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Elmhurst College 2013 Contributors Report

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Letter from President S. Alan Ray

4 Honor Roll of Contributors T  he 2013 Contributors Report lists gifts made to the College from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

Elmhurst College Contributors Report 2013

Elmhurst College


2013 Contributors Report

A Message from the President Thank you for your generous support of Elmhurst College. Your gifts serve as the very foundation of the Elmhurst Experience. In the classroom and beyond, your support enables us to expand our students’ horizons and prepare them to enter the future with confidence. Last year, your gifts funded scholarships, bringing an Elmhurst education into reach for more students. They helped us purchase necessary equipment for our labs and other facilities, helping us to deliver a cutting-edge education. Your support also made it possible for more students to travel abroad, immersing them in global experiences and broadening their view of the world. The College’s annual Contributors Report honors the people and organizations whose generosity is so vital to our success. If you know of friends, classmates, teammates or roommates whose names do not appear in these pages, please encourage them to join you in making a gift this year. I am deeply grateful for all that you do to support Elmhurst College. With your help, we will continue to oΩer a transformative education to students who will go on to make a diΩerence in the world. Warmly,

S. Alan Ray President


Honor Roll of Contributors July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013

Commitment and Generosity 6

The following Honor Roll of Contributors recognizes members of the Elmhurst College community who are unceasingly generous: alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, staΩ, administrators, volunteers, leaders of corporations, organizations and foundations. It includes gifts made from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. The College is blessed with a loyal and expanding community of donors. Thank you for all you do for the College.

Total Contributions Received July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013

In fiscal year 2013 Elmhurst College substantially surpassed its fund-raising goal for a grand total of more than $3.6 million— an increase of $1.4 million over last year’s total. Gifts were received from 2,280 alumni and from a wide array of other individuals, corporations, foundations and government entities. Total Dollars Received for FY13 Institutional: $1,834,799 Individual: $1,833,604 Total: $3,668,403

The Elmhurst College Society $100,000 and above lifetime Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Allen Rev. Nancy J. Allison Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Arey Ms. Caroline R. Baltzer* Mr. Alben F.* Bates Jr. and Mrs. Joan Bates Mrs. Louis E. Bender* Est. of Glorianna Berger* Ms. Magdalene Berger* Mrs. Patricia Bergstrom and Mr. Richard* Bergstrom Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Block Rev. Dr. Allen C.* and Mrs. Phyllis Blume Mr. William W. and Janet* Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Kenne P. Bristol Dr. and Dr. Lester H. Brune Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Buik Dr. George C. Buik* Mr. and Mrs. William A. Castellano Irma Clare* Dr. Bryant L. Cureton and Dr. Jeanette Cureton Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Dahlgren Jr. Mrs. Margaret C. Darr Mr. Milton F. Darr Jr. Mrs. Marcia Day Dr. and Mrs. Paul DeBruine Dr. Edwin F.* Deicke and Mrs. Lois M.* Deicke Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delaney Mrs. Gladys N. Denton* Rev. Elmer* Dickbernd and Mrs. Anita Dickbernd Goudyloch E. Dyer* Eugene Ernsting* Louise Flynn* Dr. and Mrs. William F. Fraccaro Mrs. Lucille H. Franzen* Mr. Abner* and Mrs. Janet Ganet Mrs. Marie W.* and Mr. Raymond* Giesecke Ms. Hazel Golightly* Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Goltermann Mr. Charles* and Mrs. Marilyn* Graber Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Gretsch Mrs. Violet Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Earle Harmon Jr. Mr. Clarence A. Herbst Sr.* Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Herter C.P.A Miss Merrie Hines* Mr. Louis H.* and Mrs. Marion* James Dr. Alice Jepson and Dr. Robert Jepson Mrs. Florence* and Mr. Raymond* Jonas Mr. Ralph H. Jordan* Mr. David A. Juergens Mr. Robert Kieft Mr. Albert and Dr. Kathleen Kircher Mrs. Mary Beth Kolb Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Koplin Dr. Oliver M. Langhorst* Dr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Lerner Ms. Barbara J. Lucks

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Lundgren Mrs. Paula J. Madlinger* Mr. Harold* and Mrs. June Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. McLean Mrs. Helen Mellin* Ms. Mildred Meyer* Mrs. Thelma Mielke* Mr. Edward J. Momkus and Ms. Elizabeth Goltermann Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Myers Jr. Mr. William L. North* Miss Mary K. Ormsbee Mr. Lawrence A. Osterberg Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Palmer Dr. Dennis J. Patterson Mr. Harold E.* Pendexter Jr. and Mrs. Marcia Pendexter Mr. Andrew Peters Melvin Peters* Mrs. Anna Mae Popp* Mr. and Mrs. John W. Popp Mrs. Merle* and Mr. Thomas* Price Mrs. Virginia and Mr. Joseph Prochaska Jr. Mr. Roland Quest* Dr. Joy Rasin and Mr. Rudolph Rasin Mr. Frank C.* and Mrs. Marion* Rathje Mrs. Ruth K. Riechmann* Mrs. Gladys Robinson* Mr. and Mrs. Nat Rosasco Mr. David F. Sampsell and Dr. Martha Sampsell Mr. Rudolf G. Schade Jr. Rev. D. P. Schultz* Mrs. Shirley* and Dr. Thomas Scott Mrs. Helen B. Shipley* Mr. James T. Shutack* Mr. Alexander Snyder* Miss Virginia C. Sodemann* Mr. John* and Mrs. Betty Stastny Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sveen Ms. Eva W. Tameling Mr. and Mrs. John W. Terrill Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Tritt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell Lindley d’Ouville* Mr. John Watson* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wegner Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Weigand Dr. John W. Winchester Ms. Meredith Wollenberg Morrison Organizations ACP Foundation Alben F. Bates & Clara G. Bates Foundation BMO Harris Bank BMO Harris Bank Foundation Chartwells/Levy Chicago Community Trust—C. H. Stoelting Fund Citizen Scholarship Comcast Compass Group (Chartwells)— the Americas Division Consecra Housing Network Decisive Systems Inc.

2013 Contributors Report ESRI Inc. Eugene & Janet Lerner Foundation Fifth Third Bank Golden Apple Foundation Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation Jel Sert Company KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation Lilly Endowment Inc. Logility Inc. Louis’ Invitational Benefit Golf Outing McGraw Foundation Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin Pro Select USA Scholarship America Siragusa Foundation St. Peter’s UCC—Elmhurst Sylvia and William W. Gretsch Memorial Foundation The Coleman Foundation The Wollenberg Foundation USG Foundation Inc. Wight & Company The President’s Society $1,000 and above annually Platinum Circle $10,000 and above annually Individuals Mr. and Mrs. John P. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. David R. Bertran Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bilder Mr. and Mrs. Kenne P. Bristol Dr. John W. Brown Dr. and Dr. Lester H. Brune Dr. and Mrs. Tyree Carr M.D. Dr. Michael Feldman Ed.D. Mrs. Jeanette S. Flaningam Dr. and Mrs. William F. Fraccaro Mr. Abner* and Mrs. Janet Ganet Mrs. Janis Guter Mrs. Violet Hansen Mr. Robert Jans and Mrs. Elaine C. Novak-Jans Mr. David A. Juergens Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Julian Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kolkmeier Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Koplin Ms. Barbara J. Lucks Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Lundgren Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. McLean Mr. Edward J. Momkus and Ms. Elizabeth Goltermann Diana M. Nicholas Trust Mr. and Mrs. George F. Nicholas Jr. Ms. Gina M. Nicholas Miss Mary K. Ormsbee* Dr. Dennis J. Patterson Mrs. Virginia and Mr. Joseph Prochaska Jr. Mr. Frank C. Rathje* Mrs. Marion Rathje* Mr. and Mrs. James T. Ruprecht Dr. John E. Sallstrom Mr. David F. Sampsell and Dr. Martha Sampsell *deceased

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Silva Ms. Barbara A. B. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sveen Ms. Susan Swords SteΩen and Mr. Joseph L. SteΩen Ms. Eva W. Tameling Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wegner Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Weigand Dr. John W. Winchester Ms. Meredith Wollenberg Morrison Organizations Alben F. Bates & Clara G. Bates Foundation Associated Colleges of Illinois AT&T BMO Harris Bank Foundation Chicago Community Trust—C. H. Stoelting Fund Community Foundation of Central Florida Compass Group (Chartwells)— the Americas Division Diana Nicholas Loving Trust Fifth Third Bank Sylvia and William W. Gretsch Memorial Foundation Hill Mechanical Corp. Inland Bank and Trust Intelligent Lighting Creations Inc. Jel Sert Company Lilly Endowment Inc. Louis’ Invitational Benefit Golf Outing National Institutes of Health Oberweiler Foundation Raymond J. and Sally J. Allen Charities Ltd. Siragusa Foundation St. Peter’s UCC—Elmhurst Terra Foundation for American Art The Wollenberg Foundation Thing 1-2-3 Foundation Waters Corporation Gold Circle $5,000 to $9,999 annually Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Hasnain Ashrafi Mr. Richard W. Bardet Mr. and Mrs. James B. Bolin Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey Curran Mr. and Mrs. Frank Defino Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Goldsborough Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Goltermann Dr. and Mrs. John S. Groch Mr. Michael J. Hennel Mr. Timothy W. Jans and Mrs. Cynthia Smith-Jans Mr. Albert and Dr. Kathleen Kircher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kloet Mr. and Mrs. J. CliΩord Lenahan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lindemann Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Marinaccio Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Mayer Mr. Mart E. Mitchell*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Morton Dr. William A. Nelson and Dr. Paula P. Schnurr Mr. and Mrs. John O’Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Palmer Dr. and Mrs. S. Alan Ray Rev. Dr. Robert* Rotgers and Mrs. Carol Rotgers Mr. Rudolf G. Schade Jr. Mrs. Gwendolyn Tveter Mr. Riaz H. Waraich Mr. Mark Wight and Ms. Eszter Borvendeg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zintl Organizations DS Support Educational Assistance Ltd. Hyslop Shannon Foundation Jephson Educational Trust #1 Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Lake County Press Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Momkus McCluskey LLC Odeum—Sports & Expo Center Project Control Inc. Scrooge and Friends LLC Silvon Software Inc. Tukaiz LLC Wight & Company Wirtz Beverage Illinois Silver Circle $2,500 to $4,999 annually Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Albanese Dr. Richard H. and Mrs. Ruth A. Blankshain Rev. Dr. Richard W. Brandon and Mrs. Ellen Brandon Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. Braskamp Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Canaday Dr. Redmond R. Clark Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cooke Mr. and Mrs. David B. Cullum Mrs. Deborah Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Daniels Ms. Patricia K. Denman Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Derickson Dr. Cathy C. Doucette and Mr. Perry Doucette Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fealy Dr. Janice Fodor and Mr. Michael Fodor Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Fricke Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Furco Mr. Matt Gambs Mr. and Mrs. Brian Graves Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Green Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Herter C.P.A Mr. Robert J. Hyde and Mrs. Laura L. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Willis G. Johnson Mr. Grant A. Kief Mrs. Marian M. Knapp Mrs. Mary Beth Kolb Dr. and Mrs. James Kulich Mrs. Ardathe Lindberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Lizzadro Jr.

Mr. Lamell J. McMorris Mr. Reuben H. Metreger Ms. Karen A. Miller Mr. Michael G. Miller Ms. Sandra Nelson Ms. Dorothy J. Ogilvy-Lee Mr. John Paolucci Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pechanio Ms. Dorothy K. Powers and Dr. Erl Dordal Mr. Norbert Rathje Dr. Susan J. Rose and Mr. Robert Rose Dr. Jean E. Sander and Mr. Allen ShaΩer Mr. Stephen L. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Slavik Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stanger Mrs. Rhonda C. Thomas and Dr. J. Regan Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Loren J. Tiede Dr. Alzada J. Tipton and Dr. W. Gregory Harman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Tompos Mr. Robert Villiard Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Vincent ii Dr. and Mrs. Charles Weigel Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. WolΩ Mr. and Mrs. James S. Yerbic Organizations American Utility Management Inc. Castle Foundation Inc. CNA Foundation communivisions LLC Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation Franczek Radelet P.C. Grant Thornton Illinois USA Wrestling M & M Sports Meade Electric Company Inc. Schwartz Foundation Semblex Corporation Senior Living Investment Brokerage Inc. United Church of Christ—Local Church Ministries Waste Management Inc. Bronze Circle $1,000 to $2,499 annually Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Gary Achepohl Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Ade Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Ailes Dr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Albert Rev. and Mrs. Robert G. Anderson Mr. William R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Arey April and Richard L. Arnold Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Arnold Mr. George H. Baechtold Mr. and Mrs. Ken Baker Mr. Steven M. Bartz Mr. and Mrs. William B. Batte Jr. The Honorable William J. Bauer and Mrs. Patricia Spratt Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Beach Mr. and Mrs. Julius W. Becton iii Mr. and Mrs. James L. Benzin

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Bohnert Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Bosworth Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bowers Mr. William W. Boyd Dr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Brown Mr. and Mrs. David V. Brueggen Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Buik Mr. Julian Burzynski Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Carbonara Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. William A. Castellano Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chambers iii Mr. Howard B. Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Christian Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Christiansen Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Clark Mr. George C. Coquillard Mr. Michael J. Cumberland Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Cunningham Dr. Bryant L. Cureton and Dr. Jeanette Cureton Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Dabrowski Ms. Diane L. Dahlmann Mrs. Ruth M. Dalenberg and Mr. Roy Dalenberg Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dawson Dr. and Mrs. Paul DeBruine Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Derickson Ms. Kimberly T. Duchossois Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Durnil Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Eberhart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Eddy Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ehlmann Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ehrenberger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Emmick Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fichtner Ms. Cynthia M. Fogg Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ford Mrs. Diane C. Foster-Montero Ms. Barbara S. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Fugiel Ms. Catherine Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Steven O. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Goecks Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Goehl Dr. Marjorie Goodban and Mr. Nicholas Goodban Dr. Venkatesh Gopal Mrs. Loretta Gottshall Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Grabenhofer Mrs. Arlene Groen Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Guise Mr. and Mrs. Jon K. Hahn Mr. Martin J. Hare Mrs. Marguerite D. Hark Dr. Grace and Mr. Robert Haskins Mrs. Carol Hastings and Mr. Peter G. Hastings Rev. Jane Hawkins and Dr. Robert Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Dale Henderson Dr. Carole D. Hillman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Horst Mrs. Nancy Hotchkiss Meg and Chris Howes Dr. Jacquelyne Hulslander and Mr. Gale Hulslander Mr. Daniel J. Jares Mr. Steven W. Jemison


Elmhurst College


Dr. and Mrs. Jon Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Rajeev Khanna Mr. Robert Kieft Mr. and Mrs. Dana L. Kline Mr. Ronald F. Koeppl Mr. Jonathon M. Konow Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kreichelt Mrs. Beverley A. Krohn and Mr. Paul W. Krohn Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Kromholz Dr. and Mrs. Wallace Lagerwey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Lahner Dr. David S. Lindberg* Mr. Charles Luner Mr. and Mrs. Peter Maitland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mallon Rev. H. Scott Matheney Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Mather Mr. and Mrs. Kenning A. McFee Mr. Kenneth G. McGuire Jr. Ms. Jill Y. McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Warren F. Meyer Jr. Mr. Robert L. Mills Mr. Michael J. Monaco Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Mullin Dr. and Mrs. Nishad Nadkarni Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nogaj Dr. Tony Noice and Dr. Helga Noice Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Nottelmann Mr. and Mrs. Han Soo Oh Dr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Ostrin Dr. Judith A. Paice Ph.D., R.N. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pecoul Jr. Mr. Jack F. Prost Ms. Lois M. Quickel Mr. and Mrs. John R. Quigley Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rasche Dr. Joy Rasin and Mr. Rudolph Rasin Rev. David R. Rasmussen Ms. Linda S. Reiselt Mrs. Sheryl Robinson-Flugel Mr. Gary F. Rold Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Rouse Mr. Brian Salerno Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Sandman Dr. Michael P. Savage Mr. Richard A. Schepler Dr. Harold W. Schmalfeld Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Peter Schmiechen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Schriver Mrs. Esther Schultz Mrs. Gladys J. Schultz Mr. Robert A. Siever Dr. J. David Small Mr. Byron Spencer and The Honorable Patricia J. Spencer Mr. Edwin E. Sprandel Mr. and Mrs. E. Angelo Spyratos Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Stelter Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Stolz Mr. and Mrs. James Stombres Mr. and Rev. Randall Stone Mr. Ronald E. Stone and Mrs. Gail S. Stone Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stramaglia Dr. Marjorie Strobel Dr. Eileen G. Sullivan Dr. Earl C. Swallow and Ms. Bonnie Boerger

Rev. Dr. John R. Thompson Ms. Peggy Tschetter Rev. Robert O. Ullman and Dr. Julie R. Ullman Mr. Edward J.* and Mrs. Darlene Van Meir Mr. Charles R. Van Slyke Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Vicari Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vilim Mr. Michael M. Voll Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Weber Mr. Duane H. Werner and Mrs. Bonnie Johansen-Werner Mr. Andrew J. Wolf Mr. Charlie Wollensak Organizations Bloomingdale Golf Club Boyd Family Foundation Celebrity Cruises Champion Container Corporation Chapman and Cutler Church of The New Covenant City of Elmhurst Council for Health and Human Service Ministries DANSR Inc. Donald P. & Byrd M. Kelly Foundation Elmhurst Garden Club Elmhurst Lions Club First Congregational Church UCC of Elmhurst Graybill, Bartz & Associates Ltd. Hire-Nelson Company Inc. Illinois Conference UCC Illinois Student Assistance Commission Lee Daniels & Associates Magic Pure LLC McDonald’s Corporation Medline Industries Inc Music & Arts Centers National Endowment for the Humanities PGA Tour Superstore Prudential Foundation—Matching Gifts Program Schwab Charitable Fund Seyfarth Shaw LLP State Farm Companies Foundation The RJN Foundation U.S. Healthworks Wisconsin Conference—UCC Wolf & Company 1871 Circle $500 to $999 annually Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Sergio E. Acosta Mr. and Mrs. Seiji Aizawa Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Albright Mr. and Mrs. Greg Athas Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Avgerinos Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Bade Mr. Phillip A. Baewer and Mrs. Frances Eichorst Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bartels Mr. JeΩrey L. Benzin Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bere’ Mr. Harold E. Berg Dr. Rosie P. Bingham

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bizer Mr. and Mrs. David R. Boggess Ms. Barbara J. Booth Jeannine and Bernie Boylan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Brinker Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Bruzzini Mrs. Dorothy J. Buddecke Ms. Dorothy Bupp Dr. Walter E. Burdick Mr. David J. Burton Mrs. Joyce Carey Dr. Cheri S. Carrico Mrs. Phyllis Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Jesus A. Casas Ms. Erin Christianson Mr. and Mrs. Bert M. Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Connors Mr. James M. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Curran Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cvitkovich Mr. Kent T. Dahlgren Dr. and Mrs. William J. Dawson Chaplain and Mrs. Joseph Degi Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delaney Dr. LuEllen Doty and Mr. Timothy Johnson Mr. O. Randall Driver Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Earley Mrs. Margit Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Ernst Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Evans Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Falk Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fanning Mrs. Susan Farm-Heumann and Mr. Glenn T. Heumann Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Finn Mr. Brendan Fitzharris Mr. and Ms. Terry Fitzharris Dr. and Mrs. Ivan E. Frick Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Fronza Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher Ms. Linda Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Graber Mr. and Mrs. David D. Greenstein Dr. and Mrs. John G. Grieco Mr. Erik M. Gutekunst Mrs. Hiroko B. Hackett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hammerl Mr. and Mrs. Mike Harling Mr. and Mrs. John Heakin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henry Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Hodge Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. HoΩman Mr. John Humes Mr. David J. Jensen Dr. Dean Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jevaney Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey Kedrowski Ms. Tonia Khouri Mr. and Mrs. Gene Killian Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. King Ms. Lisa J. Kleven Mr. and Mrs. William S. Kloepping Mr. Jerome B. Klose Ms. Cheryl Knapp Mr. and Mrs. David R. Knuepfer Mr. Ronald J. Kreimeyer Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Krimke Dr. George H. Langeler Dr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Lerud

Dr. Eugene N. Losey and Ms. Sally Ott Ms. Charlois Lumpkin Dr. Russell L. Malchow and Ms. Pamela C. Burnley Mr. and Mrs. David W. Martin Mr. and Mrs. James F. McCluskey Rev. Dr. August J. Molnar Mrs. Marilyn A. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mushow Rev. and Mrs. William L. Nagy Ms. O. Ruth Najacht Mr. Earl A. Nienhuis Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ophardt Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Pascoe Mrs. Georgene R. Patten Mr. and Mrs. James F. Paulsen Mr. and Mrs. Allen Perry Ms. Linda M. Pohlman Mrs. Wanda F. Poor Mr. Wesley Poor* Mr. and Mrs. John W. Popp Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Puleo Mr. Darrell and Mrs. Betty* Raber Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Rankin Mr. Stephen Rarick Mr. John D. Rathje Rev. and Mrs. Wallace Reifsteck Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Riemer Mr. and Mrs. James B. Riga Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Sanfilippo Mr. and Mrs. S. James Sasseman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Schneider Ms. Ruth E. Schoening Rev. and Mrs. Alfred W. Schroeder Rev. and Mrs. John F. Schroeder Dr. Richard B. Schultz Dr. and Mrs. Ted P. Sheldon Mr. George Shutack Ms. Katharine T. Smialek Mr. and Mrs. Del Southern Mr. Howard SteΩes Rev. and Mrs. Donald G. Storck Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swank Dr. and Mrs. Earl Thompson Jr. Mr. Edward J. Tiedemann and Mrs. Marian Tiedemann Mr. and Mrs. Randall P. Tomis Dr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Tuckson Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ulrich Jr. Mrs. Mary N. Wand Mr. and Mrs. Adam D. Warner Dr. Elsa Weber and Mr. John P. Weber Dr. Mary E. Weyer and Mr. Thomas J. Weyer Dr. John J. White Dr. John Wickman Mr. Robert T. Williams Ms. Barbara Wittersheim Dr. Charles C. Wood Rev. Arthur D. Zillgitt Organizations AEGON Transamerica Foundation Bituminous Insurance Companies Celebrate DiΩerences Connors Industrials Inc. Courtyard by Marriott Crowe Horwath LLP DMC II Inc.

Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Enzee Boutique Fitz’s Pub Flight 112 Flooring Enterprises Inc. General Electric Foundation Humes Funeral Home Jaro Remodeling Inc. Kiwanis Club of Elmhurst Lincoln Financial Foundation Minnesota Vikings Football Club Mulherin, Rehfeldt, Varchetto PC Nicor Gas Co. Pi Iota Sinfonia Alumni Association Prestige Wine Imports St. Peter’s United Church of Christ—Grant Park Testa Produce Inc. The DuPage Community Foundation The Smashburger Servicing Company LLC Verizon Foundation West Suburban O≈ce Products Founders Circle $250 to $499 annually Individuals Ms. Patricia E. Adams Mr. James Akita Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Albright Mrs. Margaret A. Aldrich Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Andrusyk Mr. Samuel J. Ankony Mr. Bradley L. Bainter Mrs. Betty A. Barclay Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. Barense Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bass Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Baubly M.D. Rev. Dr. Ronald K. Beauchamp Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Beck Jr. Mr. John B. Bellew Mr. Rowland Bennett Mr. James F. Bere Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Bizer Mr. Peter M. Bliznick Ms. Barbara Blum Mr. and Mrs. Jay F. Blunt Rev. and Mrs. Erwin R. Bode Mr. Michael Booth Mr. Tom Brean Mrs. Kathleen P. Bridgeland Rev. and Mrs. Edward D. Brueggemann Mr. Harold E. Brueseke Ms. Dawn M. Bueneman Dr. Arthur L. Buikema and Mrs. Alison Galway Ms. Esther V. Bullock Ms. Mary E. Bullock Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Burianek Mr. Anthony T. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burzynski Dr. and Mrs. Lester Caltvedt Mrs. Edith Campbell* Mr. and Mrs. Mason Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Clarin Mr. Donald R. Clary Ms. Maureen E. Connolly Mrs. Bonnie S. Cowie

2013 Contributors Report Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cox Mr. James M. Cunningham Ms. Nancy Danielson Mr. Richard J. Dastice Dr. Cathy N. Davidson Mr. John S. Davis Mr. R. Lawrence DeRoo and Dr. Patricia Kokotailo Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Dessem Mr. and Mrs. Craig DeVries Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. DiCianni iii Ms. Therese M. Dorigan Ms. Stephanie Downen Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dreusicke Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Jennifer L. DuFore Dr. William F. Eagan Mr. and Mrs. Mike Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ferguson Mr. Robert L. Fisher and Mrs. Mica L. Matney Mr. and Mrs. C. Luther Fors ii Mr. Charles Forster and Mrs. Jean C. Forster Mr. and Mrs. John Fournier Mr. Tracy Frein Mr. Robert J. Galgan Jr. Mr. William Gallagher Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gass Mrs. Patricia Gates Ms. Anne K. Geadelmann Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gebala Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gerber Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gillies Dr. Donna J. Goetz Mr. Alexander F. Grabenhofer Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Grant Mr. Kenneth D. Grunke and Mr. Jason T. Yamashita Mr. Edward F. Gunther Rev. and Mrs. A. Chandler Hadley Mr. Erik L. Hagen Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. Halvorsen Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Hanlon Mr. James R. Hannon Dr. Mark Harbold Dr. and Mrs. John E. Hatmaker Mr. Kevin Havens Mr. Mark L. Heintz and Mrs. Katherine S. Heintz Mr. Thomas Hendrickson and Ms. Margaret Trost Rev. and Mrs. Kristopher S. Hewitt Ms. Lynn Hill Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. HoΩman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holtzman Ms. Elizabeth K. Hostetler Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hurley Mr. John L. Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Immenga Mr. Jack Island Jr. Dr. Victoria L. Jay and Mr. JeΩ Jay Dr. and Mrs. John Jevitz Rev. Roy Joellenbeck Mrs. Betty Joens Mr. David Johansen Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Johnson Mr. Robert S. Johnson Rev. Dr. William R. Johnson Mrs. Denise P. Jones and Mr. John P. Jones *deceased

Ms. Suzanne M. Jongleux Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kalasardo Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kasper Mr. Ralph Kastel Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Kerr Mr. Terry Kiolbassa Ms. Lisa Klein Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kliche Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William Koshewa Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Kroehler Rev. Richard Kroll and Mrs. Linda J. Kroll Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Kukec Mr. and Mrs. Kurt K. Kunze Mr. Alan D. Kupfer Mr. Richard A. Lambrecht Mr. Allan Lammers Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Landwehr Jr. Dr. Kimberly Lawler-Sagarin Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lawshe Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Lid Ms. Monica M. Lindblom Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Litzsinger Mr. David F. Livingston Jr. Mr. Daniel A. Luessenhop Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Luken Dr. Jean Lytle Ms. Janet Malzone Mrs. Beatrice A. Marchese Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Marks Ms. Patricia A. Martin and Mr. David Schmidgall Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Martin Mr. and Mrs. William A. Massie Mr. and Mrs. John P. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Matz Rev. and Mrs. David B. McCurdy Ms. Maureen S. McGrath and Mr. David G. Simmons Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James Mennerick Mrs. Patricia Mills Dr. and Mrs. Frank Mittermeyer Mr. and Mrs. John Modesitt Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Mosher Dr. Mary Kay Mulvaney and Mr. John V. Mulvaney Rev. George S. Munroe Mr. Gordon Murphy Dr. Steven P. Nestler Mr. and Mrs. Earl Norris Mr. Ryan P. Nugent Rev. and Mrs. Gerald R. O’Connor Ms. Pamela J. Olson Dr. Mary K. Pabst and Mr. Richard J. Pabst Mrs. Elaine F. Page Mr. and Mrs. Dominic F. Palandri Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Palumbo Dr. William F. Panici Mr. T. Duncan Parker Mr. and Mrs. David J. Parr Sr. Mr. David H. Patterson Mr. Michael A. Paulo Mr. and Mrs. Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perlow Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Phillips Mr. John Pierorazio

Mrs. Jean Pinch Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Pleimling Ms. Janice Pohl Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Polcyn Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Powell Jr. Dr. Lynn M. Preston Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Pumo Mrs. Ruth Pusich Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Ramey Mrs. Carol Ramirez Ms. Sara B. Ramseth Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Leo Reedy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Rein Rev. and Mrs. Timothy C. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Richardson Mr. Brian P. Rogan Mr. Robert A. Romanchek Ms. Judith A. Rosselli Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Salski Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Savegnago Ms. Ellen J. Schmidt Mr. Lewis M. Schneider Ms. Terena A. Schneider Ms. Marjorie F. Schnierer Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Schram Mr. and Mrs. G. Mons Schrantz Ms. Isabelle G. Schreiber Mrs. Dorothea Schuch Rev. Ralph D. Schultz and Ms. Cynthia J. Pike Mr. Michael H. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Sebesta Ms. Barbara M. Sedlack Ms. Linda M. Selvik Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sender Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Sharkey Ms. Bonnie G. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Ross M. Slagh Dr. Eva D. Smith Ph.D., R.N. Mr. and Mrs. George J. Sotos Drs. Joel and Carey Southern Ms. Kimberly Stewart and Mr. Ralph T. Sprandel Ms. Vera Starczak-Kincaid Rev. Mark M. Strothmann Mrs. Joyce E. Stutz and Mr. Mark Stutz Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Sukolowsky Dr. Deatra H. Sullivan-Morgan and Mr. Wayne M. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Szarmach Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Thonn Rev. and Mrs. Harley C. Tretow Mr. and Mrs. Frank Troost Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Tubek Ms. Evelyn B. Tuckson Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ulrich Jr. Mr. Blake F. Veldhuis Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Virgil Mrs. Virginia A. Ward Mr. Gerald A. Weber Mr. and Mrs. David Weber Rev. Ralph W. Weltge Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wenzel Mrs. Jean Werner Ms. Kimberlee E. Whisler Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Whistler Rev. and Mrs. Arthur H. Wille

Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Rep. Kathleen A. Willis and Mr. John T. Willis Dr. Gary and Dr. Allison Wilson Ms. Elizabeth A. Witherspoon Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wolford Mr. and Mrs. James F. Zay Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Karl P. Zerfoss Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Zibell Organizations A. M. Castle & Co. Anson Industries Inc. Aviva Charitable Foundation Barbeque Jim’s Catering Community Bank of Elmhurst David King & Associates Inc. DRC & Associates Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce & Industry Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare Elmhurst Olive Oil Co. Inc. Elmhurst Olympic Service Corp. Enterprise Rent-A-Car ExxonMobil Foundation— Matching Gifts Programs Field Turf Gallagher Higher Education Practice HSBC Matching Gift Program Inland Bank and Trust Jevitz Chiropractic JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. Kraft Foods Foundation Letizia & Letizia LTD MAF Companies Mehta Motors Mentor Capital Management Inc. Midwest Energy Inc. Oak Brook Golf Club Peter Troost Monument Co. Roberto’s Ristorante & Pizzeria St. John’s UCC Brotherhood The Cary Company The Comedy Sportz Theatre The Merck Company Foundation Walk Chicago Tours Century Circle $100 to $249 annually Individuals Rev. and Mrs. Reine Abele Ms. Marie E. Ackerman Ms. Kelly C. Adair Mr. and Mrs. Alan Adams Rev. Dr. Carol C. Adams and Dr. Daniel Adams Mr. and Mrs. John Adams Mr. Michael E. Adorjan Ms. Kim M. Adrian Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ahlgrim Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. Ahrendt Mr. and Mrs. James P. Ajamie Mr. John W. Almlof Ms. Elizabeth U. Ambrogi Ms. Edie Ames Mrs. Nina R. Andersen Mr. and Mrs. Gene Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Anderson Ms. Stacy S. Anderson Ms. Cathy S. Anderson-Berry and Mr. Robert Berry

Dr. Susan Anderson-Nelson Pastor Carole M. Andres Mrs. Maureen A. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. John N. Anos Mr. Salvatore J. Anzalone Ms. Nancy B. Armstrong Mr. Harold D. Arney Mr. Frank A. Arnone Ms. Brittany Ashcroft Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Atayde Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Baker Mrs. Katherine Balek Mrs. Mary E. Ban Mr. Richard J. Barnes Jr. Mrs. Bonny R. Bartelt Dr. Carolyn L. Barth Ms. Shirley P. Basler Mrs. Jean Bassindale Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Bauer Dr. Thomas A. Bauer Ms. Kimberly F. Bauerlein Rev. John F.* Baumann and Mrs. Doris* Baumann Ms. Gena Beck Rev. Dr. Gene A. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Steven Becvar Rev. and Mrs. William F. Behr Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Beltrano Ms. Kelli Bender Mr. and Mrs. John J. Benjamin Ms. Carol T. Benson and Mr. Donald R. HaΩner Ms. Ellen K. Bentz Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Berg Mr. and Mrs. Eric Berggren Mrs. Carol Bergstraesser Mr. and Mrs. George N. Bergstrom Dr. Travis Bertke Ms. Judy M. Betz Mr. Christopher D. Billadeau Ms. Mary E. Billie Ms. Marilyn E. Bishop Rev. Donald P. Bizer and Rev. Priscilla Bizer Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bjerga Mr. and Mrs. Wilford D. Black Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Blaiszik Ms. Nancy Blankenship* Ms. Joyce D. Blau Mr. and Mrs. William J. Blinstrub Dr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Blischke Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Boester Mrs. Ruth A. Bogan and Mr. George Bogan Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Bogda Mrs. Dorothy V. Bogen Mr. and Mrs. John R. Boland Mrs. Carol A. Boland and Mr. Stephen F. Boland Mrs. Kathleen Bonham Mr. and Mrs. John G. C. Born Dr. Henry R. Bose Jr. Ms. Barbara J. Bostelmann Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bosworth Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bottoms Mr. Leo Boughton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Bowens Ms. Kimberly A. Boyer Mr. Dan Branda Mr. Jack A. Branding Mr. Vernon H. Branneky


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Mr. Stephen D. Combs Mr. and Mrs. Mike Condon Mr. Joseph Coniglio Mr. Michael E. Connelly Ms. Judith N. Iglarsh and Mr. Charles D. Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Adrian M. Cordoba Mr. Russell C. Courtney Mrs. Mary B. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Cranford Mr. Paul S. Crawley Ms. Frances M. Crews Mr. Ian R. Crone Ms. Donna B. Curin Ms. Marilyn Czerniak Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Dahlgren Jr. Mr. Harold Dahlstrand Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D’Alexander Mr. and Mrs. James C. D’Angelo Mr. and Mrs. Phil Darling Mr. Philip W. Darling Dr. Joni Davenport Mr. Kevin P. Davey and Ms. MaryKate E. Rand Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davis Rev. Dr. Stanley L. Davis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dawson Mr. Larry V. DeChamps Mr. Wendell K. Decker Mr. and Mrs. Frank Defino Jr. Ms. Marianna R. Delinck Manley Ms. NiCole J. Denofrio Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Derby Mr. Nicholas M. DeStefano Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Devine Mrs. June E. Dewsberry Ms. Maria Di Prima Anderson Mr. and Mrs. David Di Tomasso Ms. Karen E. Diamond and Mr. William G. Lefurgy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Diamond Dr. Cora K. Dice Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dickerhofe Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Dietz Mr. and Mrs. William G. Doan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Doberstein Ms. Alyice Dockery Mr. Dan A. Dodillet Rev. and Mrs. Robert P. Doner Mr. Kurt H. Dorr Dr. and Mrs. Norris Dougherty Mrs. Audrey K. Draeger Dr. Mary A. Dressel Mr. John M. Drummond Mrs. Emmy L. Drzal and Mr. William A. Drzal Ms. Elizabeth Dudek Ms. Leslie E. Duntemann Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald Durrett Mr. John E. Dvorak Ms. Sandee Dwire Dr. William Dwyer Mr. Brian A. Earl Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Eaton Mrs. Martha Eaton Mrs. Susan J. Eckhart Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ecklund Mr. George W. Economos Mrs. Paula J. Egbert Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Ehlers

Rev. John C. Eichacker and Mrs. Mary Jane Teeters-Eichacker Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Ellersieck Mrs. Margo Elzeini Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Engelmann Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Engelsdorfer Ms. Deborah J. Enger Mrs. Carolyn A. Eudy Wolf Ms. Rebecca C. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Evans Rev. Jean Eyrich Pennell Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Facker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Faerber Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fay Mr. Donald W. Feeley Ms. Jeanne M. Fehr Mrs. Dorothy M. Felson Mr. and Mrs. Allan Fenske Mrs. Patricia Ferraro The Honorable Darrell Fineman Mr. Brian J. Firek Rev. Martha T. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Fischer Mr. James J. Fitzgerald Ms. Helene A. Fitzpatrick Miss Deborah A. Fogg Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Foote Dr. Russell C. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Ford Dr. Brenda J. Forster Mr. William Francik Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franks Ms. Field E. Fred Mr. Gino A. Frigo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fritz Rev. and Mrs. Victor M. Frohne Mr. Matthew R. Fuchsen Ms. Nancy Galambush Judge Michael R. Galasso Ms. Alison W. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gavin iii Mrs. Mary A. Georges Ms. Patricia Gherardini Mr. Gregory R. Giacone Mr. and Mrs. Randall N. Giagnorio Mr. Gri≈n J. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Gillespie Ms. Rita A. Gillespie Mr. Dale A. Gittings Mrs. Cheryl Glasgow Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Golden Mr. Robert G. Goldsborough Mr. and Mrs. William Gooch Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Goodwin Mr. Alfred A. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. David S. Grabacki Mrs. Elizabeth Grabowski Mrs. Mary Ann Grady Ms. Patricia L. Gra≈s Mr. and Mrs. John A. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gramm Ms. Nancy M. Graves Ms. Lark M. Gray Mr. Mark Gray Dr. J. James Graziano Mr. Kurt C. Green Mr. and Mrs. David D. Greenstein

Mrs. Mary Gregory Mr. Emory A. Gri≈n Mr. and Mrs. Alan Grigoletto Mr. Glen F. Grimm Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grob Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Grobe Rev. and Mrs. Richard D. Grobe Mrs. Marcia Grohne Mr. James J. Groholski Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Guengerich Ph.D. Dr. Susan A. Gulledge Mr. Bradley J. Gutirrez Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Guzzi Mrs. Constance Habermehl Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hackbarth Rev. and Mrs. Glen A. Halbe Ms. Helen Halfen Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Halla Ms. Mary Elizabeth Hallman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamby Mr. William Hamilton Rev. Grace Hammond Mr. Danny Hams Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Hansen Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Happel Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Harbert Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hardison Ms. Kathryn E. Hardison Rev. Roberta Hargleroad Mrs. Lois Harris Mrs. Sandy K. Harris-Meadows and Mr. Alvie Meadows Mr. Douglas A. Harrod Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hatz Ms. Deborah Haude Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Haupt Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Hawley Mr. and Mrs. James Hay Mr. Allan Hedeman and Mrs. Carol Hedeman Mrs. Delores Hedeman Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hegeman Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey P. Heimerdinger Dr. and Mrs. James J. Helm Jr. Rev. and Mrs. John C. Helt Mr. Richard P. Hemann Rev. Dale A. Hempen Mr. Michael H. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Hershey Mr. Christopher Hickman Mr. David R. Hildeman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Hill Mr. Gaylord N. Hinman Mr. Dayne S. HoΩman Mrs. Sally D. HoΩman Rev. Charlette J. HoΩmann and Mr. Glenn HoΩmann Dr. Carole A. Holdsworth Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Holland Ms. Laura C. Hollis Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Holzkamper Rev. and Mrs. Roger Horn Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Craig Howard Ms. Moneta M. Howland Mr. Walter D. Huber Mr. T. Scott Huetson

Mr. Lawrence R. Illingworth Mr. Michael A. Illingworth Ms. Elizabeth K. Ippolito Mr. Vito S. Ippolito Mrs. Linda A. Jacobs Ms. Kathryn N. Jaeger Dr. Marlene R. Jannusch Dr. Ralph T. Jans Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Jansen Dr. and Mrs. John B. JeΩrey Dr. Jane A. Jegerski Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Jennrich Dr. and Mrs. John Jevitz Miss Cornelia Johnson Ms. Jennifer A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Johnson Mr. Marshall Johnson Ms. Vicki L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. George R. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Ernst R. Jolas Mr. and Mrs. M. Russell Jolly Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Jones Mr. W. Clyde Jones Mr. Harley F. Jordan Ms. Leatrice Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Laverne R. Joseph Mr. Jacek P. Kafel Mrs. Loretta Kalina Ms. Judith Kalkbrenner Moore Mr. John E. Kaltinger Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kaminski Mr. and Mrs. Recep E. Kandemir Mrs. Sachiko Kano Ms. Cornelia M. Kase Miss Arlene M. Kaspik Ms. Kathy A. Kass Dr. Sarah L. Katula Mrs. Florence Kawagoye Mr. and Mrs. Alvin W. Keeley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Keenoy Mrs. Lolita Kehrli Mr. Ross Kellan Ms. Bridget L. Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Afan Khan Khawla M. Khattab Mr. David C. Kidston Mr. Harry J. Kies Ms. Samantha S. Kiley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kinst Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Kirkpatrick Ms. Carla E. Klaeren Ms. Phyllis M. Klaiber Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Paul Klein Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Klein Hugh and Sarah Knapp Ms. Joan E. Knapp Ms. Vanessa Knapp Hughes and Mr. Ryan Hughes Rev. and Mrs. David F. Kniker Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Knuti Dr. Robert C. Koch Mrs. Bonnie J. Kocsis Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kocsis Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Koelz Mr. Adil D. Kolovic and Ms. Suada Laskic Judge Paul C. Komada Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Konneman

2013 Contributors Report Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James H. Konrad Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Koopman Rev. Henry W. Korinth Mr. James G. Kosik Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kouba Mrs. Charlene F. Kovarik Mr. and Mrs. George J. Krakora Mrs. Kathryn A. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krance Mrs. Ardelle Kraus and Mr. Thomas Kraus Mr. Harvey A. Kretschmer Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Harley Krieger Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Krieger Mr. and Mrs. Milton Krueger Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kruse Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Kubat Mrs. Esther E. Kucera Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Kuczuk Mrs. Loretta A. Kulczycki Mrs. Paula Kunst Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kurek Mr. James A. Kurotsuchi Dr. and Mrs. Roy Y. Kurotsuchi Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Kurowski Ms. Diane L. Kurtz Mr. Matthew T. Kuschert Mr. Mark Kwiatkowski Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey Lachine Ms. Lois M. LaMar Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. LaMorte Mrs. Helen M. Lancaster Rev. James A. Langdoc Mr. Dwight C. Larson Ms. Gina F. Lascody Mr. Gerald A. Lavengood Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lavin Rev. and Mrs. Keene R. Lebold Ms. Joan M. LeClerc Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Leeks Ms. Charlotte Lenz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lenz Ms. Julie L. Leopold Ms. Cori M. Lester Ms. Patricia A. Lester Mr. Scott Levin and Ms. Marisa Mancini Ms. Pearl T. Lewis Hon. and Mrs. S. Keith Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Basil Libovicz Mrs. Ann M. Libs Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Armin Limper Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Lindal Mr. Brian A. Lindemann Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Lipira Dr. and Mrs. E. Patrick Lira Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. LoCicero Mr. John P. Lodewyck and Mrs. Anna M. Pehrs-Lodewyck Mr. James Londos Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Longnecker Mr. Hugo A. Lorenz Ms. Elinore Lorenzana Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Lorimor Mr. and Mrs. Richard Love Ms. Brenda L. Lualdi Rev. and Rev. Ralph Ludwig Mrs. Irene M. Lueck Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lyman Mr. and Mrs. David H. Madsen Mr. Walter Mah *deceased

Ms. Lorraine A. Maida and Mr. Jim Hall Mrs. Geraldine Main Rev. and Mrs. Richard J. Mangnall Mr. Jon-Michael R. Manocchio Mrs. Susan E. Marcotte Mr. Bork E. Maronn Dr. and Mrs. Allan H. Marquardt Mr. Daniel W. Marrs Rev. Dale E. Marshall Mr. William H. Marshall Jr. Mrs. Gertrude Martin Rev. Dr. Joan M. Martin, Ph.D. Mrs. Ruth Martin Ms. Marjorie Massa Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Mastro Mr. Gregg A. Mathewson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Matusiak Mr. Doug R. Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. Sam McAdams Mrs. Gloria McCain Mr. Brian J. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. William J. McClung Mrs. Karen A. McConachie Mr. and Mrs. John G. McCormick Mr. William P. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. McCoy Mr. David G. McCreery Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McHale Mrs. Mary McKenzie Mrs. Shirley McMillin Mr. Robert W. Meason Mr. Jacob D. Meding Dr. and Mrs. Roland B. Mernitz Mr. and Mrs. Cyril A. Meyer Dr. Debra K. Meyer and Mr. Jonathan P. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John E. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Mies Ms. Ljubica Mijatovic Rev. and Mrs. Gary L. Miller Ms. L. Jane Miller Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Miller Rev. and Mrs. Russell F. Miller Mr. Timothy M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Minestra Ms. Marilyn J. Mittelhauser Rev. Charles E. Mize and Ms. Jeanine Bond Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John C. Modschiedler Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mohns Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Molek Dr. Gwendolyn Mollison-Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Moninger Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Monson Ms. Kerin J. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Moran Ms. Helene M. Moreth Mr. Steve Morley Rev. and Mrs. David S. Moyer Mr. and Mrs. James Mrugacz Mrs. Barbara Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Murdock Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Murphy Mrs. Constance M. Muryn Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Mussen

Rev. Dr. Robert D. Mutton Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Myjak Mr. James W. Nagle Mr. Zachary A. Nagle Ms. Briana Nannen Mr. and Mrs. Williams Negley Mr. and Mrs. Craig Nelson Mr. Timothy A. Nelson Mrs. Patricia Neves Ms. Carol L. Newcomb-Alutto Mr. Kent A. Newlon Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Nichol Mr. Kurt R. Nitschke Ms. Alice A. M. Niziolek Rev. Ashley J. Nolte Ms. Anne M. Marcell and Mr. Jarred L. Nordhus Mrs. Sandralee R. Nordquist Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Nosal Ms. Desiree Novak Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey M. Novak Rev. and Mrs. Glenn A. Nowack Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Nowicki Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Nuernberger Ms. Roberta Nunez Ms. Barbara Nussmann Dr. Harry A. Oberhelman Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Obermeyer Ms. Nina O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. O’Connor Dr. Mary A. Oesterle Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. O’Kelly Rev. John Oliphant and Dr. Catherine Oliphant Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Olson Mr. Donald J. Orfei Jr. Mr. Thomas J. Organ Dr. Bridget O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Oswald Mr. Albert Owen Ms. Jennifer C. Paliatka Mr. Eugene E. Parvin Ms. Jennifer J. Paul and Mr. Bill Cramer Mr. Dan Pavin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paz Mr. Scott W. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. David Peek Mr. and Mrs. CliΩord G. Pensyl Mr. Mark D. Pepmeier Rev. and Mrs. Max H. Pepmeier Mr. Mark D. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Perkinson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Perticara Mr. and Mrs. David Peterson Ms. Jane M. Phee and Mr. James J. Poore Ms. Joan M. Pickens Mr. Michael A. Pignataro Ms. Kathleen A. Pike Dunn Mr. Peter H. Piper Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Placek Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Plagge Mr. Frederick F. Plaisted Mrs. Barbara Plesscher Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Plester Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Pobo Mr. and Mrs. Leo C. Pochinskas Jr. Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Marion D. Pocker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Podpora Ms. Karen A. Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Postma Mrs. Beverly A. Powell-Hodge Mrs. Josephine R. Prasil Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Prather Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Press Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Price Mr. and Mrs. James C. Provenza Mr. and Mrs. John S. Provenza Ms. Julie R. Provenza Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Pugnetti Mr. and Mrs. Robert Puzio Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Quaid Ms. Natalie O. Quinn Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Rahmeier Dr. Richard A. Ransford Dr. Christine E. Rasche Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. RatliΩ Mrs. Joyce B. Rawlings and Mr. Michael Rawlings Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Ream Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew J. Reape Mr. Robert K. Regan Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Reichert Dr. Penny J. Reiss Mrs. Marian R. Relken Ms. Adriana V. Resendez Mrs. Dorothy E. Rest Mrs. Karin L. Rettger Ms. Gail M. Rezabek Mrs. Mary M. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. James D. Richmond Dr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Ricordati Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ridilla Mrs. Judith D. Riedel Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ri√e Mr. and Mrs. James Riley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rimington Rev. Ruth Rinne Mr. Jon J. Ritt Ms. Amy L. Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Roberts Ms. Maureen E. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Rodriguez Rev. and Mrs. John Roemer Mrs. Dianne Rogots and Mr. Bob Rogots Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Rohde Mrs. Lisa M. Rose Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rosenow Mrs. Margaret Rasche Rota and Dr. Charles Rota Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Rottschalk Mrs. Patricia G. Roulhac Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Q. Rounds Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Rudnik Mr. Michael A. RudoΩ Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey D. RueΩer Ms. Joan R. RuΩ Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. RuΩ Jr. Mr. Frank A. RuΩolo Mr. Philip S. Ruskin Mr. JeΩrey S. Ryburn Mr. and Mrs. John A. Saladino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Santarelli Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Sauter Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Savino Mr. and Mrs. Omar D. Sawlani

Pastor John E. Saxton Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Scalet Ms. Kathleen H. Scanlon Rev. Mrs. Sally A. Scheib Miss Judith A. Scheu Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schindler Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Schippel Ms. Sandra L. Schirmang Rev. and Mrs. Arlan Schlundt Mr. Norman P. Schlundt Mr. Kenneth R. Schmeichel Mrs. Beverly J. Schmidt Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Schmidt Rev. and Mrs. Daniel R. Schmiechen Mr. John Schmiechen Dr. and Mrs. Homer H. Schmitz Ms. Kathryn K. Schneider Rev. David C. and Mrs. Stella Schoen Mrs. M. Deon Schoenheider Mr. Ronald J. Scholefield Dr. Gregory F. Scholtz Mrs. Lois Schousen Mr. Nicholas J. Schroeck Ms. Mary Ann Schroeder Mr. CliΩord C. Schrupp Mr. and Mrs. James W. Schultz Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jon C. Schultz Mrs. Mary E. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Schwartz Mr. JeΩery A. Schweitzer Ms. Melissa E. Schweppe Ms. Gloria M. Schwind Ms. Sheila Scott Dr. Joe D. Seger Rev. Gordon A. SeiΩertt Ms. Audrey Seifried Dave Seisser Mr. and Mrs. Emin Selcuk Mr. and Mrs. David J. Setsuda Mr. and Mrs. John Sexauer Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Seybold Mr. Michael ShaΩer Mr. William R. Shanklin Ms. Mary B. Sheehan Ms. Sarah E. Sheen Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sherkow Mrs. Diane N. Shevchuk and Mr. David Shevchuk Mrs. Susan ShiΩrin Ms. Sharon M. Shipinski Ms. Panagiota Sianis Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Siegel Mr. and Mrs. George N. Sifnotis Ms. Sondra S. Simpson Mr. Nicholas P. Sisto Mr. Gregory R. Sivik Mr. Gerald Skidmore Mr. David J. Sloan Mr. and Mrs. James W. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Smith Mrs. Sharleen R. Smith and Mr. Robert Haas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Smith Mr. William C. Smith Mr. William D. Smith Dr. Dennis W. Smithenry Mr. and Mrs. James K. Soderberg Dr. Craig D. Sopko


Elmhurst College


Mrs. Judith Soria and Mr. Steven M. Soria Mr. Michael A. Sparrow Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie A. Speidel Mr. William C. Sperandeo Ms. Filomena C. Spero Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth SpiroΩ Mr. Ralph H. Sprandel Mr. Joseph D. St. Peter Rev. and Mrs. Don A. Stahlhut Mrs. Helen C. Stamm Mr. and Mrs. Steve P. Stamos Rev. and Mrs. Richard L. Stanger Mr. Gordon R. StauΩacher Mrs. Grace R. Stefan Mr. Richard A. Stefan Mrs. Amy Jo Steinbruecker and Mr. Kirk J. Steinbruecker Ms. Diana Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. David J. Stevenson Mr. Gene Stinchcomb Ms. Barbara Stoner Ms. Judith A. Stortz Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Stratemeyer Mr. Colin M. Stringer Mr. George S. Strom Dr. Sarah Strom Kays and Mr. Kyle P. Kays Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Studebaker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sulita Ms. Kathleen Sullivan Mr. David M. Svoboda Mrs. Dorothy A. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Swiston Mrs. Barbara Swords* Mr. John P. Tafaro Mr. Raymond L. Tancredi Dr. Thana Tarsha and Dr. Mohammed Ghabra Mrs. Sandra J. Tatlock Mr. Justin M. Teliga and Mrs. Heather A. Teliga Mr. Paul Teppema Mrs. Marcia Teschner Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Tews Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Thill Dr. and Mrs. George Thoma Jr. Mr. John E. Thoma Rev. and Mrs. Robert L. Thoma Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas Mr. Jarrett R. Thomas Mrs. Darleen J. Thompson Mr. Keith C. Thurman Ms. Brandi J. Ruiz and Mr. Matthew L. Timko Mr. and Mrs. Ermine Todd Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Toerpe Mrs. Patricia R. Tomaro Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tortorello Mr. Joseph T. Tortorich Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Traub Ms. Julie Travers Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Tripp Mr. and Mrs. John R. Tritt Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John E. Trnka Rev. and Mrs. James F. Trosen Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Trumpy Mr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Trzebiatowski Rev. and Mrs. James C. Tschudy

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Turchi Ms. Diane L. Twork Mr. and Mrs. James C. Tykal Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Ubriaco Mr. John A. Umbeck Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Urban Mr. and Mrs. Ron Van DeWalle Ms. Roberta J. Vandevier Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Varga Mr. and Mrs. Francis Vaupel Mr. Richard J. Veenstra Mr. Nicholas K. Ventocilla Mr. William B. Von Stein Mrs. Garnet Vyduna Mrs. Virginia Wachenheim Mr. and Mrs. Adam Wahl Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Wahl Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wajda Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James M. Wall Dr. Mary B. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wargo Mrs. Mary C. Warren Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. Warskow Mrs. Audrey J. Waterhouse and Dr. Blake E. Waterhouse Dr. John F. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wayman Mr. and Mrs. Dana M. Wegner Mrs. Lolly Wehrli Rev. and Mrs. Lyle Weible Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Weiger Mrs. Marilyn A. Weik and Mr. Carl Weik Mr. and Mrs. Lester K. Weiner Mr. Todd P. Wernecke Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Westermeyer Mr. and Mrs. James W. White Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wieczorkiewicz Mr. Robert H. Wier Ms. Barbara J. Wiese Dr. Lance E. Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. John I. Wild Mr. Rick S. Wilfong Mrs. Madelynn Wilharm and Mr. Gregory Wilharm Mrs. Mary Lou Wilke Ms. Carol A. Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wilkinson Mr. Gregory T. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Williams Ms. Megan L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Williams Rev. and Mrs. Orval L. E. Willimann Dr. Gary and Mrs. Janet Willis Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Wilson Jr. Mr. Edwin A. Wilson Mrs. Liana S. Wilson and Mr. Richard Wilson Mr. Ronald S. Wilson Jr. Mr. James W. Winters Mr. and Mrs. John C. Winton Rev. and Mrs. Richard Wohlschlaeger Mr. and Mrs. Young H. Won Mr. Michael C. Worley Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wright Mr. and Mrs. Greg Yoder Dr. Adam G. Yoksas Ms. Diana L. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Young Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Young Ms. Lindsay E. Young Mrs. Sandra K. Young Mrs. Karen M. Zaremba Mr. Daniel J. Zarlenga and Mrs. Jillian V. Zarlenga Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Zeig Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zeller Rev. Dr. Kenneth Ziebell Mr. and Mrs. David Zientek Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Zillner Ms. Anna Zordan Organizations 2013 Wrestling Camp Ahlgrim Funeral Home Ltd. AIZ Enterprise Inc. Ameren Corp. AutoZone Matching Gift Program Award Concepts Barnes Architects LTD Basketball Skills Camp Bemis Company Foundation BSN Sports Buck Services Inc. Cafe Amano Cancer Federation Inc. Capital Point Financial Group Ltd Catalano and Associates Central Rent-A-Crane Inc. Chartwells—EC Food Service Congregational Church of JeΩerson Park Constellation Energy Group Foundation Inc. Deerfield Trinity United Church of Christ Doc Ryan’s Bar Doubletree Hotel Dow Corning Matching Gifts Program Dream Navigators Inc. ECS /Bank of America Elmhurst Art Museum Elmhurst College Education Department Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 Elmhurst Photo Boutique Elmhurst YMCA Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott First United Methodist Church Francesca's Amici Freeblown Glass Grainger—Matching Gifts Program Hampton Inn & Suites Hughes Resources Hyatt Regency Chicago IBM Corporation—IBM Matching Grants Program John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation JPMorgan Chase Foundation K & T Colors Inc. KAI Harding Inc. Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge Lynfred Winery Roselle Martha Ibbetson Chapter NSDAR Martoccio & Martoccio Melina’s Trattoria—Nancy’s Pizza Merle Norman

Microsoft Mon Ami Gabi NorthShore University HealthSystem Oak Lawn Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ P & L Automotive & Truck Clinic Patient First Wellness Pitney Bowes Management Services Provenza and Associates Inc. Redeemer UCC Springhill Suites by Marriott St. Peter’s UCC Women’s Guild Sugar Creek Golf Course Tampa Bay Rays The Silverado Grill The Soccer Academy VIP Valet Services Inc. Whole Foods Market Hinsdale Willis Chiropractic Center Zanies Comedy Nite Club Alumni Class of 1936 Margaret Riley Glass Ruth Winter Kruse Class of 1939 Catriona Bowen Class of 1940 Edith Heyl Campbell* Marian Marquardt Knapp Class of 1942 Raymond W. Bizer William F. Eagan Dorothy Schumacher Rest Class of 1943 Cora Klick Dice Marie Jans Flynn* John W. Frank Marion Ramien Hall Lolita Helm Kehrli Shirley Haupt Picerno Class of 1944 Paul E. Irion Ralph T. Jans Jerome B. Klose Mary K. Ormsbee* Helen Neumann Popp John W. Popp Class of 1945 Eunice Wernecke Anderson John F. Baumann* Robert E. Bizer Donald Buckthal Verona Warskow Hohmann Robert A. Johnson Elizabeth Hammond Koshewa William Koshewa Armin Limper Irene Barcy Lueck George Sonneborn Walter E. Vonderohe Edna Venable Zebrowski

Class of 1946 Pauline Wetzler Bonapfel Armin F. Klemme Evelyn Gimbel Pierce Barbara Graves Plesscher Marie VonWalthausen Plester Andrew J. Wolf Class of 1947 Seiji Aizawa Marie Hoefer Bade Betty Tracy Barclay Theodore A. Braun Duane Gerlach Rigmore Hedin Katel Joanne Rodenbeck Kiehne Helen Grabowski Lancaster Keene R. Lebold Dorothea George Schuch George W. Varns Class of 1948 Lester H. Brune Jean Garrett Joyce Wiele Hagemann Lois Schlozer Harris Frances Wentzel Headings Marjorie Meier Hedlund Florence Shigeno Kawagoye Betty Gilpin Koch Harley Krieger Frances Panes Kuhlmann Patricia Kelly Mills Marie Rudolph Saldana Dorothy Stoerker-Peters Judy Hance Thompson Himeo Tsumori Class of 1949 Martha Green Avilez William J. Bauer Arnold Bizer Jack A. Branding Vernon H. Branneky Betty Jakoubek Buik Joseph Degi Marvin Engelsdorfer Barbara Swanson Fanslow George F. Fanslow Carol Pilicer Goldsmith Frederick Gottwald Mary Ann Zimmerman Grady Grace Janssen Haskins Leatrice Jordan Harold Kiehne Doris Schoening Krebill Paul A. Krebill Mary Glauert Krieger George H. Langeler Hugo A. Lorenz Russell F. Miller August J. Molnar Max H. Pepmeier Dorothy Koenig Powers Kathryn Meyer Reinhardt John F. Schroeder Gwendolyn Geyer Tveter Garnet Timke Vyduna Lolly Flucke Wehrli Albert Willhouse Ronald C. Wilson

2013 Contributors Report Class of 1950 Jean Sherman Anderson George H. Baechtold William F. Behr John W. Brown Bruce A. Derby Aileen Sterchi Dohm Robert M. Dohm Margit Anderson Erickson Warren R. Erickson Ralph C. Faisst Robert C. Green Arlene Lundberg Groen Robert Haertig Violet Meyer Hansen Roy Joellenbeck M. Russell Jolly Robert E. Kasper Lois Pirrong Katarski William F. Kerber Robert C. Koch Clarence W. Kohring Marjorie Engel Kroehler Milton Krueger Esther Austermann Kucera Gladys Kunzer LeGros Barbara Zylstra Libby Warren F. Meyer Richard T. Newman Doris Chrysler Newton Alfred D. Palermo Norma Sabbert Pepmeier Louis G. Pobo Warren Rohn Maxine Seybold Schroeder Edwin E. Sprandel June L. Stromwall Carolyn Maisch Tator Donald C. Vogel Class of 1951 James P. Beecken Luetta Sabbert Bizer Richard H. Blankshain Ruth Boyer Blankshain Joan Herzfeld Brune William J. Cody* June Adler Eaton Victor M. Frohne Dale Henderson Gloria Martin Henderson Martha Victor Kerber Helene Meyer Kettelhut Erwin R. Koch C. Gene Kuehl Roy Y. Kurotsuchi Richard A. Lambrecht Dwight C. Larson Lois Tagtmeier Long Gloria Stade McCain Mart E. Mitchell* Gwendolyn Mollison-Douglas Rita Jacobs Morton Glenn A. Nowack Glenn E. Rhodes Ruth Huenfeld Rinne Donald R. Seiler James W. Smith Catherine Floros Stavropoulos* Edward J. Tiedemann Marian Warming Tiedemann John E. Trnka *deceased

Virginia Reinhold Ward Marilyn Holst Wells Leta Friend Willhouse Robert T. Williams Richard B. Willuweit Elaine Austermann Wilson Class of 1952 Marvin Albright John W. Almlof Roger W. Bauer Alan C. Beckman Richard Bloesch Richard E. Branding Dorothy Thompson Buddecke Virginia West Cump Raymond P. Dankel Norris Dougherty Arthur J. Ehlmann Joan Koenig Elliott Dorothea Glauert Engelsdorfer Barbara Feierabend Ford Dale A. Gittings John A. Graham Irene Kolozy Gyure Robert W. Hansen Barbara Groggel Kasper Ralph S. Kroehler Edgar A. Krueger Kenneth Mitchell William L. Nagy Richard Pearce Edward H. Reinhardt Marilyn Eyrich Rhodes Frederick J. Ruopp Janet St. Clair Simon Dorothy Hardt Swanson Dolores Ahrendt Szabo Virginia Pearce Thomas Shirley Thompson Tretow Albert G. Vandermar Daina Variakojis Joyce Moore Wainwright Ralph W. Weltge Mary Mernitz Wright Class of 1953 Grace Ruhl Adams Nina Rewchuk Andersen Ethel Wobus Bloesch Edward H. Buchman Irene Ruhl Carr Robert J. Clark June Baur Dewsberry Eileen Draugelis Dobias Marilyn Dunham Gustafson Mary Knapstein Hansen Lawrence T. Holmer Hugh C. Howard Michael F. Kelly Grace Buehrer Koch James H. Konrad Robert J. LeGros* Ruth Weidler Lehmkuhl William H. Marshall Marie Banister Mills Marilyn Miller Mittelhauser Robert G. Obermeyer Jenny Chapman Pearce Barbara Becker Richards Fay Kraus Sandman Joan Panes Schmiege

Greta Malasics Schramm Esther Altergott Schultz Antoinette Pettee Sherman Alice Mueller Stratemeyer Rita Koch Thoma Robert L. Thoma Harley C. Tretow Harold M. Warheim John Wickman Harold L. Zimmerman

George S. Munroe Jean Michaelis Pasco Elizabeth Schoenbach Rodig Daniel R. Schmiechen Romayne Whan Southon Ermine Todd Joyce West Toerpe Orval L. Willimann Robert G. Winter Marian Braun Ziebell

Class of 1954 Ralph R. Abele JoAnn Ehlert Albright Neva Pottratz Auenson Dawn Emde Baker Ken Baker Gene A. Becker Roger E. Bohn Ruth Gernand Bohn Edward D. Brueggemann Richard S. Brueseke Esther V. Bullock Mary E. Bullock Karen Gulbrandsen Casper Ward H. Casper Joanne Search Cody Robert S. Elkin Michael Gass Elizabeth Eckert Goodwin Clarence Hackbarth Johanna Goepfert Haupt Henry W. Korinth Eleanor R. Kurtz Fred Loichinger Herbert A. Longnecker Roland B. Mernitz Rozella Utlaut Nagy Paul W. Rahmeier Joan Anderson Robertson Kurt W. Simon Elizabeth McCown Smith Robert C. Smith Ralph H. Sprandel Helen Prasse Stamm James J. Stroh John R. Thompson William J. Toerpe Robert C. Warskow Daniel T. Winger Bernard R. Winter Kenneth Ziebell Arthur D. Zillgitt

Class of 1956 Robert G. Anderson Wallace R. Blischke Joan Faierson Bogda Wilfred L. Brooke Marilyn Marshall Buchman Ruth Koelling DeBruine Robert Hedeman* Joan Evans Hinkle Gaylord N. Hinman Bruce A. Jannusch* Harry J. Kies Charlotte Aschenbrenner Lenz E. Patrick Lira David F. Livingston Allan H. Marquardt Charles F. Mayer Earl A. Nienhuis Lois Trout Quickel Paul D. Schippel Beverly Peterson Schmidt Barbara Baumgartner Schmiechen Florence Hoechstenbach Simonson Joann Linko Stompor George M. Taylor Arlene Wolfgram Turchi Richard A. Turchi Lester K. Weiner Robert H. Wier

Class of 1955 Robert C. Ahrendt Radleigh V. Becker Walter Brueggemann Paul DeBruine Charlotte Dehning Marilyn Schmuhl Dugan Carolyn A. Eudy Wolf Norman J. Grobe A. Chandler Hadley Glen A. Halbe Grace Twente Hammond Marjorie Siebert Herrscher Walter J. Herrscher Betty Buchman Joens Lois Thompson Jonswold Phyllis Engelsdorfer Klaiber Arlene L. Macauley

Class of 1957 Erwin R. Bode Dale E. Brecht Robert E. Burckle Suzanne Vogel Burkhardt Michael Delaney Wilma Lawrenz Delaney Maija Jekabsons Downing Audrey Kuiken Draeger Donald F. Earley Barbara Otto Franz Joseph C. Gardner Beverly Leimkuhler Halbe Robert J. Hyde Marlene Heuser Jannusch Carol Ernst Jennings Allen Kallenbach Harvey A. Kretschmer Lois Branding LaMar Ralph E. Lundgren Nelda Piepho Manter Jack McGowan Shirley Helmhold McMillin Barbara Hofmeister O’Connor Barbara Schroder Pederson Dorothea Koch Pocker Marion D. Pocker Carole I. Poltrock Tonita Douglas Reifsteck

Wallace Reifsteck John Roemer William C. Royster John E. Saxton Carl W. Scalet Gordon M. SchiΩman Arlan Schlundt Joe D. Seger Lois Driscoll Sexauer Marilyn Goodman Smith Ronald E. Smith Elisabeth Gronau Steenstra Juanita Theriot Wagner Kathlyn Clavey Warskow Dorris McIntyre Yale Class of 1958 Dorothy Suhre Anderson Harold D. Arney Carolyn L. Barth Joanne Grollmus Bode Patricia Deutsche Bode Thomas Brown Ruth Nickelson Dalenberg William J. Dawson Donald Durrett John C. Eichacker John O. Faulstich Barbara Schieche Frank Michael R. Galasso William Gallagher Joseph G. Gregonis Carole Duchild Hadley Allan Hedeman Mary Champion Hermann Carole A. Holdsworth Sachiko Donao Kano Judith Groves Kuehl Lyle V. Kuehl Nancy Schwarz Lundgren June Maxfield Mary Jane Rowan McFee L. Jane Pursell Miller Kent A. Newlon Sally Schmacht Nichols Gerald R. O’Connor Nels Pederson Charles W. Ross Sharonn Straube Schlundt Harold W. Schmalfeld G. Mons Schrantz Lowell R. Schrupp Rheda Warming Schultz Fred R. Seybold Laverne Rathert Seybold Ruth Teschke Smith Joan Panos Stanger Richard L. Stanger Donald G. Storck Fred W. Stuckwisch Philip A. Tomlin Jonathon J. Wagner Audrey Hardt Waterhouse A. Ruth Baur Willimann Sandra Waltz Young Class of 1959 Mary B. Bowers Gary L. Burianek C. Russ Campbell Diane Tuelp Cooke Charles F. Falk


Elmhurst College


Dorothy Giesebrecht Felson Stanley A. Graunke Theodora Belden Graunke Carol Kosanke Hedeman Delores Bergdolt Hedeman James J. Helm Joel G. Herter Lawrence R. Illingworth Patricia G. Jones David A. Juergens Patrick J. Kalasardo Csaba A. Kovacs William Lee William L. Lenhart Gay Seversike Lindquist Wayne P. Lindquist Mary Zulauf McKenzie Andrew R. McKillop John C. Modschiedler Barbara Ehekircher Mueller Warren M. Mueller* Darrell A. Raber Kenneth W. Saari Peter Schmiechen Ruth E. Schoening Bruno D. Schroeder Jon C. Schultz Ralph D. Schultz Glenn H. Schwinkendorf Loretta Hagemann Shaw Robert A. Siever David J. Sloan J. David Small Class of 1960 Mary Pflug Abele Arleen Rappuhn Bower Walter E. Burdick Marcia Andres Burianek Richard D. Buth Kathryn Hermann Campbell Sandra Hoecker Casey Marion D. Chalmers Jill Shirk Cockrell Francisco Collazo George M. Deuser Adrienne Michel Doerr Arthur P. Ellersieck Margo Brown Elzeini Clark H. Fischer Edwin J. Fromm Kent Goldbranson Lee A. Hedge Annemarie Menzel Helm Joan Sawyer Holland Ronald J. Kreimeyer Alan J. Kromholz Geraldine Coleman Main Beatrice Bartolucci Marchese Kenneth R. Marks Eileen SteΩen Negley Elizabeth HoΩman Peterson Gayle Baker Posegay Annette R. RisoΩ Dianne Blagburn Rogots William E. Rumpf Arlene McBride Scase Janet HoΩman Schmiechen Marjorie Klassy Schnierer Carol Albrecht Schrantz Alfred W. Schroeder Mary Ann Tomlinson Schroeder

CliΩord C. Schrupp Gordon A. SeiΩertt Donald Sender Carol Alexander Snyder Norman M. Weber Lyle Weible James V. Zeumer Class of 1961 Katherine Nemec Balek James R. Bass Richard W. Brandon Joyce Chum Carey Bruce L. Carlson Earl L. Collignon Marian KleΩman Crane Nancy Behrens Danielson Jacqueline Bummert Darling Thomas A. Eddy Joan Stout Falk JoAnn Tomsovic Guise Erik L. Hagen Jon K. Hahn Richard E. Halvorsen Nancy Klusmeyer Herter Norman E. Hill Joyce Burnham Keyes Jacques Paul Klein David F. Kniker Ronald F. Koeppl Charles P. Kreichelt Carol Uthlaut Krieger Richard J. Lammert Richard E. McCracken Wilma Reinwald McCracken John R. Nagy Rose Lemak Nikodem William F. Panici John A. Pecoul Joseph S. Podpora Judith Dickman Riedel Ronald D. Riemer Judith Boese Rosselli Eva Augustin Rumpf John E. Sallstrom Judith A. Scheu Charles G. Scheurer Isabelle G. Schreiber Sandra Vintus Schwartz Sally Young Westermeyer Carole Haas White Class of 1962 Gene Anderson William A. Ball Henry R. Bose Jean P. Branum Roland Buck Arthur L. Buikema Dorothy Bupp Richard N. Christiansen Phil Darling Sharon Ferguson Darter Barbara Collins Davison Frank H. Dietz Barbara Allrich Engler Robert Hammerl Carol Ivarson Hastings Carol Knab Hedge Wayne L. HoΩman Lester S. Marriner Ronald B. Maxon

Marilyn Scheib Morris Robert I. Nuernberger Han Soo Oh Harry L. Petersen Wanda Eisenhauer Poor Wesley Poor* Kenneth Press Rosalie Biljes Rouse Thomas E. Rueckert John Schmiechen Walter J. Schriver Allen H. Schuessler Kay Stinchcomb Schwartz Gail Meyer Selcuk Gordon R. StauΩacher Robert G. Stevens Paul Teppema Darleen Rausch Thompson Jane Macaskill Vaupel Ronald O. Waldschmidt Paul H. Westermeyer Karen Kraly Zaremba Helen Hughes Zeumer Class of 1963 William R. Anderson Phillip A. Baewer Barbara Scheer Barry Jane Radspieler Batte William B. Batte Thomas A. Bauer Karin L. Braunel Janet M. Brettmann Judith Gronemeyer Buchheit Barbara Dahl Canady Jean Ditzler Carlson Lorelei J. Collins Jean Tiedemann Dawson Sandra Holtzscher Dawson Joseph Deal Sandra Holtman Deal Karen Pantermuehl Dietz Mary A. Dressel John E. Dvorak Charlene Ehlert Edwards Robert M. Edwards Donald C. Ehlers Joan Yokel Ellis Beverly Bond Ford Anne K. Geadelmann Stephen R. Gross Richard P. Hemann Edwin T. Hoefer Henry A. Holzkamper Georgia Barnes Jenkins Norma Amilia Johnson Donald L. Juday C. Robert Konneman Judith Barnas Konneman Carole Roeske Kramer Paula Gonzales Kunst Carol Lillard Leamon James W. Leamon Sandra Cone Ludwig Jean LaPorta Luke Karen Benson McConachie Karen Spreiter Miller Jack A. Monson Patrick J. Moritz Nan Schuldt Morrison Joann Schneider Oh Victoria Parian

Ellen Rasche Pecoul Gary A. Phillips Steven R. Polcyn David R. Rasmussen Marian Gruel Relken Judith Foster Roch Robert Rotgers* Robert E. Wenzel Duane H. Werner Loretta Bush Wittkopp Richard Wohlschlaeger Class of 1964 Hilde Ambacher Achepohl Dorothy Weselman Ailes Lynne Smith Ball Sally Weiss Becker Richard L. Behringer Fred Berchtold Cindy Bloesch Boester Erla Faye Boyle Howard B. Christensen John E. Dawson Marcella McLester Dickerhofe Bruce J. Finne Sally D. HoΩman Barbara Sullivan Hopkins Albert J. Immenga Dianne Reschke Immenga Martha Fons Jenkins Paul A. Kalkbrenner Paul A. Knuti Paul C. Komada Ardelle Klauss Kraus Harold G. Landwehr John A. Magnetta Dale E. Marshall Linda Thompson Measle James Mennerick Ruth Kolze Mennerick Robert L. Mills Barbara Nussmann Dorothy J. Ogilvy-Lee Catherine Preuss Oliphant Sarah Bishop Press Kathryn Kratzer Riemer Ruth Folk Riess Thomas Riess Thomas A. Santarelli Ellen Groeneveld Schmidt Beverly Stebel Sheldon Ted P. Sheldon Susan Kokes ShiΩrin William Sir Kenneth SpiroΩ Craig L. Steging Jennie Fong Stevens Nancy Tepas James C. Tschudy Russell G. Weigand Bonita Bakken Willard Kathryn Uthlaut Wohlschlaeger Barbara Tague Zeller Class of 1965 Carole M. Andres John A. Beck Ruth Juengling Beck Sandranne Milleitner Benson Dorothy Votava Bogen Kelvin C. Boyle Harold E. Brueseke

Patricia Stock Eggert Donna Wartenbe Eime David Engler Martha T. Fischer Karen Maronn Francisco Allen Gebala Marjorie Miller Goodban Irma Holub Gorman Arthur E. Hack Roberta Wells Hargleroad Donna Due Hoefer Terrance L. Jakes Eileen Leber Koob Linda Benzel Kroll Richard Kroll Kurt K. Kunze Allan Lammers Robert Lenz Sherry Demlow Martinson Gary L. Miller Sandra Schaefer Mulligan Richard M. Murdock Bonnie Willin Plautz Donald M. Plautz Ronald J. Scholefield Michael Shewchuk Cheryl Murphy Sly Ronald E. Stone Kathleen Kalal Walker Marilyn Berg Weik Class of 1966 Melisse Anderson Paul L. Anderson Barbara Uebele Andrusyk Randolph R. Baldridge Curtis H. Bevington Leo Boughton Kathleen Moore Bridgeland Anita Buchholz Richard E. Cargill Stephen D. Combs Jeanne Stahl Eschenbrenner Richard A. Flewelling Susan Schnell Ford Diane C. Foster-Montero Cheryl Patton Glasgow Richard M. Happel James R. Harsh Joan Beerhalter Hatlestad Cheryl L. Hedgecock Dale A. Hempen John B. JeΩrey Ernst R. Jolas David H. Kinsman William S. Kloepping Joan E. Knapp James A. Kolkmeier Judith A. Krusinger Gerald A. Lavengood Jane Buchholtz Lennon Karen Vollertsen Litzsinger Paul S. Litzsinger Loisn Wintermeyer Love Paul H. McKee Paul R. Meyer Robert D. Mutton CliΩord G. Pensyl Nicholas J. Posegay David W. Rasche Richard C. Ream Edward A. Scheck

2013 Contributors Report Margaret Mitchell Shrigley Don A. Stahlhut Gail Lopatka Stone Martha Uthlaut Topel Charles R. Van Slyke Paul R. Zimmerman Class of 1967 Ellen Kolman Bentz Nancy Blankenship* Carol Barrett Boland John R. Boland Stephen F. Boland Randall Brakemeyer Charles F. Cap Pauline Labno Castic Mary Kirby Cox Alphonse J. Didominicis Daniel Eschenbrenner Paree Sekeris Gardner Linda Lutzow Goecks Robert L. Goecks Ronald S. Golik Evelyn Meyer Goltz David E. Gumper Ruth Froeschner Gumper Hiroko Matsunaga Hackett Mary Schmitt Jolas A. Wayne Kendall Glen A. Kistner Leslie Gooding Kolkmeier Bruce A. Krejci M. Kay Krejci Gladys Adams Land James A. Langdoc Sheryl Hohman Lowry Patricia Parulis Ludwig Walter A. Lueder Lee A. Marinaccio Dorris Barthold McCoy Elizabeth Schmiechen Miller Christa M. Modschiedler Naomi E. Poltrock Jon J. Ritt Sally Tucker Scheib William H. Shigetani Jane Leabhard Stahlhut Gene Stinchcomb Katherine D. Swank Thomas Topel Raymond K. Traugott Thomas N. Tyrrell Carol Hoefer Urban Daniel Urban Barry A. Warren Class of 1968 Carol Chou Adams Carol Will Becvar Patricia Scheid Boland Phyllis Breitenbach Bottoms Robert Bottoms Catherine Jourdan Brakemeyer Mary Mitchell Carbello Dennis J. Carroll Charles E. Corley Dennis M. Dee John M. Drummond Kathryn E. Gerber Richard G. Gerber Richard D. Grobe Barbara Platt Hendren *deceased

Roger Horn William W. Humphries William R. Johnson Kathleen O’Keefe Kane Margaret Seger Kinst Hugh C. Knapp Gary L. Kopitzke Leonore Arne Kopitzke James G. Kosik Diane L. Kurtz David B. McCurdy William A. Nelson Warren C. Phillips Christine E. Rasche Gail M. Rezabek Ann Linford Roeseler Lewis M. Schneider Gloria M. Schwind William C. Sperandeo James A. Stawarz Judith Schaefer Stortz Robert J. Susal Thomas R. Uphaus N. Jean Schrock Werner Jean Tschudy Whitcomb C. Daniel Wilson Class of 1969 Janet Johnson Adams Miriam Basch Scott Richard Benbow Harold E. Berg Kay Kupper Berg Mary Jacobs Bristol Jean Eyrich Pennell Jeanne M. Fehr Lorraine Coats Gerhardt Janet Bourque Gills John F. Gills Loretta Montanari Gottshall Mark I. Hamilton Robert C. Hamm Donald A. Hoy Anita Jockheck Kallman Paul Kallman Cornelia M. Kase Renate Staib Kowalewski R. Gerald Lantz Katherine Kimball Marinaccio Alan A. Mason Carolyn Geldbach Mason David S. Moyer David L. Ostendorf Laura Picerno Philip B. Prather Alexander Rassogianis Richard A. Roberts Charles D. Rota Patricia Johnson Roulhac Richard J. Rutkowski Kenneth R. Schmeichel Geraldine Seeck Carol Salerno Sir Karyn Williams Stewart David M. Svoboda Kathryn Lyon Voland Virginia Patterson Wachenheim Dana M. Wegner Arthur H. Wille C. Arthur Youngdahl

Class of 1970 Salvatore J. Anzalone Paul R. Armstrong John E. Austin Richard W. Bardet Mary Gendusa Bennett Marcia Berry Judy M. Betz Barbara A. Cap William A. Castellano Michael E. Connelly David B. Cullum William L. Daniels Cathy Notari Davidson Valerie De Pinto Durkin Terry E. Farlik Allan Fenske Mary Millen Fenske Darrell Fineman Joyce Ferlazzo Fraccaro William F. Fraccaro Kenneth D. Frank Nancy Hansen Garriott Ted Garriott Clement P. Gosiewski Charles P. Guengerich Sarah L. Hathaway Cynthia Goeman Heisler John D. Heisler Marilyn Holtzman Mary Jane Hopkins Nancy McCoy Hotchkiss John L. Hutchinson Linda Bennett Jacobs Charles R. Kliche Robert G. Lange Bork E. Maronn Peter W. Mastro Valerie Spina McCarthy Edward M. Mendrick Keith A. Meyer Robert K. Miller Patricia Kraft Neves Carol L. Newcomb-Alutto Dennis J. Patterson James W. Peters Beverly A. Powell-Hodge Margaret Rasche Rota Lynn Robertson Schindler Sandra L. Schirmang Thomas L. Schmidt Keith R. Schram Teri Calkins Schram James W. Schultz Walter J. Sebastian Andrew Swiston Donna Schultz Swiston John E. Thoma Patricia Behle Tomaro James F. Trosen Kathryn Schmitt Trosen GeoΩrey Voland Elsa Koenig Weber Class of 1971 James O. Allen David G. Anderson Joanne Bergamin George N. Bergstrom Phyllis Schoewe Bergstrom Janet Bermann Jennifer Stephens Bezold

Rosie Phillips Bingham Robert E. Boostrom Bonnie S. Cowie Gabriele Puttkammer Cullum Michael L. Durnil Calvin R. Edwards Maureen Bubert Ernst Paul R. Fischer Janet Kaiser Frazer Steven O. Gardner Patricia Gates Patricia Reiser Gherardini Fred W. Gretsch Sandra Messett Hardin Maureen Lamberty Heakin Richard P. Hotz Moneta Shearin Howland Laura L. Hyde Terrence D. Lagerlund Joan M. LeClerc Susan Speck Louck Susan Elenz Marcotte Robert H. Merz Thomas S. Meyer Tom A. Mouhelis Leonore C. Nillissen Leonard W. Pergander William S. Pharmer Frederick F. Plaisted Carl E. Ramey Peter T. Sauter Judith Hagstrom Sherkow Donna Volkman Shipley Marjorie Strobel Pamela Park Tripp Robert O. Ullman John A. Umbeck Kristine Hermanson Weber Gilbert Willeumier June R. Williams Gary Zakovic Class of 1972 Robert H. Bills Donald P. Bizer Peter M. Bliznick Rowena Bonde Robert A. Breidenbaugh* Bruce W. Brieschke H. Jean Bryan Betty J. Burgener Tyree Carr James T. Chopores Redmond R. Clark Margaret A. Colligan David A. Craxton Joni Davenport Alice Ericksen Larry A. Ernst Lawrence R. Evans Susan C. Evans Robert C. Faerber Anna Goettle David D. Greenstein Frances Venzon Harris Robert W. Harris John E. Hatmaker Deborah Gage Haude Carolyn L. Hayes Beverly McKenney JeΩerson Steven W. Jemison Kathleen Driscoll Johnson

Judith Kalkbrenner Moore Cheryl Knapp Michael Kozlowski Amy Schwartz Kriston John L. Kurth Charlois Lumpkin James F. Lusero Susan Rice Lusero Joanne B. McCurdy Susan Burdick Merz Nancy A. Meyer Marsha Heininger Ramey Christine Reel Reneau Karen Kieca Sauter Emma L. Sembly Dennis J. Shipley Sharleen R. Smith Judith Schroeder Soria Terrance Tripp Deborah Biersach Tritt John R. Tritt Linda Soderstrom Vestal Alan W. Weiger Meredith Wollenberg Morrison Class of 1973 Harry J. Augensen Rexene Bertolino Donald E. Broman Martha J. Brown Michael J. Burzynski Edris Myers Byers Janie E. Dempsey R. Lawrence DeRoo Christine Jans DeVries Craig DeVries Phyllis Maass Doan Robert P. Doner Elizabeth Dudek Charles Forster Gregory R. Giacone Louis Gilberti Kathleen J. Goepel Steven J. Golden Debra Vandermeer Hatmaker John C. Helt Robert T. Horder Daniel H. Iden Vicki L. Johnson Linda Rackard Knox Brenda Thamm Kocim Janis Huntley Krieger Deborah Daussman Kurth JeΩrey Lachine Daniel A. Lacine Christine Landem Eva Lauterbach Barbara J. Lucks Barbara Holzinger Luebcke Janet Maziarek Martin Joan M. Martin Doug R. Mayfield Cyril A. Meyer Sandra Mittermeyer Renee Jones Moore Rodney E. Moore Shirley L. Peterson James J. Poore Steven M. Querin-Schultz Robert J. Reichert Tamara L. Robertson Stella Allison Schoen


Elmhurst College Mark R. Shoop Richard S. Smith Raymond L. Tancredi Loren J. Tiede James E. Werner Gregory Wilharm Donna Willeumier Rita Winters Adolf A. Wrobel


Class of 1974 Judy W. Bartolone James L. Benzin Charles Bern Dona I. Blunt Susan Palmer Bowers Brian M. Brynjolfsson John A. Cabay Allan A. Cassidy Lia D. Clement Grace Westerberg Dahlberg Janice McManis Dalicandro Larry V. DeChamps Wendell K. Decker David B. Diman Susan Kaptur Doner Webster Dove John S. Dreusicke Emmy Wieburg Drzal Jean Augensen Forster Nancy Galambush Maureen C. Goodman Deborah Lynch Greenslit Cynthia Cordes Helt Laura Sova Hoglund William Hoglund J. David Holland Eleanor Greenholt Horder Timothy W. Jans Cornelia Johnson Arlene M. Kaspik Paul H. Krieger Elinore Lorenzana Darlene DeVries Maaske Walter Mah Richard J. Mangnall Olive E. Merrick Edward J. Momkus Sheila Zeien Montgomery Gerry G. Olmsted Lorraine Sharp Page Elsie K. Pidutti Keith A. Reed Jean Hatmaker Sander Kathryn Knight Schneider David C. Schoen Henry W. Schwarz Mollie A. Sluss Ann Gugeler Thoma Cheryl Kancer Tiede Elda Sawyer Todd Julie Moulthrop Ullman Robert C. Wayman Madelynn Tabbert Wilharm Donald J. Young Class of 1975 Cary A. Adams Deborah K. Ahrens Susan Weiland Ambrose Joseph A. Arthofer Kenneth C. Brinker

Gail Eichelman Chambers William J. Chambers Diane Guse Dahlmann William A. Drzal Jean Bracke Etheridge William Francik James E. Gleason Frank F. Grabenhofer Nancy Snyder Grabenhofer Kathleen Lambie Hardison Patricia Syverson Hatz Paul A. King Warren Knudson Alan D. Kupfer Gordon L. Leeks Mary P. Loftus Linda Ness Mangnall O. Ruth Najacht John N. Nilsen Christine Witt Perkinson Kathleen Phillips Glenn Placek Rod Randall Rick L. Rogers Susan Shangle Skivington William A. Sterrett Howard H. Wemple Lorraine K. Yavorski Class of 1976 Robert J. Aksamit Linda Miller Alberswerth Rita J. Athas Walter J. Bender Jeanne Chionis Bern Ruth A. Bogan Barbara K. Bohnert Jeanine Bond William T. Boyd Alan J. Brinkmeier Gail Kasperski Brinkmeier Hal A. Carlson Allen Etheridge Kathleen Revane Gidcumb James M. Gilmore Magdalene Harmon Bruce A. Hill Sharon H. Horn Susan Miller Howard Harley F. Jordan Nancy L. Knopf Anne C. Kuehnle Elizabeth Reinke Kunesh Christopher H. Kurth Mary Ellen Lavin Thomas J. Lewaniak Lorraine A. Maida James F. McCluskey Susan Gohl McCurdy Maureen S. McGrath Paul H. Miller Wayne A. Nowicki Bonnie Timm Oates Albert Owen Marsha Pepmeier Peek John A. Saladino S. James Sasseman John F. Schneider Lynne P. Shidler Craig Simpson Caroline W. Smith Ruth Malchow Stewart

Mark M. Strothmann Edward S. Wiacek Class of 1977 Beth Myers Atayde Joyce B. Brock Suzanne J. Carlstedt Rose Farder Cory Nancy Sciortino Doerr Kimberly T. Duchossois DeElta E. Fay Dennis R. Fogarty Mary Zbiegien Georges Randall N. Giagnorio David M. Gillies Marichris Smith Golden Mark Gray Cheryl D. Hansen Scott Hawkins Jacquelyne Kindahl Hulslander Cynthia Karmasin Karen Remmers Koehler JeΩrey J. Koenig Laura Lasko Koenig Betty Lou Lacine Jerome A. Lewicki Michael V. LoCicero Peggy Patterson LoCicero George F. Loss Peggy L. Mara-Dhont Albert J. McLaughlin Charles E. Mize Laura Kramer Nagel Gerald J. Norris Eugene E. Parvin John R. Quigley Robert J. Sirtak Paul W. Slavik Edward R. Snively Joyce Scharmer Turner Mary C. Warren Wendy Bradbury Weil Laurie Schroeder Young Class of 1978 Dean R. Alberswerth Thaddeus V. Augelli Karen M. Bryar Robert J. Daniels Cynthia M. Fogg Joan R. Fraser Mary V. Frohne Patricia Gebala Connie R. Gessner Ann Wilson Hake Lindley J. Johnson Terrie Tinker Krantz Suzanne G. Letterer Rebecca B. Lipton Daniel A. Luessenhop Francis P. Mies Joseph J. Morocco Gina M. Nicholas JeΩrey M. Novak Geriann Goeransson Nowicki John M. Palm Hilda J. Parham Carmella M. Parrilli Mark D. Pepmeier R. Annette Pugnetti Marie Christensen Sawlani Marilyn D. Schoenheider

Michael W. Stolz Eva W. Tameling Alan E. Varga Sharon Mesker Varga Marie J. Wiermanski Marvin J. Yetsky Class of 1979 Vivian Grimes Beach Janice A. Beecher Wayne E. Blake Charles K. Buehler Michael W. Caruso Terence J. Cervak Russell C. Courtney Salvatore A. DeSimone Mark D. Dessem Deborah A. Fogg Kathy Murlowski Foley Mary Gregory James J. Groholski Paula Sutton Heaton Walter D. Huber John M. JeΩrey Brenda Zick Kastning Jeanne Holmes Kennedy Raymond A. Kraft Glenn D. Lid James Londos Hildegard Bauer Lorenz Laura Holt Masry Robert W. Myjak Judith Porcelius Paice Joseph S. Raguso Richard A. Ransford Linda C. Ries Joseph A. Scudiero Eileen B. Shunneson Craig D. Sopko Mary Storce-Klepaida Deborah Davidson Studebaker John E. Trumbull John F. Watkins Joan Brember Watschke Bruce D. Williams Suzanne Swarts Winsor Class of 1980 Mary Capron Borst Janet Pindak Bryant Joan Heinrich Cann Gilbert Castellanos Donald A. Fafara Martin J. Hughes Lisa Klose Noreen E. Lally Ann Klueter Libs Patricio Lopez Thomas W. Ludwig Russell L. Malchow George D. McGuire Lynn Pacholski Myjak Janet Eaton Novak Ricky M. Parham Allen Perry Steven R. Quaid John D. Rathje Thomas F. Walsh Joyce L. Zuleger

Class of 1981 Kara Fleming Ade Dawn Miller Bronson Brian S. Butts Frank P. Calvello James M. Cunningham Daniel E. Frick Michael A. Gasparino Elizabeth Grabowski Jane Hawkins Mary R. Holland Marybeth LaJone Lawshe Marianne Hansen Lopez Karen L. Maitland Annette P. Martin Patricia A. Martin Beverly J. McAdam Michael A. Pignataro Kathleen A. Pike Dunn Josephine Bates Prasil Rita Weller Ragoza JeΩrey A. Reher Patti Pasternock Reher Richard R. Rubner Jody A. Scopa Goldman David P. Sprik Jay A. Swann Linda Zelvis Swann Susan Toth Tyrrel Janet Karczewski Willis Class of 1982 Margaret Ahnert Aldrich Kimberly Busse-Renauer V. Lynne Butts Rick G. Chirbas Patricia Daniel Jane Lobbes Ferguson Maryann Polishak Fischer Sandra K. Fries Loree Lehman Grigoletto Brenda Ernst Hilligoss Lisa J. Kleven Dana L. Kline Robert A. Koopman Gary R. Nottelmann Brian T. O'Connor Cynthia M. Reedy Karin Marrs Rettger Robert A. Romanchek Paul J. Rudnik Jack E. Ryder Theresa Melican Salkas Norman P. Schlundt Kathleen Nusek Schultz Thomas D. Smith Larry E. Soughan David W. Spooner Robert Urbain Juliann Spratt Vincent Ronald C. Vincent Richard Wisniewski Colleen Fitzgerald Zientek Class of 1983 Anthony J. AΩrunti Stacy Schlagetter Anderson Andrea Georgiou Casey Frank Defino Paula Toney Egbert Carla E. Eisenberg Carolyn A. Foote

2013 Contributors Report Michael J. Gilmartin Kurt C. Green Susan M. Hagel Susan C. Jacques Victoria Ness Jay Janet K. Kepner Mark B. Koch John J. Lapinski Mary A. Lenart Pearl T. Lewis Nancy Nelson Martin Michael J. Mulroe David H. Patterson Christopher R. Plagge Brian P. Rogan Kathleen L. Schaeflein Mary E. Schultz Donald P. Scott Julie A. Specht William M. Suglich Michael J. Toby Anne Kohlbeck Van De Ven Marianne Dudek Voss Nancy Rossmann Weiner Lydia Jonusaitis Wiede Deborah L. Winkleblack

Denise Roberts Gornick Mark T. Hansel Carrie Carlson Hansen Mary Kay Kelly Jennrich Steven A. Jennrich Ronald W. Kuczuk Irene Mezyk Lucado Gertrude Martin Kenneth R. Nichol Sandralee R. Nordquist Patricia M. Norris Scott N. Olson Suzette Pravdica Pereyra Mary Morgan Rhodes James A. Rocska JeΩery A. Schweitzer Steven J. Tisdall Marta S. Vincent James G. Webb Carol A. White

Class of 1984 Sharon L. Andersen Joyce D. Blau William J. Blinstrub Mary Skummer Carbonara Nancy E. Carpenter Clinton A. Cederlund Stacy Y. Daniels Christine Stoner Defino Ollin R. Driver Susan Farm-Heumann Kimberly Schroeder Goehl Carol A. Grieco Robert C. Guinn Larry L. Johnson Keith C. Kolar Charlene F. Kovarik Kelly Beck Kruse George A. Lorenzo James A. Marzullo Matthew Mimlitz Ruth Zdeb Mrowczynski Elizabeth Kay Murray Karen A. Pollock Ruth Ng Quaid Daniel P. Slayden Sandra J. Tatlock Maureen Higgins Toby Mary Houlihan Wajda Holly Watson-Evans

Class of 1986 Nancy Mohley Agler Richard J. Ahrens Frank A. Arnone Mary Cihlar Ban Joan W. Bell JeΩrey L. Benzin Rocky Carbonara Diana G. Collins Marcia J. Cooper Adrian M. Cordoba Carolyn Wille Doberstein Catherine Haggard Ehrenberger Adrienne Gana Heidi Horn Gross Dennis M. Hansen Betty J. Holland Vito S. Ippolito Leon Jenkins Grant A. Kief John B. Klose Sherry Bradbury Martin Mary H. McCarthy Diana Lizzadro Nicholas* Roger A. Nosal Kevin M. Oswald Sue E. Parker Elaine Norgaard RatliΩ Robert P. Sanfilippo Gladys M. Schindler Catherine H. Schubert Kathleen Zettler Slayden Valarie Stewart Rachelle D. Swaim Lori Mann Weber Thomas E. WolΩ

Class of 1985 Candy M. Bristol Alan S. Brown Carol J. Buechin Anthony C. Cannizzaro David R. Carroll Linda Ryan Cox Richard P. Dabrowski Carl E. Dahlgren David W. Donahue Helene A. Fitzpatrick Scott W. Fleming Esther E. Frohne Richard T. Fugiel

Class of 1987 Gregory P. Banialis Robert N. Beck Barbara J. Booth Cathy A. Buck Phyllis Romano Cimaglia Keith A. Gavard Patricia L. Gra≈s James L. Grieser Martin B. Hendrickx John J. McIntyre Kristen Clark Mimlitz Michael J. Monaco Patricia L. Murrin


Lynda Dybala Nadkarni James K. Nerison Thomas J. Newton Laura Beeskow Oswald Mark D. Perkins Christopher A. RatliΩ Marcella T. Reck Timothy C. Rhodes James A. Smalley Steven M. Soria Vera Starczak-Kincaid Patricia T. Tkach Mark S. Wakely Nancy A. Walsh Shaheen Chamran WolΩ Diana Kaeding Young Linda I. Zillner Class of 1988 Cynthia Vivacqua Armstrong Dawn McKeever Boyer Mary C. Cassidy Linda Lukaszka Cole Peter P. DiCianni Therese M. Dorigan Lawrence A. Fattore Susan A. Gulledge Constance E. Hall Kenneth P. Huster Loretta N. Julian Laura Iovino Kennedy Gary P. Kielma Gina M. Koyer Sheila H. Lewis Sookja Oh Eric S. Orstrom Virginia Voll Prochaska Samantha Jenkot Ream Gloria C. Reilley David M. Ross Jean Eslick Savage Sharon M. Shipinski Madelyn Frenette Silasiri E. Angelo Spyratos Catherine R. VanDorpe Kimberlee E. Whisler Rick S. Wilfong Liana Anders Wilson Juanita Grant Zay Gary R. Zielinski Class of 1989 Michael E. Adorjan Thomas W. Albright Cathy S. Anderson-Berry Ronald K. Beauchamp Joseph L. Broccolo Christopher C. Bruzzini Kian Chamran David S. Grabacki Peter J. Hagerty Sandy K. Harris-Meadows Kim A. Heschl Eric J. Kammerer Eileen S. Kelley Kenneth G. McGuire Rocco J. Melarkey Sharon Fontana Murphy David L. Prentice George W. Sobyra Nancy Maniaci Stoettner Ellen M. Szynal

Class of 1990 Bonny R. Bartelt Dawn M. Bueneman James M. Cunningham Kathryn A. De Forrest Marcia Nelson Devgun Melissa Grice Gillis Martin J. Hare Denise P. Jones Michael F. Kelly George J. Krakora Steven E. Lavin Elissa Block Martins Kelly Wilson Melarkey Karen Tipler Mool Roy J. O’Kelly Susan Reeder Overton Lynn M. Preston Maureen O’Donnell Sauve Linda J. SchiΩ Carole E. Schmidt Judith M. Staal Cynthia Hatch Wegener Class of 1991 Adriana Calvano Tewart Mary Immormino Castellano Thomas E. Cunningham Joseph E. Galvin Frederick J. Grassl Jean Schmitz Hill Charlette J. HoΩmann Richard J. Leabru Dawn Johnson Leardi Christi J. Mynaugh John Newton Stephen C. Pleimling Stacy K. Struebing Jarrett R. Thomas Class of 1992 Patricia Black Nicole M. Bono Kersten Catherine Miller Chaplain Timothy Croft Christine Crowe Cunningham Kathleen A. Greenstein Sara E. Holst Nina Lira Jacobson Scott Maupin Melissa Nowinski McCann Patrick E. McCann Rita M. McGreal Lorraine A. Norgle Frank A. RuΩolo Peter J. Schmidt Keith W. Smiley Amy Jo Taylor Steinbruecker Kirk J. Steinbruecker Class of 1993 Raymond J. Bacci Daniel L. Christian Mark J. Crawford Patricia K. Denman Rose M. Fleming Rita Mock Gillespie Maureen Valencia Hogan Stacey Callahan Krug Stephen A. Krug Jonathan D. Lauer Robert J. Mallek

Emmi Connell McAdams Joyce B. Rawlings Janet M. Reinhart JeΩrey S. Ryburn Jennifer A. Schindl JoElla Eaglin Siuda Kevin J. Stock Joyce Bielawski Stutz Cheryl A. Travers Eero A. Turen Matthew J. Ward Ronald S. Wilson Class of 1994 Stephen E. Bottino Susan Watson Eckhart Bradley J. Gutirrez Judith J. Harazin Michael A. Illingworth Natalie Hernandez Jaeger David C. Kidston Margaret Mikkelson Killian Ronda Liedtke Landry Stephen K. LaVan Julie L. Leopold Wendy S. Meseth JeΩrey T. Mitchell Charles Ragonese Richard W. Reichert Donna-Marie Rigoni Laura Sternik Van Dusen Class of 1995 Scott A. Brice Judith S. Bruhns Robert L. Bylls Stephanie Mansfield Konen Loretta Farrey Kulczycki Scott J. LaMorte Valerie Verba LaMorte Ethan B. Lauer Deborah Bean Matusiak Lawrence G. Montalto Susan C. O’Kelly Gretchen Gehrlein Sartori Mark J. Williams James F. Zay Class of 1996 Brooke Pesek Adamek Gail Hoegner Bacci Susan Salatino Changnon Donna B. Curin George W. Economos Patricia Lynn Fors Matthew S. Gross Mary Tubbs Harling Aaron C. Hershey Carrie Nuzzo Hewitt Susan K. Johnson Carla E. Klaeren Kenneth Kobylarczyk Kathryn Scherer Kramer Carol L. McClure Rebecca Cowie Mulholland Constance Wass Muryn Phyllis Vettese Pacilli Karen DeChene Paulaskas John Pierorazio Eileen M. Podgor Marie A. Price Mark E. Rosenwinkel


Elmhurst College


Joseph Schissler Filomena C. Spero Marita H. Varnes Mary E. Wise Adam G. Yoksas

Richard J. Veenstra Adam D. Warner Kathleen A. Willis Patricia C. Wojnicz Philip Wojnicz

Sara Lane Pope Michael D. Relyea Kelly J. Stone Andrew C. Thompson Kathryn R. Transue

Class of 1997 Michael A. Berkowicz Sandra L. Buller Corey D. Coots Melissa King Ellefsen Carrie Eschenbrenner Harmon Kathy A. Kass Michael A. Mazzulla Florence A. Nogaj Annette M. Pater Lisa Bemos Rose Lonnie A. Speidel

Class of 2001 Patricia Y. DeAnda Henry Fox Karen J. Jurcazak Kristen K. Kastner Timothy Kouba Anthony J. Minestra Marilyn Oxby Andrea DiFatta Puleo Christopher Puleo Chris S. Speetzen Ryan M. Trzebiatowski Janis L. Williams Roger A. Zabel

Class of 2004 Kevin H. Bazan John J. Benjamin Sarah Kiefer Clarin Tamara Frank Condon Gina Gallagher Coulter Thomas J. DuFore Carl Episcope Patricia Kozor Fominaya Pedro Fominaya Christopher Hickman Michael D. Himmes Jeana Pavoni Kwiecinski Stephen Malloy Daniel W. Marrs John E. McMahon Zachary A. Nagle Christopher P. Novotny Kristen Butler Novotny Brett Rush Cortney Rieger Ryan Julia Olsen Saller Panagiota Sianis Lisa Denman Sligh Candice Tarver Justin M. Teliga Sabrina Tenney Robert H. Wegener Jon D. Wendling Joel A. Williams Lisa Ruzich Williams Heather J. Woods Debbie M. Zeleznik

Class of 1998 Cathryn T. Biga Betty Powers Cerveny Mark R. Freedlund Rebecca Wunsch Hershey Kristopher S. Hewitt Suzanne M. Jongleux Afan Khan Anne Jensen Kozlowski Sheila Marinez Kurzweil James F. Paulsen Melissa Hart Price Robert A. Price Randolph L. Ryan Susan Leone Schissler Class of 1999 Jacqueline E. Anderson Maureen Murphy Andrews Shirley Pegenau Basler Brett A. Blair David R. Dixon Melissa Janvrin Flies Alison W. Gannon Natalie Pavichevich Gatto JeΩrey W. Gosmire Richard J. Hanrahan Rhonda L. Ingraham Brad Kennedy Frederic G. Leinweber Georgia Kazmura Monson Alice A. Niziolek Class of 2000 Mark J. Bertotti Marsha Carter Emily Kline Cavalcanti John T. Constable Marianna R. Delinck Manley Brian A. Earl Elizabeth K. Ippolito David J. Jensen Dean Jensen Vanessa Knapp Hughes Jonathon M. Konow Bridget E. Lahart Marie Tomasello Lizak Theresa Cagigal Murphy Tomeka L. Randle Linda M. Selvik Jennifer C. Soto Burrell Nancy E. Stewart Margaret Rippey Trzebiatowski

Class of 2002 Candice Engelbrecht Assell Marjorie Hartry Baehmann Daniel W. Banfield Marilyn Zaruba Bishop Sara Douglass Born Deborah L. Brisson Christy Holub Bulman Anthony T. Burke Terry R. LaCandia Linda M. LaMonica Nancy S. Leguizamon Julie E. Maxwell Valerie Cleary McAuley Christina Minic Briana Nannen Kimberly Meyer Onder Gregory M. Rude Nicholas J. Schroeck Diane N. Shevchuk Nicholas P. Sisto Charles B. Snoad Ralph T. Sprandel Kimberly Stewart Mindy Wolf Thompson David Vizcarra Jessica Calvillo Vizcarra Nicole Ferroli Wojtyla Class of 2003 James Akita Laura A. Anderson Anthony Berg Benjamin Blaiszik Brian C. Bogda James I. Boone John G. Born Jennifer E. Camden Stephanie Callahan Donovan Corrie Farrington Eastland Sandra R. Fejt Matthew R. Fuchsen Paula Garbin Michael W. Gavin Amy E. Goodwin J. James Graziano Holly A. Hanneke Zachary Jordan Yee-chong C. Leung Sara Harris Malloy Donald J. Orfei

Dina Marazzo Capua Beth M. Colucci Nicole M. Elwart Shava-Tanee M. Flowers Dain J. Gotto Katherine Baker Heintz Mark L. Heintz Diane Hope Daniell B. Kelly Adil D. Kolovic Michele C. Kovalcik Anne M. Marcell Christopher A. Martin Timothy M. Miller Henry S. Rauschenberger Mary N. Rodriguez Joshua D. Rupprecht Thomas K. Ryan Jennifer Selvick Sharon Tomaselli Sifnotis Rachel Hartman Staats Eric Stone Breann Diehl Tomaso Theresa VanSpankeren Michael M. Voll Simi Wakawa Jessica Wigg Daniel R. Wilson Anna Zordan

Class of 2005 Linnea Agner James M. Alfred Christy Asbee Brittany Ashcroft Thomas L. Baity Margaret Bartels Ryan Clarin Stephanie Downen Jennifer Moninger DuFore Amanda C. Easter Matthew T. Kuschert Haley Riley Martin Patrick Moore Leslee Kay Olson Beth M. Orr Leanne E. Pavel Petar K. Petrov Patricia Price Christopher R. Rice Tina L. Smith Heather Finn Teliga Janelle Kostich Thoma Richard J. Truppa Angela Wehrheim Jeannie T. Wyse Lindsay E. Young

Class of 2007 John M. Adams Joseph M. Alden Christofer Boeyink Jay A. Brizzolara Jacelin Cadet Natalie D. Cadet Judith Walther Camiliere Karl Constant Michelle N. DeFranco Brenda J. Forster Charles T. Freitag Tomas Gilbert Christine Grenier Erik R. Hodges Tanyatta M. Johnson Kelly Kral Kelly Samantha S. Kiley Joann K. Kim Elizabeth Kaltsos Lanzo Michael J. Lenardi Carrie Gatz Martin Meggan E. McNulty Melissa G. Migala Ashley Greuel Nolte Joseph S. Plazak Julie Renaud Regenold Uwe Regenold Aaron J. Rossi Daniela A. RuΩolo Angelique Santiago Michael P. Sayre Mark T. Schwarz Katie Kozak Smith Theresa S. Vaughn Gregory T. Williams Terence R. Young

Class of 2006 Christina Aiello Paul A. Campagnolo Tara L. Cappelletti Jordan

Class of 2008 Cynthia A. Abell April M. Arnold Craig B. Blanchfield

Courtney Kalnicky Brizzolara Elizabeth Morrison Carroll Amanda Cebry Johnathan M. Cloud Maria Salas D'Alexander Rebecca C. Evans Tyler R. Ferguson Heather E. Forster-Jensen Christopher K. Garza James E. Gelement Keith J. Gerlich Desiree J. Guerrero Edward G. Hempel Tomasz P. Hunka Jennifer Kane Johnson Mathew S. Kelly Pamela Lerud Susan R. Martin Darrell D. Mathis Jill Y. McWilliams Reuben H. Metreger Michael G. Murphy Timothy A. Nelson Lisa E. Panzarella Polina Avramova Peroussanova Jennifer C. Perry Robyn Healy Pike James B. Riga Dominick V. Romano Kathryn L. Runyon Philip S. Ruskin Kimberly L. Schneider Terena Summers Schneider Jenna Vanderstappen Schwarz Joel R. Shaw Andrew T. Smith Colin M. Stringer Matthew L. Timko Nada Tomic Brian Toms Randy M. Warren Jonathan P. Wilson Class of 2009 Michelle C. Argento Elaine Hausch Atristain Joseph I. Badsing Dennis Barak Allison Baumbach Bickel Kristina E. Black Glennis Stratemeyer Blanchfield Bethany J. Bredehoft Edward W. Breitweiser Sean P. Butler Kevin P. Cagney Joyce Growney Callahan Ashley L. Castellanos Adam T. Daniels Kevin P. Davey Aimee S. Dujua Kate E. Feifar Maureen J. Fogarty Bethanie Purin Gelement Katie L. Godbey Alfred A. Gordon Shaina M. Grzegorzewski Laura Saviano Hollis Elizabeth K. Hostetler JeΩrey Kastel Anthony A. Kortas Anna L. Krowczyk Christopher J. Kudyba

2013 Contributors Report Sherry Reed Labate Brian A. Lindemann Kenneth S. Mack Matthew D. McKinniss Merissa L. Mellish Raymond M. Mikula Jarred L. Nordhus Dhiren N. Patel Natalie O. Quinn Karolina Cygan Rolski Denise N. Rose Courtney M. Russell Elizabeth Murphy Smith Ryan E. Sonntag Joshua M. Turk Blake F. Veldhuis Brandon G. Violette Nicole L. Zahnen Class of 2010 Kelly C. Adair Laura D. Arvizu-Millan Dustin L. Bainter Brittany B. Baulac Katelyn L. Boucher Steven D. Bretl Keith D. Brooks Rebecca Heuss Brzeczek Josephine S. Butera Christopher C. Childs Richard D. Clegg Alison L. Colman Kendal B. Cross Francesco P. DeCicco Nicholas M. DeStefano Ashton M. DeVries Travis L. Du≈eld Matthew R. Duntemann Michael G. Erickson Abigail Gammage Ferguson Brian J. Firek Matthew C. Forster Adam D. Frank Robert M. Ginley Glen Gomez Helen Halfen Whitney A. Heinzmann Alison Martin Hitzker Zachary W. Holtzman Thomas S. Huetson Kathryn N. Jaeger Holly C. Jarecki Sarah A. Kiehl Anna Klejnowska Jennifer L. Kosciw Beverley A. Krohn Hannah L. Kubat Dino P. Lanzo Nicholas J. Lanzo Kristi N. Lee Lyndsie R. Long Chad A. Ludvik Joshua T. Magee Jon-Michael R. Manocchio Tyler J. Manske Nicholas C. Martin Mica L. Matney Gregory M. McNulty Katherine C. McNulty Brittany K. Meding Kathryn R. Meyers Ashley E. Mika *deceased

Kurt R. Nitschke Jorge M. Palma Daniel C. Parker Jennifer J. Paul Sonia L. Pedapati Jonathan G. Porter Shauna N. Potrawski Philip W. Riegle Suzanne Riley Jacqueline Rincon Amy L. Ritter Michael A. RudoΩ Sarah E. Sheen George S. Strom Adam A. Thornburg Kirk R. Waller Katie A. Young Daniel J. Zarlenga Jillian Lindeen Zarlenga Class of 2011 Joseph D. Acosta Rebekah Asensio Patrick S. Austin Emily J. Baldyga Nicole Boylan Judy A. Buban Antonio H. Cadena Lindsay L. Carlson Michael J. Cimino Jamilya M. Clay Richard J. Dastice Rashad J. Daviston NiCole J. Denofrio Thomas L. Dickens Erik L. Ellingson Danielle M. England Benjamin E. Furman Claire E. Gentry Chastain L. Golz Arence Gowe Alexander F. Grabenhofer Ted R. Harris Timothy A. Higus Elizabeth Hooker Gina M. Kachlic David P. Kaiser Emily R. Kisiolek Thomas G. Klein Peter B. Konchar Matthew J. Kovich Iveta Krizkova Mary Joyce A. Lagatao Erik J. Liscinsky Michelle McWilliams Lutz Nathanael Mestek Ljubica Mijatovic Emily M. Nadeau Ryan P. Nugent Christopher W. Parsons Jessica DiGiovanni Progar Julie R. Provenza Gwendolyn D. Pruett Tyler A. Qahhaar Adriana V. Resendez Jeremy D. Ried Matthew A. Robbins Brandi J. Ruiz Aaron T. Schroeder Katharine T. Smialek Barbara A. Smith Rumana A. Steven

William H. Surges Jonathan H. Templeton Steven M. Templin James W. Teuber Deborah L. Transier Anthony Vallone Nicholas K. Ventocilla Stefan V. Vlahov Demetrios N. Vrettos Madeline S. Weiland Megan L. Williams JeΩrey P. Wojcik Casey E. Wrobel Patricia G. Zavalza Rebecca E. Zumpf Class of 2012 Elizabeth U. Ambrogi John J. Becker Holly C. Bierer Mark N. Blumstein Kathryn E. Bosworth Anton E. Bou-Sliman Kimberly A. Boyer Michelle E. Boyer David R. Boylan Jonathan S. Brehm Noel M. Burns Olivia L. Chavez Marlene L. Ciavarella Madeline K. Coakley Robin L. Cook Deborah A. Crittenden Leslie E. Duntemann Robert L. Fisher James J. Fitzgerald Henrique Giordano-Boscolo Randi Holt Hayley R. Jackson Stefany Konatarevic Alexandra A. Konold Peter J. Kowalski Courtney D. Lawyer Ashley N. Lejcar Mark W. Limanowski Michelle A. Lindmeier David J. Madison Matthew W. McHugh Jacob D. Meding Rebecca L. Mental Hannah M. Montalvo Vasile Mortan Alfredo Munoz Veronica N. Narvaez Julia C. Nelson Thomas R. Niles John E. Norton Richard A. Palys T. Duncan Parker Ellen K. Pipal Kristin N. Plager Linda M. Pohlman Carmela P. Primavera Mason N. Ray Sheryl L. Robinson-Flugel Romison Saint-Louis Benjamin A. Salabura Hannah J. Schmitz Timothy E. Schreiner Melissa E. Schweppe Joseph D. St. Peter Christine R. Stelter

Matt R. Sterner Erin E. Strong Trudy L. Sulita Sijo Thomas Hannah M. Thompson Keith C. Thurman Jonathan Tolomeo Jennifer M. Van Ewyk Barbara J. Walberg John T. Willis Sarah A. Wojnicki Kyle S. Wright Class of 2013 Amanda N. Adams Kayla C. Arbuthnot Rebecca E. Arceo Emily A. Baron Franklin E. Bernardo Mary E. Billie Lara K. Bontuyan Kathleen L. Bretl Meghan K. Brickley Brenda K. Brooksher Nancy J. Brown Bryan D. Budvitis Dennis M. Burke Nicki O. Campos Jessica M. Cardella Laura M. Castallante Rocco G. Catrone Katherine M. Ciesla Courtney L. Classen Diane S. Collins Bailey A. Cross Julie A. Cuba James R. Cullen Daniel J. Czyzewicz Jonathan M. DiBuono Christian T. Dillon Guy Doggan Mackenzie L. Dorgan Samantha A. Downs Stephanie A. Duba Jacqueline M. Dukes Robyn A. Fela Field E. Fred Emily A. Fuchs Marissa A. Garay Aleksandra Gavrilovic Jennifer M. Giannetto Gri≈n J. Gibson Jacquelyn R. Gibson Vanessa M. Godoy Meagan A. Goelz Lisa A. Groch Karlie L. Guzikowski Kathryn E. Hardison Hillary M. Hecht Athanasios Hilaris Elizabeth A. Holesha Latonya M. Holley Charles C. Homoky Janet Hurtado Thomas M. Iacovetti Preston R. Jacob Jasmine C. Jaurigue Russell J. Klug Pawel Kosciukiewicz Jessica L. Krans Katelyn M. Kuchler David W. Leviton

Elizabeth T. Lovett Joshua A. Lutz Melissa M. Lyman Mayra Macias Jourdan M. Maloney Jennifer R. Mantia Denise A. Mark Jazmine Martinez Elizabeth A. McDermott Brittany R. Metoyer Brian Mikota Gregory A. Molinari Ashley Moore Bertha I. Nelson Sylvia Niemyjski Svetlana Nikitin Ariel C. Parks Mackenzie L. Parry Monique M. Perkins Abigail M. Powers Kaitlin K. Profita Sara B. Ramseth Rita E. Riccio Jacob Rios Neil J. Roxas Krystine K. Rydz Nicholas J. Schiltz Katherine Monaghen Schroeder Samantha L. Schumacher Jahbril R. Scott Sundus A. Shaikh Francisco J. Silva Pamela Silva Lauren M. Smith TiΩany M. Steele Rebecca M. Tannahill Craig A. Tollefson Ronald J. Towns Kyle D. Trevoy Marlene Valenzuela Laura E. Van Dame Matthew E. Varga Daniel S. Vicari Eric R. Vincent Claire M. Walker Mikenya S. Webster Annie E. Werly Sarah E. Wesley Matthew C. Widuch Maxwell L. Wiesman Margaret E. Zieke Faculty and Staff Michelle A. Adams Lucille Aiello James Akita Elizabeth U. Ambrogi Sharon L. Andersen David G. Anderson Laura A. Anderson Holly L. Aramburu April A. Arnold Richard L. Arnold John C. Baines Thomas L. Baity Kimberly F. Bauerlein Douglas Beach Ronald K. Beauchamp Nicholas Behm Kelli Bender Laura B. Bjerga Kristina E. Black


Elmhurst College


Barbara J. Bostelmann Jeannine Boylan Diana Brannon Laura J. Brennan Kathleen L. Bretl Judy A. Buban Walter E. Burdick Linda E. Burke Tara L. Cappelletti Jordan Cheri S. Carrico Lawrence B. Carroll Jesus A. Casas Laura R. Castellanos Desiree Chen-Menichini Sarah J. Clarin Patrick W. Collins Maureen E. Connolly Margaret M. Cook Paul S. Crawley Ian R. Crone Mark K. Cunningham James M. Cunningham Harold Dahlstrand Christina L. Daniels Linda Dauksas Patricia Y. DeAnda Michelle N. DeFranco Kyle Derickson David Di Tomasso LuEllen Doty Linda Dufort Joseph R. Emmick Craig L. Engstrom Larry A. Fass Victoria A. Ferguson Patricia Ferraro Bruce D. Fischer James J. Fitzgerald Janice Fodor Russell C. Ford Jean C. Forster Brenda J. Forster LaTonya Foster Ann Frank Wake Lawrence P. Fricke Nora M. Gallagher Catherine M. Gaze Rayya Ghusein Linda Gilbert John F. Gills Mary Gnadt Charles W. Goehl Donna J. Goetz Chastain L. Golz Beatriz Gomez-Acuna Marjorie Goodban Donna Goodwyn Venkatesh Gopal Christine Grenier Judith Grimes Erik M. Gutekunst Heather Hall Mark Harbold Lynn Hill Meg Howes Thomas S. Huetson Joel S. HuΩ Nancy Iovinelli Paul M. Jacobs Daniel J. Jares Victoria L. Jay John M. JeΩrey

Jane A. Jegerski Dean Jensen Jon Johnson Kenneth L. Johnson Mary T. Johnson Denise P. Jones Judith H. Kaminski Sarah L. Katula Tina S. Kazan JeΩrey Kedrowski Ross Kellan Bridget L. Kemp Samantha S. Kiley Margaret E. Killian Lisa Klein Dana L. Kline Linda M. Krause Beverley A. Krohn Paul W. Krohn James Kulich Matthew T. Kuschert Wallace Lagerwey Elizabeth D. Lanzo Kimberly Lawler-Sagarin Dena M. Lentsch Theodore K. Lerud Tamar Levinson Monica M. Lindblom Eugene N. Losey Brenda L. Lualdi Josephine M. Malecha Christopher A. Martin Debra Marzullo H. Scott Matheney Bruce J. Mather Mica L. Matney Emmi K. McAdams David B. McCurdy Nancy McGing Jill Y. McWilliams Robert W. Meason Debra K. Meyer Anthony J. Minestra Armaline C. Mirretti Susan R. Moninger Helene M. Moreth Amy M. Mugnolo Mary Kay Mulvaney Sharon E. Natanek Thomas J. Newton Alice A. Niziolek Amundsen Noice Helga Noice Lorraine A. Norgle Desiree Novak Paula A. O’Brien Mary A. Oesterle Gina M. O’Leary Bernice O’Neil Bridget O’Rourke Alfredo M. Ortiz Mary K. Pabst Elaine F. Page Dominic F. Palandri Jennifer C. Paliatka Ann Palumbo Michael A. Paulo Joan Pearlman-Debelak Karen J. Pedersen Bonnie Perticara Gary A. Phillips Stephen C. Pleimling

Janice Pohl Linda M. Pohlman Gerard H. Poll Andrea N. Puleo Ruth Pusich Sara B. Ramseth S. Alan Ray Linda S. Reiselt Penny J. Reiss Rachel M. Reznik Timothy H. Ricordati Suzanne Riley Suellen Rocca Allen Rogers Gary F. Rold Robert G. Rottschalk Kathleen G. Rust Angelique Santiago Michael P. Savage Pamela J. Savino Kathleen H. Scanlon Richard B. Schultz Barbara M. Sedlack Linda M. Selvik Kathleen Sexton-Radek Sharon M. Shipinski Bonnie G. Simmons Sondra S. Simpson William L. Slodki William C. Smith James P. Smith Tina L. Smith Dennis W. Smithenry Joel S. Southern Filomena C. Spero Sarah Strom Kays Gregory Sukolowsky Trudy L. Sulita Eileen G. Sullivan Deatra H. Sullivan-Morgan Susan Swords SteΩen Denise Thompson Amy K. Tibbs Alzada J. Tipton Linda Tusin Roberta J. Vandevier Joan Vilim Mark S. Wakely Mary B. Walsh Siaw-Peng Wan John P. Weber Therese Wehman Alan W. Weiger Mary E. Weyer Kimberlee E. Whisler John J. White Jeanne M. White JeΩrey C. White Ronald D. Wiginton Lance E. Wilcox Brian C. Wilhite Janis L. Williams Laura R. Wilmarth Tyna Gary S. Wilson Edwin A. Wilson James W. Winters Elizabeth A. Witherspoon Barbara Wittersheim Shaheen C. WolΩ George Woolsey Terence R. Young Mary Jo Young

Mary F. Zambreno Clara D. Zibricky Meusch Society Rev. Nancy J. Allison Rev. and Mrs. Robert G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Arey Mr. and Mrs. Lee Asher Mr. George H. Baechtold Mr. Gregg Bagni Mr. George C. Balling and Mrs. Mary L. Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Peter* Baltzer Dr. Carolyn L. Barth Ms. Shirley P. Basler Mr. and Mrs. William B. Batte Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. James L. Benzin Mr. Harold E. Berg Rev. Dr. Warren F. Best Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bizer Dr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Blischke Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Block Mrs. Ruth M. Bloom Mrs. Dorothy Boeske Mr. William W. and Mrs. Janet* Boyd Rev. Dr. Richard W. Brandon and Mrs. Ellen Brandon Mrs. Roberta G. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Brinkmeier Esq. Rev. and Mrs. Edward D. Brueggemann Dr. and Dr. Lester H. Brune Ms. Esther V. Bullock Ms. Mary E. Bullock Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Clark Mrs. Mary L. Corn Ms. Diane L. Dahlmann Mrs. Ruth M. Dalenberg and Mr. Roy Dalenberg Mr. Gerald Daly Dr. and Mrs. Paul DeBruine Mr. Paul L. Dempsey Mr. R. Lawrence DeRoo and Dr. Patricia Kokotailo Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. DeSimone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dickerhofe Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Jennifer L. DuFore Miss Alida Dureau Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald Durrett Dr. William F. Eagan Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Earley Rev. John C. Eichacker and Mrs. Mary Jane Teeters- Eichacker Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Ellerbrake Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Faganel Mr. and Mrs. John O. Faulstich Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Fielder Jr. Ms. Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong and Mr. Michael J. Leong Mr. Charles L. Fleisleber Jr. Mr. Derrick M. Foreman Dr. and Mrs. William F. Fraccaro Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Fricke Dr. John C. GanchoΩ Mrs. Janet Ganet Mr. and Mrs. Steven O. Gardner

Mrs. Patricia Gates Mr. Richard G. Gerber Ms. Patricia Gherardini Mrs. Delores Glassford Dr. James B. Goebel Dr. Charles E. Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Gretsch Mr. Robert D. Grimmenga Rev. Walter R. Grunewald Mrs. Violet Hansen Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harast Mr. and Mrs. Earle Harmon Jr. Mr. Donald S. Haufe Mr. and Mrs. John Heakin Rev. and Mrs. John C. Helt Ms. Terri Hemmert Mr. and Mrs. Dale Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Herter C.P.A Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hill Mr. Allen L. Himsworth Dr. Carole A. Holdsworth Mrs. Helen E. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Holzkamper Mr. Robert J. Hyde and Mrs. Laura L. Hyde Mr. Michael A. Illingworth Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Immenga Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jacques Mr. Robert* and Mrs. Karin Jaeger Mr. David J. Jensen Dr. Dean Jensen Rev. Dr. William R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ernst R. Jolas Ms. Leatrice Jordan Mr. David A. Juergens Rev. and Mrs. Allen Kallenbach Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kasper Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kelly Jr. Mr. Charles W. Kindermann Dr. Robert A. Kitterer Ms. Phyllis M. Klaiber Ms. Charlotte Klein Rev. and Mrs. Armin F. Klemme Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kloet Rev. and Mrs. David F. Kniker Rev. and Mrs. Erwin R. Koch Miss Nancy Koop Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Kroehler Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Kromholz Dr. George H. Langeler Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Lid Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Armin Limper Mr. William R. Lindsay Ms. Barbara J. Lucks Mr. Charles L.* and Mrs. Lois Lumpkin Ms. Charlois Lumpkin Mrs. Beatrice A. Marchese Rev. H. Scott Matheney Mr. and Mrs. Terrance B. McLennand Dr. and Mrs. Scott Mernitz Ms. Janice E. Milano Ms. Nanette T. Miles Mr. Peter R. Miller Rev. Dr. August J. Molnar Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Mulay Mr. Armin C. Munz* Dr. and Mrs. Nishad Nadkarni Rev. and Mrs. William L. Nagy Ms. O. Ruth Najacht

2013 Contributors Report Dr. William A. Nelson and Dr. Paula P. Schnurr Dr. Tony Noice and Dr. Helga Noice Mr. Loran F. Nordgren Mr. John A. Norlie Ms. Dorothy J. Ogilvy-Lee Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Olson Mr. Albert Owen Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Palmer Dr. Dennis J. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. James F. Paulsen Mr. Steve J. Pedi Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Perry Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Marion D. Pocker Ms. Dorothy K. Powers and Dr. Erl Dordal Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Quest Rev. David R. Rasmussen Dr. Karl A. Robert* and Mrs. Ramona Robert Ms. Katharine R. Rohn Dr. John E. Sallstrom

Mr. David F. Sampsell and Dr. Martha Sampsell Dr. Jean E. Sander and Mr. Allen ShaΩer Ms. Grace Berg Schaible Mrs. Linda J. SchiΩ Rev. George Schler Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Peter Schmiechen Ms. Isabelle G. Schreiber Mr. Derald M.* and Mrs. Esther Schultz Dr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Shirley* Scott Mrs. Lynne E. Shields Rev. and Mrs. Kurt W. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O. Smrz Mr. Blaine J.* and Mrs. Pearl G. Spies Mr. Conrad J. Spitek Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stanger Mr.* and Mrs. John Stastny Dr. Marjorie Strobel Miss June L. Stromwall

Rev. Mark M. Strothmann Mr. David J. Swinkle Mr. Michael E. Swords Mr. Robert Swords Ms. Susan Swords SteΩen and Mr. Joseph L. SteΩen Mrs. Marcia Teschner Mr. Thomas W. Teuber Dr. and Mrs. Earl Thompson Jr. Rev. Dr. John R. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Thompson Ms. Joann L. Tiemann Mr. John D. Tobin Mrs. Gwendolyn Tveter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell Mr. George Vann Mrs. Lois B. Vogelmann Rev. Harold M. Warheim Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Weigand Mrs. Debra L. Welch Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Wittick Mr. Andrew J. Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Woosley

Mr. Dennis J.* and Mrs. Gena Lou Woywood Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yaneck-Vercruysse Mr. and Mrs. James S. Yerbic Ms. Marian Ziebell


Every attempt at accuracy has been made. To report errors or omissions, please contact LaTonya Foster in the O≈ce of Development at (630) 617-6466.

Photography: Roark Johnson

In Closing‌ The consistent support of loyal alumni and friends represents the lifeblood of an institution like Elmhurst. The College is blessed with a vibrant and diverse community of donors who share a passion for the enduring values of Elmhurst— and who support the College year after year with gifts both large and small. With your ongoing support, the College will continue to provide a life-changing Elmhurst Experience for generations of students to come.

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Elmhurst College Contributors Report 2013  
Elmhurst College Contributors Report 2013  

The College’s annual Contributors Report honors the many generous donors who keep our programs strong, our students engaged and our faciliti...