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Bringing our intelligence to the world of gardens.

Announcing Sirius, the new Efco robot dedicated to the care of your lawn. 2


To enjoy only the pleasures of the garden, from today you can choose an intelligent solution that operates completely unassisted.


Everything you always wanted from a lawnmower and never dared to ask for.



The name is Sirius. Your untiring assistant, silent and independent. The ideal solution for people who aren’t satisfied with simply cutting the grass, but instead want to keep their lawn constantly immaculate, at the best of its appearance and with a superb feel underfoot.



A perfect lawn in a few simple steps.


Sirius adapts to meet your needs and the needs of your garden. Once-only preparation in a few simple steps: • Install the charging station • Install the boundary cable in the lawn using the supplied staples • Calibrate Sirius • Set the operating times • Sirius is ready for use Programming and initial use: • Position Sirius next to the charging station and switch it on • Enter the PIN code • Press the HOME button to test the charging station • Start the calibration procedure and set the days and times of operation • Enable or disable the rain sensor (function available for models 1200 and 2000) Boundary cut function Thanks to this function Sirius cuts the grass along the boundary wire in the preset perimeter area. The day and time of this function can be freely programmed. The boundary cable is supplied as standard (100 m for model 700, 150 m for model 1200 and 250 m for model 2000). 7

The control system that decides on the appearance of your lawn. Technology of the future projected into the present, synthetically represented in the Sirius’s controls area: clear and easy to read, facilitating installation and programming and showing operating status information. You are in complete control. • BACKLIT LCD DISPLAY WITH 8 BUTTONS • 120 COMPONENTS • 5 INDEPENDENT SENSORS FOR CONSTANT DETECTION OF THE POSITION OF THE BOUNDARY CABLE • MANUAL 5-POSITION CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT FOR MODELS 700 AND 1200 • ELECTRONIC 7-POSITION CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT FOR MODEL 2000 8

Functionality and styling, attention to detail, quiet efficiency, elegant lines with high-tech contents. • TIGHT TURNING RADIUS • POWERFUL PROPULSION MOTORS (BRUSHLESS TECHNOLOGY) • RETRIEVAL FUNCTION

Sirius has a compact structure that ensures perfect operation in all circumstances. The features, unique for this type of appliance, are designed to provide the utmost flexibility and adaptability in the place of use. Possibility of using a second charging station to facilitate operation of the robot on lawns with a particularly irregular shape or with multiple obstacles (models 1200 and 2000). At the end of the mowing program the retrieval function returns Sirius to the docking station and places it in stand-by mode, ready to resume operation when required.


Artificial intelligence that delivers a perfectly natural result. • WATERPROOF BODY TO PROTECT SIRIUS FROM MOISTURE INFILTRATION • RAIN SENSOR • LITHIUM BATTERY TECHNOLOGY WITHOUT MEMORY EFFECT • DOUBLE BLADE WITH MULCHING CUTTING SYSTEM Sirius is reliable in all weather conditions. The mower is also equipped with a rain sensor (excluding model 700) that sets it to stand-by on request. When the mower needs to be recharged it returns automatically to the docking station. Low power consumption makes it possible to do the job in an eco-friendly manner and in addition, thanks to the double blade cut there’s no need to dispose of grass cuttings, which are finely shredded and returned to the lawn in the form of natural fertilizer. Perfect lawn care can be achieved today in strict respect of the natural environment. 10

Safety is an essential requirement. That’s why it’s at the centre of our technology. Sirius works completely independently, in accordance with your programming, but if you want to suspend operation for any reason simply grasp the carry handle and lift it clear of the lawn. The safety sensor will stop movement of the blades immediately. In addition, an obligatory PIN code provides effective protection against theft and tampering by unauthorised persons. • ANTI-THEFT SECURITY PIN • SAFETY SENSOR TO STOP THE MOWER IF LIFTED • BLADES PROTECTION SHIELDING


As soon as it’s in your garden, Sirius will feel indispensable, as though it’s always been there.

ALWAYS UPRIGHT Sirius is equipped with an anti-tipping sensor that trips and automatically stops the robot as soon as the slope limit of 35% or lateral tilt limit of 40% are exceeded.

COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT OF WEATHER CONDITIONS Mows the lawn in all weather conditions, even when you’re away.

HOME BUTTON The unique retrieval function can suspend mowing of the lawn at any time and call Sirius back to base (excluding model 700). 12

CARRY HANDLE Thanks to the practical carry handle you can transport Sirius easily and rapidly.


CENTRALISED CONTROLS Micro components intelligently connected in a network for fully automated operation.

ULTRA-SHARP DUAL BLADES The double mulching cutting system reduces dirt and debris inside the mower body and eliminates the need to collect and dispose of grass cuttings.

NO FEAR OF OBSTACLES. SIRIUS SIMPLY AVOIDS THEM Obstacles are no problem: if they are lower than 7 cm the robot rides over them, otherwise it moves around them by changing direction, thanks to the action of the anti-collision sensor.

24 HOURS/DAY Sirius operates at any time of the day, discreetly and silently, even in the evening or at night. 13

Control area with backlit LCD with 8 buttons. Intuitive and easy to use.

Wheels with tyres featuring high grip tread profiles.

Powerful propulsion motors (brushless technology) that allow the mower to work on gradients of up to 35%.

High power, long life lithium battery allowing fast recharging without memory effect.


Anti-theft device with PIN code and audible signal to prevent unauthorised use.

Electronic cutting height adjustment (model 2000) with a choice of 7 positions selected with the utmost ease by means of a simple control panel setting.

Safety sensor to protect against the risk of overturning.

Efficient sensors for detection of the boundary wire signal.

Mulching system with additional blades for less debris build-up inside the body, dispensing with the need to collect and dispose of grass cuttings.


Technical Data Battery Charging time Mowing time Motor rpm with cutting system Guaranteed sound power level Max. surface area / slope Cutting height Number of settings Cutting diameter Dimensions (length x width x height) Weight



700 1200 2000


Sirius 700 Li-Ion (1.5 Ah/ 18 V) 70 min 70 min 3,400 rpm 65 dB (A) Max. 700 m2 / 35% 30 – 60 mm, manual 5 28 cm 600 x 490 x 245 mm 7.7 kg


Sirius 1200 Li-Ion (3 Ah/ 25.2 V) 120 min 120 min 3,400 rpm 65 dB (A) Max. 1,200 m2 / 35% 30 – 60 mm, manual 5 30 cm 600 x 490 x 245 mm 8.0 kg

Sirius 2000* Li-Ion (4.4 Ah/ 25.2 V) 120 min 120 min 3,400 rpm 65 dB (A) Max. 2,000 m2 / 35% 30 – 60 mm, electronic 7 32 cm 702 x 547 x 290 mm 11.5 kg * available from autumn 2014

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Efco - New SIRIUS robotmowers  
Efco - New SIRIUS robotmowers