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BASS FESTIVAL ENTERTAINMENT Last week it was time to firm up some plans for Bass Festival. We found Dennis Schardt, a former SF Policeman, now Trilogy resident and volunteer extraordinaire, sitting in the chamber office talking with Beau Vaughn. Beau is a professional musician and producer with ties to Rio Vista. It is his stage and sound equipment that makes our live music sound so good during the October festival. Schardt has commandeered Mike Parisi of Mila Repairs to help him build a new stage so things will be looking good. Entertainment will take a new direction this year. Dennis and his wife Penny are lining up a number of new, fun and funny events. Friday night’s line-up includes the Soul Line Dancers, Trilogy Jazz Band, Trilogy Gospel Group, Ball Room Dancers, and comedienne, Dorothy Tate. Saturday will lead off in the afternoon with Karaoke. Debbie Bettencourt who has close ties to a number of bands, has lined up four groups to play in the evening, including the Travis Air Force Band, Jason & Paula, Derek Able Band and Formula. You won’t want to miss this.

Karaoke- a showstopper last year, will feature the final competitions on Sunday. The Schardt’s bring in a professional to run the Karaoke event, so if you’ve been thinking about it... start practicing now. You have six more weeks to become a winner. Saturday of course, is our Classic Car Show, one of the best in the region. Denise Correia knows how to promote this event which will line Main St. with over 200 shiny, nostalgic autos in the “pre-’74 category�. Following the car show at 3:30 is the popular Soap Box Derby. This wild and exciting event is just for kids 7 – 15. The little cars must adhere to regulations listed on the entry form and must be safety checked. Entry forms for all events: car show, motorcycle show, soap box derby, are available on line at Bass Festival will need volunteers as the time gets closer. We can use teenagers and adults. If you have some community service time to work off... here is the place to do it. Call the Chamber Of Commerce: 374-2700. By MaryEllen Lamothe, Chamber Board of Directors

Children’s Clothing Exchange

News From The Beacon

Sponsored by St. Brigid’s Episcopal Church of Rio Vista Saturday, August 28thYouth Center 225 Sacramento St, Rio Vista 10am—2pm Trade your outgrown children clothes for gently used clothes in the right sizes! All seasons are being exchanged so stock up on what you will need for back to school, the coming winter or next summer! And there is no cost to exchange! Clothing limited to children sizes (no adult clothing, please). Everyone welcome, and no fee to get in! Don’t have clothes to exchange, but would like to come shop? You may exchange canned goods for clothing items. Canned fruit, vegetables, soups and chilies preferred. Food will benefit the Rio Vista Food Ministry. Grandparents, family members and friends are all welcome! Don’t need to trade, but have clothes to donate to the Exchange? Call St. Brigid’s Episcopal Church of Rio Vista at 707-374-2667 to arrange pick-up!

We have had many citizens of Rio Vista submit letters to the Editor. We encourage all of you to voice opinions The Beacon will continue to provide the opportunity for readers to express their opinions in the form "Letters to the Editor".The following guidelines must be observed and understood.

1. No letter will be printed unless it is signed by the author and accompanied by a telephone contact. 2. Letters must be submitted by Friday of each week at 5:00 p.m. 3. The editor of the Beacon reserves the right to edit or reject any letter with content which is considered inappropriate. 4. Not all letters may be printed every week due

to space restrictions. 5. Letters should be limited to approximately 800 words or less.6. The opinions expressed in "Letters to the Editor" are not the opinions of the Beacon and as such, they are not the responsibility of the Beacon or its staff. We also encourage you to send in fun photos of your family, friends and animals. We would love to have the scrapbook pages every week. Through some of the tough times in life, its nice to open a newspaper and laugh at cute and fun things. Our classified section is not as large a we would like. We are very flexible on the length of the ad, or how many weeks you would need it in for. The Beacon wants you to have a successful garage sale, or to sale your car. Any situation we encourage your information. No other publication is directed mailed to 4100 business and residents weekly to Rio Vista. The Beacon will be launching its Website on September 1, more information to come in next weeks edition. Thank you for your continued interest in reading the Beacon. Editor




Tokay Shell


420 W. Kettleman Lane Lodi, CA (Corner of Hutchings Street)

August 25, 2010

82 Years Ago He Went To School In Rio Vista

George Atashkarian went to school here in Rio Vista 82 years ago. On Saturday August 14, he strolled through town to see all the changes that have taken place over the years. Atashkarian now a resident of Moraga wanted to show his wife of 40 years Mary the town. Back in 1928 Atashkarian’s mother came up from Fresno for two asparagus seasons. Other mothers brought their children from different areas around California. The Children would gather down by the water and the teacher would lead the 14-16 children up the hill to a row of cabins that was their school rooms. Atashkarain was just a little guy, however he has some fond memories of living in Rio Vista. “ Back then there was no green asparagus said Atashkarian only white.� He also served in World War II, where he received a Bronze Star Medal.



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Rambling Around Rio “Kid’s Safety Day” is to be held on Saturday August 28th from 9:00 - 1:00 PM at the Rio Vista Police Department. RIO VISTA WOMEN’S IMPROVEMENT CLUB This year begins with a trip out on the Delta Loop for lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant, 151 Brannan Island Road. When: Tuesday, Sept 7. Time: Noon to 2 pm. Remember lunch is $10. A choice of chicken or tuna salad sandwich, or Lighthouse Burger is on the menu with coffee, tea or soda to drink. Dessert will also be served. Any woman interested in finding out more about Women’s Improvement Club, can call Renee Tingey, President, 374-2455. Our first meeting of this year will be passing the budget, choosing to help on one of the committees and having fun! Come join us for a fun day out on the Delta. FARMER’S MARKET @ DELTA CLUB AT TRILOGY IN RIO VISTA. Open to the Public 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month Time: 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM THE TRILOGY ART SHOW will be present on August 28th and 29th in the ballroom at the Vista Club House. This event will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. It is open to the public and there is no fee charged. THE RIO VISTA POLICE DEPARTMENT has announced their cooperation with the California Highway Patrol in enforcing a zero tolerance policy for cell phone usage while driving a vehicle. Citations will be issued and fines can run as high as $280. The Julie Griffin Fundraiser will be In September on Sunday the 12th from 4pm to 7pm. At The Point Restaurant We are selling dinner tickets for $10.00 per person and we are donating 100% of the dinner proceeds back to Julie and Mike. Dinner will be an Italian Buffet served from 4:00-6:30pm. We will also have a potluck dessert bar and possibly a bake sale. Many folks are donating items for the silent auction including some Nancy Tillisch jewelry and some very unique hand crafted furniture made by Julie's dad Jerry. It should be a great event.

Letters to the Editor The Beacon would like to apoligize to Mr. Durman for printing the wrong letter to the Editor in the Aug, 18th 2010 edition. Here is the correct letter. Dear Editor, In recent edition of the Beacon, Mr. Steve Lamb suggested that your readers read my letter published in the River News Herald in response to a recent article. Below is an updated version of that letter: In response to the article on Arsenic Benzene and Water Meters that appeared in a recent River News Herald. I would like to clarify some points made on the Water Meter Issue. In compliance with California law, all private residences built after 1992 are required to have water meters installed in the initial construction. The meters were not required to be read until April of this year. The water rates are currently charged on a flat rate basis. This of course is unfair that a family with a swimming pool is charged the same rate as a single person living in a mobile home. As of April of 2010 the law required that all homes equipped with meters must be read for one year and the residents billed for water usage starting in April 2011. The reason for a 12 month dummy run is twofold: To determine the usage and develop a data base to compute the cost charged to the residents and To give the homeowners the opportunity to monitor, optimize and fix any leaks or wastage. As I was quoted in the article,

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“Voluntary conservation isn’t working” however when it hits the wallet, “The heart and the mind will follow” All meters installed in the City before 2009 are (old technology) analog meters manufactured by Sensus/Rockwell Corporation. They are installed in a box covered by a concrete lid and are easily accessible within a foot of the of the pavement or sidewalk. In order to read the meters it is necessary to remove the 20# concrete lid and manually note the 6 digit recording odometer on the dial. The readings are then manually entered into a database in City Hall. This has several disadvantages. It is time consuming requiring about one minute / meter. Subject to misreads by number transposition etc Potentially hazardous due to possibility of poisonous insects lurking in the box.. Currently the City is reading these analog meters to presumably develop a database to compute the future water rates. However if misreads occur these may go undetected and a flawed database will be generated resulting in an incorrect rate structure. Residents will note that the City has changed the billing format to report the water usage. However the reading reported in the last three billing statements (including the August bill) is 0 (zero) usage. This is because the City has not yet entered the data collected since April or May.! This is not a good start to the program. According to a comment in Al Eaton’s recent column the cost of mailing this non informational report is $6000? month. It was reported in the article that Mayor Vick stated “Water education is an ongoing effort” correct, but what has he City done. Does Mayor Vick consider that the half page inclusion into recent bill an ongoing effort?. In the early 1970s I was a project engineer at Neptune Company and when the former CCWW was developing the new proposed direction for the City’s future I was asked to research the “Water Meter Issue”. After many many hours of investigation including discussions with several other municipalities which I shared both with the CCWW and the City Council/ Administration. My recommendation was that the existing meters be upgraded with a Sensus/Rockwell Touch Read system. (There are almost 300,000 currently in use by over twenty municipalities within 100 miles of Rio Vista). This entails removing the analog dial on the meter and replacing it with an electronic encoder which sends a signal to a sensor installed in the lid of the meter box. In order to read the meter it is necessary only to touch the mushroom shaped sensor on the meter box lid with a wand. This automatically uploads the information into a a small computer (with a

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10,000 read storage capability) attached to the readers belt. At an appropriate time the computer is docked and read seamlessly into the computer at City Hall. This information generates initially an accurate database and later the water bill. I was able to simulate 208 reads/ hour in Trilogy by walking past each meter and touching the lid with a walking cane. If a golf cart was used with one person, the reads could easily exceed 300/ hour or complete Trilogy in one day. The cost to upgrade the present system has been quoted by the distributer as less than $80/ meter installed. The total cost to convert approximately 2000 meters including necessary hardware /software would be less than $200,000. The Council/ City Manager however as reported in the article has decided to go a step further and convert existing meters to allow the meters to be read by driving past the the meter without making contact with the box. This would be achieved by using a Radio Frequency transmitter upgrade to the existing meter. I am totally against this approach for the following reasons. The meters in Rio Vista are in close proximity with each other, and the advantage gained by drive by /RF system Vs using a golf cart /TR system are not cost effective. Upgrading equipment with a competitors third party more complex after market product is asking for problems, the cost of which will no doubt passed on to us. An example can be found in the testimony of K R Mason PE on Website on problems encountered (this refers to Neptune meters) The proposed system distributed my National Meter Automation Corp. (Sensus competitor) is projected to cost the City over $1,000,000 Mayor Vick was quoted that as stating that “ Touch Read is fine but we would have to upgrade in 10 years. If she is quoted accurately this is complete nonsense. The return on investment (ROI) diminishes drastically when the meters are close together. I doubt that in 10 years Rio Vista will become a sprawling metropolis. With constant changes in electronic technology this thinking makes as much sense investing in a plasma TV in anticipation that there will be no advances the market in the future. DOES OUR CITY GOVERNMENT NOT GET IT WE’RE BROKE! I would like to relate a chance meeting recently with a City employee who I engaged in a conversation on this subject. This person was in favor of the drive by system because it provided protection from the elements in the heat of summer and the rain in winter. Finally when pressed I was given the answer that Hector had made up his mind some time ago based on experience at a previous municipality. This reminds me of the decision to invade Iraq “I have decided!, now make the facts fit”. For obvious reasons I will not divulge the source of this information. I have requested the actual time to read the existing in ground meters on June 13. On June 17 received a response from the City stating that they were working on it. Subsequent phone calls and emails have been ignored and not returned. I still have not received an official response to my request for the total time to read the existing meters in one month. However in more recent chance meeting with a City Employee It was stated that they were able to read about 250 / day with one person using a golf cart borrowed from Trilogy. If two employees are

used the number increases considerably. This I understand is the current procedure. I would like to know “Will the public pay for this fiscal irresponsibility by having an increase in their monthly water bills? Will the City’s General Fund or the Water Enterprise Fund pay for this inefficient practice? Mr. Delarosa constantly complains that Staff is overworked and uses it as an excuse for the City’s short comings, and yet he allows Public Works personnel to waste time collecting data that may be inaccurate if misreads occur It is time that in view of this and many other previous decisions and the lack of cooperation from City Hall that a major change is required in our City Administration if Rio Vista is to remain solvent. The disarming smile is worn out. Having exposed the negatives of this fiscally irresponsible decision I would like to offer a positive approach to the solution. Upgrade the existing meters using the existing manufacturers Touch Read equipment at a total unit cost of about $80/unit. Replace any defective analog meters with a new built in TR meter at a cost of $135/meter plus installation (less than $50). Negotiate the return of any analog meters still under warranty. Hire and train part time employees preferably with a golf cart to touch the mushroom sensor on the lid of each box marked “WATER METER” with the magic wand and return the equipment to City hall at the end of each day. Determine a cost / meter read and advertise for a part time position with no benefits (approximately 2-3 days / month initially). Notify the public both by letter, City Website and the news media of the legal requirements and benefits of a metered water system Develop a comprehensive list of water saving opportunities include it in the bill and publish it on the City’s Website similar to the (water conservation) For the record I have communicated all of this information to the City Government over the last couple of years but as expected it has been ignored. I would add the disclaimer that I do not own a golf cart and I have no connection either past or present in any way with Sensus/ Rockwell or any other meter manufacturing or distribution company except Neptune Meter where I was employed about 40 years ago. Bernard Durman Dear Editor “Governor, our math is better than your math, so we will just sit here until you give in”. “Nah na na nana.” Meanwhile $52 Million dollars a day goes up in smoke. What does it take for Californians to come up with $52 Million Dollars in tax dollars? If the average tax rate is 8% then we all have to do $650 million dollars worth of taxable business every day! This enables the idiots in Sacramento to indulge in their power games while they play lip service to our historic debt. Our legislators have long ago stopped caring what it takes to get a real job and earn a living wage. We are all going over a cliff and only a few in Sacramento want to put the brakes on their “gravy train”. Find out who they are..... Do not forget to take out the garbage on November 2. Hans Slade Continued On Pg.4

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Real Estate Q&A

Famous Prime Rib Comes Back To Isleton

By Sam Richards

Richards Real Estate A MOVING EXPERIENCE

When the Del Rio Restaurant in Isleton closed its doors a few years back, many customers scrambled to find good prime rib. Most of them didn’t need to look far. Yee and Peter Low who own the Pineapple Chinese Restaurant down the street were more then happy to accommodate their taste buds. The Low’s would hold a special night for former Del Rio’s customers to come and enjoy the famous prime rib at their restaurant. They are no strangers to serving great meals. Both Yee and Peter worked at the Del Rio. Peter working there for 18 years. In 1981 they came to Isleton from China, where Peter’s Grandparents had lived for 65 years. Peter started working at the Del Rio as a dishwasher and over the years working himself up to the head chef. Yee also worked there waiting tables and was in charge of the salad bar. They married in 1983 and have two children, a son Danny who is 21 and a daughter Macy who is 17. Through the time that they worked at the Del Rio they also ran their family Pineapple Chinese Restaurant. Peter recalls “I would work at the Pineapple during the day and at night I would work at the Del Rio.” Yee also working two jobs. However through their longs hours they always balanced their busy work schedule with family time and have raised two wonderful children The other thing in town that the Low’s fell in love with was this building on 2nd Street, the one with many stairs up to the front door, the balcony in front

and a porch on the side with a view of the river. The building had been home to much different business over the years; however the Low’s had their eye on it for someday opening another restaurant in town. They loved the building so much that for years they would call it their house as they passed it. With their love for the restaurant business, a cliental they had built up over the years, the Del Rio closing and a building they loved in town the Low’s knew that they had to make their move. In 2009 they started planning Peter’s Steak House. In 2010 they leased the building, put in a new kitchen, painted added new furniture and redid the bar, and opened the doors on Friday the August 13th. Two weeks have passed and they are getting the word out. The décor is beautiful the food is excellent and the restaurant has many amenities to offer their customers There is parking in the back that is level to the back door for handicapped and wheel chair accessible. A full bar, an elevator to the second story that is a banquet room that can hold up to 95 guests Great for private parties corporate events or even a wedding. The Low’s love their customers and their customer love them. “Peter said, we just had a plant delivered FedEx from one of our customers that eats at the Pineapple Restaurant, he and his wife are from Susanville and they wanted to congratulate us on our new adventure.” Their menu has a variety of different size cuts of prime rib and offers steak and seafood. They are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Plan your Holiday events now, 203 2nd Streets 916-777-6004. “We are happy to bring prime rib back to Isleton.”


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Q. I’m involved in a short sale on my home, and my lender is now asking me for a financial statement. Isn’t that something a buyer would provide? I’m getting out! R.L. Rio Vista A. Whatever you owe on your loan, your sale is for less than that, hence a “short sale”. Your lender has to agree to settle for less than the loan amount, and they do have some say as to how much the home should sell for and whether or not they will accept the sales offer.If your loan is current, good chance a sale would not be allowed. Why should the lender suffer a loss if you can pay as agreed? If your payments are late, then your lender will offer mitigation and you may receive a reduced payment for a period of time to help you catch up and keep your home. If, however, you have stopped making payments and foreclosure is on the horizon, a short sale will benefit you and the lender.So, why should you have to submit a financial statement as a seller? Your lender needsproof that you can no longer repay your loan. Items commonly asked for are: a hardship letter explaining your financial downturn, 2 years tax returns, recent pay stubs, bank statements, and a list of household bills. With this information, they can determine that your misfortune is real.Your Realtor will have to submit a sales contract, listing agreement, a list of comparablesold homes and a good faith estimate of final sales costs from a title company.Your lender then processes this information, which can take 60 days, and once in agreement they sign off and you can sell the home. As a seller, you make no money on the deal, but you do get rid of the loan because the loan is against the property. If you have a second, or a HELOC (home equity line of credit), and they are not paid, they can come after you for the balance once the home is sold. The amount forgiven on a short sale is no longer taxed, so that helps a lot. A short sale won’t save your credit, but it will minimize the damage, and buying the next house will be much easier than trying to overcome a foreclosure on your credit. Q. We bought our home based on 2 incomes, and now due to employer cutbacks we are down to 1. We have missed 2 house payments; how long do we have before foreclosure? C.E. Rio Vista A. If your house is not For Sale, put it up immediately. In this market, the For Sale sign should go up when you know you will miss that first payment. If you haven’t tried to mitigate with your lender, that’s next. If walking away from the house is your only option, after 2 missed payments, the process starts for a trustee sale. Overall, from the first missed payment to loss of the home is about 6 months. If you wait until the last minute to move, you may have a problem finding something to rent with your continued worsening credit. To protect your own interests, you need to secure a place to live long before that 6 months goes past, and keep other debts current. Above all, communicate with your home lender and let Continued on page 5

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Monday, August 30th, 6-8 p.m. at Mc Donald’s How?1.Register on line at california.4honline. com 2.Youth-print & bring the Medical Release & Health History, adults volunteers -print & bring the Medical Release & Health History and Volunteer Confidential Self-Disclosure Form 3.Bring your forms & enrollment fee - $20 for each youth, $10 for adult volunteers Rio Vista 4-H has many fun and educational projects for youth ages 5-19. Possible projects include: photography, rocketry, cooking, jewelry beef, bees, swine, sheep, goat, rabbits, leadership, quail & poultry. The possibilities are endless! Club meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month in the Tapella Auditorium at D. H White School at 7:00 p.m. DID YOU KNOW: Rio Vista 4-H has its own farm for youth to grow and care for their project animals? Questions? Come to our Information Booth at Lira’s on Sunday, August 29th or call Dawn Harshman at 916-7775255 or email her at Letters To The Editor Continued From Page 2 headlines in bold print. It is at that moment that we express feelings of surprise or horror. During the course of life, we are asked to make decisions. Some are easy and others weigh heavily upon us. About a month ago, I made a decision to run as a candidate for Rio Vista City Council. I now realize it was the wrong choice. Once I announced my candidacy, I received calls from well wishers and from people who said that I was the candidate they had been hoping to have on the ballot. My mind set was all about the election, and I guess I forgot about one very important aspect of life, my health. As most of you are aware, I was diagnosed in April with Cancer. I had emergency surgery, and afterwards I had about a month of recuperation. I wanted to be strong, and I wanted to say I beat Cancer. Yet, it was the psychological effects that I wasn’t prepared for. I had so much support from everyone, that I really felt that I was almost invincible. Though I did feel well, I had my good and bad days. It wasn’t until I was given the option by my Oncologist to have Chemo or say no, that I felt so much jubilation. I was told the percentage of reoccurrence of the Cancer was about a 1625% chance, with or without the drugs. Of course, I was scared about the possible side effects of the Chemo. I felt good about my decision. The next week, Sue and I flew to Hawaii to celebrate, and a week later I returned to work at the police department. Yet, all the while, I knew I still wasn’t 100% normal, or even 60%, but I wanted to think I was

on my way to a full recovery. During the past month or so, and since announcing my candidacy, I began to question my decision. With the candidacy, also came stress, and I hoped I would be able to cope. The past few weeks, I have not felt well, and I began to realize that maybe I hadn’t fully recovered from the emotional toll of the surgery. Today, I said to myself that my health, well being, and family means more to me that anything else. Life is short enough, so why make it shorter. Therefore, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for the position of Rio Vista City Council. I am sorry that I let so many of you down. I do truly thank you for your support, encouragement, and kind words. To all of you who believed in me, showed me support, volunteered to help on my committee, or gave financial donations, I hope you will now understand my decision. I won’t soon forget what this community has done for me. Sincerely Jim McCracken Letter to the Editor: I agree with Mr. Ammerman in his letter to editor in the 8/19 issue. I am especially heartened when he points out the merits of choosing “to deal with issues in an intelligent and proper manner and not attempt to publicly ridicule those with whom he has a disagreement.” He goes on to say that it diminishes both character and credibility. I am sure that the two writers that he defends and who he feels were unjustly criticized certainly would never and will never in the future stoop to such behavior. I hope that he will fare well in his endeavors to promote responsible journalism for all whether they lean to the right, to the left or just choose to ride down the middle. Since by his own admission he is a recent newcomer to the area, he may want to read some past issues of the Beacon. Respectfully, Doris Noriega DEAR EDITOR, When will the insanity end? The City Manager is trying another crazy idea. As a City Council watcher, I do not recall this idea being discussed or direction given to staff to implement. This latest boondoggle is attempting to hire an outside collection agency to handle any delinquencies. This function is usually done by the Finance or Accounting Department. Is our Finance Department too busy to spend one hour a day on collections? Is the Finance staff not willing to perform this task; because this is a small town? Are the delinquencies here that bad or rampant? What needs collecting? Is it the high water and sewer rates? It is rumored that there were almost 200 water shut-offs last month. Are we having problems collecting rentals from the Airport? Is this a public relations expense so the City will look good and the collection agency is the bad guy? Again the Bid or RFP process is flawed. The City advertised this in July, but made so many mistakes; the ads were withdrawn

and ran again on August 4, 2010. It should have run for two weeks; I didn’t see it on August 11, 2010. The RFP stated that the Release date or Announcement date would be August 9, 2010. The due date was August 19, 2010. This time line is suspiciously short, only 10 days and only 8 days if the ad ran on August 11, 2010. What’s the rush? Did they already have a firm lined up? Was the ad run in any out of town newspapers? The RNH is a good and legal local newspaper, but circulation for this type of service is pretty narrow. As far as I know, our town doesn’t have a collection agency(s). This proposed contract is for some unstated “not to exceed” fixed amount. I presume that “amount” will be added later. If this is found to be undertaken, it should be on a 5050% basis, with the collection agency absorbing the collection costs. This contract is written that the City must pay the collection costs and the fixed amount fee. This is just flatly wrong! Most Cities, large and small, do their own collections. Using a collection agency here is just plain wrong! They use a subtle system wherein they bill, bill again, remind, cajole, warn, warn again; then they put a lien on the property and forget about it. Another wrong is that the Transit – Airport Coordinator was assigned the task of doing the RFP, etc. instead of the Finance Department. Another wrong is that the Coordinator is there at all! Mr. John Andoh is the Transit Coordinator who was working part time (or full time) with Storer Transportation; the outfit that is running the Daily Breeze Bus service. Remember the flap last year about hiring the more expensive bus service? Mr. Andoh was involved in that fiasco. Mr. Andoh has no Airport experience. He wanted some Airport experience and our esteemed City Manager let him coordinate as an intern at the Airport late in the fiscal year. Then the City Manager paid him as a part time employee without advertising the position. The City Manager then started paying him full time in June, 2010 by amending his employee contract in late May, 2010. None of this $$$ was in the budget! Mr. Andoh is now paid about $33,500 for a maximum of 960 hours (6 month limit per CALPERS). All of these actions are

in violation of the City’s hiring process. The City Manager has two other people with this type of arraignment so the City doesn’t have to pay them benefits. CALPERS requires that the City either hire these people full time, with benefits, at the end of six months or lay them off. Both of these other people have been with the City more than 6 months and the City Manager simply amends their contract for another six months in direct violation of the CALPERS regulations. I guess the City Manager just hopes he won’t get caught. The City Manager must not have checked out Mr. Andoh before he hired him. Mr. Andoh has a questionable history. As a transit administrator, he has several moving violations; including one for driving without a valid driving license. He got involved with one of his employees; which resulted in both the employee and himself being terminated from the South Lake Tahoe Transportation Agency. I invite you to check out Mr. Andoh on GOOGLE for “JOHN ANDOH ARREST”. There is lots more there on Mr. Andoh. Steve Lamb Dear Editor: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. That remarkable remark was made by “Give ‘em hell” Harry Truman, a Democrat. I’m sure that Republicans have said something equally as clever, but I can’t think of anything just now. In any case, it momentarily suits my purpose to remind those “sensitive” tea-baggers that a public forum is designed for grownups and once they jump into the arena, they can expect a response. Tea Party conservatives clap their hands with glee when one of their own levels an attack on women, liberals, homosexuals, environmentalists or drug addicts, but when faced with accountability for their own words, they whine like spoiled children. It seems that my criticism of Jeffery Kennan’s disjointed; jumbled and “incoherent” attack on our government and its elected representatives awakened another irate teapotter and inspired a fury of caffeine-charged rebuke. Wow! How could anyone object to my brilliant script and clever observations? Since they have, I feel obligated to respond in my ever-so acidic and “scathing” style. Mr. David Ammerman professes to be a “newcomer” to Rio Vista and he claims that he has “met School District Superintendent” Rick Hennes. Following these disclosures, Mr. Ammerman proceeds to attack me for signing a letter in the newspaper which supported Larry Wright, a veteran teacher in this district who has been

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The Agenda A Community Connection By Janith Norman, Rio Vista City Council During the City Council meeting held August 19, 2010, the Council appointed Jeanette Hummel to the Citizens Committee Monitoring Water and Wastewater Enterprise Fund. Members of the group are tasked with checking to ensure funds generated from the sewer and water rate increase are spent in accordance with the rate studies that established those rates. The Council also appointed Mark Nicolette to serve on the Army Base Steering Committee. The Steering Committee was formed last year to make recommendations to the City Council on reuse and redevelopment of the Army Base. Currently, the Steering Committee has been meeting with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and the Department of Water Resources to create a Hatchery and an Estuarine Research Station in that location. In order to ensure thatusage of the property does not interfere with the planning and development of ongoing projects, the Steering Committee requested that the City Council adopt the list of guidelines for temporary uses of the Army Base which the Committee created and adopted in February 2010. The Council adopted the list with some modifications. Applications for temporary use will need to be reviewed by the Army BaseSteering Committee and the City Development Review Committee, and will need the approval of the City Council.Negotiations continue between Shea Homes and the City over the repairs to Province Path in theLiberty Subdivision and placement of an arsenic filtration system on Well 15. The Council agreed by a four-to-one vote to allow a second amendment to the Infrastructure Security Release Agreement which extends the negotiation period out to October 31, 2010. Approximately $3 million in security bonds arebeing held by the City until the required repairs are made.With a three-to-two

vote, the City Council adopted a resolution opposing Proposition 19 – an initiative to legalize marijuana in California which will be on the November 2, 2010 general election ballot. According to the staff report, “If passed, Proposition 19 will legalize marijuana in California and limit enforcement of state laws relating to possession, transportation, cultivation, consumption and sale of cannabis.” Staff further reports that “Proposition 19 is a poorly written initiative containing several major flaws or omissions that will have severe, unintended consequences for Californians, poses a major threat to public safety and will make our roads, schools, workplaces, communities and highways less safe.” I voted in opposition of the resolution because the City Council as a body should not influence the voters by taking a stance on controversial ballot initiatives. I wholeheartedly support our chief of police, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, DARE and many of the organizations who have taken positions to oppose this measure. In the role of City Councilmember of Rio Vista, I must do my utmost to engage in impartial decision-making and reach conclusions devoid of personal views and opinions. There are many controversial initiatives on the November ballot. I do not think it would be prudent for the City Council of Rio Vista to become enmeshed in attempting to influence election outcomes. A community inspired and committed to working together can achieve much and overcome anything. Your comments are always welcomed at www.JanithNorman. com. Send emails to Janith@ or call 374-6451. Stop by city hall on Tuesdays between 1:00 and 3:00 to chat. I am also available on Tuesdays between 3:00 to 5:00 by appointment.

Curious About Bridge Curious about Bridge or just wanting to update your game, lessons will begin with an informational meeting on Monday, August 30th, at 7:00 pm at 135 North Front Street, Rio Vista. Retired teacher Cliff Crew says, “Bridge is the ultimate card game. In poker you play five cards, but in bridge you play 13 cards and will learn to remember all 52!” Following Mr. Crew’s retirement from teaching, the Crews have been taking a seriousinterest in bridge as something they enjoy doing together and as a family. They spend their spare time playing in Regional and National tournaments. Both their sons play bridge, and now they enjoy teaching their grandchildren the fundamentals of the game. We are hoping that perhaps our lessons will be a family affair. Students can be as young as 10 or 11 years old. The lessons will be free and students will only be charged for books if they want a copy. The Crews encourage the entire

family to come out and learn a wonderful game. Through their impetus the Rio Vista Bridge Duplicate game was established on Tuesday evenings and has been going strong for nearly a year. Sue Vogtlin is the director on Tuesday evenings, and we have consistently four to six tables. It is an open game and all bridge players are welcome to drop in. Partners will be provided, and the game begins at 6:30 pm. Most recently Cliff & Natalie Crew took and passed the director’s course at the Reno Nationals which allows the Rio Vista Game to branch out. The lessons on Mondayevenings will last about two hours and run for 10 weeks. If you have any questionsplease contact Cliff or Natalie Crew at 707-374-2563 or So Tivo those important television shows like Monday Night Football, get out of your recliners, and bring the family out to learn a new sport, one that you can continue to play together for a very long time. Try it. You might like it.

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Mary Gilpin a Rio Vista resident had her make-up done and was outfitted in a navy blue business suit. It's always nice to be treated like royalty. On Saturday August 14th that was the case if you happen to stop in at Heavenly Boutique on Main St.from 11-2. Sherry Edwards owner of the shop and Stephanie Green a Make up Artist made you feel like a queen. There was discounts on all merchandise in the boutique, a raffle, dessert, free make-up demonstrations,

music and a lot of fun and laughter. If you happen to miss this one. No worries the team will meet up again during the Bass Derby Festival on October 8, 9 and 10. Look for the Pre Bass Derby Sale starting at Heavenly Boutique on Monday August 30 and running through October 7.

Hwy 12 Closure Slated For This Week Closure of Hwy 12 is slated for this August 24, 25, and 26, Caltrans will conduct maintenance and pavement repair operations requiring the daytime closure of Hwy 12 from I-5 in San Joaquin County to Hwy 160 in Sacramento County. The signed detour for east-bound traffic will be Hwy 160 to Walnut Grove Road, then to I-5 (a 30 mile/45 minute detour). Hwy 12 westbound traffic detour will be I-5 north to Walnut Grove Road, then Hwy 160 south. Trucks will NOT be allowed to use the detour routes. Trucks should use I-5 and I-80 as alternate routes. Access to local residents, businesses and emergency services will be allowed. Complete closure will allow maintenance crews to expedite repairs. All work will thus be completed in three days as compared to fifteen days employing 90 minute delays and one-way traffic control.

The Sacramento Yacht Club visits Isleton and dines at Peter’s Steak House on Saturday Aug. 14th. It was amazing for all those who attended!!!

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When you do not want to travel highway 12 come and visit us. If you could use more Grandparents come and visit us. If you like the traditional hymns of the church come and visit us. If you like food and fellowship after church come and visit us. Pastor Ella Ray Toscano

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You wouldn’t drive your car 50,000 miles without an oil change and a tuneup, so why have you waited five years to have your mouth examined and your teeth cleaned? At Dentistry of the Delta, our aim is to restore your mouth to a healthy state so you will look and feel your best! A healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy you, and an attractive smile is one of your keys to success! Regular visits to your dentist will help you avoid unwanted pain and costly repairs.

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The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches traces its roots to Non-Conformist Ministers in the 1660s. August 17. 1662 nearly 2,500 of England’s finest ministers were ejected from their pulpits. The catastrophe began two years earlier when the British Monarchy was restored by King George 11. A series of new laws were passed which discouraged anyone in the ministry from following the leading of the Holy Spirit in their preparation for sermons. It was a lock step worship using the Book of Common Prayer. Some Anglicans refused to “go by the bookâ€? and they were forbidden to preach. These new laws went into effect more than 2000 pastors went before their congregations and preached their last sermon.They were ejected from their churches. Many of these were renowned Puritans whose love for the Lord and His Word was the basis for their preaching. Some of these farewell sermons were so beautiful and full of the passion of Christ that they were preserved. This is what caused the men and women of faith to launch out on the Mayflower. I have read some of these sermons and I have wondered what we pastors would do today if in the same situation. In my opinion there is a shadow of persecution of the Christian Church now more than ever. I see the silencing of the Christian’s voice by subtle laws and attitudes. These farewell sermons are an insight into the powerful Christ centered theology of the NonConformists. Within the Puritan movement were a handful of dedicated men of God who loved their congregations, honored their Lord and would not be silenced by or intimidated by the political regime‌.They did not serve an earthly King. They believed that God was on the throne and I believe this is true for today. No matter what the circumstances, God rules! Thomas Watson of Cambridge was an ejected

pastor. His farewell sermon gave his grieving congregation a peace that came from God. He began his sermon with words that reflected his love for them. He began with, “I desire to be guided by the silver thread of God’s word and of God’s providence. Before I go I give you this counsel‌First keep your constant hours with every day with God. Begin the day with God. Visit God in the morning before you make any other visit; wind up your hearts towards heaven and they will go the better all the day after! Turn your closets into temples; read the scriptures. The two Testaments are the two lips by which God speaks to us; this will make you wise unto salvation. Besiege heaven every day with your prayer, thus perfume your house. I have many things to say to you but I know not whether God will give me the opportunity. My strength is almost gone. Consider what has been said, and the Lord will give you understanding in all things.â€? Throughout history God’s plans have been in place. Many have built bridges of faith and encouragement that have been left for us to cross. Men and women of faith have gone before us. We can learn from them and hear their words of encouragement. We can listen to the voices of God’s people or we can listen to the voices of others. We are not left without directions. If we submit to the purpose for which we have been ordained then we can act with assurance. Perfect love casts out fear. A man said to a psychiatrist, “I need help. I keep thinking I am a curtain.â€? The doctor said, “Well pull yourself together then.â€? Christians have to pull together in the pressure of the silencing of their faith. Read 2 Corinthians 6:3-10. It contains all of the ways we can pull ourselves together and be an active voice for our Lord! Be ye not CONFORMED to this world. Be a nonconformist!


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$1237,0,67,&9,(:2)/,)( Sonja Rockwell-Jackson, a 47-year-old workforce development professional in Fairfield, cannot spot a face in the crowd. Being legally blind hasn’t stopped her from enjoying the simple pleasures in life most of us take for granted, like reading. Her visits to Malalai Mojaddidi, O.D., who oversees Low Vision Services at Sutter Medical Foundation, has equipped Sonja with the tools to navigate through life despite her limited vision. “Dr. Mojaddidi has just been incredible.� P.O. Box 580, Rio Vista, CA 94571 Deacon Susan Reeve 707-374-5734, Deacon Derek Jones 707-374-5372

All who seek Christ are welcome. We meet at 218 California Street, Community outreach is a priority of this church.

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August 25, 2010  
August 25, 2010  

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