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OCT 20

OCT 25

OCT 26

Thank You and Farewell to Dr David Warner ELTHAM College Sports Centre/Forum, 2pm

Pink Ribbon Morning Tea Swipers Gully Restaurant, 8.45am - 11.30am

Class of 1983 - 30 Year Reunion Swipers Gully Restaurant, 7pm


Oaks Day High Tea

NOV 16

Early & Junior Years Outdoor Movie Night

NOV 23

Swipers Gully Restaurant, 12.00pm - 3.00pm

ELTHAM College Soccer Oval, 6.30pm

Past Staff Reunion Swipers Gully Restaurant


Early & Junior Years Welcome Morning Tea

MAR 29

Class of 1989 - 25 Year Reunion


40th Anniversary Celebrations

Swipers Gully Restaurant, 8.45am - 11.30am

ELTHAM College City Campus, 7pm

Save the date - details to be announced soon



STUDENT VOICE “Students have ownership of their ideas and feelings and can express themselves with the expectation that they will be heard.”

This year ELTHAM’s advertising agency, CHE Proximity, have emphasised our student voice: The students speak for themselves. This is an important 21st century point of differentiation between ELTHAM and most other schools. In fact, a colleague of mine with whom I have done significant work on schooling for the future, commented as we walked through the school: “I couldn’t have such an open, informal but busy learning environment.” As a Principal he could not see himself or most of our colleagues accepting the warm, close and first name relations that exist at ELTHAM. He saw it as very special, but also quite scary as it challenged accepted norms in schools.

A senior student came to discuss her proposed exchange program and another to discuss a personal issue that was impacting her. These types of discussions usually happen directly with our dedicated teachers, however I am glad students feel that their Principal is accessible and available to them when needed.

I simply see it as a natural extension of the values with which ELTHAM opened its doors in 1974. It is a 21st century extension where relationships are important as they permit the content and process of negotiations, cooperative arrangements and global business networks within which we work. Using first names helps create that important culture that gives student voice.

We should also not underestimate the value in student voice for successful transitions. Clearly, the transition to post school living, learning and working is central but so is the transition from one level of schooling experience to another. The people relationships inherent in student voice is the key to effective transition and this is what helps make ELTHAM graduates WORLD READY.

Student Voice is not simply about Student Councils or student leadership. These are important, but have diminished meaning without a foundation culture of student voice. The culture of student voice that CHE Proximity has captured in the phrase The students speak for themselves is simply that students have ownership of their ideas and feelings and can express themselves with the expectation that they will be heard, not simply listened to. A small example is in their relationship with the Principal.

The freedom to speak and be heard makes ELTHAM a very unique school. Students can feel and have ownership of their school. They are empowered as they share authority with their teachers at the same time as respecting what teachers can bring for them. It is enhanced by their belief that teachers respect them for who they are and what they bring.

This is my last Connections editorial. To our immediate and extended community I thank you for a wonderful 14 years. A special thanks to all our young people. You have made these 14 years of my life as an educator an exceptional educational journey. I wish you and ELTHAM a wonderfully rewarding future.

Dr David Warner Principal ELTHAM College 2




At ELTHAM College we value and encourage the involvement of families within our community. We believe that building connections and partnerships with families is integral to building healthy relationships and mutual respect. The annual Grandparents Day offers a wonderful opportunity to build those connections. Our Grandparents and friends were Recus audanducium respecial quam qui ut min ped greeted at the gate eager students, who quae provitatem autbyfugia esequae ne nus escorted themvolupient to a morning tea provided by sin conseque as renimpo rerores ECCA. After a cup of tea and treats, et remodit voluptiament remsome ut omnis dolor Principal, Dr David Warnerassum welcomed our guests alibeaqui cor aut videlenit, expernam, to thequatur? College,sdsjkd beforesjnd their Grandchildren led quia sdjsnd sjnds ss ssm. them through their personal learning journey or Ilignis et ab imusda volupta tisitatquis dit highlights of their school. lacearcia qui te voloris nemporporiam as aut Our students loveEt nothing morefugia than sum showing is voluptae estio. mi, oditiam eri their ones whatvoluptas their day entails, they anda loved as aliqui optas nisciis niswhat ipienieni have achieved and what their favouriteestincit things are ul pelLuptaspi endaerum ipsamendit at re ELTHAM simus es College. vollitem hit ipicte estiore velia iunt laborro ea si tem velicatem oditat quishowed In the Early Learning Centrerero the children optaturHarum, consed quistotas eaquasIquatat. their special guests how independent and Lenditati arumquae qui dolum eatis led competent they havesam become and proudly voluptam fugiatemquae excea prepratia sum them around, sharing their favourite experiences. erspid quatio evero consequi blabori beatem

A special story about Grandparents, collaboratively written and illustrated by the children, was read to an appreciative audience, to the delight of both children and grandparents. Our Prep students along with their Grandparents or special friend made gingerbread people and traced hands, adding personality traits to each finger. Our Year 1/2 Grandparents were asked to bring along some items from their childhood or a monumental time in their life to share with their grandchild. This was a very special moment for our students to hear about what school was like for their Grandparents, we had report cards, pictures, school shoes, stories and much much more.

In Year 3/4 Grandparents had the gruelling task of assisting in the making of mandalas along with being serenaded by the students. Everyone came together to share a special picnic lunch followed by a performance from the Junior Years Choir who sang 3 songs in a round. This annual event is a very important and valued part of the Early and Junior Years at ELTHAM. We thank each and every Grandparent or special friend who came along, some of who have attended annually for more than 7 years!

Find out more about our Early and Junior Years Program on our website

REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE Many employers and tertiary institutions have reported that some school leavers lack “worldliness”, meaning the skills to manage well in the work force or tertiary institutes where more independence is required. At ELTHAM College we have carefully set up our Senior School to address this issue and to ensure we prepare our students to be “world ready”. One way we do this is by encouraging students to consider extended work experience whilst completing their VCE. This way, as well as learning theory, they also learn the practical skills expected in a workplace. For example Brooke, a current Year 12 student, successfully completed a School Based Traineeship (SBT) as a PE Teacher Assistant.

SPORTS CENTRE NEWS The ELTHAM College Sports Centre was created in 1976 and originally named the Eccacentre. It was funded by a community cooperative which at its time was the largest in Victorian history. The design included large scale graphics on internal and external walls and the building was given an Architectural Award on completion recognising its unique design and the economic construction of the building. During later difficult financial times, the Eccacentre Cooperative Ltd was wound up and the building purchased by the College.

This entailed working one day a week in a local primary school as a paid Assistant PE Teacher and also completing a TAFE Certificate course in Sport and Recreation. Another recent example is Tom, a current Year 10

student who is completing a VET subject in Community Services (Children’s Services). Tom has impressed his employers so much that he has already been offered ongoing paid work!

Many years later Eccacentre now enjoys a rebirth as The ELTHAM College Sports Centre. Following the massive hailstorm on Christmas Day 2011, the Eccacentre had to be totally rebuilt. Insurance money coupled with funds from the College Board and ELTHAM Foundation allowed us to create a renewed Sports Centre. The Centre has an indoor swimming pool, basketball stadium, a fully equipped gymnasium (open most days for students), a dance studio and a ‘sit down’ cafeteria for Middle Years’ students. The Centre was opened by V8 Champion driver and past ELTHAM College student, Jamie Whincup, in March 2013 and is now thoroughly enjoyed by our students and local community sporting groups.

You can check out our amazing facilities during an ELTHAM In Action school tour.






EXCEPTIONAL TEACHERS OUR PARTNERS IN LEARNING Junior Years teachers Jo Dowling and Jo Ellis are dedicated to ensuring our youngest students have fun, rewarding, imaginative and challenging experiences. Children are supported to pursue their learning in a way that connects to their own individuality and learning style.

“Staff are innovative in their approach and demonstrate flexibility and understanding of each child’s differences and learning needs. They are dedicated to encouraging independent problem solvers and inquisitive thinking through a fun, creative, child led play environment..”

Danni La Ferlita , ELC Parent Jo Dowling feels her role as an early learning teacher has been redefined as she has become a co-learner and co-researcher alongside her students. By working together on projects that have evolved from the children’s interests, students remain engaged and excited about learning. Jo states “The children develop conversation practice and thinking about things, answering questions from others, making choices and following through with their decisions. These skills not only help with the transition to Prep but prepares them to become lifelong learners.” In the Prep program Jo Ellis creates opportunities for each child to learn in their own unique way, with a diversity of activities and programs. The relationship with children and their families is seen as a partnership, where parents understand what their child is learning,


and are given regular updates about the program and progress of individual students. Both teachers feel that their role as educators is defined by how they see the child. This guides the curriculum, the learning environment and how they work with the children.

“Prep is fun and exciting, we always do great things. I’ve learned how to read really well and I can write really well too.”. Tommy, Prep Student “We recognise that children are strong, competent and resourceful; full of imagination and curiosity, always questioning and seeking meaning. They have the ability to reflect on their own learning in many different ways. Our teaching is a reflection of those values with the emphasis of listening to the child and their learning styles.” It is reassuring to know that tailored transition strategies are provided at all significant points in a child’s educational journey at ELTHAM. We are proud to say that our transition model is based around each student’s individual creativity, curiosity and need to feel part of a team.

“Jo truly focuses on each child as an individual, drawing out their strengths, and giving them total confidence to be themselves.” Peta Bates, Prep Parent

Ga si officiis es qui tem qui ute aspidigniet que consed quodignis voluptaque



VOICES FROM THE WORLD Lynne Thorsen Class of 1983 Catch up with a few of our well travelled ELTHAM Alumni

Class of 1982

Since leaving ELTHAM College 30 years ago, Lynne has led an interesting and diverse life, spending half of that time living overseas.

Working in the music industry was not something that Ken had planned to do when he left ELTHAM College.

Her working life began as a Physical Education teacher, including a stint back at ELTHAM College in 1989/90. After travelling extensively she worked in hospitality management, developed a travel website and then trained as an Holistic Therapist.

In actual fact his fourth form music report stated “Ken clearly has no interest in Music and should look at alternative classes for next year.” The teacher was quite right, as to this day Ken can’t tell one end of a guitar from the other, yet has have spent his entire working career in the music industry on the business side of things.

She married Bryan (an entrepreneurial Kiwi) in March 2000 and they lived in San Francisco and London for four years. In 2003 they bought an old French farmhouse and spent the next 6 years living partly in France and partly in Australia, renovating, having children (three) and running their respective businesses. In 2009 they moved to France permanently and are now fluent in French and integrated into the local community. Lynne used her no work visa status to complete a diploma in Breathwork Therapy in Estonia and found her true passion, writing. In 2012, Lynne became a published author in the international bestselling, Adventures in Manifesting series. She has also contributed articles to several Australian and international magazines, writes a blog and will feature in a new Adventures in Manifesting title released in December 2013. Currently she is writing a book on the Impact of Birth and continues loving life on their ‘petite’ farm in rural South West France.


Ken Outch

“I moved with my family to Sydney in 1994 and spent most of the 90s working for International music labels in marketing and general management roles. In the late 90s I started my own music label, which was the leading company for TV marketed compilations, we also had a number of country and heritage artists. The company went on to be one of the largest independent music companies before being sold to a public company.” Currently Ken works at Sony Music as Director of Marketing and is also involved in talent management.

“I’m very fortunate to work with some incredibly talented local artists such as, Delta Goodrem, Samantha Jade, Daryl Braithwaite, John Farnham and Johnny Ruffo. Working with the local artists is my passion as I’m involved from the recording process, to the photo shoots and film clips and through to the implementation of the marketing strategies.” I feel very fortunate that I have been able to make a career out of working with incredibly talented and creative people and artists.

GET CONNECTED Alexandra Phelan Class of 2003 Alex was recently awarded a General Sir John Monash Scholarship and a Georgetown Law Doctoral Scholarship to undertake her Doctorate of Laws (SJD) at Georgetown University in Washington DC. Her doctoral studies will be examining Australian, Chinese and US laws relating to health and human rights, with a particular focus on climate change and pandemics. In September, she will be returning to Australia to participate as an Australian delegate in the Australia China Youth Dialogue. Before commencing her doctoral studies, Alexandra was a solicitor at the top-tier law firm King & Wood Mallesons, where she worked in the climate change law and China groups, and was an active member of the human rights and pro-bono law groups. She holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Science/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) double degree from Monash University, specialising in international law and health human rights, and a Master of Law, specialising in International Law from the Australian National University. Alexandra speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently, holding a Diploma of Languages (Mandarin Chinese), and has lived and worked in Beijing and Dalian, China. In 2012, Alexandra lived and worked in Geneva, Switzerland at the World Health Organization as Gender, Equity and Human Rights intern, and as legal consultant at the GAVI Alliance (the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations). That same year, the Law Institute of Victoria recognised her as a Young High Flyer in law.

Need advice, work experience or a change in direction? Find it all by connecting with ExECS in a global network.

Many of you will be familiar with LinkedIn; it’s the world’s largest professional network with over 200 million members and growing rapidly. It is easy to use and update, searchable, dynamic, global and connects you with professionals you can trust. With LinkedIn you can: •

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Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates.

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ExECS have created a profile and network on LinkedIn. We strongly encourage you to connect with us and join the ExECS group. As a past student or staff member you have a common background and interest with others from ELTHAM College – it’s an easy place to start your professional network. ExECS Profile: ExECS Group:

The Association is happy assist, JohnExECS CitizenFiculiis ocusquod sustoggh so if you needocaetrae any helpocrivvdssoludam please email us at fomnequam fbetilibut arid Catique in popotiu quit; 10



CLASS OF ‘12 1 YEAR REUNION “It will be very interesting to see the changes that occur over the following ten years before our next reunion. ”







A reunion held so soon after the final days of school may seem absurd, but the reality is, there was still so much still to talk about at the Class of 2012 first reunion. With Schoolies, post-school celebrations and the beginning of tertiary studies, the room was buzzing with noisy hello’s and reconnecting with the friends not seen so often. The year twelve DVD instigated even more nostalgic chatter and laughs. It’s quite strange to come back as a group to the College after spending so many years together here, even if we do all chat on various social media! It will be very interesting to see the changes that occur over the following ten years before our next reunion.

1 Year Reunion A. Alexander Schubert, Aidan Dare, Zakaria Wahid, George Zeleznik-Pina,William Saw B. Amy Phillipou, Ellen Purvis, Taryn Nanayakkara C. Angus McKinnon, George Zeleznik-Pina, Zakaria Wahid, Harrison Bevilacqua D. Danielle Apted, Bethany Tender, Emily McCormack E. Jacob Rockwell, William Rogers F. Stephanie Trezise, Joshua Hilton and Samantha Wylie

CLASS OF ‘03 10 YEAR REUNION “A rousing rendition of the school song brought back strong memories and rounded off a really awesome night.”







Surely 10 years hadn’t passed since we left the comfortable confines of ELTHAM College? Surely we had a little more time up our sleeves? Yet, there we were, on a chilly June evening, coming together at Swipers Gully. Walking into the venue, I’ll admit to a few nerves; it seemed strange to try to pick up where I left off with people I hadn’t seen for a full decade. But the huge turnout - more than 100 former classmates showed up - and buzzing atmosphere quickly killed the nerves. Most of us were instantly recognisable - in both appearance and manner and it was really terrific to see people genuinely catching up and sharing stories from the past 10 years. Our year level captains were perhaps a touch unlucky to be asked for impromptu speeches but, predictably, they acquitted themselves well. The photo board made for some good comparisons; again, it was remarkable to see how little we’d changed over the years. Having drained the venue of booze, we moved on to the Eltham Pub for a few more drinks and laughs. Very much looking forward to the next one. - Tristan Maddocks 10 Year Reunion A. Ben Greenwood, Elizabeth Webber, Jen Macleod B. Brianna Kent, Kristy Moegerlein, Taya Ashelford C. Bryn Phillpot-Evans, Alex Phelan, Gavin Murray, David Jackson D. Melanie Rowe, Jana Sadek, Kylie Lewis E. Rebecca McMillan (Dessmann), Katie Jansz F. Terri Smith, David Jackson, Gavin Murray, Jessica Johnston, Lauren Lewis




CLASS OF ‘88 25 YEAR REUNION Having missed the 10 and 20 year reunions, (due to illness and being just about to pop-pregnant), it was with great trepidation that I attended the 25 year school reunion. I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn’t the massive party that the 20 year reunion had been (shame – I was ready for it!), but a small and distinguished group met at the Geebung Polo Club. Delicious food and an open bar – all our dreams come true from our youth.







There were many surprises in the bunch and a few familiar faces. It’s a strange feeling to remember not the name, but the face, school antics and personalities in detail. It’s such a cliché, I know, but some of the things that this group had experienced and done were truly amazing; travel, pursuing passions, children (some with lots and lots!), loss, marriages, great successes. It has been said, by American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, the measure of success is “to laugh often and love much; … to appreciate, to find the best in others; to give of oneself; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm …”, this is a great representation of the class of 1988. An impressive group of lovely people, sadly many faces missing. -Georgia Brent

25 Year Reunion A. Anna Nichols, Georgia Loccisano (Brent) B. Duncan Winton, Luke Matthews C. Gina Battista (Weidermann), Julie Gray D. Luke Littlefield, Andrew McKechnie, Tania Weddle (Perry), Mark Rayson, Rebecca van Rensberg (Stamm) E. Rachel Wallace (Alexander), Suzanne Doyle, Tanja Bird (Biedermann) F. Tania Weddle (Perry), Gavin van Rensberg (Partner), Rebecca van Rensberg (Stamm)




GET IN CONTACT Eltham Collegians Football Club Contact Ron Chapman - Club President on 0410 446 614, or visit Research Eltham Collegians Cricket Club Contact Sebastian Fitzpatrick on 0497 839 609 or visit

TURTLES TO GO ONE STEP FURTHER IN 2013 Following last year’s disappointing preliminary final loss, the Turtles have moved up a gear. With both Seniors and Reserves now sitting in second spot on the ladder and the scene is set for an exciting run to the finals. Ron Chapman – Old Eltham President said “The club has a very bright future, as our reserves are a young and talented squad and the core of our seniors side comprise an experienced group, who have been playing together for many years.” The Turtles field 2 teams in the VAFA Division 2 and are always looking for new members. Membership is not only open to EXEC’s, but also anyone who loves to play football. For more details go to www.elthamcollegiansfc. com or follow us on Facebook at Eltham Turtles.

A. Turtles Reserves Team B. Ben Cookson about to get a wicket


CRICKET NEWS Research ELTHAM Collegians Cricket Club (RECCC) heads into the new season armed with a Strategic Plan and a strong, re-energised Committee. The Club is pleased to announce the signing of Ben Cookson to Captain the Barclay Shield First Eleven, and serve as Head Coach for the next three seasons. Ben played with Research before moving to a successful decade of Premier level cricket. He spent the last two years with Kew Cricket Club, serving as Assistant Coach, and nine years with Ringwood Cricket Club and Hawthorn Monash- University Cricket Club. An experienced Steve Patterson will also be returning to the Club as Captain of the Seconds. Ben says “it’s an extremely exciting time for the Club with so many promising young players coming through the junior system”. One of his goals is to maximize the effectiveness of twice weekly training sessions and facilitate weekly game plans for Captains of all teams. For training and registration information, please see the website: researchelthamcollegians@ New players are always welcome from beginners trying Milo-in2Cricket sessions (aged 5-8), to Junior teams (under 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18), to multiple grades of Seniors, a One Day competition and Vets.




RHUBARB & CUSTARD PIE This recipe is like the classic custard apple pie. The recipe has been changed to rhubarb because we love the flavour and colours. This recipe was featured in the Term 3 menu at Swipers Restaurant. Pastry Crust

• 25g ground almonds

• 100g caster sugar

• 1 tsp baking powder

Spread the rhubarb in the base of the chosen oven dish (24cm square or round is suitable).

• 1 medium free range egg

• 125g plain flour

Pastry Cream

• 2 tbs spiced or dark rum The pastry requires a minimum of 2 hours resting and my suggestion would be to make the pastry the day in advance, leave it to rest in the fridge and make the rest of the pudding the following day. Cream the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. Add the egg and rum and cream to incorporate. Sift the flour, baking powder and ground almonds over the creamed butter mixture and fold it in. Turn the pastry out onto a sheet of clingfilm, bring the pastry together but do not knead it. Cover the pastry tightly and refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours.

Poached Rhubarb

• 500ml milk

• seeds 1/2 vanilla pod

• 50g corn flour

• 2 tbsp spiced rum

• 4 medium free range egg yolks

• 75g caster sugar

Rinse a medium saucepan with cold water drain but do not dry the pan, add the milk and vanilla seeds and heat over medium heat until the milk starts to boil. In a small bowl, mix the egg yolk, sugar and corn flour until it forms a smooth paste . Add half of the hot milk to the egg mixture, mixing very well. Return the custard to the warm milk and over a low heat, cook for 5 minutes, stirring continuously until thickened. Sir in the rum. Pour the warm pastry cream over the poached rhubarb.

• 500g rhubarb

• 100ml water

To Bake

• 50g caster sugar

• seeds from 1/2 vanilla pod

Pour the water, sugar and the vanilla seeds into a medium saucepan, heat over low heat until the sugar has dissolved, then turn the heat up until the syrup boils rapidly for 1 minute.

Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Roll the rested chilled pastry out onto a lightly floured work surface to 1/2 cm thickness. Cut a disk that will fit flat on top of the pastry cream. Gently transfer the pastry to the dish and lay it on top of the pastry cream. Use a metal skewer to make about 6 - 8 steam holes in the pastry, bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven.

Add the rhubarb, cover the pan with a lid and poach the rhubarb for 5 minutes. Do not overcook as it may collapse and loose its shape.

Let the pudding cool for 15 minutes then brush the rhubarb vanilla syrup over to glaze. Serve either warm or cold. Serves 8.

Wash the rhubarb and cut into 2cm pieces.


Drain the rhubarb in a fine sieve, retain the syrup.

• 60g unsalted butter

The child has a hundred languages a hundred hands a hundred thoughts a hundred ways of thinking of playing, of speaking A hundred, always a hundred ways of listening, of marvelling, of loving, a hundred joys for singing and understanding. to discover, a hundred worlds to invent, a hundred worlds to dream.

The child has a hundred languages (and a hundred hundred hundred more) but they steal ninety nine. The school and the culture separate the head from the body.

Loris Malaguzzi

ELTHAM COLLEGE FOUNDATION There have been some exciting changes for ELTHAM College Foundation. Jim Kouts, Chairman, announced recently that the purchase of Kids on Collins had been completed and that the Foundation had appointed Iain Cowan as CEO of the Foundation.

Kids on Collins is a prestigious and very dominant Child Care Centre in the CBD. It has developed exciting new concepts in care and early learning, from which other businesses will learn. Kids on Collins has a nursery section for 0 to 2 year-olds and then, preschool for 3 and 4 year-olds. We are working with them to extend the learning concept and opportunities in the preschool. For example, there is much to learn from ELTHAM’s highly successful Early Learning Centre (ELC) where the creativity and curiosity that young children bring to the centre can be grown and fostered. David Warner attended the ELC Grandparents Day and talked with children about the poem (opposite) by Loris Malaguzzi (1920-1994). The original poem is longer, but it is beautiful and reminds us of the dangers of preschool and school reducing the opportunities for children to grow, explore, create and just be. Iain Cowan has been Business Manager and Company Secretary of ELTHAM College for some 16 years. He has also been the licencee for the Foundations Child Care Centres. Iain will bring with him an enormous knowledge about child care and all its regulations as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. Iain’s passion for the College and the Foundation make him ideal John CitizenFiculiis ocusquod susanggh choice to lead the Foundation as it grows in its fomnequam ocaetrae ocrivvdssoludam capacity to support ELTHAM College.

fbetilibut arid Catique in popotiu quit; 16



ECCA PARENTS SUPPORTING ELTHAM Highlights of events organised by the ELTHAM College Community Association (ECCA)


ECCA ROUND UP The year got off to a big start, with a variety of events to welcome students and parents to the ELTHAM community. For our Year 5 and Year 7 families, term one kicked off a day early with the Welcome to Middle Years BBQ lunch on the Sunday. The event was a great way for students to get to know their new surroundings, meet their teachers and ensure there were many more familiar faces on their first day. Swipers Gully was the venue for two further welcome events. A Welcome Morning Tea was held on the first day of school for Early and Junior Years parents which for some was a welcome distraction for first day nerves, but for most it was a chance to catch up after the Christmas holiday break and ease into the new school year.

John CitizenFiculiis ocusquod sus ggh A. Middle Years BBQ lunch B. ocrivvdssoludam Parent Cocktail Party fomnequam ocaetrae C. Early & Junior Years Welcome Picnic fbetilibut arid Catique in popotiu quit;



B Swipers was also the ideal setting for our Parent Welcome Cocktail Party. This annual event on the College calendar is held at the start of each year to welcome both new and current families with a child entering Prep, Year 7 or a child new to ELTHAM in any year level. Guests were entertained by the delightful piano and vocals duo of ExECS Lara McQuillan and Jordyn Latta, who are not only musical talents but both girls were College Captains in their Final Year in 2010.

The annual Welcome Picnic held at the Eltham Miniature Railway provided our Early & Junior Years’ families and staff with another great opportunity to reconnect after the holidays and meet new families. The extremely hot weather was no barrier to students and staff, with many takers for the train rides , as well as icy- poles galore. Thank you to all our families, staff members and ECCA volunteers who helped to make these events enjoyable for all.


ELTHAM’s signature MASTERWORKS contemporary art exhibition will be staged next year to coincide with the College’s 40th Anniversary celebrations. This milestone anniversary exhibition will feature artists with a link to ELTHAM , showcasing 40 years of art reflecting the depth and breadth of our College

community over the years. ECCA is inviting expressions of interest from our ExECS artists who would like to be involved with this exciting event. Please contact Simone Houlihan on 9433 9920 or email for further information.


Friends of Groups

CHECKING IN WITH FRIENDS Find out more about the great activities our Friends of Groups have been involved in recently.




On the first week of the July holidays 50 students, parents and teachers went on the annual Snow Trip to Mt. Hotham. Despite the lack of snow all students made the most of their time on the mountain, with morning lessons followed by skiing and airtime at the Rail Park, and night skiing on the “Big D� a highlight. It was great to see so many beginners get down their first run without falling and the excitement after accomplishing this was priceless. Special thanks to staff Paul Cifone, Vanessa Jackson, Emma Lowing and Guy Mitchell who helped make it a great week.

The great ELTHAM tradition of House Music was given a fresh, new look this year which well and truly delighted all. Guests were treated to highly engaging Stage Spectacular events that encompassed musical, dance, choral and storytelling elements all rolled into one mega item per house. This new approach was also extended to allow the Year 9 city campus to showcase their talents separately. The Chamber item for each house continued in its high standard and proud tradition. Congratulations to the house leaders who showed great initiative and enthusiasm to make the new format such a success, and to Nillumbik as the overall winner in 2013. Friends of Music would also like to thank the very generous College families who supported the House Music Raffle by donating the fabulous prizes. Over $2,000 was raised which will continue to support music education at ELTHAM as it enters an exciting new phase with the redevelopment of the Music & Performance Centre this year.

Under the guidance of ExEC and triple Olympian Warwick Draper and Friends of Kayaking, the ELTHAM College kayaking program has been building momentum over the last few months. A total of 14 students from Year 7 have completed the sports program of 5 sessions in the pool and 5 sessions out on the Yarra River. Lunchtime kayaking in the College pool has also returned on Mondays, with lots of students taking advantage of this in Term 2. The July school holiday quickstart program also saw 10 students fast-track their skills with 3 - 6 sessions on the river over the break, with a number of them continuing on to do weekly kayaking lessons during Term 3.

William Lewis Year 8 (pictured above) represented ELTHAM at the Victorian Interschools Championships held at Mt Buller in August. Competing in the Alpine Giant Slalom and Skier Cross events, William achieved great results. Friends of Snowsports willsus be building John CitizenFiculiis ocusquod ggh up the team in 2014 to ensure we have a good fomnequam ocaetrae ocrivvdssoludam spread of competitors across all skiing and fbetilibut aridevents. Catique in popotiu quit; snowboarding

For more info about the kayaking program or to get started contact:

ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects Leading the way in transforming educational design

Designing healthy workplaces

ELTHAM College Chemistry Labs

Creating spaces for vibrant communities

ELTHAM College Science Extension

ELTHAM College Music and Performace Centre

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It’s worth swiping.

At Swipers Gully we make a range of classic Yarra Valley wines that occasionally inspire a little cheekiness. Maybe it’s because they’re full of character and life. Or perhaps it’s because we keep a close eye on their quality and only release limited batches of our best wines at any given time. Either way, if you do get your hands on a John CitizenFiculiis ocusquod sus ggh bottle of Swipers Gully Wine, we suggest you keep your eyes on it. Available at fomnequam ocaetrae ocrivvdssoludam fbetilibut arid Catique in popotiu quit;

ph: (03) 94194340

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The students speak for themselves


Connections 2013  

Connections 2013