people in colorful attire and the finale was a re-enactment of a battle with Burmese soldiers, complete with cannons. After the show ended, the weather turned back to light misty rain as throngs of people departed the stadium area. I managed to catch a local minibus that dropped me close to my hotel in downtown Surin. The following day, I rode the VIP express bus to Bangkok and took a cab back to the hotel near the airport where I retrieved my small backpack and spent the night. On the morning of November 20th, I caught my flights to Tokyo and on to Los Angeles.

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FALL WINTER 2016-2017 TRENDS Audacity is the watchword for next season. And you need to be bold to carry off the deluge of mauve and pink, electro furs, couture red and glitter lurex from head to toe that ruled the runways in the fashion capitals. After a Summer season rooted in 1990s minimalism, next winter will be a welcome shot of color on sharp shoulders, corsetted waists, oversized streetwear and the puffy volume that is gaining fashion ground. So be daring, explore the trends and get ready to rock an explosive silhouette next winter.


From Prada’s pretty in pink print and Jil Sander’s lamé dress, to all-over at Gucci; whether blush rose or bright magenta, pink has been a strong feature on the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 catwalks. Live la vie en rose this season as a wave of femininity breaks over fashion.

VINYL The height of seductive sophistication spotted at shows like Loewe, Dior, Isabel Marant and Lanvin, add a touch of ‘Belle de Jour’ to your winter look next season with vinyl.

34 EMAL MaGazine

LEOPARD PRINT Leopard print made its mark on the runway, from fur coats at Prada and Moschino, to a belted dress at Dolce & Gabbana, with Diana Vreeland’s favorite print also popping up at Dior, Prada and Bottega Veneta. Take a trip to the wild side with one of the fiercest trends of around.

COUTURE RED Designers warmed up winter with reds of all hues. Patent, laquered, matte and satin finishes set the runway on fire at Saint Laurent, Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe with a couture approach to form and volume ranging from conceptual to sex siren.

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ommercial skincare products can be expensive, and most of the time they’re not as effective as they claim to be. Ever wondered what’s in that $60 jar of creamy moisturizer? You’ll be appalled to know what goes in it.


GET NATURALLY FLAWLESS SKIN WITHOUT THE TOXINS The only ingredient in moisturizers that does work is oil. Plant-based oil in particular is effective in bringing back moisture to the skin. According to Treehugger, plant oils are similar to the oils that our skin produces. So which oils can give you naturally great-looking skin? Here are 5 skincare oils that you can add to your beauty arsenal:

If you look at a skincare label more closely, you’ll see that the ingredients are comprised mostly of synthetic ingredients, which you don’t want on your skin. Parabens, phthalates and petrolatum are commonly found in skin and body care products. These toxic ingredients are known to be carcinogenic and should be regulated. Let’s take a look at moisturizers, for instance. Moisturizers seal in moisture so that skin looks supple. But moisturizers contain a whole lot of chemical ingredients (mostly preservatives) that can bring a host of diseases with continued use. One of the harmful ingredients in moisturizers is parabens. These chemicals extend moisturizers’ shelf life and prevent bacteria from contaminating the product. But according to a University of California, Berkeley research, parabens are linked to the increased risk of breast cancer. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considered use of small doses parabens in cosmetics and skincare to be relatively safe. However, paraben is not the only chemical used in skincare. When combined with other ingredients, even low doses can be harmful. Imagine these ingredients going through your bloodstream.

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ROSE HIP OIL Rose hip oil (also called rose-hip seed oil) is used by Chileans for centuries. It’s a dry oil extracted from the hip (also called the hem or haw) of the Rosa rubiginosa, a species of rose that grows wild on the Andes. While there are many rose varieties out there, true rose hip oil comes only from Rosa rubiginosa. It’s different from rose petal oil, which is used in fragrances and can irritate the skin.

WHAT MAKES IT GREAT Rose hip oil is rich in linoleic acid, which is vital to the cell regeneration process. It also contains retinoic acid that helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles. And if you’re looking for something that will brighten your complexion, rose hip oil also contains Vitamin C that helps lighten dark spots.

HOW TO USE Apply 2-3 drops of organic rose hip oil on the affected area. Gently massage the oil onto the skin until fully absorbed. Dark spots should lighten within 2 weeks of use. You can also apply rose hip oil on the entire face after cleansing to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smoothen dry patches of skin.

JOJOBA OIL Despite its name, Jojoba oil isn’t really an oil, but a wax. It comes from the Simmondsia chinensis shrub that grows in hot regions in the United States and Mexico. Before it became the well-loved facial oil that we know of today, jojoba oil was used as replacement for whale oil.

WHAT MAKES IT GREAT Despite its name, Jojoba oil isn’t really an oil, but a wax. It comes from the Simmondsia chinensis shrub that grows in hot regions in the United States and Mexico. Before it became the well-loved facial oil that we know of today, jojoba oil was used as replacement for whale oil.

HOW TO USE To use as a facial cleanser, put a few drops of jojoba oil on fingers and apply to the face. Tissue off or wash with a gentle cleanser and water. To use as a moisturizer, apply a 2-3 drops to damp skin to seal in moisture. You can also apply a quarter-sized amount on damp hair to tame the frizz.

GRAPE SEED OIL Grape seed oil may not be nutritionally beneficial as we may have thought, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great for the skin. Grape seed oil is best used cosmetically (but not in cooking, unfortunately) because of its skin-smoothing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

WHAT MAKES IT GREAT This oil contains high levels of linoleic acid, which makes cell membranes stronger. It is also rich in antioxidants, which help in wrinkle reduction. Grape seed oil is also high in polyphenols, which prevent acne. And if you have oily skin, grape seed oil makes for a light moisturizer that won’t leave your skin greasy.

HOW TO USE Dab a few drops of grape seed oil onto fine lines and wrinkles. Massage well until fully absorbed. You can also use it all over the face and neck as a daily moisturizer.

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ARGAN OIL Argan oil’s rise to popularity was partly due to celebrity endorsement. But what many didn’t know is that argan oil has been around for a very long time. For centuries, Moroccans have been using this liquid gold to achieve smoother complexion.

WHAT MAKES IT GREAT Prized for its curative properties, argan oil can clear up acne and protect skin from infection. Women with very dry skin swear by argan oil’s ability to smoothen dry patches and alleviate inflammation due to psoriasis or eczema. According to a study, argan oil also works well with oily skin.


MORINGA OIL Moringa is known as a superfood, but aside from its nutritional value, moringa is popular for one of its byproducts: moringa oil. Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of the tree, which is native to Asia and Africa. The oil is used to treat various skin conditions and to strengthen hair.


After washing face with a gentle cleanser, put a drop of argan oil onto your palm and rub together to warm. Apply it on the face and neck and wait until it is fully absorbed before putting on makeup. To use as a leave-in conditioner, use 1-3 drops of the oil and apply to the ends of the hair. You can also use it to condition nails before putting on nail polish.

The antioxidant-rich oil is known for its ability to slow down aging. It purifies the skin by removing blackheads, acne and dark spots. Some people even use it to treat cuts and burns and to relieve itchiness from insect bites.

HOW TO USE To use as a moisturizer, put 1-2 drops of moringa oil on fingertips and massage onto face and neck. You can also mix it with some brown sugar to exfoliate the skin. To treat scrapes, burns and insect bites, simply apply a drop of moringa oil to affected area and massage well.

GRAPE SEED OIL Grape seed oil may not be nutritionally beneficial as we may have thought, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great for the skin. Grape seed oil is best used cosmetically (but not in cooking, unfortunately) because of its skin-smoothing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

WHAT MAKES IT GREAT This oil contains high levels of linoleic acid, which makes cell membranes stronger. It is also rich in antioxidants, which help in wrinkle reduction. Grape seed oil is also high in polyphenols, which prevent acne. And if you have oily skin, grape seed oil makes for a light moisturizer that won’t leave your skin greasy.

HOW TO USE Dab a few drops of grape seed oil onto fine lines and wrinkles. Massage well until fully absorbed. You can also use it all over the face and neck as a daily moisturizer.

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INGREDIENTS: Black-eyed peas Black beans Corn Onion Green bell pepper Diced jalapeno peppers Diced tomatoes Italian-style salad dressing Garlic salt

1 (15 ounce) can 1 (15 ounce) can 1 (15 ounce) can, drained 1/2 cup 1/2 cup chopped 1/2 cup chopped 1 (4 ounce) can 1 (14.5 ounce) can 1 cup 1/2 teaspoon

SPICY BEAN SALSA METHOD : In a medium bowl, combine black-eyed peas, black beans, corn, onion, green bell pepper, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes. Season with Italian-style salad dressing and garlic salt; mix well. Cover, and refrigerate overnight to blend flavors. INGREDIENTS: Fish Masala: Fenugreek leaves 1 tbs Cumin seeds roasted & crushed 1 & ½ tsp Coriander seeds roasted & crushed2 tsp ½ tsp Carom seeds crushed 1 tbs Red chili flakes 1 tsp Whole spice powder ½ tsp Turmeric 1 & ½ tsp Salt ½ tbs Garlic 2-3 tbs Lemon juice

FRIED FISH METHOD : In a bowl add 1-10 ingredients and mix well. Fish Masala is ready. Wash fish properly and apply fish masala and marinate for 2 hours. To make masala, heat oil and add chopped vegetables and saute, add salt, ½ tbs of prepared fish masala and mix well until tomatoes are cooked, add chopped coriander and dish out. Heat oil and fry marinated fish, both sides until done (6-8 mins each side).

Masala: Oil Onion chopped Tomatoes chopped Garlic crushed Green chilies chopped Salt) Fish masala Coriander leaves Oil

2 tbs 1 2 2 tbs 2-3 ½ tsp or to taste ½ tbs or to taste handful 2-3 tbs

INGREDIENTS: For Boiling Noodles Noodles 1 packet 1 tbsp Oil 1 tsp Salt Chicken, Spices and Vegies: Boneless Chicken cut in Julienne ½ kg / 500 gm ½ Cup Spring Onion Whites 1 Medium Onion Sliced 1 Medium Capsicum (Julienne) 1 Medium Carrot (Julienne) 2 tbsp Garlic Chopped 2 tsp Ginger Chopped ½ Cup Spring Onion Greens HICKEN AKKA OODLES ½ Cup Julienne Cabbage METHOD: 2 tsp Chopped Green Chilies Boil the noodles with 1 tbsp of oil & 1.5 tsp of salt till it Soya Sauce 3 tbsp done. It shouldn’t be too much soft. Once boiled, rinse the Vinegar 2 tbsp noodles with cold water 1-2 times and set aside. In a wok Salt 1 tsp + 1 1/2 tsp Or to taste add oil. When heated on moderate add Ginger and garlic. Black pepper 1 tsp + 1 tsp Before their color changes add chicken with 1 tsp of salt & Red Chili Flakes 1 ½ tsp black pepper, and with 1 tbsp of Vinegar and Soya Sauce. Oil ½ to ¾ Cup Keep the flame high and stir fry the chicken. When the chicken is done, add onions (both) and mix well for 1-2 minutes. Add Carrots and keep mixing. Add Capsicum, Cabbage, Noodles and all seasonings. Keep Tossing on high flame. Engaged both hands using spatulas while tossing. Lastly add Spring Onions Greens on top and give a last mix. Adjust salt and spices according to your taste and serve




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INGREDIENTS: Boneless Chicken ½ Kg Ginger/ Garlic 1 Tablespoon Salt 1 Teaspoon Red Chili ½ Tablespoon Coriander ½ Tablespoon Turmeric ¼ Teaspoon Garam Masala ¼ Teaspoon Vinegar 1 Tablespoon Soya Sauce 1 Tablespoon HICKEN HASHLIK Bell Pepper Bell Pepper Tomato 1 METHOD: 1 Cut chicken and vegetables in cubes. In a bowl add Onion Shashlik Sticks as required chicken with garlic/ ginger and all your spices. Sauce: Marinate it for 1 hour. Cut the bell pepper, tomato Tomato Ketchup ½ Cup and onion in square shape. Assemble the chicken Rosemary ½ Teaspoon and vegies in a shashlik stick. In a frying pan heat 2-3 Black Pepper 1 Teaspoon tablespoon of oil and place your sticks. Keep turning Salt to taste the sides so all the sides are cooked evenly. ( Do not Chinese Salt ¼ Teaspoon overcook the chicken should remain tender and Water ½ Cup juicy). Shashlik sticks can be baked. Preheat oven at 180 degrees and bake shashlik stick for 15-20 minutes. Sauce In a saucepan add ketchup, water, salt, black pepper and rosemary. cook sauce for it for 2-3 minutes. In a frying pan heat 2-3 tablespoon of oil and place your sticks. Keep turning the sides so all the sides are cooked evenly. ( Do not overcook the chicken should remain tender and juicy). Shashlik sticks can be baked. Preheat oven at 180 degrees and bake shashlik stick for 15-20 minutes. INGREDIENTS: Boil Rice: Salt 1 tsp Vinegar 1 tsp Rice 1 & ½ cup Vegetable & egg: Vegetable & egg: Oil 2 tbs Egg 1 Garlic 1 tbs Spring onion white chopped ½ cup RIED ICE Carrot grated 1 cup Cabbage chopped ½ cup METHOD: Spring onion chopped ½ cup Soak rice in water for two hours. Boil water and add Salt 1 tsp salt, vinegar to it. Add it to the boiling water. Add oil Chinese salt 1 tsp in it and give it a boil. Drain water and set aside. Take Black pepper 1 tsp 1 tsp another pan and add 1 tbs oil to it, crack an egg and Soya sauce 1 tsp stir it quickly to make it in threads. Take out egg set Vinegar ¼ cup aside. Add 1 tbs of oil and add garlic to it. Then add Water





spring onion (white part) and carrot and mix well. Next add cabbage, spring onion, salt, Chinese salt, black pepper, soya sauce and vinegar. Cook for 2 mins and then add the rice and fried egg and mix. Add ¼ cup water and keep it on low flame for 5 mins. INGREDIENTS: Semi-sweet chocolate chips 1/3 cup Butter 4 tbs All-purpose flour 3 tbs Iceing sugar ½ cup Vanila extract ¼ tsp 1 Egg 1 Egg yolk 2 Deep ramekins

MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE METHOD: Preheat oven at 200 C. Grease your ramekins or 2 inch deep oven safe bowls. Add some flour or coco powder and dust excess. Add butter and chocolate in a bowl and microwave for 45 mins or until butter and chocolate melts. Stir in the sugar until well blended. Add egg and egg yolk and whisk well. Stir in flour and vanilla extract. Add mixture in ramekins/bowls. Add bake at 200 C for exact 14 minutes. Cake should have firm side and the center remains soft. Let stand for a minute and invert the cake on separate plates while its warm.

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FANTASTIC BEASTS & WHERE TO FIND THEM th Release on 18 November 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens in 1926 as Newt Scamander has just completed a global excursion to find and document an extraordinary array of magical creatures. Arriving in New York for a brief stopover, he might have come and gone without incident…were it not for a No-Maj (American for Muggle) named Jacob, a misplaced magical case, and the escape of some of Newt’s fantastic beasts, which could spell trouble for both the wizarding and No-Maj worlds.


Release on 18 November 2016 Enjoying college life as a popular student, Laura shares everything with her more than 800 friends on Facebook. But one day, after accepting a friend request from a social outcast named Marina, Laura’s life is cursed, and her closest friends begin dying cruel deaths. Before her time is up, Laura must solve the mystery behind Marina and her Facebook profile, in order to break the deadly spell.


Release on 18th November 2016 In the movie The Edge of Seventeen two high school girls are best friends until one dates the other's older brother, who is totally his sister's nemesis. Hailee Steinfeld, Blake Jenner, Kyra Sedgwick and Woody Harrelson star in the film, which is directed by newcomer, Kelly Fremon.The 2016 release The Edge Of Seventeen should not be confused with the gay film from 1998 entitled Edge Of Seventeen, which tells the story of a teenager coping with his sexuality on the last day of school in 1984.


Release on 23 rd November 2016 In the ancient South Pacific world of Oceania, Moana, a born navigator, sets sail in search of a fabled island. During her incredible journey, she teams up with her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui, to traverse the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous sea creatures, breathtaking underworlds and ancient folklore.


Release on 11 November 2016

Lahore Se Aagae is a new up coming Pakistani movie which very famous because it is based on romance and comedy drama. This movie is very famous for Pakistan and it will relesed on 11th November, 2016. This movie is produce by Wajahat Rauf and Music by Shiraz Uppal.

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HAS TOM CRUISE CONFIRMED A TOP GUN SEQUEL? After 30 years and talks with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, a sequel could be in the bag Tom Cruise has brought the idea of a sequel to 80s classic movie Top Gun even closer - after admitting he's been discussing it with producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Tom, who played pilot Maverick in the film, appeared on US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the classic film - and was quizzed by the host over whether a rumoured sequel would go ahead. "Jerry and I were talking about it. It's just got to be right, that's all," he said. Thirty years on from the film's initial release, Tom was on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about his latest Jack Reacher film, but it all turned out to be a more Top Gun themed affair.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO JOINS THE WORLD OF SUPERHEROES AS HE SIGNS UP TO CAPTAIN PLANET With fellow Oscar winners Ben Affleck, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman all joining the world of superheroes, it was only a matter fo time before Leonardo DiCaprio got in on the act. However, the hunky star is not going to be slipping on a pair of spandex tights just yet, but he is expected to produce the long awaited Captain Planet movie. The Revenant star, who has a self-titled foundation which aims to protect the world and endangered species, is in talks for the rights to the 1990s cartoon series through his production company, Appian Way Productions. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio is keen to add Glen Powell and his writing partner Jono Matt to the project to pen the script. Powell is also an actor, starring in the likes of TV series Scream Queens, so could feature on the other side of the camera as well as behind the scenes, but it is not known if this is being considered. Should a deal go through DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran will produce the motion picture.

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