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BC 350 S - BC 350 T


BC 350 S - BC 350 T Designed using the latest technology and materials with the aim of reducing overall dimensions and weight, these tools offer the perfect combination of high performance with light weight. Aimed specifically at demanding home users and professionals, these new brushcutters are the ideal tools for intensive and continuous duty; they offer constantly high efficiency, even under stress and in adverse conditions. The ruggedness of the engine ensures high efficiency and constant quality at all times.

36.3 cm続 1.9 HP (1.4 kW) 2-stroke engine: generous torque output, lightweight and comfortable when used for demanding and continuous work.

Shroud and silencer cover integrated in a single component that is easily removed for fast access to the engine and rapid maintenance.

Ergonomic and comfortable handle with soft covering and controls easily reached with just one hand, including the on/off switch (always on). Magnesium engine cowling, lightweight and compact, equipped with an antivibration system to reduce vibrations transmitted to the operator. Paper air filter with large surface area for enhanced filtration capacity, accompanied by the innovative fuel anti-backflow element to reduce filter maintenance and extend its working life.

TECHNICAL DATA . Power/Displacement . Shaft arm diameter . Handle . Cutting components . Clutch . Fuel tank capacity . Weight

BC 350 S BC 350 T 1.9 HP - 1.4 kW / 36.3 cm続 26 mm 28 mm single handlebar 130 mm dia. Load&Go line head with 3.00 mm dia. line 255 mm dia. disc with 3 blades 75 mm 0.6 L 6.9 Kg 7.4 Kg

Magnesium engine cowling protected by a plastic cover: optimizes and reduces overall weight of the tool to ensure a sensation of lightness and comfort for the operator.


26 mm diameter aluminium

“Easy on” device: composed


loop and handles: clad in soft rubber to provide an anatomic and comfortable grip of the tool in all operating conditions.

Transmission with self-

On/off switch: returns

Innovative 130 mm dia.

drive tube (28 mm for handlebar version) with self-lubricating antivibration bearings to ensure smooth movement of the shaft for greater operator comfort.

automatically to the “on” position after each stop (always on).

support with carburettor anti-backflow element (Emak patent): prevents the filter from becoming fouled by fuel and guarantees longer operation between filter maintenance operations.

of a double spring in the starter cover combined with driver with two ratchets means reduced force with each pull and fast starting with fewer rope pulls.

lubricating bushes to minimize vibration for enhanced operator comfort.

Load&Go head with 3.0 mm dia. line: for straightforward line replacement - just 20 seconds to rewind the line and resume work.

THE SMART TRIMMER HEAD 20 — the number of seconds needed to reload. 0 — the number of tools needed to do the job. 0 — the difficulties involved. The new LOAD&GO head is just what you wanted. The design reflects a thorough-going, worldwide survey of user needs. Practical, dependable, and tough. Easy to use and to fit, always ready to perform, resistant to impact, wear and vibration. Reloaded in just a few simple steps, without even getting your hands dirty. Also incorporates the tried and proven TAP&GO line release system, for uninterrupted cutting. Fits all types of brushcutter, for home use and professional use alike. Available diameters: Ø 110 mm compatible with 2 to 3 mm line Ø 130 mm compatible with 2.4 to 4 mm line LOAD… Align the eyelets. Place the spool in the head, then insert one end of the line through one eyelet and the other through the eyelet opposite, so as to obtain two equal lengths.

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&… Turn the knob clockwise.

GO! The head is ready for use.


Technical specifications: LOAD&GO easy loading system TAP&GO line feed system Interchangeable reinforced aluminium eyelets Interchangeable ergonomic knob Reinforced plastic body

Oleo-Mac - New brushcutters BC 350 S and BC 350 T