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Class of 1997 - 20 Year Reunion

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The Arts Centre, Melbourne, 7.30pm

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Swipers Gully, 6.30pm

ELTHAM College, 8.00am



GIVING BACK If our young people go into the world with a desire to give of themselves, the world will benefit and our young people will grow in confidence and stature.

One of Australia’s great philanthropists is Rosy Batty. Through great personal tragedy, Ms Batty has brought the issue of domestic violence to the attention of Australians. Her voice has championed a cause which has, and must, change Australia’s view of domestic relationships. As part of our College Charter ELTHAM College has articulated the desire to engage with our local, regional, national and global community to ensure students value their ethical contribution to our world. Foremost is our wish that each student discovers their own unique and authentic way to foster their individual impact. The existence of ELTHAM College is based on the idea of philanthropy. In a book marking the 10 year anniversary of the College, the following passage voiced the role our community played in the formation and growth of the college: “When we first started we had this terrific group of families who had confidence to back the School Council…and most of the same ones put their hands in their pockets to become shareholders of Eccacentre…The foundation families were the ones who had the guts to pay some money and put their kids at the school….They are the ones who, when you want something done, still help run things. They are what the school is all about.”

Philanthropy is alive and well and is ELTHAM College’s DNA. It is in the support for Nganmarriyanga School, the offer of work experience places, the volunteers who work on the ECCA Committee, the College Alumni, parents and friends of the College who assist on Open Day or at ELTHAM in Action, our ‘Friends of’ groups, former parents and staff and so many others who ensure the College models giving and caring. We wish to grow our philanthropic commitment to ensure we have, in the words of ‘Philanthropic Australia’ a planned and structured approach to giving of time, information, goods and services, voice and influence, as well as money, to improve the wellbeing of humanity and the community. If our young people go into the world with a desire to give of themselves, the world will benefit and our young people will grow in confidence and stature. This edition of Connections is dedicated to philanthropy.

Mr Simon Le Plastrier Principal ELTHAM College






The benefits associated with understanding the natural environment are significant. We all have a responsibility to promote connections with the land and foster stewardship of the earth. As a part of this stewardship ELTHAM College pays respect to the Wurundjeri people, on whose land ELTHAM College sits, and where elders taught their dreamtime stories to their children for hundreds of years. The natural environment is integral to the framework of Indigenous stories.

“Yurluyu gankalarda. Ngaliguru – thardugu marnu, Murnajirla yurlul gankalarda. Ngaligurugu marnu.” “Look after the country and the country will look after you.”

Martidja Banyjima people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia In June 2016 the Year 8 cohort collectively played a part in the restoration of the ELTHAM College Nature Reserve Walking Trail which, over time, had unfortunately deteriorated. The day saw students enjoying the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air and cooperatively working to re-establish the nature trail. The Year 8 students were led by four Senior Years student leaders who ran this project in tandem with The Hillary Challenge, an outdoor team competition designed for young people and aimed at developing leadership, environmental stewardship, resilience, creativity and the ability to work together.

Along with leadership and self-management skills, students are required to demonstrate that they have: •

a positive and meaningful relationship with the natural environment

knowledge about the natural environment and local ecosystems

actively reduced environmental damage and taken positive environmental action.

Throughout the day students cleared overgrown weeds and branches, restored broken fencing, repaired steps, re-marked the walking trail and collected bags upon bags of rubbish. Amidst all of this, students were delighted to come upon hidden treasures – rusty, forgotten mementos of the past and fossils that they excitedly tried to assign histories and back-stories to. Much like the Wurundjeri elders from our history books. It was a fulfilling day for students and staff. At the end of the day, there was a palpable sense of pride and accomplishment as students made their way around the completed nature trail. Well done to Senior Years student leaders Kristin Brodie, Nathan Jasper, Nathan Robolas and Andrew Collins, and the Year 8 students for their spectacular effort!

Stephanie Lim-Duke Coordinator, Year 8

One of the core competencies achieved by those that undertake the Hillary Challenge relates directly to a connection with the environment.

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OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND WITH STEM Students from the College have been lucky enough to visit the aerospace laboratory at the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group twice over the last year. The visits are organised as a part of the official Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools (SMiS) partnership which has been championed by research engineer Michael Opie (an ELTHAM alumni and current parent). SMiS is a non-profit national volunteer program managed by CSIRO, which creates long term, professional partnerships between school teachers and scientists and mathematicians. On the students’ first visit, Dr Roger Neill gave a fascinating presentation regarding his involvement with an expedition to Turkey to create an archaeological record of the Australian Submarine AE2, which was sunk in the Sea of Marmara during the First World War. This was followed by an interesting presentation by Dr Chris Wallbrink on cracking in aircraft structures. Both presentations were incredibly thought provoking while being mindful of the audience age.

The tour of the facility was really interesting and I also liked the wind tunnel and learning about the sonic boom that happen when a plane breaks the sound barrier. Alexandra, Year 10 student During the second visit in August of 2016, students were able to gain further insights into a number of DST activities by witnessing Immersive Visualisation and Forensic Engineering demonstrations, along with receiving career advice from some of the DST scientists.

I loved seeing the power of the electron microscope. It was amazing to see how the location of a remote control car could be seen on the monitor using calculations to find its position in three dimensions. Riley, Year 10 student

It was a great experience for the students to hear experts in their fields talking to them about various mathematical and engineering applications involved in DSTquiprojects. Recus audanducium re quam ut min ped quae provitatem aut fugia esequae ne nus Mary Reynolds, ELTHAM College Maths and sin conseque volupient as renimpo rerores Science teacher et remodit voluptiament rem ut omnis dolor DST Groupcor hasaut many interesting, unique, and alibeaqui videlenit, assum expernam, world class labs to inspire curious minds quia quatur? sdsjkd sjnd sdjsnd sjnds ssand ssm. provides numerous opportunities to see how many Ilignis et ab imusda volupta tisitatquis dit different disciplines can come together to help lacearcia qui teproblem. voloris nemporporiam aut solve the same The labs visitedas across is voluptae estio. Et mi, oditiam fugia sum eri the first visit were: Hawk Full Scale Fatigue Test, anda as aliqui optas voluptas nisciis nis ipienieni F/A-18 Centre Barrel Fatigue Testing, Unmanned ul pelLuptaspi ipsamendit Aerial Systems,endaerum Transonic Wind Tunnel,estincit Forensic re simus es vollitem hit ipicte estiore velia iunt Engineering, and Scanning Electron Microscope laborro eastudents si tem velicatem oditat qui where the examinedrero some specimens optaturHarum, consed quistotas eaquasIquatat. supplied by teacher Darren Smith (Head of Lenditati arumquae sam qui dolum eatis Mathematical and Scientific Thinking). voluptam fugiatemquae excea prepratia sum erspid quatio evero consequi blabori beatem

Specimen under Scanning Electron Microscope




JUNIOR YEARS CONCERT Alice in Wonderland is a story of imagination, creativity, dreams and the tension between reality and fantasy. Nick Cheadle, our Junior Years drama teacher, cleverly wrote a script that remains true to the original story yet reflects the unique personalities of our Junior Years students. Together with Candra Sleeman (music teacher), and with the support of the Junior Years team, Nick led everyone towards the most ambitious Junior Years concert to date, significantly developing the performing skills of each student.


Throughout this valuable learning process our young people made the performance their own, through their interpretations and individual portrayal of every character. The creativity and skills of the many volunteers who worked with Mel Klein to create the costumes was a joy to behold. Costumes play such an important role in transforming our students into their characters, and bringing to life a Wonderland—turning reality into fantasy.

We sincerely thank each and every volunteer who contributed to the enormous success of Alice in Wonderland.

Sonia van Hout Director, Early and Junior Years


The positive experiences and personal challenges that come with taking part in a Student Exchange program are momentous. The College is proud of our various international connections and the opportunities this affords our students. Our strong commitment to exchange programs saw us host a large number of groups throughout 2016 and further develop connections with new schools around the world. The relationship with our sister schools in Beijing, China and Montpelier, France continue to flourish, with students from these countries staying with us earlier in 2016. Our students then spend the

December/January period experiencing life and learning on the other side of the world. With short term exchanges from Japan and Shanghai, and burgeoning ties with schools in New Hampshire and Texas, there are many ways our students can benefit from these connections. Schools hosting students on an exchange program are able to further embrace opportunities to promote an understanding of different cultural and community perspectives, while the benefits of practical immersion in a second language are well documented. Thinking within the context of a different language and culture also provides wider scope to develop new approaches to learning, which is incredibly relevant in regards to celebrating critical thinking. Students themselves gain a greater

sense of self-development and awareness, while our entire community benefits from being part of a global endeavour. ELTHAM College is renowned for providing a warm and welcoming environment, we are thankful to our entire community for supporting these programs and providing the most amazing experiences to hundreds of students over the years.




THE VALUE OF GIVING It is often said that giving to others is the greatest gift of all. There is certainly a large amount of research that supports the notion that giving is good for you. Whether you have given money or given time, the intrinsic value of such an action is undeniable.

Here are just some of the ways our community has given in 2016

Over 6,000 hours of volunteer work provided by students, families and community members through support of committees, events and student activities 115 individual donations to the College building fund, totalling $80,000

Donation of props and costumes to the value of $20,000

Parent reading

Over $3,200 raised by students in support of their chosen charities


Professionals and university students providing mentoring


Committees $1020 raised for Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS) at the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

ENVIRONMENT CENTRE UPDATE Plans for our new Environment Centre are well underway with the final concept nearing completion. We are excited about commencing the build for this project in 2017 and look forward to updating families on how this new facility progresses. This centre will provide an enhanced link with the unique bushland setting in which ELTHAM College is situated. The space will also be used as a resource for College and external community groups. The building will: •

further enhance the link between the College curriculum and the bush in which it is located

provide a practical indoor/outdoor multipurpose learning and community space

provide a practical physical resource, the building will also serve as a data generating device and will provide a framework/exemplar for understanding concepts related to the science and engineering of sustainable living

provide a contemporary example of a modular building

be “off grid” in every way possible – for waste management and energy needs.

If you would like to contribute to the building fund and thereby support the development of the Environment Centre, please contact our Business Manager via email giving@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au

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ExECS NEWS facebook.com/execs execs @elthamcollege.vic.edu.au linkedin@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au

To serve on a committee voluntarily is a great thing to do, but to serve as the President of our Alumni association for over 16 years shows true dedication. At the most recent AGM for ExECS we thanked Justin Littlefield for his 16 years of service as President, and welcomed Al Anderson (Class of 2009) to the role. Justin will stay on the committee in the role of Vice President, supporting Al in his new role. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Daniel Minihan, who has served as the treasurer for the alumni association for the past 15 years. Daniel’s

foresight and accounting skills have seen the finances for the association well managed over the years. Al Anderson is looking forward to working with the rest of the committee to further develop opportunities for connection across our alumni community while exploring new ways to celebrate our successes into the future. Even more exciting things are planned for our Alumni Association in 2017, so watch this space!




The Old Eltham Collegians Football Club (Est. 1986) host two teams (Seniors and Reserves) in Division 2 of the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA). After five years as President and eight years on the Committee I am very pleased to announce the new group that will be taking over for season 2017.

Season 2016/2017 is underway and even though we had a wet start to our Melbourne summer, we have only had the one Saturday washed out and all teams have enjoyed getting back out on the park to enjoy the game of cricket.

A call out to our ELTHAM College Community who are keen to play Netball in 2017!

President: Jamie Hyndman, Vice President: Ryan Foo (Class of 2002), Club Secretary: Jarod Mizzi, Treasurer: Jordan Foo (Class of 2004), Turtles Alumni Representative: Bryan Galvin, (Class of 2004), Head of Football Operations: John Galvin (Class of 2002) The new team is made up of all young business professionals and life members of the club. I will continue to support them as required and am confident the club is in good hands. I am very grateful for the support provided to me and the club over the years. For further information please visit our website elthamcollegiansfc.com

Ron Chapman, Outgoing President of the Turtles Football Club

As well as fielding a Veterans team, 5 senior teams, 9 junior teams including 2 girls team and 2 noncompetitive teams, this year we are very pleased to also be fielding RECCC’s first All Abilities Team, which competed in the ‘Ten Over Tonk’ competition run by the Melbourne All Abilities Cricket Competition (MAACA). The competition provides players with disabilities, ranging in age from teens to adults, to participate in a modified rules contest, while still enjoying the thrill of playing on great grounds with umpires and supporters cheering them on. Many thanks to Wayne Jessop for all the work he has done to bring this team to fruition. We pride ourselves on providing an environment for all members and their families to enjoy the atmosphere, community and game of cricket.

The Ex ELTHAM College Students Association (ExECS) are currently putting together a senior team to enter into a local competition. Times and days have not yet been confirmed and will depend upon the level of interest received. As will the type of team we put together (men, women or mixed). To express your interest please forward your name and contact information to execs@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au What a great opportunity to get fit and have some fun!

Get in contact Eltham Collegians Football Club Contact Bryan Galvin on bryangalvin12@gmail.com, or visit elthamcollegiansfc.com

Research Eltham Collegians Cricket Club (RECCC) Contact Sebastian Fitzpatrick on 0497 839 609 or visit researchelthamcollegians.vic.cricket.com.au




First Year Reunion A. Nicolas Zoumboulis, Helin Baldemir and Slade Camilleri B. Benji Ioannou, Frazer Green and Will Owens C. Jasmine Josevski, India Weaver, Georgia Taylor, Sophie Barnard, Elisha McEvoy, Mikayla McNamara and Amy Clarke D. Jordan Jackson, Tom Ralph, Mark Pobjoy, Nick Mackay, Chris McCabe and Jesse Bevilacqua E. Will Owens, Olly Veselovski, Benji Ioannou and Sam Switkowski F. Zach Meaden, Michael Jasper, Laurence Schubert, Ben Symons and Jesse Bevilacqua G. Kate Johnston, Sheridyn Houlihan and Sophie Lunn
















10 Year Reunion A. Anthony Natsis and Anthony Rentzis B. Jamie Mclaughlin, Ross McLean, Ben Latta, Nick Saunders and Matthew Riali C. Melissa Alexious and Emma Dowd D. Nathan Grimshaw, Mitch Yeats and Chris Tsapatsaris E. Olivia Downing F. Starr Brenton, Sarah Viola, Christina Panayi, Jo Fitzmaurice and Janelle Birch G. Nicholas Saunders








20 Year Reunion A. Keith McKechnie and Mark Englefield B. Rink Jan Lohman, Drew Norgate and Ruth ConnorLivesey C. Justin Edwards and Kate Trench-Thiedeman D. Meegan Marshall and Olivia Cozzolino E. Kasey Gibson and Ilona Phyland-Smith F. Melanie Andresen, Pierston Hawkins, Daniel Fisher and Callan Cameron G. Simone Hosking











Past Staff Reunion A. Cath Howard and Jan Banks B. Peter Stephens, Trevor Westacott and Gavan Woinarski D. Edie Smithers, Tony Healy, Simon Le Plastrier and Bob Ross E. Linda Mitchell and Viv Murphy F. Chris Livingsotne and Jenny Erlanger G. Haining Lu and Michelle Humphreys








30 Year Reunion A. Ingrid Holmes and Lara Tinkler B. Sally Rodgers, Keith McKechnie, Cassandra Litchfield and Jamie Nichols C. David Wilton, David Cameron, Martin Tennant, Benzhe Tang, Robert Tetlow, Nick Hamshare and Jeremy Tonkin D. Tracy Clark and Judith Rossell E. Daniel Zadnik, Jamie Nichols and Justin Littlefield F. Julie Sucksmith, Kathy Spencer and Michelle Endersby G. Rebecca Macauley and Phil Mullett










First Year Reunion A. Jarrah Waites and Emily Pendlebury B. Sarah Wynd, Toni Paras, Ethan Turner and Ryan Cheng C. Joel Torresi and Melissa Lee D. Amber Clarke and Emily Watson E. Sarah Culy and Sean Donehue F. Phillip Warton, Mitchell Keating, Lachlan McLeod, Kyle Luu and Matthew Kennedy G. Mitchell Brown and Clare Millar




CONNECTIONS ACROSS THE GENERATIONS The image below is a wonderful snapshot of our heritage, showing many students whose parents also attended the College. This photo was taken last year in celebration of these families and their connections across the College. We hope to organise a photo like this every few years or so.

we rely heavily on the information in our archives. It is through our archives we receive a true sense of history. The archives at ELTHAM College hold records that can trigger a thousand memories, and tell amazing stories of innovators, passionate teachers, awe-inspiring parents and curious students.

Currently there are 59 students at ELTHAM College who are children of Alumni (ExECS - Ex ELTHAM College Students) unfortunately not all of them were able to appear in this photo – however these numbers signify how our Alumni value their connection with the school and are proud to invest in its growth.

The ExECS committee meet on a regular basis to plan events and opportunities for past College students and staff to re-connect with the school. The committee and the College are keen to chronicle the school’s connections from the past, the present and into the future.

Part of fostering these connections is being able to share stories with our community, and to do this

For example, did you know our current Technology Centre was built by parent volunteers circa 1974?

Can you help identify these people?

We have some wonderful photos of the team that helped build the wall, with some wonderful young helpers involved as well, however identifying all the people in the photo has proven particularly tricky. If you are able to help shed light on who these wonderful contributors to our history are, or to find out more about how you can re-connect with your history (and potentially assist with our archiving) please get in touch with the Community Relations Office via email at cro@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au We look forward to sharing with you many more stories about our past while continuing to celebrate our future.

The current Technology Centre being built circa 1974



CHOCOLATE SALAMI This is a fun recipe and something you can serve with coffee. It’s also a nice gift idea for someone who loves chocolate! Wrapped in glad wrap, you can store it in the fridge for over a week or in the freezer for three months.



100g digestive biscuits


50g flaked almonds

50g dried cranberries

Place the digestive biscuits in a small polythene food bag and use a rolling pin to lightly crush them (you want to crush them into small pieces not crumbs).

50g (shelled) pistachio nuts (left whole)


50ml Bailey’s or Port

50g unsalted butter

100g dark bitter chocolate (70% cocoa solids), roughly chopped

Transfer them to a mixing bowl, then add the almonds, cranberries, pistachios and Bailey’s/port and mix well. Set aside at room temperature for 20 minutes to allow the flavours to mingle.

50g icing sugar


a pinch of table salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

50ml condensed milk

Melt the butter in a small saucepan, then remove from the heat, add the chocolate and stir until the chocolate is completely melted and combined. Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl. Add the icing sugar, salt, vanilla extract, condensed milk and the biscuit mixture and mix well.

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

TREAT YOURSELF AT SWIPERS GULLY RESTAURANT For great food and excellent value phone 9437 2222 for bookings during term.


Set aside to cool for 20 minutes to allow the mixture to thicken slightly. As it starts to thicken, the mixture will become easier to work with, but don’t let it sit for longer than 20 minutes or it will start to set and become too hard.


Divide the mixture in half, then place each portion onto a double layer of cling film and roll it up in the cling film to form a sausage or log shape, each one 12–15cm in length and 4–5cm in diameter. Refrigerate the salamis for at least 4 hours or overnight before serving


Remove the salamis from the fridge about 1 hour before serving. Unwrap the salamis (discard the cling film), then roll each one in the cocoa powder to coat all over. Serve on a plate at room temperature with a sharp knife for everyone to help themselves.


These salamis make a wonderful homemade gift. After they’ve been coated in the cocoa powder, I like to then wrap each one in greaseproof paper and tie the ends with string to mimic real salami.

Note: You can use any biscuits you wish, however, digestive biscuits tend to hold their shape well. You can also add nuts if you would like.

Patrick Murphy Hospitality Trainer




The Eltham College Foundation Ltd was formed in 1982 and from that time has operated to satisfy a single objective of providing ELTHAM College with financial support. Since 2003, our main revenue source to support this objective has been the operation of child care centres. We currently own and operate six long day care centres and trade under the brand name, Little Flyers Learning Centres. Our Little Flyers’ philosophy is founded in the highest standard of care and early years education, creating a passion for learning in our young people and engaging them in the learning that comes from being curious. Being involved in charitable activities at our Centres presents us with further avenues to explore ideas regarding those whose lives may be very different from our own. Our Centres support many charities including Children’s Medical Research Institute, SIDS and Kids, Asthma Australia,

RSPCA, Cancer Council of Australia, Melbourne City Mission, Royal Children’s Hospital and more recently World Vision. Recently our children elected to sponsor two families in Africa. The learning opportunities that these sponsorship programmes have opened up are extensive and include: Cultural Diversity We all look and speak and live differently, learning about different ways of being and doing teaches children to react to these differences with respect. Social Diversity Some people are less advantaged than others. We are very lucky to live in a country where we have access to clean water, food, clothes, healthcare and support. Putting ourselves in others shoes teaches children empathy.

Geography Children learn that their world is much bigger than just their homes, their communities, even their country. Africa is a continent with 54 countries. Each country has its own flag, its own National Anthem, its own language and its own currency. The children have painted the flags of African Nations, drafted communications to their friends in Africa, learned some Swahili and have even learned about Australia’s banking system through depositing their donations at local banks. The children have readily embraced the concept that there is far more value in giving, than receiving. You can learn more about the Little Flyers Learning

John CitizenFiculiis ocusquod sus ggh Centres on our website littleflyers.vic.edu.au fomnequam ocaetrae ocrivvdssoludam fbetilibut arid Catique in popotiu quit; 20



ECCA PARENTS SUPPORTING ELTHAM Highlights of events organised by the ELTHAM College Community Association (ECCA) – the College parent association.



Our Principal Mr Simon Le Plastrier, has a connection with Mr Joe Hewett, the Principal of Nganmarriyanga School which is an indigenous school, located on Palumpa Station in the Northern Territory, 375km south west of Darwin. We contacted them to see if they would be interested in having our old sports uniform for their students and they warmly accepted. Coordinated by the ELTHAM College Community Association (ECCA), volunteers sorted and organised the donated items, which also included pre loved shoes and other sought after items for the community. There was an overwhelming amount of great quality articles (over 20 large storage boxes) provided which were transported to the Nganmarriyanga School in August.

On a Saturday night in July, our Swipers Gully Training Restaurant was transformed into a discotheque for a musical trivia night with a twist; Disco Bingo Trivia had arrived at ELTHAM, hosted by the fabulously entertaining ‘Disco Dolly’. The dance floor was vibrant; with the best disco era songs playing, few could resist the temptation to join the fun-filled mash up of night fever dance moves. Trivia games were followed by an ELTHAM College fashion parade, with the community exhibiting a diverse range of 70s and 80s styles; few were willing to admit that costumes had been reclaimed from their own wardrobes. No dress was too shiny and no colour too outlandish, with neon wigs, bell bottoms, gold jump suits, parachute tracksuits and platform shoes all making a come-back. Next came the dance-offs, with two ‘volunteers’ from each team strutting their adventurous and entertaining dance moves; with many realising the next day that they are not as young as they used to be.

It was wonderful to see the generous spirit of the ELTHAM College community shine throughout this project. We are thrilled to see the students in their new uniform and look forward to developing further John CitizenFiculiis ocusquod sus ggh relationships with Nganmarriyanga School and fomnequam ocrivvdssoludam perhaps sharingocaetrae experiences with them in the future.

fbetilibut arid Catique in popotiu quit;

ECCA are proud sponsors and supporters of the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge, the world’s largest secondary school S.T.E.M technology program which the College has participated in for the past two years with considerable success. Students from across Years 7-10 have designed and created their F1 race car using an engineering CAD software package, a CNC router and 3D printer. Testing is an important phase in the engineering process; this requires students to use various applications namely, the virtual reality software and the Pitsco Smoke Tunnel to test the aerodynamics of the team’s F1 car. Teams carry out time-trials (automatic launch) or drag-reaction-race (manual launch) modes. The infrared beams at the finish line provide the race and driver reaction times to onethousandth of a second! This program has allowed students to apply conceptual theories to real-time experimental models, while totally immersed in a learning framework that encompasses research, design, marketing, sponsorship and technical building components.

Thank you to all involved for supporting this fundraiser for our community.


Friends of Groups





The Friends of Music group is a parent volunteer group that exists to support the Music and Drama departments at the school and to provide additional music opportunities for students at ELTHAM College. Every year Friends of Music is responsible for running the raffle at the House Music event which is always extremely well supported. This year we also committed to opening the Candy Bar for all of the large music and drama performances at the school. We have even stepped it up to provide real coffee, which has been very well received in the interval breaks!

A small but dedicated group of horse riders enjoy getting together early in the school year for an annual clinic, usually held in second term. This day caters for students of all abilities from primary through to senior school, for a day of instruction and lessons in the disciplines of dressage, show jumping and cross country.

ELTHAM Snowsports has seen some tremendous growth in recent times with a full house at the 2016 annual Mt. Hotham snow camp in July. Students and parents had an absolute ball and the social connections made are a highlight. All participants build on the skills learnt in the morning lessons to progressively become confident skiers and snowboarders by the end of the week.

We were also pleased to be able to support the Junior Years with a donation towards their costumes and we were very happy to provide funds for the bus to take students to Federation Square for the Music Count Us In program. We also donated $580 to the Sing For Good foundation.

The group also discuss the opportunities to represent ELTHAM College in equestrian interschool competitions. The interschool events are held by different schools throughout Victoria. These regional events also then qualify students for the Victorian State Interschool Championships held in April at Werribee Park. In 2016 ELTHAM College was successfully represented by two senior students; Danielle Laurie (Year 12) and Brittany Apted (Year 11). Both students rode beautifully and achieved some placing’s while accomplishing some personal goals.

The Victorian Interschool’s Championships is held at Mt. Buller in late August and is a fantastic experience for all students involved, they step out of their comfort zones and compete in a variety of skiing and snowboarding disciplines. It is also fantastic to see the growth of this team with students from Year 7-12 representing ELTHAM. Our goal is to build on this team and hopefully enter a Junior School team in 2017!

We would love to have some more volunteers come on board for next year. If you would like to learn more about any of our Friends of Groups please contact the ECCA Coordinator ecca@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au 22



FOND FAREWELL As 2016 comes to a close the College will farewell a number of staff who are retiring or moving on after decades of service. As these staff members have been with us for over ten years, it is with great respect and gratitude we celebrate their time with us. Dr Bob Ross joined ELTHAM College in 1978 and was promptly made head of department a few years after this. Working with a small team Bob was known for running tight and focussed department meeting at all times. He has mentored countless young teachers and imparted his scientific knowledge to thousands of children over his 38 year career at the College, always doing so with great enthusiasm and understanding. Bob and his teaching style had a profound impact on many of his students, with some students sharing this reflection a few years ago.

Dr Ross’ dedication to his students is second to none and he has managed to make a difficult subject incredibly enjoyable this year. No request ever seems too great for Dr Ross. A student asks for a study timetable and they got it. We ask for an extra class and we are at school at 8.00am the next day. If he is unsure of an answer to a more testing question he doesn’t pretend to know. Instead, he will go and research it, always coming back with the answer. Grace Carey, Krystina Witt, Claire Pascoe and Olivia Downing (Class of 2006)


Bob has made significant contributions to Science within the educational landscape. He was a coauthor for Heinemann’s Chemistry One text and the VCE ChemCAL project, a collaborative project between the Chemistry Education Association and Melbourne University’s Chemistry Department. Bob was also a writer for the 2007 VCE Chemistry Study Design. In 2010 he was the recipient of the CEA Educator of the Year award. Congratulations to Dr Bob (as he is affectionately known) on such a long and illustrious career Julie Nihil began working at ELTHAM College in 1988. Since then she has touched the lives of thousands of students and hundreds of families. Her memory is particularly impressive, as she often remembers students she taught many years ago. Julie worked patiently with individual students and small groups across the ELC – Year 2; and no task was ever too small or too large. Her creative talents are legendary with her ability to create whatever is required with basic resources. Her faithful service, wise insights and gentle presence will be sorely missed by the ELTHAM Community. During her 25 years of service at ELTHAM College, Lorraine Tropp has worked diligently to promote the Chinese program, including setting up a sister school relationship with Lu He High School in Beijing, taking student study tours to China and introducing and developing the VET Chinese courses. She was always willing to share her ideas and resources and was well loved by the staff and students.

After 11 years Ros Hardy also farewells us to spend more time with her family. Ros has been described as an amazing educator, whose connection to her students and peers is unquestionable. Ros’ teaching style was perfectly summed up by Millie Craven (Year 6), “She made everything about learning vibrant and interesting.” Tenacity, drive and dedication are common threads all used to describe Ros by her colleagues. As Tina Turner said, “she is simply the best”.

With a combined service of 102 years between them we sincerely thank these long serving staff members for their dedication, enthusiasm and care for the many students they have taught over the years, and for being marvellous colleagues to the staff you have worked alongside. We wish you all good fortune for the years ahead.

Circa 1982 Bob far right

Bob Ross 38 Years Service

Julie Nihil 29 Years Service

Lorraine Tropp 25 Years Service

Ros Hardy 12 Years Service



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Connections Magazine 2016  

This edition of Connections celebrates our community and highlights just some of the wonderful opportunities our students have taken part in...

Connections Magazine 2016  

This edition of Connections celebrates our community and highlights just some of the wonderful opportunities our students have taken part in...