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Elmhurst College 2016 Contributors Report

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Letter from President Troy VanAken

4 Honor Roll of Contributors T  he 2016 Contributors Report lists gifts made to the College from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

Elmhurst College Contributors Report 2016

Elmhurst College


2016 Contributors Report

A Message from the President Greetings from Elmhurst College! My family and I officially joined the Elmhurst community on July 1 of this year— and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of a community that supports our students so wholeheartedly. Elmhurst’s annual Contributors Report honors the people and organizations whose generosity is so vital to our success. Thanks to your support, Elmhurst College ranks as one of the top regional colleges in the Midwest. Funding everything from student scholarships to study-abroad opportunities to campus improvements, your gifts help ensure that our students can continue to benefit from the transformational experiences that Elmhurst provides. I am deeply grateful for all that you do to support Elmhurst College. With your help, we will continue to inspire students to reach their full potential in college and in the world beyond. Sincerely,

Troy VanAken, Ph.D. President Elmhurst College


Honor Roll of Contributors July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016

Commitment and Generosity 6

The following Honor Roll of Contributors recognizes members of the Elmhurst College community who are unceasingly generous: alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, staΩ, administrators, volunteers, leaders of corporations, organizations and foundations. It includes gifts made from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. The College is blessed with a loyal and expanding community of donors. Thank you for all you do for the College.

Total Contributions Received July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016

In fiscal year 2016 Elmhurst College raised a total of $2.2 million. Gifts were received from 2,172 alumni and from a wide array of other individuals, corporations, foundations and government entities. EC Loyal Elmhurst College is proud to recognize the members of EC Loyal, the College’s loyalty society. These donors have contributed annually to the College for three or more consecutive years, and we are grateful for their steadfast support.

The Elmhurst College Society $100,000 and above lifetime Individuals Raymond & Sally Allen Rev. Nancy J. Allison Theodore & Virginia Arey ~ Ms. Susan Austin* George Baechtold Mrs. Wanda Bender* Mrs. Glorianna Berger* Ms. Magdalene Berger* Mrs. Patricia* and Mr. Richard* Bergstrom Mr. and Mrs. David R. Bertran ~ Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Margo* Block Rev. Dr. Allen* and Mrs. Phyllis Blume Mr. and Mrs. Kenne P. Bristol ~ Dr. Lester H.* and Dr. Joan L.* Brune Mr. Donald W.* and Mrs. Betty* Buik Dr. George C. Buik Dr. and Mrs. Tyree Carr ~ Mr. and Mrs. William A. Castellano Mrs. Irma Clare* Mrs. Mary L. Corn Rev. Marty Creager Dr. Bryant L. Cureton & Dr. Jeanette Cureton ~ Carl & Mary Dahlgren Ms. Rosalie J. Davis* Mrs. Marcia Day Dr. and Mrs. Paul DeBruine ~ Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delaney ~ Mrs. Gladys N. Denton* Rev. Elmer* and Mrs. Anita Dickbernd Mrs. Goudyloch E. Dyer* Mrs. Jeanette S. Flaningam ~ Mrs. Louise Flynn* Dr. William F.* and Mrs. Joyce M. Fraccaro ~ Mr. Abner* and Mrs. Janet Ganet Ms. Hazel Golightly* Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Goltermann ~ Mr. Charles* and Mrs. Marilyn* Graber Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Gretsch ~ Mrs. Violet Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Herter C.P.A. ~ Miss Merrie Hines* Mr. Louis H. and Mrs. Marion* James Mr. Timothy W. Jans and Mrs. Cynthia Smith-Jans ~ Mrs. Florence* and Mr. Raymond C.* Jonas Mr. Ralph H. Jordan* Mr. David A. Juergens ~ Mrs. Loretta N. Julian ~ Mr. Robert Kieft ~ Mr. Albert and Dr. Kathleen Kircher ~ Mrs. Mary Beth Kolb* Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Koplin ~ Mr. Theodore Kross* Dr. Oliver M. Langhorst* Dr. Eugene & Mrs. Janet* Lerner Ms. Barbara J. Lucks ~

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Lundgren ~ Mrs. Paula J. Madlinger* Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. McLean ~ Mrs. Helen Mellin* Ms. Mildred Meyer* Mrs. Thelma Mielke* Mr. Edward J. Momkus and Ms. Elizabeth Goltermann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Myers Jr. Mr. William L. North* Miss Mary K. Ormsbee* Mr. Lawrence A. Osterberg Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Palmer Dr. Dennis J. Patterson Mr. Harold E.* and Mrs. Marcia Pendexter Mr. and Mrs. John W. Popp Mrs. Virginia Prochaska and Mr. Joseph J. Prochaska ~ Dr. Joy and Mr. Rudolph* Rasin ~ Mr. Frank C.* and Mrs. Marion* Rathje Mrs. Ruth K. Riechmann* Mr. and Mrs. Nat Rosasco Mr. David F. Sampsell and Dr. Martha Sampsell ~ Dr. Jean Sander and Mr. Allen ShaΩer ~ Mr. Rudolf G. Schade Jr. ~ Dr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Shirley* Scott Mrs. Helen B. Shipley* Mr. James T. Shutack* Mr. Alexander Snyder* Rev. Dr. Richard L. Stanger ~ Mr. John* and Mrs. Betty Stastny Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sveen Ms. Eva W. Tameling ~ Mr. and Mrs. John W. Terrill Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Tritt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell ~ Lindley d’Ouville* Mr. John Watson* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wegner ~ Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Weigand ~ Dr. Gary Wilson and Dr. Allison Wilson Dr. John W. Winchester Mrs. Meredith Wollenberg Morrison Organizations ACP Foundation Alben F. Bates & Clara G. Bates Foundation BMO Harris Bank BMO Harris Bank Foundation Chartwells/Levy Chicago Community Trust - C. H. Stoelting Fund Citizen Scholarship Comcast Compass Group (Chartwells) - the Americas Division Consecra Housing Network Decisive Systems Inc. ESRI Inc. Eugene & Janet Lerner Foundation Fifth Third Bank Golden Apple Foundation Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

2016 Contributors Report Jel Sert Company KPMG Foundation Lilly Endowment Inc. Logility Inc. Louis’ Invitational Benefit Golf Outing McGraw Foundation Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin Pro Select USA Raymond J. and Sally J. Allen Charities Ltd. Scholarship America St. Peter’s UCC - Elmhurst Sylvia and William W. Gretsch Memorial Foundation The Coleman Foundation The Inland Real Estate Group The Siragusa Foundation The Wollenberg Foundation USG Foundation Inc. Wight & Company The President’s Society $1,000 and above annually Platinum Circle $10,000 and above annually Individuals Mrs. Amy M. Allen ~ Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Allen ~ Mr. and Mrs. Hasnain Ashrafi ~ Mr. and Mrs. David R. Bertran ~ Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bowers ~ Dr. John W. Brown~ Dr. and Mrs. Tyree Carr ~ Mr. and Mrs. William A. Castellano Dr. Bruce Davis and Mrs. Karen Stanger Davis Mr. and Mrs. Frank Defino Jr. Mrs. Jeanette S. Flaningam ~ Mrs. Joyce M. Fraccaro ~ Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Gretsch ~ Mrs. Violet Hansen~ Mr. Robert Jans and Mrs. Elaine C. Novak-Jans ~ Mr. Timothy W. Jans and Mrs. Cynthia Smith-Jans ~ Mr. David A. Juergens ~ Mrs. Loretta N. Julian ~ Dr. and Dr. Rajeev Khanna ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kloet ~ Mr. William R. Lindsay Ms. Barbara J. Lucks ~ Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Lundgren ~ Mr. David W. Martin ~ Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. McLean ~ Mr. Edward J. Momkus and Ms. Elizabeth Goltermann ~ Mr. and Mrs. David W. Nelson Mr. Barclay Nelson Dr. Dennis J. Patterson Mr. Eugene* and Mrs. Ginny* Pomerance Mrs. Virginia Prochaska and Mr. Joseph J. Prochaska ~ Mr. David F. Sampsell and Dr. Martha Sampsell ~ Dr. Jean E. Sander and Mr. Allen ShaΩer ~ *deceased ~EC Loyal member

Dr. Sharon M. Shipinski and Mr. Steven P. Karr Ms. Barbara A. B. Smith Mr. Edwin E. Sprandel ~ Rev. Dr. Richard L. Stanger ~ Ms. Eva W. Tameling ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell ~ Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Weigand ~ Organizations Alben F. Bates & Clara G. Bates Foundation Associated Colleges of Illinois AT&T Axion RMS LTD BMO Harris Bank Foundation Chicago Community Trust - C. H. Stoelting Fund Compass Group (Chartwells) - the Americas Division Council of Independent Colleges Educational Assistance Ltd. Fifth Third Bank Florida State University Research Foundation Inc Harold and Eleanor Hoopman Foundation Illinois Board of Higher Education Louis’ Invitational Benefit Golf Outing Momkus McCluskey LLC Raymond J. and Sally J. Allen Charities Ltd. Sam and Mary Palumbo Family Foundation Sylvia and William W. Gretsch Memorial Foundation The Inland Real Estate Group The Siragusa Foundation Tukaiz LLC Gold Circle $5,000 to $9,999 annually Individuals Dr. Richard H.* and Mrs. Ruth A. Blankshain* Mr. and Mrs. James B. Bolin ~ Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. Braskamp ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenne P. Bristol ~ Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey Curran ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Dabrowski ~ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dauderman ~ Mr. and Mrs. Steven O. Gardner ~ Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Gignilliat Mr. and Mrs. William J. Goldsborough ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Goltermann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Green ~ Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Herter C.P.A ~ Mrs. Sharon Kane and Mr. Alan S. Kane Mr. Albert and Dr. Kathleen Kircher ~ Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Koplin ~ Mrs. Charlene F. Kovarik ~ Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Kromholz ~ Mrs. Nancy J. Mayer ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McGuinness Jr. ~ Mr. Lamell J. McMorris

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Morton ~ Ms. Dorothy J. Ogilvy-Lee ~ Dr. Judith A. Paice Ph.D., R.N. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Pechanio ~ Dr. John E. Sallstrom ~ Mr. Mark Wight and Ms. Eszter Borvendeg ~ Mr. and Mrs. James S. Yerbic ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. York ~ Organizations Elmhurst Children’s Assistance Foundation Franczek Radelet P.C. Hill Mechanical Corp. Hyslop Shannon Foundation Ice Miller LLP Jephson Educational Trust #1 Lilly Endowment Inc. Springhill Suites by Marriott WDCB Public Radio 90.9FM Wight & Company Silver Circle $2,500 to $4,999 annually Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Sergio E. Acosta Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Bade ~ The Honorable William J. Bauer and The Honorable Patricia Spratt Bauer ~ Mr. and Mrs. David R. Beering Rev. Dr. Richard W. Brandon and Mrs. Ellen Brandon ~ Mrs. Deborah Cunningham~ Ms. Patricia K. Denman ~ Dr. Cathy C. Doucette and Mr. Perry Doucette ~ Mrs. Cheryl Glasgow and Dr. Louis Glasgow ~ Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Grabenhofer ~ Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Graber ~ Mr. Robert F. Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Hershey Mr. Robert J. Hyde and Mrs. Laura L. Hyde ~ Dr. and Mrs. James Kulich ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lindemann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Marinaccio ~ Mr. Reuben H. Metreger ~ Dr. and Mrs. Nishad Nadkarni ~ Dr. William A. Nelson and Dr. Paula P. Schnurr ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Obermann Dr. William F. Panici~ Dr. Susan J. Rose and Mr. Robert Rose~ Mrs. Carol J. Rotgers ~ Mr. Rudolf G. Schade Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Schwartz ~ Mr. and Mrs. William Sir ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stanger ~ Mr. Ronald E. Stone ~ Ms. Susan Swords SteΩen and Mr. Joseph L. SteΩen ~ Dr. Alzada J. Tipton and Dr. W. Gregory Harman ~ Mrs. Gwendolyn Tveter ~ Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Wagner ~

Mr. and Mrs. Adam D. Warner ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wegner ~ Mr. Charlie Wollensak ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zintl ~ Organizations Champion Container Corporation Chicago Marble Company City of Elmhurst Ecolab Foundation Elmhurst Jaycees Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity Jel Sert Company Lake County Press Marsh & McLennan Companies Patten Industries Project Control Inc. Schwartz Foundation The Teagle Foundation Inc. Walgreens Co. Bronze Circle $1,000 to $2,499 annually Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Gary Achepohl ~ Dr. and Mrs. John H. Aikens Dr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Albert ~ Rev. Nancy J. Allison~ Mr. William R. Anderson ~ Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Anderson ~ Rev. and Mrs. Robert G. Anderson~ Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Arey ~ Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Arnold ~ Mr. Michael L. Bailey and Mrs. Beth A. Bailey ~ Mrs. Dawn Baker ~ Mr. Richard W. Bardet~ Dr. Carolyn L. Barth ~ Mr. and Mrs. William B. Batte Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Beach ~ Mr. and Mrs. Julius W. Becton iii ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Bentz Mr. and Mrs. James L. Benzin~ Mr. Harold E. Berg ~ Mr. and Mrs. George N. Bergstrom ~ Mr. and Mrs. Korey Bollnow Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Bosworth ~ Mrs. Kathleen P. Bridgeland ~ Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brizzolara Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Brueseke ~ Ms. Christine M. Buik Mrs. Janet A. Canaday ~ Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Carbonara ~ Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Carroll ~ Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cashman ~ Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chambers iii ~ Mr. Howard B. Christensen ~ Ms. Christina I. Collins ~ Dr. Bryant L. Cureton and Dr. Jeanette Cureton ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kent T. Dahlgren Ms. Diane L. Dahlmann ~ Mrs. Ruth M. Dalenberg and Mr. Roy Dalenberg ~ Dr. and Mrs. Paul DeBruine ~ Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. DeSimone ~ Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. DiCianni iii

Dr. LuEllen Doty and Mr. Timothy Johnson ~ Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DuΩy Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Durnil ~ Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ehlmann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ehrenberger ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Ellerbrake ~ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Emmick ~ Mrs. Carolyn A. Eudy Wolf ~ Dr. Janice Fodor and Mr. Michael Fodor ~ Ms. Cynthia M. Fogg ~ Mr. and Mrs. Harold Francisco ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Frank ~ Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Fricke ~ Dr. Marjorie Goodban and Mr. Nicholas Goodban Mrs. Loretta Gottshall ~ Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Griffin Mrs. Arlene Groen ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Guise ~ Dr. Grace and Mr. Robert Haskins ~ Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. HoΩman ~ Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Holzkamper Mr. Dennis Hotle and Rev. Ruth Hotle ~ Mr. and Mrs. Chris Howes ~ Dr. Jacquelyne Hulslander and Mr. Gale Hulslander ~ Dr. and Mrs. John B. JeΩrey ~ Mr. Steven W. Jemison and Ms. Phyllis L. McCallum ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ernst R. Jolas ~ Mr. and Mrs. Karl Jurkonis Mr. Robert Kieft ~ Mr. Ronald F. Koeppl* Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon M. Konow ~ Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kreichelt ~ Mrs. Beverley A. Krohn and Mr. Paul W. Krohn ~ Rev. Richard Kroll ~ Dr. and Mrs. Wallace Lagerwey Dr. George H. Langeler ~ Mr. and Mrs. J. CliΩord Lenahan Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Litzsinger ~ Ms. Marie L. Lorden ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Love ~ Mr. Charles Luner ~ Mrs. Sharon L. Lyn Dr. Jean E. Lytle ~ Mr. and Mrs. Peter Maitland~ Mr. Randall S. Mariani Ms. Paige E. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Mather ~ Mr. Kenneth G. McGuire Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Meyer ~ Ms. Karen A. Miller ~ Mr. Robert L. Mills ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John C. Modschiedler ~ Rev. George S. Munroe Mrs. Judith A. Murdock Rev. Dr. Robert D. Mutton ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nogaj ~ Dr. Tony Noice and Dr. Helga Noice ~


Elmhurst College


Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Nottelmann ~ Dr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Ostrin ~ Mrs. Georgene R. Patten ~ Mr. and Mrs. James F. Paulsen ~ Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pecoul Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Barrett F. Pedersen Mrs. Marcia Pendexter~ Mr. and Mrs. CliΩord G. Pensyl ~ Ms. Lois M. Quickel ~ Mr. John R. Quigley ~ Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rasche Dr. Joy Rasin ~ Dr. and Mrs. S. Alan Ray ~ Rev. Donald A. Riemer Mrs. Rosalie Rouse ~ Dr. Michael P. Savage ~ Mr. and Mrs. Omar D. Sawlani ~ Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Scherer Dr. Harold W. Schmalfeld ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Peter Schmiechen ~ Mrs. Lois Schousen Ms. Mary Ann Schroeder ~ Mrs. Esther Schultz ~ Dr. Thomas R. Scott~ Ms. Audrey Seifried ~ Dr. and Mrs. Ted P. Sheldon ~ Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Siegel Mr. Robert A. Siever ~ Dr. J. David Small ~ Mr. and Mrs. Del Southern ~ Rev. and Mrs. Don A. Stahlhut ~ Ms. Lori C. Steiner and Mr. Curt Steiner Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Stelter ~ Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Stolz ~ Dr. Marjorie Strobel ~ Dr. Eileen G. Sullivan ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Swank ~ Dr. and Mrs. Loren J. Tiede ~ Mr. Edward J. Tiedemann and Mrs. Marian Tiedemann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Tompos ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Topel Dr. Himeo Tsumori~ Rev. Robert O. Ullman and Dr. Julie R. Ullman ~ Mrs. Darlene K. Van Meir ~ Mr. Charles R. Van Slyke and Ms. Lucinda Wellwood-Burke ~ President Troy VanAken, Ph.D. and Dr. Annette VanAken Mrs. Barbara Vandergrift ~ Mr. Brandon G. Violette Mr. Daniel L. Wallace Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Weber ~ Dr. Charles Weigel Jr. ~ Dr. Gary and Dr. Allison Wilson Mr. Andrew J. Wolf ~ Mr. Gregory T. Zielinski Rev. and Mrs. Carl Zimmerman~ Organizations BKD, LLP Celebrity Cruises Chartwells - EC Food Service Congregational United Church of Christ DANSR Inc. DiCianni Graphics DuPage Cycling Foundation

Elmhurst Lions Club First Church of Lombard United Church of Christ Green T Marketing Inc. Hire-Nelson Company Inc. Illinois Conference UCC Iron Oaks Farm James McHugh Construction Co. JPMorgan Chase Foundation K&M Printing Lincoln Property Company Northwestern Mutual Foundation - Matching Gifts Program Rotary Club of Elmhurst State Farm Companies Foundation The Ellen Marks Cancer Foundation The RJN Foundation Turkey Trot Foundation, NFP VIP Valet Services Inc. 1871 Circle $500 to $999 annually Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Alan Adams ~ Mr. and Mrs. Seiji Aizawa ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Arnold Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Nick J. Avgerinos ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bailey Mr. Bradley L. Bainter ~ Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bass Jr. ~ Mr. JeΩrey L. Benzin ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bizer ~ Mr. Leo Boughton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Bronson ~ Mr. and Mrs. David V. Brueggen ~ Dr. Walter E. Burdick ~ Dr. and Mrs. Lester Caltvedt ~ Mrs. Joyce Carey ~ Dr. Cheri S. Carrico ~ Mr. and Mrs. Jesus A. Casas ~ Mrs. Lesley A. Christian Ms. Sharon Connor Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cox ~ Dr. and Mrs. William J. Dawson~ Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delaney ~ Mr. and Mrs. William G. Doan ~ Mr. Gary R. Dobson Mrs. Audrey K. Draeger ~ Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Earley ~ Rev. Jean Eyrich Pennell and Rev. G. Michael Pennell ~ Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Falk ~ Mrs. Susan Farm-Heumann and Mr. Glenn T. Heumann ~ Mr. Patrick J. Ferreri Mr. and Mrs. James D. Finucane ~ Mr. Derrick M. Foreman Mrs. Diane C. Foster-Montero* Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Goehl ~ Mrs. Irma J. Gorman Mr. Erik M. Gutekunst Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Hanz Rev. Roberta Hargleroad ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Havel ~ Rev. Jane Hawkins and Dr. Robert Hawkins ~ Mr. and Mrs. John Heakin ~ Mr. and Mrs. Dale Henderson~ Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Hodge ~ Rev. David D. Hoefer Ms. Gail M. Hoopes

Ms. Arianna Huffington Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Idaszak Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Immenga ~ Mr. Daniel J. Jares ~ Mr. David J. Jensen~ Dr. Dean Jensen~ Dr. and Mrs. John Jevitz Dr. and Mrs. Jon Johnson Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey W. Kastel Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey Kedrowski ~ Mr. and Mrs. Gene Killian ~ Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. King ~ Ambassador and Mrs. Jacques Paul Klein ~ Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kliche ~ Mr. Jerome B. Klose ~ Ms. Cheryl Knapp ~ Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Kraft ~ Mr. Ronald J. Kreimeyer ~ Mr. Alan D. Kupfer Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Landwehr Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lenz ~ Dr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Lerud ~ Mrs. Elaine Libovicz ~ Mr. David F. Livingston Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. LoCicero Mr. Roger L. Low Mr. Daniel A. Luessenhop ~ Ms. Charlois Lumpkin ~ Dr. Russell L. Malchow and Dr. Pamela C. Burnley ~ Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Sue* Marks~ Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Martin Ms. Patricia A. Martin and Mr. David Schmidgall ~ Rev. H. Scott Matheney ~ Dr. Gail A. Mattox and Mr. James McCoy Ms. Maureen S. McGrath and Mr. David G. Simmons ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Melnick ~ Mrs. Shirley Meyer* ~ Rev. and Mrs. Gary L. Miller~ Mrs. Patricia H. Mills ~ Rev. Warren M. Mueller* Mr. and Mrs. William M. Negley ~ Mr. Patrick Olson Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ophardt ~ Mr. James Patchett Mr. David H. Patterson ~ Mr. Mark D. Perkins ~ Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Plefka Ms. Janice Pohl ~ Mr. Darrell A. Raber ~ Mr. John D. Rathje ~ Ms. Gina V. Ratini and Mr. Brian Best Mr. David A. Rebnord ~ Rev. Wallace Reifsteck* and Mrs. Tonita Reifsteck ~ Dr. Timothy H. Ricordati and Dr. Dawn Ricordati ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Sanfilippo ~ Mr. and Mrs. S. James Sasseman ~ Ms. Ruth E. Schoening~ Rev. and Mrs. John F. Schroeder ~ Mr. Ron Schwarz Mr. and Mrs. George J. Sotos ~

Drs. Joel and Carey Southern ~ Mr. Rodney G. Stewart Mrs. Nicole M. Stork Ms. Abigail Terradista Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ulrich Jr. ~ Mr. Dennis Vovos Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Walstrom Mr. Andrew A. Walter Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Whistler ~ Dr. John J. White ~ Rev. and Mrs. Orval L. E. Willimann Dr. Gary and Mrs. Janet Willis~ Ms. Barbara Wittersheim ~ Mrs. Susan C. Yankee Mr. Robert H. Youngren Rev. Arthur D. Zillgitt ~ Organizations AGL Resources Amish Custom Cabinets Annie LeGere Foundation Inc Axiall Corporation BSN Sports Crowe Horwath LLP Deluxe Distance Productions LLC Dober Chemical Corporation Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa Elmhurst Garden Club Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee ExxonMobil Foundation - Matching Gifts Programs Fairpointe Capitol LLC GJTA Enterprises Inc. Grand Apps LLC Illinois Tool Works Foundation Jevitz Chiropractic K & T Colors Inc. Local Union 701 IBEW Mulherin, Rehfeldt, Varchetto PC Northwestern Mutual Potbelly Ridgestone Bank Sugar Creek Golf Course U.S. Bancorp Foundation U.S. Healthworks United Church of Christ Local Church Ministries Vanguard Charitable Verizon Foundation Wisconsin Conference-UCC Witt/KieΩer/Ford/Hadelman/ Lloyd Founders Circle $250 to $499 annually Individuals Ms. Cathy S. Anderson-Berry and Mr. Robert Berry Mrs. Betty A. Barclay ~ Mr. and Mrs. John Bayer ~ Rev. Dr. Gene A. Becker ~ Mr. and Mrs. James Bellandi Mr. and Mrs. John J. Benjamin ~ Ms. Judy M. Betz ~ Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Bilen ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Bizer ~ Mr. and Mrs. Jay F. Blunt ~ Rev. and Mrs. Erwin R. Bode ~ Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Bondi

Mr. and Mrs. John G. C. Born ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bottoms ~ Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Brennan ~ Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bresnahan ~ Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Buchman ~ Ms. Mary E. Bullock ~ Ms. Esther V. Bullock ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burger ~ Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Burianek ~ Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burzynski Jr. ~ Mr. Michael C. Calcagno Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Campbell ~ Mr. Charles T. Canfield and Ms. Petyana Skorupska Mr. and Mrs. Allan A. Cassidy ~ Mr. and Mrs. William A. Chittenden iii Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Clarin ~ Ms. Margaret L. Cline Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cockrell ~ Mr. Louis J. Colvis Jr. Mr. Russell C. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. David B. Cullum ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Cunningham ~ Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Daniels ~ Ms. Nancy Danielson ~ Mr. Richard P. DeBruin ~ Mr. R. Lawrence DeRoo and Dr. Patricia Kokotailo ~ Mr. and Mrs. Craig DeVries ~ Mr. and Mrs. David Di Tomasso ~ Rev. David E. Dickbernd Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Donawa Ms. Stephanie Downen ~ Mr. O. Randall Driver Mr. Seth M. Durbin Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Durrett ~ Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Eberhart ~ Mrs. Ruth A. Edwards Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Ellersieck ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fanning ~ Ms. Lisa C. Fisher Mr. James J. Fitzgerald ~ Mr. and Ms. Terry Fitzharris ~ Mr. Brendan Fitzharris ~ Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Frandsen Ms. Nancy Galambush ~ Mr. Robert J. Galgan Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Steven Garnett Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gass ~ Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gillies Mr. Robert Gilmore and Mrs. Augustine Gilmore Mr. Henrique Giordano-Boscolo ~ Mrs. Elizabeth Goodwin ~ Mr. Richard T. Graham ~ Rev. and Mrs. Richard D. Grobe ~ Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Gunderson Rev. and Mrs. A. Chandler Hadley ~ Mr. Erik L. Hagen Rev. Glen A. Halbe and Mrs. Beverly S. Halbe ~ Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hallberg

2016 Contributors Report Ms. Betsy Hanisch and Mr. Thomas Sawyer Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Happel ~ Dr. Mark Harbold ~ Dr. and Mrs. John E. Hatmaker ~ Mr. Allan Hedeman and Mrs. Carol Hedeman ~ Dr. and Mrs. James J. Helm ~ Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Henderson Mrs. Jane-Marie Henke and Mr. Mark E. Henke Rev. and Mrs. Kristopher S. Hewitt ~ Ms. Lynn Hill ~ Mrs. Sally D. HoΩman ~ Mrs. Betty J. Horn Mr. John L. Hutchinson ~ Dr. Victoria L. Jay and Mr. JeΩ Jay ~ Mrs. Betty Joens ~ Mrs. Patricia Johnson Roulhac Mrs. Denise P. Jones and Mr. John P. Jones ~ Mr. and Mrs. Recep E. Kandemir Mr. Bradley S. Karp Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kasper ~ Mr. Terry Kiolbassa ~ Rev. and Mrs. Erwin R. Koch ~ Dr. and Mrs. John A. Koelling ~ Rev. Donald F. Kolkmeier Mrs. Eileen Koob ~ Mr. and Mrs. George Kouba ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Kroehler ~ Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kurmann ~ Ms. Diane L. Kurtz ~ Mr. Richard A. Lambrecht ~ Mr. Allan Lammers Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lesiak Mr. Brian A. Lindemann ~ Dr. and Mrs. E. Patrick Lira ~ Mr. Hugo A. Lorenz ~ Dr. Eugene N. Losey and Ms. Sally Ott ~ Mrs. Irene M. Lueck ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Luken ~ Mr. and Mrs. John J. MacBride ~ Mrs. Cynthia C. MacMillan Ms. Linda S. Main Mr. Khursheed A. Mallick Mr. and Mrs. Guy Maniscalo Jr. Mrs. Beatrice A. Marchese Mr. and Mrs. Francisco J. Mari Mrs. Gertrude Martin ~ Mrs. Ruth Martin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Mazzenga Ms. Lisa M. McAleer ~ Rev. and Mrs. David B. McCurdy ~ Mr. Dennis McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Sam McReynolds Ms. Jill Y. McWilliams ~ Mr. and Mrs. William S. Mellish Jr. ~ Mrs. Barbara J. Mengarelli ~ Mr. Aaron J. Michelfelder ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Miller Mr. William L. Mrazek Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Murphy ~ Rev. and Mrs. William L. Nagy ~ Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Nero Dr. Steven P. Nestler Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey M. Novak ~ *deceased ~EC Loyal member

Ms. Barbara Nussmann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. O’Kelly ~ Rev. John Oliphant and Dr. Catherine Oliphant ~ Mrs. Marita Olson Mr. Donald J. Orfei Jr. Mrs. Elaine F. Page ~ Ms. Sarah A. Palandri ~ Mr. and Mrs. Dominic F. Palandri Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Tim Palumbo ~ Ms. Nancy Payne Mr. James W. Peters Ms. Paula A. Pforzheimer and Mr. Harry Pforzheimer Mrs. Jean Pinch ~ Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Plagge Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Pleimling Mr. Louis G. Pobo ~ Ms. Debbie Porter Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Puchalski ~ Ms. Joan C. Puls Mrs. Ruth Pusich ~ Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Quesada Carl E. and Marsha Ramey Ms. Sara B. Ramseth ~ Mr. Paul Ranieri Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Reed ~ Mr. and Mrs. Leo Reedy ~ Ms. Karin L. Rettger ~ Mr. Armando D. Rodriguez Mr. Joshua D. Rupprecht Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sanidas Pastor John E. Saxton Mr. and Mrs. James Scales Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Scalet ~ Mr. William Schaefer Rev. and Mrs. Arlan E. Schlundt ~ Mrs. Joan Schmiege ~ Mr. Lewis M. Schneider ~ Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Schram ~ Ms. Isabelle G. Schreiber ~ Mr. Eric A. Schreiner Mr. Nicholas J. Schroeck ~ Mrs. Dorothea Schuch ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jon C. Schultz ~ Rev. Ralph D. Schultz and Ms. Cynthia J. Pike ~ Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Schwartz ~ Rev. Gordon A. SeiΩertt ~ Ms. Linda M. Selvik ~ Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sender ~ Ms. Vanessa Shallenberger ~ Mr. George Shutack ~ Ms. Bonnie G. Simmons ~ Mrs. Florence M. Simonson~ Mr. and Mrs. Junie Sinson Dr. Lance K. Skinkys Mr. and Mrs. Doug Skinner Mr. Albert L. Smigielski ~ Mr. Gary J. Smith ~ Mrs. Caroline W. Smith ~ Dr. Eva D. Smith Ph.D., R.N. ~ Mr. Ralph H. Sprandel ~ Ms. Vera Starczak-Kincaid ~ Mrs. Jeanette L. Storck Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Stratemeyer ~ Rev. Mark M. Strothmann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Sullivan

Dr. Deatra H. Sullivan-Morgan and Mr. Wayne M. Morgan ~ Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Tennihill Ms. Nancy Tepas ~ Mr. Paul Teppema ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Thompson ~ Mr. and Mrs. J. Craig Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tibbs ~ Rev. and Mrs. James C. Tschudy ~ Ms. Laura C. Ullman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Urban Mr. and Mrs. Araldo Valgiusti Mr. Royal Van Aken Mr. Daniel S. Vicari Mrs. Virginia A. Ward ~ Dr. John F. Watkins ~ Mr. and Mrs. David Weber ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Wellman Dr. Mary E. Weyer and Mr. Thomas J. Weyer ~ Rev. and Mrs. Arthur H. Wille ~ Mr. and Mrs. John Williams ~ Mr. Robert T. Williams ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wolford ~ Mr. Steve Woltmann ~ Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yencho Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Karl P. Zerfoss ~ Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Zillner ~ Organizations A and J Concrete Abbott Fund Matching Grant Plan Arthur Gallagher & Co. Bloomingdale Golf Club David King & Associates Inc. Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce & Industry Elmhurst Olympic Service Corp. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Fitz’s Pub Godoy Olivieri LTD Holiday Inn Oakbrook Hughes Resources Inland Bank and Trust Itasca Bank & Trust Co. John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Lamers Bus Lines Inc. Larry Roesch Chrysler Jeep Dodge Lee Daniels & Associates Mehta Motors Music & Arts Oak Brook Hills Odeum - Sports & Expo Center Odyssey Transportation LLC Pan American Bank Pearson Education Petrak Family Chiropractic Raise-Rite Concrete Lifting Ricke Realty, LLC Schwab Charitable Fund St. John’s UCC Brotherhood The Cary Company Walk Chicago Tours

Century Circle $100 to $249 annually Individuals Mrs. Susanne Abbott Ms. Cynthia A. Abell Mr. and Mrs. John Adams ~ Dr. Cary A. Adams ~ Rev. Dr. Carol C. Adams and Dr. Daniel Adams ~ Mr. Michael E. Adorjan ~ Julie and Vahan Agbabian Ms. Mary J. Agbabian Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ahlgrim ~ Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. Ahrendt Ms. Deborah K. Ahrens ~ Rev. and Mrs. Marvin Albright ~ Mrs. Florence E. Aldred Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Alford Mr. Murtuza A. Ali Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. John W. Almlof ~ Ms. Elizabeth U. Ambrogi ~ Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ames Ms. Amanda S. Andersen Ms. Deanna L. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Anderson Ms. Stacy S. Anderson ~ Dr. Susan Anderson-Nelson and Dr. JeΩ Nelson Mr. and Mrs. John N. Anos Mrs. Rachelle Artelt Mr. and Mrs. Lee Asher Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Atayde ~ Mr. and Mrs. Greg Athas ~ Mr. Patrick S. Austin ~ Ms. Nancy Baldwin Mrs. Katherine Balek ~ Mr. and Mrs. John Bank Mr. Dennis Barak Mr. Mark J. Baran and Mrs. Lauren M. Baran Mrs. Carroll E. Barkow Mr. and Mrs. James K. Barnes ~ Mr. Christopher M. Bart ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bartels ~ Mrs. Bonny R. Bartelt ~ Rev. Carol A. Barth ~ Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Baubly M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Bauer ~ Rev. Donald E. Baumann Mr. John A. Beck ~ Mr. John Becktold Mr. and Mrs. Steven Becvar ~ Mr. and Mrs. Cal Beisswanger Mr. Joseph E. Benson ~ Ms. Carol T. Benson and Mr. Donald R. HaΩner Mrs. Janet Bermann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bewie Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Mark Beyer Ms. Valerie M. Bianco Ms. Taylor M. Bieschke Mr. Ryan F. Bindon Ms. Marilyn E. Bishop ~ Rev. Donald P. Bizer ~ Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bjerga ~ Mrs. Patricia Black and Mr. Wilford D. Black ~ Mr. Brett A. Blair ~ Ms. Joyce D. Blau ~ Mr. and Mrs. William J. Blinstrub ~ Mrs. Cynthia J. Block

Mr. Chris E. Bobowski ~ Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bode ~ Mr. and Mrs. John R. Boland ~ Mrs. Carol A. Boland and Mr. Stephen F. Boland ~ Ms. Barbara J. Bostelmann ~ Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bowling Rev. Erla Faye Boyle ~ Dr. Jennifer R. Boyle Mr. Jack A. Branding ~ Mr. Vernon H. Branneky ~ Ms. Caryn Brasseur Ms. Laura M. Bravos Mr. and Mrs. Edward Breen Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Brhel Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Bridges Rev. and Mrs. Edgar Briggeman Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Brinkmeier Esq. ~ Mrs. Mary Kay Bristol Mrs. Lygia Brock Mr. and Mrs. John Brock Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Brogan Mr. Donald E. Broman Jr. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Brow ~ Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann ~ Rev. and Rev. Richard S. Brueseke Mr. Karl Bruhn Ms. Rebecca H. Brzeczek Mrs. Judith E. Buchheit ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald Buckthal ~ Mrs. Carol J. Buechin ~ Mr. Charles K. Buehler ~ Miss Kathleen A. Buenik ~ Dr. Arthur L. Buikema and Mrs. Alison Galway ~ Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bumsted Mr. and Mrs. David R. Burda ~ Dr. Linda E. Burke and Dr. Allan M. Burke Mrs. Suzanne Burkhardt ~ Mr. and Mrs. David Burnison Mr. Kenneth S. Busby and Mrs. Dorothy Busby ~ Ms. Loreen A. Bush ~ Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cabay ~ Ms. Lisa M. Cadotte Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cahill ~ Mr. and Mrs. John M. Caluwaert Mr. Armando Campos ~ Mr. Gregory M. Cannella ~ Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Cap Ms. Tara L. Cappelletti Jordan and Mr. Zachary Jordan Mrs. Mary Carbello ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Carlson ~ Dr. Nancy E. Carpenter Ph.D. Ms. Irene Carr ~ Ms. Tethnie A. Carrillo Mrs. Phyllis Carroll Ms. Marsha Carter ~ Mrs. Sandra A. Casey ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ward H. Casper ~ Mr. Sean M. Cassidy ~ Ms. Marion D. Chalmers ~ Ms. Cathleen M. Chapek Mrs. Ruth M. Chapek ~ Ms. Desiree Chen-Menichini ~ Dr. George Chipain* and Mrs. Joyce Chipain ~ Mr. Patrick Christensen


Elmhurst College


Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Christiansen ~ Mr. and Mrs. Edward Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Ciampanelli ~ Lex Cister Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clancy ~ Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Clarke Ms. Courtney L. Classen Ms. Marion A. Clauss Ms. Mari Clauss Acculto Mr. Garrett A. Claxon Mr. Richard W. Cluever Mrs. Joanne B. Cody Mr. Earl L. Collignon ~ Mr. Stephen D. Combs Mr. and Mrs. Casey Conaghan Mr. and Mrs. Mike Condon ~ Mr. Joseph Coniglio Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Conroy ~ Mr. Marco Conte Dr. and Mrs. Adrian M. Cordoba ~ Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. Courington ~ Mrs. Bonnie S. Cowie and Mr. Donald J. Cowie ~ Mrs. and Mr. Laura L. Cox Mrs. Mary B. Cox and Mr. Daniel T. Cox ~ Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Cross Mr. William Cruz Mrs. Polly Cumby Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cunningham ~ Dr. Donna B. Curin Mr. David V. Dalesandro Mr. Steven A. Daniels Mrs. Ruth Ann Dannehy Mr. Greg A. Dantona Mr. Philip W. Darling ~ Mr. Kevin P. Davey and Ms. MaryKate E. Rand ~ Dr. Cathy N. Davidson Mrs. Elizabeth M. Davis Mr. David Davis Mr. Larry V. DeChamps ~ Mrs. Nancy Decker Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeFeo Mrs. Catherine A. DelCarlo Mr. Kyle R. DeMus Mr. Tyler D. DeMus Ms. NiCole J. Denofrio Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Derby ~ Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Dessem ~ Mr. and Mrs. George M. Deuser ~ Ms. Cynthia Devereaux Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Devine Mrs. June E. Dewsberry ~ Ms. Colleen A. Dhamer Mr. John Di Tomasso Ms. Karen E. Diamond and Mr. William G. Lefurgy ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dickerhofe ~ Mr. Anthony A. Dieckmann Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Dietz~ Rev. and Mrs. Richard Disseler Sr. ~ Mr. Kurt Ditzler Mr. Rich Doetschman Rev. and Mrs. Robert P. Doner ~ Ms. Therese M. Dorigan Dr. Mary A. Dressel ~ Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dreusicke

Ms. Elizabeth Dudek Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Jennifer L. DuFore ~ Mrs. Maribell DuFour and Mr. Edward DuFour Dr. Mark A. Duntley and Mrs. Melinda Smith Mr. John E. Dvorak ~ Ms. Sandee Dwire ~ Mr. Edward A. Earl ~ Mr. and Mrs. James Eboli Mrs. Susan J. Eckhart and Mr. Andrew Eckhart ~ Mr. Jordan J. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Egbert ~ Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Ehlers ~ Mr. Bernard H. Ehrlich Rev. William J. Eilers Rev. and Mrs. Robert S. Elkin ~ Mrs. Margo Elzeini ~ Mr. and Mrs. Roman S. Emde ~ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Engelsdorfer ~ Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Erlain Mrs. Nancy Ernst Mr. Rogelio L. Espino Jr. Mr. Theodore C. Essebaggers ~ Rev. and Mrs. Ralph C. Faisst ~ Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fay ~ Ms. Jeanne M. Fehr Mrs. Mary Konrad-Feller Mrs. Dorothy M. Felson Mr. and Mrs. Allan Fenske ~ Mr. and Mrs. James Fergle Mrs. Patricia Ferraro ~ Mrs. Margaret M. Filec ~ Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Finerman Mr. Sean J. Finn Rev. Martha T. Fischer Mr. Paul E. Flood iii Miss Deborah A. Fogg ~ Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Foote ~ Mrs. Susan S. Ford and Mr. Richard E. Ford ~ Ms. Beverly A. Ford ~ Mr. Charles Forster and Mrs. Jean C. Forster ~ Rev. Dr. Joseph Fraccaro Mr. and Mrs. Scott Friedman Ms. Esther E. Frohne ~ Rev. and Mrs. Victor M. Frohne ~ Rev. and Mrs. Edwin J. Fromm ~ Ms. Lauren K. Gall Ms. Nora M. Gallagher ~ Ms. Alison W. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Gardner ~ Ms. Kathleen M. Garvey Ms. Jody A. Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gay Ms. Patricia Gherardini ~ Mrs. Regina M. Gibbons ~ Mrs. Janet Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Gilroy Mrs. Margaret Glass ~ Mrs. Pauline Gliessman Mr. and Mrs. Armando Godinez ~ Mr. Steven J. Golden ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Goldsborough ~ Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Goldsmith ~ Mrs. Augusta M. Good

Dr. Brenda K. Gorman ~ Mrs. Denise L. Gornick and Mr. Thomas G. Gornick ~ Mr. and Mrs. David S. Grabacki ~ Mrs. Mary Ann Grady ~ Dr. J. James Graziano ~ Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Green Mr. Kurt C. Green ~ Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Greenslit ~ Mr. and Mrs. William Greenspan Mrs. Mary Gregory Mr. Robert W. Griesmeyer Mr. Rodney Grieve Mrs. Judith A. Griffin Ms. Susan M. Griffin Mr. Glen F. Grimm Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Grobe ~ Rev. David W. Groenemann ~ Mrs. Marcia Grohne ~ Mr. and Mrs. Loren P. Gross ~ Ms. Maria Gross Pollock Ms. Judith Grote ~ Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Guengerich Ph.D. ~ Mr. Chad A. Guimond Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gustafson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Hack ~ Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hackbarth ~ Mr. David B. Hagerbaumer and Mrs. Eileen Bauer-Hagerbaumer Mrs. Angela N. Haggins ~ Mr. E. Michael Hall Ms. Mary Elizabeth Hallman ~ Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hallman Mrs. Barbara A. Halvorsen ~ Mr. John A. Hamby Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hammerl ~ Rev. Grace Hammond ~ Mrs. Barbara Hannafan Ms. Cheryl D. Hansen ~ Ms. Nancy Hanson Ms. Dorothy Hanson Mr. Timothy R. Hargesheimer Mrs. Lois Harris ~ Mrs. Sandy K. Harris-Meadows and Mr. Alvie Meadows Mr. James R. Harsh Mr. and Mrs. T. Rodman Harvey Ms. Susan Hasek Magee Mrs. Joan H. Hatlestad Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hatz~ Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Haupt ~ Miss Carolyn L. Hayes ~ Mrs. Delores Hedeman ~ Ms. Erica L. Hegland ~ Ms. Diane Heininger and Mr. Christopher W. White Mr. Mark L. Heintz and Mrs. Katherine S. Heintz ~ Ms. Pat J. Heringa Mrs. Nanette Herrmann Mr. David R. Hildeman Mr. Erik R. Hodges and Mrs. Lindsay E. Hodges ~ Mr. Timothy Schacker and Ms. Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker Rev. Charlette J. HoΩmann and Mr. Glenn HoΩmann ~ Ms. Judy Hogel Mr. Richard W. Hoglund ~

Rev. Laura J. Hoglund and Rev. William Hoglund ~ Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hoit Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Holland ~ Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Holland ~ Mrs. Melva S. Hood Mr. and Mrs. CliΩord B. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Kim Hopper Rev. and Mrs. Roger Horn ~ Ms. Elizabeth K. Hostetler Ms. Alena G. Houston Mr. and Mrs. Craig Howard ~ Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Howard ~ Mrs. Patricia Huber Mrs. Diana Hudyka Mr. T. Scott Huetson ~ Ms. Christine J. Hunka ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hussey Mr. and Mrs. John C. Huwe Mr. Lawrence R. Illingworth~ Ms. Karen Jackson Mr. and Mrs. George A. Jacobs ~ Dr. Marlene R. Jannusch Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Jansen ~ Mr. Navin S. Javvaji Mrs. Mary L. Jawor Mr. and Mrs. William Jenkins ~ Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Jennrich Rev. Dr. William R. Johnson~ Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Johnson D.D.S. Miss Cornelia Johnson ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Johnson Ms. Patricia S. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Johnson Ms. Vicki L. Johnson ~ Mr. Ralph L. Jones Ms. Suzanne M. Jongleux Mr. Harley F. Jordan ~ Ms. Leatrice Jordan ~ Mr. and Mrs. Laverne R. Joseph Mr. Andrew S. Joseph and Mrs. Deborah S. Gits-Joseph Ms. Louanne C. Jourdan ~ Mrs. Kimberly Jozaitis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jurcazak Ms. Judith Kalkbrenner Moore ~ Rev. and Mrs. Allen Kallenbach ~ Ms. Kristen K. Kalsto ~ Dr. Stella M. Kamanda M.D. Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kaminski ~ Dr. Judith A. Kamper ~ Mrs. Sachiko Kano ~ Mr. Richard Karch Mr. Robert F. Karlicek Jr. Mrs. Nancy Kasten Mr. Jim Katovich ~ Dr. Sarah L. Katula ~ Rev. Lisle J. KauΩman Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Kaupu Mrs. Florence Kawagoye ~ Mrs. Lolita Kehrli ~ Mr. Brock M. Keiper Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kennedy ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Kerr ~ Mrs. Joyce M. Keyes Ms. Samantha S. Kiley ~ Ms. Susan K. King Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kinst Ms. Phyllis M. Klaiber ~

Ms. Lisa Klein ~ Ms. Lisa J. Kleven Mrs. Leona D. Klimek Mr. and Mrs. Brian Klimes Ms. Michelle M. Klinger Mr. and Mrs. William S. Kloepping ~ Mr. John B. Klose ~ Ms. Lisa Klose ~ Ms. Joan E. Knapp and Mr. DeWayne Enyeart ~ Rev. and Mrs. David F. Kniker ~ Dr. Robert C. Koch ~ Judge Paul C. Komada ~ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Korsak Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Koschnitzke ~ Mr. Timothy B. Kou and Ms. Lydia A. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kouba ~ Mrs. Kathryn A. Kramer ~ Mrs. Ardelle Kraus and Mr. Thomas Kraus ~ Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kreager ~ Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Krieger ~ Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Kriston ~ Mr. and Mrs. Milton Krueger ~ Mr. and Mrs. John T. Krug Ms. Cynthia A. Krynicki Mrs. Esther E. Kucera ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Kuczuk ~ Rev. Lyle V. Kuehl ~ Mrs. Margie M. Kuehn Mr. and Mrs. Kurt K. Kunze Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kurth ~ Mr. Matthew T. Kuschert ~ Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kwasniewski Ms. Lois M. LaMar ~ Mrs. Helen M. Lancaster Mrs. Elizabeth Lane Mr. Quentin J. Lang Mr. Robert LaPlaca Mr. Paul S. LaPlaca Mr. John L. Lascody ~ Ms. Maureen Latimer Mr. and Mrs. Ethan B. Lauer ~ Reverend Gary E. Lawler Mrs. Joan Lebold ~ Ms. Joan M. LeClerc ~ Mr. and Mrs. John LeGere Mr. Michael J. Lenardi ~ Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Lengsfeld Mrs. Jane Lennon ~ Ms. Charlotte Lenz Ms. Dorley M. Lerud ~ Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Lescelius ~ Ms. Pearl T. Lewis Mrs. Sheila H. Lewis and Hon. S. Keith Lewis ~ Mr. Robert V. Locke Mr. Walter R. Lojewski and Mrs. Michelle A. Lojewski Ms. Deann Longfellow Ms. Michelle K. Longi Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Longnecker ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Lopossa Rev. Patricia M. Ludwig and Mr. Mark Hewitt ~ Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Luse Mr. Franklin Lyford

2016 Contributors Report Mr. William J. Mackowiak Mr. and Mrs. David H. Madsen ~ Mrs. Catherine Magas Mr. Mark V. Magro Mr. Walter Mah Mrs. Geraldine Main ~ Mr. Philip P. Makotyn Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mancuso Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mangan Mr. Jon-Michael R. Manocchio ~ Ms. Deborah S. Manocchio Mr. and Mrs. John P. James Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marchetti Mrs. Susan E. Marcotte Mr. Anthony G. Marcussen Mr. Stephen E. Marianetti Mr. Bork E. Maronn ~ Mr. Daniel W. Marrs Mr. William H. Marshall Jr. ~ Rev. David H. Martens Rev. Dr. Joan M. Martin, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Martinson ~ Mr. Joseph A. Matrisciano ~ Ms. Laura S. Matthews ~ Mr. and Mrs. John P. Matthews Ms. Karen V. Maurer Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Mayer~ Mr. and Mrs. Sam McAdams ~ Mrs. Linda McAninch Mrs. Gloria McCain ~ Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. McCoy ~ Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. McElheny Ms. Jennifer R. McGinnis ~ Mr. Daniel S. McHale Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McHale ~ Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. McKinniss Mrs. Shirley McMillin Mr. and Mrs. Corey McQuade ~ Ms. Jane Mellon and Mr. Thomas R. Koeppen Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James Mennerick ~ Mr. Sam Menton Dr. and Mrs. Roland B. Mernitz ~ Mr. GeoΩ A. Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Merz Mr. and Mrs. Louis Metcalf Mr. and Mrs. Cyril A. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Pete Mies ~ Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mihajlovich Mr. and Mrs. Dean Milano Mrs. Cynthia M. Miller Rev. and Mrs. Russell F. Miller ~ Ms. Andrea L. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Miller ~ Rev. and Mrs. Matthew Mimlitz ~ Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mitchell Rev. Charles E. Mize and Ms. Jeanine Bond ~ Mr. Jacob W. Mobley Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Mollicone Dr. Gwendolyn Mollison-Douglas ~ Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Moninger Ms. Kerin J. Montgomery ~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Montgomery ~ Ms. Helene M. Moreth ~ Mr. Joseph Salemi and Ms. Sabrina Morton Mrs. Rita Morton ~ *deceased ~EC Loyal member

Mr. Zoltan Morvay* Rev. and Mrs. David S. Moyer ~ Ms. Amy M. Mugnolo ~ Mrs. Sandra C. Mulligan Dr. Mary Kay Mulvaney and Mr. John V. Mulvaney ~ Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Murdock ~ Mrs. Sharon M. Murphy ~ Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mushow ~ Ms. Joyce G. Neal Mr. Timothy A. Nelson ~ Mrs. Patricia Neves ~ Ms. Carol L. Newcomb-Alutto and Mr. Joseph Alutto ~ Mr. Kent A. Newlon ~ Mr. James L. Niblack ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Nichol ~ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Niehaus Mr. Miki Nishimura Mr. Paul Nixon Ms. Alice A. M. Niziolek Mrs. Lillian Nold ~ Mr. and Mrs. Neal R. Nowicki Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Nowicki ~ Mr. Ryan P. Nugent Mr. Peter Nutini Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Obermeyer ~ Rev. and Mrs. Gerald R. O’Connor ~ Ms. Barbara L. Odean Mr. Wallace R. Odean ~ Dr. Mary A. Oesterle ~ Ms. Reva M. Oliverius Mr. and Mrs. Gerry G. Olmsted~ Mr. Philip C. Ols Ms. Alyssa L. Olson Ms. Linda L. Olson Dr. Bridget O’Rourke ~ Ms. Rosanne M. Orsi ~ Mr. John P. Osman Mr. Timothy W. O’Toole ~ Mr. and Mrs. JeΩrey S. Ott Mr. Albert Owen ~ Mr. and Mrs. Will S. Paar Ms. Heather D. Panek Ms. Sue E. Parker ~ Mr. and Mrs. David J. Parr Sr. Mr. Eugene E. Parvin ~ Mr. Steve Passannante Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Paul Sr. ~ Mr. Michael A. Paulo Mr. Dan Pavin Mrs. Marlene R. Peaslee ~ Mr. and Mrs. David Peek ~ Rev. and Mrs. Max H. Pepmeier ~ Mrs. Carlene Perez Mr. and Mrs. Roger Perry Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. David Peterson ~ Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Phillips ~ Ione L. Piche and Jayme M. Piche Ms. Kathleen A. Pike Dunn ~ Ms. Jessica L. Piper Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Plautz Ms. Kelsey L. Plefka ~ Mrs. Marie L. Plester ~ Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Pletcher Mrs. Linda M. Pohlman and Mr. James Pohlman ~

Ms. Carole I. Poltrock ~ Mrs. Wanda F. Poor ~ Mrs. Erica K. Poremba and Mr. Mike Poremba Mr. and Mrs. John A. Porter Mr. Kevin A. Porter Marie and Scott Powell Mrs. Josephine R. Prasil~ Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Prather ~ Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Pugnetti ~ Mr. Eric C. Puzon Mr. Steven R. Quaid ~ Mr. Steven M. Querin-Schultz ~ Mr. and Mrs. Alan Quillin Mr. F. Robert Rakoncay Mr. and Mrs. Rod Randall Ms. Corianne E. Randstrom Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Rarick ~ Dr. Christine E. Rasche Ph.D. ~ Mr. Mark A. Rasmussen Ms. Brenda A. Rathbun Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rathje Mrs. Joyce B. Rawlings and Mr. Michael Rawlings ~ Ms. Janet S. Reed ~ Mr. and Mrs. William Reichert Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Reissenweber Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Reneau ~ Ms. Gail M. Rezabek Ms. Adrien T. Ricci Ms. Laurie M. Rich Salerno and Mr. Anthony J. Salerno ~ Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Richardson ~ Mr. and Mrs. James D. Richmond ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Riess ~ Mr. and Mrs. James Riley Mr. Jon J. Ritt ~ Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Ritter ~ Mrs. Betty Roark ~ Mr. Richard A. Roberts Rev. and Mrs. John Roemer Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Roeseler Mr. David J. Roger Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rogots ~ Mr. and Mrs. John Rohrbaugh Mrs. Lisa M. Romano Mr. Sean B. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Rose ~ Mr. Myron Ross Rev. Charles W. Ross Ms. Sharon K. Rossiter and Mr. Tom Oliva Mrs. Domenica Rossman ~ Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Rostine Ms. Kelly M. Rotolo Mr. Brent F. Ruch Mr. Roger L. Ruhl ~ Mr. and Mrs. David Russell Ms. Shari S. Russell Ms. Patricia A. Rutkiewicz Mr. JeΩrey Ryer ~ Rev. and Mrs. Donald S. Sabbert Mr. Paul W. Sack Mr. and Mrs. John A. Saladino ~ Mrs. Kristina M. Sandrock Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Santarelli ~ Ms. Susan A. Satera Mr. Calvin E. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Sauter ~ Ms. Barbara Savage Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Savino ~

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Joanne Grollmus Bode Patricia Deutsche Bode Ruth Nickelson Dalenberg William J. Dawson Donald R. Durrett Nancy Tuka Ernst Joseph C. Gardner Carole Duchild Hadley Allan Hedeman Mary Champion Hermann Sachiko Donao Kano Lyle V. Kuehl Roger L. Low Nancy Schwarz Lundgren Lynnea Almquist Mayer Kent A. Newlon Gerald R. O’Connor Charles W. Ross Bernice E. Schendel Sharon Straube Schlundt Harold W. Schmalfeld G. Mons Schrantz Rheda Warming Schultz Fred R. Seybold Laverne Rathert Seybold Edna Schmidt Sickbert Ruth Teschke Smith Richard L. Stanger Fred W. Stuckwisch Philip A. Tomlin A. Ruth Baur Willimann Sandra Waltz Young Class of 1959 Paul R. Bewie Gary L. Burianek Charles F. Falk Dorothy Giesebrecht Felson Judith Folgate Grote Carol Kosanke Hedeman Delores Bergdolt Hedeman James J. Helm Joel G. Herter Lawrence R. Illingworth Patricia G. Jones David A. Juergens John M. Lindner Gay Seversike Lindquist Wayne P. Lindquist* John C. Modschiedler Barbara Ehekircher Mueller Darrell A. Raber Kenneth W. Saari Peter Schmiechen Ruth E. Schoening Bruno D. Schroeder Ralph D. Schultz Jon C. Schultz Loretta Hagemann Shaw Robert A. Siever J. David Small Class of 1960 Lawrence E. Becker Linda Huet Bizer Arleen Rappuhn Bower Walter E. Burdick Marcia Andres Burianek Sandra Hoecker Casey Marion D. Chalmers Jill Shirk Cockrell Nancy Cornwell Decker

George M. Deuser Adrienne Michel Doerr Arthur P. Ellersieck Margo Browne Elzeini Suzanne Matesz Fielding Edwin J. Fromm Annemarie Menzel Helm Joan Sawyer Holland Ronald J. Kreimeyer Alan J. Kromholz Geraldine Coleman Main Beatrice Bartolucci Marchese Kenneth R. Marks Eileen SteΩen Negley Ruby Bogert Nixon Nancy Abraham Oelssner Gayle Baker Posegay Gerald L. Ritter Dianne Blagburn Rogots William E. Rumpf Donald S. Sabbert Janet HoΩman Schmiechen Carol Albrecht Schrantz Mary Ann Tomlinson Schroeder Alfred W. Schroeder Gordon A. SeiΩertt Donald Sender Joan Schoewe Stephens Patricia Townsend Norman M. Weber Lyle Weible Ronald W. Westphal Nancy Schoenwolf Zochert Class of 1961 Katherine Nemec Balek James R. Bass Elizabeth Kloepping Birchen Richard W. Brandon Joyce Chum Carey Bruce L. Carlson Earl L. Collignon Marian KleΩman Crane Nancy Behrens Danielson Jacqueline Bummert Darling Joan Stout Falk John Fielding Donald L. Frandsen JoAnn Tomsovic Guise Erik L. Hagen Nancy Klusmeyer Herter Georgia Barnes Jenkins Joyce Burnham Keyes Jacques Paul Klein David F. Kniker Ronald F. Koeppl* Charles P. Kreichelt Richard J. Lammert David H. Martens Wilma Reinwald McCracken Richard E. McCracken William F. Panici Marlene Dettmer Peaslee John A. Pecoul Joan Tschudy Puls Eva Augustin Rumpf Paul W. Sack John E. Sallstrom Judith A. Scheu Charles G. Scheurer Isabelle G. Schreiber Sandra Vintus Schwartz

Elaine Cotsirilos Thomopoulos Donald Zochert Class of 1962 Jean P. Branum Arthur L. Buikema Dorothy Bratton Busby Phillip J. Darling Sharon Ferguson Darter Frank H. Dietz Robert Hammerl Wayne L. HoΩman Henry A. Holzkamper Robert I. Nuernberger Harry L. Petersen* Wanda Eisenhauer Poor Kenneth Press Sarah Bishop Press Rosalie Biljes Rouse Allen H. Schuessler Kay Stinchcomb Schwartz Gordon R. StauΩacher Paul Teppema Jane Macaskill Vaupel Ronald O. Waldschmidt Carol Sexauer Wilken Karen Kraly Zaremba Class of 1963 William R. Anderson Barbara Scheer Barry William B. Batte Jane Radspieler Batte Walter Bellemore Dennis R. Bilen Janet M. Brettmann Judith Gronemeyer Buchheit Barbara Dahl Canady Jean Ditzler Carlson Joseph Deal Sandra Holtman Deal Karen Pantermuehl Dietz Mary A. Dressel John E. Dvorak Donald C. Ehlers Joan Yokel Ellis Theodore C. Essebaggers Beverly Bond Ford Dianne Eddy Frandsen David W. Groenemann Richard P. Hemann Edwin T. Hoefer Norma Haar Johnson Louanne Mueller Jourdan Donald L. Juday Louis L. Kulchytsky Carol Lillard Leamon James W. Leamon Sandra Cone Ludwig Jean LaPorta Luke Richard L. Miller Jacqueline Krieger Miller Karen Spreiter Miller Jack A. Monson Nan Schuldt Morrison Victoria Yothakhparian Parian Ellen Rasche Pecoul Gary A. Phillips Loretta Bush Wittkopp Richard Wohlschlaeger

Class of 1964 Hilde Ambacher Achepohl Richard L. Behringer Fred Berchtold Mary Broadhead Bilen Phoebe Appleton Bormet Erla Faye Sharer Boyle Howard B. Christensen Marcella McLester Dickerhofe Bruce J. Finne Carla Jeanne Bastian Heal Sally D. HoΩman Richard W. Hoglund Dianne Reschke Immenga Albert J. Immenga Martha Fons Jenkins Paul A. Knuti Paul C. Komada Ardelle Klauss Kraus Edward Kurmann Harold G. Landwehr Linda Thompson Measle Ruth Kolze Mennerick James Mennerick Carolynn Ott Miller Robert L. Mills Barbara Nussmann Dorothy Ogilvy Ogilvy-Lee Catherine Preuss Oliphant Thomas Riess Ruth Folk Riess Thomas A. Santarelli Ted P. Sheldon Beverly Stebel Sheldon William Sir Don Taylor Nancy Tepas James C. Tschudy Russell G. Weigand Bonita Bakken Willard Richard L. Wise Kathryn Uthlaut Wohlschlaeger Barbara Tague Zeller Class of 1965 Nancy J. Allison John A. Beck Ruth Juengling Beck Lois Helm Beeman Kelvin C. Boyle Edgar Briggeman Harold E. Brueseke Roberta Brodt Dauderman David E. Dickbernd Jean Johnson Dlugokienski Patricia Stock Eggert Donna Wartenbe Eime Martha T. Fischer Lawrence A. Fontaine Karen Maronn Francisco Janet Wallace Gibson Marjorie Miller Goodban Irma Holub Gorman Robert W. Griesmeyer Arthur E. Hack Roberta Wells Hargleroad Donna Due Hoefer Janet Scott HoΩmeyer Catherine Zulauf Hoover Dennis Hotle Ruth Hotz Hotle Terrance L. Jakes


Elmhurst College


Lisle J. KauΩman Randall Knudsen Eileen Leber Koob Richard Kroll Kurt K. Kunze Allan Lammers Robert Lenz Sherry Demlow Martinson Gary L. Miller Sandra Schaefer Mulligan Judith Wiebke Murdock Richard M. Murdock Lois Warkentin Murphy Kenneth W. Niehaus Marita Krage Olson Donald M. Plautz Bonnie Willin Plautz Robert Prescott Michael Shewchuk Carl W. Stock Ronald E. Stone Roy Stuerzl Carolyn Reid Voss Marilyn Berg Weik Carl Zimmerman Class of 1966 Paul L. Anderson Robert A. Anderson Melisse Anderson Carroll Cullom Barkow Thomas O. Bentz Leo Boughton Kathleen Moore Bridgeland Anita Buchholz Kenneth S. Busby Richard E. Cargill Lesley Evans Christian Louis J. Colvis Stephen D. Combs Cynthia Raitt Devereaux Ruth Metzger Edwards William J. Eilers Jeanne Stahl Eschenbrenner Richard A. Flewelling Susan Schnell Ford Diane Foster Foster-Montero* Joseph Fraccaro Cheryl Patton Glasgow Roger B. Hanz Richard M. Happel James R. Harsh Joan Beerhalter Hatlestad Cheryl L. Hedgecock David D. Hoefer Glenn D. Hunt John B. JeΩrey Ernst R. Jolas Ellen Karasek Jurkonis William S. Kloepping Joan E. Knapp Judith A. Krusinger Carol Ann Tabatt Kurmann Gary E. Lawler Jane Buchholtz Lennon Paul S. Litzsinger Karen Vollertsen Litzsinger Lois Wintermeyer Love Ruth Boardman Lucht Catherine Xinos Magas Paul H. McKee Paul R. Meyer

Robert D. Mutton Ruth Rahmeier Niehaus Nancy Payne CliΩord G. Pensyl Dennis H. Peterson Vivian Swanson Proctor David W. Rasche Richard C. Ream Donald A. Riemer Edward A. Scheck Margaret Mitchell Shrigley Don A. Stahlhut Rebecca Roussin Stevenson Gail Lopatka Stone Martha Uthlaut Topel Charles R. Van Slyke George D. Vann Robert H. Youngren Judith Streich Zimmerman Paul R. Zimmerman Class of 1967 John R. Boland Stephen F. Boland Carol Barrett Boland Shirley Samonek Briggeman Charles F. Cap Mary Kirby Cox Alphonse J. Didominicis Marie A. Eble Daniel Eschenbrenner Paree Sekeris Gardner Mary Schmitt Jolas A. Wayne Kendall Edward N. Klama Margie M. Kuehn Gladys Adams Land Sheryl Hohman Lowry Patricia Parulis Ludwig Lee A. Marinaccio Dorris Barthold McCoy Elizabeth Schmiechen Miller Christa M. Modschiedler Naomi E. Poltrock Jon J. Ritt Michael J. Shannon William H. Shigetani Jane Leabhard Stahlhut Gene Stinchcomb Janice Pedersen Stuerzl Terrence J. Sullivan Katherine D. Swank Thomas Topel Thomas N. Tyrrell Carol Hoefer Urban Daniel Urban Barry A. Warren Class of 1968 Carol Chou Adams GeoΩrey L. Asher Carol Will Becvar William H. Bierbaum Patricia Scheid Boland Phyllis Breitenbach Bottoms Robert Bottoms Mary Mitchell Carbello Dennis J. Carroll Charles E. Corley Augusta Jackson Good Richard D. Grobe Jean Jackson Hanz

Roger Horn William R. Johnson Kathleen O Keefe Kane Margaret Seger Kinst Diane L. Kurtz David B. McCurdy Laura Mueller Thomas Nachtrab William A. Nelson Warren C. Phillips David Y. Proctor Christine E. Rasche Gail M. Rezabek Ann Linford Roeseler David J. Roger Gail Dannenberg Russell Lewis M. Schneider William C. Sperandeo James A. Stawarz Thomas R. Uphaus Clyde D. Wilson Class of 1969 Janet Johnson Adams Miriam Basch Basch Scott Donald E. Baumann Harold E. Berg Dwight E. Borden Barry J. Brennan Mary Jacobs Bristol Gloria Foster Burzynski Jennifer Spies Davis Jean Eyrich Eyrich Pennell Jeanne M. Fehr Janet Bourque Gills John F. Gills Loretta Montanari Gottshall Dorothy Hanson Mary Howes Donald A. Hoy Donna Salchow Johnson Patricia Johnson Johnson Roulhac Paul Kallman Anita Jockheck Kallman Judith A. Kamper Robert Kostal Lawrence E. Krengel Katherine Kimball Marinaccio Carolyn Geldbach Mason Alan A. Mason David S. Moyer Renee Scherrer Norton Philip B. Prather Alexander Rassogianis Dean O. Roberts Richard A. Roberts Kenneth R. Schmeichel Linda Steele Sedgwick Carol Salerno Sir Karyn Williams Stewart Frederick Trost Janis Porter Walter Douglas R. Warne Arthur H. Wille C. Arthur Youngdahl Class of 1970 Salvatore J. Anzalone Paul R. Armstrong John E. Austin Richard W. Bardet

Mark R. Beck Judy M. Betz Barbara A. Cap William A. Castellano David B. Cullum Polly Benedict Cumby Cathy Notari Davidson Thomas J. Durkin Terry E. Farlik Mary Millen Fenske Allan Fenske Joyce Ferlazzo Fraccaro Kenneth D. Frank Ted Garriott Nancy Hansen Garriott Clement P. Gosiewski Norman Granback Charles P. Guengerich Barbara Hannafan Sarah L. Hathaway John L. Hutchinson Charles R. Kliche Carol Koshewa Koshewa Rietze Robert G. Lange Bork E. Maronn Valerie Spina McCarthy Robert K. Miller Patricia Kraft Neves Carol Lhotak Newcomb-Alutto Dennis J. Patterson James W. Peters Lynn Robertson Schindler Thomas L. Schmidt Teri Calkins Schram Keith R. Schram James W. Schultz Walter J. Sebastian Andrew Swiston Donna Schultz Swiston John E. Thoma Kathryn Schmitt Trosen James F. Trosen Michael J. Vorel Elsa Koenig Weber Diane Schmutzler Weiland Roseann Hotz Woodka Class of 1971 Joanne Bergamin George N. Bergstrom Phyllis Schoewe Bergstrom Janet Bermann Jennifer Stephens Bezold Marilyn Walker Borden Barbara Samuelson Bresnahan Bonnie S. Cowie Gabriele Puttkammer Cullum Michael L. Durnil Steven A. Filipski* Steven O. Gardner Patricia Reiser Gherardini Fred W. Gretsch David B. Hagerbaumer Angela Sims Haggins Sandra Messett Hardin Maureen Lamberty Heakin Laura Scharringhausen Hyde Arilla Nickerson Kostal Terrence D. Lagerlund Joan M. LeClerc Susan Speck Louck William J. Mackowiak

Susan Elenz Marcotte Robert H. Merz Thomas S. Meyer Tom A. Mouhelis Leonard W. Pergander Carl E. Ramey Lynda Williams Reese Charlotte Wille Reif Peter T. Sauter Judith Hagstrom Sherkow Donna Volkman Shipley Joseph M. Smetana Marjorie Strobel Robert O. Ullman Kristine Hermanson Weber Keith R. Weiland Gilbert Willeumier Class of 1972 Donald P. Bizer Tyree Carr James T. Chopores David A. Craxton JeΩrey K. Edwards Linda Gorgo Filipski Anna Goettle Frances Venzon Harris John E. Hatmaker Carolyn L. Hayes George A. Jacobs Steven W. Jemison Kathleen Driscoll Johnson Judith Kalkbrenner Kalkbrenner Moore Cheryl Knapp Michael Kozlowski Amy Schwartz Kriston John L. Kurth Walter F. Lancman Quentin J. Lang Charlois Lumpkin Gail A. Mattox William S. Mellish Susan Burdick Merz Marsha Heininger Ramey Kenneth Rathje Christine Reel Reneau Karen Kieca Sauter Dennis J. Shipley Sharleen R. Smith Judith Schroeder Soria Frank G. Tuozzo Alan W. Weiger Class of 1973 Rachelle Ragusin Artelt Rexene Bertolino Donald E. Broman Martha J. Brown Michael J. Burzynski Edris Myers Byers R. Lawrence DeRoo Craig DeVries Christine Jans DeVries Phyllis Maass Doan Robert P. Doner William A. Dorsey Elizabeth Dudek Charles Forster Louis F. Gilberti Kathleen J. Goepel Steven J. Golden

2016 Contributors Report Debra Vandermeer Hatmaker Guillermo O. Herrera Daniel H. Iden Beryl Jefko Vicki L. Johnson Robert F. Karlicek Linda Rackard Knox Janis Huntley Krieger Daniel A. Lacine Christine Landem Eva Lauterbach Barbara J. Lucks Janet Maziarek Martin Joan M. Martin Cyril A. Meyer Shirley L. Peterson Steven M. Querin-Schultz Katherine Nagel Rathje Tamara L. Robertson Calvin E. Saunders Stella Allison Schoen Raymond L. Tancredi Loren J. Tiede Sharon A. Tuzik James E. Werner Gregory Wilharm Donna Willeumier Gregory T. Zielinski Class of 1974 Carol A. Barth James L. Benzin Dona I. Blunt Susan Palmer Bowers Brian M. Brynjolfsson John A. Cabay Allan A. Cassidy Larry V. DeChamps David B. Diman Rich Doetschman Donald A. Domin Susan Kaptur Doner Webster Dove John S. Dreusicke Jean Augensen Forster Nancy Galambush Harriet Goetz Deborah Lynch Greenslit Richard M. Gulbrandsen Linda Krautter Haney Diane Heininger Laura Sova Hoglund William Hoglund J. David Holland Timothy W. Jans Cornelia Johnson Paul H. Krieger Deborah Daussman Kurth Joseph J. La Porte Elinore Lorenzana Darlene DeVries Maaske Janis Klasek MacLean Walter Mah Richard J. Mangnall Meryl Biggane Mantione Edward J. Momkus Sheila Zeien Montgomery Neal R. Nowicki Gerry G. Olmsted Keith A. Reed Jean Hatmaker Sander David C. Schoen *deceased

Michael Shir Cheryl Kancer Tiede Elda Sawyer Todd Julie Moulthrop Ullman Robert C. Wayman Madelynn Tabbert Wilharm Class of 1975 Cary A. Adams Deborah K. Ahrens Joseph A. Arthofer Cynthia Brandt Block Gail Eichelman Chambers William J. Chambers Diane Guse Dahlmann Kenneth T. Decker Frank F. Grabenhofer Nancy Snyder Grabenhofer G. Douglas Haney Sarah M. Haptas Patricia Syverson Hatz Laurence J. Hobbs Gary R. Johnson Paul A. King Warren Knudson Alan D. Kupfer Mary P. Loftus Sharon L. Lyn Linda Ness Mangnall Judith Nieman Nelson John N. Nilsen John P. Osman Kathleen Phillips Annette Wiencek Pletcher Rod Randall Albert L. Smigielski William A. Sterrett Arthur Wilhelmsen Janet Hostetter Wilhelmsen Lorraine K. Yavorski Class of 1976 Robert J. Aksamit Rita R. Athas Walter J. Bender Jeanine Bond Gerald Bresnahan Alan J. Brinkmeier Gail Kasperski Brinkmeier Lenette M. Crawford Steven A. Daniels Lauren Schuster Gall James M. Gilmore Arlynn Siska Grimm Magdalene Harmon Pat J. Heringa Bruce A. Hill Sharon H. Horn Susan Miller Howard Harley F. Jordan Nancy L. Knopf Linda L. Kropenske Christopher H. Kurth Thomas J. Lewaniak Robert V. Locke Jean F. Matulis Susan Gohl McCurdy Maureen S. McGrath Paul H. Miller Paul A. Mollicone Wayne A. Nowicki Bonnie Timm Oates

Albert Owen Marsha Pepmeier Peek Gregory Puchalski John A. Saladino S. James Sasseman Craig E. Simpson Caroline W. Smith Ruth Malchow Stewart Mark M. Strothmann Class of 1977 Beth Myers Atayde Steven R. Borchardt Joyce B. Brock Suzanne J. Carlstedt Mary Kay Flannigan Christopher Albert J. DeSimone Nancy Sciortino Doerr Patricia Kolarik English DeElta E. Fay Karen Meldman Finerman David M. Gillies Denis L. Hammond Cheryl D. Hansen Jacquelyne Kindahl Hulslander Karl Jurkonis Cynthia Karmasin Karen Remmers Koehler Betty Lou Lacine Jerome A. Lewicki Michael V. LoCicero Peggy Patterson LoCicero George F. Loss Peggy Mara Mara-Dhont Charles E. Mize Eugene E. Parvin John R. Quigley Diane M. Raniere Carmen M. Simmonds Edward R. Snively Joyce Scharmer Turner Richard L. Umbach Susan E. Yencho Laurie Schroeder Young Class of 1978 Michael L. Bailey Cynthia M. Fogg Ann Wilson Hake Terrie Tinker Krantz Suzanne G. Letterer Rebecca B. Lipton Daniel A. Luessenhop Francis P. Mies JeΩrey M. Novak Geriann Goeransson Nowicki Nancy A. Nuzzo Carmella M. Parrilli R. Annette Holtmeyer Pugnetti Marie Christensen Sawlani Barry C. Schaer Marilyn D. Schoenheider Christine O. Smith Michael W. Stolz Eva W. Tameling Marie J. Wiermanski Class of 1979 Vivian Grimes Beach Charles K. Buehler Terence J. Cervak Russell C. Courtney

Mark D. Dessem Mary Konrad Feller Deborah A. Fogg James A. Forsberg Mary Gregory John M. JeΩrey Jeanne Holmes Kennedy Raymond A. Kraft Maryanne Locklin Laura Holt Masry Judith Porcelius Paice Joseph S. Raguso Joseph A. Scudiero Craig D. Sopko Stephen R. Stanton Deborah Davidson Studebaker John E. Trumbull John F. Watkins Joan Bremner Watschke Bruce D. Williams Class of 1980 Richard J. Allen Mary Capron Borst Janet Pindak Bryant Gilbert Castellanos Terry J. Clarke Kimberly Vack Diefendorf Donald A. Fafara Constance A. Green Nanette Trapanese Herrmann Martin J. Hughes Mary Kenney Kielty Lisa Klose LeRoy H. Krueger Noreen E. Lally Harold J. Lexow Thomas W. Ludwig Russell L. Malchow George D. McGuire Jane Mellon Paula Norwich Janet Eaton Novak Susan Tokich Parilla Steven R. Quaid John D. Rathje Elaine Hemwall Van Wieren Thomas F. Walsh Class of 1981 Naomi Hawkins Barcanic Dawn Miller Bronson Brian S. Butts Lynne M. DeSimone Gregory M. Harris Jane Hawkins Mary R. Holland Caroline L. Hopkins Marybeth LaJone Lawshe Karen L. Maitland Diane L. Mancuso Patricia A. Martin Kathleen Pike Dunn Josephine Bates Prasil Beth Randerson Reissenweber John R. Ruggiero Lydia A. Spitek Douglas B. Stima Susan Toth Tyrrel JeΩery J. Willeford Janet Karczewski Willis

Class of 1982 Aura C. Altahona Jeanne Shamet Burda David R. Burda Kimberly Busse Busse-Renauer V. Lynne Butts Rick G. Chirbas JoAnn Ozello Clarke Mark W. Coolidge Patricia Daniel Jane Lobbes Ferguson Maryann Polishak Fischer Lisa J. Kleven Dana L. Kline Marie L. Lorden Carol A. Mitchell Gary R. Nottelmann Karin Marrs Rettger Paul J. Rudnik Jack E. Ryder Norman P. Schlundt Kathleen Nusek Schultz Mary C. Seidenfuss Thomas L. Snobl Larry E. Soughan Patricia Lauria Stoltz Paul J. Svendsen Robert Urbain Colleen Fitzgerald Zientek Class of 1983 Stacy Schlagetter Anderson Donna Rubenacker Caldwell Andrea Georgiou Casey Frank Defino Paula Toney Egbert Carla E. Eisenberg Carolyn A. Foote Jody Oddo Gauthier Kurt C. Green Victoria Agin Green Susan C. Jacques Victoria Ness Jay Mark B. Koch Elizabeth Ciechelski Lane Mary A. Lenart Pearl T. Lewis Thomas J. Melnick Ann Carol Simons Nash David H. Patterson Christopher R. Plagge Daniel H. Pletcher Kathleen L. Schaeflein Mary E. Schultz William M. Suglich Marianne Dudek Voss Deborah L. Winkleblack Class of 1984 Margaret Phillip Arnold Thomas W. Bailey Patricia Hand Bailey Joyce D. Blau William J. Blinstrub Kurt M. Bokenkamp Mary Kay Skummer Carbonara Nancy E. Carpenter Christine Stoner Defino Linda L. Diana Ollin R. Driver Susan Farm Farm-Heumann George F. Fejt


Elmhurst College


Kimberly Schroeder Goehl Marilyn Shippy Klug Keith C. Kolar Charlene F. Kovarik Kenneth G. Lanis James A. Marzullo John K. McPherson Cynthia M. Miller Matthew Mimlitz Karen A. Pollock Gerald W. Schmitz Leslie Arnold Sulla Sandra J. Tatlock Mary Houlihan Wajda LaVard W. Wright Judith L. Young Class of 1985 Candy M. Bristol Donna Gunns Bronner Carol J. Buechin Anthony C. Cannizzaro Frank Ciaccio Linda Ryan Cox Richard P. Dabrowski Gerald A. Dambrogio Greg A. Dantona David W. Donahue Esther E. Frohne Gayle O’Connor Gillmann Danny L. Goeres Denise Roberts Gornick Mark T. Hansel Jane-Marie Price Henke Mary Kay Kelly Jennrich Steven A. Jennrich Ronald W. Kuczuk Gertrude Martin Irene Mezyk Mezyk Lucado Anthony F. Molini Kenneth R. Nichol Barrett F. Pedersen Suzette Pravdica Pereyra James A. Rocska Kara Volkmann Rollins JeΩery A. Schweitzer Anna LoCacciato Slonke Grace M. Wasielewski Janice Fischer White Carol A. White Class of 1986 Nancy Mohley Agler Frank A. Arnone Lauren Kinports Baran JeΩrey L. Benzin Anthony J. Bondi Loreen A. Bush Rocky Carbonara Diana G. Collins Adrian M. Cordoba David V. Dalesandro Edward A. Earl Catherine Wick Ehrenberger Adrienne Gana Leon Jenkins Joseph K. Jozefiak John B. Klose Sherry Bradbury Martin Steven J. Michals Tina Mittermeyer Molini Roger A. Nosal

Sue E. Parker Robert P. Sanfilippo Catherine H. Schubert Ronald F. Tuite Jennifer Fordon Wall

Sharon Fontana Murphy Paula Halleman Pforzheimer George W. Sobyra Rodney G. Stewart Judith C. Wiley

Class of 1987 John H. Aikens Wendy Fabian Aikens Gregory P. Banialis Mark J. Baran Mark T. Conrad Nancy Fodor Fritz Catherine T. Gall Daniel J. Gardner James L. Grieser Eunice A. Hassall Guy Maniscalo John J. McIntyre Kristen Clark Mimlitz Patricia L. Murrin Lynda Dybala Nadkarni Miki Nishimura Mark D. Perkins James A. Smalley Steven M. Soria Vera Starczak Starczak-Kincaid Carol Daniels/Owens Thor Michael V. Valdez Mark D. Wachholz Michael P. Wagner Linda I. Zillner

Class of 1990 Joe Almodover Bonny R. Bartelt Dennis R. Blau Terrance J. Cannella Karen Kroll Conoboy Maria Dalmacio Copre John E. Dabrowski Maribell Pino DuFour Denise P. Jones Jeanne E. MancheΩ Roy J. O’Kelly John R. Pircher Linda Baltscheit-Klaas SchiΩ Carole E. Schmidt Donna Cline Weier

Class of 1988 Cynthia Vivacqua Armstrong Ronald A. Brunot Linda Lukaszka Cole Stephanie Miszewski Dabrowski Peter P. DiCianni Therese M. Dorigan Theresa Drangines Patrick R. Fiege Mary J. Grana Margaret Steininger Jimenez Loretta Nielsen Julian Laura Iovino Kennedy Gina M. Koyer Sheila H. Lewis Sandralee R. Nordquist Virginia Voll Prochaska Jean Eslick Savage Sharon M. Shipinski Jack Wengrosky Kimberlee Whisler Whisler Victoria E. Zickenheiner Class of 1989 Michael E. Adorjan Cathy S. Anderson-Berry Christopher C. Bruzzini Charles T. Canfield Anne McNally Cannella Deborah Sjoberg Carlson David S. Grabacki Sandy Harris Harris-Meadows Ralph L. Jones Eileen S. Kelley Sharon R. Klein Robert P. Koschnitzke Elaine Krnich Kenneth G. McGuire Gay Bilotta Milano

Class of 1991 Adriana Calvano Tewart Mary Immormino Castellano Thomas E. Cunningham Catherine A. DelCarlo Elizabeth A. Edwards Frederick J. Grassl Jean Schmitz Hill Charlette J. HoΩmann Joseph O. Klim Richard J. Leabru Dawn Johanson Leardi Thomas C. Lustyk Lisa Russo Piekos Stephen C. Pleimling Michael A. Urban Daniel L. Wallace Susan Hansen Yankee Leonard F. Zaporowski Class of 1992 Angela Bennett Bennett Joseph E. Benson Patricia Black Colleen Carroll Clark Christina Taylor Collins Christine Crowe Cunningham Jennifer Uphill Hallman Kelly Jourdan Jourdan DuΩ Lois Klemett Lescelius Lorraine A. Norgle Peter J. Schmidt Cathy Swierczynski Smith Class of 1993 Raymond J. Bacci Jonathan R. Caforio Cathleen M. Chapek Patricia K. Denman James Eboli Richard T. Graham Maureen Valencia Hogan Paula Fink Lussier Emmi Connell McAdams Andrea L. Miller Tracey Schwarz Morser Joyce B. Rawlings Janet M. Reinhart Jerald L. Rudman

JeΩrey S. Ryburn Jennifer A. Schindl Timothy J. Silkaitis Kevin J. Stock Joyce Bielawski Stutz Cheryl A. Travers Eero A. Turen Kelly McElya Utzig

James F. Paulsen Gina V. Ratini Randolph L. Ryan Carl P. Schuett John E. StauΩer Nicole Keilman Stork Kevin C. Wilbur Cindy E. Zamora-Failla

Class of 1994 Susan Watson Eckhart Judith J. Harazin Michael A. Illingworth Natalie Hernandez Jaeger David C. Kidston Margaret Mikkelsen Killian Eileen Kuzel Kozokar Randall S. Mariani Wendy S. Meseth JeΩrey T. Mitchell Donna-Marie Rigoni Lisa LoGalbo Romano Joyce Lyons Stuart

Class of 1999 Jacqueline E. Anderson Brett A. Blair Alison W. Gannon Frederic G. Leinweber Alice A. Niziolek Christine M. Schultz Gary J. Smith

Class of 1995 Scott A. Brice Kathleen A. Buenik Richard A. Fink Ethan B. Lauer Deborah Bean Matusiak Thomas J. Moran Susan C. O’Kelly Sharon K. Rossiter Donna M. Sasenick Mark J. Williams Class of 1996 Gail Hoegner Bacci Beth A. Bailey Kara Macy Caforio Susan Salatino Changnon Christine Ciarrachi Donna B. Curin George W. Economos Robert Gilmore Augustine Moore Gilmore Robert J. Gorski Paul W. Green Matthew S. Gross Aaron C. Hershey Carrie Nuzzo Hewitt Kathryn Scherer Kramer Jennifer C. Reed Peter Swanson Class of 1997 Michael A. Berkowicz Sandra L. Buller Daniel E. Ferrill Florence A. Nogaj Annette M. Pater Klaus Reissenweber Class of 1998 JoAnne Beauregard Cathryn T. Biga Mary Ann Gassner Rebecca Wunsch Hershey Kristopher S. Hewitt Suzanne M. Jongleux Sheila Marinez Kurzweil Anna P. Locascio

Class of 2000 Marsha Carter Emily Kline Cavalcanti David J. Jensen Dean Jensen Jonathon M. Konow Anthony G. Marcussen Todd A. Niedzwiedz Laurie Rich Rich Salerno Linda M. Selvik Vanessa Knapp Shallenberger Joseph R. Skibbie Nancy E. Stewart Pamela Nunez Trattner Margaret Rippey Trzebiatowski Richard J. Veenstra Adam D. Warner David J. Wiatr Class of 2001 Gary R. Dobson Henry Fox Amy A. Hammerand Timothy R. Hargesheimer Karen J. Jurcazak Kristen Kastner Kalsto Timothy Kouba Jeanine Parma Niedzwiedz Marilyn Oxby Andrea DiFatta Puleo Christopher Puleo Lance K. Skinkys Ryan M. Trzebiatowski Gregory Wegrzynowicz Janis L. Williams Class of 2002 Earl F. Bailey Marilyn Zaruba Bishop Sara Douglass Born Armando Campos Barbara J. Ellingsen Regina DeMarco Gibbons Brett D. Hamilton Ragasri Kumar Linda M. LaMonica Michelle Petras Lojewski Benjamin D. Lyall Lisa M. McAleer Jennifer Markanich McGinnis Christina Minic Sarah A. Palandri Mark A. Rasmussen Gregory M. Rude

2016 Contributors Report Michele Cargola SchaΩer Nicholas J. Schroeck Diane N. Shevchuk Ralph T. Sprandel Kimberly Stewart Stewart Class of 2003 Brian C. Bogda James I. Boone John G. Born Ronald G. Darschewski Amanda M. Fark Mark R. Grabowski J. James Graziano Zachary Jordan Walter R. Lojewski Donald J. Orfei Timothy W. O’Toole Sara Lane Pope Adrien T. Ricci David J. Stadt Teresa M. Stock Class of 2004 John J. Benjamin Susan L. Cerny Sarah Kiefer Clarin Tamara Frank Condon Michael J. Donahue Thomas J. DuFore Rod C. Gonzales Julie Bachmann Hartje Jeana Pavoni Kwiecinski Daniel W. Marrs Kristen Butler Novotny Christopher P. Novotny Heather D. Panek Erica Doolittle-Meyer Poremba Julia Olsen Saller Panagiota Sianis James E. Smith Anwar Wallace Class of 2005 Christina Asbee Margaret Bartels Jesse P. Brejente Stephanie Downen Jennifer Moninger DuFore Derrick M. Foreman Scott Friedman Lorelei Gorman Lindsay Young Hodges Alena G. Houston Matthew T. Kuschert Kristina M. McCauley Sherry McGuire Suzanne Michals Jessica Vandenack Perez Patricia Price Rhiannon V. Rose Amanda Easter Rossi Kristina Castellano Sandrock Katherine Sutter Sutter James F. Taranowski John Teuthorn Janelle Kostich Thoma Richard J. Truppa Audrey E. Westphal


Class of 2006 Tara Cappelletti Jordan Elizabeth M. Davis Karie Mather Friedman Kristina G. Gancheva Dain J. Gotto Mark L. Heintz Katherine Baker Heintz Daniell Kelly Kelly Adil D. Kolovic Michele C. Kovalcik Philip P. Makotyn Timothy M. Miller Lindsey Mieling Oriole Henry S. Rauschenberger Petroula Revel Joshua D. Rupprecht Emad Saghir Sarah Rouleau Saghir Jeannette Bannon Skibbie Benjamin Stephens Breann Diehl Tomaso Simi K. Wakawa Class of 2007 Christofer Boeyink Joseph R. Cullen Marisa DeAstis Erik R. Hodges Michael J. Lenardi Rose Loftin Loftin-Johnson James R. Ludvik Paige Mason Mason Georgiena Stefanatos Prevett Amy Wettengel Stevens Ian Stevenson Alejandro E. Utrera Myles G. VanCamp Theresa S. Vaughn Terence R. Young Efthimia M. Zoubouridis Class of 2008 Cynthia A. Abell Craig B. Blanchfield Heather Forster Forster-Jensen Erica Waycie Hegland Gregory L. Henry Martin L. Idaszak Andrea Bosak Idaszak Jacqueline D’Ambrosia Johnson Timothy B. Kou Pamela Van Zanten Lerud Tammy Iannone Licata Debbie Collins Matuszak Jill Y. McWilliams Reuben H. Metreger Timothy A. Nelson Brian E. Ranger John C. Scardullo Terena Summers Schneider Travis A. Shepherd Colin M. Stringer Laura C. Ullman David J. Wilharm Class of 2009 Michelle C. Argento Elaine Hausch Atristain Joseph I. Badsing Dennis Barak Glennis Stratemeyer Blanchfield

Joyce Growney Callahan Ayn Brendel Coleman Timothy R. Coleman Kevin P. Davey Semira Dizdarevic Melissa A. Greco Elizabeth K. Hostetler Navin S. Javvaji JeΩrey W. Kastel Susan Cross Lamourex Brian A. Lindemann Katie Godbey Ludvik Matthew D. McKinniss Jacob W. Mobley Eric C. Puzon MaryKate E. Rand Sara Williams Ranger Karolina Cygan Rolski Brent F. Ruch Courtney M. Russell Elizabeth Murphy Smith Andrew T. Smith Ryan E. Sonntag Blake F. Veldhuis Brandon G. Violette Wolfgang R. Weingaertner Nicole L. Zahnen Class of 2010 Murtuza A. Ali Donna Barrow Armstrong Laura M. Bravos Rebecca Heuss Brzeczek David A. Cuomo Travis L. Duffield Matthew R. Duntemann Amanda Tekampe Duntemann Jordan J. Edwards Stephanie Ferrini Michel Michele Matthews Firsching Brian V. Hanna Alison Martin Hitzker Thomas S. Huetson Brock M. Keiper Jennifer L. Kosciw Beverley Hum Krohn Hannah L. Kubat Jon-Michael R. Manocchio Vincent W. Mathe Daniel J. Melko Jorge M. Palma Jonathan G. Porter Shauna N. Potrawski Philip W. Riegle Suzanne Kocsis Riley Armando D. Rodriguez Kelly C. Stanich Jessica M. Sullivan Linda M. Vance Class of 2011 Jordan C. Ailes Amanda S. Andersen Rebekah Asensio Patrick S. Austin Steven T. Bauer Eric Bhaimia Lisa M. Cadotte Cynthia P. Davalos Kyle R. DeMus NiCole J. Denofrio Jamilya Clay Dickens

Thomas L. Dickens Daryl J. Fisher Michael J. Gannon Lena B. Kasper Emily R. Kisiolek Allison Korbel Stephens Matthew J. Kovich Megan E. Lantz Lauren J. Little Michelle McWilliams Lutz Laura S. Matthews Elizabeth McAllister McKee Anthony P. Mele Ryan P. Nugent Philip C. Ols Sean N. Padilla Jeremy D. Ried Henry J. Sadowski Susan A. Satera Sara N. Schroeder Barbara A. Smith Ashly N. Stokes Randy M. Wright Class of 2012 Elizabeth Ciborowski Ambrogi Deanna L. Anderson Holly C. Bierer Kimberly A. Boyer Michelle E. Boyer Jonathan S. Brehm Amanda M. Briones Michealeena A. Cairo Deborah A. Crittenden Julie A. Devine Derek J. Dillon James J. Fitzgerald Timothy E. Geistlinger Henrique Giordano-Boscolo Adrienne Grant Jamie L. Hasken Alexandra A. Konold Michelle R. Krankoski Raymond F. Kredell Michelle A. Lindmeier Michelle K. Longi Margaret F. Martinez Matthew W. McHugh Brian F. McMahon Rebecca L. Mental John E. Norton Jessica L. Piper Linda M. Pohlman Amanda Tykal RatzloΩ Jose A. Rivera Patricia A. Rutkiewicz Romison Saint-Louis Benjamin A. Salabura Katherine P. Schroeder Aleya C. Schwartz Jennifer C. Serrano Hannah M. Thompson Allyson S. Vertigan Kathryn Wicklander Zurawski Class of 2013 Jerrold S. Beach Ryan S. Bock Gregory M. Cannella Joel E. Carrillo Rocco G. Catrone Courtney L. Classen

Diane S. Collins Tyler D. DeMus Andrew J. Ecklund Ross G. Enyart Teresa L. Falsone Amanda Adams Gannon Jacquelyn R. Gibson Mariola Grzybowska Catalina Ortiz Limones Joshua A. Lutz Kerry F. Marmozewicz Whitney Roth McHugh Alyssa Collins Moreno Jonathan G. Nelson Sylvia Niemyjski Jessica L. Noble Austin J. O’Brien Patrick Olson Sean P. Plagge Kelsey L. Plefka Sara B. Ramseth Matthew R. Rohde Neil J. Roxas Marc A. Shield Francisco J. Silva Courtney P. Sprowl Cristen Suchy Staudenmayer Kari Goad Stephens Ryan S. Szymonik Richard G. Thomas Wayne L. Tuckson Mayra Macias Valladares Daniel S. Vicari Megan M. Wajda Class of 2014 Penny Basso Wesley M. Bily Eileen M. Bourassa Myrtle L. Castro Britni Check Khrystina R. Daniels-Baymon Colleen A. Dhamer David Evans Paul E. Flood Wendy L. Garcia Rebecca C. Horgan Peter E. Jimenez Tyler L. Kerr David J. Kovalsky Sarah R. Lichtenwalter Georgios Lois Nicole E. Markech Stephanie A. Mathe Christian O. Medellin Aidan O. Miller Nicole Conforti Morales Carleigh P. Obrochta Rosanne M. Orsi Brooke A. Perlman Robert W. Phelan Frank A. Pielsticker Alyssa M. Poremba Charles T. Roberts Caitlin A. Romani Kristen McWilliams Sheehan Meribeth A. Siatta Heather L. Swanke Class of 2015 Lauren P. Baiocchi Brianne M. Basek


Elmhurst College


Natalie T. Bell Taylor M. Bieschke Carissa N. Cinquegrani Christina A. DiCristofano Seth M. Durbin Sean J. Finn Nadya Georgieva Jenny S. Golas Alonzo Gomez Fernando O. Gomez Jossilynn Gonzalez Margaret G. Gray Eric D. Hays John M. Higgins Karen Jackson Andrew J. Johnson Samantha S. Kiley Ubeydullah Kulunkoglu Srinivas Kurra Victoria A. Lewis JoAnn Kwak McGuinness Kevin M. McIntyre Meredithe R. Mimlitz Micaela L. Mullaney Christian C. Mullin Amanda M. Muransky Alyssa L. Olson Nathaniel J. Pauer Jyssica K. Paulson Tracy E. Penna Angela A. Pitzo Corianne E. Randstrom John D. Reglin Delaney Ritter Derek J. Ross Elizabeth M. Seebacher Riley E. Seiler Ashley R. Sodt Mary A. Stehlin Teresa L. Stockman Russ J. Stockman Sean P. Tews Lori Hess Tompos Courtney M. Torres Lily J. Velazquez Eleni N. Vrettos Stephanie N. Watson Shelby R. Westart Andrew J. Witzofsky Jasmine N. Young Stephanie L. Young Thomas A. Zimny Victoria R. Zurbuch Class of 2016 Maria F. Abate Yousef W. Abdelkader Patrick R. Ackerman Matthew J. Alford Salma Ali Daniya W. Ali Jolynn L. Alvarez Karina Ambriz Rebecca A. Anderson Meghan Andrews Andrews Daiana Silva Ayesh Eva Balderrama Natalie C. Barbato Taylor A. Barnes Gabrielle R. Beaupre Carter J. Beebe Mandy M. Beniac

Rosemary S. Benjamin Emma R. Berley Jeremy R. Bernas Melissa N. Betance Melissa M. Blaauw Noemi Brito Jill E. Brooks Yanira Burgos-Diaz Mariah S. Burks Jennifer J. Busser Kali A. Callahan Sharon D. Cantoral Nicholas E. Cegielski Allison J. Ceranek Marco Chacon Deyanira Chacon Bernadette S. Chamberlain Brendan J. Chaplain April N. Clark Garrett A. Claxon Tommie Cobbs John C. Compernolle Jessica M. Condon Carmen Contreras Justin M. Copeland Stephanie M. Corral Sara D. Coughlan Andrew M. Courington Madison T. Criss Julie E. Cukla Jessica Cullishpuma Christina J. Dabrowski Nicole J. Darga Stephanie De Luna Meredith E. DeAngelo Gabriela A. Delagarza Andrew D. Dickinson Katelyn K. Ditzler Daniel Doan Carly A. Dodd JeΩ J. Dunlao Christopher R. Eberhart Sean E. Elfstrom Abigail C. Elliott Tyler A. Espino Madelyn L. Fiene Patricia M. Fraggis Sarah N. Frank Thomas G. Franklin Jessica S. Fung Nicholas J. Gafron Jennifer A. Garcia Taylor E. Gaul Emma J. Gentile Steven C. Gilbert Caitlyn B. Gildow Stephanie M. Giovanine Courtney L. Gleason Alexandra Godinez Stephanie Gomez Jessica A. Gomez Emma K. Gorman Jessica M. Grimmer Ryan J. Grover Armando Guerrero Julie R. Guese Samantha Guzman Megan A. Hansen Christopher W. Hartz Shehryar Hasan Jill M. Hassler Stephanie K. Hintz

Jodi L. Hoekstra Megan M. Holmes Daniel J. Horine Samantha A. Horvath Larissa A. Howard Sharhonda R. HuΩ Brian Hunsaker Cynthia M. Huntowski Khateeb M. Hussain Stephanie C. Huwe Paula Ignaciuk Corinne J. Jaracz Isaac M. Johnson Ryan D. Johnson Scott W. Johnson Ryan M. Jozaitis Oleksandr Kachanov Gloria F. Kari Demetra A. Kastrantas Spencer P. Kasulis Kayla R. Kennelly Ashley E. Kozubal Shelly A. Krich Lauren A. Kuehn Brittany M. Kuehn Devin T. Kurowski Shannon Murray Langeler Anna M. Lapso Nicholette S. LeBlanc Annemarie T. LeCompte Allison A. Lefever Elizabeth Lengsfeld Brittany N. Lewis Steven T. Ludkowski Monica M. Lupou Jordan F. Macri Natalie T. Madonia Sarah Klein Maher Jamie M. Mahoney Fazara Malik Shireen Malik Elizabeth J. Mamolella Pasquale Maranto Lauren Maratea Dora Martinez Reyna E. Martinez John R. Martinez Joseph M. Matura Susan M. Mazur Victoria Stephens McAloon Melanie J. McGinnis Katie M. McMahan David A. McWilliams Mark D. Mencinsky Anna N. Meuch Joel M. Meyer Tara K. Mitchell Jorge L. Morales Heather M. Moretti Erica R. Msharbush Nicole M. Muller Faizan Mumtaz Anthony J. Murphy Samantha M. Musick Andrea R. Nelson Kelly T. Nessling Teresa M. Novak Christina R. O’Connor Soogin Ogden Christian P. O’Kelley Kimberly E. Olson Alexander E. Opyd

Joseph E. Passarelli Anthony J. Patricelli Teddy C. Perez Glenn J. Perricone Evelyn Pineda Faith M. Powell Thomas Tom Pumo Carol I. Ramirez Jacob C. Rebnord Cheryl B. Reeves Vicente N. Rego Christina M. Rentner Suzanne R. Riordan Ricardo M. Rodriguez Alexander J. Romano Maria G. Rosales Maria I. Sanchez Paige Bolz Sarrels Amanda J. Savino Sarah J. Schlesinger David J. Schousen Cassandra E. Schumacher Alissa M. Selvaggi Rachel R. Sensmeier Kathryn L. Shamrock Rebecca Shih Anna Margaret M. Siadak Dannelle D. Sibley Gina R. Signorile Joaquin A. Silva Valerie E. Simpson Taylor L. Skinner Karolina R. Smaga Andy Smajic Erica N. Smith JeΩrey R. Smith Katrinka L. Smith Ryan P. Smith Katherine M. Soderstrom Courtney L. Spencer Clare E. Spires Sierra J. Sprague Michaelene Stalla Amanda M. Stamm Richard D. Stanton Sarah Steger Elizabeth E. Stephens Alexander J. Stombres Jenna E. Stutz Katelyn M. Sullivan Karina S. Sutker Bryttany C. Tartt Brandon T. Thompson Brianna N. Thompson Angela Topolewski Giao N. Tran Fabian A. Vasquez Rachael L. Vaughan Eleni P. Verros Karen L. Vicary Kathy M. Wabiszczewicz Kaitlyn N. Waldsmith Brett Wallin Katlyn P. Warcholek Kaitlyn A. Ward Andrew J. Weber Alexander J. Weiger Jennifer J. Wendel Emma G. Widlowski Robert J. Williams Nathan J. Wrzesinski Lauren G. Wulf

Tyler D. York Darcy N. Zack Faculty and Staff Patrick K. Ackles Michelle A. Adams Joseph J. Adduci Evans Afenya Ricardo Aguilera Timothy Ahlberg James Akita Melissa A. Aldana William B. Alexander Lauren Altiery Elizabeth U. Ambrogi Mark Amerazian Sharon L. Andersen David G. Anderson Brian B. Anderson Sarah N. Ando Frank R. Angus Michelle Applebee Holly L. Aramburu John R. Armstrong Richard L. Arnold Colleen D. Arriola Paul E. Arriola Erica M. Ashauer Saaema T. Aslam John C. Baines Thomas L. Baity Meredith Baker-Rush Pamela Baldwin Federica Bando Juan C. Barrera Sharon A. Barsotti Jordan R. Bartolazzi Kathryn K. Basco David Basener Kimberly F. Bauerlein Janette K. Bayles Douglas Beach Nicholas Behm Kent Belasco John L. Belser Agnieszka Belza Andrew G. Bendelow Michelle Benedicta Kyle F. Bennett James F. Berry Roger Birkeland Gayle L. Bisesi Laura B. Bjerga Julie M. Bjorkman Kristina E. Black Susan G. Blaese Steven M. Bob Michael Bochenek Jillian Bollow Barbara J. Bostelmann Bernard M. Boylan Allison N. Brady Diana Brannon Laura J. Brennan Paul G. Brinkman Glen Brittich Yeovil Y. Browder Ayanna F. Brown Michael D. Brown Victoria Bruno John D. Buhle Jeanne H. Burda

2016 Contributors Report Jeanne H. Burda Linda E. Burke Lisa G. Burke Danielle Burke Robert W. Butler Kristin K. Butnik John M. Caluwaert Jane Cannata Tara L. Cappelletti Jordan Donna L. Carlson Carrie M. Carmichael Cheri S. Carrico Tethnie A. Carrillo Janet N. Carroll Lawrence B. Carroll Jesus A. Casas Linda C. Cassata Laura R. Castellanos Danila J. Cepa Desiree Chen-Menichini May Ling D. Chong David C. Christiansen Rebecca L. Clancy Holly Coffin Anthony Colantoni Mark S. Colby Nancy J. Conroy Gina T. Consolino-Barsotti Margaret M. Cook Michael A. Corrado Jennifer M. Cortesi Debbie F. Cosgrove Mary E. Cozeck Jennifer Cozzi Catherine Crawford Dustan J. Creech Ian R. Crone Gail A. Crosson Mark K. Cunningham Margaret R. Currie Christopher J. Curtin Harold Dahlstrand Gerald A. Dambrogio Chris Darschewski Ronald G. Darschewski A. Andrew Das James A. Dauer Linda Dauksas Kimberly E. Davis Elizabeth A. Davis Patricia Y. DeAnda Michelle N. DeLuca Jillian M. Denny David M. DeVasto Julie A. Devine Kathleen D. DeYoung David Di Tomasso Dawn M. Dickinson Christina A. DiCristofano Krista C. Diedrich Ruiying Ding Dragan Dobric Victor H. Dobrowolski Gary R. Dobson Deborah A. Dolecki Adrian Dominguez David Dorenbos John J. Dorhauer LuEllen Doty Elizabeth Doyle Chrisoula E. Drivas Linda Dufort *deceased

Ellen B. Durante Felicia M. Elias Stuart D. Ellens Steven E. Ellingson Joseph R. Emmick Patricia M. English Tim R. Engstrom Larry A. Fass Abigail Favro Ellen R. Fechner Victoria A. Ferguson Patricia Ferraro Shoshana Fiala Judy M. Fiene Bruce D. Fischer Lisa C. Fisher Janice Fodor Bonnie Foley Carol J. Foote Russell C. Ford Deborah K. Forrester Margaret M. Fox Robert J. Frank Ann Frank Wake Joel R. Frias JeΩrey E. Fulkerson Nora M. Gallagher Amanda N. Gannon Donna Gardner- Liljegren Francesca M. Garza Timothy M. Gatesman Catherine M. Gaze Meghan M. Geary Lynita J. Gebhardt Rosemarie H. Gentile Hollyanne George S. Ali Ghane Jeremy Giacomino Virginia L. Giese Randy L. Giese Linda Gilbert Gail Gilbert John F. Gills Mary Gnadt Charles W. Goehl Wade Golz Chastain L. Golz Beatriz Gomez-Acuna Julie F. Gonzales Donna Goodwyn Gurram Gopal Venkatesh Gopal Brenda K. Gorman Mark A. Gouty Robert Graber Brian A. Gravenhorst Benjamin I. Gray Richard Greenleaf Christine Grenier Scott W. Grenke Raymond L. Greve Peter J. Griffin Meg Griffin Tenisha L. Griffith Roman A. Gronke Merrilee Guenther Erik M. Gutekunst Gerhard Guter Paul J. Hack Ken A. Haebich Heather Hall Julie A. Hall

Pat S. Hamalis Gail J. Hannay Inamul Haq Mark Harbold Rebecca A. Hass Jean L. Hatmaker Sunila Hauer Timothy O. Hays John P. Healy Michael W. HeΩernan Sarah A. Heneghan Daniel V. Hennel David A. Hernandez Rebecca Herrera Carrie A. Hewitt Jacob D. Hill Lynn Hill William S. Hirstein Brian J. Hofmann Abigail Hoit Stuller Sammie E. Holmes Gregory G. Hovanec Meg Howes Alison J. Hubbell Thomas S. Huetson Joel S. HuΩ Philip Hupfer Anne M. Hutchins Kelly J. Ingersoll Nancy Iovinelli Paul M. Jacobs Julie James Daniel J. Jares Victoria L. Jay John M. JeΩrey Jane A. Jegerski Dean Jensen Judy Jensen HeΩron Ami D. Johanson Donna F. Johnson Kenneth L. Johnson Jon Johnson Ann E. Johnson Lindsay Johnson Mary T. Johnson Denise P. Jones Roosevelt Jones Kevin K. Juday Judith H. Kaminski William J. Kanis Peter H. Kapsalis William G. Kartsimas Sarah L. Katula Tina S. Kazan JeΩrey Kedrowski Soyoung Kee Ross Kellan Barbara Kerber Samantha S. Kiley Margaret E. Killian Soonai Kim Caitlin Kirchner Karen L. Kissel Lisa Klein Sandra J. Kleppe Sandra A. Knight Roxane Komar Jennifer L. Kosciw Kenneth G. Kovarik Phyllis J. Kozlowski Raymond M. Kraus Caroline A. Krause

Linda M. Krause JoAnne E. Kremske Paul W. Krohn Beverley A. Krohn Adam R. Kubiak James Kulich Matthew T. Kuschert Emily M. Labrecque Elizabeth D. Lanzo Kimberly Lawler-Sagarin Rebecca E. Leal Nancy C. Lee Dena M. Lentsch Cheryl Leoni Theodore K. Lerud Bridget E. Lester Stephanie K. Levenson Tamar Levinson Michael S. Lindberg Gunnar R. Linden Janice T. Lively Erica Loring Eugene N. Losey Brenda L. Lualdi Paul A. Lund William D. Lyles Yanli Ma Jeremy Mach Jeanne Madoch Elizabeth A. Majka Donna J. Malanca Josephine M. Malecha Stephen E. Marianetti Tamara L. Marsh Corinne A. Martin Benny R. Martinez Debra Marzullo Thomas W. Mason H. Scott Matheney Bruce J. Mather Mica L. Matney Joseph G. Mattingly Katherine Maxwell Joanne T. May Emmi K. McAdams Kimberly D. McClure David B. McCurdy Amy Lyn McDonald Nancy McGing Alan J. McPhee Jill Y. McWilliams Robert W. Meason Eve M. Mellgren Debra K. Meyer Nicole C. Mikosz Armaline C. Mirretti Constance A. Mixon Joseph A. Moletz Susan R. Moninger Edward Moore Roger A. Moreano Helene M. Moreth Eric A. Morong Mark R. Morrell Scott A. Morton David P. Morton Amy M. Mugnolo Mary Kay Mulvaney Colleen Munro-Leighton Syed Musharraf Karen D. Musser Carmi J. Neiger

Mary Beth Newman Patricia A. Ney Janet Nichols Joseph S. Nicoli Alice A. Niziolek Cynthia M. Noftz Helga Noice Amundsen Noice Lorraine A. Norgle Nadine Norris Kristopher Norton Julie A. Nosal John C. Novak Meghan L. Oblazny Eva O’Brien Kevin O’Connell Noelle O’Connor Kevin O’Donnell Mary A. Oesterle James E. Oliva Christopher Oliva Dean M. Olsen Colleen Olsen Kyle D. Olson Bernice O’Neil Bridget O’Rourke Alfredo M. Ortiz Mary K. Pabst Laurie J. Padecky Elaine F. Page Dominic F. Palandri Marcia Palazzolo Jennifer C. Paliatka Ann Palumbo Tim J. Panfil Richard J. Parker Sharon F. Parker Paul P. Parker Gina M. Patten Lindsey M. Patterson Michael A. Paulo Richard Paulsen Joan Pearlman-Debelak John M. Pena William D. Penrod Amy J. Pickering Michael J. Pinto Ronald H. Planz Stephen C. Pleimling Janice Pohl Linda M. Pohlman Gerard H. Poll Dale A. Polson Jenny A. Potanos Julie A. Prato Jennifer K. Propp Ruth Pusich Stacey L. Raimondi Yaditza Ramos Sara B. Ramseth Carol B. Raveret Shannon Ray Michael F. Rayfus Cari L. Raymond Francis S. Reeves John D. Reis Kelly M. Reiss Penny J. Reiss Adriana V. Resendez Rachel M. Reznik Anthony Ricely Timothy H. Ricordati


Elmhurst College


Suzanne Riley G. Steven Ritter Theresa Y. Robinson Suellen Rocca Cami M. Rodriguez Allen Rogers Kara M. Rollins Angela M. Romano Augustine Rosada Kathleen L. Rossi Brittany L. Ruiz Kathleen G. Rust Deborah L. Ryan Hennel Mohammad Saghir Stephen R. Sajdak Demetrius S. Sales Mary Jean Sanders Michael P. Savage Pamela J. Savino Thomas P. Sawyer Kathleen H. Scanlon Peggy A. Scheu Todd R. Scheuerman Ruth E. Schumacher Nancy M. Scinto Dennis R. Seccombe Barbara M. Sedlack Linda M. Selvik Kathryn L. Servilio Kathleen Sexton-Radek Shelby Sheehan-Bernard Sharon M. Shipinski Kathy ShoΩner Ricky L. Sidell Katrina L. SiΩerd Bonnie G. Simmons Sondra S. Simpson Amber K. Skinkys Renee M. Skrabacz William L. Slodki Gary J. Smith Corinne S. Smith William H. Smith James P. Smith Tina L. Smith Christine Smith William C. Smith Sarah M. Smith Robert W. Smith Dennis W. Smithenry Sherry Smoak Michael J. Smolzer Michelle L. Sobey Joel S. Southern Mallory M. Spann Lauren R. Specchio Thomas G. Speich Raymond L. Spiewak Jill M. Stack Donna P. Stalker Catherine L. Stashak Lori C. Steiner Jesse L. Stellwagon Mary Lou Stewart Suzanne Stock Teresa L. Stockman Linda M. Storck Mark A. Streder Sarah Strom Kays James E. Stuart Deatra H. Sullivan-Morgan Christine A. Summers

Steven J. Suvada Amy E. Swarr Susan Swords SteΩen Jamal F. Sykes Ramona M. Sykora Donna P. Tallman Charles Taylor Steven Taylor Emily Telford Steven N. Terpinas Sean S. Thomas Roby Thomas Vicki Thompson-Wajda Christi L. Thomsen Patricia R. Thoren Amy K. Tibbs William Tobias Tracy A. Tomasetti Elpidio Torres John D. Towner Christopher M. Travis Patrick T. Tretina William L. Trulock Denise Tully Mladen Turk Linda F. Tusin Troy D. VanAken Barbara M. Vandergrift Patricia Veller Julia R. Venetis Carole V. Veronesi Karen L. Vicary David D. Victor Joan Vilim Jennifer L. Volkmann Danette M. Voss Courtney Waite Miller Mark S. Wakely Teri J. Walker Mary B. Walsh Siaw-Peng Wan Merlin Warren Donna L. Washington Jaried Washington Natalie A. Wasmund Nancy A. Webb John P. Weber Paul Webster Therese Wehman Alan W. Weiger Laury A. Westbury Nicholas E. Weston Mary E. Weyer Kimberlee E. Whisler John J. White JeΩrey C. White Jeanne M. White Holly White Nancy C. Whitting Ronald D. Wiginton Lance E. Wilcox Brian C. Wilhite Jana L. Wilkening Janis L. Williams Brenda M. Williams Edwin A. Wilson Gary S. Wilson Jonathon D. Wilson James W. Winters Barbara Wittersheim Shaheen C. WolΩ George Woolsey

Diane Wyman Barbara A. Yamanaka Terence R. Young Clara D. Zibricky Adolphe E. Zielinski Efthimia M. Zoubouridis Meusch Society Rev. Nancy J. Allison Rev. and Mrs. Robert G. Anderson Ms. Stacy S. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Arey Mr. and Mrs. Lee Asher Mr. George H. Baechtold Mr. Gregg Bagni Mr. George C. Balling and Mrs. Mary L. Lancaster Dr. Carolyn L. Barth Ms. Shirley P. Basler Mr. and Mrs. William B. Batte Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. James L. Benzin Mr. Harold E. Berg Dr. Rosie P. Bingham Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bizer Mr. Kenneth L. and Mrs. Margaret S.* Block Mrs. Dorothy Boeske Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bowers Rev. Dr. Richard W. Brandon and Mrs. Ellen Brandon Mrs. Roberta G. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Brinkmeier Esq. Ms. Esther V. Bullock Ms. Mary E. Bullock* Mrs. Mary Carbello Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Clark Dr. Redmond R. Clark Ph.D. Mrs. Mary L. Corn Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Dabrowski Ms. Diane L. Dahlmann Mrs. Ruth M. Dalenberg and Mr. Roy Dalenberg Dr. and Mrs. Paul DeBruine Mr. Paul L. Dempsey Mr. R. Lawrence DeRoo and Dr. Patricia Kokotailo Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. DeSimone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dickerhofe Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Jennifer L. DuFore Miss Alida Dureau Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Durrett Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Earley Mrs. Susan J. Eckhart and Mr. Andrew Eckhart Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Ellerbrake Mr. Robert A.* and Mrs. Shari Faganel Mr. and Mrs. John O. Faulstich Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Fielder Jr. Ms. Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong and Mr. Michael J. Leong Mr. Charles L. Fleisleber Jr. Mr. Derrick M. Foreman Dr. William F.* and Mrs. Joyce M. Fraccaro Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Fricke

Dr. John C. GanchoΩ Mrs. Janet Ganet Mr. and Mrs. Steven O. Gardner Mrs. Patricia Gates Mr. Richard G. Gerber Ms. Patricia Gherardini Mrs. Delores Glassford Dr. James B. Goebel Dr. Charles E. Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Gretsch Mr. Robert D. Grimmenga Mrs. Violet Hansen Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harast Mr. Earle D.* and Mrs. Virginia J. Harmon Jr. Mr. Donald S. Haufe Mr. and Mrs. John Heakin Rev. and Mrs. John C. Helt Ms. Terri Hemmert Mr. and Mrs. Dale Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Herter C.P.A Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hill Mr. Allen L. Himsworth Dr. Carole A. Holdsworth Mrs. Helen E. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Holzkamper Mr. Robert J. Hyde and Mrs. Laura L. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Idaszak Mr. Michael A. Illingworth Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Immenga Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jacques Mrs. Karin Jaeger Mr. Steven W. Jemison and Ms. Phyllis L. McCallum Mr. David J. Jensen Dr. Dean Jensen Rev. Dr. William R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ernst R. Jolas Ms. Leatrice Jordan Mr. David A. Juergens Rev. and Mrs. Allen Kallenbach Rev. and Mrs. Keith Karau Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kasper Mr. John B.* and Mrs. Esther Anne Kelly Jr. Mr. Charles W. Kindermann Dr. Robert A. Kitterer Ms. Phyllis M. Klaiber Ms. Charlotte Klein Rev. and Mrs. Armin F. Klemme Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kloet Hugh and Sarah Knapp Rev. and Mrs. David F. Kniker Rev. and Mrs. Erwin R. Koch Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kolkmeier Miss Nancy Koop Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Harley Krieger Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Kroehler Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Kromholz Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Kurth Dr. George H. Langeler Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Lid Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Armin Limper Mr. William R. Lindsay Ms. Barbara J. Lucks Ms. Charlois Lumpkin Mr. Charles Luner Mrs. Sharon L. Lyn Mrs. Beatrice A. Marchese Rev. H. Scott Matheney

Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Terrance B. McLennand Ms. Janice E. Milano Ms. Nanette T. Miles Mr. Peter R. Miller Rev. Dr. August J. Molnar Rev. and Mrs. David S. Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Mulay Dr. and Mrs. Nishad Nadkarni Rev. and Mrs. William L. Nagy Ms. O. Ruth Najacht Dr. William A. Nelson and Dr. Paula P. Schnurr Dr. Tony Noice and Dr. Helga Noice Mr. Loran F. Nordgren Mr. John A. Norlie Ms. Dorothy J. Ogilvy-Lee Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Olson Mr. Albert Owen Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Palmer Dr. William F. Panici Mr. Eugene E. Parvin Dr. Dennis J. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. James F. Paulsen Mr. Steve J. Pedi Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Perry Ms. Dorothy K. Powers and Dr. Erl Dordal Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Quest Mr. John R. Quigley Rev. David R. Rasmussen Ms. Gail M. Rezabek Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Richey Mrs. Ramona Robert Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rogots Ms. Katharine R. Rohn Mr. Kenneth M. Ross Dr. John E. Sallstrom Mr. David F. Sampsell and Dr. Martha Sampsell Dr. Jean E. Sander and Mr. Allen ShaΩer Ms. Grace Berg Schaible Mrs. Linda J. SchiΩ Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Peter Schmiechen Ms. Isabelle G. Schreiber Mrs. Esther Schultz Dr. Thomas R. Scott Rev. Gordon A. SeiΩertt Mrs. Lynne E. Shields Ms. Barbara A. B. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O. Smrz Mrs. Pearl G. Spies Rev. Dr. Richard L. Stanger Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stanger Dr. Marjorie Strobel Miss June L. Stromwall Rev. Mark M. Strothmann Mr. David J. Swinkle Mr. Michael E. Swords Ms. Susan Swords SteΩen and Mr. Joseph L. SteΩen Mrs. Marcia Teschner Mr. Thomas W. Teuber Rev. Dr. John R. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. Earl Thompson Jr. Ms. Joann L. Tiemann Mr. John D. Tobin

2016 Contributors Report Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Topel Rev. and Mrs. James C. Tschudy Mrs. Gwendolyn Tveter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell Mr. George Vann Mr. and Mrs. Francis Vaupel Mrs. Lois B. Vogelmann Rev. Harold M. Warheim Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Weigand Mrs. Debra L. Welch Mr. Robert H. Wier Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Wittick Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Woosley Mrs. Gena Lou Woywood Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yaneck-Vercruysse Mr. and Mrs. James S. Yerbic Ms. Marian Ziebell


Every attempt at accuracy has been made. To report errors or omissions, please contact Nora Gallagher in the O≈ce of Development at (630) 617-3326.


Photography: Roark Johnson

In Closing‌ The consistent support of loyal alumni and friends represents the lifeblood of an institution like Elmhurst. The College is blessed with a vibrant and diverse community of donors who share a passion for the enduring values of Elmhurst— and who support the College year after year with gifts both large and small. With your ongoing support, the College will continue to help students reach their potential.

Contributors Report Fall 2016  
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