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MT 350 S MT 3500 S


MT 350 S MT 3500 S Chainsaw

designed to provide a reliable and eco-

technical features that enhance quality and cutting

compatible solution for home users for limbing and

performance while guaranteeing compliance with anti-

pruning, cutting small-medium diameter trunks

pollution regulations. The new engines, designed to

and general firewood duties.

limit noise levels and the emission of unburnt

Developed using technology associated with higher

hydrocarbons (HC + NOx), ensure low running costs

category chainsaws, this model incorporates several

and environmental respect.

New automatic constant flow rate oiler: the oiler operates only when the chain is running. so no oil used unless the tool is actually cutting.

Nickel-plated cylinder, aluminium breech, forged and machined 3-piece steel crankshaft and connecting rod, big end roller cage, small end roller bearing.

Primer device: boosts the fuel flow to the carburettor to facilitate cold starts, starts after refuelling, and starts after long periods of disuse.

Carburettor installed on 4 antivibration mounts: improved stability and more reliable use of the tool.

Large size sponge + cloth air filter: guarantees high filtration efficiency and easy maintenance.

Naturally advanced A series of design features optimize the practicality and ease of use of the tool, allowing anyone to work with the chainsaw with confidence.

Antivibration system composed of 3 springtype and 3 rubber shock absorbers: protect operator from vibration to ensure enhanced levels of comfort.

Large size ergonomically shaped inertia brake lever mounted to crankcase at two points: designed to ensure correct brake activation in all working conditions and positions.

The illustrated step-by-step start-up instructions ensure quick and safe starting, even for inexpert users.

On-Off switch and choke incorporated in a single multifunction lever: guaranteed practicality and ease of use.

Transparent tanks: oil and fuel levels checked at a glance.

TECHNICAL DATA . Power/Displacement . Bar length . Chain (pitch x gauge) . Oiler . Oil reservoir / fuel tank capacity . Weight

2.0 HP - 1.5 kW/38.9 cm 35-41 cm / 14”-16” 3/8” x .050” automatic 0.26 L / 0.36 L 4.4 Kg




MT 350 S MT 3500 S

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Efco - New chainsaw - MT 350 S - MT 3500 S  
Efco - New chainsaw - MT 350 S - MT 3500 S