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June–October 2011


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Intramural Meet and Literary–Musical Night Coverage

Seahawks soar over Fighting Crimsons S

aint Joseph College of Sindangan, Inc. Seahawks dominated the basketball court in their exhibition game against Western Mindanao State University Fighting Crimsons at SJCSI gym, Sept. 5. The cagers from WMSU, Zamboanga City, blasted off with the first shot by team captain Dixon Punzalan. Their tight defense prevented the Seahawks from scoring to consequently hold on to their 4point lead by the end of the first quarter. Three-point shots stormed the second quarter as point guard Punzalan and forward Jefferson Abalo showed their shooting skills that still kept WMSU in the lead. However, the Seahawks managed to stop the Crimsons’ drive and penetration with their sudden change in defensive tactics—from whole-court trap to half-court trap man-to-man. ―Because of the tough press breaker of WMSU, the whole court trap did not work,‖ coach William Calvo said.

―After the 8–0 blast of easy game, we were forced to change our defense,‖ Calvo added. The second half started with great exchanges of incursions and shot selections. In the third quarter, Seahawks broke WMSU’s 2–3 zone defense and tied at 42–42. Four minutes and 42 seconds of the third quarter, Seahawks guard Edmar Salac did a fast break and a lay up through a clear basket, and brought Seahawks into a 2-point lead. This was followed by captain Wayne Jalosjos’ followup shot that never gave their opponent a chance to respond. The crowd of students and outsiders boomed as winger Reynante Devila’s 3-point shots rained the court. The Seahawks’ half-court man-to-man and press breaker to

WMSU’s zone defense proved effective when third quarter ended with a 17-point lead in favor of the Seahawks. In the final quarter, Final Crimsons’ center Jaypee Padua dominated the under basket, but the menacing Seahawks were uncontrollable. WMSU Fighting Crimson’s 2-point shots were answered by Jalosjos and Devila’s 3-point shots. The friendly game ended with the Seahawks’ home court victory, 79–76, during the first day of the intramural meet. ―It was a good game,‖ Padua commented. ―We have played against the Seahawks thrice already, and we are looking forward to having more games with them in the future,‖ Punzalan added. (Sheena Marie S. Calvo)

CBA: Back-to-back champions in six other events

CBA smashers dominate badminton


he College of Business Administration players proved that if they could win one, they could just win all: four events in badminton and in three other games.

Amy Kosela J. Andus finally ended her quest for the women’s singles crown during the 2011 Intra Meet as she smashed Jan-nice Buot of the College of Arts and Sciences–Education during the finals before a big crowd. Held at Saint Joseph College of Sindangan, Inc. gym, the women’s single between Andus and Buot ended at 21–3, 21–14. Another mainstay, Kindness W. Dagondong and Glory Jean Arroyo, kept their reign in the women’s doubles against Les-

ley N. Carvajal and Mary Christine Orlanes. The duo from the College of Accounting Technology– Information Technology settled for the silver at 21–10, 21–18. In the men’s division, Philip John Villarin snatched the gold when he thwarted Derrick James Andus of CAT–IT in the final game of the single event, 21– 18, 21–19. Top players Reynaldo Quiro-quiro and Jiemar Fiel pulled off victories by beating the

CAS–Ed smashers Klienverjel Atay and Jude Val Redillas. They fought back from a second-set loss to complete a 21– 16, 20–22, 21–14 win for the gold medals in the men’s doubles. A simil ar feat wa s achieved by the CBA when their players in the Game of the Generals both won the gold medals. CBA marathoners also led the pack while the darters in the doubles events were the back-toback champions. (Amy Kosela J. Andus)

2011 Intramural Meet Medal Tally Games and Sporting Events AT–IT Badminton (M) S Badminton (W) S Badminton-Doubles (M) SS Badminton-Doubles (F) SS Banner-Raising Contest SS Basketball (M) Sx5 Basketball (W) Sx5 Chess (M) BB Chess (W) BB Darts (M) B Darts (W) G Darts-Doubles (M) SS Darts-Doubles (W) SS Game of the Generals (M) BB Game of the Generals (W) SS Long Jump (M) S Long Jump (W) S Marathon (M) S Marathon (W) * Mr. & Miss Intra Meet 2011 GGB Rubik’s Cube (M) G Rubik’s Cube (W) B Sepak Takraw (M) BB Shot Put (M) B Shot Put (W) G Soduko (M) S Soduko (W) G Standing Long Jump (M) S Standing Long Jump (W) B Table Tennis (M) G Table Tennis (W) G Table Tennis-Doubles (M) GG Table Tennis-Doubles (W) SS Triple Long Jump (M) S Triple Long Jump (W) B Volleyball (M) Bx5 Volleyball (W) Sx5 Medal Summary Gold 10 Silver 37 Bronze 19 Ranking 3rd

Colleges BA G G GG GG GG Bx5 Gx5 GG SS G B GG GG GG GG B B G GS SS S G SS G B B B B S S S BB GG B G Gx5 Bx5 36 11 20 1st

A&S–Ed B B BB BB BB Gx5 Bx5 SS GG S S BB BB SS BB G G B B B B S GG S S G S G G B B SS BB G S Sx5 Gx5 20 18 27 2nd

S C2 Photo Essay

The Staff events

Balak: CAS–Ed, BA, A

Literary–Musical Night Saint Joseph College of Sindangan, Inc. Gym 8 p.m., Wednesday, October 7, 2011

College of Business Administration Overall champion

College of Arts and Sciences–Education First runner-up

College of Accounting Technology–Information Technology Second runner-up

Acoustics: CAS–Ed, AT–IT & BA Duet: BA, CAS–Ed, AT–IT

Oration: CAS–Ed, AT

Vocal Solo: BA, CAS–Ed, AT–IT

Group Impersonation


Dancesport: CAS–Ed, BA, AT–IT

Ethnic Dance: BA, CAS–Ed, AT–IT

s│June–October 2011

Photo Essay C3



Storytelling: BA, CAS–Ed, AT–IT


Hip–Hop: BA, AT–IT, CAS–Ed

n: CAS–Ed, BA, AT–IT

Photos Gilbert B. Lamayo Mary Astrid P. Taco Visit our facebook page for the complete coverage.

2011 Intra Meet opens


inally after weeks of preparation, both high school and college Josephians once again gathered for the holy mass at the grotto, grand parade around the town center, and opening program on a rainy Monday morning at the school grounds for the simultaneous intramural meet, Sept. 5–9. The Rev. Nathaniele A. Denlaoso, chaplain, together with the Rev. Randy B. Tic-ing, officiated the special mass. It was followed by the parade of the different year levels and college departments with their respective muses and the candidates for Mr. and Miss Intra Meet. During the opening program, the Saint Joseph College of Sindangan, Inc.–High School band presented a Drumline exhibition despite the rain. Michael E. Tan, president of the college Supreme Student Council, gave the welcome message. ―This week-long activity gives us the opportunity to show the talents that each one of us has as a true Josephian. We are going to shine not because we will win, but because we exhibit fair competition,‖ Tan said. Jerome R. Siso of II-St. Elizabeth, a regional level tennis player, lit the friendship torch, carried it around the field, and brought it back to the grotto.


indangan National Agricultural School and Sindangan Pilot Demonstration School hosted the 2011 Department of Education Regional Sports Festival for Teachers and Employees, July 29–31. Around 600 participants from the nine divisions of Region IX–Zamboanga Peninsula participated. DepEd officials from the regional office graced the opening ceremony at SNAS gym. All eight events were played at the SNAS grounds. The participants, mostly physical education (MAPEH) teachers, competed in badminton, basketball, chess, table tennis,

Friendship torch. Jerome R. Siso carries the torch around the school grounds after lighting the symbolic flame during the intramural meet opening ceremony. After which, the Rev. Denlaoso formally declared the 2011 Intramural Meet open. The hoisting of delegation banners followed. For the high school, the seniors raised their banner ahead of the sophomores, juniors, and freshmen. For the college teams, the College of Business Administration hoisted their banner the fastest, beating the College of Accounting Technology–Information Technology and the College of Arts and Sciences–Education.

Reymund Danielle U. Jugalbot, president of the high school Supreme Student Council, led the oath of sportsmanship. Jerome E. Ochavo, MAEd, overall in-charge of this year’s intramural meet and literary– musical contests, gave the closing remarks. Soduko and Rubik’s Cube as well as the first elimination round in basketball (men) between the freshmen and seniors immediately began. (William A. G. Bulaqueña)


xcitement filled the air as Jezzard Tan from the College of Business Administration and Sari Jane Desing from the College of Accounting Technology–Information Technology threw their best shots, Sept. 8.

The Staff June–October 2011

events Reporters Amy Kosela J. Andus Sheena Marie S. Calvo Marie Rose P. Noval Correspondents William A. G. Bulaqueña Judee B. Garsuta

lawn tennis, darts, and volleyball. Each delegation came with their technical and officiating officials and tournament managers. The participating athletes came from the school divisions of Dapitan City, Dipolog City, Isabela City, Pagadian City, Regional Office, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay, Zamboanga del Sur, and Zamboanga del Norte. (Amy Kosela J. Andus)

CAS–Ed rules measured sports

Tan, Desing lead shot put

In the men’s division, Tan’s spin resulted the 7.2-kg iron ball to be thrown at 40.4 ft that secured him of the gold medal. Mark John Akil from the College of Arts and Sciences– Education could only glide the ball up to 37.7 ft. Shot putter from the College of Accounting Technology– Information Technology had backed out before the competition started due to an injury. In the women’s division, Desing’s glide of the 4-kg ball resulted to a landing at 18.11 ft that guaranteed her of the gold medal. Jenny Rabino from CAS– Ed managed up to 17.4 ft only to take home the silver while Hanna Jill Casaberde from CBA won the bronze for her mark at 16 ft. (Marie Rose P. Noval)

Sindangan holds DepEd reg’l sports fest

Sudoku wiz. Cecilio Barbosa Jr. (front) answers the logic-based puzzle that does not require any computation.

‘Intellectual game’ of the meet

Barbosa, Bestes top sudoku players


ollege of Arts and Sciences–Education (CAS–Ed) jumpers won five out of the six events in long jump, standing long jump, and triple jump during the 2011 Intra Meet finals on Thursday, Sept. 8 Standing long jump In the standing long jump, the jumpers stood at a line marked on the ground with their feet slightly apart. The athlete took off and landed using both feet, swinging their arms and bending their knees to provide forward drive. In the men’s division, John Redempt Gomez set a record at 9.4 ft during his first attempt. Both Cristonel Tan from the College of Accounting Technology–Information Technology and Jeremy Lecias from the College of Business Administration failed in their first jump. During the second attempt, Gomez showed his dominance by landing an inch better than his first entry. Tan did another attempt to beat Gomez but landed short at 9.1 ft only. Lecias settled for the bronze medal at 7.7 ft. In the women’s division, Jessa Mae Salimbagat topped at 6.5½ ft. Jelly Alberio from the CBA landed second at 5.8 ft while Merla Emotin of CAT–IT ranked third at 5.5 ft. Triple jump In the triple jump, another track and field sport similar to the long jump but involving a ―hop, bound and jump‖ routine, the competitors ran down the track and performed a hop, a bound and then a jump into the (sand) pit.

Erwin Tanilon, CAS–Ed; and Jelly Alberio, CBA, won the gold medals for this sport. Tanilon flew through the air and landed at 15 ft. Tan, CAT –IT, was determined to beat but only reached up to 14.8 ft. Jezzard Tan, CBA, took off and landed at 13.11 ft. After three attempts, the Tan brothers failed to dislodge Tanilon from the top spot. Alberio, CBA, leapt at 9.3 ft to win the women’s gold. Salimbagat followed closely at 9.1 ft while Emotin lagged at 7.7 ½ ft. Long jump Another track and field event in which the athletes combined their speed, strength, and agility in an attempt to leap as far as possible from a take off point was the long jump. Tanilon and Salimbagat, both from CAS–Ed, leapt the highest to clinch the gold medals in both divisions during the competition on Sept. 7. Tanilon set his winning jump of 16.4 ft during his first attempt. Melvin Laurel, CAT–IT, followed at 15.1½ ft. The jumper from CBA was third at 14.10 ft. Salimbagat landed at 9.11 ft during her first attempt, her best in the three rounds. Sushen Pacure, CAT–IT, took the silver at 9.39½ ft; while Michelle Lubay, CBA, settled for the bronze at 8.4½ ft. (Marie Rose P. Noval)


long with chess and Games of the Generals, sudoku joined the domain of “intellectual games” for the events of the intramural meet, Sept. 5. Cecilio Barbosa Jr. from the College of Arts and Sciences– Education and Aimee Bestes from the College of Accounting Technology–Information Technology garnered the most number of correct points to win the sudoku tournament. Joseph Jasper Elew and Cyril Mae Perez, representatives from the College of Business Administration, were both eliminated in the second round (medium level). Kevin Tejas, CAT–IT, and Cris Lacpao, CAS–Ed, were the second placers after being beaten by the winners in the third round (difficult level).

Sudoku, short for soji wa dokushin ni kagiru, means ―the numbers must be single‖ or ―the numbers must occur only once.‖ The game originated in Japan and was introduced in Great Britain in late 2004 and the united States in 2005. In less than a year, sudoku became one of the most popular puzzles in history. Since then, sudoku books have been published; and tournaments have been held across the USA and around the world. The Language Report named sudoku the Word of the Year for 2005. (Judee B. Garsuta)

Altius. Erwin Tanilon (L) and Jessa Mae Salimbagat (R), both education students, set the best records for the different measured sports.

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