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Summer 2017

LIVE. BREATHE. CAMP Camping is good for the soul. Nothing provides such an antithesis to our busy everyday lives as much as getting away from it all and spending a night under the stars. Whether alone, or with friends or family, there’s nothing better than finding the perfect pitch, setting up camp, cooking a meal and enjoying all that the outdoors has to offer. If you’re ready for adventure but not sure where to begin, hopefully we can ignite your imagination. From exploring the UK with minimal kit to taking your culinary skills up a notch outdoors, we hope you’ll find advice and inspiration over these pages to make your next camping experience the best one yet!


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Ellis Brigham ambassador and GetOutside Champion for Ordnance Survey, Jason Rawles, reveals how he doesn’t need much time or kit to enjoy a memory-making adventure. I’m very fortunate to live among some beautiful mountains, but even with this fantastic playground on my doorstep, it can be hard to find the time to get my fix of adventure. I normally manage to get in a quick run, bike ride or walk after work, but sometimes I need something more, something that will allow me to truly escape from the everyday.


As the days start getting longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the extra hours of daylight and get your hit of adventure with a quick overnight camping trip. The longer days allow more time to walk in, set up camp and relax. A walk-in of less than two hours is perfect – make sure that you have your kit ready to go so you can head off straight after work. If I think about adventure as a cake (and if you knew me, you’d know I like cake), then that cake needs a recipe. For a short, snappy adventure, here’s what you’ll need:

• • • • •

Lightweight kit – tent, sleeping bag, stove Mountain essentials – head torch, first aid kit, map and compass Food and water, not forgetting the ‘emergency’ chocolate Location-specific information – weather forecast, sunrise/sunset, etc. Most importantly, the time and motivation to get outside and explore!

A favourite local adventure for me is a walk out of Llanberis and up to Llyn Du’r Arddu, which is along the Llanberis Path. There’s some nice flat ground to pitch my tent (checking no environmental damage to flora/fauna), it looks out west for some dramatic views as the sun goes down and there’s natural water for my grub and tea! No water needed for a wee dram of single malt whisky, though. With the right inclination, I can then pop up the steep path to under the bridge which then faces east for the sunrise. Depending on the time of year, it could be sunset at 10pm and then sunrise at 4am, so it’s important I get my head down! It’s then a nice simple walk out back to my car.

Following my simple recipe, I’m able to pack this adventure into even the busiest week. I’ll finish work at 5pm, be on the hill for 6pm and in situ for 8pm … but this, of course, all depends on the weather! Then up at sunrise to pack down kit, ensure no rubbish is left and be off the hill by 8am, heading home to shower. With the right information, adventures can be simple to plan, and with the right kit, simple to execute, so when conditions are good, get outside and make the days count!

Source: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL17: Snowdon


LIGHTWEIGHT GEAR FOR ADVENTURE Don’t let your gear weigh you down. From long-distance backpacking trips to micro-adventures, packing lightweight kit gives you the freedom to move faster and enjoy the surroundings rather than suffer the strain on your back.

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MSR Hubba Hubba NX £389.99 Designed with backpacking in mind, the lightweight Hubba Hubba NX gives the luxury of space without a weight penalty. Thanks to a unique pole construction, it provides a practical living space where head and elbow room is maximised. Capacity: 2 person Code 259001

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Spark £129.99 A superb choice for UK camping across the warmer months, this synthetic sleeping bag can handle mixed conditions with ease. Warm, water-resistant, durable and compressible, it’s got what you need for a good night’s sleep.

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir® XLite® £134.99 The ultimate in outdoor comfort and compactness, the XLite air mat uses ThermaCapture technology to provide greater warmth in a superlight package. Code 230256

Code 294249

MSR PocketRocket 2 £29.99 MSR have taken their iconic model and made it lighter, smaller and able to accommodate a wider range of pots. With a powerful burner, precise flame control and a tiny pack size, it’s a great choice for lightweight adventures.

MSR Quick Solo System £54.99 For solo travellers moving fast and light, this cookset is ideal. Including a 1.3l pot, strainer lid and insulated mug, it provides the essentials in a lightweight, space-saving design. Code 272087

Code 272007

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Into the wild bike touring through the Andes


Having cycled through every state in the USA, Ellis Brigham ambassador Anna McNuff takes to the saddle once again, this time tackling the epic Andes Mountains. Here she shares a snapshot of her adventures… At long last, the top of The Hedonia Pass comes into view. I check my watch. The altimeter function reads 4,700m above sea level. For the past 90 minutes on this remote section of trail in southern Bolivia, I have been pushing as opposed to riding my bicycle. A combination of loose rocks, a steep gradient and a lack of oxygen have rendered all attempts to pedal entirely futile. Just as I’m beginning to wonder (again) why I do this to myself, the top comes into view. I shove Bernard (my bike) the final few glorious inches and stop to stare. I can see for miles. Below, a vast lake cuts through the red, dusty Martian landscape. Plumes of sulphuric gas rise from the lake’s surface and are carried away on the wind. All around are volcanos just as high as this one, some higher still and each dusted with snow so that they appear like little ice gems on the horizon.

In six months spent cycling along the spine of South America’s Andes mountains, my friend Faye and I have met lots of people who politely inform us that we are crazy. That taking on the largest mountain range in the world by pedal power alone was a foolish idea. Of course, I beg to differ. To travel by bike is to truly immerse yourself in the surrounding landscape. Better still, we stop to camp wherever we like each night. Imagine if you opened the blinds of your bedroom window and were greeted with a new and different view every day. Dappled sunlight on a forest floor, morning mist rising over a laguna, cacti perched precariously on red rocks, a glacier snaking down a granite peak: this is wild camping at its finest, and the tent offers me exactly the same thing that my bike does – freedom.


kit you can rely on When venturing into remote areas, it is important that you can rely on your gear. In these environments, strength, durability and ease of use are vital requirements. Wild frontiers are no place to discover that your tent isn’t waterproof or that your stove won’t work!


At Ellis Brigham, we understand the allure of wild places and know what it takes to successfully explore them. We’ve carefully selected products from brands who have an innate understanding of these demands and who produce equipment that meets these needs with aplomb.

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Hilleberg Nallo 2 £694.99 The Nallo 2 is an excellent choice when you need a lightweight tent that can still offer all-season performance. Quick and easy to pitch, the tunnel design provides a protective shelter that gives good storage space, making it ideal for extended use. Capacity: 2 person Code 256216

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir® XTherm™ £164.99 Rab Neutrino Endurance 600 £399.99 With a water-resistant Pertex® Endurance outer, this sleeping bag will protect when it matters most. A hydrophobic down filling and tapered mummy shape offer minimum weight, maximum warmth and peace of mind in damp conditions.

The XTherm is the warmest mattress in the NeoAir® collection, featuring multiple ThermaCapture layers to provide four-season warmth without adding weight or bulk. Code 230254

Code 212250

MSR Alpinist 2 System £69.99 An ideal choice for alpine ascents and long-distance journeys, the Alpinist 2 system prioritises strength and low weight while providing the capacity needed for cooking basic meals or melting snow.

MSR WhisperLite™ International £104.99 Light, compact and offering multi-fuel performance, this classic liquid fuel stove is the perfect companion for the globetrotting backpacker. With a one-piece stainless steel assembly, it offers increased stability, reduced weight and simplified maintenance. Code 272005

Code 272086

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Don’t rough it; camp in comfort

Working all week is roughing it. Getting stuck in traffic is roughing it. But camping? Camping is our chance to relax, unplug and escape from it all and with a bit of planning, definitely doesn’t need to be roughing it. So, before you pack up and head off for your next camping adventure, read our tips on how to enjoy a comfy night under the stars.


Go big with your camping mattress

Go even bigger with your tent

When your car is carrying the weight of your gear, there’s no reason to skimp on your mattress. Get a thick, plush, luxurious mattress and rest in true comfort.

Without the restriction of having to carry your tent, you can go large and revel in its roominess. Expect extra height, lots of storage pockets and large porches to hang out in if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Therm-A-Rest’s Camp & Comfort mattresses are built for this sole purpose and provide the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience when carry-weight isn’t an issue. Check out their MondoKing™ 3D – this ultra-thick mat sports four inches of foamy loft for unbeatable comfort.

Tents like Therm-A-Rest’s new Tranquility™ models give the space and comfort needed for relaxed camping trips. These freestanding designs are easy to pitch and, for more space, can be expanded through the addition of Therm-A-Rest’s Arrowspace™ shelter.

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Don’t forget the kitchen sink If you’re a hard-core backpacker, you might have to rest your head on a pair of socks instead of a pillow and cut the handle off your toothbrush in an effort to save weight, but a relaxed car camping trip will allow you to pack all the extras that’ll make your trip more enjoyable. Roomier sleeping bags, extra blankets and pillows, coupled with your bigger mat, will make sleeping a joy, while your cooking options expand significantly with bigger stoves, larger pans and an array of utensils opening up a whole world of culinary creativity.

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camping gear for campsite comfort Sleeping outdoors needn’t be an uncomfortable experience. The key is to set up space where you can relax and recover after a day’s exploring, a place that can be adapted for extra guests or when that sunny forecast turns to rain!

For car camping trips and excursions that don’t require you to carry your gear far, make the most of the larger weight allowance by bringing kit that lets you recreate your home from home. Once the blankets are down and the beers are open, sit back, relax and enjoy those campsite vibes. CREDIT: FREYA FENNWOOD


Vango Harmony Single £39.99

Therm-A-Rest Tranquility™ 6 £519.99 Take campsite luxury to the next level with the Tranquility: a freestanding, six-person tent designed to maximise comfort and convenience. Easy to pitch, it can be used with or without the flysheet for adaptability across the season.

With soft fabrics and a roomy rectangular design, the Harmony sleeping bag offers comfort and functionality for relaxed summer camping.

Capacity: 6 person Code 230500

Code 245031

Therm-A-Rest MondoKing™ 3D XXL £169.99 The MondoKing™ was made with maximum sleeping comfort in mind. A foam core ensures stability and warmth while vertical sidewalls help create Therm-ARest’s thickest self-inflating mattress ever. Code 230285

Primus Onja Stove £114.99

Primus CampFire Cookset £44.99

Primus CampFire Prep Set £54.99

Take your cooking outdoors with the Onja. Compact, portable and stylish, it’s a twoburner stove suitable for use with large pots. Choose it for weekend camping trips, barbecues on the beach and more!

Complement your outdoor kitchen with the CampFire cookset. Made from durable 18/8 stainless steel, these pans were built to last. For versatility, the lids can be used as strainers – ideal when cooking pasta or rice.

This set contains your essential prep pieces, so you can chop, grate, stir and serve your favourite campsite meals. It includes a stainless steel knife, sharp steel grater and premium oak utensils that’ll last for years to come.

Code 249028

Code 249080

Code 249009

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Outdoor cooking can be great fun and tasty too! Unless you’re walking far and don’t want to carry much weight, leave the freeze-dried food at home and follow these tips from Primus instead.



Choose food that cooks quickly and is also filling, such as pasta, but don’t be afraid to be more adventurous.


Spices are key. Carry your favourite spices in a small container to add extra zing to your dishes.


Small pieces are better. Cut food into small pieces to reduce the cooking time.


Select the right pan size. For instance, don’t use a small pan on a large burner.


Aluminium pots with a heat exchanger are the most efficient. Together they shorten both boiling time and fuel consumption by about a third.


Gas is good. Gas needs no preheating and is more efficient than liquid fuels.


Protect the stove from the wind. Place it out of the wind and use the windshield.


Put the lid on. Things cook more quickly with the lid on.


Take food off the boil close to finishing and place in an insulated bag, or leave on the hot burner with the lid on and let the food continue to cook without using excessive amounts of fuel.

10. Save the heat. If you get an excess of

hot water, save it in a vacuum flask for the next meal or a cup of tea.

Primus Essential Stove Set 1.3l £79.99

New this season from Primus is the Essential Stove Set – the perfect solution for anyone after an affordable, easyto-use starter set. Simple in design, it offers maximum cooking capacity in a convenient format. Code 249017


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100% Hardwear O ur name tells the story. Everything is equipment and technical precision.


Our Lamina™ Z sleeping bag collection: the Lamina™ construction maximizes the loft of your insulation, eliminates cold spots and thermally maps insulation to areas you need the most warmth.

LIVE.BREATHE.CAMP | Summer 2017  

Camping is good for the soul. Nothing provides such an antithesis to our busy everyday lives as much as getting away from it all and spendin...

LIVE.BREATHE.CAMP | Summer 2017  

Camping is good for the soul. Nothing provides such an antithesis to our busy everyday lives as much as getting away from it all and spendin...