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Philadelphia Junior Tour September In Review

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2020 Drive, Chip & Putt Finals Qualifiers

Congrats PJT Members on their Drive, Chip & Putt success!

DCP Final’s qualifiers Jillian Burks Girls 10-11—Qualifier Tyler Fortney Boys 12-13—First Alternate Stefania Fedun Girls 14-15—Second Alternate

Drive Chip & Putt Regional Qualifier at Oakmont Golf Channel Clip

2019 Drive Chip and Putt Schedule

2020 Drive Chip and Putt Championship

National Finals Sunday, April 5 2020 — Augusta National Golf Club

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Odessa National Golf Club

Odessa National Golf Club September 7, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st—Tyler Peters (75) 2nd—Christopher Waldmann (78) 3rd—John Bradbeer (80)

Boys 13-15 1st—Jacob Boyce (78) 2nd—Sachin Blake (81) 3rd—Samuel Feeney (83)

Girls 13-15 1st—Rhianna Gooneratne (79) 2nd—Ava Svindland (87) 3rd—Curstan Bunch (90)

12 & Under 1st—Davis Conaway (41) 2nd—Reagan Garnsey (49) T-3rd—Nick Linkchorst (51) T-3rd—Daniel Adibi (51)

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Greate Bay Country Club

Boys 16-18 1st—Christopher Waldmann (76) 2nd—Dimitri Collias (79) T-3rd—Riley Mostecki (82) T-3rd—Robert Dominy (82)

Boys 13-15 1st—Eric Miller (77) 2nd—Justin Forman (81) 3rd—Francis Wren (83)

Girls 16-18 1st—Megan Adelman (88)

Girls 13-15 1st—Rhianna Gooneratne (80) 2nd—Savannah Thompson (92) 3rd—Elore Walker (99)

12 & Under 1st—Jamie Ciesielka (37)

T-2nd—Carson Holmes (38) T-2nd—Matthew Sanderson (38)

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TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Greate Bay Country Club

September 8, 2019


Links Golf Club September 14, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st—Christopher Waldmann (82) T-2nd—Carl Lim (96) T-2nd—James Vinson (96)

Boys 13-15 1st—Jacob Boyce (79) 2nd—Charles Ota (80) 3rd—Ajeet Bagga (90)

Girls 16-18 1st—Mary Guldi (104)

Girls 13-15 1st—Ava Svindland (84) 2nd—Curstan Bunch (92)

12 & Under 1st—Savannah Laverty (42) 2nd—Theodore Plimpton (44) 3rd—Tyler Whitney (45)

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September 15, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st—Luke Watson (67) T-2nd—Calen Sanderson (73) T-2nd—Eric Miller (73)

Boys 13-15 1st—Rishi Khanna (79) 2nd—Daniel Shin (82) 3rd—Justin Forman (84)

Girls 16-18 1st—Olivia Strigh (80) 2nd—Gillyoung Koh (84) 3rd—Kathleen Mark (91)

Girls 13-15 1st—Curstan Bunch (94) 2nd—Ava Hneleski (95) 3rd—Sophia DeSantis (113)

12 and Under 1st—Hank Kancher (43)

2nd—Paul Reilly (47) T-3rd—Ravi Khanna (51) T-3rd—Matthew Sanderson (51) Click here to view results

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Union League National Golf Club

Union League National Golf Club

Spring Hollow Golf Club

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Spring Hollow Golf Club

September 21, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st—Luke Watson (66) 2nd—Christopher Waldmann (72) 3rd—Eric Miller (78)

Boys 13-15 1st—Noah Kim (79) 2nd—Charles Ota (80) 3rd—Hunter Stetson (82)

Girls 16-18 1st—Alexandra Rasmussen (117)

Girls 13-15 1st—Rhianna Gooneratne (77)

T-2nd—Kate Roberts (91) T-2nd—Emma Li (91)

12 and Under 1st—Nick Linkchorst (45) 2nd—Chase Mitstifer (50) 3rd—Max Myers (55)

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September 22, 2019 Girls 16-18 1st—Megan Adelman (90) 2nd—Michelle Quinn (97)

Girls 13-15 1st—Rhianna Gooneratne (88) 2nd—Josephine Wellons (96) 3rd—Curstan Bunch (104)

12 and Under 1st—Hank Kancher (42) 2nd—Teddy Plimpton (45)

T-3rd—Coton Orris (48) T-3rd—Tyler Whitney (48) Click here to view results

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Bala Golf Club (Girls 13-18/12 & Under)

Bala Golf Club—Girls 13-18/12 & Under


The Bucks Club September 28, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st—Calen Sanderson (68) T-2nd—Christopher Waldmann (78) T-2nd Kevin Lydon (78)

Boys 13-15 1st—John Lee (74) T-2nd—Jacob Boyce (79) T-2nd—Alexander Feraco (79)

Girls 13-15 1st—Kate Roberts (93) 2nd—Lilly Press (99)

3rd—Kayley Roberts (100)

12 and Under T-1st—Matthew Sanderson (43) T-1st—Hank Kancher (43) 3rd—Jake Grossman (44) Click here to view results

September 29, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st—Christopher Waldmann (77) T-2nd—Riley Mostecki (78) T-2nd—Tyler Peters (78)

Boys 13-15 1st—Nathan Guertler (78) 2nd—Evan Goldberg (82) T-3rd—Joseph Fargnoli (83) T-3rd—Matthew Normand (83)

Girls 13-15 1st—Rhianna Gooneratne (79) 2nd—Elora Walker (97) 3rd—Savannah Thompson (98)

12 and Under T-1st—Savannah Laverty (42) T-1st—Paul Reilly (42) 3rd—Mia Martinez (44) Click here to view results



Linwood Country Club

October Saturday, October 19—Foxchase Golf Club Sunday, October 20—Lebanon Country Club Saturday, October 26—Linfield National Golf Club Saturday, October 26-27—Precision Pro Golf Invite Bustard Memorial Jr. - Old York Country Club

November Saturday, November 2-3—Precision Pro Golf Open - Seaview Golf Resort Saturday, November 9—Bella Vista Golf Course Sunday, November 10—Mainland Golf Course

Upcoming PJT Tournaments

Upcoming PJT Fall Schedule

Know the Rules 16.1: Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Immovable Obstructions) What’s it all about? Rule 16.1 is in place to give free relief for interference by abnormal course conditions such as animal holes, ground under repair, immovable obstructions or temporary water.

How does it work?

Rule 16.1 In Action: Jim hits his tee shot down the middle of the fairway and his ball comes to rest in an area where the sod has been removed by the maintenance staff. Even thought this area has not been marked with a white line, hitting a ball out of this condition is not a part of the challenge of playing this golf course so it is deemed to be ground under repair. Jim proceeds by first finding his nearest point of complete relief from this abnormal course condition. He then marks this reference point with a tee and can drop the ball within one club length of his tee no nearer to the hole. Jim makes his drop and his golf ball comes to rest in the relief area, completing his relief from the ground under repair area.

Why is Rule 5.6 is Important? This rule is important because it can save a player strokes by knowing the rule and when you get free relief. If you are unaware of these abnormal course conditions and that you get free relief from them in the general area you could be hitting harder shots than need be and ultimately wasting strokes.

Know the Rules

Players are given relief when their ball touches or is in one of these abnormal course conditions. They are also given relief when these abnormal course conditions interferes with there area of intended stance or swing.

PGA Reach Philadelphia—Month of Giving!

PGA REACH Philadelphia Junior Golf Fundraising Program

The Philadelphia PGA invites you to participate in an online fundraiser where you can earn a FREE personalized Sun Mountain golf bag! Philadelphia PGA REACH is committed to serving our communities and growing the game of golf through our three pillars - Youth, Military, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Help us spread the word about PGA REACH Philadelphia. Friends and family can support the cause by supporting your efforts as a junior golfer. Program details below. Follow These Easy Steps: 1. Fill out the Get Started Form 2. Share the link to your junior’s custom page with family and friends through email, social media, and text. 3. Hit the $300 mark and receive a FREE limited-edition Sun Mountain Golf Bag with your junior’s name and the Philadelphia PGA REACH logo on it.

PGA REACH Philadelphia Leila Mackie, PGA

Philadelphia Junior Tour Diversity Scholarship Deadline is May 15th, 2019!

Junior Golfer Online Contact Jesse Stewart, PGA

For more information and to apply please click here.

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September 2019 Philadelphia Junior Tour Month in Review  

The Philadelphia Junior Tour dove into it's fall calendar with 8 tournaments in September. Playing conditions in the Greater Philadelphia Ar...

September 2019 Philadelphia Junior Tour Month in Review  

The Philadelphia Junior Tour dove into it's fall calendar with 8 tournaments in September. Playing conditions in the Greater Philadelphia Ar...

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