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Footloose – Year 9 – 12 Musical


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Art and Design Exhibition – Unit 3/4 Year 11 – 12

A Year Like No Other

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MASTERWORKS Art Exhibition in the Vines – Opening Night

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Class of 1988 – 30 Year Reunion

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Class of 1978 – 40 Year Reunion

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Art and Design Exhibition – Unit 1/2 Year 10 – 11

Harold Mitchell Performing Arts Centre, Clarke Auditorium, 7.30pm

Information Technology Centre, 8.30am

L.E Clarke Visual Arts Building, 5.30pm

Swipers Gully Training Centre, 7.30pm

Swipers Gully Training Restaurant, 7.00pm

Village Cinemas Doncaster, time to be confirmed

Swipers Gully Training Restaurant, 8.00pm

Harold Mitchell Performing Arts Centre, Clarke Auditorium, 7.30pm

Harold Mitchell Performing Arts Centre, Clarke Auditorium, 7.30pm

Venue and time to be confirmed

Swipers Gully Training Restaurant, 4.00pm

L.E Clarke Visual Arts Building, 5.30pm

Premier’s VCE Awards For more information see our Arts Booklet on our website

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CHARACTER STUDIES In his works, author and educational consultant Michael Fullan outlines his Six Cs for improving 21st century education: citizenship, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and character education. Fullan highlights the importance of character education as the concluding concept in the list. Character education, says Fullan, is part of a school’s commitment to helping young people to become responsible, caring and self-confident citizens. The concept is about promoting selfregulation, perseverance, empathy, personal health and wellbeing, and a range of career and life skills; it is also about focusing on human connectivity in a world that is becoming increasingly defined by emerging technologies. In Fullan’s words, character education is simply ‘learning to deep learn, armed with the essential character traits of grit, tenacity, perseverance, and resilience, and the ability to make learning an integral part of living’. Here at ELTHAM College, we share this commitment to helping our students to find and refine their sense of self. We seek to help them build their character through ‘servant leadership’ – a non-traditional form of leadership that is simply about putting other people before oneself.

To put this in real terms, we seek to provide authentic learning experiences that address the needs of the new world into which our young people are entering. We enable students to undertake real roles within the school that allow for occupational learnings, whether this be project-based learning, collaboration with teachers, or activities that take them beyond the walls of the classroom. To give some examples, our students use their audio-visual expertise to manage the live-stream of school assemblies, viewable through our College intranet, mE. Our F1 in Schools STEM teams use real-life technology, such as 3D CAD/CAM/CAE engineering design software, to complete complex engineering projects. Our annual day of sharing our passion for learning, Think ELTHAM, gives students from Year 7 – 12 the opportunity to become teachers for a day, as they impart a skill of their choice to young people from across Melbourne. Finally, our nature-based education program, Bush Discovery, allows our Junior School students to develop their natural curiosity in a real-world setting, promoting interactive learning that sparks the imagination and unlocks creativity.

A key tenet of this real-world learning is dealing with unexpected challenges. Our students learn that in difficult times they must dig deep and find resources they didn’t know they had. A brief taste of failure can be healthy if it leads children to examine their own character, evoking Socrates’ famous words, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ In this way, we guide our students according to the adage that ‘nothing should be done by an adult that an appropriately trained student could do’. This principle underpins ELTHAM’s philosophy of growing hearts and minds, and informs our efforts to foster learning experiences for our young people in everyday College life.

Mr Simon Le Plastrier Principal ELTHAM College

Nothing should be done by an adult that an appropriately trained student could do. 1



THINK ELTHAM A BLUEPRINT FOR FUTURE LEARNING On Saturday 26 May 2018, 85 visiting students took part in what is now a highly anticipated feature on the ELTHAM College calendar. Think ELTHAM is a celebration of passion – a day of learning that sees ELTHAM students from Year 7 – 12 share their expertise on, and enthusiasm for, a range of subjects with students from Year 4 – 8. On offer this year were 22 different experiences, such as cake decorating, sculpture, water polo, drone-flying, Adobe Photoshop, netball, computer-aided design and 3D printing, and many more. ELTHAM students led these one-hour sessions to providing students with an engaging learning experience, but what they also gained was a rich insight into pedagogy.

A memory I had from the day was meeting new kids. Also coaching them and seeing them get better over the one-hour training, and teaching them skills that they would be able to implement in out-of-school activities. Ruby Dixon, Year 10 The process of crafting a learning experience is no easy task, and enriches understanding – or highlights areas of weakness – for all teachers. The authentic framework of Think ELTHAM, in which students must tackle the challenge of teaching real-life learners, reinforces this metacognition. The experience provides a ‘virtuous circle’ of increased knowledge for both the student participant and the student-teacher.


My best memory was when one of our kids wasn’t very comfortable doing tumble turns so Emma Rao and I taught her how to do touch turns instead and she loved it. Also how some students did an activity with older students, like the one I did with Emma and Marcus Nutt. I really enjoyed my time and I will most likely be doing it next year.

Tara Campbell, Year 7 Think ELTHAM exemplifies a true learning community, and is a key part of the approach the College is taking to amplify individual passion and ability in students, alongside more traditional teaching. We have been working with a growing list of passionate students, taking them beyond the classroom to reach authentic, real-world audiences.

Tom Grabau and Mia Taranto are two ELTHAM students engaged in deep learning beyond the classroom. Their experience in their passionpursuits are likely to be defining aspects of their lives going forward .

Tom Grabau Year 8 ELTHAM student, novelist, Think ELTHAM leader Tom has been working on a fantasy novel, which he describes as “not clichéd”, and which his English teachers describe as “compelling”. Many people write, but not many have written 36,000 words at the age of 13 that other people want to read. The College is working with Tom to connect him with writers and editors to help him develop his manuscript into a published work, and to help fulfil Tom’s goal of reaching an international audience. Tom and fellow student Aiden Borgeest debunked theories using science in their Think ELTHAM sessions.

I was talking to one boy who said that he was usually scared of making friends but everyone here was really friendly, and it’s the kind of high school he would want to go to! Elishia Brown, Year 12

Rob Flavell Head of Critical Thinking

Mia Taranto Year 11 ELTHAM student, engineer, Think ELTHAM leader Mia is part of the successful ELTHAM College Operation Aptitude team (other members include Tara Sandie, Jenna Fehring and Ayden Taranto), which took out the Innovation Award at the F1 In Schools National Final in Tasmania in March this year. Submissions were adjudicated by industry professionals in the same way as tender responses would be evaluated by commercial selection panels, providing an authentic experience that is directly relatable to life beyond the College. Mia and Maddie Borgeest’s Think ELTHAM workshop was ‘Snapshot IT Photography’.






Footloose: The Musical hits the stage at ELTHAM College in August this year, with over 70 students bringing this toetapping tale to life. This hit musical is based on the classic 80s movie of the same name, with all the best songs from its rocking soundtrack included – ‘I Need A Hero’, ‘Let’s Hear It For The Boy’, ‘Almost Paradise’ and, of course, the iconic ‘Footloose’.

This often-hilarious rock ‘n’ roll musical has been rehearsed for the past month, with all students putting in the long hours to bring this joyous show to life. Whether they sing, dance, act or do all three at once, every cast member is sweating and bopping through each practice.

ELTHAM has been producing some excellent theatrical productions, and each year with the Year 9 – 12 Musical we bring the excitement, exuberance and fun of live musical theatre to the Clarke Auditorium stage. This year is no different. Footloose is set in a small town in the US-of-A, run by a passionate yet conservative reverend. He has the town wrapped around his finger as he uses the Bible and a recent tragedy to manipulate the town to his will. Then in comes Ren, the young, hot-tempered and hot-footed city boy. He turns the entire town upside-down in his attempt to bring joy back to the fading Bomont.

We are also asking a lot more from the students cast, as our show grows and develops. The company will be encouraged to reach beyond their perceived limitations and become megastars on stage as they belt out those iconic hits, speak those quotable lines and dance those famous steps. The cast members, ranging from Year 9 – 12, have worked tirelessly so far and are excited to see this amazing show come together. From students performing for the first time to our seasoned veterans on ELTHAM’s stage, everyone is giving their all to bring to life our most ambitious show to date.

There has been almost no time in modern human history without a budding dictatorship on the political horizon and right now Australia is feeling the grip of international powers a little more tightly, as our future and our freedom seem a little less secure. Footloose encourages us to live out loud, and question the rules and governance that affect us all on a daily basis. Ideas are powerful and together we can accomplish great things – for good or evil.

Although we have set ourselves quite the challenge this year, we’re ready to tackle it head on, and as Mama says, “Once you drive up a mountain, you can’t back down.”

The design team is already working hard to bring our audacious production to life. This year we are looking to go big or go home, with an exciting set design and some funky 80s fashion to make the show pop. The plan is to mix Pleasantville with Pretty in Pink, as the worlds of Bomont and Chicago collide.

Nicholas Waxman (Head of Visual and Performing Arts) and Devlin Stewart (Performing Arts Captain 2018)

29 August - 1 September, 7.30pm Please book at trybooking.com/UCWT Bookings essential. 5



A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER YEAR 9 CITY CAMPUS Students in Year 9 are considered to be at a crucial time in their adolescence. The period, which brings with it great physical and emotional changes, is one of significant cognitive, emotional and social maturation. It is at this important developmental time that ELTHAM College provides students with the unique opportunity to study at our City Campus. A change of setting provides a change of mindset. Placing students in a stimulating city environment encourages them to start ‘thinking outwardly’, and to develop their independence, gain different perspectives, access real-life opportunities, increase bonds with their peers, and gain confidence from tackling new challenges.

I’m currently doing a volunteer program at the Sacred Heart Primary School in Fitzroy, and it’s just amazing. The kids there have come from such different upbringings and it’s really amazing to meet these kids and create a real bond and friendship with them – they’re adorable. We’re so lucky to experience learning like this. It’s truly bringing out who I am as person and inspiring me to become who I want to be.

World Vision Youth Conference, which was incredibly inspiring. On a more personal note, we both underwent two rounds of selection for Sci Curious, run by the Melbourne Science Gallery, and for the first time in ELTHAM College history we were both selected for the Sci Curious scientific advisory panel for the next two years! It has truly been an amazing year to date.

Brandon Iredale and Brittany Reukers

Ibraheem Kassaby The City Campus is a very new and unique experience; there are so many great things about it. You can go so many places in or outside of class.

Bridie Louder

This year has given our Year 9 group some extraordinary experiences thus far. We are regularly given the freedom to venture off campus and are thus introduced to a different way of learning and interacting with our environment. While this freedom is certainly one of the best aspects of studying in the city, we have learnt to become self-motivated and focused on the tasks set out for us.

My favourite thing about studying at the City Campus is definitely all the different opportunities and how they help shape you as a person. I think seeing all the different cultures and working in such a diverse environment is really eye-opening. It really helps you discover sides of yourself, and others, that you never knew or maybe didn’t focus on.

We have ventured to many significant places around the city including Parliament House, Eureka Tower and Flagstaff Gardens. We have visited the extraordinary people who support the less fortunate through ventures like HoMie and Lentil as Anything, and been moved by their commitment. Brandon and the other Class Captains were fortunate enough to attend the

We asked four current Year 9 students to tell us: what are the best things about studying at the Year 9 City Campus?

One of my favourite things is going on mini excursions to different places in the city and just exploring so many new places we have not heard about. My favourite places to visit have been the Eureka Skydeck, the National Gallery of Victoria and a clothing social enterprise called HoMie. Being in the city has been one of the best experiences I have ever had and we are only halfway there. It has taught us to be independent and develop new skills in everyday life.

Acting Mayor Aaron Wood visit, Year 9 City Campus

Year 9 students exploring the city 6

A LASTING LEGACY Q&A WITH GRAEME WALL ‘Onward still striving / No matter how far / We’re all different people / We’ll show what we are.’ What do you hope ELTHAM students take away from the lyrics of 'We’re All Different People'? Just exactly that – that we are all different, unique and special. We should celebrate our individual differences and this is what ELTHAM did so well when I was there – and still does, I am happy to say. We all should strive to get the best out of ourselves and when we find what talents we have been given, should make the most of them. You were ELTHAM’s Music Director for 20 years. What changes did you see to the school during that time?

Graeme Wall was ELTHAM College’s Music Director for 20 years, and has left a lasting legacy, not least through his composition of the school song, ‘We’re All Different People’. We caught up with Graeme to ask him about his memories of the College and all he’s accomplished since departing in 2001. Tell us about how you came to write ELTHAM’s school song, 'We’re All Different People', and how you found the process of writing it. At the time, I was explaining to an assembly of Year 6 students how ‘special’ and ‘unique’ each and every one of them was. I tried to explain that some would find what makes them special early on, while still at school, while others would take more time. I then put these thoughts on paper and, being an avid football player/follower, tried to get the spirit of ‘Up There Cazaly’ into an easily singable tune that everyone could learn easily.

ELTHAM was a progressive and enlightened school from the start, and continued to be so over my time from 1981 – 2001. The College was conscientious about the environment while catering for individual differences of both staff and students. I will always be grateful for being granted leave to perform in concerts and opera while Music Director. Obviously, the College could see the advantage in having live artists and performers as staff members. The number of current professional performers on the concert stage who were educated at ELTHAM is quite extraordinary. What’s been the highlight of your career since leaving ELTHAM? I have been very fortunate to use my time at ELTHAM along with my singing career to run Australian Music Events with my wife Margot. The two events – Opera in the Alps at Beechworth in January, and Opera in the Market at Queen Victoria Market in March (in support of St Vincent’s Hospital medical research) – attract over 3000 and 2000 people, respectively. We have also been privileged to work with young opera singers in our not-for-profit program, Opera Scholars Australia, which has produced many young singers now performing on opera stages all over the world – including Covent Garden in London,

the Metropolitan in New York, and the Vienna Opera and Berlin Opera companies. What are your best memories of working at ELTHAM? I have many wonderful ELTHAM memories, such as the hilarious play nights involving the staff, the happy Thursday nights in the Music Centre with Music for Parents, and the special Music Dinners – such as the one in the swimming pool where we built a large raft on which the bursar acted as a gondolier, rowing a string quartet and two singers from one end to the other – as parents and friends watched, listened and ate from the bleachers. There was also the exciting night of our first House Music at MLC that we subsequently moved to the Arts Centre, the staff vs pupils footy matches, and the Speech Nights at Dallas Brooks Hall that were also later transferred to the Arts Centre. It was the people – staff, parents and, of course, the stimulating students – that contributed to a most enjoyable 20 years. I certainly learnt as much as I taught at ELTHAM College. You and your wife, Margot, attended House Music this year. What was the experience like and how did you feel when listening to the song at the culmination of the event? Margot and I loved this year’s House Music night at the Arts Centre. We were certainly taken by the standard of performance (vocal/instrumental and dance/choreography) and particularly by the thought processes undertaken by the section leaders in getting across such sophisticated ideas. The school song was an absolute highlight for me – not because I wrote it, but because I have never heard it sung with such gusto and in tune! It was such a thrill to hear the audience join in as well. I don’t think many other school communities – students, staff and parents – participate in their school songs with such exuberance. They sounded so proud to be a part of the community. Well done, ELTHAM. 7



ALUMNI NEWS It has been a great honour to preside over the ELTHAM College Alumni Association during 2017 and into 2018. This brief report is intended to give a snapshot of our association’s activities, committee and view for our future.

While our organisation has recently changed name (from ExECS to ELTHAM College Alumni Association), the purpose of our association has not altered. We exist to connect past students and staff with the College, strengthening the College community by doing so. We represent around 7,000 past students and over 2,000 past staff. Our Committee I thank founding committee member and recently retired vice-president Justin Littlefield, and longstanding committee member Rachael Dere, who also recently retired. Both Justin and Rachael have made an outstanding contribution to the Alumni Association and their untiring commitment have made the committee what it is today. I also thank Kelly Peck (vice-president), David Nicholson (treasurer), Nikola Shearer (secretary), Peter Duffell (past staff representative), Robert Anderson, Darcy French, Emily Collett, Naomi Taranto, Sebastian Fitzpatrick (RECCC representative), Brian Galvin (Turtles representative) and Gill Di Pasquale for their involvement. Thanks especially to Simon Le Plastrier and Emily Cavanough for their significant contributions to our operations. In 2018, we welcomed Nathan Jasper and William Lewis. Our committee is well-placed to benefit from the input and ideas from some of our more recent graduates who bring fresh perspectives and energy. 8

Operations Networking is one of the main purposes of our organisation. We conducted four reunions in 2017 and look forward to running six in 2018, inclusive of our 40-year reunion and a staff reunion. We have also contributed to the College open days and family fun days. Our social media presence continues to grow, and we are developing an updated website presence. We have been fortunate to have the expertise of Nikola Shearer spearheading our operations, having joined us in 2017. We have continued to support sporting groups related to the College – chiefly, the ResearchEltham Collegians Cricket Club and the Old Eltham Collegians Football Club (the Turtles). New Initiatives A major new project for 2017 was the establishment of a pilot university networking program for alumni who are now studying at the University of Melbourne. We have also sponsored the purchase of student journals for the Year 12 cohort as part of The Resilience Project. We plan to develop an array of events designed to support Senior School students in their transition to post-school life. I extend an open invitation to any interested past students or staff to attend a committee meeting. Please contact alumni@elthamcollege. vic.edu.au if you would like to contribute to our committee in the future. Onwards still striving.


Al Anderson (Class of 2009) President of the ELTHAM College Alumni Association, June 2018

alumni@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au linkedin.com/in/elthamalumni



ALUMNI PROFILES Brant Harvey – Class of 2008 Since leaving ELTHAM, I have completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at RMIT University. In the third year of my course – as part of the university’s industry placement program – I secured a marketing internship at The Walt Disney Company Australia and New Zealand. Working for the company that bought to life some of the most iconic stories of my childhood – The Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, to name a few – was a dream come true. Almost eight years later, I find myself still at Disney. I have held roles in film marketing, partnership management and licensed product management, working across each of the company’s four key brands: Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

Claire Lauber – Class of of 1994 I attended ELTHAM College from Prep to Year 3 and then again from Year 7 – 12. I remember the beautiful big playground in Junior School that looked over the hills of Research. We were big on sports, with a huge oval where we did athletics and an indoor pool where we learned to swim and competed in relays. I have always loved sport and continued after school, which has helped manage my stress levels while working in busy jobs. I loved our music class, and clearly remember my music teacher helping me learn to play the piano(I won the scales competition). The drama centre was huge and full of fun with a 'real stage' for acting, and we were limited only by our imaginations.

My current role is Star Wars Franchise Marketing Manager, which sees me manage the brand across all areas of the company locally; an ever-exciting challenge and responsibility, servicing an incredibly passionate and diverse local audience. My time at ELTHAM encouraged me to choose my own path. Through its self-directed learning approach, it taught me the power of my own choices and dared me to aim high. I often reflect upon my high school years and will always be thankful to the College for helping me realise my own potential and opening the doors to ‘a galaxy far, far away’.

I loved our choice of electives, which really assisted me in my future career choices. Psychology and Business Management were two of my favourite subjects. They taught me the skills to lead in businesses where I manage big teams effectively, and drive budgets and key performance indicators at a high level. The career counsellors at ELTHAM were instrumental in helping me to find my passions, which included working with teams, retailing and managing performance goals. My career has included roles such as Managing Director at Boost Juice, General Manager Victoria/Tasmania at Woolworths Food Group/Woolworths Group, General Manager Business Development at Treasury Wine Estates, National Operations Manager at Liquorland and Vintage Cellars Coles Liquor Group, National Merchandise Manager at Coles Group, and National Training Manager at Shell Australia.




CLASS OF ‘98 20 YEAR REUNION Friday 23 March 2018

A. Ian Whitford, Jonathan Rogers B. Brie Jowett (Norgate), Keith McKechnie C. Amanda Dwyer, Sally Roscholler, Jessie Richardson (Parfitt) D. Daniel McKie, Travis Pegler E. Jason Zeuschner, Nina Kelabora F. Lachlan McDonald, Andrew Crook, Andrew Stacey G. Michael Jarvis, Liz Wallace (Beattie), Will Box, Ross Love, Julian Gilbert

E 10







CLASS OF ‘08 10 YEAR REUNION Friday 11 May 2018

A. Rhiannon Loader (Jones), Nick Lowe, Tamara Faigh, Dominique Emerson B. Anna Greve (Uzieblo), Mark Pobjoy, Joel Greve C. Gabriella Moxey, Jessica Spata, Alix Clarke, Emily Veale D. David Kirby, Isobel Crichton E. Luke Mitrione, Nicole Timos, Caitlin Mitchell F. Jack Kostas, Luke Bower, Jordan Bird, Jacob Meaden, Sam Frazer






F 11





Mason Cumming, born 15 August 2017, son of Clinton and Jenna Cumming (Fenech, Class of 2007)

Joel Greeve (Class of 2008) married Anna Uzieblo (Class of 2008) on 21 March 2015

Zoe Frazer, born 22 June 2018, daughter of Brooke (current staff member) and Trevor Frazer (class of 2004 and current staff member) and sister to Ashlea. 12

After more than a month of working together, Katherine Carroll (Class of 1996) and Kathryn Eden (Class of 2013) found out they had more in common than their first name – they both lived in Eltham and attended ELTHAM College. Katherine and Kathryn are working together at the Australian National University (ANU) to improve breastfeeding spaces across the campus. Katherine holds a PhD (University of Technology, Sydney) in Medical Sociology and currently works as a research fellow in the School of Sociology at the ANU. Kathryn is a fourth-year Sociology Honours student completing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the ANU. Although they attended ELTHAM College 17 years apart, Katherine and Kathryn had many of the same Year 12 teachers, including Dorothy Allan (English), John Hills (Biology) and Dr Bob Ross (Chemistry). Katherine and Kathryn are currently writing a co-authored academic journal article on their work together, and Kathryn is now undertaking a paid role as a research assistant in the same project that she initially worked on as a student. A fabulous outcome!

Maya James Heezeman, born 30 October 2017, daughter of James and Milenka Heezeman (Maffei, Class of 2007).

Keep us in the loop! Please email us at alumni@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au if you have recently welcomed a new baby, celebrated a wedding, lost a loved one, or achieved something monumental.



ALUMNI SPORTING CLUBS The Turtles on game day.

TURTLES NEWS It’s been a tough year for the Old Eltham Collegians Football Club – also known as the Turtles – but the senior team was able to record its first win for the season against Emmaus St Leo’s Football Club. Down at half time, the Turtles were able to take the lead in the third quarter with a five-goal effort. Heading into the final quarter, the lead was recaptured by Emmaus St Leo’s, before a sealing goal by Paul Vidinopoulos put the Turtles in front for the final time. Behind the scenes, former Collegian Bryan Galvin continues to develop the overall team as vice president of the football club, and former Collegian Zac Cole continues his role as coach of the Reserves team. The significant roles of former Collegians within the club reinforces the strength of the relationship between the school and its football club, and we’re looking to build on this as the club looks to the future.

Jamie Hyndman President, Old Eltham Collegians FC ‘The Turtles’ Old Eltham Collegians Football Club | Contact Bryan Galvin at elthamturtle@gmail.com or visit elthamcollegiansfc.com

VETS grandfinal win

RECCC NEWS In a year full of positives on and off the field, the club won three premierships, including a 'threepeat' for our wonderful girls team, and also learned that we will be having our clubrooms at Research Park completely renovated. With five senior teams, a VETS team, nine junior teams and two girls teams we had plenty of participation in all age brackets with two senior teams, the VETS. Four junior teams and both girls teams making finals. Congratulations to the VETS, Under 18s and the Rubies girls team on winning the premiership. In an off field sense we had many successes, our Thursday night dinners becoming a huge hit, to our wonderful trivia night held at ELTHAM College and our major raffle night. The major highlight for the club is the start of the redevelopment of the clubrooms, which will be completed by mid 2019 and will be a significant boost to RECCC and the wider community. For the 2018-19 season we are looking forward to having our base at ELTHAM College in what promises to be a great year for RECCC.

Research Eltham Collegians Cricket Club (RECCC) | Contact Brad Purvis on 0409 499 751or visit researchelthamcollegians.vic.cricket.com.au

Sebastian Fitzpatrick (Class of 1985) 13



PAN-SEARED SALMON WITH QUINOA SALAD AND LEMON DRESSING RECIPE This recipe, from our Term 3 menu, is the most requested recipe from diners at the Swipers Gully Training Restaurant. When cooked, quinoa has a fairly pale and unappetising look, so I add a teaspoon of turmeric to add a bright yellow colour and flavour. This salad matures well, so you can make a large quantity and enjoy it the following day. Enjoy!

Ingredients QUINOA SALAD (MAKES SIX PORTIONS) 100g quinoa 1 teaspoon turmeric 2 tablespoons sliced, pitted green olives 1 teaspoon sumac 1 red capsicum, finely diced 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 3 spring onions, sliced 2 sticks of celery, finely diced 1 green chilli, de-seeded and sliced salt and freshly cracked black pepper LEMON TAHINI VINAIGRETTE 1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 25ml extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon tahini paste pinch of caster sugar salt and freshly cracked black pepper 1 clove of garlic, crushed juice of ½ lemon

Patrick Murphy Hospitality Trainer


PAN-SEARED SALMON 1 tablespoon olive oil salmon, sliced into 6 x 100g portions pinch of salt Method 1. Cook the quinoa. Fill a large pan with water and season with salt. Bring the water to a rapid boil, and add the quinoa and turmeric. Stir the quinoa regularly and ensure the water boils rapidly throughout the cooking process. Cook the quinoa like pasta – until tender but still with a light al dente bite, about 15 – 20 minutes. 2. Drain the quinoa using a fine sieve and refresh under cold running water. Leave to drain. 3.

In the meantime, make the vinaigrette. Measure all the ingredients for the vinaigrette into the jug of a blender and blend until smooth. Taste and adjust the seasoning if needed. Keep the vinaigrette refrigerated for up to five days if you do not use it all at once.

4. Finely dice the capsicum, olives, celery and chilli, finely chop the herbs, and mix well with the quinoa. 5.

Add the vinaigrette to taste but do not add it all, as it will be too much. Keep some aside to use for plating up the dish.


Heat a non-stick frying pan. Season the salmon pieces. Add the oil to the frying pan and cook the salmon for two to three minutes on one side until golden. Turn and cook for a further minute.


To plate up, place the quinoa salad in the middle of the plate. Place the salmon on top. Spoon some extra vinaigrette around the salmon and garnish with some fresh herbs.

TREAT YOURSELF AT SWIPERS GULLY TRAINING RESTAURANT For great food and excellent value phone 9437 2222 for bookings during the school term.




One of the Eltham College Foundation’s aims is to provide the College with financial support. In 2017 our six Early Learning Centres had a record year and we were able to provide our highest ever financial support to the College. Our Centres' aim is to provide a stimulating, interactive and nurturing learning environment, which encourages each child to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills to their full potential. Our professionally developed educators tailor learning programmes to suit each individual child, and we are proud of the professional and caring service that we provide to the communities within which we operate. We want to be able to grow our donations to the College annually and to do this we must grow by adding new Centres to our portfolio. We currently own our six businesses, own the facility of one and lease the other five. We are comfortable with this mix and this model; however, we are always on the lookout for opportunities, whether they be new or existing businesses.

This is not a simple task, as we always attempt to ensure that any new business has the best chance of being successful as soon as possible following the commencement of our operation or acquisition. We would like to enlist the services of the College community to alert us to any potential child care business sales you may be aware of or any properties (land of 2000sqm and above, or land and buildings) that are coming up for sale and would be suitable as the future location of a child care centre. Our target area is generally within 20 kilometres of ELTHAM College. Should you know of any such opportunity, or any future lease availability in our target area, please contact our CEO, Iain Cowan, on 9437 1421 or icowan@elthamfoundation.com.au.




WELCOME, CONNECT, SUPPORT THE ECCA WAY You may be familiar with ECCA, the ELTHAM College Community Association, but why are we here and what do we do? Following the AGM in March – where we farewelled and thanked outgoing president Karen Hoggan, and welcomed our new president Jacqui Ward – ECCA members have been reflecting on our purpose.

ECCA is the heart of ELTHAM College. We organise friend-raising and fund-raising events throughout the year to welcome, connect and support the ELTHAM community. ECCA is now working on an Engagement Strategy to guide how we welcome, connect and support the ELTHAM community. We are looking for new ideas and we would love to hear from you. What would you like to see ECCA doing? How can you get involved? Where should ECCA use its funds? If you have ideas or comments to share, please email your thoughts to ecca@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au. One of the ways ECCA chose to support the ELTHAM community this year was by providing $15,000 in sponsorship for the College to partner with The Resilience Project, a practical, evidence-based mental health strategy to build resilience for students across all year levels. In addition, ECCA has made an ongoing financial commitment to support the continuation of The Resilience Project at ELTHAM for the coming five years. Another $5000 of ECCA funds was committed to the F1 in Schools Program this year to support F1 teams and the purchase of specialised equipment. Working together, growing hearts and minds, is what we’re all about. Come join the fun.

Jacqui Ward ECCA President The ECCA Committtee enjoying a catch up at ELTHAM College. 16


Friends of Groups

Friends of Music and Performing Arts Friends of Music and Performing Arts (FoMPA) is ELTHAM College’s family-based volunteer group that collaborates with the Music and Drama faculties of the College. Our aim is to provide opportunities for student participation and the enjoyment of music and performing arts, in line with the objectives of ECCA and the College. In 2018, FoMPA was excited to launch our new logo and mission statement, which clarifies our purpose and contribution to the College. Following another successful House Music raffle, we again contributed funds towards costumes for the Junior School production. We hope to build on our previous success in providing unique opportunities for ELTHAM students by welcoming the Pierce Brothers to the College for a second time. We are also thrilled to announce a new FoMPA event for 2018: the Footloose Opening Night Gala. We hope you will join us for a night of refreshments, entertainment and, most importantly, celebration of the outstanding achievements of everyone involved in the 2018 Senior School musical. All of this would not be possible without the continued support of our major donors and the ELTHAM community – specifically, the FoMPA Committee and the limitless commitment and support of Nicholas Waxman, Aaron Searle and Nicole Howard. If you are interested in becoming one of FoMPA’s invaluable volunteers, please email ecca@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au. ELTHAM College Triptych Production ‘Frank’

Katherine Smith FoMPA President

MASTERWORKS Art Exhibition in the Vines

Re-store: a Forum for Secondhand Goods

MASTERWORKS is back! The two-week-long art exhibition, hosted by ECCA and featuring well-known and emerging artists, will be held at Swipers Gully Training Restaurant from Friday 12 October to Monday 26 October, with Opening Night on Thursday 11 October at 7.30pm. Celebrated artists working in a diverse range of mediums – such as oils, print, ceramics, wood, metal, glass, sculpture and jewellery – will exhibit and sell their work. Over the past 16 years, MASTERWORKS has achieved a reputation as an exceptional art show, while also raising funds for the College.

Towards the end of Term 2 this year, ECCA launched an online forum for buying and selling secondhand ELTHAM uniforms, textbooks and other school- related items. The forum is open to all current ELTHAM families through mE and was introduced following numerous requests from families for a way to connect with others to buy and sell secondhand goods. Re-store can be found under ‘Parent Group Pages’ on mE.

Fun in the Twilight Sun Following on from the success of the inaugural event in 2017, ECCA will again be holding the Twilight Market in the Vines this year. Set for Friday 23 November at Swipers Gully Training Restaurant, and open to the College and wider community, the fair will bring together a range of arts and craft stalls for prime pre-Christmas shopping. Come along and enjoy the festive atmosphere, with food and drinks available, and music performances on the outside stage.

Supporting Students and Staff Another way ECCA supports the ELTHAM community is by recognising student excellence through the ECCA Achievement Awards, which provide financial support to students selected for state or national representation. We are currently developing a process whereby ELTHAM staff can bring ideas – big and small – to ECCA for consideration for financial support. To apply for an ECCA Achievement Award, download the application form available in mE.

Want to Help Out? Would you like to find out more about ECCA, share some ideas, get involved in planning our events or help out on the day? We’d love to hear from you. Email ecca@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au with your details. 17



PREMIER’S VCE AWARDS CELEBRATING ACHIEVEMENTS ELTHAM College students have become a regular fixture at the Premier’s VCE Awards, which recognise Victorian students for their outstanding academic achievements. Over the past five years, no fewer than 11 top-performing ELTHAM students have received awards, across areas as diverse as Theatre Studies, Sport and Recreation, Music and Hospitality. Each Premier’s VCE Award is about recognising a top score. However, a score does not necessarily reflect a student’s natural aptitude; it suggests a great deal of diligence. Becoming the best in the state involves commitment, dedication, sacrifice and hard work. To win a Premier’s VCE Award, students must apply everything they have learned in their classes, particularly in practical subjects that involve competency-based assessments. Among the benefits of the Premier’s VCE Awards for students are increased confidence and selfbelief, boosted exposure in their chosen fields, the opportunity to celebrate their achievements with peers, families and teachers, and the prestigious experience of meeting the Victorian Minister for Education.

As well as this, an award serves as an impressive item for a student to include on their résumé, university applications or scholarship applications. A Premier’s VCE Award shows prospective employers that students can apply themselves to a subject tenaciously enough to become the best in the state, and this may in turn shape their career trajectory. A number of ELTHAM’s award-winners have gone on to study or work in their field of study. Laurence Schubert (Class of 2013, Sport and Recreation) is studying Physiotherapy, Jessica Hall (Class of 2017, Kitchen Operations) is working at Mercer’s restaurant in the first year of her apprenticeship, and Frank Dixon (Class of 2017, Music Performance) is working as a music mentor and will soon embark on a trip to Canada to work at a holiday camp. In reflecting on his 2017 win for Hospitality, Rob Anderson (Class of 2016) said the award has “proved invaluable on many occasions when applying for work in the hospitality industry”, in which he now works part-time while studying. “Although there is not a close connection between my university studies and my Premier’s VCE Award, I know that there are a range of skills that I have learned in the hospitality industry that I will be able to draw on throughout my studies and career.”

The award-winning students’ successes can be attributed in part to ELTHAM’s excellent education program, but also to complementary factors – uniquely supportive and motivating teachers, and the College’s holistic approach to learning, which allows students to gain real-world experience in their chosen fields – to name just a couple. Sarah Starziczny (Class of 2015), who won in 2016 for Sport and Recreation, said,

My teachers had a huge impact on me while I was studying; in particular my Sport and Recreation teacher [Simone Kenny], whose teaching style really complemented my learning style. The support I received from my teacher extended into all the practical and volunteer work I did in other sports-related tasks at the College, so the impact her mentoring and guidance had on me was really significant.

A. ELTHAM College staff and students enjoying the VCE Premier's VCE Awards B. Recipients of the Premier's VCE Awards 18

B A 19





From humble beginnings to the state-of-the-art sports facility we all know and love, these fabulous photos from our archives show the transformation of the ELTHAM College Sports Centre. Back in 1974, a rudimentary yet charming outdoor swimming pool lived on a muddy site in the grounds of the College. This was soon to change, as College directors, staff and parents met on 28 July 1975 to discuss a bold new project: the construction of ‘a community sporting and leisure complex’ for ELTHAM. Building got underway in 1976 and was completed on 1 April 1977.

The ‘ECCACENTRE’, as it was named, incorporated an ambitious vision: that ‘the students of ELTHAM College and members of the ECCACENTRE will be able to enjoy facilities which rank equal to those anywhere in the world’. Comprising a 25-metre swimming pool, sauna, trampoline pit, playground, fitness gymnasium, games room and squash courts, at the centre’s official opening on 3 April 1977, the organisers were pleased to announce that ‘the project is unique in Australia’.


The official opening included former graduates and elite sporting identities, as well as demonstrations in the swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball court and dance studio.

We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with these snapshots from ELTHAM’s sports facilities over the years.

Some years later, the ECCACENTRE was transformed into the contemporary, high-tech Sports Centre that ELTHAM students now enjoy. After the infamous hailstorm of Christmas Day 2011, which dumped golf-ball-sized hail on the College, the Sports Centre was re-opened on 18 March 2013.

Photo captions 1 & 5 Then and now: the College swimming pool in 1974 and 2018 | 2 A workout in the ECCACENTRE fitness gymnasium | 3 A view of the ECCACENTRE during construction in 1976 | 4 The ECCACENTRE branded with the old logo






5 21

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Connections Magazine 2018  

In this edition of Connections magazine you can stay up to date with the activities occurring across the College, while catching up with all...

Connections Magazine 2018  

In this edition of Connections magazine you can stay up to date with the activities occurring across the College, while catching up with all...