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Tuesday May 15, 2018

RIO HONDO COLLEGE NEWSPAPER est. 1964 Serving the Rio Hondo Community

Volume 56 Issue 13

Farwell to Executive Dean of Counseling, Dr. Mike Muñoz OLIVIA VENEGAS Opinion/Lifestyles Editor

ALBERT BRETADO/MARKETING Dr. Muñoz thanked President Dreyfuss in a heartfelt moment during his farewell party Thursday, May 10 at Rio Hondo College. After accepting his recognition plaque, he thanked his fellow faculty members.

Dr. Mike Muñoz, Executive Dean of Counseling and Student services said farewell to Rio Hondo College May 10. Munoz is leaving Rio Hondo after 11 years to become Long Beach City College’s new Vice President of Student Support Services. “This opportunity was a professional growth opportunity and I allowed myself to be open to it,” Muñoz commented. The event took place in the Board Room, where faculty and students came to congratulate and say goodbye to their beloved Dean of Counseling. Snacks and drinks were provided along with two goodbye cakes dedicated to Dr. Muñoz. Superintendent/President Teresa Dreyfuss presented Munoz with a plaque for his many years of excellence and dedications to students, it stated “Congratulations Dr. Continued on page 4

An Evening of Dance: A Repertory Concert at Rio Hondo MICHAEL KHURAIBET Digital Editor-in-Chief

The Rio Hondo College Dance Program hosted An Evening of Dance: A Repertory Concert on Thursday and Friday. Under the direction of Dr. Alyson Cartagena, the dance program is designed to “further the skills of both the dancer and non-dancer...” Students performed from the modern dance classes and dance repertory. There were also pieces by the Dance Collective, Rio Hondo’s touring dance troupe. Each segment of the concert was made up of a variety of dance styles, mainly ballet. World-renowned dance professionals such as Lar Lubovitch and the MN Dance Company inspired many of the evening’s selections. Themes ranged from elegant, to sensual, to abstract. Most of the pieces at An EveContinued on page 7

MICHAEL KHURAIBET/EL PAISANO NEWS Most of the sets at the repertory concert incorporated ballet. Select Rio Hondo Dance Program students were able to perform their own unique sets, which they choreographed as part of their class final.


El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018


Jennifer Newsom Visits Rio Hondo College

NOAH GARCIA/EL PAISANO NEWS RHC sophmore Pablo Brandon De Leon speaking to Jennifer Newsom in the college’s board room, May 14, 2018 - While a majority of the students there to meet Newsom were law students, De Leon specializes in public relations and communications. He spoke to the documentarian on issues of immigration and public defense.


American documentarian/public figure Jennifer Siebel Newsom visited the Rio Hondo campus and spoke with its students, to

experience the Rio Hondo Community for herself, May 14, 2018. While touring the campus, Newsom spoke to the RHC’s Pathway members; students that are part of specific streamlined process that structures their classes/

school work towards a specific goal. The meeting was an open dialogue between Newsom and the students, both sides discussing their backgrounds, goals for the future and the current socio political climate

for student futures in general. She was accompanied by her associate Supervisor Hilda Solis who had attended Rio Hondo, and was one of the influencers of the visit to the campus. While Solis was there as a guide to the campus and its community, the idea of visiting this campus came from her husband Gavin Newsom, 2018 candidate for California Governor, “He [Husband Gavin Newsom] has been praising the community college system across california, and i am so honored to be here today, with supervisor Solis, to learn how special this college is, in the various trade arenas…its very dynamic and that’s very incredible community college that i feel honored to learn more about, and to see if there’s anything i can do to support the great work they do already. ” Newsom is working on a documentary on the of inequality of the american dream not being a reality for a large amount of americans. The film sets out to examine the the gender, race and class issues of today as well as examining the huge gaps of social/economic status between people as well as the limited mobility of such satus between those already.

Multiple Killed in Suicide Bombings in Indonesia RODLOFO PINEDO Reporter

Three different churches in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia were attacked by suicide bombers on Sunday morning, May 13. Roughly 11 people were killed while dozens wounded during church services. Police reports declare the involvement of five suicide bombers. Including a woman accompanied by two children and a male on a motorcycle. Frans Barung Mangera, Spokesperson of the local police said that the first attack killed 4 citizens and wounded 41 citizens including two police officers. The first attack took place in Santa Maria Roman Catholic Church. Minutes after

Highland High School Opens For First Time Since School Shooting MADELYN GASTELUM Reporter

VIA GOOGLE MAPS A mother and father in Indonesia used themselves and their four children to set off the suicide attacks Sunday, May 13.

the first explosion, a second one occurred at the Christian Church of Diponegoro and a final explosion was detonated at the Pantekosta Church. Wawan Purwanto, communications director of Indonesia’s Intelligence agency

suspects the terrorist group, Jamaah Ansharut Daulah to be responsible. Jamaah Ansharut Daulah was formed back in 2015 stemmed from previous radical groups before them. The organization has pledged

its allegiance to ISIS and its followers. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks but police officials are still investigating as they gather evidence.

Monday, May 14, Highland High School in Palmdale opens its campus for students since the shooting on May 11. Friday, May 11, a former student of the school entered the campus and shot 10 rounds injuring one student. The victim of the shooting underwent surgery this weekend and is expected to make a full recovery. The suspect’s motive for

the shooting has still not been discovered but he is currently in custody with an expect court hearing coming up soon. Highland High School sophomore, Ruberto Ramirez, showed hesitation in an interview with KTLA 5 commenting, “I don’t want to come to school but I have to.” He left his home with encourag-

ing words from his mother, telling him that he has to face everything he goes through. Highland High School had a late start Monday and classes started around 10am. There will also be a stronger police presence on the campus along with grief counselors for the students who will be returning to school.

Sunny California Brings On Dangerous UV Rays DANIEL CAMPOS Reporter

This summer is set to be a scorcher, with many people flocking to the beach and backyards to catch some rays. California was just ranked the world’s fifth largest economy and our weather undoubtedly helps fuel tourism and local spending abound. There is no age limit when it comes to spending time in the sun, newborns are taken to beaches and 100-year-old people sit out to warm up. Engrained images bring on picturesque views of Caucasian women soaking up the sun but USC reports that minorities, especially adolescents are spending more time in the sun and tanning beds and link the behavior to obsessive-compulsive disorder and other mental illnesses. USC says that while 17 states, inclusive of California have blocked underage tanning booth visits, it’s causing that age group to rebel and spend more time in the sun. Christina Tiel, a writer for PopSugar, writes that she now regrets the wrinkles in her face and vast amounts of sunspots and moles on her body. She openly writes that she is painstakingly using creams and serums to help reduce the signs of UV damage but see’s Botox as the only option to help plump out her skin. She also shared photos of her sunburnt skin taken during her younger years and says that was just part of growing up in the south through the 2000’s. Hawaii’s economy also depends on tourism to add to its gross domestic product per capita but had to take a stand in an ongoing effort to protect its grand Coral Reef. The reef, in some regions, are protected, while others are left for tourist to jump in the water and sweat off oxybenzone currently contained in popular sunscreens like Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic. Hawaii banned the use of oxybenzone but will allow some time for distributors to get rid of overhead stock and comply with current and forthcoming regulations. Sportswear company Adidas and Beachwear company Nothing But Water have incorporated anti-UV reflective materials into some of their clothing as well. Meteorologists report that 2018 will be a summer much like 2016 and Friday, May 11 sees 100-degree weather throughout the LA basin.

El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018



U.S. Violating the Nuclear Iran Deal JOSE AHUMADA Reporter

President Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal. March 8, Trump announced in the White House that he would reimpose sanctions on Iran’s oil sector that were lifted as part of the agreement. Trump said that the United States will “not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail” and will not allow a regime that chants “death to America” to gain access to nuclear weapons. So what exactly does this mean? It basically just means that our so called leader has put the United States in vio-

lation of its obligations under the agreement. By doing this, Trump basically made America seem as if they can’t keep their word. He justified his actions by saying “We cannot prevent an Iranian bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement, therefore, I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal.”

Possible Fund Cut to Children Health Insurance Program The White House is planning to cut CHIP’s funding by $7 billion. The overall budget cuts for the year is expected to be $15 billion making the CHIP cuts nearly 47% of the overall cuts. OLIVIA VENENGAS Opinion/Lifestyles Editor

Last week, the White House announced it may be cutting $7 billion in funding for the Children Health Insurance Program, also known as CHIP. CHIP is a program from Medicaid that provides health insurance to over eight million children across the country to families that do not qualify for medicaid but still cannot afford their own health coverage. Because of this program, millions of children have received medical treatment that might otherwise have been financially available to these families. Just months ago, the White House failed to “reauthorize a long-term appropriation” for the program who’s funding had ended at the end of September. This caused parents of children under the program to take action and plead for CHIP to be funded properly.

The news got much more attention when talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel realized how important CHIP when his newborn son needed critical medical attention. Kimmel dedicated posts and his own show’s intro monologue to share his story and to urge our politicians to properly fund CHIP. Now, we are back in the same but different situation. Months ago, politicians were trying to figure out how to keep temporarily funding CHIP and created an extension. Today the White House is planning to cut CHIP’s funding by $7 billion. The overall budget cuts for the year is expected to be $15 billion making the CHIP cuts nearly 47% of the overall cuts. This comes as a request from Trump which makes his tweet saying “ CHIP should be a part of a long term solution, not a 30 Day, or a short term, extension!” Trump’s an idea of a long term extension seems to be a massive budget cut to CHIP in the overall budget cuts. While politicians may see these cuts as currently necessary, millions of parents that support CHIP and a Congressional Budget Office Analysis shared that funding over CHIP would save the government $6 billion over the next ten years as oppose to immediately cuttings its funds.

There was nothing rotten about the deal, though. A lot of evidence suggests that Iran was complying with the deal and dismantled a huge portion of its nuclear program. There was basically no evidence that Iran putting their end of the bargain. Even the countries that support his decision, Israel and Saudi Arabia, have not even presented evidence that Iran violated any part of the deal.

Trumps case rested with the fact that the deal is not entirely permanent; the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program start to relax about 10 years after the signed deal (even though the agreement not to build nuclear weapons is permanent). Another concern was the deal not covering other problems like Iran’s ballistic missile development and supporting violent militias

around the Middle East. The French President Emmanuel Macron instead asked trump for a different approach to these issues by opening up new negotiations with Iran while still staying in the deal but Trump decided instead to opt out of it entirely.

Trump Administration : Sued For Discontinuing DACA CESAR GONZALEZ Reporter

Since the Trump administration has been in office, programs such as DACA or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has since been an ongoing battle to keep it up and running. On May 2nd the fight for DACA continued as 7 states including Texas have filed a lawsuit suing the federal government, this time to end DACA. The lawsuit included states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, and West Virginia. The main issue was addressed towards the Obama administration who started the program DACA. This program was created to allow children who were brought into the United States as a child illegally to remain in the country without congressional approval. The lawsuit stated, “The executive unilaterally conferred lawful presence and work authorization on otherwise unlawfully present aliens, and then the executive used that lawful-presence ‘dispensation’ to unilaterally confer United States citizenship.” The lawsuit permits the United District Court for the Southern District of Texas to immediately rescind and cancel all current DACA for the reasoning of being unlawful. The lawsuit also requests that the government stop the renewal of all DACA permits in the future. This is in hopes

that the government will also effectively discontinue the program within the duration of two years. Although the lawsuit signifies the conflict among two parties which cannot find common ground. President Trump has been attempting to remove DACA in September and has since then asked the government to provide a replacement law. This action has not been done so by either party in the government. Many legal challenges have also come in the way of the repeal. An example is occurred last week when a federal judge from Washington state which stated, “The government must keep the program in place and start accepting applications again, unless it can provide a stronger legal justification for abandoning it.” DACA has been asked to be preserved, although some lawsuits like the ones in San Francisco and Brooklyn will continue. Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas stated, “Three activist federal judges have blocked the federal government from cancelling DACA.” Paxton’s office has filed this lawsuit on Tuesday May 1st. Paxton’s office also stated, “That means that unelected federal judges are forcing the Trump administration to leave an unlawful program in place indefinitely as legal challenges drag on.” Paxton also pursues to change the minds of the federal judges that are against

the Trump administration to proceed with the appeal. Even though the leads of the Department of Homeland Security are the ones being sued, Paxton and his office have hopes that the courts will finally succumb to giving Trump the appeal that he has been wanting for some time now. No comments were given from the Department of Homeland Security at this time on the legislation matter at hand. Gilberto Hinojosa, who is the chairman of the democratic party of Texas has criticized the appeal of DACA and claims Paxton’s rule to be “cruel anti-immigration agenda will rip over 124,000 Texans away from their families and jeopardize our economy.” Thomas A. Saenz, who is the president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund commented that the lawsuit that was filed on Tuesday was late on terms that DACA was first formed and introduced to the United States six years ago. Paxton’s office in Texas was also responsible for the appeal of charges made against a similar program called DAPA or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans. This lawsuit was successfully filed back in 2016 in the Supreme court. In June of 2017 Paxton made threats to challenge DACA, but because Trump ordered to have DACA to end three months later, Paxton has postponed till now.


El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018


Farwell to Executive Dean of Counseling, Dr. Mike Muñoz Mike Muñoz Executive Dean of Counseling and Student Equity. For your dedication, enthusiasm, cooperation and hard work. For always going above and beyond.” Muñoz took the podium to thank his fellow faculty, Rio Hondo College, but most importantly Senior Secretary/ Counseling and Student Services Veronica Rodriguez. “I am just so thankful to have worked with you these past five years.” Munoz later went on to say “My success is a large part because of you, so thank you.” After Muñoz said his heartfelt goodbye, Counselor Mary Rivera took the podium to share her emotional speech about him. Rivera acknowledged Muñoz as a friend, colleague, but most importantly as a great listener.

“He has brought so much to our division and I’d like to think we had a lot to do with his growth. We challenged and he listened.” Rivera added about her colleague, “He has a big heart, he has ambition but mostly he’s a great listener. And I am going to miss the hell out of him.” After the teary-eyed speeches were done, Muñoz went around the room talking and hugging his colleagues and grateful students. The event went on for two more hours as an opportunity for faculty and students to say their goodbyes while enjoying crispy wings with the Executive Dean of Counseling. Muñoz dedicated his time and efforts to the Rio Hondo students with welcome and support, Long Beach City will be lucky to have him.


JAMES SPENCER/EL PAISANO NEWS The goodbye speeches drew some emotion, but Dr. Muñoz was all smiles for most of his farewell party..

Weekly Horoscope

This is a week of romance for you ! Someone that you love is going to suprise you, so act positively to it , alright !

May 15 - 21

There’s a good chance you can get sick so ready yourself for that. Prepare your body, and try

Get your self together. Grab all your feelings of regret, put it in a bag, and get it together.

Rain will be your ally. in some sort of situation, the cold weather will help you out.

People are going to be playing games with your heart this week, so pull up and knock em, because they are gonna be in your way.

You are going to be a winner this week. Succeding is your fate this week, and don’t let anything stand in your way.

Do not let anyone rain on your parade. They give you hell, and you give them hell right back.

Some one is going to betray you. Keep all your eyes on your goals, and be ready for someone you care about to stab you in the back.

Patience is going to be your greatest ally, because some delicate situation is going to require it.

Anyone with the last name of Rodriguez is seriously going to mess with you. Avoid all those who go by that name.

Look you best, because whatever charm you may think you have is going to fail, so rely on your connections and looks as best you can. Ever since you left you home, someone has been watching out for you. Help them, because this person is going to be in danger !

El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018



Ninth Planet Myth Maybe True Afterall According to A Midieval Tapestry

hiding. Although experts can’t confirm this a team from Queen’s University Belfast may have just figured out to see if a ninth planet really exist or not. It might be the Anglo-Saxons can answer this age-old question. With 950-year-old clues, in the Bayeux Tapestry they have pictures of a comet, and in 1066 the Tapestry was created. These documents go into detail of the passing of Halley’s Comet. By creating simulations of the comet orbit path, experts may have figured out if the ninth planet has any kind of effect on it. Nothing has yet to be confirmed, but this is getting a lot of space junkies excited. The thought of space alone is mind-blowing, but to have another planet in our system that we didn’t even know about is huge for mankind.


There’s always been this theory that there has been a ninth planet at the end of our solar system. This idea has been called simply the “ninth planet theory”. Nasa and other space agencies have been debating for years now if there was another planet really hidden out there. This planet if it is true is estimated to be about 10 times bigger than Earth and 20 times further from the sun than Neptune. And if there is another planet it would explain why our solar system is a little off balance. Most stars in other systems tend to rotate in a line with its sun. But our system is a little bit different ours are off by six degrees on the axis side. Nasa believes this is because of the ninth planet that is

If “Planet Nine” is found with the help of ancient records, it may end up being 20 times farther away from the sun than Neptune. If planet nine is out there in the far fringes of our solar system, this could help explain how the gravitional orbit in the Kuiper Astroid Belt works, according to Queen’s University Belfast.


Jupiter and Venus Change Earth’s Cure For Baldness Found? Orbit Every 405,000 Years JOSE AHUMADA



A new study recently appeared that revealed Jupiter and Venus are shifting Earth’s orbit every 405,000 years. Researchers have found out that the Earth begins in a circular motion before transforming into a more ellipse figure. The earth travels around the sun because of the gravitational influence of the nearby objects. Researchers have examined Arizona’s ancient rocks and have discovered the first physical evidence of the circular path which was earlier predicted by astrophysicists. Study Co-author Paul Olsen who is a paleontologist at Columbia said: “ This is truly complicated stuff” and also stated “ We are using basically the same kinds of math to send spaceships to Mars, and sure, that works. But once you start extending interplanetary motions back in time and tie that to cause and effect in climate, we can’t claim that we understand how it all works.” A team of scientists have traced evidence of the Earth’s circular path to about 215 million years ago. Research-

VIA MACMILLAN AUSTRALIA PRIMARY LIBRARY Planetary scientists were able to find out more about Earth’s orbit by measuring the core samples of rock found on the East Coat to a rock found in Arizona.

ers have analyzed 1,500 feet cores of rock from Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park and different parts from New Jersey and New York. Both rocks from New Jersey and New York do not have any volcanic ash layers which help identify the date they were made. The team of scientists have researched this circular path for years and have finally found their first clue to the 405,000 cycle. The set of rocks has been impacted by the change by changing the effects of short-term cycles. Lead author Dennis Kent who is an expert in paleomagnetism at Columbia University

and Rutgers University said: “There are other, shorter, orbital cycles, but when you look into the past, it’s very difficult to know which one you’re dealing with at any one time, because they change over time” and “The beauty of this 405,000 yearone is that it stands alone, it doesn’t change. All the other ones move over it.” The changes will help more scientists understand the systems around the globe and will help research become easier as they study to understand more about dinosaurs.

A potential cure for baldness has been discovered with the drug cyclosporine A that was meant to cure osteoporosis. This research was published Tuesday May 8 in the journal PLOS biology. Cyclopine A is a drug that has been used since the 1980’s to prevent transplant organ rejection and reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease. There are several side effects from cyclospine A which include convulsions and diarrhea, yet patients found out that the drug also caused unwanted hair growth. Researchers from the University of Manchester found that it had a dramatic effect on hair follicles in the lab, causing them to grow. The scientists found out that cyclospine had a protein called SFRP1 that affects many tissues including hair follicles. They looked for another agent that targeted SFRP1 and found that WAY-316606 was better at growing hair than cyclospine A. Next step in research is looking for clinical trials to see whether use of this compound is safe for humans. Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital

in NYC is hopeful that the research being conducted will help bring about a new medication to help bring a step closer in finding ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair. Day, who was not involved in the research has said she has seen many “strides” in hair loss research over the past decade. “Now we have treatments that are available,” she said. Recently, drugs known as Janus kinase inhibitors-JAK inhibitors-are found to have produced a head full of hair in patients who have alopecia areata, a type of baldness that affects both men and women. “Hair loss is not just an aesthetic thing. It really does affect someone’s self-esteem and their sense of well-being,” she said, adding that 30% of her practice deals with hair loss. “People come in devastated, near suicidal over hair. Hair, being a fundamental way we project ourselves to the world, is important to many people,” she said. Clinical trials still need to take place to ensure treatment is safe, according to project leader Nathan Hawkshaw. The new treatment could “make a real difference to people who suffer from hair loss,” he said BBC reports.



El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018

Aw Geez! 70 More Episodes of ‘Rick and Morty’ Coming to Adult Swim RAMON ALVARADO Editor-in-Chief

Aw geez! Co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon announced Thursday, May 10 that they’ve signed a deal to renew the hit ‘toon show Rick and Morty for 70(!) more episodes. There’s still no telling just when the fourth season of wild, portal-jumping adventures will be back on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Roiland made the announcement with a tweet containing a drawing of the stars of the show, Rick and Morty with some dialogue, thanks to text bubbles. “It’s official Morty. 70 more episodes Morty. You and me. 70 more Morty,” Rick says in the drawing. All Morty replies in his text bubble is his famous “aw, geez.” The last time we saw Rick and his grandson go on a crazy adventure was October 1

of last year, when they found themselves in a war with the President in the White House. Fans of the show knew that they would have to wait some time for the fourth season. In a post-credit scene of the season three finale, one famous character makes an appearance and shares some information. “Ooh-wee, what a season,” Mr. Poopybutthole says as we sits with his new family. “See you for season four, in, like… a really long time.” Thursday’s announcement brought some relief to viewers, however. There’s been 31 episodes of Rick and Morty through three seasons so far. Now, the world is guaranteed to see more than double that amount in the future. Season one of Rick and Morty debuted back in October of 2013, leading a 11-episode run. Seasons two and three both featured 10 episodes each.

From this, fans can expect to see seven more seasons of Rick and Morty. There’s no telling if Roiland and Harmon will decide to switch it up. To help celebrate the huge news, the creators have launched the Rickmobile “Don’t Even Trip Road Trip 2018” pop-up shop. The popup shop truck will be selling exclusive clothing and more. The Rickmobile tour will begin May 18, in Atlanta, Georgia and conclude in Tallahassee, Fla. October 20. Rick and Morty fans in Los Angeles were left out on the first released schedule of Rickmobile stops. The pop-up shop will be in San Diego for five days, however, from July 18-July 22. With the Szechuan sauce at McDonald’s, the Rickmobile pop-up shop, and the 70-episode renewal announcement, the Rick and Morty hype train is set to get rolling again.

Tony We Got A Problem

VIA ADULT SWIM Adult Swim reported, in an IGN article, that Season 3 of ‘Rick and Morty’ was the most watched comedy show in the network’s history.

Bill and Ted 3 Finally Happeing

VIA ENTERTIANMENTWEEKLY Offically named “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” the movie’s plot is set to continue sending the duo on a time traveling mission after a visitor from the future foreshadows doom for all.


PHOTO ILLUSTRATION/JAKE LAURELL The custome prop was actually worn by Robert Downey Jr and currently valued at $325,000. The robbery is still under investigation by the LAPD. Contact the LAPD if you have any information regarding the crime.


Man, the Avengers can’t get a break! Especially Tony Stark, if it’s not with Thanos invading destroying half the universe. Or some this that decided to break into a movie storage, and steal a real-life Iron Man suit. Yes, that last part actually happened. The original suit worn in the original Iron Man, one the

famous red and gold has been stolen, the very one that was worn by Robert Downey Jr. It was stolen at Pacoima warehouse officials claimed Wednesday morning. That suit is worth quite a lot of money 325,000 dollars to be exact. The suit was stolen on 13000 block of Weidner Street. And it was reported that it was stolen sometime between February and late April this year. This was confirmed by the LAPD,

and the worker who discovered that it was missing just decided to check if it was there then realized it was missing. Not a whole lot is known about the thief as of right now. The LAPD refused to say who owns the storage facility. To top things off, they have absolutely no idea who stole this iconic suit. And Disney and Marvel have yet to say anything on this whole ordeal.

After 27 long and eventful years Bill and Ted are finally coming back for Bill and Ted 3, officially titled Bill and Ted Face The Music. This isn’t just a rumor too, this is as legit as it ever gets. According to Slash Film, a movie blog website, everything is already in place. Main actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are confirmed and so is the funding for the movie. With Reeves and Winter already on board, Screenwriters from both Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, will be in charge of reprising Reeves and Winters

characters after this long hiatus. Although the wheels are slowly starting to turn for this project, production can’t begin till Reeves is done with the shooting of John Wick 3. There’s no specific start date but both screenwriters are aiming for later this year The Movie will take place in the characters middle aged years with families and they’re dream of being big rock stars far behind them. Take place exactly where they left off, Bill and Ted still have to write the greatest song in the world in order to be the greatest people in the world, a promise they were given when only 16. Ed solomon has a full interview on the Collider where he gives up basically any information he can.

El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018



An Evening of Dance: A Repertory Concert ning of Dance were staged by faculty members Dr. Cartagena, Lisa Jay, Kristina Urteaga, Rachel Lopez, Carol McDowell, and Paige Melvin Zink. However, a number of segments were choreographed and performed by students. David Bernal performed “Cocoon,” which he also wrote. As Bernal took the stage, fog filled the house to give the audience a unique atmosphere. Once on stage, he showed off an exotic solo set to tribal music. Bernal earned sig praise, as he represented Rio Hondo at the 2018 American College Dance Festival. Bernal was also one of three students accepted into the Limón Dance Company’s West Coast Summer Program.

The workshop provides students two weeks of training under Colin Connor, Limón’s artistic director. Bernal, as well as Jaylani De La Cruz, and Clarissa Caguioa all won scholarships to attend. Darlene Adams is a student in her first semester with the dance program. She described the synergy that comes with being a dancer and the thrill of performing. “You get to link music and emotions and you get to show that to people,” Adams said. “You can really inspire people through that.” Rio Hondo Dance Collective auditions are Thursday, May 18 at 1:00 p.m. in room 141 of the KDA complex, open to anyone interested.

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife OLIVIA VENEGAS

Opinion/Lifestyles Editor

This Mother’s Day Netflix brought the gift of comedy to mothers by releasing female comic, Ali Wong’s second Netflix special titled, “Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife”. Wong was also writer for three season for ABC’s sitcom Fresh Off the Boat. Much like on her first special, Wong was pregnant and her special was released on Mother’s Day. Although, her material was a little different than from the first. It was Wong’s first special in two years, since she is now a mother to a two year-old daughter with another baby on the way, spoke about the painful and traumatizing truth of giving birth and early motherhood. She began her set by sharing how wrong she was about being a stay-at-home mom. What she thought was going to be a vacation was more like “solitary confinement all day long with this human Tamagotchi.” Wong was not ashamed to discuss the very disturbingly natural body changes a woman goes through after giving birth and the women of the crowd laughed at her honesty. She explained how breastfeeding has the same moral story as the children’s book The Giving Tree, where a tree gives all its livelihood and looks for a “freeloader”. However, she still expresses her sexuality.

She also tackled the issue of set gender roles when it comes to parenting. People have asked her questions while she is working of “who is taking care of the baby” and the praise dad’s receive for doing the bare minimum with their child. Even though it was for her stand-up, Wong turned her experience into jokes and made the women of the audience cheer her on. The female comic is a Vietnamese/Chinese, making most of her audience of Asian decent, an obvious example or representation mattering. This also means unlike white comics, she discussed the issue of racial stereotypes as an Asian woman who admits to not driving very well. “Thank you, thank you but f**k you, for assuming correctly about me,” as she talked about her experience of parallel parking. While the theme of her stand up was early motherhood, Wong also preached a lot of feminist ideas of being a working mom, maternity leave, and making more money than her Harvard graduate husband. Wong explains that while her mother believes a man would be intimidated by this, Wong said “the only kind of man that would leave a woman who makes more money, is the kind of man that doesn’t like free money.” Her two comedy specials are available to watch on Netflix with the promise of a good laugh.


MICHAEL KHURAIBET/EL PAISANO NEWS Members of the Rio Hondo Dance Program performed a number of pieces inspired by world-renowned dance professionals.



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Childish Gambino “This is America” Music Video Underlying Message DANTE LOPEZ-BENNETT Copy Editor

This week Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover: rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, director, etc. released his “This Is America” single with a mind-blowing visual to accompany it. Literally. The video, complete with all sorts of demise and chaos rampant throughout, is one of the most important artistic works of the past decade and is important for one reason. This is about the first sign of the power to which media, celebrity, and their accompanying riches have become enough of a means for wielding credible authority. Authority, if not the absolute and undulating command of attention, is what Glover has forced upon us by his art. Much like our celebrity president, he’s used that jawbreaking audacity afforded by his status to ensure we discuss every single little detail. To this day he has not come out with a concise explanation of the video. If he’s smart, he won’t because it’s only the work of brilliant minds to use madness as a tool to achieve what needs to be done. In terms of visual culture there are events that are to be remembered, and then there are those to be studied. Rather than delve into the many meanings (or none of all) that could arise from the video, everybody should recall that there are no better indications of a time’s state of mind than the work of its artists. After being told “This Is America,” I’m left wondering, what do our artists say about ours? Gambino’s message appears to be one of a typical sort, akin to the archetypal old man warning of the end of the world in all the disas-

Twitter was trending with Childish Gambino’s latest music video“This is America.”

ter movies to whom nobody listens to. We dance our way out of tragedies no sooner than we’ve ended up in them. We’re absolutely disconnected and desensitized though our children aren’t, but end up so nonetheless as they upon birth are a part of this system all the same. Much like a warehouse industrial setting, fear resulting from chaos this day, is being manufactured. But never mind all that. As a human being present in history’s latest offering of madness, you can’t do anything but applaud the work of Mr. Glover this time around because he’s saying something much “realer” than most. With all his genius, Donald Glover might be telling us “Invisible Man,” woman, or child of America whose logic and wishes are often ignored, all the same, to “Get Out” of America because the revolution is starting to look mightily televised. If Donald Glover is that old man in the disaster movies, then we as a public obsessing over Kardashians,


jewels, degrees, and our trinkets, are the white girls in a scary movie. Trippin, more often than not, headfirst into a downward spiral of debauchery and VIA YOUTUBE decadence. Childish Gambino’s video has a lot of symbolism that fans shared on social media, but Gambino did not confirm any. Humanity, as a species with its priorities by no means in check and on its current trajectory, appears to be as short-lived as Kanye’s loyalty to anybody but himself.

“This is America” is Gambino’s first music video in two years and is a masterpiece.

Creative Writing Corner: Poetry . Happy Six Month Anniversary As we walked through the park, I couldn’t help but turn my head to another pretty penny who I reluctantly pictured in bed. I covered my glances with a phony smile, and said, “I love you! It’s been a while” She shakes off the thought of someone new While I continue my daydreams of a life without you.

As we walk and walk, and I turn my head I picture myself lying in bed. The guilt I feel when you’re around, reminds me of crying to our kissing sound. I feel that it’s fake, Maybe it’s lust? But it’s been half-year, And I’ve broken the trust. -James Spencer


El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018

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Colorism: In the Mexican/Hispanic- Community OLIVIA VENEGAS Opinion/Lifestyles Editor

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It may surprise many to know that people of African descent have been a part of the Americas for as long as Europeans have been. Afromestizos, or people of African and Amerindian descent, have played a huge role in the Americas. From music to theater, dancing, and fashion, and even politics, people of African descent have shaped and molded our world. For example, did you know that Mexico was the first country in the Americas to have a black president? That’s right, long before Obama shook things up in the USA, Mexico had voted in Vicente Guerrero. Guerrero, an Afromexican himself, enforced anti-slavery laws and even offered to pay slave owners for the freedom of their slaves. At the time, those slave owners mainly resided in

Texas, back when Texas still belonged to Mexico. That was in 1829, for those who can’t remember a time when the lone star state wasn’t a part of the USA. It’s fairly common knowledge that Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and many other Caribbean islands are home to a large part of the Afro Latinx population. But in countries like Mexico, Brazil, and even Columbia, the Afro Latinx population has been overlooked by mainstream media. When you look at the actresses, singers, and celebrities from the mainland North, Central, and South America you’d be hard pressed to imagine there being a larger population of dark skinned Black people, yet there very much are. Thanks to colonialism, eurocentrism has ran rampant in our countries, making it difficult for anyone that doesn’t have European features to feel like they belong. It wasn’t just slaves that were brought to Mexico that make up the Afromexican community, but escaped slaves from the USA ran away to Mexico where they knew slavery to have been abolished. Mexican coastal states

such as Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Guerrero have the largest population of Afromexicans. Like with music in the USA, African culture has shaped Latin music. Cumbia, salsa, merengue, bachata, and samba all exist as we know it thanks in part to African people. Of course, you won’t hear or see this admitted in mainstream media. Somehow countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia have done their best to make it seem like their populations are more European than they really are. In fact, a common trope in telenovelas is for the protagonist to hide the fact that they have either an indigenous or afro-mestizo parent. You’ll also have a hard time finding dark skinned protagonists in films or tv shows in general. It’s not just the USA that condemns darker skinned people, Black or otherwise. The erasure of Afro Latinx people in the USA is so rampant that many people wouldn’t be able to name five celebrities of Afro Latnix descent. Carmelo Anthony is Puerto Rican, Tatyana Ali’s mom is from Panama, Rosario Dawson’s mom is Puerto Rican and Cuban, Christina Milian, Gina Torres, and Sele-

nis Leyva are all of Cuban descent but are constantly type casted as African American women. Their Latinx identity erased completely because as Torres says, ‘the world’ “…likes their Latinas to look Italian, and not like me.” The stench of Eurocentrism is so strong that Africans and South Americans do not even feel a sense of belonging in their own country. Media images are flooded with light-skinned men and women more so than their dark counterparts. It is time to acknowledge and support our darker skinned brothers and sisters. It is time for those that are light-skinned to remind their darker skinned sisters that they are also beautiful and valued. Do not envy or hate a person because of the color and tone of their skin. However, you cannot ignore the fact that our society has a way of choosing the lighter skin girl over the darker skin girl and neither participate should allow for the tone of of a person’s skin determine their access to opportunities. The solution is to perpetuate the concept, the truth, that beauty, brains, and worth exists in all skin tones.

Thoughts on Trump’s Outage in the Iran Nuclear Deal JOSE AHUMADA Reporter

It’s official. President Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal. March 8, Trump announced in the White House that he would reimpose sanctions on Iran’s oil sector that were lifted as part of the agreement. Trump said that the United States will “not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail” and will not allow a regime that chants “death to America” to gain access to nuclear weapons. So what exactly does this mean? It basically just means that our so called leader has put the United States in violation of its obligations under the agreement. By doing this, Trump basically made America seem as if they can’t keep their word. He justified his actions by saying “We cannot prevent an Iranian bomb under the decaying and rotten structure

of the current agreement, therefore, I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal.” There was nothing rotten about the deal, though. A lot of evidence suggests that Iran was complying with the deal and dismantled a huge portion of its nuclear program. There was basically no evidence that Iran putting their end of the bargain. Even the countries that support his decision, Israel and Saudi Arabia, have not even presented evidence that Iran violated any part of the deal. Trumps case rested with the fact that the deal is not entirely permanent; the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program start to relax about 10 years after the signed deal (even though the agreement not to build nuclear weapons is permanent). Another concern was the deal not covering other problems like Iran’s ballistic missile development and supporting violent militias around the Middle East.

The French President Emmanuel Macron instead asked trump for a different approach to these issues by opening up new negotiations with Iran while still staying in the deal but Trump decided instead to opt out of it entirely which may not have been a wise decision. Trump is open to trying out a newer and tougher deal but there is very little chance that Europe and Iran would be okay with it. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Deal can potentially be one of the most harmful decisions he has ever made. Sure, the deal was not perfect, but then again no policies ever are. It was one of the Obama Administration’s biggest foreign policy achievement since it put a halt to the nuclear weapons programs in Iran. It actually made the world and the U.S. safer from the threat of nuclear weapons. SInce he drew out of the deal, Europe will believe that the United States no longer

keeps its word and values its allies. It’s bad enough if France, Germany, and the UK condemn Trump for his decision and want to continue to honor the Iran Deal. I find it hard to comprehend the decision made to pull out of the deal made with Iran without looking further into policy. At the end of the day, the decision is final and America is out of the Iran Deal. So what exactly can we do about this? I guess we just have to wait and see what happens next. We might either let Iran advance towards building nuclear weapons or go to war and try to stop them. To sum it up, Trump just put us into a lot of trouble with key European allies and has just opened up the door for Iran to start creating nuclear weapons sooner than the deal would have allowed. Either way, both outcomes are scary but they may very well be a reality.



El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with

Noah Arnold Tillis


Noah Arnold Tillis teaches his students on and off the mat, something his students have learned to appreicate..


Tillis Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial arts school located in Whittier, California that has been open by Jiu-jitsu black belt Noah Arnold Tillis since 2011 offering classes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, submission grappling, wrestling, and boxing. He decided to open his own martial arts school in order to teach and give back to the community. “I enjoy teaching. It’s a

skill I’ve been doing for a long time and I wanted to bring quality Jiu-jitsu to my community,” said Tillis. Tillis is an accomplished martial artist with over 20 years of experience and has competed in many Jiu-jitsu and MMA tournaments and promotions such as the World Championships, Pan American Championships, American Nationals, Bellator MMA, Gladiator Challenge and much more. He is also a professional mixed martial artist with a

record of 4-3. The school has a family friendly vibe with people from all walks of life coming to train. Students have had positive things to say about training there whether it is helping them get in shape, self defense, or character development. “Noah is a good teacher,” said Bryan Raymundo, 23, a student at Tillis BJJ. “He’s a great instructor. He’s very detailed when it comes to learning the technique. I would recommend it because it’s good for the soul. JAMES SPENCER/EL PAISANO NEWS It helps you be a better Tillis Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is located in Whittier , California and also offers classes to kids. person on and off the mat. It makes you more hum- There are Jiu-jitsu classes submission grappling, there ble. I was aggressive before available for kids and adults. are also boxing classes taught Jiu-jitsu. I use to be angry all The Jiu-jitsu classes are by professional boxer George the time and Jiu-jitsu is my available for adults in the Acosta every Tuesday and therapy.” morning from 10:30 am to Thursday from 7:30 pm to “Everybody’s like fam12:00 pm and evening classes 8:30 pm and a wrestling class ily and I’ve learned a lot,” are available from 6:00 pm taught by Justin Irribarren said Samuel Lui, 32, another to 7:30 pm. from Mondays every Monday from 7:30 pm student of Tillis. “Everythrough Thursdays with an to 8:30 pm. body gets along and there is open mat on Fridays at 6:0 The school is located at nobody beefing. We’re really pm. 10707 La Mirada Blvd, Whitable to learn from a world Kids classes are also tier, CA 90604. If anybody class black belt. I’ve seen peo- available from 5:00 to 6:00 would like more information ple not just do well in compm. Monday through Thursregarding Tillis Brazilian petitions but being a better day. Jiu-jitsu you can contact person inside and outside and Although Tillis specialNoah Tillis at (562) 631-2408. that’s what really matters.” izes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and

A True Asset To El Paisano: Aaron Martinez SABRINA TORRES Reporter

Aaron Martinez is an asset to the El Paisano Newspaper and a student who shows us that all goals may be achieved through determination and perseverance. After moving to the United States from his hometown in Jalisco, Mexico at the young age of 10, Martinez talks about what he has learned and accomplished throughout his life. Martinez discussed the influences and lessons he has obtained from his parents. From his father he learned that education is essential to life after his father became an architect at the age of 20 and left home for school at the young age of 15. From his mother he learned that if no opportunities arise, then they can be created. I proceeded to ask who his role models were. He was quick to name two. Misael Vasquez, a cousin who taught him how to speak English when he moved to the states

that which is means something the he remains world grateful to me,” for to this Martiday. nez “He would smiled. ask me, As ‘How was Marschool tinez today?’ plans and if I on responded transin Spanish, ferring he would at the walk away end or ignore of the me until I Spring responded semesin Enter, I glish.” SABRINA TORRES/ EL PAISANO NEWS asked His Aaron Martinez is saying farewell to Rio Hondo and will be attending UC Santa Cruz in the fall. if there next role was something that he is model was Professor Wendy working on improving to and the LA Galaxy. A dream Carrera who he became a more efficiently achieve his of his that he was able to student of two years ago. goals. He plans on putting realize this past weekend. “I look up to her because into practice what he has Professor Carrera helped she motivates me but more learned about Journalism and Martinez realize that he was than anything, she does the Communications to help him capable of obtaining press same thing my cousin did,” passes for professional sports achieve his dream of being Martinez explained. on his own, as long as he was either a sports analyst. Recently, Martinez was As our interview came willing to do the research able to be apart of the press to an end, I asked about his ardently on his own. for a soccer game between philosophy on life to which the Los Angeles Football Club “I was able to cover a game

Martinez responded with a quote, “Remember that life is still worthwhile if you just smile.” He believes that a smile can make even the slightest change for others because you never know who may need it. As a final question I asked where he saw himself in five years. Martinez said that was difficult to answer as life is unpredictable. Martinez says that it depends on his situation as his status as an immigrant shapes his life. He is aware that things can change in the blink of an eye for immigrants in this current political climate. “If you were to ask me what I’d like to be doing in five years, I’d like to be traveling around the world as a photographer and capture the different cultures.” Martinez also noted that if he wasn’t doing photography he would also enjoy doing sports broadcasting, but he will see what the future holds

El Paisano Tuesday May 15, 2018



NYCFC Salvage Draw After Carlos Vela Go-Ahead Goal IGNACIO CERVANTES Reporter

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) remain unbeaten at Banc of California Stadium after a 2-2 draw against New York City Football Club (NYCFC) May 13. The tie against the Eastern Conference opponent meant six in a row without losing for the Black and Gold. But it also meant the second of three games where LAFC took a lead only to relinquish it. Carlos Vela’s first goal on home soil gave LAFC the lead and put them in pole position to take three points 66 minutes into the match. NYCFC substitute Ishmael Tajouri-Shradi had other plans when his 75th minute equalizer earned the travelling side a point. NYCFC manager Patrick Vieira shunned his shine with that player swop. The French manager used his first substitution by changing left-sided defender Ben Sweat for attacking midfielder Tajouri at 69 minutes and was rewarded for the tactical switch six minutes later. Right back Anton Tinnerholm’s burst into the LAFC box ended with a cross which LAFC left back Steven Beitashour managed to deflect only to make it harder on goalkeeper Tyler Miller.

AARON MARTINEZ/EL PAISANO NEWS The Banc of California Stadium was full of excitement Mother’s Day, as the Los Angeles Football Club battled the New York City Football Club.

Miller was forced into a one-handed, back-diving save which was parried as far as an oncoming Tajouri. The NYCFC attacker then swept the

ball off the bar and past the goal line to square the score. Spaniard superstar David Villa opened the scoring in the 13th minute for the

Cityzens. Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR) rewarded NYCFC a penalty kick in the 12th minute after a handball in the box was spotted by vid-

eo review officials that referee Chris Penso felt was enough to overturn the no-call. Villa stepped up to take the shot but saw it saved when Miller warded off his second penalty of the year. But just like the first one against Real Salt Lake two months ago, Miller’s rebound favored the kick-taker who scored the second opportunity. The two NYCFC goals sandwiched a Sebastien Ibeagha own goal for LAFC’s first at minute 23 and Vela’s goahead. With the draw, LAFC remain second in points in the Western Conference with 20 as the Cityzens (21 points) fell to third place in the East after going into the match no. 2 as well. The Black and Gold end its first-ever home stand 2-2-0 and go back on the road on Saturday, May 19 to face the Portland Timbers. LAFC have yet to lose since visiting first-place Atlanta United in early April and look to remain unbeaten with a disturbed June looming. The FIFA World Cup begins June 14 which means at least a handful of star players will be participating for their countries in the tournament held in Russia. The hands of LAFC manager Bob Bradley will be full with this squad dilemma.

Dodgers Lose Four Straight, Early Struggles Continue RAMON ALVARADO Editor-in-Chief

The defending National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers loss four games in four days to the Cincinnati Reds this past week. The Boys in Blue have seen their record fall to 16-24 as they continue to face hardships early in this season. With a 4-8 record in the month of May so far and Clayton Kershaw on the disabled list, it might be time for the Dodgers to start looking to make some moves. Their roster, or their play, will have to improve if they want to find themselves in the World Series again. As of right now, the World Series seems like a long-shot, but it is also a long way from now. The Dodgers have 122 more games left on their

regular season schedule, so they have plenty of time to rebound from their woes. There have been rumors of the Dodgers trading for Baltimore Orioles’ star third baseman Manny Machado. Machado entered the Dodgers’ sight after news of L.A. shortstop Corey Seager being

out for the season broke. “We still feel good about the lineup we can field on an everyday basis,” Dodgers general manager, Farhan Zaidi said following the news of Seagers injury. “We’re not as talented without Corey in there, but we’re going to have to adopt an approach of the

whole being greater than the sum of the parts. That’s what made us so good last year. We might have had a certain threshold [for a trade] and might be more motivated now, but we still have guys we think can take everyday at-bats.” Machado is batting .350,

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION/RAMON ALVARADO The Los Angeles Dodgers have yet to get on a roll in the 2018 season. They’ve lost eight out of 12 games in the month of May.

with 13 home runs and 38 RBIs early in his season. The current top hitter for the Dodgers, Matt Kemp is batting .317 with just five home runs and 17 RBIs. The current Baltimore third baseman would undoubtedly help the Dodgers, but just how much the Dodgers would have to give up is unknown. There are other contenders in the hunt for Machado’s services as well. Even though it is early in the season, the Dodgers have to be careful not to knock themselves out of playoff contention. They’re just eight games behind first place for the NL West division, but another losing streak like this past week’s could be costly. The Dodgers know they cannot count on another hot streak, like last year, to push them into the postseason.



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