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Vol. V ▪ No. 3 February–March 2012

“Writing is prayer.”

The official student publication of Saint Joseph College of Sindangan Incorporated–High School, Poblacion, Sindangan, 7112 Zamboanga del Norte, Region IX

Honor Roll Fourth Year Valedictorian: William Andrew G. Bulaqueña Salutatorian: Yanessa S. Naval First Honorable Mention: Sidney Rico T. Rebollido Second Honorable Mention: Donalyn E. Aquino Third Honorable Mention: Janine Claire T. Jalosjos Fourth Honorable Mention: Von Vladimier B. Montayre Fifth Honorable Mention: Mara Aubrey Sistine L. Escoreal Sixth Honorable Mention: Rhydell B. Pagador Seventh Honorable Mention: Cynthia Kareen J. Nazario Eighth Honorable Mention: Reymund Danielle U. Jugalbot

Bulaqueña, Naval lead Class ’12


illiam Andrew G. Bulaqueña and Yanessa S. Naval were proclaimed valedictorian and salutatorian of Class 2012, respectively, after the meeting and ranking of the top 15 students by the high school teachers and principal and parents at the college audio–visual room, March 8. The selection of the honor students was based on the Department of Education Order No. 92, s. 2009. The top 15 students were ranked using the 7–3 point scheme (7 points for academic performance and 3 points for cocurricular activities).

For the co-curricular activities, the school selection committee recognized the achievements of students in the different school activities, official academic contests, leadership, club affiliations, attendance in recognized seminars, and campus journalism.

William Andrew G. Bulaqueña

Yanessa S. Naval

Third Year 1. Roxanne B. Dataro 2. Judee B. Garsuta 3. Fila R. Dagomo 4. Mary Grace J. Parilla 5. Meryl Aurece R. Enriquez 6. Choly Marie A. Padayao 7. Karen P. Soliman 8. Isabel Ashley L. Jimenez 9. Kaiser Ed S. Bayawa 10. Joelan M. Tongco

Second Year 1. Reger Ed A. Caperig 2. Mary Claire H. Villarias 3. Lyra Jasmin V. Desierto 4. Fivos C. Patsalidis 5. Joyce Nicole T. Jalosjos 6. Rochelle B. Dataro 7. Kunal S. Sajnani 8. Rheina C. Duntar 9. Aiza Abegail D. Camal 10. Hyacinth A. Balase

First Year 1. Therese Gail E. Castillon 2. Glydel B. Galleposo 3. Marva Honey T. Alcorin 4. Francis Joseph T. Fuertes 5. Chyle Jules M. Ocampo 6. Sean Maverick D. Realista 7. Joseph D.D.M. Duhaylungsod 8. Jamie Kayle A. Castaño 9. Marevin Jane D. Solo 10. Meldrid B. Baculpo

Special Awards Academic Excellence William Andrew G. Bulaqueña

Josephians top Math Challenge


illiam Andrew G. Bulaqueña and Yanessa S. Naval, seniors, topped the congressional level elimination round of the Math Challenge at Manukan National High School, Jan. 20.

(Yanessa S. Naval)

Reymund Danielle U. Jugalbot

Journalists of the Year Donalyn E. Aquino William Andrew G. Bulaqueña Fila R. Dagomo Mara Aubrey Sistine L. Escoreal Yanessa S. Naval Sidney Rico T. Rebollido Joelan M. Tongco

Cartoonists of the Year Reger Ed A. Caperig Francis Joseph T. Fuertes

Broadcast Journalists Donalyn E. Aquino Mara Aubrey Sistine L. Escoreal Fruitelyn Apple A. Gamulo Janine Claire T. Jalosjos Reymund Danielle U. Jugalbot Yanessa S. Naval

tancy, his personal choice, at Silliman University. Yanessa is the youngest child of Monchito Naval and Ma. Edna S. Naval, a government employee. She was the third honorable mention during her graduation at Sindangan Pilot Demonstration School. She was the second placer during her first two years at SJCSI and was the third placer in her third year. She was an active member of the Glee Club, student council, campus ministry, school band, and dance troupe. Naval was the science and technology editor of both El Obrero and Ang Manggagawa. She is also planning to enroll in either accountancy or social work at Silliman University.

(Mara A.S.L. Escoreal)

Calamba fêtes blue sapphire year


xecutive Vice President Alfreda B. Calamba, Ed.D., celebrated in advance her 65th birthday together with her family, friends, and faculty at the college gym, Jan. 25.

Calamba retired as the VP of the diocesan schools this academic year. The occasion was started with a regular Wednesday mass celebrated by the Rev. Nathaniel Denlaoso, chaplain.

The SJCSI team beat rivals from Sindangan National Agricultural School and Sindangan National High School. The contest was sponsored by the Metrobank Foundation, Inc., Mathematics Teacher Association of the Philippines, and the Department of Education. During the division team level, Bulaqueña and Naval represented the second congressional in Dipolog City on Feb. 17.

Leadership Award

William is the son of Romeo Bulaqueña, a farmer; and Juliet G. Bulaqueña, a housewife. He spent his elementary years at Bacungan Central School where he graduated as the class valedictorian. During his first year at Saint Joseph College of Sindangan Incorporated, he was ranked first with special awards as the math wizard and best in science. Bulaqueña was able to maintain his rank during the following school year. He also won the first place in the district math challenge. Bulaqueña was the second placer in his third year. His team was the champion of the interhigh school quiz bee. He was the first editor in chief of Ang Manggagawa and the Littéraire section editor of El Obrero. He will take up accoun-

Alfreda B. Calamba, Ed.D.

Cristina S. Bajalan, high school principal, and Carol Salimbagat, campus ministry coordinator, presented Calamba with three certificates of appreciation for her long service at the college. After blowing the candles, Calamba encouraged the students ―to work hard and study hard to be successful in the future.‖ During the dinner party, the faculty and staff of Saint Joseph College of Sindangan Incorporated and guests came in colorful retro ‗60s outfit. Calamba‘s family, including her octogenarian mother, also graced the affair. The guests rendered a nochecita, a serenade of birthday songs, where the guests offered flowers and danced with the birthday celebrator.

A number of instructors, friends, former teachers, as well as the family members, gave messages of gratitude and appreciation, and expressed birthday wishes. ―To get what we want, to enjoy what we get, to achieve success in life, and to enjoy in our success… I am flattered and more inspired to be with you,‖ Calamba replied. Cala mb a hail s fro m Sevilla, Bohol. She first came to the then Saint Joseph High School in 1971 as a teacher and later became the principal in 1973. Calamba had taught at Saint Vincent‘s College prior to her appointment as executive vice president for academic affairs.

(Judee B. Garsuta)

Josephians join Sinulog


hey all came by the hundreds. They swayed to the music of the drums. They moved two steps forward and one step backward. They danced and chanted, too. The high school students of Saint Joseph College of Sindangan Incorporated joined the Sinulog street dancing organized by the parish on Jan. 29. The celebration in honor of the Sto. Niño was started with a holy mass and was followed by a procession with street dancing along the major roads in the town center. Some of the contingents from the nearby parochial units were represented by children with colorful costumes, props, and im-

ages of the Holy Child. The two SJCSI high school band drum and lyre corps provided the music for the two groups of students who stopped to dance at the intersections and in front of the public market. The band majorettes and twirlers led the dancing as the students swayed green and orange strips of cloth from their hands. The students wore white Tshirts, dark pants, white socks, and slippers.

(Kevin G. Siasico)

Sinulog. Accompanied by the beating of the drums, Chrisidel Saja leads the students during the Sinulog street dancing. (Photo: G. Lamayo)


A graduate’s dilemma

Meldrid B. Baculpo

February–March 2012

Money matters The piggy pen

Mara A.S.L. Escoreal


oney is a medium of exchange and an instrument for trading goods and services. However, it is often misquoted as ―the root of all evil.‖

Many people would consider money as one of the most important things that one must have. Simply because they believe that having a lot of money will make them happy and can satisfy their needs. Long before we were born, different forms of money were already being used. It is one of the factors that helped economies and even empires to rise and fall. This had made the people regard the power of money and its importance. Money is not evil per se. As Timothy 6:10 goes, for the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. It takes place when the people show too much love for money or the need of money because of scarcity and greed. This causes the majority of the leaders to steal and bribe just to amass wealth. Let us take corruption in the government as an example. Many politicians and lawmakers pilfer the government‘s coffers. They would use their power to do this. During elections, the candidates would use money and buy voters just to win the elections. Voters, on the other hand, will succumb to the temptation because of the need for money. Politicians are not just corrupting our government but they are also corrupting the minds of the people by persuading them to vote or even not to vote in exchange for money. This had been a habit of some politicians. And seeing them doing this encourages some of the lower ranks to do the same. Though money is important for survival and for the economy, we should work hard to earn it. There are lots of opportunities to make a decent and honest living.

Betrayal of public trust Francis Joseph T. Fuertes

El Obrero “Writing is prayer.”

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n every ending, there is also a new beginning. Graduation marks the completion of our studies, but commencement signifies the time at which something is supposed to begin. Most of us would say that high school days are the best part of our lives; but finally, this chapter of our life is coming to an end. During the last four years, we met some of our dearest friends, competed to excel, found our first loves and crushes, and we truly realized the meaning of teamwork. As March is fast approaching, we cannot deny that as of this time, we are a bit reluctant to let go of our wonderful high school memories. As we reminisce the past years laughing with our friends, striving and studying hard together; just by thinking about it, we can feel how painful it is to say goodbye to our classmates, friends, and teachers. It is indeed ironic how we feel excited to graduate as we went through our studies; but as graduation day comes nearer, we cannot stop the nostalgia of our high school memories. Also, we cannot help thinking what our life would be during college, how to adapt to our new environment, and how to make new friends again. All these uncertainties just do not stop from boggling us lately. The moment we wear our graduation gowns and caps, as we march through the aisle, as we sing our graduation song, as we receive our diplomas, and as we are declared graduates, most of us might not be able to control our emotions and might burst into tears, while others might be grinning from happiness; but whatever you may feel, do not forget to always look back. You may have to part from your classmates as of now, but remember that as Josephians, ―we will not be gone forever, for always we should be back.‖ Do not be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before we can meet again. And if it happens after several years, it will be a recollection of what we had been through and what has become of us after this commencement.


Filipino traces


he reality about Filipino culture is that its identity and history are often lost in translation. Most Filipinos do not have a clear knowledge about our history. Thus, those who try to explore and explain ―who a Filipino is‖ often fail due to insufficient knowledge of Philippine history especially on the pre-colonial era. In addition, those who may know something about Philippine history sometimes fail to relate its implications and relationship to the current condition of Philippine society. In trying to learn the truth about Filipino culture, we need to explore our history because the society is influenced or maybe inspired by the events around them and so is the culture that we could pass on to the next generation. However, it is a must to first settle or change the issue regarding the Filipino identity

from the common but understandable mistake that we get whenever discussions about our identity are being cracked. Yes, it is understandable because primarily if we trace our history, it would show that Filipinos are undeniably a people of different races. Are we Filipinos? Are we Asians? Since Filipino is the term used to refer to individuals born in the Philippines or those who are of Filipino descent—meaning down their family tree there is at least a Filipino connection. And it is an obvious sense that Filipinos are Asians since the Philippines is located in southeast Asia. Yet, the explorations on Filipino identity should not stop here. A deeper understanding of Philippine pre-colonial history

Sidney Rico T. Rebollido would lead to a better understanding of the Filipino identity. Nevertheless, the Filipinos have a great culture even though some of it are less desirable and impractical. We must not look at the negative side of it but look what is best for us. We must be courageous enough to tell the world that we Filipinos are truly the best. And through this, it will reflect an affirmative view to the next generation of Pinoys for we could not break the branch of reality but to accept what we are and love who we are—being Filipinos in our own culture.



he founding of CUBiT Wears® was the most precious happening in my life; it is where I can express myself (as a business-oriented man),‖ said Reymund Danielle U. Jugalbot, a senior student who is the founder–owner and also the artist–designer of his clothing line.

William A.G. Bulaqueña February–March 2012


I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.—Ralph Lauren

CUBiT Wears®





It all began when Jugalbot posted a mock-up of his own design, ―The Creator,‖ on Facebook. Then a flood of comments and compliments came that gave him the idea of what he could do with his talent in graphic art—print T-shirts and make start a business. ―Well, at first, it really cost me time, money, and effort but against all odds with a capital of P20,000 only,‖ he said. He released his first batch of T-shirts at promotional prices in the campus. It was on that auspicious day, July 14, 2011, when CUBiT Wears® was born. The clothing line‘s name is a unique to the ears for those who did not hear it from their physics class. The name Cubit was conceived when one of his classmates was reporting. Cubit is the measurement of the length from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow.

It originally did not connect with the concept of the designs, but for Reymund, ―cubit‘ would be the perfect and easy-to-remember name for a clothing line. Aside from him, there are three other owners and at the same time friends. The entrepreneurs compose the team with each having his own set of designs. Aside from Reymund‘s ―The Creator,‖ Rhone Ray Baluma came up with his ―Soundbox Failure;‖ Kirby Nazario, ―Cloudmaker;‖ and Dwight dela Cruz, ―Candy Cloud.‖ They are the clerks-cum-employers marketing managers who are responsible for the development of CUBiT Wears®. They used to be not wary of how much income their business raked in for they were only after of the fun and the satisfaction of experiencing their business in their own terms. Reymund‘s sister Denise and his namesake father Reymund are his business accountants. ―The Creator,‖ ―Candy Cloud,‖ ―Cloudmaker,‖ and ―Soundbox Failure‖ were the first design sets they made and tagged each shirt at P290. For 2012, another batch bearing the February Coolers Series: Shake-o-Cubit, Slimey Joe, and Dynamite Jack was sold at P350 each. The custom-made shirts were printed at Tp Screen Prints in Mambaling, Cebu City. The business flourished through the close knit client base they have—mostly fellow Josephians and local teenagers. Using the worldwide web and technology to their advantage, the group accepts orders and ships them through a preferred courier. (The shipping charge is borne by the customer). In fact, their business has gone global and the farthest order came from Spain. They are now beginning to see profit as more orders poured in. Though categorized as an informal business, CUBiT Wears® thrives and the young men behind it desire that their micro enterprise will have an increased client base, a dependable credit source, and increased access to capital for their business to achieve their goals beyond the ―span of the forearm.‖

A manga-to-motion picture adaptation

Movie Review

City Hunter 2011 culture has been a regular J apanese source of all things cute and out of this world. From food to game shows, music to fashion, you simply cannot get enough of it. Manga is no exception either. With its unique, larger-than-life, addictive storylines, it is not surprising when other cultures, including neighboring South Korea, create their own adaptations of these stories, comics, and modern-day fairytales that we love. Hollywood may have the billion-dollar budget, but hallyu has unpredictable quirk on its side- even when it comes to the language of love, Boys Over Flowers is one, but the cult fave film‘s fantastic style is just the tip of the iceberg. Lee Min Ho was one of the main cast, as Go Jun Pyu, and now, this now, this new drama he‘s starring is selling around Philippines with ABS-CBN currently showing it, but not the same as the first, this latter comes with a twist of action that is what makes it beautiful! Loosely based on the manga ―City Hunter‖ by Tsukasa Hojo, published by Shueisha in the Weekly Shoñen Jump from 1985 to 1991, which has spawned several adaptations including a Hong Kong film version starring Jackie Chan. Unlike the manga, which is light and comedic, the South Korean drama spins a web of vengeance with the lead character Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) raised to avenge the death of his father. The suspense-filled plot twists packaged with the drama pulp comic feel keep you at the edge of your seat. Lee Yoon Sung, trained by his non-biological father as an elite soldier after moving to Thailand, growing and trafficking illegal narcotics, comes back to South Korea as an adult. He works at the Blue House for the National Communication Network Team. He hides his identity as a graduate of Ph.D. from M.I.T. in the US and possesses elite skills as an engineer. At the Blue house, Yoon Sung meets Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), a body guard there who has lost her parents in a car accident and

William A.G. Bulaqueña

Profile: * TV show: City Hunter * Director: Jin Hyeok * Producer: Kim Young Sup * Screenwriters: Hwang Eunkyung and Choi Soo Jin * Episodes: 20 * Release date: May 25, 2011 to July 28, 2011 Main Cast: * Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung / John Lee (American identity) / Poo Chai (Thai identity) * Park Min Young as Kim Na Na * Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Young Joo

made a living by doing part-time jobs and a 4th Dan Black Belter also in judo. While he continues his revenge to the group of five (country‘s president, company president, college University president, minister of defense, and a senator), he and Na Na fall in love with each even though Yoon Sung was warned to avoid such a relationship because blood will be shed all around him. An elaborate plan for revenge is his ultimate mission… .

City Hunter Clique: * Kim Sang Joong as Lee Jin Pyo/ Steve Lee (American identity) * Kim Sang Ho as Bae Shik Joong / Bae Man Deok * Jung Joon as Kim Sang Gook (Jin Pyo‘s henchman)



February–March 2012


If on

Idol worship

hat is this madness that has taken over your life? How did someone thousand of miles away manage to find his or her way into your heart? Whether you are into learning their language, following their fashion, subscribing to their fan sites, collecting their movies, making their names as your password, imitating their habits, downloading their pictures, or making yourself a stalker, you know deep down that it is not just a phase—and as with all this mayhem, the first step is admitting how blissfully, hopelessly hooked you are. Others tell that you are in love, infatuated, obsessed, or whatever they call it. But simply said, you are a fan, a follower, a friend, and a collector of an actor, singer, group, or just a normal person as long as you find them worthy as your idol, crush, inspiration, or in a frank way, your love. He, she, or whoever they maybe are solidly printed in your list. Each person in this world experiences this kind of stage in his life. Some may be way too sooner and some may be later. It is all natural. As what William Shakespeare discussed in his poem, ―Seven Ages of Man,‖ this was the one missing phase—the stage of little significance but of great importance. It is the stage of being a fan, the stage of adoration. It is the stage of unexpected adulation because it can appear or rank


Pop culture

Super Junior

Jasmin Rose

William A.G. Bulaqueña tented.

itself anywhere in the life of any human. Even sometimes recognized by some that it is just a kind of short episode in our life span, it contributes a lot to change anyone‘s character. One such effect is its ability to transform loneliness to elation as it gives that sort of happy feeling whenever there are scenarios you meet your idol in any medium: on TV, magazine, pictures, and the best will be meeting him/her in person. Our idols influence us in many ways from our small actions to the personality that we have, the most genuine thing among humans. For instance, collecting music of your favorite singer in

your mobile phones and other audio gadgets is one of the testimonies of this circumstance. From whom is the most common or the undeletable and unshared music file in your music player? Is it from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Iyaz, Usher, or from groups such as the K-pops? You tend to download the latest songs from them and get updates on what their status may be. Even spending your savings will not be a waste of money for you if it gives you that selfsatisfaction. Later on, it will be the subscribing to their official fan sites and then daydreaming on anything you feel in order to be con-

And for drama, are there a number of DVDs compiled in your cabinets? Or some movie that you like and feel to watch it over and over again? Whether he or she is the main or the supporting character and even if he is the villain, you would still want to buy it. Through music and movies, we can adore our idols. The two common media provide the youth with avenues to keep up with the latest trends. But some people belittle the state that we are in, saying things like we just do it because it is the in thing. There are also times they criticize the fans for being influenced negatively. There is that something in this stage that makes it very exciting and interesting. It is hard to explain all the reasons why the fans adore these idols. Nevertheless, it is the stage of heightened imagination with all those feelings in a homogeneous mixture and with a side effect that will never be too painful to bear. Moreover, in your mind, in your heart, or both, it will forever stay to remind you that there was once a time you said to yourself, ―I am your number one fan!‖

Exploring Misok cave

t is ironic that a town as big as Sindangan has neither developed any of its natural attractions nor promoted them for the locals and enthusiasts alike. In fact, the town has a series of waterfalls in Sitio Lingawan, a cascade in Brgy. Balok, and a cave in Brgy. Misok. Located 5 km away from the town center, the cave is a natural attraction that has the potential for eco–tourism. Even though it is situated in a private property, the cave has been visited by a number of people through the years as shown by the vandalisms dating more than two decades. Nestled on a mountain top, the cave‘s entrance can only be reached after climbing the steep rocky mountain with a footpath leading to it. Upon arrival, you would be surprised to be met by the hundreds of bats and cave swiftlets hovering near the mouth and those flying into and out from the cave. The relatively big opening is also illuminated by a hole in its roof. However, the wider chamber as well as the stalactites and stalagmites inside are only visible with the camera flash or a bright torch. The cave remains unexplored even a religious cult had once inhabited the cave several years ago. Also, a recent spelunking expedition by a team of foreigners did not leave any data on their findings.

If only I could cho Who deserves to Than to pick Whom I think I deser Then I would never Gaining nothing but pain

If only I could ea And move o If only I could learn t Who loves and car Then I won‘t suffe Putting everything

But how co When my heart i Seems Is the hardes I can‘t dare to sta No matter what I do

My feelings for you There‘s nothing I can That connects me to The only way f Is allowing this love to And build a happier s

My L Donalyn

Alone and That‘s what I a Inclined with co Hard enough to m But then, yo To arrange the You‘ve made me Able to fac All becau My L


Local tourism

Gilbert B. Lamayo

How to get there

Cave entrance. A local boy guides The Staff writers during their visit.

The cave is accessible through either the national highway to Dipolog or the barangay road to Misok. You will pass through the gate of the Sindangan Municipal Jail. Continue uphill until you reach the Misok Integrated Farm. A footpath on the right side of the road is the only way to the cave, which is about 200 m from there. The road may be muddy after a rain, but the surrounding hills offer a panoramic view of the Sindangan Bay. There is no landmark or direction to the cave except the perimeter fence and gate and the grassy path on the left before you reach a rivulet.

The dao tree. This attractively giant branch large, heavy tree structure overshadows the g pus. Myths and legends of the ghostly woman and residents alike. (Photo: Gilbert B. Lamay




February–March 2012

nly ...


e A. Castillon

oose that someone o be my only one k that person rve for many reasons r feel like in prison n reminds me of a lesson.

asily set you free on so quickly to love someone else res for me the best er so hard like this in its proper place,

ould that be is opposing me? you go st thing to do ay away from you o I‘ll still love you.

u will never change do to break the chain o this seething pain for me to forget o have a normal death sparkling new page.

Lord E. Aquino

d disgruntled am without you onfusing thoughts make me perplexed ou were there e jumbled puzzle e complete again— ce tomorrow use of you, Lord.

hed tree with buttressing roots supporting the grotto and the Guevarra hillside of the camn and this tree instill fear among the students yo)


o not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.‖ — Aladdin Gilbert B. Lamayo

Visitors to Epcot, one of Walt Disney World Resort attraction parks in Orlando, FL, would never think that this one of the happiest places on Earth was conceptualized by Walt Disney to be a Utopian city of the future. Disney‘s vision for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) was to build a model community, home to 20,000 residents, which would be a test bed for city planning and organization. But when he died in 1966, the company decided that it did not want to be in the business of running a city anymore. EPCOT Center was opened in 1982 and was dedicated instead to the celebration of human achievements, namely international culture and technological innovation. In its early years, EPCOT was often called a ―permanent World's Fair‖ because the park‘s purpose was unclear. Some wanted it to represent the cutting edge of technology while the others preferred it to display international cultures and customs. The park, now called Epcot, consists of two sections: Future World and World Showcase, laid out in an hourglass shape. Both sections are patterned after the types of exhibits found at world expositions. I had the chance to visit the theme park twice during my trav-

Spaceship Earth. Like a giant golf ball, Epcot’s iconic landmark welcomes everyone at the park’s main entrance. els to Florida. The first time was of hesitation since I would rather spend the whole day at Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, which has the most comprehensive collection of the Spanish surrealist‘s works, than stroll along mascots and topiaries. However, that visit reawakened the child in me. Growing up with the adventures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, I remembered then that I once believed in these characters and just needed to close my eyes and think back when I was a child.


The second visit was of fun. The pavilions of Future World offered innovative aspects and applications of technology— from the first Disney 3-D film ―Honey, I Shrunk the Audience‖ to the vegetables growing in greenhouses at Living with the Land. However, my passion for travel was further enhanced at the World Showcase. The dream of world travel became a reality at the 11 pavilions, each highlighting a country and featuring authentic cuisine, entertainment, and merchandise.

Even though these are only representatives of the numerous countries and myriad of cultures from around the world, the visit was both educational and inspirational. The day-long visit would not be complete without witnessing IllumiNations, a lights and sound show for the park‘s closing at 9 p.m. Fireworks, lasers, fire, and water fountains are timed to a music over the World Showcase Lagoon. A large rotating globe displays images of people and places to tell the story of Earth during the past 20 centuries. Epcot is a Disney park like no other. It is surprising that it can fill anyone young at heart with a sense of wonder, awe, and amazement. In Epcot, creativity is encouraged, imagination is celebrated, and countries are united to surprise, inspire, enlighten, and entertain people from all over the world.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse. —Walt Disney

Let’s sit and talk for awhile


alking with other people improves your social life. Having a conversation is something that we engage to challenge our talking skills. But in encountering this, you should consider some don’ts in conversations. Being boisterous/ argumentative

Mara A.S.L. Escoreal

Do not be very argumentative in a conversation because it might lead you to a fight. But if you really want to have a fight, go find someone else that is as argumentative as you. I am very certain that you surely end up at the hospital or in the graveyard.

Long story about yourself Your listener does not want to hear all about your life. You are not a hero or an idol that everybody should know your story and would publish it to various newspapers or magazines. Though it is okay to tell some of your experiences but do not make it too long because he/she will find your conversation boring.

Unpleasant details of accidents Disgusting accidents will just make your listener grossed out and some would probably throw up in front of you. So do not even dare to talk about it because you might not like to clean up someone else‘s vomit because of you.


Prying into private affairs Prying into some private affairs is just like inquiring some information and would write an article about it. Snooping for someone‘s affairs would only make your listener go away and would realize that it is better to avoid you because you, being so curious about it, would make him think that you will only spread those secrets to your friends and would

almost be in the newspapers because of your inquisitiveness.

Interruptions Do not cut people off when they are talking! It is very rude if you interrupt someone who is talking. It may only lead him to confusion or he might forget what to say because of your interruption. I know that you are familiar with the feeling of being interrupted so never do that to others.

Being tactless would only upset your listeners because you are not concerned about what you are talking and that you are already hurting your listener‘s feelings. Be careful on what you are saying and always think about it before stating it to your listener since you do not know what he/ she is feeling right now or if he/ she is offended. There are a lot of things that you should always remember during a conversation; but what is important is that to be yourself and do not be shy to have a pleasing talk with your friends.


Ang Manggagawa Mas masaya sa Pilipinas


t’s more fun talaga, as in kidnafun, holdafun, reyfun, kahirafun…,‖ sabi nila. ―Wow naman talaga ang Pinas! Tourist spots, Wow! Sumptuous food, Wow! Kapistahan, Wow! Mga bata at matanda—may ngipin o wala, Wow!,‖ dagdag pa nila. Ang bagong inilunsad na slogan ng Kagawaran ng Turismo ang nagsisilbing susi para sa mas pinalawak na tu-rismo sa Pilipinas. Pero sa paglabas din nito ay ang pagbaha ng mga batikos: sari-saring mga komento ang lumaganap. Ganito na lang ba tayo? Patuloy sa pag-usbong ng mga imitasyon, mga bagay na hindi naman atin subalit pinipilit pa rin nating angkinin? Dito ba natin pinapatunayan na wala tayong sariling gawang orihinal? Manggagaya na lang ba tayo sa lumang slogan ng Suiza? Inipresenta ng mga salitang ito ang kabuuang mga tanawin at kayamanan ng Pilipinas at sa halip na maging kaaya-aya sa publiko ay naging sentro na ng mga usapan. Bakit hindi sa wikang Filipino? Pwede namang iba na lang. Sa napakara-ming mga salitang makikita sa diksyonaryo ito pa ang nahagilap, kopya ng slogan ng ibang bansa. Maraming maipagmamalaki ang bansa natin kung mga likas na yaman ang pag-uusapan ngunit may malaking balakid na siyang ipinagsawalang bahala natin sa mga gawaing makakapagbibigay ng benipisyo sa atin. Kung kaya napunta ang mga inaasam-asam nating kaginhawaan sa mga dayo. Tingnan ninyo ang paligid, may pagbabago ba kayong naaaninag? Sira-sirang kalye, mga proyektong hindi natapos, talaga bang hindi mapapatag itong mga daan natin kaya laging natatapilok ang sinuman? Parehong sitwasyon ang natatamasa ng Pilipinas sa hindi pagpatag ng isipan ng lahat na magkaisa. Kung may slogan, dapat ang ipinahahayag nito ay makikita rin sa bansa. Hindi puro salita na wala namang gawa. Sa inyong pagmumuni-muni, totoo nga bang ―mas masaya sa Pilipinas?‖

Tomo I ▪ Blg. 2 Marso 2012 Batas at katarungan*

Francis Joseph T. Fuertes

*Pinarangalan bilang ikaanim na pinakamahusay na kartung pang-editoryal noong nakaraang Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Schools Press Conference sa Lungsod ng Dipolog.



Buhay pagkatapos ng kamatayan

aniniwala ka ba sa buhay pagkatapos ng kamatayan? Bakit tayo nagsisindi ng kandila at nagaalay ng bulaklak sa ating mga namayapang mahal sa buhay?


Sidney R.T. Rebollido

Marahil lahat ng bagay sa mundo ay naghahatid sa atin sa isang matalinhagang pag-aaninag. ―Turuan mo kaming bilangin ang aming nalalabing araw at bigyan ng karunungan sa aming mga puso,‖ lahad ng isang salmo. Pangako ng Diyos: ―Ako ang pagbabalik at buhay. Siya na may paniniwala ay mabubuhay kahit siya ay mamatay.‖ Ito ang malaking pagsubok ng ating paniniwala, hindi lamang sa mga Kristyano kundi maging sa lahat ng may pinaniniwalaan. Ayon nga sa linya ng isang kanta, ―Hindi ko alam kung ano ‗to, pero may lugar kung saan tayo ay hindi na magbabalik.‖ Sa mga linyang ito makikita natin ang angkop na pahayag ng isang manunulat mula sa kanyang nobela: Ang dalawang nagmamahalan, hahanap-hanapin ang isa‘t isa, pero masakit kapag sila ay inilalayo ng tadhana, maging sa kanilang pagtatagpo, ang isa‘t isa ay hindi na magkakilala. Sa pagbasa ko sa mga katagang ito, tila ako ay nasa tuktok ng aking paniniwala: Tama nga, meron ngang lugar kung saan tayo ay hindi na magbabalik at tayo ay hindi na gustong magbalik. Sa handog ng Diyos, na ito ay binuksan Niya ang buhay para sa ating lahat at daanang susundin tungo sa pintuang walang hanggang kaligayahan. May lugar kung saan ang oras ay titigil sa walang hanggang katapusan; kung saan ang pagmamahalan ay buo at tunay. Hindi lang pagmamahal ng Diyos at para sa Diyos kundi sa lahat ng may tapat at banal na pagmamahal sa mundo. Ang paniniwala ay hindi para pakawalan ang mga naniniwala mula sa takot ng kamatayan kundi para bigyan tayo ng pag-asa. Ang kamatayan ay hindi tuldok ng ating buhay sa mundo; ito ay pagsisimula ng ating buhay kasama ang Diyos, dama ang tunay na pagmamahal at kalinga Niya sa mabubuti nating handog sa nakaraang hininga. Basta lamang tayong tiwala at may pag-asa sapagkat ito ang kabanatang nakaatang sa atin—ang buhay mula sa kamatayan.



Sosyal networking

a pag-usbong at pag-abante ng modernong teknolohiya, ang arawaraw na kabuhayan ay ginawang mas madali; pero sa kabila ng mabubuting kalabasan ito ay nag-iiwan ng mapanirang epekto sa mamayan. Ngayon talamak na ang mga makabagong bagay: smartphone, netbook, laptop at tablet. Ginagamit na itong panulat ng mga note, paggawa ng presentasyon sa mga ulat, paghanap ng proyekto at takdang-aralin; hinahatid ang mga estudyante sa pagtapos ng mga bagay-bagay na noon ay imposibleng gawin. Sa pagsilang nito, lumitaw rin ang tinatawag nating world wide web. Ito ay naging isa sa mga pinakaimpluwensyang bagay sa henerasyon ngayon: kung ituring ng mga tao lalong lalo na ang mga kabataan ito ay isang iskinita na kung saan halos lahat ay matatagpuan. Dahil sa mga social networking site gaya ng Twitter, Tumbler, Yahoo, Friendster at Facebook ginawang isang pindot na lang ng mouse ang pakikihalubilo sa mga kaibigan, pamilya at mga kasamahan sa lahat ng sulok ng daigdig.

Ang pakinabang nito ay mahalaga sa karamihan katulad ng ng magagandang bagay subalit ito ay mayroon ding masamang epekto. Ang mga social networks ay naging daan sa pagbukas ng pintuan tungo sa mga pananakot at krimen sa web: kabilang ang hindi ligtas na pagpapahayag ng sariling impormasyon, mapanganib na abusong sekswal, cyberbullying at pagkalusob sa mga stalker. Sa panahon ngayon, uso na ang pagsali sa kahit anong site na naghahayag ng personal na impormasyon na nagiging publikong impormasyon. Marami sa mga scammer sa mga sites na pwedeng magnakaw o gumamit ng personal na impormasyon ng sinuman na dulot ay potensyal na krimen gaya ng identity theft o fraud. Maari rin maging sanhi ang palaging pag-post ng mga update sa account, katulad na

Ang Manggagawa

William A.G. Bulaqueña lamang ng Facebook. Kahit na matatawag itong freedom of expression, ang sobra-sobra at pribadong impormasyon ay mapanganib dahil sa mga stalker. Karaniwan din sa web ang cyberbullying, ginagawa ito sa pamamagitan ng pag-upload ng mapanirang impormasyon para siraan ang isang tao. Nakapaloob dito ang pestering, harassing at posting of foul words, mga bidyo o larawan. Hindi maiiwasan ang masamang aspeto ng mga bagay, gaya na lang ng mga bitamina na kinakailangan ng katawan, kung sobra ay nakakasama rin at maaring makasira sa kalusugan. Ang kulang ay masama, at ang sobra naman ay nakasisira; kailangan lamang ay balanse, kaya importanteng alamin ang kani-kaniyang limitasyon.

aN= mN=ggw “Ang pagsusulat ay panalangin.”

Patnugutan ▪ Taong Panuruan 2011–2012 William Andrew G. Bulaqueña Punong Patnugot Janine Claire T. Jalosjos Katulong na Patnugot Sidney Rico T. Rebollido Tagapangasiwa Donalyn E. Aquino Balita Cynthia Kareen J. Nazario Lathalain Reger Ed A. Caperig Panitikan Yanessa S. Naval Agham at Teknolohiya Joelan M. Tongco Pampalakasan Francis Joseph T. Fuertes & Meldrid B. Baculpo Tagaguhit Reginald Clement S. Pondoc & Kevin G. Siasico Photojournalist Marie Pher A. Piñero, MTF Tagapayo ▪ Gilbert B. Lamayo, MAELT Tagapayo Cristina S. Bajalan, MAEd Punong-guro ▪ Alfreda B. Calamba, Ed.D. Bise Presidente © 2012 Ang Manggagawa ▪ ISSN 2243-8645

Tomo I ▪ Blg. 2 Marso 2012

Non sequitur


S Janine Claire T. Jalosjos

Habang tumataas ang antas ng ating edukasyon, unti-unti ring humihirap ang ating mga leksyon lalo na ngayong sekundarya na may asignaturang kinatatakutan ng karamihan: ang algebra, trigonometry at physics. Bilang mga estudyante, nararapat sana na tayo ay maging matiyaga at maging masipag sa ating pag-aaral. Obligasyon sana nating mag-aral nang mabuti upang makapasa at matulungan ang ating mga sarili para matuto. Ngunit ano itong sakit na kumakalat at unti-unting lumalamon sa mga katangiang dapat ay taglay ng bawat mag-aaral? Pandaraya: pangongopya, pangongodigo at paggamit ng Internet sa cellphone habang nagsusulit. Sa paglipas ng panahon kung saan ang ating pamumuhay

a ilang taon nating pamamalagi sa ating kinikilalang ikalawang tahanan, halos lahat ng ating mga bagong kaalaman ay nagmumula rito; kadalasan ay mabubuti at mainam sa atin, ngunit hindi natin maikakaila na mayroon din tayong mga masasamang bagay na natututunan. ay lalo pang pinadali, maging sa pag-aaral ay ganiyan na rin. Ang mga estudyanteng gustong makakuha ng mataas na marka ngunit tamad namang mag-aral, pagdating sa pagsusulit, ay nangongopya o nandadaya. Para sa kanila masama man ang paraang kanilang ginamit para makasagot basta makapasa, lahat ay OK na. Ngunit paano naman ang mga estudyanteng naghirap upang lubusang matuto? Hindi ba at napakasakit isipin, na sa mga oras na ikaw ay nagsisikap na magaral, ang iba naman ay walang patumang ang nilulustay ang oras sa kung anu-anong mga bagay at sa huli kayong lahat ay pantaypantay lamang? At sa mga estudyante namang nandaraya, hindi ba ninyo alam na sa bawat pagkakataon na kayo ay nangongopya, hindi lang ang guro o ang mga kaklase ninyo ang inyong dinadaya kundi pati na



rin ang inyong mga sarili? Habang nakasasagot o pumapasa kayo sa bawat pagsusulit na hindi naman nagmumula sa sarili ninyong pagsisikap o hindi naman talaga ninyo natututunan kayo lang din naman ang kawawa sa bandang huli. Makagagraduate o makatatapos nga kayo. Wala naman kayong natututunan at hindi naman maiaalis sa inyong konsensya na ang lahat nang ito ay nagmula lamang sa maruming pamamaraan ninyo. Higit sa lahat kayo ay nagkasala sa mata ng Diyos at sa mga taong nakapaligid sa inyo. Alam nating lahat na hindi madali ang mag-aral lalo na at ito ay nakapapagod at nakauubos ng pasensya pero sana ay matuto rin tayong magsakripisiyo paminsanminsan, lalo na kung nakasalalay sa sakripisiyong ito hindi lamang ang ating bukas kundi pati ang kinabukasan ng ating lipunan.

Panaginip Joelan M. Tongco Noong una kitang makita Halos hindi kita alintana Sa puso ko‘t diwa Iba ang aking nakikita. Sa paglipas ng panahon Bakit ikaw ang tumugon Sa pusong sabik ikaw ang iniisip Wagas kong pag-ibig sana‘y iyong isaisip. Lumipas ang ilang buwan at saglit Ikaw ay nagbago‘t biglang nagalit Sa pusong nagmamahal na walang bahid Ako‘y nasaktan at paghihiganti ang nais ipahatid. Akala ko‘y tinanggap aking pag-ibig ‗yon pala‘y kaibigan lang iyong ibig Ako‘y natulala at natauhan bigla sa aking nakita Lahat pala‘y ilusyon ko‘t panaginip ng aking diwa.

Masaya ang buhay Rosel Rio R. Tobias Sa bawat alon na gumagalaw Kasabay nito‘y pagbabago ng ating buhay At sa paniniwala na tayo‘y nabubuhay Sa mundong puno ng kulay. Mga tao ngayo‘y dapat maging masaya Dahil alam natin ang buhay ay puno ng ligaya Nararapat din na tanggapin Na sa anumang oras ay pwede tayong kunin.


indi maipagkakaila sa ating mga Pinoy ang lawak ng ating imahinasyon sa anumang kayang i-imbento. Ang circball o loveball ay isang larong naisip ng mga Pilipino at kinagigiliwan na ngayon ng mga kabataan. Joelan M. Tongco

Ang circball ay ang pinakabagong laro na naiambag sa Pilipinas. Bagamat magkatulad ito sa larong basketball ng Amerika ngunit ito naman ay mayroong kakaibang teknik at alituntunin. Kung sa basketball ang ring ay nasa magkabilang dulo sa parihabang court, sa circball naman ang dalawang ring ay pinagdikitdikit sa gitnang bilog na court. Sa basketball ay tig-lima ang miyembro sa bawat laro habang sa circball ay tig-anim. Ito ay may kakaibang simbolo ng moral na prinsipyo sa loob ng palaruan—ito ang guhit hugis puso na nangangahulugang may pagmamahal sa bawat isa. Ang kalapati na ibig sabihin ay malinis ang bawat laro. Ang timbangan ay nanga ngahulugang walang daya maglaro ang bawat koponan at ang kamay na ang ibig sabihin ay ang pagbibigay ng pagkakataon sa bawat miyembro na mahawakan ang bola. Ang circball ay may sariling paraan ng pagbibigay ng puntos. Kung ikaw ay nakapwesto sa

Ang Manggagawa

Sa aking pagtatapos Donalyn E. Aquino Sa wakas Ang pinakahihintay kong sandali Sa apat na taong pamamalagi Heto‘t pagtatapos ay mamimithi. Magkahalong lungkot at saya Sapagkat masasayang alaala ng hayskul Batid kong matatapos na Bagong landas na aming tatahakin Bawat sandali nitong yugto‘y di dapat limutin.

Ang munting pangarap Pamela Mennet V. Llorente Ako ay nanggaling lamang sa mahirap na pamilya Gipit sa pera, gutom ay tinitiis pa Aking mga magulang ay nagsumikap magkapera Umagang-umaga sila ay gising na. Ang malayo naming munting paaralan Ay pilit na nilalakad ko pa Kahit gaano kalayo ang aking paglalakbay Aking tinitiis dahil edukasyon ko ang nakasalalay. Ako ay awang-awa sa aming kalagayan Munting pangarap ko‘y pilit na kinakamtan Kayod doon, kayod dito ‗yan ang aking nakikita sa mga batang tulad ko.

kulay berde sa pag-shoot ng bola, makakukuha ka ng 3 puntos habang sa kulay asul ay 4 na puntos. Ang larong ito ay nagiging libangan ng mga kabataan at nag-

sisimula nang kumalat sa buong mundo. Nakakaantig ng puso na mayroon na namang mga malilikhaing Pinoy na nagpamalas ng kanilang talento.

Sabi ng nanay ang edukasyon daw ay mahalaga Dahil ito raw ay hindi nakukuha Balang araw ako ay magiging matagumpay Upang itong aming buhay ay magiging makulay.



Manggagawa aN= mN=ggw

ISSN 2243-8645

02 >

Tomo I ▪ Blg. 2 Marso 2012

“Ang pagsusulat ay panalangin.” Ang opisyal na pahayagang Filipino ng Mataas na Paaralan ng Saint Joseph College of Sindangan Incorporated, Poblacion, Sindangan, 7112 Zamboanga del Norte, Rehiyon IX

Dataro, Tongco, nanaig SSC Halalan ’12


ina Roxanne B. Dataro ng CAUSE Party (CP) at Joelan M. Tongco ng RESPOND Party (RP) ang nagwagi sa taunang halalan ng Kataastaasang Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral na ginanap noong Biyernes ng hapon, ika-24 ng Pebrero.

Induction. Nanunumpa sa katungkulan ang mga bagong nahalal na opisyales ng Kataastaasang Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral. Sa harapan: Joelan M. Tongco, pangalawang pangulo; at Roxanne B. Dataro, pangulo.

Sa pagkapangulo, humakot si Dataro ng 267 boto laban kay Judee B. Garsuta na nakakuha ng 197 boto. Para pangalawang pangulo, nakalamang si Tongco sa kaniyang 339 boto laban kay Meryl Aurece Enriquez na nakapagtala ng 125 boto. Labindalawang senador ang hinalal ng mga mag-aaral mula sa unang tatlong taon: Kaiser Ed S. Bayawa, RP; Cholly Marie Padayao, CP; Reginald Clement S. Pondoc, CP; Francis James Rigodon, CP; Kristel Clea Dinglasa, CP; John Mark P. Dalogdog, RP; Rio Krystal R. Molate, RP; Jarrah Sophia B. Saile, CP; Fila R. Dagomo, CP; Shiny Love Esic, RP; Cater Mae Rellon, CP; at Al Gabrielle Lañojan, RP. Tiglimang year level rep-

resentative din ang pinili para manunungkulan sa susunod na taong panuruan. Para sa second year, napili sina Pamela Mennet V. Llorente, RP; Sean Maverick D. Realista, RP; Therese Gail E. Castillon, RP; Peachy Vera R. Arado, CP; at Kevin G. Siasico, RP. Sa third year, nahalal sina Reger Ed A. Caperig, RP; Chrisitian C. Rasonable, RP; Joyce Nicole T. Jalosjos, RP; Mary Claire H. Villarias, CP; at Lyra Jasmine Desierto, CP. Si Franz Angelo A. Labadan, CP, ang nanguna at magsilbing chairman para sa fourth year. Nanalo rin sina Jake B. Magallon, RP; Marck Constantine Digal, CP; John Hope Angelo Pamil, CP; at Heron M. Dumajel, RP bilang representative.

(Mara A.S.L. Escoreal)

J–S Prom, idinaos 500 manunulat, sumali ZN Press Con ―M N agmistulang isang eksena ng kuwentong bibit nang ginunita ang taunang Junior–Senior Promenade sa college gym noong ika-10 ng Pebrero.

agpasalamat tayo sa makabagong teknolohiya na tumutulong upang mapadali ng pamamahayag ang pagpapaabot nito sa nakararami.‖

Ito ang mensahe ni Dr. Elsa R. Cruz, officer-in-charge, schools division superintendent, bilang pambungad sa 2011 Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Schools Press Conference sa Teachers Gym, Dipolog City, ika16–18 ng Nobyembre. Ang tema ng kumperensya ay ―Isulong ang Digital Literacy sa Pamamagitan ng Pampaaralang Pamamahayag.‖ Umabot sa 508 na mga manunulat at tagapayo ng pam-

Buwan ng Dental Health, ipinagdiriwang Prom King and Queen. Pinarangalan sina Loryl Pelaez at Chrisidel Saja pagkatapos sa botohan ng mga guro. Dumalo ang higit kumulang 300 mag-aaral na suot ang kanilang mahahabang gown at coat and tie. Isang misa ang inialay para sa okasyon bago sinimulan ang pagpapalitan ng mga rosas at kandila. Si Reymund Jugalbot, gobernador ng mga senior, ay nagbigay ng mensahe at nagpasa sa key of responsibility kay Roxanne B. Dataro, ang kasalukuyang gobernador ng mga junior. Agad sinimulan ang cotillion kung saan lahat ng mga magkapares ay nabigyan ng pagkakataong isayaw ang isa‘t isa. Sinundan ito ng isang buffet dinner, sayawan at disko. Hinirang din ang mga

nanalo at binigyan ng premyo na siyang sponsor ng Avon. Sina Marie Maricar Cachin at Neil Aban, kapwa mga junior, ang itinanghal na Most Romantic Pair. Hinirang bilang Gentleman of the Night si Jugalbot. Si Edenlou Cavan, isang senior, ay humakot ng dalawang parangal bilang Most Elegant at Best in Gown. Napiling Lady of the Night si Yanessa S. Naval. Si Jacknie Gujelde ng IVSt. Augustine ang nag-uwi ng Face of the Night award. Nakoronahan sina Loryl O. Pelaez at Chrisidel Saja bilang Prom King and Queen..

(Janine Claire T. Jalosjos)

paaralang pahayagan mula sa iba‘t ibang elementarya at sekundaryang paaralan ng Zamboanga del Norte ang lumahok sa tatlong araw na kumperensiya at paligsahan. Sila ay makinig sa mga lektyur sa iba‘t ibang larangan ng pamamahayag. Ang mga campus journalists din ay lalahok sa paligsahan ng pagsusulat ng balita, pangulong tudling, lathalain, balitang pampalakasan, pagwawasto at

pag-uulo ng balita at panglarawang pamamahayag sa dalawang midyum. Sampung pahayagan sa Ingles at Filipino mula sa elementarya at sekondarya ang paparangalan. Ang pitong manunulat na magwawagi sa bawat kategorya ay mga qualifier para sa Zamboanga Peninsula Regional Schools Press Conference na gaganapin sa Zamboanga City.

(Donalyn E. Aquino*)

*Ang manunulat ay pinarangalan ng unang gantimpala sa pagsusulat ng balita noong nakaraang Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Schools Press Conference sa Lungsod ng Dipolog. Siya ay nakatanggap ng isang sertipiko at gintong medalya.


ng ngipin ay dapat alagaan upang ang pagkain ay malasahan para sa ikabubuti ng ating kalusugan,‖ ayon kay Dr. Nida S. Simbulan ng Zamboanga del Norte Dental Chapter. Nagdiwang ng ika-walong National Dental Health Month ang ZNDC noong Pebrero na may temang ―Ngiting Matatamis, Ngiping Malilinis, Dala ay Pagasa Tunay na Ligaya.‖ Ang ZNDC ay pumunta sa iba‘t ibang bayan ng Zamboanga del Norte para sa kanilang dental mission. Nagbigay sila ng sipilyo at nagbunot ng mga ngipin. Isang dental caravan ang isinagawa sa Sindangan noong unang araw ng Pebrero.

(Mara A.S.L. Escoreal)

Group contest. Tinatanggap nina Gilbert B. Lamayo, tagapayo ng Ang Manggagawa (SJCSI), at Rodenia L. Jamisola, tagapayo ng Ang Umaga (SNHS), ang mga tropeyo bilang ika-tatlo at ika-apat na pinakamahusay na pahayagang Filipino (sekundarya) noong nakaraang ZNPSPC.

El Obrero & Ang Manggagawa  

March 2012 issue