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Philadelphia Junior Tour

September 2018 In Review Presented By:

Frog Hollow Golf Club


September 15th, 2018 Boys 16-18 1st Place— Zachary Loninger (79) T-2nd Place—Nikita Romanov (80) T-2nd Place—Jackson Paradee (80) Boys 13-15

1st Place—Christian Matt (77) 2nd Place—Evan Barbin (79) 3rd Place—Daniel Shin (80) Girls 16-18 1st Place—Niosha Parvizi (94) Girls 13-15 1st Place—Kayla Loninger(92) 2nd Place—Stefania Fedun (93) 12 & Under 1st Place—Hunter Probst (40) 2nd Place—Rhianna Gooneratne (43)

3rd Place—Rachel Joyce (44)

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Union League National

Boys 16-18 1st Place—Ryan Kennedy (77) 2nd Place—Luke Watson (79) T-3rd Place— James Dalzell (83) T-3rd Place— PJ Schulte (83) T-3rd Place— Tyler Geatens (83) Boys 13-15 1st Place—Keller Mulhern (77) 2nd Place—Jack Ross (78) T-3rd Place— Chase Stephano (82) T-3rd Place—Nicholas Ciocca (82) Girls 16-18 1st Place— Olivia Strigh (87) 2nd Place— Isabella McCloskey (88) 3rd Place— Heather Styslinger (113) Girls 13-15 1st Place—Chaela Barnett (81) 2nd Place—Lola Barnett (94) 3rd Place— Isabella Freund (120) 12 & Under 1st Place—Hunter Probst (36) 2nd Place—J P Hoban (40) 3rd Place— Justin Forman (42)

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September 16th, 2018

Spring Hollow Golf Club


September 22, 2018

Boys 16-18 1st Place— Caleb Ryan (68) 2nd Place—Joshua Ryan (70) 3rd Place— Dylan Gooneratne (71)

Boys 13-15 T-1st Place—Nicholas Gross (75) T-1st Place—Connor Gherghel (75) T-1st Place—Nicholas Cioca (75) T-1st Place— Henry Stone (75)

Girls 16-18 1st Place— Esther Park (77)

2nd Place—Isabella McCloskey (86) 3rd Place— Kayla Loninger (104)

Girls 13-15 1st Place—Stefania Fedun (92) 2nd Place—Stefanie Bonini (94) 3rd Place—Amelia Loninger (95)

12 & Under T-1st Place—Carson Holmes (43) T-1st Place—Kate Roberts (43) T-1stPlace—Hunter Probst (43) Click here to view Full Press Release

Bala Golf Club

Girls 16-18 1st Place— Isabella McCloskey (87) 2nd Place—Emma Scotsch (95) 3rd Place— Olivia Strigh (97)

Girls 13-15 1st Place— Nora Blatney (103) 2nd Place— Dakota Baker (107) 3rd Place— Lilly Press (116)

12 & Under T-1st Place—Rajan Khanna (43)

T-1st Place—Jax Puskar (43) 3rd Place—Mason Tucker (55) Click here to view Full Press Release


September 23, 2018

Gilbertsville Golf Club


September 29, 2018 Boys 16-18 1st Place— Jake Rotelle (75) 2nd Place— Zachary Loninger (76) 3rd Place— Matt Walsh (85) Boys 13-15 1st Place— Lucas Steinmetz (79) 2nd Place— Paul Brady (81) 3nd Place— Connor Gherghel (83) Girls 16-18 1st Place— Esther Park (79) 2nd Place— Ava O’Sullivan (84) 3rd Place— Jessica Shao(86) Girls 13-15 1st Place— Bethany Julias (89) 2nd Place— Stefania Fedun (91) 3rd Place— Amelia Loninger (105) 12 & Under 1st Place— Hunter Probst (37) T-2nd Place— Ethan Martin (46) T-2nd Place— J P Hoban (46)

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Linwood Country Club

Boys 16-18 T-1st Place— James Dalzell (72) T-1st Place— Kevin Smith (72) 3rd Place— Travis Dix (78) Boys 13-15 1st Place— Matthew Van Istendal (88) 2nd Place— Riley Mostecki (90) 3rd Place— Chase Cristella (92) Girls 16-18 1st Place— Isabella McCloskey (84) 2nd place— Olivia Strigh (93) 3rd Place— Heather Styslinger (101) Girls 13-15 1st Place— Liberty Nutall (113) 2nd place— Kiley Alt (134) 12 & Under 1st Place— Hunter Probst (36) 2nd Place— Tommy Marshal (42)

3rd Place— Hank Kancher (43) Click here to view Full Press Release


September 30 , 2018

Pre Round Stretching— An Easier Way to Make a Turn

Feeling tight? Jumping out of the car and heading to the first tee is not the ideal start to a golfers round. Stretching before a round is extremely important when preparing to play. If you feel tight or are having trouble making a big turn when taking the club back check out these pre-round stretches! Standing Pelvic Tilts Begin in your address position, arms crossed over the chest. Tuck the pelvis under, creating a posterior tilt of the pelvis; arch the back, creating an anterior tilt of the pelvis and return to a neutral spine. Repeat five times in each direction.

Speed Trunk Rotation Standing in your address position, bring the palms together. Inhale as you rotate from the core and bring the right arm back. Exhale as you "clap" the hands together. Repeat 10 times in each direction. Continuing in your address position, extend the arms to shoulder height and rotate from the core. Repeat 10 more times.

Standing Hip Stretch Begin by placing your hands on a chair or a golf club for assistance with balance. Place the right ankle on the outside of the left knee. Inhale as you bend your left knee, sitting back as if you are sitting on a chair. Bring the chest toward the shin, rolling the shoulder blades together. Hold for three breaths and repeat five times. Switch sides.

Shoulder Stretch with Club Behind Back Place the club or towel in your right hand, palm facing the ceiling. Bring the right arm over your head and the right palm behind your back. Bring your left arm behind your back and clasp the club or towel. Inhale as you gently pull on the towel, exhale and release. Repeat five times and switch sides.

Neck Stretch Bring the right ear toward the right shoulder. Inhale as you press your left arm toward the floor, exhale and relax the left arm. Repeat very slowly five times, and gently return your head and neck to neutral. Switch sides.

Please click here to read The Perfect Pre-Round Warmup by Men’s Health online.

PJT Members Qualify for Drive Chip and Putt National Finals Congratulations to PJT Members Sydney Yermish (Wynnwood, PA) and Matthew Vital (Bethlehem, PA) for advancing on to the 2019 Drive Chip and Putt National Finals at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday April 7, 2019. Both Yermish and Vital advanced from the Regional Qualifier at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD. We wish both competitors good luck and will root them on next April!

October/ November Saturday, October 20— Foxchase Golf Club Sunday, October 21— Regents Glen Country Club

Saturday, October 27— Linfield National Golf Club Sat, October 27– Sun, October 28— Precision Pro Invite—Bustard Memorial Sunday, October 28— Woodcrest Country Club Sat, November 3– Sun, November 4— HJGT/PJT Junior Championship - Seaview Saturday, November 10— Pitman Golf Course Sunday, November 11— Mainland Golf Course

Sat, November 17– Sun, November 18— Precision Pro Golf Open at Hershey CC


Upcoming PJT Tournaments

Hurricane Junior Golf Tour—Seaview Hotel and Golf Club

The Philadelphia Junior Tour (PJT) and the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) will be co-administering the HJGT/PJT Junior Championship at Seaview Hotel & Golf Club on Saturday-Sunday, November 3-4, 2018. To register for this event, please click here.

This event is nationally ranked by the Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) and American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) Performance Based Entry's (PBE's) are available if the following conditions are met:

Rank: 1

Boys 13-18 If 48 players participate: 1 Star

Rank: 1

Girls 13-18 If 18 players participate: 1 Star

What does this mean for the Boys 13-18 and Girls 13-18 Divisions by having two junior golf associations administer an event together? •

The field size will increase due to registration being available for both member databases

The strength of field will increase

More JGS nationally ranking points available

Participate with the top ranked junior golfers around the Region

Meet new families and friends

The HJGT does not have a 12 & Under Division (9-holes played each round) so HJGT members will not be paired with PJT members in this division.

16-1c: Repair of Hole Plugs, Ball Marks and other Damage What’s it all about? Rule 16-1c state that the player may repair an old hole plug or damage to the putting green caused by the impact of a ball, whether or not the player’s ball lies on the putting green. If a ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved in the process of repair, the ball or ball-marker must be replaced. There is no penalty, provided the movement of the ball or ball-marker is directly attributable to the specific act of repairing an old hole plug or damage to the putting green caused by the impact of a ball. Otherwise Rule 18 applies. Any other damage to the putting green must not be repaired if it might assist the player in his subsequent play of the hole How does it work? Understanding what a player may fix or not fix is very important so you can avoid the penalty, but also identify when your component is improving the green to assist the himself in his subsequent play of the hole. 2019 Rule Change (Rule 13.1 c): Starting in 2019, rule 13.1 c will allow the repair of any damage on the green. “Damage on the putting green will be defined to include all types of damage (such as ballmarks, shoe damage, indentations from a club or flagstick, animal damage, etc.), except aeration holes, natural surface imperfections or natural wear of the hole.”

Does this fence define out of bounds? Or is it an immovable obstruction? Since I don’t know, I will use Rule 3-3.

Why Change? Because putting greens are specially prepared for playing the ball along the ground, the Rules allow the player to do things on the green that are not allowed anywhere else:

The player may mark, lift and clean a ball on the green at any time, remove sand and loose soil on the green and repair old hole plugs and ball-marks on the green. • Given this philosophy of allowing players to try to have a smooth surface for rolling the ball, there is no conceptual reason for prohibiting repair of other types of damage (whether made by players, animals, maintenance staff, etc.). This Rule change will eliminate the frequent questions among players and referees about whether a particular area of damage on the green is a ball-mark that may be repaired or is a shoe mark or other damage that must not be repaired. The concern has been noted that allowing repair of all damage on the putting green could slow down play if players try to repair too many areas; but we believe this is unlikely to be true for most players and that the Rule against unreasonable delay (as well as a Committee’s pace of play policy) can be used to address situations where a player seeks to make excessive repairs. Please click here to view more information about this rules on The USGA’s website.


Know the Rules: 2019 Rule Change

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September 2018 Philadelphia Junior Tour Month In Review  

The Philadelphia Junior Tour continued the fall portion of the 2018-2019 PJT season with six tournaments in September. Please click here for...

September 2018 Philadelphia Junior Tour Month In Review  

The Philadelphia Junior Tour continued the fall portion of the 2018-2019 PJT season with six tournaments in September. Please click here for...