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BEING IN SCHOOL IS NOT THE SAME AS LEARNING Earlier in 2019 The World Bank published an article called ‘The Education Crisis: Being in school is not the same as learning’. It touched upon the many benefits of education, such as an increase in self-esteem and opportunities for the learner, and long-term economic growth and reduced poverty for a country. The article also pointed out that many education providers around the world are limited in their ability to identify who is learning and who is not, and what we can do about this. Globally, education institutions are struggling with a balancing act between the skills a young person needs right now (to get into a university course, for example) with the skills they will need perhaps ten years down the track when they are employed. For instance, in Australia, La Trobe University’s Aspire program and ANU’s co-curricular/service requirements have been developed to encourage students to think beyond their ENTER score and build skills related to communication, teamwork and creative and critical thinking.

At ELTHAM College, we offer students parallel experiences to the curriculum (such as our Amplify program and leadership program) to meet this need. The idea behind Amplify was to create a space where the ideas that young people have can be amplified. The amplification could simply be exploring a concept or an idea that may actually not go anywhere, because it’s the journey of discovery along the way, not necessarily the destination, that encourages us to think more deeply. Being engaged in learning goes beyond the classroom walls and beyond traditional constraints. There is no rule that says you have to have a degree to write a scientific paper. There is no rule to say that high school students couldn’t do a Harvard Leadership Course. Coursera, MOOCs and edX have a host of really engaging programs that you can do simply for the sake of learning.

The great thing about education now is that the doors that used to be closed to young people, because they had to be in a particular year group or to have progressed a certain way, are now open. Learning and schooling should be a daring adventure, not just a steppingstone to a career. The steppingstone to a career has to be the by-product of good learning, not the other way around.

Simon Le Plastrier Principal ELTHAM College





Each student has their own path of learning, which takes in traditional classroom learning, sport, hospitality, music and outdoor education, but also extends in any number of other directions. This multifaceted nature of education is why ELTHAM’s Amplify program constructs unique learning pathways for students. A prominent display of this is Think ELTHAM, a day in which we welcome young people from across Melbourne to the College so they can learn a new skill for free. This also provides an opportunity for our students to deliver lessons to the visiting students about something which they have a deep knowledge of. 2

At Think ELTHAM this year, our students led classes on computer hardware, songwriting, cooking, dancing, watercolour painting, computeraided design and 3D printing, among a myriad other passions. Anyone who has taught something to a group of people will appreciate what a challenging task this is. It requires deep understanding of content and a capacity to empathise with an audience who may not understand at first. Significant planning and preparation is undertaken by students to ensure lessons are achievable and engaging. Those who deliver the best lessons (voted by the student participants) are awarded a ‘Creative Endeavour’ prize.

Another illustration of passion-driven learning is our partnership with prominent Melbourne musician Steve Sedergreen. In 2019, Steve and a range of guests delivered musical workshops at the College, including improvisation development and audition preparation. Both ELTHAM College and visiting students took part in these experiences which culminated in celebration performances in front of live audiences. Just like Think ELTHAM, this partnership highlights that our young people are in a great position to make the most of the opportunities provided by the Amplify program.

Rob Flavell Head of Critical Thinking




MATILDA THE MUSICAL WHAT MAKES OUR ELTHAM PRODUCTIONS SO SPECIAL IS THE TEAM EFFORT THAT GOES INTO MAKING THEM WORK. EVERY PARENT, STAFF MEMBER AND STUDENT INVOLVED VOLUNTEERS THEIR TIME TO BRING THESE MASSIVE PRODUCTIONS TO LIFE. Matilda the Musical is based on the popular children’s book by Roald Dahl, and was made into a musical by Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly. As our 2019 Years 9 – 12 musical, we were very lucky to be one of the first schools in Australia to bring this hilarious and heart-warming story to life. The musical follows the story of young genius Matilda Wormwood who is trapped in a family of television-obsessed liars and cheats. Matilda attempts to find friends in a world full of bullies and tyrants, and develops a special connection to her passionate teacher Miss Honey. Although the headmistress of the school (Agatha Trunchbull) and Matilda’s parents do all they can to stunt her development, Matilda and her friends – along with a little help from some magic – stand up to those who seem too powerful to stop.

Matilda was the perfect vehicle for our hardworking and dedicated company of actors, musicians, cast and crew. With our backstage crew made up of students as young as Year 5, first-time performers in Year 12, ELTHAM Alumni coming back to help, and scores of volunteer parents and staff, we had a wide variety of the ELTHAM community involved in the production. This was the final show for our Year 12 performers, some of whom had been involved in 15 different cocurricular productions over the last five years.


The students’ work on and behind the stage was of an incredibly high standard. The creative team was delighted by the energy, passion, enthusiasm and refined skills displayed over the eight performances. We were also thrilled to sell-out so many shows, and for the students to have the chance to perform to over 2000 people during the run. What makes our ELTHAM productions so special is the team effort that goes into making them work. Every parent, staff member and student involved volunteers their time to bring these massive productions to life. Behind it all are the student leaders who manage backstage, tech, warm-up and more without interference. The whole team is supported by a core of highly capable and eager young people. We were very lucky to have Matilda brought to life by two different casts, led by extraordinary performers and supported by an incredible ensemble, crew and band. With a closing night capped with a standing ovation, it was an absolute pleasure bringing this magical story to life.

We received 10 Lyrebird nominations for Matilda, including Best Production, Best Ensemble, Best Costume (Jacqui Barker/Emma Waxman and team), Highly Commended Female Performer (Ellie Martin), Highly Commended Female Performer (Millie Craven), Best Actress (Abbey Wells), Best Actress (Marchella Rusciano-Barrow), Best Choreography (Emma Ford and team), Best Musical Direction (Melissa Lee and team) and Best Direction (Nick Waxman, Will McKenna and team). Thank you to the thousands of people who bought a ticket or volunteered to make this incredible production possible.

Nick Waxman Head of Visual and Performing Arts




MURRUNDINDI’S SMOKING CEREMONY AND WELCOME TO COUNTRY Wurundjeri Ngurungaeta (Elder) Murrundindi has been working with the Early Learning Centre (ELC) community throughout 2019, sharing his Wurundjeri culture including Woiwurrung language. To celebrate National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day on 4 August, Murrundindi performed a special Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country for our ELC and Prep classes. This was an incredibly significant ceremony for us as a community and it was wonderful to have so many of our families join us. During the ceremony, Murrundindi shared about his role in his tribe and how each tribe member has their own skill (such as boomerang throwing or fire lighting). The children also had the opportunity to learn how the Wurundjeri people lived on Country.


Murrundindi took each class on a walk through the Environmental Reserve and explained how they would create bowls out of burls growing on trees. He pointed out which plants were used for eating or medicinal purposes, how they would track native animals, how to gather honey from native beehives, how charcoal was used to clean their teeth, and many other ways of life. Throughout Murrundindi’s work with the ELC this year, we have seen the children transfer the knowledge he has imparted to us into different contexts. This includes roleplaying making fires, expressing their reflections of the Smoking Ceremony through drawings and paintings, and incorporating Woiwurrung language in the classroom. A key focus area of improvement in our 2019 ELTHAM College Early Learning Centre Quality Improvement Plan is to further develop our understanding of Australian Indigenous culture and

embed this authentically in our teaching practice. We have embarked on developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for our centre. This is a framework to support reconciliation, and we have been using the Narragunnawali online platform to guide us in the development of our RAP. We are privileged to have Murrundindi working alongside us in the ELC, teaching us about Wurundjeri culture, and we look forward to learning more from him. We hope to foster an understanding in the children of the Traditional Owners of the land, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, and for the children to develop a deep respect for our local Indigenous community and their culture.

Kathryn Barclay Head of Early Learning Centre


As part of their integrated learning in the city, Year 9 students embarked on an entrepreneurial endeavour which saw them build their empires from a humble twenty dollar note. Developed by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), the $20 Boss Program delivers a real world context for students to develop their skills and understanding of enterprise and financial literacy. Provided with $20 start-up capital, students plan, budget and market their business idea, then operate their business venture. The program enables students to unleash their enterprising skills, improve their financial literacy and shows that they can develop a product or service that customers can purchase, while incorporating purpose into their business at the same time.

This year saw students apply design thinking to the development of their business ideas, which were underpinned by attributes of purpose and sustainability. Field trips connected Year 9 students with business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators who delivered powerful messages of inspiration. Visits to social enterprises (such as Lentil As Anything, Homie Clothing and Kinfolk CafĂŠ) distilled in students a desire to develop a business for good, putting people before profit. An excursion to digital marketing agency Social Garden gave students insight into the modern workspace.

This was an exciting educational campaign, driven by critical thinking, problem solving and self-directed learning. Students had ongoing positive connections with community, and through developing and operating a business idea directly related to their interests, they donated over $600 in profit to the Guatemala fund.

Nick Tapper Year 9 Teacher

Closer to home, the Eltham Farmers Market was a fantastic way for students to promote and sell their handcrafted goods, which included personalised cards, mug-cakes, dog treats, skincare products and plants. Students also enjoyed trading at the ELTHAM College City Campus as well as through their personally developed online selling platforms. 7




These avenues provide a great opportunity to connect with fellow ELTHAM College Alumni, share common history and maintain an ongoing connection with the College. We look forward to inviting the Class of 2019 back in 2020 for their one-year reunion.

Koray Demir (Class of 2017 and ECAMP member) accompanying Year 12 students at the Valedictory Dinner

If you would like to find out more information about the ELTHAM College Alumni Association, please email alumni@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au

On Friday 18 October at the Valedictory dinner, Naomi Taranto (Vice President of the Alumni Association) congratulated the Class of 2019 and welcomed them to the alumni community. The Alumni Association encourages the Class of 2019 and all ELTHAM Alumni to take full advantage of the resources and events that we organise and offer, such as: • • •

• • • • 8

Reunions Mentoring opportunities Keeping up to date with alumni news via the Facebook page (@ElthamCollegeAlumni) and Alumni Newsletter Joining our LinkedIn group (www.linkedin.com/in/elthamalumni/) Alumni Music and Performing Arts Group (ECAMP) Old Eltham Collegians Football/Netball Club (The Turtles) Research Eltham Collegians Cricket Club (RECCC)

Cherry Demir (Class of 1992) President of the ELTHAM College Alumni Association

The Alumni Association 2019/2020 Committee Cherry Demir (Class of 1992), President Naomi Taranto (Class of 2016), Vice President Nikola Shearer ELTHAM College Alumni Coordinator, Secretary David Nicholson ELTHAM College Business Manager, Treasurer Alastair Anderson (Class of 2009), exiting President Robert Anderson (Class of 2015) Peter Duffell (Past staff member) Darcy French (Class of 2015) Nick Hardy (Research Eltham Collegians Cricket Club Representative, Class of 2017) Ben Crellin (Old Eltham Collegians Football Club Representative) William Lewis (Class of 2017) Nathan Jasper (Class of 2017)

Naomi Taranto (class of 2016), Alumni Association Vice President welcoming the Class of 2019 into the Alumni Association

Alumni Association Meetings Conference Room, ELTHAM College, 7.30pm – 9.30pm FEBRUARY 4, 2020 MARCH 24, 2020 JUNE 16, 2020 (AGM)

facebook.com/ElthamCollegeAlumni alumni@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au linkedin.com/in/elthamalumni

ECAMP performing at Open Day




Alexandra Phelan – Class of 2003 ELTHAM College gave me the freedom to explore my interests in a complementary manner, rather than trying to force me onto one particular path. This diversity is something I’ve been able to continue with my multidisciplinary work in law and health. My fondest memories are of the teachers (who were more like mentors) in the Music, Chinese, English, Biology and Chemistry departments. After completing my undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Science and Law, I worked at a law firm in Melbourne and interned at international organisations overseas. In 2013, I was fortunate to receive the General Sir John Monash Scholarship which supported me moving to Washington D.C. to undertake a doctorate at Georgetown University in International Law and Infectious Diseases. Soon after starting my doctorate, I was appointed an Adjunct Professor of Law. Last year I was also appointed to the Center for Global Health Science and Security in Georgetown University’s Faculty of Medicine. Recently I have been consulting with the World Health Organization on a number of projects, including drafting a country’s new public health laws, advising on the impact of an international law for pathogens on responding to outbreaks like Ebola and Zika, and how to ensure better governance of health systems around the world. Law can often be seen negatively or as an obstacle, however it is a powerful and important tool when used for advocating and realising better health, human rights, equity and justice. This is increasingly the case globally, where the rule of law and protection of rights are being eroded. In 2015, I was recognised as an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society for my international law and advocacy work during the Ebola outbreak, and this year, as one of the Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence for 2019. I will always be forever thankful for Dr David Warner’s mentorship over my time at ELTHAM, as he encouraged me to think broadly about the potential impact of my career and what being a lifelong learner means. This mindset has been central to where I am today and motivates my work.







Friday 26 October 2019 A. (Back) Tony Healy, Sue Nevett, Bob Ross, Michelle Flowers (Dingwall), Norma Turnbull-Smith, Fiona Head (McIntosh), Frank Pytellek (Front) David Burnell, Keith McKechnie, Craig Dare, Lachlan Fraser, David Pittaway, Huong Nguyen B. Michelle Flowers (Dingwall), Keith McKechnie C. Lachlan Fraser, Craig Dare D. Michelle Flowers (Dingwall), Fiona Head (McIntosh), Norma Turnbull-Smith E. David Pittaway performing with Koray Demir (2017)



Friday 11 October 2019 A.(Back) Kirsten McGrath (de Bomford), Robyn Petritsch (Jacobson), Sarah Butler, Kammeron Cran, Scott McKechnie, Liane Macquire (Provan) (front) Anna Morton (Marston), Meroe Cahill B. Scott McKechnie, Anita Cade, Andrew Cairns C. Kammeron Cran, Simone Heath (Donovan), Sally Young (Arnott) D. Angie Morris (Leake), Lisa Miraglia (Gasparotto), Annthea Hick, Ewen Donaldson

CLASS OF ‘18 1 YEAR REUNION Saturday 22 March 2019 A. Wyatt Raynal, Simon Le Plastrier, Marty Ayres, Max Denishensky B. Elishia Brown, Olivia Ayton, Marcella Camacho C. Mia Lloyd-Boeder, Kasey Belmore D. Lyndon Riggs, Cameron Rutley, David Collis, Nick Page, Cooper Stubbs, Thomas Turvey, David Wu
















Jess Burke (Class of 2007) and Ryan McGovern welcomed a son, Thomas Christopher, on 31 July 2019. Grandson for ELTHAM College staff member, Sandra Burke.

Congratulations to Roger Li and Amelia Teoh (both Class of 2011) who welcomed daughter Harper, on 12 July 2019.

Keep us in the loop! Please email us at alumni@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au if you have recently welcomed a new baby, celebrated a loved one or have a story to share.

Christa Zeuschner (Class of 2001) and Jason Oven welcomed a son, Harvey Joshua, on 20 November 2019, a brother for Charlotte and a grandson for ELTHAM College staff member Cath Howard.

VALE – Dane Simpson 9 May 1967 – 30 June 2019 Much-loved and highly regarded staff member, Dane Simpson, was respected by all who knew him, from fellow staff members to the many students he mentored over the years.


Dane joined the College in 1996 as the Audio Visual Technician and proceeded to spend the next two decades ensuring the success of multiple productions, music events and the general smooth running of countless assemblies.

Dane’s mentoring of students in all things audio visual has resulted in the forging of many careers in the entertainment industry, while his perfectionist nature was legendary in the Technology Centre Team. Dane was well known for his ideas and initiatives to improve the efficiency and running of the AV area and he will be missed by many. Our deepest condolences go out to Dane’s wife Tracy, their children Eden, Jordan, Alannah and Ivy, and their extended family.




TURTLES NEWS RECCC NEWS Research Eltham Collegians Cricket Club’s season began with the official opening of the rebuilt Research Park Pavilion. Funded by Nillumbik Council, the Victorian Government and local sporting clubs, the new two-storey pavilion features enhanced social and catering facilities, four change rooms, umpire rooms, disability access, and fabulous viewing areas. Together with the ovals at ELTHAM College, these facilities provide arguably the best grounds in the Diamond Valley Cricket Association. The Season Launch Luncheon was a huge success, with guests entertained by the wit of Craig Willis, musical comedy of Greg Champion and Gideon Haigh’s insightful discussion on 'Integrity in Sport'. The alumni-affiliated club’s cricket season is in full swing, with five senior sides, eight junior sides, two girls teams, Vets, Over 60’s, All Abilities team, and entry-level 'Blast' programs for boys and girls age 5 – 9. There is no shortage of exciting local cricket activity! New players and families from the community are always welcomed. Enquiries: reccc.general@gmail.com

2019 marked the beginning of an exciting chapter for our football club, affectionately known as The Turtles. After 30 years competing in the Amateurs Competition, we made a much-publicised move to the Northern Football and Netball League. We welcomed nearly 50 new players and their families to the club, and we fielded seniors, reserves and a netball team. There was an incredible feeling around the club this year and we were very competitive in our first year in the NFNL. Our Seniors finished the season one game out of the top four (winning five of their last six), and our Reserves played off in a Grand Final (complete with anonymous crowd members dressed as Ninja Turtles). As a club, one of our key focuses, and main motivations for change, is to engage as many College Alumni in our football club as possible. Now that we are playing in the local area, being a part of our football club will provide you the opportunity to continue and strengthen your association with the College and the local community long after you have finished your secondary education. It is an opportunity to maintain bonds with other alumni and staff and continue to enjoy the state of the art sporting facilities on offer at the College. We are seeking expressions of interest for: • Men’s and Women’s U/19 and Senior Football (any ability/experience welcome) • Women’s Netball • Graphic Design • Match day roles, including Canteen Manager, Gate Warden, etc. • Photography, both pre-season and on match days • Social media engagement • Sponsorship • Events Management If you are interested in discussing further, feel free to contact me via mobile 0414 547 637 or email ben.r.crellin@gmail.com 13



DARK CHOCOLATE BROWNIES RECIPE Serve with tea, coffee or for dessert. The only challenge is to make sure you make enough to share around!

It’s always handy to have a great brownie recipe up your sleeve, especially one which is quick and easy to make. This is the students’ favourite version that we often feature on our restaurant menu during the year. It’s soft and chewy with chunks of white chocolate speckled through each square. Ingredients 225g butter 225g dark chocolate 300g caster sugar 1 tsp. salt 4 eggs (beaten) 75g plain flour 75g cocoa powder Method 1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line a 20cm cake tin with baking parchment paper. 2. Melt the butter and the dark chocolate separately. 3. Whisk together the sugar and eggs until they have doubled in size. Add the melted butter and dark chocolate and stir well to combine. 4. Stir in the sieved flour and cocoa powder, as well as the white chocolate buttons, and pour into the baking tin. Bake for 25 – 30 minutes. 5. Once cooked, allow to cool completely before removing from the tin. 6. Cut into small squares and dust with cocoa powder. 7. Serve with whipped cream and enjoy!

TREAT YOURSELF AT SWIPERS GULLY TRAINING RESTAURANT For great food and excellent value phone 9437 2222 for bookings during the school term.


Patrick Murphy Hospitality Trainer



FOUNDATION NEWS LITTLE FLYERS .The Eltham College Foundation operates six child care and early learning

centres across Melbourne, known as Little Flyers Learning Centres. Their mission is to provide children with the highest quality care and education available.

the world around them. We value diversity and strive to promote cultural awareness with our children, families and educators. The principles of equity, diversity and fairness are valued, and as inclusive practices are central to how Little Flyers operate.

Following a Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum, Little Flyers Learning Centres take a holistic approach to teaching and learning. They support the healthy development of a child’s identity and their sense of belonging and connectedness. A strong sense of wellbeing is vital to a child’s happiness, relationships, confidence, learning and resilience. At Little Flyers Learning Centres, we see ourselves as an extension of your family.

The business of operating child care and early learning centres is designed to allow the Foundation to provide the College with a level of financial support. Indeed, that support is the mission of the Foundation. To ensure we are operating at the highest level of effectiveness, the Board annually reviews its strategic intent, with a focus on being dynamic and flexible in an increasingly complex world.

We have created an early learning environment filled with love, care and support for both children and families. Children need freedom to initiate ideas and experiences and the security of a safe, respectful and supportive environment. We facilitate a range of choices and opportunities, allowing children to construct knowledge and understanding about themselves and

We believe that our success will help to ensure the future success of both the College and all the children who attend our centres.

Iain Cowan Eltham College Foundation CEO





Reflecting on 2019 As 2019 comes to a close, the ELTHAM College Community Association (ECCA) is almost halfway through our four-year Engagement Strategy based around the three principles of welcoming, connecting and supporting the ELTHAM community. In July the ECCA committee launched a support fund as a new way of contributing to staff and student initiatives at the College. Through this fund staff or students can apply for ECCA support in the form of volunteer hours, equipment or financial resources. So far this year, ECCA has used this fund to support: • A cooking club co-curricular activity for Junior students • Bag tags for students travelling on school trips • A school-wide information resource for parents and staff to be launched in 2020 • An upcoming information evening led by anxiety expert Dr Michael Grose 2019 also saw the return of ECCA’s Biggest Morning Tea as a way of supporting the wider ELTHAM community. We were delighted that this event allowed us to reconnect with a number of past parents and gather new ideas for how else we can offer support.

A Novel Bunch (the ECCA book club) has also continued to meet and grow, providing an opportunity to connect in a slightly different forum to the usual social events. The ‘bunch’ is comprised of parents and carers from across the Junior and 16

Senior schools and is always happy to welcome newcomers. Once a year, a member of staff is invited to suggest a novel and host a book club meeting – our great thanks to Dorothy Allan for being out guest host this year. As with any strategy, an important part of our efforts is reflecting on what is working, what’s not and where we are headed. To this end, behind the scenes the ECCA committee has been working hard to review and develop our governance, events, policies and procedures. We welcome your feedback and ideas and look forward to seeing you around ELTHAM in 2020.

Jacqui Ward ECCA President



Want to help out? We are always happy to welcome volunteers to help with ECCA events and initiatives. If you have ideas to share or time to spare, we’d love to hear from you. Please email ecca@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au

Join the ECCA Committee ECCA is run by a group of parent volunteers and staff. We meet once a month to organise community building events and discuss how we can support the College in providing a world-class educational experience for our young people. At our AGM in April each year, we elect a new ECCA committee of management, including a President, Junior School Vice-President, Senior School VicePresident and general committee members. If you’d like to get involved with the committee of management, come along to a meeting to see what it involves.

ELTHAM Community Association (ECCA) meetings Conference Room, ELTHAM College, 7.30 – 9.30pm FEBRUARY 19, 2020 MARCH 25, 2020 JUNE 3, 2020





One of the elements that underpins successful communities is the strength of their connections, and this is at the heart of why this magazine’s title is Connections. Connections bind a community together and transcend cultural, societal and generational differences. Reconnecting with old friends is a joyful experience. Fond memories are shared and new ones are made at the Founders Lunch each year, where we acknowledge and celebrate the significant contribution the founding families and staff from 1973 and 1974 have made to the College. Recognising our history and respecting those who came before helps build a strong understanding of community identity and encourages pride in being part of something bigger than ourselves. The Founders of ELTHAM College took their passion and enthusiasm for reimagining education and harnessed that drive to build the amazing place of learning that is ELTHAM College today. Similarly we recognise the valuable contributions that older generations and extended family members make with young people at our 'Grandparents and Special Friends Day' each year. The mutual benefits of the old and young spending time together are well documented. Young people gain an insight into getting older, along with many new educational opportunities that come from having access to someone with a lifetime of experiences, while older people discover the joys of learning something new and receive a general boost in the enjoyment of life. 18

At this year’s Founders Lunch, 2020 College Captains Abbey Wells and Brayden Ziday-Vom remarked how great it was to hear about the beginnings of the College. They noted that some of the stories they heard from the founding families gave them a new and different perspective about the grounds they walked on every day. Equally those founding families were eager to hear about Abbey and Brayden’s experience of school life, their hopes, dreams and aspirations. It is often the small pleasures in life that can have the biggest impact. A story shared and a connection made is truly a beautiful thing.

Emily Cavanough Director, Community Engagement





“Learning with happiness, in the fullest sense of the words, could well be the basis of the future motto of ELTHAM College,” said Dr. Desmond Drewitt Davey at the school’s official opening on 5 October 1974. A

ELTHAM College’s Founding Principal Des Davey studied a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages. On 7 November 1940, he enlisted for active duty and spent World War II in Europe. Well-versed in French, German and Latin, Des was highly valuable to the military.


On returning home to Australia, he was advised to consider a career in education. With his Bachelor of Education in hand, Des caught the train from Melbourne with his fiancée and walked unannounced into the office of the Headmaster of Geelong College, asking if there were any jobs available. The answer was yes. Des’ first role at Geelong College was as Resident Master in 1943. He then became the youngest Head of an independent school when he became Principal of Scots College in Queensland in 1949. He returned to Geelong College in 1956 as Deputy Principal and Studies Master.

Principal D D Davey at the official opening of ELTHAM College in October 1974


In 1973, Des applied for the role of Principal of the soon to be opened ELTHAM College. “What person would not be interested and enthused at the prospect of getting into something from the very grassroots up,” he reflected in the School Photo: Eltham College 1973 – 1983 book.




As one of 42 applicants, at 53 years old, Des was a decade older than most. “He was interviewed last – at least he interviewed ‘us’,” recalls Les Clarke in School Photo. “We just sat there and listened and when he walked out the door we said, ‘righto, he’s it’.” Des is remembered for his flexibility in methods of teaching and his value for the discipline of C scholarship. He had no time for mental or physical laziness. He believed schools should focus on the academic curriculum as well as physical fitness and social awareness. When setting up a lunch service, he worked with a couple of nutritionist parents to provide healthy fare. Des was also way ahead of his time with the establishment of the Conservation Station, with other schools visiting to learn about alternative energy processes. Des retired in 1983 and the family moved back to Geelong. In 2006 he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to education as a teacher and principal. He passed away on 6 April 2008. In his ten years at the College, Des helped grow the community to 1050 students and 85 staff, with the grounds comprising a $6 million dollar complex of 16 buildings – a massive achievement for ELTHAM’s Founding Principal.

Esmae Boutros Archivist

Des Davey portrait

E 21

GET CONNECTED ELTHAM COLLEGE Enrolments and Tours: 03 9437 1421 registrar@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au Swipers Gully Training Restaurant: 03 9437 2222 elthamcollege.vic.edu.au Find us on Facebook.

Alumni Enquiries: alumni@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au ECCA Enquiries: ecca@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au ELTHAM COLLEGE FOUNDATION Enquiries: 03 9437 1421 icowan@elthamfoundation.com.au LITTLE FLYERS LEARNING CENTRES littleflyers.vic.edu.au Caroline Springs 03 9363 7622 Eltham North 03 9431 4947 Laurimar 03 9717 3741 Laurimar Township 03 9717 8074 Melbourne City 03 9614 3011 Kids on Collins 03 9629 4099 FRIENDS OF: EC Waves Swim Club swimcoachalex@outlook.com Kayaking friendsofkayaking@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au Music friendsofmusic@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au ECCA Tennis iplingard@gmail.com ‘The Turtles’ Old Eltham Collegians Football Club elthamturtle@gmail.com Research Eltham Collegians Cricket Club reccc.general@gmail.com


Connections Magazine December 2019  

The final issue of Connections magazine for 2019 reflects on the year that was, across the school from ELC to Senior School, and happenings...

Connections Magazine December 2019  

The final issue of Connections magazine for 2019 reflects on the year that was, across the school from ELC to Senior School, and happenings...