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Philadelphia Junior Tour

September 2017 In Review Presented By:

Greate Bay Country Club


September 10, 2017

Boys 16-18 1st Place (76) - Nikita Romanov 2nd Place (77) - Andrew Benner 3rd Place (79) - Colin Walsh

Boys 13-15 1st Place (75) - David Fitzgerald Jr. 2nd Place (77) - Dylan Gooneratne 3rd Place (78) - Jack Tarzy

Girls 16-18 1st Place (85) - Christina Carroll 2nd Place (91)- Olivia Schwandt 3rd Place (93) - Camille O’Halloran

Girls 13-15 1st Place (81) - Paige Cerminaro 2nd Place (85) - Angelina Tolentino 3rd Place (86) - Lauren Jones

12 & Under 1st Place (41) - Nicholas Gross 2nd Place (43) - Daniel Shin 3rd Place (45) - Fiona Gooneratne

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September 16, 2017

Boys 16-18 T-1st Place (75) - Timothy Chaykosky Jr. T-1st Place (75) - Nikita Romanov 3rd Place (78) - Hayden Moffat

Boys 13-15 1st Place (78) - Kevin Motil 2nd Place (80) - Ryan Garvey T-3rd Place (82) - Jacob Sokalsky T-3rd Place (82) - Joseph Giamanco

Girls 16-18 1st Place (100) - Olivia Perry

Girls 13-15 1st Place (81) - Angelina Tolentino T-2nd Place (89) - Sydney Yermish T-2nd Place (89) - Megan Adelman

12 & Under 1st Place (39) - Nicholas Gross 2nd Place (47) - Hank Kancher 3rd Place (55) - Luca Gherardi

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Sand Barrens Golf Club— North/South


September 23, 2017

Boys 16-18 1st Place (74) - Nathan Pierce 2nd Place (76) - Drew Steinmetz 3rd Place (77) - Axel Kalbach

Boys 13-15 T-1st Place (72) - Luke Watson T-1st Place (72) - Ryan D’Ariano T-1stPlace (72) - Jake Maddaloni

Girls 16-18 1st Place (82) - Maya Torpey T-2nd Place (85) - Grace Hickey T-2nd Place (85) - Jessica Shao

Girls 13-15 1st Place (79) - Angelina Tolentino 2nd Place (92) - Ava O’Sullivan 3rd Place (93) - Serena Bagga

12 & Under 1st Place (38) - Daniel Shin 2nd Place (41) - Ajeet Bagga 3rd Place (45) - Aiden Scott

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Linwood Country Club Boys 16-18 1st Place (69) - Drue Nicholas 2nd Place (71) - Jonathan Prussel 3rd Place (73) - Kevin Smith

Boys 13-15 1st Place (72) - James Dalzell 2nd Place (76) - Ryan McCabe T-3rd Place (77) - Travis Dix T-3rd Place (77) - David Fitzgerald Jr.

12 & Under 1st Place (38) - Fiona Gooneratne 2nd Place (41) - J P Hoban 3rd Place (42) - Rhianna Gooneratne

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September 24, 2017


PJT on Social Media

Starting in the month of October, the Philadelphia Junior Tour will run a few social media contests for our membership for a special giveaway! Our partner International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) has given us six 2017-2018 memberships to give to our PJT members. Make sure to Like and Follow PJT on social media and keep an eye out for your chance to enter into the contest!

Sunday, October 1—Deerfield (Newark, DE) Saturday, October 7—Heidelberg Country Club (Bernville, PA) Sunday, October 8—Middletown Country Club (Langhorne, PA) Saturday, October 14—Heritage Hills Golf Resort (York, PA) Sunday, October 15—The Bucks Club (Jamison, PA) Saturday, October 21—Chapel Hill Golf Course (Reading, PA) Sunday, October 22—Berkshire Country Club (Reading, PA) Saturday, October 28—Linfield National Golf Club (Linfield, PA) Sat-Sun, October 28-29—Bustard Memorial Invite at Old York CC (Chesterfield, NJ) Sunday, October 29—Woodcrest Country Club (Cherry Hill, NJ) Sat-Sun, November 4-5—Seaview Hotel & Golf Club (Galloway, NJ) Saturday, November 11—Foxchase Golf Club (Stevens, PA) Sunday, November 12—Mainland Golf Course (Mainland, PA)


Philadelphia Junior Tour—Fall Schedule


Rules of Golf: Rule 28—Ball Unplayable Often times during a round, a player may hit a shot that ends up in a less than ideal place on the golf course. According to Rule 28, “the player may deem his ball unplayable at any place on the course, except when the ball is in a water hazard. The player is the sole judge as to whether his ball is unplayable.” There a few options on proceeding under Rule 28, however, they all penalize the player one stroke. The options for Rule 28 are as follows: A.) Proceed under the stroke and distance provision of Rule 27-1 by playing a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5); or B.) Drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay, keeping that point directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind that point the ball may be dropped; or C.) Drop a ball within two club-lengths of the spot where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole.

Here is an example of this rule. Player A hits his tee shot on Hole No. 12 into the right trees. When the player A gets to his ball, he discovers that it is stuck between a tree stump and a bush. Player A deems that there is no way for him to swing a club and hit the ball from its current position. Using Rule 28, player A takes two clubs, no closer to the hole, and drops his ball within that length, clearing him of the tree and bush. Player A is then assessed one stroke on the hole.


If the unplayable ball is in a bunker, then options a,b or c may be used. However, if options b or c are used, the ball must remain in the bunker. A player is also allowed to lift and clean his ball or substitute a ball under Rule 28.


National Ranking Points on the PJT Earning national ranking points is important to any junior golfer looking to play college golf. College golf coaches will look at how players performed in nationally ranked events to get an idea of a player’s skill level and readiness for playing golf at the next level. With so many different national ranking services and requirements it can be difficult to sort through and understand everything. Below is a guide to help you understand the two ways you can earn national ranking points in PJT events.

Junior Golf Scoreboard

In 2017 the PJT offered 17 opportunities to earn Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) national ranking points. For a tournament to count for JGS points it must be a 36hole event and there must be a minimum of five players in a Division. Sometimes the PJT will offer JGS opportunities by combining two one-day 18-hole PJT tournaments. This is noted on the PJT schedule where tournaments taking place on consecutive days will have JGS at the beginning of the tournament name. Also look for JGS in the far right column of the PJT schedule.

In 2017 the PJT offered 8 opportunities to earn American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) stars. These stars will help players earn their way into AJGA tournaments as well as earn national ranking points. To be eligible for AJGA stars a tournament needs to be at least 36-holes. Boy’s Divisions will need at least 40 players to earn AJGA stars. Girls Divisions need at least 12 players to earn AJGA stars. To find out if an event will be eligible for AJGA stars look for the “AJGA” in the far right column on the PJT schedule.

Keep in mind that any event on the PJT schedule that begins with Hurricane, IJGT, PAGA or GAP is not administered by the Philadelphia Junior Tour, although they may be eligible for national ranking points.


American Junior Golf Association

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