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2 The Center for Equity in Urban Education aims to improve lives.

6 Professor is named a TEDMED 2020 Research Scholar.

8 Google Awards $145,000 grant to computer science professor.

23 Annual Report










Social Justice Alumna and education professor Dr. Djanna Hill ’93 sees the launch of Elms College’s Center for Equity in Urban Education as perfectly aligned with the college’s mission and core values and an example of the transformative power of education. Djanna Hill ’93, Ed.D.

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“These mixed emotions of faith and dread have always been at the heart of the college idea. They are evident at every college commencement in the eyes of parents who watch, through a screen of memories of their own receding youth, as their children advance into life. College is our American pastoral.” — Andrew Delbanco Dear friends, With these words, Andrew Delbanco tried to capture the importance of college as a rite of passage and a key to “the good life” for the American middle class. Despite the many books and articles questioning the value of college, particularly of the liberal arts, a college education remains the proven way for an individual to be equipped to enjoy modern life both from an aesthetic and economic perspective. Much has evolved, however, in the traditional college described by Delbanco and others. This is especially true of who attends college. As demographics change, the average student will tend increasingly to be non-traditional, attending college while holding a full-time job and caring for family. Non-traditional students fit precisely into the category of those “least likely” to obtain a top-rate Catholic college education, for whom the Sisters of St. Joseph founded Elms College. It is gratifying to see that through the decades, Elms College has remained true to its founding mission by embracing students without distinction and ensuring that all have a path to success. It is even more encouraging when alumni who have remained close over the years tell us that they like what they see and hear about Elms College. We heard the same message from the alumni with whom we enjoyed laughter and a good meal at the Cape Cod luncheon on a perfect, blue-skied, summer day overlooking the sunbathed ocean and the well-manicured green of Eastward Ho! Country Club. This was also the message that we heard from the nearly 150 alumni and friends who gathered for this year’s elegant Evening of Appreciation as the sun fell on a gorgeous fall evening on our beautiful campus. Alumni and friends tell us that they like the direction of the college and appreciate the successes achieved during the academic year 2018-2019. This issue of Elms Magazine presents individuals who illustrate and contribute to this success: • Alumni like Djanna Hill in our cover story, Jacob Freeman, and Crystal Allen who are utilizing the education and expertise that they obtained from Elms to help others and give back; • Students like Mariah Dudash, Nick doCarmo, and Carissa Colby who excel in conducting research and positioning themselves to be tomorrow’s leaders; • Faculty members like Peter DePergola and Beryl Hoffman, very much sought-after in their respective fields, but who find their greatest satisfaction is in helping Elms College students to be ‘real-world ready; • Trustees like Cindy Lyons who believe in Elms College’s capacity to effect change in the world, and contribute time, intellectual energy, and financial resources to advance that objective. The success of one Elms College family member is that of the entire Elms family. Thank you for helping us to advance the mission.

Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA President

The Elms Education



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Nursing Exploration Day in August gave those considering a career in nursing an up-close-and-personal look at the college’s nursing facilities and the opportunity to meet faculty.


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The Center for Equity in Urban Education The CEUE will help Elms bridge the annual 800-teacher gap and educator diversity gap in K-12 schools.

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TEDMED 2020 Professor Peter DePergola II, Ph.D., M.T.S., has added TEDMED Research Scholar to his lengthy resume.

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Google Grant

8 Elms College 291 Springfield Street Chicopee, MA 01013 We are a Catholic liberal arts college founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield, Massachusetts. The editors invite your comments and questions at 413-265-2588 or marketing@elms.edu.

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Search engine giant Google has awarded computer science Professor Beryl Hoffman a $145,000 grant to broaden the participation of high school students in computer science and programming courses.

Ecology Under Threat Two Elms students studied how salamanders are key players in forest ecosystems and how changes in their behavior could impact the entire food chain.

2018-2019 Annual Report



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New Center Aims to Address Learning, Diversity Gaps Elms College President Harry E. Dumay and the Center’s foundational donors with CEUE education partners.

Elms officially launched an ambitious new education program in late September that has been called “one of the most exciting things in the field of education in western Mass. in 30 years.” The Center for Equity in Urban Education (CEUE) takes an innovative approach to strengthening urban education by focusing on teacher training and educator support as the catalysts to improving the educational outcomes of children in our urban schools, thereby improving life outcomes. The CEUE will help Elms bridge the annual 800-teacher gap across K-12 schools in the area, particularly in the high-need areas of special education, English language learning, and STEM subjects.

Photo: Hoang ‘Leon’ Nguyen / The Republican

Elms College is uniquely qualified to address the diversity gap because of its nearly 100-year commitment to teacher preparation, said Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA, president of Elms College. Ninety-eight percent of Elms education licensure graduates of the last 10 years are still employed as teachers or administrators.

“We believe that this gift of great education, that key to freedom, that ‘great equalizer of the conditions of men’ as stated by Horace Mann, should also be afforded to all children and young people in western Massachusetts,” Dumay said.

Photos below: Hoang ‘Leon’ Nguyen / The Republican

Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Springfield Superintendent Daniel R. Baillargeon, Holyoke Public Schools Receiver/Superintendent Stephen Zrike Jr., and Rachel Romano, executive director of Veritas Preparatory Charter School, sign memoranda of understanding with President Dumay.

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Alumna’s Passion is Urban Education With a doctorate in urban and multicultural education from Columbia University and firsthand experience of the transformative power of education, alumna Djanna Hill ‘93 is perfectly suited to provide counsel to Elms College on its new Center for Equity in Urban Education (CEUE). And she is doing just that, as a member of the center’s advisory board. Djanna became involved in the CEUE through Djanna Hill ’93, Ed.D. her mentor, now-retired education professor Anne Harrison, Ed.D., who thought she’d bring valuable perspective and experience to the program. “ I feel like it is ambitious,” Djanna said of the program. “I’m very pleased that they would take on this particular mission, in terms of helping urban schools and preparing teachers to do just that.” Djanna said her experience at Elms, and the strong guidance and support she received from Dr. Harrison in particular, “transformed me to be the person I am now. It gave me the courage to go ahead and teach.” Having majored in microbiology as an undergraduate at Howard University in Washington, D.C., Djanna is also passionate about increasing the number of minorities in the sciences. After earning her master of arts in teaching degree from Elms, she taught 9th and 11th grade biology in Baltimore, MD, and then 7th grade life science at a K-8 school in Brooklyn, NY.

“My goal in teaching science was students seeing the possibility of themselves,” Djanna said. “And for them to get excited about science and then become scientists and engineers. If you don’t put images in front of students of the possibilities of who they can be, you’re really asking them to become something they’ve never seen.” Djanna herself didn’t have those role models to aspire to as she was attending middle school in Agawam, MA, and later high school in Springfield. “The fact that I didn’t have those role models made it even more important for me to become a role model for students,” she said. “I tried to create a safe and caring space for them, so not only would they come and eat lunch with me, but also feel comfortable enough to challenge me on my teaching.” Having spent a few years in public education, Djanna decided to pursue her doctorate and address the lack of minority teachers in classrooms across the nation. She did this not by teaching herself, but by preparing others to teach. “I realized not enough teachers were passionate about bringing more students of color into science and teaching in urban schools, and they didn’t know about the rich history that people of color bring to science,” she said. After landing a position at William Paterson University in a suburb of Paterson, N J, Djanna began what became a 10year program to support teachers of color who committed to teaching in the city after graduation. Since that program ended, however, the majority of education students graduating from the university have echoed national statistics, with the majority being white women. She sees the CEUE as perfectly aligned with the college’s mission and core values of Faith, Community, Justice and Excellence. “It’s really about social justice,” she said. “I believe that schools are the sites for change and teachers are change agents. If we look at the impact that they are making on the lives of students, then I think we will see success.”

Learning gaps between socioeconomic student groups are large, and especially evident in urban school districts such as Holyoke, Chicopee and Springfield. In each of those cities, minority students, such as African American and Hispanic learners, collectively represent more than 80 percent of the student population. There is a distinct need for a more diverse workforce of teachers in schools and districts with large minority populations than currently exists.

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno greeted by President Harry E. Dumay.

“The research is clear: a student of color who sees just one teacher who looks like them in the elementary space is more likely to graduate from high school and have better life outcomes thereafter,” said Jeffrey C. Riley, commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), who attended the CEUE launch. “We know continued on page 4



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“This is one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in the field of education here in western Mass. in 30 years.”

that 40 percent of our kids in Massachusetts are kids of color, yet only eight percent of our teachers are.” And the pipeline of teachers entering or about to enter the education field is no more diverse. Those enrolled in educator preparation programs at colleges and universities in the state in 2016-17 were 85% white, according to Massachusetts DESE. That same percentage is reflected in Elms College’s undergraduate and graduate student populations.

— John H. Davis, senior director of the Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation

Photo: Hoang ‘Leon’ Nguyen / The Republican

Dumay noted the “extraordinary contribution” Elms has made to education in western Massachusetts, but said it also needed to acknowledge “where we have not been as successful. Namely, in building a diverse pipeline of educators and school leaders for our urban communities.”

John H. Davis, senior director of the Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation, which provided foundational support for the CEUE.

“Each member of the strategic partners involved in bringing this concept to reality recognized and valued the richness of our community’s diversity.”

The key to the success of the CEUE plan is the formation of local partnerships that will produce a workforce of diverse candidates, year after year, fully prepared to succeed in urban classrooms. Partnerships were marked at the event through the signing of Memoranda of Understanding between the college and seven public, private, and diocesan schools and school districts: Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Springfield, Chicopee Public Schools, Holyoke Public Schools, Springfield Public Schools, Veritas Preparatory Charter School, Phoenix Charter Academy Network, and Libertas Academy Charter School. “Each member of the strategic partners involved in bringing this concept to reality recognized and valued the richness of our community’s diversity and believed that working together to build a diverse pipeline of educators would help build understanding, strengthen academic success and enhance a sense of inclusiveness and community for all,” said Elms Board of Trustees Chair Cynthia Lyons, who, with her husband, William, are foundational donors for CEUE. “To help build a diverse pipeline, center programs are designed to be accessible to individuals who already work in local urban schools,” said Walter C. Breau, Ph.D., vice president of academic affairs. “The Center’s bachelor’s degree licensure program for paraprofessionals will provide students required content, pedagogy and classroom management skills, but also MTEL diagnostics and support, practicum experiences, and training in essential areas such as trauma-informed teaching that are tailored to help an urban school teacher be ready to succeed on day one.

Photo: Hoang ‘Leon’ Nguyen / The Republican

— Cynthia Lyons, chair, Elms Board of Trustees

Cynthia Lyons, Elms Board of Trustees Chair, who, with her husband, William, are foundational donors for CEUE.

“In a similar way,” Breau continued, “the Center’s master of arts in teaching degrees will provide the additional training and skills development to continue to improve as classroom teachers. The final programming piece to help urban teachers be persistent, effective teachers is the programming geared to teacher and school leaders, to help them better serve the teachers in their schools.” “This is one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in the field of education here in western Mass. in 30 years,” said John H. Davis, senior director of the Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation, which provided foundational support for the CEUE. “It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I think we’re starting off in a very good position and we’re going to build on that.” The Center is actively seeking a founding director and an administrative assistant. Serving as acting executive director is Anthony Klemmer, Ph.D., founder and president of the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education.  Applications are available online at elms.edu/ceue.

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Power of Education is the Convocation Message

Opening Convocation speaker Beth Anderson, founder and CEO of Phoenix Charter Academy Network and a member of the Elms College Board of Trustees.

Opening Convocation, the official start of the academic year, was held on September 25 in Veritas Auditorium and featured guest speaker Beth Anderson, founder & CEO of Phoenix Charter Academy network and a member of the Elms College Board of Trustees. The auditorium was full for Anderson’s talk, during which she spoke about her belief in the power of education to change lives and her strong commitment to serving students on the fringes of traditional educational pathways. In 2006, she founded the Phoenix Charter Academy Network to help students earn their high school diplomas when they were never expected to do so. Many of her students are raised in poverty stricken neighborhoods with significant socio-economic barriers that greatly inhibit educational achievement. More than 300 young people in Chelsea, Lawrence, and Springfield have graduated from Phoenix since its founding. In addition to being a Trustee, Anderson is a member of the advisory board for the college’s recently launched Center for Equity in Urban Education, which aims to increase the number and diversity of teachers in Chicopee, Holyoke, and Springfield public schools. One of the traditions at Elms College is the First Year Seminar (FYS), which is designed to connect incoming first-year students

A senior is excited to begin her final year. Beth Anderson, Board of Trustees Chair Cynthia Lyons, and President Dumay.

to the college community. It helps first-year students discover themselves, and encourages them to explore important topics and issues. FYS courses are connected by a theme taken from Catholic Social Teaching; the 2019-2020 theme is Rights and Responsibilities, which encompasses the connections between human dignity, human rights, and our obligations to others. The invited speaker also addresses the theme in his or her remarks. Opening Convocation is also the time to celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of the previous year and celebrate and acknowledge the senior class’s last year on campus. Receiving the Monsignor Fagan Award for highest academic achievement in their first year were an unprecedented eight students: Madeline Care, Abbegale Connelly, Kerry Gilmore, Karlie Moderacki, and Juliana Ricciardi, all nursing majors; graphic design major Samantha Kolodziej; early childhood education major Rachael Picard; and mathematics major Julia Sarrazin. The Monsignor Conlin Award for highest sophmore year grade point average was presented to Shaughnessy Docekal, a communication sciences and disorders major, and the Monsignor Conaty Award for highest academic achievement in the junior year was given to Amanda Casineau, an elementary education major. 



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2020 Professor Adds TEDMED Research Scholar to Lengthy Resume Peter DePergola II, Ph.D., M.T.S. wears many hats, both inside and outside of Elms College. At Elms he is an assistant professor of bioethics and medical humanities—the college’s fastest growing minor—and last spring launched an advanced research and writing course in bioethics and medical humanities. Outside the college, he is director of clinical ethics for Baystate Health, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, adjunct professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, a research scientist in neuroethics for the American Academy of Neurology, and associate editor of the Online Journal of Health Ethics. As if that weren’t enough, he recently added another feather to his cap after being selected as a research scholar in bioethics for the prestigious medical conference, TEDMED.

“It is an incredible honor that highlights the expertise we have, and continue to develop, at Elms,” DePergola said of the recognition. The TEDMED conference, the medical arm of the renowned TED conference and its TED Talks, explores innovative practices emerging in the healthcare industry. A TEDMED representative invited DePergola to submit his application to become a research scholar for TEDMED 2020, which will be held in Boston in March. DePergola was one of 50 internationally recognized scholars selected to rate the academic integrity of hundreds of TEDMED presentations. “My simple hope for the experience is to provide a needed service, and to ensure that each talk possesses the intellectual

The Elms Education

and practical integrity that society expects from healthcare professionals,” DePergola said. At Elms, DePergola marshals his academic expertise to structure upper-level courses for students who want careers in healthcare. In his new Advanced Research in Bioethics and Medical Humanities course, students are introduced to professional writing and encouraged to publish their ideas for dissemination by the healthcare research community. “A primary goal of the course is to produce a manuscript worthy of submission to a peer-reviewed journal,” he said. DePergola serves as senior author for the paper, with the student being first author. Making an original scholarly contribution in the world of bioethics can be a gamechanger when it comes to distinguishing oneself as a competent healthcare professional. “Being published as a first author in a peer-reviewed journal gives students an enormous edge in their applications to graduate or post-graduate programs in healthcare,” DePergola said. “The advanced research course is, to my mind, vital to the intellectual spirit of the college,” he added. “In the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the course encourages engagement and dialogue with all traditions of inquiry, without distinction, as students grapple with the most pressing and complex questions of ethics and culture in healthcare today.” DePergola said that opportunities for students to engage in extensive research at liberal arts colleges, particularly outside of the realm of biology and in areas like the humanities, are often relegated to second place by necessity.


Students Make Scholarly Contributions A number of students in Peter DePergola’s inaugural class in the Advanced Research in Bioethics and Medical Humanities course have collaborated with DePergola on scholarly papers to submit to peer-reviewed journals.

“Constraints that Make Us Free: A Neuroethical Justification of Compulsory Treatment for PostTraumatic Stress Disorder in Combat Veterans.” Nicholas A. Natalizio ’19 (accepted for paper presentation [international conference in Chicago, IL] and forthcoming in print, Proceedings of the International Neuroethics Society). “An Ethical Justification of Presumed Consent and Priority Allocation Systems for Organ Donation Legislation.” Anna K. Shapiro ’19

“The Ethical Justification of Prenatal Care as a Fundamental Human Right and Public Health Responsibility.” Gabriella L. Bruzzese ’19

“Being published as a first author in a peer-reviewed journal gives students an enormous edge in their applications to graduate or post-graduate programs in healthcare.” DePergola said. “This course bridges that gap, and invites students to investigate the philosophical underpinnings of the moral and practical implications of healthcare theory and practice,” DePergola said. “In so doing, the course advances research, scholarship, and education in ethics on campus; examines humanistic values and their compatibility with scientific and philosophical reasoning; and fosters academic lives of cultural awareness, appreciation, curiosity, investigation, and meaning.” A paper by Nicholas Natalizio ’19 and DePergola, “Constraints That Make Us Free: A Neuroethical Justification of Compulsory Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Combat Veterans,” was accepted for presentation at an international conference in Chicago and is forthcoming in Proceedings of the International Neuroethics Society. 

“Supporting Mental Wellness in the Public Service Professions.” Reilly L. McQueston ’19



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Professor Awarded $145K Google Grant

An Elms professor has received a Google computer science research grant for $145,400 to lead research

designed to broaden high school students’ participation in computer science and programming courses, especially among underrepresented populations in the field, such as women and minorities. Beryl Hoffman, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science and co-chair of the Natural Science, Mathematics, and Technology Division, is leading the one-year project, titled “Transitioning from AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) to AP CSA Java: Learning from CSP Successes.” “Today’s IT workforce is 80% male with very few minorities,” said Hoffman. “We are trying to change that by focusing on high school computer science education as the start of the pipeline to college and the workforce.” Google awarded only six grants nationally for computer science education research this year, which underscores the timeliness of Professor Hoffman’s research. The first phase of

The Elms Education


“Computer science curriculum and pedagogy must strive to engage, support, and ensure the success of all students.” Beryl Hoffman, Ph.D.

her work involved creating a curriculum called CSAwesome, which is available to teachers as a free interactive eBook. Approximately 400 teachers across the country are currently testing the curriculum in their classrooms. To evaluate the effectiveness of CSAwesome, Hoffman is in the midst of holding two professional development seminars, which emphasize inclusive teaching practices and effective teaching strategies. “Computer science curriculum and pedagogy must strive to engage, support, and ensure the success of all students,” she said. “Our research will study whether the curriculum and professional development events will help student engagement and success, especially for those who are traditionally underrepresented in CS.” Advanced Placement (AP) courses prepare high school students for college by offering challenges and stimulation beyond the standard curriculum, allowing them to demonstrate advanced knowledge of a subject and even earn college credit by taking AP exams.  AP CSP provides a broad overview of computer science, including an introduction to programming with a focus on creative, collaborative, and engaging projects. Students who are introduced to computer science in a CSP course often want to continue to text-based programming in AP CSA Java, which focuses on Java programming, as found in introductory college programming courses. 

“AP CSA is one of the least-diverse AP exams in terms of participation,” Hoffman said. “It has the second-lowest percentage of female students taking the exam after AP Physics.” That’s because current CSA curricula often do not optimally engage students and ensure their success, which leads to a decline in underrepresented students taking this course. In addition, there is a shortage of teachers who are trained to teach CSA Java; many require further professional development to transition from teaching AP CSP to teaching AP CSA, as well as training in equity-based pedagogy to help broaden participation in AP CSA. Hoffman’s research project will investigate how to adapt approaches used to broaden participation in the AP CSP for use with the AP CSA Java course, and how to prepare and support teachers who are new to computer science as they transition from teaching the AP CSP course to the AP CSA Java course. Barbara Ericson, Ph.D., assistant professor of information at the University of Michigan, and Jennifer Rosato, director of the National Center for Computer Science Education and the Mobile CSP program at the College of St. Scholastica in Minnesota, are Hoffman’s collaborators. 



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Internship Helps STEM Scholar Find Her Passion

Working in a leading biomedical lab was “priceless.”

The Elms Education

Mariah Dudash ’20, a biology major and ElmSTEM scholar, has a knack for cuttingedge science. When the Pittsburgh native transferred to Elms as a junior, Mariah immediately connected with Nina Theis, Ph.D., associate professor of biology, to work on a longrunning project about floral scent. The duo presented their findings at the Eastern New England Biological Conference in spring 2019, and won a best-in-conference award for their poster. This summer, Mariah completed an internship at Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute (PVLSI), where she collaborated with a team investigating new approaches to treating breast cancer. Assisting with flow cytology, histology, and cell cultures, Mariah helped the team design experiments to learn more about chemical and environmental impacts on the immune system. Thanks to Mariah’s work, the PVLSI team gleaned new information about metastases and the polarization of immune cells, both of which have important consequences for treating and preventing a variety of different cancers. Working in a leading biomedical lab was “priceless,” Mariah said, because she developed specialized skills that she could add to her resume. “I feel like I get to work on projects that really matter,” she added. “Working on high-profile experiments at PVLSI helped me narrow down what I want to do.” With graduate school on the horizon, Mariah plans to go into parasitology, which will give her the chance to combat global diseases like malaria. 

Mariah collaborated with a team at the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute (PVLSI), where she investigated new approaches to treating breast cancer.




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Salamanders Seen as Harbingers of Ecology Threats Take a walk in the woods virtually anywhere in New England, and chances are you will pass by hundreds, if not thousands, of Eastern red-backed salamanders, right underfoot. These tiny creatures — which, fully grown, max out at two to five inches in length — spend their entire lives roaming a single square meter of “humis,” the damp, nutrient-rich soil that comprises the forest floor. While you might not think twice about encountering Plethodon cinereus in the wild, these tiny salamanders are actually key players in forest ecosystems from northern Tennessee to southern Ontario. And they’re up to something very strange in western Massachusetts. When Doug Fraser, Ph.D., moved to Chesterfield, MA, he began clearing land to build a new home. He noticed that Eastern red-backed salamanders were popping up all over the grassy areas of his backyard. This behavior is highly unusual, since the salamanders risk life and limb every time they leave the protection of the forest undergrowth. Shrews, voles, and other small mammals are the natural predators of the Eastern red-backed salamander, and can spot them more quickly out in the open. If the salamanders continue to behave erratically and desert their natural habitat, it has the potential to impact the entire food chain. Investigating this idea is part of an ongoing series of experiments for Dr. Fraser,

a professor emeritus at Siena College, who has researched behavioral responses, predation threats, and ecosystem changes for more than 40 years. Interdisciplinary collaboration is a core value at Elms College, and it often leads to unexpected academic opportunities for students. Elms biology professor Nina Theis, Ph.D., met Dr. Fraser on an international research trip to Trinidad in the summer of 2018. After learning about his work and close proximity to Elms, she arranged to take her biology classes to the property once per semester. For students interested in gaining long-term field experience, Dr. Theis worked with Dr. Fraser to establish internship opportunities for students. For Nick doCarmo ’19 and Carissa Colby ’18, BMS ’19, partnering with Dr. Fraser has been illuminating. “We have great faculty for biology who really nail down the basics for you,” Nick said. “Having that base knowledge helped me transition into working a live experiment.” After making a couple dozen trips to the property over the past year, Nick and Carissa developed a working theory suggesting that the salamanders leave the forest in search of food. While insects can burrow deep into the porous soil of the woods to avoid their predators, they have a much harder time maneuvering through the dense, hard-packed soil of clearcut surfaces.

The Elms Education


Carissa Colby ’18, BMS ’19 and Nick doCarmo ’19 sort through soil in search of salamanders. The researchers catalog differences in weight gain among the Eastern red-back salamander population to determine how many venture outside of their natural habitat in search of food.

“They’re really unassuming creatures, but, they represent a huge part of the energy cycle, and the cycle of nutrients, throughout the forest system,” said Nick To confirm their hypothesis, the team designed an experiment to analyze the concentration of insects in the forest loam versus the clearcut grass. They sampled three cubic inches of soil from each area. “We discovered that there are about three times as many springtails — the salamanders’ favorite food source — out here in the grass,” Carissa said. That finding amounts to roughly 30,000 microscopic meals for the Eastern red-backs, packed into an area of soil slightly smaller than a Rubik’s Cube. In other words, the salamanders put everything on the line in exchange for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Armed with this knowledge, the team began cataloguing differences in weight gain among the salamander population. Using a collection of 20 wire-mesh boxes scattered throughout the forest and clearcut, the team isolated individual salamanders in each box, forcing their subjects to dine on only one type of soil. After a period of 30 days, the team would open the boxes, sift through the dirt to find the salamanders, and carefully weigh them. “They’re really unassuming creatures,” said Nick, who plans on joining a state wildlife agency after graduating from Elms College in December. “But, they represent a huge part of the energy cycle, and the cycle of nutrients, throughout the forest system.”

Nick and Carissa’s research has bearing on larger discussions about woodland ecology. Dr. Fraser’s property (half forest, half clearing) is a microcosm, a miniature snapshot of heavily wooded land facing encroaching deforestation. In the context of environmental conservation, studying what happens at the micro-level can teach us about the macro-level. For example, a recent study by the University of Missouri-Columbia published in ScienceDaily found that the number of salamanders in a forested area determines how quickly the land can recover from logging activity. While the experiment is still in the data-collection phase, Nick and Carissa both found their collaboration with Dr. Fraser to be incredibly beneficial. Carissa, who is in the process of applying to veterinary schools for the upcoming application cycle, had the chance to present the team’s preliminary findings at the Northeast Natural History Conference. “I’m able to relay information so people can understand it at multiple levels,” she said. “Working with Doug has been really helpful in a lot of areas.” Nick sees his fieldwork as the perfect foundational experience for finding a job in environmental science or ecology. “I like being out in nature, and want to get a job that’s really hands-on,” he said. “If you can run a controlled science experiment, it doesn’t really matter what field it is — those skills will translate.” 



Elms College Magazine

Elms College President Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA, was an invited speaker and a member of the platform party at the inauguration of Endicott College’s seventh president, Steven DiSalvo, Ph.D., in Beverly, MA, in September. Dr. DiSalvo and Dr. Dumay previously worked together at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH, where Dr. DiSalvo was president and Dr. Dumay was senior vice president for finance and chief financial officer.

Photo: Mike Spencer Photography

Br. Michael Duffy, DNP, ANP-BC, associate dean and director of the undergraduate nursing program, has received a prestigious award from the Massachusetts American Nurses Association for outstanding community service in recognition of the positive impact that his work with the poor and homeless has had on the citizens of Massachusetts. The award was presented in Boston at the ANA’s 18th Annual Spring Awards Dinner last spring. Laura Hanratty, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA, director of ABA and ASD graduate programs, attended the Annual Conference for the Association for Behavior Analysis International, in Chicago in May. She presented a project titled “Evaluating the Use of Functional Communication Training Without Extinction to Reduce Severe Problem Behavior.” The project was conducted with alumni and students Alyssa Clark ‘17, ‘18; Christopher Tamburrino ‘18; and Rachel Reyes ‘20. Communication sciences and disorders faculty member Angela Mansolillo, MA/CCC-SLP, BCS-S, is the 2019 recipient of the Massachusetts Speech Language Hearing Association State Clinical Achievement Award. Mansolillo is a speech-language pathologist at Cooley Dickinson Rehabilitation Services, where she has worked since 2006. As this year’s award winner, Mansolillo will also be submitted to the American Speech-LanguageHearing Foundation as a candidate for the 2019 Louis M. DiCarlo Award, which will be presented at the organization’s convention in November.

History professor Damien Murray, Ph.D., participated last summer on an Irish-American relations and politics panel on the anniversary of a 1919 visit to Boston by Eamon de Valera, a past president of Ireland. The panel was organized by the Irish Consulate of Boston and the Kennedy Institute and also included noted academics, journalists, and the current Irish ambassador to the U.S. Andrew Storer, Ph.D., DNP, FNP-C, ACNP-BC, ENP-C, FAANP, assistant dean of graduate programs and RN studies, has been inducted as a Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in recognition of his contributions to healthcare. Storer has served as a curriculum and content expert for DNP, family, emergency, and acute-care nurse practitioner program development and evaluation at multiple nursing programs across the country. In 2019, he was appointed to the National Curricular Leadership Committee for the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties.

The Elms Education


Elms College Welcomes New Faculty Elms College has added new faculty members in fields such as education, social and biomedical sciences, and nursing this year, boosting an already impressive academic community with an influx of new talent: Andrea Bertheaud ’15, MSN ’18, RN-BC, will serve as an assistant clinical professor of nursing. Bertheaud, who holds a master of science in nursing from Elms, has served as a clinical nurse educator at the college and as an adult inpatient psychiatric nurse at Baystate Health Systems since 2016. She previously worked as an adult inpatient mental health nurse at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital in Holyoke, MA. Meredith Bertrand, Ed.D., the new chair of the Education Division and an associate professor, comes to Elms from high-level administrative positions at Bay Path College and American International College. She earned her doctorate and a certificate of advanced graduate study at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and her master of education at Smith College. Bertrand is also an experienced elementary/middle school teacher. Jeanne Betourney-Gamelli, DNP ’17, AGACNP-BC, CCRN, MSN ’12, has joined Elms as assistant professor of nursing. Since 1985, Betourney-Gamelli has worked as a registered nurse at Noble Hospital, serving as a clinical nurse manager from 2003 to 2005; prior to that, she worked as an RN at Baystate Medical Center from 19801985. She has been an adjunct at Elms since 2007, both as a classroom instructor and a clinical instructor. She earned her doctor of nursing practice degree at Elms in 2017 and her MSN at Elms in 2012. Yeukai Imeh, Ph.D., MBA, has joined the college as an assistant professor of education. Imeh earned her doctorate at Simmons College in Boston, her MBA at Southern Connecticut State University; and holds a master of math adolescent education from Pace University in New York. She has been an adjunct professor at several local colleges, including Elms, and she also supervised Elms student teachers last spring. She is an experienced teacher in mathematics at the middle/high-school levels and in urban settings. Imeh will also advise middle/secondary licensure candidates.

Danielle Maurice ’00, Ph.D., has joined Elms as an assistant professor of psychology. Maurice holds a Ph.D. in social and developmental psychology, as well as a master’s in psychology, from Brandeis University and has worked as an instructor at Assumption College, George Washington University, and Elms College, as well as a special education teacher at Sabis International Charter School in Springfield, MA, and Chicopee Public Schools. She also has experience working with state agencies on public health program research and evaluation. Michael McGravey, Ph.D., will serve as an assistant professor of religious studies. McGravey earned his Ph.D. in theology at Duquesne University, and his master of arts in theology and religious studies at Villanova University. He has taught theology as an instructor at Duquesne, and as a teacher in the department of religious studies at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School in Philadelphia. Jacqueline Ramsey-Rosenhein ’09, DNP ’18, APRN, FNP-BC, MHA, MSN, has been hired as an assistant clinical professor of nursing. RamseyRosenheim earned a doctor of nursing practice degree from Elms in 2018, and also holds a master of science in healthcare administration and a master of science in nursing from the University of Phoenix in Arizona. She has served in a variety of nursing roles throughout her career, including as director of nursing at Springside of Pittsfield, MA; a clinical liaison at Berkshire Healthcare Systems; a clinical nurse consultant for Adlib; and a case manager at Berkshire Medical Center. Sudad Saman, Ph.D., will serve as a lecturer in biomedical sciences. He earned his doctorate in biomedical engineering and biotechnology at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, an M.S. in bioinformatics at New York University’s Polytechnic Institute, and a master of education at Cambridge College in Massachusetts. He has worked as an instructor at Bristol Community College and Elms College, as research faculty at UMass Lowell, as a senior visiting lecturer at Bridgewater State University, and as an adjunct assistant professor at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science in Boston.



Elms College Magazine

Graduate Admission Office Opens The Elms College Office of Graduate and Continuing Education Admission are (l-r): Wanda Banks, assistant director of Continuing Education admission; Donna Harvey, assistant director of graduate admission operations; Nancy Davis, director; Dominique McDonald, graduate admission counselor; and Stefany Scliopou, assistant director.

Over the past 20 years, Elms College has used the solid foundation of its existing programs to create a slate of graduate and degree completion programs to meet the ever-evolving educational needs of the adult learner. The college now has 21 graduate programs, 13 certificate and post-baccalaureate programs, a doctor of nursing practice program, and a growing number of off-campus, online, and part-time offerings.   The graduate programs offer advanced degrees in education, nursing, business, entrepreneurship, applied behavior analysis, bio-medical sciences, social work, and more. The small class sizes, professors with real-world experience, and opportunities to network with professionals in the field make these programs some of the best in the region.    To better support the admission, marketing, and outreach efforts to prospective students, Elms College has created the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education Admission. The office will be the initial point of entry for all recruitment and application processes. The staff will also support prospective students and program leaders.   The graduate, continuing education, and certificate programs continue to represent the Elms mission to “empower students to effect positive change in the community.” A major goal of the new office is to increase awareness of Elms College as a graduate school of choice, encouraging prospective students to “Move with Purpose” in their careers.   

Heading the new office as director is Nancy Davis. Nancy started her Elms career as director of the career center and then transitioned into leading business development efforts for the MBA program and the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Nancy’s strengths include recruiting, relationship building, community engagement, and career/personal development.   Others comprising the team are: Stefany Scliopou, assistant director of graduate admission; Donna Harvey, assistant director of graduate admission operations; and Wanda Banks, assistant director of Continuing Education admission. Dominique McDonald, a graduate of Western New England University, recently joined the team as graduate admission counselor.  If you would like information on a graduate program for yourself or your organization, please contact the office via email at grad@elms.edu or call 413-265-2456.  

“Graduate programs make a difference in people’s lives and careers,” Davis said. “They offer growth and development to reach the next level, support an organization, and create new opportunities for all.” 

The Elms Education




Thinking’ Benefits Healthcare

Crystal Allen ’18, RN, is an alchemist. Working in the field of clinical informatics, her job is to invent new ways to make healthcare more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective. For the past four years, she has been exercising a peculiar kind of magic: transforming medical waste into sustainable educational resources. She begins by collecting “medical surplus.” This catch-all term refers to medical items that, other than being past their expiration dates, are in perfect condition. Hospitals across the country dispose of these unused supplies in varying ways. But, according to a landmark report published by the National Academy of Medicine in 2012, medical surplus contributes to $130 billion in “inefficiently delivered services” every year. Where hospitals make waste, Crystal sees opportunity. She collects expired gloves, catheters, ACE bandages, syringes, sutures, and countless other tools of the trade — all in their original packaging — and finds them new homes. In spring 2019, Crystal donated over $9,000 worth of supplies to the Elms College School of Nursing. In addition to the basics, she also included special items that the college can’t always access, like a working leg brace and arm slings. “It gives students a whole new experience,” said Crystal, who earned her bachelor of science in nursing from Elms in 2018.

“If they can touch and feel different equipment before using it in real life, that’s beneficial.” By diversifying the college’s medical inventory, she increases the realism of the simulation labs. What started as a passion project evolved into a full-fledged MBA capstone. As a student in the healthcare innovation track, Crystal completed a series of intensive workshops that emphasize entrepreneurial thinking. Her long term goal is to formalize the cycle of collecting and redistributing medical surplus so that hospitals, nonprofits, and institutions of higher education across the country can benefit. After initial conversations with Baystate executives, Crystal has already identified a way to implement her idea that reduces overall waste and doesn’t cost a penny more. 

“This can have a financial impact on healthcare,” Crystal said. “It’s my little piece of how I’m helping the world.”



Elms College Magazine

President’s Evening of Appreciation More than 150 donors attended the President’s Evening of Appreciation on October 5.

President Dumay with Cynthia and William Lyons. The couple was recognized for their founding support of the Center for Equity in Urban Education.

Elms College Trustee Richard Sullivan, Lisa Sullivan, Donna Stelzer, James Sullivan, and Joanna Angevine-Sullivan.

Elms College Trustee Sr. Virginia Maitland ’72, Sr. Betsy Sullivan ’67, Sisters of St. Joseph President and Elms College Trustee Sr. Joan Ryzewicz ’71, and Sr. Mary Caritas, SP.

Robyn Davis, John Davis, senior director of the Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation, Bernadette Cantave, and Alix Cantave of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Colette Dill, Jack Dill, and Elms College Trustee Sr. Eleanor Spring ’63.

Stephen Spelman, Holyoke Community College President Dr. Christina Royal, and Elms College Trustee Elizabeth Dineen ’77.

The Elms Education



Dear Elms College alumni and friends, The June 2019 Reunion was the most successful reunion in recent history and boasted attendance numbers over 250! The class of 1969 was the most recent class inducted into the Golden Blazers as they accepted their Golden Blazer scarves at a special ceremony in St. Joseph Chapel. While Reunion saw many alumni from various classes on campus for the weekend, it should be noted that the classes of 1974, 1989, 1994, and 2004 danced the night away under the Reunion tent during the Blazer Bash until the very last song! The Office of Alumni Relations sponsored a bus trip to the Boston Opera House in July for a matinee performance of the Tony award-winning musical, Dear Evan Hansen. The annual Cape Cod Luncheon was held at Eastward Ho! Country Club in Chatham in August once again, and featured college updates from Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA, president of Elms College. The late-August Wine & Jazz Event on the Keating Quadrangle capped off the summer alumni event season in style with the entire campus community joining together to listen to the smooth sounds of the Jo Sallins Duo and enjoy one another’s company. As we look forward to the coming year, the Alumni Association Board is once again excited to serve the entire alumni base. Elections were held in the spring of 2019, and four new officers, including myself, were elected to lead the Alumni Association:

Terri Stec ’78, President

Katie Roberts ’12, Secretary

Kelan O’Brien ’17, Vice President

Yahaira Antonmarchi ’14, Treasurer

Terri Stec ’78, President

The Alumni Association remains steadfast in its support of Elms College, and will work tirelessly to further advance the mission of our beloved alma mater. We are actively recruiting for committee membership, and all alumni are welcome to attend our quarterly meetings on the upcoming dates: February 9, 2020

April 26, 2020

I hope to see you at an alumni event in the future. Thank you for you constant loyalty and support of our alma mater. Sincerely, Theresa “Terri” Stec ‘78 President, Elms College Alumni Association



Elms College Magazine

Alumnus is a PA on a Path Jacob Freeman ’14 joined the medical staff at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2017. No small feat, considering MGH was recently ranked the #1 hospital on the East Coast, according to U.S. News and World Report’s Best Hospitals 2019-2020. But for Jacob, his entry into professional medicine continued to skyrocket. How did he top MGH? By finding a way to also work for another well-known organization: the NFL. In addition to working in MGH’s Sports Medicine Center, Jacob has the distinct privilege of serving as a physician assistantcertified (PA-C®) for six-time Super Bowl champs the New England Patriots. “When my attending physician offered me the job, I was excited, surprised, and immediately humbled,” Jacob said. “I’ve always been a football fan, but rooting for the team is a little different now, because of the relationships I’ve made with the players.” Originally from Longmeadow, MA, Jacob holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Lynden State College in Vermont and completed his pre-medical studies at Elms because the faculty and staff greeted him with “open arms.” His cohort — which was the very first class to take advantage of the Lyons Center for Natural and Health Sciences — thrived off of collaboration and constant communication. Jacob credits this supportive feedback loop with making his experience at Elms successful.

“We held study groups every day and made sure everyone understood the topic in full,” he recalled. “I felt like I was treated more like a professional rather than a student during my time at Elms.” On any given day, Jacob spends his time in the orthopaedic clinic tending to athletes and non-athletes alike. His responsibilities run the gamut, from assisting surgeons in the operating room to ordering diagnostic scans like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. When attending physicians are pressed for time, it’s PAs like Jacob who nurture interactions with patients.

“As a PA it’s our duty to listen longer, be empathetic, do no harm, and respect everyone who walks in the door,” he said. “A little kindness and listening goes a long way.” Jacob holds himself to impeccable professional standards similar to those of the world-class athletes who are his patients. He’s always striving to learn something new, and was invited back to Bay Path University — his alma mater PA school — to interview prospective students to turn their passions into careers. “I’m on the path to become a master in this field as a physician assistant,” he said. “I’ve devoted my life to athletics, so making the transition to sports medicine was an easy one.” 

The Elms Education


Rosemary Stella is 2019 DAA Recipient The Sr. Margaret James McGrath Distinguished Alumni Award for 2019 was presented to Rosemary Stella ’87, not only for her commitment and dedication as a Catholic educator and administrator, but for her work to build a larger Christian community where all members are valued, encouraged, and loved. After graduating magna cum laude, Rosemary began an 18-year career as an educator and administrator in the Catholic school system for the Diocese of Springfield. She has served in many capacities at St. Michael’s Parish in East Longmeadow, where she is currently director of religious education. Her desire for compassion and inclusiveness in community building inspired her to work with the special needs population through Jericho House in Holyoke and Camp Star in Springfield. She applied her gift for theater to her work as a drama teacher for the Step Forward Program at Elms College. Rosemary was also awarded the Hometown Hero Award from Reminder Publications in 2009 for creating fellowship through the St. Michael’s Players Community Theater group. To receive a form to nominate an alumnus for the 2020 award, email alumni@ elms.edu or call 413-265-2454. 

Text to Give: In an effort to make supporting Elms College easy and convenient, you can now text the word Elms to 41444 to gain access to our mobile giving page! This fast, simple, and secure form of giving allows you to make your contribution from anywhere, on any device. Your support is critical to Elms College’s ability to provide the best possible learning experience for our students. Questions? Please contact William Dziura, director of annual giving, at 413-265-2213.

You can now text the word Elms to:




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Blazer Blitz: Join us on for Blazer Blitz, Elms College’s annual Day of Giving!

3.19.20 Last year was the biggest success yet for the fundraiser, generating more than $14,000 in donations and a record 186 participants. This year’s theme is Blitz to the Future, because each and every one of your donations to this effort helps the student experience here at Elms College.

The Elms Education





Elms College Magazine

2018-2019 ANNUAL REPORT Fiscal Year 2018-2019 brought many successes to the college. We graduated the largest class in the college’s history and matriculated a numerically and academically strong entering class in fall 2019. Our faculty were recognized regionally and nationally through their publications, presentations, and the success of the students whom they mentored. Our alumni and friends’ generous contributions allowed us to support students and advance important initiatives. The college finished the year on stronger financial footing. This annual report presents some of the numbers that showcase the generosity of our alumni, benefactors, and friends and have contributed to the increasing financial strength of the college. Thank you for all that you do.

The Elms Education


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” — Malcolm X With 548 degree recipients, the Elms College Class of 2019 was the largest in the college’s history.


Elms College Magazine

FY19 Balance Sheet (As of June 30) 2019






Long-Term Investments



Property, Plant & Equipment, net



Notes Receivable



Other Assets



Total Assets



Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses



Deferred Revenue



Long-Term Debt



Other Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Net Assets



Total Liabilities & Net Assets



(in thousands) Assets Cash & Short-Term Investments Account & Pledge Receivable, net


Endowment (in millions)

2018-2019 Giving by Type




9 $7.9







6  Unrestricted Giving / $550,179  Restricted Giving / $3,555,939  Endowment / $660,618











The Elms Education

2018-2019 Income


2018-2019 Expenses

 Tuition and Fees / $22,751,279

 Instruction / $11,934,905

 Residence & Dining / $5,054,078

 Management / $9,316,861

 Other Income / $387,678

 Student Services / $5,162,756

 Gifts & Grants / $4,644,114

 Auxiliary Services / $1,687,647

 Interest Income / $305,137 Total $33,142,286

2018-2019 Overall Gifts and Commitments

 Fundraising / $640,885 Total $28,743,054

2018-2019 Unrestricted Giving by Constituency

 Alumna/us / $1,140,768

 Alumna/us / $259,657

 Individual/Friend / $1,146,379

 Individual/Friend / $194,965

 Corporation / $384,013

 Corporation / $33,183

 Estate / $361,362

 Foundation / $6,200

 Foundation / $1,460,653

 Organization / $56,175

 Organization / $273,562


Elms College Magazine

GIVING SOCIETIES Elms College is grateful for the support and commitment from its diverse constituents. The following listing recognizes total giving of those who have contributed during the fiscal year July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. These gifts include general support as well as support to the Alumnae Library, endowment, financial aid, capital improvements, and faculty, academic, athletic, and cultural development. Giving Societies President’s Circle (All annual benefactors of $1,000+) $ 50,000 + Sister Rose William Society $ 25,000 + Sister Helen Joseph Society $ 10,000 + Bishop Beavan Society $ 5,000 + Bishop O’Leary Society $ 2,500 + Mother John Berchmans Society $ 1,000 + Sister Mary Dooley Society Giving Clubs $ 500 + $ 250 + $ 100 +

Monsignor Devine Club Sister Nora Harrington Club Bishop Maguire Club

Sister Rose William Society George I. Alden Trust Karl W. Berger † Robert and Roberta Bolduc Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation Atty. Gerard F. Doherty William F. Frain † Regina M. and Joseph L. Hitchery Barbara A. Howard † Barbara A. Howard Irrevocable Living Trust W.K. Kellogg Foundation Cynthia and William G. Lyons III Bill & Cindy Lyons Charitable Gift Fund Richard J. Meelia M. Eleanor Murphy Pride Stores, LLC The Roncari Family Roncari Express Valet Parking Turtle Plastics Foundation Sister Helen Joseph Society Anonymous Diocese of Springfield Sheila R. Flynn Westfield Bank Bishop Beavan Society Aramark Global Business Services

Benevity Community Impact Fund Richard G. Dooley Sharon E. Fowlston Carol C. Hassett Rae E. Holland-Long James J. Long † Eileen T. and James P. Mendrek Kathleen M. Riordan, Ed.D. Voya Foundation Bishop O’Leary Society Anonymous Richard D. and Jennifer Bourgeois Chicopee Savings Bank Charitable Foundation Eversource Energy Foundation Sandra S. Finerty Thomas V. and Eileen M. Foley Lester E. Fontaine Ellen C. Hynes Judith E. Kennedy Lucille T. Kolish Robert F. Mahar Kathleen M. Moriarty Atty. Michael J. Pise Martha R. Ross Jane L. and James P. Ryan Jr. Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield

Marjorie C. † and Dr. Francis X. Van Houten, M.D. Mother John Berchmans Society Baystate Health Frances P. Bliss Jean M. Brigham Jennifer L. and Thomas M. Collins Jr. Roxanne M. and Stephen T. Delikat Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA Elms College Alumni Association Ann G. Farrell Susan Q. Haffty Haffty Family Fund Kathleen M. Kane Bradford and Nancy Davin MacPherson ’81 Massachusetts Mutual Financial Group Michael’s Limousine Service Nancy Mirto Mary Ann M. Muska Judith A. O’Connell, SSJ Polish National Credit Union Rita K. Prevoznik James M. and Brenda Ryan Paul J. and Josephine Sears Rev. Mark S. Stelzer, Ph.D. Paul M. and Donna Stelzer Karen M. Vollinger Ellen R. Warriner WFF Facility Services Sister Mary Dooley Society Anonymous (2) Appleton Corporation Marie and Richard Aquadro Katherine C. Balakier Patricia K. Bell Mary C. Belluardo Margaret A. Beturne Theresa A. Bimbane Mary L. Bonsiewicz Walter Breau, Ph.D. Diane Brunelle

Bulkley Richardson Patricia A. Campagnari Christian Foundation of the West Kevin Chrobak Anthony Cignoli A. L. Cignoli Co. Inc. Maryellen Comollo Susan and John Crawford III George M. Cullen Michael Davey Maria-Filomena F. DeCarvalho Gene and Anne DeFilippo Atty. Timothy Diggins Atty. Elizabeth G. Dineen Kathi Donahue Kathleen M. Donnellan Lorraine Dube Sandra L. Evans Sophie Ferron Freedom Credit Union Atty. Ellen W. Freyman John A. Gaberino Jr. Barbara J. Garvey GE Foundation Christine Giera Steven and Jean Gobel Harold R. Goodman Jr. Harold R. Goodman Sr. Atty. Phyllis A. Gracki Constance M. Grippo Barbara M. and Peter H. Guerra Ambassador Mark G. Hambley Tim Hardick Atty. Peter J. Harrington Mary Ellen Hogan Barbara L. Hood Bernice Hoyt Elizabeth Hukowicz, Ed.D. Sheila and George Keator Mary J. Hunt Keenan Carolyn Jacobs, Ph.D. Juster Pope Frazier LLC Linda A. Kaczmarczyk Joan K. Kagan Edward J. Kaplita Polish Heritage Foundation Sally Karnasiewicz Ann M. Kashmanian Elizabeth V. and Robert T. Knight Knight Family Fund

Gina Golash Kos The Hon. Richard J. Kos Estelle LaBarre Susan A. Lavoie Beatrice G. Lawson James F. Leary Michael Leary Marie Lehmann Marie A. Lococo Katie Longley Lorilil Jewelers Lois C. Lynch Lois C. Lynch Trust Nancy M. Mackson Linda K. C. Mansfield G. Todd and Marilyn Marchant Marchant Family Charitable Fund Mary Ellen and Thomas Massmann Constance J. McCarthy Dorothy McCarthy Joan H. Meehan Joseph J. Narkawicz Rose Marie Nathan Elizabeth C. Naughton Patricia A. Nelen Northwestern Mutual Foundation Bernadette Nowakowski O’Connell Companies Edward J. O’Leary Carla Oleska, Ph.D. Victor Oundjian Joseph Partyka Edward Pitoniak Kathleen B. Pont Print Shop @ Soccer City Daniel L. Quinn John B. Quinn Patrick J. Quinn Irene P. Rahilly Nancy Re Joel and Mary Rodowicz Mary T. Rogers, Ph.D. Joan M. Ryan Savage Arms, Inc. Teresa M. Sergentanis Marilyn T. Shepardson Sisters of Providence Darlene W. Sliwa Julianne M. Smist, Ph.D. and Stephen Smist

The Elms Education

Jim and Cathy Smith Jim and Cathy Smith Fund Andrew Storer, Ph.D., DNP Julie G. Stout Rick and Lisa Sullivan Tech Roofing Service, Inc. Rev. Jonathan C. Tetherly

Kathy Tobin Martin Margaret E. Toomey Trinity Health William O. Trudeau Jr. United Way of Rhode Island Verizon Foundation Joan Vincent


Kathryn E. Walters † Dr. Edward J. Welch, Jr., D.D.S. Kathryn D. and Dr. James P. Whitman, D.M.D. F. Mark and Pamela L. Whittaker Constance Marie Willett, Ph.D.

Teresa A. Winters Mildred M. Zweir † Deceased

ALUMNI GIVING Alumni participation is important to continue to offer quality education and experiences to students who become the next generation of alumni. We are grateful for your support of your alma mater. 1938 M. Virginia Campbell Fox 1941 Kathryn Gibbons Walters † 1944 Claire Fitzpatrick O’Connell 1945 Mary Sheehan Kelly 1946 Ruth Kennedy Geanacopoulos † Leona Lachat Mangione H. Patricia Bardsley O’Neill Margaret Swords 1947 Jeanne McDermott Ryan Dorothy Manion Saunders 1948 Mary Driscoll Brassil Ann Heaphy Congdon 1949 Marie Lawler Aquadro Mary Maloy Ferris Esther Hannigan, SSJ Nadine Mangan Henderson Alice Kenney, SSJ Marilyn Logan, SSJ Rose Marie La Mountain Nathan 1950 Carol Knight Brennan Patricia Tierney Campbell † Mary O’Malley Hayes Barbara Albano Howard † Elizabeth Shaw McGrory 1951 Nancy Reed Anzilotti

Helene Brady Brennan Ruth Healy Buckley Margaret Bowen Diggins Ellen Baker Doyle Lorraine Molter Farrell Barbara Eichorn Gagnon Barbara Garde Garvey Joan Williston Hall Elizabeth O’Brien Harmon Patricia O’Keefe Kennedy Mary Scaffidi LaTronica Jeanne O’Shea, SSJ Rita Kellett Prevoznik Joann Akey Rossi 1952 Helen Baceski Brinkman Jean Baillargeon Egan Mary Danis Garvey Kathleen Keating, SSJ Elizabeth Leahey Mary Healy Maher Constance McCarthy Mary Murphy Barbara Sullivan O’Keefe Annette Rafferty Patricia Scanlon 1953 Patricia Byrnes Alger Kathryn Larrow Auclair Jeanne Goulet Bartley Ruth Crowley Conway Elaine Vanasse Foley Barbara Maloney Kirby Carmen Chiara Marrin Joan McKenna Percy 1954 Anonymous Mary Ellen Shea Cadieux Rosemarie Flanagan Cronin Eleanor McFadden Fournier † Mary Long Franz Joan Koonz Gazzaniga Virginia Hunt Lewis

Nancy O’Connor Murphy Elizabeth Cahill Pappas Maureen Bryson Rawding Elizabeth McGauley Sarfaty Lillian Finn Stapleton Ellen Verchot Vanszl 1955 Marilyn Abare Anonymous (2) Helen Madden Callahan Arlene Holmes McCoy, Ph.D. Patricia Hanifin Nelen Mary McDonnell Petropulos Anne Haran Powers Alice Buxton Preece Joan Monaghan Reid Carol Tully Varanka 1956 Joan Lincoln Carney Mary Fitzgerald De Marco † Ethel Wilder Farrington Joan Marby Goddeau Joan Benedict Hill Therese Dowd Houlares F. Noreen Moriarty Joan Pollock, SSJ Elizabeth Ann Wrenn Quinn Ellen Moore Reardon, Ph.D. Joan Rogers Reinhagen Marguerite Cote Spitzak 1957 Catherine Alaimo, SSJ Kathleen Cowles Ellen Neary D’Angelo Lorita Calderella Decorie Lorraine McMahon Dube Ann Farrell Constance Corr Grippo Maureen Martin, SSJ Jane McKenna McAuliffe Mary Murphy McMahon Mary Ellen Murphy, SSJ Helene Michael Nihill, SSJ †

Judith Burke Putalik Nancy O’Donnell Re Joan Mackey Remillard 1958 Anonymous Judith Griffin Barnes Mary Gould Boulger Nancy O’Flynn Bowker Frances Finn Delahanty, Ph.D. Eleanor Vose Diethelm Margaret Curran Dowd Mary Martin Foley Barbara Guardione Guerra Mary Hunt Keenan Dorene Janes Judith Kappenman, SSJ Lois Lambert Barbara Majewski Louison Nancy Keegan Mackson Mildred Marengo, SSJ Therese Marsh Edith McAlice, SSJ Margaret Copia McGahan Kathleen Meenaghan Barbara Lunardini Murphy Eileen O’Neill, SSJ Barbara Collins O’Toole Constance Quinlan, SSJ Eileen M. Shea, SSJ Marilyn Deignan Shepardson Evelyn Lachut Sullivan Rose-Ellen Keenan Sweeney Isabelle Rogers Travaglini Faith Ethier Visconti Kathleen Barry Voigt Margaret Wallace 1959 Marguerite Allen Jacqueline Albano Barry Anne Marie Todaro Basso Mary O’Brien Brennan Joe Ann Sullivan Brosnan Florence Donoghue Chatowsky

Sheila Sullivan Cookson Marguerite Mulvey Crawford Joan Dinardo Cumming Louise Glesmann Curtin Mary Derengowski-Stein Jeanne Lemay Desautels Irene Rosenbeck Donelan Elizabeth Fitzgerald Foley Ellen O’Brien Geanacopoulos Carol Celetti Hausamann Ruth Zecchi Hyde Gail Cicio Ireland Patricia Johnson, SSJ Shirley Furman Joly Sheila Nesbit Keator Judith Kennedy Paula Murray Kove Estelle Guillet LaBarre Nancy Towne Lauer Jane Shea Logan Theresa Satkowski Marion Margaret Cavanaugh McCarthy Genevieve Masterson McLaughlin Mary Hogan McMahon Barbara Letourneau McQuaid Leatrice Wyne Morrison Elizabeth Gallagher Moylan Judith O’Connell, SSJ Mary Lou Batchelder O’Connell Eileen Murphy Patnaude Patricia Leonard PoerschRobbins Ruth Quinn, SSJ Marlene Mullin Robinson Joan Tonski Russo Lois Salome Mary Ellen Shea Anna Frigo Spellacy Natalie Mackie Straley Marie Tougas, SSJ Beverly Alexander Valentine Maureen Enright Wall Elizabeth McDermott Walsh Anne Wildenhain, SSJ


Patricia Dowd Wilkinson Janis Wise 1960 Theresa Vinisko Alamed Cecelia Joy Alexander Olivia Shannon Andreis Mary Ellen Mallory Aycock Lorraine Pelletier Barfield Barbara Grady Boudo Carol McKenna Burke Carolyn O’Connor Connelly Dr. Mary Cove Ann Sokolosky Daly Nancy Manning Fitzgerald Mary Lynch Flaherty Eileen M. Carroll Foley Diane Cavallini Fontaine Elizabeth Anderson Grimaldi Theresa Moruzzi Herman Frances Dragon Hoginski Marsha Macary Mary Ellen McCarthy Massmann Judith Stagnaro McCarthy Mary McDonough Patricia Fogarty Nylin Rosemary Broderick O’Connor Joyce Perosino Anita Lussier Perry Maureen O’Neil Phillips Genevieve Gorczakoski Stanley Margaret Toomey Karen Tierney Vollinger 1961 Susan Bell Joanne Donovan Calderigi Joan McMahon Desmarais Alice Toomey Fay Sandra Shaw Finerty Margaret Yerick Gallagher Marylou Dunn Haas Mary Wynn Harney Cecilia Joyce Joy Sarah Scordato Keenan Nancy Borysewick Latham Patricia Perry McCarthy Eileen Collins McEleney Elizabeth Brisson McKay Maryanne LaFond Noone Diane Gallese Parsons Kathleen Weldon Penter Patricia Fradet Riordan Gertrude Dowd Rodin Judith Brodeur Sasmore Julie Gosselin Stout Joan Vincent Mary Austin Whitmore Libbie Harris Wills Claire Bushika Wohrle 1962 Jean Dejnak Albano Pauline Borsari Angermann

Anonymous Maureen McCool Bail Mary Herring Belluardo Mary Jane Eichorn Black Patricia Thompson Burden Patricia Bozek Campagnari Marylou Griffin Cauley Eileen O’Flynn Duffy Priscilla Moquin Goddu Anne Monaghan Guest Maureen Moriarty Hannam Margaret Fahey Henson Nancy O’Donnell Holland Barbara Ciszek Jendrysik Virginia Kneeland Sharon Fressola Knickle Joan Fitzgerald Lundy Lois Lynch Judith Marceau Margaret Donohue McMenemy Joan Brunelle Montana Julie Ferrero Nichols Beverly Thorne Perry Mary Williams Peters Carol Barry Powell Mary Lou Liucci Smith Joan Talbot Clare Burrows Tozeski Marjorie Fiorentino Van Houten † Mary Magdalen Ward, SSJ Gail Albertine Wrobel 1963 Mary Donohue Agnew Susan Gelinas Agnew Margaret Begley Anderson Katherine Balakier Mae Sartori Balboni Sandra Avault Beauvais Ann Dassatti Bolognani Miriam Pratt Chaput Dr. Kay Coleman Phyllis Wilson Connelly Carolyn Griswold Connors Barbara Trzcinka Conway Ethel Welch de Bakker Vivien Najimy Delgado Julianne Gobeille Deni Kathleen Donnellan Joan Larkin Fenwick Gail Furman, Ed.D. Polly Shea Gavin Joan St. Clair Hayes Barbara Landers Hood Christine Lynch Keaney Virginia Koonz Jane Regan Levesque Mary Ann Cleary Lucia Janet Kelliher Lussier Carolyn Accorsi McKelvie Joan Hansen Meehan Nancy Mirto Elizabeth Conlin Naughton Catherine Ormond, SSJ Kathleen Griffin Pultorak

Elms College Magazine

Margaret Lynch Shea Jean Pellizzaro Sible Barbara Sokolowski Eleanor Spring, SSJ Regina Stachowicz Sullivan Judy Bottone White 1964 Maureen O’Shea Abbot Anne Marie Foudy Adams Kathleen O’Reilly Aidala Maryellen Flanagan Andersen Patricia Vadnais Baran Elizabeth Aldrich Bell Anne Swift Benedetti Elaine Beshara Isabel Bakos Brosnan Virginia O’Hara Buhl Kathleen Marby Burton Catherine McMahon Caron Marcia Percy Cecchini † Lucille Krock Cercone Leticia Dibiase Clark Cynthia Kelly Coffey Camilla Conti Crick Anne Conlee Cronin Joann Kelly Cronnell Bonnie Powers Daly Sheila Sullivan Davidson Lillian Young Dearden Geraldine Dinardo Nancy Finn Dostal Patricia Cooley Doyle Nancy Sullivan Flanagan Elizabeth Moriarty Giles Sandra Fanelli Ginley Anne Faulkner Hallahan Robert Hendry Gail Rainault Herting Julie Cheetham Hession Anita Chenail Hodgdon Christine Cimini Hoeske Barbara Powers Hoppin Kathleen Engel Jackson Virginia Callahan Jackson Patricia Harty Jolicoeur Jean Tully Kaeli Simone Collins Kennedy Maryanne Chevrier King Beatrice Szetela Lawson Sandra Blackhall LeblancCasino Marie Lachance Lehmann Ann Ward Lento Maureen Burns Lorenzatti Nancy Bianco Marden Maureen Hannigan McMahon Eileen Mazza Mendrek Barbara Brown Miner Barbara Stefanowich Miskiewicz M. Elaine Bellner Molis Elaine Laferriere Morin Patricia Fitzgibbon Morin † Mary Ann Manning Muska

Arlene Ranno Nolan Carolyn Curran Nolan Kathleen Baker Olbrych Patricia Shea O’Leary Eileen Laramie O’Neill Eugenie Norman Persivale Priscilla Wilczak Plasse Margaret Conroy Quinn Sharon Cherwinski Quish Irene Rahilly M. Carmen Bilodeau Richards Ann Garvey Schettino Aniela Marcinczyk St. Peter Virginia Karlon Sutula Margaret Assenza Trella Sandra Hodge Turban Jeannine Doorley Vignali Ann Caron Walden Carolyn Wolejko Wikar Nancy Bilek Wright 1965 Judith Rudd Allen Noreen Boucher Allen Suzanne Archambault Kathryn Gura Beary Barbara Bouley Boos Maureen Cahill Borski Anita Veneroni Bourcier Mary Ellen Tremble Bruhm Patricia Daly Brundrett Geraldine Buendo Cain Margaret Dwyer Clark Marylynn Kennedy Clune Mary Sheary Coakley Mary Cullinane Rosemary Shrude Davidson Elizabeth Collins Davis Barbara Lehrbach De Santis Constance Cain Decelles Marita Hanley Devine Judith Domingos-Porter Carol Acus Donovan Jeanette McMahon Falcon Edith Ferrero Patricia Dunn Fitzgerald Sandra Clark Flynn Clare Reynolds Frigo Eileen Bragiel Gosselin Fran Ziemba Hauck Rae Holland-Long Mary McCarthy Hosmer Rina Macri Howard Dr. Carol Karpeck-Plummer Rosaline Stefanik Kennedy Susan Lavoie Phyllis Augustino Lewis Barbara Morin Lynch Ellen Sewall Mara Karen Brown Matz Ann Marie McKenna, SSJ Patricia Deane Morton Marlene Mucha, SSJ Patricia Nigon Parks Mary Krawczyk Peck Mary Ann Christofori Piffarerio

Dorothy Pilkington, SSJ Arlene Farrell Richter Theresa Cachat Sawicki Michele Gagne Scanlon Maxyne Schneider, SSJ Margaret Culloo Scully Madelyn Ferrero Sheehan Susan Watkins Simon Patricia McCallion Szulborski Julie Corcoran Van Deventer Anne Marie Spagnola Welch Nancy Noonan Woitkowski 1966 Patricia Pietras Aki Sandra Drzyzga Ashton Francine Dillon Babachicos Anne Topor Baugh Diane Benoit Berneche Anne Biedrzycki Elizabeth Carter Blozie Martha Kennedy Bowler Rosemary Cupillo Brown Mary Ellen Carlon Margaret Keane Delaney Sandra Markie Dumont Paulette Meunier Duquette Anne Fleming Carole Krol Frappier Ann Frost Mary Ellen Dunn Glover Patricia Frappier Hallisey Mary Ellen Hogan Sandra Fiorentino Howie Kathleen Kirley, SSJ Margaret Girotti Kochanek Linda Landry Jane McCaffrey Pauline Fournier Mills Kathleen Moriarty Eleanor Sweeney Nield Frances Moynihan O’Connell Patricia O’Donnell Marie Connolly O’Shaughnessy Kathleen Clancy Phillips Sarah Keane Piantoni Kathleen Pollard-Haskell Lois Valley Rinaldi Michele Savage Roos Kathleen Austin Scherpa Kathryn Hinkley Seward Joan Poloniak Sullivan Dr. Kathleen Vosburgh Mary Bryson White Rose Yesu, Ed.D. 1967 Jany Mitchell Allen Barbara Pettine Barnes Theresa Bimbane Gloria Nedeau Bourbeau Susan Ripa Cathro Elizabeth Marr Collins Ann Lucey Corbeil Carolyn Shea Couture Sandra Dawson

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Francine Guzik Dilisio Nancy Mercier Donofrio Doris Laperle Dreibelbis Julie Dupuis Virginia Kane Eschbach Rene Harnois Barbara Hesselton, SSJ Margaret Kennedy Hrabchak M. Elizabeth LeBlanc, Ed.D. Margaret Dobson LeBlanc Valerie Martin Liptak Robert Loughrey Margaret Adams Martin Joan Guercio Moore Barbara Britton Moran Diane Spellacy Moran Judith Sarat Quinlan Susan Jockel Ramsay Kathleen Riordan, Ed.D. Paula Robillard, SSJ Carol Halgas Romaniak Mary Rossiter Joan Lujan Salazar Mary Patterson Shanahan Ellen Crouse Siddell Anne Sullivan Barbara Kane Taylor Sandra Vella Mary-Ann Wallace 1968 Theresa Airoldi Constance Kareta Barre Susan Bocchino Behl Eileen Millane Beltis Patricia Paluch Borowiec Dr. Suzanne Haughey Carroll Constance Cawley, SSJ Awilda Chaban-Colon Marcia Maloney Chalker Maureen Charest, SSJ Atty. Judith Cross Kathleen Corridan Culloo Antonietta Scibelli DiMichele Doreen Harrison Dooley Monica Lukasik Egan Edward Furey Nancy Menard Gadbois Oralee Lamica Ghazil Marion Wood Giacomelli Dr. Normand Girouard Carole-Ann Caprarella Goulding Mary Ellen McDermott Gray Maureen Griffin, SSJ Maryanne Guertin, SSJ Elaine Polek Gustafson Mary Richie Hafey Mary Jane Halligan Carol Carriere Hassett Carol Swiatlowski Holden Roberta Pilon Huston Evelyn Jez, Ph.D. M. Patricia Whitman Johnson Arlene Kalin, SSJ Sally Quinn Karnasiewicz Terry Lingua Kelly

Joanne O’Brien Knapik Susan Harty Kolodjay Ruth Camyre Langlois Kathleen Lewis-Malysz Martha Bergin Liddy Nancy Dore MacAskill Kaethe O’Keefe Maguire Christine Marek Marie Inzitari Martinez Jane Mungovan McDonald Diane Zimmer McKain Janice Fleming Minot Jo Ann Buletti Murch Martha Noonan Murtaugh Paul Orszulak Barbara McGuire Pajak Joanne Cyr Pasquini Jean O’Brien Paulhus Roberta Teehan Prokop Joanne Galvin Stowe Geraldine Burrows Tasker Kathryn Littlejohn Thompson Linda Ferris Tyberghein Kathryn Riley Whitman 1969 Paula Cyran Abrazado Anonymous (4) Elizabeth Varrone Barrachina Mary Quinlan Bartholomew Mary McMahon Blaser Diane McDonald Bleau Claire Kita Bodek Linda Parent Brancic Jean Brigham Barbara Brunelle Joan Donnelly Butler Judith Cadden Cecile Adamczyk Carlton Judith Albano Cassarino Paula Bellerose Cassidy Mary Ellen Crowley Colton Christine Tietgens Delisle Mary Riordan Dempsey Noel Sheeran Drower Susan Bishop Duffney Michaele Durant Kathleen Evans Dvorchak B. Linda Gomez Famely Regina Cormier Fife Agnes Fleming Sharon Brady Fowlston Louise Syner Fredette Suzanne Frennier Diane Gaudet, SSJ Eleanor Gifford Atty. Phyllis Gracki Linda Bonasiak Guertin Mary Samson Handzel Kathleen Murphy Hem Anne Sighinolfi Hendry Mary-Frances White Honeyman Maureen Dwyer Howard Kathleen Imbruno, SSJ Jane Michalik Kane


Cynthia Skowyra Kaplan Theresa Barrie Kitchell Marjorie Vangsness Knapp Karen Miakinis Kurkoski Elizabeth Kyle Mary Burns Larson Linda Flint Letendre Karen Fitzgerald Loflin Patricia Harris Lusnia Susan Gorman Mahoney Patricia Power Markley Elizabeth Matuszek, SSJ Mary Augustinowitz McCarthy Mary McGeer, SSJ Mary Ann O’Day McGovern Mary Sitka Miecznikowski Eileen Murphy, SSJ Andrea Murray Margaret O’Neil-Favrot Wilhelmina Pianowski Ostrowski Elizabeth Bayon Parnell Kathryn Stevens Patterson Lynda Kelly Pellissier Marlene Bongiovi Pepin Judith Gulomb Pettini Teresa Scovera Popek Patricia Kelly Pouliot Lillian Reilly, SSJ Annette Lizotte Reynolds Linda Tombor Richards Margaret Roache, SSJ Virginia Drzyzga Robak Rosemary Kibbe Robb Mary Bobowicz Rogers, Ph.D. Marilyn Rondeau, Ed.D. Jacquelyn Rosa Joan Ryan Judith Allaire Ryan June Serra Schoppe Teresa Marchese Sergentanis Janice Nowak Sheaff Darlene Willey Sliwa Janice Smith Ann McCarthy Southworth, Ed.D. Charlene Gamache St. Onge Marylou Haley Straub Susan Swasey, SSJ Eunice Tassone, SSJ Eleanor Tremblay Sydnee Trinceri Suzanne Carriere Urban Lois Walkden Kathleen Wallace, SSJ Linda Greco Wayne Irene Hryniewicz Webb Linda Wisniowski Susan Banks Woodard Alice Acus Zedonis 1970 Rosalie Devine Allen Anonymous (2) Catherine Harkins Belhumeur

Jean Bostley, SSJ Joyce Bachand Chmura JoAnn DiRico Trautmann Kathryn Flanagan, SSJ Barbara Fanelli Fowlds Mary Rigazio Ghidoni Mary Ann Malinowski Holmes Catherine Homrok, SSJ Cynthia Small Hosmer Jeanne Mathieu Hunter Phyllis Tomasiello Iadarola Margaret Kenney, SSJ Mary Shaughnessey Klein Dorothy Lakoma Elaine Pudlo Lampron Carol Lareau, SSJ Sharon Van Kamerik Lawrence Elizabeth Fernandes Maresca Theresa Willemain Marr Sheila McGough Martinelli Sharon Mella Paula Misitano, SSJ Sandra Baceski Mitchell Jo-Ann De Maria Morgan Louise Lacoste Osetek Theresa Krasniewcz Paddock Barbara Paul Pastie Mary Petisce, SSJ Kathleen Cassidy Pisculli Nina Santucci Pozgar Louise Puza Madelyn Robinson Winifred Roulier, SSJ Jane Murtaugh Ryan Mary Thompson Sacenti Lillian Battisti Sansalone Elizabeth Braman Schenck Michele Taylor Shepard M. Catherine Voghel Smith Nancy Healey Tessier Terry Veneroni Vosburgh Carol Vachon Wing Jeanne Duteau Woods Jane Malinowski Zawrotnak 1971 Anonymous Nora Austin Kristin Bjorlykke Baker Ellen O’Connor Borowski Roberta Kelly Cassidy Mary Ann Vitti Defelice Anne Foley DeFilippo Teresa Dubuque Mary Dutko, SSJ Mary Ferguson, SSJ Marie Fitzgerald Flahive Nancy Donovan Gooding Patricia Doyle Gregory Eleanor Harrington, SSJ Susan Flanagan Heffner Regina Noonan Hitchery Jo Ann McDermott Holm Linda Kaczmarczyk Anna Marie Kane, SSJ

Mary Keenan Mary-Ann Santos Livingston Maria Santos Mazzei Dorothy Landers McCarthy Maria Halacy Murphy Jean MacIver O’Brien Christine Langone O’Connor Sheila O’Neill Patricia Beglane Pearson Margaret Lareau Peltola Claire Geoffroy Perry Patricia Philbin Mary Quinn, SSJ Katharine Keyes Reardon Pamela Chute Reponen Susan Marques Ribeiro Joan Ryzewicz, SSJ Kathleen Thomas Sollitto Mary Jane McCarthy Sullivan Maryann Stahovish Sullivan Susan Koperniak Szpila Alice Clarke Todd Margaret Ryan Tudryn Kathleen Burke Warchol Charlene Zagrodnik Rosemarie Petrucci Zbikowski 1972 Karen Simone Angelo Lora McNeece Barrett, Ed.D. Mary Tierney Brunelle Mary Ellen Sector Colfer Kathleen Daley Crowe Patricia Goodrow Devlin Ann Marie King Dooley Virginia Phelps Duval Carolyn Harris Marie Lococo Virginia Maitland, SSJ Ellen Encalade March Gail McCormack Geraldine Melaney Morgan Sheila Murphy, SSJ Kathleen Harvey Robles Kathleen Augustinowitz Rodowicz Linda Shea-Harrington June Slozak Julianne Da Silva Smist, Ph.D. Sandra Stasiowski Constance Vasques Sullivan Jane Thomas, SSJ Diane Wood Troy Mildred Zweir 1973 Mary Pat DuBois Anderson Geraldine Branca Atkins Mary Varanka Calabrese Maryellen Feeley Chiariello Cmdr. Patricia Chmiel USN (Ret.) Ellen Healey Conlon Mary Morrissey Cressotti Alice Hood Cugell Caryn DaLoia Christine Connery Fitzgerald Elizabeth Smith Foley


Diane Pepin Godek Bernice Chmiel Hoyt Eileen McMahon Laferriere Mary Crockett Levy Carolina Lombardi Clare Lorenzatti Patricia Moran Graves Ellen O’Heir Moskal Kathleen Perron Sarnelli Kathleen McLoughlin Riley Mary Jo Ruppert Eva Gentile Sarage Marcia Cebrelli Scherpa Joan Schneider, SSJ Donna Serafino Vitulano 1974 Susan Amenta Christine Ferioli Archambault Jeana Bachinski Mary Neal Bednarz Pamela Cooke Bombardier Diane Trybulski Brouillard Carol Ann Klinkowski Cartier Judith Walsh Casey Maryellen Vaughan Comollo Sabra Moon Dickson Ann DiMaria-Haines Catherine Van Blarcom Gee Teresa Flynn Giegengack Kathleen Gilhooly Mary O’Rourke Goodwin Ellen Hurley Carol Iovanna Charlene Doherty Jayamanne Kathleen Kenney Maureen Downing Laramee Christine Lavoie, SSJ Deborah Dagwell Lovejoy Margaret Lynch Barbara Parutka Maffett Debra Pelletier Maynard Ann McCarthy Brenda Bagley McCormick Mary Creighton McDowell Patricia McGrath Mary Ellen McGuire Kathleen Raufeisen McKenna Deborah Craven Menard Sandra Noonan Elaine Y. Paquet Olive JoAnne Grenier Palmer Carmen Pelissier Carol Karpeles Prazan Anne Archambault Proctor Melissa Cahillane Pyzik Kathleen Quinn Mary Johnson Rogers Patricia Logan Sawyer Nancy Konieczny Stahelek Irene Brisebois Tetreault Elaine Waskiewicz Tudryn Susan Urban Helen Zukowski Woznakewicz

1975 Pamela Dowd Copeman Linda Gualtieri Corsones Elizabeth DeAngelis-Dalton Maria-Filomena DeCarvalho Alison Aquadro Gleason Mary Walsh Harrington Mary Hough Anne Bradley Leja Atty. Colleen Danehy Lindroos Karen Lovett-McDonald Patricia Kulig Meade Barbara Olsav-Hudock Rosalie Cira Parylak Donna Quitadamo Denise LaRiviere Rourke Janet Settembro Eileen Zajchowski Walczak Susan Conrad Wells 1976 Kathleen O’Malley Adamczyk Clare Lewis Ashe Lenore O’Connell Boles Jane Bruce Bresnahan Lynette Fabrocini Brown Louise Hamel Cavanaugh Catherine Quinn Clark Lorraine Hungerford Cosgrove Darlene Czapla Dewhurst Jennifer Clark Fallon Sandra Haynes Ginalski Gail Hareld Theresa Nicklaw Kane Mary Ellen O’Brien Kempton Maureen Kelly Kopach Mary Barron Landry Maria Correia May Kathleen Mahoney Medeiros Sheila Meehan Nancy Raufeisen Miller Mary Beth Pniak-Costello Maureen Rooney Susan Forrant Wuller 1977 Joyce Napikoski Badger Michelle Dupont Bareiss Diana Dolan Bazyk Patricia Kennedy Bell Nancy Padykula Bianchi Mary Ellen Scavone Clay Mary Anne McAfee Deer Atty. Elizabeth Dineen Barbara Egan-Cromwell Esilda Crespo Eugenio Marie Halloran Evans Margaret Fitzgerald Catherine Gentile-Doyle Kathleen Keefe Halbach Linda K. Coughtry Mansfield Marianne Carney McCauley Kathleen Reid Porcelli Mary Beth Pircio Richardson Kathleen Pula Rivet Atty. Maria Rodriguez-Maleck Nancy O’Brien Slade

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Joanne Toomey Spigarelli Rev. Sherril Ann Willis 1978 Cynthia Mattos Barry Cheryl Gobeille Chace Susan Goldrick Anne Culverhouse Hicks Lisa Hodnicki Ann Irvine Katherine Clark LaCarrubba Lynn Anne Leone Ellen Tanner Liston Barbara Courchesne Looney Susan Lukas Elizabeth Dusza Matrow Ann Claffie Mottley Anne Marie Craven Pancione Gayle Pula Kathleen Loveridge Rallis Theresa Cabana Stec Kathleen Angeli Stewart Diane Trela 1979 Ellen Rice Abbott Patricia Pike Anderson Marianne Sypek Boyd Marie Chabot Linda Raufeisen Costin Pearline Walker Davis Kathleen O’Connor Duquette Sophie Swiatek Ferron Anna Flynn Diane Handerek-LaPointe Nadine McCarthy Hull Jacqueline LaMarche Lisa Maheux-Garvey Maureen Duffy McCarthy Anne Pellan-Shea Mary Lou Godin Powers Frances St. Peter-Sanft 1980 Roxanne LaFleur Delikat Ann Finn Detlefs Mary Nesi Grande Susan Freitag Hauschild Eileen Kirk Kathleen Finn Malynoski M. Eleanor Murphy Marie Pratt Jean Dickson Preuss Andrea Hale Riendeau 1981 Anonymous Catherine Kalmbach Arventos Ellen Keating Collins Margaret McCarron Fitzpatrick Donna Smith Horne Carol Jaciow Alice Lanier Lamothe-Roy Louise Langlois Barbara Loftus-Nelson Nancy Davin MacPherson

Terri Tomchik Testani 1982 Susan Vachereau Candiloro Debra Paquette Cassidy Laura Liptak Cressotti Maria Daversa, Ph.D. Ann Dougal Cynthia Lapadula Feliu Tammy King Foucher Linda Cigal Girard Patricia Kennedy Karen Zebrowski Matherson Francine Sousa, CSSF 1983 Kathleen Austin France Maureen McDonald Burger Debra Fitzgerald Casey Susan McCarthy Crawford Patricia Devine Paula Signet Fitzgerald Sandra Kielbasa Deborah Lacasse Kathleen Sylvia Loiselle Linda Hawley Marvaso M. Betsy Petrie McComber Althea Stafford Michel Deborah Danahy Provost Mary Willemain Reed Kathleen Manferdini Reid Kathryn Pekala Service Catherine Potash Walsh 1984 Clare Ostrowski Andrewes Diane Nawskon Brunelle Roseanne Sprague Bucknam Elizabeth Tucker Cooke Janice Fuller Jacqueline Kennedy Mary T. Nolan Paquette Maureen O’Boyle Pepin Nancy Reilly-Wohl Susan Borowiec Restivo Kimberlee Mahon Richard Donna Skutnik Rivest Anita Sachs Jennifer Poole Stebbins 1985 Carolyn Wall Adams Amy Andrews Marilyn Ryan Breuer, M.S., R.N. Kathleen Curran Karen Daniels Barbara Collins Donahue Anita Frattarola Farley Maureen O’Connor Holland Suzanne Lavallee Eileen Allen Lutat Pauline Marney Maureen Kelly McGoldrick Anne Marie O’Brien Ann Marie Jurek Quental Mary Fusaro Whelihan

1986 Catherine Dardenne Adona Lt. Col. Laureen Donovan USAF Cynthia Kvoriak Dzialo O’Doris Eldridge Elizabeth Kusiak Formaggioni Deirdre Taylor Ghostlaw Jean LaRoche Guerin Christine Halloran Dr. Suzanne Jorey, M.D. Dian Humber McCollum Carolyn Moriarty Ellyn Moriarty Maria de Sousa Palatino Karen Levasseur Palmer Diane Krasnecky Pinney Lori Fosque Salisbury Rita Asselin Wood Elizabeth Woods 1987 Anne Barker Martha Riley Bischoff Susan Gonthier Boucher Margaret Bowler Kathleen Dubreuil Charette Marjorie Childers, Ph.D., R.N. Eileen Gloster Linda Holian Sally Klouda Kasper Susan Belanger Keenan Arlene Dygon Kruzel Michelle Lancto Paula Lane-Major Cheryl Leeman Saunders Eileen McManus Nelson Martha Ryan Ross Renita Satchell-Ezell Sandra Sternal Chafer 1988 Francine Corbeil Patricia Rapone Green Michele Fouche Hart Lynn Daigle Korza Mary Ann Kaufman O’Shea Cindybeth Scerra Palmgren 1989 Debra Fil Baronas Jesse Brownback III Jenene Corbeil Gramolini Andrea Hickson-Martin, Ed.D. Darcy Dalrymple Janowski Claire MacDonnell Kelly Mary Rossman Krol Winnifred Tracey Lee Mary-Frances Maffucci Maria Braica Malmborg Lynn Dobson Marsters Loralee Nelson Laurie Demers Niemiec Denise Perry Ninneman Bernadette Morawiec Nowakowski Kathleen O’Rourke Erickson

The Elms Education

Maryellen Phelan Patricia Regan Carol Jurek Robillard Mary Schmitz-Welch Leslie Vincent Ellie Moreau Wilson 1990 Deborah Lecnar Barrick Robin Beauchesne Kimberly Mikaelian Davidson Robina Barrie Hartig Judith Hope-Klessig Martha McLaughlin Gail Parent Partridge Janice Peters Pastuszak Roberta Ruel Deana Maffucci Shirley Betsy Pirtie Sokol Michelle Woods 1991 Nancy Lacedonia Adams Nina April Susana Ricardo Baltazar Joan Sieron Curran Ellen Faszewski, Ph.D. Margaret Jahn Norma Cosgrove Joniec Susan Jerz Jurewicz David Pepin Sandra Martinelli Reissour † Martha Klassanos Richard 1992 Marybeth Boczon Marguerite Fournier Constant Teresa Manganaro Hart Jeanne Holian Norma Mitchell McCain Susan Poehler Nance Elizabeth Dunn O’Reilly Denise Cawley Rock Geraldine Moylan Ryan Sau Ping Yu Skelly Gabrielle Croteau Thomes Christine Thompson Lisa Boutiette Trottier Cheryl Wagner 1993 Melissa Bennett-Lafond Claudette Turcotte Burque Michelle Sullivan DiTomaso Shelley Bradley Fasano Susan McLaughlin Harden Virginia Leary Humel Judith DiSantis King Michelle Choon Kunzmann Cynthia Berry Lay Jacqueline Mashia Helen Plante McDonald Catherine Rourke McKenna Kathryn Crowley Peterson Jennifer Rodrigue Putnam Debra Malcolm Richer Margaret Sherrit

Sonya Anderson Smith Jennifer Turner-Miller Kelly Woods 1994 Maureen McFall Cayer Judith Bopp DeCosmo Gerri Riel Dooner Maureen Maloney Kellman Jean Murray Landry Linda Kelley Netto Mary Lou Gallagher Pieczarka Linda Page Pietroniro Amy Renaud Isabel Pereira Yoingco 1995 Darlene Bernier Martha Moser Brown Christine O’Brien Coleman Sarah Dailey Dansereau Thomas DeNardo Mary Patricia O’Neil Egan Cami Elbow Rebecca Martin Lescarbeau Barbara Musen MacKenzie-Rodgers Kristina Labieniec McCarthy Kristen Bellucci Murphy Robert St. Onge Elizabeth Ashe Surprise 1996 Marie Bienvenue Maryann Korte Brunton Aimee Bullett-Smith, N.P. Deanna Robare Chelte Pamela Kerr Grant Deborah Johnson Green Thea Katsounakis Linda Kieras Kenny Denise Riedel Lynch Joan Morris Reilly Atty. Melissa Rogers-Gillis Elizabeth Tavares Salvador Mary Crimmins Sheehan Andrea Cousing Zern 1997 Pamela Hwalek Boissonneault Katherine Chang Patricia Haggerty Mary-Ann Malcolm Nichols Barbara Belliveau Rice Phyllis Sapowsky Genevieve Miffitt Wysocki 1998 Tommie Burton Patricia Esposito Jill Golden Gagne Rev. Karen Montana Gutowski Brenda Jablonski Audrey Dunn Orstad Jennifer Perreault Russell Susan Nodurf Thibodeau Virginia Mead Webb


1999 Shelley Grassetti Albano Anonymous Margaret Benoit Beturne Walter Bizon Jennifer Avezzie Collins Andrea James Elena DiVenuto Trotta

2005 James Angelos II Atty. Rachel Bradford Lynn Cormier Browne Maureen Cotter Kevin Holland Patricia McDonald Humiston Jennifer Rae King Roberta Mansen Gerald Rheaume

2000 Cynthia Cohen Williams John Connolly Pamela Harding Lisa Hraba Danielle LeBlanc Maurice Alda Plante Richard Slavas

2006 Patrick Boyajian Stephen Chenard Rebecca Connolly Sean Hammond Deborah Maynard Lisa Moitoza M’Sadoques Kathleen Pont

2001 Anonymous Deborah Baker Gibbons Joanne Dion Brown Phyllis Flynn Carneiro Kelly Pike Carpenter Janet Dewey Margaret Fitzpatrick George Keator Melinda McQuade

2007 Jay Ciesluk Jennifer Dube Dout Lea Fitzgerald Patricia Fontaine Diane Ruggeri Surprenant

Teresa Winters

2002 Anonymous Patrick Carpenter Diana Rose Forfa Lise LeTellier Kristy Parker Joan Sawabi 2003 Jessica Scott Allen Anonymous Donald Brainerd Cheryl Condon Sarah Jane Fuller Amanda Huston Garcia Linda Hammarstrom Melissa Voutour Howard Ellen Hynes Inna Khimich Debra Boissonneault Lentes Kathleen Marotta Laura Robertson Michael Smith Cody Taylor Jacqueline Walsh Jennifer Wilkinson 2004 Catherine Benoit Nikia D. Brown Tina Fontaine Andrea Malloch-Swiderski Nancy Morgan Mangari Robert Marchewka John Shuman

2008 Meghan Lynch Burns Ermelinda Branco Carvalho Marlene Rossmeisl Czepiel Jennifer LeDoux Scott Netkovick Michelle Fernandes Proulx 2009 Jill Bigos Christine Fleury Sara Brodbeck Kalter Ashlee McNamee Jacque Rivera Mariana Rocha Elaine Kakoulidis Sgueglia Julie Wickman, LICSW 2010 Valerie Focosi Bonatakis Logan Brown Gina Gilday Faustino Cynthia Cutler Graham Lawrence Graham Eloisa Rodriguez Alyssa Zmaczynski Ryan Jennifer Haring Steinman Karalee Desrosiers Yvon 2011 Brendan Cordeiro Nicholas Cordeiro William Dziura Elizabeth Hebert Destinee Meeker Grant Stebbins Madeleine Taylor Ashley Tucker Nicholas Whitman

2012 Alicia Campbell Janyce Prendergast Carroll Lauren Dembek Kimberly Early Matthew Forest Daniel Gonzalez Diane Hebert Griffin Erica Griffo Seweryn Kolysko Jane McNulty McCarry Katie Roberts Ashley Ziemba St. George Karen Todd 2013 Charles Alfano Anonymous Dawn Hill Betters Heather Pepin Crespo Stephen Fisher Arica Schnopps Griffin Darius Griffin Amy Maschi Jacquelyn Devine Ouellette Collette Gingras Plaquet Leah Spring Annette Maass Ziomek 2014 Yahaira Antonmarchi Raymond Becker Indira Lalchandani Broska Erika Calcasola Abigail Capone Caitlee Carrier Jennifer Connolly Lane Ledbetter Futrell Angela Maxwell Kellie McLaughlin Jessica Gruszkos Smith 2015 Jennifer Bouvier Joseph Coleman IV Jessica Colson Regina DiGiovanni Tam Le Nikki Psyris Maxwell Anthony Nitri John Southworth 2016 Anne Marie Langone Albano Lauren Correnty Nancy Davis Phoebe Hobbs Emma Locke Andrew Mercado Bryan Santiago Derron Simpson 2017 Kelli Rohan Barrieau William DeiDolori Ashley Rannikko Desrosiers Denver DiMarzio


Victoria Jennings Kelan O’Brien Joanne Paturick Zander Fox 2018 Shelly Dansereau Keeshaun King Arianna Santiago-Sullivan Donald Whittle Tyler Yvon 2019 Dustin Brownlee Aislinn Carrier Kathy Marie Czerwiec Kayla Doherty Cameron Ford

Tyler Kareta Jonathan Lester Lisa Lusardi Madison Messier Nicholas Natalizio Tea Sullivan Mary Lynn Wikar-Hadix Catharine Wrang 2020 Kevin Banas Alexander Ciskowski Caroline Cristoforo Spencer Douglas Cassandra Guild Leo Harbec Gabriella Holland

Elms College Magazine

John Keegan Adam Provost Kelly Scianna Joshua Slater Katelyn Sylvia Adrian Wong 2021 Kennecy Alvarado Hannah Bongiovanni Ashley Cavar Donald Cianciolo, Jr. Edward Helldorfer Mickey Howe Emily Huber Lianna Johnson Samantha Judicki

Ashley Krzykowski Keagan McGrath Tyana Medina Keara Moulton Francis Murray Brittany North Christian Pavlakis Hannah Pichardo Omotola Powell Tyla Risucci Sarah Roussis Paige Silva Annamaria Traniello Julia Trezza Derek Waid Victoria Wanko

2022 Hannah Bourdon Shelby Brouillette Brooke Chisholm Hannah Comeau Ryanne Fournier Jason Hosey Jalyssa Howell Sofie Oliveira 2023 Sincere Kelly †Deceased

IN TRIBUTE Many Elms benefactors choose to make gifts throughout the year in memory of beloved family members and friends. Others choose to honor people meaningful in their lives, such as former teachers, parents, classmates, children, friends or family. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those benefactors in choosing to recognize their loved ones in this way. Gherly Abulag Hannah Adams Carol Allan, SSJ Deceased members of the Allen family Andy Andersen Vic and Rita Archambault Lucy Mae Ashe Linda Miller Atkins Mary R. and John T. Austin Paul and Peg Austin Kevin Banas Jeanne Baptiste Michelle and David Bareiss William Barnes Tom Barr Jacqueline Barry George Beglane James and Anna Begley Raymond F. Bell Ali Bonavita Cathy Brancato Mary Breau Walter Breau, Ph.D. John Brennan Margaret and Thomas Brigham Betty Broughan, SSJ Sean Byrne Emily Cabana Marion Caproni Claire Carpenter Mary Beth Carrier Louis and Della Cavallini Marcia Cecchini Donald Chapdelaine

Kathleen M. Rahilly Chapdelaine Mary C. Chester Brooke Chisholm Albin and Helen Chrobak Roberta C. Chrzan Alex Ciskowski Rebecca L. Clark Deceased members of the Class of 1949 Deceased members of the Class of 1951 Class of 1954 Deceased members of the Class of 1954 Class of 1955 Deceased members of the Class of 1958 Class of 1959 Deceased members of the Class of 1959 Class of 1964 Deceased members of the Class of 1964 Class of 1966 Deceased members of the Class of 1967 Class of 1974 Deceased members of the Class of 1974 Class of 1976 Deceased members of the Class of 1977 Class of 1989 Deceased members of the Class of 2007 Cecilia Clune

Barbara Coblin Eileen Collins Judith K. Collins Cheryl Condon Daniel Congdon JoAnn Connor Ryan J. Cooney Lauren Correnty Daniel Corrieri John Corrieri Patricia Corrieri Anne Marie Corrieri and John Perrin Frank and Jean Corsino Rev. Hugh Crean Gina Cressotti Basil Cronin Mary E. Borselli Cullen Patrick J. Culloo Eleanor Mary Cunningham Joseph Daly William Daniels Mary Dolan Darcy Mary G. DaSilva Marie McKenna Davey Francesca Davitt Deceased members of the de Sousa Family Dr. and Mrs. Francisco B. DeCarvalho Isabella DeGregorio Mary Loretta Desmarais Joyce Lynch Desorcy Daniel J. DeStasio Alex and Charlotte deVillier Margaret Diggins Joseph and Lillian DiRico

Elizabeth Disbrow Jeanne Dobbs Bill Donovan Eleanor Dooley, SSJ Jean Dowd Nancy Dromey Bertha and Theodore Drzyzga Mr. and Mrs. William Drzyzga Valda Ducharme Robert Duquette Marguerite Egan Helen Egan, SSJ Barbara Egan-Cromwell and Roscoe Cromwell Elaine F. Emery Karen Essex Christopher Fendrich Paul Ferraro John J. Ferris Clement A. Ferris Sr. Maryellen Finnerty Mary A. and Michael T. Fiorentino Cody Fisher Doris Gobeille Fisk Anne Marie Fitzgerald Maureen C. Fitzgerald Catherine Mary Smith Fitzpatrick David Flanagan Irene Flanagan John Flanagan Kevin Flanagan Deceased members of the Fleming family Ciara Flynn

Florence Nagle Flynn Suzanne Fogarty James Mary Foley, SSJ Herman and Claudine Fontaine Lynne Fontaine Deceased members of the Fouche family Raymond and Eva Fournier Ryanne Fournier William Frain Ralph and Irene Fressola 1st Lt. Travis J. Fuller Amanda Garcia Nicholas Garofalo Arthur W. Gillman Jacqueline Given Mary Merriam Gloster Mary Ellen Nichols Gretler Emmett and Viola Griffin Lexi Griffin Joan Guardione Sarah Guerin Barbara Guardione Guerra Margaret Galleshaw Halacy Crystal Hallisey Ernest and Emiline Hansen Anne Harrison, Ed.D. Mary Hayes Elaine M. Henshon Kate Hentnick Richard Hernandez John Heyman Gloria Hickson Kathleen Hickson Fr. Leo Hoar Mary Flaherty Hogan

The Elms Education

Caitlyn Hoschtetler Betty Hukowicz, Ed.D. McKenzie Huria Mary Alice Hurley Tammy Jacobson-Landon Joseph Jez John F. Johnson Aimee Jolicoeur Meghan Jolivet Kathleen Joyal John Martha Joyce, SSJ Andrew Kagan Theodore N. Katsounakis Kathleen Keating, SSJ Josh Keaton Sheila Nesbit Keator Anne Keenan Edward T. and Dorothy I. Kelley Audrey Flannagan Kelly Mary Elizabeth and Edward M. Kennedy William H. Kennedy Truman King Eileen Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kivior Jacob Kotin Frances Krawczyk Mildred Krawiec Raymond and Jane Kuta Marie Campbell Lambert Martin Lauer Kathleen Lavato Eleanore E. Lavoie Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lavoie Catherine Germain Leary and James Leary Michael Lemke Emileo Leone Mary and James Lewis Ryan Lewis

Betsy Weimer Linardy Florence Lombardi Catherine M. Long Michael Losardo Lisa Lusardi Mary Ann Lynch Colby Macdonald Ted and Mary Mac Queston Marie DeMeola Maffucci Stanley and Helen Majewski Rosemary Tower Maloney Samantha Manchino Jayne Manegre Matt Marchand Joan Abare Marchi Eileen Marshall Barbara Mayberry Edith McAlice, SSJ Daniel F. McAuliffe Jr. Robert McCain Bennett McCreary Mary Noonan McDermott Mary Jane Derwin McDermott Donald McGahan Carolyn McLaurin Dennis Meeker Estelle Mitchell Karlie Moderacki Eileen Moores Noreen Moran Susan Robinson Moraz Mary Moriarty Teresa Moriarty Jane Morrissey, SSJ Geraldine Fennessy Muldoon William H. Muldrew Jr. M. Eleanor Murphy Mary A. Murphy Niamh Murphy Frankie Murray


Joanne Marino Murray Joe and Oui Napikoski Charles R. Nathan Sr. Brenna Nelson Kiley Nelson Bernadette Nowakowski Richard J. O’Connor Sr. Caitlin Oelrich Cornelia O’Hare Mary O’Hearn Michal Ohradka Theresa O’Leary, RGS Martin and Nora O’Neill Justine Alexis Parsons Joseph and Marian Paykula Trinity Peets Teresa M. Pfeifer Rachael Picard Gertrude Piela Mary Jane Pignatelli Martin Pion, Ph.D. Nellie Pise Catherine Pitoniak Joseph Plourde Jr. Henry and Celia Polek William and Julia Pollock Jessica Porcello Therese A. Pouliot Philip Powell Helen Joseph Powers, SSJ Paul Powers Sr. Lois Boland Quinn Mary Quinn, SSJ Annette Rafferty, SSJ Taylor Reedy Jo Ann Aiello Regan Carrie and Tracy Rider John Rinaldi Tyla Risucci Cornelius Robb III Mary Roberts

Amanda Rotberg Danny and Rita Rourke Anne Marie Russo Clare E. Ryan Ann Ryan, SND Julieta Santos Louis Santucci Cassandra Jude Sarno Clara Sarno Rev. Warren Savage Margaret Scanlon Kathleen Scherpa Rev. John Schombers Klara Schommer Virginia M. Sector Meghan Senecal Claire Shea Gordon Shepardson Mary Scannell Signet Paige Silva Sisters of St. Joseph Deceased Sisters of St. Joseph Christine Spring Bernard and Jeannette St. George Rev. Mark Stelzer, Ph.D. Anthony and Alexandra Sternal Maria C. McCallin Stipek Natalie Mackie Straley Kevin J. Sullivan Warren S. Sumner III Christine Swords, SSJ Katelyn Sylvia Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Sypek Honore Wynne Taylor Joan A. Thayer Anna Thibodeau Erin Thibodeau Rev. James Alton Thompson Alison Tom

John and Margaret Topor Peg Kennedy Tourloukis Eugene Trase James M. Trase Mary Louise Traversa Josephine M. Trela Brian P. Trelease Shirley M. Tremblay Julia Trezza Mary Fenton Tulloch Sheila Tully Marjorie C. Van Houten Mary Vaughan Helene Vertolomo Bob Viamari Mary Collins Vivaldi Helen Vollinger William Walden Beth Wallace Canice and Margaret Wallace Kathryn Walters Victoria Wanko Melissa Tudryn Wazniak Margaret Webber Thaddeus and Jean Wegrzyn Anna Mae Wesloski Jessica Tudryn Wisniewski Charlene Wodecki Adrian Wong Mary McGrath Woods Charlotte Worthington Catharine Wrang Mary Lou Wright, SSJ Anne M. Wyzga Mary R. Zanella Louis Zaniboni Meghan Hukowicz Zoll

F R I E N D S a n d PA R E N T S Every year, generous individuals or groups of individuals turn the dream of a college education into a reality for many Elms College students. We are grateful for the generosity of the following: Mary B. Alcott Carol Allan, SSJ Beth E. Anderson Anonymous (11) William M. Antil M. Ruth Archambault Margaret Austin Sean J. Austin George Balakier Linda Balakier Laurie Banas Wanda Banks James Bannish David Barr

Betsy H. Barrows Jeff and Brooke Bedard Amanda Begos Karl W. Berger † Donald E. Bernash Josephine Bero Kevin Berry, Ph.D. Jake E. Bishop Julie Black Frances P. Bliss J. Barry Bocklet Sr. Karen Bogue Shirley A. Boland Robert and Roberta Bolduc

Maureen A. Bonavita Mary L. Bonsiewicz Eugene J. Borowski Jr. Richard and Jennifer Bourgeois Alfred H. Boyer Dr. Karen A. Bradley, M.D. Mary Brainerd, Ph.D. Walter Breau, Ph.D. Patricia Brent Mary Ellen Bridge Jacquelyn Brown Lynn M. Brown John A. Brunjes, Esq.

Chris Bryant Jane M. Burgess Karen A. and Steven Cabana Katelyn Campbell Joseph R. Caproni Rebecca Caproni Brittney A. Carlson Stephen W. Carr Maribeth G. Casey Christine Casiano Terry Cassidy Maryellen K. Channing Kathleen Chase Daniel Chelotti

Guy Chester Lori A. Chisholm Kevin Chrobak Anthony Cignoli Christine E. Ciskowski Harold C. Clancy Deborah B. Clark Patricia A. Clayton Barbara Cleary James E. Clune Atty. Charles Collins Louise M. Collins Thomas J. Collins Thomas M. Collins Jr.


Cynthia A. Conklin Phyllis W. and D. Barry Connelly Edward A. Connors Rev. John E. Connors Raymond Corbett Jr. Karl Correnty Daniel Corrieri Patricia Corrieri Joanne Corrieri-Upham Arthur C. Corsino Michael W. Coscore Gerald F. Costello Jr. Genervra R. Counihan John Crawford III Ashley Crawley Mary Crowley George M. Cullen William F. Cunningham Jr. Kathleen Curry James E. Davey John Davey Mary Davey Michael Davey Michael Davino Diane O. and John Davitt Jr. Dr. William Deegan III, M.D. Anne and Michael DeGregorio June DeJong Stephen T. Delikat Xiomara DeLobato Donna Denning Pascale Desir B. Michael DeStasio Atty. Timothy Diggins Theresa J. and Jeffrey Disbrow Brian Doherty Atty. Gerard F. Doherty Kathi Donahue Richard G. Dooley Heather Dorosh Robert S. Dubiel Chris Dubour David Dubuc Jeanne M. Dubuque Br. Michael T. Duffy, O.F.M. Conv. Mary J. Dulchinos Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA Arthur Dyer Matthew F. Dyer Steven Dykstra Kevin M. Edwards and Maria Montoro Edwards Sandra L. Evans Jack T. Evjy Sherica A. Fagullar Dr. David R. Fanti, M.D. John E. Faulkner Philip Favrot Janice Fedor, Ed.D., MBA Miguel Fernandes Ann M. and Matthew Ferraro Donald E. Fife Paula B. Fiore Tracey Firman

Stephen J. Fisk Timothy Fisk William M. Fitzgerald Patricia J. Flaherty Sharon M. Fleury Sheila R. Flynn Thomas F. Flynn Elizabeth Fogarty Thomas J. Foley Anthony Fonseca, Ph.D. Laurie Fontaine Lester E. Fontaine Ann W. Fossett Jane M. Fournier William F. Frain † William Frazier James E. Fredette Atty. Ellen W. Freyman Gina Fusco John A. Gaberino Jr. Joseph Gagne Michael Gagne Guadalupe Garcia Marie Ghareeb Christine Giera William C. Gilbert Richard and Eda Gilday Heidi A. Given Steven and Jean Gobel Susan Goldman Harold R. Goodman Jr. Harold R. Goodman Sr. Robert L. Gosselin Jenkin Gould Ruth A. Griesel Jean K. and George P. Gromacki Theresa Guerin Peter H. Guerra Marguerite F. Guiden Fawwaz Habbal, Ph.D. James P. Hackett III Jennifer A. Hafey James Haffty Susan Q. Haffty James Hager Frederick L. Haggerty Jennifer M. Hall-Cotto Suzanne Hallisey Ambassador Mark G. Hambley Kimberly Hannah Tim Hardick David Harrington Atty. Peter J. Harrington Shawn M. Harrington Scott Hartblay Marion G. Hatch Richard A. Hausamann Robert E. Hazen Donna M. and Peter Hentnick Jr. Sara S. and Hamlet Hernandez John K. Hicks Kathleen A. Hickson-Martin Gail Hinte Tammy L. Hobbs

Elms College Magazine

Anne R. Hodge Elizabeth Hoffman Thomas Hopkins Margaret Hoschtetler Jessica Howell Kailai Huang Elizabeth Hukowicz, Ed.D. Sandra Y. and Thomas Huria Mary E. Huxley Christopher Ianello Robert C. Iannitelli Mariann Ingraham Daniel R. Ingram Kathleen Ingram Carolyn Jacobs, Ph.D. Robert F. Jahn Mary Janeczek, Ed.D. Jennifer N. Jayko Colleen C. Johnston Jane Johnston James A. Jolicoeur Sheila J. and Richard Jolivet Denise Jones Barbara A. Joseph Joyce L. Joyal Joan K. Kagan Kathleen M. Kane Brian Kapinos Hussein Karam Bryan Kaselouskas Mary Kaselouskas Ann M. Kashmanian William C. and Melissa Keaton Daniel Kelly Kimberly Kenney-Rockwal Mary Kiehl David Kimball, Sc.D. Elizabeth V. and Robert T. Knight Lucille T. Kolish Frances P. Kollenz Dr. Nicholas P. Kondon, D.M.D. Gina Golash Kos The Hon. Richard J. Kos Dr. Gloria J. Krason, D.P.M. Michael Krawiec Craig Kronlund Jack and Cynthia La Mothe Daniel S. Ladd John Lambdin, Ed.D. Richard S. Lanahan Bernadette D. and Atty. John C. Lane Trudy E. Laramee Catherine R. LaRochelle James F. Leary Mary F. Leary Michael Leary Gina Lee Richard D. Lemke Henry L. Lenart Patricia L. LeVan Claudia Licursi Helen Light Alex Locke James J. Long †

Katie Longley Sarah V. Lopez Mark Losardo and Karen Cross Losardo Suzanne M. Luconi Lisa M. and Jeffrey Lynes Cynthia and William G. Lyons III Linda A. Mac Queston Kim MacDonald Sandra A. MacFadyen Danette Magilligan Robert F. Mahar Joyce T. Manchino Susan Manzon Michelle S.and Gary Marchand G. Todd and Marilyn Marchant Robert S. Marcus Alan L. Marden Sheryl D. Mardeusz Pricilla M. Maresi Kara Marko Kate M. Marnane Joseph A. Marois Thomas A. Massmann Christie B. Mauro Dr. Robert E. McAfee, M.D. Robert McCarthy Kirsty McClain Amy McCreary Donna McGee Sarah McIntosh Dr. Paul McKenna, D.D.S. Martha McLaughlin Daniel T. McMahon Marcia McMahon Thomas F. McNamara Laura McNeil, Ph.D. and Damien Murray, Ph.D. Anne Medina Richard J. Meelia Josefina Meisner Daniel M. and Ellen Melley Lorraine T. Meluch Patricia A. and Edward Meon Deborah Methe Ellen E. Mierzewski Marguerite Miller Tracey A. Moderacki Michael Moline Dr. Gustavo Montana, M.D. Janet B. Moore, Ph.D., RN Catherine A. Morat David K. Morgan Dr. Thomas and Bonnie Moriarty Patricia M. and Dr. Michael W. Mould Lisa A. Moulton John F. Mruk Robert Mulcahey Barbara Mulcahy Kathleen M. Muldoon William C. Muldoon Sr. Paul Murdock Jason B. Murphy, Ph.D.

Theresa M. Murphy Joseph J. Narkawicz Judy Nawoj Leah Negrucci Andrea Neill Christine O’Connell Mary T. O’Connor Richard J. O’Connor Jr. Jonathan K. Oelrich and Rochelle Ham-Oelrich Alison R. O’Grady Martina and Daniel Ohradka Edward J. O’Leary Carla Oleska, Ph.D. Marguerite O’Malley Maureen M. O’Mara Russell J. Omer Kyle Ondricek Marilyn J. O’Rourke Keith Orstad Ann P. Ott Victor Oundjian Caroline Paleologopoulos Joseph Partyka Dawn M. Pasternak Marilyn A. Payne Mindy F. Peckler William A. Peets Janice Pegels Carmella M. Pellegrino Catherine Pepin Ann H. Phelps Martha L. Phinney Teresa Picard Marie Piccininni David F. Pinto Martin Pion, Ph.D. Atty. Michael J. Pise Edward Pitoniak Peter H. Plamondon Elaine Pluta Irene A. Podhorez George Podmore Kathleen Popko, SP Denise Porcello Ann A. Pratt Cora Price Daniel L. Quinn John B. Quinn Patrick J. Quinn Marion Quinn-Jowett Sarah B. Ransford Darlene A.and Michael Reedy Teresa Reske Catherine A. Reynolds Elizabeth H. Rich Ron Rickey Dawn Risucci Jennifer Rivers, Ph.D. and Mark Hendricks Sr. David W. Rizk Lorrie Rizk Mary Rizk Jessica Robbins Penelope P. Rodday Joel S. and Mary Rodowicz

The Elms Education

The Roncari Family Amy F. and Lester Rotberg Ruth Roy James M. and Brenda Ryan James P. Ryan, Jr. Deborah B. Salewski Sud-ad Saman Robert Samble George Sammet Jose Sanchez Mayor Domenic Sarno Rev. Warren J. Savage Alfred Scaia Stella J. Scheckter Lori R. and Peter Schommer Ronald B. Schram Jonathan Scully Martha D. Seale Paul J. and Josephine Sears Cathleen M. and Edward Senecal Rhea M. Serra Melanie B. Shannon George W. Sharpe II Bruce Shay Joan B. Shea Frances A. Sheehan

Cheryl Sheils, Ed.D., RN Charles E. Shirley Sandra A. Silva Sara Smiarowski James Smith Renee Sprinthall Brian Squires Rev. Mark S. Stelzer, Ph.D. Paul M. and Donna Stelzer Janet K. Stetson, Ed.D. Francis J. Stipek Andrew Storer, Ph.D., DNP Daniel J. Sullivan Louise J. Sullivan Maria Sullivan Martin J. Sullivan Nancy A. Sullivan Rick and Lisa Sullivan William C. Sullivan Laura Sylvia Jeannean Terlik Rev. Jonathan C. Tetherly Walter R. Thayer Jr. Michael Theulen Daniel W. and Debra Thibodeau Joyce Thielen, Ph.D., RN


Suellen Thornhill Regina Tillona Philip Tirrell Kathy Tobin Martin Decn. William Toller Harriet Tolpin Richard B. Tompkins Allen Tramuta Nicolette Travis Carol M. Traynor and Thomas Murphy Deborah Trezza William O. Trudeau Jr. Richard D. Tyson Elizabeth A. Ustach Dr. Francis X. Van Houten, M.D. Laura Van Mourik Thomas Van Schaick Michael K. Vann Dr. John J. Verdon Jr., M.D. Nora A. Veronikowski Joseph P. Wagner Marian B. Walker Robert Walsh William Walsh Sally J. Walther Kyle and Carol Wanko

Kurt Ward Ellen R. Warriner James Weiss Dr. Edward J. Welch Jr., D.D.S. John F. Welch David L. Wells Frances White, SSJ Marion G. White Dr. James P. Whitman, D.M.D. F. Mark and Pamela L. Whittaker Constance Marie Willett, Ph.D. Wesley Wolanski James F. Wolfe Anne P. Wong Byron E. Woodman Jr. Christopher S. and Vanessa M. Worthington Heidi A. and William Wrang III Katherine M. Zahn

C O R P O R AT I O N S , F O U N D AT I O N S , G R O U P S , a n d O R G A N I Z AT I O N S Many corporations, foundations and other organizations contributed to the college in 2018-2019. The college is deeply grateful for their confidence in our institution as well as for their financial assistance. AAA Auto Club of Pioneer Valley Aetna Foundation, Inc. George I. Alden Trust AmazonSmile Foundation Appleton Corporation Aramark Global Business Services Archdiocese of Boston Bank of America Charitable Foundation Barings Baystate Health Benevity Community Impact Fund Brinkman Charitable Fund Bulkley Richardson Judith and David Casey Charitable Fund Catholic Woman’s Club of Springfield, Inc. Chicopee Savings Bank Charitable Foundation Christian Foundation of the West A. L. Cignoli Co, Inc. Colgate Palmolive Collins Electric Company Committee to Elect Domenic J. Sarno Concord Commons Condominium Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation

Delta Air Lines Foundation Diocese of Springfield Discount Office Furniture, Inc. Walt Disney Company Foundation DonateWell Elastic BV Elms College Alumnae - Berkshire Chapter Elms College Alumni Association Eversource Energy Foundation FM Global Foundation Fortier Painting, Inc. Freedom Credit Union Friends of Elms College Fundraising Concepts GE Foundation Hadley Printing Co., Inc. Haffty Family Fund Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. Barbara A. Howard Irrevocable Living Trust IBM Corporation Juster Pope Frazier LLC Edward J. Kaplita Polish Heritage Foundation Restated Sheila Keator Trust W.K. Kellogg Foundation Knight Family Fund

Kuhn Riddle Architects, Inc. Jack & Cynthia Lewis La Mothe Giving Fund Lorilil Jewelers Lois C. Lynch Trust Bill & Cindy Lyons Charitable Gift Fund Marchant Family Charitable Fund Marois Construction Massachusetts Mutual Financial Group Kevin and Kristina McCarthy Family Fund Mercedes-Benz of Springfield Merck Company Foundation Michael’s Limousine Service Microsoft Corporation Moderacki Electric Navin, Haffty and Associates Network for Good Northwestern Mutual Foundation O’Connell Companies John P. Page and Bonita D. Page Trust Polish National Credit Union Pope Francis Preparatory School Pride Stores LLC Print Shop @ Soccer City Roncari Express Valet Parking Jacquelyn M. Rosa Trust

Rovithis Realty LLC Joe Salvon Memorial Scholarship Fund Savage Arms, Inc. Sisters of Providence Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield Jim and Cathy Smith Fund Sun Family Trust Tech Roofing Service, Inc. Teddy Bear Pools, Inc. Tolpin Family Charitable Fund Total Communications, Inc. Trinity Health Turtle Plastics Foundation United Way of Pioneer Valley United Way of Rhode Island UnitedHealth Group Verizon Foundation Voya Foundation Westfield Bank WFF Facility Services Donald and Mary Whitmore Family Fund


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DONORS TO ENDOWED FUNDS Some of the most meaningful gifts we have received are made in honor or in memory of beloved friends, colleagues, and family members. We are honored to accept these special gifts. Many such gifts are designated as endowed scholarships, awards, and library memorials. This list reflects newly established endowments and gifts to existing endowments in 2018-2019. Barbara Albano Endowed Scholarship Frances and Roy Barr Business Leadership Award Beglane Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship Karl W. Berger Endowed Scholarship * Sr. Elizabeth Broughan ’69 Endowed Scholarship Catholic Woman’s Club of Springfield, Inc. Endowed Scholarship Albin and Helen Chrobak Endowed Scholarship Class of 1949 Endowed Scholarship Class of 1957 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship Class of 1963 Endowed Scholarship Class of 1968 Endowed Scholarship Eileen Collins Endowed Scholarship for Criminal Justice John and Patricia Corrieri Endowed Scholarship Marie McKenna Davey Endowed Scholarship Diggins Endowed Scholarship Bernadine and Richard Dooley Endowed Scholarship Kara Lynne Evans-Scott ’91 Endowed Memorial Fund Mary A. and Michael J. Fiorentino Endowed Scholarship

Anne Marie Fitzgerald Endowed Scholarship Thomas and Mary Smith Fitzgerald Endowed Scholarship E. Joseph Fontaine Endowed Scholarship Sharon Fowlston ’69 Biology Endowed Scholarship * Nancy O’Shea and Bill Frain Endowed Scholarship Barbara Guardione Guerra Endowed Scholarship Rae Holland-Long ’65 Endowment Fund for the Chapel Sr. Kathleen Keating Endowed Scholarship Fr. Dan Kennedy Endowed Scholarship Kolish Family Endowed Scholarship Dorothy D. Landers Endowed Scholarship Catherine Germain Leary and James Leary Endowed Scholarship Catherine M. Long ’66 Endowed Scholarship Lyne-Murphy Mathematical Science Award Mary Ann McDonald Endowed Scholarship Louis and Nancy Mirto Endowed Scholarship St. Thomas More Endowed Scholarship


$36,610.53 College of Our Lady of the Elms is most grateful to Bishop Mitchell Rozanski and the clergy, religious, and parishioners of the Diocese of Springfield for their financial support. The college expresses its gratitude for their substantial gift, obtained through this annual collection, with proceeds supporting the college.

Dr. Donald F., Parise E., Mary A. ’29 and Theresa D. ’30 Moriarty Endowed Scholarship Catherine McDonnell Pitoniak ’47 Endowed Scholarship Rita Kellett Prevoznik Endowed Scholarship Lois Boland Quinn Endowed Scholarship Sister Mary Reap, IHM Endowed Scholarship Charles V. and Joan McCarthy Ryan ’51 Endowed Scholarship Reverend Mark S. Stelzer, S.T.D. Endowed Scholarship Trustee Perseverance Scholarship Fund Mary Connors Viamari Endowed Scholarship Margaret Geran Webber ’32 Endowed Scholarship Marielle Godbout Willett Memorial Endowed Scholarship

* New

E S TAT E P L A N N I N G The following benefactors, now deceased, included Elms College in their estate plans. Funds from their estates were received during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Our appreciation and prayers were sent to their families and friends.

$361,362.07 Karl W. Berger † Barbara Albano Howard ’50 † James J. Long † † Deceased

The Elms Education


MEMBERS of the LEGACY SOCIETY The Living Legacy Society was established in 1994 to recognize alumni and friends of College of Our Lady of the Elms who have included the college in their will and have established charitable gift annuity or trust, or named Elms College as beneficiary of an insurance policy or IRA. Marilyn L. Abare ’55 Theresa E. Airoldi ’68 Anonymous (9) Anonymous † (2) Kathleen Bardsley-Crawley ’43 † Patricia K. Kennedy Bell ’77 Mary C. Herring Belluardo ’62 * Mary Ellen Benoit ’65 Karl W. Berger † Barbara Jean Daury Betinis ’64 Patricia I. Moran Bombardier ’67 * Jean M. Brigham ’69 * Barbara L. Brunelle ’69 Patricia G. Thompson Burden ’62 * Mary Lou Burke ’57 Mary Ellen Shea Cadieux ’54 Carolyn O. O’Connor Connelly ’60 Anne Marie Corrieri ’80 Marguerite T. Corrinet ’49 † Judith A. Cotter ’73 Susan McCarthy Crawford ’83 Elizabeth Benos Dattalo ’70 Ethel Welch de Bakker ’63 Maria-Filomena F. DeCarvalho ’75 Laurie H. Hoffman Delaney ’77 Joan M. McMahon Desmarais ’61 Joyce D. Lynch Desorcy ’94 † Janet Elizabeth Dewey ’01 Judith A. Domingos-Porter ’65

Eleanor R. Dooley ’50, SSJ Doris H. Laperle Dreibelbis ’67 Donna J. Corley Duncan ’70 Sandra L. Evans James T. Forhan Catherine A. Petropulos Foster ’62 Sharon E. Brady Fowlston ’69 William F. Frain † Mary Ellen Long Franz ’54 Margaret M. Galvin ’70 Barbara J. Garde Garvey ’51 * Mary C. Rigazio Ghidoni ’70 Gail A. Goraj ’04 Phyllis A. Gracki ’69 Jenene Corbeil Gramolini ’89 Teresa A. Harris ’56 Carol Celetti Hausamann ’59 Fr. Leo J. Hoar † Rae E. Holland-Long ’65 Barbara Albano Howard ’50 * † Jeanne M. Mathieu Hunter ’70 The Hon. Mary E. Hurley ’72 Gail C. Cicio Ireland ’59 Carolyn Jacobs, Ph.D. Leroy F. Jarrett † Evelyn A. Jez, Ph.D. ’68 Patricia Harty Jolicoeur ’64 Linda A. Kaczmarczyk ’71 Kathleen Keating ’52, SSJ

Sarah Scordato Keenan ’61 Patricia A. Kennedy ’82 Maureen G. Glynn Kester ’65 Judith R. DiSantis King ’93 Kathleen M. Kirley ’66, SSJ Lucille T. Berthiaume Kolish Dorothy A. Lakoma ’70 Trudy E. Becker Laramee Elaine J. Parenzo Lees ’04 Marie A. Lococo ’72 James J. Long † Barbara Morin Lynch ’65 Lois C. Lynch ’62 Martha E. Lynn ’78 Linda K.C. Mansfield ’77 Judith A. Marceau ’62 Norma V. Mitchell McCain ’92 Constance J. McCarthy ’52 Constance M. McGovern ’60 Joan A. Brunelle Montana ’62 Jane Morrissey ’62, SSJ Susan E. Breault Napolitano ’77 and Robert Napolitano Patricia Hanifin Nelen ’55 Carla Oleska, Ph.D. Elaine Y. Paquet Olive ’74 Carol M. Ouellette ’61 † Mary D. Denisevich Pacione ’63 Patricia Philbin ’71

Catherine G. Plopper ’95 Rita K. Kellett Prevoznik ’51 Maureen T. Bryson Rawding ’54 Kathleen M. Riordan, Ed.D. ’67 * Margaret M. Bouyea Robillard ’52 Marilyn E. Rondeau, Ed.D. ’69 Jacquelyn M. Rosa ’69 Mary Elizabeth Rossiter ’67 Joan Margaret Ryan ’69 Margaret R. Scanlon ’52 † Michele I. Taylor Shepard ’70 Marilyn T. Deignan Shepardson ’58 Rev. Mark S. Stelzer, Ph.D. Maureen T. Sullivan ’60 Joan M. Talbot ’62 Martha S. Sponske Talbot ’56 † Margaret E. Toomey ’60 Eleanor M. Tremblay ’69 James E. Tremble Marjorie C. Fiorentino Van Houten ’62 † Dr. Kathleen L. Vosburgh ’66 Carol A. Casullo Waddington ’70 Dr. Edward J. Welch, Jr., D.D.S. Marilyn McClernon Wilkins ’56 † Amy Jane Wilson ’75 Lorraine Kelly Young ’56 † Deceased * Charter Member

W AY S O F G I V I N G An Elms College education is a stepping stone for many of its graduates — to lives full of meaningful work, success, and service to others. It is an investment that yields tremendous personal dividends. Gifts of all sizes allow us to provide the financial assistance that many of our students need to reach their academic goals, to develop innovative academic programs, to respond to the demands of today’s world, and to acquire and improve our human resources, facilities, and equipment.

• Gifts of Cash

Many of our students have access to the Elms only because of benefactors like you who support what we do and how we do it. Your gift really does make a difference here.

• Gifts of Personal Property

• Gifts of Securities • Matching Gifts • Gifts through Retirement Plan • Gifts of Real Estate If you would like more information about making a planned gift or legacy gift, contact Bernadette Nowakowski ’89, ’08, vice president of institutional advancement, at 413-265-2214 or nowakowskib@elms.edu.

This report has been prepared by the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Office of Institutional Marketing. The list of benefactors reflects gifts to the college during the fiscal year 2018-2019. Donations made since July 1, 2019, will appear in the next annual report. We have taken great care to ensure that complete and accurate listings appear. Should you find an error or omission, please bring it to the attention of the Office of Institutional Advancement at (413) 265-2403. Please note that an individual’s name may appear on several lists, and also that some benefactors have requested that their gifts be anonymous.


Elms College Magazine

IN MEMORIAM 2018-2019 Alumni Olive Lombard ’35 H. Roberta Decker Kirby ’37 Kathryn Gibbons Walters ’41 Mary Frances Honnen ’42, SSJ Dorothy Heffernan Watterson ’43 Doris Gobeille Fisk ’44 Mary Dooling Molloy ’44 Mary Mahoney McCarthy ’45 Lois Boland Quinn ’46 Patricia Dowling ’46 M. Esther Dillon ’46 Mary Jane Flood Pignatelli ’46 H. Patricia Bardsley O’Neill ’46 Ruth Kennedy Geanacopoulus ’46 Margaret Galleshaw Halacy ’47 B. Jacqueline Patrie Willemain ’48 Eleanor Shea Crossley ’48 Mary Jane O’Malley LaRocque ’48 Shirley Leroy Tremblay ’49 Marion Hoar ’49 Clare Ryan ’49 Maureen Keating Pooler ’49 Marguerite Corrinet ’49 Irene Morin Remillard ’49 Margaret Lively Schultz ’50 Patricia Tierney Campbell ’50 Mary Jean Davis Crowley ’50 Eileen Doherty Redmond ’51 Evelyn Matarese ’51, SND Ann Larkin Ryan ’51 Margaret Scanlon ’52 Dorothea Anetzberger Zanetti ’53 Eleanor McFadden Fournier ’54 Eleanor Bissonette Cunningham ’55 Joan McCabe Grant ’56 Mary Fitzgerald De Marco ’56 Mary Crowley Pikiell ’56 James Bernard Laughnane ’56, SSJ Martha Sponske Talbot ’56 Marie O’Connor Moriarty ’56 Mary Lou Griffin Rubino ’56 Marilyn McClemon Wilkins ’56 Maureen Fitzgerald ’57 Mary Carroll Downey ’57 Patricia Sharron ’57, SSJ Helene Michael Nihill ’57, SSJ Lucy Mae Nowakowski Ashe ’57 Mary Lou Lacey ’58, SSJ Rose-Ellen Keenan Sweeney ’58 Helene Meagher Sullivan ’59 Ruth Quinn ’59, SSJ Elizabeth Sadowski Beuchert ’60 Loretta Scarlett ’60, SSJ Madeline Hayes ’61 Jean Chambers Himmelsbach ’62 Claire Ann Fitzpatrick ’62

Marjorie Fiorentino Van Houten ’62 Barbara Broderick Trova ’62 Mary Belanger Traversa ’63 Rosemary Kelly Marczewski ’63 Jeanne Archey ’63 Marcia Percy Cecchini ’64 Patricia Fitzgibbon Morin ’64 Sheila Nee Harris ’64 Judith Blackmer Collins ’65 Mary-Ellen Nichols Gretler ’65 Anne Marie Donohue Russo ’65 Ruth McLean Bay ’65 Marilyn Daly ’65 Eleanor Casey ’66 Patricia Krzelest ’66 Suzanne Noponen ’68 Rosetta Fish Grimm ’68 Kathleen Martin Hitas ’68 Jo-Ann McGahan ’68 Lillian DiMaso Sonsini ’69 Lynda Thomson Hague ’69 Dorothy Goggins Lecours ’69 Doris Harland ’69, SSJ Dawne Birtz ’70 Marie Bailey ’70 Susan Menanson ’71 Elaine Frydryk Tenerowicz ’72 Noreen Moran ’74 Susan Laforest ’75 Donna Beggs DiBernado ’77 Rosemary Danaher ’83 Melanie Kuczarski Nicholl ’84 Elsine Haddad Sadak ’86 Dorothy Mahoney Bourke ’88 Lois Girard ’90 Judith Rimondi Zorzi ’91 Sandra Martinelli Reissour ’91 Suzanne Germain O’Donnell ’91 Joyce Lynch Desorcy ’94 Elizabeth Baltazar Colaccino ’94 Diane Meador Dube ’94 Judy Desgres-Cote ’96 Tammy Jacobson-Landon ’98 Roger Gordon ’99 Barbara Snodgrass ’04 Keith Sullivan ’07 Matthew Walsh ’08 Husband of Anne Haran Powers ’55 Alice Buxton Preece ’55 Constance Grippo ’57 Marilyn Deignan Shepardson ’58 Marlene Mullin Robinson ’59 Carol Barry Powell ’62 Mary Herring Belluardo ’62 Ruth Owens Zaniboni ’63

Anne Conlee Cronin ’64 Sandra Hodge Turban ’64 Ann Caron Walden ’64 Kathleen Vosburgh ’66 Adelle Stonina Love ’66 Susan McCarthy Himmelman ’67 Martha Bergin Liddy ’68 Rosemary Kibbe Robb ’69 Sharon Brady Fowlston ’69 Mary Thompson Sacenti ’70 Barbara Taraska Dvorchak ’71 Kathleen Riddle ’74 Daughter of Mary Hogan McMahon ’59 Marianne Carney McCauley ’77 Mother of Judith Gooch Lowe ’63 Jany Mitchell Allen ’67 Maryellen Vaughan Comollo ’74 Diane Trela ’78 Deborah Hall ’79 Mary Dowd Hurst ’79 Barbara Ryan Footit ’90 Susan Ducharme Ryder ’94 Elizabeth Ashe Surprise ’95 Heidi Morin ’97 Ellyn Hitas ’98 Susan Dennett Moore ’98 Walter Breau, Ph.D. (Administration) John Quinn (Trustee) Father of Suzanne Borys O’Neil ’83 Nancy Healey Tessier ’70 Darlene Czapla Dewhurst ’76 Francine Bobinski Bigda ’79 Michele Plourde Barker ’81 Martha Ryan Ross ’87 Sandra Thompson ’90 Nancy Davis ’16 Richard O’Connor (Staff) James Forhan (Friend of the College) Deborah Roncari (Friend of the College) Robin Roncari (Friend of the College) Brother of Joan Donnelly Butler ’69 Kathleen Keough ’69 Mary-Patricia Healy Stagen ’77 Destinee Meeker ’11 Richard Sullivan Jr. (Trustee) Joan Kagan (Trustee) Elizabeth Knight (Friend of the College)

Sister of Kathleen Keating ’52, SSJ Anne Keenan ’58 Dorothy Crowley Chekas ’59 Irene Rahilly ’64 Sandra Fiorentino Howie ’66 Sally Martin Henegan ’70 Mary Keenan ’71 Anabela Baltazar Fernandes ’02 Grandmother of Patrick Hurst ’07 Megan Hurst Murca ’11 Jennifer Perchak ’14 Kerry Hurst Bouchard Grandfather of Laura Kulig ’11 Mother-in-law of Lynn Daigle Korza ’88 Maria Sullivan (Staff) Father-in-law of Paula Signet Fitzgerald ’83 Nephew of Judith Kennedy ’59 Friends of the College Donald Ashe Karl Berger Chester Borys Laurette Boudreau Aline Norton Caine Rev. Leo Hoar Leroy Jarrett Ann Loveland Margaret Richter Joyce Robsham Nancy Underwood Mary Vaughan Anna Mae Wesloski Faculty/Staff Peter Clement, Ph.D. (Former Faculty) Joanne Engelbrecht (Former Staff) Gretchen Fox (Former Faculty) Dorothy Molnar, Ed.D. (Former Faculty)

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If you would like more information about joining the Living Legacy Society, contact Bernadette Nowakowski ’89, ’08, vice president of institutional advancement, at 413-265-2214 or nowakowskib@elms.edu.

Growing up, Patricia Hanifin Nelen ’55, a native of Fort Plain, NY, had little desire to become an educator. As a student at Elms she did her utmost to avoid taking education courses every year, instead choosing esoteric seminars in the liberal arts and humanities. “I got a wonderful education, because they made me take two of every course,” she said, fighting to suppress a laugh. By the time she graduated, Pat was a bonafide Renaissance woman, capable of counseling others on everything from the rules of grammar to proper conduct for the professional world. She completed a training program and landed a management position at Filene’s, a department store that set the standard for cool in ’50s Boston. “That’s where you bought your wedding dress,” Pat said. As her now-deceased husband, Frank, studied dentistry at Tufts University, Pat supported their fledgling family by working as a housekeeper in the brownstones of Boston’s Back Bay. The couple went on to travel the world together as Frank completed two tours with the U.S. Air Force. Before settling down in South Hadley, MA, to raise their five children, the couple put down roots in locales such as Bermuda and Niagara Falls. Thanks in part to her husband’s military affiliation, Pat’s Elms experience came full circle. When she heard that the Air Force needed people to help soldiers transition back to civilian life, she was waiting in the wings. “They needed somebody to clean up their grammar, so they could apply for jobs,” Pat said. “I was ready to teach, I had so much education. That started it officially, and opened all the other doors.” Three master’s degrees later, Pat found herself in a teaching position at Holyoke Community College. Working with students of varying academic ability, she prioritized knowing her students on a personal level before customizing plans for their futures. Pat’s focus on connecting with her students ultimately blossomed into a decision to join the Living Legacy Society and gift part of her estate to Elms. As she recently recalled, she was able to attend Elms thanks to the most bizarre of scholarships: an altruistic donation from a priest, who was the friend of a friend that knew the Hanifins. Financially supporting future generations therefore came easily to Pat, as she knows exactly how much a random act of kindness can do.

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Fall 2019 Annual Report  

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Fall 2019 Annual Report  

Elms College Fall 2019 annual report and alumni magazine