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Take a visit to the Taj Mahal for an exotic experience you will not forget. Let yourself be tempted by the taste of India - on our menu is oriental spices and the best ingredients.

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CHIEF ELECTION COMMISSIONER NOW CHOSEN AS CHIEF JUSTICE OF PAKISTAN Jillani, who currently serves as the acting chief election commissioner, took oath of his office on December 12. President Mamnoon Hussain was administer oath from the newly appointed Chief Justice of Pakistan at the President House. Talking to APP, Federal S e c re t a r y L aw,

Barrister Zafarullah confirmed about the notification of the new Chief Justice of Pakistan. According to biodata available on the official website of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Ta s s a d u q H u s s a i n Jillani was born on July, 6, 1949. He did Masters in Political Science from

Forman Christian College, Lahore and LL.B., from the University of Punjab, Lahore. He completed a c o u r s e i n Constitutional Law from the University of London at the Institute of Advance



Legal Studies. He started practice at district courts, Multan in 1974; enrolled as an Advocate of the High Court in 1976; elected as General Secretary, District Bar Association, Multan in 1976, elected Member Punjab Bar Council in 1978, and appointed Assistant Advocate General, Punjab in July,

1979. H e w a s e n ro l l e d A d vo c a t e o f t h e Supreme Court in 1983 and was appointed Additional Advocate General, Punjab in 1988, appointed Advocate General Punjab in 1993. He took oath as a Judge of Lahore High Court on August 7,


1994 and was elevated as Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on July 31, 2004 where he served till the imposition of the state of Emergency on the 3rd of November, 2007. As he refused to take fresh oath, he was made dysfunctional as a Judge of the Supreme Court. After the restoration of democracy and elected Government in Pakistan, he joined as Judge of the Supreme Court in September, 2008. He has participated and

represented in number of international meetings, conferences, seminars and dialogues. Naming few amongst many are 3rd Malta Judicial Conference on CrossFrontier Family Law Issue held from 24-26 March 2009 in St. Julian's Malta; International Family Justice Judicial Conference for Common Law and Commonwealth Jurisdictions at Cumberland Lodge Windsor, England from 4th to 7th August, in 2009, the



'Conference on Religious and Cultural Freedom under a Bill of Rights' (13-15 August, 2009) organized by the University of Adelaide, Canberra, Australia. World Justice ForumII from 11-14 November, 2009, in 2010, 10th Congress International Association of S u p r e m e Administrative Jurisdictions held in Australia from 7th to 11th March, 2010 and the International Judicial Conference on Cross-Border Family Relocation held in Washington, D.C. from 23-25 March, 2010. He was awarded 'Key of the City of Detroit (Michigan)' by the Mayor at a function, on 12th of October, 2007, conferred 'Honorary

Doctorate in Humane Letters' at a special Convocation held in Southern Virginia U n i v e r s i t y , Washington, he was conferred the Honorary Chair by the American Bar on its 'The World Justice Project' an Initiative to promote the rule of law the world over. In July, 2008, he was invited by the American Bar Association to receive the Rule of Law Award, on behalf of those Judges of Pakistan who demonstrated courage in upholding the 'Rule of Law' in the country. He is Cochair of the Hague Conference Mediation Committee in Family International Law.




EMRAAN RAJPUT PRESENTS: Mahendra Singh, Maharaja of Patiala (1870s) GROOMING: Basit PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING: Ayaz Anis Khan JEWELLERY:Nadia Chhotani MODEL: Rizwaan Ali.












lectromechanic al switches were the building blocks of electronics before the solid-state transistor was developed during the war. A version made from silicon carbide, at the tiniest of scales, snaps on and off like a light switch, and with none of the energy-wasting current leakage that

plagues the smallest electronics today. The scientists report their findings today at the International E l e c t ro n D ev i c e s Meeting in Washington D.C. The tiny switch's moving part is only about one cubic micron in volume, more than a thousand times smaller than devices made in

today's mainstream m i c r o e l e c t ro m e c h a n i c a l systems (MEMS). Thus, this switch can move much faster and is much lighter. The switch has also proved durable , operating for more than 10 million cycles in air, at ambient temperatures and high heat without loss of performance -- far


longer than most other candidates for a non-leaking switch. Such tolerance may enable electronicsmakers to build a computer that operates within the intense heat of a nuclear reactor or jet engine. Silicon transistors start to deteriorate at around 250 degrees Celsius (480 degrees

Fahrenheit). Testing has shown the silicon carbide switches operate at more than 500 degrees Celsius (930 degrees Fahrenheit). The development is significant because switching devices are at the heart of computing and communications technologies. "In our pockets and

backpacks, nowadays we often carry mobile devices that consist of billions of such building blocks, which are switching on and off to perform the i n f o r m a t i o n processing functions," explained Philip Feng, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at C a s e We s t e r n Reserve and leader of


the project. Silicon-based metaloxide-semiconductor field effect transistors, called MOSFETs, are the dominant switching devices in integrated circuits and have led to many extraordinary technologies enjoyed today, Feng said. But c o n t i n u e d miniaturization of silicon MOSFETs over the past several decades has recently

s l owe d , a s p owe r consumption and heat dissipation have become major challenges. Energy is lost and heat generated because nano scale MOFSETs leak like an old faucet. Electrons continue to travel through a switch that's turned off. "The silicon switches are leaking power at about 1 to 10 nano watts each," Feng said.


"When you have a billion of these on a computer chip, you're losing a few to tens of watts of power. That will consume the battery you carry, even when the transistors are not actively performing computing functions." Large data centres aren't only wasting that energy, they're paying the costs of cooling to prevent computers from overheating. Tina He, Prof. Feng's PhD student in electrical engineering

and computer science at Case School of Engineering, will provide details about making and testing the switches in her presentation, Silicon Carbide (SiC) Nano e l e c t ro m e c h a n i c a l Switches and Logic Gates with Long Cycles and Robust Performance in Ambient Air and High Temperature, at the international meeting. The research team has made three-terminal, gate-controlled switches and different kinds of logic gates --

fundamental elements used in computing and communications. "Compared to silicon and other common materials, SiC is quite special because it is much more resistive to oxidation, to c h e m i c a l contaminants and to wear," Feng said. "Those properties s h o u l d l e n d themselves to devices with more robust performance while protecting them from harsh operating environments."






he only antivirus in the world which can fix those Microsoft windows reboot issues after virus infects system files. And if you are following precautions for your Windows safety then this antivirus can give you 90% protection against web, USB disks and pirated cd's viruses (no anti-virus gives 100% p r o t e c t i o n ) . In cases if your data has been infected then Instant Virus killer can restore data to its previous states – however, restoration can take hours and even days, depending on amount of data. Instant Virus Killer protects your laptops and desktops and provides protection against malicious threats that can sneak into your system when you are


Two young Pakistani talented computer programmers Hafiz Usman and Syed Imran Ali has made this awesome Anti-Virus which is the first Anti-Virus of Pakistan. Instant Virus Killer provides protection against any type of viruses. If this Anti-Virus is installed in the computer no virus can enter your computer and never the Windows to be re-installed. IVK provides the option of data recovery, the files which are deleted by the Virus and it cleans the corrupted files which can't be cleaned by the other Anti-Viruses, so IVK is dominated on those Anti-Viruses. browsing the Internet, checking mails, chatting, etc. Upon installation, it acts as a shield against viruses, worms, trojans, spywares and other malicious threats. It also provides security against new and unknown threats with IVK's Binary Scan Technology. It utilizes minimum system resources, there by giving complete protection to your system without slowing it down.

If your Windows installation has got corrupted due to system file infections and now you are unable to boot your windows, even then Instant Virus Killer will work from system boot just like your BIOS set up. Instant Virus Killer ensures computers are absolutely Bullet Proof, even when users have full access to system software and settings. Users get

to enjoy a pristine and unrestricted c o m p u t i n g experience, while IT personnel are freed from tedious helpdesk requests, constant system maintenance, and continuous configuration drift This anti-virus is registered from government of Pakistan and is not free, there is no trial version of this antivirus.



Credits: Song: Desire Singer: Sonu Dangerous & Alveena Shah Choreographed by : The Dangerous Dance Studios Direction: DOP,Cam,Shoot,Slice: Asif Masood ( AM Productions) Lyrics & Composition by: Irfan Saleem Produced by: SD & AM Productions Wardrobe: Iffi




onu Dangerous or also known as Imnan Ahmed Shah is born in Lahor Pakistan on July 28, 1990. A Leo by sign, and “dangerous� by character. A graduate in commerce, Sonu followed his dream thereafter. The traditional young boy had the expected hobbies such as Cricket, Karate, Gymnastics and of course video games, Sonu also followed music and dance videos. In 2000, Sonu immensely followed pop artists such as Michael Jackson and India's Prabhu Deva. Being truly inspired by these two individuals, Sonu idolized these two expert dancers/performers. Pakistan was yet to see any such artist develop from their country. Sonu followed their styles, techniques and was inspired by their work, which enhanced his passion and determination to follow their footsteps and make this into reality. It was a struggle to break the norm and introduce and follow a male into the industry, but Sonu fought all odds and began his struggle as a stage


dancer in 2001. In 2002, Sonu thrived in performing at multiple stage shows, commercials and other music videos and had a break though with his performance on his idol Michael Jackson's track DANGEROUS. The pioneer of dance in Pakistan is the one and only Sonu Dangerous he has been a major part of this industry since 2000. He has won many awards for his creativity in dancing from MTV, he has performed all over Pakistan and internationally. The list doesn't end here to add on to his artistic ways he is a strong vocalist delivering the energy both vocally and in his performance something not a feature in Pakistani artists. His journey in this industry was easy and now he is an icon for his dancing.



lveena Shah is aspiring upcoming model, actress, singer, performer and choreographer from Pakistan. Known as the “Dancing Queen� of Pakistan, Alveena has trained under well known international Icon Sonu Dangerous from Pakistan. A multi Talented and beautiful young lady, Alveena has performed in various international level shows and is now venturing into singing and soon will be

releasing her 1st music video as a singer to a track titled NASHA also featuring Sonu Dangerous! One of the very few females from Pakistan, Alveena is a power packed talent who choreographs, performs and yet sings on her own even through live performances! NASHA will be Alveena's first break through a a singer with choreography accompanying Sonu Dangerous. Produced by well known musician DJ Ali Mustufa of Digital INN Studios. Alveena's 1st television broadcast were the MTV style awards-Pakistan accompanying Sonu Dangerous in 2010. Following years to come, Alveena also featured in events by Geo entertainment. In 2012, events such as mobilink, Jazz, and telenor have also featured this young talented performer in their events. Approaching further in 2013, Alveena has acclaimed and caught many eyes and is now due to release her first ever music video featuring Alveena Shah as a singer and yet performer NASHA following a tour scheduled for USA!


and sense of care. DESIRE'S music video has been shot in the exclusive locations of and in the UAE featuring Land, sea and air. The locations add an exotic feel and set the mood for such a exotic and yet passionate feature. Desire entails a fresh sense of the new generations music to capture the best of lyrics, passion and trend.

Latest released track is an emotional track relating a Passion and the emotions of self satisfaction of life. The relation and emotion of perhaps joy, happiness and infinite bliss of fulfilling the “need” or “want” of a significant other or rather having some care, passion and care in ones perceived journey of life. Unconditionally in passion, desire entails a strong emotional spark and can relate to perhaps any relationship of love, passion


PAUL'S WALKER DEATH IN AN ACCIDENT Since Walker's fatal accident, writers including Chris Morgan have been hard at work revising the scrip for the new film and planning how to rework scenes already shot


he Los Angeles coroner's office released the results of the autopsies conducted for Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Wednesday, finding that Walker died from the "combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries," while Rodas dies of multiple traumatic injuries. Both deaths have been ruled an accident, while a toxicology report is still pending on both cases and is expected to be completed in six to eight weeks. This is also the first time both Walker and Rodas have been formally identified as the two


fatalities from the Santa Clarita accident Saturday. Walker and Rodas were both killed when the Porsche Carerra GT they were driving crashed into a pole. According to the police report, the Porsche Carrera was already in flames when authorities arrived to the scene Saturday, and the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. On Monday night, Fast and Furious starVin Diesel visited the site of his costar and close friend's fatal car accident, and also showed his

appreciation for fans who have been showing up to mourn the 40-year-old star's tragic death. Universal, the studio that is making the movie, said last week the production was "on hold indefinitely" following Walker's death in a car crash. It is understood that Walker had shot most of the scenes for the seventh installment of the franchise which was originally slated for an 11 July, 2014 release. In a message posted on his Facebook page overnight, Vin Diesel - who plays street racer Dominic Toretto - said the film will be released on 10 April, 2015.


Cover Story

Olivia Chamizo The cover model Olivia Chamizo, an Hispanic Bilingual Latin Model born in Havana, Cuba January 18th of 1983 migrated to the United States in 2001 and currently living and working in Florida. Some of her studies include Cosmetology, some of her hobbies are Cooking, Traveling and Dancing! While talking to EMAL

she tells! I really enjoy spending time with my Family. My passion for modeling, including photos, videos, music and television spot light was there since I was little, it was always my dream so I decided to make it real by taking my career to the next level, get into professional modeling. I have been featured in different publications and adver tisements, to mention some of them, I am a featured International model on they've also selected me to be

Photos: Chalo GarcĂ­a Makeup Artist: Dalonde Clark Hair Stylist: Ty Nguyen


their cover girl for their online magazine publication and other advertisement assets.You can also find me in a Quincea単era Magazine publication, I was also chosen to the Playbabe of the Month in Mancave Playbabes Magazine, A Pe r s o n a l I n t e r v i e w Published by The Plan Magazine Miami as a Model of the Moment. I have been part of Bridal Events, one for VIP Image and also for Beauty Ta c k t i c s E d i t o r i a l Publications Team, this second one as a Photography Assistant. I was also part of The 2013 Cultural Cuban Festival,


did a Promo Commercial for Tampa TV, Have been in Te l e m u n d o , p r o m o commercial for Direct TV, promo video for Rock N Roll House Hotel and many more. My objective as a Petite Model, ( 5'1� tall and 90 lbs. ) is to stand out from the crowd and be unique. My new ventures look towards Fashion Production and Musical Videos!


Wardrobe by: Natali Vazquez Natali Vazquez is a fashion designer and avid crafter born and raised in the Tampa Bay area to Cuban parents. Her love of all things fashion and style started early on when she became the spokesmodel for her parents' children's clothing store in 1991, Natali's Palace. Always on top of the latest styles and trends, Natali was inspired to design and create her own fashions while in middle school, creating her first dress for a high school fashion show with the help of her grandmothers who worked in clothing


manufacturing factories for most of their lives. Throughout high school she was highly involved in her school's DECA program for Fashion Marketing, serving as the president for her DECA chapter and competing in local and state competitions; she thanks her teacher Mrs. Linda Cannon for introducing her to the business side of the fashion world and encouraging her to pursue her dream of one day becoming a designer. In 2007, Natali married her high school sweetheart, Rafael Vazquez; they have a three year old daughter,Analeigh, who she says brought back her inspiration to start creating again. In 2011, Natali resurrected her parent's old store Natali's Palace, with her new creations focusing on couture, fun, frilly, cute, and edgy fashions for women and girls that include dresses, tutus, bridal, gowns, costumes, embroidery, fashion and h a i r a c c e s s o r i e s .


Accesories by: Jhericka Wayuu The Wayuu mochila bags every day are certainly gaining more importance in fashion and the national markets of Colombia as well as the international market. Not only is the traditional causing an impact, but also innovation and the mix of other elements, such as crystals, studs, leather, chains and feathers are giving a touch of originality and creativity to these handcrafted products of Colombia. The Mochila bags are hand-made by the Wayuu, a group of indigenous people who live in La Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and north west Venezuela. Each mochila is woven with the art of crochet by one person, so every design is unique and different.


Behind every Mochila bag there is a long history of the families who dedicate their time and effort to make them a true work of art. The objective of Jherika Wayuu is to intertwine the traditional and the modern by embellishing them with crystals following the patterns and shapes that each mochila bag has, flattering their beauty, with the end result of capturing the attention of anyone who sees them.







Pak Voice in Norway


hahbaz Hussain Fayyaz Hussain qawals are originally from Hoshyar Pur, Mal Pur Barian in the province of Punjab. They belong to a family that has been involved in Sufi music for generations. Their grandfather Abdul Hamid Khan was a great tabla player who was determined to be one of the greatest tabla players. Central to Sufism is the idea that all religions promote peace and unity through acceptance and religious tolerance to unite regardless of background, religion or affiliation. Sufi music can be enjoyed by all. It is a truly uplifting experience, completely original and ecstatic. Shahbaz Hussain Fayyaz Hussain



qawals has released various CD `s with Sufi music and qawwalis which includes Hamd , Naat and Manqabat . The group has won many awards in Pakistan for there performance of music including High Tech Music in Britain stood behind for their latest production which has already become a big hit. The group also had the honor of performing in Alhamra hall of Birmingham, Orkestra in Nottingham, Birmingham Star City, Capital Hotel Dubai Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Royal Palm Lahore and Alhamra Hall Lahore. The group has also performed in all TV channels in Pakistan PTV , PTV home , ATV , Aplus , Express channel , Geo Tv , Hum Tv and Royal Tv. Some of the best known songs are Koi Hum Paya , Manzar Fiza e Dehra Mein Ya Sakhi Hussain , Ghaus pak when Virden wazeefa , Ae Badshah - e - Aulia Khwaja Moeen - ud - Din, Maa di Shaan , Mun kunto Maula , Zarra Us Khak Ke Mun Atkey , Latak Chalat mun m Liya and Araj Suno mori.


Travel & Tourism

LARRY FOGG In the morning, I packed for the trip to Mu Ko Surin and as I walked toward the local restaurant for breakfast, I realized that it was not open. Somewhat disappointed, I went back to my room to wait for Green view to pick me up. In a little while, to my surprise, there was a knock at my door and a lady appeared with a tray bearing breakfast for me. She said that the cost was 70 Bhat which I considered to be most reasonable



hen I decided to travel to Sanliurfa, Tu r k e y , m y primary goal was to visit Gobekli Tepe, the world's o l d e s t a rc h a e o l o g i c a l sanctuary discovered to date. In addition, I also hoped to be able to arrange a visit to Mount Nemrut. After overnighting in Istanbul, I flew to Sanliurfa, it's airport is situated about 35 kilometers from the city. As I departed the terminal, I noticed that there was only one taxi to be found and I immediately hired it for the journey into Sanliurfa. I had a reservation for a hotel that I reserved via the Internet and upon arrival; I was surprised that the front desk was empty and nobody could speak English or interpret my confirmed reservation for a private single ensuite room. They pointed to a sofa and indicated that I should wait there. Young children would come in and sit on an opposing sofa, stare at me, occasionally say “hello� and

then giggle. After nearly half an hour, a man arrived, turned on the lights above the front desk and said that my room would be ready soon.After waiting nearly an hour, a young man came, took my bag and motioned for me to follow him. After several flights of stairs, we arrived at what was to be my room. It was the smallest hotel room that I had ever seen (barely room for the bed and barely room for one carry-on bag at the end of the bed) and the ensuite toilet with shower appeared to be about four feet by four feet square. The bathroom floor was permanently wet and moldy. No money had as yet changed hands, so I went for a walk and stopped in at the Hotel Arte to see if any rooms were available. A nice young lady said that they had rooms with breakfast included and

free WiFi. I looked at two available rooms – one was very nice and the other one was considerably less desirable. I immediately booked the very nice room and walked back to the first hotel and moved out. I offered to pay for



my time there but the man behind the front desk declined to take any money. I was awake early the next morning and a f t e r b re a k f a s t , I walked over to the Hotel Ugur and asked if Mustafa was available. A man named Adam said that he was Mustafa's brother and that Mustafa would be taking a small group to Mount Nemrut in about twenty minutes. I asked if I could join the group and Adam said that I could. In a few minutes a lady from Taiwan named Sunny came into the lobby. She said that she had just arrived in Sanliurfa and had also just joined the group to go to Mount Nemrut. Soon, Mr. Mustafa arrived and, after meeting him, a group of eight people plus Mustafa departed in his minibus for Mount Nemrut.What a lucky break for me! Our first stop en route to Mount Nemrut was at the Ataturk Dam.This is a very large rock-filled dam on the Euphrates River situated on the border


of Adyaman Province and Sanliurfa Province . Construction began in 1983 and was completed during 1990 as part of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI). It is the sixth largest dam in the world and the largest dam in Turkey. We continued driving northbound to the west of Lake Ataturk Dam, the large lake formed by the filling of the Ataturk Dam. We stopped for lunch at the Papatya Restaurant in Katha where we had salad and our choice of entrees and beverage. Our next stop was at the Karakus Tumules. This monument tomb was erected by Kommagene King Mithridates II for his mother Isias and is called Karakus (Black Bird) Tumulus because of the eagle on the southern column. The tomb is approximately twenty five meters high with soil and stones and was decorated with three

trip with Mustafa the following day to go to Harran and several other places of interest south of Sanliurfa. By the time we arrived back at his hotel, three other new arriving guests also Our next stop was at the wanted to join the trip to C e n d e r e B r i d g e , Harran. constructed by the XVIth At Our first stop was at Roman Legion in 200 AD the Harran ancient city to span the Cendere a rc h a e o l o g i c a l s i t e . River which was known Harran is also the as Chabines in ancient location of the first times and Selcuk Bridge university in the world. We walked past the over the Nymphois. During our trip to current archaeological M o u n t N e m r u t , I area and visited the site arranged for another day of the Grand Mosque of groups of columns during its construction. The column with the handshaking scene was for his sister, Laodike; the column with the bull statue was for his mother.


Harran which is described as being the oldest mosque in Anatolia – it is also referred to as the Ruins of the University of Harran because it housed the university. The University of Harran was an 8th and 9th centur y center for translating works of astronomy, philosophy, natural sciences, and medicine from Greek to Syriac by Assyrians. Harran is also famous for i t s b e e h i ve d o m e d houses. We visited an area with traditional beehive buildings, and I was amazed at just how


cool the interior of the domed buildings was when it was very hot outside. Although the Harran Castle site was not open, we were able to walk around the perimeter of the castle. About half way around the castle, three cute young girls came up to me and wanted me to take a photo of them – I got a great photo and they each got one Turkish Lira.

building is situated approximately twentysix kilometers from Harran in Goktas village. This building dates back to the age of Ayyubids (Christian Era 1219). According to the legend, Haci Husameddin Ali Bey, son of Imad, son of Isa who had this khan constructed, filled it with dried grapes and offered them to his passerby guests and/or accommodated guests. This building was ruined after the Mongolian invasion and later used as a stable.

After exploring part of the Bazda Caves, we continued to Han elBa'rur, also known as Kervansarayi, which was Our next destination on a caravan route. This was the Sumatar Ancient


City ruins. Sumatar Ancient City, a situated about eighteen kilom approximately fifty-seven kilometer solid rock “Sacred Hill” at Sumatar A and the moon god carved in the slo ground at the top. Mustafa said that th Off in the distance to the west, we wer of seven temples symbolizing the temp Shamash (Sun), Jupiter, Sin (Moon), Ven “Sacred Hill,” we visited the Sumatar Po walls of the rock-cut cave are decorate inscriptions in Syriac.Two of the reliefs ha symbolizes the Moon God Sin.

Our final stop for the day was at Gobekli Te that has been discovered to date. It is situat and has been radio carbon dated back to 9,00 It was first observed during a survey in 196 cemetery lay beneath the surface of the hill visited the site and determined it was a much ol 1995, and it is estimated that only about five structures are round buildings and include num have relief carvings on them. The relief carvings cranes, scorpions, ants, spiders, many snakes, and sometime after 8000 BCE when the buildings wer stone tools and animal bones. Gobekli Tepe surpa visited in February, 2012, as being the oldest sanctuar

The Turkish Government Tourism literature generall as Edessa in ancient times. The Sanliurfa Archaeolo collection of items for the museum in 1948. The mus Turkey with approximately 74,000 items in its possessi museum including the “11,500 Years old Balikligol Sculpt The Sanliurfa Archaeological Museum has some amazing 1948.The museum opened in 1969 and is now the fifth b possession. Some of the oldest items in the world are ex Sculpture which is the oldest sculpture in the world.”


also referred to as Sogmatar Ancient City, is meters from Suayb Ancient City and rs from Harran.We climbed to the top of the Ancient City which has reliefs of the sun god opes and which has tablets engraved on the he tablets were engraved in the Syriac language. re able to see the seven hilltops where the ruins ples which were built for the planets of Saturn, nus, Mercury, and Mars. After descending from gnon Cave.The southern, northern, and western ed with man sized reliefs symbolizing gods and ave a crescent shaped design above the heads that

epe, the oldest archaeological sanctuary in the world ted seventeen kilometers northeast of Sanliurfa city 00 BCE but some scholars believe it to be even older. 64 during which it was postulated that a Byzantine l. During 1994, German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt lder Neolithic site. Excavation here has continued since per cent of the entire site has been uncovered. The merous T-shaped monolithic stone pillars many of which include foxes, lions, cattle, hyenas, wild boar, wild asses, d some anthropomorphic figures. The site was backfilled re covered up with debris consisting mainly of flint gravel, asses the Gigantia Temple on Gozo Island in Malta which I ry in the world discovered to date.

y refers to Sanliurfa City as Urfa which had also been known gical Museum has some amazing exhibits from the region, a seum opened in 1969 and is now the fifth biggest museum in ion. Some of the oldest items in the world are exhibited in the ture which is the oldest sculpture in the world.� in ancient times. exhibits from the region, a collection of items for the museum in biggest museum in Turkey with approximately 74,000 items in its xhibited in the museum including the “11,500 Years old Balikligol


SUPERB Amazing Ice Sculptures in China!



Natural Walkway, Maldives. Unbelievably beautiful!

Iceberg columns of natural formation on Lemaire Channel, Antarctica.



PASTA MEDLEY 30 Minutes 2-4 People



Recipe Ingredients Twist Pasta boiled½ packet Celery stick1 Chicken breast2 Pistachios chopped25 gm Garlic 2 – 3 cloves Carrot1 Crushed black pepper1 tsp Fruit vinegar1 tbsp Cream cheese3 tbsp Oil3 – 4 tbsp Mayonnaise3 – 4 tbsp Saltto taste Recipe Method Heat 3 – 4 tbsp oil in a wok, add chopped garlic and sauté till golden brown. Now add chicken breast and fry till its color is changed. Then add chopped pistachios, cream cheese, celery stick and fruit vinegar. Fry for 2 – 3 minutes. Add carrot cut into juliennes, salt to taste, crushed black pepper and 3 – 4 tbsp mayonnaise. Mix well, lastly add boiled pasta and toss till pasta is well coated. Dish it out and serve hot.


CHICKEN BHINDI MASALA 30 Minutes 2-4 People



Recipe Ingredients Chicken½ kg Onion sliced1 medium Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp Ladyfinger½ kg Oil¼ cup Crushed cumin seeds1 tsp Turmeric1 tsp Saltto taste All spice powder½ tsp Lemon juice2 tbsp Yogurt125 gm Oilfor fry

RECIPE METHOD Wash ½ kg lady finger and remove top and tail. Deep fry until golden brown and crisp. Remove from oil and keep aside. Heat ¼ cup oil in a wok, add in 1 chopped onion and sauté till golden brown. Then add 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste and ½ kg chicken, fry well till its color turn to golden brown. Now add 1 tbsp chili powder, 1 tbsp coriander powder, 1 tsp turmeric and 1 tsp crushed cumin seeds. Fry well on flame for 1 – 2 minutes. Beat 125 gm yogurt with ½ cup of water, add to the gravy mixture with salt to taste. Cover and cook for 8 – 10 minutes till chicken is tender. Now remove the lid and fry chicken mixture very well. Lastly add fried lady fingers to it, mix well. Dish it out, sprinkle with lemon juice and coriander leaves. Serve hot.


FRUIT YOGURT 30 Minutes 2-3 People



RECIPE METHOD First dry the 250 gm yogurt and add In a blender with ½ cup cream, 2 to 3 tbsp icing sugar and few drops of vanilla essence. Now pour it in a serving glass with as required seasonal fruits and garnish with strawberry syrup and serve.

RECIPE INGREDIENTS Yogurt250 gm Cream½ cup Icing sugar2 to 3 tbsp Vanilla essence few drops Chocolate/strawberry syrupas required Seasonal fruitas required


Tendy Trends






hey may be timeless, but this season classics like the ponytail, the red the French manicure and in men double-breasted blazers, plaid blazers, floral and watercolour prints are popping up, and the man chic seemed radically transformed. The result? A new look of modern collected the best standout moments from the New York, London, Mil ready-to-wear shows. You can wait until next year to try them out. But w are this evolutionary, we suspect you will want to start wearing them now.


d lip, and even and checked bag is getting nity. Here, we lan, and Paris with ideas that


BLACK MAGIC & SILVER STREAK The French manicure dabbled in the dark arts on the spring catwalks. The look that typically combines a nail polished in a pale paint and capped off with a bright white tip appeared instead in versions that incorporated black. At Nicholas K, the manicurist topped off a matte ebony nail with a shiny ebony stripe, while at Kenzo a black-and-white nail design in a French layout was entirely bewitching. But the looks that truly cast a spell on us replaced the bright white tip with a swipe of jet polish, positioned off to the side of the nail or framing it. While black and navy manicures appeared on many runways, clear, pale pink, and white looks offered a lighter alternative. Our favourite versions took it up a notch with a metallic accent. A shimmering three-dimensional half-moon nail design at Honor showed a feminine take on the trend, while the pointed tips bisected by a silver band at Cushnie et Ochs were nothing short of cutting-edge.


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PARTING WAYS & WAVE RAVE Hairstylists often chose sides for spring, forming a deep part that hovered where the eyebrow tapers. The resulting bangs were swept over the forehead, sometimes with polished precision, as at Dries Van Noten, and sometimes with a wet-look windblown effect. This spring, the beach girl made way for her rock-and-roll sibling. Gone from the runways were the bombshell aprèssurf curls and in their place were lived-in waves that were so matte they appeared to have been untouched for days. Forget "I'm with the band." With this look, the vibe is more "I'm in the band."


FLOWER GIRLS & QUEEN LOOK Even with the season's cutting-edge take on beauty, there was still room for romance. Sweet blossoms embellished updos, braids, and ponytails from New York to Milan. Braids weren't as big a story as they have been in the past few seasons. But they didn't vanish entirely. Coiled about the head to create a look fit for a queen.


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PERFECT KISS & NEON SIGN Sometimes it's not necessary to polish something up to make it seem new. When it came to the red lip, in fact, makeup artists took the opposite approach to updating this classic look. Saturated pigment that was shine-free was applied precisely and in a way that made it seem to lift off every pretty face that wore it. It wasn't the first time we saw intense orange lips at the shows. The look nevertheless continued to make a statement, providing a fluorescent pop of color that perfectly complemented the sporty clothes with which they were paired.


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POINT BLANC & NATURAL LOOK When it came to shadow treatments for spring, beauty rocketed into the space age. It's never a surprise to see bright white spring clothing. But bright white spring lids? The saturated, matte, and graphic bands of the color set against bare lashes were out of this world indeed. The runways continued to make a case for just how cuttingedge minimal beauty can be—and there might be logic to support the claim. During the fall 2013 shows, when we began seeing the bare complexion, makeup artist James Kaliardos said he imagined it would be the way women looked in the future. At that time, he added, our society would be so advanced that we would have all the know-how and technology needed at our fingertips to look our best without the extra embellishment cosmetics provided.


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COLOR STORY Pastel hues also sprung up on the runways. Garden-ready lavenders, baby blues, turquoises, greens, and yellows dressed up eyes at Delpozo, Costello Tagliapietra, and Marc Jacobs. Our favorite takes on the trend treated the color as a wash, softly diffusing it to line or accent the area. The result left any association these shades have with the '70s far behind.




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ri Lanka and Pakistan used their two-match series in Dubai starting on Wednesday to size each other up ahead of the World Twenty20 in three months' time. Pakistan, fourth in the Twenty20 rankings, are also aiming to topple Sri Lanka from the top of the standings by winning both matches, the second of which takes place on Friday. “Sri Lanka are a top side so this is in itself a motivation to beat the number one side and if we win both it will lift us to the top of the world,� Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez said. If the series is a 1-1 draw the teams will maintain their current rankings while a 2-0 loss would push Hafeez's team down to fifth. Pakistan go into the matches well prepared after playing four Twenty20 games against South Africa last month. Sri Lanka, led by Dinesh Chandimal, will have to overcome rustiness after most of their recent matches at home were ruined by rain. Last month they beat New Zealand 1-0 with the other match abandoned because of inclement weather.


“The advantage Pakistan's got is that they have played a lot of international cricket in the last six-eight months whereas unfortunately we haven't played nearly as much because of weather and various other things,� said coach Graham Ford. Sri Lanka are hoping their batting will see them through with the experienced Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara providing a contrast to Pakistan's fragile and unpredictable batsmen. Ajantha Mendis and Sachithra Senanayake are the two specialist spinners in the bowling department which is spearheaded by paceman Lasith Malinga. Pakistan finished runners-up in the first World Twenty20 held in South Africa in 2007 before winning the title in England two years later. Pakistan's selectors added 19 year-old leftarm paceman Usman Shinwari to the squad after his impressive

performance at domestic level. Shinwari took 5-9 in N a t i o n a l Tw e n t y 2 0 championship final on December 3 in Lahore, which also included Pakistan's one-day and Test captain Misbah-ul Haq's scalp. Pakistan's Squad Mohammad Hafeez (capt), Ahmed Shehzad, Sharjeel Khan, Sohaib Maqsood, Umar Amin, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Zulfiqar Babar, Bilawal Bhatti, Junaid Khan, Sohail Tanvir, Anwar Ali, Saeed Ajmal, Haris Sohail, Usman Shinwari. Sri Lanka Sqaud Dinesh Chandimal (capt), Lasith Malinga, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kusal Perera, Kumar Sangakkara, Angelo Mathews, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kithuruwan Vithanage,Thisara Perera, N u w a n Ku l a s e k a r a , Seekkuge Prasanna, Suranga Lakmal, Sachithra Senanayake, Ajantha Mendis, Ramith Rambukwella.


Pakistan vs Sri Lank Series starts on Dec 11 201 Series Details: 3 Tes Time Date

Match Details



Dec 11 - Wed

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 1st T20I





Pakistan won by 3 wkts

Dec 13 - Fri

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 2nd T20I Sri Lanka won by 24 runs

Dec 18 - Wed

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 1st ODI



Dec 20 - Fri

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI



Dec 22 - Sun

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 3rd ODI



Dec 25 - Wed

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 4th ODI



Dec 27 - Fri

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 5th ODI



Dec 31 Tue - Jan 04 Sat

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 1st Test



Jan 08 Wed - Jan 12 Sun

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 2nd Test



Jan 16 Thu - Jan 20 Mon

Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 3rd Test




ka in UAE, 2013-14 13 and ends on Jan 20 2014 sts, 5 ODIs, 2 T20s Venue Your Time



Dubai International Cricket Stadium


Dubai International Cricket Stadium


Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium


Dubai International Cricket Stadium


Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium


Sheikh Zayed Stadium


Sheikh Zayed Stadium


Dubai International Cricket Stadium


Sheikh Zayed Stadium


Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium


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