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Philadelphia Junior Tour

November 2017 In Review Presented By:

Seaview Hotel and Golf Club


November 4-5, 2017

Boys 16-18 1st Place (73-75—148) - Matthew Law 2nd Place (72-77—149) - Cole Shew T-3rd Place (73-77—150) - Drue Nicholas T-3rd Place (73-77—150) - Michael Mitnick

Boys 13-15 1st Place (75-74—149) - Bach Ngo 2nd Place (75-75—150) - Patrick Isztwan 3rd Place (79-78—157) - Luke Watson

Girls 16-18 1st Place (82-88—170) - Haley Quickel 2nd Place (86-85—171)- Hartley Zook 3rd Place (84-89—173) - Olivia Wirsching

Girls 13-15 1st Place (82-82—164) - Angelina Tolentino 2nd Place (86-81—167) - Paige Cerminaro 3rd Place (87-82—169) - Katherine Lu

12 & Under 1st Place (46-39—85) - Nicholas Joyce 2nd Place (52-53—105) - Amit Limaye 3rd Place (54-53—107) - Rachel Joyce

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Foxchase Golf Club Boys 16-18 T-1st Place (79) - Logan Hess T-1st Place (79) - Stephen Lorenzo T-3rd Place (81) - Shaun Fedor T-3rd Place (81) - Mason Wills

Boys 13-15 1st Place (74) - Calen Sanderson 2nd Place (75) - Jun Lee 3rd Place (76) - Logan Paczewski

Girls 16-18 1st Place (96) - Alyson Rentschler

Girls 13-15 1st Place (83) - Megan Adelman

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November 11, 2017

Mainland Golf Course


November 12, 2017

Boys 16-18 T-1st Place (74) - Cole Shew T-1st Place (74) - Michael Festa T-3rd Place (86) - Nikita Romanov T-3rd Place (86) - Will Hage T-3rd Place (86) - Nathan Potts

Boys 13-15 1st Place (75) - Zachary Sandler T-2nd Place (79) - Stephen Butler T-2nd Place (82) - Darren Nolan

Girls 16-18 1st Place (85) - Christina Carroll 2nd Place (95) - Helen Shaw 3rd Place (107) - Katie Pupillo

Girls 13-15 1st Place (75) - Jade Gu T-2nd Place (76) - Sydney Yermish T-2nd Place (76) - Katherine Lu

12 & Under 1st Place (41) - Hank Kancher T-2nd Place (42) - Michael Maslanka T-2nd Place (42) - Daniel Shin

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The Bucks Club Boys 16-18 1st Place (72) - Jack Hamilton T-2nd Place (77) - Dylan Gooneratne T-2nd Place (77) - Cole Shew

Boys 13-15 1st Place (72) - Jake Maddaloni 2nd Place (76) - Kevin Motil 3rd Place (81) - Travis Dix

Girls 16-18 1st Place (82) - Olivia Schwandt 2nd Place (87) - Isabella McCloskey

Girls 13-15 1st Place (78) - Grace Lu 2nd Place (79) - Katherine Lu 3rd Place (81)- Angelina Tolentino

12 & Under 1st Place (38) - Nicholas Gross 2nd Place (39) - Michael Maslanka 3rd Place (46) - Daniel Shin

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November 18, 2017


PJT Members at the PGA Jr. League Championship

The PGA Jr. League Championships were recently held on November 16-19 at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ and many PJT members were there for the competition. Representing Team New Jersey of Royce Brook Golf Club was PJT Members Josh Ryan, Logan Paczewski, Calen Sanderson, Franklin Zhu and Garrett Engle. The five PJT members helped Team New Jersey win their bracket and advance to the Championship match vs Team Georgia. Team member Josh Ryan also won the Long Drive contest during the week of festivities with a 312 yard drive. The PJT congratulates our juniors on their accomplishments and looks forward to seeing them out on the golf course next year!

The Philadelphia Junior Tour hosted its 1st annual PJT Awards Dinner at Talamore Country Club to honor our Players of the Year, Scoring Average Champions and Harry Hammond Scholarship Winners. The night was highlighted by guest keynote speaker and 2012 PGA Teacher of the Year, Michael Breed, PGA. The night was a fun filled night for families of the Junior Tour to come together and celebrate the accomplishments of many of our young players as well as close out the 2017 PJT Season. Thank you to all the families and guests that joined us for this wonderful evening and we look forward to the 2018 PJT season!

Photo Credit: Lisa Mongulla Photography


1st Annual Philadelphia Junior Tour Awards Dinner


2018 PJT Spring Schedule The 2018 Philadelphia Junior Tour season is right around the corner! Membership for 2018 is now open for registration on! Check out the schedule below to see where the PJT will be this spring! The spring PJT schedule features some classic spring favorites along with a few new facilities as well! Registration for all spring events is currently open!

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