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Duparquet Copper 9-Inch Fry Pan

Bodum Bistro Nouveau This teapot is clear, so you can monitor the darkness of your green tea. You’re drinking your antioxidant-loaded afternoon cuppa, not a two-liter, right? $15;

What happens when a Cornell engineering graduate turned coppersmith decides to reinvent traditional pans? He forges cookware with incredible heating speed, control, and retention. It also happens to look awesome. $275;

Finex 5-Quart Cast-Iron Dutch Oven Food 52 x Epicurean XL Matte Black Natural Fiber Cutting Board You can’t put wood cutting boards in the dishwasher. Plastic and glass cutting boards ruin knife blades. This material bridges the gap. From $55;

The Portland, Oregon– based craftsmen applied the octagonal shape of their skillets to this pot. Spiraled stainless-steel handles make for no-burn transportation. $300;

Hinoki S1 Gyuto Chef’s Knife You customize the knife (handle, blade, monogram). Japanese bladesmiths craft the finest piece of cutlery you’ve ever held. $375;

This wine opener doesn’t need a carrying case.

Crock-Pot 8-Quart Express Crock XL Wait, no Instant Pot? This option is cheaper by $40 and lines the insert with a nonstick surface, unlike Instant Pot’s stainless steel, which typically requires a thorough postcook scrubbing. $140;

Rabbit Axis Lever Corkscrew The classic Rabbit was the best wine opener ever, except that the thing was bulky and hard to take with you. This fold-out version, slightly larger than a pack of cards, fixes that. $50;

Soma Brew Bottle Char-Broil Kamander There used to be one player in the kamado-style grill game: the Big Green Egg. But then companies started to realize that maybe people don’t want to shell out $1,000 for a heavy ceramic pot (but it’s green!). Char-Broil’s version is the Drogon of your backyard—formidable in build, respectable in firepower, and surprisingly nimble. $400;


Brew to-go hot coffee all winter. Steep cold brew overnight come summer. Double glass walls reinforce its durability, and a BPA-free plastic shell guards it from drops. $40;

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